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       community credit union

                                                                           SPRING 2005

                         The smart way to pay for
                         just about everything.
                         Get a fixed rate HELOC as low as 4.5%* for 24 months!
                         New car. Old debt. Home                mention, the interest you pay
                         improvement. Second                    on your HELOC may be tax
                         honeymoon. When life’s little          deductible.† Now that’s smart.
                         pleasures add up to big
                         expense, put it on the house.          Up to 100% of your primary
                         There’s simply no smarter way          residence’s value***
                         to pay for high dollar purchases       Unlike many, the NHCCU
                         than a NHCCU Fixed Rate Home           HELOC allows you to borrow up
                         Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).         to 100% of your property’s
                                                                Continued inside

inside                   4.5%* fixed for 24 months
                         Other interest rates may go up,
                         but not yours. With a NHCCU             vacations
                         HELOC, you’ll enjoy the low, low
First Mortgages
                         rate of 4.5%* for two full years**.
Auto Buying Service
                         No out of pocket expenses
New Horizons             That’s right. No closing costs.
Scholarships             No hidden fees. Nothing. Not to

In the News
                         NHCCU—your financial partner.
Meet Our Call Center     Don’t pay the IRS...or your tax service...too much!
                         At NHCCU, we work hard to             knowledgeable financial
And More
                         provide you with great ways to        advisers who have 20 years
                         earn more and save more               of proven experience helping
                         money. That’s why we’re               people get the best possible
                         excited about our new tax             tax refunds.
                         services. With April 15th just            We assist individuals,
                         weeks away, you can still             families and businesses with
                         take advantage of our                                  Continued inside

 Established 1934
                            Title insurance, appraisals, credit
                            and lender fees. Have you seen
                            these in the news lately?
                            Recently, title insurance and the    you a written estimate of your
     In just 15             high costs associated with the       loan amount, interest rate, total
  minutes, we               home buying process have             payment, fees and charges
                            made national news. As a             required at your loan closing.
  can provide               result, many of our members          Our goal is to let you know
      you with              have sought additional               upfront how a New Horizons
                            information regarding this topic.    First Mortgage is better than a
      a written             Who are these fees paid to?          home loan with another lender.
   estimate of              What is the purpose of the           We do this by providing our
                            fees? And are the fees               members the education needed
  all the fees,             competitive in the market?           to make smart, sound home
     rates and              These are just a few of the          financing decisions.
                            questions we’ve heard. When
    payments                you consider that buying a           Second Opinions?
                            home is probably the largest         New Horizons helps hundreds
   associated                                                    of members each year with
                            investment of your life, it really
   with a New               pays to learn more about fees        home financing — some who
                            associated with mortgages.           do not even apply for a loan
 Horizons first                                                  with us. Today many builders
    mortgage.               Thinking of Buying or                and real estate professionals
                            Refinancing a Home?                  have very good incentives or
                            One call to the First Mortgage       relationships with lenders, just
                            Division of New Horizons can         like New Horizons has with our
                            answer all of your questions.        members. We are always
                            Loan Specialists are available       available to help review another
                            to provide you free, honest          lender’s loan disclosures,
                            answers to the home financing        answer questions and provide
                            process. We can introduce the        that extra peace of mind. Your
                            latest loan programs, down           credit union is here to help, so
                            payment options and help you         give us a call.
                            understand what really makes         Great rates are still
                            sense based on your goals.
                                                                 available. Please contact
                            How do closing costs at              the First Mortgage Division
                            New Horizons compare?                today at 303-744-3535
NEWHORIZONS                 Usually within 15 minutes, our       x1122 or visit our website,
   community credit union   Loan Specialists can provide
NEWHORIZONS                                                 WE BUILD SMART, SOUND FUTURES.
        community credit union

HELOC offer ends April 30th Continued From Front Page
                                value giving            Now through April 30 you can take
 remodels                       you ultimate            advantage of some of the lowest HELOC rates
                                financing               in the industry. So make your dreams a reality.
                                flexibility. You’ll     Call today at 303-744-3535 x1121 or visit our
                                also enjoy              website at
                                                        *Interest rate is based on credit score **After two years the rate adjusts
                                access to your          to Prime plus 0% adjusted monthly. ***Loan to value is based on credit
                                HELOC funds             score. †Ask your Tax advisor The HELOC must be secured by
                                                        your primary residence. The HELOC must be new money and
— up to your credit union limit —through                cannot be used to pay off an existing NHCCU second mortgage
checks, by phone or online.                             or an existing NHCCU HELOC unless additional monies above
                                                        the pay off are approved and funded.

Tax preparation and more                                            Continued From Front Page

                                 everything from a 1040EZ to
                                 highly complex tax situations.
                                                                             Take advantage of other
                                                                             great services offered by
                                 • Changes in the tax code.                  New Horizons Financial
                                 • Tax credits qualification.                Services:
                                 • Monetary gifts.
                                                                              • FREE consultation
                                 • Itemizations. Deductions. Etc.               with an Investment
                                 • Capital gains.                               Representative
                                 • Business deductions.                       • Comprehensive
                                 • Electronic filing for                        financial planning
                                   prompt refunds.                            • Investment advisory
                                 • And so much more.                            services and professional
                                                                                portfolio management
    All of our financial services are cost effective and our tax              • Risk management —
knowledge can save you big with items that may otherwise                        life, long-term care and
have been overlooked. It’s not too late, so call the                            disability insurance
experts at New Horizons Tax Services for an estimate                          • Retirement planning
or to make an appointment at 303-744-3535 x1144. You                          • Planning for a child’s
may also visit our website for more information at                              education
                        In the
                        Inthe News news
NHCCU adopts                                                          Win $150 prize
five families for                                                     just for visiting
the holidays                                                
New Horizons Community                                                You could win $150 just for
Credit Union was proud                                                visiting our website. Fill out the
to adopt 5 families from                                              survey online and you could
Fairmont Elementary School for     ATM convenience                    win a $150 shopping spree.
the holidays. The NHCCU staff                                         The survey closes on April
donated $1300 with which we        throughout Colorado                10th, and is located in the
bought five $200 supermarket       and the nation!                    bottom left hand corner on
gift cards and spent the rest on                                      our homepage.
gift cards to fun places.          Enjoy surcharge-free ATM
                                   access in Colorado and all
    We also had an extensive       around the nation. As a
wish list from each family. In     member of New Horizons, you
just 3 weeks we had enough         have access to over 1,000
to fill two SUVs from top to       surcharge-free ATMs in
bottom with goodies. It took       Colorado as well as 21,000
four people to deliver all the     surcharge-free ATMs
gifts to the families.             nationwide.
    “NHCCU is a part of the            Visit our website at
community and it’s important and
to be involved with the local      click on the Service Center/       Banking online has
neighborhoods we serve,”           ATM Locations link to find a
said Shauna Rodriguez,             surcharge-free ATM near you.       never been so easy
“Besides, it was fun!”
                                                                      Access online tutorials that
                     NHCCU         Annual meeting set                 will walk you through
                     plans to                                         HomeBanking, BillPay, and
                     continue      for May 21, 2005                   E-Statements. Available on
                     to support    New Horizons Annual Meeting        our website next to the
                     Farimont      will be held Saturday, May 21st,   HomeBanking tab at the top
                     Elementary    2005 at 2pm. Please join us at     of our homepage.
                     students      99 South Broadway for this
                     throughout    important credit union business
                     the year.     meeting. Lunch will be served
                                   and prizes awarded for those
                                   in attendance.
                                                                       Meet our
                                                                      Call Center
Coming soon —                                                       representatives
online check                                                         “All of our Call Center
imaging                                                              representatives truly care
This month, New Horizons                                             for our members. Their
will be adding a valuable                                            goal is to take care of
feature to our website —                                             each member to the best
online check imaging. This                                           of their ability every time
means you’ll be able to view
                                                                     they call. It may take a
your check images online
within our HomeBanking                                               moment to reach one of
products. Implementation                                             us, but once you do, be
is slated for April so keep        NHCCU scholarships                assured that you are in
your eye out for this                                                good hands with your
convenient new feature at          available. Apply                  best interest at heart.”
                                   online today.                                  — Kim Buxton,
                                   The New Horizons                         Call Center Manager
Protect yourself from              Scholarship Fund is now
                                   accepting applications
identity theft with                from students. We award
useful information                 five scholarships each year,
                                   with the top applicant
on our website                     receiving $1500.
With identity theft on the rise,       The scholarships are open
being informed is your best        to college level students,
defense. Be sure to visit          trade school enrollees, and to          non-traditional students.
learn how to best protect          To apply, please visit
yourself. You’ll also find and
valuable resources and             print out the application
details on recovering from         available on our homepage
                                   under “apply now”. Then,             from left to right…
identity theft if you’ve been a                                         Kathleen Pershing,
victim. Just visit our website     simply follow the instructions
                                   to submit your application.        Kim Buxton (Manager),
and click on the Info Desk tab                                           Karen Workman,
for comprehensive details on       We hope you’ll take
                                   advantage of this great                Dora Logan and
this timely topic.                                                         Kat Imperiale
      review                  Put your tax
THE review is the official
publication of New Horizons
Community Credit Union.
                              refund to
Please direct inquiries to
Jason Bauer, Editor.
                              work for YOU!
CREDIT UNION                  If you’re one of the fortunate ones who received money back this year
303-744-3535                  on taxes, New Horizons can help you stretch your refund even further.
1-800-525-9570                From savings plans to new cars, NHCCU offers savvy options for tax
FAX 303 778-5489              refund dollars.
                              Invest in the future
99 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209              Take your return and invest it in your future. With IRAs and other
                              retirement planning options, NHCCU can show you how putting away
Lobby:   Mon-Fri 9am-6pm      a small amount now can really pay off tomorrow. For more information,
         Saturday 8am-1pm     just call 303-744-3535 x1144 or stop by a branch today.
Drive-up: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm
          Saturday 8am-1pm    Considering a new car?
                              Automotive Avenues can help you stretch your refund dollar further
QUINCY BRANCH                 toward the purchase of a new or used car. With manufacturers’ rebates
7800 W. Quincy                and dealer incentives constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up. That’s
Denver, CO 80123              why we’re here. Our expertise can help you get the best deal on the
Lobby:   Mon-Fri 9am-6pm      car of your dreams whenever you’re ready to buy.
         Saturday 8am-1pm
                              Check out these examples:
Drive-up: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm
          Saturday 8am-1pm                                                                                       TOYOTA COROLLA “S”
                                FORD F250 CREW CAB XLT
CENTENNIAL BRANCH                     4X4 DIESEL                                                                 W/SUNROOF AND TINT
9445 E. County Line Road
Centennial, CO 80112            MSRP               $43,945                                                      MSRP                $19,567
                                Current Rebate      $1,500                                                      Member Price        $17,405
Lobby:   Mon-Fri 9am-6pm                                                                                        Savings              $2,162
         Saturday 8am-1pm       Member Price       $37,463
                                Savings             $6,482
LEGACY BRANCH                   No D&H charges. No games.                                                       No D&H charges. No games.
1551 Wewatta, Suite 110
Denver, CO 80202              Contact your personalized auto consultant, Mark Worrick, for the latest
Lobby:   Mon-Fri 8am-5pm      information on how to maximize your money in a new car transaction
                              at 303-587-1863.
TRANSFER SERVICE              Dealer invoice information on new vehicles used in this ad is available upon request.
24 hours a day
365 days a year                                 Your savings federally insured up to $100,000
                                               National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency        NEWHORIZONS
                                                                                                                            community credit union
                                           Federally insured by the NCUA

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