Holiday Homework (DOC)

					                          maheshwari girls public school
                    Holiday Homework – Class VII (Session 2010-11)
Q.1    „No Men Are Foreign‟ taking ideas from the poem, make a collage on „We are all
       one „showing effects of war, terrorism etc., on A3 size sheet.
Q.2    Write an article on the topic “Nature is future” in the language notebook. You can
       take ideas from your MCB – UNIT II „Endangered‟.

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      1 + x|ka’k ls 4 laKk 'kCn Nk¡V dj mudk o.kZ foPNsn VSLV
dkWih esa djksA
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      1 ls 15      foykse 'kCn¼10 'kCn½
      16 ls 30     vusdkFkhZ ¼10 'kCn½
      31 ls 45     eqgkojs         ¼10 eqgkojs½
      46 ls var rd Jqfrle fHkUukFkZd
3½ fuEu fo"k;ksa ij Lojfpr dfork VSLV dkWih esa izLrqr djks&
      1 + Lora=rk
      2 + xzh"e _rq
      3 + bZekunkjh
      4 + ty ve`r gSA
      5 + esjk liuk
Q.1    Draw a rectangle of any size on a drawing sheet. Cover this rectangle with square
       of size 1 cm
       (i)     How many squares are used to cover this rectangle?
       (ii)    Find the area of rectangle with help of number of squares used in it.
Q.2    Do Page 58 of Maths Lab Manual
Q.3    Revise Chapter – 1, 2, 3
Q.1    Make a working model / demonstrate any activity from your course book. Also make a
       chart to support your activity/ model.
       Learn the chapters that have been taught.

                                       Social Science
Q.1    Any one of the following topics can be taken up for preparing a model.
    1) Interior structure of the earth          11) Components of environment
    2) Courses of river                         12) Rain water harvesting
    3) Volcano                                  13) Seismograph
    4) Interior structure of a volcano          14) Wind vane
    5) Work of sea waves and water              15) Rock Cycle
    6) Different types of houses                16) Ecosystem
    7) Layers of atmosphere                     17) Stupa
    8) Land breeze & sea breeze                 18) Delta
    9) Tides                                    19) Origin of earthquake
    10) Monuments built by the                  20) Faults
        Mughal rulers

1½     'yksd vFkZ lfgr ¼pkVZ½
2½     /kkrq :i & iB~] vl~] d`] n`’k ik¡pksa ydkj fyf[k,A

                                   Computer Science
Make a file. Design the front cover of the file in any computer related device. (Mouse,
CD, Keyboard, Monitor, Laptop etc.) The file should contain :
1. Hard copy of properly formatted student profile using tab stops, formatting tools.
2. Hard copy of features of Computer generations I / II/ III/ IV/Upcoming generation
with the use of paragraph formatting and bullets and numbering.
3. Hard copy of self designed shopping bills using tables and formatting tools.
(Holiday Home work can also be downloaded from the School website –