FC3 Cube Winch Specifications

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					1.   Standalone Motorized Fire Safety Curtain System
          1)     One motorized winch assembly with integrated centrifugal speed
                 governor to control curtain descent. Winch to have built-in metal
                 safety enclosure, basic control station and provisions for
                 attachment of clew guide cables. Winch to hold curtain in storage
                 position by means of a brake release attached to the emergency
                 release line. Drive line shall be ¼” 7x19 Small Diameter
                 Specialty Cord. No other aircraft cables shall be acceptable.
                 (a)    Winch shall be virtually maintenance free for the user’s
                        ease of operation.
                 (b)    4 total factory-wired and -tested limit switches shall be
                        utilized, for both over travel and operational limits, as
                 (c)    Winch shall comply with NFPA 80, Chapter 20 Fabric Fire
                        Safety Curtains Standard.
                 (d)    Winch shall be operable in either straight lift or brail
                        situations. Brail winch configuration shall accommodate
                        variable guide cable spacing.
                 (e)    Winch shall be suitable for re-rig or integration with
                        existing straight lift or brail fire curtain system. Brail winch
                        configuration, shall accommodate variable guide cable
                 (f)    Winch stand shall be included as standard equipment.
                 (g)    Hydraulic descent governor is not acceptable.
                 (h)    Motor shall have a 750 pound capacity as standard. If
                        additional capacity is necessary for the Fire Curtain
                        System, the motor can be augmented with a
                        counterweight arbor.
                 (i)    280v 3-phase power (including conduit, disconnect and
                        high voltage termination) is by others
                        (1)     Optional 480v 3-phase shall be available.
                        (2)     Optional 120v wall plug operation shall be available.
          2)     Control system shall be a basic “push-to-operate” style system,
                 attached directly to the winch enclosure, and shall work in
                 tandem with wall mount release boxes and fusible link system.
                 (a)    Maintained E-stop button shall operate a line contactor,
                        which removes power completely from the reversing
                        contactor and controls.
                        (1)     Other methodologies are not acceptable.
                 (b)    Low voltage controls shall be UL labeled.
                 (c)    Low voltage controls shall be factory wired and tested.
                 (d)    Optional key switch shall be available, to prevent
                        unauthorized usage and for system security.
                 (e)    Power shall not be required for emergency operation of
                        Fire Curtain release system.

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