grocery list (Excel) by shuifanglj


									                                      Grocery List
Store   Basics                         Store          Condiments
        Milk                                          Mayo
        Eggs                                          Ketchup
        Bread                                         Mustard (Yellow/Spicy)
         Fruit & Vegetables                           Salad Dressing
        Apples(Fuji/Gala)                              Type________________
        Banana's                                      Pickles
        Berries (Straw/Blue/Rasb)                     Hot Sauce
        Broccoli                                      Worshirshire sauce
        Cabbage                                       Steak Sauce (A-1)
        Carrots (Small/Whole)                         Salt (Rock/Table/Kosher)
        Celery                                        Peppercorns (multi)
        Corn on the Cob                               Beverages
        Cucumber                                      Water
        Eggplant                                      Drinks
        Garlic                                        Coffee
        Lemon/Lime                                    Tea (Eng Break/ Oth)
        Melon_________________                        Hot Chocolate
        Mushrooms                                     Orange Juice
        Onions                                        Pop_________________
        Pears                                         Beer_________________
        Peppers (Grn/Red/Yell)                        White Wine
        Lettuce (Roman/green/head)                    Misc.
        Salad                                         Olive Oil
        Scallions                                     Flour / Baking Powder
        Spinach                                       Sugar
        Squash                                        Pancake Mix
        Tomatoes (Roma/Cherry)                        Syrup
        Zucchini                                      Pasta Sauce
        Dairy                                         Tomato Paste
        Butter                                        Parmasan Cheese
        Oth________                                   Chips_______________
        Cheese (Shred/American)                       Popcorn
        Type________________                          Peanut Butter
        Yogurt                                        Jam

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Sour Cream                                    Oatmeal ______________
Cottage Cheese                                Chocolate chips
Meat/Deli                                     Spices_______________
Bacon                                         Marinades____________
Chicken                                       Hummus
Deli_________________                         Household
Pork_________________                         Laundry Detergent
Rotisserie Chicken                            Dishwasher Soap
Sausage (links)                               Toilet Paper
Salmon/Tuna                                   Paper Towels
Seafood________________                       Kleenex
Sirloin (Hamberger)                           Napkins
Steak                                         Freezer Bags
Grains                                        Sandwich bags
Bagels/Muffins                                Plastic Containers
Buns (Hburger/Hdog)                           Liquid Hand Soap
Cereal_________________                       Mr. Clean fabreeze
Pasta________________                         Windex
Pita Bread                                    Ajax
Rice                                          Bleach
Tortilla's                                    Aluminum Foil
Canned Food                                   Lightbulbs ____Watt
Beans (kidney/White/Baked                     Scrubbers
Chili                                         Batteries_______
Corn                                          Purell
Diced Tomatoes                                Personal Items
Green Beans                                   Body Wash
Mixed Veggies                                 Bath Soap
Soup_______________                           Shampoo
Tuna                                          Toothpaste
Frozen                                        Toothbrush
Berries (straw/blue/rasp)                     Mouthwash
Corn                                          Dental Floss
Desert (Ice-cream)                            Razors (Him/Her)
Hash Browns                                   Q-Tips
Fish                                          Lotion
French Fries                                  Tums
Shrimp                                        Tylenol
Pets                                          Vitamins (Multi)
Food (Cat/Dog)                                Vitamin C

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