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					                                     02 July 2011

                      Domain: TOUR - Tourism
        Collection: Occupancy in collective accommodation establishments -
                          domestic and inbound tourism
List of indicators:
Arrivals of residents (b001)
Arrivals of non-residents (b002)
Nights spent by residents (b004)
Nights spent by non-residents (b005)
Hotels and similar establishments (a100)
Other collective accommodation establishments, Total (b100)
Tourist campsites (b010)
Holiday dwellings (b020)
Other collective accommodation establishments n.e.s. (b040)
Use of bed-places net (e001)
Use of bed-places gross (e002)

Statistical Population and indicators: units and size coverage:
The tables below present the changes and the discrepancies with the standard
statistical unit or with standard methodology, and cut-off points in the categories of
collective accommodation establishments.

Changes in methodology used or discrepancies with standard methodology
Countries not listed are fully compliant with standard methodology

                                                     Discrepancy or changes
Bulgaria              1994-2000        Monthly data exclude “Tourist campsites”

                           2003        Category “Other collective establishments” includes
                                       holiday dwellings
                                       Utilisation of bed places: monthly figures are based on
                                       quarterly results
Germany                 2004-2007      Category “Other collective accommodation
                                       establishments” includes “Vorsorge- und Reha-
Estonia                 1994-2002      Category “Hotels and similar establishments” includes
                                       “Other collective accommodation establishments”
Greece                                 Data on occupancy in Other collective accommodation
                                       establishments include only tourist campsites.
                           2000        Category “Hotels and similar establishments” includes
                                       Holiday dwellings” and “Other collective
                                       accommodation n.i.e
                       Since 2000      Gross use of bed places is in fact the net use.

Spain                 since 1999       Category “Hotels and similar” includes 1 star hotels.
                      until 1999       Category “Other collective accommodation
                                establishments” includes only tourist campsites.
                 since 2000     Category “Other collective accommodation
                                establishments” includes also holiday dwellings.
                 since 2002     Category "Other collective accommodation
                                establishments" includes also rural tourism

France                          B100: “Other collective accommodation
                 All            establishments", only includes tourist campsites.

                                Data for arrivals and nights spent in hotels is without
                                "DOM" regions.
                 Until 2004     Data on nights spent in hotels is not comparable with
                                previous years (new survey).

                 Since 2006
Ireland          2000           Data are taken from the demand side survey and not the
                                supply side.
                                Methodology was changed. 2000 data are not
                                comparable with previous years.
Cyprus           2002           Category “Other collective accommodation
                                establishments” relates only to holiday dwellings
Netherlands      Since 1998     Category “Hotels and similar establishments” includes
                                Youth hostels
Austria          until 1997     Holiday dwellings were included in category “Hotels
                                and similar establishments” instead of in category
                                “Other collective accommodation establishments”, as
                                long as commercial holiday dwellings (more than 9
                                bed-places) are concerned
Poland           1994-1999      Annual data: January to September of reference year
                                and October to December of previous year.
                 2004           Accommodation establishments (other than hotels,
                                motels, boarding houses) that provided hotel services
                                are included in “Hotels and similar establishments”. For
                                2003 they were included in “Other collective
                                accommodation establishments".
Slovenia         2008           Break in time series with year 2008. Revised monthly
                                and yearly data for 2008 - 2010.
Finland          1993           Use of bed-places for Tourist campsites includes only
                                bed-places in the cottages, not caravan pitches.
                 2004           Statistical methodology was changed, 2004 data and
                                later are not comparable with previous years.
Sweden           1994-2000      Monthly data exclude tourist campsites
United Kingdom   1995 to 2001   Data on arrivals and nights spent by non-residents
                                exclude Holiday dwellings.
                 Since 2004     Visits and not arrivals of non residents are given.
                                Therefore, the sums of the lower NUTS regions do not
                                agree to the totals for the higher NUTS regions.
                                Data on arrivals and nights spent of residents and non
                               residents include the Channel Islands and the Isle of
                               Man, as well as figures where the precise region is
                               "unspecified". For this reason NUTS I and NUTS II
                               data do not add up to the national total.
                Since          Change in methodology for data on residents.
                April 2005     Comparisons with previous years are not possible.

Iceland         2000-2004      B040: “Other collective accommodation establishments
                               n.e.s.” includes bed and breakfast establishments.
Liechtenstein   until 2000     Arrivals and nights spent by residents in “Other
                               collective accommodation” exclude tourist campsites.
Norway          -              Hotels and similar establishments: arrivals by
                               foreigners, total only.
                               Other collective establishments: No arrivals data is
                1995 to 1997   Category “Other collective establishments” excludes
                               nights spent in holiday dwellings.
                2004           The holiday dwellings and the camping sites report their
                               statistics in the form of unit nights. Unit nights are
                               however converted to number of guest nights based on
                               empirical studies, indicating that an average
                               family/travel company sharing a hut consists of three
                               people. From 2004, some larger holiday dwellings with
                               larger huts report number of guest nights instead. These
                               holiday dwellings accommodate families/travel
                               companies of more than three people. This has affected
                               the comparability from 2003 to 2004
Switzerland     since 1995     Other collective accommodation includes only health
                since 2005     EU27 excluding Cyprus and Malta.
                               Estonia includes Latvia and Lithuania.
                               EUCO/OTHE includes Cyprus and Malta.
Cut-off points and size threshold

    Country             Hotels and similar            Other collective accommodation
Bulgaria           20 bed-places or more          20 bed-places or more
Czech Republic     5 rooms or more, or 10 bed-    5 rooms or more, or 10 bed-places or
                   places or more                 more
Denmark            40 beds or more (since 1990)   Tourist campsites = 75 pitches or more
                                                  (since 1990)
Germany            9 bed-places or more           9 bed-places or more
Estonia            5 bed-places or more           5 bed-places or more
Netherlands        until 1997                     Until 1997
                   20 bed places or more          Campsites=100 pitches or more (counted
                                                  as 400 sleeping places or more)
                                                  Holiday dwellings=50 bed-places or
                                                  Group accommodations=50 bed-places or

                   Since 1998                     Since 1998
                   5 bed-places or more           Campsites=4 pitches or more (counted as
                                                  20 sleeping places or more)
                                                  Holiday dwellings=20 bed-places or
                                                  Group accommodations=20 bed-places or
Austria            10 bed-places or more          none
Finland            10 rooms or more               10 rooms, holiday dwellings or pitches or
Sweden             5 rooms or more, or 9 bed-     Holiday dwellings = 5 cottages or more,
                   places or more                 or 20 bed-places or more (since 1996)
                                                  Camping sites = 20 pitches or more
                                                  (since 2003)
Norway             20 bed-places or more          Camping sites = 50 pitches or more or 8
                                                  huts or more
                                                  Holiday dwellings = 3 huts or more
                                                  Hostelling International Norway = All
The following concerns only the tables with a breakdown by partner country

Arrivals and nights spent of non-residents – discrepancies with geographical
     Country            Year
Germany             until 1997    Belgium includes Luxembourg
                                  Australia includes New Zealand
France              until 1998    Belgium includes Luxembourg;
                                  Spain includes Portugal;
                                  Italy includes Greece;
                                  Austria includes Scandinavia;
                                  United Kingdom includes Ireland;
                                  EFTA excludes Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein;
                                  Asia includes Oceania;
                                  Australia includes New Zealand
Ireland             until 1998    Australia includes New Zealand
                                  Denmark includes Sweden and Norway.
Italy               until 1996    Australia includes New Zealand
Luxembourg          until 1994    Australia includes New Zealand
Netherlands         until 1996    Spain includes Portugal
                                  Australia includes New Zealand and Oceania
Austria             until 1997    Australia includes New Zealand
                                  Belgium includes Luxembourg
Portugal            until 1994    Australia includes New Zealand
Iceland                           The geographical breakdown is smaller than the one listed
                                  in the Directive, the countries listed are B, DK, D, E, F,
                                  IRL, I, NL, A, FIN, S, UK, NO, CH, USA, CAN and JP.
                                  Others are included under “other Europeans” or “other, not
Liechtenstein       until 1996    Australia includes New Zealand

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