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					 Prescott Camera Club
 Prescott Arizona

 2009 Issue 3
 August 2009

Light and Landscape                                         Digital Photography on the Web

  When a landscape is bathed in light, the                   Digital BLACK
  highlights and shadows create more                         AND WHITE Photography
  contrast than a camera can capture. Your
  eye can see so much more that the scene in
  front of you looks perfect. When viewing the
  image from your camera that perfect              
  landscape is not reproduced. The sensor in                 white.html
  the camera chooses between keeping
  highlights and discarding grays relegating
  them to black, or showing what hides in the
  shadows and burning out the bright white                   Digital Photography and White Balance
  Because a digital SLR records a more             
  limited dynamic range, capture multiple
  images and blend them together into a                      ce
  single image. Expose for the highlights in
  one image and the shadows in another
  image. This process is not the same as                     Light and Digital Photography
  bracketing. Using a tripod and locking the
  camera in place will insure that the images
  will blend better in PhotoShop or GIMP.
  This method provides enough information to create
  a single image that includes more of the dynamic
  range that your eye saw.
                                                             Gaussian Blur Overlays
  Andy’s Blog Multiple Exposure Blending for

  Prescott Heliographic Society & the Prescott Camera Club
  The Prescott Heliographic Society is considering joining the Prescott Camera Club by holding a series of
  Special Interest sessions. There will be no officers or prizes or business but a time of sharing ideas and
  networking with the photographic community committed to fine art photography. Participants are
  encouraged to bring examples of their work for exhibit and critiquing. The first meeting was helo July 8 at 7
  pm at the Mountain Artists’ Guild just South of Sheldon at 228 N. Alarcon. For further information, contact
  George Lewis at 717-0774 or

1|Page                                            August 2009
                                                            Meeting Schedule for 2009
                                                            July 28 Link for July presentor:

                                                            August 25
                                                            Print – Open     Hand in Digitals
                                                            Pat Kelly ―Fine Art Photography: Chasing

                                                            September 22
                                                             ―People Gathering Together‖ - Digital
              Casa Bonita Restaurant                        Competition (No Print Competition)
                Prescottonian Motel                         June McGee – A collection of wildflower
                Dinner at 5:15p.m.                          photography taken on PCC Field Trips
               Competition 6:15 p.m.
                 Program 7-8 p.m.                           October 27
                                                            Print - Black & White
                                                            Lorena Shiffer – Prescott H.S. photography
          Competition Rules                                 teacher

Monthly competitions consist primarily of                   Novemeber 17
prints. Members (and guests) may bring up                   Print – Open Hand in Digitals
to two prints to a meeting to enter in the
evening’s competition. Prints are displayed
                                                            Harriet Neal ―History of Photography‖
during the meeting and scored by the attending
Club members. First, Second, Third, and                     December 22
Honorable Mentions are awarded based on                     Digital - Open
members' scoring. Some winning images appear in our         Scavenger Hunt & Holiday Party
Competition Gallery on the club
website at

Competition entries may have no dimension
greater than 20 inches. Prints may be commercially
generated, darkroom
or computer produced. Prints must be mounted on a
foam or cardboard support. No glass or                          Website:
frames allowed. Limit two prints.                     

Digital competitions occur four times a year.                   Email:
Images are submitted on CD or DVD the preceding       
month. 1mb size limit. Limit two images per member.

No photograph (print or digital photo) should be entered        Blog:
into competition that is essentially the same as another
photograph that has been awarded any ribbon. An
example of this would be a picture of the same subject at
close to the same location and/or time of day, though the
photographer slightly changed position.

Any photograph that does NOT earn a ribbon in a
monthly competition may be re-entered in a subsequent
monthly competition ONE time only.

2|Page                                        August 2009
The 2009 Scavenger Hunt provides plenty of          What to Look for…Critiquing a Photograph
options. The subjects should begin with the
following letters:                                  Presentation—Is the print prepared with care and
                                                    Composition—Does the image follow the rule of
P - Puppet                                          thirds (or break the rule to increase impact)? Are
R - Rock & Roll                                     there mergers? Does the photo present a simple,
C - Comfortable                                     complex or busy image?
A - Attitude
And so forth....                                    Value—Is a range of 5-9 values present? Are there
                                                    highlights that are burnt out or dark areas that
Use your imagination to create your own list of     distract? Is the contrast overdone or just right?
2009 Scavenger Hunt subjects. There is no
competition involved. Keep this list with you       Clarity—correct focus (could be soft focus for
every time you go out with your camera and try      special effect)
to find suitable photos to illustrate each
                                                    Point of interest—A photo should have one clear
subject. Add an optional: self-portrait taken any   point of interest.
time (childhood photos are fun).
The Scavenger Hunt images will be shown at          Cropping -- How is the photo framed? Does the
the December 2009 meeting.                          framing remove distractions and emphasize that one
                                                    clear point of interest?

                                                    Lines—Do you see diagonals, curves or straight
             Club Directory                         lines? Do lines lead to the central point of interest or
                                                    out of the frame?
President and Program Director- Joanne Brody
                                                    Aesthetics—Does the photo please you? Does it
Vice President - George Lewis                       provoke you? Does it make you look again?
Treasurer & Membership - Allan Arnold
Secretary - Shirley Culbreth
Newsletter Editor & Webmaster- Donna Meyer          Critiquing a photograph remains a subjective
Score & Tally - Jerry Chinn & Susan Godman          endeavor no matter how many guidelines or
Digital Image Collectors: Claude Humeau and Ray     questions you ask yourself. When critiquing
Waguespack                                          someone else’s photo, remember the photographer
Print Racks - Kay & Cliff Cross                     invested time, talent, and energy so be kind.
Ribbons - Marge & Murray Rubin
Mistress of Ceremonies: Donna Meer
ACCC Representative: Joe Webster
Technical Advisors - Len Salonsky & Harold
Laptop & digital projector - Dale & Donna Meyer
Notification Chair - Arlene Minuskin                 Andy’s Blog
Screen Carrier - Tim Morgan
Field Trips - June McGee & Al Crook        
Board Members at Large – Phil Ball, Calleah Neal     colours-in-photographs-with-photoshop/
& Dale Meyer
                                                     “Today we’ll talk about enhancing colours in a
                                                     photograph. In particular, we talk about increasing
                                                     the saturation or vibrancy in an image. Not so
                                                     much the changing of, or adding of color casts, but
                                                     enhancing the look of the colours that are already
                                                     in the photograph to begin with.”

3|Page                                     August 2009

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