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									Hiscox 606
Home and Contents Insurance
  1    Introduction

  We offer insurance cover and service
  that is as individual as you
  We have an enormous amount of experience at handling claims for unique and valuable
  possessions. We know the best experts who can advise you on security issues, as well
  as offering tips on the care, maintenance and safe transportation of your antiques,
  fine art and jewellery.

  With origins dating back to 1901, ours is a history of innovation. We have always
  a forward-thinking approach and tried to anticipate the changing needs of our

  Why choose Hiscox?

  Broad cover Unless your claim is explicitly excluded from          Additional cover We are flexible. Rather than offering one
  our wording, you are covered. Our policies are written to          standard policy with cover you may not need, you can add
  cover ‘all risks’, including accidental damage and loss.           additional types of cover to your core buildings and/or
                                                                     contents policy to ensure value for money (see page 10/11).
  We also offer:
– No penalties if you make a claim and find you are                  Payment options You are in charge. You can decide whether
  unintentionally underinsured                                       to pay annually or set up a bi-annual, quarterly or monthly
– Flexible cover limits – if you need more cover for something       interest-free direct debit, a significant saving compared to
  extraordinary, just ask                                            many insurers.
– No deductions from claims for wear and tear, even on
  clothing                                                           Valuations You do not need a full valuation. But should you
– A guarantee to pay interest on any claim over £2,500 not paid      prefer one, we have a panel of the UK’s leading independent
  within four working days of receiving a signed agreement           valuers, available at specially negotiated rates.
– Family legal protection, automatic £100,000 of cover for a         Security A pragmatic approach with fewer restrictions.
  range of legal expenses.

  Market-leading claims service Our knowledgeable and
  highly-experienced claims handlers will deal with your claims
  quickly in a professional and sensitive manner.
  Arguably our claims service is the most crucial part of our
  business, because when you buy insurance you purchase
  a ‘promise to pay’. It is when you make a claim that you really
  find out how good your insurer is, so you might like to know
  that our claims service is considered one of the best.

  And, as you would expect from a company of our pedigree,
  our skilled handlers are experienced in managing complex or
  exceptional claims. We constantly strive to provide an
  efficient, timely and responsive service.

  We also have close relationships with many of the UK’s
  leading restoration experts. We can arrange for a damaged
  item to be fully restored, no matter how unusual.

– There are no deductions from claims for wear and tear, even
  on clothing
– There are no penalties if you make a claim and find you are
  unintentionally underinsured
– International recovery: should an item be stolen, we will
  search our international network to try and return it to you
– We guarantee to pay interest on any claim over £2,500 not
  paid within four working days of receiving a signed
  agreement form
– We receive consistently good reviews from clients and
  insurance agents.

  2/3   Claims

  Expert help when
  you need it most
  Whether it is thatched, period, modern, Grade-1 listed, or
  timber-framed, Hiscox recognises that it is not just a house, it
  is your home. We see it as our role to ensure you receive
  superior levels of protection so you can keep it the way you
  like it.

  And, because we understand that it is more than just a roof
  over your head, you are also covered for the features that give
  a home its character: cornicing, plasterwork, murals and fire
  surrounds, as well as tennis courts, swimming pools, gates
  and outbuildings.

– You benefit from full accidental damage cover for all your
  buildings (including all outbuildings)
– We offer generous cover for your garden including all plants,
  trees and shrubs
– If you own multiple properties you can put them all on one
  policy. You will benefit from having only one renewal date and
  gain maximum value for money.

  4/5   Buildings

  Complete protection,
  whatever type of property
  Simply put: your contents are covered wherever you and          Select our home contents cover and you will also benefit
  your belongings are, no matter where that may be, at home       from:
  or anywhere else in the world.
                                                                  Liability cover By taking out our contents insurance, you will
  What is more, our general contents policy includes everything   also benefit from £10 million of cover for your legal liabilities
  from soft furnishings and clothing to electrical goods and      to third parties. This includes both members of the public and
  sports equipment.                                               your domestic employees if they have an accident on your
– You will receive cover for your possessions anywhere
  in the world, including accidental loss and damage              Identity fraud cover Cover for the expenses you incur as a
– All contents are covered on a new-for-old basis, with           direct result of identity fraud (£12,500 per incident) such as
  no deductions for wear and tear                                 solicitor’s fees and lost earnings because of time off work
– There is no limit of cover on replacing locks following loss    needed to resolve problems.
  or theft of keys
– A valuation of all your possessions is not necessary,
  although if you prefer, we do have some of the UK’s
  leading valuers available at specially negotiated rates.

  6/7   Contents

  Worldwide cover for
  your possessions
  As collectors ourselves, we fully appreciate the intricacies of
  protecting all kinds of art. From paintings, sculpture,
  tapestries and antiques through to the most fragile
  contemporary pieces.

  We also understand how much care and attention goes into
  setting up a collection and how disturbing its loss may be.
  Accordingly, we have built a policy that offers you absolutely
  thorough protection. In addition to fine art, we also cover
  jewellery and collectible items of any kind, including medals,
  stamps, coins, wine and sporting memorabilia.

– You are covered worldwide for accidental damage and loss,
  so your valuables are protected even if you temporarily take
  them to a holiday home
– There is no need to list individual items of fine art valued
  under £15,000 and valuables under £5,000
– There is no excess payable on damage to or losses of fine art
  or valuables
– We have access to specialist companies who can help with
  the restoration and repair of your valuables, no matter how
– An international recovery service. Should an item be stolen,
  we will search our global network to try and return the piece to

  8/9   Fine Art and Valuables

  The most experienced
  cover for your jewellery,
  fine art and valuables
    Annual family travel cover Designed for the more demanding          in UK pounds sterling
    traveller and immediate family, this policy dovetails with our    – Option to pay premiums by interest-free monthly direct debit
    worldwide contents insurance. This already includes cover         – Theft cover remains in force, even when your property is
    for your possessions anywhere in the world, ensuring you            left unoccupied
    do not pay for cover twice.                                       – Broad range of cover for antiques, fine art and jewellery
                                                                      – Your liability to third parties – automatic cover up to £2
– Medical expenses up to £5 million                                   million.
– Cancellation cover up to £15,000
– Loss/replacement of travel documents                                  Working from home Whether you are self-employed or have
– Hijack and kidnap cover                                               staff, if you run a business from home, we can cover you for
– Sports cover at no extra cost including scuba diving,                 a range of activities.
  sailing, windsurfing, riding and some winter sports
– Personal accident cover up to £50,000 (£5,000 for                 – Loss or damage (at home or in transit) to office equipment,
  people under 16 years old)                                          fixtures and fittings and business stock
– Access to a free, 24-hour travel helpline if you fall ill abroad. – Cost of reconstituting electronic data as a result of other
                                                                      insured damage
    Holiday homes abroad Overcome the problems of language, – Theft of money held on the business premises
    legalities and culture when insuring your overseas property. – Loss of income due to public utility failure, denial of access,
    We have a long history of insuring properties across the world,   or damage to your home
    from one-bedroom ski apartments to luxurious villas.            – Employee and third party liabilities.

– Plain English wording so you know exactly what is covered             For full details of these optional covers, please speak
– Claims dealt with by our experienced British team and paid            to your insurance agent.

    10/11   Optional extras

    Additional covers for
    peace of mind
Approved Services Over the years, we have built up               For more information about our 606 Home and Contents
relationships with a range of highly reputable third-party       insurance policy, please speak to your insurance agent.
suppliers who provide products and services that we feel         Alternatively call us on 0870 084 3777 and we will be pleased
able to recommend. As a Hiscox client, you will benefit from     to promptly assist you with any queries you may have.
specially negotiated rates.
                                                                 Important note: This brochure provides only a brief summary
These services include: fully-independent buildings and          of the cover provided. For full details of cover, please refer to
contents valuers; security, storage and possession recovery      the full policy wordings which are available from your
companies; shippers and packers, and concierge services.         insurance agent on request.

Access to specialists Our experts are on hand to advise you
on general security issues and can guide you on the care,
maintenance and safe transportation of precious items such
as antiques, fine art and jewellery.

Discounts available If you have a full valuation from one
of our approved valuers at a discounted rate, we will give you
a free upgrade to the correct sums insured until your renewal
date and a discount on your premium after that.

Telephone helplines Ranging from legal and tax advice,
through to health information, veterinary, childcare and
counselling assistance. We also have a 24-hour domestic
emergency helpline.

12   Other benefits and services

Carefully chosen product
and service providers
Hiscox Insurance Company Limited
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London EC3A 6HX
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 870 084 3777
Facsimile: +44 (0) 870 084 3999
Email: customerservices@hiscox.com
Website: www.hiscox.com

For training and quality control purposes, telephone calls may be monitored or recorded.
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