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									         Featuring Fine Arizona Watercolor Artists since 1960                                    JANUARY 2010 Issue


                           Website: www.WATERCOLOR.org • Email: AWA@Watercolor.org
                                       P.O. Box 2766 Scottsdale, AZ 85257

  CAROL ORR ~ FEBRUARY WORKSHOP                                              “Color is not as
Carol’s paintings have been winning awards in major juried                 important as value.
shows since 1982. She paints a variety of subject matter, but            I use a variety of color,
takes a special joy in portrait and figure painting. She has            but I am a value painter.”
                               received her signature mem-
                               bership in seven of the top wa-
                               tercolor societies and has won
                               many national awards including
                               Best of
                               in the
                                                                                                              Carol’s class is
                                                                                                              “The     Reflective
                               o n a l
                                                                              Quality of Skin Tones in Watercolor” You can
                                                                              paint in watercolor, gouache and/or acrylic.
                                                                     H e r purpose for the class is to get students to use a va-
                               Her free flowing paintings have
                                                                     riety of color in the skin tones, with an emphasis on value.
been featured in Watercolor Magic, The Best of Watercolor,
                                                                     She will discuss good design, underpainting as a starting
Portrait Inspirations and the Best of Portrait Paintings. Carol
                                                                     point for a portrait, getting the correct facial expressions
studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art and the School
                                                                     and most importantly, value.
of Fine Art, University of Montana. She was on staff at the
Scottsdale Artists School and the Shemer Art Center.                        FOR MORE WORKSHOPS, see Pages 6&7

        CLEAN OUT YOUR STUDIOS!!                                           PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD!!
   ARIZONA WATERCOLOR ASSOCIATION’S                                             GAYLA BONNELL
     FINE ART/CRAFT SALE FUNDRAISER                                    Gayla’s beautiful abstract painting,
       FOR OUR 2010 NATIONAL SHOW                                    “Lonely Beach” was chosen as People’s
                                                                     Choice Award winner from the paintings
   BRING YOUR GENTLY USED ART/CRAFT                                  shown at the AWA Fall Member’s Show.
    SUPPLIES TO THE JANUARY MEETING!                                 It also won an Award of Excellence from
  We are requesting donations of any             fine art/craft sup- the judge. Congratulations Gayla!
  plies you no longer need or use.                 Sherry Kimmel,
  Fine Art/Craft Sale Fundraiser, will            provide a collec-     w Workshop report:
  tion box at our General Meeting. So            bring your stuff!!”         Dick Phillips     P. 3
                   The fundraiser will be held                        w    Artist of the month
                                                                           JoEllen Layton    P. 5
                     March 19 and 20, 2010
                at The Church of the Beatitudes.                      w    Workshops!       P.6 & 7
          Winter Greentings FROM YOUR PRESIDENT......
 J  anuary—a time of newness, a
    time of contemplation, a time of
 planning, a time of dreaming, a time
                                                 experience for many people. Perhaps
                                                 something that will entice some
                                                 people out of their rut. Nancy is also
                                                                                                   T    he Fund Raiser is an art supply
                                                                                                        sale that is to be held March 19
                                                                                                   & 20 at the Church of the Beatitudes.
 of starting. That is what January               teaching a workshop at Church of the              So do an early spring cleaning of your
 means to me.                                    Beatitudes on November 14. You may                studios, hobby rooms, and whatever
                                                 register for this Membership Workshop             nooks and crannies will yield gently
 G     reetings Fellow AWA Members.
       What new and exciting art work
 are you creating this month? In a rut?
                                                 by contacting Kim Johnson, Chair of
                                                 Membership Workshops....only a few
                                                                                                   used but no longer wanted art and
                                                                                                   craft supplies to donate to the fund
                                                 seats left!                                       raiser. Perhaps at the sale you will
 A rut is a place where nothing seems
                                                                                                   find the inspiration you need to give
 exciting and your brush seems to be
 just “ho hum”. You can stick in that
 rut and never move again. But, it is
                                                 H     opefully by now you have
                                                       finished the painting you plan to
                                                 enter into the Spring Juried Exhibition
                                                                                                   you a push out of the rut and up that
                                                                                                   exciting hill of new art works.
 January. Get up a little earlier or sleep
 a little later. Walk before breakfast
 breathing in the cooler air, seeing the
                                                 which is being held during the month
                                                 of April at the new Arizona Art Guild
                                                 building on 7th Avenue and Union Hills.
                                                                                                   A     nd if you are not in a rut? Come
                                                                                                         and participate in AWA activities
                                                                                                   anyway. Enjoy the feel of creativity
 shadows form as the sun grows in the            Prospectuses were mailed the first of             and of the creations of others. Your
 sky. Smile. Do something different.             January; digital entries are due the first        energy and enthusiasm may be just
 That rut can become an exciting hill            of February. Michael Schlicting is the            what is needed to help a struggling
 to climb as you put your brush into             juror. This may be the impetus you                artist up that hill of growing creativity
 the glistening paint and transfer a             need to get out of the rut.                       and accomplishment.
 rainbow onto the white paper’s
 surface. Watch the color form and
 come alive. It is January.
                                                 A     re you ready for the sale of the
                                                       century? AWA President Emeritus
                                                 Sherry Kimmel is also the Chairperson
                                                                                                   I wish to thank all who prayed and
                                                                                                     thought of me during my recent
                                                                                                   surgery. I also thank all who helped

 T   his month at the General
     Meeting, Nancy Maas will
 give a demonstration on watercolor
                                                 for the National Show Fund Raiser. The
                                                 National Show is a juried exhibition
                                                 sponsored by AWA every two years
                                                                                                   by assuming my duties during my
                                                                                                   time of recovery. I especially thank
                                                                                                   Sherry Kimmel for her assistance.
 weaving. She will create rhythmic               where artists nationwide are invited to
 movement and texture. This genre                submit their works of watercolor art.             Happy painting,
 will be a new and most interesting                                                                Diane

                                               AWA 2009-2010 Officers
            Executive Board                     Director at Large (Juror workshops)                Honor Society
            * = voting board member             Sue Hunter *                    480-991-1634         Shirley Klein Kleppe          480-585-5699
President                                         Co-Chair: OPEN                                   Merchants Awards
  Diane Parnitzke*           623 386 2098       Director at Large (Sat. Workshops)                   Jeremy Jones                  480 563 5916
   e-mail: awaprezdiane@yahoo.com                 Kim Johnson*                  602-404-0507       Newsletter Editor-in-Chief
                                                  Co-Chair: Carole Hillsbery    480-654-3248         Renee Hawk                    480-247-8830
1st Vice President (Membership & Database)      President Emeritus                                   Newsletter Co-Editor
 OPEN*                                            Sherry Kimmel*                602-439-6846         Liz Ramsey                    480-747-7763
    Co-Chair: Holly Leonhardt, (Directory)                                                            lizramsey@cox.net
                                623 556 2226                                                       Orientation and Mentor Committee
2nd Vice President (Membership Exhibitions)                      Committees                          Chair: Sherry Kimmel          602-439-1388
  En Chuen Soo*/Mike Haidt 480-754-9339                                                            Overhead Mirror Set-up at Meetings
                                                50th Birthday Celebration                            Alex Pekala                   623-412-1866
  Co-Chair: Stan Kurth          623-334-9451      Chair: OPEN
3rd Vice President (Programs)                                                                      Photographer for AWA events
                                                AZ Art Alliance Representative                       Karen Riehm                   602-318-5387
  OPEN*                                           Harold Raap & Alex Pekala 602-971-1496
Recording Secretary                                                                                Prospectus/Award certificates
                                                By-laws Council/Bylaws and Standing Rules Update     Joy Horowitz                  480-802-6695
  OPEN*                                         Committee
Corresp. Secretary (Newsletter Distribution)                                                       Publicity -- Sam Morse          602-863-0538
                                                  Chair: Mickey Daniels         602-840-1388       Scholarship Committee
  Arlene Powers*                623-979-6950    Central Workshop Registrar
Treasurer                                                                                            Chair: Betty Aboud            602-971-7264
                                                  OPEN                                               Co-Chair: Dolly Maitzen       602 867 8155
  Gayla Bonnell*                602-482-7308    Computer Corner (Web Site)
Western Federation Society Delegate                                                                Scholarships/Special Events Raffle
                                                  Jennie & Michael Johnson      602-942-3157         Susan Lobert                  602-996-5716
  Diane Kent*                   602-938-3867    Exhibition Programs
  Alternate: OPEN                                                                                  Social Committee
                                                  Karen Lemelson                602-548-1824         Joyce Parmely                 623-931-9719
Director at Large (National Show Chair)         Fun Table -- Dorothy Delahanty
  Sandy Camp*                   623-535-9004                                                       Student Membership
                                                Historian                                            Chair: OPEN Co-Chair: OPEN
  Co-Chair: Peg Sample          623-536-7576      Kathleen Stuart               602-997-4538
PAGE 2                                                       January 2010 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.org
                               AWA is hosting a National Exhibition in 2010!
 This is a special show where art-          Frank Webb has been selected as our juror. He           4. Workshop chair & co-Chair-
 ists from all over the nation are          will be teaching a 1-day and a 3-day workshop.          persons
 invited to enter paintings.                Please volunteer and support your organization                   For more information
                                            for this important show. We need help in the fol-       about the various jobs, please
 This exhibition is also one of the         lowing areas:                                           contact:
 ways we will be celebrating the            1. Merchant awards and grants                           Sandy Camp (623) 535-9004
 50th birthday of AWA.                      2. Catering and location for the awards cere-           or Peg Sample (623) 536-7976
 Th e s how w ill be held at                3. Prospectus chairperson: will oversee the mail-       We are in need of your as-
 ASU-WEST’s Fletcher Library                ing of the prospectus, receiving of J-pegs from         sistance to make the 2010
 August 13 - October 30, 2010.              artists, forwarding them to the juror, and notifi-      AWA National Exhibition
                                            cation of accepted artists.                             a success!

           WORKSHOP REPORT - Dick Phillips
        DICK PHILLIPS                                                                               but don’t make all the brush
  “A MASTER STORYTELLER!”                                                                           marks the same, don’t nest too
                           By Liz Ramsey                                                            many pictorial references at

T    hirty artists gathered, rather snug-
     ly, into the patio room of the
Church of the Beatitudes on Saturday,
                                                                                                    the bottom of the paper, don’t
                                                                                                    put down shapes parallel to
                                                                                                    the sides of the paper, use a
November 14th for a memorable                                                                       variety in size, scale, color,
workshop with Dick Phillips. Our                                                                    edge and value. When giving
anticipation was matched with a chal-          In a simplified manner, Dick demonstrates the
                                                                                                    critique, Mr. Phillips harkened
lenging 6 hours of creativity.                    concepts of Visual versus Abstract Logic.         to the use of lights and color

M      r. Phillips’ workshop was
       “Finding A New Reality:
                                                                                                    to make the eye dance through
                                                                                                    passages in the painting.
Representational Painting Based on
Abstract Logic.” He said that he
used graphite and just drew for the
                                                                                                    F    or many of us the day’s
                                                                                                         teaching was filled with
                                                                                                    new and exciting ways to think
first 6 years of his artistic endeavor.                                                             about our creative work. We
  “We need to become pattern                                                                        expended a great deal of ener-
                                                                                                    gy and departed with renewed
 makers.........use fundamental
                                                                                                    ideas and a fresh vision of
 shapes that will tell a story.”              Next, he demonstrates how using abstract logic        our craft. Dick Phillips’ gen-
                                              defines the building shapes he wants to make.         tle nature encouraged us and
A     s his art journey continued, he
      developed into more abstract foundation for a finished painting. He
reality. Presently he tries to break-up urged the class to give the viewer of
                                                                                                    helped us to imbibe a distinct
                                                                                                    viewpoint of watercolor.
the space on the paper with inter- their art work a new perspective. He
esting shapes and                                     said we should build a
arresting colors.                                     group of configurations
This is what excites                                  into a larger configura-
him. Mr. Phillips                                     tion that tells the viewer
stated that we need                                   a story.
to become pattern
makers. Our paint-                                        S
                                                          ome of the sage
                                                          advice that Mr.
                                                      Phillips gave was to
ing should be fun-
damental shapes                                       develop linkage, leave
that will tell a story                                plenty of whites, use as
                              Demo: developing the    large a brush as you can
and serve as a strong           abstract patterns                                              grande finale of the meeting demo

January 2010 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.org                                                                        PAGE 3
                FINANCIAL REPORT
                    Assets: As of November 12, 2009
     Wachovia Securities:
       AWA Account                                $ 10,092.71
       Oman Bequest                                  6,614.20
       Jochurnsen Bequest                            6,761.78
                                                                          Best SERVICE, Best SELECTION, Best PRICE

       WFWS                                           l8,000.00
                          Sub-Total:                  41,568.69
      Chase Bank:
                           Account:                   14,698.75
         TOTAL ASSETS                           $ 56,267.44
  The late DEL DECIL of Prescott Valley bequeathed Arizona
  Watercolor Association $30,000 for scholarships. AWA
  sends a message of grateful appreciation to Del’s family.
  Del has a painting in the permanent collection of the Mayo
  Foundation and is listed in “Who’s Who in the West”.
    Harold Raap is the AAA representative for AWA. Please
    contact Harold with any questions about membership,
    shows, etc. Call 602-971-1496. No Email please.
                                                                                       DickBlick.com   800.828.4548
  PLEASE SEND LIZ RAMSEY YOUR MEMBER NEWS!                                                 CATALOG • WEB • STORES
  Articles are due by the 1st of the month, to go into the
      following month’s newsletter. lizramsey@cox.net

                                            MEMBER NEWS.....
                                             received a purchase award. She also           ball star Larry Fitzgerald, Viking
                                             has a painting “Red Sky” juried into          Jared Allen, and Boomer Grigsby
 NEED A RIDE TO THE AWA MEETINGS?            the AAG 2009 winter exhibition at the         sitting nearby. Shirley approached
 CAN YOU SHARE A RIDE TO THE AWA             AAG building Dec. 11th - Jan 24th.            Larry and introduced herself as a
 MEETINGS? Many of our members                                                             Cardinals Season Ticket holder.
 do not drive at night, others prefer        STAN KURTH has launched a new
                                                                                           After making friends by compar-
 to share a ride on the long drive.          website, “Watermedia Cafe”, for wa-
                                                                                           ing their sophisticated camera equip-
 Make a new friend and share a ride!         termedia artists and enthusiasts every-
                                                                                           ment, they found they were on the
 At each meeting, at the membership          where. Registration is free and all reg-
                                                                                           same flight to adjacent bush camps.
 table there will be a white notebook        istered users get a free online gallery to
                                                                                           The next day on safari, they arrived
 containing lists of cities. Please find     display their work. The site includes a
                                                                                           at the same group of animals to pho-
 your city/area, add your name and           forum with numerous topics for learn-
                                                                                           tograph. Shirley helped Larry with
 phone number. Then copy the names           ing and sharing. Only registered users
                                                                                           some technical camera issues by
 of others in your area and contact          can access the forum. The web address
                                                                                           offering to share the special “camera
 them to share a ride. Please encour-        for Watermedia Cafe is: http://www.
                                                                                           platform beanbag” that she invented
 age anyone you know to participate.         watermediacafe.com
                                                                                           for use on safari. This resulted in an
 KAY GROVER has relocated to                 SHIRLEY KLEIN KLEPPE:                         invitation to a bush barbeque dinner
                                               On Safari 2009 With Larry Fitzgerald.       at Larry’s camp!
 Utah. If you’d like to contact her, you
                                                     Shirley and husband, Steve,                  Shirley found the pro football
 will find her current e-mail address in
                                             booked a photo-safari at the Singita          players and Larry to be very genu-
 your members directory.
                                             Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South              ine, respectful and lots of fun. Larry
 ALICE PELCHAT had two paintings             Africa this year. While awaiting their        is a real gentleman: “Larry is the
 juried into “Vistas 09” at Church of        flight in the Federal Air Private Charter     Real Deal”. Now Larry is the proud
 the Beatitudes in Glendale. “Spanish        lounge in Johannesburg, imagine their         owner of one of Shirley’s inventions,
 Poppies” and “The Canyon,” which            surprise to see Arizona Cardinals foot-       “Lense On!”
PAGE 4                                                  January 2010 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.org
                Artist of the Month: JoEllen Layton
    “I AM JUST AN ORDINARY                      thinks how they would work in a            “First Thursday Art Critique
    PAINTER WHO LOVES PAINTING                  painting or as a painting. She recently    Group”. We invited a few more
    AND MY ASSOCIATION WITH                     said to a friend, “I don’t have a style,   friends and today our group consists of
         OTHER PAINTERS.”                       I just paint.” Her friend replied, ”You    twelve wonderful artists and friends. It
                                                absolutely have a style. You just          is a wonderful learning experience and
                                                don’t have a favorite subject!” She        incentive to continue to improve my
                                                enjoys painting everything including
                                                                                               “ I don’t have a style, I just
                                                her grandchildren, but admits that
                                                                                            paint.” To which her friend
                                                                 she has some diffi-
                                                                 culty with landscapes.     replied.......“You absolutely
                                                                 JoEllen’s main media       have a style. You just don’t
                                                                 is watercolor, but          have a favorite subject!”
                                                                 she also occasionally
    F   rom the time JoAnn was
        a little girl she was inter-
    ested in art, often spending
                                                                 paints in colored pen-
                                                                 cil, pastel, and oil.
    time drawing and coloring.
    A new box of crayons with
    all their little squared off
                                                                W        e asked JoEllen
                                                                         to describe her
                                                                  method of developing
    points and their signature fragrance        a painting. “I usually don’t do a
“   always brought her happiness. She           preliminary value sketch. It depends
    excelled in art in school, and won          on the subject if I do a detailed
    some awards in grade school. Then,          sketch, a loose sketch or
    in junior high her pastel painting          project an object on to
    was chosen to hang in a perma-              paper. If I project a sub-
    nent collection in the local school.        ject, I draw the subject
    She has a minor in art from Utah            to get the proportions
    State University where she studied          correct. Then I can be
    with Harrison Groutage and Everett          as detailed or loose as
    Thorpe. Her parents                                     I want with
    consistently encouraged                                 the painting.
    her to develop her talent                               I like to paint
    in art.                                                 indoors in my studio which

    M      any subjects cap-
           ture    JoEllen’s
                                                            I just finished in my home.
                                                            I love it and should have
                                                            done it sooner. Now it is
                                                                                           I  feel for-
                                                                                              tunate to
                                                                                           live in the
    attention and she notices                               the best room in the house     Phoenix
    things around her and                                   and I’m tempted to charge      area where
                                                            admission!! I also enjoy       we have
                                                            painting with friends and      many well known artists with whom
                                                                               attending   to associate and learn. My association
                                                                               work-       with AWA has been rewarding. The
                                                                               shops.”     energy in our group is contagious.
                                                                                           AWA and our “First Thursday Group”

                                                                             b o u t
                                                                                           has given me the confidence to enter
                                                                                           local and national shows.
    Juror’s-award winning self
    portrait, “My Point of View”.
    She used a different approach
                                    C a r o l
                                                                             years ago
                                                                             four of us
                                                                                           J oEllen generously volunteers her
                                                                                             time to AWA, as National Show co-
                                                                                           chair two years ago with Norbert Baird
        than the usual portrait.                                             formed        and Cheri Tanner, and currently assists
                                                                             t h e         Diane Kent with the WFWS Show.
    January 2010 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.org                                                                 PAGE 5
                   FEB R UARY’S W OR KS HOP wi l l
                   f eature C a rol Orr, long ti m e AWA
    m e mber. Carol is a very experienced w a t e r c o l o r
    t e a cher special izing in shadows on figu r e s . Yo u
    w o n’t want to miss this workshop!

         2009-2010 AWA MEMBERSHIP WORKSHOPS                                      2010 AWA JUROR WORKSHOPS
             HOURS: 9:00am to 3:00pm             In NELSON HALL
                                                                               HOURS: 9 AM to 4 PM In the PATIO ROOM
   COST for all member workshops:
   $40 per workshop for AWA members, $50 for Non-AWA Members.                 SPRING JUROR WORKSHOPS
                                                 ONLY A FEW
                                                                              Michael Schlicting
   ___Nancy Maas              January 16, 2010 SEATS LEFT!!                   ___ 3-day Workshop: April 7, 8, 9, 2010
        “Watercolor Weaving- Creating                                            “INSPIRATION”
          Rhythmic Movement and Texture”                                          Members $ 225   Non-Members $250
   ___Carol Orr                February 13, 2010 SIGN UP NOW
        “THE REFLECTIVE QUALITY OF SKIN TONES                                 ___ 1-day Workshop: April 10, 2010
          IN WATERCOLOR”                                                         “INSPIRATION”
                                                                                  Members $ 75    Non-Members $90
   ___Valerie Toliver March 13, 2010 SIGN UP NOW
               “Creating Vivid Illusions: The illusion is the art,
               the interpretation of the photograph.”                         website: www.michaelschlicting.com
               Meeting Demo March 11th: Creating Vivid Illusions              QUESTIONS?
  FOR ALL MEMBERS WORKSHOPS                                                   Call Sue Hunter
  SEND REGISTRATION & PAYMENT TO                                              suehunter7@cox.net 480-991-1634
  Kim Johnson                                                                 FOR JUROR WORKSHOP,
  3744 E. Joan de Arc                                                         SEND REGISTRATION & PAYMENT
  Phoenix, AZ 85032   Questions? call Kim: 602-404-0507                       TO SUE HUNTER,
                                                                              11001 N. 55th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
                    1. Please mark your selections & complete the form
                    2. Make your check out to AWA
Re gist ra t io n

                        (Please put AWA in the subject line)

                    PLEASE, SEND YOUR PAYMENT NOW,

                    Name _________________________________Member: ____Yes ____No
                    City________________________________ State________ Zip_________
                    Phone (____)__________________E-MAIL:________________________
                    Amount Enclosed:$_________________ Check Numbers: #___________
                    Refund Policy: The student is to find a replacement & arrange reimbursement from that person.
                    Ask KIM or SUE about a waiting list. There is a $10 service fee if you require a refund.

 PAGE 6                                                   January 2010 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.org
V A L E R I E                                                                                              What really drives
                                                                                                           my enthusiasm is see-
T O L I V E R                                                                                              ing a student under-
WILL   TEACH                                                VIVID
                                                                                                           stand how to make
                                                                                                           their work move with
SATURDAY                                                  ILLUSIONS                                        depth and drama.”
WORKSHOP                                                     WITH                                          You may have seen
AT   AWA   IN                                               WATER                                          Ms. Toliver’s demos,
                                                            COLOR                                          classes and workshops
   MARCH!                                                                                                  around the valley in
                                                                                                           various art stores,

V    alerie Toliver has
     been painting in
transparent watercolors for seven years.       Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and
                                                                                                           colleges, and associa-
                                                                                            tions such as Jerry’s Artarama, Art in
                                                                                            Boston, Phoenix College and associ-
She has a natural talent that was appar-       technical writing at vocational schools      ations such as PAG, PAL, SAL, and
ent as soon as her brush touched paper.        in Arizona.                                  ALW. Currently, her work is being
Her natural abilities come from an artis-
tic heritage and her design experience
in drafting and writing in the corporate
                                               V    alerie states that she is a teacher,
                                                    then an artist, because her true pur-
                                               pose in life is helping students under-
                                                                                            displayed at West Valley National
                                                                                            Bank, Curves on Central and was in
                                                                                            the 2009Arizona State Fair. Valerie is
world. Her instructional skills come           stand the characteristics of painting        a member of the Arizona Watercolor
from teaching printed circuit design,          water with color. She will tell you          Association, Art League West, and
architectural and mechanical drafting,         “The art comes out naturally for me.         Arizona Artist Guild.


W       hen it comes to art, Michael
        Schlicting is out of touch with
reality. What he is in touch with is the
                                               ing’s art a deeper level of meaning, and
                                               in the process, gained him national dis-
visceral emotion that a scene evokes.
Mood, feeling and universal longing are
the subjects of his art rather than literal,
                                               I  nspiration can come from an infinite
                                                  variety of sources, unique as each
                                               person. You need to dig deep within
physical realism. His multi-layered work
                                               yourself and be willing to take a leap
is rooted in the abstract forms of nature.
                                               from complacency to examine what you
Patterns of sand. Shapes of rocks. Color
                                               paint, and why you paint.
harmonies of sky and clouds. In his im-
ages, Schlicting vividly demonstrates
it is not what you see that counts, but
what you sense. It is this probing, intui-
                                               M     ichael’s workshop stress the in-
                                                     dividual development of the stu-
                                               dent. He stresses the creation of excit-
                                                                                            value patterns from the student’s
                                                                                            own reference materials, using
tive exploration that has given Schlict-       ing composition with strong design and       monochromatic value studies and
                                                                                            thumbnail sketches. Learn to break a
                                                                                            subject down into shape, form, color
                                                                                            and value to create a meaningful

                                                                                            T    ransparent watercolor,
                                                                                                 gouache, as well as col-
                                                                                            ored pencils and crayons will
                                                                                            all be explored.

January 2010 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.                                                                       PAGE 7

P.O. Box 2766 Scottsdale, AZ 85257
 Web Site: www.watercolor.org • e-mail: AWA@watercolor.org

                              AWA mem-
                              ber Nancy
                              Maas      will
                              demo her
                              method of
                              Weaving” as
                              a prelude to                                   General Meetings
                                                             Church of the Beatitudes          2nd Thursday of each month
her Saturday January 16th Member’s
                                                             555 W. Glendale Avenue                          Sept. thru May
Workshop: “ W at e r c o l o r W e av i n g                  Phoenix, AZ corner of 7th Avenue             Fun Table 7:00pm
           ~ C r e at i n G R h y t h m i c                  #602-264-1221                         Meeting 7:30pm-9:30pm
          Movement and Te xture”                             meet in Nelson Hall      Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13

                                                                                              AWA Website

                                                                                              Watch our site for
                                                                                       calendar news, show information
                                                                                       and now, you will find our archive
                                                                                             of newsletters too!
                                                                                           Our WebSite Specialists
                                                                                          Jennie & Michael Johnson:

New Opportunity: Artist Workshops.net, Linking Artists and Workshops for Free
Attention art instructors and artists: Visit Art Workshops.net (http://www.artistworkshops.net/), a new free on-
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