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					 Shows of Note

Doll and Teddy Bear
Expo 2006                                                               1                       2                        3

Washington, D.C. • Aug. 18-20, 2006

      iving up to its theme of

      “Monumental Moments,”
      the three-day event was a                                             5                                                                6
doll fest of epic proportions.
Aisles of delightful dolls and
teddy bears, celebrity sign-
ings, exclusive show specials,
fun club events, raffle drawings,
Teddy Bear Review’s 20th birthday
celebration, special auctions             7                           1. Among the workshops offered at the Doll and Teddy Bear Expo
and the annual awards banquet were just                               were “Sculpting a Head,” which was taught by artist Diane Keeler.
a few of the memorable moments, which                                 2. Susan Parris exhibited her original and distinctive dolls. Each Queen
                                                                      Anne-style fashion doll is individually sculpted in polymer clay, then
attracted nearly 6,000 attendees.                                     painted and glazed to replicate the painted wooden dolls of the 18th
    Open to the public on Saturday and                                and 19th centuries. 3. Dressed in period costumes, Parris and her
Sunday, the exhibit showroom was the                                  husband, Eric Littlewood, greeted visitors to her booth, a recreation of
                                                                      an 18th-century toy merchant’s market stall built by Littlewood. 4. These
place to be. It featured something for                                cute babies from Dolls by Berenguer awaited “adoption” from loving
every doll fancier’s taste—babies                                     collectors. 5. Collectors lucky enough to be in attendance at the Doll
in all sizes and mediums                                              and Teddy Bear Expo got a chance to meet popular doll artists such as
                                                                      Kymberli Durden (left) and Marie Osmond. 6. Jack Johnston (left)
from the likes of Lorna                                               presented the Artists’ Choice Award from the Professional Doll Makers
Miller Sands, Eva Helland,                    Art Guild to Phil Cuthbert for his doll “Bill Bo Baggins.” “This award means a lot to me
                                               because it was given to me by my fellow artists and friends,” noted Cuthbert. 7. In recogni-
Kymberli Durden, Pat
                                               tion of her tireless energy and outstanding role in promoting the doll industry, celebrity and
                                              doll designer Marie Osmond received the first-ever Crystal Award for Industry Leadership.
8                        9                     The presentation, which was made by Joe Jones, DOLLS’ publisher, was one of the many
                                               highlights at Charisma’s Friends Like You Crystal Gala dinner. 8. Artist Berdine Creedy
                                               posed with collector and long-time Expo attendee Josephine Manley of Ft. Myers, Fla. Man-
                                                 ley bought Creedy’s show special, “Mooi Meisie,” which Creedy signed. 9. Pretty “Abigail,”
                                                 a porcelain Paulinette, was one of the show specials. 10. In conjunction with Wendy Law-
                                                   ton receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Lawton Collectors Guild exhibited an
                                                     impressive archival display of dolls spanning more than 25 years of the artist’s distin-
                                                       guished dollmaking career.

                                                         Moulton, Carol Kneisley               from Lucia and Judith Friedericy, Annette
                                                          and Mamy Dolls; soft                 Herrmann, Gregg Ortiz, Diane Keeler, Jack
                                                           sculpture pieces from               Johnston, Maryanne Oldenburg and Mark
                                                            R . John Wright, Sue               A. Dennis. And this is just a small sampling
10                                                        McFadden and Tawny                   of the nearly 150 artists and manufacturers
                                              Nix; adorable miniatures from Deb-               from around the world who exhibited.
                                              bie Sampson and Elizabeth Cooper;                    “I wouldn’t dream of missing Expo!
                                              ethnic art from Mama’s Hands, Ping               My granddaughters and I look forward to
                                                       Original Art Dolls and Origi-           it all year long as one of our special times
                                                        nal Dolls by Goldie; and dis-          to be together. I think they love it as much
                                                        tinctive one-of-a-kind and             as I do,” says longtime Expo attendee
                                                       small limited-edition pieces            Donna Jones, a collector from Virginia.

40   February 2007      DOLLS
11                                                           12                                    13                                 14

                                                             15                               16                               17

Babies were in full force, as evidenced by fine         18                                19                         20
examples from artists such as Rita Rich (11) and
Le Bambole di Linda (12). 13. Sandi McAslan’s
“tongue-twisting tomboys” brought smiles to visi-
tors. 14. Mark A. Dennis wowed attendees with
spectacular creations, such as “Icarus” (pictured),
which was priced at $2,500. Among the offerings
were Sue McFadden’s original felt dolls (three
shown here with artist) (15) and the colorful cloth
pieces from Mama’s Hands (16). 17. The fairytale
creations of Lucia and Judith Friedericy were
popular draws. 18, 19. Proving why he’s a collec-
tor crowd pleaser, Robert Tonner welcomed visitors to his booth displaying the latest
and best from Tonner Doll Co. and Effanbee. 20. Little Kayla (right) of Livingston, N.J.,        Collectors were faced with monumental dilemmas
gets a little dollmaking help from Paulette Goodreau of Goodreau Dolls, which fea-           of what to choose from the wide array of possibilities.
tured a fun make-your-own doll station. 21. DOLLS’ publisher, Joe Jones, presented
doll artist Wendy Lawton with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Doll and Teddy
                                                                                             Apart from shopping-till-you-drop fun, the excitement
Bear Expo’s Awards banquet for her significant contributions to the doll industry.           of voting for and placing online bids on eBay for a Tyler
“Longevity is certainly an important factor, but paramount is the recipient maintaining      Wentworth design contest and charity auction, and
or increasing the quality of product,” Jones noted. “That’s clearly the case in
Wendy’s instance.” 22. Annette Herrmann displayed her sweet dolls and their
                                                                                             marveling over an impressive archival display of dolls
friends. 23. Created by Victoria Neidert-Hammer (left) of Angel Purrs & Puppy Dolls,         created for more than 25 years by Wendy Lawton, the
“Vintage Father Christmas” was one of the show specials. The life-size, one-of-a-kind        2006 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, collectors
doll sold for $1,500 to Suzanne Lord (right) of Annapolis, Md. 24. Collectors (from
left) Denise Humpres of New York City, Cherry White of Washington, D.C., and Gloria          could also choose from various special treats. These
Thompson of Spartansburg, S.C., couldn’t help showing off their “bundles of joy.”            included ticketed events such as Friday night’s 15th
25. Collector Angel Fontanez, from Hartford, Conn., was thrilled to meet one of his
                                                                                             Anniversary Crystal Gala honoring Marie Osmond as
favorite doll artists, Monica Reo. He couldn’t get over Reo’s beautiful creations, which
included Raoul and Christine from The Phantom of the Opera. 26. Barrie and Danny             the first recipient of Jones Publishing’s “Crystal Award
Shapiro of the Toy Shoppe (far left and far right) were among the enthusiastic atten-        for Industry Leadership”; Saturday’s Breakfast with
dees to the R. John Wright ticketed meal event, hosted by John and Susan Wright
(center). 27. Wendy Lawton (center in green jacket) is all smiles surrounded by family
                                                                                             Wendy in Kensington Gardens as well as Tea Time with
and friends, all of whom came to help her celebrate her monumental moment—                   Berdine Creedy and Friends, Tonner Doll Co.’s “Queen
receiving a Jones Publishing Lifetime Achievement Award. Arguably “Wendy’s                   of Hearts in Wonderland” make-your-own-sundae
biggest fan,” collector Michael Matteo (far right) helped plan and execute the Break-
fast with Wendy in Kensington Gardens event and the special archival display of Law-         social, the gala Awards banquet; and Sunday’s Eva Hel-
ton dolls. “I’m overwhelmed and touched by the recognition and honor,” Lawton said.          land & LMS Collectors Club Breakfast.
                                                                                                         Various workshops gave attendees a
21                    22                       23                     24
                                                                                                     chance to try their hand at dollmaking
                                                                                                     fun. They could select from sculpting a 6-
                                                                                                     inch baby doll with Pat Moulton; focus on
                                                                                                     realistic eye-painting instruction from
                                                                                                     Diane Keeler; explore costuming and ac-
                                                                                                     cessories with Maryanne Oldenburg; sculpt
                                                                                                     polymer shoes under the expert guidance
                                                                                                     of Jack Johnston; gain insights into full-
25                              26                                  27
                                                                                                     body-sculpting of the female form from
                                                                                                     Mark A. Dennis; and learn how to string
                                                                                                     a 10-inch full-body vinyl doll from
                                                                                                     Berdine Creedy.
                                                                                                         For information on next year’s event,
                                                                                                     which is planned for August 10-12, 2007,
                                                                                                     contact Shelley Layne Stockard, events co-
                                                                                                     ordinator, at shelleys@jonespublishing.com.

                                                                                                                  www.dollsmagazine.com           41

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