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Lamplighter in a nutshell


									 IFBA contribution to Healthy

                         International Consultation
Dr. T. Rajgopal
                         on Healthy Workplaces,
VP, Global Medical and
                         WHO New Delhi, 16 – 18
Occupational Health,
                         March 2011
IFBA’s Commitments to the
 WHO 2004 Global Strategy

             Commitment 4: Promote physical
             activity and healthier lifestyles –
             including within the workplace.
•   Our Live Positively program in the US is focused on education, environment
    and motivation. Programs focus on energy balance between nutrition and
    exercise, stress and medical conditions. Programs include:
     –   a fitness gym
     –   fitness center reimbursements
     –   step and stair programs/campaigns
     –   physicians and nurses on site at HQ campuses
     –   on-line coaching and condition management and integrated incentives which reduce
         employee‟s medical premium costs

•   Similar Live Positively programs run outside the US with focus on fitness
    and nutrition. Programs include biking, stairs, gyms, increased cafeteria
    options and education. For example, in our company-owned India bottler
     –   Provide a medical practitioner at all our facilities
     –   Monthly communication of how to Live Positively
     –   Onsite fitness centers with yoga classes and BMI monitoring

                                      Classified - Internal use
• All employees can attend a workshop on nutrition
• All production centres have a health service with preventative

• Contigo en Equilibrio in Mexico provides employees and their
  families with free medical and nutritional advice to promote
  physical and emotional healthy lifestyles

• Participants are assessed and provided with individual nutritional
  advice in the form of a diet regime and improvements goals.

• Participants also receive:
    informational materials on nutrition and physical activity
    workshops on “emotional balance” and stress management
• Total You goes beyond state-of-the-art fitness centers to provide
  employees with tools and strategies to develop and maintain an
  overall healthy lifestyle through:
    education, motivation, and physical activity
    healthy eating programs in its cafeteria
    personal training and fitness classes in its on-site fitness center

• Received the Gold Award in 2007 from the National Business
  Group on Health in the U.S. for its efforts in promoting a Healthy

• Recognized by the American Heart Association as a Start! Fit-
  Friendly Company
• The Healthy Company Program encourages all associates and
  their families to adopt a healthy lifestyle inside and outside the
  company, with:
         health insurance incentives for nutritional counselling or
          gym memberships
         on-site fitness centres, sports facilities or recreation areas
         courses, talks, and publications on weight loss and nutrition
         a Healthy Cafeteria program offering healthy menus in all
          cafeterias and dining rooms
• Annual Health Weeks provide associates with medical services
  and many information talks and publications
• Examen Plus 40 provides individuals over 40 with a medical
  check-up and follow-up of possible detected ailments
• Kellogg’s Workplace Wellness Program encourages healthy
  behaviors among our employees by fostering a culture of health.
  Our wellness strategy includes a variety of programs that help
  employees and their spouses/domestic partners achieve healthier
    -   Biometric screenings, health-risk assessments, exercise and weight-
        loss challenges, flu shots, on-site fitness centers, ergonomic
        evaluations, nutrition initiatives
    -   Disease Management and Lifestyle Management Coaching
    -   Dedicated Health Education Portal
    -   Incentive rewards
• Recognized as a Great Place to Work and a Fit Friendly Company
• The company offers several wellness resources including fitness,
  lifestyle, and nutrition information, including:
     Lifestyle Improvement programs which offer stress
       management, weight management and smoking cessation.
     fitness and/or sports facilities at most locations as well as
       incentives for membership reimbursement.
     cafeterias that provide better for you options and nutrition
     Health newsletters/intranet sites that offer health tips and
       worklife/flex time programs. Example in France, the employee
      well-being program, My Healthy Web, received an award from the
      Minister of Health.
• Member of WEF Workplace Wellness Board and the US Healthy
  Weight Commitment Foundation to improve workplace wellness.
• Mars promotes a healthy lifestyle in the workplace, with its
  Associate Wellness program which offers:
    on-site gyms
    healthy cafeteria options
    weight loss and smoking cessation programs

• Received the “2009 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles” award
  in 2009 from the National Business Group on Health in the U.S.
• Over 95% of Nestlé markets worldwide have workplace wellness
  programmes in place or under development, including the
  Wellness4Me program at Nestlé‟s headquarters in Vevey.
• These are diverse in nature, but in general, they provide:
    nutrition information (in 65%–80% of sites)
    fitness centres (in 50% of sites)
    free water (in 90% of sites)
    preventive medicine programmes (in 96% of sites)
• The Nutritional Quotient (NQ) programme to train employees
  was introduced in 2007 and rolled out globally in 2008
    to date more than 121,360 employees have undergone NQ
     training, making it the largest ever workplace nutrition
     education initiative in the industry
• HealthRoads helps participants develop and sustain healthy
  behaviours and make informed healthcare decisions through:
     fitness and nutrition programs, including those relating to potential health risks
      such as stress, tobacco use, sleep deprivation, diabetes, asthma, high
      cholesterol and high blood pressure
     online tools and resources and incentives
     worksite wellness initiatives
• Currently available in 36 countries with plans to roll-out to more,
  including Mexico, the European Union and the Middle East in 2012
• Received the Platinum Award for “Best Employers for Healthy
  Lifestyles” in 2009 from the National Business Group on Health in
  the U.S.
• Partners with the WEF Workplace Wellness Board, WHO, Alliance
  for a Healthier Generation, and the Healthy Weight Commitment
  Foundation to improve workplace wellness
   General
•   Turnover in 2010 was €44.3 billion
•   Employ 163,000 people in 100 countries
•   Sell products in more than 170 countries worldwide
•   Top tier management includes 20 nationalities
•   2 billion consumers worldwide use a Unilever product on any day
•   Have 264 manufacturing sites worldwide

   Innovation
•   File between 250 and 350 new patent applications a year
•   Have over 20,000 registered patents and patent applications worldwide
•   Have 31 major development centres that develop and implement product innovations
•   Have R&D teams in 92 locations around the globe implementing innovations in countries and factories

   Sustainability
•   Led the Food & Beverage 'super-sector' of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for 12 years - the only company ever to
    achieve this
•   Been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since its inception in 2001
•   Been included in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for five consecutive yrs
                                       Medical and Occupational Health
                                            Strategy 2011 - 2015
                 Health protection - to protect Unilever’s people from work-related hazards to their health
                 Health promotion - to promote, maintain and enhance the health of Unilever’s people so as to maximise their fitness to work safely
                 and effectively

    Vision         To earn a global reputation for best practice in medical and occupational health performance.

Strategy into
                           Health,                                         Prevention of                       Travel related
                        Wellbeing and                                     Occupational ill-                     medical and
2015: Key
                        Performance                                           health                            occupational
Must Win Battles
                                                                                                               health support

                    • Lamplighter roll out starting with                  • Prevention of work                • Business travelers
                      BRICMIST                                              related illness and                 and expats to be
Key activities                                                              occupational diseases
                    • Mental well being and resilience                                                          covered
                    • Addressing local health risks e.g                   • Ergonomics at the                 • Advice on
                      HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, Dengue.                        workplace                           immunizations and
                    • Pandemic threats and business                       • Environmental health                chemoprophylaxis.
                      continuity                                          • Noise
                    • Agile working                                       • Food Allergens

                                                                        Number or Work related                 % of Business Travelers
KPIs                % of employees reached by
                                                                        illness (WRIs) and days                And IAs who have pre-
                    an employee wellness
                                                                        lost from                              Travel evaluations
                                                                        WRIs                                   and advise
        Lamplighter in a nutshell

 Lamplighter is an organisational well-being
 programme designed to improve the health
and well-being of Unilever employees over a
 six to 12 month period by focusing on three
  main areas; exercise, nutrition and mental
                  How did it all start?
•   Lamplighter was initially created in 2001 as a way to help improve and maintain the
    energy levels of Unilever‟s senior leadership who wanted to get the most out of their
    personal time and find ways to better manage their heavy workloads.

•   It proved such a success that it was piloted in a number of categories and regions
    between 2003 and 2008and regions between 2003 and 2008

•   Following strong support from Unilever‟s CEO, Paul Polman, the Lamplighter team
    focussed its sights globally in 2009.

•   In 2009 Paul Polman wrote to all country chairs urging them to adopt Lamplighter for
    all permanent employees, as and when they were able.
Asia (2006/Nov).    Scale of Lamplighter
       India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,
       Thailand, Indonesia, Australia
AMET (2007/Feb)
       Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania,
       Egypt, Turkey, South Africa
                                                                            Phase 4
Latin America (2008/Sept)
       Argentina, Brazil, Chile,            TBD
       Uruguay, Mexico, El Salvador                                            Phase
Category (2009/Aug)                                                            1
       HR, FabCon, FabClean, Vitality                           Phase
       Extreme roles                                               2
Europe (2010/May)
       Agreed to start May 2008
North America
       Ongoing discussions
           What‟s happening globally?
• The following regions are implementing Lamplighter (NB all regions
  are at different stages of implementation)

    − Western Europe
    − Asia -Africa, Middle East & Turkey
    − Latin America

• So far 30 countries and 35,000 employees in total are enrolled in the
  Lamplighter programme.

• The aim is to increase that figure to 40 countries by the end of 2011
                            The Lamplighter Process
                             The employee journey
An initial health screening involving a health risk assessment (HRA)
and blood chemistry test. Once blood results are in this is followed up
with a

Debrief with a health professional during which the employee
undergoes physiological and nutritional assessments which lead to a

Personalised improvement programme (nutrition and exercise) which is
monitored over an initial six month period.

An online mental resilience tool is also available to the employee to
help address all aspects of health and performance. This is managed
by an external provider to ensure confidentiality

                                   Reassessment after 6/12 months
   Evaluation of
   Non-modifiable risk factors (e.g. age, family history etc)
   Lifestyle risk factors (smoking, alcohol intake etc)
   Nutritional habits
   Fitness levels
   Workplace health
   Biochemistry (cholesterol levels etc)
Employee mental well being policy
Hindustan Unilever Lim ited is comm itted to ensure the health and well being of employees at the workplace. The
company recognizes that the mental health of employees is a crucial determinant in their overall health and that poor
mental health and stressors at the work place can be a contributory f actor to a range of physical illnesses like
hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, amongst others. In addition poor mental health can also lead to
burn-out amongst employees seriously aff ecting their ability to contribute meaningf ully in both their personal and
prof essional lives. We will assess and respond quickly to the needs of employees with mental health problems.
Values and Principles
Employees are the most valuable asset in HUL. We will provide adequate support services to employees to benef it
f rom counseling and a bouquet of other options and interventions to ensure positive mental health.
We will ensure that employees have access to treatment f or mental health problems where needed.
We will periodically assess workplace stress through appropriate surveys conducted ethically.
Based on our internal workplace stress surveys we will initiate programs to cover the f ollowing:
        Inf ormation and awareness campaigns
        Employee and manager training
        Promoting mental health through our “agile working” initiative
        Addressing harassment at the workplace
        Specif ic interventions f or identif ied stressors at the workplace
        Training in resilience techniques and coping strategies
        Specif ically address the prevention, identif ication and management of depression and anxiety at the work
        Supporting individuals with mental health problems
        Recruitment and retention practices which do not discriminate against people with mental health problems
Objectives of the Policy
We will evaluate and control organizational f actors that could potentially contribute to work related stress.
We will implement stress and burn-out prevention and management programs f or employees at risk as well as ear ly
detection and support programs to deal w ith alcohol or mental health problems once they have occurred to ensure that
an employee can contribute meaningf ully to himself , his f amily and at the workplace.
We seek to enhance the productivity of the business by providing adequate support to employees f ollowing any mental
health deviations.
We will m inimize disability amongst employees by providing specif ic interventions against conditions like depression
and anxiety.

                                                                                                  Executive Director
                                                                                                  Human Resources
                                                                                                   November 2010
                 Asia sample results
Following a six month pilot period of Lamplighter in the ASIA REGION (India,
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,
Indonesia, Australia) there was:

•   4% reduction in employees classed as having a high BMI
•   27% reduction in employees classed as having high blood pressure
•   17% reduction in employees classed as having high cholesterol
•   2% reduction in number of employees who smoked
•   24% reduction in number of employees classed as having poor nutrition
•   21% increase in number of employees exercising

Overall there was a:
• 6% increase in the number of employees who fell into the „low risk‟ category.
• 3% decrease in the number of employees who fell into the „high risk‟ category

„low risk‟ employees cost the company less money in health care costs and
              AMET sample results
Following a six month pilot period of Lamplighter in the AMET region (Kenya,
Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Israel, UAE) there was:

•   13% reduction in employees classed as having a high BMI
•   5% reduction in employees classed as having high blood pressure
•   7% reduction in employees classed as having high cholesterol
•   4% reduction in number of employees who smoked
•   11% reduction in number of employees classed as having poor

•   Overall there was a:
•   4.5% decrease in the number if employees in the „high risk‟ category
•   4.5% increase in the number of employees in the „low risk‟ category

„low risk‟ employees cost the company less money in health care costs and
          A taste of some results
Lamplighter has already established a proven track record of tangible

In particular the programme has demonstrated significant benefits in:

• Health and wellbeing
• Energy renewal
• Consequent business benefits

Through Lamplighter, Unilever has become one of the first
organisations to be able to prove the relationship between health,
engagement and performance
It’s now part of our business…..      Culture         And we report on it publicly……

                          The CEO is a key champion
                     Health Performance
Ill-Health    X



                                                         X      OH Performance

             1o Medical    Health      Fitness for   Wellness
                Care      Protection       Job

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