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					How to make sure that you are getting all your email…because, as
you know we are supposed to be reading our emails weekly.

Options include:

     1. Traveling between WRAMC and NNMC weekly to access your
        outlook accounts.
     2. Set up you outlook account to forward you relevant emails
        to personal email address. This works at NNMC. Details of
        it working at WRAMC are forthcoming..but don’t fret…see
        below on how to get WRAMC email from NNMC.

The latter sounds much more appealing. Now for the step-by step
instructions*…follow carefully, read again and if you can’t get
it to work; rinse, spin, line dry and use warm iron.

Another option is to access you outlook accounts via the
internet portals from either of the facilities:

If you are at NNMC and want to know what the latest iteration of
the WRAMC anesthesia phone roster is surf on over to
Place your CAC like you mean it and happy emailing.

If you are at WRAMC and want to know what the NNMC Postmaster
has to say surf on over to Again,
place your CAC like you mean it and happy emailing.

* Step-by-step Instructions (courtesy of LT Froehner, MD, HOO)

     Set up   a rule in Outlook. Here is how to do it:
          -    From the upper left menus, go to "tools" menu,
          -    select "rules and alerts" option,
          -    select "new rule,"
          -    check box "forward email to (your home account)."
          -    Now to make sure the postmaster doesn’t spam you to
               death, click on “exceptions” to rule and type in
               Postmaster—which should not forward emails sent by the

     If this doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll try to clear
     it up.


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