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									The Miraculous Journey Of
     Edward Tulane
     Kate DiCamillo

    Presented by Federico
Genre: Animal fiction
            I chose this book
             because my friend
             said it was amazing so
             I got it from the media
             center and a day after
             it was my favorite
     Authors Purpose

I think Kate DiCamillo’s purpose is
       to entertain the reader.
        Characters and Setting
   Edward            He travels around.
   Abilene           House
   Lawrence          Ship
   Polly             China
   Molly             Restaurant
   Bull
   Sarah
   Manager
          In The Beginning
 Edward is loved by a girl 24 7 named
  Abilene . And their going on a boat so
  Abilene takes Edward and two boys chucks
  Edward into the Ocean.
           In The Middle…
 A person named Bull and her dog finds
  Edward and kept him for five years and
  people always make fun of Edward until one
  day Edward fell off a train.
The End…

Edward’s head got sliced in half and Bryce[ the
owner] couldn't afford for the money so he
made a doll maker a deal he makes Edward’s
head together but the doll maker keeps Edward
Bryce said yes so the doll keeper kept him
Edward saw a lady come in with her daughter
named Maggie and Edward realized that lady
was Abilene.
 About a doll named Edward who
  experiences the journey of a lifetime and
  finds the girl he loved from the beginning of
  the story.
 I would recommend this book to everybody I
  think of this book like I’m reading something
                Student Page
 Hi! my name is Fede I
  live in Plymouth,
  Minnesota. My hobbies
  are reading, baseball,
  kickball, and football. I            Quic k Time™ a nd a
                              TIFF (Unc omp res s ed) d ec ompre s s or
                                are n eeded to s ee this pic ture.
  go to Greenwood
  Elementary School 3rd
  grade in
  Mrs.Lachmiller’s class.

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