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									       LOGO                  THE MANILA CLUB          (The British & Commonwealth Club)
                                                                         Since at least 1877.

NEWSLETTER                     Vol.: 1 No. 95                                                                             March 2009
                             From the President
 Board of Trustees
                             Dear Members,
   James Du Vivier           With the formation of the new Board after the AGM, held on Sat Jan 31st,
                             I would like to thank the outgoing Trustees, who are:
   Vice President            Clive McGill, last year’s President – many thanks to him and we wish him well in
   Andrew Chislett           his new posting, wherever that may be.

   Hon. Treasurer            Alan Hearn, who was a Trustee last year but was President for the previous two years – very many
      Rod Air                thanks to Alan for all his help and contributions.

   Hon. Secretary            And lastly but not least, Robert Coleclough, last year’s Treasurer – his contribution has been much
    Clive Holgate            appreciated.

                             I would like to welcome the new members – Mike Ross – who will look after events and marketing,
   Membership                Rod Air – who will be the new Treasurer, and Barry Bowman who will look after Staff matters.
  Angus Campbell
                             I look forward to working with my fellow Trustees who constitute the Board for 2009. In this respect
     Trustees                the full line-up is displayed in the left-hand column on this page.
     Mike Ross
   Barry Bowman              The AGM passed off well, though attendance was on the low side. A barbecue followed the AGM
                             where the numbers attending grew substantially. This was Chef Robert’s last event at the Club and we
                             would like to thank him for his help, and useful ideas, during his time with us.

                             Our objectives for this year remain basically the same – to continue to develop the Club for the benefit of
 General Manager
                             the members: we do very much depend on the help and support of our members, and we do ask that
 Orjan Pettersson
                             you come down as often as possible to use the Club and its facilities.

                             I would at this point like to thank the Ladies Committee, who did a wonderful job at organizing a
                             number of events last year e.g. the Beatles Night, the Abba Night: we look forward to their continued
    Club Contact             support this year.
                             Events as always continue to play an important part for the Club.
  4402 Dallas Street
 Bangkal, Makati City        Golf – there will be at least 2 tournaments this year; the usual Club tournament in September, and one
     Philippines             earlier in the year, probably around April.

    P.O. Box 1299            Special occasions – Valentine’s Night: a very successful evening was enjoyed by a good crowd – again
       MCPO                  thanks to members of the Ladies Committee who did such a great job at decorating the venue – it
     Makati City             looked terrific.

         Tel:                The question of the location of the Club will undoubtedly take up a lot of the Board’s time – the lease
  (632) 886-7562/64          comes up for renewal in September of this year. Another urgent topic to be considered by the Board is
         Fax:                that concerning the Re-Incorporation of Manila Club, Inc. in the early part of 2010. As was mentioned at
    (632) 886-7568           the recent AGM, a Special Meeting will be called later this year to ratify such re-incorporation as well as
                             any proposed changes to the Bye-laws.
        E-mail:   Despite the current shenanigans going on around the globe, I wish one and all a happy and successful
        Website:                                                                                              James Du Vivier
Valentine Dinner – 14 February 2009

For those members who, for whatever reason, were unable to attend the Annual Meeting held in January, the following is a
synopsis of the President’s Report in respect of 2008.

The President reviewed the events that the Club had hosted during 2008 using visual slides.

He followed the presentation by highlighting the following;

        November and December were very good months for the Manila Club – we turned a handsome profit, after
        what has been a lean year for the Club. Club usage has been poor this year and as I said in the opening
        presentation – the off premises catering is our main profit centre. I recommend the incoming Board look at
        ways of improving Club usage in 2009.

        The Ladies Committee – formed in 2006, continue to be outstanding in their support of the Club. Thanks for
        organizing the various events in 2008 and especially the Street Party in December, for the neighbourhood
        children. Special thanks should I feel go to our Hon. Secretary, Clive Holgate, for being the main sponsor of
        this particular event.

        The Club Manager, Mr. Orjan Pettersson, a special thanks to him – he worked tirelessly throughout 2008 – he
        plays a huge part in the recovery of the Club.

        I was particularly pleased with Trafalgar Night and the Members’ Christmas Party - both held on the
        premises. I thought the food and service were top notch for both events. Special thanks to Steve Phillips,
        Graham Barnett, Diane Ross, Allan Anderson and the Manila Club Staff.

        Our Hon. Secretary, Clive Holgate, is the editor of our monthly Newsletter – this I know, takes up a lot of his
        time and I am especially grateful to him for continuing to do so throughout 2008.

        As well as myself, Alan Hearn and Robert Coleclough will be standing down from the Board of Trustees this

        I have been a member of the Board for the last 3 years and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute – and I will
        miss the lively Meetings. It has been a real honour being part of this Institution.

        Alan and Robert have contributed an enormous amount of their time to the Manila Club over the years. Their
        contributions have been valuable and they will be missed.

        And finally, many thanks to the supportive Membership. The Club would not survive without you – I wish
        the Manila Club even greater success in the years ahead.

                                                                                           Clive McGill

Horse Racing

Sta.Ana has always been a popular annual event, but unfortunately it has now closed and transferred to Trece
Martires, in Cavite. We now have a choice of two tracks, either Carmona or Trece Martires, both some distance from
Metro Manila, and the question is would the members be prepared to go to either venue? It would be appreciated if
we could have some early feedback, please.

 Wheelchair Access

 Members are reminded that wheelchair access to the ground floor of the clubhouse is available through the
 Calle Marina Room, i.e., the small meeting room that is accessible from the Main Bar.

 As one enters the Lot, through the double-gates, turn right and traverse a very short distance along the
 pathway, parallel to Dallas St., and the external entrance to the Calle Marina Room is on the left. You might
 have to alert the Bar Staff to arrange to unlock this door, but one inside the Ground Floor ‘is your oyster’, so
 to speak.

              TUESDAY ROLLING RAFFLE                          Happy Birthday in March

                       Sponsored by:
                                                              To the following members;
                   THE MANILA CLUB
                  JARDINE SCHINDLER                                   Abeto, Jorge
                                                                      Amatong, Juanita
                       Now stands at
                                                                      Arsenio, Juvelyn
                                                                      Beckett, Anthony
                     PAST WINNERS:                                    Beckingham, Peter
 January 20th (8:00 pm)     M. Seddon    18,000    Absent             Campbell, Angus
 January 27th (8:00 pm)     R. Spence    19,000    Absent             Date, Mark
 February 3rd (8:00 pm)     J. Giggal    20,000    Absent
                                                                      Doherty, James
 February 10th (8:00 pm)    P. Thoburn   21,000    Absent
 February 17th (8:00 pm)    D. Ramsay    22,000    Absent             Dovey, Stewart
 February 24th (8:00 pm)    G. Barnett   23,000    Present            Durrant, Max

             THURSDAY ROLLING RAFFLE                                  Egan Brendan
                                                                      Fergus, Dennis
                       Sponsored by:
                                                                      Giggal, John Richard
                THE MANILA CLUB                                       Lim, Alfred
                                                                      Matthews, Bryan
                       Now stands at                                  McKenna, David
                           P7,000.00                                  Moylan, Kevin

                     PAST WINNERS:                                    Orlando, Ted
                                                                      Picken, Andrew
 January 15th (8:00 pm)     R. Spence     28,000   Absent
 January 22nd (8:00 pm)     A. Amador     29,000   Absent             Racoma, Efren
 January 29th (8:00 pm)     N. Whiteley   30,000   Absent             Rollin, Michael Jeremy
 January 29th (8:00 pm)     C. Holgate     3,000   Present            Yuchengco, Vivian
 February 5th (8:00 pm)     C. Holgate    28,000   Present
 February 12th (8:00 pm)    S. Phillips    5,000   Absent     Also to other members who qualify, but are not
 February 19th (8:00 pm)    E. B. Thompson 6,000   Absent     named as Club records are silent in this respect.
If You Can’t Beat ‘em…

Now I know who is running the Internet, turning it into Web 2.0, writing all the software, creating useful and sometimes
useless, applications. The same people have launched YouTube, FaceBook, Friendster, Twitter, Plaxo and all the international
and regional social networks.

Now I know it is not us, the baby boomers. We are too busy running countries and multi-national corporations, law firms,
stockbroking companies, quaint little country pubs or lying around the swimming pools in our villas in Spain, Phuket, or
Boracay. Some are just retired enjoying a game of golf after breakfast and a snooze after lunch.

I should have come to that conclusion when I first realised that some of the people I know of, a similar age, cannot even operate
a DVD/CD player, never mind a mobile phone or a computer. Those who can fire up a computer are using dial-up internet
connections and think that broadband can be tuned into on the radio!

No it is not us. It's the kids, the bratpack, fresh from school or university with a degree in computer science .

This fact was slowly dawning on me a couple of years ago but it really banged home when I attended a two day E-Commerce
Conference at the Intercon in Makati City, organised by the DigitalFilipino Club. No sleeping under The Times after lunch in
that Club! If, as is unlikely, they read The Times, it would be the on-line edition, on their laptops, while they tuck into their beef
tapas and fried rice for breakfast.

When I entered the Conference Hall the lights were low and eyes were all peering at laptop computers, connected to the
Internet by the hotel's wi-fi(If you do not know what that means, stop reading and go and have a cup of Horlicks).

The full horror hit me when the lights went up for the lunch break. I was the oldest person there by several decades!!!!

Instead of going into a quiet corner to sob, I carried on bravely. At lunch I sat and talked with some of the juvenile participants.
I made an important discovery. They are smart, very smart. They are also highly motivated and energetic. Some of them have
set up companies for web hosting and design, some have bought or hired servers to host blog sites and on-line directories,
some act as freelance consultants, some make a living from blogging on sites which carry advertising.

I was relieved, really, to know that such important tools of modern life are in the hands of smart young people around the
world. Imagine how the internet, computers, mobile phones and other portable digital tools would be if left to my generation,
the baby boomers. We would still be sitting around with Steve Jobs in his garage, discussing whether Bill Gates was going to
take the IBM or Apple route and start up a company he was thinking of naming Microsoft. Bill was right to retire from
Microsoft and concentrate on his charitable foundation, that is now clear to me.

I was moved to post this blog after a meeting I had this morning with another two members of the Internet bratpack, who are
hoping that I will hire them to improve my websites.

You see, I am trying to hold my own and instead of fighting this technology, embracing it. Try it.

The above was ‘downloaded’ from the ‘blog’ of former Club President Tony Lee who kindly gave permission for the article to be re-produced
in this format, but emphasized that he retained the copyright. (Your elderly Editor hopes that he got the ‘technical jargon’ right!).

Reprinted from the Newsletter – February 2007& 2008 (with slight amendments).

Attendance at Club Functions.

As most members are aware available space for those attending Club organized functions is somewhat limited
which means that invariably it is essential for the membership to reserve/pre-book places in order that the General
Manager and his staff can plan for and accommodate as many would-be attendees as is possible.

On occasion, the General Manager’s task is further complicated as a result of a confirmed booking actually
becoming a ‘no show’ at a particular function, which leaves much needed seating etc., unoccupied together with
un-recovered ‘preparation costs’ and other members being denied the opportunity to attend the subject function.

The Board of Trustees, at its meeting in January (2007), agreed that the following shall apply in respect of all Club
organized functions where reservations/pre-bookings are required to be made;

(i). If a confirmed reservation/pre-booking is not honoured at the time of such event, then a charge of NOT
LESS THAN 50% of the total ‘contracted price’ will be debited to the affected member’s account.


(ii). If a confirmed reservation/pre-booking is cancelled THREE DAYS OR LESS prior to the date of any event,
then a charge of NOT LESS THAN 25% of the total ‘contracted price’ will be debited to the affected member’s

        Executive Chef Richard A. Ynayan, (2nd from left), the Principal of La Salle Culinary Arts in Bacolod, during
        his visit to the Club, to check on the progress of his apprentice/makee-learnee, Robert Harland.

        Does anyone know who the sartorially elegant chap is, on the left?

 Monthly BBQs

 Have you ever dreamt of showcasing your
 cooking skills in front of a ‘captive audience’ in an
 al fresco setting away from your home?

 Now’s your chance as, commencing 14th March,
 the Club will be holding monthly B.B.Q. evenings
 and is now calling for volunteers to impress the
 rest of the membership with their culinary

 You get to choose the menu, with the help of the
 General Manager and, if necessary, the regular
 ‘Kitchen Crew’ can be on stand-by to tide you
 over the ‘fiddley bits’ as it all starts to come

 Fancy having a go? Set the ball rolling now by
 contacting the General Manager.

                                                For Rent
                                 “Puerto Galera Villas”
                                      ~ Family Oceanside Villas ~
                 Secluded Luxury Family Villas within Puerto Galera Bay

                                               Packages include an
                                               aluminum runabout
                                                 dinghy, two seat
                                               kayak, Mirror sailing
                                                   dinghy, cook
                                              /caretaker and skilled
                                                  Tel: +(632) 844 6067
                                                 Mob: +(63-917) 810 6653
    The Boathouse (3 bedrooms)                 Boathouse - P 5,000/night        Oceanside Villa (6 bedrooms)
                                              Oceanside Villa - P6,000 /night
         NEWS FROM THE KITCHEN                        The Professor

          SUNDAY ROAST CARVING                        A professor of an English University had one abiding
                 P550.00 per person                   passion, that of collecting graffiti and it so happened that
                                                      one day he found himself in the vicinity of Tottenham
       March 15         Soup – Clam Chowder           Court Road tube station and had need to make use of the
                        Roast Pork                    facilities provided by the municipality there.
                        Roast Lamb
                        Steak & Mushroom Pie          It must be emphasized that we are not speaking of the
                        Dessert                       soulless place which is now to be found beneath what
                                                      once was a picturesque lane, but of the dark ill-lit old
       March 22         Soup – French Onion
                                                      place which one reached by coming out of the tube
                        Roast Pork                    station and then descending stairs immediately in front.
                        Roast Beef                    Anyway, it was here that he laid eyes on what he judged
                        Chicken & Leek Pie            to be the gem that would really complete his collection.
                                                      Forgetting his mission he dashed to his rooms, which
       March 29         Soup – Shrimp Bisque
                                                      were fortunately near, to collect his camera.
                        Roast Turkey
                        Baked Ham
                                                      Now, we all know that photography has really advanced
                        Cottage Pie
                                                      in recent years, but the professor was of the ‘old school’
                                                      and thus needed a tripod to support the camera for the
                                                      time needed, even with a flashlight, in such a dark region.
       April 5          Soup – Tomato
                        Roast Pork
                                                      Sensing the need for secrecy, he folded the tripod and
                        Roast Chicken
                                                      kept it inside his trouser-leg, so giving himself a
                        Salmon En Croûté
                                                      distinguished limp. On his return he found, to his joy,
                                                      that no one had forestalled him and so, alone in the
     Served with Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables,       privacy provided by the Borough Council, he set up his
           Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy                tripod and camera.
                   Coffee or Tea
                                                      The need for a flashlight has been mentioned, but in fact
             SERVED ON FRIDAYS                        he had never given up his old-fashioned magnesium
                                                      flare. So, when all was adjusted, there was a flash of light
                  CURRY TIFFIN                        and in the enclosed atmosphere a pall of grey smoke,
                  P495.00 per person                  which spread like a fog. He hastened to pack up his
     Beef, Mutton, Fish/Shrimp, Chicken, Vegetables   equipment but was not quite finished when there was an
         Served with Salad, Biriani/Steamed Rice,     anxious knocking on the door and the attendant’s voice
           Pappudoms, Fried Onions/Bananas,           called:
                Cucumber with Yoghurt,
                Condiments and Dessert                ‘Are you all right, sir?’
                      Coffee or Tea
                                                      Hastily replacing the tripod in this trouser-leg, the
Some items may vary depending on market conditions.   professor limped out. Saying with all the cold dignity of
                                                      his profession:

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