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									                 SIX PARISHES NEWSLETTER
                                   St Giles’ Church. Badger
                                St Milburga’s Church. Beckbury
                                  St Andrew’s Church. Ryton

                           Rector: Rev’d Keith Hodson tel 01952 750774
                                  Email: keithhodson@talk21.com
                Web Site: www.churches.lichfield.anglican.org/shifnal/beckbury/

                             Rota of Services in the 6 Parishes –May 2011
                 Badger         Beckbury     Ryton          Kemberton Stockton             Sutton
Sunday                                                                                     Maddock
2011                            9.30am                      11 am                          6.30 pm
May 1                           Morning                     Morning                        Evensong
                                Worship                     Worship                        KH
                                KH                          KH
                 9.30 am        5.30 pm                     8.15 am        11 am
May 8            Communion      Memorial                    Communion      Memorial
                 KH (trad)      Service                     KH (trad)      Service
                                KH                                         KH
                                9.30 am      9.30 am        11 am                          11 am
May 15                          Communion    Morning        Morning                        Communion
                                CM (new)     Worship        Worship                        CM (new)
                                             LT             TD
                 9.30 am        9.30 am                     6.30 pm        11 am           8.15 am
May 22           Matins         Communion                   Evening        Communion       Communion
                 LT             KH (trad)                   Worship        KH (new)        KH (trad)
                                             9.30 am                                       11 am
May 29                                       Communion                                     Rogation
                                             KH (trad)                                     Service
                 9.30 am        9.30 am                     8.15 am                        11 am
June 5           Communion      Matins                      Communion                      Communion
                 KH (trad)      TD                          KH (trad)                      KH (trad)

Abbreviation:   KH = Rev Keith Hodson; CM = Rev “Nene” Mason; TD = Tina Dalton;   LT = Local Team;

PRAYER OF THE MONTH (A Sunday prayer of the Church)
Risen Christ, from whom no door is locked, no entrance barred
open the doors of our hearts, that we may seek the good of others
and walk the joyful road of sacrifice and peace
to the praise of God the Father

Next Newsletter
Contributions for next month’s newsletter to either –
David Tooth at Havenside, Beckbury – 01952 750324. Email – david.tooth2@btinternet.com
Or Ruth Ferguson at Tarltons, Beckbury – 01952 750267 not later than 14th of this month, please.
                         FROM THE RECTORY

Photo Martyn Farnell

Dear Friends,

Bishops feature in my diary this month; the area Bishop of Shrewsbury is visiting Beckbury School on 4 th
May; later on 2nd June I meet with rural deans and the Bishop to discuss church matters in our local areas
across Shropshire; and on 25th May our ‘area council’ (deanery synod) joins with the Telford Deanery Synod
to vote on the scheme for women being bishops in the Church of England. Ultimately the decision will be
taken next year by the Church’s national ‘parliament’ (General Synod) but it was agreed that local synods
should have chance to express their views.

The principle of having women bishops has already been taken by the Church of England, but it is in the detail
and practical arrangements where there is still differences of opinion, and still chance to delay the actual step of
having women bishops. Some parish churches will prefer not to have a woman bishop taking services at their
church, so provision has to be made for them when their diocesan bishop may be a woman. A particular
scheme outlining one way of dealing with this has been drawn up, but it is not to everyone’s liking even for
those people who may welcome women bishops in principle.

If the scheme is approved by a majority of the 44 diocesan synod meetings across the country, then the scheme
will have its approval or rejection in July 2012 at the summer General Synod. It would then go to parliament at
Westminster for final debate and approval or rejection. If it is passed with the final stage of royal assent, then
there could be the first woman bishop in 2014. If the present scheme is rejected, it may be that the topic cannot
be considered again for 10 years.

For many people inside and outside the Church, it is a difficult topic to understand. They see it in a straight-
forward way, and struggle to make sense of many of the arguments being put forward by those who are against
women bishops. In so many professions and careers women have ‘equal opportunity’ with men, (although
strangely salary levels never match!) and should it not be the same in the Church? But the Church has always
been a different sort of institution, and some of its members have a different way of seeing what appears to be
obvious. No doubt we may hear such comments made in our meeting on 25th May.

With best wishes                                                                                    Keith Hodson

                                       Diary Dates for May
Every Monday to Friday        Oasis Christian Shop in Shifnal open 11 am – 3.00 pm
Every Saturday                Oasis Christian Shop in Shifnal open 11 am to 1 pm

Sunday 1st         8 pm       Bells Celebration Party in Beckbury Village Hall
Tuesday 3rd       10.30 am    2 hour Health Walk meeting by Beckbury Church
Tuesday 3rd        7.30 pm    Beckbury Allotments Asscn meeting at Seven Stars
Sunday 8th         11 am      Memorial Service at Stockton Church
Sunday 8th         5.30 pm    Memorial Service at Beckbury Church
Sunday 8th         7.30 am    Norton Charity Car Boot Sale
Sunday 8th         10 am      Beckbury Village Market in Beckbury Village Hall
Monday 9th         11.30 am   Flower Arranging Class in Beckbury Village Hall
Tuesday 10th       2 pm       Friendship Club meet in Beckbury Village Hall
Sunday 15th        5 am       Dawn Chorus Walk through Apley Estate
Tuesday 17th       10.30 am   2 hour Health Walk meeting by Beckbury Church
Tuesday 17th       1 pm       Friendship Club visit to Age Concern Concert at Oakengates
Sunday 29th        11 am      Rogationtide Service at Sutton Maddock Church
Tuesday 31st       10.30 am   2 hour Health Walk meeting at Trysull

THE BISHOP OF SHREWSBURY is coming to Beckbury School on 4th May to receive a cheque for the
Bishop’s Lent appeal which children, staff and parents have supported through fund raising.

CHURCH WARDENS in our Six Parishes, with others from the area, are formally admitted to their position at
a special service at 7.30 pm on 5th May at St Leonard’s, Malinslee.

MEMORIAL SERVICES will be held at Stockton Church 11 am and Beckbury Church 5.30 pm on 8th May
for those who have had funerals in the Six Parishes in the last year. There will be opportunity also to remember
others who have died in earlier years.

DEANERY SYNOD meets on 25th May at Malinslee to discuss and vote on the current proposals for women
becoming bishops in the Church of England. While the principle has already been agreed, there is still debate
about the details and arrangements.

DAWN CHORUS WALK through Apley Estate (by kind permission of Lord and Lady Hamilton) begins at
5 am on 15th May (not 8th May as originally intended). Tickets for Full English Breakfast afterwards in Norton
Village Hall cost £10.00 (children free). Contact Rae Parnham 730297 or Sue Middleton 730230 for tickets in
advance please so that we have numbers for catering.

THE SIX PARISHES CHOIR will be singing at Beckbury’s 9.30 am service on 1st May.

BECKBURY CHURCH BELLS should be delivered to church for Sunday 22nd May, which gives you an
opportunity to see them before they disappear out of sight into the church tower. Details for the day will be
advertised on notice boards.

The new ARCHDEACON OF SALOP, Paul Thomas, will be formally admitted to office at a special service
at Lichfield Cathedral on 29th May. He will live in Tong Vicarage, but not be the vicar of Tong, as was his

On 29th May there will be a traditional ROGATIONTIDE service at 11 am at Sutton Maddock Church, which
starts outside the church for the blessing of fields and crops.

Congratulations to Gavin Hardcastle and Heidi Jukes
who were married on 9th April 2011 at Badger Church.

Congratulations also to Ron and Lin Hopkinson who renewed their wedding vows
on 9th April 2011 at Sutton Maddock Church.

And congratulations also to John and Linda Shorthouse whose marriage was blessed
on 16th April 2011 at Beckbury Church.

Our sympathy is extended to the family of the late Peggy Pennington, aged 89, of Sutton Maddock
whose funeral took place at Stockton Church on 8th April 2011.

And also to the family of the late Ken Williams, aged 74, of Wellington
who was interred on 26th March 2011 at Stockton Church.

                                         BECKBURY BELLS
                       The Beckbury Bells celebration party is to be held on 1st May 2011, in Beckbury
                       Village Hall, starting at 8 pm until late. Tickets are priced at £25.00 each to include a sit
                      down meal and drinks.

Entertainment during the evening will be by a live band called The Nuts, they are a cover band playing many
favourite tunes that we should all know. Please contact John Wood for tickets.

The party is to celebrate the completion of many years of fund-raising and proceeds from the evening will be
shared between Beckbury Church and The Village Hall.

If you are free to help in any way please contact me.
We will also need some Bell Ringers, training will be provided.
                                                                                      John Wood, Beckbury PCC
                                                                                                 01952 750388

                            BECKBURY VILLAGE MARKET
                                                Sunday 8th May

April’s Market was poorly attended. We suspect that this was because it was held on a Saturday, but we’re
back this month on a Sunday – the 8th – as usual from 10 am to 2 pm. But, it’s worth pointing out that the
organisation of each market involves a lot of time from many volunteers and the maxim ‘use it or lose it’
applies, so please support your local market.

It will contain many of the regular stalls – pies and pasties, fresh fruit and vegetables, free-range eggs, rare
breed pork and beef, hand-made soap, wood-turned products, willow domes for flowers, hand-made jewellery,
cards and wrapping paper, pamper chef cooking demonstrations, paintings, knitted baby clothes, mouth-
watering lasagnes, quiches, chutneys and jams, fresh flowers, dried flowers and wreaths, and we are pleased to
see the return of Halfpenny Green Vineyard. The market café will be serving teas, coffees and cakes, and we
hope that Park Hill Farm will be serving hot sausage and bacon baps.

                            VILLAGE HALL RENOVATIONS
The new double glazing has now been installed and we are scheduling work for the refurbishment of the ladies’
toilets over the next few months.
Thank you to the volunteers who have been tidying up the village hall gardens, but extra help is always

                                APLEY HOLIDAY COTTAGES
                                  Spare room for visiting family and friends

                           The Groom’s Cottage at Harrington Hall is now available
                            as a ‘spare room’ for your visiting family and friends.

                     For availability please check http://www.apleyholidaycottages.co.uk/
                                 Or call Apley Estate Office on 01746 762110

OPEN DAY - Beckbury Allotments Association will hold its annual Open Day on Sunday 26th June, from 11
am to 4 pm. All are welcome to join in and enjoy the BBQ, homemade cakes, produce sale, tombola and raffle,
so please note the date.

NEXT MEETING - The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd May, starting at 7.30 pm, at The Seven Stars,

                                         FRIENDSHIP CLUB
Last month 24 members enjoyed a delicious meal at The Bell Inn, Trysull, but this month we are back to
Beckbury Village Hall on 10th May for a Spring Bonnet competition when we hope that some of our male
members will throw caution to the wind and design an inventive and fascinating hat design. Unfortunately, I
have been banned from my original design, following our visit to Australia to see our daughter and
grandchildren, when I intended to hang easter eggs on string around my hat in the fabled Aussie tradition so it’s
back to the drawing board with eggs, flowers and ducks. One thing is certain, the judges will have their work
cut out picking a winner.

On Tuesday 17th May we will be visiting Oakengates to see a show put on by Age Concern which I am told is
well worth seeing.

For our June meeting we are travelling by coach to Llangollen, leaving Beckbury at 10.30 and arriving back
home again at around 5 pm. There will be some spare seats on the coach, so if anyone would like to join us for
the day, the cost is £10.00 per seat. It promises to be an extremely good day out.

                       ALBRIGHTON SEVERN STROLLERS
                                    WALKING FOR HEALTH
In view of the continuing success and support for our regular Wednesday walks we have decided to celebrate
with a special walking day for the whole community in Albrighton and the surrounding area.

On Saturday 11th June 2011 we have organised an event which we are calling “WALKABOUT
ALBRIGHTON”. We intend to offer a varied programme of walks around the village to appeal to all:
   A historical walk lead by Ernie Howells (secretary of Albrighton Historical Society), taking in places of
     interest in Albrighton, one to start at 10.30 am and one to start at 2.30 pm
   A walk for families which will use footpaths across the fields with a nature quiz for the children,
     starting at 10.30 am
   A walk starting at 10.15 am using footpaths and lanes approximately 4 miles
   A Three Parishes walk starting at 10 am to enjoy some of our surrounding countryside approx. 7 miles.

All walks will start from The Red House.
The Red House will be open all day from 9.30 am for refreshments.
Look out for notices around Albrighton in the coming weeks for more details.

Further information can be obtained from either:
Tony Wrighton – 01902 3743l7 or Mike Pitchford – 01902 372016.

Beckbury residents will have seen our own Beckbury Walking for Health members around the village on the 1 st
and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Since joining this scheme 6 years ago we have helped many people raise their
fitness levels to improve their quality of life…….so why not join us. We walk to match the speed of the
slowest and for the not so fit there is always a shorter walk – see diary dates for our next walk or for more
information please ring 01952 750324.

                                          Back by popular demand
                                         NORTON CHARITY
                                          CAR BOOT SALE
                                            Sunday 8th May 2011
                                               7.30 am – 1 pm
                £6.00 a boot, £10.00 a van,, phone 01952 730358 to book (strictly no traders)

              Search out the bargains or make some cash from your clutter and have a great day!

            The Norton Car Boot Sale is organised by Norton Village Volunteers in order to raise
                 the annual running costs for the Village Hall. We are a registered charity.
                                       Thank you for your support.

                                               SAY YES
Centre Director Graham Phillips writes:

It’s been a busy few months for SAY YES and time has flown by. It seems like only yesterday that I was carol
singing at Beckbury Primary School’s Christmas Concert! Spring is upon us, the evenings are getting longer
and the trees greener. It’s a season for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Thanks to help from the Big Lottery and the Local Joint Committees, SAY YES now has its own Panna
Football Cage to use in schools, youth clubs and events. It originated in Holland, where ‘Panna’ means to
humiliate someone with your skills! Panna is a two-a-side game, matches last two minutes and the winning
team is the one that has either scored the most goals or has ‘nutmegged’ a player from the other team (passed
the ball through their legs).

We will be launching the cage in Wheatfields, Shifnal, in the week from June 6th – 10th when we are hosting
British Youth for Christ’s ‘NOMAD’ mission team. They will coach Panna at schools, youth clubs and local
parks throughout the week and speaking in some RE lessons at Idsall.

Graham works with young people in:
Trinity Youth Café – Trinity Methodist Church, Shifnal, Wednesdays 3 to 7 pm
Albrighton Youth Drop-in – Friday nights 7-9 pm, Wesley Hall
Cosford Youth Club – Tuesday nights 7.30 – 9 pm
Trinity Youth Café – Trinity Methodist Church, Shifnal – Wednesdays 3 – 7 pm
Idsal School – sports, assembly and classroom activity
Local Primary schools, especially in Year 6
Local Churches

SAY YES is an independent local Christian charity working to offer good quality, inclusive youth activity.
There are many ways to support the work and help it grow – please contact Graham for more information or
email yes@say-yes.org.uk. or alternatively please contact Keith Hodson for more details.

The Six Parishes Lent Appeal supported this project.

                                      OUR THANKS TO
                                 BRIDGNORTH DRY CLEANERS
                                   Underhill Street, Bridgnorth

                            FOR SPONSORING THIS NEWSLETTER


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