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									                                             In 1984 Bryan Fenn, son-in-law of the          which our customers believe. Linked to
    It’s a proud year for                    original founder, travelled to South Africa,   this is our growth strategy of expanding
    everyone at Creative                     bringing with him an imported range of         ranges within our current brands, together
    Housewares as it celebrates              two kettles. A year later a small assembly     with the introduction of new brands to
                                             line manned by three staff members was         complement our offering.”
    25 years since it first began            set up in a garage, producing 50 pieces            Altogether Creative Housewares has
    trading in South Africa.                 a day. This marked the beginning of            launched three new brands, more than
    Tracing the company’s                    Creative Housewares.                           35 new products and employed a high
                                                Three generations later, the company        number of staff over the last year to keep
    history, however, reveals                has grown into a formidable player in          abreast of the company’s growth.
    that it is considerably older,           the appliances market, boasting local              “Additionally, the launch of the new
    and dates back to the 1950s              manufacturing, importing and exporting         Mellerware website has reduced the
                                             divisions. Managing director Justin Fenn       gap between supplier and consumer,
    when it operated in England              says the original values instilled by his      enabling us to communicate on a
    as the small family business,            grandfather and father are still prevalent     one-to-one basis with our customers –
    Mellerware.                              in the high quality, yet affordable items      sharing offerings and most importantly,
                                             the company provides. “I know they             listening to their requirements,” Fenn
                                             would have been particularly proud of the      adds. “For example, the website
                                             way in which our product development           incorporates functionality that allows
                                             and design department always finds             consumers to register their guarantee
                                             something unique to offer our customers.”      online so that they no longer have to
                                                In 2006 Creative Housewares was partly      worry about losing their receipts. It’s
                                             acquired by Spanish appliance giant            just one small way of putting our brand
                                             Taurus, which gave the company access          behind our two-year guarantee.
                                             to first-class testing facilities, engineers       “We are particularly excited about
                                             and finance. This enabled the Mellerware       the upcoming relaunch of the Morphy
                                             brand to grow extensively within its           Richards brand, which will be entering
                                             existing product ranges, while expanding       our stable by late 2009,” he continues.
                                             into many new categories. The move also        “This premium brand is the perfect
                                             paved the way for the Taurus appliance         complement to our entry level
                                             brand, Mallory and housewares brand,           Mallory and mid-tier Mellerware small
                                             Monix to be introduced successfully into       appliances ranges.”
                                             the local market. Through rapid growth             Although the shrinking economy
                                             and a solid reputation the company has         has placed the country’s export
                                             also added international brands Dyson,         industry under financial stress, Creative
                                             Morphy Richards, GreenPan and Aqua             Housewares’ export drive is thriving.
    Justin Fenn – keeping original family    Optima to its stable.                          Botswana and Namibia continue to
    values in the business.                     “Like most companies operating in           grow from strength to strength, and
                                             a global recession, at the beginning           the company is about to engage with
                                             of 2009 we viewed the future with              the Zimbabwean market, to be closely
                                             trepidation,” says Fenn. “These fears          followed by Zambia and Angola.
                                             were soon put to rest, however, as we              Fenn believes there are endless market
                                             continued to excel month after month,          opportunities waiting to be tapped.
                                             meeting and exceeding our budgets and          “We will always remain focused on small
                                             growth targets.”                               appliances, with a view to becoming
                                                Fenn attributes this year’s success to      market leaders in the major categories.
                                             two main factors: “Our consistent levels       Innovation will always remain a part of the
                                             of excellent service to our customers and      company’s strategy and diversification is
                                             the supply of affordable quality brands in     definitely on the cards for the future.”

4   |   Home Goods Retailer – October 2009
celebrates 25 years,
three generations in SA
brand pyramid

                                                                               Appliance giant Taurus has dominated the Spanish market
                                                                               for over 50 years. Since the 1990’s Taurus have expanded
                                                                               into Europe, South America, Africa and the East. In 2006
                                                                               Taurus acquired shares in Creative Housewares.

                                                                               Creative Housewares has expanded exponentially through
                                                                               its relationship with Taurus and continues to grow deeper
                                                                               into existing categories as well as wider through the
                                                                               introduction of new brands.

Morphy Richards has a rich         The house brand of Creative    Mallory is part of the Taurus   Monix is part of the Taurus   Belgian eco - friendly        Aqua Optima has been           Creative Housewares is
history in producing outstanding   Housewares,        provides    group of brands providing       group of brands providing     cookware brand GreenPan,      researching water for years;   proud to be appointed as the
electrical appliances. Today,      entry level appliances from    economical entry level          quality homeware products     uses an exclusive coating     testing it and refining it     official distributor of Dyson,
they continue to lead the          the “Contemporary” range       appliances to the market.       ranging from ironing boards   called Thermolon which is     using the latest technology    UK’s      premium      vacuum
market through their innovative    through to the full feature,                                   to cookware.                  PTFE and PFOA free, can       resulting in cleaner, purer    cleaner brand, which has set
designs and manufacturing          highly styled products in                                                                    reach temperatures of up to   water, just as nature          new standards in advanced
to the highest standards, to       the “Executive” range.                                                                       450°C and uses 60% less       intended.                      technology and design in floor
provide products that make life                                                                                                 CO2 in production.                                           care.

Superior quality
homeware from Monix
Monix is part of the Taurus group of                                     Vesuvius 6L Pressure Cooker                                                  Ironing Board
brands, providing quality homeware                                       The six-litre pressure cooker has been                                       Hanger
products ranging from ironing boards                                     awarded the Jenny Rated logo. By                                             This easy-to-store
to cookware.                                                              endorsing certain products Jenny                                            ironing board
                                                                               Morris puts her reputation behind                                      and iron can be
                                                                                  the assurance that consumers                                        door or wall
                                                                                      can depend on the product’s                                     mounted.
                                                                                            superior qualities and

                                                                                                                                                              Home Goods Retailer – October 2009                              |   5
    creative housewares brands

        Mellerware, trends for life                                     Eco-friendly cookware from GreenPan
        The house brand of Creative Housewares provides entry-level     Belgian eco-friendly cookware brand GreenPan uses an
        appliances from the Contemporary range through to the full      exclusive coating called Thermolon which is PTFE and PFOA
        feature, highly styled products in the Executive range.         free, can reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees Celsius
                                                                        and emits 60% less carbon dioxide in production compared
        Quick and easy espressos with Arezzo                            to other non-stick coatings.
        In association with Caturra Coffee, Mellerware has launched         The technology that makes GreenPan different is the
        the Arezzo capsule coffee machine, which uses the coffee-       Thermolon coating which contains no PTFE (polytetrafluoro-
        motion system of closed capsules from Caturra to make           ethylene) and uses no PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) in its
        perfect espresso’s in seconds.                                  production process.
            “The coffee has to be tasted to be experienced properly,”       What does this mean? Well, PTFE is the chemical name
        says Creative Housewares marketing manager Steve Stewart.       given to traditional non-stick coatings widely available on a
        “Caturra has outdone themselves on taste and Mellerware         number of products on our shelves today. The disadvantage
        on convenience. Gone are the days of manually filling the       of these coatings is that they decompose at temperatures
        espresso machine and cleaning up the mess afterwards.”          exceeding 260°C, releasing fumes that are noxious to the
            “Operating the coffee machine is quick and easy”, Stewart   respiratory system. GreenPan’s Thermolon ceramic coating is
        continues, “simply click open the top of the coffee machine,    resistant up to 450°C, providing perfect non-stick properties.
        insert a Caturra capsule, close the lid and press the button.   It is also scratch-resistant, durable and most importantly,
        The result is an espresso with a perfect crema that would       contains no PTFE. PFOA is used in the application process of
        satisfy the most discerning coffee connoisseur. If a weaker     PTFE coatings and has been classified as a likely carcinogen
        espresso is preferred, allow the machine to run a bit longer    by the America EPA. GreenPan’s Thermolon uses absolutely
        for an Americano”.                                              no PFOA in any part of its coating or production processes.
            “When making another cup simply open the lid and the            Jenny Morris has been appointed as the brand
        previous capsule conveniently slides into the back and          ambassador for GreenPan in South Africa. Products that
        drops into an extractable tray. The tray discreetly holds the   are awarded the Jenny Rated logo are tested, used and
        empty capsules, which can be thrown away later for plastic      approved by Jenny Morris, and are used by her students
        recycling. The capsule system ensures exact quantities,         regularly within her Giggling Gourmet CooksPlayground,
        effectively eliminating wastage and mess. An espresso has       which puts her reputation behind the assurance that
        never been as quick or tasty”.                                  consumers can depend on
            Mellerware and Caturra have focused on bringing             the superior qualities and
        premium coffee drinking to the consumer with exceptionally      performance of products
        keen pricing for the Arezzo system. Additionally, with any      and services that bear the
        purchase of an                                                  Jenny Rated endorsement.
        Arezzo machine,                                                 For more information go to
        a selection of                                                  www.jennyrated.com.
        six capsules
        is included
        free so that
        can sample
        the blends
        and purchase
        their favourite.

6   |   Home Goods Retailer – October 2009
                                                                   as in the factory in Malaysia where the vacuums are produced.
                                                                   More than 100 tests are repeatedly carried out on machines
                                                                   before they go into production on the team’s 126 test stations
                                                                   and 25 individual performance rigs. Dyson engineers spend
Eliminate dust with Dyson                                          30 000 hours a month testing machines to make sure they
Creative Housewares is the official distributor of Dyson, UK’s     are happy with their performance and reliability. They are also
premium vacuum cleaner brand, which has set new standards          constantly working on developing even more realistic and
in advanced technology and design in floor care.                                        consumer-relevant tests.
   You know the feeling when some everyday product lets you                                The DC25 Dyson Ball is a slim,
down. “I could have designed this better myself,” you think.                            lightweight upright that sits on a ball.
   For James, frustration has proved the mother of invention:                           Conventional cleaners with fixed wheels
during a chance visit to a local sawmill, James noticed how the                         can only move in straight lines; they’re not
sawdust was removed from the air by large industrial cyclones.                          designed to steer. But the new Dyson DC25
Could that principle work on a smaller scale in a vacuum                                sits on a ball and turns with ease.
cleaner? He took his vacuum apart and rigged it up with a                                  Dyson engineers have replaced
cardboard cyclone. He then began to clean the room with it.                             wheels with a ball to give DC25 greater
Amazingly, it picked up more than his old bag machine – the                             maneuverability. The motor sits inside the
world’s first vacuum cleaner without a bag.                                             ball, making it lighter in hand and even
   Performance and reliability testing are absolutely                                   easier to steer. With the turn of the wrist
fundamental to the design process and product development                               DC25 responds by swiveling its head to nip
cycle at Dyson. Destructive, endurance, performance and                                 around obstacles like furniture, children
reliability testing are carried out 24 hours a day, seven days a                        and pets around the home.
week. Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT ) techniques are                                   The DC25 has a motorised brush-bar
used to compress a whole product lifetime into a matter of                                   which even captures ground-in dirt
days or weeks.                                                                               and pet hair, so it picks up as much as a
   Dyson tests machines and prototypes in Malmesbury, as well                                full-sized Dyson vacuum.

Stylish and contemporary Morphy Richards                             Pure water from
Morphy Richards is an international brand that is sold in over       Aqua Optima
40 countries. The products user-friendly nature is coupled           Aqua Optima has been
with a stylish and contemporary look. It is a market leader          researching water for years,
through its innovative designs and high manufacturing                testing and refining it using the latest technology to produce
standards. The 70-year-old brand is owned by the Glen                filters of superior quality. With the five-step filtration process
Dimplex group who is the largest manufacturer of electrical          Aqua Optima water filters remove impurities that even
heating appliances in the world.                                     boiling cannot eliminate.

Clever cooking with Intellisteam                                     Dispenser
Intellisteam has an intelligent digital timer and individually       The filtered water dispenser and chiller
controlled heat elements that allow the cooking times of             holds up to 7.2 litres and provides
different foods to                                                   chilled filtered water. The filtration
be co-ordinated                                                      process removes herbicides, pesticides,
so everything                                                        lead, chlorine and lime scale.
finishes cooking                                                        “Creative Housewares likes to do its
together. There                                                      bit for the environment, which is why
is no need for                                                       we have partnered with Working for
extra pans as the                                                    Water,” says managing director Justin
Intellisteam cooks                                                   Fenn. “Mellerware, in conjunction
complete family                                                      with Aqua Optima, is committed to
meals, from the                                                      supporting the Working for Water campaign by donating R1
sauce through to                                                     per product sold and providing staff to actively participate in
the rice.                                                            alien vegetation clearing campaigns.

                                                                                                Home Goods Retailer – October 2009        |   7
                                             New sales director appointed
    In recognition of his consistent hard work                                                      De Vos believes there are three pillars
    over the years Creative Housewares has                                                       to ensuring future growth within Creative
    appointed Aidan de Vos sales director of                                                     Housewares: “Surrounding ourselves with
    the company.                                                                                 dynamic out-the-box thinkers, striving
       De Vos joined the small appliances                                                        to do things differently in the market,
    manufacturer, supplier and distributor in                                                    and maintaining the group’s energetic
    February 2005, when its stable consisted                                                     approach to product, category and brand
    of little more than one brand and 35                                                         expansion programs. This will ensure
    products. Today this number has grown                                                        that Creative Housewares continues to
    to seven brands and just under 200                                                           provide stylish yet affordable lifestyle
    products. “De Vos’s relentless drive has                                                     enhancing products that add value to
    been a significant contributor to this                                                       consumers’ lives.
    success,” says MD Justin Fenn.                          Aidan de Vos –                          “My hope is for Creative Housewares
       De Vos modestly emphasises that                Hoping for extensive growth.               to excel at a growth rate that exceeds
    his achievements are the result of                                                           our current plan,” he continues. “I would
    teamwork and successful relationships                                                        like to see the staff grow with the
    with Creative Housewares’ customer              De Vos’s professional career began           company – and have fun while doing
    base. His persistence, which he describes    in the hardware retail industry, he then        so – and I want to ensure that we, at any
    as “doggedness, like a little bull terrier   moved on to wholesale within the power          given time, have a staff complement
    that grabs at your ankle and never lets      tool sector. After eight years he felt it was   with the necessary skills and tools in
    go”, has certainly sniffed out growth        time for a change and joined Creative           place to continue with the expansion
    opportunities for the company, resulting     Housewares as regional sales manager for        programme should any one of our team
    in exponential growth year on year.          Gauteng and surrounding areas.                  move on.”

                  Creative Housewares positioned as the house of brands
    Since joining Creative Housewares in April                                                   Stewart explains. “Further value was added
    2008 marketing manager Steve Stewart’s                                                       to the cookware and food preparation
    passion for brands has had a significant                                                     products by providing extensive product-
    influence on driving the company as the                                                      related recipe books. These products were
    house of brands.                                                                             also tested and endorsed by South African
       “With the increasing amount of choices                                                    celebrity chef Jenny Morris, also known as
    consumers have, it is vitally important                                                      the Giggling Gourmet.
    that we provide brands that fulfill their                                                       “The relationship created with Jenny
    promise – by meeting consumers’ needs                                                        Morris led to the launch of the non-stick
    and adding value to their lives,” says                                                       cookware brand GreenPan with Jenny
    Stewart. “Through building brands we                                                         as the brand ambassador. GreenPan, a
    create relationships with customers by                                                       Belgian brand sold in over 50 countries, is
    understanding their needs and providing           Steve Stewart – Positioning                the first eco-friendly cookware brand to
    product ranges relevant to various life           Creative Housewares as the                 be launched in South Africa. With Jenny
    stages. At Creative Housewares we believe              house of brands.                      hosting a number of media events it has
    in the strength of brands, which is why in                                                   been a resounding success.”
    the last few years we have positioned the                                                       Co-branding is part of the Creative
    company as the house of brands.”             “While the Mallory and Mellerware brands        Housewares strategy. The effect of the
       “Over the last year”, Stewart contin-     provided us with products from entry to         Jenny Morris endorsement on our sales
    ues, “Creative Housewares took a long        mid-premium levels, a gap existed in our        has been overwhelming. This strategy
    hard look at what its current brands offer   range for a truly aspirational brand. In Au-    has been rolled out to other categories,
    customers. We examined our product of-       gust 2009 we found the brand to complete        for example the relationship we have
    fering, communication methods, and ways      our offering – Morphy Richards – where          built between Caturra Coffee and the
    to differentiate ourselves in the market.    beautiful design and amazing functionality      Arezzo machine.
    We investigated what our customers are       result in exceptional products.”                   Creative Housewares has become the
    looking for and consequently, what was          Creative Housewares took additional          house of brands. The co-branding initia-
    missing from our stable.”                    steps to enhance its existing offering:         tives have had a snowball effect attract-
       Stewart says it soon became apparent      “The Mellerware packaging and logo              ing other brands to us. We are growing
    that Creative Housewares’ small appliance    were upgraded to better communicate             from strength to strength and are looking
    offering was not targeting all markets.      the brand and product selling features,”        forward to what the future holds.

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