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									                                                                                                    Date:            04-May-2011
                                                                                                    Status:          COMPLETE
                                                                                                    Version:         1.1
 .ASIA IDN Policies Document

              .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies

 Archive URL:    
 References:               .ASIA ZH / JA / KO IDN Language Tables

 Executive Summary

This document describes the IDN Language Policies for the implementation of Chinese,
Japanese and Korean IDN registrations for the .ASIA Registry.

The policies are based on and are consistent with the Joint Engineering Team (JET) Guidelines
for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Registration and Administration for Chinese,
Japanese, and Korean (“JET Guidelines” – RFC3743:, the
Registration and Administration Recommendations for Chinese Domain Names (“CDNC
Recommendations” – RFC4713:, along with the IDN Language
Tables archived at the IANA Repository of IDN Practices:

      •     CNNIC Table (cn-ZH):
      •     JPRS Table (jp-JA):
      •     KRNIC Table (kr-KO):
      •     TWNIC Table (tw-ZH):

The policies were developed in consultation and cooperation with and with the advice from
language experts, CNNIC (.CN) in mainland China, JPRS (.JP) in Japan, KRNIC/KISA (.KR) in
Korea, HKIRC (.HK) in Hong Kong, based on the above policies and guidelines established for
the respective ccTLDs, along with special consideration for the .ASIA Registry as a gTLD.

 Table of Contents

1     Introduction ......................................................................................................................... 2
2     Chinese (ZH) IDN for .ASIA ................................................................................................ 2
2.1   Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese Preferred Variants ............................................. 2
2.2   Hong Kong Supplementary Characters .............................................................................. 3
2.3   .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Policy Profile ............................................................... 4
3     Japanese (JA) IDN for .ASIA .............................................................................................. 5
3.1   Kanji Only Domain Names .................................................................................................. 5
3.2   Guideline for Japanese Domain Name Zone Administrators .............................................. 5
3.3   .ASIA Japanese (JA) IDN Language Policy Profile ............................................................. 5
4     Korean (KO) IDN for .ASIA ................................................................................................. 6
4.1   Hanja Characters ................................................................................................................ 6
4.2   Hangul Characters .............................................................................................................. 6
4.3   .ASIA Korean (KO) IDN Language Policy Profile ................................................................ 6
5     Glossary .............................................................................................................................. 8
Annex A: .ASIA ZH (Chinese) IDN Language Table .................................................................... 11
Annex B: .ASIA JA (Japanese) IDN Language Table .................................................................. 11
Annex C: .ASIA KO (Korean) IDN Language Table ..................................................................... 11
 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:             1 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies


1           Introduction
The set of policies for the implementation of Chinese, Japanese and Korean (“CJK”) IDN
registrations for .ASIA is largely based on the IDN Language Policies that has been developed
by the CJK community and experts over the years.

Nevertheless, while the CJK community has been cooperating in the development of the IDN
Language Policies, such policies were generally developed for utilization of ccTLDs within their
particular context and not in a gTLD perspective. In the preparation for the implementation of
CJK IDN registrations for .ASIA, DotAsia engaged with the CJK community, IDN experts and
language experts to adapt the local IDN Language Policies for use in the context of .ASIA as a
global top-level domain.

The key consideration for such adaptation revolves around the condition that there is a large
overlap of characters used between the Chinese, Japanese (Kanji) and Korean (Hanja)
languages. Most importantly, these policies take into account the critical difference between the
context of IDN registrations under a ccTLD versus a gTLD in that, for example, users expect and
are given a context under a “.JP” IDN registration that it is a Japanese IDN, whereas if the
domain is under “.CN”, it would be a Chinese IDN. Each ccTLD (with the context) allows IDN
registrations only for the particular IDN Language within their respective locality. For an IDN
registered under “.ASIA” (as a gTLD) however, that context is not the same.

2           Chinese (ZH) IDN for .ASIA
The Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Policy and Language Tables are developed for the
implementation of Chinese IDN registrations at the .ASIA gTLD in coordination with the CDNC
(Chinese Domain Name Consortium), based on the CDNC IDN Language tables from CNNIC
(zh-CN: and TWNIC (zh-TW: respectively.

2.1         Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese Preferred Variants
DotAsia understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of Chinese IDN registrations
through appropriate implementation of character variants for Simplified Chinese (SC) and
Traditional Chinese (TC).

Unlike in the case of ccTLDs (e.g. for .CN or .TW) where one form of the Chinese characters is
predominantly used, .ASIA, as a gTLD is inherently global and requires the consideration of an
environment where some of the users will be user SC (e.g. in Mainland China, Singapore, etc.),
while others may be using TC (e.g. in Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, etc.). Therefore, the DotAsia
Chinese IDN Language Table implementation combines the 2 zh-CN and zh-TW tables into an
integrated table for “ZH”.

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:              2 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies

More specifically, the .ASIA Chinese IDN Language Table table includes 2 Preferred Variant
Columns: 1. The zh-CN Preferred Variant column (Preferred SC); and 2. The zh-TW Preferred
Variant column (Preferred TC).

As an example, when an applicant submits a Domain Name Applied for: “網絡域名.ASIA”:
      •     Preferred SC IDN Variant would be: “网络域名.ASIA”
   • Preferred TC IDN Variant would be: “網絡域名.ASIA”
Note that the Preferred TC IDN Variant is the same as the Domain Name Applied For. The IDN
Package for: “網絡域名.ASIA” will therefore include:
      •     Primary IDN: “網絡域名.ASIA” (active and included in zone)
      •     Preferred IDN Variant(s): { 网络域名.ASIA } (active and included in zone)
      •     Other IDN Variant(s): { 網络域名.ASIA; 网絡域名.ASIA } (reserved and not included in

The situation that the Domain Name Applied For and one of the Preferred IDN Variant is the
same can generally be expected because for most cases, registrants would submit a Domain
Name Applied For fully composed of Simplified Chinese Characters or fully composed of
Traditional Chinese Characters.

In the case that an applicant submits a Domain Name Applied For composed of both Simplified
Chinese Characters and Traditional Chinese Characters, e.g.: “网絡域名.ASIA”, the set of
Preferred Variants would still essentially be the same:
    • Preferred SC IDN Variant would be: “网络域名.ASIA”
      •     Preferred TC IDN Variant would be: “網絡域名.ASIA”

The IDN Package in that case however would include:
   • Primary IDN: “网絡域名.ASIA” (active and included in zone)
      •     Preferred IDN Variant(s): { 网络域名.ASIA;網絡域名.ASIA } (active and included in zone)
      •     Other IDN Variant(s): { 網络域名.ASIA;网絡域名.ASIA } (reserved and not included in

2.2         Hong Kong Supplementary Characters
The CDNC Recommendations and the CNNIC (cn-ZH) and TWNIC (tw-ZH) tables were
developed mainly among the experts in Mainland China and Taiwan. Certain Chinese
characters which are commonly used in Hong Kong (as well as Macao and Cantonese speaking
communities) were not included in the previous versions of the CDNC tables.

For the .ASIA deployment as a gTLD, some additional Hong Kong characters have been added.
The additions were based on recommendations from language experts in Hong Kong, and took
into consideration the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS: maintained by the Office of the
Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,
which has been adopted into Unicode, along with the International Ideographs Core (IICORE:

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:              3 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies
                                                                                                                                       Document, which specifies a more commonly used
subset of Chinese characters for day-to-day use. Furthermore, considerations of character
variants were studied based on Easily Confused Chinese Characters table
pdf), accompanied by expert advice from language experts on the subject.

As a summary of the additional Hong Kong Supplementary Characters:

      •     A total of 160 new entries were added to the CDNC table. These characters were added
            to the CDNC table based on the HKSCS and IICORE standards (marked as “HK” in
            the .ASIA Chinese (ZH) Table)

      •     103 entries did not include further variants

      •     53 new entries added involved additional character variants, with 49 having IDN Variant
            Characters that already exist in the CDNC Tables, and 4 having additional IDN Variant
            Characters that do not already exist in the CDNC Tables (for a total of 57 entries –
            marked as “HK:CV” in the .ASIA Chinese (ZH) Table)

      •     For the 49 Hong Kong Supplementary Characters with IDN Variant Characters a total 97
            existing entries of the CDNC were affected (marked as “HK:U+xxxx” in the .ASIA Chinese
            (ZH) Table). These characters are amended to existing CDNC entries as a result of IDN
            Variant Character set intersection between newly added Hong Kong Supplementary
            Characters with IDN Variant Characters and existing characters (entries) in the CDNC

      •     4 pairs of characters (total of 8 entries) were identified by HKIRC to be character variants,
            and have not been implemented into the CDNC tables yet (marked as “(HKIRC:U+xxxx)”
            in the .ASIA Chinese (ZH) Table).

2.3         .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Policy Profile

 IDN Tag:                                                ZH
 IDN Language Description:                               Chinese
 Minimum Length:                                         A-Label: 3; U-Label: 1
 Maximum Length:                                         A-Label: 63
 Total Number of Included                                19,720
 Additional Contextual Rules:                            A Domain Name Applied For must include at least one non-
                                                         LDH character
 IDN Variants:                                           IDN Package includes Primary Domain and Preferred
                                                         Variant(s) to be activated

The .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Table is included in Annex A.

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:              4 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies

3           Japanese (JA) IDN for .ASIA
The Japanese (JA) IDN Language Policy and Language Tables are developed for the
implementation of Japanese IDN registrations at the .ASIA gTLD in coordination with JPRS
(Japan Registry Services), based on the JPRS Japanese IDN Language table (jp-JA:

3.1         Kanji Only Domain Names
DotAsia is committed to maintaining the integrity of .ASIA IDN registrations and understands the
multilingual nature of the .ASIA zone as a gTLD. Unlike in the case of ccTLDs (e.g. for .JP)
where only Japanese IDN registrations are expected, both Chinese and Japanese IDNs are
expected for the .ASIA domain. Because of the unified Han Ideograph approach for Unicode,
there is an overlap between the character repertoire between the Japanese and Chinese IDN
Scripts, more specifically, Kanji characters used in Japanese can also be found in Chinese. This
means that it is possible that a Japanese IDN consisting of Kanji characters only can appear to
be like a Chinese domain name for a Chinese .ASIA domain name user.

In light of the context of the .ASIA registry as a gTLD, this Japanese language table will also
integrate the CDNC (Chinese Domain Name Consortium) IDN Language tables, based on the
(zh-TW: tables, and
consolidated for the .ASIA (ZH) Chinese IDN Language Table as described in Section 2 above.

For example, for a Domain Name Applied For: “日本語.ASIA”, the IDN Variant: “日本语.ASIA” will
be reserved (but not included in the zone) and not available for registration.

A total of 3,342 entries incorporated variant considerations based on the CDNC tables. Note that
both Preferred Variants and Character (Other) Variants are included as Character (Other)
Variants, with no variants considered as Preferred Variants.

3.2         Guideline for Japanese Domain Name Zone Administrators
This language policy also incorporates the “Guideline for Japanese domain name zone
administrators” from JPRS Japanese IDN Language table
tables/tables/jp_ja-jp_1.2.html by reference herein.

3.3         .ASIA Japanese (JA) IDN Language Policy Profile

 IDN Tag:                                                JA
 IDN Language Description:                               Japanese
 Minimum Length:                                         A-Label: 3; U-Label: 1
 Maximum Length:                                         A-Label: 63
 Total Number of Included                                6,571

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:              5 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies

 Additional Contextual Rules:                            A Domain Name Applied For must include at least one non-
                                                         LDH character
 IDN Variants:                                           IDN Package includes Primary Domain only, with all other
                                                         variants to be reserved

The .ASIA Japanese (JA) IDN Table is included in Annex B.

NOTE: While no “Preferred Variant” is included in the IDN Package for Japanese, the IDN
Language Table contains an entry in the Preferred Variant column which is the same as the
Base Character.

4           Korean (KO) IDN for .ASIA
The Korean (KO) IDN Language Policy and Language Tables are adopted from the KRNIC
Korean IDN Language table (ko-KR:
kr_1.0.html) for the implementation of Korean IDN registrations at the .ASIA gTLD. In
preparation of this language table, DotAsia has coordinated with KISA (Korea Internet & Security
Agency) on the applicability of the KRNIC Korean IDN Language table for the .ASIA gTLD.

4.1         Hanja Characters
Hanja characters are not included in the .ASIA Korean (KO) IDN Language Table. Mixture of
Hanja characters with Hangul characters for domain names is not encouraged. Registrants
interested in registering domain names with Hanja characters only may consider utilizing a
registration based on the “ZH” IDN-Tag.

4.2         Hangul Characters
The .ASIA Korean (KO) IDN Langauge Table implements the full repertoire of Hangul characters
based on the KRNIC kr-KO table, including 11,172 Hangul Syllables (along with the 36 LDH
characters, “a-z”, “0-9” and “-“ for a total of 11,209 Characters in the table).

4.3         .ASIA Korean (KO) IDN Language Policy Profile

 IDN Tag:                                                KO
 IDN Language Description:                               Korean
 Minimum Length:                                         A-Label: 3; U-Label: 1
 Maximum Length:                                         A-Label: 63
 Total Number of Included                                11,209
 Additional Contextual Rules:                            A Domain Name Applied For must include at least one non-
                                                         LDH character

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:              6 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies

 IDN Variants:                                           N/A

The .ASIA Korean (KO) IDN Table is included in Annex C.

NOTE: While no “Preferred Variant” is included in the IDN Package for Korean, the IDN
Language Table contains an entry in the Preferred Variant column which is the same as the
Base Character.

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:              7 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies

5           Glossary

 .ASIA IDN TLD                              The term “.ASIA IDN TLD” is used to describe an IDN TLD managed
                                            by the .ASIA Registry that represents the term “ASIA” in an IDN
                                            language. For example, “.亚洲” or “.아시아” or “.एिश”, etc. could
                                            become .ASIA IDN TLDs.

 .ASIA Registrar /                          Accredited Registrar means an ICANN Accredited Registrar that is
 Accredited Registrar                       also Accredited for the .ASIA Registry in this document

 .ASIA Registry or                          The ".ASIA Registry" or “Registry” is the TLD Registry Sponsored and
 Registry                                   operated by DotAsia Organisation Ltd. (“DotAsia”). DotAsia is a not-
                                            for-profit, limited-by-guarantee corporation incorporated in Hong Kong.

 <ASCII>.ASIA                               ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a
                                            character-encoding scheme based on the ordering of the English
                                            alphabet ( In the
                                            context of this document, the term “<ASCII>.ASIA” denotes a domain
                                            name registered under the “.ASIA” TLD that is not an IDN
                                            (Internationalized Domain Name).

 <IDN>.ASIA                                 <IDN>.ASIA denotes an IDN registered under the “.ASIA” (ASCII) TLD

 A-Label                                    An “A-Label” refers to an ASCII-Compatible Encoding (ACE) form of
                                            an IDN label (a domain “label” refers to a text string between 2 dots in
                                            a domain name, i.e. “domain” is a domain label in “”).

 ACE                                        ACE (ASCII-Compatible Encoding) means the standard encoding
                                            based on the IDNA standards.

 Applicant                                  The Applicant of a domain name is the collective of entities implicated
                                            by the associated contacts of a domain registration application. More
                                            specifically, this includes the Registrant Contact and the contact used
                                            in making the declaration that an application meets the Charter
                                            Eligibility Requirement.

 CDNC                                       Chinese Domain Names Consortium

 Charter Eligibility                        Charter Eligibility Requirements mean the basic requirements to
 Requirements                               qualify as a domain registrant for the .ASIA Registry. A separate
                                            document, Charter Eligibility Requirement Policy provides further
                                            details on the subject.

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:              8 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies

 Domain Name Applied                        The text string of the domain name, not including the TLD, submitted
 For                                        for registration

 DotAsia Community                          The DotAsia Community is defined based on the geographical
                                            boundaries described by the ICANN Asia / Australia / Pacific region
                                            (AP Region):

 ICANN                                      Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

 IDN                                        Internationalized Domain Names. Domain names that contain
                                            characters beyond the LDH repertoire.

 IDN Language                               The term IDN-Language will be used to represent the intended
                                            ‘language’ of registered IDNs. IDN-Language is distinguished from
                                            ‘language’ in that it does not imply that semantic and otherwise rules
                                            that the given verbally described language is applied to the
                                            discussion. Also, note that one IDN-Language may have multiple

 IDN Language Policy                        An IDN Language Policy is a profile maintained at the Registry that
                                            includes the IDN LanguageTag, IDN Language Table as well as
                                            additional policy elements: maximum and minimum length of domain,
                                            character contextual rules, IDN Variant rules, etc., for a particular
                                            domain registry.

 IDN Language Table                         There are 2 main types of IDN-Language-Tables:

                                            1. An IDN Language Table for IDN Scripts that do not require IDN
                                            Variant considerations is a collection of valid Unicode codepoints
                                            (Character Inclusion Table) allowed for registration plus the
                                            designated IDN Tag.

                                            2. An IDN Language Table for scripts that do require IDN Variant
                                            considerations or contextual rules consists of the collection of valid
                                            Unicode codepoints and for each character, the corresponding IDN
                                            Variant Characters (Variant Mapping Table) and other relevant
                                            contextual rules.

 IDN Language Tag /                         An IDN Language Tag will be a code based on registry policy and
 IDN-Tag                                    submitted by the registrar (on behalf of registrants) to indicate and
                                            declare the intended IDN Language of a given registration. IDN
                                            Language Tags for the .ASIA Registry will be based on RFC5646:
                                            Tags for Identifying Languages (

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:              9 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies

 IDN Package / IDN                          An IDN Package or an IDN Bundle is a set of IDNs, including the
 Bundle                                     Primary IDN and the IDN Variants that is generated by the Domain
                                            Name Applied For (Primary IDN) based on the corresponding IDN
                                            Language Policy.

 IDN Script                                 Script can generally be described as the collection of characters used
                                            by a language or set of languages. In the IDN registration policy
                                            context, an IDN Script is distinguished from ‘script’ and defined as the
                                            collection of valid Unicode codepoints allowed for registration,
                                            identified by a specific IDN Language.

 IDN Variant                                An IDN Variant is a syndicate domain generated from a Primary IDN
                                            based on the corresponding IDN Language Policy.

                                            Preferred IDN Variants: Preferred IDN Variants are IDN Variants that
                                            syndicated based on the corresponding IDN Language Policy for
                                            which the resulting IDN consists of Preferred Character Variants OR
                                            otherwise designated as a Preferred IDN Variant based on contextual
                                            rules in the IDN Language Policy.

                                            Other IDN Variants: Other IDN Variants are IDN Variants that are
                                            generated based on the IDN Language Policy that are not Preferred
                                            IDN Variants.

 LDH                                        Letter-Digit-Hyphen. A special term to describe the expression of a
                                            Fully Qualified Domain Name utilizing only the ASCII alphabet: A-z
                                            and digits: 0-9, plus the hyphen.

 Primary IDN                                In the context of this document, a Primary IDN is essentially the
                                            Domain Name Applied For.

 Sponsoring Registrar                       The Accredited Registrar for which a domain name is registered with.

 TLD                                        Top Level Domain

 U-Label                                    A “U-Label” refers to a representation of an IDN label in Unicode

 Unicode                                    Unicode is a standard maintained by the Unicode Consortium
                                            ( allowing computers to represent characters
                                            used for most of the world’s languages and scripts. Unicode is the
                                            encoding standard used for IDN.

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:            10 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                                                                                               .ASIA IDN Policies


Annex A: .ASIA ZH (Chinese) IDN Language Table
Version: 1.1
(406 pages)

Annex B: .ASIA JA (Japanese) IDN Language Table
Version 1.1
(215 pages)

Annex C: .ASIA KO (Korean) IDN Language Table
Version 1.0
(251 pages)

 Title:       .ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies
 Status:        COMPLETE                                                                             Version:       1.1        Page:            11 of 11
Archive URL:   Source Filename: DotAsia-CJK-IDN-Policies-COMPLETE--2011-05-04.doc
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+002D   -    U+002D              U+002D
U+0030   0    U+0030              U+0030
U+0031   1    U+0031              U+0031
U+0032   2    U+0032              U+0032
U+0033   3    U+0033              U+0033
U+0034   4    U+0034              U+0034
U+0035   5    U+0035              U+0035
U+0036   6    U+0036              U+0036
U+0037   7    U+0037              U+0037
U+0038   8    U+0038              U+0038
U+0039   9    U+0039              U+0039
U+0061   a    U+0061              U+0061
U+0062   b    U+0062              U+0062
U+0063   c    U+0063              U+0063
U+0064   d    U+0064              U+0064
U+0065   e    U+0065              U+0065
U+0066   f    U+0066              U+0066
U+0067   g    U+0067              U+0067
U+0068   h    U+0068              U+0068
U+0069   i    U+0069              U+0069
U+006A   j    U+006A              U+006A
U+006B   k    U+006B              U+006B
U+006C   l    U+006C              U+006C
U+006D   m    U+006D              U+006D
U+006E   n    U+006E              U+006E
U+006F   o    U+006F              U+006F
U+0070   p    U+0070              U+0070
U+0071   q    U+0071              U+0071
U+0072   r    U+0072              U+0072
U+0073   s    U+0073              U+0073
U+0074   t    U+0074              U+0074
U+0075   u    U+0075              U+0075
U+0076   v    U+0076              U+0076
U+0077   w    U+0077              U+0077
U+0078   x    U+0078              U+0078
U+0079   y    U+0079              U+0079
U+007A   z    U+007A              U+007A
U+3447   㑇    U+3447         㑇    U+3473         㑳
U+3473   㑳    U+3447         㑇    U+3473         㑳
U+34E4   㓤    U+34E4         㓤    U+34E4         㓤                             (HK)
U+3577   㕷    U+3577         㕷    U+3577         㕷                             (HK)
U+359E   㖞    U+359E         㖞    U+558E         喎
U+35A1   㖡    U+35A1         㖡    U+35A1         㖡                             (HK)
U+35AD   㖭    U+35AD         㖭    U+35AD         㖭                             (HK)
U+35BF   㖿    U+35BF         㖿    U+35BF         㖿                             (HK)
U+35CE   㗎    U+35CE         㗎    U+35CE         㗎                             (HK)
U+35F3   㗳    U+35F3         㗳    U+35F3         㗳                             (HK)
U+35FE   㗾    U+35FE         㗾    U+35FE         㗾                             (HK)
U+360E   㘎    U+360E         㘎    U+361A         㘚
U+361A   㘚    U+360E         㘎    U+361A         㘚
U+3918   㤘    U+3918         㤘    U+396E         㥮
                                                                               Annex A: Page 1 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+396E   㥮    U+3918         㤘    U+396E         㥮
U+39CF   㧏    U+39CF         㧏    U+6386         掆
U+39D0   㧐    U+39D0         㧐    U+3A73         㩳
U+39DB   㧛    U+39DB         㧛    U+64E5         擥    U+63FD;U+652C      揽;攬 (HK:CV)

U+39DF   㧟    U+39DF         㧟    U+64D3         擓
U+39F8   㧸    U+39F8         㧸    U+39F8         㧸                             (HK)
U+39FE   㧾    U+39FE         㧾    U+39FE         㧾                             (HK)
U+3A18   㨘    U+3A18         㨘    U+3A18         㨘    U+64E4             擤     (HK:CV)
U+3A52   㩒    U+3A52         㩒    U+3A52         㩒                             (HK)
U+3A67   㩧    U+3A67         㩧    U+3A67         㩧                             (HK)
U+3A73   㩳    U+39D0         㧐    U+3A73         㩳
U+3B39   㬹    U+3B39         㬹    U+3B39         㬹                             (HK)
U+3B4E   㭎    U+3B4E         㭎    U+68E1         棡
U+3BA3   㮣    U+3BA3         㮣    U+3BA3         㮣    U+69E9             槩     (HKIRC:U+69E9)
U+3C6E   㱮    U+3C6E         㱮    U+6BA8         殨
U+3CE0   㳠    U+3CE0         㳠    U+6FBE         澾
U+3DE7   㷧    U+3DE7         㷧    U+3DE7         㷧                             (HK)
U+3DEB   㷫    U+3DEB         㷫    U+3DEB         㷫                             (HK)
U+3E74   㹴    U+3E74         㹴    U+3E74         㹴                             (HK)
U+3ED0   㻐    U+3ED0         㻐    U+3ED0         㻐                             (HK)
U+4056   䁖    U+4056         䁖    U+779C         瞜
U+4065   䁥    U+4065         䁥    U+4065         䁥                             (HK)
U+406A   䁪    U+406A         䁪    U+406A         䁪                             (HK)
U+40BB   䂻    U+40BB         䂻    U+40BB         䂻                             (HK)
U+40DF   䃟    U+40DF         䃟    U+40DF         䃟                             (HK)
U+415F   䅟    U+415F         䅟    U+7A47         穇
U+4337   䌷    U+4337         䌷    U+7D2C         紬    U+7EF8;U+7DA2      绸;綢

U+43AC   䎬    U+43AC         䎬    U+43B1         䎱
U+43B1   䎱    U+43AC         䎬    U+43B1         䎱
U+43D3   䏓    U+43D3         䏓    U+43D3         䏓    U+670A             朊     (HKIRC:U+670A)
U+43DD   䏝    U+43DD         䏝    U+819E         膞
U+4443   䑃    U+4443         䑃    U+4443         䑃    U+6726             朦     (HKIRC:U+6726)
U+44D6   䓖    U+44D6         䓖    U+85ED         藭
U+44EA   䓪    U+44EA         䓪    U+44EA         䓪                             (HK)
U+4606   䘆    U+4606         䘆    U+4606         䘆                             (HK)
U+464C   䙌    U+464C         䙌    U+4661         䙡
U+4661   䙡    U+464C         䙌    U+4661         䙡
U+4723   䜣    U+4723         䜣    U+8A22         訢
U+4729   䜩    U+4729         䜩    U+8B8C         讌
U+477C   䝼    U+478D         䞍    U+477C         䝼
U+478D   䞍    U+478D         䞍    U+477C         䝼
U+47F4   䟴    U+47F4         䟴    U+47F4         䟴                             (HK)
U+4882   䢂    U+4882         䢂    U+282E2        ����                            (HK:CV)
U+4947   䥇    U+4982         䦂    U+4947         䥇
U+497A   䥺    U+497A         䥺    U+91FE         釾
U+497D   䥽    U+497D         䥽    U+93FA         鏺
U+4982   䦂    U+4982         䦂    U+4947         䥇
U+4983   䦃    U+4983         䦃    U+942F         鐯
U+4985   䦅    U+4985         䦅    U+9425         鐥
                                                                               Annex A: Page 2 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4986   䦆    U+4986         䦆    U+9481          钁
U+499B   䦛    U+49B6         䦶    U+499B          䦛
U+499F   䦟    U+49B7         䦷    U+499F          䦟
U+49B6   䦶    U+49B6         䦶    U+499B          䦛
U+49B7   䦷    U+49B7         䦷    U+499F          䦟
U+4AB8   䪸    U+4AB8         䪸    U+4AB8          䪸                              (HK)
U+4C77   䱷    U+4CA3         䲣    U+4C77          䱷
U+4C7D   䱽    U+4C9D         䲝    U+4C7D          䱽                              (HK:CV)
U+4C81   䲁    U+9CDA         鳚    U+4C81          䲁                              (HK:CV)
U+4C85   䲅    U+4C85         䲅    U+4C85          䲅                              (HK)
U+4C9D   䲝    U+4C9D         䲝    U+4C7D          䱽                              (HK:CV)
U+4C9E   䲞    U+4C9E         䲞    U+29D98         ����                             (HK:CV)
U+4C9F   䲟    U+4C9F         䲟    U+9BA3          鮣
U+4CA0   䲠    U+4CA0         䲠    U+9C06          鰆
U+4CA1   䲡    U+4CA1         䲡    U+9C0C          鰌     U+9C0D;U+9CC5 鰍;鳅

U+4CA2   䲢    U+4CA2         䲢    U+9C27          鰧
U+4CA3   䲣    U+4CA3         䲣    U+4C77          䱷
U+4D13   䴓    U+4D13         䴓    U+9CFE          鳾
U+4D14   䴔    U+4D14         䴔    U+9D41          鵁
U+4D15   䴕    U+4D15         䴕    U+9D37          鴷
U+4D16   䴖    U+4D16         䴖    U+9D84          鶄
U+4D17   䴗    U+4D17         䴗    U+9DAA          鶪
U+4D18   䴘    U+4D18         䴘    U+9DC9          鷉     U+9DC8             鷈
U+4D19   䴙    U+4D19         䴙    U+9E0A          鸊     U+9DFF             鷿
U+4DAE   䶮    U+4DAE         䶮    U+9F91          龑
U+4E00   一    U+4E00         一    U+4E00          一     U+58F9;U+5F0C; 壹;弌;
                                                        U+58F1         壱
U+4E01   丁    U+4E01         丁    U+4E01          丁
U+4E02   丂    U+4E02         丂    U+4E02          丂
U+4E03   七    U+4E03         七    U+4E03          七
U+4E04   丄    U+4E0A         上    U+4E0A          上     U+4EE9             仩
U+4E05   丅    U+4E0B         下    U+4E0B          下
U+4E06   丆    U+4E06         丆    U+4E06          丆
U+4E07   万    U+4E07         万    U+842C          萬
U+4E08   丈    U+4E08         丈    U+4E08          丈
U+4E09   三    U+4E09         三    U+4E09          三
U+4E0A   上    U+4E0A         上    U+4E0A          上     U+4E04;U+4EE9      丄;仩

U+4E0B   下    U+4E0B         下    U+4E0B          下     U+4E05             丅
U+4E0C   丌    U+4E0C         丌    U+4E0C          丌     U+4E93;U+5176      亓;其
U+4E0D   不    U+4E0D         不    U+4E0D          不
U+4E0E   与    U+4E0E         与    U+8207          與
U+4E0F   丏    U+4E10         丐    U+4E0F          丏
U+4E10   丐    U+4E10         丐    U+4E10          丐     U+4E0F             丏
U+4E11   丑    U+4E11         丑    U+4E11;U+919C   丑;醜
U+4E13   专    U+4E13         专    U+5C08          專
U+4E14   且    U+4E14         且    U+4E14          且
U+4E15   丕    U+4E15         丕    U+4E15          丕
U+4E16   世    U+4E16         世    U+4E16          世     U+4E17;U+534B      丗;卋
U+4E17   丗    U+4E16         世    U+4E16          世     U+534B             卋
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 3 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4E18   丘    U+4E18         丘    U+4E18          丘   U+4E20;U+5775       丠;坵
U+4E19   丙    U+4E19         丙    U+4E19          丙
U+4E1A   业    U+4E1A         业    U+696D          業
U+4E1B   丛    U+4E1B         丛    U+53E2;U+6B09   叢;欉 U+85C2              藂
U+4E1C   东    U+4E1C         东    U+6771          東
U+4E1D   丝    U+4E1D         丝    U+7D72          絲   U+7CF8;U+7CF9;      糸;糹;
                                                      U+7E9F              纟
U+4E1E   丞    U+4E1E         丞    U+4E1E          丞
U+4E1F   丟    U+4E22         丢    U+4E1F          丟
U+4E20   丠    U+4E18         丘    U+4E18          丘   U+5775              坵
U+4E21   両    U+4E24         两    U+5169          兩
U+4E22   丢    U+4E22         丢    U+4E1F          丟
U+4E23   丣    U+9149         酉    U+9149          酉
U+4E24   两    U+4E24         两    U+5169          兩   U+4E21              両
U+4E25   严    U+4E25         严    U+56B4          嚴   U+53B3              厳
U+4E26   並    U+5E76         并    U+4E26          並   U+4F75;U+5E76;      併;并;
                                                      U+7ADD;U+5002;      竝;倂;
                                                      U+5E77              幷
U+4E27   丧    U+4E27         丧    U+55AA          喪
U+4E28   丨    U+4E28         丨    U+4E28          丨
U+4E2A   个    U+4E2A         个    U+500B          個   U+7B87              箇
U+4E2B   丫    U+4E2B         丫    U+4E2B          丫
U+4E2C   丬    U+4E2C         丬    U+723F          爿
U+4E2D   中    U+4E2D         中    U+4E2D          中
U+4E2E   丮    U+4E2E         丮    U+4E2E          丮
U+4E2F   丯    U+4E2F         丯    U+4E2F          丯
U+4E30   丰    U+4E30         丰    U+4E30;U+8C50   丰;豐 U+8C4A              豊
U+4E31   丱    U+4E31         丱    U+4E31          丱
U+4E32   串    U+4E32         串    U+4E32          串   U+8CD7              賗
U+4E33   丳    U+4E33         丳    U+4E33          丳
U+4E34   临    U+4E34         临    U+81E8          臨
U+4E35   丵    U+4E35         丵    U+4E35          丵
U+4E36   丶    U+4E36         丶    U+4E36          丶
U+4E37   丷    U+4E37         丷    U+4E37          丷
U+4E38   丸    U+4E38         丸    U+4E38          丸
U+4E39   丹    U+4E39         丹    U+4E39          丹
U+4E3A   为    U+4E3A         为    U+70BA          為   U+7232              爲
U+4E3B   主    U+4E3B         主    U+4E3B          主
U+4E3C   丼    U+4E95         井    U+4E3C          丼
U+4E3D   丽    U+4E3D         丽    U+9E97          麗
U+4E3E   举    U+4E3E         举    U+8209          舉   U+6319;U+64E7       挙;擧
U+4E3F   丿    U+4E3F         丿    U+4E3F          丿
U+4E40   乀    U+4E40         乀    U+4E40          乀
U+4E41   乁    U+4E41         乁    U+4E41          乁
U+4E42   乂    U+4E42         乂    U+4E42          乂
U+4E43   乃    U+4E43         乃    U+4E43;U+8FFA   乃;迺 U+5EFC              廼

U+4E44   乄    U+4E44         乄    U+4E44          乄
U+4E45   久    U+4E45         久    U+4E45          久    U+4E46             乆
U+4E46   乆    U+4E45         久    U+4E45          久
U+4E47   乇    U+4E47         乇    U+4E47          乇
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 4 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                 TC  Other Variant(s)    OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4E48   么    U+4E48         么    U+4E48;U+9EBC 么;麼 U+5E7A;U+5E85;      幺;庅;
                                                    U+9EBD              麽
U+4E49   义    U+4E49         义    U+7FA9        義   U+7F9B              羛
U+4E4A   乊    U+4E4A         乊    U+4E4A        乊
U+4E4B   之    U+4E4B         之    U+4E4B        之
U+4E4C   乌    U+4E4C         乌    U+70CF        烏
U+4E4D   乍    U+4E4D         乍    U+4E4D        乍
U+4E4E   乎    U+4E4E         乎    U+4E4E        乎
U+4E4F   乏    U+4E4F         乏    U+4E4F        乏
U+4E50   乐    U+4E50         乐    U+6A02        樂   U+697D              楽
U+4E51   乑    U+4E51         乑    U+4E51        乑
U+4E52   乒    U+4E52         乒    U+4E52        乒
U+4E53   乓    U+4E53         乓    U+4E53        乓
U+4E54   乔    U+4E54         乔    U+55AC        喬
U+4E56   乖    U+4E56         乖    U+4E56        乖
U+4E57   乗    U+4E58         乘    U+4E58        乘
U+4E58   乘    U+4E58         乘    U+4E58        乘   U+4E57              乗
U+4E59   乙    U+4E59         乙    U+4E59        乙
U+4E5A   乚    U+4E5A         乚    U+4E5A        乚
U+4E5B   乛    U+4E5B         乛    U+4E5B        乛
U+4E5C   乜    U+4E5C         乜    U+4E5C        乜
U+4E5D   九    U+4E5D         九    U+4E5D        九
U+4E5E   乞    U+4E5E         乞    U+4E5E        乞
U+4E5F   也    U+4E5F         也    U+4E5F        也
U+4E60   习    U+4E60         习    U+7FD2        習
U+4E61   乡    U+4E61         乡    U+9109        鄉   U+90F7;U+9115       郷;鄕
U+4E62   乢    U+4E62         乢    U+4E62        乢
U+4E63   乣    U+4E63         乣    U+4E63        乣
U+4E64   乤    U+4E64         乤    U+4E64        乤
U+4E65   乥    U+4E65         乥    U+4E65        乥
U+4E66   书    U+4E66         书    U+66F8        書
U+4E67   乧    U+4E67         乧    U+4E67        乧
U+4E69   乩    U+4E69         乩    U+4E69        乩   U+7A3D              稽
U+4E6A   乪    U+4E6A         乪    U+4E6A        乪
U+4E6B   乫    U+4E6B         乫    U+4E6B        乫
U+4E6C   乬    U+4E6C         乬    U+4E6C        乬
U+4E6D   乭    U+4E6D         乭    U+4E6D        乭
U+4E6E   乮    U+4E6E         乮    U+4E6E        乮
U+4E6F   乯    U+4E6F         乯    U+4E6F        乯
U+4E70   买    U+4E70         买    U+8CB7        買
U+4E71   乱    U+4E71         乱    U+4E82        亂   U+4E7F              乿
U+4E72   乲    U+4E72         乲    U+4E72        乲
U+4E73   乳    U+4E73         乳    U+4E73        乳
U+4E74   乴    U+4E74         乴    U+4E74        乴
U+4E75   乵    U+4E75         乵    U+4E75        乵
U+4E76   乶    U+4E76         乶    U+4E76        乶
U+4E77   乷    U+4E77         乷    U+4E77        乷
U+4E78   乸    U+4E78         乸    U+4E78        乸
U+4E7A   乺    U+4E7A         乺    U+4E7A        乺
U+4E7B   乻    U+4E7B         乻    U+4E7B        乻
U+4E7C   乼    U+4E7C         乼    U+4E7C        乼
                                                                               Annex A: Page 5 of 406
                                                             .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                   SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4E7D   乽    U+4E7D          乽   U+4E7D           乽
U+4E7E   乾    U+4E7E;U+5E72   乾;干 U+4E7E           乾     U+4E81;U+5E72;     亁;干;
                                                         U+6F27;U+5E79;     漧;幹;
                                                         U+69A6             榦
U+4E7F   乿    U+4E71          乱    U+4E7F          乿     U+4E82             亂
U+4E80   亀    U+9F9F          龟    U+9F9C          龜
U+4E81   亁    U+5E72          干    U+4E7E          乾     U+5E72;U+6F27;     干;漧;
                                                         U+5E79;U+69A6      幹;榦

U+4E82   亂    U+4E71          乱    U+4E82          亂   U+4E7F               乿
U+4E83   亃    U+4E83          亃    U+4E83          亃
U+4E84   亄    U+4E84          亄    U+4E84          亄
U+4E85   亅    U+4E85          亅    U+4E85          亅
U+4E86   了    U+4E86          了    U+4E86;U+77AD   了;瞭 U+66B8               暸

U+4E87   亇    U+4E87          亇    U+4E87          亇
U+4E88   予    U+4E88          予    U+4E88          予
U+4E89   争    U+4E89          争    U+722D          爭
U+4E8B   事    U+4E8B          事    U+4E8B          事
U+4E8C   二    U+4E8C          二    U+4E8C          二     U+5F0D;U+8CB3; 弍;貳;
                                                         U+8CAE;U+8D30 貮;贰

U+4E8D   亍    U+4E8D          亍    U+4E8D          亍
U+4E8E   于    U+4E8E          于    U+4E8E          于     U+65BC;U+6275      於;扵
U+4E8F   亏    U+4E8F          亏    U+8667          虧
U+4E90   亐    U+4E90          亐    U+4E90          亐
U+4E91   云    U+4E91          云    U+4E91;U+96F2   云;雲
U+4E92   互    U+4E92          互    U+4E92          互
U+4E93   亓    U+4E93          亓    U+4E93          亓     U+4E0C;U+5176      丌;其
U+4E94   五    U+4E94          五    U+4E94          五     U+4F0D             伍
U+4E95   井    U+4E95          井    U+4E95          井     U+4E3C             丼
U+4E97   亗    U+5C81          岁    U+6B72          歲     U+6B73             歳
U+4E98   亘    U+4E98          亘    U+4E99          亙
U+4E99   亙    U+4E98          亘    U+4E99          亙
U+4E9A   亚    U+4E9A          亚    U+4E9E          亞     U+4E9C             亜
U+4E9B   些    U+4E9B          些    U+4E9B          些
U+4E9C   亜    U+4E9A          亚    U+4E9E          亞
U+4E9D   亝    U+9F50          齐    U+9F4A          齊     U+9F50;U+6589      齐;斉
U+4E9E   亞    U+4E9A          亚    U+4E9E          亞     U+4E9C             亜
U+4E9F   亟    U+4E9F          亟    U+4E9F          亟
U+4EA0   亠    U+4EA0          亠    U+4EA0          亠
U+4EA1   亡    U+4EA1          亡    U+4EA1          亡     U+4EBE;U+5166      亾;兦

U+4EA2   亢    U+4EA2          亢    U+4EA2          亢
U+4EA4   交    U+4EA4          交    U+4EA4          交
U+4EA5   亥    U+4EA5          亥    U+4EA5          亥
U+4EA6   亦    U+4EA6          亦    U+4EA6          亦
U+4EA7   产    U+4EA7          产    U+7522          產     U+7523             産
U+4EA8   亨    U+4EA8          亨    U+4EA8          亨
U+4EA9   亩    U+4EA9          亩    U+755D          畝     U+7546;U+756E      畆;畮
U+4EAA   亪    U+4EAA          亪    U+4EAA          亪
                                                                                   Annex A: Page 6 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4EAB   享    U+4EAB         享    U+4EAB          享     U+4EAF             亯
U+4EAC   京    U+4EAC         京    U+4EAC          京     U+4EB0             亰
U+4EAD   亭    U+4EAD         亭    U+4EAD          亭
U+4EAE   亮    U+4EAE         亮    U+4EAE          亮
U+4EAF   亯    U+4EAB         享    U+4EAB          享
U+4EB0   亰    U+4EAC         京    U+4EAC          京
U+4EB1   亱    U+591C         夜    U+591C          夜
U+4EB2   亲    U+4EB2         亲    U+89AA          親
U+4EB3   亳    U+4EB3         亳    U+4EB3          亳
U+4EB4   亴    U+4EB4         亴    U+4EB4          亴
U+4EB5   亵    U+4EB5         亵    U+893B          褻
U+4EB6   亶    U+4EB6         亶    U+4EB6          亶
U+4EB7   亷    U+5EC9         廉    U+5EC9          廉     U+899D             覝
U+4EB8   亸    U+4EB8         亸    U+56B2          嚲
U+4EB9   亹    U+4EB9         亹    U+4EB9          亹     U+6596             斖
U+4EBA   人    U+4EBA         人    U+4EBA          人
U+4EBB   亻    U+4EBB         亻    U+4EBB          亻
U+4EBD   亽    U+4EBD         亽    U+4EBD          亽
U+4EBE   亾    U+4EA1         亡    U+4EA1          亡     U+5166             兦
U+4EBF   亿    U+4EBF         亿    U+5104          億
U+4EC0   什    U+4EC0         什    U+4EC0          什
U+4EC1   仁    U+4EC1         仁    U+4EC1          仁     U+5FC8             忈
U+4EC2   仂    U+4EC2         仂    U+4EC2          仂
U+4EC3   仃    U+4EC3         仃    U+4EC3          仃
U+4EC4   仄    U+4EC4         仄    U+4EC4          仄     U+5E82             庂
U+4EC5   仅    U+4EC5         仅    U+50C5          僅
U+4EC6   仆    U+4EC6         仆    U+4EC6;U+50D5   仆;僕

U+4EC7   仇    U+4EC7         仇    U+4EC7          仇     U+8B8E;U+8B90; 讎;讐;
                                                        U+96E0         雠
U+4EC8   仈    U+4EC8         仈    U+4EC8          仈
U+4EC9   仉    U+4EC9         仉    U+4EC9          仉
U+4ECA   今    U+4ECA         今    U+4ECA          今
U+4ECB   介    U+4ECB         介    U+4ECB          介
U+4ECD   仍    U+4ECD         仍    U+4ECD          仍
U+4ECE   从    U+4ECE         从    U+5F9E          從     U+5F93             従
U+4ECF   仏    U+4F5B         佛    U+4F5B          佛     U+5F7F;U+9AF4      彿;髴
U+4ED0   仐    U+4ED0         仐    U+4ED0          仐
U+4ED1   仑    U+4ED1         仑    U+4F96;U+5D19   侖;崙   U+5D18             崘
U+4ED2   仒    U+4ED2         仒    U+4ED2          仒
U+4ED3   仓    U+4ED3         仓    U+5009          倉
U+4ED4   仔    U+4ED4         仔    U+4ED4          仔
U+4ED5   仕    U+4ED5         仕    U+4ED5          仕
U+4ED6   他    U+4ED6         他    U+4ED6          他     U+6039             怹
U+4ED7   仗    U+4ED7         仗    U+4ED7          仗
U+4ED8   付    U+4ED8         付    U+4ED8          付
U+4ED9   仙    U+4ED9         仙    U+4ED9          仙     U+4EDA;U+50CA 仚;僊

U+4EDA   仚    U+4ED9         仙    U+4EDA          仚     U+50CA             僊
U+4EDB   仛    U+4EDB         仛    U+4EDB          仛
U+4EDC   仜    U+4EDC         仜    U+4EDC          仜
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 7 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4EDD   仝    U+4EDD         仝    U+4EDD         仝    U+540C;U+8855      同;衕
U+4EDE   仞    U+4EDE         仞    U+4EDE         仞
U+4EDF   仟    U+4EDF         仟    U+4EDF         仟    U+5343;U+97C6      千;韆
U+4EE0   仠    U+4EE0         仠    U+4EE0         仠
U+4EE1   仡    U+4EE1         仡    U+4EE1         仡
U+4EE2   仢    U+4EE2         仢    U+4EE2         仢
U+4EE3   代    U+4EE3         代    U+4EE3         代
U+4EE4   令    U+4EE4         令    U+4EE4         令
U+4EE5   以    U+4EE5         以    U+4EE5         以
U+4EE6   仦    U+4EE6         仦    U+4EE6         仦
U+4EE8   仨    U+4EE8         仨    U+4EE8         仨
U+4EE9   仩    U+4E0A         上    U+4EE9         仩    U+4E04             丄
U+4EEA   仪    U+4EEA         仪    U+5100         儀
U+4EEB   仫    U+4EEB         仫    U+4EEB         仫
U+4EEC   们    U+4EEC         们    U+5011         們
U+4EEE   仮    U+4EEE         仮    U+4EEE         仮                             (HK)
U+4EEF   仯    U+4EEF         仯    U+4EEF         仯
U+4EF0   仰    U+4EF0         仰    U+4EF0         仰    U+4F52             佒
U+4EF1   仱    U+4EF1         仱    U+4EF1         仱
U+4EF2   仲    U+4EF2         仲    U+4EF2         仲    U+72C6             狆
U+4EF3   仳    U+4EF3         仳    U+4EF3         仳
U+4EF4   仴    U+4EF4         仴    U+4EF4         仴
U+4EF5   仵    U+4EF5         仵    U+4EF5         仵
U+4EF6   件    U+4EF6         件    U+4EF6         件
U+4EF7   价    U+4EF7         价    U+50F9         價    U+4FA1             価
U+4EFB   任    U+4EFB         任    U+4EFB         任
U+4EFD   份    U+4EFD         份    U+4EFD         份    U+5F6C          彬
U+4EFF   仿    U+4EFF         仿    U+4EFF         仿    U+5023;U+5F77;U 倣;彷;
                                                      +9AE3           髣
U+4F00   伀    U+4F00         伀    U+4F00         伀
U+4F01   企    U+4F01         企    U+4F01         企
U+4F02   伂    U+6C9B         沛    U+4F02         伂
U+4F03   伃    U+4F03         伃    U+4F03         伃
U+4F04   伄    U+4F04         伄    U+4F04         伄
U+4F05   伅    U+4F05         伅    U+4F05         伅
U+4F06   伆    U+4F06         伆    U+4F06         伆
U+4F08   伈    U+4F08         伈    U+4F08         伈
U+4F09   伉    U+4F09         伉    U+4F09         伉
U+4F0A   伊    U+4F0A         伊    U+4F0A         伊    U+6D22             洢
U+4F0B   伋    U+4F0B         伋    U+4F0B         伋    U+89D9             觙
U+4F0C   伌    U+4F0C         伌    U+4F0C         伌
U+4F0D   伍    U+4F0D         伍    U+4F0D         伍    U+4E94             五
U+4F0E   伎    U+4F0E         伎    U+4F0E         伎
U+4F0F   伏    U+4F0F         伏    U+4F0F         伏
U+4F10   伐    U+4F10         伐    U+4F10         伐
U+4F11   休    U+4F11         休    U+4F11         休
U+4F12   伒    U+4F12         伒    U+4F12         伒
U+4F13   伓    U+4F13         伓    U+4F13         伓
U+4F14   伔    U+628C         抌    U+4F14         伔
U+4F15   伕    U+592B         夫    U+4F15         伕
U+4F17   众    U+4F17         众    U+773E         眾    U+8846             衆
                                                                               Annex A: Page 8 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4F18   优    U+4F18         优    U+512A          優
U+4F19   伙    U+4F19         伙    U+4F19;U+5925   伙;夥
U+4F1A   会    U+4F1A         会    U+6703          會
U+4F1B   伛    U+4F1B         伛    U+50B4          傴
U+4F1C   伜    U+5005         倅    U+5005          倅
U+4F1D   伝    U+4F1D         伝    U+4F1D          伝
U+4F1E   伞    U+4F1E         伞    U+5098          傘   U+7E56              繖
U+4F1F   伟    U+4F1F         伟    U+5049          偉
U+4F20   传    U+4F20         传    U+50B3          傳
U+4F21   伡    U+4F21         伡    U+4FE5          俥
U+4F22   伢    U+4F22         伢    U+4F22          伢
U+4F23   伣    U+4F23         伣    U+4FD4          俔
U+4F24   伤    U+4F24         伤    U+50B7          傷
U+4F25   伥    U+4F25         伥    U+5000          倀
U+4F26   伦    U+4F26         伦    U+502B          倫
U+4F27   伧    U+4F27         伧    U+5096          傖
U+4F29   伩    U+4FE1         信    U+4FE1          信
U+4F2A   伪    U+4F2A         伪    U+507D          偽   U+50DE              僞
U+4F2B   伫    U+4F2B         伫    U+4F47          佇
U+4F2C   伬    U+4F2C         伬    U+4F2C          伬
U+4F2D   伭    U+4F2D         伭    U+4F2D          伭
U+4F2E   伮    U+4F2E         伮    U+4F2E          伮
U+4F2F   伯    U+4F2F         伯    U+4F2F          伯
U+4F30   估    U+4F30         估    U+4F30          估
U+4F32   伲    U+4F32         伲    U+4F60          你   U+511E;U+59B3;      儞;妳;
                                                      U+5976;U+5B2D       奶;嬭

U+4F33   伳    U+4F33         伳    U+4F33          伳
U+4F34   伴    U+4F34         伴    U+4F34          伴
U+4F36   伶    U+4F36         伶    U+4F36          伶
U+4F38   伸    U+4F38         伸    U+4F38          伸    U+62BB             抻
U+4F39   伹    U+4F39         伹    U+4F39          伹
U+4F3A   伺    U+4F3A         伺    U+4F3A          伺
U+4F3B   伻    U+4F3B         伻    U+4F3B          伻
U+4F3C   似    U+4F3C         似    U+4F3C          似
U+4F3D   伽    U+4F3D         伽    U+4F3D          伽
U+4F3E   伾    U+4F3E         伾    U+4F3E          伾
U+4F3F   伿    U+4F3F         伿    U+4F3F          伿
U+4F41   佁    U+4F41         佁    U+4F41          佁
U+4F42   佂    U+4F42         佂    U+4F42          佂
U+4F43   佃    U+4F43         佃    U+4F43          佃
U+4F45   佅    U+4F45         佅    U+4F45          佅
U+4F46   但    U+4F46         但    U+4F46          但
U+4F47   佇    U+4F2B         伫    U+4F47          佇
U+4F48   佈    U+5E03         布    U+4F48          佈
U+4F49   佉    U+4F49         佉    U+4F49          佉
U+4F4A   佊    U+4F4A         佊    U+4F4A          佊
U+4F4B   佋    U+4F4B         佋    U+4F4B          佋
U+4F4C   佌    U+4F4C         佌    U+4F4C          佌
U+4F4D   位    U+4F4D         位    U+4F4D          位
U+4F4E   低    U+4F4E         低    U+4F4E          低
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 9 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4F4F   住    U+4F4F         住    U+4F4F          住
U+4F50   佐    U+4F50         佐    U+4F50          佐
U+4F51   佑    U+4F51         佑    U+4F51          佑
U+4F52   佒    U+4EF0         仰    U+4F52          佒
U+4F53   体    U+4F53         体    U+9AD4          體    U+8EB0;U+8EC6; 躰;軆;
                                                       U+9AB5         骵
U+4F54   佔    U+5360         占    U+4F54          佔
U+4F55   何    U+4F55         何    U+4F55          何
U+4F56   佖    U+4F56         佖    U+4F56          佖
U+4F57   佗    U+4F57         佗    U+4F57          佗
U+4F58   佘    U+4F58         佘    U+4F58          佘
U+4F59   余    U+4F59         余    U+4F59;U+9918   余;餘 U+9980              馀
U+4F5A   佚    U+4F5A         佚    U+4F5A          佚
U+4F5B   佛    U+4F5B         佛    U+4F5B          佛   U+4ECF;U+5F7F;      仏;彿;
                                                      U+9AF4              髴
U+4F5C   作    U+4F5C         作    U+4F5C          作
U+4F5D   佝    U+4F5D         佝    U+4F5D          佝   U+6010              怐
U+4F5E   佞    U+4F5E         佞    U+4F5E          佞   U+4FAB              侫
U+4F5F   佟    U+4F5F         佟    U+4F5F          佟
U+4F60   你    U+4F60         你    U+4F60          你   U+4F32;U+511E;      伲;儞;
                                                      U+59B3;U+5976;U     妳;奶;
                                                      +5B2D               嬭
U+4F61   佡    U+4F61         佡    U+4F61          佡
U+4F62   佢    U+4F62         佢    U+4F62          佢
U+4F63   佣    U+4F63         佣    U+4F63;U+50AD   佣;傭

U+4F64   佤    U+4F64         佤    U+4F64          佤
U+4F65   佥    U+4F65         佥    U+50C9          僉
U+4F66   佦    U+4F66         佦    U+4F66          佦
U+4F67   佧    U+4F67         佧    U+4F67          佧
U+4F68   佨    U+4F68         佨    U+4F68          佨
U+4F69   佩    U+4F69         佩    U+4F69;U+73EE   佩;珮
U+4F6A   佪    U+5F8A         徊    U+4F6A          佪
U+4F6B   佫    U+4F6B         佫    U+4F6B          佫
U+4F6C   佬    U+4F6C         佬    U+4F6C          佬   U+72EB              狫
U+4F6D   佭    U+4F6D         佭    U+4F6D          佭
U+4F6E   佮    U+4F6E         佮    U+4F6E          佮
U+4F6F   佯    U+4F6F         佯    U+4F6F          佯
U+4F70   佰    U+4F70         佰    U+4F70          佰
U+4F72   佲    U+4F72         佲    U+4F72          佲
U+4F73   佳    U+4F73         佳    U+4F73          佳
U+4F74   佴    U+4F74         佴    U+4F74          佴
U+4F75   併    U+5E76         并    U+4F75          併   U+4E26;U+5002;U     並;倂;
                                                      +5E76;U+7ADD;U      并;竝;
                                                      +5E77               幷
U+4F76   佶    U+4F76         佶    U+4F76          佶
U+4F77   佷    U+5F88         很    U+4F77          佷
U+4F78   佸    U+4F78         佸    U+4F78          佸
U+4F79   佹    U+4F79         佹    U+4F79          佹
U+4F7A   佺    U+4F7A         佺    U+4F7A          佺
U+4F7B   佻    U+4F7B         佻    U+4F7B          佻
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 10 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4F7C   佼    U+4F7C         佼    U+4F7C          佼
U+4F7D   佽    U+4F7D         佽    U+4F7D          佽
U+4F7E   佾    U+4F7E         佾    U+4F7E          佾
U+4F7F   使    U+4F7F         使    U+4F7F          使
U+4F80   侀    U+4F80         侀    U+4F80          侀
U+4F81   侁    U+4F81         侁    U+4F81          侁
U+4F82   侂    U+4F82         侂    U+4F82          侂
U+4F83   侃    U+4F83         侃    U+4F83          侃
U+4F84   侄    U+4F84         侄    U+4F84;U+59EA   侄;姪
U+4F85   侅    U+4F85         侅    U+4F85          侅
U+4F86   來    U+6765         来    U+4F86          來
U+4F87   侇    U+5937         夷    U+4F87          侇
U+4F88   侈    U+4F88         侈    U+4F88          侈
U+4F89   侉    U+4F89         侉    U+4F89          侉
U+4F8A   侊    U+4F8A         侊    U+4F8A          侊
U+4F8B   例    U+4F8B         例    U+4F8B          例
U+4F8D   侍    U+4F8D         侍    U+4F8D          侍
U+4F8F   侏    U+4F8F         侏    U+4F8F          侏
U+4F90   侐    U+4F90         侐    U+4F90          侐
U+4F91   侑    U+4F91         侑    U+4F91          侑
U+4F92   侒    U+5B89         安    U+4F92          侒
U+4F93   侓    U+4F93         侓    U+4F93          侓
U+4F94   侔    U+4F94         侔    U+4F94          侔
U+4F95   侕    U+4F95         侕    U+4F95          侕
U+4F96   侖    U+4ED1         仑    U+4F96          侖   U+5D18;U+5D19       崘;崙

U+4F97   侗    U+4F97         侗    U+4F97          侗
U+4F98   侘    U+8BE7         诧    U+4F98          侘    U+8BE7;U+8A6B      诧;詫

U+4F99   侙    U+4F99         侙    U+4F99          侙
U+4F9A   侚    U+4F9A         侚    U+4F9A          侚
U+4F9B   供    U+4F9B         供    U+4F9B          供
U+4F9C   侜    U+4F9C         侜    U+4F9C          侜
U+4F9D   依    U+4F9D         依    U+4F9D          依
U+4F9E   侞    U+4F9E         侞    U+4F9E          侞
U+4F9F   侟    U+4F9F         侟    U+4F9F          侟
U+4FA0   侠    U+4FA0         侠    U+4FE0          俠
U+4FA1   価    U+4EF7         价    U+50F9          價
U+4FA3   侣    U+4FA3         侣    U+4FB6          侶
U+4FA4   侤    U+4FA4         侤    U+4FA4          侤
U+4FA5   侥    U+4FA5         侥    U+50E5          僥    U+510C;U+5FBA      儌;徺

U+4FA6   侦    U+4FA6         侦    U+5075          偵    U+9049             遉
U+4FA7   侧    U+4FA7         侧    U+5074          側
U+4FA8   侨    U+4FA8         侨    U+50D1          僑
U+4FA9   侩    U+4FA9         侩    U+5108          儈
U+4FAA   侪    U+4FAA         侪    U+5115          儕
U+4FAB   侫    U+4F5E         佞    U+4F5E          佞
U+4FAC   侬    U+4FAC         侬    U+5102          儂
U+4FAE   侮    U+4FAE         侮    U+4FAE          侮
U+4FAF   侯    U+4FAF         侯    U+4FAF          侯
                                                                                Annex A: Page 11 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4FB0   侰    U+4FB0         侰    U+4FB0         侰
U+4FB1   侱    U+4FB1         侱    U+4FB1         侱
U+4FB2   侲    U+4FB2         侲    U+4FB2         侲
U+4FB3   侳    U+4FB3         侳    U+4FB3         侳
U+4FB4   侴    U+4FB4         侴    U+4FB4         侴
U+4FB5   侵    U+4FB5         侵    U+4FB5         侵
U+4FB6   侶    U+4FA3         侣    U+4FB6         侶
U+4FB7   侷    U+5C40         局    U+4FB7         侷    U+5C40;U+8DFC 局;跼

U+4FB8   侸    U+4FB8         侸    U+4FB8         侸
U+4FB9   侹    U+4FB9         侹    U+4FB9         侹
U+4FBA   侺    U+4FBA         侺    U+4FBA         侺
U+4FBB   侻    U+4FBB         侻    U+4FBB         侻
U+4FBC   侼    U+4FBC         侼    U+4FBC         侼
U+4FBE   侾    U+4FBE         侾    U+4FBE         侾
U+4FBF   便    U+4FBF         便    U+4FBF         便
U+4FC0   俀    U+4FC0         俀    U+4FC0         俀
U+4FC1   俁    U+4FE3         俣    U+4FC1         俁
U+4FC2   係    U+7CFB         系    U+4FC2         係    U+7CFB;U+7E6B 系;繫

U+4FC3   促    U+4FC3         促    U+4FC3         促
U+4FC4   俄    U+4FC4         俄    U+4FC4         俄
U+4FC5   俅    U+4FC5         俅    U+4FC5         俅
U+4FC7   俇    U+4FC7         俇    U+4FC7         俇
U+4FC9   俉    U+4FC9         俉    U+4FC9         俉
U+4FCA   俊    U+4FCA         俊    U+4FCA         俊    U+5101             儁
U+4FCB   俋    U+4FCB         俋    U+4FCB         俋
U+4FCD   俍    U+4FCD         俍    U+4FCD         俍
U+4FCE   俎    U+4FCE         俎    U+4FCE         俎    U+723C             爼
U+4FCF   俏    U+4FCF         俏    U+4FCF         俏
U+4FD0   俐    U+4FD0         俐    U+4FD0         俐
U+4FD1   俑    U+4FD1         俑    U+4FD1         俑
U+4FD2   俒    U+4FD2         俒    U+4FD2         俒
U+4FD3   俓    U+4FD3         俓    U+4FD3         俓
U+4FD4   俔    U+4F23         伣    U+4FD4         俔
U+4FD5   俕    U+4FD5         俕    U+4FD5         俕
U+4FD6   俖    U+4FD6         俖    U+4FD6         俖
U+4FD7   俗    U+4FD7         俗    U+4FD7         俗
U+4FD8   俘    U+4FD8         俘    U+4FD8         俘
U+4FD9   俙    U+4FD9         俙    U+4FD9         俙
U+4FDA   俚    U+4FDA         俚    U+4FDA         俚
U+4FDB   俛    U+4FEF         俯    U+4FDB         俛    U+4FEF;U+982B      俯;頫

U+4FDC   俜    U+4FDC         俜    U+4FDC         俜
U+4FDD   保    U+4FDD         保    U+4FDD         保    U+5AAC             媬
U+4FDE   俞    U+4FDE         俞    U+4FDE         俞    U+516A;U+9103      兪;鄃
U+4FDF   俟    U+4FDF         俟    U+4FDF         俟    U+7AE2             竢
U+4FE0   俠    U+4FA0         侠    U+4FE0         俠
U+4FE1   信    U+4FE1         信    U+4FE1         信    U+4F29             伩
U+4FE3   俣    U+4FE3         俣    U+4FC1         俁
U+4FE4   俤    U+4FE4         俤    U+4FE4         俤
                                                                               Annex A: Page 12 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+4FE5   俥    U+4F21         伡    U+4FE5         俥
U+4FE6   俦    U+4FE6         俦    U+5114         儔
U+4FE7   俧    U+4FE7         俧    U+4FE7         俧
U+4FE8   俨    U+4FE8         俨    U+513C         儼
U+4FE9   俩    U+4FE9         俩    U+5006         倆
U+4FEA   俪    U+4FEA         俪    U+5137         儷
U+4FEB   俫    U+4FEB         俫    U+5008         倈
U+4FEC   俬    U+4FEC         俬    U+4FEC         俬
U+4FED   俭    U+4FED         俭    U+5109         儉    U+5039             倹
U+4FEE   修    U+4FEE         修    U+4FEE         修    U+8129             脩
U+4FEF   俯    U+4FEF         俯    U+4FEF         俯    U+4FDB;U+982B      俛;頫

U+4FF0   俰    U+4FF0         俰    U+4FF0         俰
U+4FF1   俱    U+4FF1         俱    U+4FF1         俱    U+5036             倶
U+4FF2   俲    U+6548         效    U+509A         傚    U+6548;U+52B9      效;効
U+4FF3   俳    U+4FF3         俳    U+4FF3         俳
U+4FF4   俴    U+4FF4         俴    U+4FF4         俴
U+4FF5   俵    U+4FF5         俵    U+4FF5         俵
U+4FF6   俶    U+4FF6         俶    U+4FF6         俶
U+4FF7   俷    U+4FF7         俷    U+4FF7         俷
U+4FF8   俸    U+4FF8         俸    U+4FF8         俸
U+4FF9   俹    U+4FF9         俹    U+4FF9         俹
U+4FFA   俺    U+4FFA         俺    U+4FFA         俺
U+4FFB   俻    U+5907         备    U+5099         備    U+5907;U+5079      备;偹
U+4FFE   俾    U+4FFE         俾    U+4FFE         俾
U+4FFF   俿    U+4FFF         俿    U+4FFF         俿
U+5000   倀    U+4F25         伥    U+5000         倀
U+5001   倁    U+5001         倁    U+5001         倁
U+5002   倂    U+5E76         并    U+4F75         併    U+5E76;U+4E26; 并;並;
                                                      U+7ADD;U+5E77 竝;幷

U+5003   倃    U+5003         倃    U+5003         倃
U+5004   倄    U+5004         倄    U+5004         倄
U+5005   倅    U+5005         倅    U+5005         倅    U+4F1C             伜
U+5006   倆    U+4FE9         俩    U+5006         倆
U+5007   倇    U+5A49         婉    U+5007         倇
U+5008   倈    U+4FEB         俫    U+5008         倈
U+5009   倉    U+4ED3         仓    U+5009         倉
U+500A   倊    U+500A         倊    U+500A         倊
U+500B   個    U+4E2A         个    U+500B         個    U+7B87             箇
U+500C   倌    U+500C         倌    U+500C         倌
U+500D   倍    U+500D         倍    U+500D         倍
U+500E   倎    U+8146         腆    U+500E         倎
U+500F   倏    U+500F         倏    U+500F         倏    U+5135             儵
U+5011   們    U+4EEC         们    U+5011         們
U+5012   倒    U+5012         倒    U+5012         倒
U+5013   倓    U+5013         倓    U+5013         倓
U+5014   倔    U+5014         倔    U+5014         倔
U+5015   倕    U+5015         倕    U+5015         倕
U+5016   倖    U+5E78         幸    U+5016         倖
U+5017   倗    U+5017         倗    U+5017         倗
                                                                               Annex A: Page 13 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5018   倘    U+5018         倘    U+5018          倘
U+5019   候    U+5019         候    U+5019          候
U+501A   倚    U+501A         倚    U+501A          倚
U+501B   倛    U+501B         倛    U+501B          倛
U+501C   倜    U+501C         倜    U+501C          倜
U+501D   倝    U+501D         倝    U+501D          倝
U+501E   倞    U+501E         倞    U+501E          倞
U+501F   借    U+501F         借    U+501F;U+85C9   借;藉   U+8024             耤
U+5020   倠    U+5020         倠    U+5020          倠
U+5021   倡    U+5021         倡    U+5021          倡
U+5022   倢    U+5022         倢    U+5022          倢
U+5023   倣    U+4EFF         仿    U+5023          倣     U+5F77;U+9AE3      彷;髣
U+5024   値    U+503C         值    U+503C          值
U+5025   倥    U+5025         倥    U+5025          倥
U+5026   倦    U+5026         倦    U+5026          倦     U+52B5;U+5238      劵;券
U+5027   倧    U+5027         倧    U+5027          倧
U+5028   倨    U+5028         倨    U+5028          倨
U+5029   倩    U+5029         倩    U+5029          倩
U+502A   倪    U+502A         倪    U+502A          倪     U+6DE3             淣
U+502B   倫    U+4F26         伦    U+502B          倫
U+502C   倬    U+502C         倬    U+502C          倬
U+502D   倭    U+502D         倭    U+502D          倭
U+502E   倮    U+502E         倮    U+502E          倮
U+502F   倯    U+502F         倯    U+502F          倯
U+5030   倰    U+5030         倰    U+5030          倰
U+5031   倱    U+5031         倱    U+5031          倱
U+5032   倲    U+5032         倲    U+5032          倲
U+5033   倳    U+5033         倳    U+5033          倳     U+525A             剚
U+5035   倵    U+5035         倵    U+5035          倵
U+5036   倶    U+4FF1         俱    U+4FF1          俱
U+5037   倷    U+5037         倷    U+5037          倷
U+5039   倹    U+4FED         俭    U+5109          儉
U+503A   债    U+503A         债    U+50B5          債
U+503B   倻    U+503B         倻    U+503B          倻
U+503C   值    U+503C         值    U+503C          值     U+5024             値
U+503E   倾    U+503E         倾    U+50BE          傾
U+503F   倿    U+503F         倿    U+503F          倿
U+5040   偀    U+82F1         英    U+5040          偀
U+5041   偁    U+79F0         称    U+5041          偁     U+79F0;U+7A31      称;稱
U+5043   偃    U+5043         偃    U+5043          偃
U+5044   偄    U+5044         偄    U+5044          偄
U+5045   偅    U+5045         偅    U+5045          偅
U+5046   偆    U+5046         偆    U+5046          偆
U+5047   假    U+5047         假    U+5047          假     U+53DA             叚     (HK:U+53DA)
U+5048   偈    U+5048         偈    U+5048          偈
U+5049   偉    U+4F1F         伟    U+5049          偉
U+504A   偊    U+504A         偊    U+504A          偊
U+504B   偋    U+504B         偋    U+504B          偋
U+504C   偌    U+504C         偌    U+504C          偌
U+504D   偍    U+504D         偍    U+504D          偍
U+504E   偎    U+504E         偎    U+504E          偎
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 14 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+504F   偏    U+504F         偏    U+504F         偏
U+5051   偑    U+5051         偑    U+5051         偑
U+5053   偓    U+5053         偓    U+5053         偓
U+5054   偔    U+5054         偔    U+5054         偔
U+5055   偕    U+5055         偕    U+5055         偕
U+5056   偖    U+5056         偖    U+5056         偖
U+5057   偗    U+5057         偗    U+5057         偗
U+5059   偙    U+5059         偙    U+5059         偙
U+505A   做    U+505A         做    U+505A         做
U+505B   偛    U+505B         偛    U+505B         偛
U+505C   停    U+505C         停    U+505C         停
U+505D   偝    U+80CC         背    U+505D         偝    U+80CC;U+63F9      背;揹

U+505E   偞    U+505E         偞    U+505E         偞
U+505F   偟    U+505F         偟    U+505F         偟
U+5060   偠    U+5060         偠    U+5060         偠
U+5061   偡    U+5061         偡    U+5061         偡
U+5062   偢    U+7785         瞅    U+5062         偢
U+5063   偣    U+5063         偣    U+5063         偣
U+5064   偤    U+5064         偤    U+5064         偤
U+5065   健    U+5065         健    U+5065         健
U+5066   偦    U+5066         偦    U+5066         偦
U+5067   偧    U+5067         偧    U+5067         偧
U+5068   偨    U+5068         偨    U+5068         偨
U+5069   偩    U+5069         偩    U+5069         偩
U+506A   偪    U+506A         偪    U+506A         偪
U+506B   偫    U+506B         偫    U+506B         偫
U+506C   偬    U+506C         偬    U+506C         偬    U+50AF             傯
U+506D   偭    U+506D         偭    U+506D         偭
U+506E   偮    U+506E         偮    U+506E         偮
U+506F   偯    U+506F         偯    U+506F         偯
U+5070   偰    U+5070         偰    U+5070         偰
U+5071   偱    U+5071         偱    U+5071         偱
U+5072   偲    U+5072         偲    U+5072         偲
U+5073   偳    U+5073         偳    U+5073         偳
U+5074   側    U+4FA7         侧    U+5074         側
U+5075   偵    U+4FA6         侦    U+5075         偵    U+9049             遉
U+5076   偶    U+5076         偶    U+5076         偶
U+5077   偷    U+5077         偷    U+5077         偷    U+5078;U+5A7E; 偸;婾;
                                                      U+5AAE         媮
U+5078   偸    U+5077         偷    U+5077         偷    U+5A7E;U+5AAE 婾;媮

U+5079   偹    U+5907         备    U+5099         備    U+5907;U+4FFB      备;俻
U+507A   偺    U+54B1         咱    U+507A         偺    U+54B1;U+5592      咱;喒
U+507B   偻    U+507B         偻    U+50C2         僂
U+507D   偽    U+4F2A         伪    U+507D         偽    U+50DE             僞
U+507E   偾    U+507E         偾    U+50E8         僨
U+507F   偿    U+507F         偿    U+511F         償
U+5080   傀    U+5080         傀    U+5080         傀
U+5082   傂    U+5082         傂    U+5082         傂
U+5083   傃    U+5083         傃    U+5083         傃
                                                                               Annex A: Page 15 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5084   傄    U+5084         傄    U+5084         傄
U+5085   傅    U+5085         傅    U+5085         傅
U+5086   傆    U+5086         傆    U+5086         傆
U+5087   傇    U+5087         傇    U+5087         傇
U+5088   傈    U+5088         傈    U+5088         傈
U+5089   傉    U+5089         傉    U+5089         傉
U+508A   傊    U+508A         傊    U+508A         傊
U+508B   傋    U+508B         傋    U+508B         傋
U+508C   傌    U+9A82         骂    U+508C         傌    U+9A82;U+7F75;     骂;罵;
                                                      U+99E1             駡
U+508D   傍    U+508D         傍    U+508D         傍    U+5FAC             徬
U+508E   傎    U+98A0         颠    U+508E         傎    U+98A0;U+985B;     颠;顛;
                                                      U+985A             顚
U+508F   傏    U+508F         傏    U+508F         傏
U+5090   傐    U+5090         傐    U+5090         傐
U+5091   傑    U+6770         杰    U+5091         傑
U+5092   傒    U+5092         傒    U+5092         傒
U+5094   傔    U+5094         傔    U+5094         傔
U+5095   傕    U+5095         傕    U+5095         傕
U+5096   傖    U+4F27         伧    U+5096         傖
U+5098   傘    U+4F1E         伞    U+5098         傘    U+7E56             繖
U+5099   備    U+5907         备    U+5099         備    U+5907;U+4FFB;     备;俻;
                                                      U+5079             偹
U+509A   傚    U+6548         效    U+509A         傚    U+4FF2;U+6548;U    俲;效;
                                                      +52B9              効
U+509B   傛    U+509B         傛    U+509B         傛
U+509C   傜    U+5FAD         徭    U+509C         傜
U+509D   傝    U+509D         傝    U+509D         傝
U+509E   傞    U+509E         傞    U+509E         傞
U+50A2   傢    U+5BB6         家    U+50A2         傢
U+50A3   傣    U+50A3         傣    U+50A3         傣
U+50A4   傤    U+50A4         傤    U+510E         儎
U+50A5   傥    U+50A5         傥    U+513B         儻
U+50A6   傦    U+50A6         傦    U+50A6         傦
U+50A7   傧    U+50A7         傧    U+5110         儐
U+50A8   储    U+50A8         储    U+5132         儲
U+50A9   傩    U+50A9         傩    U+513A         儺
U+50AA   傪    U+50AA         傪    U+50AA         傪
U+50AB   傫    U+50AB         傫    U+50AB         傫
U+50AC   催    U+50AC         催    U+50AC         催
U+50AD   傭    U+4F63         佣    U+50AD         傭
U+50AE   傮    U+5608         嘈    U+50AE         傮
U+50AF   傯    U+506C         偬    U+50AF         傯
U+50B0   傰    U+50B0         傰    U+50B0         傰
U+50B1   傱    U+50B1         傱    U+50B1         傱
U+50B2   傲    U+50B2         傲    U+50B2         傲
U+50B3   傳    U+4F20         传    U+50B3         傳
U+50B4   傴    U+4F1B         伛    U+50B4         傴
U+50B5   債    U+503A         债    U+50B5         債
U+50B6   傶    U+8160         腠    U+50B6         傶
U+50B7   傷    U+4F24         伤    U+50B7         傷
                                                                                Annex A: Page 16 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+50B8   傸    U+50B8         傸    U+50B8         傸
U+50BA   傺    U+50BA         傺    U+50BA         傺
U+50BB   傻    U+50BB         傻    U+50BB         傻    U+510D             儍
U+50BC   傼    U+50BC         傼    U+50BC         傼
U+50BD   傽    U+50BD         傽    U+50BD         傽
U+50BE   傾    U+503E         倾    U+50BE         傾
U+50BF   傿    U+50BF         傿    U+50BF         傿
U+50C0   僀    U+50C0         僀    U+50C0         僀
U+50C1   僁    U+50C1         僁    U+50C1         僁
U+50C2   僂    U+507B         偻    U+50C2         僂
U+50C4   僄    U+50C4         僄    U+50C4         僄
U+50C5   僅    U+4EC5         仅    U+50C5         僅
U+50C6   僆    U+50C6         僆    U+50C6         僆
U+50C7   僇    U+50C7         僇    U+50C7         僇
U+50C8   僈    U+50C8         僈    U+50C8         僈
U+50C9   僉    U+4F65         佥    U+50C9         僉
U+50CA   僊    U+4ED9         仙    U+50CA         僊    U+4EDA             仚
U+50CB   僋    U+50CB         僋    U+50CB         僋
U+50CC   僌    U+50CC         僌    U+50CC         僌
U+50CD   働    U+52A8         动    U+52D5         動
U+50CE   僎    U+50CE         僎    U+50CE         僎
U+50CF   像    U+50CF         像    U+50CF         像    U+8C61             象
U+50D0   僐    U+50D0         僐    U+50D0         僐
U+50D1   僑    U+4FA8         侨    U+50D1         僑
U+50D2   僒    U+50D2         僒    U+50D2         僒
U+50D3   僓    U+50D3         僓    U+50D3         僓
U+50D4   僔    U+50D4         僔    U+50D4         僔
U+50D5   僕    U+4EC6         仆    U+50D5         僕
U+50D6   僖    U+50D6         僖    U+50D6         僖
U+50D7   僗    U+50D7         僗    U+50D7         僗
U+50D9   僙    U+50D9         僙    U+50D9         僙
U+50DA   僚    U+50DA         僚    U+50DA         僚
U+50DB   僛    U+50DB         僛    U+50DB         僛
U+50DC   僜    U+50DC         僜    U+50DC         僜
U+50DD   僝    U+50DD         僝    U+50DD         僝
U+50DE   僞    U+4F2A         伪    U+507D         偽
U+50E0   僠    U+50E0         僠    U+50E0         僠
U+50E3   僣    U+50ED         僭    U+50E3         僣
U+50E4   僤    U+50E4         僤    U+50E4         僤
U+50E5   僥    U+4FA5         侥    U+50E5         僥    U+510C;U+5FBA      儌;徺

U+50E6   僦    U+50E6         僦    U+50E6         僦
U+50E7   僧    U+50E7         僧    U+50E7         僧
U+50E8   僨    U+507E         偾    U+50E8         僨
U+50E9   僩    U+50E9         僩    U+50E9         僩
U+50EA   僪    U+50EA         僪    U+50EA         僪
U+50EC   僬    U+50EC         僬    U+50EC         僬
U+50ED   僭    U+50ED         僭    U+50ED         僭    U+50E3             僣
U+50EE   僮    U+50EE         僮    U+50EE         僮    U+735E             獞
U+50EF   僯    U+50EF         僯    U+50EF         僯
U+50F0   僰    U+50F0         僰    U+50F0         僰
                                                                               Annex A: Page 17 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+50F1   僱    U+96C7         雇    U+50F1         僱
U+50F2   僲    U+50F2         僲    U+50F2         僲
U+50F3   僳    U+50F3         僳    U+50F3         僳
U+50F5   僵    U+50F5         僵    U+50F5         僵    U+6BAD             殭
U+50F6   僶    U+50F6         僶    U+50F6         僶
U+50F8   僸    U+50F8         僸    U+50F8         僸
U+50F9   價    U+4EF7         价    U+50F9         價    U+4FA1             価
U+50FA   僺    U+50FA         僺    U+50FA         僺
U+50FB   僻    U+50FB         僻    U+50FB         僻
U+50FC   僼    U+50FC         僼    U+50FC         僼
U+50FD   僽    U+50FD         僽    U+50FD         僽
U+50FE   僾    U+50FE         僾    U+50FE         僾
U+50FF   僿    U+50FF         僿    U+50FF         僿
U+5100   儀    U+4EEA         仪    U+5100         儀
U+5101   儁    U+4FCA         俊    U+4FCA         俊
U+5102   儂    U+4FAC         侬    U+5102         儂
U+5103   儃    U+5103         儃    U+5103         儃
U+5104   億    U+4EBF         亿    U+5104         億
U+5105   儅    U+5105         儅    U+5105         儅
U+5106   儆    U+5106         儆    U+5106         儆    U+61BC             憼
U+5107   儇    U+5107         儇    U+5107         儇
U+5108   儈    U+4FA9         侩    U+5108         儈
U+5109   儉    U+4FED         俭    U+5109         儉    U+5039             倹
U+510A   儊    U+510A         儊    U+510A         儊
U+510B   儋    U+510B         儋    U+510B         儋
U+510C   儌    U+4FA5         侥    U+510C         儌    U+50E5;U+5FBA      僥;徺

U+510D   儍    U+50BB         傻    U+50BB         傻
U+510E   儎    U+50A4         傤    U+510E         儎
U+510F   儏    U+510F         儏    U+510F         儏
U+5110   儐    U+50A7         傧    U+5110         儐
U+5111   儑    U+5111         儑    U+5111         儑
U+5112   儒    U+5112         儒    U+5112         儒
U+5113   儓    U+5113         儓    U+5113         儓
U+5114   儔    U+4FE6         俦    U+5114         儔
U+5115   儕    U+4FAA         侪    U+5115         儕
U+5116   儖    U+5116         儖    U+5116         儖
U+5117   儗    U+5117         儗    U+5117         儗    U+62DF;U+64EC 拟;擬

U+5118   儘    U+5C3D         尽    U+5118         儘    U+5C3D;U+76E1      尽;盡

U+5119   儙    U+5119         儙    U+5119         儙
U+511A   儚    U+511A         儚    U+511A         儚
U+511C   儜    U+511C         儜    U+511C         儜
U+511D   儝    U+511D         儝    U+511D         儝
U+511E   儞    U+4F60         你    U+4F60         你    U+4F32;U+59B3;     伲;妳;
                                                      U+5976;U+5B2D      奶;嬭

U+511F   償    U+507F         偿    U+511F         償
U+5120   儠    U+5120         儠    U+5120         儠
U+5121   儡    U+5121         儡    U+5121         儡
                                                                                Annex A: Page 18 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5122   儢    U+5122         儢    U+5122         儢
U+5123   儣    U+5123         儣    U+5123         儣
U+5124   儤    U+5124         儤    U+5124         儤
U+5125   儥    U+5125         儥    U+5125         儥
U+5126   儦    U+5126         儦    U+5126         儦
U+5127   儧    U+5127         儧    U+5127         儧
U+5129   儩    U+5129         儩    U+5129         儩
U+512A   優    U+4F18         优    U+512A         優
U+512C   儬    U+512C         儬    U+512C         儬
U+512D   儭    U+512D         儭    U+512D         儭
U+512E   儮    U+512E         儮    U+512E         儮
U+512F   儯    U+512F         儯    U+512F         儯
U+5130   儰    U+5130         儰    U+5130         儰
U+5131   儱    U+5131         儱    U+5131         儱
U+5132   儲    U+50A8         储    U+5132         儲
U+5133   儳    U+5133         儳    U+5133         儳
U+5134   儴    U+5134         儴    U+5134         儴
U+5135   儵    U+500F         倏    U+5135         儵
U+5136   儶    U+5136         儶    U+5136         儶
U+5137   儷    U+4FEA         俪    U+5137         儷
U+5138   儸    U+5138         儸    U+5138         儸
U+5139   儹    U+5139         儹    U+5139         儹
U+513A   儺    U+50A9         傩    U+513A         儺
U+513B   儻    U+50A5         傥    U+513B         儻
U+513C   儼    U+4FE8         俨    U+513C         儼
U+513D   儽    U+513D         儽    U+513D         儽
U+513E   儾    U+513E         儾    U+513E         儾
U+513F   儿    U+513F         儿    U+5152         兒    U+5150             児
U+5140   兀    U+5140         兀    U+5140         兀
U+5141   允    U+5141         允    U+5141         允
U+5143   元    U+5143         元    U+5143         元
U+5144   兄    U+5144         兄    U+5144         兄
U+5145   充    U+5145         充    U+5145         充
U+5146   兆    U+5146         兆    U+5146         兆
U+5147   兇    U+51F6         凶    U+5147         兇
U+5148   先    U+5148         先    U+5148         先
U+5149   光    U+5149         光    U+5149         光    U+706E;U+709A; 灮;炚;
                                                      U+70E1         烡
U+514B   克    U+514B         克    U+514B         克    U+524B;U+5C05 剋;尅
U+514C   兌    U+5151         兑    U+514C         兌
U+514D   免    U+514D         免    U+514D         免
U+514E   兎    U+5154         兔    U+5154         兔
U+5150   児    U+513F         儿    U+5152         兒
U+5151   兑    U+5151         兑    U+514C         兌
U+5152   兒    U+513F         儿    U+5152         兒    U+5150             児
U+5154   兔    U+5154         兔    U+5154         兔    U+514E             兎
U+5155   兕    U+5155         兕    U+5155         兕
U+5156   兖    U+5156         兖    U+5157         兗
U+5157   兗    U+5156         兖    U+5157         兗
U+5159   兙    U+5159         兙    U+5159         兙
U+515A   党    U+515A         党    U+9EE8         黨
                                                                              Annex A: Page 19 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+515B   兛    U+515B         兛    U+515B         兛
U+515C   兜    U+515C         兜    U+515C         兜
U+515D   兝    U+515D         兝    U+515D         兝
U+515E   兞    U+515E         兞    U+515E         兞
U+515F   兟    U+515F         兟    U+515F         兟
U+5161   兡    U+5161         兡    U+5161         兡
U+5162   兢    U+5162         兢    U+5162         兢
U+5163   兣    U+5163         兣    U+5163         兣
U+5165   入    U+5165         入    U+5165         入
U+5166   兦    U+4EA1         亡    U+4EA1         亡    U+4EBE             亾
U+5167   內    U+5185         内    U+5167         內
U+5168   全    U+5168         全    U+5168         全
U+5169   兩    U+4E24         两    U+5169         兩    U+4E21             両
U+516A   兪    U+4FDE         俞    U+4FDE         俞    U+9103             鄃
U+516B   八    U+516B         八    U+516B         八    U+634C             捌
U+516C   公    U+516C         公    U+516C         公
U+516D   六    U+516D         六    U+516D         六
U+516E   兮    U+516E         兮    U+516E         兮
U+516F   兯    U+516F         兯    U+516F         兯
U+5170   兰    U+5170         兰    U+862D         蘭
U+5171   共    U+5171         共    U+5171         共
U+5173   关    U+5173         关    U+95DC         關    U+959E;U+95A2; 閞;関;
                                                      U+95D7         闗
U+5174   兴    U+5174         兴    U+8208         興
U+5175   兵    U+5175         兵    U+5175         兵
U+5176   其    U+5176         其    U+5176         其    U+4E0C;U+4E93      丌;亓

U+5177   具    U+5177         具    U+5177         具
U+5178   典    U+5178         典    U+5178         典
U+5179   兹    U+5179         兹    U+8332         茲    U+7386             玆
U+517A   兺    U+517A         兺    U+517A         兺
U+517B   养    U+517B         养    U+990A         養
U+517C   兼    U+517C         兼    U+517C         兼
U+517D   兽    U+517D         兽    U+7378         獸
U+517F   兿    U+827A         艺    U+85DD         藝    U+84FA             蓺
U+5180   冀    U+5180         冀    U+5180         冀
U+5181   冁    U+5181         冁    U+56C5         囅
U+5182   冂    U+5182         冂    U+5182         冂
U+5185   内    U+5185         内    U+5167         內
U+5186   円    U+5706         圆    U+5713         圓    U+570E             圎
U+5187   冇    U+5187         冇    U+5187         冇
U+5188   冈    U+5188         冈    U+5CA1         岡    U+5D17;U+5C97      崗;岗

U+5189   冉    U+5189         冉    U+5189         冉
U+518A   冊    U+518C         册    U+518A         冊
U+518B   冋    U+518B         冋    U+518B         冋
U+518C   册    U+518C         册    U+518A         冊
U+518D   再    U+518D         再    U+518D         再
U+518F   冏    U+518F         冏    U+518F         冏    U+56E7             囧
U+5190   冐    U+5192         冒    U+5192         冒
U+5191   冑    U+80C4         胄    U+5191         冑
                                                                               Annex A: Page 20 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5192   冒    U+5192         冒    U+5192          冒     U+5190          冐
U+5193   冓    U+6784         构    U+5193          冓     U+6784;U+6406;U 构;搆;
                                                        +69CB           構
U+5194   冔    U+5194         冔    U+5194          冔
U+5195   冕    U+5195         冕    U+5195          冕
U+5196   冖    U+5196         冖    U+5196          冖
U+5197   冗    U+5197         冗    U+5197          冗     U+5B82             宂
U+5198   冘    U+5198         冘    U+5198          冘
U+5199   写    U+5199         写    U+5BEB          寫
U+519A   冚    U+519A         冚    U+519A          冚
U+519B   军    U+519B         军    U+8ECD          軍
U+519C   农    U+519C         农    U+8FB2          農
U+519D   冝    U+5B9C         宜    U+5B9C          宜
U+519E   冞    U+5F25         弥    U+519E          冞     U+5F25;U+5F4C; 弥;彌;
                                                        U+7030         瀰
U+519F   冟    U+519F         冟    U+519F          冟
U+51A0   冠    U+51A0         冠    U+51A0          冠
U+51A2   冢    U+51A2         冢    U+51A2          冢     U+585A             塚
U+51A4   冤    U+51A4         冤    U+51A4          冤     U+5BC3             寃
U+51A5   冥    U+51A5         冥    U+51A5          冥
U+51A6   冦    U+5BC7         寇    U+5BC7          寇
U+51A7   冧    U+51A7         冧    U+51A7          冧
U+51A8   冨    U+5BCC         富    U+5BCC          富
U+51AA   冪    U+5E42         幂    U+51AA          冪     U+5E42;U+7F83      幂;羃
U+51AB   冫    U+51AB         冫    U+51AB          冫
U+51AC   冬    U+51AC         冬    U+51AC          冬     U+9F15             鼕
U+51AE   冮    U+51AE         冮    U+51AE          冮
U+51AF   冯    U+51AF         冯    U+99AE          馮
U+51B0   冰    U+51B0         冰    U+51B0          冰     U+6C37             氷
U+51B1   冱    U+51B1         冱    U+51B1          冱     U+6C8D             沍
U+51B2   冲    U+51B2         冲    U+6C96;U+885D   沖;衝   U+794C;U+8876;U    祌;衶;
                                                        +76C5              盅
U+51B3   决    U+51B3         决    U+6C7A          決
U+51B4   冴    U+51B4         冴    U+51B4          冴                               (HK)
U+51B5   况    U+51B5         况    U+6CC1          況
U+51B6   冶    U+51B6         冶    U+51B6          冶
U+51B7   冷    U+51B7         冷    U+51B7          冷
U+51B9   冹    U+51B9         冹    U+51B9          冹
U+51BB   冻    U+51BB         冻    U+51CD          凍
U+51BC   冼    U+51BC         冼    U+51BC          冼
U+51BD   冽    U+51BD         冽    U+51BD          冽     U+6D0C             洌
U+51BE   冾    U+6D3D         洽    U+51BE          冾
U+51BF   冿    U+51BF         冿    U+51BF          冿
U+51C0   净    U+51C0         净    U+6DE8          淨     U+51C8;U+6D44; 凈;浄; (HK:U+701E)
                                                        U+701E         瀞
U+51C1   凁    U+51C1         凁    U+51C1          凁
U+51C3   凃    U+6D82         涂    U+6D82          涂   U+5857               塗
U+51C4   凄    U+51C4         凄    U+6DD2          淒   U+60BD               悽
U+51C5   凅    U+51C5         凅    U+51C5          凅
U+51C6   准    U+51C6         准    U+51C6;U+6E96   准;準 U+51D6               凖
U+51C7   凇    U+51C7         凇    U+51C7          凇
                                                                                  Annex A: Page 21 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+51C8   凈    U+51C0         净    U+51C8          凈     U+6D44;U+6DE8; 浄;淨; (HK:U+701E)
                                                        U+701E         瀞
U+51C9   凉    U+51C9         凉    U+6DBC          涼
U+51CA   凊    U+6E05         清    U+51CA          凊     U+6E05;U+6DF8      清;淸

U+51CB   凋    U+51CB         凋    U+51CB        凋
U+51CC   凌    U+51CC         凌    U+51CC;U+6DE9 凌;淩

U+51CD   凍    U+51BB         冻    U+51CD          凍
U+51CE   凎    U+51CE         凎    U+51CE          凎
U+51CF   减    U+51CF         减    U+6E1B          減
U+51D0   凐    U+51D0         凐    U+51D0          凐
U+51D1   凑    U+51D1         凑    U+6E4A          湊
U+51D4   凔    U+51D4         凔    U+51D4          凔
U+51D5   凕    U+51D5         凕    U+51D5          凕
U+51D6   凖    U+51C6         准    U+6E96          準
U+51D7   凗    U+51D7         凗    U+51D7          凗
U+51D8   凘    U+51D8         凘    U+51D8          凘
U+51D9   凙    U+51D9         凙    U+51D9          凙
U+51DA   凚    U+51DA         凚    U+51DA          凚
U+51DB   凛    U+51DB         凛    U+51DC          凜
U+51DC   凜    U+51DB         凛    U+51DC          凜
U+51DD   凝    U+51DD         凝    U+51DD          凝
U+51DE   凞    U+51DE         凞    U+51DE          凞
U+51E0   几    U+51E0         几    U+51E0;U+5E7E   几;幾

U+51E1   凡    U+51E1         凡    U+51E1          凡     U+51E2;U+51E3      凢;凣
U+51E2   凢    U+51E1         凡    U+51E1          凡     U+51E3             凣
U+51E3   凣    U+51E1         凡    U+51E1          凡     U+51E2             凢
U+51E4   凤    U+51E4         凤    U+9CF3          鳳     U+9CEF             鳯
U+51E5   凥    U+51E5         凥    U+51E5          凥
U+51E7   凧    U+51E7         凧    U+51E7          凧
U+51E8   凨    U+98CE         风    U+98A8          風     U+98CE;U+98CC 风;飌

U+51E9   凩    U+51E9         凩    U+51E9          凩
U+51EA   凪    U+51EA         凪    U+51EA          凪
U+51EB   凫    U+51EB         凫    U+9CE7          鳧     U+9CEC             鳬
U+51ED   凭    U+51ED         凭    U+6191          憑     U+51F4             凴
U+51EF   凯    U+51EF         凯    U+51F1          凱
U+51F0   凰    U+51F0         凰    U+51F0          凰
U+51F1   凱    U+51EF         凯    U+51F1          凱
U+51F3   凳    U+51F3         凳    U+51F3          凳     U+6AC8             櫈     (HK:U+6AC8)
U+51F4   凴    U+51ED         凭    U+6191          憑
U+51F5   凵    U+51F5         凵    U+51F5          凵
U+51F6   凶    U+51F6         凶    U+51F6;U+5147   凶;兇   U+5147             兇
U+51F7   凷    U+5757         块    U+584A          塊
U+51F8   凸    U+51F8         凸    U+51F8          凸
U+51F9   凹    U+51F9         凹    U+51F9          凹
U+51FA   出    U+51FA         出    U+51FA;U+9F63   出;齣   U+5C80             岀
U+51FB   击    U+51FB         击    U+64CA          擊     U+6483             撃
U+51FC   凼    U+51FC         凼    U+51FC          凼     U+6C39             氹     (HK:U+6C39)
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 22 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+51FD   函    U+51FD         函    U+51FD          函     U+51FE;U+80A3      凾;肣
U+51FE   凾    U+51FD         函    U+51FD          函     U+80A3             肣
U+51FF   凿    U+51FF         凿    U+947F          鑿
U+5200   刀    U+5200         刀    U+5200          刀     U+5202             刂
U+5201   刁    U+5201         刁    U+5201          刁
U+5202   刂    U+5200         刀    U+5200          刀
U+5203   刃    U+5203         刃    U+5203          刃     U+5204             刄
U+5204   刄    U+5203         刃    U+5203          刃
U+5205   刅    U+5205         刅    U+5205          刅
U+5206   分    U+5206         分    U+5206          分
U+5207   切    U+5207         切    U+5207          切
U+5208   刈    U+5208         刈    U+5208          刈     U+82C5             苅
U+5209   刉    U+5209         刉    U+5209          刉
U+520A   刊    U+520A         刊    U+520A          刊     U+520B;U+681E      刋;栞 (HK:U+681E)
U+520B   刋    U+520A         刊    U+520A          刊     U+681E             栞   (HK:U+681E)
U+520C   刌    U+5FD6         忖    U+520C          刌
U+520D   刍    U+520D         刍    U+82BB          芻
U+520E   刎    U+520E         刎    U+520E          刎
U+520F   刏    U+520F         刏    U+520F          刏
U+5210   刐    U+5210         刐    U+5210          刐
U+5211   刑    U+5211         刑    U+5211          刑
U+5212   划    U+5212         划    U+5212;U+5283   划;劃
U+5213   刓    U+5213         刓    U+5213          刓
U+5214   刔    U+6289         抉    U+6289          抉
U+5215   刕    U+5215         刕    U+5215          刕
U+5216   刖    U+5216         刖    U+5216          刖
U+5217   列    U+5217         列    U+5217          列
U+5218   刘    U+5218         刘    U+5289          劉
U+5219   则    U+5219         则    U+5247          則
U+521A   刚    U+521A         刚    U+525B          剛
U+521B   创    U+521B         创    U+5275          創     U+5231;U+5259      刱;剙
U+521C   刜    U+521C         刜    U+521C          刜
U+521D   初    U+521D         初    U+521D          初
U+521E   刞    U+801D         耝    U+521E          刞
U+521F   刟    U+521F         刟    U+521F          刟
U+5220   删    U+5220         删    U+522A          刪
U+5221   刡    U+5221         刡    U+5221          刡
U+5222   刢    U+5222         刢    U+5222          刢
U+5223   刣    U+5223         刣    U+5223          刣
U+5224   判    U+5224         判    U+5224          判
U+5225   別    U+522B         别    U+5225          別     U+522B;U+5F46;     别;彆;
                                                        U+618B             憋
U+5226   刦    U+52AB         劫    U+52AB          劫     U+523C             刼
U+5228   刨    U+5228         刨    U+5228          刨     U+9464             鑤
U+5229   利    U+5229         利    U+5229          利
U+522A   刪    U+5220         删    U+522A          刪
U+522B   别    U+522B         别    U+5225;U+5F46   別;彆 U+618B               憋
U+522C   刬    U+522C         刬    U+5277          剷   U+5257;U+93DF;       剗;鏟;
                                                      U+94F2               铲
U+522D   刭    U+522D         刭    U+5244          剄
U+522E   刮    U+522E         刮    U+522E;U+98B3   刮;颳 U+5280               劀
                                                                                  Annex A: Page 23 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+522F   刯    U+522F         刯    U+522F          刯
U+5230   到    U+5230         到    U+5230          到
U+5231   刱    U+521B         创    U+5231          刱     U+5259;U+5275      剙;創
U+5232   刲    U+5232         刲    U+5232          刲
U+5233   刳    U+5233         刳    U+5233          刳
U+5234   刴    U+5241         剁    U+5241          剁
U+5235   刵    U+5235         刵    U+5235          刵
U+5236   制    U+5236         制    U+5236;U+88FD   制;製
U+5237   刷    U+5237         刷    U+5237          刷
U+5238   券    U+5238         券    U+5238          券     U+52B5;U+5026      劵;倦
U+5239   刹    U+5239         刹    U+524E          剎
U+523A   刺    U+523A         刺    U+523A          刺     U+523E;U+673F      刾;朿
U+523B   刻    U+523B         刻    U+523B          刻
U+523C   刼    U+52AB         劫    U+52AB          劫     U+5226             刦
U+523D   刽    U+523D         刽    U+528A          劊
U+523E   刾    U+523A         刺    U+523A          刺     U+673F             朿
U+523F   刿    U+523F         刿    U+528C          劌
U+5240   剀    U+5240         剀    U+5274          剴
U+5241   剁    U+5241         剁    U+5241          剁     U+5234             刴
U+5242   剂    U+5242         剂    U+5291          劑     U+5264             剤
U+5243   剃    U+5243         剃    U+5243          剃     U+8599             薙
U+5244   剄    U+522D         刭    U+5244          剄
U+5245   剅    U+5245         剅    U+5245          剅
U+5246   剆    U+5246         剆    U+5246          剆
U+5247   則    U+5219         则    U+5247          則
U+5248   剈    U+5248         剈    U+5248          剈
U+5249   剉    U+5249         剉    U+5249          剉
U+524A   削    U+524A         削    U+524A          削
U+524B   剋    U+514B         克    U+524B          剋     U+5C05             尅
U+524C   剌    U+524C         剌    U+524C          剌
U+524D   前    U+524D         前    U+524D          前
U+524E   剎    U+5239         刹    U+524E          剎
U+5250   剐    U+5250         剐    U+526E          剮
U+5251   剑    U+5251         剑    U+528D          劍     U+5263;U+5292;U 剣;劒;
                                                        +5294;U+9431    劔;鐱

U+5252   剒    U+5252         剒    U+5252          剒
U+5254   剔    U+5254         剔    U+5254          剔
U+5255   剕    U+5255         剕    U+5255          剕
U+5256   剖    U+5256         剖    U+5256          剖
U+5257   剗    U+522C         刬    U+5277          剷     U+93DF;U+94F2      鏟;铲
U+5258   剘    U+5258         剘    U+5258          剘
U+5259   剙    U+521B         创    U+5275          創     U+5231             刱
U+525A   剚    U+5033         倳    U+525A          剚
U+525B   剛    U+521A         刚    U+525B          剛
U+525C   剜    U+525C         剜    U+525C          剜
U+525D   剝    U+5265         剥    U+525D          剝
U+525E   剞    U+525E         剞    U+525E          剞
U+525F   剟    U+525F         剟    U+525F          剟
U+5260   剠    U+5260         剠    U+5260          剠
U+5261   剡    U+5261         剡    U+5261          剡
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 24 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5262   剢    U+5262         剢    U+5262         剢
U+5263   剣    U+5251         剑    U+528D         劍    U+5292;U+5294;U 劒;劔;
                                                      +9431           鐱
U+5264   剤    U+5242         剂    U+5291         劑
U+5265   剥    U+5265         剥    U+525D         剝
U+5267   剧    U+5267         剧    U+5287         劇
U+5268   剨    U+5268         剨    U+5268         剨
U+5269   剩    U+5269         剩    U+5269         剩    U+5270;U+8CF8      剰;賸
U+526A   剪    U+526A         剪    U+526A         剪
U+526B   剫    U+526B         剫    U+526B         剫
U+526C   剬    U+526C         剬    U+526C         剬
U+526D   剭    U+526D         剭    U+526D         剭
U+526E   剮    U+5250         剐    U+526E         剮
U+526F   副    U+526F         副    U+526F         副    U+8914             褔
U+5270   剰    U+5269         剩    U+5269         剩    U+8CF8             賸
U+5272   割    U+5272         割    U+5272         割
U+5273   剳    U+672D         札    U+5284         劄    U+624E;U+672D; 扎;札;
                                                      U+7B9A;U+7D25; 箚;紥;
                                                      U+7D2E         紮
U+5274   剴    U+5240         剀    U+5274         剴
U+5275   創    U+521B         创    U+5275         創    U+5259;U+5231      剙;刱
U+5276   剶    U+5276         剶    U+5276         剶
U+5277   剷    U+94F2         铲    U+5277         剷    U+522C;U+5257;U 刬;剗;
                                                      +93DF;U+94F2    鏟;铲

U+5278   剸    U+5278         剸    U+5278         剸
U+527A   剺    U+527A         剺    U+527A         剺
U+527B   剻    U+527B         剻    U+527B         剻
U+527C   剼    U+527C         剼    U+527C         剼
U+527D   剽    U+527D         剽    U+527D         剽    U+6153             慓
U+527E   剾    U+527E         剾    U+527E         剾
U+527F   剿    U+527F         剿    U+527F         剿    U+528B;U+52E6      劋;勦
U+5280   劀    U+522E         刮    U+5280         劀    U+98B3             颳
U+5281   劁    U+5281         劁    U+5281         劁
U+5282   劂    U+5282         劂    U+5282         劂
U+5283   劃    U+5212         划    U+5283         劃
U+5284   劄    U+672D         札    U+5284         劄    U+624E;U+5273;U 扎;剳;
                                                      +672D;U+7B9A;U 札;箚;
                                                      +7D25;U+7D2E    紥;紮

U+5286   劆    U+5286         劆    U+942E         鐮    U+9570;U+938C      镰;鎌
U+5287   劇    U+5267         剧    U+5287         劇
U+5288   劈    U+5288         劈    U+5288         劈
U+5289   劉    U+5218         刘    U+5289         劉
U+528A   劊    U+523D         刽    U+528A         劊
U+528B   劋    U+527F         剿    U+528B         劋    U+52E6             勦
U+528C   劌    U+523F         刿    U+528C         劌
U+528D   劍    U+5251         剑    U+528D         劍    U+5263;U+5292;U 剣;劒;
                                                      +5294;U+9431    劔;鐱

U+528F   劏    U+528F         劏    U+528F         劏
                                                                               Annex A: Page 25 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5290   劐    U+5290         劐    U+5290         劐
U+5291   劑    U+5242         剂    U+5291         劑    U+5264          剤
U+5292   劒    U+5251         剑    U+528D         劍    U+5294;U+5263;U 劔;剣;
                                                      +9431           鐱
U+5293   劓    U+5293         劓    U+5293         劓
U+5294   劔    U+5251         剑    U+528D         劍    U+5292;U+5263;U 劒;剣;
                                                      +9431           鐱
U+5295   劕    U+5295         劕    U+5295         劕
U+5296   劖    U+5296         劖    U+5296         劖
U+5297   劗    U+5297         劗    U+5297         劗
U+5298   劘    U+5298         劘    U+5298         劘
U+5299   劙    U+5299         劙    U+5299         劙    U+882B             蠫
U+529A   劚    U+529A         劚    U+529A         劚
U+529B   力    U+529B         力    U+529B         力
U+529C   劜    U+529C         劜    U+529C         劜
U+529D   劝    U+529D         劝    U+52F8         勸    U+52E7         勧
U+529E   办    U+529E         办    U+8FA6         辦    U+8FA8;U+8FA7; 辨;辧;
                                                      U+91C6         釆
U+529F   功    U+529F         功    U+529F         功
U+52A0   加    U+52A0         加    U+52A0         加
U+52A1   务    U+52A1         务    U+52D9         務
U+52A2   劢    U+52A2         劢    U+52F1         勱
U+52A3   劣    U+52A3         劣    U+52A3         劣
U+52A4   劤    U+52A4         劤    U+52A4         劤    U+52B2;U+52C1      劲;勁 (HK:CV)
U+52A5   劥    U+52A5         劥    U+52A5         劥
U+52A6   劦    U+534F         协    U+52A6         劦    U+534F;U+5354;U 协;協;
                                                      +604A           恊
U+52A7   劧    U+52A7         劧    U+52A7         劧
U+52A8   动    U+52A8         动    U+52D5         動    U+50CD             働
U+52A9   助    U+52A9         助    U+52A9         助
U+52AA   努    U+52AA         努    U+52AA         努
U+52AB   劫    U+52AB         劫    U+52AB         劫    U+5226;U+523C      刦;刼
U+52AC   劬    U+52AC         劬    U+52AC         劬
U+52AD   劭    U+52AD         劭    U+52AD         劭
U+52AE   劮    U+9038         逸    U+52AE         劮
U+52AF   劯    U+52AF         劯    U+52AF         劯
U+52B0   劰    U+52B0         劰    U+52B0         劰
U+52B1   励    U+52B1         励    U+52F5         勵
U+52B2   劲    U+52B2         劲    U+52C1         勁    U+52A4             劤     (HK:U+52A4)
U+52B3   劳    U+52B3         劳    U+52DE         勞    U+52B4             労
U+52B4   労    U+52B3         劳    U+52DE         勞
U+52B5   劵    U+5026         倦    U+5238         券
U+52B6   劶    U+52B6         劶    U+52B6         劶
U+52B7   劷    U+52B7         劷    U+52B7         劷
U+52B8   劸    U+52B8         劸    U+52B8         劸
U+52B9   効    U+6548         效    U+6548         效    U+4FF2;U+509A      俲;傚
U+52BA   劺    U+52BA         劺    U+52BA         劺
U+52BB   劻    U+52BB         劻    U+52BB         劻
U+52BC   劼    U+52BC         劼    U+52BC         劼
U+52BD   劽    U+52BD         劽    U+52BD         劽
U+52BE   劾    U+52BE         劾    U+52BE         劾    U+52D3             勓
                                                                               Annex A: Page 26 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+52BF   势    U+52BF         势    U+52E2         勢
U+52C0   勀    U+52C0         勀    U+52C0         勀
U+52C1   勁    U+52B2         劲    U+52C1         勁    U+52A4             劤     (HK:U+52A4)
U+52C2   勂    U+52C2         勂    U+52C2         勂
U+52C3   勃    U+52C3         勃    U+52C3         勃
U+52C5   勅    U+52C5         勅    U+52C5         勅    U+6555             敕     (HK:CV)
U+52C6   勆    U+52C6         勆    U+52C6         勆
U+52C7   勇    U+52C7         勇    U+52C7         勇
U+52C9   勉    U+52C9         勉    U+52C9         勉
U+52CA   勊    U+52CA         勊    U+52CA         勊
U+52CB   勋    U+52CB         勋    U+52DB         勛    U+52F2;U+52F3      勲;勳
U+52CD   勍    U+52CD         勍    U+52CD         勍
U+52CF   勏    U+52CF         勏    U+52CF         勏
U+52D0   勐    U+52D0         勐    U+52D0         勐
U+52D2   勒    U+52D2         勒    U+52D2         勒
U+52D3   勓    U+52BE         劾    U+52D3         勓
U+52D5   動    U+52A8         动    U+52D5         動    U+50CD             働
U+52D6   勖    U+52D6         勖    U+52D6         勖    U+52D7             勗
U+52D7   勗    U+52D6         勖    U+52D7         勗
U+52D8   勘    U+52D8         勘    U+52D8         勘
U+52D9   務    U+52A1         务    U+52D9         務
U+52DA   勚    U+52DA         勚    U+52E9         勩
U+52DB   勛    U+52CB         勋    U+52DB         勛    U+52F2;U+52F3      勲;勳
U+52DC   勜    U+52DC         勜    U+52DC         勜
U+52DD   勝    U+80DC         胜    U+52DD         勝
U+52DE   勞    U+52B3         劳    U+52DE         勞    U+52B4             労
U+52DF   募    U+52DF         募    U+52DF         募
U+52E0   勠    U+52E0         勠    U+52E0         勠
U+52E2   勢    U+52BF         势    U+52E2         勢
U+52E3   勣    U+7EE9         绩    U+52E3         勣    U+7EE9;U+7E3E      绩;績

U+52E4   勤    U+52E4         勤    U+52E4         勤    U+61C3;U+763D      懃;瘽

U+52E6   勦    U+527F         剿    U+52E6         勦    U+528B             劋
U+52E7   勧    U+529D         劝    U+52F8         勸
U+52E8   勨    U+52E8         勨    U+52E8         勨
U+52E9   勩    U+52DA         勚    U+52E9         勩
U+52EA   勪    U+52EA         勪    U+52EA         勪
U+52EB   勫    U+52EB         勫    U+52EB         勫
U+52EC   勬    U+52EC         勬    U+52EC         勬
U+52ED   勭    U+52ED         勭    U+52ED         勭
U+52EF   勯    U+52EF         勯    U+52EF         勯
U+52F0   勰    U+52F0         勰    U+52F0         勰
U+52F1   勱    U+52A2         劢    U+52F1         勱
U+52F2   勲    U+52CB         勋    U+52F3         勳    U+52DB             勛
U+52F3   勳    U+52CB         勋    U+52F3         勳    U+52DB;U+52F2      勛;勲

U+52F4   勴    U+52F4         勴    U+52F4         勴
U+52F5   勵    U+52B1         励    U+52F5         勵
U+52F6   勶    U+52F6         勶    U+52F6         勶
U+52F7   勷    U+52F7         勷    U+52F7         勷
                                                                               Annex A: Page 27 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+52F8   勸    U+529D         劝    U+52F8         勸    U+52E7             勧
U+52F9   勹    U+52F9         勹    U+52F9         勹
U+52FA   勺    U+52FA         勺    U+52FA         勺
U+52FB   勻    U+5300         匀    U+52FB         勻
U+52FC   勼    U+52FC         勼    U+52FC         勼
U+52FD   勽    U+52FD         勽    U+52FD         勽
U+52FE   勾    U+52FE         勾    U+52FE         勾    U+53E5             句
U+52FF   勿    U+52FF         勿    U+52FF         勿
U+5300   匀    U+5300         匀    U+52FB         勻
U+5301   匁    U+5301         匁    U+5301         匁
U+5302   匂    U+5302         匂    U+5302         匂
U+5305   包    U+5305         包    U+5305         包
U+5306   匆    U+5306         匆    U+5306         匆    U+6031;U+60A4      怱;悤
U+5307   匇    U+5307         匇    U+5307         匇
U+5308   匈    U+5308         匈    U+5308         匈
U+5309   匉    U+5309         匉    U+5309         匉
U+530A   匊    U+63AC         掬    U+530A         匊
U+530B   匋    U+9676         陶    U+530B         匋
U+530C   匌    U+530C         匌    U+530C         匌
U+530D   匍    U+530D         匍    U+530D         匍
U+530E   匎    U+530E         匎    U+530E         匎
U+530F   匏    U+530F         匏    U+530F         匏
U+5310   匐    U+5310         匐    U+5310         匐
U+5311   匑    U+5311         匑    U+5311         匑
U+5312   匒    U+5312         匒    U+5312         匒
U+5313   匓    U+5313         匓    U+5313         匓
U+5314   匔    U+5314         匔    U+5314         匔
U+5315   匕    U+5315         匕    U+5315         匕
U+5316   化    U+5316         化    U+5316         化
U+5317   北    U+5317         北    U+5317         北
U+5319   匙    U+5319         匙    U+5319         匙
U+531A   匚    U+531A         匚    U+531A         匚
U+531C   匜    U+531C         匜    U+531C         匜
U+531D   匝    U+531D         匝    U+531D         匝
U+531F   匟    U+7095         炕    U+531F         匟
U+5320   匠    U+5320         匠    U+5320         匠
U+5321   匡    U+5321         匡    U+5321         匡
U+5322   匢    U+532B         匫    U+5322         匢
U+5323   匣    U+5323         匣    U+5323         匣
U+5324   匤    U+5324         匤    U+5324         匤
U+5325   匥    U+5325         匥    U+5325         匥
U+5326   匦    U+5326         匦    U+532D         匭
U+5328   匨    U+5328         匨    U+5328         匨
U+532A   匪    U+532A         匪    U+532A         匪
U+532B   匫    U+532B         匫    U+532B         匫    U+5322             匢
U+532C   匬    U+532C         匬    U+532C         匬
U+532D   匭    U+5326         匦    U+532D         匭
U+532E   匮    U+532E         匮    U+5331         匱    U+9400         鐀
U+532F   匯    U+6C47         汇    U+532F         匯    U+5F59;U+6C47; 彙;汇;
                                                      U+5F5A;U+6ED9 彚;滙

                                                                               Annex A: Page 28 of 406
                                                               .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                     TC     Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5330   匰    U+5330         匰    U+5330            匰
U+5331   匱    U+532E         匮    U+5331            匱      U+9400             鐀
U+5333   匳    U+5941         奁    U+5969            奩
U+5334   匴    U+5334         匴    U+5334            匴
U+5337   匷    U+5337         匷    U+5337            匷
U+5339   匹    U+5339         匹    U+5339            匹      U+758B             疋
U+533A   区    U+533A         区    U+5340            區
U+533B   医    U+533B         医    U+91AB            醫      U+6BC9             毉
U+533C   匼    U+533C         匼    U+533C            匼
U+533D   匽    U+533D         匽    U+533D            匽
U+533E   匾    U+533E         匾    U+533E            匾
U+533F   匿    U+533F         匿    U+533F            匿
U+5340   區    U+533A         区    U+5340            區
U+5341   十    U+5341         十    U+5341            十
U+5343   千    U+5343         千    U+5343;U+97C6     千;韆    U+4EDF             仟
U+5344   卄    U+5EFF         廿    U+5344            卄
U+5345   卅    U+5345         卅    U+5345            卅
U+5346   卆    U+5352         卒    U+5352            卒
U+5347   升    U+5347         升    U+5347;U+6607;U   升;昇;
                                  +965E             �
U+5348   午    U+5348         午    U+5348            午
U+5349   卉    U+5349         卉    U+5349            卉
U+534A   半    U+534A         半    U+534A            半
U+534B   卋    U+4E16         世    U+4E16            世      U+4E17             丗
U+534C   卌    U+534C         卌    U+534C            卌
U+534D   卍    U+534D         卍    U+534D            卍      U+5350             卐
U+534E   华    U+534E         华    U+83EF            華      U+5D0B             崋
U+534F   协    U+534F         协    U+5354            協      U+52A6;U+604A      劦;恊
U+5350   卐    U+534D         卍    U+534D            卍
U+5351   卑    U+5351         卑    U+5351            卑
U+5352   卒    U+5352         卒    U+5352            卒      U+5346             卆
U+5353   卓    U+5353         卓    U+5353            卓
U+5354   協    U+534F         协    U+5354            協      U+604A;U+52A6      恊;劦
U+5355   单    U+5355         单    U+55AE            單      U+5358             単
U+5356   卖    U+5356         卖    U+8CE3            賣      U+58F2             売
U+5357   南    U+5357         南    U+5357            南
U+5358   単    U+5355         单    U+55AE            單
U+5359   卙    U+5359         卙    U+5359            卙
U+535A   博    U+535A         博    U+535A            博      U+613D             愽
U+535C   卜    U+535C         卜    U+535C;U+8514     卜;蔔    U+83D4             菔
U+535E   卞    U+535E         卞    U+535E            卞
U+535F   卟    U+535F         卟    U+535F            卟
U+5360   占    U+5360         占    U+5360;U+4F54     占;佔    U+4F54             佔
U+5361   卡    U+5361         卡    U+5361            卡
U+5362   卢    U+5362         卢    U+76E7            盧
U+5363   卣    U+5363         卣    U+5363            卣
U+5364   卤    U+5364         卤    U+9E75;U+6EF7     鹵;滷    U+6EF7             滷
U+5365   卥    U+5365         卥    U+5365            卥
U+5366   卦    U+5366         卦    U+5366            卦
U+5367   卧    U+5367         卧    U+81E5            臥
U+5369   卩    U+5369         卩    U+5369            卩
                                                                                    Annex A: Page 29 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+536B   卫    U+536B         卫    U+885B          衛     U+885E             衞
U+536C   卬    U+536C         卬    U+536C          卬
U+536E   卮    U+536E         卮    U+536E          卮     U+5DF5             巵
U+536F   卯    U+536F         卯    U+536F          卯     U+5918;U+623C      夘;戼
U+5370   印    U+5370         印    U+5370          印
U+5371   危    U+5371         危    U+5371          危
U+5372   卲    U+5372         卲    U+5372          卲
U+5373   即    U+5373         即    U+5373          即     U+537D             卽
U+5374   却    U+5374         却    U+537B          卻
U+5375   卵    U+5375         卵    U+5375          卵
U+5376   卶    U+5376         卶    U+5376          卶
U+5377   卷    U+5377         卷    U+5377;U+6372   卷;捲   U+5DFB             巻
U+5378   卸    U+5378         卸    U+5378          卸     U+7F37             缷
U+5379   卹    U+6064         恤    U+5379          卹     U+6064;U+8CC9      恤;賉

U+537A   卺    U+537A         卺    U+537A          卺
U+537B   卻    U+5374         却    U+537B          卻
U+537C   卼    U+537C         卼    U+537C          卼
U+537D   卽    U+5373         即    U+5373          即
U+537E   卾    U+537E         卾    U+537E          卾
U+537F   卿    U+537F         卿    U+537F          卿
U+5381   厁    U+5381         厁    U+5381          厁
U+5382   厂    U+5382         厂    U+5382;U+5EE0   厂;廠 U+53B0               厰
U+5383   厃    U+5383         厃    U+5383          厃
U+5384   厄    U+5384         厄    U+5384          厄   U+9628               阨
U+5385   厅    U+5385         厅    U+5EF3          廳   U+539B;U+5EF0;       厛;廰;
                                                      U+5E81               庁
U+5386   历    U+5386         历    U+6B77;U+66C6   歷;曆 U+53A4;U+66A6;       厤;暦;
                                                      U+66C6;U+6B74        曆;歴

U+5387   厇    U+5387         厇    U+5387          厇
U+5388   厈    U+5388         厈    U+5388          厈
U+5389   厉    U+5389         厉    U+53B2          厲
U+538A   厊    U+538A         厊    U+538A          厊
U+538B   压    U+538B         压    U+58D3          壓     U+5727             圧
U+538C   厌    U+538C         厌    U+53AD          厭     U+7312             猒
U+538D   厍    U+538D         厍    U+5399          厙
U+538E   厎    U+5E95         底    U+538E          厎
U+538F   厏    U+538F         厏    U+538F          厏
U+5390   厐    U+5E9E         庞    U+9F90          龐     U+9F8E             龎
U+5391   厑    U+5391         厑    U+5391          厑
U+5392   厒    U+5392         厒    U+5392          厒
U+5393   厓    U+5393         厓    U+5393          厓
U+5394   厔    U+5394         厔    U+5394          厔
U+5395   厕    U+5395         厕    U+5EC1          廁     U+53A0             厠
U+5396   厖    U+5396         厖    U+5396          厖
U+5397   厗    U+5397         厗    U+5397          厗
U+5398   厘    U+5398         厘    U+5398;U+91D0   厘;釐
U+5399   厙    U+538D         厍    U+5399          厙
U+539A   厚    U+539A         厚    U+539A          厚
U+539B   厛    U+5385         厅    U+5EF3          廳     U+5EF0;U+5E81      廰;庁
                                                                                  Annex A: Page 30 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+539C   厜    U+539C         厜    U+539C         厜
U+539D   厝    U+539D         厝    U+539D         厝
U+539E   厞    U+539E         厞    U+539E         厞
U+539F   原    U+539F         原    U+539F         原    U+908D             邍
U+53A0   厠    U+5395         厕    U+5EC1         廁
U+53A2   厢    U+53A2         厢    U+5EC2         廂
U+53A3   厣    U+53A3         厣    U+53B4         厴
U+53A4   厤    U+5386         历    U+53A4         厤    U+66A6;U+66C6; 暦;曆;
                                                      U+6B74;U+6B77 歴;歷

U+53A5   厥    U+53A5         厥    U+53A5         厥
U+53A6   厦    U+53A6         厦    U+5EC8         廈
U+53A7   厧    U+53A7         厧    U+53A7         厧
U+53A8   厨    U+53A8         厨    U+5EDA         廚
U+53A9   厩    U+53A9         厩    U+5EC4         廄    U+5ECF;U+5ED0 廏;廐

U+53AC   厬    U+53AC         厬    U+53AC         厬
U+53AD   厭    U+538C         厌    U+53AD         厭    U+7312             猒
U+53AE   厮    U+53AE         厮    U+5EDD         廝
U+53B0   厰    U+5382         厂    U+5EE0         廠
U+53B1   厱    U+53B1         厱    U+53B1         厱
U+53B2   厲    U+5389         厉    U+53B2         厲
U+53B3   厳    U+4E25         严    U+56B4         嚴
U+53B4   厴    U+53A3         厣    U+53B4         厴
U+53B5   厵    U+6E90         源    U+6E90         源
U+53B6   厶    U+53B6         厶    U+79C1         私
U+53B7   厷    U+53B7         厷    U+53B7         厷
U+53B8   厸    U+53B8         厸    U+53B8         厸
U+53B9   厹    U+53B9         厹    U+53B9         厹
U+53BB   去    U+53BB         去    U+53BB         去
U+53BC   厼    U+53BC         厼    U+53BC         厼
U+53BD   厽    U+53BD         厽    U+53BD         厽
U+53BE   厾    U+53BE         厾    U+53BE         厾
U+53BF   县    U+53BF         县    U+7E23         縣
U+53C0   叀    U+53C0         叀    U+53C0         叀
U+53C1   叁    U+53C1         叁    U+53C3         參    U+53C2;U+84E1; 参;蓡;
                                                      U+53C4;U+8460 叄;葠

U+53C2   参    U+53C2         参    U+53C3         參    U+84E1;U+53C1; 蓡;叁;
                                                      U+53C4;U+8460 叄;葠

U+53C3   參    U+53C2         参    U+53C3         參    U+84E1;U+53C1; 蓡;叁;
                                                      U+53C4;U+8460 叄;葠

U+53C4   叄    U+53C2         参    U+53C3         參    U+53C1;U+84E1; 叁;蓡;
                                                      U+8460         葠
U+53C6   叆    U+53C6         叆    U+9749         靉
U+53C7   叇    U+53C7         叇    U+9746         靆
U+53C8   又    U+53C8         又    U+53C8         又
U+53C9   叉    U+53C9         叉    U+53C9         叉
U+53CA   及    U+53CA         及    U+53CA         及
                                                                              Annex A: Page 31 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+53CB   友    U+53CB         友    U+53CB         友
U+53CC   双    U+53CC         双    U+96D9         雙
U+53CD   反    U+53CD         反    U+53CD         反    U+6604              昄
U+53CE   収    U+6536         收    U+6536         收
U+53D0   叐    U+53D0         叐    U+53D0         叐
U+53D1   发    U+53D1         发    U+767C;U+9AEE  發;髮 U+5F42;U+9AEA;       彂;髪; (HK:U+767A)
                                                      U+767A              発
U+53D2   叒    U+53D2         叒    U+53D2         叒
U+53D3   叓    U+53D3         叓    U+53D3         叓
U+53D4   叔    U+53D4         叔    U+53D4         叔
U+53D5   叕    U+53D5         叕    U+53D5         叕
U+53D6   取    U+53D6         取    U+53D6         取
U+53D7   受    U+53D7         受    U+53D7         受
U+53D8   变    U+53D8         变    U+8B8A         變    U+5909              変
U+53D9   叙    U+53D9         叙    U+6558         敘    U+654D              敍
U+53DA   叚    U+53DA         叚    U+53DA         叚    U+5047              假      (HK:CV)
U+53DB   叛    U+53DB         叛    U+53DB         叛
U+53DC   叜    U+53DF         叟    U+53DF         叟
U+53DF   叟    U+53DF         叟    U+53DF         叟    U+53DC              叜
U+53E0   叠    U+53E0         叠    U+758A         疊    U+66E1;U+7589;U     曡;疉;
                                                      +8FED               迭
U+53E1   叡    U+777F         睿    U+53E1         叡
U+53E2   叢    U+4E1B         丛    U+53E2         叢    U+6B09;U+85C2       欉;藂
U+53E3   口    U+53E3         口    U+53E3         口
U+53E4   古    U+53E4         古    U+53E4         古
U+53E5   句    U+53E5         句    U+53E5         句    U+52FE              勾
U+53E6   另    U+53E6         另    U+53E6         另
U+53E8   叨    U+53E8         叨    U+53E8         叨
U+53E9   叩    U+53E9         叩    U+53E9         叩
U+53EA   只    U+53EA         只    U+53EA;U+8879; 只;衹;
                                  U+96BB         �
U+53EB   叫    U+53EB         叫    U+53EB         叫    U+5602              嘂
U+53EC   召    U+53EC         召    U+53EC         召
U+53ED   叭    U+53ED         叭    U+53ED         叭
U+53EE   叮    U+53EE         叮    U+53EE         叮
U+53EF   可    U+53EF         可    U+53EF         可
U+53F0   台    U+53F0         台    U+53F0;U+6AAF; 台;檯; U+7C49              籉
                                  U+81FA;U+98B1 �;颱

U+53F1   叱    U+53F1         叱    U+53F1          叱
U+53F2   史    U+53F2         史    U+53F2          史
U+53F3   右    U+53F3         右    U+53F3          右
U+53F4   叴    U+53F4         叴    U+53F4          叴
U+53F5   叵    U+53F5         叵    U+53F5          叵
U+53F6   叶    U+53F6         叶    U+8449          葉
U+53F7   号    U+53F7         号    U+865F          號   U+8B79              譹
U+53F8   司    U+53F8         司    U+53F8          司
U+53F9   叹    U+53F9         叹    U+5606;U+6B4E   嘆;歎
U+53FA   叺    U+53FA         叺    U+53FA          叺
U+53FB   叻    U+53FB         叻    U+53FB          叻
U+53FC   叼    U+53FC         叼    U+53FC          叼
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 32 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+53FD   叽    U+53FD         叽    U+5630          嘰
U+53FE   叾    U+53FE         叾    U+53FE          叾
U+5401   吁    U+5401         吁    U+5401;U+7C72   吁;籲
U+5402   吂    U+5402         吂    U+5402          吂
U+5403   吃    U+5403         吃    U+5403          吃     U+55AB             喫
U+5404   各    U+5404         各    U+5404          各
U+5405   吅    U+5405         吅    U+55A7          喧     U+8AE0             諠
U+5406   吆    U+5406         吆    U+5406          吆
U+5407   吇    U+5407         吇    U+5407          吇
U+5408   合    U+5408         合    U+5408;U+95A4   合;閤   U+6546             敆
U+5409   吉    U+5409         吉    U+5409          吉
U+540A   吊    U+540A         吊    U+540A;U+5F14   吊;弔
U+540B   吋    U+540B         吋    U+540B          吋
U+540C   同    U+540C         同    U+540C          同     U+4EDD;U+8855      仝;衕

U+540D   名    U+540D         名    U+540D          名
U+540E   后    U+540E         后    U+540E;U+5F8C   后;後

U+540F   吏    U+540F         吏    U+540F          吏
U+5410   吐    U+5410         吐    U+5410          吐
U+5411   向    U+5411         向    U+5411;U+56AE   向;嚮   U+66CF             曏
U+5412   吒    U+5412         吒    U+5412          吒
U+5413   吓    U+5413         吓    U+5687          嚇
U+5414   吔    U+5414         吔    U+5414          吔
U+5415   吕    U+5415         吕    U+5442          呂     U+90D8             郘
U+5416   吖    U+5416         吖    U+5416          吖
U+5417   吗    U+5417         吗    U+55CE          嗎
U+5418   吘    U+5418         吘    U+5418          吘
U+5419   吙    U+5419         吙    U+5419          吙
U+541B   君    U+541B         君    U+541B          君
U+541C   吜    U+541C         吜    U+541C          吜
U+541D   吝    U+541D         吝    U+541D          吝     U+608B             悋
U+541E   吞    U+541E         吞    U+541E          吞     U+5451             呑
U+541F   吟    U+541F         吟    U+541F          吟
U+5420   吠    U+5420         吠    U+5420          吠
U+5421   吡    U+5421         吡    U+5421          吡
U+5423   吣    U+5423         吣    U+5423          吣     U+551A             唚
U+5424   吤    U+5424         吤    U+5424          吤
U+5425   吥    U+5425         吥    U+5425          吥
U+5426   否    U+5426         否    U+5426          否
U+5427   吧    U+5427         吧    U+5427          吧
U+5428   吨    U+5428         吨    U+5678          噸
U+5429   吩    U+5429         吩    U+5429          吩
U+542A   吪    U+542A         吪    U+542A          吪
U+542B   含    U+542B         含    U+542B          含
U+542C   听    U+542C         听    U+807D          聽     U+8074;U+807C      聴;聼
U+542D   吭    U+542D         吭    U+542D          吭
U+542E   吮    U+542E         吮    U+542E          吮
U+542F   启    U+542F         启    U+555F          啟     U+5553;U+5554      啓;啔
U+5430   吰    U+5B8F         宏    U+5430          吰
U+5431   吱    U+5431         吱    U+5431          吱
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 33 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5432   吲    U+5432         吲    U+5432         吲
U+5433   吳    U+5434         吴    U+5433         吳    U+5434;U+5449      吴;呉
U+5434   吴    U+5434         吴    U+5433         吳    U+5449             呉
U+5435   吵    U+5435         吵    U+5435         吵
U+5436   吶    U+5450         呐    U+5436         吶
U+5437   吷    U+5437         吷    U+5437         吷
U+5438   吸    U+5438         吸    U+5438         吸
U+5439   吹    U+5439         吹    U+5439         吹
U+543A   吺    U+543A         吺    U+543A         吺
U+543B   吻    U+543B         吻    U+543B         吻    U+5445;U+5461;U 呅;呡; (HK:U+8117)
                                                      +8117           脗
U+543C   吼    U+543C         吼    U+543C         吼
U+543D   吽    U+543D         吽    U+543D         吽
U+543E   吾    U+543E         吾    U+543E         吾
U+543F   吿    U+544A         告    U+544A         告
U+5440   呀    U+5440         呀    U+5440         呀
U+5441   呁    U+5441         呁    U+5441         呁
U+5442   呂    U+5415         吕    U+5442         呂    U+90D8             郘
U+5443   呃    U+5443         呃    U+5443         呃
U+5444   呄    U+5444         呄    U+5444         呄
U+5445   呅    U+543B         吻    U+5445         呅    U+5461;U+8117      呡;脗 (HK:U+8117)
U+5446   呆    U+5446         呆    U+5446         呆    U+7343;U+9A03      獃;騃
U+5447   呇    U+5447         呇    U+5447         呇
U+5448   呈    U+5448         呈    U+5448         呈
U+5449   呉    U+5434         吴    U+5433         吳
U+544A   告    U+544A         告    U+544A         告    U+543F             吿
U+544B   呋    U+544B         呋    U+544B         呋
U+544D   呍    U+544D         呍    U+544D         呍
U+544E   呎    U+544E         呎    U+544E         呎
U+544F   呏    U+544F         呏    U+544F         呏
U+5450   呐    U+5450         呐    U+5436         吶
U+5451   呑    U+541E         吞    U+541E         吞
U+5452   呒    U+5452         呒    U+5638         嘸
U+5453   呓    U+5453         呓    U+56C8         囈    U+5BF1             寱
U+5454   呔    U+5454         呔    U+5454         呔
U+5455   呕    U+5455         呕    U+5614         嘔
U+5456   呖    U+5456         呖    U+56A6         嚦
U+5457   呗    U+5457         呗    U+5504         唄
U+5458   员    U+5458         员    U+54E1         員
U+5459   呙    U+5459         呙    U+54BC         咼
U+545A   呚    U+545A         呚    U+545A         呚
U+545B   呛    U+545B         呛    U+55C6         嗆
U+545C   呜    U+545C         呜    U+55DA         嗚
U+545E   呞    U+545E         呞    U+545E         呞
U+545F   呟    U+545F         呟    U+545F         呟
U+5460   呠    U+5460         呠    U+5460         呠
U+5461   呡    U+543B         吻    U+5461         呡    U+5445;U+8117      呅;脗 (HK:U+8117)
U+5462   呢    U+5462         呢    U+5462         呢
U+5463   呣    U+5463         呣    U+5463         呣
U+5464   呤    U+5464         呤    U+5464         呤
U+5465   呥    U+5465         呥    U+5465         呥
                                                                               Annex A: Page 34 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5466   呦    U+5466         呦    U+5466          呦
U+5467   呧    U+8BCB         诋    U+5467          呧    U+8BCB;U+8A46 诋;詆

U+5468   周    U+5468         周    U+5468;U+9031   周;週
U+546A   呪    U+5492         咒    U+5492          咒
U+546B   呫    U+546B         呫    U+546B          呫
U+546C   呬    U+546C         呬    U+546C          呬
U+546D   呭    U+546D         呭    U+546D          呭
U+546E   呮    U+546E         呮    U+546E          呮
U+546F   呯    U+546F         呯    U+546F          呯
U+5470   呰    U+5470         呰    U+5470          呰
U+5471   呱    U+5471         呱    U+5471          呱   U+54CC              哌
U+5472   呲    U+5472         呲    U+5472          呲
U+5473   味    U+5473         味    U+5473          味
U+5474   呴    U+5474         呴    U+5474          呴
U+5475   呵    U+5475         呵    U+5475          呵   U+55EC;U+8A36;      嗬;訶;
                                                      U+8BC3              诃
U+5476   呶    U+5476         呶    U+5476          呶
U+5477   呷    U+5477         呷    U+5477          呷
U+5478   呸    U+5478         呸    U+5478          呸
U+5479   呹    U+5479         呹    U+5479          呹
U+547A   呺    U+547A         呺    U+547A          呺
U+547B   呻    U+547B         呻    U+547B          呻
U+547C   呼    U+547C         呼    U+547C          呼   U+5611;U+8656;U     嘑;虖;
                                                      +8B3C               謼
U+547D   命    U+547D         命    U+547D          命
U+547E   呾    U+547E         呾    U+547E          呾
U+547F   呿    U+547F         呿    U+547F          呿
U+5480   咀    U+5480         咀    U+5480          咀   U+5634              嘴
U+5481   咁    U+5481         咁    U+5481          咁
U+5482   咂    U+5482         咂    U+5482          咂
U+5483   咃    U+5483         咃    U+5483          咃
U+5484   咄    U+5484         咄    U+5484          咄
U+5485   咅    U+5485         咅    U+5485          咅
U+5486   咆    U+5486         咆    U+5486          咆
U+5487   咇    U+5487         咇    U+5487          咇
U+5488   咈    U+5488         咈    U+5488          咈
U+5489   咉    U+5489         咉    U+5489          咉
U+548B   咋    U+548B         咋    U+548B          咋
U+548C   和    U+548C         和    U+548C          和   U+924C;U+9FA2       鉌;龢

U+548D   咍    U+548D         咍    U+548D          咍
U+548E   咎    U+548E         咎    U+548E          咎
U+548F   咏    U+548F         咏    U+8A60          詠
U+5490   咐    U+5490         咐    U+5490          咐
U+5491   咑    U+5491         咑    U+5491          咑
U+5492   咒    U+5492         咒    U+5492          咒    U+546A             呪
U+5493   咓    U+5493         咓    U+5493          咓
U+5494   咔    U+5494         咔    U+5494          咔
U+5495   咕    U+5495         咕    U+5495          咕
U+5496   咖    U+5496         咖    U+5496          咖
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 35 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5497   咗    U+5497         咗    U+5497          咗
U+5498   咘    U+5498         咘    U+5498          咘
U+5499   咙    U+5499         咙    U+56A8          嚨
U+549A   咚    U+549A         咚    U+549A          咚
U+549B   咛    U+549B         咛    U+5680          嚀
U+549C   咜    U+549C         咜    U+549C          咜
U+549D   咝    U+549D         咝    U+549D          咝    U+565D             噝
U+549E   咞    U+549E         咞    U+549E          咞
U+549F   咟    U+549F         咟    U+549F          咟
U+54A0   咠    U+54A0         咠    U+54A0          咠
U+54A1   咡    U+54A1         咡    U+54A1          咡
U+54A2   咢    U+54A2         咢    U+54A2          咢
U+54A3   咣    U+54A3         咣    U+54A3          咣
U+54A4   咤    U+54A4         咤    U+54A4          咤
U+54A5   咥    U+54A5         咥    U+54A5          咥
U+54A6   咦    U+54A6         咦    U+54A6          咦
U+54A7   咧    U+54A7         咧    U+54A7          咧
U+54A8   咨    U+54A8         咨    U+54A8          咨    U+8AEE;U+8C18 諮;谘

U+54A9   咩    U+54A9         咩    U+54A9          咩
U+54AA   咪    U+54AA         咪    U+54AA          咪
U+54AB   咫    U+54AB         咫    U+54AB          咫
U+54AC   咬    U+54AC         咬    U+54AC          咬   U+9F69              齩
U+54AD   咭    U+54AD         咭    U+54AD          咭
U+54AE   咮    U+54AE         咮    U+54AE          咮
U+54AF   咯    U+54AF         咯    U+54AF          咯   U+8A7B              詻
U+54B0   咰    U+54B0         咰    U+54B0          咰
U+54B1   咱    U+54B1         咱    U+54B1          咱   U+507A;U+5592       偺;喒
U+54B2   咲    U+7B11         笑    U+7B11          笑
U+54B3   咳    U+54B3         咳    U+54B3          咳
U+54B4   咴    U+54B4         咴    U+54B4          咴
U+54B6   咶    U+54B6         咶    U+54B6          咶
U+54B7   咷    U+5555         啕    U+54B7          咷
U+54B8   咸    U+54B8         咸    U+54B8;U+9E79   咸;鹹
U+54B9   咹    U+54B9         咹    U+54B9          咹
U+54BA   咺    U+54BA         咺    U+54BA          咺
U+54BB   咻    U+54BB         咻    U+54BB          咻
U+54BC   咼    U+5459         呙    U+54BC          咼
U+54BD   咽    U+54BD         咽    U+54BD;U+56A5   咽;嚥

U+54BE   咾    U+54BE         咾    U+54BE          咾
U+54BF   咿    U+54BF         咿    U+54BF          咿
U+54C0   哀    U+54C0         哀    U+54C0          哀
U+54C1   品    U+54C1         品    U+54C1          品
U+54C2   哂    U+54C2         哂    U+54C2          哂
U+54C3   哃    U+54C3         哃    U+54C3          哃
U+54C4   哄    U+54C4         哄    U+54C4;U+9B28   哄;鬨 U+95A7              閧
U+54C5   哅    U+8BBB         讻    U+54C5          哅   U+8BBB;U+8A29       讻;訩

U+54C6   哆    U+54C6         哆    U+54C6          哆
U+54C7   哇    U+54C7         哇    U+54C7          哇
                                                                                Annex A: Page 36 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+54C8   哈    U+54C8         哈    U+54C8         哈
U+54C9   哉    U+54C9         哉    U+54C9         哉
U+54CA   哊    U+54CA         哊    U+54CA         哊
U+54CB   哋    U+54CB         哋    U+54CB         哋
U+54CC   哌    U+54CC         哌    U+5471         呱
U+54CD   响    U+54CD         响    U+97FF         響
U+54CE   哎    U+54CE         哎    U+54CE         哎
U+54CF   哏    U+54CF         哏    U+54CF         哏
U+54D0   哐    U+54D0         哐    U+54D0         哐
U+54D1   哑    U+54D1         哑    U+555E         啞    U+5516;U+75D6;U 唖;痖;
                                                      +7602           瘂
U+54D2   哒    U+54D2         哒    U+5660         噠
U+54D3   哓    U+54D3         哓    U+5635         嘵
U+54D4   哔    U+54D4         哔    U+55F6         嗶
U+54D5   哕    U+54D5         哕    U+5666         噦
U+54D6   哖    U+54D6         哖    U+54D6         哖
U+54D7   哗    U+54D7         哗    U+5629         嘩    U+8B41             譁
U+54D8   哘    U+54D8         哘    U+54D8         哘
U+54D9   哙    U+54D9         哙    U+5672         噲
U+54DA   哚    U+54DA         哚    U+54DA         哚
U+54DB   哛    U+54DB         哛    U+54DB         哛
U+54DC   哜    U+54DC         哜    U+568C         嚌
U+54DD   哝    U+54DD         哝    U+5665         噥
U+54DE   哞    U+54DE         哞    U+54DE         哞
U+54DF   哟    U+54DF         哟    U+55B2         喲
U+54E0   哠    U+54E0         哠    U+54E0         哠
U+54E1   員    U+5458         员    U+54E1         員
U+54E2   哢    U+54E2         哢    U+54E2         哢
U+54E3   哣    U+54E3         哣    U+54E3         哣
U+54E4   哤    U+54E4         哤    U+54E4         哤
U+54E5   哥    U+54E5         哥    U+54E5         哥
U+54E6   哦    U+54E6         哦    U+54E6         哦
U+54E7   哧    U+54E7         哧    U+54E7         哧
U+54E8   哨    U+54E8         哨    U+54E8         哨
U+54E9   哩    U+54E9         哩    U+54E9         哩
U+54EA   哪    U+54EA         哪    U+54EA         哪
U+54EB   哫    U+54EB         哫    U+54EB         哫
U+54EC   哬    U+54EC         哬    U+54EC         哬
U+54ED   哭    U+54ED         哭    U+54ED         哭
U+54EE   哮    U+54EE         哮    U+54EE         哮
U+54EF   哯    U+54EF         哯    U+54EF         哯
U+54F0   哰    U+54F0         哰    U+54F0         哰
U+54F1   哱    U+54F1         哱    U+54F1         哱
U+54F2   哲    U+54F2         哲    U+54F2         哲    U+5586             喆
U+54F3   哳    U+54F3         哳    U+54F3         哳
U+54F4   哴    U+54F4         哴    U+54F4         哴
U+54F5   哵    U+54F5         哵    U+54F5         哵
U+54F7   哷    U+54F7         哷    U+54F7         哷
U+54F8   哸    U+54F8         哸    U+54F8         哸
U+54F9   哹    U+54F9         哹    U+54F9         哹
U+54FA   哺    U+54FA         哺    U+54FA         哺
                                                                              Annex A: Page 37 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+54FB   哻    U+9F3E         鼾    U+54FB          哻
U+54FC   哼    U+54FC         哼    U+54FC          哼
U+54FD   哽    U+54FD         哽    U+54FD          哽
U+54FE   哾    U+54FE         哾    U+54FE          哾
U+54FF   哿    U+54FF         哿    U+54FF          哿
U+5500   唀    U+5500         唀    U+5500          唀
U+5501   唁    U+5501         唁    U+5501          唁
U+5502   唂    U+5502         唂    U+5502          唂
U+5503   唃    U+5503         唃    U+5503          唃
U+5504   唄    U+5457         呗    U+5504          唄
U+5505   唅    U+5505         唅    U+5505          唅
U+5506   唆    U+5506         唆    U+5506          唆
U+5507   唇    U+5507         唇    U+5507;U+8123   唇;脣
U+5508   唈    U+5508         唈    U+5508          唈
U+5509   唉    U+5509         唉    U+5509          唉
U+550A   唊    U+550A         唊    U+550A          唊
U+550B   唋    U+550B         唋    U+550B          唋
U+550C   唌    U+550C         唌    U+550C          唌
U+550D   唍    U+550D         唍    U+550D          唍
U+550E   唎    U+550E         唎    U+550E          唎
U+550F   唏    U+550F         唏    U+550F          唏
U+5510   唐    U+5510         唐    U+5510          唐
U+5511   唑    U+5511         唑    U+5511          唑
U+5512   唒    U+5512         唒    U+5512          唒
U+5513   唓    U+5513         唓    U+5513          唓
U+5514   唔    U+5514         唔    U+5514          唔
U+5516   唖    U+54D1         哑    U+555E          啞   U+75D6;U+7602       痖;瘂
U+5517   唗    U+5517         唗    U+5517          唗
U+551A   唚    U+5423         吣    U+551A          唚
U+551B   唛    U+551B         唛    U+561C          嘜
U+551C   唜    U+551C         唜    U+551C          唜
U+551D   唝    U+551D         唝    U+55CA          嗊
U+551E   唞    U+551E         唞    U+551E          唞
U+551F   唟    U+551F         唟    U+551F          唟
U+5520   唠    U+5520         唠    U+562E          嘮
U+5521   唡    U+5521         唡    U+5562          啢
U+5522   唢    U+5522         唢    U+55E9          嗩
U+5523   唣    U+5523         唣    U+5523          唣
U+5524   唤    U+5524         唤    U+559A          喚
U+5525   唥    U+5525         唥    U+5525          唥
U+5526   唦    U+5526         唦    U+5526          唦
U+5527   唧    U+5527         唧    U+5527          唧   U+559E              喞
U+5528   唨    U+5528         唨    U+5528          唨
U+5529   唩    U+5529         唩    U+5529          唩
U+552A   唪    U+552A         唪    U+552A          唪
U+552B   唫    U+552B         唫    U+552B          唫
U+552C   唬    U+552C         唬    U+552C          唬
U+552D   唭    U+552D         唭    U+552D          唭
U+552E   售    U+552E         售    U+552E          售
U+552F   唯    U+552F         唯    U+552F          唯
U+5530   唰    U+5530         唰    U+5530          唰
                                                                                Annex A: Page 38 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5531   唱    U+5531         唱    U+5531         唱
U+5532   唲    U+5532         唲    U+5532         唲
U+5533   唳    U+5533         唳    U+5533         唳
U+5534   唴    U+5534         唴    U+5534         唴
U+5535   唵    U+5535         唵    U+5535         唵
U+5536   唶    U+5536         唶    U+5536         唶
U+5537   唷    U+5537         唷    U+5537         唷
U+5538   唸    U+5FF5         念    U+5538         唸
U+5539   唹    U+5539         唹    U+5539         唹
U+553A   唺    U+553A         唺    U+553A         唺
U+553B   唻    U+553B         唻    U+553B         唻
U+553C   唼    U+553C         唼    U+553C         唼
U+553D   唽    U+553D         唽    U+553D         唽
U+553E   唾    U+553E         唾    U+553E         唾
U+553F   唿    U+553F         唿    U+553F         唿
U+5540   啀    U+5540         啀    U+5540         啀
U+5541   啁    U+5541         啁    U+5541         啁
U+5542   啂    U+5542         啂    U+5542         啂
U+5543   啃    U+5543         啃    U+5543         啃
U+5544   啄    U+5544         啄    U+5544         啄
U+5545   啅    U+5545         啅    U+5545         啅
U+5546   商    U+5546         商    U+5546         商    U+8B2A             謪
U+5548   啈    U+5548         啈    U+5548         啈
U+5549   啉    U+5549         啉    U+5549         啉
U+554A   啊    U+554A         啊    U+554A         啊
U+554B   啋    U+554B         啋    U+554B         啋
U+554C   啌    U+554C         啌    U+554C         啌
U+554D   啍    U+554D         啍    U+554D         啍
U+554E   啎    U+554E         啎    U+554E         啎
U+554F   問    U+95EE         问    U+554F         問
U+5550   啐    U+5550         啐    U+5550         啐
U+5551   啑    U+5551         啑    U+5551         啑
U+5552   啒    U+5552         啒    U+5552         啒
U+5553   啓    U+542F         启    U+555F         啟    U+5554             啔
U+5554   啔    U+542F         启    U+555F         啟    U+5553             啓
U+5555   啕    U+5555         啕    U+5555         啕    U+54B7             咷
U+5556   啖    U+5556         啖    U+5556         啖    U+5557;U+5649;U    啗;噉;
                                                      +56AA              嚪
U+5557   啗    U+5556         啖    U+5557         啗    U+5649;U+56AA      噉;嚪
U+5558   啘    U+5558         啘    U+5558         啘
U+5559   啙    U+5559         啙    U+5559         啙
U+555A   啚    U+555A         啚    U+555A         啚
U+555B   啛    U+555B         啛    U+555B         啛
U+555C   啜    U+555C         啜    U+555C         啜    U+56BD             嚽
U+555D   啝    U+555D         啝    U+555D         啝
U+555E   啞    U+54D1         哑    U+555E         啞    U+5516;U+75D6;U 唖;痖;
                                                      +7602           瘂
U+555F   啟    U+542F         启    U+555F         啟    U+5553;U+5554 啓;啔
U+5561   啡    U+5561         啡    U+5561         啡
U+5562   啢    U+5521         唡    U+5562         啢
U+5563   啣    U+8854         衔    U+5563         啣    U+8854;U+929C      衔;銜
                                                                                Annex A: Page 39 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5564   啤    U+5564         啤    U+5564          啤
U+5565   啥    U+5565         啥    U+5565          啥
U+5566   啦    U+5566         啦    U+5566          啦
U+5567   啧    U+5567         啧    U+5616          嘖
U+5568   啨    U+5568         啨    U+5568          啨
U+5569   啩    U+5569         啩    U+5569          啩
U+556A   啪    U+556A         啪    U+556A          啪
U+556B   啫    U+556B         啫    U+556B          啫
U+556C   啬    U+556C         啬    U+55C7          嗇
U+556D   啭    U+556D         啭    U+56C0          囀
U+556E   啮    U+556E         啮    U+9F67          齧     U+5699;U+56D3      嚙;囓
U+556F   啯    U+556F         啯    U+5613          嘓
U+5570   啰    U+5570         啰    U+56C9          囉
U+5571   啱    U+5571         啱    U+5571          啱
U+5572   啲    U+5572         啲    U+5572          啲
U+5573   啳    U+5573         啳    U+5573          啳
U+5574   啴    U+5574         啴    U+563D          嘽
U+5575   啵    U+5575         啵    U+5575          啵
U+5576   啶    U+5576         啶    U+5576          啶
U+5577   啷    U+5577         啷    U+5577          啷
U+5578   啸    U+5578         啸    U+562F          嘯     U+5628             嘨
U+5579   啹    U+5579         啹    U+5579          啹
U+557B   啻    U+557B         啻    U+557B          啻
U+557C   啼    U+557C         啼    U+557C          啼     U+8B15             謕
U+557D   啽    U+557D         啽    U+557D          啽
U+557E   啾    U+557E         啾    U+557E          啾
U+557F   啿    U+557F         啿    U+557F          啿
U+5580   喀    U+5580         喀    U+5580          喀
U+5581   喁    U+5581         喁    U+5581          喁
U+5582   喂    U+5582         喂    U+5582;U+9935   喂;餵
U+5583   喃    U+5583         喃    U+5583          喃     U+5A1A;U+8AF5      娚;諵

U+5584   善    U+5584         善    U+5584          善     U+8B71             譱
U+5585   喅    U+5585         喅    U+5585          喅
U+5586   喆    U+54F2         哲    U+54F2          哲
U+5587   喇    U+5587         喇    U+5587          喇
U+5588   喈    U+5588         喈    U+5588          喈
U+5589   喉    U+5589         喉    U+5589          喉
U+558A   喊    U+558A         喊    U+558A          喊
U+558B   喋    U+558B         喋    U+558B          喋
U+558C   喌    U+558C         喌    U+558C          喌
U+558D   喍    U+558D         喍    U+558D          喍
U+558E   喎    U+359E         㖞    U+558E          喎
U+558F   喏    U+558F         喏    U+558F          喏
U+5590   喐    U+5590         喐    U+5590          喐
U+5591   喑    U+5591         喑    U+5591          喑     U+567E;U+7616      噾;瘖
U+5592   喒    U+54B1         咱    U+5592          喒     U+507A             偺
U+5593   喓    U+5593         喓    U+5593          喓
U+5594   喔    U+5594         喔    U+5594          喔
U+5595   喕    U+5595         喕    U+5595          喕
U+5596   喖    U+5596         喖    U+5596          喖
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 40 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5597   喗    U+5597         喗    U+5597         喗
U+5598   喘    U+5598         喘    U+5598         喘
U+5599   喙    U+5599         喙    U+5599         喙
U+559A   喚    U+5524         唤    U+559A         喚
U+559B   喛    U+559B         喛    U+559B         喛
U+559C   喜    U+559C         喜    U+559C         喜    U+6199             憙
U+559D   喝    U+559D         喝    U+559D         喝
U+559E   喞    U+5527         唧    U+5527         唧
U+559F   喟    U+559F         喟    U+559F         喟    U+5633;U+6B33      嘳;欳
U+55A0   喠    U+55A0         喠    U+55A0         喠
U+55A1   喡    U+55A1         喡    U+55A1         喡
U+55A2   喢    U+55A2         喢    U+55A2         喢
U+55A3   喣    U+55A3         喣    U+55A3         喣
U+55A4   喤    U+55A4         喤    U+55A4         喤
U+55A5   喥    U+55A5         喥    U+55A5         喥
U+55A6   喦    U+5CA9         岩    U+55A6         喦    U+5CA9;U+5D52;     岩;嵒;
                                                      U+58E7;U+5DCC;     壧;巌;
                                                      U+5DD6;U+789E;     巖;碞;
                                                      U+7939             礹

U+55A7   喧    U+55A7         喧    U+55A7         喧    U+5405;U+8AE0      吅;諠
U+55A8   喨    U+55A8         喨    U+55A8         喨
U+55A9   喩    U+55BB         喻    U+55BB         喻
U+55AA   喪    U+4E27         丧    U+55AA         喪
U+55AB   喫    U+5403         吃    U+55AB         喫
U+55AC   喬    U+4E54         乔    U+55AC         喬
U+55AD   喭    U+55AD         喭    U+55AD         喭
U+55AE   單    U+5355         单    U+55AE         單    U+5358             単
U+55AF   喯    U+55AF         喯    U+55AF         喯
U+55B0   喰    U+9910         餐    U+9910         餐    U+98E1             飡      (HK:U+98E1)
U+55B1   喱    U+55B1         喱    U+55B1         喱
U+55B2   喲    U+54DF         哟    U+55B2         喲
U+55B3   喳    U+55B3         喳    U+55B3         喳
U+55B4   喴    U+55B4         喴    U+55B4         喴
U+55B5   喵    U+55B5         喵    U+55B5         喵
U+55B6   営    U+8425         营    U+71DF         營
U+55B7   喷    U+55B7         喷    U+5674         噴    U+6B55             歕
U+55B8   喸    U+55B8         喸    U+55B8         喸
U+55B9   喹    U+55B9         喹    U+55B9         喹
U+55BA   喺    U+55BA         喺    U+55BA         喺
U+55BB   喻    U+55BB         喻    U+55BB         喻    U+55A9             喩
U+55BC   喼    U+55BC         喼    U+55BC         喼
U+55BD   喽    U+55BD         喽    U+560D         嘍
U+55BE   喾    U+55BE         喾    U+56B3         嚳
U+55BF   喿    U+55BF         喿    U+55BF         喿
U+55C0   嗀    U+55C0         嗀    U+55C0         嗀
U+55C1   嗁    U+55C1         嗁    U+55C1         嗁
U+55C2   嗂    U+55C2         嗂    U+55C2         嗂
U+55C3   嗃    U+55C3         嗃    U+55C3         嗃
U+55C4   嗄    U+55C4         嗄    U+55C4         嗄
U+55C5   嗅    U+55C5         嗅    U+55C5         嗅
                                                                                Annex A: Page 41 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+55C6   嗆    U+545B         呛    U+55C6         嗆
U+55C7   嗇    U+556C         啬    U+55C7         嗇
U+55C8   嗈    U+55C8         嗈    U+55C8         嗈
U+55C9   嗉    U+55C9         嗉    U+55C9         嗉    U+8186             膆
U+55CA   嗊    U+551D         唝    U+55CA         嗊
U+55CB   嗋    U+55CB         嗋    U+55CB         嗋
U+55CC   嗌    U+55CC         嗌    U+55CC         嗌
U+55CD   嗍    U+55CD         嗍    U+55CD         嗍
U+55CE   嗎    U+5417         吗    U+55CE         嗎
U+55CF   嗏    U+55CF         嗏    U+55CF         嗏
U+55D0   嗐    U+55D0         嗐    U+55D0         嗐
U+55D1   嗑    U+55D1         嗑    U+55D1         嗑
U+55D2   嗒    U+55D2         嗒    U+55D2         嗒
U+55D3   嗓    U+55D3         嗓    U+55D3         嗓
U+55D4   嗔    U+55D4         嗔    U+55D4         嗔
U+55D5   嗕    U+55D5         嗕    U+55D5         嗕
U+55D6   嗖    U+55D6         嗖    U+55D6         嗖
U+55D7   嗗    U+55D7         嗗    U+55D7         嗗
U+55D8   嗘    U+55D8         嗘    U+55D8         嗘
U+55D9   嗙    U+55D9         嗙    U+55D9         嗙
U+55DA   嗚    U+545C         呜    U+55DA         嗚
U+55DB   嗛    U+55DB         嗛    U+55DB         嗛
U+55DC   嗜    U+55DC         嗜    U+55DC         嗜
U+55DD   嗝    U+55DD         嗝    U+55DD         嗝
U+55DE   嗞    U+55DE         嗞    U+55DE         嗞
U+55DF   嗟    U+55DF         嗟    U+55DF         嗟
U+55E1   嗡    U+55E1         嗡    U+55E1         嗡
U+55E2   嗢    U+55E2         嗢    U+55E2         嗢
U+55E3   嗣    U+55E3         嗣    U+55E3         嗣
U+55E4   嗤    U+55E4         嗤    U+55E4         嗤
U+55E5   嗥    U+55E5         嗥    U+55E5         嗥
U+55E6   嗦    U+55E6         嗦    U+55E6         嗦
U+55E7   嗧    U+55E7         嗧    U+55E7         嗧
U+55E8   嗨    U+55E8         嗨    U+55E8         嗨
U+55E9   嗩    U+5522         唢    U+55E9         嗩
U+55EA   嗪    U+55EA         嗪    U+55EA         嗪
U+55EB   嗫    U+55EB         嗫    U+56C1         囁
U+55EC   嗬    U+55EC         嗬    U+5475         呵    U+8A36;U+8BC3      訶;诃

U+55ED   嗭    U+55ED         嗭    U+55ED         嗭
U+55EE   嗮    U+55EE         嗮    U+55EE         嗮
U+55EF   嗯    U+55EF         嗯    U+55EF         嗯
U+55F0   嗰    U+55F0         嗰    U+55F0         嗰
U+55F1   嗱    U+55F1         嗱    U+55F1         嗱
U+55F2   嗲    U+55F2         嗲    U+55F2         嗲
U+55F3   嗳    U+55F3         嗳    U+566F         噯
U+55F4   嗴    U+55F4         嗴    U+55F4         嗴
U+55F5   嗵    U+55F5         嗵    U+55F5         嗵
U+55F6   嗶    U+54D4         哔    U+55F6         嗶
U+55F7   嗷    U+55F7         嗷    U+55F7         嗷
U+55F9   嗹    U+55F9         嗹    U+55F9         嗹
                                                                               Annex A: Page 42 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+55FA   嗺    U+55FA         嗺    U+55FA         嗺
U+55FB   嗻    U+55FB         嗻    U+55FB         嗻
U+55FC   嗼    U+5BDE         寞    U+55FC         嗼
U+55FD   嗽    U+55FD         嗽    U+55FD         嗽    U+6B36             欶
U+55FE   嗾    U+55FE         嗾    U+55FE         嗾
U+55FF   嗿    U+55FF         嗿    U+55FF         嗿
U+5600   嘀    U+5600         嘀    U+5600         嘀
U+5601   嘁    U+5601         嘁    U+5601         嘁
U+5602   嘂    U+53EB         叫    U+5602         嘂
U+5603   嘃    U+5603         嘃    U+5603         嘃
U+5604   嘄    U+5604         嘄    U+5604         嘄
U+5605   嘅    U+5605         嘅    U+5605         嘅                             (HK)
U+5606   嘆    U+53F9         叹    U+5606         嘆    U+6B4E             歎
U+5607   嘇    U+5607         嘇    U+5607         嘇
U+5608   嘈    U+5608         嘈    U+5608         嘈    U+50AE             傮
U+5609   嘉    U+5609         嘉    U+5609         嘉
U+560C   嘌    U+560C         嘌    U+560C         嘌
U+560D   嘍    U+55BD         喽    U+560D         嘍
U+560E   嘎    U+560E         嘎    U+560E         嘎
U+560F   嘏    U+560F         嘏    U+560F         嘏
U+5610   嘐    U+5610         嘐    U+5610         嘐
U+5611   嘑    U+547C         呼    U+547C         呼    U+8656;U+8B3C      虖;謼
U+5612   嘒    U+5612         嘒    U+5612         嘒
U+5613   嘓    U+556F         啯    U+5613         嘓
U+5614   嘔    U+5455         呕    U+5614         嘔
U+5615   嘕    U+5615         嘕    U+5615         嘕
U+5616   嘖    U+5567         啧    U+5616         嘖
U+5617   嘗    U+5C1D         尝    U+5617         嘗    U+5C1D;U+751E; 尝;甞;
                                                      U+5690         嚐
U+5618   嘘    U+5618         嘘    U+5653         噓
U+5619   嘙    U+5619         嘙    U+5619         嘙
U+561A   嘚    U+561A         嘚    U+561A         嘚
U+561B   嘛    U+561B         嘛    U+561B         嘛
U+561C   嘜    U+551B         唛    U+561C         嘜
U+561D   嘝    U+561D         嘝    U+561D         嘝
U+561E   嘞    U+561E         嘞    U+561E         嘞
U+561F   嘟    U+561F         嘟    U+561F         嘟
U+5621   嘡    U+5621         嘡    U+5621         嘡
U+5622   嘢    U+5622         嘢    U+5622         嘢
U+5623   嘣    U+5623         嘣    U+5623         嘣
U+5624   嘤    U+5624         嘤    U+56B6         嚶    U+8B7B             譻
U+5625   嘥    U+5625         嘥    U+5625         嘥
U+5626   嘦    U+5626         嘦    U+5626         嘦
U+5627   嘧    U+5627         嘧    U+5627         嘧
U+5628   嘨    U+5578         啸    U+562F         嘯
U+5629   嘩    U+54D7         哗    U+5629         嘩    U+8B41             譁
U+562A   嘪    U+562A         嘪    U+562A         嘪
U+562C   嘬    U+562C         嘬    U+562C         嘬
U+562D   嘭    U+562D         嘭    U+562D         嘭
U+562E   嘮    U+5520         唠    U+562E         嘮
U+562F   嘯    U+5578         啸    U+562F         嘯    U+5628             嘨
                                                                               Annex A: Page 43 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5630   嘰    U+53FD         叽    U+5630         嘰
U+5631   嘱    U+5631         嘱    U+56D1         囑
U+5632   嘲    U+5632         嘲    U+5632         嘲
U+5633   嘳    U+559F         喟    U+5633         嘳    U+6B33             欳
U+5634   嘴    U+5634         嘴    U+5634         嘴    U+5480             咀
U+5635   嘵    U+54D3         哓    U+5635         嘵
U+5636   嘶    U+5636         嘶    U+5636         嘶
U+5638   嘸    U+5452         呒    U+5638         嘸
U+5639   嘹    U+5639         嘹    U+5639         嘹
U+563A   嘺    U+563A         嘺    U+563A         嘺
U+563B   嘻    U+563B         嘻    U+563B         嘻    U+8B46             譆
U+563D   嘽    U+5574         啴    U+563D         嘽
U+563E   嘾    U+563E         嘾    U+563E         嘾
U+563F   嘿    U+563F         嘿    U+563F         嘿
U+5640   噀    U+5640         噀    U+5640         噀
U+5641   噁    U+6076         恶    U+5641         噁    U+6076;U+60E1;U 恶;惡;
                                                      +60AA           悪
U+5642   噂    U+5642         噂    U+5642         噂    U+8B50          譐
U+5643   噃    U+5643         噃    U+5643         噃
U+5645   噅    U+5645         噅    U+5645         噅    U+5655             噕
U+5646   噆    U+5646         噆    U+5646         噆
U+5647   噇    U+5647         噇    U+5647         噇
U+5648   噈    U+5648         噈    U+5648         噈
U+5649   噉    U+5556         啖    U+5649         噉    U+5557;U+56AA      啗;嚪
U+564A   噊    U+8C32         谲    U+564A         噊    U+8C32;U+8B4E      谲;譎

U+564C   噌    U+564C         噌    U+564C         噌
U+564D   噍    U+564D         噍    U+564D         噍
U+564E   噎    U+564E         噎    U+564E         噎
U+564F   噏    U+564F         噏    U+564F         噏
U+5650   噐    U+5668         器    U+5668         器
U+5652   噒    U+5652         噒    U+5652         噒
U+5653   噓    U+5618         嘘    U+5653         噓
U+5654   噔    U+5654         噔    U+5654         噔
U+5655   噕    U+5645         噅    U+5645         噅
U+5657   噗    U+5657         噗    U+5657         噗
U+5658   噘    U+5658         噘    U+5658         噘
U+5659   噙    U+5659         噙    U+5659         噙
U+565A   噚    U+565A         噚    U+565A         噚
U+565B   噛    U+565B         噛    U+565B         噛
U+565C   噜    U+565C         噜    U+5695         嚕
U+565D   噝    U+549D         咝    U+565D         噝
U+565E   噞    U+565E         噞    U+565E         噞
U+5660   噠    U+54D2         哒    U+5660         噠
U+5662   噢    U+5662         噢    U+5662         噢
U+5663   噣    U+5663         噣    U+5663         噣
U+5664   噤    U+5664         噤    U+5664         噤
U+5665   噥    U+54DD         哝    U+5665         噥
U+5666   噦    U+54D5         哕    U+5666         噦
U+5667   噧    U+5667         噧    U+5667         噧
U+5668   器    U+5668         器    U+5668         器    U+5650             噐
                                                                               Annex A: Page 44 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5669   噩    U+5669         噩    U+5669         噩
U+566A   噪    U+566A         噪    U+566A         噪    U+8B5F             譟
U+566B   噫    U+566B         噫    U+566B         噫
U+566C   噬    U+566C         噬    U+566C         噬
U+566D   噭    U+566D         噭    U+566D         噭
U+566E   噮    U+566E         噮    U+566E         噮
U+566F   噯    U+55F3         嗳    U+566F         噯
U+5670   噰    U+5670         噰    U+5670         噰
U+5671   噱    U+5671         噱    U+5671         噱
U+5672   噲    U+54D9         哙    U+5672         噲
U+5673   噳    U+5673         噳    U+5673         噳
U+5674   噴    U+55B7         喷    U+5674         噴    U+6B55             歕
U+5676   噶    U+5676         噶    U+5676         噶
U+5677   噷    U+5677         噷    U+5677         噷
U+5678   噸    U+5428         吨    U+5678         噸
U+5679   噹    U+5F53         当    U+5679         噹    U+5F53;U+7576      当;當
U+567A   噺    U+567A         噺    U+567A         噺
U+567B   噻    U+567B         噻    U+567B         噻
U+567C   噼    U+567C         噼    U+567C         噼
U+567E   噾    U+5591         喑    U+567E         噾    U+7616             瘖
U+567F   噿    U+567F         噿    U+567F         噿
U+5680   嚀    U+549B         咛    U+5680         嚀
U+5681   嚁    U+5681         嚁    U+5681         嚁
U+5682   嚂    U+5682         嚂    U+5682         嚂
U+5683   嚃    U+5683         嚃    U+5683         嚃
U+5684   嚄    U+5684         嚄    U+5684         嚄
U+5685   嚅    U+5685         嚅    U+5685         嚅
U+5686   嚆    U+5686         嚆    U+5686         嚆
U+5687   嚇    U+5413         吓    U+5687         嚇
U+5689   嚉    U+5689         嚉    U+5689         嚉                             (HK)
U+568A   嚊    U+568A         嚊    U+568A         嚊
U+568C   嚌    U+54DC         哜    U+568C         嚌
U+568D   嚍    U+568D         嚍    U+568D         嚍
U+568E   嚎    U+568E         嚎    U+568E         嚎
U+568F   嚏    U+568F         嚏    U+568F         嚏    U+5694         嚔
U+5690   嚐    U+5C1D         尝    U+5690         嚐    U+5C1D;U+5617; 尝;嘗;
                                                      U+751E         甞
U+5691   嚑    U+5691         嚑    U+5691         嚑
U+5692   嚒    U+5692         嚒    U+5692         嚒
U+5693   嚓    U+5693         嚓    U+5693         嚓
U+5694   嚔    U+568F         嚏    U+568F         嚏
U+5695   嚕    U+565C         噜    U+5695         嚕
U+5697   嚗    U+5697         嚗    U+5697         嚗
U+5698   嚘    U+5698         嚘    U+5698         嚘
U+5699   嚙    U+556E         啮    U+5699         嚙    U+56D3;U+9F67      囓;齧
U+569A   嚚    U+569A         嚚    U+569A         嚚
U+569B   嚛    U+569B         嚛    U+569B         嚛
U+569C   嚜    U+569C         嚜    U+569C         嚜
U+569D   嚝    U+569D         嚝    U+569D         嚝
U+569F   嚟    U+569F         嚟    U+569F         嚟
U+56A0   嚠    U+6D4F         浏    U+700F         瀏
                                                                               Annex A: Page 45 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+56A1   嚡    U+56A1         嚡    U+56A1         嚡
U+56A3   嚣    U+56A3         嚣    U+56C2         囂    U+56BB             嚻
U+56A4   嚤    U+56A4         嚤    U+56A4         嚤
U+56A5   嚥    U+54BD         咽    U+56A5         嚥
U+56A6   嚦    U+5456         呖    U+56A6         嚦
U+56A7   嚧    U+56A7         嚧    U+56A7         嚧
U+56A8   嚨    U+5499         咙    U+56A8         嚨
U+56A9   嚩    U+56A9         嚩    U+56A9         嚩
U+56AA   嚪    U+5556         啖    U+56AA         嚪    U+5557;U+5649      啗;噉
U+56AB   嚫    U+56AB         嚫    U+56AB         嚫
U+56AC   嚬    U+56AC         嚬    U+56AC         嚬
U+56AD   嚭    U+56AD         嚭    U+56AD         嚭
U+56AE   嚮    U+5411         向    U+56AE         嚮    U+66CF             曏
U+56AF   嚯    U+56AF         嚯    U+56AF         嚯
U+56B0   嚰    U+56B0         嚰    U+56B0         嚰
U+56B1   嚱    U+56B1         嚱    U+56B1         嚱
U+56B2   嚲    U+4EB8         亸    U+56B2         嚲
U+56B3   嚳    U+55BE         喾    U+56B3         嚳
U+56B4   嚴    U+4E25         严    U+56B4         嚴    U+53B3             厳
U+56B5   嚵    U+56B5         嚵    U+56B5         嚵
U+56B6   嚶    U+5624         嘤    U+56B6         嚶    U+8B7B             譻
U+56B7   嚷    U+56B7         嚷    U+56B7         嚷
U+56B8   嚸    U+56B8         嚸    U+56B8         嚸
U+56B9   嚹    U+56B9         嚹    U+56B9         嚹
U+56BB   嚻    U+56A3         嚣    U+56C2         囂
U+56BC   嚼    U+56BC         嚼    U+56BC         嚼
U+56BD   嚽    U+555C         啜    U+56BD         嚽
U+56BE   嚾    U+56BE         嚾    U+56BE         嚾
U+56BF   嚿    U+56BF         嚿    U+56BF         嚿
U+56C0   囀    U+556D         啭    U+56C0         囀
U+56C1   囁    U+55EB         嗫    U+56C1         囁
U+56C2   囂    U+56A3         嚣    U+56C2         囂    U+56BB             嚻
U+56C3   囃    U+56C3         囃    U+56C3         囃
U+56C4   囄    U+56C4         囄    U+56C4         囄
U+56C5   囅    U+5181         冁    U+56C5         囅
U+56C6   囆    U+56C6         囆    U+56C6         囆
U+56C7   囇    U+56C7         囇    U+56C7         囇
U+56C8   囈    U+5453         呓    U+56C8         囈    U+5BF1             寱
U+56C9   囉    U+5570         啰    U+56C9         囉
U+56CA   囊    U+56CA         囊    U+56CA         囊
U+56CB   囋    U+56CB         囋    U+56CB         囋
U+56CC   囌    U+82CF         苏    U+56CC         囌    U+82CF;U+8607; 苏;蘇;
                                                      U+7526;U+8613 甦;蘓

U+56CD   囍    U+56CD         囍    U+56CD         囍
U+56CE   囎    U+56CE         囎    U+56CE         囎
U+56D0   囐    U+56D0         囐    U+56D0         囐
U+56D1   囑    U+5631         嘱    U+56D1         囑
U+56D2   囒    U+56D2         囒    U+56D2         囒
U+56D3   囓    U+556E         啮    U+56D3         囓    U+5699;U+9F67      嚙;齧
U+56D4   囔    U+56D4         囔    U+56D4         囔
                                                                               Annex A: Page 46 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+56D5   囕    U+56D5         囕    U+56D5          囕
U+56D6   囖    U+56D6         囖    U+56D6          囖
U+56D7   囗    U+56D7         囗    U+56D7          囗
U+56D8   囘    U+56DE         回    U+56DE          回    U+56EC;U+5EFB; 囬;廻;
                                                       U+5EFD;U+8FF4; 廽;迴;
                                                       U+9025         逥
U+56DA   囚    U+56DA         囚    U+56DA          囚
U+56DB   四    U+56DB         四    U+56DB          四   U+8086              肆
U+56DC   囜    U+56DC         囜    U+56DC          囜
U+56DD   囝    U+56DD         囝    U+56DD          囝
U+56DE   回    U+56DE         回    U+56DE;U+8FF4   回;迴 U+56D8;U+56EC;      囘;囬;
                                                      U+5EFB;U+5EFD;      廻;廽;
                                                      U+9025              逥
U+56DF   囟    U+56DF         囟    U+56DF          囟
U+56E0   因    U+56E0         因    U+56E0          因
U+56E1   囡    U+56E1         囡    U+56E1          囡
U+56E2   团    U+56E2         团    U+5718;U+7CF0   團;糰 U+56E3              団
U+56E3   団    U+56E2         团    U+5718          團   U+7CF0              糰
U+56E4   囤    U+56E4         囤    U+56E4          囤
U+56E5   囥    U+56E5         囥    U+56E5          囥
U+56E7   囧    U+518F         冏    U+56E7          囧
U+56E8   囨    U+56E8         囨    U+56E8          囨
U+56E9   囩    U+56E9         囩    U+56E9          囩
U+56EA   囪    U+56F1         囱    U+56EA          囪
U+56EB   囫    U+56EB         囫    U+56EB          囫
U+56EC   囬    U+56DE         回    U+56DE          回   U+56D8;U+5EFB;      囘;廻;
                                                      U+5EFD;U+8FF4;      廽;迴;
                                                      U+9025              逥
U+56ED   园    U+56ED         园    U+5712          園   U+8597              薗    (HK:U+8598)
U+56EE   囮    U+56EE         囮    U+56EE          囮
U+56EF   囯    U+56FD         国    U+570B          國   U+5700              圀
U+56F0   困    U+56F0         困    U+56F0;U+774F   困;睏
U+56F1   囱    U+56F1         囱    U+56EA          囪
U+56F2   囲    U+56F4         围    U+570D          圍
U+56F3   図    U+56FE         图    U+5716          圖
U+56F4   围    U+56F4         围    U+570D          圍   U+56F2              囲
U+56F5   囵    U+56F5         囵    U+5707          圇
U+56F7   囷    U+56F7         囷    U+56F7          囷
U+56F9   囹    U+56F9         囹    U+56F9          囹
U+56FA   固    U+56FA         固    U+56FA          固
U+56FD   国    U+56FD         国    U+570B          國   U+56EF;U+5700       囯;圀
U+56FE   图    U+56FE         图    U+5716          圖   U+56F3              図
U+56FF   囿    U+56FF         囿    U+56FF          囿
U+5700   圀    U+56FD         国    U+570B          國   U+56EF              囯
U+5701   圁    U+5701         圁    U+5701          圁
U+5702   圂    U+5702         圂    U+5702          圂
U+5703   圃    U+5703         圃    U+5703          圃
U+5704   圄    U+5704         圄    U+5704          圄
U+5706   圆    U+5706         圆    U+5713          圓   U+5186;U+570E       円;圎
U+5707   圇    U+56F5         囵    U+5707          圇
U+5708   圈    U+5708         圈    U+5708          圈   U+570F              圏
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 47 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5709   圉    U+5709         圉    U+5709         圉
U+570A   圊    U+570A         圊    U+570A         圊
U+570B   國    U+56FD         国    U+570B         國    U+56EF;U+5700      囯;圀
U+570C   圌    U+570C         圌    U+570C         圌
U+570D   圍    U+56F4         围    U+570D         圍    U+56F2             囲
U+570E   圎    U+5706         圆    U+5713         圓    U+5186             円
U+570F   圏    U+5708         圈    U+5708         圈
U+5710   圐    U+5710         圐    U+5710         圐
U+5712   園    U+56ED         园    U+5712         園    U+8597             薗   (HK:U+8597)
U+5713   圓    U+5706         圆    U+5713         圓    U+5186;U+570E      円;圎
U+5714   圔    U+5714         圔    U+5714         圔
U+5715   圕    U+5715         圕    U+5715         圕
U+5716   圖    U+56FE         图    U+5716         圖    U+56F3             図
U+5718   團    U+56E2         团    U+5718         團    U+56E3;U+7CF0      団;糰

U+5719   圙    U+5719         圙    U+5719         圙
U+571A   圚    U+571A         圚    U+571A         圚
U+571B   圛    U+571B         圛    U+571B         圛
U+571C   圜    U+571C         圜    U+571C         圜
U+571D   圝    U+571D         圝    U+571D         圝
U+571E   圞    U+571E         圞    U+571E         圞
U+571F   土    U+571F         土    U+571F         土
U+5720   圠    U+5720         圠    U+5720         圠
U+5722   圢    U+753A         町    U+5722         圢
U+5723   圣    U+5723         圣    U+8056         聖    U+57A9;U+580A      垩;堊
U+5725   圥    U+5725         圥    U+5725         圥
U+5726   圦    U+5726         圦    U+5726         圦
U+5727   圧    U+538B         压    U+58D3         壓
U+5728   在    U+5728         在    U+5728         在
U+5729   圩    U+5729         圩    U+5729         圩
U+572A   圪    U+572A         圪    U+572A         圪
U+572B   圫    U+572B         圫    U+572B         圫
U+572C   圬    U+572C         圬    U+572C         圬    U+6747             杇
U+572D   圭    U+572D         圭    U+572D         圭    U+73EA             珪
U+572E   圮    U+572E         圮    U+572E         圮
U+572F   圯    U+572F         圯    U+572F         圯
U+5730   地    U+5730         地    U+5730         地    U+58AC             墬
U+5731   圱    U+5731         圱    U+5731         圱
U+5732   圲    U+5732         圲    U+5732         圲
U+5733   圳    U+5733         圳    U+5733         圳
U+5734   圴    U+5734         圴    U+5734         圴
U+5735   圵    U+5735         圵    U+5735         圵
U+5736   圶    U+5736         圶    U+5736         圶
U+5737   圷    U+5737         圷    U+5737         圷
U+5738   圸    U+5738         圸    U+5738         圸
U+5739   圹    U+5739         圹    U+58D9         壙
U+573A   场    U+573A         场    U+5834         場    U+5872             塲
U+573B   圻    U+573B         圻    U+573B         圻    U+57A0             垠
U+573C   圼    U+573C         圼    U+573C         圼
U+573E   圾    U+573E         圾    U+573E         圾
U+573F   圿    U+573F         圿    U+573F         圿
                                                                               Annex A: Page 48 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5740   址    U+5740         址    U+5740          址   U+962F              阯
U+5741   坁    U+5741         坁    U+5741          坁
U+5742   坂    U+5742         坂    U+962A          阪
U+5744   坄    U+5744         坄    U+5744          坄
U+5745   坅    U+5745         坅    U+5745          坅
U+5746   坆    U+5746         坆    U+5746          坆
U+5747   均    U+5747         均    U+5747          均
U+5749   坉    U+5749         坉    U+5749          坉
U+574A   坊    U+574A         坊    U+574A          坊
U+574B   坋    U+574B         坋    U+574B          坋
U+574C   坌    U+574C         坌    U+574C          坌
U+574D   坍    U+574D         坍    U+574D          坍
U+574E   坎    U+574E         坎    U+574E          坎
U+574F   坏    U+574F         坏    U+574F;U+58DE   坏;壞 U+576F;U+58CA;      坯;壊;
                                                      U+7623              瘣
U+5750   坐    U+5750         坐    U+5750          坐   U+5EA7              座
U+5751   坑    U+5751         坑    U+5751          坑   U+962C              阬
U+5752   坒    U+5752         坒    U+5752          坒
U+5753   坓    U+5753         坓    U+5753          坓
U+5754   坔    U+5754         坔    U+5754          坔
U+5757   块    U+5757         块    U+584A          塊   U+51F7              凷
U+5759   坙    U+5759         坙    U+5759          坙
U+575A   坚    U+575A         坚    U+5805          堅
U+575B   坛    U+575B         坛    U+58C7;U+7F48   壇;罈 U+7F4E;U+58DC       罎      (HK:U+58DC)

U+575C   坜    U+575C         坜    U+58E2          壢
U+575D   坝    U+575D         坝    U+58E9          壩    U+57BB             垻
U+575E   坞    U+575E         坞    U+5862          塢
U+575F   坟    U+575F         坟    U+58B3          墳
U+5760   坠    U+5760         坠    U+589C          墜
U+5761   坡    U+5761         坡    U+5761          坡    U+5CA5             岥
U+5762   坢    U+5762         坢    U+5762          坢
U+5764   坤    U+5764         坤    U+5764          坤    U+5803             堃
U+5765   坥    U+5765         坥    U+5765          坥
U+5766   坦    U+5766         坦    U+5766          坦
U+5767   坧    U+5767         坧    U+5767          坧
U+5768   坨    U+5768         坨    U+5768          坨
U+5769   坩    U+5769         坩    U+5769          坩
U+576A   坪    U+576A         坪    U+576A          坪
U+576B   坫    U+576B         坫    U+576B          坫    U+5E97             店
U+576C   坬    U+576C         坬    U+576C          坬
U+576D   坭    U+576D         坭    U+576D          坭
U+576F   坯    U+576F         坯    U+576F          坯    U+574F;U+58DE; 坏;壞;
                                                       U+58CA;U+7623 壊;瘣

U+5770   坰    U+5770         坰    U+5770          坰
U+5771   坱    U+5771         坱    U+5771          坱
U+5772   坲    U+5772         坲    U+5772          坲
U+5773   坳    U+5773         坳    U+5773          坳
U+5774   坴    U+9646         陆    U+5774          坴    U+9646;U+9678      陆;陸
U+5775   坵    U+4E18         丘    U+5775          坵    U+4E20             丠
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 49 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5776   坶    U+5776         坶    U+5776         坶
U+5777   坷    U+5777         坷    U+5777         坷
U+5779   坹    U+5779         坹    U+5779         坹
U+577A   坺    U+577A         坺    U+577A         坺
U+577B   坻    U+577B         坻    U+577B         坻
U+577C   坼    U+577C         坼    U+577C         坼
U+577D   坽    U+577D         坽    U+577D         坽
U+577E   坾    U+577E         坾    U+577E         坾
U+577F   坿    U+9644         附    U+9644         附
U+5780   垀    U+5780         垀    U+5780         垀
U+5782   垂    U+5782         垂    U+5782         垂    U+57C0             埀
U+5783   垃    U+5783         垃    U+5783         垃
U+5784   垄    U+5784         垄    U+58DF         壟    U+5785;U+58E0      垅;壠
U+5785   垅    U+5785         垅    U+58DF         壟    U+5784;U+58E0      垄;壠
U+5786   垆    U+5786         垆    U+58DA         壚    U+7F4F             罏
U+5788   垈    U+5788         垈    U+5788         垈
U+5789   垉    U+5789         垉    U+5789         垉
U+578A   垊    U+578A         垊    U+578A         垊
U+578B   型    U+578B         型    U+578B         型
U+578C   垌    U+578C         垌    U+578C         垌
U+578D   垍    U+578D         垍    U+578D         垍
U+578E   垎    U+578E         垎    U+578E         垎
U+578F   垏    U+578F         垏    U+578F         垏
U+5790   垐    U+5790         垐    U+5790         垐
U+5791   垑    U+5791         垑    U+5791         垑
U+5792   垒    U+5792         垒    U+58D8         壘    U+58E8             壨
U+5793   垓    U+5793         垓    U+5793         垓    U+9654             陔
U+5794   垔    U+5794         垔    U+5794         垔
U+5795   垕    U+5795         垕    U+5795         垕
U+5797   垗    U+5797         垗    U+5797         垗
U+5798   垘    U+5798         垘    U+5798         垘
U+5799   垙    U+5799         垙    U+5799         垙
U+579A   垚    U+5C27         尧    U+579A         垚    U+5C27;U+582F; 尧;堯;
                                                      U+5C2D         尭
U+579B   垛    U+579B         垛    U+579B         垛    U+579C         垜
U+579C   垜    U+579B         垛    U+579B         垛
U+579D   垝    U+579D         垝    U+579D         垝
U+579E   垞    U+579E         垞    U+579E         垞
U+579F   垟    U+579F         垟    U+579F         垟
U+57A0   垠    U+57A0         垠    U+57A0         垠    U+573B             圻
U+57A1   垡    U+57A1         垡    U+57A1         垡
U+57A2   垢    U+57A2         垢    U+57A2         垢
U+57A3   垣    U+57A3         垣    U+57A3         垣
U+57A4   垤    U+57A4         垤    U+57A4         垤
U+57A5   垥    U+57A5         垥    U+57A5         垥
U+57A6   垦    U+57A6         垦    U+58BE         墾
U+57A7   垧    U+57A7         垧    U+57A7         垧
U+57A9   垩    U+57A9         垩    U+580A         堊    U+8056;U+5723      聖;圣
U+57AA   垪    U+57AA         垪    U+57AA         垪
U+57AB   垫    U+57AB         垫    U+588A         墊
U+57AC   垬    U+57AC         垬    U+57AC         垬
                                                                               Annex A: Page 50 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+57AD   垭    U+57AD         垭    U+57E1         埡
U+57AE   垮    U+57AE         垮    U+57AE         垮
U+57AF   垯    U+57AF         垯    U+57AF         垯
U+57B0   垰    U+57B0         垰    U+57B0         垰
U+57B1   垱    U+57B1         垱    U+58CB         壋
U+57B2   垲    U+57B2         垲    U+584F         塏
U+57B3   垳    U+57B3         垳    U+57B3         垳
U+57B4   垴    U+57B4         垴    U+57B4         垴    U+5816             堖
U+57B5   垵    U+57B5         垵    U+57B5         垵
U+57B6   垶    U+57B6         垶    U+57B6         垶
U+57B7   垷    U+57B7         垷    U+57B7         垷
U+57B8   垸    U+57B8         垸    U+57B8         垸
U+57B9   垹    U+57B9         垹    U+57B9         垹
U+57BA   垺    U+57BA         垺    U+57BA         垺
U+57BB   垻    U+575D         坝    U+58E9         壩
U+57BC   垼    U+57BC         垼    U+57BC         垼
U+57BD   垽    U+57BD         垽    U+57BD         垽
U+57BE   垾    U+57BE         垾    U+57BE         垾
U+57BF   垿    U+57BF         垿    U+57BF         垿
U+57C0   埀    U+5782         垂    U+5782         垂
U+57C1   埁    U+57C1         埁    U+57C1         埁
U+57C2   埂    U+57C2         埂    U+57C2         埂
U+57C3   埃    U+57C3         埃    U+57C3         埃
U+57C4   埄    U+57C4         埄    U+57C4         埄
U+57C5   埅    U+57C5         埅    U+57C5         埅
U+57C6   埆    U+57C6         埆    U+57C6         埆
U+57C7   埇    U+57C7         埇    U+57C7         埇
U+57C8   埈    U+57C8         埈    U+57C8         埈
U+57C9   埉    U+57C9         埉    U+57C9         埉
U+57CB   埋    U+57CB         埋    U+57CB         埋
U+57CC   埌    U+57CC         埌    U+57CC         埌
U+57CD   埍    U+57CD         埍    U+57CD         埍
U+57CE   城    U+57CE         城    U+57CE         城
U+57CF   埏    U+57CF         埏    U+57CF         埏
U+57D0   埐    U+57D0         埐    U+57D0         埐
U+57D2   埒    U+57D2         埒    U+57D2         埒    U+57D3             埓
U+57D3   埓    U+57D2         埒    U+57D2         埒
U+57D4   埔    U+57D4         埔    U+57D4         埔
U+57D5   埕    U+57D5         埕    U+57D5         埕
U+57D6   埖    U+57D6         埖    U+57D6         埖
U+57D7   埗    U+57D7         埗    U+57D7         埗                             (HK)
U+57D8   埘    U+57D8         埘    U+5852         塒
U+57D9   埙    U+57D9         埙    U+5864         塤    U+58CE             壎
U+57DA   埚    U+57DA         埚    U+581D         堝
U+57DC   埜    U+91CE         野    U+57DC         埜
U+57DD   埝    U+57DD         埝    U+57DD         埝
U+57DE   埞    U+57DE         埞    U+57DE         埞                             (HK)
U+57DF   域    U+57DF         域    U+57DF         域
U+57E0   埠    U+57E0         埠    U+57E0         埠
U+57E1   埡    U+57AD         垭    U+57E1         埡
U+57E2   埢    U+57E2         埢    U+57E2         埢
                                                                              Annex A: Page 51 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+57E3   埣    U+57E3         埣    U+57E3         埣
U+57E4   埤    U+57E4         埤    U+57E4         埤
U+57E5   埥    U+57E5         埥    U+57E5         埥
U+57E6   埦    U+57E6         埦    U+57E6         埦
U+57E7   埧    U+57E7         埧    U+57E7         埧
U+57E8   埨    U+57E8         埨    U+57E8         埨
U+57E9   埩    U+57E9         埩    U+57E9         埩
U+57EA   埪    U+57EA         埪    U+57EA         埪
U+57EB   埫    U+57EB         埫    U+57EB         埫
U+57EC   埬    U+57EC         埬    U+57EC         埬
U+57ED   埭    U+57ED         埭    U+57ED         埭
U+57EE   埮    U+57EE         埮    U+57EE         埮
U+57EF   埯    U+57EF         埯    U+57EF         埯
U+57F0   埰    U+57F0         埰    U+57F0         埰
U+57F1   埱    U+57F1         埱    U+57F1         埱
U+57F2   埲    U+57F2         埲    U+57F2         埲
U+57F3   埳    U+57F3         埳    U+57F3         埳
U+57F4   埴    U+57F4         埴    U+57F4         埴
U+57F5   埵    U+57F5         埵    U+57F5         埵
U+57F6   埶    U+57F6         埶    U+57F6         埶
U+57F7   執    U+6267         执    U+57F7         執    U+6267;U+74E1      执;瓡
U+57F8   埸    U+57F8         埸    U+57F8         埸
U+57F9   培    U+57F9         培    U+57F9         培
U+57FA   基    U+57FA         基    U+57FA         基
U+57FB   埻    U+57FB         埻    U+57FB         埻
U+57FC   埼    U+5D0E         崎    U+57FC         埼    U+5D0E;U+7895      崎;碕
U+57FD   埽    U+57FD         埽    U+57FD         埽
U+57FE   埾    U+57FE         埾    U+57FE         埾
U+57FF   埿    U+57FF         埿    U+57FF         埿
U+5800   堀    U+5800         堀    U+5800         堀
U+5801   堁    U+5801         堁    U+5801         堁
U+5802   堂    U+5802         堂    U+5802         堂
U+5803   堃    U+5764         坤    U+5764         坤
U+5804   堄    U+5804         堄    U+5804         堄
U+5805   堅    U+575A         坚    U+5805         堅
U+5806   堆    U+5806         堆    U+5806         堆
U+5807   堇    U+5807         堇    U+5807         堇    U+84F3;U+83EB      蓳;菫
U+5808   堈    U+7F38         缸    U+5808         堈
U+5809   堉    U+5809         堉    U+5809         堉
U+580A   堊    U+57A9         垩    U+580A         堊    U+8056;U+5723      聖;圣
U+580B   堋    U+580B         堋    U+580B         堋    U+5874             塴
U+580C   堌    U+580C         堌    U+580C         堌
U+580D   堍    U+580D         堍    U+580D         堍
U+580E   堎    U+580E         堎    U+580E         堎
U+580F   堏    U+580F         堏    U+580F         堏
U+5810   堐    U+5810         堐    U+5810         堐
U+5811   堑    U+5811         堑    U+5879         塹
U+5812   堒    U+5812         堒    U+5812         堒
U+5813   堓    U+5813         堓    U+5813         堓
U+5814   堔    U+5814         堔    U+5814         堔
U+5815   堕    U+5815         堕    U+58AE         墮    U+58AF             墯
                                                                               Annex A: Page 52 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5816   堖    U+57B4         垴    U+57B4         垴
U+5819   堙    U+5819         堙    U+5819         堙
U+581A   堚    U+581A         堚    U+581A         堚
U+581B   堛    U+581B         堛    U+581B         堛
U+581C   堜    U+581C         堜    U+581C         堜
U+581D   堝    U+57DA         埚    U+581D         堝
U+581E   堞    U+581E         堞    U+581E         堞
U+581F   堟    U+581F         堟    U+581F         堟
U+5820   堠    U+5820         堠    U+5820         堠
U+5821   堡    U+5821         堡    U+5821         堡
U+5822   堢    U+5822         堢    U+5822         堢
U+5823   堣    U+5823         堣    U+5823         堣
U+5824   堤    U+5824         堤    U+5824         堤    U+9684             隄
U+5825   堥    U+5825         堥    U+5825         堥
U+5826   堦    U+9636         阶    U+968E         階
U+5827   堧    U+58D6         壖    U+5827         堧
U+5828   堨    U+5828         堨    U+5828         堨
U+5829   堩    U+5829         堩    U+5829         堩
U+582A   堪    U+582A         堪    U+582A         堪
U+582B   堫    U+582B         堫    U+582B         堫
U+582C   堬    U+582C         堬    U+582C         堬
U+582D   堭    U+582D         堭    U+582D         堭
U+582E   堮    U+582E         堮    U+582E         堮
U+582F   堯    U+5C27         尧    U+582F         堯    U+5C27;U+5C2D; 尧;尭;
                                                      U+579A         垚
U+5830   堰    U+5830         堰    U+5830         堰
U+5831   報    U+62A5         报    U+5831         報
U+5832   堲    U+5832         堲    U+5832         堲
U+5833   堳    U+5833         堳    U+5833         堳
U+5834   場    U+573A         场    U+5834         場    U+5872             塲
U+5835   堵    U+5835         堵    U+5835         堵
U+5836   堶    U+5836         堶    U+5836         堶
U+5837   堷    U+7AA8         窨    U+5837         堷
U+5838   堸    U+5838         堸    U+5838         堸
U+5839   堹    U+5839         堹    U+5839         堹
U+583A   堺    U+754C         界    U+754C         界    U+754D             畍
U+583B   堻    U+583B         堻    U+583B         堻
U+583C   堼    U+583C         堼    U+583C         堼
U+583D   堽    U+583D         堽    U+583D         堽
U+583E   堾    U+583E         堾    U+583E         堾
U+583F   堿    U+583F         堿    U+583F         堿
U+5840   塀    U+5840         塀    U+5840         塀
U+5842   塂    U+5842         塂    U+5842         塂
U+5843   塃    U+5843         塃    U+5843         塃
U+5844   塄    U+5844         塄    U+5844         塄
U+5845   塅    U+5845         塅    U+5845         塅
U+5846   塆    U+5846         塆    U+58EA         壪
U+5847   塇    U+5847         塇    U+5847         塇
U+5848   塈    U+5848         塈    U+5848         塈    U+588D             墍
U+5849   塉    U+5849         塉    U+5849         塉
U+584A   塊    U+5757         块    U+584A         塊    U+51F7             凷
                                                                              Annex A: Page 53 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+584B   塋    U+8314         茔    U+584B         塋
U+584C   塌    U+584C         塌    U+584C         塌
U+584D   塍    U+584D         塍    U+584D         塍
U+584E   塎    U+584E         塎    U+584E         塎
U+584F   塏    U+57B2         垲    U+584F         塏
U+5851   塑    U+5851         塑    U+5851         塑
U+5852   塒    U+57D8         埘    U+5852         塒
U+5853   塓    U+5853         塓    U+5853         塓
U+5854   塔    U+5854         塔    U+5854         塔    U+5896             墖
U+5855   塕    U+5855         塕    U+5855         塕
U+5857   塗    U+6D82         涂    U+5857         塗    U+6D82;U+51C3      涂;凃

U+5858   塘    U+5858         塘    U+5858         塘
U+5859   塙    U+786E         确    U+5859         塙    U+786E;U+78BA; 确;確;
                                                      U+78BB;U+792D 碻;礭

U+585A   塚    U+51A2         冢    U+585A         塚
U+585B   塛    U+585B         塛    U+585B         塛
U+585C   塜    U+585C         塜    U+585C         塜    U+5873             塳
U+585D   塝    U+585D         塝    U+585D         塝
U+585E   塞    U+585E         塞    U+585E         塞
U+585F   塟    U+846C         葬    U+846C         葬
U+5861   塡    U+586B         填    U+586B         填
U+5862   塢    U+575E         坞    U+5862         塢
U+5863   塣    U+5863         塣    U+5863         塣
U+5864   塤    U+57D9         埙    U+5864         塤    U+58CE             壎
U+5865   塥    U+5865         塥    U+5865         塥
U+5868   塨    U+5868         塨    U+5868         塨
U+5869   塩    U+76D0         盐    U+9E7D         鹽
U+586A   塪    U+586A         塪    U+586A         塪
U+586B   填    U+586B         填    U+586B         填    U+5861             塡
U+586C   塬    U+586C         塬    U+586C         塬
U+586D   塭    U+586D         塭    U+586D         塭
U+586E   塮    U+586E         塮    U+586E         塮
U+586F   塯    U+586F         塯    U+586F         塯
U+5870   塰    U+5870         塰    U+5870         塰
U+5871   塱    U+5871         塱    U+5871         塱
U+5872   塲    U+573A         场    U+5834         場
U+5873   塳    U+5873         塳    U+5873         塳    U+585C             塜
U+5874   塴    U+580B         堋    U+5874         塴
U+5875   塵    U+5C18         尘    U+5875         塵
U+5876   塶    U+5876         塶    U+5876         塶
U+5878   塸    U+5878         塸    U+5878         塸
U+5879   塹    U+5811         堑    U+5879         塹
U+587A   塺    U+587A         塺    U+587A         塺
U+587B   塻    U+587B         塻    U+587B         塻
U+587C   塼    U+587C         塼    U+587C         塼
U+587D   塽    U+587D         塽    U+587D         塽
U+587E   塾    U+587E         塾    U+587E         塾
U+587F   塿    U+587F         塿    U+587F         塿
U+5880   墀    U+5880         墀    U+5880         墀
                                                                               Annex A: Page 54 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5881   墁    U+5881         墁    U+5881          墁
U+5882   墂    U+6807         标    U+5882          墂     U+6807;U+6A19      标;標
U+5883   境    U+5883         境    U+5883          境
U+5884   墄    U+5884         墄    U+5884          墄
U+5885   墅    U+5885         墅    U+5885          墅
U+5886   墆    U+5886         墆    U+5886          墆
U+5887   墇    U+969C         障    U+5887          墇
U+5888   墈    U+5888         墈    U+5888          墈
U+5889   墉    U+5889         墉    U+5889          墉
U+588A   墊    U+57AB         垫    U+588A          墊
U+588B   墋    U+588B         墋    U+588B          墋
U+588C   墌    U+588C         墌    U+588C          墌
U+588D   墍    U+5848         塈    U+5848          塈
U+588E   墎    U+90ED         郭    U+588E          墎
U+588F   墏    U+588F         墏    U+588F          墏
U+5890   墐    U+5890         墐    U+5890          墐
U+5891   墑    U+5891         墑    U+5891          墑
U+5892   墒    U+5892         墒    U+5892          墒
U+5893   墓    U+5893         墓    U+5893          墓
U+5894   墔    U+5894         墔    U+5894          墔
U+5896   墖    U+5854         塔    U+5854          塔
U+5897   増    U+589E         增    U+589E          增
U+5898   墘    U+5898         墘    U+5898          墘
U+5899   墙    U+5899         墙    U+58BB;U+7246   墻;牆
U+589A   墚    U+589A         墚    U+589A          墚
U+589B   墛    U+589B         墛    U+589B          墛
U+589C   墜    U+5760         坠    U+589C          墜
U+589D   墝    U+589D         墝    U+589D          墝
U+589E   增    U+589E         增    U+589E          增     U+5897             増
U+589F   墟    U+589F         墟    U+589F          墟
U+58A0   墠    U+58A0         墠    U+58A0          墠
U+58A1   墡    U+58A1         墡    U+58A1          墡
U+58A2   墢    U+58A2         墢    U+58A2          墢
U+58A3   墣    U+58A3         墣    U+58A3          墣
U+58A4   墤    U+58A4         墤    U+58A4          墤
U+58A5   墥    U+7583         疃    U+58A5          墥     U+7583;U+757D      疃;畽
U+58A6   墦    U+58A6         墦    U+58A6          墦
U+58A7   墧    U+58A7         墧    U+58A7          墧
U+58A8   墨    U+58A8         墨    U+58A8          墨
U+58A9   墩    U+58A9         墩    U+58A9          墩
U+58AB   墫    U+58AB         墫    U+58AB          墫     U+6A3D;U+7F47      樽;罇

U+58AC   墬    U+5730         地    U+58AC          墬
U+58AD   墭    U+58AD         墭    U+58AD          墭
U+58AE   墮    U+5815         堕    U+58AE          墮     U+58AF             墯
U+58AF   墯    U+5815         堕    U+58AF          墯     U+58AE             墮
U+58B0   墰    U+58B0         墰    U+58B0          墰
U+58B1   墱    U+58B1         墱    U+58B1          墱
U+58B2   墲    U+58B2         墲    U+58B2          墲
U+58B3   墳    U+575F         坟    U+58B3          墳
U+58B4   墴    U+58B4         墴    U+58B4          墴
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 55 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+58B7   墷    U+58B7         墷    U+58B7         墷
U+58B8   墸    U+58B8         墸    U+58B8         墸
U+58B9   墹    U+58B9         墹    U+58B9         墹
U+58BA   墺    U+58BA         墺    U+58BA         墺
U+58BB   墻    U+5899         墙    U+58BB         墻    U+7246             牆
U+58BC   墼    U+58BC         墼    U+58BC         墼
U+58BD   墽    U+58BD         墽    U+58BD         墽
U+58BE   墾    U+57A6         垦    U+58BE         墾
U+58BF   墿    U+58BF         墿    U+58BF         墿
U+58C1   壁    U+58C1         壁    U+58C1         壁
U+58C2   壂    U+58C2         壂    U+58C2         壂
U+58C5   壅    U+58C5         壅    U+58C5         壅
U+58C6   壆    U+58C6         壆    U+58C6         壆
U+58C7   壇    U+575B         坛    U+58C7         壇    U+7F4E;U+7F48; 罎;罈 (HK:U+58DC)
U+58C8   壈    U+58C8         壈    U+58C8         壈
U+58C9   壉    U+58C9         壉    U+58C9         壉
U+58CA   壊    U+574F         坏    U+58DE         壞    U+576F;U+7623      坯;瘣
U+58CB   壋    U+57B1         垱    U+58CB         壋
U+58CE   壎    U+57D9         埙    U+58CE         壎    U+5864             塤
U+58CF   壏    U+58CF         壏    U+58CF         壏
U+58D1   壑    U+58D1         壑    U+58D1         壑
U+58D2   壒    U+58D2         壒    U+58D2         壒
U+58D3   壓    U+538B         压    U+58D3         壓    U+5727             圧
U+58D4   壔    U+58D4         壔    U+58D4         壔
U+58D5   壕    U+58D5         壕    U+58D5         壕
U+58D6   壖    U+58D6         壖    U+58D6         壖    U+5827             堧
U+58D7   壗    U+58D7         壗    U+58D7         壗
U+58D8   壘    U+5792         垒    U+58D8         壘    U+58E8             壨
U+58D9   壙    U+5739         圹    U+58D9         壙
U+58DA   壚    U+5786         垆    U+58DA         壚    U+7F4F             罏
U+58DB   壛    U+58DB         壛    U+58DB         壛
U+58DC   壜    U+575B         坛    U+58C7         壇    U+7F48;U+7F4E      罈;罎 (HK:CV)
U+58DD   壝    U+58DD         壝    U+58DD         壝
U+58DE   壞    U+574F         坏    U+58DE         壞    U+576F;U+58CA;     坯;壊;
                                                      U+7623             瘣
U+58DF   壟    U+5784         垄    U+58DF         壟    U+5785;U+58E0      垅;壠
U+58E0   壠    U+5785         垅    U+58DF         壟    U+5784             垄
U+58E2   壢    U+575C         坜    U+58E2         壢
U+58E3   壣    U+58E3         壣    U+58E3         壣
U+58E4   壤    U+58E4         壤    U+58E4         壤
U+58E5   壥    U+58E5         壥    U+58E5         壥
U+58E7   壧    U+5CA9         岩    U+58E7         壧    U+5CA9;U+55A6;     岩;喦;
                                                      U+5D52;U+5DCC;     嵒;巌;
                                                      U+5DD6;U+789E;     巖;碞;
                                                      U+7939             礹

U+58E8   壨    U+5792         垒    U+58E8         壨    U+58D8             壘
U+58E9   壩    U+575D         坝    U+58E9         壩    U+57BB             垻
U+58EA   壪    U+5846         塆    U+58EA         壪
U+58EB   士    U+58EB         士    U+58EB         士
                                                                                Annex A: Page 56 of 406
                                                              .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                    TC     Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+58EC   壬    U+58EC         壬    U+58EC           壬
U+58ED   壭    U+58ED         壭    U+58ED           壭
U+58EE   壮    U+58EE         壮    U+58EF           壯
U+58EF   壯    U+58EE         壮    U+58EF           壯
U+58F0   声    U+58F0         声    U+8072           聲
U+58F1   壱    U+58F9         壹    U+58F9           壹      U+4E00;U+5F0C      一;弌

U+58F2   売    U+5356         卖    U+8CE3           賣
U+58F3   壳    U+58F3         壳    U+6BBC           殼      U+6BBB             殻
U+58F4   壴    U+58F4         壴    U+58F4           壴
U+58F6   壶    U+58F6         壶    U+58FA           壺      U+58F7             壷
U+58F7   壷    U+58F6         壶    U+58FA           壺
U+58F8   壸    U+58F8         壸    U+58FC           壼
U+58F9   壹    U+58F9         壹    U+58F9           壹      U+4E00;U+58F1;     一;壱;
                                                          U+5F0C             弌
U+58FA   壺    U+58F6         壶    U+58FA           壺      U+58F7             壷
U+58FB   壻    U+58FB         壻    U+58FB           壻
U+58FC   壼    U+58F8         壸    U+58FC           壼
U+58FD   壽    U+5BFF         寿    U+58FD           壽      U+5900;U+5BFF      夀;寿
U+58FE   壾    U+58FE         壾    U+58FE           壾
U+58FF   壿    U+8E72         蹲    U+58FF           壿
U+5900   夀    U+5BFF         寿    U+58FD           壽
U+5902   夂    U+5902         夂    U+5902           夂
U+5903   夃    U+5903         夃    U+5903           夃
U+5904   处    U+5904         处    U+8655           處
U+5906   夆    U+5906         夆    U+5906           夆
U+5907   备    U+5907         备    U+5099           備      U+4FFB;U+5079      俻;偹
U+5909   変    U+53D8         变    U+8B8A           變
U+590A   夊    U+590A         夊    U+590A           夊
U+590B   夋    U+590B         夋    U+590B           夋
U+590C   夌    U+590C         夌    U+590C           夌
U+590D   复    U+590D         复    U+590D;U+5FA9;   复;復;   U+8986             覆
                                  U+8907           �
U+590E   夎    U+590E         夎    U+590E           夎
U+590F   夏    U+590F         夏    U+590F           夏
U+5910   夐    U+5910         夐    U+657B           敻
U+5912   夒    U+5912         夒    U+5912           夒
U+5914   夔    U+5914         夔    U+5914           夔
U+5915   夕    U+5915         夕    U+5915           夕
U+5916   外    U+5916         外    U+5916           外
U+5917   夗    U+5917         夗    U+5917           夗
U+5918   夘    U+536F         卯    U+536F           卯      U+623C             戼
U+5919   夙    U+5919         夙    U+5919           夙
U+591A   多    U+591A         多    U+591A           多      U+591B             夛
U+591B   夛    U+591A         多    U+591A           多
U+591C   夜    U+591C         夜    U+591C           夜      U+4EB1             亱
U+591D   夝    U+591D         夝    U+591D           夝
U+591E   夞    U+591E         夞    U+591E           夞
U+591F   够    U+591F         够    U+5920           夠
U+5920   夠    U+591F         够    U+5920           夠
U+5921   夡    U+5921         夡    U+5921           夡
                                                                                    Annex A: Page 57 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                   SC                  TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5922   夢    U+68A6          梦   U+5922          夢
U+5924   夤    U+5924          夤   U+5924          夤
U+5925   夥    U+5925;U+4F19   夥;伙 U+5925          夥     U+4F19             伙
U+5926   夦    U+5926          夦   U+5926          夦
U+5927   大    U+5927          大   U+5927          大
U+5928   夨    U+5928          夨   U+5928          夨
U+5929   天    U+5929          天   U+5929          天
U+592A   太    U+592A          太   U+592A          太
U+592B   夫    U+592B          夫   U+592B;U+4F15   夫;伕   U+4F15             伕
U+592C   夬    U+592C          夬   U+592C          夬
U+592D   夭    U+592D          夭   U+592D          夭     U+6B80             殀
U+592E   央    U+592E          央   U+592E          央
U+592F   夯    U+592F          夯   U+592F          夯
U+5930   夰    U+5930          夰   U+5930          夰
U+5931   失    U+5931          失   U+5931          失
U+5932   夲    U+5932          夲   U+672C          本
U+5934   头    U+5934          头   U+982D          頭
U+5935   夵    U+5935          夵   U+5935          夵
U+5937   夷    U+5937          夷   U+5937          夷     U+4F87             侇
U+5938   夸    U+5938          夸   U+5938;U+8A87   夸;誇
U+5939   夹    U+5939          夹   U+593E          夾     U+88CC             裌
U+593A   夺    U+593A          夺   U+596A          奪     U+6553             敓
U+593B   夻    U+593B          夻   U+593B          夻
U+593C   夼    U+593C          夼   U+593C          夼
U+593D   夽    U+593D          夽   U+593D          夽
U+593E   夾    U+5939          夹   U+593E          夾     U+88CC             裌
U+593F   夿    U+593F          夿   U+593F          夿
U+5940   奀    U+5940          奀   U+5940          奀
U+5941   奁    U+5941          奁   U+5969          奩     U+5333             匳
U+5942   奂    U+5942          奂   U+5950          奐
U+5943   奃    U+5943          奃   U+5943          奃
U+5944   奄    U+5944          奄   U+5944          奄
U+5945   奅    U+5945          奅   U+5945          奅
U+5946   奆    U+5946          奆   U+5946          奆
U+5947   奇    U+5947          奇   U+5947          奇     U+7AD2             竒
U+5948   奈    U+5948          奈   U+5948          奈     U+67F0             柰
U+5949   奉    U+5949          奉   U+5949          奉
U+594A   奊    U+594A          奊   U+594A          奊
U+594B   奋    U+594B          奋   U+596E          奮
U+594C   奌    U+70B9          点   U+9EDE          點
U+594D   奍    U+594D          奍   U+594D          奍
U+594E   奎    U+594E          奎   U+594E          奎
U+594F   奏    U+594F          奏   U+594F          奏
U+5950   奐    U+5942          奂   U+5950          奐
U+5951   契    U+5951          契   U+5951          契     U+6814             栔
U+5952   奒    U+5952          奒   U+5952          奒
U+5953   奓    U+5953          奓   U+5953          奓
U+5954   奔    U+5954          奔   U+5954          奔     U+7287;U+9029      犇;逩
U+5955   奕    U+5955          奕   U+5955          奕
U+5956   奖    U+5956          奖   U+734E          獎     U+5968;U+596C      奨;奬
U+5957   套    U+5957          套   U+5957          套
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 58 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5958   奘    U+5958         奘    U+5958          奘
U+595A   奚    U+595A         奚    U+595A          奚
U+595C   奜    U+595C         奜    U+595C          奜
U+595D   奝    U+595D         奝    U+595D          奝
U+595E   奞    U+595E         奞    U+595E          奞
U+595F   奟    U+595F         奟    U+595F          奟
U+5960   奠    U+5960         奠    U+5960          奠
U+5961   奡    U+5961         奡    U+5961          奡
U+5962   奢    U+5962         奢    U+5962          奢
U+5963   奣    U+5963         奣    U+5963          奣
U+5964   奤    U+5964         奤    U+5964          奤
U+5965   奥    U+5965         奥    U+5967          奧
U+5966   奦    U+5966         奦    U+5966          奦
U+5967   奧    U+5965         奥    U+5967          奧
U+5968   奨    U+5956         奖    U+734E          獎    U+596C             奬
U+5969   奩    U+5941         奁    U+5969          奩    U+5333             匳
U+596A   奪    U+593A         夺    U+596A          奪    U+6553             敓
U+596B   奫    U+596B         奫    U+596B          奫
U+596C   奬    U+5956         奖    U+734E          獎    U+5968             奨
U+596D   奭    U+596D         奭    U+596D          奭
U+596E   奮    U+594B         奋    U+596E          奮
U+596F   奯    U+596F         奯    U+596F          奯
U+5970   奰    U+5970         奰    U+5970          奰
U+5971   奱    U+5971         奱    U+5971          奱
U+5972   奲    U+5972         奲    U+5972          奲
U+5973   女    U+5973         女    U+5973          女
U+5974   奴    U+5974         奴    U+5974          奴
U+5975   奵    U+5975         奵    U+5975          奵
U+5976   奶    U+5976         奶    U+5976          奶    U+59B3;U+5B2D; 妳;嬭;
                                                       U+4F32;U+4F60;U 伲;你;
                                                       +511E           儞
U+5977   奷    U+5977         奷    U+5977          奷
U+5978   奸    U+5978         奸    U+5978;U+59E6   奸;姦
U+5979   她    U+5979         她    U+5979          她
U+597A   奺    U+597A         奺    U+597A          奺
U+597B   奻    U+597B         奻    U+597B          奻
U+597C   奼    U+59F9         姹    U+597C          奼
U+597D   好    U+597D         好    U+597D          好
U+597E   奾    U+597E         奾    U+597E          奾
U+597F   奿    U+597F         奿    U+597F          奿
U+5980   妀    U+5980         妀    U+5980          妀
U+5981   妁    U+5981         妁    U+5981          妁
U+5982   如    U+5982         如    U+5982          如
U+5983   妃    U+5983         妃    U+5983          妃
U+5984   妄    U+5984         妄    U+5984          妄
U+5985   妅    U+5985         妅    U+5985          妅
U+5986   妆    U+5986         妆    U+599D          妝
U+5987   妇    U+5987         妇    U+5A66          婦
U+5988   妈    U+5988         妈    U+5ABD          媽
U+5989   妉    U+5989         妉    U+5989          妉
U+598A   妊    U+598A         妊    U+598A          妊   U+59D9              姙
                                                                               Annex A: Page 59 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+598B   妋    U+598B         妋    U+598B         妋
U+598C   妌    U+598C         妌    U+598C         妌
U+598D   妍    U+598D         妍    U+598D         妍    U+59F8             姸
U+598E   妎    U+598E         妎    U+598E         妎
U+598F   妏    U+598F         妏    U+598F         妏
U+5990   妐    U+5990         妐    U+5990         妐
U+5991   妑    U+5991         妑    U+5991         妑
U+5992   妒    U+5992         妒    U+5992         妒    U+59AC             妬
U+5993   妓    U+5993         妓    U+5993         妓
U+5994   妔    U+5994         妔    U+5994         妔
U+5995   妕    U+5995         妕    U+5995         妕
U+5996   妖    U+5996         妖    U+5996         妖    U+7945;U+8A1E      祅;訞
U+5997   妗    U+5997         妗    U+5997         妗
U+5998   妘    U+5998         妘    U+5998         妘
U+5999   妙    U+5999         妙    U+5999         妙    U+7385             玅
U+599A   妚    U+599A         妚    U+599A         妚
U+599C   妜    U+599C         妜    U+599C         妜
U+599D   妝    U+5986         妆    U+599D         妝
U+599E   妞    U+599E         妞    U+599E         妞
U+599F   妟    U+599F         妟    U+599F         妟
U+59A0   妠    U+59A0         妠    U+59A0         妠
U+59A1   妡    U+59A1         妡    U+59A1         妡
U+59A2   妢    U+59A2         妢    U+59A2         妢
U+59A3   妣    U+59A3         妣    U+59A3         妣
U+59A4   妤    U+59A4         妤    U+59A4         妤
U+59A5   妥    U+59A5         妥    U+59A5         妥
U+59A6   妦    U+59A6         妦    U+59A6         妦
U+59A7   妧    U+59A7         妧    U+59A7         妧
U+59A8   妨    U+59A8         妨    U+59A8         妨
U+59A9   妩    U+59A9         妩    U+5AF5         嫵
U+59AA   妪    U+59AA         妪    U+5AD7         嫗
U+59AB   妫    U+59AB         妫    U+5AAF         媯    U+5B00             嬀
U+59AC   妬    U+5992         妒    U+5992         妒
U+59AD   妭    U+59AD         妭    U+59AD         妭
U+59AE   妮    U+59AE         妮    U+59AE         妮
U+59AF   妯    U+59AF         妯    U+59AF         妯
U+59B0   妰    U+59B0         妰    U+59B0         妰
U+59B1   妱    U+59B1         妱    U+59B1         妱
U+59B2   妲    U+59B2         妲    U+59B2         妲
U+59B3   妳    U+59B3         妳    U+59B3         妳    U+4F60;U+5976;U 你;奶;
                                                      +5B2D;U+4F32;U 嬭;伲;
                                                      +511E           儞
U+59B4   妴    U+59B4         妴    U+59B4         妴
U+59B5   妵    U+59B5         妵    U+59B5         妵
U+59B6   妶    U+59B6         妶    U+59B6         妶
U+59B8   妸    U+59B8         妸    U+59B8         妸
U+59B9   妹    U+59B9         妹    U+59B9         妹
U+59BA   妺    U+59BA         妺    U+59BA         妺
U+59BB   妻    U+59BB         妻    U+59BB         妻
U+59BC   妼    U+59BC         妼    U+59BC         妼
U+59BD   妽    U+59BD         妽    U+59BD         妽
                                                                               Annex A: Page 60 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+59BE   妾    U+59BE         妾    U+59BE          妾
U+59BF   妿    U+59BF         妿    U+59BF          妿
U+59C0   姀    U+59C0         姀    U+59C0          姀
U+59C1   姁    U+59C1         姁    U+59C1          姁
U+59C2   姂    U+59C2         姂    U+59C2          姂
U+59C3   姃    U+59C3         姃    U+59C3          姃
U+59C4   姄    U+59C4         姄    U+59C4          姄
U+59C5   姅    U+59C5         姅    U+59C5          姅
U+59C6   姆    U+59C6         姆    U+59C6          姆
U+59C7   姇    U+59C7         姇    U+59C7          姇
U+59C8   姈    U+59C8         姈    U+59C8          姈
U+59C9   姉    U+59CA         姊    U+59CA          姊
U+59CA   姊    U+59CA         姊    U+59CA          姊   U+59C9              姉
U+59CB   始    U+59CB         始    U+59CB          始
U+59CC   姌    U+59CC         姌    U+59CC          姌
U+59CD   姍    U+59D7         姗    U+59CD          姍
U+59CE   姎    U+59CE         姎    U+59CE          姎
U+59CF   姏    U+59CF         姏    U+59CF          姏
U+59D0   姐    U+59D0         姐    U+59D0          姐   U+5A8E              媎
U+59D1   姑    U+59D1         姑    U+59D1          姑
U+59D2   姒    U+59D2         姒    U+59D2          姒
U+59D3   姓    U+59D3         姓    U+59D3          姓
U+59D4   委    U+59D4         委    U+59D4          委
U+59D5   姕    U+59D5         姕    U+59D5          姕
U+59D6   姖    U+59D6         姖    U+59D6          姖
U+59D7   姗    U+59D7         姗    U+59CD          姍
U+59D8   姘    U+59D8         姘    U+59D8          姘
U+59D9   姙    U+598A         妊    U+598A          妊
U+59DA   姚    U+59DA         姚    U+59DA          姚
U+59DB   姛    U+59DB         姛    U+59DB          姛
U+59DC   姜    U+59DC         姜    U+59DC;U+8591   姜;薑

U+59DD   姝    U+59DD         姝    U+59DD          姝
U+59DE   姞    U+59DE         姞    U+59DE          姞
U+59DF   姟    U+59DF         姟    U+59DF          姟
U+59E0   姠    U+59E0         姠    U+59E0          姠
U+59E1   姡    U+59E1         姡    U+59E1          姡
U+59E2   姢    U+5A1F         娟    U+5A1F          娟
U+59E3   姣    U+59E3         姣    U+59E3          姣
U+59E4   姤    U+59E4         姤    U+59E4          姤
U+59E5   姥    U+59E5         姥    U+59E5          姥
U+59E6   姦    U+5978         奸    U+59E6          姦
U+59E8   姨    U+59E8         姨    U+59E8          姨
U+59E9   姩    U+59E9         姩    U+59E9          姩
U+59EA   姪    U+4F84         侄    U+59EA          姪
U+59EB   姫    U+59EC         姬    U+59EC          姬
U+59EC   姬    U+59EC         姬    U+59EC          姬    U+59EB             姫
U+59ED   姭    U+59ED         姭    U+59ED          姭
U+59EE   姮    U+59EE         姮    U+59EE          姮
U+59EF   姯    U+59EF         姯    U+59EF          姯
U+59F0   姰    U+59F0         姰    U+59F0          姰
                                                                               Annex A: Page 61 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+59F1   姱    U+59F1         姱    U+59F1          姱
U+59F2   姲    U+59F2         姲    U+59F2          姲
U+59F3   姳    U+59F3         姳    U+59F3          姳
U+59F4   姴    U+59F4         姴    U+59F4          姴
U+59F5   姵    U+59F5         姵    U+59F5          姵
U+59F6   姶    U+59F6         姶    U+59F6          姶
U+59F7   姷    U+59F7         姷    U+59F7          姷
U+59F8   姸    U+598D         妍    U+598D          妍
U+59F9   姹    U+59F9         姹    U+59F9          姹     U+597C             奼
U+59FA   姺    U+59FA         姺    U+59FA          姺
U+59FB   姻    U+59FB         姻    U+59FB          姻     U+5A63             婣
U+59FC   姼    U+59FC         姼    U+59FC          姼
U+59FD   姽    U+59FD         姽    U+59FD          姽
U+59FE   姾    U+59FE         姾    U+59FE          姾
U+59FF   姿    U+59FF         姿    U+59FF          姿
U+5A00   娀    U+5A00         娀    U+5A00          娀
U+5A01   威    U+5A01         威    U+5A01          威
U+5A02   娂    U+5A02         娂    U+5A02          娂
U+5A03   娃    U+5A03         娃    U+5A03          娃
U+5A04   娄    U+5A04         娄    U+5A41          婁
U+5A05   娅    U+5A05         娅    U+5A6D          婭
U+5A06   娆    U+5A06         娆    U+5B08          嬈
U+5A07   娇    U+5A07         娇    U+5B0C          嬌
U+5A08   娈    U+5A08         娈    U+5B4C          孌
U+5A09   娉    U+5A09         娉    U+5A09          娉
U+5A0A   娊    U+5A0A         娊    U+5A0A          娊
U+5A0B   娋    U+5A0B         娋    U+5A0B          娋
U+5A0C   娌    U+5A0C         娌    U+5A0C          娌
U+5A0D   娍    U+5A0D         娍    U+5A0D          娍
U+5A0E   娎    U+5A0E         娎    U+5A0E          娎
U+5A0F   娏    U+5A0F         娏    U+5A0F          娏
U+5A10   娐    U+5A10         娐    U+5A10          娐
U+5A11   娑    U+5A11         娑    U+5A11          娑
U+5A12   娒    U+5A12         娒    U+5A12          娒
U+5A13   娓    U+5A13         娓    U+5A13          娓
U+5A14   娔    U+5A14         娔    U+5A14          娔
U+5A15   娕    U+5A15         娕    U+5A15          娕
U+5A16   娖    U+5A16         娖    U+5A16          娖
U+5A17   娗    U+5A17         娗    U+5A17          娗
U+5A18   娘    U+5A18         娘    U+5A18;U+5B43   娘;孃   U+5B22             嬢
U+5A19   娙    U+5A19         娙    U+5A19          娙
U+5A1A   娚    U+5583         喃    U+5583          喃     U+8AF5             諵
U+5A1B   娛    U+5A31         娱    U+5A1B          娛     U+5A2F;U+5A31      娯;娱
U+5A1C   娜    U+5A1C         娜    U+5A1C          娜
U+5A1D   娝    U+5A1D         娝    U+5A1D          娝
U+5A1E   娞    U+5A1E         娞    U+5A1E          娞
U+5A1F   娟    U+5A1F         娟    U+5A1F          娟     U+59E2             姢
U+5A20   娠    U+5A20         娠    U+5A20          娠
U+5A21   娡    U+5A21         娡    U+5A21          娡
U+5A22   娢    U+5A22         娢    U+5A22          娢
U+5A23   娣    U+5A23         娣    U+5A23          娣
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 62 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5A25   娥    U+5A25         娥    U+5A25         娥
U+5A27   娧    U+5A27         娧    U+5A27         娧
U+5A28   娨    U+5A28         娨    U+5A28         娨
U+5A29   娩    U+5A29         娩    U+5A29         娩
U+5A2A   娪    U+5A2A         娪    U+5A2A         娪
U+5A2B   娫    U+5A2B         娫    U+5A2B         娫
U+5A2D   娭    U+5A2D         娭    U+5A2D         娭
U+5A2E   娮    U+5A2E         娮    U+5A2E         娮
U+5A2F   娯    U+5A31         娱    U+5A1B         娛
U+5A31   娱    U+5A31         娱    U+5A1B         娛    U+5A2F             娯
U+5A32   娲    U+5A32         娲    U+5AA7         媧
U+5A33   娳    U+5A33         娳    U+5A33         娳
U+5A34   娴    U+5A34         娴    U+5AFB         嫻    U+5AFA             嫺
U+5A35   娵    U+5A35         娵    U+5A35         娵
U+5A36   娶    U+5A36         娶    U+5A36         娶
U+5A37   娷    U+5A37         娷    U+5A37         娷
U+5A38   娸    U+5A38         娸    U+5A38         娸
U+5A39   娹    U+5A39         娹    U+5A39         娹
U+5A3A   娺    U+5A3A         娺    U+5A3A         娺
U+5A3B   娻    U+5A3B         娻    U+5A3B         娻
U+5A3C   娼    U+5A3C         娼    U+5A3C         娼
U+5A3D   娽    U+5A3D         娽    U+5A3D         娽
U+5A3E   娾    U+5A3E         娾    U+5A3E         娾
U+5A3F   娿    U+5A40         婀    U+5A40         婀
U+5A40   婀    U+5A40         婀    U+5A40         婀    U+5A3F             娿
U+5A41   婁    U+5A04         娄    U+5A41         婁
U+5A42   婂    U+5A42         婂    U+5A42         婂
U+5A43   婃    U+5A43         婃    U+5A43         婃
U+5A44   婄    U+5A44         婄    U+5A44         婄
U+5A45   婅    U+5A45         婅    U+5A45         婅
U+5A46   婆    U+5A46         婆    U+5A46         婆
U+5A47   婇    U+5A47         婇    U+5A47         婇
U+5A48   婈    U+5A48         婈    U+5A48         婈
U+5A49   婉    U+5A49         婉    U+5A49         婉    U+5007             倇
U+5A4A   婊    U+5A4A         婊    U+5A4A         婊
U+5A4B   婋    U+5A4B         婋    U+5A4B         婋
U+5A4C   婌    U+5A4C         婌    U+5A4C         婌
U+5A4D   婍    U+5A4D         婍    U+5A4D         婍
U+5A4E   婎    U+5A4E         婎    U+5A4E         婎
U+5A4F   婏    U+5A4F         婏    U+5A4F         婏
U+5A50   婐    U+5A50         婐    U+5A50         婐
U+5A51   婑    U+5A51         婑    U+5A51         婑
U+5A52   婒    U+5A52         婒    U+5A52         婒
U+5A53   婓    U+5A53         婓    U+5A53         婓
U+5A55   婕    U+5A55         婕    U+5A55         婕
U+5A56   婖    U+5A56         婖    U+5A56         婖
U+5A57   婗    U+5A57         婗    U+5A57         婗
U+5A58   婘    U+5A58         婘    U+5A58         婘
U+5A5A   婚    U+5A5A         婚    U+5A5A         婚
U+5A5B   婛    U+5A5B         婛    U+5A5B         婛
U+5A5C   婜    U+5A5C         婜    U+5A5C         婜
                                                                              Annex A: Page 63 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5A5D   婝    U+5A5D         婝    U+5A5D         婝
U+5A5E   婞    U+5A5E         婞    U+5A5E         婞
U+5A5F   婟    U+5A5F         婟    U+5A5F         婟
U+5A60   婠    U+5A60         婠    U+5A60         婠
U+5A61   婡    U+5A61         婡    U+5A61         婡
U+5A62   婢    U+5A62         婢    U+5A62         婢
U+5A63   婣    U+59FB         姻    U+59FB         姻
U+5A64   婤    U+5A64         婤    U+5A64         婤
U+5A65   婥    U+5A65         婥    U+5A65         婥
U+5A66   婦    U+5987         妇    U+5A66         婦
U+5A67   婧    U+5A67         婧    U+5A67         婧
U+5A68   婨    U+5A68         婨    U+5A68         婨
U+5A69   婩    U+5A69         婩    U+5A69         婩
U+5A6A   婪    U+5A6A         婪    U+5A6A         婪
U+5A6B   婫    U+5A6B         婫    U+5A6B         婫
U+5A6C   婬    U+6DEB         淫    U+5A6C         婬
U+5A6D   婭    U+5A05         娅    U+5A6D         婭
U+5A6E   婮    U+5A6E         婮    U+5A6E         婮
U+5A70   婰    U+5A70         婰    U+5A70         婰
U+5A72   婲    U+5A72         婲    U+5A72         婲
U+5A73   婳    U+5A73         婳    U+5AFF         嫿
U+5A74   婴    U+5A74         婴    U+5B30         嬰
U+5A75   婵    U+5A75         婵    U+5B0B         嬋
U+5A76   婶    U+5A76         婶    U+5B38         嬸
U+5A77   婷    U+5A77         婷    U+5A77         婷
U+5A78   婸    U+5A78         婸    U+5A78         婸
U+5A79   婹    U+5A79         婹    U+5A79         婹
U+5A7A   婺    U+5A7A         婺    U+5A7A         婺
U+5A7B   婻    U+5A7B         婻    U+5A7B         婻
U+5A7C   婼    U+5A7C         婼    U+5A7C         婼
U+5A7D   婽    U+5A7D         婽    U+5A7D         婽
U+5A7E   婾    U+5077         偷    U+5AAE         媮    U+5078             偸
U+5A7F   婿    U+5A7F         婿    U+5A7F         婿    U+805F             聟
U+5A80   媀    U+5A80         媀    U+5A80         媀
U+5A81   媁    U+5A81         媁    U+5A81         媁
U+5A82   媂    U+5A82         媂    U+5A82         媂
U+5A83   媃    U+5A83         媃    U+5A83         媃
U+5A84   媄    U+5A84         媄    U+5A84         媄
U+5A85   媅    U+5A85         媅    U+5A85         媅
U+5A86   媆    U+5A86         媆    U+5A86         媆
U+5A88   媈    U+5A88         媈    U+5A88         媈
U+5A89   媉    U+5A89         媉    U+5A89         媉
U+5A8A   媊    U+5A8A         媊    U+5A8A         媊
U+5A8B   媋    U+5A8B         媋    U+5A8B         媋
U+5A8C   媌    U+5A8C         媌    U+5A8C         媌    U+5AF9             嫹
U+5A8E   媎    U+59D0         姐    U+5A8E         媎
U+5A8F   媏    U+5A8F         媏    U+5A8F         媏
U+5A90   媐    U+5A90         媐    U+5A90         媐
U+5A91   媑    U+5A91         媑    U+5A91         媑
U+5A92   媒    U+5A92         媒    U+5A92         媒
U+5A93   媓    U+5A93         媓    U+5A93         媓
                                                                              Annex A: Page 64 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5A94   媔    U+5A94         媔    U+5A94         媔
U+5A95   媕    U+5A95         媕    U+5A95         媕
U+5A96   媖    U+5A96         媖    U+5A96         媖
U+5A97   媗    U+5A97         媗    U+5A97         媗
U+5A98   媘    U+5A98         媘    U+5A98         媘
U+5A99   媙    U+5A99         媙    U+5A99         媙
U+5A9A   媚    U+5A9A         媚    U+5A9A         媚
U+5A9B   媛    U+5A9B         媛    U+5A9B         媛
U+5A9C   媜    U+5A9C         媜    U+5A9C         媜
U+5A9D   媝    U+5A9D         媝    U+5A9D         媝
U+5A9E   媞    U+5A9E         媞    U+5A9E         媞
U+5A9F   媟    U+5A9F         媟    U+5A9F         媟
U+5AA0   媠    U+5AA0         媠    U+5AA0         媠    U+5AF7             嫷
U+5AA1   媡    U+5AA1         媡    U+5AA1         媡
U+5AA2   媢    U+5AA2         媢    U+5AA2         媢
U+5AA3   媣    U+5AA3         媣    U+5AA3         媣
U+5AA4   媤    U+5AA4         媤    U+5AA4         媤
U+5AA5   媥    U+5AA5         媥    U+5AA5         媥
U+5AA6   媦    U+5AA6         媦    U+5AA6         媦
U+5AA7   媧    U+5A32         娲    U+5AA7         媧
U+5AA8   媨    U+5AA8         媨    U+5AA8         媨
U+5AA9   媩    U+5AA9         媩    U+5AA9         媩
U+5AAA   媪    U+5AAA         媪    U+5ABC         媼
U+5AAC   媬    U+4FDD         保    U+5AAC         媬
U+5AAD   媭    U+5AAD         媭    U+5B03         嬃
U+5AAE   媮    U+5077         偷    U+5AAE         媮    U+5A7E;U+5078      婾;偸
U+5AAF   媯    U+59AB         妫    U+5AAF         媯    U+5B00             嬀
U+5AB0   媰    U+5AB0         媰    U+5AB0         媰
U+5AB1   媱    U+5AB1         媱    U+5AB1         媱
U+5AB2   媲    U+5AB2         媲    U+5AB2         媲
U+5AB3   媳    U+5AB3         媳    U+5AB3         媳
U+5AB4   媴    U+5AB4         媴    U+5AB4         媴
U+5AB5   媵    U+5AB5         媵    U+5AB5         媵
U+5AB6   媶    U+5AB6         媶    U+5AB6         媶
U+5AB7   媷    U+5AB7         媷    U+5AB7         媷
U+5AB8   媸    U+5AB8         媸    U+5AB8         媸
U+5AB9   媹    U+5AB9         媹    U+5AB9         媹
U+5ABA   媺    U+7F8E         美    U+5ABA         媺
U+5ABB   媻    U+5ABB         媻    U+5ABB         媻
U+5ABC   媼    U+5AAA         媪    U+5ABC         媼
U+5ABD   媽    U+5988         妈    U+5ABD         媽
U+5ABE   媾    U+5ABE         媾    U+5ABE         媾
U+5ABF   媿    U+6127         愧    U+5ABF         媿
U+5AC0   嫀    U+5AC0         嫀    U+5AC0         嫀
U+5AC1   嫁    U+5AC1         嫁    U+5AC1         嫁
U+5AC2   嫂    U+5AC2         嫂    U+5AC2         嫂
U+5AC3   嫃    U+5AC3         嫃    U+5AC3         嫃
U+5AC4   嫄    U+5AC4         嫄    U+5AC4         嫄
U+5AC5   嫅    U+5AC5         嫅    U+5AC5         嫅
U+5AC6   嫆    U+5AC6         嫆    U+5AC6         嫆
U+5AC7   嫇    U+5AC7         嫇    U+5AC7         嫇
                                                                               Annex A: Page 65 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5AC8   嫈    U+5AC8         嫈    U+5AC8         嫈
U+5AC9   嫉    U+5AC9         嫉    U+5AC9         嫉
U+5ACA   嫊    U+5ACA         嫊    U+5ACA         嫊
U+5ACB   嫋    U+8885         袅    U+5ACB         嫋    U+5B1D;U+8885; 嬝;袅;
                                                      U+88CA;U+892D 裊;褭

U+5ACC   嫌    U+5ACC         嫌    U+5ACC         嫌
U+5ACD   嫍    U+5ACD         嫍    U+5ACD         嫍
U+5ACE   嫎    U+5ACE         嫎    U+5ACE         嫎
U+5ACF   嫏    U+5ACF         嫏    U+5ACF         嫏
U+5AD1   嫑    U+5AD1         嫑    U+5AD1         嫑
U+5AD2   嫒    U+5AD2         嫒    U+5B21         嬡
U+5AD4   嫔    U+5AD4         嫔    U+5B2A         嬪
U+5AD5   嫕    U+5AD5         嫕    U+5AD5         嫕
U+5AD6   嫖    U+5AD6         嫖    U+5AD6         嫖
U+5AD7   嫗    U+59AA         妪    U+5AD7         嫗
U+5AD8   嫘    U+5AD8         嫘    U+5AD8         嫘
U+5AD9   嫙    U+5AD9         嫙    U+5AD9         嫙
U+5ADA   嫚    U+5ADA         嫚    U+5ADA         嫚
U+5ADB   嫛    U+5ADB         嫛    U+5ADB         嫛
U+5ADC   嫜    U+5ADC         嫜    U+5ADC         嫜
U+5ADD   嫝    U+5ADD         嫝    U+5ADD         嫝
U+5ADE   嫞    U+6175         慵    U+5ADE         嫞
U+5ADF   嫟    U+5ADF         嫟    U+5ADF         嫟
U+5AE0   嫠    U+5AE0         嫠    U+5AE0         嫠
U+5AE1   嫡    U+5AE1         嫡    U+5AE1         嫡
U+5AE2   嫢    U+5AE2         嫢    U+5AE2         嫢
U+5AE3   嫣    U+5AE3         嫣    U+5AE3         嫣
U+5AE4   嫤    U+5AE4         嫤    U+5AE4         嫤
U+5AE5   嫥    U+5AE5         嫥    U+5AE5         嫥
U+5AE6   嫦    U+5AE6         嫦    U+5AE6         嫦
U+5AE7   嫧    U+5AE7         嫧    U+5AE7         嫧
U+5AE8   嫨    U+5AE8         嫨    U+5AE8         嫨
U+5AE9   嫩    U+5AE9         嫩    U+5AE9         嫩
U+5AEA   嫪    U+5AEA         嫪    U+5AEA         嫪
U+5AEB   嫫    U+5AEB         嫫    U+5AEB         嫫
U+5AEC   嫬    U+5AEC         嫬    U+5AEC         嫬
U+5AED   嫭    U+5AED         嫭    U+5AED         嫭
U+5AEE   嫮    U+5AEE         嫮    U+5AEE         嫮
U+5AF1   嫱    U+5AF1         嫱    U+5B19         嬙
U+5AF2   嫲    U+5AF2         嫲    U+5AF2         嫲
U+5AF3   嫳    U+5AF3         嫳    U+5AF3         嫳
U+5AF4   嫴    U+5AF4         嫴    U+5AF4         嫴
U+5AF5   嫵    U+59A9         妩    U+5AF5         嫵
U+5AF6   嫶    U+5AF6         嫶    U+5AF6         嫶
U+5AF7   嫷    U+5AA0         媠    U+5AF7         嫷
U+5AF8   嫸    U+5AF8         嫸    U+5AF8         嫸
U+5AF9   嫹    U+5A8C         媌    U+5AF9         嫹
U+5AFA   嫺    U+5A34         娴    U+5AFA         嫺    U+5AFB             嫻
U+5AFB   嫻    U+5A34         娴    U+5AFB         嫻    U+5AFA             嫺
U+5AFC   嫼    U+5AFC         嫼    U+5AFC         嫼
                                                                              Annex A: Page 66 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5AFD   嫽    U+5AFD         嫽    U+5AFD         嫽
U+5AFE   嫾    U+5AFE         嫾    U+5AFE         嫾
U+5AFF   嫿    U+5A73         婳    U+5AFF         嫿
U+5B00   嬀    U+59AB         妫    U+5AAF         媯
U+5B01   嬁    U+5B01         嬁    U+5B01         嬁
U+5B02   嬂    U+5B02         嬂    U+5B02         嬂
U+5B03   嬃    U+5AAD         媭    U+5B03         嬃
U+5B04   嬄    U+5B04         嬄    U+5B04         嬄
U+5B05   嬅    U+5B05         嬅    U+5B05         嬅
U+5B06   嬆    U+5B06         嬆    U+5B06         嬆
U+5B07   嬇    U+5B07         嬇    U+5B07         嬇
U+5B08   嬈    U+5A06         娆    U+5B08         嬈
U+5B09   嬉    U+5B09         嬉    U+5B09         嬉
U+5B0B   嬋    U+5A75         婵    U+5B0B         嬋
U+5B0C   嬌    U+5A07         娇    U+5B0C         嬌
U+5B0E   嬎    U+5B0E         嬎    U+5B0E         嬎    U+5B14             嬔      (HKIRC:U+5B14)
U+5B0F   嬏    U+5B0F         嬏    U+5B0F         嬏
U+5B10   嬐    U+5B10         嬐    U+5B10         嬐
U+5B11   嬑    U+5B11         嬑    U+5B11         嬑
U+5B12   嬒    U+5B12         嬒    U+5B12         嬒
U+5B13   嬓    U+5B13         嬓    U+5B13         嬓
U+5B14   嬔    U+5B14         嬔    U+5B14         嬔    U+5B0E             嬎      (HKIRC:U+5B0E)
U+5B15   嬕    U+5B15         嬕    U+5B15         嬕
U+5B16   嬖    U+5B16         嬖    U+5B16         嬖
U+5B17   嬗    U+5B17         嬗    U+5B17         嬗
U+5B18   嬘    U+5B18         嬘    U+5B18         嬘
U+5B19   嬙    U+5AF1         嫱    U+5B19         嬙
U+5B1A   嬚    U+5B1A         嬚    U+5B1A         嬚
U+5B1B   嬛    U+5B1B         嬛    U+5B1B         嬛
U+5B1C   嬜    U+5B1C         嬜    U+5B1C         嬜
U+5B1D   嬝    U+8885         袅    U+5B1D         嬝    U+5ACB;U+8885; 嫋;袅;
                                                      U+88CA;U+892D 裊;褭

U+5B1E   嬞    U+5B1E         嬞    U+5B1E         嬞
U+5B1F   嬟    U+5B1F         嬟    U+5B1F         嬟
U+5B20   嬠    U+5B20         嬠    U+5B20         嬠
U+5B21   嬡    U+5AD2         嫒    U+5B21         嬡
U+5B22   嬢    U+5A18         娘    U+5B43         孃
U+5B23   嬣    U+5B23         嬣    U+5B23         嬣
U+5B24   嬤    U+5B37         嬷    U+5B24         嬤
U+5B25   嬥    U+5B25         嬥    U+5B25         嬥
U+5B26   嬦    U+5B26         嬦    U+5B26         嬦
U+5B27   嬧    U+5B27         嬧    U+5B27         嬧
U+5B28   嬨    U+5B28         嬨    U+5B28         嬨
U+5B29   嬩    U+5B29         嬩    U+5B29         嬩
U+5B2A   嬪    U+5AD4         嫔    U+5B2A         嬪
U+5B2B   嬫    U+5B2B         嬫    U+5B2B         嬫
U+5B2C   嬬    U+5B2C         嬬    U+5B2C         嬬
U+5B2D   嬭    U+5976         奶    U+5B2D         嬭    U+59B3;U+4F32;     妳;伲;
                                                      U+4F60;U+511E      你;儞

                                                                                Annex A: Page 67 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5B2E   嬮    U+5B2E         嬮    U+5B2E         嬮
U+5B2F   嬯    U+5B2F         嬯    U+5B2F         嬯
U+5B30   嬰    U+5A74         婴    U+5B30         嬰
U+5B31   嬱    U+5B31         嬱    U+5B31         嬱
U+5B32   嬲    U+5B32         嬲    U+5B32         嬲
U+5B33   嬳    U+5B33         嬳    U+5B33         嬳
U+5B34   嬴    U+5B34         嬴    U+5B34         嬴
U+5B35   嬵    U+5B35         嬵    U+5B35         嬵
U+5B36   嬶    U+5B36         嬶    U+5B36         嬶
U+5B37   嬷    U+5B37         嬷    U+5B24         嬤
U+5B38   嬸    U+5A76         婶    U+5B38         嬸
U+5B3A   嬺    U+5B3A         嬺    U+5B3A         嬺
U+5B3B   嬻    U+5B3B         嬻    U+5B3B         嬻
U+5B3C   嬼    U+5B3C         嬼    U+5B3C         嬼
U+5B3D   嬽    U+5B3D         嬽    U+5B3D         嬽
U+5B3E   嬾    U+61D2         懒    U+5B3E         嬾    U+61D2;U+61F6      懒;懶
U+5B3F   嬿    U+5B3F         嬿    U+5B3F         嬿
U+5B40   孀    U+5B40         孀    U+5B40         孀
U+5B41   孁    U+5B41         孁    U+5B41         孁
U+5B42   孂    U+5B42         孂    U+5B42         孂
U+5B43   孃    U+5A18         娘    U+5B43         孃    U+5B22             嬢
U+5B44   孄    U+5B44         孄    U+5B44         孄
U+5B45   孅    U+7EA4         纤    U+5B45         孅    U+7EA4;U+7E34; 纤;縴;
                                                      U+7E8E;U+7E96 纎;纖

U+5B47   孇    U+5B47         孇    U+5B47         孇
U+5B48   孈    U+5B48         孈    U+5B48         孈
U+5B49   孉    U+5B49         孉    U+5B49         孉
U+5B4A   孊    U+5B4A         孊    U+5B4A         孊
U+5B4B   孋    U+5B4B         孋    U+5B4B         孋
U+5B4C   孌    U+5A08         娈    U+5B4C         孌
U+5B4D   孍    U+5B4D         孍    U+5B4D         孍
U+5B4E   孎    U+5B4E         孎    U+5B4E         孎
U+5B50   子    U+5B50         子    U+5B50         子
U+5B51   孑    U+5B51         孑    U+5B51         孑
U+5B53   孓    U+5B53         孓    U+5B53         孓
U+5B54   孔    U+5B54         孔    U+5B54         孔
U+5B55   孕    U+5B55         孕    U+5B55         孕
U+5B56   孖    U+5B56         孖    U+5B56         孖
U+5B57   字    U+5B57         字    U+5B57         字
U+5B58   存    U+5B58         存    U+5B58         存
U+5B59   孙    U+5B59         孙    U+5B6B         孫
U+5B5A   孚    U+5B5A         孚    U+5B5A         孚    U+5B75             孵
U+5B5B   孛    U+5B5B         孛    U+5B5B         孛
U+5B5C   孜    U+5B5C         孜    U+5B5C         孜
U+5B5D   孝    U+5B5D         孝    U+5B5D         孝
U+5B5E   孞    U+5B5E         孞    U+5B5E         孞
U+5B5F   孟    U+5B5F         孟    U+5B5F         孟
U+5B62   孢    U+5B62         孢    U+5B62         孢
U+5B63   季    U+5B63         季    U+5B63         季
U+5B64   孤    U+5B64         孤    U+5B64         孤
                                                                               Annex A: Page 68 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5B65   孥    U+5B65         孥    U+5B65          孥
U+5B66   学    U+5B66         学    U+5B78          學     U+6588             斈
U+5B67   孧    U+5B67         孧    U+5B67          孧
U+5B68   孨    U+5B68         孨    U+5B68          孨
U+5B69   孩    U+5B69         孩    U+5B69          孩
U+5B6A   孪    U+5B6A         孪    U+5B7F          孿
U+5B6B   孫    U+5B59         孙    U+5B6B          孫
U+5B6C   孬    U+5B6C         孬    U+5B6C          孬
U+5B6D   孭    U+5B6D         孭    U+5B6D          孭
U+5B6E   孮    U+5B6E         孮    U+5B6E          孮
U+5B70   孰    U+5B70         孰    U+5B70          孰
U+5B71   孱    U+5B71         孱    U+5B71          孱
U+5B72   孲    U+5B72         孲    U+5B72          孲
U+5B73   孳    U+5B73         孳    U+5B73          孳     U+5B76             孶
U+5B74   孴    U+5B74         孴    U+5B74          孴
U+5B75   孵    U+5B75         孵    U+5B75          孵     U+5B5A             孚
U+5B76   孶    U+5B73         孳    U+5B73          孳
U+5B77   孷    U+5B77         孷    U+5B77          孷
U+5B78   學    U+5B66         学    U+5B78          學     U+6588             斈
U+5B7A   孺    U+5B7A         孺    U+5B7A          孺
U+5B7B   孻    U+5B7B         孻    U+5B7B          孻
U+5B7C   孼    U+5B7D         孽    U+5B7D          孽
U+5B7D   孽    U+5B7D         孽    U+5B7D          孽     U+5B7C             孼
U+5B7F   孿    U+5B6A         孪    U+5B7F          孿
U+5B80   宀    U+5B80         宀    U+5B80          宀
U+5B81   宁    U+5B81         宁    U+5B81;U+5BE7   宁;寧   U+5BCD;U+5BD5; 寍;寕; (HK:U+5BD7)
                                                        U+5BDC;U+5BD7 寜

U+5B82   宂    U+5197         冗    U+5197          冗
U+5B83   它    U+5B83         它    U+5B83;U+7260   它;牠
U+5B84   宄    U+5B84         宄    U+5B84          宄
U+5B85   宅    U+5B85         宅    U+5B85          宅
U+5B87   宇    U+5B87         宇    U+5B87          宇   U+7A7B               穻
U+5B88   守    U+5B88         守    U+5B88          守
U+5B89   安    U+5B89         安    U+5B89          安   U+4F92               侒
U+5B8A   宊    U+5B8A         宊    U+5B8A          宊
U+5B8B   宋    U+5B8B         宋    U+5B8B          宋
U+5B8C   完    U+5B8C         完    U+5B8C          完
U+5B8D   宍    U+8089         肉    U+8089          肉
U+5B8E   宎    U+5B8E         宎    U+5B8E          宎
U+5B8F   宏    U+5B8F         宏    U+5B8F          宏   U+5430               吰
U+5B91   宑    U+5B91         宑    U+5B91          宑
U+5B92   宒    U+5B92         宒    U+5B92          宒
U+5B93   宓    U+5B93         宓    U+5B93          宓
U+5B94   宔    U+5B94         宔    U+5B94          宔
U+5B95   宕    U+5B95         宕    U+5B95          宕
U+5B96   宖    U+5B96         宖    U+5B96          宖
U+5B97   宗    U+5B97         宗    U+5B97          宗
U+5B98   官    U+5B98         官    U+5B98          官
U+5B99   宙    U+5B99         宙    U+5B99          宙
U+5B9A   定    U+5B9A         定    U+5B9A          定
                                                                                Annex A: Page 69 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5B9B   宛    U+5B9B         宛    U+5B9B          宛
U+5B9C   宜    U+5B9C         宜    U+5B9C          宜     U+519D             冝
U+5B9D   宝    U+5B9D         宝    U+5BF6          寶     U+5BF3             寳
U+5B9E   实    U+5B9E         实    U+5BE6          實     U+5B9F             実
U+5B9F   実    U+5B9E         实    U+5BE6          實
U+5BA0   宠    U+5BA0         宠    U+5BF5          寵
U+5BA1   审    U+5BA1         审    U+5BE9          審
U+5BA2   客    U+5BA2         客    U+5BA2          客
U+5BA3   宣    U+5BA3         宣    U+5BA3          宣
U+5BA4   室    U+5BA4         室    U+5BA4          室
U+5BA5   宥    U+5BA5         宥    U+5BA5          宥
U+5BA6   宦    U+5BA6         宦    U+5BA6          宦
U+5BA7   宧    U+5BA7         宧    U+5BA7          宧
U+5BA8   宨    U+5BA8         宨    U+5BA8          宨
U+5BAA   宪    U+5BAA         宪    U+61B2          憲
U+5BAB   宫    U+5BAB         宫    U+5BAE          宮
U+5BAC   宬    U+5BAC         宬    U+5BAC          宬
U+5BAD   宭    U+5BAD         宭    U+5BAD          宭
U+5BAE   宮    U+5BAB         宫    U+5BAE          宮
U+5BAF   宯    U+5BAF         宯    U+5BAF          宯
U+5BB0   宰    U+5BB0         宰    U+5BB0          宰
U+5BB1   宱    U+5BB1         宱    U+5BB1          宱
U+5BB3   害    U+5BB3         害    U+5BB3          害
U+5BB4   宴    U+5BB4         宴    U+5BB4          宴     U+91BC             醼
U+5BB5   宵    U+5BB5         宵    U+5BB5          宵
U+5BB6   家    U+5BB6         家    U+5BB6;U+50A2   家;傢   U+50A2             傢

U+5BB8   宸    U+5BB8         宸    U+5BB8          宸
U+5BB9   容    U+5BB9         容    U+5BB9          容
U+5BBA   宺    U+5BBA         宺    U+5BBA          宺
U+5BBB   宻    U+5BC6         密    U+5BC6          密
U+5BBD   宽    U+5BBD         宽    U+5BEC          寬     U+5BDB             寛
U+5BBE   宾    U+5BBE         宾    U+8CD3          賓     U+8CD4             賔
U+5BBF   宿    U+5BBF         宿    U+5BBF          宿
U+5BC0   寀    U+5BC0         寀    U+5BC0          寀
U+5BC1   寁    U+5BC1         寁    U+5BC1          寁
U+5BC2   寂    U+5BC2         寂    U+5BC2          寂
U+5BC3   寃    U+51A4         冤    U+51A4          冤
U+5BC4   寄    U+5BC4         寄    U+5BC4          寄
U+5BC5   寅    U+5BC5         寅    U+5BC5          寅
U+5BC6   密    U+5BC6         密    U+5BC6          密     U+5BBB             宻
U+5BC7   寇    U+5BC7         寇    U+5BC7          寇     U+51A6             冦
U+5BCA   寊    U+5BCA         寊    U+5BCA          寊
U+5BCB   寋    U+5BCB         寋    U+5BCB          寋
U+5BCC   富    U+5BCC         富    U+5BCC          富     U+51A8         冨
U+5BCD   寍    U+5B81         宁    U+5BCD          寍     U+5BD5;U+5BDC; 寕;寜; (HK:U+5BD7)
                                                        U+5BE7;U+5BD7 寧

U+5BCE   寎    U+5BCE         寎    U+5BCE          寎
U+5BCF   寏    U+5BCF         寏    U+5BCF          寏
U+5BD0   寐    U+5BD0         寐    U+5BD0          寐
                                                                                Annex A: Page 70 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5BD1   寑    U+5BDD         寝    U+5BD1         寑    U+5BDD;U+5BE2 寝;寢

U+5BD2   寒    U+5BD2         寒    U+5BD2         寒
U+5BD3   寓    U+5BD3         寓    U+5BD3         寓    U+5EBD             庽
U+5BD4   寔    U+5BD4         寔    U+5BD4         寔
U+5BD5   寕    U+5B81         宁    U+5BE7         寧    U+5BCD;U+5BDC 寍;寜 (HK:U+5BD7)
U+5BD6   寖    U+5BD6         寖    U+5BD6         寖
U+5BD7   寗    U+5B81         宁    U+5BE7         寧    U+5BD5;U+5BDC; 寕;寜; (HK:CV)
                                                      U+5BCD         寍
U+5BD8   寘    U+7F6E         置    U+5BD8         寘
U+5BD9   寙    U+5BD9         寙    U+5BD9         寙
U+5BDB   寛    U+5BBD         宽    U+5BEC         寬
U+5BDC   寜    U+5B81         宁    U+5BE7         寧    U+5BCD;U+5BD5;     寍;寕 (HK:U+5BD7)
U+5BDD   寝    U+5BDD         寝    U+5BE2         寢    U+5BD1             寑
U+5BDE   寞    U+5BDE         寞    U+5BDE         寞    U+55FC             嗼
U+5BDF   察    U+5BDF         察    U+5BDF         察    U+8A67             詧
U+5BE0   寠    U+7AAD         窭    U+5BE0         寠    U+7AAD;U+7AB6      窭;窶

U+5BE1   寡    U+5BE1         寡    U+5BE1         寡
U+5BE2   寢    U+5BDD         寝    U+5BE2         寢    U+5BD1             寑
U+5BE3   寣    U+5BE3         寣    U+5BE3         寣
U+5BE4   寤    U+5BE4         寤    U+5BE4         寤
U+5BE5   寥    U+5BE5         寥    U+5BE5         寥
U+5BE6   實    U+5B9E         实    U+5BE6         實    U+5B9F         実
U+5BE7   寧    U+5B81         宁    U+5BE7         寧    U+5BD5;U+5BDC; 寕;寜; (HK:U+5BD7)
                                                      U+5BCD;U+5BD7 寍

U+5BE8   寨    U+5BE8         寨    U+5BE8         寨
U+5BE9   審    U+5BA1         审    U+5BE9         審
U+5BEA   寪    U+5BEA         寪    U+5BEA         寪
U+5BEB   寫    U+5199         写    U+5BEB         寫
U+5BEC   寬    U+5BBD         宽    U+5BEC         寬    U+5BDB             寛
U+5BED   寭    U+5BED         寭    U+5BED         寭
U+5BEE   寮    U+5BEE         寮    U+5BEE         寮
U+5BEF   寯    U+5BEF         寯    U+5BEF         寯
U+5BF0   寰    U+5BF0         寰    U+5BF0         寰
U+5BF1   寱    U+5453         呓    U+5BF1         寱    U+56C8             囈
U+5BF2   寲    U+5BF2         寲    U+5BF2         寲
U+5BF3   寳    U+5B9D         宝    U+5BF6         寶
U+5BF4   寴    U+5BF4         寴    U+5BF4         寴
U+5BF5   寵    U+5BA0         宠    U+5BF5         寵
U+5BF6   寶    U+5B9D         宝    U+5BF6         寶    U+5BF3             寳
U+5BF7   寷    U+5BF7         寷    U+5BF7         寷
U+5BF8   寸    U+5BF8         寸    U+5BF8         寸
U+5BF9   对    U+5BF9         对    U+5C0D         對
U+5BFA   寺    U+5BFA         寺    U+5BFA         寺
U+5BFB   寻    U+5BFB         寻    U+5C0B         尋
U+5BFC   导    U+5BFC         导    U+5C0E         導
U+5BFD   寽    U+5BFD         寽    U+5BFD         寽
                                                                               Annex A: Page 71 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5BFF   寿    U+5BFF         寿    U+58FD          壽     U+5900             夀
U+5C01   封    U+5C01         封    U+5C01          封
U+5C03   尃    U+6577         敷    U+5C03          尃
U+5C04   射    U+5C04         射    U+5C04          射
U+5C05   尅    U+514B         克    U+524B          剋
U+5C06   将    U+5C06         将    U+5C07          將
U+5C07   將    U+5C06         将    U+5C07          將
U+5C08   專    U+4E13         专    U+5C08          專
U+5C09   尉    U+5C09         尉    U+5C09          尉
U+5C0A   尊    U+5C0A         尊    U+5C0A          尊
U+5C0B   尋    U+5BFB         寻    U+5C0B          尋
U+5C0C   尌    U+6811         树    U+5C0C          尌     U+6811;U+6A39      树;樹
U+5C0D   對    U+5BF9         对    U+5C0D          對
U+5C0E   導    U+5BFC         导    U+5C0E          導
U+5C0F   小    U+5C0F         小    U+5C0F          小
U+5C10   尐    U+5C10         尐    U+5C10          尐
U+5C11   少    U+5C11         少    U+5C11          少
U+5C12   尒    U+5C14         尔    U+5C12          尒     U+5C13;U+5C14;     尓;尔;
                                                        U+723E             爾
U+5C13   尓    U+5C14         尔    U+5C12          尒     U+5C14;U+723E      尔;爾
U+5C14   尔    U+5C14         尔    U+723E          爾     U+5C12;U+5C13      尒;尓

U+5C15   尕    U+5C15         尕    U+5C15          尕
U+5C16   尖    U+5C16         尖    U+5C16          尖     U+946F             鑯
U+5C17   尗    U+5C17         尗    U+5C17          尗
U+5C18   尘    U+5C18         尘    U+5875          塵
U+5C19   尙    U+5C1A         尚    U+5C1A          尚
U+5C1A   尚    U+5C1A         尚    U+5C1A          尚     U+5C19             尙
U+5C1C   尜    U+5C1C         尜    U+5C1C          尜
U+5C1D   尝    U+5C1D         尝    U+5617;U+5690   嘗;嚐   U+751E             甞
U+5C1E   尞    U+5C1E         尞    U+5C1E          尞
U+5C1F   尟    U+9C9C         鲜    U+5C1F          尟     U+9BAE;U+9C9C; 鮮;鲜;
                                                        U+5C20         尠
U+5C20   尠    U+9C9C         鲜    U+9BAE          鮮     U+9C9C;U+5C1F 鲜;尟

U+5C21   尡    U+5C21         尡    U+5C21          尡
U+5C22   尢    U+5C22         尢    U+5C22          尢
U+5C24   尤    U+5C24         尤    U+5C24          尤     U+8A27             訧
U+5C25   尥    U+5C25         尥    U+5C25          尥
U+5C27   尧    U+5C27         尧    U+582F          堯     U+579A;U+5C2D      垚;尭

U+5C28   尨    U+5C28         尨    U+5C28          尨
U+5C2A   尪    U+5C2A         尪    U+5C2A          尪     U+5C2B             尫
U+5C2B   尫    U+5C2A         尪    U+5C2A          尪
U+5C2C   尬    U+5C2C         尬    U+5C2C          尬
U+5C2D   尭    U+5C27         尧    U+582F          堯     U+5C27;U+579A      尧;垚
U+5C2E   尮    U+5C2E         尮    U+5C2E          尮
U+5C2F   尯    U+5C2F         尯    U+5C2F          尯
U+5C30   尰    U+5C30         尰    U+5C30          尰
U+5C31   就    U+5C31         就    U+5C31          就
U+5C32   尲    U+5C32         尲    U+5C32          尲
                                                                                  Annex A: Page 72 of 406
                                                              .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                    TC     Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5C33   尳    U+5C33         尳    U+5C33           尳
U+5C34   尴    U+5C34         尴    U+5C37           尷
U+5C35   尵    U+5C35         尵    U+5C35           尵
U+5C37   尷    U+5C34         尴    U+5C37           尷
U+5C38   尸    U+5C38         尸    U+5C38;U+5C4D    尸;屍

U+5C39   尹    U+5C39         尹    U+5C39           尹
U+5C3A   尺    U+5C3A         尺    U+5C3A           尺
U+5C3B   尻    U+5C3B         尻    U+5C3B           尻
U+5C3C   尼    U+5C3C         尼    U+5C3C           尼
U+5C3D   尽    U+5C3D         尽    U+5118;U+76E1    儘;盡
U+5C3E   尾    U+5C3E         尾    U+5C3E           尾
U+5C3F   尿    U+5C3F         尿    U+5C3F           尿      U+6EBA             溺
U+5C40   局    U+5C40         局    U+5C40;U+4FB7;   局;侷;   U+4FB7             侷
                                  U+8DFC           �
U+5C41   屁    U+5C41         屁    U+5C41           屁
U+5C42   层    U+5C42         层    U+5C64           層
U+5C43   屃    U+5C43         屃    U+5C6D           屭      U+5C53             屓
U+5C44   屄    U+5C44         屄    U+5C44           屄
U+5C45   居    U+5C45         居    U+5C45           居
U+5C46   屆    U+5C4A         届    U+5C46           屆      U+5C4A;U+8250      届;艐
U+5C47   屇    U+5C47         屇    U+5C47           屇
U+5C48   屈    U+5C48         屈    U+5C48           屈
U+5C49   屉    U+5C49         屉    U+5C49           屉
U+5C4A   届    U+5C4A         届    U+5C46           屆      U+8250             艐
U+5C4B   屋    U+5C4B         屋    U+5C4B           屋
U+5C4C   屌    U+5C4C         屌    U+5C4C           屌
U+5C4D   屍    U+5C38         尸    U+5C4D           屍
U+5C4E   屎    U+5C4E         屎    U+5C4E           屎
U+5C4F   屏    U+5C4F         屏    U+5C4F           屏      U+5C5B;U+5EB0 屛;庰

U+5C50   屐    U+5C50         屐    U+5C50           屐
U+5C51   屑    U+5C51         屑    U+5C51           屑
U+5C52   屒    U+5C52         屒    U+5C52           屒
U+5C53   屓    U+5C43         屃    U+5C6D           屭
U+5C54   屔    U+5C54         屔    U+5C54           屔
U+5C55   展    U+5C55         展    U+5C55           展
U+5C56   屖    U+5C56         屖    U+5C56           屖
U+5C57   屗    U+5C57         屗    U+5C57           屗
U+5C58   屘    U+5C58         屘    U+5C58           屘
U+5C59   屙    U+5C59         屙    U+5C59           屙
U+5C5B   屛    U+5C4F         屏    U+5C4F           屏      U+5EB0             庰
U+5C5C   屜    U+5C5C         屜    U+5C5C           屜
U+5C5D   屝    U+5C5D         屝    U+5C5D           屝
U+5C5E   属    U+5C5E         属    U+5C6C           屬
U+5C5F   屟    U+5C5F         屟    U+5C5F           屟
U+5C60   屠    U+5C60         屠    U+5C60           屠
U+5C61   屡    U+5C61         屡    U+5C62           屢
U+5C62   屢    U+5C61         屡    U+5C62           屢
U+5C63   屣    U+5C63         屣    U+5C63           屣
U+5C64   層    U+5C42         层    U+5C64           層
                                                                                   Annex A: Page 73 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5C65   履    U+5C65         履    U+5C65         履
U+5C66   屦    U+5C66         屦    U+5C68         屨
U+5C67   屧    U+5C67         屧    U+5C67         屧
U+5C68   屨    U+5C66         屦    U+5C68         屨
U+5C69   屩    U+5C69         屩    U+5C69         屩
U+5C6A   屪    U+5C6A         屪    U+5C6A         屪
U+5C6B   屫    U+5C6B         屫    U+5C6B         屫
U+5C6C   屬    U+5C5E         属    U+5C6C         屬
U+5C6D   屭    U+5C43         屃    U+5C6D         屭    U+5C53             屓
U+5C6E   屮    U+5C6E         屮    U+5C6E         屮
U+5C6F   屯    U+5C6F         屯    U+5C6F         屯
U+5C70   屰    U+5C70         屰    U+5C70         屰
U+5C71   山    U+5C71         山    U+5C71         山
U+5C72   屲    U+5C72         屲    U+5C72         屲
U+5C73   屳    U+5C73         屳    U+5C73         屳
U+5C74   屴    U+5C74         屴    U+5C74         屴
U+5C75   屵    U+5C75         屵    U+5C75         屵
U+5C76   屶    U+5C76         屶    U+5C76         屶
U+5C77   屷    U+5C77         屷    U+5C77         屷
U+5C78   屸    U+5C78         屸    U+5C78         屸
U+5C79   屹    U+5C79         屹    U+5C79         屹    U+9623             阣
U+5C7A   屺    U+5C7A         屺    U+5C7A         屺
U+5C7B   屻    U+5C7B         屻    U+5C7B         屻
U+5C7C   屼    U+5C7C         屼    U+5C7C         屼
U+5C7D   屽    U+5C7D         屽    U+5C7D         屽
U+5C7E   屾    U+5C7E         屾    U+5C7E         屾
U+5C7F   屿    U+5C7F         屿    U+5DBC         嶼
U+5C80   岀    U+51FA         出    U+51FA         出    U+9F63             齣
U+5C81   岁    U+5C81         岁    U+6B72         歲    U+4E97;U+6B73      亗;歳
U+5C82   岂    U+5C82         岂    U+8C48         豈
U+5C83   岃    U+5C83         岃    U+5C83         岃
U+5C84   岄    U+5C84         岄    U+5C84         岄
U+5C86   岆    U+5C86         岆    U+5C86         岆
U+5C87   岇    U+5C87         岇    U+5C87         岇
U+5C88   岈    U+5C88         岈    U+5C88         岈
U+5C89   岉    U+5C89         岉    U+5C89         岉
U+5C8A   岊    U+5C8A         岊    U+5C8A         岊
U+5C8B   岋    U+5C8B         岋    U+5C8B         岋
U+5C8C   岌    U+5C8C         岌    U+5C8C         岌
U+5C8D   岍    U+5C8D         岍    U+5C8D         岍
U+5C8E   岎    U+5C8E         岎    U+5C8E         岎
U+5C8F   岏    U+5C8F         岏    U+5C8F         岏
U+5C90   岐    U+5C90         岐    U+5C90         岐    U+6B67             歧
U+5C91   岑    U+5C91         岑    U+5C91         岑
U+5C92   岒    U+5C92         岒    U+5C92         岒
U+5C93   岓    U+5C93         岓    U+5C93         岓
U+5C94   岔    U+5C94         岔    U+5C94         岔
U+5C95   岕    U+5C95         岕    U+5C95         岕
U+5C96   岖    U+5C96         岖    U+5D87         嶇
U+5C97   岗    U+5C97         岗    U+5D17         崗    U+5CA1;U+5188      岡;冈
U+5C98   岘    U+5C98         岘    U+5CF4         峴
                                                                               Annex A: Page 74 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5C99   岙    U+5C99         岙    U+5C99          岙
U+5C9A   岚    U+5C9A         岚    U+5D50          嵐
U+5C9B   岛    U+5C9B         岛    U+5CF6          島     U+5D8B;U+5D8C 嶋;嶌

U+5C9C   岜    U+5C9C         岜    U+5C9C          岜
U+5C9D   岝    U+5C9D         岝    U+5C9D          岝
U+5C9E   岞    U+5C9E         岞    U+5C9E          岞
U+5C9F   岟    U+5C9F         岟    U+5C9F          岟
U+5CA0   岠    U+5CA0         岠    U+5CA0          岠
U+5CA1   岡    U+5188         冈    U+5CA1          岡     U+5D17;U+5C97      崗;岗

U+5CA2   岢    U+5CA2         岢    U+5CA2          岢
U+5CA3   岣    U+5CA3         岣    U+5CA3          岣
U+5CA4   岤    U+7A74         穴    U+5CA4          岤
U+5CA5   岥    U+5761         坡    U+5CA5          岥
U+5CA6   岦    U+5CA6         岦    U+5CA6          岦
U+5CA7   岧    U+5CA7         岧    U+5CA7          岧
U+5CA8   岨    U+5CA8         岨    U+5CA8          岨
U+5CA9   岩    U+5CA9         岩    U+5CA9;U+5DD6   岩;巖 U+5D52;U+55A6; 嵒;喦;
                                                      U+58E7;U+5DCC; 壧;巌;
                                                      U+789E;U+7939 碞;礹

U+5CAA   岪    U+5CAA         岪    U+5CAA          岪
U+5CAB   岫    U+5CAB         岫    U+5CAB          岫
U+5CAC   岬    U+5CAC         岬    U+5CAC          岬
U+5CAD   岭    U+5CAD         岭    U+5CAD;U+5DBA   岭;嶺 U+5CBA               岺

U+5CAE   岮    U+5CAE         岮    U+5CAE          岮
U+5CAF   岯    U+5CAF         岯    U+5CAF          岯
U+5CB0   岰    U+5CB0         岰    U+5CB0          岰
U+5CB1   岱    U+5CB1         岱    U+5CB1          岱
U+5CB2   岲    U+5CB2         岲    U+5CB2          岲
U+5CB3   岳    U+5CB3         岳    U+5CB3;U+5DBD   岳;嶽

U+5CB5   岵    U+5CB5         岵    U+5CB5          岵
U+5CB6   岶    U+5CB6         岶    U+5CB6          岶
U+5CB7   岷    U+5CB7         岷    U+5CB7          岷     U+5D0F             崏
U+5CB8   岸    U+5CB8         岸    U+5CB8          岸
U+5CBA   岺    U+5CAD         岭    U+5CAD          岭     U+5DBA             嶺
U+5CBB   岻    U+5CBB         岻    U+5CBB          岻
U+5CBC   岼    U+5CBC         岼    U+5CBC          岼
U+5CBD   岽    U+5CBD         岽    U+5D2C          崬
U+5CBE   岾    U+5CBE         岾    U+5CBE          岾
U+5CBF   岿    U+5CBF         岿    U+5DCB          巋
U+5CC1   峁    U+5CC1         峁    U+5CC1          峁
U+5CC2   峂    U+5CC2         峂    U+5CC2          峂
U+5CC3   峃    U+5CC3         峃    U+5DA8          嶨
U+5CC4   峄    U+5CC4         峄    U+5DA7          嶧
U+5CC5   峅    U+5CC5         峅    U+5CC5          峅
U+5CC6   峆    U+5CC6         峆    U+5CC6          峆
U+5CC7   峇    U+5CC7         峇    U+5CC7          峇
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 75 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5CC8   峈    U+5CC8         峈    U+5CC8         峈
U+5CC9   峉    U+5CC9         峉    U+5CC9         峉
U+5CCA   峊    U+961C         阜    U+5CCA         峊    U+961C;U+961D      阜;阝

U+5CCB   峋    U+5CCB         峋    U+5CCB         峋
U+5CCC   峌    U+5CCC         峌    U+5CCC         峌
U+5CCD   峍    U+5CCD         峍    U+5CCD         峍
U+5CCE   峎    U+5CCE         峎    U+5CCE         峎
U+5CCF   峏    U+5CCF         峏    U+5CCF         峏
U+5CD0   峐    U+5CD0         峐    U+5CD0         峐
U+5CD1   峑    U+5CD1         峑    U+5CD1         峑
U+5CD2   峒    U+5CD2         峒    U+5CD2         峒
U+5CD3   峓    U+5CD3         峓    U+5CD3         峓
U+5CD4   峔    U+5CD4         峔    U+5CD4         峔
U+5CD6   峖    U+5CD6         峖    U+5CD6         峖
U+5CD7   峗    U+5CD7         峗    U+5CD7         峗
U+5CD8   峘    U+5CD8         峘    U+5CD8         峘
U+5CD9   峙    U+5CD9         峙    U+5CD9         峙
U+5CDA   峚    U+5CDA         峚    U+5CDA         峚
U+5CDB   峛    U+5CDB         峛    U+5CDB         峛
U+5CDC   峜    U+5CDC         峜    U+5CDC         峜
U+5CDE   峞    U+5CDE         峞    U+5CDE         峞
U+5CDF   峟    U+5CDF         峟    U+5CDF         峟
U+5CE0   峠    U+5CE0         峠    U+5CE0         峠
U+5CE1   峡    U+5CE1         峡    U+5CFD         峽
U+5CE2   峢    U+5CE2         峢    U+5CE2         峢
U+5CE3   峣    U+5CE3         峣    U+5DA2         嶢
U+5CE4   峤    U+5CE4         峤    U+5DA0         嶠
U+5CE5   峥    U+5CE5         峥    U+5D22         崢
U+5CE6   峦    U+5CE6         峦    U+5DD2         巒
U+5CE7   峧    U+5CE7         峧    U+5CE7         峧
U+5CE8   峨    U+5CE8         峨    U+5CE8         峨    U+5CE9             峩
U+5CE9   峩    U+5CE8         峨    U+5CE8         峨
U+5CEA   峪    U+5CEA         峪    U+5CEA         峪
U+5CEB   峫    U+5CEB         峫    U+5CEB         峫
U+5CEC   峬    U+5CEC         峬    U+5CEC         峬
U+5CED   峭    U+5CED         峭    U+5CED         峭
U+5CEE   峮    U+5CEE         峮    U+5CEE         峮
U+5CEF   峯    U+5CF0         峰    U+5CF0         峰
U+5CF0   峰    U+5CF0         峰    U+5CF0         峰    U+5CEF             峯
U+5CF1   峱    U+5CF1         峱    U+5CF1         峱    U+5DA9             嶩
U+5CF2   峲    U+5CF2         峲    U+5CF2         峲
U+5CF3   峳    U+5CF3         峳    U+5CF3         峳
U+5CF4   峴    U+5C98         岘    U+5CF4         峴
U+5CF6   島    U+5C9B         岛    U+5CF6         島    U+5D8B;U+5D8C 嶋;嶌

U+5CF7   峷    U+5CF7         峷    U+5CF7         峷
U+5CF8   峸    U+5CF8         峸    U+5CF8         峸
U+5CF9   峹    U+5CF9         峹    U+5CF9         峹
U+5CFA   峺    U+5CFA         峺    U+786C         硬
U+5CFB   峻    U+5CFB         峻    U+5CFB         峻
                                                                               Annex A: Page 76 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5CFC   峼    U+5CFC         峼    U+5CFC         峼
U+5CFD   峽    U+5CE1         峡    U+5CFD         峽
U+5CFE   峾    U+5CFE         峾    U+5CFE         峾
U+5CFF   峿    U+5CFF         峿    U+5CFF         峿
U+5D00   崀    U+5D00         崀    U+5D00         崀
U+5D01   崁    U+5D01         崁    U+5D01         崁
U+5D02   崂    U+5D02         崂    U+5D97         嶗
U+5D03   崃    U+5D03         崃    U+5D0D         崍
U+5D04   崄    U+5D04         崄    U+5DAE         嶮
U+5D05   崅    U+5D05         崅    U+5D05         崅
U+5D06   崆    U+5D06         崆    U+5D06         崆
U+5D07   崇    U+5D07         崇    U+5D07         崇    U+5D08             崈
U+5D08   崈    U+5D07         崇    U+5D07         崇
U+5D09   崉    U+5D09         崉    U+5D09         崉
U+5D0A   崊    U+5D0A         崊    U+5D0A         崊
U+5D0B   崋    U+534E         华    U+5D0B         崋    U+83EF             華
U+5D0C   崌    U+5D0C         崌    U+5D0C         崌
U+5D0D   崍    U+5D03         崃    U+5D0D         崍
U+5D0E   崎    U+5D0E         崎    U+5D0E         崎    U+57FC;U+7895      埼;碕
U+5D0F   崏    U+5CB7         岷    U+5D0F         崏
U+5D10   崐    U+6606         昆    U+5D11         崑    U+6606;U+665C 昆;晜
U+5D11   崑    U+6606         昆    U+5D11         崑    U+5D10;U+6606;U 崐;昆;
                                                      +665C           晜
U+5D12   崒    U+5D12         崒    U+5D12         崒
U+5D13   崓    U+5D13         崓    U+5D13         崓
U+5D14   崔    U+5D14         崔    U+5D14         崔
U+5D15   崕    U+5D16         崖    U+5D16         崖
U+5D16   崖    U+5D16         崖    U+5D16         崖    U+5D15             崕
U+5D17   崗    U+5C97         岗    U+5D17         崗    U+5CA1;U+5188      岡;冈
U+5D18   崘    U+4ED1         仑    U+5D19         崙    U+4F96             侖
U+5D19   崙    U+4ED1         仑    U+5D19         崙    U+4F96;U+5D18      侖;崘
U+5D1A   崚    U+5D1A         崚    U+5D1A         崚
U+5D1B   崛    U+5D1B         崛    U+5D1B         崛
U+5D1C   崜    U+5D1C         崜    U+5D1C         崜
U+5D1D   崝    U+5D1D         崝    U+5D1D         崝
U+5D1E   崞    U+5D1E         崞    U+5D1E         崞
U+5D1F   崟    U+5D1F         崟    U+5D1F         崟
U+5D20   崠    U+5D20         崠    U+5D20         崠
U+5D21   崡    U+5D21         崡    U+5D21         崡
U+5D22   崢    U+5CE5         峥    U+5D22         崢
U+5D23   崣    U+5D23         崣    U+5D23         崣
U+5D24   崤    U+5D24         崤    U+5D24         崤
U+5D25   崥    U+5D25         崥    U+5D25         崥
U+5D26   崦    U+5D26         崦    U+5D26         崦
U+5D27   崧    U+5D27         崧    U+5D27         崧
U+5D28   崨    U+5D28         崨    U+5D28         崨
U+5D29   崩    U+5D29         崩    U+5D29         崩
U+5D2A   崪    U+5D2A         崪    U+5D2A         崪
U+5D2C   崬    U+5CBD         岽    U+5D2C         崬
U+5D2D   崭    U+5D2D         崭    U+5D84         嶄
U+5D2E   崮    U+5D2E         崮    U+5D2E         崮
                                                                               Annex A: Page 77 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5D30   崰    U+5D30         崰    U+5D30         崰
U+5D31   崱    U+5D31         崱    U+5D31         崱
U+5D32   崲    U+5D32         崲    U+5D32         崲
U+5D33   崳    U+5D33         崳    U+5D33         崳
U+5D34   崴    U+5D34         崴    U+5D34         崴
U+5D35   崵    U+5D35         崵    U+5D35         崵
U+5D36   崶    U+5D36         崶    U+5D36         崶
U+5D37   崷    U+5D37         崷    U+5D37         崷
U+5D38   崸    U+5D38         崸    U+5D38         崸
U+5D39   崹    U+5D39         崹    U+5D39         崹
U+5D3A   崺    U+5D3A         崺    U+5D3A         崺
U+5D3C   崼    U+5D3C         崼    U+5D3C         崼
U+5D3D   崽    U+5D3D         崽    U+5D3D         崽
U+5D3E   崾    U+5D3E         崾    U+5D3E         崾
U+5D3F   崿    U+5D3F         崿    U+5D3F         崿
U+5D40   嵀    U+5D40         嵀    U+5D40         嵀
U+5D41   嵁    U+5D41         嵁    U+5D41         嵁
U+5D42   嵂    U+5D42         嵂    U+5D42         嵂
U+5D43   嵃    U+5D43         嵃    U+5D43         嵃
U+5D44   嵄    U+5D44         嵄    U+5D44         嵄
U+5D45   嵅    U+5D45         嵅    U+5D45         嵅
U+5D46   嵆    U+5D47         嵇    U+5D47         嵇
U+5D47   嵇    U+5D47         嵇    U+5D47         嵇    U+5D46             嵆
U+5D48   嵈    U+5D48         嵈    U+5D48         嵈
U+5D49   嵉    U+5D49         嵉    U+5D49         嵉
U+5D4A   嵊    U+5D4A         嵊    U+5D4A         嵊
U+5D4B   嵋    U+5D4B         嵋    U+5D4B         嵋
U+5D4C   嵌    U+5D4C         嵌    U+5D4C         嵌
U+5D4D   嵍    U+5D4D         嵍    U+5D4D         嵍
U+5D4E   嵎    U+5D4E         嵎    U+5D4E         嵎
U+5D4F   嵏    U+5D4F         嵏    U+5D4F         嵏    U+5D55             嵕
U+5D50   嵐    U+5C9A         岚    U+5D50         嵐
U+5D51   嵑    U+5D51         嵑    U+5D51         嵑
U+5D52   嵒    U+5CA9         岩    U+5D52         嵒    U+55A6;U+58E7; 喦;壧;
                                                      U+5DCC;U+5DD6; 巌;巖;
                                                      U+789E;U+7939 碞;礹

U+5D54   嵔    U+5D54         嵔    U+5D54         嵔
U+5D55   嵕    U+5D4F         嵏    U+5D55         嵕
U+5D56   嵖    U+5D56         嵖    U+5D56         嵖
U+5D58   嵘    U+5D58         嵘    U+5DB8         嶸
U+5D59   嵙    U+5D59         嵙    U+5D59         嵙
U+5D5A   嵚    U+5D5A         嵚    U+5D94         嶔
U+5D5B   嵛    U+5D5B         嵛    U+5D5B         嵛
U+5D5D   嵝    U+5D5D         嵝    U+5D81         嶁
U+5D5E   嵞    U+5D5E         嵞    U+5D5E         嵞
U+5D5F   嵟    U+5D5F         嵟    U+5D5F         嵟
U+5D61   嵡    U+5D61         嵡    U+5D61         嵡
U+5D62   嵢    U+5D62         嵢    U+5D62         嵢
U+5D63   嵣    U+5D63         嵣    U+5D63         嵣
U+5D64   嵤    U+5D64         嵤    U+5D64         嵤
                                                                              Annex A: Page 78 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5D65   嵥    U+5D65         嵥    U+5D65         嵥
U+5D66   嵦    U+5D66         嵦    U+5D66         嵦
U+5D67   嵧    U+5D67         嵧    U+5D67         嵧
U+5D68   嵨    U+5D68         嵨    U+5D68         嵨
U+5D69   嵩    U+5D69         嵩    U+5D69         嵩
U+5D6A   嵪    U+5D6A         嵪    U+5D6A         嵪
U+5D6B   嵫    U+5D6B         嵫    U+5D6B         嵫
U+5D6C   嵬    U+5D6C         嵬    U+5D6C         嵬
U+5D6D   嵭    U+5D6D         嵭    U+5D6D         嵭
U+5D6E   嵮    U+5D6E         嵮    U+5D6E         嵮
U+5D6F   嵯    U+5D6F         嵯    U+5D6F         嵯    U+5D73             嵳
U+5D70   嵰    U+5D70         嵰    U+5D70         嵰
U+5D71   嵱    U+5D71         嵱    U+5D71         嵱
U+5D72   嵲    U+5D72         嵲    U+5D72         嵲
U+5D73   嵳    U+5D6F         嵯    U+5D6F         嵯
U+5D74   嵴    U+5D74         嵴    U+5D74         嵴
U+5D75   嵵    U+5D75         嵵    U+5D75         嵵
U+5D76   嵶    U+5D76         嵶    U+5D76         嵶
U+5D77   嵷    U+5D77         嵷    U+5D77         嵷
U+5D78   嵸    U+5D78         嵸    U+5D78         嵸
U+5D79   嵹    U+5D79         嵹    U+5D79         嵹
U+5D7A   嵺    U+5D7A         嵺    U+5D7A         嵺
U+5D7B   嵻    U+5D7B         嵻    U+5D7B         嵻
U+5D7C   嵼    U+5D7C         嵼    U+5D7C         嵼
U+5D7D   嵽    U+5D7D         嵽    U+5D7D         嵽
U+5D7E   嵾    U+5D7E         嵾    U+5D7E         嵾
U+5D7F   嵿    U+5D7F         嵿    U+5D7F         嵿
U+5D80   嶀    U+5D80         嶀    U+5D80         嶀
U+5D81   嶁    U+5D5D         嵝    U+5D81         嶁
U+5D82   嶂    U+5D82         嶂    U+5D82         嶂
U+5D84   嶄    U+5D2D         崭    U+5D84         嶄
U+5D85   嶅    U+5D85         嶅    U+5D85         嶅
U+5D86   嶆    U+5D86         嶆    U+5D86         嶆
U+5D87   嶇    U+5C96         岖    U+5D87         嶇
U+5D88   嶈    U+5D88         嶈    U+5D88         嶈
U+5D89   嶉    U+5D89         嶉    U+5D89         嶉
U+5D8A   嶊    U+5D8A         嶊    U+5D8A         嶊
U+5D8B   嶋    U+5C9B         岛    U+5CF6         島    U+5D8C             嶌
U+5D8C   嶌    U+5C9B         岛    U+5CF6         島    U+5D8B             嶋
U+5D8D   嶍    U+5D8D         嶍    U+5D8D         嶍
U+5D8E   嶎    U+5D8E         嶎    U+5D8E         嶎
U+5D8F   嶏    U+5D8F         嶏    U+5D8F         嶏
U+5D90   嶐    U+5D90         嶐    U+5D90         嶐
U+5D91   嶑    U+5D91         嶑    U+5D91         嶑
U+5D92   嶒    U+5D92         嶒    U+5D92         嶒
U+5D93   嶓    U+5D93         嶓    U+5D93         嶓
U+5D94   嶔    U+5D5A         嵚    U+5D94         嶔
U+5D95   嶕    U+5D95         嶕    U+5D95         嶕
U+5D97   嶗    U+5D02         崂    U+5D97         嶗
U+5D98   嶘    U+5D98         嶘    U+5D98         嶘
U+5D99   嶙    U+5D99         嶙    U+5D99         嶙
                                                                              Annex A: Page 79 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5D9A   嶚    U+5D9A         嶚    U+5D9A         嶚
U+5D9B   嶛    U+5D9B         嶛    U+5D9B         嶛
U+5D9C   嶜    U+5D9C         嶜    U+5D9C         嶜
U+5D9D   嶝    U+5D9D         嶝    U+5D9D         嶝
U+5D9E   嶞    U+5D9E         嶞    U+5D9E         嶞
U+5D9F   嶟    U+5D9F         嶟    U+5D9F         嶟
U+5DA0   嶠    U+5CE4         峤    U+5DA0         嶠
U+5DA1   嶡    U+5DA1         嶡    U+5DA1         嶡
U+5DA2   嶢    U+5CE3         峣    U+5DA2         嶢
U+5DA5   嶥    U+5DA5         嶥    U+5DA5         嶥
U+5DA6   嶦    U+5DA6         嶦    U+5DA6         嶦
U+5DA7   嶧    U+5CC4         峄    U+5DA7         嶧
U+5DA8   嶨    U+5CC3         峃    U+5DA8         嶨
U+5DA9   嶩    U+5CF1         峱    U+5DA9         嶩
U+5DAA   嶪    U+5DAA         嶪    U+5DAA         嶪
U+5DAC   嶬    U+5DAC         嶬    U+5DAC         嶬
U+5DAD   嶭    U+5DAD         嶭    U+5DAD         嶭
U+5DAE   嶮    U+5D04         崄    U+5DAE         嶮
U+5DAF   嶯    U+5DAF         嶯    U+5DAF         嶯
U+5DB0   嶰    U+5DB0         嶰    U+5DB0         嶰
U+5DB1   嶱    U+5DB1         嶱    U+5DB1         嶱
U+5DB2   嶲    U+5DB2         嶲    U+5DB2         嶲
U+5DB4   嶴    U+5DB4         嶴    U+5DB4         嶴
U+5DB5   嶵    U+5DB5         嶵    U+5DB5         嶵
U+5DB6   嶶    U+5DB6         嶶    U+5DB6         嶶
U+5DB7   嶷    U+5DB7         嶷    U+5DB7         嶷
U+5DB8   嶸    U+5D58         嵘    U+5DB8         嶸
U+5DBA   嶺    U+5CAD         岭    U+5DBA         嶺    U+5CBA             岺
U+5DBB   嶻    U+5DBB         嶻    U+5DBB         嶻
U+5DBC   嶼    U+5C7F         屿    U+5DBC         嶼
U+5DBD   嶽    U+5CB3         岳    U+5DBD         嶽
U+5DBE   嶾    U+5DBE         嶾    U+5DBE         嶾
U+5DBF   嶿    U+5DBF         嶿    U+5DBF         嶿
U+5DC0   巀    U+5DC0         巀    U+5DC0         巀
U+5DC1   巁    U+5DC1         巁    U+5DC1         巁
U+5DC2   巂    U+5DC2         巂    U+5DC2         巂
U+5DC3   巃    U+5DC3         巃    U+5DC3         巃
U+5DC5   巅    U+5DC5         巅    U+5DD4         巔    U+5DD3             巓
U+5DC6   巆    U+5DC6         巆    U+5DC6         巆
U+5DC7   巇    U+5DC7         巇    U+5DC7         巇
U+5DC8   巈    U+5DC8         巈    U+5DC8         巈
U+5DC9   巉    U+6E10         渐    U+5DC9         巉    U+6E10;U+6F38      渐;漸
U+5DCA   巊    U+5DCA         巊    U+5DCA         巊
U+5DCB   巋    U+5CBF         岿    U+5DCB         巋
U+5DCC   巌    U+5CA9         岩    U+5DD6         巖    U+55A6;U+5D52; 喦;嵒;
                                                      U+58E7;U+789E; 壧;碞;
                                                      U+7939         礹
U+5DCD   巍    U+5DCD         巍    U+5DCD         巍
U+5DCE   巎    U+5DCE         巎    U+5DCE         巎
U+5DCF   巏    U+5DCF         巏    U+5DCF         巏
U+5DD0   巐    U+5DD0         巐    U+5DD0         巐
                                                                               Annex A: Page 80 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5DD1   巑    U+5DD1         巑    U+5DD1          巑
U+5DD2   巒    U+5CE6         峦    U+5DD2          巒
U+5DD3   巓    U+5DC5         巅    U+5DD4          巔
U+5DD4   巔    U+5DC5         巅    U+5DD4          巔     U+5DD3             巓
U+5DD5   巕    U+5DD5         巕    U+5DD5          巕
U+5DD6   巖    U+5CA9         岩    U+5DD6          巖     U+5DCC;U+55A6; 巌;喦;
                                                        U+5D52;U+58E7; 嵒;壧;
                                                        U+789E;U+7939 碞;礹

U+5DD8   巘    U+5DD8         巘    U+5DD8          巘
U+5DD9   巙    U+5DD9         巙    U+5DD9          巙
U+5DDB   巛    U+5DDB         巛    U+5DDB          巛
U+5DDD   川    U+5DDD         川    U+5DDD          川
U+5DDE   州    U+5DDE         州    U+5DDE          州
U+5DDF   巟    U+5DDF         巟    U+5DDF          巟
U+5DE0   巠    U+5DE0         巠    U+5DE0          巠
U+5DE1   巡    U+5DE1         巡    U+5DE1          巡     U+5EF5             廵
U+5DE2   巢    U+5DE2         巢    U+5DE2          巢     U+5DE3;U+6F05      巣;漅

U+5DE3   巣    U+5DE2         巢    U+5DE2          巢     U+6F05             漅
U+5DE4   巤    U+5DE4         巤    U+5DE4          巤
U+5DE5   工    U+5DE5         工    U+5DE5          工
U+5DE6   左    U+5DE6         左    U+5DE6          左
U+5DE7   巧    U+5DE7         巧    U+5DE7          巧
U+5DE8   巨    U+5DE8         巨    U+5DE8;U+9245   巨;鉅   U+949C             钜
U+5DE9   巩    U+5DE9         巩    U+978F          鞏
U+5DEA   巪    U+5DEA         巪    U+5DEA          巪
U+5DEB   巫    U+5DEB         巫    U+5DEB          巫
U+5DEC   巬    U+5DEC         巬    U+5DEC          巬
U+5DED   巭    U+5DED         巭    U+5DED          巭
U+5DEE   差    U+5DEE         差    U+5DEE          差
U+5DEF   巯    U+5DEF         巯    U+5DF0          巰
U+5DF0   巰    U+5DEF         巯    U+5DF0          巰
U+5DF1   己    U+5DF1         己    U+5DF1          己
U+5DF2   已    U+5DF2         已    U+5DF2          已
U+5DF3   巳    U+5DF3         巳    U+5DF3          巳
U+5DF4   巴    U+5DF4         巴    U+5DF4          巴     U+7B06             笆
U+5DF5   巵    U+536E         卮    U+536E          卮
U+5DF7   巷    U+5DF7         巷    U+5DF7          巷
U+5DF8   巸    U+5DF8         巸    U+5DF8          巸
U+5DF9   巹    U+5DF9         巹    U+5DF9          巹
U+5DFA   巺    U+5DFD         巽    U+5DFD          巽
U+5DFB   巻    U+5377         卷    U+5377          卷     U+6372             捲
U+5DFC   巼    U+5DFC         巼    U+5DFC          巼
U+5DFD   巽    U+5DFD         巽    U+5DFD          巽     U+5DFA             巺
U+5DFE   巾    U+5DFE         巾    U+5DFE          巾
U+5DFF   巿    U+5DFF         巿    U+5DFF          巿
U+5E00   帀    U+5E00         帀    U+5E00          帀
U+5E01   币    U+5E01         币    U+5E63          幣     U+5E64             幤
U+5E02   市    U+5E02         市    U+5E02          市
U+5E03   布    U+5E03         布    U+5E03;U+4F48   布;佈   U+4F48             佈
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 81 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5E04   帄    U+5E04         帄    U+5E04          帄
U+5E05   帅    U+5E05         帅    U+5E25          帥
U+5E06   帆    U+5E06         帆    U+5E06          帆
U+5E07   帇    U+5E07         帇    U+5E07          帇
U+5E08   师    U+5E08         师    U+5E2B          師
U+5E09   帉    U+5E09         帉    U+5E09          帉
U+5E0A   帊    U+5E0A         帊    U+5E0A          帊
U+5E0B   帋    U+7EB8         纸    U+7D19          紙
U+5E0C   希    U+5E0C         希    U+5E0C          希     U+7A00             稀
U+5E0D   帍    U+5E0D         帍    U+5E0D          帍
U+5E0E   帎    U+5E0E         帎    U+5E0E          帎
U+5E0F   帏    U+5E0F         帏    U+5E43          幃
U+5E10   帐    U+5E10         帐    U+5E33          帳     U+8CEC;U+8D26 賬;账

U+5E11   帑    U+5E11         帑    U+5E11          帑
U+5E13   帓    U+5E13         帓    U+5E13          帓
U+5E14   帔    U+5E14         帔    U+5E14          帔
U+5E15   帕    U+5E15         帕    U+5E15          帕
U+5E16   帖    U+5E16         帖    U+5E16          帖
U+5E17   帗    U+5E17         帗    U+5E17          帗
U+5E18   帘    U+5E18         帘    U+5E18;U+7C3E   帘;簾

U+5E19   帙    U+5E19         帙    U+5E19          帙     U+889F             袟
U+5E1A   帚    U+5E1A         帚    U+5E1A          帚     U+83F7;U+7B92      菷     (HK:U+7B92)
U+5E1B   帛    U+5E1B         帛    U+5E1B          帛
U+5E1C   帜    U+5E1C         帜    U+5E5F          幟
U+5E1D   帝    U+5E1D         帝    U+5E1D          帝
U+5E1E   帞    U+5E1E         帞    U+5E1E          帞
U+5E1F   帟    U+5E1F         帟    U+5E1F          帟
U+5E20   帠    U+5E20         帠    U+5E20          帠
U+5E21   帡    U+5E21         帡    U+5E21          帡     U+5E32             帲
U+5E22   帢    U+5E22         帢    U+5E22          帢
U+5E23   帣    U+5E23         帣    U+5E23          帣
U+5E24   帤    U+5E24         帤    U+5E24          帤
U+5E25   帥    U+5E05         帅    U+5E25          帥
U+5E26   带    U+5E26         带    U+5E36          帶     U+5E2F             帯
U+5E27   帧    U+5E27         帧    U+5E40          幀
U+5E28   帨    U+5E28         帨    U+5E28          帨
U+5E29   帩    U+5E29         帩    U+5E29          帩
U+5E2A   帪    U+5E2A         帪    U+5E2A          帪
U+5E2B   師    U+5E08         师    U+5E2B          師
U+5E2C   帬    U+88D9         裙    U+88D9          裙     U+88E0             裠
U+5E2D   席    U+5E2D         席    U+5E2D;U+84C6   席;蓆   U+5ED7             廗

U+5E2E   帮    U+5E2E         帮    U+5E6B          幫     U+5E47;U+5E5A; 幇;幚;
                                                        U+7E0D;U+97A4 縍;鞤

U+5E2F   帯    U+5E26         带    U+5E36          帶
U+5E30   帰    U+5F52         归    U+6B78          歸     U+7688             皈
U+5E31   帱    U+5E31         帱    U+5E6C          幬
U+5E32   帲    U+5E21         帡    U+5E21          帡
                                                                                Annex A: Page 82 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5E33   帳    U+5E10         帐    U+5E33         帳    U+8CEC;U+8D26 賬;账

U+5E34   帴    U+5E34         帴    U+5E34         帴
U+5E35   帵    U+5E35         帵    U+5E35         帵
U+5E36   帶    U+5E26         带    U+5E36         帶    U+5E2F             帯
U+5E37   帷    U+5E37         帷    U+5E37         帷
U+5E38   常    U+5E38         常    U+5E38         常
U+5E39   帹    U+5E39         帹    U+5E39         帹
U+5E3A   帺    U+5E3A         帺    U+5E3A         帺    U+8900             褀
U+5E3B   帻    U+5E3B         帻    U+5E58         幘
U+5E3C   帼    U+5E3C         帼    U+5E57         幗    U+852E             蔮
U+5E3D   帽    U+5E3D         帽    U+5E3D         帽
U+5E3E   帾    U+5E3E         帾    U+5E3E         帾
U+5E40   幀    U+5E27         帧    U+5E40         幀
U+5E41   幁    U+5E41         幁    U+5E41         幁
U+5E42   幂    U+5E42         幂    U+51AA         冪    U+7F83             羃
U+5E43   幃    U+5E0F         帏    U+5E43         幃
U+5E44   幄    U+5E44         幄    U+5E44         幄
U+5E45   幅    U+5E45         幅    U+5E45         幅
U+5E46   幆    U+5E46         幆    U+5E46         幆
U+5E47   幇    U+5E2E         帮    U+5E6B         幫    U+5E5A;U+7E0D; 幚;縍;
                                                      U+97A4         鞤
U+5E49   幉    U+5E49         幉    U+5E49         幉
U+5E4A   幊    U+5E4A         幊    U+5E4A         幊
U+5E4B   幋    U+5E4B         幋    U+5E4B         幋
U+5E4C   幌    U+5E4C         幌    U+5E4C         幌
U+5E4D   幍    U+5E4D         幍    U+5E4D         幍
U+5E4E   幎    U+5E4E         幎    U+5E4E         幎
U+5E4F   幏    U+5E4F         幏    U+5E4F         幏
U+5E50   幐    U+5E50         幐    U+5E50         幐
U+5E52   幒    U+5E52         幒    U+5E52         幒
U+5E53   幓    U+5E53         幓    U+5E53         幓
U+5E54   幔    U+5E54         幔    U+5E54         幔
U+5E55   幕    U+5E55         幕    U+5E55         幕    U+5E59             幙
U+5E56   幖    U+5E56         幖    U+5E56         幖
U+5E57   幗    U+5E3C         帼    U+5E57         幗    U+852E             蔮
U+5E58   幘    U+5E3B         帻    U+5E58         幘
U+5E59   幙    U+5E55         幕    U+5E59         幙
U+5E5A   幚    U+5E2E         帮    U+5E6B         幫    U+5E47;U+7E0D; 幇;縍;
                                                      U+97A4         鞤
U+5E5B   幛    U+5E5B         幛    U+5E5B         幛
U+5E5C   幜    U+5E5C         幜    U+5E5C         幜
U+5E5D   幝    U+5E5D         幝    U+5E5D         幝
U+5E5E   幞    U+5E5E         幞    U+5E5E         幞
U+5E5F   幟    U+5E1C         帜    U+5E5F         幟
U+5E60   幠    U+5E60         幠    U+5E60         幠
U+5E61   幡    U+5E61         幡    U+5E61         幡
U+5E62   幢    U+5E62         幢    U+5E62         幢
U+5E63   幣    U+5E01         币    U+5E63         幣    U+5E64             幤
U+5E64   幤    U+5E01         币    U+5E63         幣
U+5E65   幥    U+5E65         幥    U+5E65         幥
                                                                              Annex A: Page 83 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                    TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5E66   幦    U+5E66         幦    U+5E66           幦
U+5E67   幧    U+5E67         幧    U+5E67           幧
U+5E68   幨    U+5E68         幨    U+5E68           幨
U+5E69   幩    U+5E69         幩    U+5E69           幩
U+5E6A   幪    U+5E6A         幪    U+5E6A           幪
U+5E6B   幫    U+5E2E         帮    U+5E6B           幫    U+5E47;U+5E5A; 幇;幚;
                                                        U+7E0D;U+97A4 縍;鞤

U+5E6C   幬    U+5E31         帱    U+5E6C           幬
U+5E6D   幭    U+5E6D         幭    U+5E6D           幭
U+5E6E   幮    U+5E6E         幮    U+5E6E           幮
U+5E6F   幯    U+5E6F         幯    U+5E6F           幯
U+5E70   幰    U+5E70         幰    U+5E70           幰
U+5E71   幱    U+8955         襕    U+8974           襴
U+5E72   干    U+5E72         干    U+5E72;U+4E7E;   干;乾; U+4E7E;U+4E81; 乾;亁;
                                  U+5E79           �    U+69A6;U+6F27 榦;漧

U+5E73   平    U+5E73         平    U+5E73           平
U+5E74   年    U+5E74         年    U+5E74           年    U+79CA             秊
U+5E75   幵    U+5E75         幵    U+5E75           幵
U+5E76   并    U+5E76         并    U+5E76;U+4E26;   并;並; U+4E26;U+4F75;     並;併;
                                  U+4F75           �    U+5002;U+5E77;U    倂;幷;
                                                        +7ADD              竝
U+5E77   幷    U+5E76         并    U+5E76           并    U+4E26;U+4F75;     並;併;
                                                        U+7ADD;U+5002      竝;倂

U+5E78   幸    U+5E78         幸    U+5E78;U+5016    幸;倖 U+5016         倖
U+5E79   幹    U+5E72         干    U+5E79           幹   U+69A6;U+4E7E; 榦;乾;
                                                       U+4E81;U+6F27 亁;漧

U+5E7A   幺    U+5E7A         幺    U+4E48           么    U+5E85;U+9EBC; 庅;麼;
                                                        U+9EBD         麽
U+5E7B   幻    U+5E7B         幻    U+5E7B           幻
U+5E7C   幼    U+5E7C         幼    U+5E7C           幼
U+5E7D   幽    U+5E7D         幽    U+5E7D           幽
U+5E7E   幾    U+51E0         几    U+5E7E           幾
U+5E7F   广    U+5E7F         广    U+5EE3           廣    U+5E83             広
U+5E80   庀    U+5E80         庀    U+5E80           庀
U+5E81   庁    U+5E81         庁    U+5EF3           廳    U+5385;U+539B;U 厅;厛;
                                                        +5EF0           廰
U+5E82   庂    U+4EC4         仄    U+5E82           庂
U+5E83   広    U+5E7F         广    U+5EE3           廣
U+5E84   庄    U+5E84         庄    U+5E84;U+838A    庄;莊 U+8358        荘
U+5E85   庅    U+4E48         么    U+9EBC           麼   U+9EBD;U+5E7A 麽;幺

U+5E86   庆    U+5E86         庆    U+6176           慶
U+5E87   庇    U+5E87         庇    U+5E87           庇
U+5E88   庈    U+5E88         庈    U+5E88           庈
U+5E89   庉    U+5E89         庉    U+5E89           庉
U+5E8A   床    U+5E8A         床    U+5E8A           床    U+7240             牀
U+5E8B   庋    U+5E8B         庋    U+5E8B           庋
                                                                                  Annex A: Page 84 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5E8C   庌    U+5E8C         庌    U+5E8C         庌
U+5E8D   庍    U+5E8D         庍    U+5E8D         庍
U+5E8E   庎    U+5E8E         庎    U+5E8E         庎
U+5E8F   序    U+5E8F         序    U+5E8F         序
U+5E90   庐    U+5E90         庐    U+5EEC         廬
U+5E91   庑    U+5E91         庑    U+5EE1         廡
U+5E93   库    U+5E93         库    U+5EAB         庫
U+5E94   应    U+5E94         应    U+61C9         應    U+5FDC;U+8B4D 応;譍

U+5E95   底    U+5E95         底    U+5E95         底    U+538E             厎
U+5E96   庖    U+5E96         庖    U+5E96         庖
U+5E97   店    U+5E97         店    U+5E97         店    U+576B             坫
U+5E98   庘    U+5E98         庘    U+5E98         庘
U+5E99   庙    U+5E99         庙    U+5EDF         廟    U+5EBF             庿
U+5E9A   庚    U+5E9A         庚    U+5E9A         庚
U+5E9B   庛    U+5E9B         庛    U+5E9B         庛
U+5E9C   府    U+5E9C         府    U+5E9C         府
U+5E9D   庝    U+5E9D         庝    U+5E9D         庝
U+5E9E   庞    U+5E9E         庞    U+9F90         龐    U+5390;U+9F8E      厐;龎
U+5E9F   废    U+5E9F         废    U+5EE2         廢    U+5EC3;U+7648      廃;癈
U+5EA0   庠    U+5EA0         庠    U+5EA0         庠
U+5EA1   庡    U+5EA1         庡    U+5EA1         庡
U+5EA2   庢    U+5EA2         庢    U+5EA2         庢
U+5EA3   庣    U+5EA3         庣    U+5EA3         庣
U+5EA4   庤    U+5EA4         庤    U+5EA4         庤
U+5EA5   庥    U+5EA5         庥    U+5EA5         庥
U+5EA6   度    U+5EA6         度    U+5EA6         度
U+5EA7   座    U+5EA7         座    U+5EA7         座    U+5750             坐
U+5EA8   庨    U+5EA8         庨    U+5EA8         庨
U+5EA9   庩    U+5EA9         庩    U+5EA9         庩
U+5EAA   庪    U+5EAA         庪    U+5EAA         庪
U+5EAB   庫    U+5E93         库    U+5EAB         庫
U+5EAC   庬    U+5EAC         庬    U+5EAC         庬
U+5EAD   庭    U+5EAD         庭    U+5EAD         庭
U+5EAE   庮    U+5EAE         庮    U+5EAE         庮
U+5EAF   庯    U+5EAF         庯    U+5EAF         庯
U+5EB0   庰    U+5C4F         屏    U+5EB0         庰    U+5C5B             屛
U+5EB1   庱    U+5EB1         庱    U+5EB1         庱
U+5EB2   庲    U+5EB2         庲    U+5EB2         庲
U+5EB3   庳    U+5EB3         庳    U+5EB3         庳
U+5EB4   庴    U+5EB4         庴    U+5EB4         庴
U+5EB5   庵    U+5EB5         庵    U+5EB5         庵    U+83F4             菴
U+5EB6   庶    U+5EB6         庶    U+5EB6         庶    U+5EBB;U+8B36      庻;謶

U+5EB7   康    U+5EB7         康    U+5EB7         康
U+5EB8   庸    U+5EB8         庸    U+5EB8         庸
U+5EB9   庹    U+5EB9         庹    U+5EB9         庹
U+5EBB   庻    U+5EB6         庶    U+5EB6         庶    U+8B36             謶
U+5EBC   庼    U+5EBC         庼    U+5ECE         廎
U+5EBD   庽    U+5BD3         寓    U+5BD3         寓
U+5EBE   庾    U+5EBE         庾    U+5EBE         庾    U+6594;U+659E      斔;斞
                                                                               Annex A: Page 85 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5EBF   庿    U+5E99         庙    U+5EDF         廟
U+5EC1   廁    U+5395         厕    U+5EC1         廁    U+53A0             厠
U+5EC2   廂    U+53A2         厢    U+5EC2         廂
U+5EC3   廃    U+5E9F         废    U+5EE2         廢    U+7648        癈
U+5EC4   廄    U+53A9         厩    U+5EC4         廄    U+5ECF;U+5ED0 廏;廐

U+5EC5   廅    U+5EC5         廅    U+5EC5         廅
U+5EC6   廆    U+5EC6         廆    U+5EC6         廆
U+5EC7   廇    U+5EC7         廇    U+5EC7         廇
U+5EC8   廈    U+53A6         厦    U+5EC8         廈
U+5EC9   廉    U+5EC9         廉    U+5EC9         廉    U+4EB7;U+899D      亷;覝

U+5ECA   廊    U+5ECA         廊    U+5ECA         廊
U+5ECB   廋    U+5ECB         廋    U+5ECB         廋
U+5ECC   廌    U+5ECC         廌    U+5ECC         廌
U+5ECD   廍    U+5ECD         廍    U+5ECD         廍
U+5ECE   廎    U+5EBC         庼    U+5ECE         廎
U+5ECF   廏    U+53A9         厩    U+5EC4         廄    U+5ED0             廐
U+5ED0   廐    U+53A9         厩    U+5EC4         廄    U+5ECF             廏
U+5ED1   廑    U+5ED1         廑    U+5ED1         廑
U+5ED2   廒    U+5ED2         廒    U+5ED2         廒
U+5ED3   廓    U+5ED3         廓    U+5ED3         廓    U+9729             霩
U+5ED4   廔    U+5ED4         廔    U+5ED4         廔
U+5ED5   廕    U+836B         荫    U+5ED5         廕    U+836B;U+852D      荫;蔭
U+5ED6   廖    U+5ED6         廖    U+5ED6         廖
U+5ED7   廗    U+5E2D         席    U+5ED7         廗    U+84C6             蓆
U+5ED8   廘    U+5ED8         廘    U+5ED8         廘
U+5ED9   廙    U+5ED9         廙    U+5ED9         廙
U+5EDA   廚    U+53A8         厨    U+5EDA         廚
U+5EDB   廛    U+5EDB         廛    U+5EDB         廛
U+5EDC   廜    U+5EDC         廜    U+5EDC         廜
U+5EDD   廝    U+53AE         厮    U+5EDD         廝
U+5EDE   廞    U+5EDE         廞    U+5EDE         廞
U+5EDF   廟    U+5E99         庙    U+5EDF         廟    U+5EBF             庿
U+5EE0   廠    U+5382         厂    U+5EE0         廠    U+53B0             厰
U+5EE1   廡    U+5E91         庑    U+5EE1         廡
U+5EE2   廢    U+5E9F         废    U+5EE2         廢    U+5EC3;U+7648      廃;癈
U+5EE3   廣    U+5E7F         广    U+5EE3         廣    U+5E83             広
U+5EE4   廤    U+5EE4         廤    U+5EE4         廤
U+5EE5   廥    U+5EE5         廥    U+5EE5         廥
U+5EE6   廦    U+5EE6         廦    U+5EE6         廦
U+5EE7   廧    U+5EE7         廧    U+5EE7         廧
U+5EE8   廨    U+5EE8         廨    U+5EE8         廨
U+5EE9   廩    U+5EEA         廪    U+5EE9         廩    U+5EEA;U+7A1F; 廪;稟;
                                                      U+7980         禀
U+5EEA   廪    U+5EEA         廪    U+5EE9         廩    U+7A1F;U+7980 稟;禀
U+5EEC   廬    U+5E90         庐    U+5EEC         廬
U+5EED   廭    U+5EED         廭    U+5EED         廭
U+5EEE   廮    U+5EEE         廮    U+5EEE         廮
U+5EEF   廯    U+5EEF         廯    U+5EEF         廯
U+5EF0   廰    U+5385         厅    U+5EF3         廳    U+539B;U+5E81      厛;庁
                                                                               Annex A: Page 86 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5EF1   廱    U+5EF1         廱    U+5EF1         廱
U+5EF2   廲    U+5EF2         廲    U+5EF2         廲
U+5EF3   廳    U+5385         厅    U+5EF3         廳    U+539B;U+5E81; 厛;庁;
                                                      U+5EF0         廰
U+5EF4   廴    U+5EF4         廴    U+5EF4         廴
U+5EF5   廵    U+5DE1         巡    U+5DE1         巡
U+5EF6   延    U+5EF6         延    U+5EF6         延
U+5EF7   廷    U+5EF7         廷    U+5EF7         廷
U+5EF8   廸    U+8FEA         迪    U+8FEA         迪
U+5EFA   建    U+5EFA         建    U+5EFA         建
U+5EFB   廻    U+56DE         回    U+8FF4         迴    U+5EFD;U+9025; 廽;逥;
                                                      U+56D8;U+56EC 囘;囬

U+5EFC   廼    U+4E43         乃    U+8FFA         迺
U+5EFD   廽    U+56DE         回    U+8FF4         迴    U+5EFB;U+56D8; 廻;囘;
                                                      U+56EC;U+9025 囬;逥

U+5EFE   廾    U+5EFE         廾    U+5EFE         廾
U+5EFF   廿    U+5EFF         廿    U+5EFF         廿    U+5344             卄
U+5F00   开    U+5F00         开    U+958B         開
U+5F01   弁    U+5F01         弁    U+5F01         弁
U+5F02   异    U+5F02         异    U+7570         異
U+5F03   弃    U+5F03         弃    U+68C4         棄
U+5F04   弄    U+5F04         弄    U+5F04         弄    U+8856;U+6335      衖      (HK:U+6335)
U+5F05   弅    U+5F05         弅    U+5F05         弅
U+5F06   弆    U+5F06         弆    U+5F06         弆
U+5F07   弇    U+5F07         弇    U+5F07         弇
U+5F08   弈    U+5F08         弈    U+5F08         弈
U+5F0A   弊    U+5F0A         弊    U+5F0A         弊
U+5F0B   弋    U+5F0B         弋    U+5F0B         弋    U+96BF             隿
U+5F0C   弌    U+4E00         一    U+4E00         一    U+58F9;U+58F1      壹;壱
U+5F0D   弍    U+4E8C         二    U+4E8C         二    U+8CB3;U+8CAE;     貳;貮;
                                                      U+8D30             贰
U+5F0F   式    U+5F0F         式    U+5F0F         式
U+5F11   弑    U+5F11         弑    U+5F12         弒
U+5F12   弒    U+5F11         弑    U+5F12         弒
U+5F13   弓    U+5F13         弓    U+5F13         弓
U+5F14   弔    U+540A         吊    U+5F14         弔
U+5F15   引    U+5F15         引    U+5F15         引
U+5F16   弖    U+5F16         弖    U+5F16         弖
U+5F17   弗    U+5F17         弗    U+5F17         弗
U+5F18   弘    U+5F18         弘    U+5F18         弘
U+5F19   弙    U+5F19         弙    U+5F19         弙
U+5F1A   弚    U+5F1A         弚    U+5F1A         弚
U+5F1B   弛    U+5F1B         弛    U+5F1B         弛
U+5F1C   弜    U+5F1C         弜    U+5F1C         弜
U+5F1D   弝    U+5F1D         弝    U+5F1D         弝
U+5F1E   弞    U+5F1E         弞    U+5F1E         弞
U+5F1F   弟    U+5F1F         弟    U+5F1F         弟
U+5F20   张    U+5F20         张    U+5F35         張
U+5F21   弡    U+5F21         弡    U+5F21         弡
                                                                                Annex A: Page 87 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5F22   弢    U+5F22         弢    U+5F22          弢
U+5F23   弣    U+5F23         弣    U+5F23          弣
U+5F24   弤    U+5F24         弤    U+5F24          弤
U+5F25   弥    U+5F25         弥    U+5F4C          彌     U+519E;U+7030      冞;瀰
U+5F26   弦    U+5F26         弦    U+5F26          弦     U+7D43             絃
U+5F27   弧    U+5F27         弧    U+5F27          弧
U+5F28   弨    U+5F28         弨    U+5F28          弨
U+5F29   弩    U+5F29         弩    U+5F29          弩
U+5F2A   弪    U+5F2A         弪    U+5F33          弳
U+5F2B   弫    U+5F2B         弫    U+5F2B          弫
U+5F2C   弬    U+5F2C         弬    U+5F2C          弬
U+5F2D   弭    U+5F2D         弭    U+5F2D          弭
U+5F2E   弮    U+5F2E         弮    U+5F2E          弮
U+5F2F   弯    U+5F2F         弯    U+5F4E          彎
U+5F30   弰    U+5F30         弰    U+5F30          弰
U+5F31   弱    U+5F31         弱    U+5F31          弱
U+5F32   弲    U+5F32         弲    U+5F32          弲
U+5F33   弳    U+5F2A         弪    U+5F33          弳
U+5F34   弴    U+5F34         弴    U+5F34          弴
U+5F35   張    U+5F20         张    U+5F35          張
U+5F36   弶    U+5F36         弶    U+5F36          弶
U+5F37   強    U+5F3A         强    U+5F37          強     U+5F3A;U+5F4A      强;彊

U+5F38   弸    U+5F38         弸    U+5F38          弸
U+5F39   弹    U+5F39         弹    U+5F48          彈     U+5F3E             弾
U+5F3A   强    U+5F3A         强    U+5F37          強     U+5F4A             彊
U+5F3C   弼    U+5F3C         弼    U+5F3C          弼
U+5F3E   弾    U+5F39         弹    U+5F48          彈
U+5F3F   弿    U+5F3F         弿    U+5F3F          弿
U+5F40   彀    U+5F40         彀    U+5F40          彀
U+5F41   彁    U+5F41         彁    U+5F41          彁
U+5F42   彂    U+53D1         发    U+767C          發     U+9AEA;U+9AEE; 髪;髮 (HK:U+767A)
U+5F43   彃    U+5F43         彃    U+5F43          彃
U+5F44   彄    U+5F44         彄    U+5F44          彄
U+5F45   彅    U+5F45         彅    U+5F45          彅
U+5F46   彆    U+522B         别    U+5F46          彆     U+618B;U+5225      憋;別
U+5F47   彇    U+5F47         彇    U+5F47          彇
U+5F48   彈    U+5F39         弹    U+5F48          彈     U+5F3E             弾
U+5F49   彉    U+5F4D         彍    U+5F49          彉
U+5F4A   彊    U+5F3A         强    U+5F4A          彊     U+5F37             強
U+5F4B   彋    U+5F4B         彋    U+5F4B          彋
U+5F4C   彌    U+5F25         弥    U+5F4C          彌     U+7030;U+519E      瀰;冞
U+5F4D   彍    U+5F4D         彍    U+5F4D          彍     U+5F49             彉
U+5F4E   彎    U+5F2F         弯    U+5F4E          彎
U+5F4F   彏    U+5F4F         彏    U+5F4F          彏
U+5F50   彐    U+5F50         彐    U+5F50          彐     U+5F51             彑
U+5F51   彑    U+5F50         彐    U+5F51          彑
U+5F52   归    U+5F52         归    U+6B78          歸     U+5E30;U+7688      帰;皈
U+5F53   当    U+5F53         当    U+7576;U+5679   當;噹   U+5679             噹

                                                                                 Annex A: Page 88 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5F54   彔    U+5F55         录    U+5F54          彔   U+5F55;U+9304;U 录;錄;
                                                      +9332           録
U+5F55   录    U+5F55         录    U+5F54;U+9304   彔;錄 U+9332          録
U+5F56   彖    U+5F56         彖    U+5F56          彖
U+5F57   彗    U+5F57         彗    U+5F57          彗   U+7BF2          篲
U+5F58   彘    U+5F58         彘    U+5F58          彘
U+5F59   彙    U+6C47         汇    U+5F59          彙   U+532F;U+5F5A; 匯;彚;
                                                      U+6C47;U+6ED9 汇;滙

U+5F5A   彚    U+6C47         汇    U+5F59          彙     U+6C47;U+532F; 汇;匯;
                                                        U+6ED9         滙
U+5F5B   彛    U+5F5D         彝    U+5F5D          彝     U+5F5C;U+5F5E 彜;彞

U+5F5C   彜    U+5F5D         彝    U+5F5D          彝     U+5F5B;U+5F5E      彛;彞

U+5F5D   彝    U+5F5D         彝    U+5F5D          彝     U+5F5B;U+5F5C; 彛;彜;
                                                        U+5F5E         彞
U+5F5E   彞    U+5F5D         彝    U+5F5D          彝     U+5F5B;U+5F5C 彛;彜

U+5F5F   彟    U+5F5F         彟    U+5F60          彠
U+5F60   彠    U+5F5F         彟    U+5F60          彠
U+5F61   彡    U+5F61         彡    U+5F61          彡
U+5F62   形    U+5F62         形    U+5F62          形
U+5F63   彣    U+5F63         彣    U+5F63          彣
U+5F64   彤    U+5F64         彤    U+5F64          彤
U+5F65   彥    U+5F66         彦    U+5F65          彥
U+5F66   彦    U+5F66         彦    U+5F65          彥
U+5F67   彧    U+5F67         彧    U+5F67          彧
U+5F68   彨    U+5F68         彨    U+5F72          彲
U+5F69   彩    U+5F69         彩    U+5F69;U+7DB5   彩;綵

U+5F6A   彪    U+5F6A         彪    U+5F6A          彪
U+5F6B   彫    U+5F6B         彫    U+5F6B          彫     U+96D5;U+7431;U 雕;琱;
                                                        +9D70           鵰
U+5F6C   彬    U+5F6C         彬    U+5F6C          彬     U+4EFD          份
U+5F6D   彭    U+5F6D         彭    U+5F6D          彭
U+5F6E   彮    U+5F6E         彮    U+5F6E          彮
U+5F6F   彯    U+5F6F         彯    U+5F6F          彯
U+5F70   彰    U+5F70         彰    U+5F70          彰
U+5F71   影    U+5F71         影    U+5F71          影
U+5F72   彲    U+5F68         彨    U+5F72          彲
U+5F73   彳    U+5F73         彳    U+5F73          彳
U+5F74   彴    U+5F74         彴    U+5F74          彴
U+5F75   彵    U+5F75         彵    U+5F75          彵
U+5F76   彶    U+5F76         彶    U+5F76          彶
U+5F77   彷    U+5F77         彷    U+5F77          彷     U+4EFF;U+5023; 仿;倣;
                                                        U+9AE3         髣
U+5F78   彸    U+5F78         彸    U+5F78          彸
U+5F79   役    U+5F79         役    U+5F79          役
U+5F7A   彺    U+5F7A         彺    U+5F7A          彺
U+5F7B   彻    U+5F7B         彻    U+5FB9          徹
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 89 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5F7C   彼    U+5F7C         彼    U+5F7C          彼
U+5F7D   彽    U+5F7D         彽    U+5F7D          彽
U+5F7E   彾    U+5F7E         彾    U+5F7E          彾
U+5F7F   彿    U+4F5B         佛    U+5F7F          彿     U+9AF4;U+4ECF 髴;仏

U+5F80   往    U+5F80         往    U+5F80          往     U+5F83;U+8FEC      徃;迬

U+5F81   征    U+5F81         征    U+5F81;U+5FB5   征;徵   U+5FB4             徴
U+5F82   徂    U+5F82         徂    U+5F82          徂
U+5F83   徃    U+5F80         往    U+5F80          往     U+8FEC             迬
U+5F84   径    U+5F84         径    U+5F91          徑     U+9015;U+8FF3      逕;迳
U+5F85   待    U+5F85         待    U+5F85          待
U+5F86   徆    U+5F86         徆    U+5F86          徆
U+5F87   徇    U+5F87         徇    U+5F87          徇
U+5F88   很    U+5F88         很    U+5F88          很     U+4F77             佷
U+5F89   徉    U+5F89         徉    U+5F89          徉
U+5F8A   徊    U+5F8A         徊    U+5F8A          徊     U+4F6A             佪
U+5F8B   律    U+5F8B         律    U+5F8B          律
U+5F8C   後    U+540E         后    U+5F8C          後
U+5F8D   徍    U+5F8D         徍    U+5F8D          徍
U+5F8E   徎    U+5F8E         徎    U+5F8E          徎
U+5F90   徐    U+5F90         徐    U+5F90          徐
U+5F91   徑    U+5F84         径    U+5F91          徑     U+9015;U+8FF3      逕;迳
U+5F92   徒    U+5F92         徒    U+5F92          徒
U+5F93   従    U+4ECE         从    U+5F9E          從
U+5F94   徔    U+5F94         徔    U+5F94          徔
U+5F95   徕    U+5F95         徕    U+5FA0          徠
U+5F96   徖    U+5F96         徖    U+5F96          徖
U+5F97   得    U+5F97         得    U+5F97          得
U+5F98   徘    U+5F98         徘    U+5F98          徘
U+5F99   徙    U+5F99         徙    U+5F99          徙
U+5F9B   徛    U+5F9B         徛    U+5F9B          徛
U+5F9C   徜    U+5F9C         徜    U+5F9C          徜
U+5F9D   徝    U+5F9D         徝    U+5F9D          徝
U+5F9E   從    U+4ECE         从    U+5F9E          從     U+5F93             従
U+5F9F   徟    U+5F9F         徟    U+5F9F          徟
U+5FA0   徠    U+5F95         徕    U+5FA0          徠
U+5FA1   御    U+5FA1         御    U+5FA1;U+79A6   御;禦
U+5FA2   徢    U+5FA2         徢    U+5FA2          徢
U+5FA5   徥    U+5FA5         徥    U+5FA5          徥
U+5FA6   徦    U+5FA6         徦    U+5FA6          徦
U+5FA7   徧    U+904D         遍    U+904D          遍
U+5FA8   徨    U+5FA8         徨    U+5FA8          徨     U+9051             遑
U+5FA9   復    U+590D         复    U+5FA9          復     U+8986;U+8907      覆;複
U+5FAA   循    U+5FAA         循    U+5FAA          循
U+5FAB   徫    U+5FAB         徫    U+5FAB          徫
U+5FAC   徬    U+508D         傍    U+5FAC          徬
U+5FAD   徭    U+5FAD         徭    U+5FAD          徭     U+509C             傜
U+5FAE   微    U+5FAE         微    U+5FAE          微
U+5FAF   徯    U+5FAF         徯    U+5FAF          徯
U+5FB1   徱    U+5FB1         徱    U+5FB1          徱
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 90 of 406
                                                              .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC          Preferred TC
         ZH                   SC                    TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant               Variant
U+5FB2   徲    U+5FB2          徲     U+5FB2          徲
U+5FB3   徳    U+5FB7          德     U+5FB7          德     U+60B3;U+60EA      悳;惪

U+5FB4   徴    U+5F81          征     U+5FB5          徵
U+5FB5   徵    U+5FB5;U+5F81   徵;征   U+5FB5          徵     U+5F81;U+5FB4      征;徴
U+5FB6   徶    U+5FB6          徶     U+5FB6          徶
U+5FB7   德    U+5FB7          德     U+5FB7          德     U+5FB3;U+60B3; 徳;悳;
                                                          U+60EA         惪
U+5FB8   徸    U+5FB8          徸     U+5FB8          徸
U+5FB9   徹    U+5F7B          彻     U+5FB9          徹
U+5FBA   徺    U+4FA5          侥     U+50E5          僥     U+510C             儌
U+5FBB   徻    U+5FBB          徻     U+5FBB          徻
U+5FBC   徼    U+5FBC          徼     U+5FBC          徼
U+5FBD   徽    U+5FBD          徽     U+5FBD          徽
U+5FBE   徾    U+5FBE          徾     U+5FBE          徾
U+5FBF   徿    U+5FBF          徿     U+5FBF          徿
U+5FC0   忀    U+5FC0          忀     U+5FC0          忀
U+5FC1   忁    U+5FC1          忁     U+5FC1          忁
U+5FC3   心    U+5FC3          心     U+5FC3          心
U+5FC4   忄    U+5FC4          忄     U+5FC4          忄
U+5FC5   必    U+5FC5          必     U+5FC5          必
U+5FC6   忆    U+5FC6          忆     U+61B6          憶
U+5FC7   忇    U+5FC7          忇     U+5FC7          忇
U+5FC8   忈    U+4EC1          仁     U+4EC1          仁
U+5FC9   忉    U+5FC9          忉     U+5FC9          忉
U+5FCA   忊    U+5FCA          忊     U+5FCA          忊
U+5FCB   忋    U+5FCB          忋     U+5FCB          忋
U+5FCC   忌    U+5FCC          忌     U+5FCC          忌     U+8A8B;U+8AC5 誋;諅

U+5FCD   忍    U+5FCD          忍     U+5FCD          忍
U+5FCF   忏    U+5FCF          忏     U+5FCF;U+61FA   忏;懺

U+5FD0   忐    U+5FD0          忐     U+5FD0          忐
U+5FD1   忑    U+5FD1          忑     U+5FD1          忑
U+5FD2   忒    U+5FD2          忒     U+5FD2          忒
U+5FD3   忓    U+5FD3          忓     U+5FD3          忓
U+5FD4   忔    U+5FD4          忔     U+5FD4          忔
U+5FD5   忕    U+5FD5          忕     U+5FD5          忕
U+5FD6   忖    U+5FD6          忖     U+5FD6          忖   U+520C               刌
U+5FD7   志    U+5FD7          志     U+5FD7;U+8A8C   志;誌

U+5FD8   忘    U+5FD8          忘     U+5FD8          忘
U+5FD9   忙    U+5FD9          忙     U+5FD9          忙
U+5FDA   忚    U+5FDA          忚     U+5FDA          忚
U+5FDC   応    U+5E94          应     U+61C9          應     U+8B4D             譍
U+5FDD   忝    U+5FDD          忝     U+5FDD          忝
U+5FDE   忞    U+5FDE          忞     U+5FDE          忞     U+5FDF             忟     (HK:U+5FDF)
U+5FDF   忟    U+5FDF          忟     U+5FDF          忟     U+5FDE             忞     (HK:CV)
U+5FE0   忠    U+5FE0          忠     U+5FE0          忠
U+5FE1   忡    U+5FE1          忡     U+5FE1          忡
U+5FE3   忣    U+6025          急     U+5FE3          忣
                                                                                   Annex A: Page 91 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+5FE4   忤    U+5FE4         忤    U+5FE4          忤
U+5FE5   忥    U+5FE5         忥    U+5FE5          忥
U+5FE6   忦    U+5FE6         忦    U+5FE6          忦
U+5FE7   忧    U+5FE7         忧    U+6182          憂
U+5FE8   忨    U+5FE8         忨    U+5FE8          忨
U+5FE9   忩    U+5FE9         忩    U+5FE9          忩
U+5FEA   忪    U+5FEA         忪    U+5FEA          忪
U+5FEB   快    U+5FEB         快    U+5FEB          快
U+5FED   忭    U+5FED         忭    U+5FED          忭
U+5FEE   忮    U+5FEE         忮    U+5FEE          忮
U+5FEF   忯    U+5FEF         忯    U+5FEF          忯
U+5FF0   忰    U+60B4         悴    U+60B4          悴
U+5FF1   忱    U+5FF1         忱    U+5FF1          忱
U+5FF2   忲    U+5FF2         忲    U+5FF2          忲
U+5FF3   忳    U+5FF3         忳    U+5FF3          忳
U+5FF4   忴    U+5FF4         忴    U+5FF4          忴
U+5FF5   念    U+5FF5         念    U+5FF5;U+5538   念;唸 U+5538          唸
U+5FF6   忶    U+5FF6         忶    U+5FF6          忶
U+5FF7   忷    U+5FF7         忷    U+5FF7          忷
U+5FF8   忸    U+5FF8         忸    U+5FF8          忸
U+5FF9   忹    U+5FF9         忹    U+5FF9          忹
U+5FFA   忺    U+5FFA         忺    U+5FFA          忺
U+5FFB   忻    U+5FFB         忻    U+5FFB          忻
U+5FFD   忽    U+5FFD         忽    U+5FFD          忽
U+5FFE   忾    U+5FFE         忾    U+613E          愾
U+5FFF   忿    U+5FFF         忿    U+5FFF          忿
U+6000   怀    U+6000         怀    U+61F7          懷   U+61D0;U+8922;U 懐;褢;
                                                      +8931           褱
U+6001   态    U+6001         态    U+614B          態
U+6002   怂    U+6002         怂    U+616B          慫
U+6003   怃    U+6003         怃    U+61AE          憮
U+6004   怄    U+6004         怄    U+616A          慪
U+6005   怅    U+6005         怅    U+60B5          悵
U+6006   怆    U+6006         怆    U+6134          愴
U+6007   怇    U+6007         怇    U+6007          怇
U+6008   怈    U+6008         怈    U+6008          怈
U+6009   怉    U+6009         怉    U+6009          怉
U+600A   怊    U+600A         怊    U+600A          怊
U+600B   怋    U+600B         怋    U+600B          怋
U+600C   怌    U+600C         怌    U+600C          怌
U+600D   怍    U+600D         怍    U+600D          怍
U+600E   怎    U+600E         怎    U+600E          怎
U+600F   怏    U+600F         怏    U+600F          怏
U+6010   怐    U+4F5D         佝    U+6010          怐
U+6011   怑    U+6011         怑    U+6011          怑
U+6012   怒    U+6012         怒    U+6012          怒
U+6013   怓    U+6013         怓    U+6013          怓
U+6014   怔    U+6014         怔    U+6014          怔
U+6015   怕    U+6015         怕    U+6015          怕
U+6016   怖    U+6016         怖    U+6016          怖
U+6017   怗    U+6017         怗    U+6017          怗
                                                                               Annex A: Page 92 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6018   怘    U+6018         怘    U+6018          怘
U+6019   怙    U+6019         怙    U+6019          怙
U+601A   怚    U+601A         怚    U+601A          怚
U+601B   怛    U+601B         怛    U+601B          怛
U+601C   怜    U+601C         怜    U+601C;U+6190   怜;憐
U+601D   思    U+601D         思    U+601D          思
U+601E   怞    U+601E         怞    U+601E          怞
U+601F   怟    U+601F         怟    U+601F          怟
U+6020   怠    U+6020         怠    U+6020          怠
U+6021   怡    U+6021         怡    U+6021          怡
U+6022   怢    U+6022         怢    U+6022          怢
U+6024   怤    U+6024         怤    U+6024          怤
U+6025   急    U+6025         急    U+6025          急   U+5FE3              忣
U+6026   怦    U+6026         怦    U+6026          怦
U+6027   性    U+6027         性    U+6027          性
U+6028   怨    U+6028         怨    U+6028          怨
U+6029   怩    U+6029         怩    U+6029          怩
U+602A   怪    U+602A         怪    U+602A          怪
U+602B   怫    U+602B         怫    U+602B          怫
U+602C   怬    U+602C         怬    U+602C          怬
U+602D   怭    U+602D         怭    U+602D          怭
U+602E   怮    U+602E         怮    U+602E          怮
U+602F   怯    U+602F         怯    U+602F          怯
U+6030   怰    U+6030         怰    U+6030          怰
U+6031   怱    U+5306         匆    U+5306          匆   U+60A4              悤
U+6032   怲    U+6032         怲    U+6032          怲
U+6033   怳    U+604D         恍    U+6033          怳
U+6034   怴    U+6034         怴    U+6034          怴
U+6035   怵    U+6035         怵    U+6035          怵
U+6036   怶    U+6036         怶    U+6036          怶
U+6037   怷    U+6037         怷    U+6037          怷
U+6038   怸    U+6038         怸    U+6038          怸
U+6039   怹    U+4ED6         他    U+6039          怹
U+603A   怺    U+603A         怺    U+603A          怺
U+603B   总    U+603B         总    U+7E3D          總   U+6374;U+6403;U     捴;搃;
                                                      +6460;U+7DCF;U      摠;総;
                                                      +7E02               縂
U+603C   怼    U+603C         怼    U+61DF          懟
U+603D   怽    U+603D         怽    U+603D          怽
U+603E   怾    U+603E         怾    U+603E          怾
U+603F   怿    U+603F         怿    U+61CC          懌
U+6040   恀    U+6040         恀    U+6040          恀
U+6041   恁    U+6041         恁    U+6041          恁
U+6042   恂    U+6042         恂    U+6042          恂   U+609B              悛
U+6043   恃    U+6043         恃    U+6043          恃
U+6044   恄    U+6044         恄    U+6044          恄
U+6045   恅    U+6045         恅    U+6045          恅
U+6046   恆    U+6052         恒    U+6046          恆
U+6047   恇    U+6047         恇    U+6047          恇
U+6048   恈    U+6048         恈    U+6048          恈
U+6049   恉    U+65E8         旨    U+6049          恉
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 93 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+604A   恊    U+534F         协    U+5354          協     U+52A6             劦
U+604B   恋    U+604B         恋    U+6200          戀
U+604C   恌    U+604C         恌    U+604C          恌
U+604D   恍    U+604D         恍    U+604D          恍     U+6033             怳
U+604E   恎    U+604E         恎    U+604E          恎
U+604F   恏    U+604F         恏    U+604F          恏
U+6050   恐    U+6050         恐    U+6050          恐
U+6051   恑    U+6051         恑    U+6051          恑
U+6052   恒    U+6052         恒    U+6052          恒     U+6046             恆
U+6053   恓    U+6053         恓    U+6053          恓
U+6054   恔    U+6054         恔    U+6054          恔
U+6055   恕    U+6055         恕    U+6055          恕
U+6057   恗    U+6057         恗    U+6057          恗
U+6058   恘    U+6058         恘    U+6058          恘
U+6059   恙    U+6059         恙    U+6059          恙
U+605A   恚    U+605A         恚    U+605A          恚
U+605B   恛    U+605B         恛    U+605B          恛
U+605C   恜    U+605C         恜    U+605C          恜
U+605D   恝    U+605D         恝    U+605D          恝
U+605E   恞    U+605E         恞    U+605E          恞
U+605F   恟    U+605F         恟    U+605F          恟
U+6062   恢    U+6062         恢    U+6062          恢
U+6063   恣    U+6063         恣    U+6063          恣
U+6064   恤    U+6064         恤    U+6064;U+5379   恤;卹   U+5379;U+8CC9      卹;賉

U+6065   恥    U+803B         耻    U+6065          恥
U+6066   恦    U+6066         恦    U+6066          恦
U+6067   恧    U+6067         恧    U+6067          恧
U+6068   恨    U+6068         恨    U+6068          恨
U+6069   恩    U+6069         恩    U+6069          恩
U+606A   恪    U+606A         恪    U+606A          恪     U+6118             愘
U+606B   恫    U+606B         恫    U+606B          恫     U+75CC             痌
U+606C   恬    U+606C         恬    U+606C          恬
U+606D   恭    U+606D         恭    U+606D          恭
U+606E   恮    U+606E         恮    U+606E          恮
U+606F   息    U+606F         息    U+606F          息
U+6070   恰    U+6070         恰    U+6070          恰
U+6072   恲    U+6072         恲    U+6072          恲
U+6073   恳    U+6073         恳    U+61C7          懇
U+6075   恵    U+60E0         惠    U+60E0          惠     U+6193             憓
U+6076   恶    U+6076         恶    U+60E1;U+5641   惡;噁   U+5641;U+60AA      噁;悪
U+6077   恷    U+6077         恷    U+6077          恷
U+6078   恸    U+6078         恸    U+615F          慟     U+6185             憅
U+6079   恹    U+6079         恹    U+61E8          懨
U+607A   恺    U+607A         恺    U+6137          愷
U+607B   恻    U+607B         恻    U+60FB          惻
U+607C   恼    U+607C         恼    U+60F1          惱
U+607D   恽    U+607D         恽    U+60F2          惲
U+607E   恾    U+607E         恾    U+607E          恾
U+607F   恿    U+607F         恿    U+607F          恿     U+6142             慂
U+6080   悀    U+6080         悀    U+6080          悀
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 94 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6081   悁    U+6081         悁    U+6081         悁
U+6082   悂    U+6082         悂    U+6082         悂
U+6083   悃    U+6083         悃    U+6083         悃
U+6084   悄    U+6084         悄    U+6084         悄
U+6085   悅    U+60A6         悦    U+6085         悅
U+6086   悆    U+6086         悆    U+6086         悆
U+6087   悇    U+6087         悇    U+6087         悇
U+6088   悈    U+6088         悈    U+6088         悈
U+6089   悉    U+6089         悉    U+6089         悉
U+608A   悊    U+608A         悊    U+608A         悊
U+608B   悋    U+541D         吝    U+541D         吝
U+608C   悌    U+608C         悌    U+608C         悌
U+608D   悍    U+608D         悍    U+608D         悍
U+608E   悎    U+608E         悎    U+608E         悎
U+608F   悏    U+608F         悏    U+608F         悏
U+6090   悐    U+60D5         惕    U+6090         悐
U+6092   悒    U+6092         悒    U+6092         悒
U+6094   悔    U+6094         悔    U+6094         悔
U+6095   悕    U+6095         悕    U+6095         悕
U+6096   悖    U+6096         悖    U+6096         悖    U+8A96             誖
U+6097   悗    U+6097         悗    U+6097         悗
U+6098   悘    U+6098         悘    U+6098         悘
U+6099   悙    U+6099         悙    U+6099         悙
U+609A   悚    U+609A         悚    U+609A         悚
U+609B   悛    U+609B         悛    U+609B         悛    U+6042             恂
U+609C   悜    U+609C         悜    U+609C         悜
U+609D   悝    U+609D         悝    U+609D         悝
U+609E   悞    U+8BEF         误    U+8AA4         誤    U+60AE;U+8BEF 悮;误

U+609F   悟    U+609F         悟    U+609F         悟
U+60A0   悠    U+60A0         悠    U+60A0         悠
U+60A1   悡    U+60A1         悡    U+60A1         悡
U+60A2   悢    U+60A2         悢    U+60A2         悢
U+60A3   患    U+60A3         患    U+60A3         患
U+60A4   悤    U+5306         匆    U+5306         匆    U+6031             怱
U+60A6   悦    U+60A6         悦    U+6085         悅
U+60A7   悧    U+60A7         悧    U+60A7         悧
U+60A8   您    U+60A8         您    U+60A8         您
U+60AA   悪    U+6076         恶    U+60E1         惡    U+5641             噁
U+60AB   悫    U+60AB         悫    U+6128         愨    U+6164             慤
U+60AC   悬    U+60AC         悬    U+61F8         懸
U+60AD   悭    U+60AD         悭    U+6173         慳
U+60AE   悮    U+8BEF         误    U+8AA4         誤    U+609E;U+8BEF      悞;误

U+60AF   悯    U+60AF         悯    U+61AB         憫
U+60B0   悰    U+60B0         悰    U+60B0         悰
U+60B1   悱    U+60B1         悱    U+60B1         悱
U+60B2   悲    U+60B2         悲    U+60B2         悲
U+60B3   悳    U+5FB7         德    U+5FB7         德    U+5FB3;U+60EA      徳;惪

U+60B4   悴    U+60B4         悴    U+60B4         悴    U+5FF0             忰
                                                                               Annex A: Page 95 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+60B5   悵    U+6005         怅    U+60B5         悵
U+60B6   悶    U+95F7         闷    U+60B6         悶
U+60B7   悷    U+60B7         悷    U+60B7         悷
U+60B8   悸    U+60B8         悸    U+60B8         悸    U+75F5             痵
U+60B9   悹    U+60B9         悹    U+60B9         悹    U+60BA             悺
U+60BA   悺    U+60B9         悹    U+60BA         悺
U+60BB   悻    U+60BB         悻    U+60BB         悻
U+60BC   悼    U+60BC         悼    U+60BC         悼
U+60BD   悽    U+51C4         凄    U+60BD         悽    U+6DD2             淒
U+60BE   悾    U+60BE         悾    U+60BE         悾
U+60BF   悿    U+60BF         悿    U+60BF         悿
U+60C0   惀    U+60C0         惀    U+60C0         惀
U+60C1   惁    U+60C1         惁    U+60C1         惁
U+60C2   惂    U+60C2         惂    U+60C2         惂
U+60C3   惃    U+60C3         惃    U+60C3         惃
U+60C4   惄    U+60C4         惄    U+60C4         惄
U+60C5   情    U+60C5         情    U+60C5         情
U+60C6   惆    U+60C6         惆    U+60C6         惆
U+60C7   惇    U+60C7         惇    U+60C7         惇
U+60C8   惈    U+60C8         惈    U+60C8         惈
U+60C9   惉    U+60C9         惉    U+60C9         惉
U+60CA   惊    U+60CA         惊    U+9A5A         驚
U+60CB   惋    U+60CB         惋    U+60CB         惋
U+60CC   惌    U+60CC         惌    U+60CC         惌
U+60CD   惍    U+60CD         惍    U+60CD         惍
U+60CE   惎    U+60CE         惎    U+60CE         惎
U+60CF   惏    U+60CF         惏    U+60CF         惏
U+60D0   惐    U+60D0         惐    U+60D0         惐
U+60D1   惑    U+60D1         惑    U+60D1         惑
U+60D3   惓    U+60D3         惓    U+60D3         惓
U+60D4   惔    U+60D4         惔    U+60D4         惔
U+60D5   惕    U+60D5         惕    U+60D5         惕    U+6090             悐
U+60D7   惗    U+60D7         惗    U+60D7         惗
U+60D8   惘    U+60D8         惘    U+60D8         惘
U+60D9   惙    U+60D9         惙    U+60D9         惙
U+60DA   惚    U+60DA         惚    U+60DA         惚
U+60DB   惛    U+60DB         惛    U+60DB         惛
U+60DC   惜    U+60DC         惜    U+60DC         惜
U+60DD   惝    U+60DD         惝    U+60DD         惝
U+60DF   惟    U+60DF         惟    U+60DF         惟
U+60E0   惠    U+60E0         惠    U+60E0         惠    U+6075;U+6193      恵;憓
U+60E1   惡    U+6076         恶    U+60E1         惡    U+5641;U+60AA      噁;悪
U+60E2   惢    U+60E2         惢    U+60E2         惢
U+60E3   惣    U+63D4         揔    U+60E3         惣                             (HK:CV)
U+60E4   惤    U+60E4         惤    U+60E4         惤
U+60E6   惦    U+60E6         惦    U+60E6         惦
U+60E7   惧    U+60E7         惧    U+61FC         懼
U+60E8   惨    U+60E8         惨    U+6158         慘
U+60E9   惩    U+60E9         惩    U+61F2         懲
U+60EA   惪    U+5FB7         德    U+5FB7         德    U+5FB3;U+60B3      徳;悳
U+60EB   惫    U+60EB         惫    U+618A         憊
                                                                               Annex A: Page 96 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV    Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+60EC   惬    U+60EC         惬    U+611C          愜
U+60ED   惭    U+60ED         惭    U+615A          慚    U+6159             慙
U+60EE   惮    U+60EE         惮    U+619A          憚
U+60EF   惯    U+60EF         惯    U+6163          慣
U+60F0   惰    U+60F0         惰    U+60F0          惰
U+60F1   惱    U+607C         恼    U+60F1          惱
U+60F2   惲    U+607D         恽    U+60F2          惲
U+60F3   想    U+60F3         想    U+60F3          想
U+60F4   惴    U+60F4         惴    U+60F4          惴
U+60F5   惵    U+60F5         惵    U+60F5          惵
U+60F6   惶    U+60F6         惶    U+60F6          惶
U+60F7   惷    U+8822         蠢    U+60F7          惷
U+60F8   惸    U+8315         茕    U+60F8          惸    U+8315;U+7162;U 茕;煢;
                                                       +712D           焭
U+60F9   惹    U+60F9         惹    U+60F9          惹
U+60FA   惺    U+60FA         惺    U+60FA          惺
U+60FB   惻    U+607B         恻    U+60FB          惻
U+60FC   惼    U+890A         褊    U+60FC          惼
U+60FE   惾    U+60FE         惾    U+60FE          惾
U+60FF   惿    U+60FF         惿    U+60FF          惿
U+6100   愀    U+6100         愀    U+6100          愀
U+6101   愁    U+6101         愁    U+6101          愁
U+6103   愃    U+6103         愃    U+6103          愃
U+6104   愄    U+754F         畏    U+6104          愄
U+6105   愅    U+6105         愅    U+6105          愅
U+6106   愆    U+6106         愆    U+6106          愆
U+6108   愈    U+6108         愈    U+6108;U+7652   愈;癒 U+7609              瘉
U+6109   愉    U+6109         愉    U+6109          愉
U+610A   愊    U+610A         愊    U+610A          愊
U+610B   愋    U+63F4         援    U+610B          愋
U+610C   愌    U+610C         愌    U+610C          愌
U+610D   愍    U+610D         愍    U+610D          愍   U+656F              敯
U+610E   愎    U+610E         愎    U+610E          愎
U+610F   意    U+610F         意    U+610F          意
U+6110   愐    U+6110         愐    U+6110          愐
U+6112   愒    U+6112         愒    U+6112          愒
U+6113   愓    U+6113         愓    U+6113          愓
U+6114   愔    U+6114         愔    U+6114          愔
U+6115   愕    U+6115         愕    U+6115          愕
U+6116   愖    U+6116         愖    U+6116          愖
U+6117   愗    U+6117         愗    U+6117          愗
U+6118   愘    U+606A         恪    U+6118          愘
U+6119   愙    U+6119         愙    U+6119          愙
U+611A   愚    U+611A         愚    U+611A          愚
U+611B   愛    U+7231         爱    U+611B          愛
U+611C   愜    U+60EC         惬    U+611C          愜
U+611D   愝    U+611D         愝    U+611D          愝
U+611F   感    U+611F         感    U+611F          感
U+6120   愠    U+6120         愠    U+614D          慍
U+6122   愢    U+6122         愢    U+6122          愢
U+6123   愣    U+6123         愣    U+6123          愣
                                                                               Annex A: Page 97 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6124   愤    U+6124         愤    U+61A4          憤
U+6125   愥    U+6125         愥    U+6125          愥
U+6126   愦    U+6126         愦    U+6192          憒
U+6127   愧    U+6127         愧    U+6127          愧    U+5ABF             媿
U+6128   愨    U+60AB         悫    U+6128          愨    U+6164             慤
U+6129   愩    U+6129         愩    U+6129          愩
U+612A   愪    U+612A         愪    U+612A          愪
U+612B   愫    U+612B         愫    U+612B          愫
U+612C   愬    U+8BC9         诉    U+612C          愬    U+8BC9;U+8A34      诉;訴

U+612D   愭    U+612D         愭    U+612D          愭
U+612E   愮    U+612E         愮    U+612E          愮
U+612F   愯    U+612F         愯    U+612F          愯
U+6130   愰    U+6130         愰    U+6130          愰
U+6132   愲    U+6132         愲    U+6132          愲
U+6134   愴    U+6006         怆    U+6134          愴
U+6136   愶    U+6136         愶    U+6136          愶
U+6137   愷    U+607A         恺    U+6137          愷
U+613A   愺    U+613A         愺    U+613A          愺
U+613B   愻    U+900A         逊    U+613B          愻   U+900A;U+905C       逊;遜
U+613C   愼    U+614E         慎    U+614E          慎   U+661A;U+7718       昚;眘
U+613D   愽    U+535A         博    U+535A          博
U+613E   愾    U+5FFE         忾    U+613E          愾
U+613F   愿    U+613F         愿    U+613F;U+9858   愿;願
U+6140   慀    U+6140         慀    U+6140          慀
U+6141   慁    U+6141         慁    U+6141          慁
U+6142   慂    U+607F         恿    U+607F          恿
U+6143   慃    U+6143         慃    U+6143          慃
U+6144   慄    U+6817         栗    U+6144          慄
U+6145   慅    U+6145         慅    U+6145          慅
U+6146   慆    U+6146         慆    U+6146          慆
U+6147   慇    U+6BB7         殷    U+6147          慇
U+6148   慈    U+6148         慈    U+6148          慈
U+6149   慉    U+6149         慉    U+6149          慉
U+614A   慊    U+614A         慊    U+614A          慊
U+614B   態    U+6001         态    U+614B          態
U+614C   慌    U+614C         慌    U+614C          慌
U+614D   慍    U+6120         愠    U+614D          慍
U+614E   慎    U+614E         慎    U+614E          慎   U+613C;U+661A;      愼;昚;
                                                      U+7718              眘
U+614F   慏    U+614F         慏    U+614F          慏
U+6150   慐    U+6150         慐    U+6150          慐
U+6151   慑    U+6151         慑    U+61FE          懾   U+6174              慴
U+6152   慒    U+6152         慒    U+6152          慒
U+6153   慓    U+527D         剽    U+6153          慓
U+6154   慔    U+6154         慔    U+6154          慔
U+6155   慕    U+6155         慕    U+6155          慕
U+6156   慖    U+6156         慖    U+6156          慖
U+6157   慗    U+6157         慗    U+6157          慗
U+6158   慘    U+60E8         惨    U+6158          慘
U+6159   慙    U+60ED         惭    U+615A          慚
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 98 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+615A   慚    U+60ED         惭    U+615A         慚    U+6159             慙
U+615B   慛    U+615B         慛    U+615B         慛
U+615C   慜    U+615C         慜    U+615C         慜
U+615D   慝    U+615D         慝    U+615D         慝
U+615E   慞    U+615E         慞    U+615E         慞
U+615F   慟    U+6078         恸    U+615F         慟    U+6185             憅
U+6161   慡    U+723D         爽    U+6161         慡
U+6162   慢    U+6162         慢    U+6162         慢
U+6163   慣    U+60EF         惯    U+6163         慣
U+6164   慤    U+60AB         悫    U+6128         愨
U+6165   慥    U+6165         慥    U+6165         慥
U+6166   慦    U+6166         慦    U+6166         慦
U+6167   慧    U+6167         慧    U+6167         慧    U+8B7F             譿
U+6168   慨    U+6168         慨    U+6168         慨
U+6169   慩    U+6169         慩    U+6169         慩
U+616A   慪    U+6004         怄    U+616A         慪
U+616B   慫    U+6002         怂    U+616B         慫
U+616C   慬    U+616C         慬    U+616C         慬
U+616D   慭    U+616D         慭    U+6196         憖
U+616E   慮    U+8651         虑    U+616E         慮
U+6170   慰    U+6170         慰    U+6170         慰
U+6171   慱    U+6171         慱    U+6171         慱
U+6172   慲    U+6172         慲    U+6172         慲
U+6173   慳    U+60AD         悭    U+6173         慳
U+6174   慴    U+6151         慑    U+6174         慴    U+61FE             懾
U+6175   慵    U+6175         慵    U+6175         慵    U+5ADE             嫞
U+6176   慶    U+5E86         庆    U+6176         慶
U+6177   慷    U+6177         慷    U+6177         慷
U+6178   慸    U+6178         慸    U+6178         慸
U+6179   慹    U+6179         慹    U+6179         慹
U+617A   慺    U+617A         慺    U+617A         慺
U+617C   慼    U+617C         慼    U+617C         慼
U+617D   慽    U+617D         慽    U+617D         慽    U+621A             戚      (HK:CV)
U+617E   慾    U+6B32         欲    U+617E         慾
U+6180   憀    U+6180         憀    U+6180         憀
U+6181   憁    U+6181         憁    U+6181         憁
U+6182   憂    U+5FE7         忧    U+6182         憂
U+6183   憃    U+6183         憃    U+6183         憃
U+6184   憄    U+6184         憄    U+6184         憄
U+6185   憅    U+6078         恸    U+615F         慟
U+6187   憇    U+61A9         憩    U+61A9         憩
U+6188   憈    U+6188         憈    U+6188         憈
U+6189   憉    U+6189         憉    U+6189         憉
U+618A   憊    U+60EB         惫    U+618A         憊
U+618B   憋    U+618B         憋    U+618B         憋    U+522B;U+5F46;     别;彆;
                                                      U+5225             別
U+618C   憌    U+618C         憌    U+618C         憌
U+618D   憍    U+9A84         骄    U+618D         憍    U+9A84;U+9A55      骄;驕
U+618E   憎    U+618E         憎    U+618E         憎
U+618F   憏    U+618F         憏    U+618F         憏
U+6190   憐    U+601C         怜    U+6190         憐
                                                                                Annex A: Page 99 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6191   憑    U+51ED         凭    U+6191         憑    U+51F4             凴
U+6192   憒    U+6126         愦    U+6192         憒
U+6193   憓    U+60E0         惠    U+6193         憓    U+6075             恵
U+6194   憔    U+6194         憔    U+6194         憔
U+6195   憕    U+6195         憕    U+6195         憕
U+6196   憖    U+616D         慭    U+6196         憖
U+6198   憘    U+6198         憘    U+6198         憘
U+6199   憙    U+559C         喜    U+559C         喜
U+619A   憚    U+60EE         惮    U+619A         憚
U+619B   憛    U+619B         憛    U+619B         憛
U+619D   憝    U+619D         憝    U+619D         憝    U+8B48             譈
U+619E   憞    U+619E         憞    U+619E         憞
U+619F   憟    U+619F         憟    U+619F         憟
U+61A0   憠    U+61A0         憠    U+61A0         憠
U+61A1   憡    U+61A1         憡    U+61A1         憡
U+61A2   憢    U+61A2         憢    U+61A2         憢
U+61A3   憣    U+61A3         憣    U+61A3         憣
U+61A4   憤    U+6124         愤    U+61A4         憤
U+61A5   憥    U+61A5         憥    U+61A5         憥
U+61A6   憦    U+61A6         憦    U+61A6         憦
U+61A7   憧    U+61A7         憧    U+61A7         憧
U+61A8   憨    U+61A8         憨    U+61A8         憨
U+61A9   憩    U+61A9         憩    U+61A9         憩    U+6187             憇
U+61AA   憪    U+61AA         憪    U+61AA         憪
U+61AB   憫    U+60AF         悯    U+61AB         憫
U+61AC   憬    U+61AC         憬    U+61AC         憬
U+61AD   憭    U+61AD         憭    U+61AD         憭
U+61AE   憮    U+6003         怃    U+61AE         憮
U+61AF   憯    U+61AF         憯    U+61AF         憯
U+61B0   憰    U+61B0         憰    U+61B0         憰
U+61B1   憱    U+61B1         憱    U+61B1         憱
U+61B2   憲    U+5BAA         宪    U+61B2         憲
U+61B3   憳    U+61B3         憳    U+61B3         憳
U+61B4   憴    U+61B4         憴    U+61B4         憴
U+61B5   憵    U+61B5         憵    U+61B5         憵
U+61B6   憶    U+5FC6         忆    U+61B6         憶
U+61B7   憷    U+61B7         憷    U+61B7         憷
U+61B8   憸    U+61B8         憸    U+61B8         憸
U+61BA   憺    U+61BA         憺    U+61BA         憺
U+61BC   憼    U+5106         儆    U+61BC         憼
U+61BD   憽    U+61BD         憽    U+61BD         憽
U+61BE   憾    U+61BE         憾    U+61BE         憾
U+61BF   憿    U+61BF         憿    U+61BF         憿
U+61C0   懀    U+61C0         懀    U+61C0         懀
U+61C1   懁    U+61C1         懁    U+61C1         懁
U+61C2   懂    U+61C2         懂    U+61C2         懂
U+61C3   懃    U+52E4         勤    U+61C3         懃    U+763D             瘽
U+61C4   懄    U+61C4         懄    U+61C4         懄
U+61C5   懅    U+61C5         懅    U+61C5         懅
U+61C6   懆    U+61C6         懆    U+61C6         懆
U+61C7   懇    U+6073         恳    U+61C7         懇
                                                                              Annex A: Page 100 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+61C8   懈    U+61C8         懈    U+61C8         懈
U+61C9   應    U+5E94         应    U+61C9         應    U+5FDC;U+8B4D 応;譍

U+61CA   懊    U+61CA         懊    U+61CA         懊
U+61CB   懋    U+61CB         懋    U+61CB         懋
U+61CC   懌    U+603F         怿    U+61CC         懌
U+61CD   懍    U+61D4         懔    U+61CD         懍
U+61CE   懎    U+61CE         懎    U+61CE         懎
U+61CF   懏    U+61CF         懏    U+61CF         懏
U+61D0   懐    U+6000         怀    U+61F7         懷    U+8922;U+8931      褢;褱
U+61D1   懑    U+61D1         懑    U+61E3         懣
U+61D2   懒    U+61D2         懒    U+61F6         懶    U+5B3E             嬾
U+61D4   懔    U+61D4         懔    U+61CD         懍
U+61D6   懖    U+61D6         懖    U+61D6         懖
U+61D7   懗    U+61D7         懗    U+61D7         懗
U+61D8   懘    U+61D8         懘    U+61D8         懘
U+61D9   懙    U+61D9         懙    U+61D9         懙
U+61DA   懚    U+61DA         懚    U+61DA         懚
U+61DB   懛    U+61DB         懛    U+61DB         懛
U+61DC   懜    U+61DC         懜    U+61DC         懜
U+61DD   懝    U+61DD         懝    U+61DD         懝
U+61DE   懞    U+8499         蒙    U+61DE         懞    U+8499;U+6FDB; 蒙;濛;
                                                      U+77C7         矇
U+61DF   懟    U+603C         怼    U+61DF         懟
U+61E0   懠    U+61E0         懠    U+61E0         懠
U+61E1   懡    U+61E1         懡    U+61E1         懡
U+61E2   懢    U+61E2         懢    U+61E2         懢
U+61E3   懣    U+61D1         懑    U+61E3         懣
U+61E4   懤    U+61E4         懤    U+61E4         懤
U+61E5   懥    U+61E5         懥    U+61E5         懥
U+61E6   懦    U+61E6         懦    U+61E6         懦    U+61E7             懧
U+61E7   懧    U+61E6         懦    U+61E7         懧
U+61E8   懨    U+6079         恹    U+61E8         懨
U+61E9   懩    U+61E9         懩    U+61E9         懩
U+61EA   懪    U+61EA         懪    U+61EA         懪
U+61EB   懫    U+61EB         懫    U+61EB         懫
U+61ED   懭    U+61ED         懭    U+61ED         懭
U+61EE   懮    U+61EE         懮    U+61EE         懮
U+61F0   懰    U+61F0         懰    U+61F0         懰
U+61F1   懱    U+61F1         懱    U+61F1         懱
U+61F2   懲    U+60E9         惩    U+61F2         懲
U+61F3   懳    U+61F3         懳    U+61F3         懳
U+61F5   懵    U+61F5         懵    U+61F5         懵
U+61F6   懶    U+61D2         懒    U+61F6         懶    U+5B3E          嬾
U+61F7   懷    U+6000         怀    U+61F7         懷    U+61D0;U+8922;U 懐;褢;
                                                      +8931           褱
U+61F8   懸    U+60AC         悬    U+61F8         懸
U+61F9   懹    U+61F9         懹    U+61F9         懹
U+61FA   懺    U+5FCF         忏    U+61FA         懺
U+61FB   懻    U+61FB         懻    U+61FB         懻
U+61FC   懼    U+60E7         惧    U+61FC         懼
                                                                              Annex A: Page 101 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+61FD   懽    U+6B22         欢    U+61FD         懽    U+6B22;U+6B61;     欢;歡;
                                                      U+6B53;U+8B99;     歓;讙;
                                                      U+9A69             驩
U+61FE   懾    U+6151         慑    U+61FE         懾    U+6174             慴
U+61FF   懿    U+61FF         懿    U+61FF         懿
U+6200   戀    U+604B         恋    U+6200         戀
U+6201   戁    U+6201         戁    U+6201         戁
U+6202   戂    U+6202         戂    U+6202         戂
U+6203   戃    U+6203         戃    U+6203         戃
U+6204   戄    U+6204         戄    U+6204         戄
U+6206   戆    U+6206         戆    U+6207         戇
U+6207   戇    U+6206         戆    U+6207         戇
U+6208   戈    U+6208         戈    U+6208         戈
U+6209   戉    U+6209         戉    U+6209         戉
U+620A   戊    U+620A         戊    U+620A         戊
U+620B   戋    U+620B         戋    U+6214         戔
U+620C   戌    U+620C         戌    U+620C         戌
U+620D   戍    U+620D         戍    U+620D         戍
U+620E   戎    U+620E         戎    U+620E         戎
U+620F   戏    U+620F         戏    U+6232         戲    U+6231;U+622F      戱;戯
U+6210   成    U+6210         成    U+6210         成
U+6211   我    U+6211         我    U+6211         我
U+6212   戒    U+6212         戒    U+6212         戒
U+6213   戓    U+6213         戓    U+6213         戓
U+6214   戔    U+620B         戋    U+6214         戔
U+6215   戕    U+6215         戕    U+6215         戕
U+6216   或    U+6216         或    U+6216         或
U+6217   戗    U+6217         戗    U+6227         戧
U+6218   战    U+6218         战    U+6230         戰    U+6226             戦
U+6219   戙    U+6219         戙    U+6219         戙
U+621A   戚    U+621A         戚    U+621A         戚    U+617D             慽      (HK:U+617D)
U+621B   戛    U+621B         戛    U+621B         戛    U+621E             戞
U+621C   戜    U+621C         戜    U+621C         戜
U+621D   戝    U+8D3C         贼    U+8CCA         賊
U+621E   戞    U+621B         戛    U+621B         戛
U+621F   戟    U+621F         戟    U+621F         戟
U+6220   戠    U+6220         戠    U+6220         戠
U+6221   戡    U+6221         戡    U+6221         戡
U+6222   戢    U+6222         戢    U+6222         戢
U+6223   戣    U+6223         戣    U+6223         戣
U+6224   戤    U+6224         戤    U+6224         戤
U+6225   戥    U+6225         戥    U+6225         戥
U+6226   戦    U+6218         战    U+6230         戰
U+6227   戧    U+6217         戗    U+6227         戧
U+6228   戨    U+6228         戨    U+6228         戨
U+6229   戩    U+622C         戬    U+6229         戩
U+622A   截    U+622A         截    U+622A         截
U+622B   戫    U+622B         戫    U+622B         戫
U+622C   戬    U+622C         戬    U+6229         戩
U+622D   戭    U+622D         戭    U+622D         戭
U+622E   戮    U+622E         戮    U+622E         戮
                                                                              Annex A: Page 102 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+622F   戯    U+620F         戏    U+6232          戲    U+6231             戱
U+6230   戰    U+6218         战    U+6230          戰    U+6226             戦
U+6231   戱    U+620F         戏    U+6232          戲    U+622F             戯
U+6232   戲    U+620F         戏    U+6232          戲    U+622F;U+6231      戯;戱
U+6233   戳    U+6233         戳    U+6233          戳
U+6234   戴    U+6234         戴    U+6234          戴
U+6236   戶    U+6237         户    U+6236          戶    U+6237;U+6238      户;戸
U+6237   户    U+6237         户    U+6236          戶    U+6238             戸
U+6238   戸    U+6237         户    U+6236          戶
U+623A   戺    U+623A         戺    U+623A          戺
U+623B   戻    U+623E         戾    U+623E          戾    U+76ED             盭
U+623C   戼    U+536F         卯    U+536F          卯    U+5918             夘
U+623D   戽    U+623D         戽    U+623D          戽
U+623E   戾    U+623E         戾    U+623E          戾    U+623B;U+76ED      戻;盭

U+623F   房    U+623F         房    U+623F          房
U+6240   所    U+6240         所    U+6240          所
U+6241   扁    U+6241         扁    U+6241          扁
U+6242   扂    U+6242         扂    U+6242          扂
U+6243   扃    U+6243         扃    U+6243          扃
U+6244   扄    U+6244         扄    U+6244          扄
U+6245   扅    U+6245         扅    U+6245          扅
U+6246   扆    U+6246         扆    U+6246          扆
U+6247   扇    U+6247         扇    U+6247          扇   U+6427              搧
U+6248   扈    U+6248         扈    U+6248          扈
U+6249   扉    U+6249         扉    U+6249          扉
U+624A   扊    U+624A         扊    U+624A          扊
U+624B   手    U+624B         手    U+624B          手
U+624C   扌    U+624C         扌    U+624C          扌
U+624D   才    U+624D         才    U+624D;U+7E94   才;纔
U+624E   扎    U+624E         扎    U+624E;U+7D2E   扎;紮 U+5273;U+5284;U     剳;劄;
                                                      +672D;U+7B9A;U      札;箚;
                                                      +7D25               紥
U+624F   扏    U+624F         扏    U+624F          扏
U+6250   扐    U+6250         扐    U+6250          扐
U+6251   扑    U+6251         扑    U+6251;U+64B2   扑;撲 U+6534              攴
U+6252   扒    U+6252         扒    U+6252          扒
U+6253   打    U+6253         打    U+6253          打
U+6254   扔    U+6254         扔    U+6254          扔
U+6255   払    U+62C2         拂    U+62C2          拂
U+6256   扖    U+6256         扖    U+6256          扖
U+6258   托    U+6258         托    U+6258;U+8A17   托;託 U+8BAC              讬
U+6259   扙    U+6259         扙    U+6259          扙
U+625A   扚    U+625A         扚    U+625A          扚
U+625B   扛    U+625B         扛    U+625B          扛   U+6443              摃
U+625C   扜    U+625C         扜    U+625C          扜
U+625D   扝    U+625D         扝    U+625D          扝
U+625E   扞    U+625E         扞    U+625E          扞   U+634D;U+64C0       捍;擀

U+625F   扟    U+625F         扟    U+625F          扟
U+6260   扠    U+6260         扠    U+6260          扠    U+640B             搋
                                                                               Annex A: Page 103 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6261   扡    U+6261         扡    U+6261          扡
U+6262   扢    U+6262         扢    U+6262          扢
U+6263   扣    U+6263         扣    U+6263;U+91E6   扣;釦
U+6264   扤    U+6264         扤    U+6264          扤
U+6265   扥    U+6265         扥    U+6265          扥
U+6266   扦    U+6266         扦    U+6266          扦
U+6267   执    U+6267         执    U+57F7          執   U+74E1              瓡
U+6268   扨    U+6268         扨    U+6268          扨
U+6269   扩    U+6269         扩    U+64F4          擴   U+62E1              拡
U+626A   扪    U+626A         扪    U+636B          捫
U+626B   扫    U+626B         扫    U+6383          掃
U+626C   扬    U+626C         扬    U+63DA          揚   U+98BA;U+98CF;      颺;飏; (HK:U+656D)
                                                      U+656D              敭
U+626D   扭    U+626D         扭    U+626D          扭
U+626E   扮    U+626E         扮    U+626E          扮
U+626F   扯    U+626F         扯    U+626F          扯   U+64A6              撦
U+6270   扰    U+6270         扰    U+64FE          擾
U+6271   扱    U+6271         扱    U+6271          扱
U+6272   扲    U+6272         扲    U+6272          扲
U+6273   扳    U+6273         扳    U+6273          扳
U+6274   扴    U+6274         扴    U+6274          扴
U+6275   扵    U+65BC         於    U+65BC          於   U+4E8E              于
U+6276   扶    U+6276         扶    U+6276          扶
U+6277   扷    U+6277         扷    U+6277          扷
U+6278   扸    U+6278         扸    U+6278          扸
U+6279   批    U+6279         批    U+6279          批
U+627A   扺    U+627A         扺    U+627A          扺   U+62B5;U+89DD;      抵;觝;
                                                      U+7274;U+7F9D       牴;羝

U+627B   扻    U+627B         扻    U+627B          扻
U+627C   扼    U+627C         扼    U+627C          扼    U+6424;U+6439      搤;搹
U+627D   扽    U+627D         扽    U+627D          扽
U+627E   找    U+627E         找    U+627E          找
U+627F   承    U+627F         承    U+627F          承
U+6280   技    U+6280         技    U+6280          技
U+6281   抁    U+6281         抁    U+6281          抁
U+6283   抃    U+62DA         拚    U+6283          抃
U+6284   抄    U+6284         抄    U+6284          抄
U+6285   抅    U+6285         抅    U+6285          抅
U+6286   抆    U+6286         抆    U+6286          抆
U+6287   抇    U+6287         抇    U+6287          抇
U+6288   抈    U+6288         抈    U+6288          抈
U+6289   抉    U+6289         抉    U+6289          抉    U+5214             刔
U+628A   把    U+628A         把    U+628A          把
U+628B   抋    U+628B         抋    U+628B          抋
U+628C   抌    U+628C         抌    U+628C          抌    U+4F14             伔
U+628E   抎    U+628E         抎    U+628E          抎
U+628F   抏    U+628F         抏    U+628F          抏
U+6290   抐    U+6290         抐    U+6290          抐
U+6291   抑    U+6291         抑    U+6291          抑
U+6292   抒    U+6292         抒    U+6292          抒
                                                                               Annex A: Page 104 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6293   抓    U+6293         抓    U+6293          抓
U+6294   抔    U+6294         抔    U+6294          抔
U+6295   投    U+6295         投    U+6295          投
U+6296   抖    U+6296         抖    U+6296          抖
U+6297   抗    U+6297         抗    U+6297          抗
U+6298   折    U+6298         折    U+6298;U+647A   折;摺
U+6299   抙    U+6299         抙    U+6299          抙
U+629A   抚    U+629A         抚    U+64AB          撫   U+62CA              拊
U+629B   抛    U+629B         抛    U+62CB          拋
U+629C   抜    U+62D4         拔    U+62D4          拔
U+629E   択    U+62E9         择    U+64C7          擇
U+629F   抟    U+629F         抟    U+6476          摶
U+62A0   抠    U+62A0         抠    U+6473          摳
U+62A1   抡    U+62A1         抡    U+6384          掄
U+62A2   抢    U+62A2         抢    U+6436          搶
U+62A3   抣    U+62A3         抣    U+62A3          抣
U+62A4   护    U+62A4         护    U+8B77          護
U+62A5   报    U+62A5         报    U+5831          報
U+62A6   抦    U+62A6         抦    U+62A6          抦                              (HK)
U+62A7   抧    U+62A7         抧    U+62A7          抧
U+62A8   抨    U+62A8         抨    U+62A8          抨
U+62A9   抩    U+62A9         抩    U+62A9          抩
U+62AA   抪    U+62AA         抪    U+62AA          抪
U+62AB   披    U+62AB         披    U+62AB          披
U+62AC   抬    U+62AC         抬    U+62AC          抬   U+64E1              擡      (HK:U+64E1)
U+62AD   抭    U+8200         舀    U+62AD          抭
U+62AE   抮    U+62AE         抮    U+62AE          抮
U+62AF   抯    U+62AF         抯    U+62AF          抯
U+62B0   抰    U+62B0         抰    U+62B0          抰
U+62B1   抱    U+62B1         抱    U+62B1          抱
U+62B2   抲    U+62B2         抲    U+62B2          抲
U+62B3   抳    U+62B3         抳    U+62B3          抳
U+62B4   抴    U+62B4         抴    U+62B4          抴
U+62B5   抵    U+62B5         抵    U+62B5;U+89DD   抵;觝 U+627A;U+7274;U     扺;牴;
                                                      +7F9D               羝
U+62B6   抶    U+62B6         抶    U+62B6          抶
U+62B7   抷    U+62B7         抷    U+62B7          抷
U+62B8   抸    U+62B8         抸    U+62B8          抸
U+62B9   抹    U+62B9         抹    U+62B9          抹
U+62BA   抺    U+62BA         抺    U+62BA          抺
U+62BB   抻    U+62BB         抻    U+62BB          抻   U+4F38              伸
U+62BC   押    U+62BC         押    U+62BC          押
U+62BD   抽    U+62BD         抽    U+62BD          抽
U+62BE   抾    U+62BE         抾    U+62BE          抾
U+62BF   抿    U+62BF         抿    U+62BF          抿
U+62C0   拀    U+62C0         拀    U+62C0          拀
U+62C1   拁    U+62C1         拁    U+62C1          拁
U+62C2   拂    U+62C2         拂    U+62C2          拂   U+6255              払
U+62C3   拃    U+62C3         拃    U+62C3          拃
U+62C4   拄    U+62C4         拄    U+62C4          拄
U+62C5   担    U+62C5         担    U+64D4          擔
                                                                               Annex A: Page 105 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+62C6   拆    U+62C6         拆    U+62C6          拆
U+62C7   拇    U+62C7         拇    U+62C7          拇
U+62C8   拈    U+62C8         拈    U+62C8          拈
U+62C9   拉    U+62C9         拉    U+62C9          拉
U+62CA   拊    U+62CA         拊    U+62CA          拊    U+64AB;U+629A      撫;抚

U+62CB   拋    U+629B         抛    U+62CB          拋
U+62CC   拌    U+62CC         拌    U+62CC          拌
U+62CD   拍    U+62CD         拍    U+62CD          拍
U+62CE   拎    U+62CE         拎    U+62CE          拎
U+62CF   拏    U+62CF         拏    U+62CF          拏   U+62FF              拿
U+62D0   拐    U+62D0         拐    U+62D0;U+67B4   拐;枴
U+62D1   拑    U+94B3         钳    U+62D1          拑   U+94B3;U+9257;U     钳;鉗;
                                                      +7B9D               箝
U+62D2   拒    U+62D2         拒    U+62D2          拒
U+62D3   拓    U+62D3         拓    U+62D3          拓   U+646D              摭
U+62D4   拔    U+62D4         拔    U+62D4          拔   U+629C              抜
U+62D5   拕    U+62D6         拖    U+62D6          拖
U+62D6   拖    U+62D6         拖    U+62D6          拖   U+62D5              拕
U+62D7   拗    U+62D7         拗    U+62D7          拗
U+62D8   拘    U+62D8         拘    U+62D8          拘
U+62D9   拙    U+62D9         拙    U+62D9          拙
U+62DA   拚    U+62DA         拚    U+62DA          拚   U+6283              抃
U+62DB   招    U+62DB         招    U+62DB          招
U+62DC   拜    U+62DC         拜    U+62DC          拜   U+62DD              拝
U+62DD   拝    U+62DC         拜    U+62DC          拜
U+62DF   拟    U+62DF         拟    U+64EC          擬   U+5117              儗
U+62E0   拠    U+636E         据    U+636E          据   U+64DA              據
U+62E1   拡    U+6269         扩    U+64F4          擴
U+62E2   拢    U+62E2         拢    U+650F          攏
U+62E3   拣    U+62E3         拣    U+63C0          揀
U+62E4   拤    U+62E4         拤    U+62E4          拤
U+62E5   拥    U+62E5         拥    U+64C1          擁
U+62E6   拦    U+62E6         拦    U+6514          攔
U+62E7   拧    U+62E7         拧    U+64F0          擰
U+62E8   拨    U+62E8         拨    U+64A5          撥
U+62E9   择    U+62E9         择    U+64C7          擇   U+629E              択
U+62EB   拫    U+62EB         拫    U+62EB          拫
U+62EC   括    U+62EC         括    U+62EC          括
U+62ED   拭    U+62ED         拭    U+62ED          拭
U+62EE   拮    U+62EE         拮    U+62EE          拮
U+62EF   拯    U+62EF         拯    U+62EF          拯
U+62F0   拰    U+62F0         拰    U+62F0          拰
U+62F1   拱    U+62F1         拱    U+62F1          拱
U+62F2   拲    U+62F2         拲    U+62F2          拲
U+62F3   拳    U+62F3         拳    U+62F3          拳
U+62F4   拴    U+62F4         拴    U+62F4          拴
U+62F5   拵    U+62F5         拵    U+62F5          拵
U+62F6   拶    U+62F6         拶    U+62F6          拶
U+62F7   拷    U+62F7         拷    U+62F7          拷
U+62F8   拸    U+62F8         拸    U+62F8          拸
                                                                               Annex A: Page 106 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+62F9   拹    U+62F9         拹    U+62F9         拹
U+62FA   拺    U+62FA         拺    U+62FA         拺
U+62FB   拻    U+8C57         豗    U+62FB         拻
U+62FC   拼    U+62FC         拼    U+62FC         拼
U+62FD   拽    U+62FD         拽    U+62FD         拽    U+6359             捙
U+62FE   拾    U+62FE         拾    U+62FE         拾
U+62FF   拿    U+62FF         拿    U+62FF         拿    U+62CF             拏
U+6300   挀    U+6300         挀    U+6300         挀
U+6301   持    U+6301         持    U+6301         持
U+6302   挂    U+6302         挂    U+639B         掛    U+7F63             罣
U+6303   挃    U+6303         挃    U+6303         挃
U+6304   挄    U+6304         挄    U+6304         挄
U+6305   挅    U+6306         挆    U+6305         挅
U+6306   挆    U+6306         挆    U+6306         挆    U+6305             挅
U+6307   指    U+6307         指    U+6307         指
U+6308   挈    U+6308         挈    U+6308         挈
U+6309   按    U+6309         按    U+6309         按
U+630B   挋    U+630B         挋    U+630B         挋
U+630C   挌    U+630C         挌    U+630C         挌
U+630D   挍    U+6821         校    U+630D         挍
U+630E   挎    U+630E         挎    U+630E         挎
U+630F   挏    U+630F         挏    U+630F         挏
U+6310   挐    U+6310         挐    U+6310         挐
U+6311   挑    U+6311         挑    U+6311         挑
U+6312   挒    U+6312         挒    U+6312         挒
U+6313   挓    U+6313         挓    U+6313         挓
U+6314   挔    U+6314         挔    U+6314         挔
U+6315   挕    U+6444         摄    U+6315         挕    U+6444;U+651D      摄;攝
U+6316   挖    U+6316         挖    U+6316         挖    U+7A75             穵
U+6318   挘    U+6318         挘    U+6318         挘
U+6319   挙    U+4E3E         举    U+8209         舉    U+64E7             擧
U+631A   挚    U+631A         挚    U+646F         摯
U+631B   挛    U+631B         挛    U+6523         攣
U+631C   挜    U+631C         挜    U+6397         掗
U+631D   挝    U+631D         挝    U+64BE         撾
U+631E   挞    U+631E         挞    U+64BB         撻
U+631F   挟    U+631F         挟    U+633E         挾
U+6320   挠    U+6320         挠    U+6493         撓
U+6321   挡    U+6321         挡    U+64CB         擋
U+6322   挢    U+6322         挢    U+649F         撟    U+8B51             譑
U+6323   挣    U+6323         挣    U+6399         掙
U+6324   挤    U+6324         挤    U+64E0         擠
U+6325   挥    U+6325         挥    U+63EE         揮
U+6326   挦    U+6326         挦    U+648F         撏
U+6327   挧    U+6327         挧    U+6327         挧
U+6328   挨    U+6328         挨    U+6328         挨
U+6329   挩    U+635D         捝    U+6329         挩
U+632A   挪    U+632A         挪    U+632A         挪
U+632B   挫    U+632B         挫    U+632B         挫
U+632C   挬    U+632C         挬    U+632C         挬
U+632D   挭    U+632D         挭    U+632D         挭
                                                                              Annex A: Page 107 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+632E   挮    U+632E         挮    U+632E          挮
U+632F   振    U+632F         振    U+632F          振
U+6330   挰    U+6330         挰    U+6330          挰
U+6332   挲    U+6332         挲    U+6332          挲
U+6333   挳    U+647C         摼    U+6333          挳
U+6334   挴    U+6334         挴    U+6334          挴
U+6335   挵    U+6335         挵    U+6335          挵   U+5F04;U+8856       弄;衖 (HK:CV)
U+6336   挶    U+6336         挶    U+6336          挶
U+6338   挸    U+6338         挸    U+6338          挸
U+6339   挹    U+6339         挹    U+6339          挹
U+633A   挺    U+633A         挺    U+633A          挺
U+633B   挻    U+633B         挻    U+633B          挻
U+633C   挼    U+633C         挼    U+633C          挼
U+633D   挽    U+633D         挽    U+633D;U+8F13   挽;輓
U+633E   挾    U+631F         挟    U+633E          挾
U+6340   捀    U+6340         捀    U+6340          捀
U+6341   捁    U+6405         搅    U+6341          捁   U+6405;U+64B9;U     搅;撹;
                                                      +652A               攪
U+6342   捂    U+6342         捂    U+6440          摀
U+6343   捃    U+6343         捃    U+6343          捃
U+6344   捄    U+6344         捄    U+6344          捄
U+6345   捅    U+6345         捅    U+6345          捅
U+6346   捆    U+6346         捆    U+6346;U+7D91   捆;綑
U+6347   捇    U+6347         捇    U+6347          捇
U+6348   捈    U+6445         摅    U+6348          捈   U+6445;U+6504       摅;攄
U+6349   捉    U+6349         捉    U+6349          捉
U+634A   捊    U+634A         捊    U+634A          捊
U+634B   捋    U+634B         捋    U+634B          捋
U+634C   捌    U+634C         捌    U+634C          捌   U+516B              八
U+634D   捍    U+634D         捍    U+634D          捍   U+625E;U+64C0       扞;擀
U+634E   捎    U+634E         捎    U+634E          捎
U+634F   捏    U+634F         捏    U+634F          捏
U+6350   捐    U+6350         捐    U+6350          捐
U+6351   捑    U+6351         捑    U+6351          捑
U+6352   捒    U+6352         捒    U+6352          捒
U+6353   捓    U+6353         捓    U+6353          捓
U+6354   捔    U+6354         捔    U+6354          捔
U+6355   捕    U+6355         捕    U+6355          捕
U+6356   捖    U+6356         捖    U+6356          捖
U+6357   捗    U+6357         捗    U+6357          捗
U+6358   捘    U+6358         捘    U+6358          捘
U+6359   捙    U+62FD         拽    U+6359          捙
U+635A   捚    U+635A         捚    U+635A          捚
U+635C   捜    U+641C         搜    U+641C          搜   U+9A2A              騪
U+635D   捝    U+635D         捝    U+6329          挩
U+635E   捞    U+635E         捞    U+6488          撈
U+635F   损    U+635F         损    U+640D          損
U+6360   捠    U+6360         捠    U+6360          捠
U+6361   捡    U+6361         捡    U+64BF          撿
U+6362   换    U+6362         换    U+63DB          換
U+6363   捣    U+6363         捣    U+6417          搗   U+64E3              擣
                                                                               Annex A: Page 108 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6364   捤    U+6364         捤    U+6364         捤
U+6365   捥    U+6365         捥    U+6365         捥
U+6366   捦    U+6366         捦    U+6366         捦
U+6367   捧    U+6367         捧    U+6367         捧
U+6368   捨    U+820D         舍    U+6368         捨    U+820D;U+820E      舍;舎
U+6369   捩    U+6369         捩    U+6369         捩
U+636A   捪    U+636A         捪    U+636A         捪
U+636B   捫    U+626A         扪    U+636B         捫
U+636C   捬    U+636C         捬    U+636C         捬
U+636D   捭    U+636D         捭    U+636D         捭
U+636E   据    U+636E         据    U+64DA         據    U+62E0             拠
U+636F   捯    U+636F         捯    U+636F         捯
U+6370   捰    U+6370         捰    U+6370         捰
U+6371   捱    U+6371         捱    U+6371         捱
U+6372   捲    U+5377         卷    U+6372         捲    U+5DFB             巻
U+6373   捳    U+6373         捳    U+6373         捳
U+6374   捴    U+603B         总    U+7E3D         總    U+6403;U+6460;U 搃;摠;
                                                      +7DCF;U+7E02    総;縂

U+6375   捵    U+6375         捵    U+6375         捵
U+6376   捶    U+6376         捶    U+6376         捶    U+6425             搥
U+6377   捷    U+6377         捷    U+6377         捷
U+6378   捸    U+6378         捸    U+6378         捸
U+6379   捹    U+6379         捹    U+6379         捹
U+637A   捺    U+637A         捺    U+637A         捺    U+933C             錼
U+637B   捻    U+637B         捻    U+637B         捻    U+649A             撚
U+637C   捼    U+637C         捼    U+637C         捼
U+637D   捽    U+637D         捽    U+637D         捽
U+637E   捾    U+637E         捾    U+637E         捾
U+637F   捿    U+637F         捿    U+637F         捿                              (HK)
U+6380   掀    U+6380         掀    U+6380         掀
U+6381   掁    U+6381         掁    U+6381         掁
U+6382   掂    U+6382         掂    U+6382         掂
U+6383   掃    U+626B         扫    U+6383         掃
U+6384   掄    U+62A1         抡    U+6384         掄
U+6385   掅    U+6385         掅    U+6385         掅
U+6386   掆    U+39CF         㧏    U+6386         掆
U+6387   掇    U+6387         掇    U+6387         掇
U+6388   授    U+6388         授    U+6388         授
U+6389   掉    U+6389         掉    U+6389         掉
U+638A   掊    U+638A         掊    U+638A         掊
U+638C   掌    U+638C         掌    U+638C         掌
U+638D   掍    U+638D         掍    U+638D         掍
U+638E   掎    U+638E         掎    U+638E         掎
U+638F   掏    U+638F         掏    U+638F         掏    U+642F             搯
U+6390   掐    U+6390         掐    U+6390         掐
U+6391   掑    U+6391         掑    U+6391         掑
U+6392   排    U+6392         排    U+6392         排
U+6394   掔    U+6394         掔    U+6394         掔
U+6395   掕    U+6395         掕    U+6395         掕
U+6396   掖    U+6396         掖    U+6396         掖
                                                                              Annex A: Page 109 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6397   掗    U+631C         挜    U+6397         掗
U+6398   掘    U+6398         掘    U+6398         掘    U+6485             撅
U+6399   掙    U+6323         挣    U+6399         掙
U+639A   掚    U+639A         掚    U+639A         掚
U+639B   掛    U+6302         挂    U+639B         掛    U+7F63             罣
U+639C   掜    U+639C         掜    U+639C         掜
U+639D   掝    U+639D         掝    U+639D         掝
U+639E   掞    U+639E         掞    U+639E         掞
U+639F   掟    U+639F         掟    U+639F         掟
U+63A0   掠    U+63A0         掠    U+63A0         掠
U+63A1   採    U+91C7         采    U+63A1         採
U+63A2   探    U+63A2         探    U+63A2         探
U+63A3   掣    U+63A3         掣    U+63A3         掣
U+63A4   掤    U+63A4         掤    U+63A4         掤
U+63A5   接    U+63A5         接    U+63A5         接
U+63A6   掦    U+63A6         掦    U+63A6         掦
U+63A7   控    U+63A7         控    U+63A7         控
U+63A8   推    U+63A8         推    U+63A8         推
U+63A9   掩    U+63A9         掩    U+63A9         掩
U+63AA   措    U+63AA         措    U+63AA         措
U+63AB   掫    U+63AB         掫    U+63AB         掫
U+63AC   掬    U+63AC         掬    U+63AC         掬    U+530A             匊
U+63AD   掭    U+63AD         掭    U+63AD         掭
U+63AE   掮    U+63AE         掮    U+63AE         掮
U+63AF   掯    U+63AF         掯    U+63AF         掯
U+63B0   掰    U+63B0         掰    U+63B0         掰
U+63B1   掱    U+63B1         掱    U+63B1         掱
U+63B2   掲    U+63ED         揭    U+63ED         揭
U+63B3   掳    U+63B3         掳    U+64C4         擄
U+63B4   掴    U+63B4         掴    U+6451         摑
U+63B5   掵    U+63B5         掵    U+63B5         掵
U+63B6   掶    U+63B6         掶    U+63B6         掶
U+63B7   掷    U+63B7         掷    U+64F2         擲
U+63B8   掸    U+63B8         掸    U+64A3         撣
U+63B9   掹    U+63B9         掹    U+63B9         掹
U+63BA   掺    U+63BA         掺    U+647B         摻
U+63BC   掼    U+63BC         掼    U+645C         摜
U+63BD   掽    U+78B0         碰    U+63BD         掽    U+78B0;U+8E2B      碰;踫

U+63BE   掾    U+63BE         掾    U+63BE         掾
U+63BF   掿    U+63BF         掿    U+63BF         掿
U+63C0   揀    U+62E3         拣    U+63C0         揀
U+63C1   揁    U+63C1         揁    U+63C1         揁
U+63C2   揂    U+63C2         揂    U+63C2         揂
U+63C3   揃    U+63C3         揃    U+63C3         揃
U+63C4   揄    U+63C4         揄    U+63C4         揄
U+63C5   揅    U+7814         研    U+63C5         揅
U+63C6   揆    U+63C6         揆    U+63C6         揆    U+6951             楑
U+63C7   揇    U+63C7         揇    U+63C7         揇
U+63C8   揈    U+63C8         揈    U+63C8         揈
U+63C9   揉    U+63C9         揉    U+63C9         揉
                                                                              Annex A: Page 110 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+63CA   揊    U+63CA         揊    U+63CA         揊
U+63CB   揋    U+63CB         揋    U+63CB         揋
U+63CC   揌    U+63CC         揌    U+63CC         揌
U+63CD   揍    U+63CD         揍    U+63CD         揍
U+63CE   揎    U+63CE         揎    U+63CE         揎
U+63CF   描    U+63CF         描    U+63CF         描
U+63D0   提    U+63D0         提    U+63D0         提
U+63D2   插    U+63D2         插    U+63D2         插    U+63F7             揷
U+63D3   揓    U+63D3         揓    U+63D3         揓
U+63D4   揔    U+63D4         揔    U+63D4         揔    U+60E3             惣      (HK:U+60E3)
U+63D5   揕    U+63D5         揕    U+63D5         揕
U+63D6   揖    U+63D6         揖    U+63D6         揖
U+63D7   揗    U+63D7         揗    U+63D7         揗
U+63D8   揘    U+63D8         揘    U+63D8         揘
U+63D9   揙    U+63D9         揙    U+63D9         揙
U+63DA   揚    U+626C         扬    U+63DA         揚    U+98BA;U+98CF; 颺;飏; (HK:U+656D)
                                                      U+656D         敭
U+63DB   換    U+6362         换    U+63DB         換
U+63DC   揜    U+63DC         揜    U+63DC         揜
U+63DD   揝    U+63DD         揝    U+63DD         揝
U+63DE   揞    U+63DE         揞    U+63DE         揞
U+63DF   揟    U+63DF         揟    U+63DF         揟
U+63E0   揠    U+63E0         揠    U+63E0         揠
U+63E1   握    U+63E1         握    U+63E1         握
U+63E2   揢    U+63E2         揢    U+63E2         揢
U+63E3   揣    U+63E3         揣    U+63E3         揣
U+63E4   揤    U+63E4         揤    U+63E4         揤
U+63E5   揥    U+63E5         揥    U+63E5         揥
U+63E6   揦    U+63E6         揦    U+63E6         揦
U+63E7   揧    U+63E7         揧    U+63E7         揧
U+63E8   揨    U+63E8         揨    U+63E8         揨
U+63E9   揩    U+63E9         揩    U+63E9         揩
U+63EA   揪    U+63EA         揪    U+63EA         揪    U+63EB             揫
U+63EB   揫    U+63EA         揪    U+63EB         揫
U+63EC   揬    U+63EC         揬    U+63EC         揬
U+63ED   揭    U+63ED         揭    U+63ED         揭    U+63B2             掲
U+63EE   揮    U+6325         挥    U+63EE         揮
U+63EF   揯    U+6404         搄    U+63EF         揯
U+63F0   揰    U+63F0         揰    U+63F0         揰
U+63F1   揱    U+63F1         揱    U+63F1         揱
U+63F2   揲    U+63F2         揲    U+63F2         揲
U+63F3   揳    U+63F3         揳    U+63F3         揳
U+63F4   援    U+63F4         援    U+63F4         援    U+610B             愋
U+63F5   揵    U+63F5         揵    U+63F5         揵
U+63F6   揶    U+63F6         揶    U+63F6         揶
U+63F7   揷    U+63D2         插    U+63D2         插
U+63F8   揸    U+63F8         揸    U+63F8         揸
U+63F9   揹    U+80CC         背    U+63F9         揹    U+80CC;U+505D 背;偝

U+63FA   揺    U+6447         摇    U+6416         搖
U+63FB   揻    U+63FB         揻    U+63FB         揻
                                                                              Annex A: Page 111 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+63FC   揼    U+63FC         揼    U+63FC         揼
U+63FD   揽    U+63FD         揽    U+652C         攬    U+39DB;U+64E5      㧛;擥 (HK:U+39DB;U+64E
U+63FE   揾    U+63FE         揾    U+6435         搵
U+63FF   揿    U+63FF         揿    U+64B3         撳    U+6407             搇      (HK:U+6407)
U+6400   搀    U+6400         搀    U+6519         攙
U+6401   搁    U+6401         搁    U+64F1         擱
U+6402   搂    U+6402         搂    U+645F         摟
U+6403   搃    U+603B         总    U+7E3D         總    U+6374;U+6460;U 捴;摠;
                                                      +7DCF;U+7E02    総;縂

U+6404   搄    U+6404         搄    U+63EF         揯
U+6405   搅    U+6405         搅    U+652A         攪    U+6341;U+64B9      捁;撹
U+6406   搆    U+6784         构    U+6406         搆    U+6784;U+69CB;     构;構;
                                                      U+5193             冓
U+6407   搇    U+6407         搇    U+6407         搇    U+63FF;U+64B3      揿;撳 (HK:CV)
U+6408   搈    U+6408         搈    U+6408         搈
U+6409   搉    U+69B7         榷    U+6409         搉
U+640A   搊    U+640A         搊    U+640A         搊
U+640B   搋    U+640B         搋    U+640B         搋    U+6260             扠
U+640C   搌    U+640C         搌    U+640C         搌
U+640D   損    U+635F         损    U+640D         損
U+640E   搎    U+640E         搎    U+640E         搎
U+640F   搏    U+640F         搏    U+640F         搏
U+6410   搐    U+6410         搐    U+6410         搐
U+6411   搑    U+6411         搑    U+6411         搑
U+6412   搒    U+6412         搒    U+6412         搒
U+6413   搓    U+6413         搓    U+6413         搓
U+6414   搔    U+6414         搔    U+6414         搔
U+6415   搕    U+6415         搕    U+6415         搕
U+6416   搖    U+6447         摇    U+6416         搖    U+63FA;U+6447      揺;摇
U+6417   搗    U+6363         捣    U+6417         搗    U+64E3             擣
U+6418   搘    U+652F         支    U+6418         搘
U+6419   搙    U+6419         搙    U+6419         搙
U+641A   搚    U+641A         搚    U+641A         搚
U+641B   搛    U+641B         搛    U+641B         搛
U+641C   搜    U+641C         搜    U+641C         搜    U+635C;U+9A2A      捜;騪

U+641D   搝    U+641D         搝    U+641D         搝
U+641E   搞    U+641E         搞    U+641E         搞
U+641F   搟    U+641F         搟    U+641F         搟
U+6420   搠    U+6420         搠    U+6420         搠
U+6421   搡    U+6421         搡    U+6421         搡
U+6422   搢    U+6422         搢    U+6422         搢
U+6423   搣    U+6423         搣    U+6423         搣
U+6424   搤    U+627C         扼    U+6424         搤    U+6439             搹
U+6425   搥    U+6425         搥    U+6425         搥    U+6376             捶
U+6426   搦    U+6426         搦    U+6426         搦
U+6427   搧    U+6247         扇    U+6427         搧
U+6428   搨    U+6428         搨    U+6428         搨    U+642D;U+6498      搭;撘
U+6429   搩    U+6429         搩    U+6429         搩
                                                                              Annex A: Page 112 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+642A   搪    U+642A         搪    U+642A         搪
U+642B   搫    U+642B         搫    U+642B         搫
U+642C   搬    U+642C         搬    U+642C         搬
U+642D   搭    U+642D         搭    U+642D         搭    U+6428;U+6498      搨;撘
U+642E   搮    U+642E         搮    U+642E         搮
U+642F   搯    U+642F         搯    U+642F         搯    U+638F             掏
U+6430   搰    U+6430         搰    U+6430         搰
U+6431   搱    U+6431         搱    U+6431         搱
U+6432   搲    U+6432         搲    U+6432         搲
U+6433   搳    U+6433         搳    U+6433         搳
U+6434   搴    U+6434         搴    U+6434         搴
U+6435   搵    U+63FE         揾    U+6435         搵
U+6436   搶    U+62A2         抢    U+6436         搶
U+6437   搷    U+6437         搷    U+6437         搷
U+6438   搸    U+6438         搸    U+6438         搸
U+6439   搹    U+627C         扼    U+6439         搹    U+6424             搤
U+643A   携    U+643A         携    U+651C         攜
U+643D   搽    U+643D         搽    U+643D         搽
U+643E   搾    U+69A8         榨    U+643E         搾    U+69A8;U+91A1      榨;醡
U+643F   搿    U+643F         搿    U+643F         搿
U+6440   摀    U+6342         捂    U+6440         摀
U+6441   摁    U+6441         摁    U+6441         摁
U+6443   摃    U+625B         扛    U+6443         摃
U+6444   摄    U+6444         摄    U+651D         攝    U+6315             挕
U+6445   摅    U+6445         摅    U+6504         攄    U+6348             捈
U+6446   摆    U+6446         摆    U+64FA         擺    U+896C             襬
U+6447   摇    U+6447         摇    U+6416         搖    U+63FA             揺
U+6448   摈    U+6448         摈    U+64EF         擯
U+644A   摊    U+644A         摊    U+6524         攤
U+644B   摋    U+644B         摋    U+644B         摋
U+644C   摌    U+644C         摌    U+644C         摌
U+644D   摍    U+7F29         缩    U+644D         摍    U+7F29;U+7E2E      缩;縮
U+644E   摎    U+644E         摎    U+644E         摎
U+644F   摏    U+644F         摏    U+644F         摏
U+6450   摐    U+6450         摐    U+6450         摐
U+6451   摑    U+63B4         掴    U+6451         摑
U+6452   摒    U+6452         摒    U+6452         摒
U+6453   摓    U+6453         摓    U+6453         摓
U+6454   摔    U+6454         摔    U+6454         摔
U+6455   摕    U+6455         摕    U+6455         摕
U+6456   摖    U+6456         摖    U+6456         摖
U+6457   摗    U+6457         摗    U+6457         摗
U+6458   摘    U+6458         摘    U+6458         摘
U+6459   摙    U+6459         摙    U+6459         摙
U+645B   摛    U+645B         摛    U+645B         摛
U+645C   摜    U+63BC         掼    U+645C         摜
U+645D   摝    U+645D         摝    U+645D         摝
U+645E   摞    U+645E         摞    U+645E         摞
U+645F   摟    U+6402         搂    U+645F         摟

                                                                              Annex A: Page 113 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC          Preferred TC
         ZH                   SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant               Variant
U+6460   摠    U+603B          总     U+6460         摠    U+6374;U+6403;U 捴;搃;
                                                        +7DCF;U+7E02;U 総;縂;
                                                        +7E3D           總
U+6461   摡    U+6461          摡     U+6461         摡
U+6462   摢    U+6462          摢     U+6462         摢
U+6463   摣    U+6463          摣     U+6463         摣
U+6464   摤    U+6464          摤     U+6464         摤
U+6465   摥    U+6465          摥     U+6465         摥
U+6466   摦    U+6466          摦     U+6466         摦
U+6467   摧    U+6467          摧     U+6467         摧
U+6468   摨    U+6468          摨     U+6468         摨
U+6469   摩    U+6469          摩     U+6469         摩
U+646A   摪    U+646A          摪     U+646A         摪
U+646B   摫    U+646B          摫     U+646B         摫
U+646C   摬    U+646C          摬     U+646C         摬
U+646D   摭    U+646D          摭     U+646D         摭    U+62D3             拓
U+646E   摮    U+646E          摮     U+646E         摮
U+646F   摯    U+631A          挚     U+646F         摯
U+6470   摰    U+6470          摰     U+6470         摰
U+6471   摱    U+6471          摱     U+6471         摱
U+6472   摲    U+6472          摲     U+6472         摲
U+6473   摳    U+62A0          抠     U+6473         摳
U+6474   摴    U+6474          摴     U+6474         摴
U+6475   摵    U+6475          摵     U+6475         摵
U+6476   摶    U+629F          抟     U+6476         摶
U+6477   摷    U+6477          摷     U+6477         摷
U+6478   摸    U+6478          摸     U+6478         摸
U+6479   摹    U+6479          摹     U+6479         摹
U+647A   摺    U+647A;U+6298   摺;折   U+647A         摺    U+6298             折
U+647B   摻    U+63BA          掺     U+647B         摻
U+647C   摼    U+647C          摼     U+647C         摼    U+6333             挳
U+647D   摽    U+647D          摽     U+647D         摽
U+647F   摿    U+647F          摿     U+647F         摿
U+6480   撀    U+6480          撀     U+6480         撀
U+6481   撁    U+6481          撁     U+6481         撁
U+6482   撂    U+6482          撂     U+6482         撂
U+6483   撃    U+51FB          击     U+64CA         擊
U+6484   撄    U+6484          撄     U+6516         攖
U+6485   撅    U+6485          撅     U+6485         撅    U+6398             掘
U+6487   撇    U+6487          撇     U+6487         撇
U+6488   撈    U+635E          捞     U+6488         撈
U+6489   撉    U+6489          撉     U+6489         撉
U+648A   撊    U+648A          撊     U+648A         撊
U+648B   撋    U+648B          撋     U+648B         撋
U+648C   撌    U+648C          撌     U+648C         撌
U+648D   撍    U+648D          撍     U+648D         撍
U+648E   撎    U+648E          撎     U+648E         撎
U+648F   撏    U+6326          挦     U+648F         撏
U+6490   撐    U+6491          撑     U+6490         撐    U+6491;U+725A      撑;牚
U+6491   撑    U+6491          撑     U+6490         撐    U+725A             牚
U+6492   撒    U+6492          撒     U+6492         撒
                                                                                Annex A: Page 114 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6493   撓    U+6320         挠    U+6493          撓
U+6494   撔    U+6494         撔    U+6494          撔
U+6495   撕    U+6495         撕    U+6495          撕
U+6496   撖    U+6496         撖    U+6496          撖
U+6497   撗    U+6497         撗    U+6497          撗
U+6498   撘    U+642D         搭    U+6498          撘     U+6428             搨
U+6499   撙    U+6499         撙    U+6499          撙
U+649A   撚    U+649A         撚    U+649A          撚     U+637B             捻
U+649B   撛    U+649B         撛    U+649B          撛
U+649C   撜    U+649C         撜    U+649C          撜
U+649D   撝    U+649D         撝    U+649D          撝
U+649E   撞    U+649E         撞    U+649E          撞
U+649F   撟    U+6322         挢    U+649F          撟     U+8B51             譑
U+64A0   撠    U+64A0         撠    U+64A0          撠
U+64A2   撢    U+64A2         撢    U+64A2          撢
U+64A3   撣    U+63B8         掸    U+64A3          撣
U+64A4   撤    U+64A4         撤    U+64A4          撤
U+64A5   撥    U+62E8         拨    U+64A5          撥
U+64A6   撦    U+626F         扯    U+64A6          撦
U+64A7   撧    U+64A7         撧    U+64A7          撧
U+64A8   撨    U+64A8         撨    U+64A8          撨
U+64A9   撩    U+64A9         撩    U+64A9          撩
U+64AA   撪    U+64AA         撪    U+64AA          撪
U+64AB   撫    U+629A         抚    U+64AB          撫     U+62CA             拊
U+64AC   撬    U+64AC         撬    U+64AC          撬
U+64AD   播    U+64AD         播    U+64AD          播
U+64AE   撮    U+64AE         撮    U+64AE          撮
U+64B0   撰    U+64B0         撰    U+64B0;U+8B54   撰;譔
U+64B1   撱    U+692D         椭    U+64B1          撱     U+692D;U+6955;U    椭;楕;
                                                        +6A62              橢
U+64B2   撲    U+6251         扑    U+64B2          撲     U+6534             攴
U+64B3   撳    U+63FF         揿    U+64B3          撳     U+6407             搇    (HK:U+6407)
U+64B4   撴    U+64B4         撴    U+64B4          撴
U+64B5   撵    U+64B5         撵    U+6506          攆
U+64B7   撷    U+64B7         撷    U+64F7          擷
U+64B8   撸    U+64B8         撸    U+64FC          擼
U+64B9   撹    U+6405         搅    U+652A          攪     U+6341             捁
U+64BA   撺    U+64BA         撺    U+651B          攛
U+64BB   撻    U+631E         挞    U+64BB          撻
U+64BC   撼    U+64BC         撼    U+64BC          撼
U+64BD   撽    U+64BD         撽    U+64BD          撽
U+64BE   撾    U+631D         挝    U+64BE          撾
U+64BF   撿    U+6361         捡    U+64BF          撿
U+64C0   擀    U+64C0         擀    U+634D          捍     U+625E             扞
U+64C1   擁    U+62E5         拥    U+64C1          擁
U+64C2   擂    U+64C2         擂    U+64C2          擂
U+64C3   擃    U+64C3         擃    U+64C3          擃
U+64C4   擄    U+63B3         掳    U+64C4          擄
U+64C5   擅    U+64C5         擅    U+64C5          擅
U+64C6   擆    U+64C6         擆    U+64C6          擆
U+64C7   擇    U+62E9         择    U+64C7          擇     U+629E             択
                                                                                Annex A: Page 115 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+64C9   擉    U+64C9         擉    U+64C9         擉
U+64CA   擊    U+51FB         击    U+64CA         擊    U+6483             撃
U+64CB   擋    U+6321         挡    U+64CB         擋
U+64CC   擌    U+64CC         擌    U+64CC         擌
U+64CD   操    U+64CD         操    U+64CD         操
U+64CE   擎    U+64CE         擎    U+64CE         擎
U+64CF   擏    U+64CF         擏    U+64CF         擏
U+64D0   擐    U+64D0         擐    U+64D0         擐
U+64D1   擑    U+64D1         擑    U+64D1         擑
U+64D2   擒    U+64D2         擒    U+64D2         擒
U+64D3   擓    U+39DF         㧟    U+64D3         擓
U+64D4   擔    U+62C5         担    U+64D4         擔
U+64D6   擖    U+64D6         擖    U+64D6         擖
U+64D7   擗    U+64D7         擗    U+64D7         擗
U+64D8   擘    U+64D8         擘    U+64D8         擘
U+64D9   擙    U+64D9         擙    U+64D9         擙
U+64DA   據    U+636E         据    U+64DA         據    U+62E0             拠
U+64DB   擛    U+64DB         擛    U+64DB         擛
U+64DC   擜    U+64DC         擜    U+64DC         擜
U+64DD   擝    U+64DD         擝    U+64DD         擝
U+64DE   擞    U+64DE         擞    U+64FB         擻
U+64DF   擟    U+64DF         擟    U+64DF         擟
U+64E0   擠    U+6324         挤    U+64E0         擠
U+64E1   擡    U+64E1         擡    U+64E1         擡    U+62AC             抬      (HK:CV)
U+64E2   擢    U+64E2         擢    U+64E2         擢
U+64E3   擣    U+64E3         擣    U+64E3         擣    U+6363;U+6417      捣;搗
U+64E4   擤    U+64E4         擤    U+64E4         擤    U+3A18             㨘   (HK:U+3A18)
U+64E5   擥    U+39DB         㧛    U+64E5         擥    U+63FD;U+652C      揽;攬 (HK:CV)

U+64E6   擦    U+64E6         擦    U+64E6         擦
U+64E7   擧    U+4E3E         举    U+8209         舉    U+6319             挙
U+64E8   擨    U+64E8         擨    U+64E8         擨
U+64E9   擩    U+64E9         擩    U+64E9         擩
U+64EA   擪    U+64EA         擪    U+64EA         擪    U+64EB             擫
U+64EB   擫    U+64EA         擪    U+64EB         擫
U+64EC   擬    U+62DF         拟    U+64EC         擬    U+5117             儗
U+64ED   擭    U+64ED         擭    U+64ED         擭
U+64EF   擯    U+6448         摈    U+64EF         擯
U+64F0   擰    U+62E7         拧    U+64F0         擰
U+64F1   擱    U+6401         搁    U+64F1         擱
U+64F2   擲    U+63B7         掷    U+64F2         擲
U+64F3   擳    U+64F3         擳    U+64F3         擳
U+64F4   擴    U+6269         扩    U+64F4         擴    U+62E1             拡
U+64F6   擶    U+64F6         擶    U+64F6         擶
U+64F7   擷    U+64B7         撷    U+64F7         擷
U+64F8   擸    U+64F8         擸    U+64F8         擸
U+64FA   擺    U+6446         摆    U+64FA         擺    U+896C             襬
U+64FB   擻    U+64DE         擞    U+64FB         擻
U+64FC   擼    U+64B8         撸    U+64FC         擼
U+64FD   擽    U+64FD         擽    U+64FD         擽
U+64FE   擾    U+6270         扰    U+64FE         擾
                                                                              Annex A: Page 116 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+64FF   擿    U+64FF         擿    U+64FF         擿
U+6500   攀    U+6500         攀    U+6500         攀
U+6501   攁    U+6501         攁    U+6501         攁
U+6503   攃    U+6503         攃    U+6503         攃
U+6504   攄    U+6445         摅    U+6504         攄    U+6348             捈
U+6505   攅    U+6512         攒    U+6522         攢
U+6506   攆    U+64B5         撵    U+6506         攆
U+6507   攇    U+6507         攇    U+6507         攇
U+6508   攈    U+6508         攈    U+6508         攈
U+6509   攉    U+6509         攉    U+6509         攉
U+650B   攋    U+650B         攋    U+650B         攋
U+650C   攌    U+650C         攌    U+650C         攌
U+650D   攍    U+650D         攍    U+650D         攍
U+650E   攎    U+650E         攎    U+650E         攎
U+650F   攏    U+62E2         拢    U+650F         攏
U+6510   攐    U+6510         攐    U+6510         攐
U+6511   攑    U+6511         攑    U+6511         攑
U+6512   攒    U+6512         攒    U+6522         攢    U+6505             攅
U+6513   攓    U+6513         攓    U+6513         攓
U+6514   攔    U+62E6         拦    U+6514         攔
U+6515   攕    U+6515         攕    U+6515         攕
U+6516   攖    U+6484         撄    U+6516         攖
U+6517   攗    U+6517         攗    U+6517         攗
U+6518   攘    U+6518         攘    U+6518         攘
U+6519   攙    U+6400         搀    U+6519         攙
U+651A   攚    U+651A         攚    U+651A         攚
U+651B   攛    U+64BA         撺    U+651B         攛
U+651C   攜    U+643A         携    U+651C         攜
U+651D   攝    U+6444         摄    U+651D         攝    U+6315             挕
U+651E   攞    U+651E         攞    U+651E         攞
U+6520   攠    U+6520         攠    U+6520         攠
U+6521   攡    U+6521         攡    U+6521         攡
U+6522   攢    U+6512         攒    U+6522         攢    U+6505             攅
U+6523   攣    U+631B         挛    U+6523         攣
U+6524   攤    U+644A         摊    U+6524         攤
U+6525   攥    U+6525         攥    U+6525         攥
U+6526   攦    U+6526         攦    U+6526         攦
U+6527   攧    U+6527         攧    U+6527         攧
U+6529   攩    U+6529         攩    U+6529         攩
U+652A   攪    U+6405         搅    U+652A         攪    U+64B9;U+6341      撹;捁
U+652B   攫    U+652B         攫    U+652B         攫
U+652C   攬    U+63FD         揽    U+652C         攬    U+39DB;U+64E5      㧛;擥 (HK:U+39DB;U+64E
U+652D   攭    U+652D         攭    U+652D         攭
U+652E   攮    U+652E         攮    U+652E         攮
U+652F   支    U+652F         支    U+652F         支    U+6418             搘
U+6530   攰    U+6530         攰    U+6530         攰
U+6531   攱    U+6531         攱    U+6531         攱
U+6532   攲    U+6532         攲    U+6532         攲
U+6533   攳    U+6533         攳    U+6533         攳
U+6534   攴    U+6534         攴    U+6534         攴    U+6251;U+64B2      扑;撲
                                                                              Annex A: Page 117 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6535   攵    U+6535         攵    U+6535          攵
U+6536   收    U+6536         收    U+6536          收     U+53CE             収
U+6537   攷    U+8003         考    U+6537          攷
U+6538   攸    U+6538         攸    U+6538          攸     U+900C             逌
U+6539   改    U+6539         改    U+6539          改
U+653A   攺    U+653A         攺    U+653A          攺
U+653B   攻    U+653B         攻    U+653B          攻
U+653C   攼    U+653C         攼    U+653C          攼
U+653D   攽    U+653D         攽    U+653D          攽
U+653E   放    U+653E         放    U+653E          放
U+653F   政    U+653F         政    U+653F          政
U+6541   敁    U+6541         敁    U+6541          敁
U+6543   敃    U+6543         敃    U+6543          敃
U+6544   敄    U+6544         敄    U+6544          敄
U+6545   故    U+6545         故    U+6545          故
U+6546   敆    U+5408         合    U+6546          敆     U+95A4             閤
U+6547   敇    U+6547         敇    U+6547          敇
U+6548   效    U+6548         效    U+6548;U+509A   效;傚   U+4FF2;U+509A; 俲;傚;
                                                        U+52B9         効
U+6549   敉    U+6549         敉    U+6549          敉
U+654A   敊    U+654A         敊    U+654A          敊
U+654B   敋    U+654B         敋    U+654B          敋
U+654C   敌    U+654C         敌    U+6575          敵
U+654D   敍    U+53D9         叙    U+6558          敘
U+654E   敎    U+6559         教    U+6559          教
U+654F   敏    U+654F         敏    U+654F          敏
U+6550   敐    U+6550         敐    U+6550          敐
U+6551   救    U+6551         救    U+6551          救
U+6552   敒    U+6552         敒    U+6552          敒
U+6553   敓    U+593A         夺    U+6553          敓     U+596A             奪
U+6554   敔    U+6554         敔    U+6554          敔
U+6555   敕    U+6555         敕    U+6555          敕     U+52C5             勅      (HK:U+52C5)
U+6556   敖    U+6556         敖    U+6556          敖     U+969E             隞
U+6557   敗    U+8D25         败    U+6557          敗
U+6558   敘    U+53D9         叙    U+6558          敘     U+654D             敍
U+6559   教    U+6559         教    U+6559          教     U+654E             敎
U+655B   敛    U+655B         敛    U+6582          斂     U+6B5B             歛
U+655C   敜    U+655C         敜    U+655C          敜
U+655D   敝    U+655D         敝    U+655D          敝
U+655E   敞    U+655E         敞    U+655E          敞
U+6560   敠    U+6560         敠    U+656A          敪
U+6561   敡    U+6561         敡    U+6561          敡
U+6562   敢    U+6562         敢    U+6562          敢
U+6563   散    U+6563         散    U+6563          散
U+6564   敤    U+6564         敤    U+6564          敤
U+6565   敥    U+6565         敥    U+6565          敥
U+6566   敦    U+6566         敦    U+6566          敦
U+6567   敧    U+6567         敧    U+6567          敧
U+6568   敨    U+6568         敨    U+6568          敨
U+6569   敩    U+6569         敩    U+6585          斅     U+6586             斆
U+656A   敪    U+6560         敠    U+656A          敪
                                                                                Annex A: Page 118 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+656B   敫    U+656B         敫    U+656B          敫
U+656C   敬    U+656C         敬    U+656C          敬
U+656D   敭    U+656D         敭    U+656D          敭     U+626C;U+63DA; 扬;揚; (HK:CV)
                                                        U+98BA;U+98CF 颺;飏

U+656E   敮    U+656E         敮    U+656E          敮
U+656F   敯    U+610D         愍    U+656F          敯
U+6570   数    U+6570         数    U+6578          數
U+6571   敱    U+6571         敱    U+6571          敱
U+6572   敲    U+6572         敲    U+6572          敲     U+6BC3             毃
U+6573   敳    U+6573         敳    U+6573          敳
U+6574   整    U+6574         整    U+6574          整
U+6575   敵    U+654C         敌    U+6575          敵
U+6576   敶    U+9648         陈    U+6576          敶     U+9648;U+9673      陈;陳
U+6577   敷    U+6577         敷    U+6577          敷     U+5C03             尃
U+6578   數    U+6570         数    U+6578          數
U+6579   敹    U+6579         敹    U+6579          敹
U+657A   敺    U+9A71         驱    U+657A          敺     U+9A71;U+99C6; 驱;駆;
                                                        U+99C8;U+9A45 駈;驅

U+657B   敻    U+5910         夐    U+657B          敻
U+657C   敼    U+657C         敼    U+657C          敼
U+657E   敾    U+657E         敾    U+657E          敾
U+657F   敿    U+657F         敿    U+657F          敿
U+6580   斀    U+6580         斀    U+6580          斀
U+6581   斁    U+6581         斁    U+6581          斁
U+6582   斂    U+655B         敛    U+6582          斂     U+6B5B             歛
U+6583   斃    U+6BD9         毙    U+6583          斃
U+6584   斄    U+6584         斄    U+6584          斄
U+6585   斅    U+6569         敩    U+6585          斅     U+6586             斆
U+6586   斆    U+6569         敩    U+6585          斅
U+6587   文    U+6587         文    U+6587          文
U+6588   斈    U+5B66         学    U+5B78          學
U+6589   斉    U+9F50         齐    U+9F4A          齊     U+9F50;U+4E9D      齐;亝

U+658B   斋    U+658B         斋    U+9F4B          齋     U+658E             斎
U+658C   斌    U+658C         斌    U+658C          斌
U+658D   斍    U+89C9         觉    U+89BA          覺     U+89C9;U+899A      觉;覚
U+658E   斎    U+658B         斋    U+9F4B          齋
U+658F   斏    U+658F         斏    U+658F          斏
U+6590   斐    U+6590         斐    U+6590          斐
U+6591   斑    U+6591         斑    U+6591          斑
U+6592   斒    U+6592         斒    U+6592          斒
U+6593   斓    U+6593         斓    U+6595          斕
U+6594   斔    U+5EBE         庾    U+6594          斔     U+659E             斞
U+6595   斕    U+6593         斓    U+6595          斕
U+6596   斖    U+4EB9         亹    U+6596          斖
U+6597   斗    U+6597         斗    U+6597;U+9B25   斗;鬥   U+95D8;U+9B26; 闘;鬦;
                                                        U+9B2A;U+9B2C; 鬪;鬬;
                                                        U+9B2D         鬭
U+6598   斘    U+6598         斘    U+6598          斘
                                                                                Annex A: Page 119 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6599   料    U+6599         料    U+6599          料
U+659B   斛    U+659B         斛    U+659B          斛
U+659C   斜    U+659C         斜    U+659C          斜
U+659D   斝    U+659D         斝    U+659D          斝
U+659E   斞    U+5EBE         庾    U+659E          斞    U+6594             斔
U+659F   斟    U+659F         斟    U+659F          斟
U+65A0   斠    U+65A0         斠    U+65A0          斠
U+65A1   斡    U+65A1         斡    U+65A1          斡
U+65A2   斢    U+65A2         斢    U+65A2          斢
U+65A3   斣    U+65A3         斣    U+65A3          斣
U+65A4   斤    U+65A4         斤    U+65A4          斤    U+89D4;U+7B4B      觔;筋

U+65A5   斥    U+65A5         斥    U+65A5          斥
U+65A6   斦    U+65A6         斦    U+65A6          斦
U+65A7   斧    U+65A7         斧    U+65A7          斧
U+65A8   斨    U+65A8         斨    U+65A8          斨
U+65A9   斩    U+65A9         斩    U+65AC          斬
U+65AA   斪    U+65AA         斪    U+65AA          斪
U+65AB   斫    U+65AB         斫    U+65AB          斫
U+65AC   斬    U+65A9         斩    U+65AC          斬
U+65AD   断    U+65AD         断    U+65B7          斷
U+65AE   斮    U+65AE         斮    U+65AE          斮
U+65AF   斯    U+65AF         斯    U+65AF          斯
U+65B0   新    U+65B0         新    U+65B0          新
U+65B1   斱    U+65B1         斱    U+65B1          斱
U+65B2   斲    U+65B2         斲    U+65B2          斲
U+65B3   斳    U+65B3         斳    U+65B3          斳
U+65B4   斴    U+65B4         斴    U+65B4          斴
U+65B6   斶    U+65B6         斶    U+65B6          斶
U+65B7   斷    U+65AD         断    U+65B7          斷
U+65B8   斸    U+65B8         斸    U+65B8          斸
U+65B9   方    U+65B9         方    U+65B9          方
U+65BA   斺    U+65BA         斺    U+65BA          斺
U+65BB   斻    U+65BB         斻    U+65BB          斻
U+65BC   於    U+65BC         於    U+65BC          於   U+4E8E;U+6275       于;扵
U+65BD   施    U+65BD         施    U+65BD          施
U+65BF   斿    U+65BF         斿    U+65BF          斿
U+65C0   旀    U+65C0         旀    U+65C0          旀
U+65C1   旁    U+65C1         旁    U+65C1          旁
U+65C2   旂    U+65D7         旗    U+65C2          旂
U+65C3   旃    U+65C3         旃    U+65C3          旃
U+65C4   旄    U+65C4         旄    U+65C4          旄
U+65C5   旅    U+65C5         旅    U+65C5          旅   U+7963              祣
U+65C6   旆    U+65C6         旆    U+65C6          旆
U+65C7   旇    U+65C7         旇    U+65C7          旇
U+65CA   旊    U+65CA         旊    U+65CA          旊
U+65CB   旋    U+65CB         旋    U+65CB;U+93C7   旋;鏇 U+955F              镟

U+65CC   旌    U+65CC         旌    U+65CC          旌    U+65CD             旍
U+65CD   旍    U+65CC         旌    U+65CD          旍
U+65CE   旎    U+65CE         旎    U+65CE          旎
                                                                               Annex A: Page 120 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+65CF   族    U+65CF         族    U+65CF          族
U+65D0   旐    U+65D0         旐    U+65D0          旐
U+65D2   旒    U+65D2         旒    U+65D2          旒
U+65D3   旓    U+65D3         旓    U+65D3          旓
U+65D4   旔    U+65D4         旔    U+65D4          旔
U+65D5   旕    U+65D5         旕    U+65D5          旕
U+65D6   旖    U+65D6         旖    U+65D6          旖
U+65D7   旗    U+65D7         旗    U+65D7          旗     U+65C2         旂
U+65DA   旚    U+98D8         飘    U+65DA          旚     U+98D8;U+98C3; 飘;飃;
                                                        U+98C4         飄
U+65DB   旛    U+65DB         旛    U+65DB          旛
U+65DD   旝    U+65DD         旝    U+65DD          旝
U+65DE   旞    U+65DE         旞    U+65DE          旞
U+65DF   旟    U+65DF         旟    U+65DF          旟
U+65E0   无    U+65E0         无    U+7121          無
U+65E1   旡    U+65E1         旡    U+65E1          旡
U+65E2   既    U+65E2         既    U+65E2          既     U+65E3             旣
U+65E3   旣    U+65E2         既    U+65E2          既
U+65E5   日    U+65E5         日    U+65E5          日
U+65E6   旦    U+65E6         旦    U+65E6          旦
U+65E7   旧    U+65E7         旧    U+820A          舊
U+65E8   旨    U+65E8         旨    U+65E8          旨     U+6049             恉
U+65E9   早    U+65E9         早    U+65E9          早
U+65EB   旫    U+65EB         旫    U+65EB          旫
U+65EC   旬    U+65EC         旬    U+65EC          旬
U+65ED   旭    U+65ED         旭    U+65ED          旭     U+65EE             旮
U+65EE   旮    U+65EE         旮    U+65EE          旮     U+65ED             旭
U+65EF   旯    U+65EF         旯    U+65EF          旯
U+65F0   旰    U+65F0         旰    U+65F0          旰
U+65F1   旱    U+65F1         旱    U+65F1          旱
U+65F2   旲    U+65F2         旲    U+65F2          旲
U+65F3   旳    U+65F3         旳    U+65F3          旳
U+65F4   旴    U+65F4         旴    U+65F4          旴
U+65F5   旵    U+65F5         旵    U+65F5          旵
U+65F6   时    U+65F6         时    U+6642          時
U+65F7   旷    U+65F7         旷    U+66E0          曠
U+65F8   旸    U+65F8         旸    U+6698          暘
U+65FA   旺    U+65FA         旺    U+65FA          旺
U+65FB   旻    U+65FB         旻    U+65FB          旻
U+65FC   旼    U+65FC         旼    U+65FC          旼
U+65FD   旽    U+65FD         旽    U+65FD          旽
U+65FF   旿    U+65FF         旿    U+65FF          旿                               (HK)
U+6600   昀    U+6600         昀    U+6600          昀
U+6601   昁    U+6601         昁    U+6601          昁
U+6602   昂    U+6602         昂    U+6602          昂
U+6603   昃    U+6603         昃    U+6603          昃
U+6604   昄    U+53CD         反    U+6604          昄
U+6605   昅    U+6605         昅    U+6605          昅
U+6606   昆    U+6606         昆    U+6606;U+5D11   昆;崑   U+5D10;U+5D11; 崐;崑;
                                                        U+665C         晜
U+6607   昇    U+5347         升    U+6607          昇     U+965E         陞
                                                                                Annex A: Page 121 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6608   昈    U+6608         昈    U+6608         昈
U+6609   昉    U+6609         昉    U+6609         昉
U+660A   昊    U+660A         昊    U+660A         昊    U+6626             昦
U+660B   昋    U+660B         昋    U+660B         昋
U+660C   昌    U+660C         昌    U+660C         昌
U+660D   昍    U+660D         昍    U+660D         昍
U+660E   明    U+660E         明    U+660E         明
U+660F   昏    U+660F         昏    U+660F         昏
U+6610   昐    U+6610         昐    U+6610         昐
U+6611   昑    U+6611         昑    U+6611         昑
U+6612   昒    U+6612         昒    U+6612         昒
U+6613   易    U+6613         易    U+6613         易
U+6614   昔    U+6614         昔    U+6614         昔
U+6615   昕    U+6615         昕    U+6615         昕
U+6616   昖    U+6616         昖    U+6616         昖
U+6618   昘    U+6618         昘    U+6618         昘
U+6619   昙    U+6619         昙    U+66C7         曇
U+661A   昚    U+614E         慎    U+614E         慎    U+613C;U+7718      愼;眘
U+661B   昛    U+661B         昛    U+661B         昛
U+661C   昜    U+9633         阳    U+661C         昜    U+967D;U+9633      陽;阳
U+661D   昝    U+661D         昝    U+661D         昝
U+661E   昞    U+661E         昞    U+661E         昞    U+663A;U+70B3      昺;炳 (HK:CV)
U+661F   星    U+661F         星    U+661F         星
U+6620   映    U+6620         映    U+6620         映    U+668E             暎
U+6621   昡    U+6621         昡    U+6621         昡
U+6622   昢    U+6622         昢    U+6622         昢
U+6623   昣    U+6623         昣    U+6623         昣
U+6624   昤    U+6624         昤    U+6624         昤
U+6625   春    U+6625         春    U+6625         春    U+8405             萅
U+6626   昦    U+660A         昊    U+6626         昦
U+6627   昧    U+6627         昧    U+6627         昧
U+6628   昨    U+6628         昨    U+6628         昨
U+6629   昩    U+6629         昩    U+6629         昩
U+662A   昪    U+662A         昪    U+662A         昪
U+662B   昫    U+662B         昫    U+662B         昫
U+662D   昭    U+662D         昭    U+662D         昭
U+662E   昮    U+662E         昮    U+662E         昮
U+662F   是    U+662F         是    U+662F         是    U+6630             昰
U+6630   昰    U+662F         是    U+662F         是
U+6631   昱    U+6631         昱    U+6631         昱
U+6632   昲    U+6632         昲    U+6632         昲    U+66CA             曊
U+6633   昳    U+6633         昳    U+6633         昳
U+6634   昴    U+6634         昴    U+6634         昴
U+6635   昵    U+6635         昵    U+6635         昵    U+66B1             暱
U+6636   昶    U+6636         昶    U+6636         昶
U+6639   昹    U+6639         昹    U+6639         昹
U+663A   昺    U+70B3         炳    U+663A         昺    U+70B3;U+661E      炳;昞 (HK:U+661E)
U+663C   昼    U+663C         昼    U+665D         晝
U+663D   昽    U+663D         昽    U+66E8         曨
U+663E   显    U+663E         显    U+986F         顯    U+9855             顕
U+6640   晀    U+6640         晀    U+6640         晀
                                                                              Annex A: Page 122 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6641   晁    U+6641         晁    U+6641         晁
U+6642   時    U+65F6         时    U+6642         時
U+6643   晃    U+6643         晃    U+6643         晃    U+6644             晄
U+6644   晄    U+6643         晃    U+6643         晃
U+6645   晅    U+6645         晅    U+6645         晅
U+6646   晆    U+6646         晆    U+6646         晆
U+6647   晇    U+6647         晇    U+6647         晇
U+6649   晉    U+664B         晋    U+6649         晉
U+664A   晊    U+664A         晊    U+664A         晊
U+664B   晋    U+664B         晋    U+6649         晉
U+664C   晌    U+664C         晌    U+664C         晌
U+664E   晎    U+664E         晎    U+664E         晎
U+664F   晏    U+664F         晏    U+664F         晏
U+6650   晐    U+6650         晐    U+6650         晐
U+6651   晑    U+6651         晑    U+6651         晑
U+6652   晒    U+6652         晒    U+66EC         曬
U+6653   晓    U+6653         晓    U+66C9         曉    U+6681             暁
U+6654   晔    U+6654         晔    U+66C4         曄    U+66C5             曅
U+6655   晕    U+6655         晕    U+6688         暈
U+6656   晖    U+6656         晖    U+6689         暉
U+6657   晗    U+6657         晗    U+6657         晗
U+6658   晘    U+6658         晘    U+6658         晘
U+6659   晙    U+6659         晙    U+6659         晙
U+665A   晚    U+665A         晚    U+665A         晚    U+6669             晩
U+665B   晛    U+665B         晛    U+665B         晛
U+665C   晜    U+6606         昆    U+665C         晜    U+5D10;U+5D11      崐;崑

U+665D   晝    U+663C         昼    U+665D         晝
U+665E   晞    U+665E         晞    U+665E         晞
U+665F   晟    U+665F         晟    U+665F         晟
U+6661   晡    U+6661         晡    U+6661         晡
U+6662   晢    U+6662         晢    U+6662         晢
U+6664   晤    U+6664         晤    U+6664         晤
U+6665   晥    U+7696         皖    U+6665         晥
U+6666   晦    U+6666         晦    U+6666         晦
U+6667   晧    U+6667         晧    U+6667         晧    U+66A0;U+7693;U 暠;皓; (HK:CV)
                                                      +769C           皜
U+6668   晨    U+6668         晨    U+6668         晨
U+6669   晩    U+665A         晚    U+665A         晚
U+666A   晪    U+666A         晪    U+666A         晪
U+666B   晫    U+666B         晫    U+666B         晫
U+666C   晬    U+666C         晬    U+666C         晬
U+666D   晭    U+666D         晭    U+666D         晭
U+666E   普    U+666E         普    U+666E         普
U+666F   景    U+666F         景    U+666F         景
U+6670   晰    U+6670         晰    U+6670         晰
U+6671   晱    U+6671         晱    U+6671         晱
U+6672   晲    U+6672         晲    U+6672         晲
U+6673   晳    U+6673         晳    U+6673         晳
U+6674   晴    U+6674         晴    U+6674         晴
U+6675   晵    U+6675         晵    U+6675         晵
                                                                              Annex A: Page 123 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6676   晶    U+6676         晶    U+6676          晶
U+6677   晷    U+6677         晷    U+6677          晷
U+6678   晸    U+6678         晸    U+6678          晸
U+6679   晹    U+6679         晹    U+6679          晹
U+667A   智    U+667A         智    U+667A          智
U+667B   晻    U+6697         暗    U+667B          晻     U+6697;U+95C7      暗;闇
U+667C   晼    U+667C         晼    U+667C          晼
U+667D   晽    U+667D         晽    U+667D          晽
U+667E   晾    U+667E         晾    U+667E          晾
U+667F   晿    U+667F         晿    U+667F          晿
U+6680   暀    U+6680         暀    U+6680          暀
U+6681   暁    U+6653         晓    U+66C9          曉
U+6682   暂    U+6682         暂    U+66AB          暫     U+8E54             蹔
U+6683   暃    U+6683         暃    U+6683          暃
U+6684   暄    U+6684         暄    U+6684          暄
U+6685   暅    U+6685         暅    U+6685          暅
U+6686   暆    U+6686         暆    U+6686          暆
U+6687   暇    U+6687         暇    U+6687          暇
U+6688   暈    U+6655         晕    U+6688          暈
U+6689   暉    U+6656         晖    U+6689          暉
U+668A   暊    U+668A         暊    U+668A          暊
U+668B   暋    U+668B         暋    U+668B          暋
U+668C   暌    U+668C         暌    U+668C          暌
U+668D   暍    U+668D         暍    U+668D          暍
U+668E   暎    U+6620         映    U+6620          映
U+668F   暏    U+668F         暏    U+668F          暏
U+6690   暐    U+6690         暐    U+6690          暐
U+6691   暑    U+6691         暑    U+6691          暑
U+6693   暓    U+6693         暓    U+6693          暓
U+6694   暔    U+6694         暔    U+6694          暔
U+6695   暕    U+6695         暕    U+6695          暕
U+6696   暖    U+6696         暖    U+6696;U+7156   暖;煖
U+6697   暗    U+6697         暗    U+6697          暗     U+667B;U+95C7      晻;闇
U+6698   暘    U+65F8         旸    U+6698          暘
U+6699   暙    U+6699         暙    U+6699          暙
U+669A   暚    U+669A         暚    U+669A          暚
U+669B   暛    U+669B         暛    U+669B          暛
U+669D   暝    U+669D         暝    U+669D          暝
U+669F   暟    U+669F         暟    U+669F          暟
U+66A0   暠    U+7693         皓    U+66A0          暠     U+7693;U+769C;U 皓;皜; (HK:U+6667)
                                                        +6667           晧
U+66A1   暡    U+66A1         暡    U+66A1          暡
U+66A2   暢    U+7545         畅    U+66A2          暢
U+66A3   暣    U+66A3         暣    U+66A3          暣
U+66A4   暤    U+66A4         暤    U+66A4          暤
U+66A5   暥    U+66A5         暥    U+66A5          暥
U+66A6   暦    U+5386         历    U+66C6          曆     U+53A4;U+6B74; 厤;歴;
                                                        U+6B77         歷
U+66A7   暧    U+66A7         暧    U+66D6          曖
U+66A8   暨    U+66A8         暨    U+66A8          暨     U+66C1;U+81EE; 曁;臮;
                                                        U+8507         蔇
                                                                                Annex A: Page 124 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+66A9   暩    U+66A9         暩    U+66A9         暩
U+66AA   暪    U+66AA         暪    U+66AA         暪
U+66AB   暫    U+6682         暂    U+66AB         暫    U+8E54             蹔
U+66AE   暮    U+66AE         暮    U+66AE         暮
U+66AF   暯    U+66AF         暯    U+66AF         暯
U+66B0   暰    U+66B0         暰    U+66B0         暰
U+66B1   暱    U+6635         昵    U+66B1         暱
U+66B2   暲    U+66B2         暲    U+66B2         暲
U+66B3   暳    U+66B3         暳    U+66B3         暳
U+66B4   暴    U+66B4         暴    U+66B4         暴    U+8663             虣
U+66B5   暵    U+66B5         暵    U+66B5         暵
U+66B6   暶    U+66B6         暶    U+66B6         暶
U+66B7   暷    U+66B7         暷    U+66B7         暷
U+66B8   暸    U+4E86         了    U+66B8         暸    U+77AD             瞭
U+66B9   暹    U+66B9         暹    U+66B9         暹
U+66BA   暺    U+66BA         暺    U+66BA         暺
U+66BB   暻    U+66BB         暻    U+66BB         暻
U+66BC   暼    U+66BC         暼    U+66BC         暼
U+66BD   暽    U+66BD         暽    U+66BD         暽
U+66BE   暾    U+66BE         暾    U+66BE         暾
U+66BF   暿    U+66BF         暿    U+66BF         暿
U+66C0   曀    U+66C0         曀    U+66C0         曀
U+66C1   曁    U+66A8         暨    U+66A8         暨    U+81EE;U+8507      臮;蔇
U+66C2   曂    U+66C2         曂    U+66C2         曂
U+66C3   曃    U+66C3         曃    U+66C3         曃
U+66C4   曄    U+6654         晔    U+66C4         曄    U+66C5             曅
U+66C5   曅    U+6654         晔    U+66C4         曄
U+66C6   曆    U+5386         历    U+66C6         曆    U+66A6;U+6B77; 暦;歷;
                                                      U+53A4;U+6B74 厤;歴

U+66C7   曇    U+6619         昙    U+66C7         曇
U+66C8   曈    U+66C8         曈    U+66C8         曈
U+66C9   曉    U+6653         晓    U+66C9         曉    U+6681             暁
U+66CA   曊    U+6632         昲    U+66CA         曊
U+66CB   曋    U+66CB         曋    U+66CB         曋
U+66CC   曌    U+7167         照    U+66CC         曌    U+7167;U+70A4      照;炤
U+66CD   曍    U+66CD         曍    U+66CD         曍
U+66CE   曎    U+66CE         曎    U+66CE         曎
U+66CF   曏    U+5411         向    U+66CF         曏    U+56AE             嚮
U+66D1   曑    U+66D1         曑    U+66D1         曑
U+66D2   曒    U+66D2         曒    U+66D2         曒
U+66D4   曔    U+66D4         曔    U+66D4         曔
U+66D5   曕    U+66D5         曕    U+66D5         曕
U+66D6   曖    U+66A7         暧    U+66D6         曖
U+66D8   曘    U+66D8         曘    U+66D8         曘
U+66D9   曙    U+66D9         曙    U+66D9         曙
U+66DA   曚    U+66DA         曚    U+66DA         曚
U+66DB   曛    U+66DB         曛    U+66DB         曛
U+66DC   曜    U+66DC         曜    U+66DC         曜    U+71FF;U+8000      燿;耀
U+66DD   曝    U+66DD         曝    U+66DD         曝
U+66DE   曞    U+66DE         曞    U+66DE         曞
                                                                              Annex A: Page 125 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+66E0   曠    U+65F7         旷    U+66E0          曠
U+66E1   曡    U+53E0         叠    U+758A          疊     U+8FED;U+7589      迭;疉

U+66E2   曢    U+66E2         曢    U+66E2          曢
U+66E3   曣    U+66E3         曣    U+66E3          曣
U+66E4   曤    U+66E4         曤    U+66E4          曤
U+66E5   曥    U+66E5         曥    U+66E5          曥
U+66E6   曦    U+66E6         曦    U+66E6          曦
U+66E7   曧    U+66E7         曧    U+66E7          曧
U+66E8   曨    U+663D         昽    U+66E8          曨
U+66E9   曩    U+66E9         曩    U+66E9          曩
U+66EA   曪    U+66EA         曪    U+66EA          曪
U+66EB   曫    U+66EB         曫    U+66EB          曫
U+66EC   曬    U+6652         晒    U+66EC          曬
U+66ED   曭    U+66ED         曭    U+66ED          曭
U+66EE   曮    U+66EE         曮    U+66EE          曮
U+66F0   曰    U+66F0         曰    U+66F0          曰
U+66F1   曱    U+66F1         曱    U+66F1          曱
U+66F2   曲    U+66F2         曲    U+66F2;U+9EB4   曲;麴   U+9EAF             麯
U+66F3   曳    U+66F3         曳    U+66F3          曳     U+66F5             曵
U+66F4   更    U+66F4         更    U+66F4          更
U+66F5   曵    U+66F3         曳    U+66F3          曳
U+66F6   曶    U+66F6         曶    U+66F6          曶
U+66F7   曷    U+66F7         曷    U+66F7          曷
U+66F8   書    U+4E66         书    U+66F8          書
U+66F9   曹    U+66F9         曹    U+66F9          曹     U+66FA             曺
U+66FA   曺    U+66F9         曹    U+66F9          曹
U+66FB   曻    U+66FB         曻    U+66FB          曻
U+66FC   曼    U+66FC         曼    U+66FC          曼
U+66FE   曾    U+66FE         曾    U+66FE          曾
U+66FF   替    U+66FF         替    U+66FF          替
U+6700   最    U+6700         最    U+6700          最
U+6701   朁    U+6701         朁    U+6701          朁
U+6703   會    U+4F1A         会    U+6703          會
U+6704   朄    U+6704         朄    U+6704          朄
U+6705   朅    U+6705         朅    U+6705          朅
U+6706   朆    U+6706         朆    U+6706          朆
U+6708   月    U+6708         月    U+6708          月
U+6709   有    U+6709         有    U+6709          有
U+670A   朊    U+670A         朊    U+670A          朊     U+43D3             䏓      (HKIRC:U+43D3)
U+670B   朋    U+670B         朋    U+670B          朋
U+670C   朌    U+9881         颁    U+9812          頒
U+670D   服    U+670D         服    U+670D          服
U+670E   朎    U+670E         朎    U+670E          朎
U+670F   朏    U+670F         朏    U+670F          朏     U+80D0             胐
U+6710   朐    U+6710         朐    U+6710          朐     U+80CA             胊
U+6711   朑    U+6711         朑    U+6711          朑
U+6712   朒    U+6712         朒    U+6712          朒
U+6713   朓    U+6713         朓    U+6713          朓     U+8101             脁
U+6714   朔    U+6714         朔    U+6714          朔
U+6715   朕    U+6715         朕    U+6715          朕
                                                                                Annex A: Page 126 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6716   朖    U+6717         朗    U+6717          朗     U+70FA             烺
U+6717   朗    U+6717         朗    U+6717          朗     U+6716;U+70FA      朖;烺
U+6718   朘    U+6718         朘    U+6718          朘     U+8127             脧
U+671A   朚    U+671A         朚    U+671A          朚
U+671B   望    U+671B         望    U+671B          望     U+6722             朢
U+671C   朜    U+671C         朜    U+671C          朜
U+671D   朝    U+671D         朝    U+671D          朝
U+671E   朞    U+671F         期    U+671F          期
U+671F   期    U+671F         期    U+671F          期     U+671E             朞
U+6720   朠    U+6720         朠    U+6720          朠
U+6721   朡    U+6721         朡    U+6721          朡
U+6722   朢    U+671B         望    U+6722          朢
U+6723   朣    U+6723         朣    U+6723          朣     U+81A7             膧
U+6725   朥    U+6725         朥    U+6725          朥
U+6726   朦    U+6726         朦    U+6726          朦     U+4443             䑃      (HKIRC:U+4443)
U+6727   朧    U+80E7         胧    U+6727          朧
U+6728   木    U+6728         木    U+6728          木
U+672A   未    U+672A         未    U+672A          未
U+672B   末    U+672B         末    U+672B          末
U+672C   本    U+672C         本    U+672C          本     U+5932             夲
U+672D   札    U+672D         札    U+672D          札     U+624E;U+5273;U    扎;剳;
                                                        +5284;U+7B9A;U+    劄;箚;
                                                        7D25;U+7D2E        紥;紮

U+672E   朮    U+672F         术    U+672E          朮     U+672F;U+8853      术;術
U+672F   术    U+672F         术    U+8853          術     U+672E             朮
U+6730   朰    U+6730         朰    U+6730          朰
U+6731   朱    U+6731         朱    U+6731;U+7843   朱;硃
U+6732   朲    U+6732         朲    U+6732          朲
U+6733   朳    U+6733         朳    U+6733          朳
U+6734   朴    U+6734         朴    U+6734;U+6A38   朴;樸
U+6735   朵    U+6735         朵    U+6735          朵     U+6736             朶
U+6736   朶    U+6735         朵    U+6735          朵
U+6737   朷    U+6737         朷    U+6737          朷
U+6738   朸    U+6738         朸    U+6738          朸
U+6739   朹    U+6739         朹    U+6739          朹
U+673A   机    U+673A         机    U+6A5F          機
U+673B   朻    U+6A1B         樛    U+673B          朻
U+673C   朼    U+6787         枇    U+673C          朼
U+673D   朽    U+673D         朽    U+673D          朽
U+673E   朾    U+673E         朾    U+673E          朾
U+673F   朿    U+523A         刺    U+673F          朿     U+523E             刾
U+6740   杀    U+6740         杀    U+6BBA          殺     U+95B7             閷
U+6741   杁    U+6741         杁    U+6741          杁
U+6742   杂    U+6742         杂    U+96DC          雜     U+96D1;U+96E5      雑;雥
U+6743   权    U+6743         权    U+6B0A          權     U+6A29             権
U+6744   杄    U+6744         杄    U+6744          杄
U+6745   杅    U+6745         杅    U+6745          杅
U+6746   杆    U+6746         杆    U+6746;U+687F   杆;桿
U+6747   杇    U+572C         圬    U+6747          杇
U+6748   杈    U+6748         杈    U+6748          杈
                                                                                Annex A: Page 127 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6749   杉    U+6749         杉    U+6749          杉
U+674A   杊    U+674A         杊    U+674A          杊
U+674B   杋    U+674B         杋    U+674B          杋
U+674C   杌    U+674C         杌    U+674C          杌
U+674D   杍    U+6893         梓    U+674D          杍
U+674E   李    U+674E         李    U+674E          李
U+674F   杏    U+674F         杏    U+674F          杏
U+6750   材    U+6750         材    U+6750          材
U+6751   村    U+6751         村    U+6751          村   U+90A8              邨
U+6752   杒    U+6752         杒    U+6752          杒
U+6753   杓    U+6753         杓    U+6753          杓
U+6754   杔    U+6754         杔    U+6754          杔
U+6755   杕    U+6755         杕    U+6755          杕
U+6756   杖    U+6756         杖    U+6756          杖
U+6757   杗    U+6757         杗    U+6757          杗
U+6758   杘    U+6758         杘    U+6758          杘
U+6759   杙    U+6759         杙    U+6759          杙
U+675A   杚    U+675A         杚    U+675A          杚
U+675B   杛    U+675B         杛    U+675B          杛
U+675C   杜    U+675C         杜    U+675C          杜
U+675D   杝    U+675D         杝    U+675D          杝
U+675E   杞    U+675E         杞    U+675E          杞
U+675F   束    U+675F         束    U+675F          束
U+6760   杠    U+6760         杠    U+6760;U+69D3   杠;槓
U+6761   条    U+6761         条    U+689D          條
U+6762   杢    U+6762         杢    U+6762          杢
U+6763   杣    U+6763         杣    U+6763          杣
U+6764   杤    U+6764         杤    U+6764          杤
U+6765   来    U+6765         来    U+4F86          來
U+6766   杦    U+6766         杦    U+6766          杦
U+6768   杨    U+6768         杨    U+694A          楊
U+6769   杩    U+6769         杩    U+69AA          榪
U+676A   杪    U+676A         杪    U+676A          杪
U+676B   杫    U+676B         杫    U+676B          杫
U+676C   杬    U+676C         杬    U+676C          杬
U+676D   杭    U+676D         杭    U+676D          杭
U+676E   杮    U+676E         杮    U+676E          杮
U+676F   杯    U+676F         杯    U+676F          杯   U+686E;U+76C3       桮;盃
U+6770   杰    U+6770         杰    U+6770;U+5091   杰;傑 U+5091              傑
U+6771   東    U+4E1C         东    U+6771          東
U+6772   杲    U+6772         杲    U+6772          杲
U+6773   杳    U+6773         杳    U+6773          杳
U+6774   杴    U+6774         杴    U+6774          杴
U+6775   杵    U+6775         杵    U+6775          杵
U+6776   杶    U+6776         杶    U+6776          杶
U+6777   杷    U+6777         杷    U+6777          杷
U+6778   杸    U+6BB3         殳    U+6778          杸
U+6779   杹    U+6779         杹    U+6779          杹
U+677A   杺    U+677A         杺    U+677A          杺
U+677B   杻    U+677B         杻    U+677B          杻
U+677C   杼    U+677C         杼    U+677C          杼
                                                                               Annex A: Page 128 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+677D   杽    U+677D         杽    U+677D          杽
U+677E   松    U+677E         松    U+677E;U+9B06   松;鬆   U+6780             枀
U+677F   板    U+677F         板    U+677F;U+95C6   板;闆
U+6780   枀    U+677E         松    U+677E          松     U+9B06             鬆
U+6781   极    U+6781         极    U+6781;U+6975   极;極
U+6782   枂    U+6782         枂    U+6782          枂
U+6783   枃    U+6783         枃    U+6783          枃
U+6784   构    U+6784         构    U+6784;U+69CB   构;構   U+5193;U+6406      冓;搆
U+6785   枅    U+6785         枅    U+6785          枅
U+6786   枆    U+6786         枆    U+6786          枆
U+6787   枇    U+6787         枇    U+6787          枇     U+673C             朼
U+6789   枉    U+6789         枉    U+6789          枉
U+678A   枊    U+678A         枊    U+678A          枊
U+678B   枋    U+678B         枋    U+678B          枋
U+678C   枌    U+678C         枌    U+678C          枌
U+678D   枍    U+678D         枍    U+678D          枍
U+678E   枎    U+678E         枎    U+678E          枎
U+678F   枏    U+6960         楠    U+6960          楠
U+6790   析    U+6790         析    U+6790          析
U+6791   枑    U+6791         枑    U+6791          枑
U+6792   枒    U+6792         枒    U+6792          枒
U+6793   枓    U+6793         枓    U+6793          枓
U+6794   枔    U+6794         枔    U+6794          枔
U+6795   枕    U+6795         枕    U+6795          枕
U+6797   林    U+6797         林    U+6797          林
U+6798   枘    U+6798         枘    U+6798          枘
U+6799   枙    U+8F6D         轭    U+6799          枙     U+8F6D;U+8EDB; 轭;軛;
                                                        U+8EF6         軶
U+679A   枚    U+679A         枚    U+679A          枚
U+679B   枛    U+679B         枛    U+679B          枛
U+679C   果    U+679C         果    U+679C          果     U+83D3             菓
U+679D   枝    U+679D         枝    U+679D          枝
U+679E   枞    U+679E         枞    U+6A05          樅
U+679F   枟    U+679F         枟    U+679F          枟
U+67A0   枠    U+67A0         枠    U+67A0          枠
U+67A1   枡    U+67A1         枡    U+67A1          枡
U+67A2   枢    U+67A2         枢    U+6A1E          樞
U+67A3   枣    U+67A3         枣    U+6806          栆     U+68D7             棗
U+67A4   枤    U+67A4         枤    U+67A4          枤
U+67A5   枥    U+67A5         枥    U+6AEA          櫪
U+67A6   枦    U+67A6         枦    U+67A6          枦
U+67A7   枧    U+67A7         枧    U+6898          梘
U+67A8   枨    U+67A8         枨    U+68D6          棖
U+67AA   枪    U+67AA         枪    U+69CD          槍
U+67AB   枫    U+67AB         枫    U+6953          楓
U+67AC   枬    U+67AC         枬    U+67AC          枬
U+67AD   枭    U+67AD         枭    U+689F          梟     U+9DCD             鷍
U+67AE   枮    U+6939         椹    U+67AE          枮
U+67AF   枯    U+67AF         枯    U+67AF          枯
U+67B0   枰    U+67B0         枰    U+67B0          枰     U+6A98             檘
U+67B1   枱    U+67B1         枱    U+67B1          枱
                                                                                Annex A: Page 129 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+67B2   枲    U+67B2         枲    U+67B2          枲
U+67B3   枳    U+67B3         枳    U+67B3          枳
U+67B4   枴    U+62D0         拐    U+67B4          枴
U+67B5   枵    U+67B5         枵    U+67B5          枵
U+67B6   架    U+67B6         架    U+67B6          架
U+67B7   枷    U+67B7         枷    U+67B7          枷     U+801E             耞
U+67B8   枸    U+67B8         枸    U+67B8          枸
U+67B9   枹    U+67B9         枹    U+67B9          枹
U+67BA   枺    U+67BA         枺    U+67BA          枺
U+67BB   枻    U+67BB         枻    U+67BB          枻
U+67BC   枼    U+67BC         枼    U+67BC          枼
U+67BE   枾    U+67FF         柿    U+67FF          柿
U+67C0   柀    U+67C0         柀    U+67C0          柀
U+67C1   柁    U+67C1         柁    U+67C1          柁     U+8235             舵
U+67C2   柂    U+67C2         柂    U+67C2          柂
U+67C3   柃    U+67C3         柃    U+67C3          柃
U+67C4   柄    U+67C4         柄    U+67C4          柄
U+67C5   柅    U+67C5         柅    U+67C5          柅
U+67C6   柆    U+67C6         柆    U+67C6          柆
U+67C7   柇    U+67C7         柇    U+67C7          柇
U+67C8   柈    U+67C8         柈    U+67C8          柈
U+67C9   柉    U+67C9         柉    U+67C9          柉
U+67CA   柊    U+67CA         柊    U+67CA          柊
U+67CB   柋    U+67CB         柋    U+67CB          柋
U+67CC   柌    U+67CC         柌    U+67CC          柌
U+67CD   柍    U+67CD         柍    U+67CD          柍
U+67CE   柎    U+67CE         柎    U+67CE          柎
U+67CF   柏    U+67CF         柏    U+67CF          柏     U+6822             栢
U+67D0   某    U+67D0         某    U+67D0          某
U+67D1   柑    U+67D1         柑    U+67D1          柑
U+67D2   柒    U+67D2         柒    U+67D2          柒     U+6F06;U+687C      漆;桼
U+67D3   染    U+67D3         染    U+67D3          染
U+67D4   柔    U+67D4         柔    U+67D4          柔
U+67D6   柖    U+67D6         柖    U+67D6          柖
U+67D8   柘    U+67D8         柘    U+67D8          柘
U+67D9   柙    U+67D9         柙    U+67D9          柙
U+67DA   柚    U+67DA         柚    U+67DA          柚
U+67DB   柛    U+67DB         柛    U+67DB          柛
U+67DC   柜    U+67DC         柜    U+67DC;U+6AC3   柜;櫃

U+67DD   柝    U+67DD         柝    U+67DD          柝
U+67DE   柞    U+67DE         柞    U+67DE          柞
U+67DF   柟    U+67DF         柟    U+67DF          柟
U+67E0   柠    U+67E0         柠    U+6AB8          檸
U+67E1   柡    U+67E1         柡    U+67E1          柡
U+67E2   柢    U+67E2         柢    U+67E2          柢
U+67E3   柣    U+67E3         柣    U+67E3          柣
U+67E4   柤    U+67E4         柤    U+67E4          柤
U+67E5   查    U+67E5         查    U+67E5          查     U+67FB;U+6942      査;楂
U+67E6   柦    U+67E6         柦    U+67E6          柦
U+67E7   柧    U+67E7         柧    U+67E7          柧
                                                                                Annex A: Page 130 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+67E8   柨    U+67E8         柨    U+67E8          柨
U+67E9   柩    U+67E9         柩    U+67E9          柩     U+67FE             柾
U+67EA   柪    U+67EA         柪    U+67EA          柪
U+67EB   柫    U+67EB         柫    U+67EB          柫
U+67EC   柬    U+67EC         柬    U+67EC          柬
U+67ED   柭    U+67ED         柭    U+67ED          柭
U+67EE   柮    U+67EE         柮    U+67EE          柮
U+67EF   柯    U+67EF         柯    U+67EF          柯
U+67F0   柰    U+67F0         柰    U+67F0          柰     U+5948             奈
U+67F1   柱    U+67F1         柱    U+67F1          柱     U+782B             砫
U+67F2   柲    U+67F2         柲    U+67F2          柲
U+67F3   柳    U+67F3         柳    U+67F3          柳
U+67F4   柴    U+67F4         柴    U+67F4          柴     U+7961             祡
U+67F5   柵    U+6805         栅    U+67F5          柵
U+67F6   柶    U+67F6         柶    U+67F6          柶
U+67F7   柷    U+67F7         柷    U+67F7          柷
U+67F8   柸    U+67F8         柸    U+67F8          柸
U+67FA   柺    U+67FA         柺    U+67FA          柺
U+67FB   査    U+67E5         查    U+67E5          查     U+6942             楂
U+67FC   柼    U+67FC         柼    U+67FC          柼
U+67FD   柽    U+67FD         柽    U+6A89          檉
U+67FE   柾    U+67E9         柩    U+67E9          柩
U+67FF   柿    U+67FF         柿    U+67FF          柿     U+67BE             枾
U+6800   栀    U+6800         栀    U+6894          梔
U+6802   栂    U+6802         栂    U+6802          栂
U+6803   栃    U+6803         栃    U+6803          栃
U+6804   栄    U+8363         荣    U+69AE          榮
U+6805   栅    U+6805         栅    U+67F5          柵
U+6806   栆    U+67A3         枣    U+6806          栆     U+68D7             棗
U+6807   标    U+6807         标    U+6A19          標     U+5882             墂
U+6808   栈    U+6808         栈    U+68E7          棧     U+8F4F             轏
U+6809   栉    U+6809         栉    U+6ADB          櫛
U+680A   栊    U+680A         栊    U+6AF3          櫳
U+680B   栋    U+680B         栋    U+68DF          棟
U+680C   栌    U+680C         栌    U+6AE8          櫨
U+680D   栍    U+680D         栍    U+680D          栍
U+680E   栎    U+680E         栎    U+6ADF          櫟
U+680F   栏    U+680F         栏    U+6B04          欄     U+6B17             欗
U+6810   栐    U+6810         栐    U+6810          栐
U+6811   树    U+6811         树    U+6A39          樹     U+5C0C             尌
U+6812   栒    U+6812         栒    U+6812          栒
U+6813   栓    U+6813         栓    U+6813          栓
U+6814   栔    U+5951         契    U+6814          栔
U+6816   栖    U+6816         栖    U+6816;U+68F2   栖;棲
U+6817   栗    U+6817         栗    U+6817;U+6144   栗;慄   U+6144             慄
U+6818   栘    U+6818         栘    U+6818          栘
U+6819   栙    U+6819         栙    U+6819          栙
U+681A   栚    U+681A         栚    U+681A          栚
U+681B   栛    U+681B         栛    U+681B          栛
U+681C   栜    U+681C         栜    U+681C          栜
U+681D   栝    U+681D         栝    U+681D          栝
                                                                                Annex A: Page 131 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+681E   栞    U+520A         刊    U+520A         刊    U+520B             刋      (HK:CV)
U+681F   栟    U+681F         栟    U+681F         栟
U+6820   栠    U+6820         栠    U+6820         栠
U+6821   校    U+6821         校    U+6821         校    U+630D             挍
U+6822   栢    U+67CF         柏    U+67CF         柏
U+6823   栣    U+6823         栣    U+6823         栣
U+6824   栤    U+6824         栤    U+6824         栤
U+6825   栥    U+6825         栥    U+6825         栥
U+6826   栦    U+6826         栦    U+6826         栦
U+6828   栨    U+6828         栨    U+6828         栨
U+6829   栩    U+6829         栩    U+6829         栩
U+682A   株    U+682A         株    U+682A         株
U+682B   栫    U+682B         栫    U+682B         栫
U+682C   栬    U+682C         栬    U+682C         栬
U+682D   栭    U+682D         栭    U+682D         栭
U+682E   栮    U+682E         栮    U+682E         栮
U+682F   栯    U+682F         栯    U+682F         栯
U+6831   栱    U+6831         栱    U+6831         栱
U+6832   栲    U+6832         栲    U+6832         栲
U+6833   栳    U+6833         栳    U+6833         栳
U+6834   栴    U+6834         栴    U+6834         栴
U+6835   栵    U+6835         栵    U+6835         栵
U+6836   栶    U+6836         栶    U+6836         栶
U+6837   样    U+6837         样    U+6A23         樣    U+69D8             様
U+6838   核    U+6838         核    U+6838         核    U+69C5;U+8988      槅;覈
U+6839   根    U+6839         根    U+6839         根
U+683A   栺    U+683A         栺    U+683A         栺
U+683B   栻    U+683B         栻    U+683B         栻
U+683C   格    U+683C         格    U+683C         格
U+683D   栽    U+683D         栽    U+683D         栽
U+683E   栾    U+683E         栾    U+6B12         欒
U+683F   栿    U+683F         栿    U+683F         栿
U+6840   桀    U+6840         桀    U+6840         桀    U+69A4             榤
U+6841   桁    U+6841         桁    U+6841         桁    U+822A             航
U+6842   桂    U+6842         桂    U+6842         桂
U+6843   桃    U+6843         桃    U+6843         桃
U+6844   桄    U+6844         桄    U+6844         桄
U+6845   桅    U+6845         桅    U+6845         桅
U+6846   框    U+6846         框    U+6846         框
U+6847   桇    U+6847         桇    U+6847         桇
U+6848   案    U+6848         案    U+6848         案
U+6849   桉    U+6849         桉    U+6849         桉
U+684A   桊    U+684A         桊    U+684A         桊
U+684B   桋    U+684B         桋    U+684B         桋
U+684C   桌    U+684C         桌    U+684C         桌    U+68F9;U+6AC2      棹;櫂

U+684D   桍    U+684D         桍    U+684D         桍
U+684E   桎    U+684E         桎    U+684E         桎
U+684F   桏    U+684F         桏    U+684F         桏
U+6850   桐    U+6850         桐    U+6850         桐
U+6851   桑    U+6851         桑    U+6851         桑    U+6852             桒
                                                                              Annex A: Page 132 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6852   桒    U+6851         桑    U+6851          桑
U+6853   桓    U+6853         桓    U+6853          桓
U+6854   桔    U+6854         桔    U+6854          桔
U+6855   桕    U+6855         桕    U+6855          桕
U+6856   桖    U+6856         桖    U+6856          桖
U+6857   桗    U+6857         桗    U+6857          桗
U+685B   桛    U+685B         桛    U+685B          桛
U+685D   桝    U+685D         桝    U+685D          桝
U+6860   桠    U+6860         桠    U+690F          椏
U+6861   桡    U+6861         桡    U+6A48          橈
U+6862   桢    U+6862         桢    U+6968          楨
U+6863   档    U+6863         档    U+6A94          檔
U+6864   桤    U+6864         桤    U+69BF          榿
U+6865   桥    U+6865         桥    U+6A4B          橋     U+6A47;U+97BD; 橇;鞽;
                                                        U+9792         鞒
U+6866   桦    U+6866         桦    U+6A3A          樺
U+6867   桧    U+6867         桧    U+6A9C          檜
U+6868   桨    U+6868         桨    U+69F3          槳
U+6869   桩    U+6869         桩    U+6A01          樁     U+8E56             蹖
U+686A   桪    U+686A         桪    U+6A33          樳
U+686B   桫    U+686B         桫    U+686B          桫
U+686C   桬    U+686C         桬    U+686C          桬
U+686D   桭    U+686D         桭    U+686D          桭
U+686E   桮    U+676F         杯    U+686E          桮     U+76C3             盃
U+686F   桯    U+686F         桯    U+686F          桯
U+6870   桰    U+6870         桰    U+6870          桰
U+6871   桱    U+6871         桱    U+6871          桱
U+6872   桲    U+6872         桲    U+6872          桲
U+6873   桳    U+6873         桳    U+6873          桳
U+6874   桴    U+6874         桴    U+6874          桴     U+6CED             泭
U+6875   桵    U+6875         桵    U+6875          桵
U+6876   桶    U+6876         桶    U+6876          桶
U+6877   桷    U+6877         桷    U+6877          桷
U+6878   桸    U+6878         桸    U+6878          桸
U+6879   桹    U+6994         榔    U+6879          桹
U+687B   桻    U+687B         桻    U+687B          桻
U+687C   桼    U+6F06         漆    U+687C          桼     U+6F06;U+67D2      漆;柒
U+687D   桽    U+687D         桽    U+687D          桽
U+687E   桾    U+687E         桾    U+687E          桾
U+687F   桿    U+6746         杆    U+687F          桿
U+6880   梀    U+6880         梀    U+6880          梀
U+6881   梁    U+6881         梁    U+6881;U+6A11   梁;樑
U+6882   梂    U+6882         梂    U+6882          梂
U+6883   梃    U+6883         梃    U+6883          梃
U+6884   梄    U+6884         梄    U+6884          梄
U+6885   梅    U+6885         梅    U+6885          梅     U+6973             楳
U+6886   梆    U+6886         梆    U+6886          梆
U+6887   梇    U+6887         梇    U+6887          梇
U+6888   梈    U+6888         梈    U+6888          梈
U+6889   梉    U+6889         梉    U+6889          梉
U+688A   梊    U+688A         梊    U+688A          梊
                                                                                Annex A: Page 133 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+688B   梋    U+688B         梋    U+688B         梋
U+688C   梌    U+688C         梌    U+688C         梌
U+688D   梍    U+688D         梍    U+688D         梍
U+688E   梎    U+688E         梎    U+688E         梎
U+688F   梏    U+688F         梏    U+688F         梏
U+6890   梐    U+6890         梐    U+6890         梐
U+6891   梑    U+6891         梑    U+6891         梑
U+6892   梒    U+6892         梒    U+6892         梒
U+6893   梓    U+6893         梓    U+6893         梓    U+674D             杍
U+6894   梔    U+6800         栀    U+6894         梔
U+6896   梖    U+6896         梖    U+6896         梖
U+6897   梗    U+6897         梗    U+6897         梗
U+6898   梘    U+67A7         枧    U+6898         梘
U+689A   梚    U+689A         梚    U+689A         梚
U+689B   梛    U+689B         梛    U+689B         梛
U+689C   梜    U+689C         梜    U+689C         梜
U+689D   條    U+6761         条    U+689D         條
U+689E   梞    U+689E         梞    U+689E         梞
U+689F   梟    U+67AD         枭    U+689F         梟    U+9DCD             鷍
U+68A0   梠    U+68A0         梠    U+68A0         梠
U+68A1   梡    U+68A1         梡    U+68A1         梡
U+68A2   梢    U+68A2         梢    U+68A2         梢
U+68A3   梣    U+68A3         梣    U+68A3         梣
U+68A4   梤    U+68A4         梤    U+68A4         梤
U+68A6   梦    U+68A6         梦    U+5922         夢
U+68A7   梧    U+68A7         梧    U+68A7         梧
U+68A8   梨    U+68A8         梨    U+68A8         梨
U+68A9   梩    U+68A9         梩    U+68A9         梩
U+68AA   梪    U+8C46         豆    U+68AA         梪    U+8C46;U+8373      豆;荳
U+68AB   梫    U+68AB         梫    U+68AB         梫
U+68AC   梬    U+68AC         梬    U+68AC         梬
U+68AD   梭    U+68AD         梭    U+68AD         梭
U+68AE   梮    U+68AE         梮    U+68AE         梮
U+68AF   梯    U+68AF         梯    U+68AF         梯
U+68B0   械    U+68B0         械    U+68B0         械
U+68B1   梱    U+68B1         梱    U+68B1         梱
U+68B2   梲    U+68C1         棁    U+68B2         梲
U+68B3   梳    U+68B3         梳    U+68B3         梳
U+68B4   梴    U+68B4         梴    U+68B4         梴
U+68B5   梵    U+68B5         梵    U+68B5         梵
U+68B6   梶    U+68B6         梶    U+68B6         梶
U+68B7   梷    U+68B7         梷    U+68B7         梷
U+68B9   梹    U+69DF         槟    U+6AB3         檳
U+68BB   梻    U+68BB         梻    U+68BB         梻
U+68BC   梼    U+68BC         梼    U+6AAE         檮
U+68BD   梽    U+68BD         梽    U+68BD         梽
U+68BE   梾    U+68BE         梾    U+68F6         棶
U+68BF   梿    U+68BF         梿    U+69E4         槤
U+68C0   检    U+68C0         检    U+6AA2         檢    U+691C             検
U+68C1   棁    U+68C1         棁    U+68B2         梲
U+68C2   棂    U+68C2         棂    U+6B1E         欞
                                                                              Annex A: Page 134 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+68C4   棄    U+5F03         弃    U+68C4          棄
U+68C5   棅    U+68C5         棅    U+68C5          棅                               (HK)
U+68C6   棆    U+68C6         棆    U+68C6          棆
U+68C7   棇    U+68C7         棇    U+68C7          棇
U+68C8   棈    U+68C8         棈    U+68C8          棈
U+68C9   棉    U+68C9         棉    U+68C9          棉
U+68CA   棊    U+68CB         棋    U+68CB          棋     U+7881             碁
U+68CB   棋    U+68CB         棋    U+68CB          棋     U+68CA;U+7881      棊;碁
U+68CC   棌    U+68CC         棌    U+68CC          棌
U+68CD   棍    U+68CD         棍    U+68CD          棍
U+68CE   棎    U+68CE         棎    U+68CE          棎
U+68CF   棏    U+68CF         棏    U+68CF          棏
U+68D0   棐    U+68D0         棐    U+68D0          棐
U+68D1   棑    U+68D1         棑    U+68D1          棑
U+68D2   棒    U+68D2         棒    U+68D2          棒
U+68D3   棓    U+68D3         棓    U+68D3          棓
U+68D4   棔    U+68D4         棔    U+68D4          棔
U+68D5   棕    U+68D5         棕    U+68D5          棕     U+6936             椶
U+68D6   棖    U+67A8         枨    U+68D6          棖
U+68D7   棗    U+67A3         枣    U+68D7          棗     U+6806             栆
U+68D8   棘    U+68D8         棘    U+68D8          棘
U+68DA   棚    U+68DA         棚    U+68DA          棚
U+68DB   棛    U+68DB         棛    U+68DB          棛
U+68DC   棜    U+68DC         棜    U+68DC          棜
U+68DD   棝    U+68DD         棝    U+68DD          棝
U+68DE   棞    U+68DE         棞    U+68DE          棞
U+68DF   棟    U+680B         栋    U+68DF          棟
U+68E0   棠    U+68E0         棠    U+68E0          棠
U+68E1   棡    U+3B4E         㭎    U+68E1          棡
U+68E3   棣    U+68E3         棣    U+68E3          棣
U+68E4   棤    U+68E4         棤    U+68E4          棤
U+68E6   棦    U+68E6         棦    U+68E6          棦
U+68E7   棧    U+6808         栈    U+68E7          棧     U+8F4F             轏
U+68E8   棨    U+7DAE         綮    U+68E8          棨
U+68E9   棩    U+68E9         棩    U+68E9          棩
U+68EA   棪    U+68EA         棪    U+68EA          棪
U+68EB   棫    U+68EB         棫    U+68EB          棫
U+68EC   棬    U+68EC         棬    U+68EC          棬
U+68ED   棭    U+68ED         棭    U+68ED          棭
U+68EE   森    U+68EE         森    U+68EE          森
U+68EF   棯    U+68EF         棯    U+68EF          棯
U+68F0   棰    U+68F0         棰    U+68F0          棰     U+7BA0             箠
U+68F1   棱    U+68F1         棱    U+68F1;U+7A1C   棱;稜

U+68F2   棲    U+6816         栖    U+68F2          棲
U+68F3   棳    U+68F3         棳    U+68F3          棳
U+68F4   棴    U+68F4         棴    U+68F4          棴
U+68F5   棵    U+68F5         棵    U+68F5          棵
U+68F6   棶    U+68BE         梾    U+68F6          棶
U+68F7   棷    U+68F7         棷    U+68F7          棷
U+68F8   棸    U+68F8         棸    U+68F8          棸
                                                                                Annex A: Page 135 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+68F9   棹    U+68F9         棹    U+68F9;U+6AC2   棹;櫂 U+684C              桌

U+68FA   棺    U+68FA         棺    U+68FA          棺
U+68FB   棻    U+68FB         棻    U+68FB          棻
U+68FC   棼    U+68FC         棼    U+68FC          棼
U+68FD   棽    U+68FD         棽    U+68FD          棽
U+68FE   棾    U+68FE         棾    U+68FE          棾
U+68FF   棿    U+68FF         棿    U+68FF          棿
U+6900   椀    U+6900         椀    U+6900          椀    U+76CC;U+7897; 盌;碗; (HK:CV)
                                                       U+92FA         鋺
U+6901   椁    U+6901         椁    U+69E8          槨
U+6902   椂    U+6902         椂    U+6902          椂
U+6903   椃    U+6903         椃    U+6903          椃
U+6904   椄    U+6904         椄    U+6904          椄
U+6905   椅    U+6905         椅    U+6905          椅
U+6906   椆    U+6906         椆    U+6906          椆
U+6907   椇    U+6907         椇    U+6907          椇
U+6908   椈    U+6908         椈    U+6908          椈
U+690A   椊    U+690A         椊    U+690A          椊
U+690B   椋    U+690B         椋    U+690B          椋
U+690C   椌    U+690C         椌    U+690C          椌
U+690D   植    U+690D         植    U+690D          植
U+690E   椎    U+690E         椎    U+690E          椎
U+690F   椏    U+6860         桠    U+690F          椏
U+6910   椐    U+6910         椐    U+6910          椐
U+6911   椑    U+6911         椑    U+6911          椑
U+6912   椒    U+6912         椒    U+6912          椒
U+6913   椓    U+6913         椓    U+6913          椓
U+6914   椔    U+6914         椔    U+6914          椔
U+6915   椕    U+6915         椕    U+6915          椕
U+6916   椖    U+6916         椖    U+6916          椖
U+6917   椗    U+7887         碇    U+6917          椗
U+6918   椘    U+695A         楚    U+695A          楚    U+6A9A             檚
U+6919   椙    U+6919         椙    U+6919          椙
U+691A   椚    U+691A         椚    U+691A          椚
U+691B   椛    U+691B         椛    U+691B          椛
U+691C   検    U+68C0         检    U+6AA2          檢
U+691D   椝    U+89C4         规    U+69FC          槼    U+89C4;U+898F      规;規
U+691E   椞    U+691E         椞    U+691E          椞
U+691F   椟    U+691F         椟    U+6ADD          櫝
U+6920   椠    U+6920         椠    U+69E7          槧
U+6921   椡    U+6921         椡    U+6921          椡
U+6922   椢    U+6922         椢    U+6922          椢
U+6923   椣    U+6923         椣    U+6923          椣
U+6924   椤    U+6924         椤    U+6B0F          欏
U+6925   椥    U+6925         椥    U+6925          椥
U+6926   椦    U+6926         椦    U+6926          椦
U+6927   椧    U+6927         椧    U+6927          椧
U+6928   椨    U+6928         椨    U+6928          椨
U+6929   椩    U+6929         椩    U+6929          椩
U+692A   椪    U+692A         椪    U+692A          椪
                                                                               Annex A: Page 136 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+692B   椫    U+692B         椫    U+6A3F         樿
U+692C   椬    U+692C         椬    U+692C         椬
U+692D   椭    U+692D         椭    U+6A62         橢    U+64B1;U+6955      撱;楕
U+692E   椮    U+692E         椮    U+692E         椮
U+692F   椯    U+692F         椯    U+692F         椯
U+6930   椰    U+6930         椰    U+6930         椰
U+6931   椱    U+6931         椱    U+6931         椱
U+6932   椲    U+6932         椲    U+6932         椲
U+6933   椳    U+6933         椳    U+6933         椳
U+6934   椴    U+6934         椴    U+6934         椴    U+846E             葮
U+6935   椵    U+6935         椵    U+6935         椵
U+6936   椶    U+68D5         棕    U+68D5         棕
U+6937   椷    U+6937         椷    U+6937         椷
U+6938   椸    U+6938         椸    U+6938         椸
U+6939   椹    U+6939         椹    U+6939         椹    U+67AE             枮
U+693A   椺    U+693A         椺    U+693A         椺
U+693B   椻    U+693B         椻    U+693B         椻
U+693C   椼    U+693C         椼    U+693C         椼
U+693D   椽    U+693D         椽    U+693D         椽
U+693F   椿    U+693F         椿    U+693F         椿
U+6940   楀    U+6940         楀    U+6940         楀
U+6941   楁    U+6941         楁    U+6941         楁
U+6942   楂    U+6942         楂    U+6942         楂    U+67E5;U+67FB      查;査
U+6943   楃    U+6943         楃    U+6943         楃
U+6944   楄    U+6944         楄    U+6944         楄
U+6945   楅    U+6945         楅    U+6945         楅
U+6946   楆    U+6946         楆    U+6946         楆
U+6947   楇    U+6947         楇    U+6947         楇
U+6948   楈    U+6948         楈    U+6948         楈
U+6949   楉    U+6949         楉    U+6949         楉
U+694A   楊    U+6768         杨    U+694A         楊
U+694B   楋    U+694B         楋    U+694B         楋
U+694C   楌    U+694C         楌    U+694C         楌
U+694E   楎    U+694E         楎    U+694E         楎
U+694F   楏    U+694F         楏    U+694F         楏
U+6950   楐    U+6950         楐    U+6950         楐
U+6951   楑    U+63C6         揆    U+6951         楑
U+6952   楒    U+6952         楒    U+6952         楒
U+6953   楓    U+67AB         枫    U+6953         楓
U+6954   楔    U+6954         楔    U+6954         楔
U+6955   楕    U+692D         椭    U+6A62         橢    U+64B1             撱
U+6956   楖    U+6956         楖    U+6956         楖
U+6957   楗    U+6957         楗    U+6957         楗
U+6958   楘    U+6958         楘    U+6958         楘
U+6959   楙    U+6959         楙    U+6959         楙
U+695A   楚    U+695A         楚    U+695A         楚    U+6918;U+6A9A      椘;檚
U+695B   楛    U+695B         楛    U+695B         楛
U+695C   楜    U+695C         楜    U+695C         楜
U+695D   楝    U+695D         楝    U+695D         楝
U+695E   楞    U+695E         楞    U+695E         楞
U+695F   楟    U+695F         楟    U+695F         楟
                                                                              Annex A: Page 137 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6960   楠    U+6960         楠    U+6960         楠    U+678F             枏
U+6961   楡    U+6986         榆    U+6986         榆
U+6962   楢    U+6962         楢    U+6962         楢
U+6963   楣    U+6963         楣    U+6963         楣
U+6964   楤    U+6964         楤    U+6964         楤
U+6965   楥    U+6965         楥    U+6965         楥
U+6966   楦    U+6966         楦    U+6966         楦
U+6967   楧    U+6967         楧    U+6967         楧
U+6968   楨    U+6862         桢    U+6968         楨
U+6969   楩    U+6969         楩    U+6969         楩
U+696A   楪    U+696A         楪    U+696A         楪
U+696B   楫    U+696B         楫    U+696B         楫
U+696C   楬    U+696C         楬    U+696C         楬
U+696D   業    U+4E1A         业    U+696D         業
U+696E   楮    U+696E         楮    U+696E         楮
U+696F   楯    U+696F         楯    U+696F         楯
U+6970   楰    U+6970         楰    U+6970         楰
U+6971   楱    U+6971         楱    U+6971         楱
U+6972   楲    U+6972         楲    U+6972         楲
U+6973   楳    U+6885         梅    U+6885         梅
U+6974   楴    U+6974         楴    U+6974         楴
U+6975   極    U+6781         极    U+6975         極
U+6976   楶    U+6976         楶    U+6976         楶
U+6977   楷    U+6977         楷    U+6977         楷
U+6978   楸    U+6978         楸    U+6978         楸
U+6979   楹    U+6979         楹    U+6979         楹
U+697A   楺    U+697A         楺    U+697A         楺
U+697B   楻    U+697B         楻    U+697B         楻
U+697C   楼    U+697C         楼    U+6A13         樓
U+697D   楽    U+4E50         乐    U+6A02         樂
U+697E   楾    U+697E         楾    U+697E         楾
U+697F   楿    U+697F         楿    U+697F         楿
U+6980   榀    U+6980         榀    U+6980         榀
U+6981   榁    U+6981         榁    U+6981         榁
U+6982   概    U+6982         概    U+6982         概    U+69EA             槪
U+6983   榃    U+6983         榃    U+6983         榃
U+6984   榄    U+6984         榄    U+6B16         欖
U+6985   榅    U+6985         榅    U+6985         榅    U+69B2             榲
U+6986   榆    U+6986         榆    U+6986         榆    U+6961             楡
U+6987   榇    U+6987         榇    U+6AEC         櫬    U+85FD             藽
U+6988   榈    U+6988         榈    U+6ADA         櫚
U+6989   榉    U+6989         榉    U+6AF8         櫸
U+698A   榊    U+698A         榊    U+698A         榊
U+698B   榋    U+698B         榋    U+698B         榋
U+698C   榌    U+698C         榌    U+698C         榌
U+698D   榍    U+698D         榍    U+698D         榍
U+698E   榎    U+69DA         槚    U+698E         榎    U+69DA;U+6A9F      槚;檟

U+698F   榏    U+698F         榏    U+698F         榏
U+6990   榐    U+6990         榐    U+6990         榐
U+6991   榑    U+6991         榑    U+6991         榑
                                                                              Annex A: Page 138 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6992   榒    U+6992         榒    U+6992         榒
U+6993   榓    U+6993         榓    U+6993         榓
U+6994   榔    U+6994         榔    U+6994         榔    U+6879             桹
U+6995   榕    U+6995         榕    U+6995         榕
U+6996   榖    U+6996         榖    U+6996         榖
U+6997   榗    U+6997         榗    U+6997         榗
U+6998   榘    U+6998         榘    U+77E9         矩
U+6999   榙    U+6999         榙    U+6999         榙
U+699A   榚    U+699A         榚    U+699A         榚
U+699B   榛    U+699B         榛    U+699B         榛    U+6A3C;U+7349      樼;獉
U+699C   榜    U+699C         榜    U+699C         榜    U+7253             牓
U+699D   榝    U+699D         榝    U+6A27         樧    U+8531             蔱
U+699E   榞    U+699E         榞    U+699E         榞
U+69A0   榠    U+69A0         榠    U+69A0         榠
U+69A1   榡    U+7D20         素    U+69A1         榡
U+69A3   榣    U+69A3         榣    U+69A3         榣
U+69A4   榤    U+6840         桀    U+69A4         榤
U+69A5   榥    U+69A5         榥    U+69A5         榥
U+69A6   榦    U+5E72         干    U+69A6         榦    U+5E79;U+4E7E; 幹;乾;
                                                      U+4E81;U+6F27 亁;漧

U+69A7   榧    U+69A7         榧    U+69A7         榧
U+69A8   榨    U+69A8         榨    U+69A8         榨    U+643E;U+91A1      搾;醡
U+69A9   榩    U+69A9         榩    U+69A9         榩
U+69AA   榪    U+6769         杩    U+69AA         榪
U+69AB   榫    U+69AB         榫    U+69AB         榫
U+69AC   榬    U+69AC         榬    U+69AC         榬
U+69AD   榭    U+69AD         榭    U+69AD         榭
U+69AE   榮    U+8363         荣    U+69AE         榮    U+6804;U+8363      栄;荣
U+69AF   榯    U+69AF         榯    U+69AF         榯
U+69B0   榰    U+69B0         榰    U+69B0         榰
U+69B1   榱    U+69B1         榱    U+69B1         榱
U+69B2   榲    U+6985         榅    U+69B2         榲
U+69B3   榳    U+69B3         榳    U+69B3         榳
U+69B4   榴    U+69B4         榴    U+69B4         榴
U+69B5   榵    U+69B5         榵    U+69B5         榵
U+69B6   榶    U+69B6         榶    U+69B6         榶
U+69B7   榷    U+69B7         榷    U+69B7         榷    U+6409             搉
U+69B8   榸    U+69B8         榸    U+69B8         榸
U+69B9   榹    U+69B9         榹    U+69B9         榹
U+69BA   榺    U+69BA         榺    U+69BA         榺
U+69BB   榻    U+69BB         榻    U+69BB         榻
U+69BC   榼    U+69BC         榼    U+69BC         榼
U+69BD   榽    U+69BD         榽    U+69BD         榽
U+69BE   榾    U+69BE         榾    U+69BE         榾
U+69BF   榿    U+6864         桤    U+69BF         榿
U+69C1   槁    U+69C1         槁    U+69C1         槁
U+69C2   槂    U+69C2         槂    U+69C2         槂
U+69C3   槃    U+69C3         槃    U+69C3         槃
U+69C4   槄    U+69C4         槄    U+69C4         槄
U+69C5   槅    U+69C5         槅    U+6838         核    U+8988             覈
                                                                              Annex A: Page 139 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+69C6   槆    U+69C6         槆    U+69C6         槆
U+69C7   槇    U+69D9         槙    U+69D9         槙
U+69C8   槈    U+69C8         槈    U+69C8         槈
U+69C9   槉    U+69C9         槉    U+69C9         槉
U+69CA   槊    U+69CA         槊    U+69CA         槊
U+69CB   構    U+6784         构    U+69CB         構    U+6406;U+5193      搆;冓
U+69CC   槌    U+69CC         槌    U+69CC         槌
U+69CD   槍    U+67AA         枪    U+69CD         槍
U+69CE   槎    U+69CE         槎    U+69CE         槎
U+69CF   槏    U+69CF         槏    U+69CF         槏
U+69D0   槐    U+69D0         槐    U+69D0         槐
U+69D3   槓    U+6760         杠    U+69D3         槓
U+69D4   槔    U+69D4         槔    U+69D4         槔
U+69D8   様    U+6837         样    U+6A23         樣
U+69D9   槙    U+69D9         槙    U+69D9         槙    U+69C7             槇
U+69DA   槚    U+69DA         槚    U+6A9F         檟    U+698E             榎
U+69DB   槛    U+69DB         槛    U+6ABB         檻    U+8F5E             轞
U+69DC   槜    U+69DC         槜    U+6A87         檇
U+69DD   槝    U+69DD         槝    U+69DD         槝
U+69DE   槞    U+69DE         槞    U+69DE         槞
U+69DF   槟    U+69DF         槟    U+6AB3         檳    U+68B9             梹
U+69E0   槠    U+69E0         槠    U+6AE7         櫧
U+69E1   槡    U+69E1         槡    U+69E1         槡
U+69E2   槢    U+69E2         槢    U+69E2         槢
U+69E3   槣    U+69E3         槣    U+69E3         槣
U+69E4   槤    U+68BF         梿    U+69E4         槤
U+69E5   槥    U+69E5         槥    U+69E5         槥    U+6A85             檅
U+69E6   槦    U+69E6         槦    U+69E6         槦
U+69E7   槧    U+6920         椠    U+69E7         槧
U+69E8   槨    U+6901         椁    U+69E8         槨
U+69E9   槩    U+69E9         槩    U+69E9         槩    U+3BA3             㮣      (HKIRC:U+3BA3)
U+69EA   槪    U+6982         概    U+6982         概
U+69EB   槫    U+69EB         槫    U+69EB         槫
U+69EC   槬    U+69EC         槬    U+69EC         槬
U+69ED   槭    U+69ED         槭    U+69ED         槭
U+69EE   槮    U+69EE         槮    U+69EE         槮
U+69EF   槯    U+69EF         槯    U+69EF         槯
U+69F0   槰    U+69F0         槰    U+69F0         槰
U+69F1   槱    U+69F1         槱    U+69F1         槱
U+69F2   槲    U+69F2         槲    U+69F2         槲
U+69F3   槳    U+6868         桨    U+69F3         槳
U+69F4   槴    U+69F4         槴    U+69F4         槴
U+69F5   槵    U+69F5         槵    U+69F5         槵
U+69F6   槶    U+69F6         槶    U+69F6         槶
U+69F7   槷    U+69F7         槷    U+69F7         槷
U+69F8   槸    U+69F8         槸    U+69F8         槸
U+69FA   槺    U+69FA         槺    U+69FA         槺
U+69FB   槻    U+69FB         槻    U+69FB         槻
U+69FC   槼    U+89C4         规    U+69FC         槼    U+691D;U+898F; 椝;規;
                                                      U+89C4         规
U+69FD   槽    U+69FD         槽    U+69FD         槽
                                                                              Annex A: Page 140 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+69FE   槾    U+69FE         槾    U+69FE         槾
U+69FF   槿    U+69FF         槿    U+69FF         槿
U+6A00   樀    U+6A00         樀    U+6A00         樀
U+6A01   樁    U+6869         桩    U+6A01         樁    U+8E56             蹖
U+6A02   樂    U+4E50         乐    U+6A02         樂    U+697D             楽
U+6A04   樄    U+6A04         樄    U+6A04         樄
U+6A05   樅    U+679E         枞    U+6A05         樅
U+6A06   樆    U+6A06         樆    U+6A06         樆
U+6A07   樇    U+6A07         樇    U+6A07         樇
U+6A08   樈    U+6A08         樈    U+6A08         樈
U+6A09   樉    U+6A09         樉    U+6A09         樉
U+6A0A   樊    U+6A0A         樊    U+6A0A         樊
U+6A0B   樋    U+6A0B         樋    U+6A0B         樋
U+6A0D   樍    U+6A0D         樍    U+6A0D         樍
U+6A0E   樎    U+6A0E         樎    U+6A0E         樎
U+6A0F   樏    U+6A0F         樏    U+6A0F         樏
U+6A10   樐    U+6A79         橹    U+6AD3         櫓    U+8263;U+826A      艣;艪
U+6A11   樑    U+6881         梁    U+6A11         樑
U+6A12   樒    U+6A12         樒    U+6A12         樒
U+6A13   樓    U+697C         楼    U+6A13         樓
U+6A14   樔    U+6A14         樔    U+6A14         樔
U+6A15   樕    U+6A15         樕    U+6A15         樕
U+6A16   樖    U+6A16         樖    U+6A16         樖
U+6A17   樗    U+6A17         樗    U+6A17         樗
U+6A18   樘    U+6A18         樘    U+6A18         樘    U+6A55             橕
U+6A19   標    U+6807         标    U+6A19         標    U+5882             墂
U+6A1A   樚    U+6A1A         樚    U+6A1A         樚
U+6A1B   樛    U+6A1B         樛    U+6A1B         樛    U+673B             朻
U+6A1D   樝    U+6A1D         樝    U+6A1D         樝
U+6A1E   樞    U+67A2         枢    U+6A1E         樞
U+6A1F   樟    U+6A1F         樟    U+6A1F         樟
U+6A20   樠    U+6A20         樠    U+6A20         樠
U+6A21   模    U+6A21         模    U+6A21         模
U+6A22   樢    U+6A22         樢    U+6A22         樢
U+6A23   樣    U+6837         样    U+6A23         樣    U+69D8             様
U+6A25   樥    U+6A25         樥    U+6A25         樥
U+6A26   樦    U+6A26         樦    U+6A26         樦
U+6A27   樧    U+699D         榝    U+6A27         樧    U+8531             蔱
U+6A28   樨    U+6A28         樨    U+6A28         樨
U+6A29   権    U+6743         权    U+6B0A         權
U+6A2A   横    U+6A2A         横    U+6A6B         橫
U+6A2B   樫    U+6A2B         樫    U+6A2B         樫
U+6A2C   樬    U+6A2C         樬    U+6A2C         樬
U+6A2D   樭    U+6A2D         樭    U+6A2D         樭
U+6A2E   樮    U+6A2E         樮    U+6A2E         樮
U+6A2F   樯    U+6A2F         樯    U+6AA3         檣
U+6A30   樰    U+6A30         樰    U+6A30         樰
U+6A31   樱    U+6A31         樱    U+6AFB         櫻
U+6A32   樲    U+6A32         樲    U+6A32         樲
U+6A33   樳    U+686A         桪    U+6A33         樳
U+6A34   樴    U+6A34         樴    U+6A34         樴
                                                                              Annex A: Page 141 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6A35   樵    U+6A35         樵    U+6A35         樵
U+6A36   樶    U+6A36         樶    U+6A36         樶
U+6A38   樸    U+6734         朴    U+6A38         樸
U+6A39   樹    U+6811         树    U+6A39         樹    U+5C0C             尌
U+6A3A   樺    U+6866         桦    U+6A3A         樺
U+6A3B   樻    U+6A3B         樻    U+6A3B         樻
U+6A3C   樼    U+699B         榛    U+6A3C         樼    U+7349             獉
U+6A3D   樽    U+6A3D         樽    U+6A3D         樽    U+58AB;U+7F47      墫;罇
U+6A3E   樾    U+6A3E         樾    U+6A3E         樾
U+6A3F   樿    U+692B         椫    U+6A3F         樿
U+6A40   橀    U+6A40         橀    U+6A40         橀
U+6A41   橁    U+6A41         橁    U+6A41         橁
U+6A42   橂    U+6A42         橂    U+6A42         橂
U+6A43   橃    U+6A43         橃    U+6A43         橃
U+6A44   橄    U+6A44         橄    U+6A44         橄
U+6A45   橅    U+6A45         橅    U+6A45         橅
U+6A46   橆    U+6A46         橆    U+6A46         橆
U+6A47   橇    U+6A47         橇    U+6A47         橇    U+6A4B;U+6865; 橋;桥;
                                                      U+97BD;U+9792 鞽;鞒

U+6A48   橈    U+6861         桡    U+6A48         橈
U+6A49   橉    U+6A49         橉    U+6A49         橉
U+6A4B   橋    U+6865         桥    U+6A4B         橋    U+6A47;U+97BD; 橇;鞽;
                                                      U+9792         鞒
U+6A4C   橌    U+6A4C         橌    U+6A4C         橌
U+6A4D   橍    U+6A4D         橍    U+6A4D         橍
U+6A4E   橎    U+6A4E         橎    U+6A4E         橎
U+6A4F   橏    U+6A4F         橏    U+6A4F         橏
U+6A50   橐    U+6A50         橐    U+6A50         橐
U+6A51   橑    U+6A51         橑    U+6A51         橑
U+6A52   橒    U+6A52         橒    U+6A52         橒
U+6A53   橓    U+6A53         橓    U+6A53         橓                              (HK)
U+6A54   橔    U+6A54         橔    U+6A54         橔
U+6A55   橕    U+6A18         樘    U+6A55         橕
U+6A56   橖    U+6A56         橖    U+6A56         橖
U+6A57   橗    U+6A57         橗    U+6A57         橗
U+6A58   橘    U+6A58         橘    U+6A58         橘
U+6A59   橙    U+6A59         橙    U+6A59         橙
U+6A5A   橚    U+6A5A         橚    U+6A5A         橚
U+6A5B   橛    U+6A5B         橛    U+6A5B         橛
U+6A5D   橝    U+6A5D         橝    U+6A5D         橝
U+6A5E   橞    U+6A5E         橞    U+6A5E         橞
U+6A5F   機    U+673A         机    U+6A5F         機
U+6A60   橠    U+6A60         橠    U+6A60         橠
U+6A61   橡    U+6A61         橡    U+6A61         橡
U+6A62   橢    U+692D         椭    U+6A62         橢    U+6955;U+64B1      楕;撱
U+6A63   橣    U+6A63         橣    U+6A63         橣
U+6A64   橤    U+854A         蕊    U+6A64         橤    U+854A;U+854B; 蕊;蕋;
                                                      U+8602         蘂
U+6A65   橥    U+6A65         橥    U+6AEB         櫫
U+6A66   橦    U+6A66         橦    U+6A66         橦
                                                                              Annex A: Page 142 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6A67   橧    U+6A67         橧    U+6A67          橧
U+6A68   橨    U+6A68         橨    U+6A68          橨
U+6A69   橩    U+6A69         橩    U+6A69          橩
U+6A6A   橪    U+6A6A         橪    U+6A6A          橪
U+6A6B   橫    U+6A2A         横    U+6A6B          橫
U+6A6C   橬    U+6A6C         橬    U+6A6C          橬
U+6A6D   橭    U+6A6D         橭    U+6A6D          橭
U+6A6F   橯    U+6A6F         橯    U+6A6F          橯
U+6A71   橱    U+6A71         橱    U+6AE5          櫥
U+6A72   橲    U+6A72         橲    U+6A72          橲
U+6A73   橳    U+6A73         橳    U+6A73          橳
U+6A74   橴    U+6A74         橴    U+6A74          橴
U+6A75   橵    U+6A75         橵    U+6A75          橵
U+6A76   橶    U+6A76         橶    U+6A76          橶
U+6A77   橷    U+6A77         橷    U+6A77          橷
U+6A78   橸    U+6A78         橸    U+6A78          橸
U+6A79   橹    U+6A79         橹    U+6AD3          櫓    U+6A10;U+8263;U 樐;艣;
                                                       +826A           艪
U+6A7A   橺    U+6A7A         橺    U+6A7A          橺
U+6A7B   橻    U+6A7B         橻    U+6A7B          橻
U+6A7C   橼    U+6A7C         橼    U+6ADE          櫞
U+6A7D   橽    U+6A7D         橽    U+6A7D          橽
U+6A7E   橾    U+6A7E         橾    U+6A7E          橾
U+6A7F   橿    U+6A7F         橿    U+6A7F          橿
U+6A80   檀    U+6A80         檀    U+6A80          檀
U+6A81   檁    U+6AA9         檩    U+6A81          檁
U+6A82   檂    U+6A82         檂    U+6A82          檂
U+6A83   檃    U+6AFD         櫽    U+6A83          檃    U+6AFD;U+6ABC 櫽;檼

U+6A84   檄    U+6A84         檄    U+6A84          檄
U+6A85   檅    U+69E5         槥    U+6A85          檅
U+6A87   檇    U+69DC         槜    U+6A87          檇
U+6A88   檈    U+6A88         檈    U+6A88          檈
U+6A89   檉    U+67FD         柽    U+6A89          檉
U+6A8B   檋    U+6A8B         檋    U+6A8B          檋
U+6A8C   檌    U+6A8C         檌    U+6A8C          檌
U+6A8D   檍    U+6A8D         檍    U+6A8D          檍
U+6A8E   檎    U+6A8E         檎    U+6A8E          檎
U+6A90   檐    U+6A90         檐    U+6A90;U+7C37   檐;簷
U+6A91   檑    U+6A91         檑    U+6A91          檑
U+6A92   檒    U+6A92         檒    U+6A92          檒
U+6A93   檓    U+6A93         檓    U+6A93          檓
U+6A94   檔    U+6863         档    U+6A94          檔
U+6A95   檕    U+6A95         檕    U+6A95          檕
U+6A96   檖    U+6A96         檖    U+6A96          檖
U+6A97   檗    U+6A97         檗    U+6A97          檗   U+8617              蘗
U+6A98   檘    U+6A98         檘    U+6A98          檘   U+67B0              枰
U+6A9A   檚    U+695A         楚    U+6A9A          檚   U+6918              椘
U+6A9B   檛    U+6A9B         檛    U+6A9B          檛
U+6A9C   檜    U+6867         桧    U+6A9C          檜
U+6A9E   檞    U+6A9E         檞    U+6A9E          檞
                                                                               Annex A: Page 143 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6A9F   檟    U+69DA         槚    U+6A9F         檟    U+698E             榎
U+6AA0   檠    U+6AA0         檠    U+6AA0         檠
U+6AA1   檡    U+6AA1         檡    U+6AA1         檡
U+6AA2   檢    U+68C0         检    U+6AA2         檢    U+691C             検
U+6AA3   檣    U+6A2F         樯    U+6AA3         檣
U+6AA4   檤    U+6AA4         檤    U+6AA4         檤
U+6AA5   檥    U+8223         舣    U+6AA5         檥    U+8223;U+8264      舣;艤
U+6AA6   檦    U+6AA6         檦    U+6AA6         檦
U+6AA7   檧    U+6AA7         檧    U+6AA7         檧
U+6AA8   檨    U+6AA8         檨    U+6AA8         檨
U+6AA9   檩    U+6AA9         檩    U+6A81         檁
U+6AAB   檫    U+6AAB         檫    U+6AAB         檫
U+6AAC   檬    U+6AAC         檬    U+6AAC         檬
U+6AAD   檭    U+6AAD         檭    U+6AAD         檭
U+6AAE   檮    U+68BC         梼    U+6AAE         檮
U+6AAF   檯    U+53F0         台    U+6AAF         檯    U+7C49;U+81FA; 籉;臺;
                                                      U+98B1         颱
U+6AB0   檰    U+6AB0         檰    U+6AB0         檰
U+6AB2   檲    U+6AB2         檲    U+6AB2         檲
U+6AB3   檳    U+69DF         槟    U+6AB3         檳    U+68B9             梹
U+6AB4   檴    U+6AB4         檴    U+6AB4         檴
U+6AB5   檵    U+6AB5         檵    U+6AB5         檵
U+6AB6   檶    U+6AB6         檶    U+6AB6         檶
U+6AB7   檷    U+6AB7         檷    U+6AB7         檷
U+6AB8   檸    U+67E0         柠    U+6AB8         檸
U+6AB9   檹    U+6AB9         檹    U+6AB9         檹
U+6ABA   檺    U+6ABA         檺    U+6ABA         檺
U+6ABB   檻    U+69DB         槛    U+6ABB         檻    U+8F5E             轞
U+6ABC   檼    U+6ABC         檼    U+6ABC         檼    U+6AFD;U+6A83      櫽;檃

U+6ABD   檽    U+6ABD         檽    U+6ABD         檽
U+6ABF   檿    U+6ABF         檿    U+6ABF         檿
U+6AC1   櫁    U+6AC1         櫁    U+6AC1         櫁
U+6AC2   櫂    U+68F9         棹    U+6AC2         櫂    U+684C             桌
U+6AC3   櫃    U+67DC         柜    U+6AC3         櫃
U+6AC5   櫅    U+6AC5         櫅    U+6AC5         櫅
U+6AC6   櫆    U+9B41         魁    U+6AC6         櫆
U+6AC7   櫇    U+6AC7         櫇    U+6AC7         櫇
U+6AC8   櫈    U+6AC8         櫈    U+6AC8         櫈    U+51F3             凳      (HK:CV)
U+6ACA   櫊    U+6ACA         櫊    U+6ACA         櫊
U+6ACB   櫋    U+6ACB         櫋    U+6ACB         櫋
U+6ACC   櫌    U+8030         耰    U+6ACC         櫌
U+6ACD   櫍    U+6ACD         櫍    U+6ACD         櫍
U+6ACE   櫎    U+6ACE         櫎    U+6ACE         櫎
U+6ACF   櫏    U+6ACF         櫏    U+6ACF         櫏
U+6AD0   櫐    U+863D         蘽    U+6AD0         櫐
U+6AD1   櫑    U+6AD1         櫑    U+6AD1         櫑
U+6AD2   櫒    U+6AD2         櫒    U+6AD2         櫒
U+6AD3   櫓    U+6A79         橹    U+6AD3         櫓    U+6A10;U+8263;U 樐;艣;
                                                      +826A           艪
U+6AD4   櫔    U+6AD4         櫔    U+6AD4         櫔
                                                                              Annex A: Page 144 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6AD5   櫕    U+6AD5         櫕    U+6AD5         櫕
U+6AD6   櫖    U+6AD6         櫖    U+6AD6         櫖
U+6AD7   櫗    U+6AD7         櫗    U+6AD7         櫗
U+6AD9   櫙    U+6AD9         櫙    U+6AD9         櫙
U+6ADA   櫚    U+6988         榈    U+6ADA         櫚
U+6ADB   櫛    U+6809         栉    U+6ADB         櫛
U+6ADC   櫜    U+6ADC         櫜    U+6ADC         櫜
U+6ADD   櫝    U+691F         椟    U+6ADD         櫝
U+6ADE   櫞    U+6A7C         橼    U+6ADE         櫞
U+6ADF   櫟    U+680E         栎    U+6ADF         櫟
U+6AE0   櫠    U+6AE0         櫠    U+6AE0         櫠
U+6AE1   櫡    U+6AE1         櫡    U+6AE1         櫡
U+6AE2   櫢    U+6AE2         櫢    U+6AE2         櫢
U+6AE3   櫣    U+6AE3         櫣    U+6AE3         櫣
U+6AE4   櫤    U+6AE4         櫤    U+6AE4         櫤
U+6AE5   櫥    U+6A71         橱    U+6AE5         櫥
U+6AE6   櫦    U+6AE6         櫦    U+6AE6         櫦
U+6AE7   櫧    U+69E0         槠    U+6AE7         櫧
U+6AE8   櫨    U+680C         栌    U+6AE8         櫨
U+6AEA   櫪    U+67A5         枥    U+6AEA         櫪
U+6AEB   櫫    U+6A65         橥    U+6AEB         櫫
U+6AEC   櫬    U+6987         榇    U+6AEC         櫬    U+85FD             藽
U+6AED   櫭    U+6AED         櫭    U+6AED         櫭
U+6AEE   櫮    U+6AEE         櫮    U+6AEE         櫮
U+6AEF   櫯    U+6AEF         櫯    U+6AEF         櫯
U+6AF0   櫰    U+6AF0         櫰    U+6AF0         櫰
U+6AF1   櫱    U+8616         蘖    U+6AF1         櫱
U+6AF2   櫲    U+6AF2         櫲    U+6AF2         櫲
U+6AF3   櫳    U+680A         栊    U+6AF3         櫳
U+6AF4   櫴    U+6AF4         櫴    U+6AF4         櫴
U+6AF5   櫵    U+6AF5         櫵    U+6AF5         櫵
U+6AF6   櫶    U+6AF6         櫶    U+6AF6         櫶
U+6AF7   櫷    U+6AF7         櫷    U+6AF7         櫷
U+6AF8   櫸    U+6989         榉    U+6AF8         櫸
U+6AF9   櫹    U+6AF9         櫹    U+6AF9         櫹
U+6AFA   櫺    U+6AFA         櫺    U+6AFA         櫺
U+6AFB   櫻    U+6A31         樱    U+6AFB         櫻
U+6AFC   櫼    U+6AFC         櫼    U+6AFC         櫼
U+6AFD   櫽    U+6AFD         櫽    U+6A83         檃    U+6ABC             檼
U+6AFE   櫾    U+6AFE         櫾    U+6AFE         櫾
U+6AFF   櫿    U+6AFF         櫿    U+6AFF         櫿
U+6B00   欀    U+6B00         欀    U+6B00         欀
U+6B01   欁    U+6B01         欁    U+6B01         欁
U+6B02   欂    U+6B02         欂    U+6B02         欂
U+6B03   欃    U+6B03         欃    U+6B03         欃
U+6B04   欄    U+680F         栏    U+6B04         欄    U+6B17             欗
U+6B05   欅    U+6B05         欅    U+6B05         欅
U+6B06   欆    U+6B06         欆    U+6B06         欆
U+6B07   欇    U+6B07         欇    U+6B07         欇
U+6B08   欈    U+6B08         欈    U+6B08         欈
U+6B09   欉    U+4E1B         丛    U+6B09         欉    U+53E2;U+85C2      叢;藂
                                                                              Annex A: Page 145 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6B0A   權    U+6743         权    U+6B0A          權    U+6A29             権
U+6B0B   欋    U+6B0B         欋    U+6B0B          欋
U+6B0C   欌    U+6B0C         欌    U+6B0C          欌
U+6B0D   欍    U+6B0D         欍    U+6B0D          欍
U+6B0F   欏    U+6924         椤    U+6B0F          欏
U+6B10   欐    U+6B10         欐    U+6B10          欐
U+6B11   欑    U+6B11         欑    U+6B11          欑
U+6B12   欒    U+683E         栾    U+6B12          欒
U+6B13   欓    U+6B13         欓    U+6B13          欓
U+6B14   欔    U+6B14         欔    U+6B14          欔
U+6B15   欕    U+6B15         欕    U+6B15          欕
U+6B16   欖    U+6984         榄    U+6B16          欖
U+6B17   欗    U+680F         栏    U+6B17          欗    U+6B04             欄
U+6B18   欘    U+6B18         欘    U+6B18          欘
U+6B19   欙    U+6B19         欙    U+6B19          欙
U+6B1A   欚    U+6B1A         欚    U+6B1A          欚
U+6B1C   欜    U+6B1C         欜    U+6B1C          欜
U+6B1D   欝    U+90C1         郁    U+9B31          鬱    U+9B30             鬰
U+6B1E   欞    U+68C2         棂    U+6B1E          欞
U+6B1F   欟    U+6B1F         欟    U+6B1F          欟
U+6B20   欠    U+6B20         欠    U+6B20          欠
U+6B21   次    U+6B21         次    U+6B21          次
U+6B22   欢    U+6B22         欢    U+6B61          歡    U+61FD;U+6B53; 懽;歓;
                                                       U+8B99;U+9A69 讙;驩

U+6B23   欣    U+6B23         欣    U+6B23          欣
U+6B24   欤    U+6B24         欤    U+6B5F          歟
U+6B25   欥    U+6B25         欥    U+6B25          欥
U+6B26   欦    U+6B26         欦    U+6B26          欦
U+6B27   欧    U+6B27         欧    U+6B50          歐
U+6B28   欨    U+6B28         欨    U+6B28          欨
U+6B29   欩    U+6B29         欩    U+6B29          欩
U+6B2A   欪    U+6B2A         欪    U+6B2A          欪
U+6B2B   欫    U+6B2B         欫    U+6B2B          欫
U+6B2C   欬    U+6B2C         欬    U+6B2C          欬
U+6B2D   欭    U+6B2D         欭    U+6B2D          欭
U+6B2F   欯    U+6B2F         欯    U+6B2F          欯
U+6B30   欰    U+6B30         欰    U+6B30          欰
U+6B31   欱    U+6B31         欱    U+6B31          欱
U+6B32   欲    U+6B32         欲    U+6B32;U+617E   欲;慾 U+617E              慾
U+6B33   欳    U+559F         喟    U+6B33          欳   U+5633              嘳
U+6B34   欴    U+6B34         欴    U+6B34          欴
U+6B36   欶    U+55FD         嗽    U+6B36          欶
U+6B37   欷    U+6B37         欷    U+6B37          欷
U+6B38   欸    U+6B38         欸    U+6B38          欸   U+8A92;U+8BF6       誒;诶
U+6B39   欹    U+6B39         欹    U+6B39          欹
U+6B3A   欺    U+6B3A         欺    U+6B3A          欺
U+6B3B   欻    U+6B3B         欻    U+6B3B          欻
U+6B3C   欼    U+6B3C         欼    U+6B3C          欼
U+6B3D   欽    U+94A6         钦    U+6B3D          欽
U+6B3E   款    U+6B3E         款    U+6B3E          款
                                                                               Annex A: Page 146 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6B3F   欿    U+6B3F         欿    U+6B3F         欿
U+6B41   歁    U+6B41         歁    U+6B41         歁
U+6B42   歂    U+6B42         歂    U+6B42         歂
U+6B43   歃    U+6B43         歃    U+6B43         歃
U+6B44   歄    U+6B44         歄    U+6B44         歄
U+6B45   歅    U+6B45         歅    U+6B45         歅
U+6B46   歆    U+6B46         歆    U+6B46         歆
U+6B47   歇    U+6B47         歇    U+6B47         歇
U+6B48   歈    U+6B48         歈    U+6B48         歈
U+6B49   歉    U+6B49         歉    U+6B49         歉
U+6B4A   歊    U+6B4A         歊    U+6B4A         歊
U+6B4B   歋    U+6B4B         歋    U+6B4B         歋
U+6B4C   歌    U+6B4C         歌    U+6B4C         歌
U+6B4D   歍    U+6B4D         歍    U+6B4D         歍
U+6B4E   歎    U+53F9         叹    U+6B4E         歎    U+5606             嘆
U+6B4F   歏    U+6B4F         歏    U+6B4F         歏
U+6B50   歐    U+6B27         欧    U+6B50         歐
U+6B51   歑    U+6B51         歑    U+6B51         歑
U+6B52   歒    U+6B52         歒    U+6B52         歒
U+6B53   歓    U+6B22         欢    U+6B61         歡    U+61FD;U+8B99; 懽;讙;
                                                      U+9A69         驩
U+6B54   歔    U+6B54         歔    U+6B54         歔
U+6B55   歕    U+55B7         喷    U+6B55         歕    U+5674             噴
U+6B56   歖    U+6B56         歖    U+6B56         歖
U+6B59   歙    U+6B59         歙    U+6B59         歙
U+6B5A   歚    U+6B5A         歚    U+6B5A         歚
U+6B5B   歛    U+655B         敛    U+6B5B         歛    U+6582             斂
U+6B5C   歜    U+6B5C         歜    U+6B5C         歜
U+6B5E   歞    U+6B5E         歞    U+6B5E         歞
U+6B5F   歟    U+6B24         欤    U+6B5F         歟
U+6B60   歠    U+6B60         歠    U+6B60         歠
U+6B61   歡    U+6B22         欢    U+6B61         歡    U+61FD;U+6B53; 懽;歓;
                                                      U+8B99;U+9A69 讙;驩

U+6B62   止    U+6B62         止    U+6B62         止
U+6B63   正    U+6B63         正    U+6B63         正
U+6B64   此    U+6B64         此    U+6B64         此
U+6B65   步    U+6B65         步    U+6B65         步    U+6B69             歩
U+6B66   武    U+6B66         武    U+6B66         武
U+6B67   歧    U+6B67         歧    U+6B67         歧    U+5C90             岐
U+6B69   歩    U+6B65         步    U+6B65         步
U+6B6A   歪    U+6B6A         歪    U+6B6A         歪
U+6B6B   歫    U+6B6B         歫    U+6B6B         歫
U+6B6D   歭    U+6B6D         歭    U+6B6D         歭
U+6B6F   歯    U+9F7F         齿    U+9F52         齒
U+6B70   歰    U+6B70         歰    U+6B70         歰
U+6B72   歲    U+5C81         岁    U+6B72         歲    U+4E97;U+6B73      亗;歳
U+6B73   歳    U+5C81         岁    U+6B72         歲    U+4E97             亗
U+6B74   歴    U+5386         历    U+6B77         歷    U+53A4;U+66A6;     厤;暦;
                                                      U+66C6             曆
U+6B76   歶    U+6B76         歶    U+6B76         歶
                                                                              Annex A: Page 147 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6B77   歷    U+5386         历    U+6B77         歷    U+66C6;U+6B74; 曆;歴;
                                                      U+53A4;U+66A6 厤;暦

U+6B78   歸    U+5F52         归    U+6B78         歸    U+5E30;U+7688      帰;皈
U+6B79   歹    U+6B79         歹    U+6B79         歹    U+6B7A             歺
U+6B7A   歺    U+6B79         歹    U+6B79         歹
U+6B7B   死    U+6B7B         死    U+6B7B         死
U+6B7C   歼    U+6B7C         歼    U+6BB2         殲
U+6B7E   歾    U+6B7E         歾    U+6B7E         歾
U+6B7F   歿    U+6B81         殁    U+6B7F         歿
U+6B80   殀    U+592D         夭    U+6B80         殀
U+6B81   殁    U+6B81         殁    U+6B7F         歿
U+6B82   殂    U+6B82         殂    U+6B82         殂
U+6B83   殃    U+6B83         殃    U+6B83         殃
U+6B84   殄    U+6B84         殄    U+6B84         殄
U+6B85   殅    U+6B85         殅    U+6B85         殅
U+6B86   殆    U+6B86         殆    U+6B86         殆
U+6B87   殇    U+6B87         殇    U+6BA4         殤
U+6B88   殈    U+6B88         殈    U+6B88         殈
U+6B89   殉    U+6B89         殉    U+6B89         殉
U+6B8A   殊    U+6B8A         殊    U+6B8A         殊
U+6B8B   残    U+6B8B         残    U+6B98         殘
U+6B8C   殌    U+6B8C         殌    U+6B8C         殌
U+6B8D   殍    U+6B8D         殍    U+6B8D         殍
U+6B8E   殎    U+6B8E         殎    U+6B8E         殎
U+6B8F   殏    U+6B8F         殏    U+6B8F         殏
U+6B90   殐    U+6B90         殐    U+6B90         殐
U+6B91   殑    U+6B91         殑    U+6B91         殑
U+6B92   殒    U+6B92         殒    U+6B9E         殞
U+6B93   殓    U+6B93         殓    U+6BAE         殮
U+6B94   殔    U+6B94         殔    U+6B94         殔
U+6B95   殕    U+8E23         踣    U+6B95         殕
U+6B96   殖    U+6B96         殖    U+6B96         殖
U+6B97   殗    U+6B97         殗    U+6B97         殗
U+6B98   殘    U+6B8B         残    U+6B98         殘
U+6B99   殙    U+6B99         殙    U+6B99         殙
U+6B9A   殚    U+6B9A         殚    U+6BAB         殫
U+6B9B   殛    U+6B9B         殛    U+6B9B         殛
U+6B9C   殜    U+6B9C         殜    U+6B9C         殜
U+6B9D   殝    U+6B9D         殝    U+6B9D         殝
U+6B9E   殞    U+6B92         殒    U+6B9E         殞
U+6B9F   殟    U+6B9F         殟    U+6B9F         殟
U+6BA0   殠    U+81ED         臭    U+6BA0         殠
U+6BA1   殡    U+6BA1         殡    U+6BAF         殯
U+6BA2   殢    U+6BA2         殢    U+6BA2         殢
U+6BA3   殣    U+6BA3         殣    U+6BA3         殣
U+6BA4   殤    U+6B87         殇    U+6BA4         殤
U+6BA5   殥    U+6BA5         殥    U+6BA5         殥
U+6BA6   殦    U+6BA6         殦    U+6BA6         殦
U+6BA7   殧    U+6BA7         殧    U+6BA7         殧
U+6BA8   殨    U+3C6E         㱮    U+6BA8         殨
                                                                              Annex A: Page 148 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6BA9   殩    U+6BA9         殩    U+6BA9          殩
U+6BAA   殪    U+6BAA         殪    U+6BAA          殪
U+6BAB   殫    U+6B9A         殚    U+6BAB          殫
U+6BAC   殬    U+6BAC         殬    U+6BAC          殬
U+6BAD   殭    U+50F5         僵    U+6BAD          殭
U+6BAE   殮    U+6B93         殓    U+6BAE          殮
U+6BAF   殯    U+6BA1         殡    U+6BAF          殯
U+6BB0   殰    U+6BB0         殰    U+6BB0          殰
U+6BB2   殲    U+6B7C         歼    U+6BB2          殲
U+6BB3   殳    U+6BB3         殳    U+6BB3          殳     U+6778             杸
U+6BB4   殴    U+6BB4         殴    U+6BC6          毆
U+6BB5   段    U+6BB5         段    U+6BB5          段
U+6BB6   殶    U+6BB6         殶    U+6BB6          殶
U+6BB7   殷    U+6BB7         殷    U+6BB7;U+6147   殷;慇   U+6147             慇
U+6BB9   殹    U+6BB9         殹    U+6BB9          殹
U+6BBA   殺    U+6740         杀    U+6BBA          殺     U+95B7             閷
U+6BBB   殻    U+58F3         壳    U+6BBC          殼
U+6BBC   殼    U+58F3         壳    U+6BBC          殼     U+6BBB             殻
U+6BBD   殽    U+6BBD         殽    U+6BBD          殽
U+6BBE   殾    U+6BBE         殾    U+6BBE          殾
U+6BBF   殿    U+6BBF         殿    U+6BBF          殿
U+6BC0   毀    U+6BC1         毁    U+6BC0          毀     U+6BC1;U+8B6D 毁;譭

U+6BC1   毁    U+6BC1         毁    U+6BC0          毀     U+8B6D             譭
U+6BC2   毂    U+6BC2         毂    U+8F42          轂     U+8EF2;U+8F71      軲;轱
U+6BC3   毃    U+6572         敲    U+6BC3          毃
U+6BC4   毄    U+6BC4         毄    U+6BC4          毄
U+6BC5   毅    U+6BC5         毅    U+6BC5          毅
U+6BC6   毆    U+6BB4         殴    U+6BC6          毆
U+6BC7   毇    U+6BC7         毇    U+6BC7          毇
U+6BC8   毈    U+6BC8         毈    U+6BC8          毈
U+6BC9   毉    U+533B         医    U+6BC9          毉     U+91AB             醫
U+6BCA   毊    U+6BCA         毊    U+6BCA          毊
U+6BCB   毋    U+6BCB         毋    U+6BCB          毋
U+6BCC   毌    U+6BCC         毌    U+6BCC          毌
U+6BCD   母    U+6BCD         母    U+6BCD          母
U+6BCE   毎    U+6BCF         每    U+6BCF          每
U+6BCF   每    U+6BCF         每    U+6BCF          每     U+6BCE             毎
U+6BD0   毐    U+6BD0         毐    U+6BD0          毐
U+6BD1   毑    U+6BD1         毑    U+6BD1          毑
U+6BD2   毒    U+6BD2         毒    U+6BD2          毒
U+6BD3   毓    U+6BD3         毓    U+6BD3          毓
U+6BD4   比    U+6BD4         比    U+6BD4          比
U+6BD5   毕    U+6BD5         毕    U+7562          畢     U+7F7C;U+93CE 罼;鏎

U+6BD6   毖    U+6BD6         毖    U+6BD6          毖
U+6BD7   毗    U+6BD7         毗    U+6BD7          毗     U+6BD8             毘
U+6BD8   毘    U+6BD7         毗    U+6BD8          毘
U+6BD9   毙    U+6BD9         毙    U+6583          斃
U+6BDA   毚    U+6BDA         毚    U+6BDA          毚
U+6BDB   毛    U+6BDB         毛    U+6BDB          毛
                                                                                Annex A: Page 149 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6BDC   毜    U+6BDC         毜    U+6BDC         毜
U+6BDD   毝    U+6BDD         毝    U+6BDD         毝
U+6BDE   毞    U+6BDE         毞    U+6BDE         毞
U+6BDF   毟    U+6BDF         毟    U+6BDF         毟
U+6BE0   毠    U+8888         袈    U+6BE0         毠
U+6BE1   毡    U+6BE1         毡    U+6C08         氈
U+6BE2   毢    U+6BE2         毢    U+6BE2         毢
U+6BE3   毣    U+6BE3         毣    U+6BE3         毣
U+6BE4   毤    U+6BFB         毻    U+6BE4         毤
U+6BE5   毥    U+6BE5         毥    U+6BE5         毥
U+6BE6   毦    U+6BE6         毦    U+6BE6         毦
U+6BE7   毧    U+7ED2         绒    U+6BE7         毧    U+7ED2;U+7D68; 绒;絨;
                                                      U+7FA2         羢
U+6BE8   毨    U+6BE8         毨    U+6BE8         毨
U+6BEA   毪    U+6BEA         毪    U+6BEA         毪
U+6BEB   毫    U+6BEB         毫    U+6BEB         毫
U+6BEC   毬    U+7403         球    U+6BEC         毬
U+6BED   毭    U+6BED         毭    U+6BED         毭
U+6BEE   毮    U+6BEE         毮    U+6BEE         毮
U+6BEF   毯    U+6BEF         毯    U+6BEF         毯
U+6BF0   毰    U+6BF0         毰    U+6BF0         毰
U+6BF2   毲    U+6BF2         毲    U+6BF2         毲
U+6BF3   毳    U+6BF3         毳    U+6BF3         毳
U+6BF5   毵    U+6BF5         毵    U+6BFF         毿
U+6BF6   毶    U+6BF6         毶    U+6BF6         毶
U+6BF7   毷    U+6BF7         毷    U+6BF7         毷
U+6BF8   毸    U+6BF8         毸    U+6BF8         毸
U+6BF9   毹    U+6BF9         毹    U+6BF9         毹
U+6BFB   毻    U+6BFB         毻    U+6BFB         毻    U+6BE4             毤
U+6BFC   毼    U+6BFC         毼    U+6BFC         毼
U+6BFD   毽    U+6BFD         毽    U+6BFD         毽
U+6BFE   毾    U+6BFE         毾    U+6BFE         毾
U+6BFF   毿    U+6BF5         毵    U+6BFF         毿
U+6C00   氀    U+6C00         氀    U+6C00         氀
U+6C01   氁    U+6C01         氁    U+6C01         氁
U+6C02   氂    U+7266         牦    U+6C02         氂    U+7266;U+729B;U 牦;犛;
                                                      +9AE6           髦
U+6C03   氃    U+6C03         氃    U+6C03         氃
U+6C04   氄    U+6C04         氄    U+6C04         氄
U+6C05   氅    U+6C05         氅    U+6C05         氅
U+6C06   氆    U+6C06         氆    U+6C06         氆
U+6C07   氇    U+6C07         氇    U+6C0C         氌
U+6C08   氈    U+6BE1         毡    U+6C08         氈
U+6C09   氉    U+6C09         氉    U+6C09         氉
U+6C0B   氋    U+6C0B         氋    U+6C0B         氋
U+6C0C   氌    U+6C07         氇    U+6C0C         氌
U+6C0D   氍    U+6C0D         氍    U+6C0D         氍
U+6C0E   氎    U+6C0E         氎    U+6C0E         氎
U+6C0F   氏    U+6C0F         氏    U+6C0F         氏
U+6C10   氐    U+6C10         氐    U+6C10         氐
U+6C11   民    U+6C11         民    U+6C11         民
                                                                              Annex A: Page 150 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6C12   氒    U+6C12         氒    U+6C12          氒
U+6C13   氓    U+6C13         氓    U+6C13          氓    U+753F             甿
U+6C14   气    U+6C14         气    U+6C23          氣
U+6C15   氕    U+6C15         氕    U+6C15          氕
U+6C16   氖    U+6C16         氖    U+6C16          氖
U+6C18   氘    U+6C18         氘    U+6C18          氘
U+6C19   氙    U+6C19         氙    U+6C19          氙
U+6C1A   氚    U+6C1A         氚    U+6C1A          氚
U+6C1B   氛    U+6C1B         氛    U+6C1B          氛    U+96F0             雰
U+6C1D   氝    U+6C1D         氝    U+6C1D          氝
U+6C1E   氞    U+6C1E         氞    U+6C1E          氞
U+6C1F   氟    U+6C1F         氟    U+6C1F          氟
U+6C20   氠    U+6C20         氠    U+6C20          氠
U+6C21   氡    U+6C21         氡    U+6C21          氡
U+6C22   氢    U+6C22         氢    U+6C2B          氫
U+6C23   氣    U+6C14         气    U+6C23          氣
U+6C24   氤    U+6C24         氤    U+6C24          氤
U+6C25   氥    U+6C25         氥    U+6C25          氥
U+6C26   氦    U+6C26         氦    U+6C26          氦
U+6C27   氧    U+6C27         氧    U+6C27          氧
U+6C28   氨    U+6C28         氨    U+6C28          氨
U+6C29   氩    U+6C29         氩    U+6C2C          氬
U+6C2A   氪    U+6C2A         氪    U+6C2A          氪
U+6C2B   氫    U+6C22         氢    U+6C2B          氫
U+6C2C   氬    U+6C29         氩    U+6C2C          氬
U+6C2E   氮    U+6C2E         氮    U+6C2E          氮
U+6C2F   氯    U+6C2F         氯    U+6C2F          氯
U+6C30   氰    U+6C30         氰    U+6C30          氰
U+6C31   氱    U+6C31         氱    U+6C31          氱
U+6C32   氲    U+6C32         氲    U+6C33          氳
U+6C33   氳    U+6C32         氲    U+6C33          氳
U+6C34   水    U+6C34         水    U+6C34          水
U+6C35   氵    U+6C35         氵    U+6C35          氵
U+6C36   氶    U+6C36         氶    U+6C36          氶
U+6C37   氷    U+51B0         冰    U+51B0          冰
U+6C38   永    U+6C38         永    U+6C38          永
U+6C39   氹    U+6C39         氹    U+6C39          氹    U+51FC             凼      (HK:CV)
U+6C3A   氺    U+6C3A         氺    U+6C3A          氺
U+6C3B   氻    U+6C3B         氻    U+6C3B          氻
U+6C3D   氽    U+6C3D         氽    U+6C3D          氽
U+6C3E   氾    U+6CDB         泛    U+6C3E          氾    U+6C4E;U+6CDB 汎;泛

U+6C3F   氿    U+6C3F         氿    U+6C3F          氿
U+6C40   汀    U+6C40         汀    U+6C40          汀
U+6C41   汁    U+6C41         汁    U+6C41          汁
U+6C42   求    U+6C42         求    U+6C42          求
U+6C43   汃    U+6C43         汃    U+6C43          汃
U+6C44   汄    U+6C44         汄    U+6C44          汄
U+6C46   汆    U+6C46         汆    U+6C46          汆
U+6C47   汇    U+6C47         汇    U+532F;U+5F59   匯;彙 U+5F5A;U+6ED9       彚;滙

                                                                               Annex A: Page 151 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6C48   汈    U+6C48         汈    U+6C48          汈
U+6C49   汉    U+6C49         汉    U+6F22          漢
U+6C4A   汊    U+6C4A         汊    U+6C4A          汊
U+6C4B   汋    U+6C4B         汋    U+6C4B          汋
U+6C4C   汌    U+6C4C         汌    U+6C4C          汌
U+6C4D   汍    U+6C4D         汍    U+6C4D          汍
U+6C4E   汎    U+6CDB         泛    U+6C4E          汎    U+6C3E;U+6CDB 氾;泛

U+6C4F   汏    U+6C70         汰    U+6C4F          汏    U+6C70;U+6E99      汰;溙
U+6C50   汐    U+6C50         汐    U+6C50          汐
U+6C51   汑    U+6C51         汑    U+6C51          汑
U+6C52   汒    U+832B         茫    U+6C52          汒
U+6C53   汓    U+6C53         汓    U+6C53          汓
U+6C54   汔    U+6C54         汔    U+6C54          汔
U+6C55   汕    U+6C55         汕    U+6C55          汕
U+6C56   汖    U+6C56         汖    U+6C56          汖
U+6C57   汗    U+6C57         汗    U+6C57          汗
U+6C58   汘    U+6C58         汘    U+6C58          汘
U+6C59   汙    U+6C61         污    U+6C59          汙    U+6C5A;U+6C61      汚;污

U+6C5A   汚    U+6C61         污    U+6C61          污   U+6C59              汙
U+6C5B   汛    U+6C5B         汛    U+6C5B          汛
U+6C5C   汜    U+6C5C         汜    U+6C5C          汜   U+6D0D              洍
U+6C5D   汝    U+6C5D         汝    U+6C5D          汝
U+6C5E   汞    U+6C5E         汞    U+6C5E          汞
U+6C5F   江    U+6C5F         江    U+6C5F          江
U+6C60   池    U+6C60         池    U+6C60          池
U+6C61   污    U+6C61         污    U+6C61;U+6C59   污;汙 U+6C59;U+6C5A       汙;汚

U+6C62   汢    U+6C62         汢    U+6C62          汢
U+6C63   汣    U+6C63         汣    U+6C63          汣
U+6C64   汤    U+6C64         汤    U+6E6F          湯
U+6C65   汥    U+6C65         汥    U+6C65          汥
U+6C66   汦    U+6C66         汦    U+6C66          汦
U+6C67   汧    U+6C67         汧    U+6C67          汧
U+6C68   汨    U+6C68         汨    U+6C68          汨
U+6C69   汩    U+6C69         汩    U+6C69          汩
U+6C6A   汪    U+6C6A         汪    U+6C6A          汪    U+7007             瀇
U+6C6B   汫    U+6C6B         汫    U+6C6B          汫
U+6C6D   汭    U+6C6D         汭    U+6C6D          汭
U+6C6F   汯    U+6C6F         汯    U+6C6F          汯
U+6C70   汰    U+6C70         汰    U+6C70          汰    U+6C4F;U+6E99      汏;溙

U+6C71   汱    U+6C71         汱    U+6C71          汱
U+6C72   汲    U+6C72         汲    U+6C72          汲
U+6C73   汳    U+6C73         汳    U+6C73          汳
U+6C74   汴    U+6C74         汴    U+6C74          汴
U+6C75   汵    U+6C75         汵    U+6C75          汵
U+6C76   汶    U+6C76         汶    U+6C76          汶
U+6C77   汷    U+6C77         汷    U+6C77          汷
U+6C78   汸    U+6C78         汸    U+6C78          汸    U+6DD3             淓
                                                                               Annex A: Page 152 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6C79   汹    U+6C79         汹    U+6D36          洶
U+6C7A   決    U+51B3         决    U+6C7A          決
U+6C7B   汻    U+6D52         浒    U+6C7B          汻    U+6D52;U+6EF8      浒;滸

U+6C7C   汼    U+6C7C         汼    U+6C7C          汼
U+6C7D   汽    U+6C7D         汽    U+6C7D          汽   U+6ECA              滊
U+6C7E   汾    U+6C7E         汾    U+6C7E          汾
U+6C7F   汿    U+6C7F         汿    U+6C7F          汿
U+6C80   沀    U+6C80         沀    U+6C80          沀
U+6C81   沁    U+6C81         沁    U+6C81          沁
U+6C82   沂    U+6C82         沂    U+6C82          沂
U+6C83   沃    U+6C83         沃    U+6C83          沃
U+6C84   沄    U+6C84         沄    U+6C84          沄
U+6C85   沅    U+6C85         沅    U+6C85          沅
U+6C86   沆    U+6C86         沆    U+6C86          沆
U+6C87   沇    U+6C87         沇    U+6C87          沇
U+6C88   沈    U+6C88         沈    U+6C88;U+700B   沈;瀋 U+6C89;U+6E16       沉;渖
U+6C89   沉    U+6C89         沉    U+6C89          沉   U+6C88;U+6E16;      沈;渖;
                                                      U+700B              瀋
U+6C8A   沊    U+6C8A         沊    U+6C8A          沊
U+6C8B   沋    U+6C8B         沋    U+6C8B          沋
U+6C8C   沌    U+6C8C         沌    U+6C8C          沌
U+6C8D   沍    U+51B1         冱    U+6C8D          沍
U+6C8E   沎    U+6C8E         沎    U+6C8E          沎
U+6C8F   沏    U+6C8F         沏    U+6C8F          沏
U+6C90   沐    U+6C90         沐    U+6C90          沐
U+6C91   沑    U+6C91         沑    U+6C91          沑
U+6C92   沒    U+6CA1         没    U+6C92          沒
U+6C93   沓    U+6C93         沓    U+6C93          沓
U+6C94   沔    U+6C94         沔    U+6C94          沔
U+6C95   沕    U+6C95         沕    U+6C95          沕
U+6C96   沖    U+51B2         冲    U+6C96          沖   U+76C5;U+885D;      盅;衝;
                                                      U+794C;U+8876       祌;衶

U+6C97   沗    U+6C97         沗    U+6C97          沗
U+6C98   沘    U+6C98         沘    U+6C98          沘
U+6C99   沙    U+6C99         沙    U+6C99          沙
U+6C9A   沚    U+6C9A         沚    U+6C9A          沚
U+6C9B   沛    U+6C9B         沛    U+6C9B          沛    U+4F02             伂
U+6C9C   沜    U+6C9C         沜    U+6C9C          沜
U+6C9D   沝    U+6C9D         沝    U+6C9D          沝
U+6C9E   沞    U+6C9E         沞    U+6C9E          沞
U+6C9F   沟    U+6C9F         沟    U+6E9D          溝
U+6CA1   没    U+6CA1         没    U+6C92          沒
U+6CA2   沢    U+6CFD         泽    U+6FA4          澤
U+6CA3   沣    U+6CA3         沣    U+7043          灃
U+6CA4   沤    U+6CA4         沤    U+6F1A          漚
U+6CA5   沥    U+6CA5         沥    U+701D          瀝
U+6CA6   沦    U+6CA6         沦    U+6DEA          淪
U+6CA7   沧    U+6CA7         沧    U+6EC4          滄
U+6CA8   沨    U+6CA8         沨    U+6E22          渢
                                                                               Annex A: Page 153 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6CA9   沩    U+6CA9         沩    U+6E88          溈   U+6F59              潙
U+6CAA   沪    U+6CAA         沪    U+6EEC          滬
U+6CAB   沫    U+6CAB         沫    U+6CAB          沫
U+6CAC   沬    U+6CAC         沬    U+6CAC          沬
U+6CAD   沭    U+6CAD         沭    U+6CAD          沭
U+6CAE   沮    U+6CAE         沮    U+6CAE          沮
U+6CAF   沯    U+6CAF         沯    U+6CAF          沯
U+6CB0   沰    U+6CB0         沰    U+6CB0          沰
U+6CB1   沱    U+6CB1         沱    U+6CB1          沱   U+6CB2              沲
U+6CB2   沲    U+6CB2         沲    U+6CB1          沱
U+6CB3   河    U+6CB3         河    U+6CB3          河
U+6CB4   沴    U+6CB4         沴    U+6CB4          沴
U+6CB5   沵    U+6CB5         沵    U+6FD4          濔
U+6CB6   沶    U+6CB6         沶    U+6CB6          沶
U+6CB7   沷    U+6CB7         沷    U+6CB7          沷
U+6CB8   沸    U+6CB8         沸    U+6CB8          沸
U+6CB9   油    U+6CB9         油    U+6CB9          油
U+6CBA   沺    U+6CBA         沺    U+6CBA          沺
U+6CBB   治    U+6CBB         治    U+6CBB          治
U+6CBC   沼    U+6CBC         沼    U+6CBC          沼
U+6CBD   沽    U+6CBD         沽    U+6CBD          沽
U+6CBE   沾    U+6CBE         沾    U+6CBE;U+9711   沾;霑

U+6CBF   沿    U+6CBF         沿    U+6CBF          沿
U+6CC0   泀    U+6CC0         泀    U+6CC0          泀
U+6CC1   況    U+51B5         况    U+6CC1          況
U+6CC2   泂    U+6CC2         泂    U+6CC2          泂
U+6CC3   泃    U+6CC3         泃    U+6CC3          泃
U+6CC4   泄    U+6CC4         泄    U+6CC4;U+6D29   泄;洩 U+6E2B              渫

U+6CC5   泅    U+6CC5         泅    U+6CC5          泅
U+6CC6   泆    U+6CC6         泆    U+6CC6          泆
U+6CC7   泇    U+6CC7         泇    U+6CC7          泇
U+6CC8   泈    U+6CC8         泈    U+6CC8          泈
U+6CC9   泉    U+6CC9         泉    U+6CC9          泉
U+6CCA   泊    U+6CCA         泊    U+6CCA          泊    U+6FFC;U+6CFA 濼;泺

U+6CCB   泋    U+6CCB         泋    U+6CCB          泋
U+6CCC   泌    U+6CCC         泌    U+6CCC          泌
U+6CCD   泍    U+6CCD         泍    U+6CCD          泍
U+6CCE   泎    U+6CCE         泎    U+6CCE          泎
U+6CCF   泏    U+6CCF         泏    U+6CCF          泏
U+6CD0   泐    U+6CD0         泐    U+6CD0          泐
U+6CD1   泑    U+6CD1         泑    U+6CD1          泑
U+6CD2   泒    U+6D3E         派    U+6CD2          泒
U+6CD3   泓    U+6CD3         泓    U+6CD3          泓
U+6CD4   泔    U+6CD4         泔    U+6CD4          泔
U+6CD5   法    U+6CD5         法    U+6CD5          法
U+6CD6   泖    U+6CD6         泖    U+6CD6          泖
U+6CD7   泗    U+6CD7         泗    U+6CD7          泗
U+6CD9   泙    U+6CD9         泙    U+6CD9          泙
                                                                               Annex A: Page 154 of 406
                                                             .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                    TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6CDA   泚    U+6CDA         泚    U+6CDA           泚
U+6CDB   泛    U+6CDB         泛    U+6CDB;U+6C3E;   泛;氾; U+6C3E;U+6C4E 氾;汎
                                  U+6C4E           �
U+6CDC 泜      U+6CDC         泜    U+6CDC           泜
U+6CDD 泝      U+6EAF         溯    U+6CDD           泝    U+6EAF;U+9061 溯;遡
U+6CDE 泞      U+6CDE         泞    U+6CDE;U+6FD8    泞;濘

U+6CDF   泟    U+6CDF         泟    U+6CDF           泟
U+6CE0   泠    U+6CE0         泠    U+6CE0           泠   U+6FAA               澪
U+6CE1   泡    U+6CE1         泡    U+6CE1           泡
U+6CE2   波    U+6CE2         波    U+6CE2           波
U+6CE3   泣    U+6CE3         泣    U+6CE3           泣
U+6CE4   泤    U+6CE4         泤    U+6CE4           泤
U+6CE5   泥    U+6CE5         泥    U+6CE5           泥
U+6CE6   泦    U+6CE6         泦    U+6CE6           泦   U+6DD7               淗
U+6CE7   泧    U+6CE7         泧    U+6CE7           泧
U+6CE8   注    U+6CE8         注    U+6CE8;U+8A3B    注;註

U+6CE9   泩    U+6CE9         泩    U+6CE9           泩
U+6CEA   泪    U+6CEA         泪    U+6DDA           淚     U+6D99             涙
U+6CEB   泫    U+6CEB         泫    U+6CEB           泫
U+6CEC   泬    U+6CEC         泬    U+6CEC           泬
U+6CED   泭    U+6874         桴    U+6CED           泭
U+6CEE   泮    U+6CEE         泮    U+6CEE           泮
U+6CEF   泯    U+6CEF         泯    U+6CEF           泯
U+6CF0   泰    U+6CF0         泰    U+6CF0           泰
U+6CF1   泱    U+6CF1         泱    U+6CF1           泱
U+6CF2   泲    U+6CF2         泲    U+6CF2           泲
U+6CF3   泳    U+6CF3         泳    U+6CF3           泳
U+6CF5   泵    U+6CF5         泵    U+6CF5           泵
U+6CF6   泶    U+6CF6         泶    U+6FA9           澩
U+6CF7   泷    U+6CF7         泷    U+7027           瀧     U+6EDD             滝      (HK:U+6EDD)
U+6CF8   泸    U+6CF8         泸    U+7018           瀘
U+6CF9   泹    U+6CF9         泹    U+6CF9           泹
U+6CFA   泺    U+6CFA         泺    U+6FFC           濼     U+6CCA             泊
U+6CFB   泻    U+6CFB         泻    U+7009           瀉
U+6CFC   泼    U+6CFC         泼    U+6F51           潑
U+6CFD   泽    U+6CFD         泽    U+6FA4           澤     U+6CA2             沢
U+6CFE   泾    U+6CFE         泾    U+6D87           涇
U+6CFF   泿    U+6CFF         泿    U+6CFF           泿
U+6D00   洀    U+76D8         盘    U+6D00           洀     U+76D8;U+76E4      盘;盤
U+6D01   洁    U+6D01         洁    U+6D01;U+6F54    洁;潔   U+6D2F             洯
U+6D03   洃    U+6D03         洃    U+6D03           洃
U+6D04   洄    U+6D04         洄    U+6D04           洄
U+6D05   洅    U+6D05         洅    U+6D05           洅
U+6D06   洆    U+6D06         洆    U+6D06           洆
U+6D07   洇    U+6D07         洇    U+6D07           洇
U+6D08   洈    U+6D08         洈    U+6D08           洈
U+6D09   洉    U+6D09         洉    U+6D09           洉
U+6D0A   洊    U+6D0A         洊    U+6D0A           洊
U+6D0B   洋    U+6D0B         洋    U+6D0B           洋
                                                                                 Annex A: Page 155 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6D0C   洌    U+6D0C         洌    U+6D0C          洌     U+51BD             冽
U+6D0D   洍    U+6C5C         汜    U+6D0D          洍
U+6D0E   洎    U+6D0E         洎    U+6D0E          洎
U+6D0F   洏    U+6D0F         洏    U+6D0F          洏
U+6D10   洐    U+6D10         洐    U+6D10          洐
U+6D11   洑    U+6D11         洑    U+6D11          洑
U+6D12   洒    U+6D12         洒    U+7051          灑
U+6D13   洓    U+6D13         洓    U+6D13          洓
U+6D14   洔    U+6D14         洔    U+6D14          洔
U+6D15   洕    U+6D15         洕    U+6D15          洕
U+6D16   洖    U+6D16         洖    U+6D16          洖
U+6D17   洗    U+6D17         洗    U+6D17          洗
U+6D18   洘    U+6D18         洘    U+6D18          洘
U+6D19   洙    U+6D19         洙    U+6D19          洙
U+6D1A   洚    U+6D1A         洚    U+6D1A          洚
U+6D1B   洛    U+6D1B         洛    U+6D1B          洛
U+6D1D   洝    U+6D1D         洝    U+6D1D          洝
U+6D1E   洞    U+6D1E         洞    U+6D1E          洞
U+6D1F   洟    U+6D1F         洟    U+6D1F          洟
U+6D20   洠    U+6D20         洠    U+6D20          洠
U+6D21   洡    U+6D21         洡    U+6D21          洡
U+6D22   洢    U+4F0A         伊    U+6D22          洢
U+6D23   洣    U+6D23         洣    U+6D23          洣
U+6D25   津    U+6D25         津    U+6D25          津
U+6D26   洦    U+6D26         洦    U+6D26          洦
U+6D27   洧    U+6D27         洧    U+6D27          洧
U+6D28   洨    U+6D28         洨    U+6D28          洨
U+6D29   洩    U+6CC4         泄    U+6D29          洩     U+6E2B             渫
U+6D2A   洪    U+6D2A         洪    U+6D2A          洪
U+6D2B   洫    U+6D2B         洫    U+6D2B          洫
U+6D2C   洬    U+6D2C         洬    U+6D2C          洬
U+6D2D   洭    U+6D2D         洭    U+6D2D          洭
U+6D2E   洮    U+6D2E         洮    U+6D2E          洮
U+6D2F   洯    U+6D01         洁    U+6D2F          洯     U+6F54             潔
U+6D30   洰    U+6D30         洰    U+6D30          洰
U+6D31   洱    U+6D31         洱    U+6D31          洱
U+6D32   洲    U+6D32         洲    U+6D32          洲
U+6D33   洳    U+6D33         洳    U+6D33          洳
U+6D34   洴    U+6D34         洴    U+6D34          洴
U+6D35   洵    U+6D35         洵    U+6D35          洵
U+6D36   洶    U+6C79         汹    U+6D36          洶
U+6D37   洷    U+6D37         洷    U+6D37          洷
U+6D38   洸    U+6D38         洸    U+6D38          洸
U+6D39   洹    U+6D39         洹    U+6D39          洹
U+6D3A   洺    U+6D3A         洺    U+6D3A          洺
U+6D3B   活    U+6D3B         活    U+6D3B          活
U+6D3C   洼    U+6D3C         洼    U+6D3C;U+7AAA   洼;窪   U+6F25             漥

U+6D3D   洽    U+6D3D         洽    U+6D3D          洽     U+51BE             冾
U+6D3E   派    U+6D3E         派    U+6D3E          派     U+6CD2             泒
U+6D3F   洿    U+6D3F         洿    U+6D3F          洿
                                                                                Annex A: Page 156 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6D40   浀    U+6D40         浀    U+6D40         浀
U+6D41   流    U+6D41         流    U+6D41         流
U+6D42   浂    U+6D42         浂    U+6D42         浂
U+6D43   浃    U+6D43         浃    U+6D79         浹
U+6D44   浄    U+51C0         净    U+6DE8         淨    U+51C8;U+701E      凈;瀞 (HK:U+701E)
U+6D45   浅    U+6D45         浅    U+6DFA         淺
U+6D46   浆    U+6D46         浆    U+6F3F         漿
U+6D47   浇    U+6D47         浇    U+6F86         澆
U+6D48   浈    U+6D48         浈    U+6E5E         湞
U+6D49   浉    U+6D49         浉    U+6EAE         溮
U+6D4A   浊    U+6D4A         浊    U+6FC1         濁
U+6D4B   测    U+6D4B         测    U+6E2C         測
U+6D4C   浌    U+6D4C         浌    U+6D4C         浌
U+6D4D   浍    U+6D4D         浍    U+6FAE         澮
U+6D4E   济    U+6D4E         济    U+6FDF         濟    U+6E08             済
U+6D4F   浏    U+6D4F         浏    U+700F         瀏    U+56A0             嚠
U+6D50   浐    U+6D50         浐    U+6EFB         滻
U+6D51   浑    U+6D51         浑    U+6E3E         渾
U+6D52   浒    U+6D52         浒    U+6EF8         滸    U+6C7B             汻
U+6D53   浓    U+6D53         浓    U+6FC3         濃
U+6D54   浔    U+6D54         浔    U+6F6F         潯
U+6D55   浕    U+6D55         浕    U+6FDC         濜
U+6D56   浖    U+6D56         浖    U+6D56         浖
U+6D57   浗    U+6D57         浗    U+6D57         浗
U+6D58   浘    U+6D58         浘    U+6D58         浘
U+6D59   浙    U+6D59         浙    U+6D59         浙    U+6DDB             淛
U+6D5A   浚    U+6D5A         浚    U+6FEC         濬
U+6D5B   浛    U+6D5B         浛    U+6D5B         浛
U+6D5C   浜    U+6D5C         浜    U+6FF1         濱    U+6EE8             滨
U+6D5D   浝    U+6D5D         浝    U+6D5D         浝
U+6D5E   浞    U+6D5E         浞    U+6D5E         浞
U+6D5F   浟    U+6D5F         浟    U+6D5F         浟
U+6D60   浠    U+6D60         浠    U+6D60         浠
U+6D61   浡    U+6D61         浡    U+6D61         浡
U+6D62   浢    U+6D62         浢    U+6D62         浢
U+6D63   浣    U+6D63         浣    U+6D63         浣    U+6FA3             澣
U+6D64   浤    U+6D64         浤    U+6D64         浤
U+6D65   浥    U+6D65         浥    U+6D65         浥
U+6D66   浦    U+6D66         浦    U+6D66         浦
U+6D67   浧    U+6D67         浧    U+6D67         浧
U+6D68   浨    U+6D68         浨    U+6D68         浨
U+6D69   浩    U+6D69         浩    U+6D69         浩    U+6F94             澔
U+6D6A   浪    U+6D6A         浪    U+6D6A         浪
U+6D6B   浫    U+6D6B         浫    U+6D6B         浫
U+6D6C   浬    U+6D6C         浬    U+6D6C         浬
U+6D6D   浭    U+6D6D         浭    U+6D6D         浭
U+6D6E   浮    U+6D6E         浮    U+6D6E         浮
U+6D6F   浯    U+6D6F         浯    U+6D6F         浯
U+6D70   浰    U+6D70         浰    U+6D70         浰
U+6D72   浲    U+6D72         浲    U+6D72         浲
U+6D73   浳    U+6D73         浳    U+6D73         浳
                                                                              Annex A: Page 157 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6D74   浴    U+6D74         浴    U+6D74          浴
U+6D75   浵    U+6D75         浵    U+6D75          浵
U+6D76   浶    U+6D76         浶    U+6D76          浶
U+6D77   海    U+6D77         海    U+6D77          海
U+6D78   浸    U+6D78         浸    U+6D78          浸
U+6D79   浹    U+6D43         浃    U+6D79          浹
U+6D7A   浺    U+6D7A         浺    U+6D7A          浺
U+6D7B   浻    U+6D7B         浻    U+6D7B          浻
U+6D7C   浼    U+6D7C         浼    U+6D7C          浼
U+6D7D   浽    U+6D7D         浽    U+6D7D          浽
U+6D7E   浾    U+6D7E         浾    U+6D7E          浾
U+6D7F   浿    U+6D7F         浿    U+6D7F          浿
U+6D80   涀    U+6D80         涀    U+6D80          涀
U+6D82   涂    U+6D82         涂    U+6D82;U+5857   涂;塗 U+51C3;U+5857       凃;塗
U+6D83   涃    U+6D83         涃    U+6D83          涃
U+6D84   涄    U+6D84         涄    U+6D84          涄
U+6D85   涅    U+6D85         涅    U+6D85          涅
U+6D86   涆    U+6D86         涆    U+6D86          涆
U+6D87   涇    U+6CFE         泾    U+6D87          涇
U+6D88   消    U+6D88         消    U+6D88          消
U+6D89   涉    U+6D89         涉    U+6D89          涉   U+6E09              渉
U+6D8A   涊    U+6D8A         涊    U+6D8A          涊
U+6D8B   涋    U+6D8B         涋    U+6D8B          涋
U+6D8C   涌    U+6D8C         涌    U+6D8C;U+6E67   涌;湧

U+6D8D   涍    U+6D8D         涍    U+6D8D          涍
U+6D8E   涎    U+6D8E         涎    U+6D8E          涎
U+6D8F   涏    U+6D8F         涏    U+6D8F          涏
U+6D90   涐    U+6D90         涐    U+6D90          涐
U+6D91   涑    U+6D91         涑    U+6D91          涑
U+6D92   涒    U+6D92         涒    U+6D92          涒
U+6D93   涓    U+6D93         涓    U+6D93          涓
U+6D94   涔    U+6D94         涔    U+6D94          涔
U+6D95   涕    U+6D95         涕    U+6D95          涕
U+6D97   涗    U+6D9A         涚    U+6D97          涗
U+6D98   涘    U+6D98         涘    U+6D98          涘
U+6D99   涙    U+6CEA         泪    U+6DDA          淚
U+6D9A   涚    U+6D9A         涚    U+6D97          涗
U+6D9B   涛    U+6D9B         涛    U+6FE4          濤
U+6D9D   涝    U+6D9D         涝    U+6F87          澇
U+6D9E   涞    U+6D9E         涞    U+6DF6          淶
U+6D9F   涟    U+6D9F         涟    U+6F23          漣
U+6DA0   涠    U+6DA0         涠    U+6F7F          潿
U+6DA1   涡    U+6DA1         涡    U+6E26          渦    U+6FC4             濄
U+6DA2   涢    U+6DA2         涢    U+6EB3          溳
U+6DA3   涣    U+6DA3         涣    U+6E19          渙
U+6DA4   涤    U+6DA4         涤    U+6ECC          滌
U+6DA5   涥    U+6DA5         涥    U+6DA5          涥
U+6DA6   润    U+6DA6         润    U+6F64          潤
U+6DA7   涧    U+6DA7         涧    U+6F97          澗
U+6DA8   涨    U+6DA8         涨    U+6F32          漲
                                                                               Annex A: Page 158 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6DA9   涩    U+6DA9         涩    U+6F80          澀     U+6E0B;U+6F81; 渋;澁;
                                                        U+6FC7;U+7012 濇;瀒

U+6DAA   涪    U+6DAA         涪    U+6DAA          涪
U+6DAB   涫    U+6DAB         涫    U+6DAB          涫
U+6DAC   涬    U+6DAC         涬    U+6DAC          涬
U+6DAD   涭    U+6DAD         涭    U+6DAD          涭
U+6DAE   涮    U+6DAE         涮    U+6DAE          涮
U+6DAF   涯    U+6DAF         涯    U+6DAF          涯
U+6DB2   液    U+6DB2         液    U+6DB2          液
U+6DB3   涳    U+6DB3         涳    U+6DB3          涳
U+6DB4   涴    U+6DB4         涴    U+6DB4          涴
U+6DB5   涵    U+6DB5         涵    U+6DB5          涵
U+6DB7   涷    U+6DB7         涷    U+6DB7          涷
U+6DB8   涸    U+6DB8         涸    U+6DB8          涸
U+6DB9   涹    U+6DB9         涹    U+6DB9          涹
U+6DBA   涺    U+6DBA         涺    U+6DBA          涺
U+6DBB   涻    U+6DBB         涻    U+6DBB          涻
U+6DBC   涼    U+51C9         凉    U+6DBC          涼
U+6DBD   涽    U+6DBD         涽    U+6DBD          涽
U+6DBE   涾    U+6DBE         涾    U+6DBE          涾
U+6DBF   涿    U+6DBF         涿    U+6DBF          涿
U+6DC0   淀    U+6DC0         淀    U+6DC0;U+6FB1   淀;澱

U+6DC1   淁    U+6DC1         淁    U+6DC1          淁
U+6DC2   淂    U+6DC2         淂    U+6DC2          淂
U+6DC3   淃    U+6DC3         淃    U+6DC3          淃
U+6DC4   淄    U+6DC4         淄    U+6DC4          淄
U+6DC5   淅    U+6DC5         淅    U+6DC5          淅
U+6DC6   淆    U+6DC6         淆    U+6DC6          淆
U+6DC7   淇    U+6DC7         淇    U+6DC7          淇
U+6DC8   淈    U+6DC8         淈    U+6DC8          淈
U+6DC9   淉    U+6DC9         淉    U+6DC9          淉
U+6DCA   淊    U+6DCA         淊    U+6DCA          淊
U+6DCB   淋    U+6DCB         淋    U+6DCB          淋     U+75F3;U+9EBB; 痳;麻;
                                                        U+75F2;U+8534 痲;蔴

U+6DCC   淌    U+6DCC         淌    U+6DCC          淌
U+6DCD   淍    U+6DCD         淍    U+6DCD          淍
U+6DCE   淎    U+6DCE         淎    U+6DCE          淎
U+6DCF   淏    U+6DCF         淏    U+6DCF          淏
U+6DD0   淐    U+6DD0         淐    U+6DD0          淐
U+6DD1   淑    U+6DD1         淑    U+6DD1          淑
U+6DD2   淒    U+51C4         凄    U+6DD2          淒     U+60BD             悽
U+6DD3   淓    U+6C78         汸    U+6DD3          淓
U+6DD4   淔    U+6DD4         淔    U+6DD4          淔
U+6DD5   淕    U+6DD5         淕    U+6DD5          淕
U+6DD6   淖    U+6DD6         淖    U+6DD6          淖
U+6DD7   淗    U+6CE6         泦    U+6DD7          淗
U+6DD8   淘    U+6DD8         淘    U+6DD8          淘
U+6DD9   淙    U+6DD9         淙    U+6DD9          淙
                                                                                Annex A: Page 159 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6DDA   淚    U+6CEA         泪    U+6DDA         淚    U+6D99             涙
U+6DDB   淛    U+6D59         浙    U+6DDB         淛
U+6DDC   淜    U+6DDC         淜    U+6DDC         淜
U+6DDD   淝    U+6DDD         淝    U+6DDD         淝
U+6DDE   淞    U+6DDE         淞    U+6DDE         淞
U+6DDF   淟    U+6DDF         淟    U+6DDF         淟
U+6DE0   淠    U+6DE0         淠    U+6DE0         淠
U+6DE1   淡    U+6DE1         淡    U+6DE1         淡    U+6FB9             澹
U+6DE2   淢    U+6DE2         淢    U+6DE2         淢
U+6DE3   淣    U+502A         倪    U+6DE3         淣
U+6DE4   淤    U+6DE4         淤    U+6DE4         淤
U+6DE5   淥    U+6E0C         渌    U+6DE5         淥
U+6DE6   淦    U+6DE6         淦    U+6DE6         淦
U+6DE7   淧    U+6DE7         淧    U+6DE7         淧
U+6DE8   淨    U+51C0         净    U+6DE8         淨    U+6D44;U+51C8; 浄;凈; (HK:U+701E)
                                                      U+701E         瀞
U+6DE9   淩    U+51CC         凌    U+6DE9         淩
U+6DEA   淪    U+6CA6         沦    U+6DEA         淪
U+6DEB   淫    U+6DEB         淫    U+6DEB         淫    U+5A6C             婬
U+6DEC   淬    U+6DEC         淬    U+6DEC         淬
U+6DED   淭    U+6DED         淭    U+6DED         淭
U+6DEE   淮    U+6DEE         淮    U+6DEE         淮
U+6DEF   淯    U+6DEF         淯    U+6DEF         淯
U+6DF0   淰    U+6DF0         淰    U+6DF0         淰
U+6DF1   深    U+6DF1         深    U+6DF1         深
U+6DF2   淲    U+6DF2         淲    U+6DF2         淲
U+6DF3   淳    U+6DF3         淳    U+6DF3         淳
U+6DF4   淴    U+6DF4         淴    U+6DF4         淴
U+6DF5   淵    U+6E0A         渊    U+6DF5         淵    U+6E0A;U+6E15; 渊;渕;
                                                      U+7041         灁
U+6DF6   淶    U+6D9E         涞    U+6DF6         淶
U+6DF7   混    U+6DF7         混    U+6DF7         混
U+6DF8   淸    U+6E05         清    U+6E05         清    U+51CA             凊
U+6DF9   淹    U+6DF9         淹    U+6DF9         淹
U+6DFA   淺    U+6D45         浅    U+6DFA         淺
U+6DFB   添    U+6DFB         添    U+6DFB         添
U+6DFC   淼    U+6DFC         淼    U+6DFC         淼
U+6DFD   淽    U+6DFD         淽    U+6DFD         淽
U+6E00   渀    U+6E00         渀    U+6E00         渀
U+6E03   渃    U+6E03         渃    U+6E03         渃
U+6E04   渄    U+6E04         渄    U+6E04         渄
U+6E05   清    U+6E05         清    U+6E05         清    U+51CA;U+6DF8 凊;淸

U+6E07   渇    U+6E34         渴    U+6E34         渴
U+6E08   済    U+6D4E         济    U+6FDF         濟
U+6E09   渉    U+6D89         涉    U+6D89         涉
U+6E0A   渊    U+6E0A         渊    U+6DF5         淵    U+6E15;U+7041 渕;灁
U+6E0B   渋    U+6DA9         涩    U+6F80         澀    U+6F81;U+6FC7; 澁;濇;
                                                      U+7012         瀒
U+6E0C   渌    U+6E0C         渌    U+6DE5         淥
U+6E0D   渍    U+6E0D         渍    U+6F2C         漬
                                                                              Annex A: Page 160 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6E0E   渎    U+6E0E         渎    U+7006          瀆
U+6E0F   渏    U+6E0F         渏    U+6E0F          渏
U+6E10   渐    U+6E10         渐    U+6F38          漸    U+5DC9             巉
U+6E11   渑    U+6E11         渑    U+6FA0          澠
U+6E14   渔    U+6E14         渔    U+6F01          漁
U+6E15   渕    U+6E0A         渊    U+6DF5          淵    U+6E0A;U+7041      渊;灁
U+6E16   渖    U+6C88         沈    U+700B          瀋    U+6C89             沉
U+6E17   渗    U+6E17         渗    U+6EF2          滲
U+6E19   渙    U+6DA3         涣    U+6E19          渙
U+6E1A   渚    U+6E1A         渚    U+6E1A          渚
U+6E1B   減    U+51CF         减    U+6E1B          減
U+6E1C   渜    U+6E1C         渜    U+6E1C          渜
U+6E1D   渝    U+6E1D         渝    U+6E1D          渝
U+6E1E   渞    U+6E1E         渞    U+6E1E          渞
U+6E1F   渟    U+6E1F         渟    U+6E1F          渟
U+6E20   渠    U+6E20         渠    U+6E20          渠
U+6E21   渡    U+6E21         渡    U+6E21          渡
U+6E22   渢    U+6CA8         沨    U+6E22          渢
U+6E23   渣    U+6E23         渣    U+6E23          渣
U+6E24   渤    U+6E24         渤    U+6E24          渤    U+90E3             郣
U+6E25   渥    U+6E25         渥    U+6E25          渥
U+6E26   渦    U+6DA1         涡    U+6E26          渦    U+6FC4             濄
U+6E27   渧    U+6E27         渧    U+6E27          渧
U+6E28   渨    U+6E28         渨    U+6E28          渨
U+6E29   温    U+6E29         温    U+6EAB          溫
U+6E2B   渫    U+6E2B         渫    U+6E2B          渫    U+6CC4;U+6D29 泄;洩

U+6E2C   測    U+6D4B         测    U+6E2C          測
U+6E2D   渭    U+6E2D         渭    U+6E2D          渭
U+6E2E   渮    U+83CF         菏    U+6E2E          渮
U+6E2F   港    U+6E2F         港    U+6E2F          港
U+6E30   渰    U+6E30         渰    U+6E30          渰
U+6E31   渱    U+6E31         渱    U+6E31          渱
U+6E32   渲    U+6E32         渲    U+6E32          渲
U+6E33   渳    U+6E33         渳    U+6E33          渳
U+6E34   渴    U+6E34         渴    U+6E34          渴   U+6E07              渇
U+6E35   渵    U+6E35         渵    U+6E35          渵
U+6E36   渶    U+6E36         渶    U+6E36          渶
U+6E37   渷    U+6E37         渷    U+6E37          渷
U+6E38   游    U+6E38         游    U+6E38;U+904A   游;遊 U+9030              逰
U+6E39   渹    U+6E39         渹    U+6E39          渹
U+6E3A   渺    U+6E3A         渺    U+6E3A          渺
U+6E3B   渻    U+6E3B         渻    U+6E3B          渻
U+6E3C   渼    U+6E3C         渼    U+6E3C          渼
U+6E3D   渽    U+6E3D         渽    U+6E3D          渽
U+6E3E   渾    U+6D51         浑    U+6E3E          渾
U+6E3F   渿    U+6E3F         渿    U+6E3F          渿
U+6E40   湀    U+6E40         湀    U+6E40          湀
U+6E41   湁    U+6E41         湁    U+6E41          湁
U+6E42   湂    U+6E42         湂    U+6E42          湂
U+6E43   湃    U+6E43         湃    U+6E43          湃
                                                                               Annex A: Page 161 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6E44   湄    U+6E44         湄    U+6E44         湄
U+6E45   湅    U+6E45         湅    U+6E45         湅
U+6E46   湆    U+6E46         湆    U+6E46         湆    U+6E47             湇
U+6E47   湇    U+6E46         湆    U+6E47         湇
U+6E48   湈    U+6E48         湈    U+6E48         湈
U+6E49   湉    U+6E49         湉    U+6E49         湉
U+6E4A   湊    U+51D1         凑    U+6E4A         湊
U+6E4B   湋    U+6E4B         湋    U+6E4B         湋
U+6E4D   湍    U+6E4D         湍    U+6E4D         湍
U+6E4E   湎    U+6E4E         湎    U+6E4E         湎
U+6E4F   湏    U+6E4F         湏    U+6E4F         湏
U+6E50   湐    U+6E50         湐    U+6E50         湐
U+6E51   湑    U+6E51         湑    U+6E51         湑
U+6E52   湒    U+6E52         湒    U+6E52         湒
U+6E53   湓    U+6E53         湓    U+6E53         湓
U+6E54   湔    U+6E54         湔    U+6E54         湔
U+6E55   湕    U+6E55         湕    U+6E55         湕
U+6E56   湖    U+6E56         湖    U+6E56         湖
U+6E57   湗    U+6E57         湗    U+6E57         湗
U+6E58   湘    U+6E58         湘    U+6E58         湘
U+6E59   湙    U+6E59         湙    U+6E59         湙
U+6E5A   湚    U+6E5A         湚    U+6E5A         湚
U+6E5B   湛    U+6E5B         湛    U+6E5B         湛
U+6E5C   湜    U+6E5C         湜    U+6E5C         湜
U+6E5D   湝    U+6E5D         湝    U+6E5D         湝
U+6E5E   湞    U+6D48         浈    U+6E5E         湞
U+6E5F   湟    U+6E5F         湟    U+6E5F         湟
U+6E60   湠    U+6E60         湠    U+6E60         湠
U+6E61   湡    U+6E61         湡    U+6E61         湡
U+6E62   湢    U+6E62         湢    U+6E62         湢
U+6E63   湣    U+6E63         湣    U+6E63         湣
U+6E64   湤    U+6E64         湤    U+6E64         湤
U+6E65   湥    U+6E65         湥    U+6E65         湥
U+6E66   湦    U+6E66         湦    U+6E66         湦
U+6E67   湧    U+6D8C         涌    U+6E67         湧
U+6E68   湨    U+6E68         湨    U+6E68         湨
U+6E69   湩    U+6E69         湩    U+6E69         湩
U+6E6A   湪    U+6E6A         湪    U+6E6A         湪
U+6E6B   湫    U+6E6B         湫    U+6E6B         湫
U+6E6D   湭    U+6E6D         湭    U+6E6D         湭
U+6E6E   湮    U+6E6E         湮    U+6E6E         湮
U+6E6F   湯    U+6C64         汤    U+6E6F         湯
U+6E70   湰    U+6E70         湰    U+6E70         湰
U+6E71   湱    U+6E71         湱    U+6E71         湱
U+6E72   湲    U+6E72         湲    U+6E72         湲
U+6E73   湳    U+6E73         湳    U+6E73         湳
U+6E74   湴    U+6E74         湴    U+6E74         湴
U+6E75   湵    U+6E75         湵    U+6E75         湵
U+6E77   湷    U+6E77         湷    U+6E77         湷
U+6E78   湸    U+6E78         湸    U+6E78         湸
U+6E79   湹    U+6E79         湹    U+6E79         湹
                                                                              Annex A: Page 162 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6E7E   湾    U+6E7E         湾    U+7063         灣
U+6E7F   湿    U+6E7F         湿    U+6FD5         濕    U+6EBC             溼
U+6E80   満    U+6EE1         满    U+6EFF         滿
U+6E81   溁    U+6E81         溁    U+6FDA         濚
U+6E82   溂    U+6E82         溂    U+6E82         溂
U+6E83   溃    U+6E83         溃    U+6F70         潰
U+6E84   溄    U+6E84         溄    U+6E84         溄
U+6E85   溅    U+6E85         溅    U+6FFA         濺
U+6E86   溆    U+6E86         溆    U+6F35         漵
U+6E87   溇    U+6E87         溇    U+6F0A         漊
U+6E88   溈    U+6CA9         沩    U+6E88         溈    U+6F59             潙
U+6E89   溉    U+6E89         溉    U+6E89         溉    U+6F11             漑
U+6E8A   溊    U+6E8A         溊    U+6E8A         溊
U+6E8D   溍    U+6E8D         溍    U+6E8D         溍
U+6E8E   溎    U+6E8E         溎    U+6E8E         溎
U+6E8F   溏    U+6E8F         溏    U+6E8F         溏
U+6E90   源    U+6E90         源    U+6E90         源    U+53B5             厵
U+6E91   溑    U+6E91         溑    U+6E91         溑
U+6E92   溒    U+6E92         溒    U+6E92         溒
U+6E93   溓    U+6E93         溓    U+6E93         溓
U+6E94   溔    U+6E94         溔    U+6E94         溔
U+6E96   準    U+51C6         准    U+6E96         準    U+51D6             凖
U+6E97   溗    U+6E97         溗    U+6E97         溗
U+6E98   溘    U+6E98         溘    U+6E98         溘
U+6E99   溙    U+6C70         汰    U+6E99         溙    U+6C4F             汏
U+6E9A   溚    U+6E9A         溚    U+6E9A         溚
U+6E9B   溛    U+6E9B         溛    U+6E9B         溛
U+6E9C   溜    U+6E9C         溜    U+6E9C         溜    U+6F91             澑
U+6E9D   溝    U+6C9F         沟    U+6E9D         溝
U+6E9E   溞    U+6E9E         溞    U+6E9E         溞
U+6E9F   溟    U+6E9F         溟    U+6E9F         溟
U+6EA0   溠    U+6EA0         溠    U+6EA0         溠
U+6EA1   溡    U+6EA1         溡    U+6EA1         溡
U+6EA2   溢    U+6EA2         溢    U+6EA2         溢
U+6EA3   溣    U+6EA3         溣    U+6EA3         溣
U+6EA4   溤    U+6EA4         溤    U+6EA4         溤
U+6EA5   溥    U+6EA5         溥    U+6EA5         溥
U+6EA6   溦    U+6EA6         溦    U+6EA6         溦    U+973A             霺
U+6EA7   溧    U+6EA7         溧    U+6EA7         溧
U+6EA8   溨    U+6EA8         溨    U+6EA8         溨
U+6EA9   溩    U+6EA9         溩    U+6EA9         溩
U+6EAA   溪    U+6EAA         溪    U+6EAA         溪    U+8C3F             谿
U+6EAB   溫    U+6E29         温    U+6EAB         溫
U+6EAC   溬    U+6EAC         溬    U+6EAC         溬
U+6EAD   溭    U+6EAD         溭    U+6EAD         溭
U+6EAE   溮    U+6D49         浉    U+6EAE         溮
U+6EAF   溯    U+6EAF         溯    U+6EAF         溯    U+6CDD;U+9061 泝;遡

U+6EB0   溰    U+6EB0         溰    U+6EB0         溰
U+6EB1   溱    U+6EB1         溱    U+6EB1         溱    U+6F67             潧
U+6EB2   溲    U+6EB2         溲    U+6EB2         溲
                                                                              Annex A: Page 163 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6EB3   溳    U+6DA2         涢    U+6EB3         溳
U+6EB4   溴    U+6EB4         溴    U+6EB4         溴
U+6EB5   溵    U+6EB5         溵    U+6EB5         溵
U+6EB6   溶    U+6EB6         溶    U+6EB6         溶
U+6EB7   溷    U+6EB7         溷    U+6EB7         溷
U+6EB8   溸    U+6EB8         溸    U+6EB8         溸
U+6EB9   溹    U+6EB9         溹    U+6EB9         溹
U+6EBA   溺    U+6EBA         溺    U+6EBA         溺    U+5C3F             尿
U+6EBB   溻    U+6EBB         溻    U+6EBB         溻
U+6EBC   溼    U+6E7F         湿    U+6EBC         溼    U+6FD5             濕
U+6EBD   溽    U+6EBD         溽    U+6EBD         溽
U+6EBE   溾    U+6EBE         溾    U+6EBE         溾
U+6EBF   溿    U+6EBF         溿    U+6EBF         溿
U+6EC0   滀    U+6EC0         滀    U+6EC0         滀
U+6EC1   滁    U+6EC1         滁    U+6EC1         滁
U+6EC2   滂    U+6EC2         滂    U+6EC2         滂
U+6EC3   滃    U+6EC3         滃    U+6EC3         滃
U+6EC4   滄    U+6CA7         沧    U+6EC4         滄
U+6EC5   滅    U+706D         灭    U+6EC5         滅
U+6EC6   滆    U+6EC6         滆    U+6EC6         滆
U+6EC7   滇    U+6EC7         滇    U+6EC7         滇
U+6EC8   滈    U+6EC8         滈    U+6EC8         滈
U+6EC9   滉    U+6EC9         滉    U+6EC9         滉
U+6ECA   滊    U+6C7D         汽    U+6ECA         滊
U+6ECB   滋    U+6ECB         滋    U+6ECB         滋
U+6ECC   滌    U+6DA4         涤    U+6ECC         滌
U+6ECD   滍    U+6ECD         滍    U+6ECD         滍
U+6ECE   滎    U+8365         荥    U+6ECE         滎
U+6ECF   滏    U+6ECF         滏    U+6ECF         滏
U+6ED0   滐    U+6ED0         滐    U+6ED0         滐
U+6ED1   滑    U+6ED1         滑    U+6ED1         滑    U+78C6             磆
U+6ED2   滒    U+6ED2         滒    U+6ED2         滒
U+6ED3   滓    U+6ED3         滓    U+6ED3         滓
U+6ED4   滔    U+6ED4         滔    U+6ED4         滔
U+6ED5   滕    U+6ED5         滕    U+6ED5         滕
U+6ED6   滖    U+6ED6         滖    U+6ED6         滖
U+6ED7   滗    U+6ED7         滗    U+6F77         潷
U+6ED8   滘    U+6ED8         滘    U+6ED8         滘
U+6ED9   滙    U+6C47         汇    U+6ED9         滙    U+532F;U+5F59;U 匯;彙;
                                                      +5F5A           彚
U+6EDA   滚    U+6EDA         滚    U+6EFE         滾
U+6EDC   滜    U+6EDC         滜    U+6EDC         滜
U+6EDD   滝    U+6CF7         泷    U+6EDD         滝    U+7027             瀧      (HK:CV)
U+6EDE   滞    U+6EDE         滞    U+6EEF         滯
U+6EDF   滟    U+6EDF         滟    U+7069         灩    U+7054;U+7067      灔;灧
U+6EE0   滠    U+6EE0         滠    U+7044         灄
U+6EE1   满    U+6EE1         满    U+6EFF         滿    U+6E80             満
U+6EE2   滢    U+6EE2         滢    U+7005         瀅
U+6EE4   滤    U+6EE4         滤    U+6FFE         濾
U+6EE5   滥    U+6EE5         滥    U+6FEB         濫
U+6EE6   滦    U+6EE6         滦    U+7064         灤
                                                                              Annex A: Page 164 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6EE7   滧    U+6EE7         滧    U+6EE7          滧
U+6EE8   滨    U+6EE8         滨    U+6FF1          濱    U+6D5C             浜
U+6EE9   滩    U+6EE9         滩    U+7058          灘
U+6EEA   滪    U+6EEA         滪    U+6FA6          澦
U+6EEB   滫    U+6EEB         滫    U+6EEB          滫    U+6F43             潃
U+6EEC   滬    U+6CAA         沪    U+6EEC          滬
U+6EED   滭    U+6EED         滭    U+6EED          滭
U+6EEE   滮    U+6EEE         滮    U+6EEE          滮
U+6EEF   滯    U+6EDE         滞    U+6EEF          滯
U+6EF0   滰    U+6EF0         滰    U+6EF0          滰
U+6EF1   滱    U+6EF1         滱    U+6EF1          滱
U+6EF2   滲    U+6E17         渗    U+6EF2          滲
U+6EF3   滳    U+6EF3         滳    U+6EF3          滳
U+6EF4   滴    U+6EF4         滴    U+6EF4          滴
U+6EF5   滵    U+6EF5         滵    U+6EF5          滵
U+6EF6   滶    U+6EF6         滶    U+6EF6          滶
U+6EF7   滷    U+5364         卤    U+6EF7          滷    U+9E75             鹵
U+6EF8   滸    U+6D52         浒    U+6EF8          滸    U+6C7B             汻
U+6EF9   滹    U+6EF9         滹    U+6EF9          滹
U+6EFA   滺    U+6EFA         滺    U+6EFA          滺
U+6EFB   滻    U+6D50         浐    U+6EFB          滻
U+6EFC   滼    U+6EFC         滼    U+6EFC          滼
U+6EFD   滽    U+6EFD         滽    U+6EFD          滽
U+6EFE   滾    U+6EDA         滚    U+6EFE          滾
U+6EFF   滿    U+6EE1         满    U+6EFF          滿    U+6E80             満
U+6F00   漀    U+6F00         漀    U+6F00          漀
U+6F01   漁    U+6E14         渔    U+6F01          漁
U+6F02   漂    U+6F02         漂    U+6F02          漂
U+6F03   漃    U+6F03         漃    U+6F03          漃
U+6F05   漅    U+5DE2         巢    U+6F05          漅    U+5DE3             巣
U+6F06   漆    U+6F06         漆    U+6F06          漆    U+67D2;U+687C      柒;桼

U+6F07   漇    U+6F07         漇    U+6F07          漇
U+6F08   漈    U+6F08         漈    U+6F08          漈
U+6F09   漉    U+6F09         漉    U+6F09          漉
U+6F0A   漊    U+6E87         溇    U+6F0A          漊
U+6F0C   漌    U+6F0C         漌    U+6F0C          漌
U+6F0D   漍    U+6F0D         漍    U+6F0D          漍
U+6F0E   漎    U+6F68         潨    U+6F0E          漎   U+6F68;U+6F40       潨;潀
U+6F0F   漏    U+6F0F         漏    U+6F0F          漏
U+6F10   漐    U+6F10         漐    U+6F10          漐
U+6F11   漑    U+6E89         溉    U+6E89          溉
U+6F12   漒    U+6F12         漒    U+6F12          漒
U+6F13   漓    U+6F13         漓    U+6F13;U+7055   漓;灕
U+6F14   演    U+6F14         演    U+6F14          演
U+6F15   漕    U+6F15         漕    U+6F15          漕
U+6F16   漖    U+6F16         漖    U+6F16          漖
U+6F17   漗    U+6F17         漗    U+6F17          漗
U+6F18   漘    U+6F18         漘    U+6F18          漘
U+6F19   漙    U+6F19         漙    U+6F19          漙
U+6F1A   漚    U+6CA4         沤    U+6F1A          漚
                                                                               Annex A: Page 165 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6F1B   漛    U+6F1B         漛    U+6F1B         漛
U+6F1C   漜    U+6F1C         漜    U+6F1C         漜
U+6F1D   漝    U+6F1D         漝    U+6F1D         漝
U+6F1E   漞    U+6F1E         漞    U+6F1E         漞
U+6F1F   漟    U+6F1F         漟    U+6F1F         漟
U+6F20   漠    U+6F20         漠    U+6F20         漠
U+6F21   漡    U+6F21         漡    U+6F21         漡
U+6F22   漢    U+6C49         汉    U+6F22         漢
U+6F23   漣    U+6D9F         涟    U+6F23         漣
U+6F24   漤    U+6F24         漤    U+6F24         漤
U+6F25   漥    U+6D3C         洼    U+6F25         漥    U+7AAA             窪
U+6F26   漦    U+6F26         漦    U+6F26         漦
U+6F27   漧    U+4E7E         乾    U+6F27         漧    U+4E81;U+5E72; 亁;干;
                                                      U+5E79;U+69A6 幹;榦

U+6F28   漨    U+6F28         漨    U+6F28         漨
U+6F29   漩    U+6F29         漩    U+6F29         漩
U+6F2A   漪    U+6F2A         漪    U+6F2A         漪
U+6F2B   漫    U+6F2B         漫    U+6F2B         漫    U+6FAB             澫
U+6F2C   漬    U+6E0D         渍    U+6F2C         漬
U+6F2D   漭    U+6F2D         漭    U+6F2D         漭
U+6F2E   漮    U+6F2E         漮    U+6F2E         漮
U+6F2F   漯    U+6F2F         漯    U+6F2F         漯
U+6F30   漰    U+6F30         漰    U+6F30         漰
U+6F31   漱    U+6F31         漱    U+6F31         漱    U+6F44             潄
U+6F32   漲    U+6DA8         涨    U+6F32         漲
U+6F33   漳    U+6F33         漳    U+6F33         漳
U+6F34   漴    U+6F34         漴    U+6F34         漴
U+6F35   漵    U+6E86         溆    U+6F35         漵
U+6F36   漶    U+6F36         漶    U+6F36         漶
U+6F37   漷    U+6F37         漷    U+6F37         漷
U+6F38   漸    U+6E10         渐    U+6F38         漸    U+5DC9             巉
U+6F39   漹    U+6F39         漹    U+6F39         漹
U+6F3A   漺    U+6F3A         漺    U+6F3A         漺
U+6F3B   漻    U+6F3B         漻    U+6F3B         漻
U+6F3C   漼    U+6F3C         漼    U+6F3C         漼
U+6F3D   漽    U+6F3D         漽    U+6F3D         漽
U+6F3E   漾    U+6F3E         漾    U+6F3E         漾    U+7001             瀁
U+6F3F   漿    U+6D46         浆    U+6F3F         漿
U+6F40   潀    U+6F40         潀    U+6F40         潀    U+6F68;U+6F0E      潨;漎
U+6F41   潁    U+988D         颍    U+6F41         潁
U+6F43   潃    U+6EEB         滫    U+6F43         潃
U+6F44   潄    U+6F31         漱    U+6F31         漱
U+6F45   潅    U+704C         灌    U+704C         灌
U+6F46   潆    U+6F46         潆    U+7020         瀠
U+6F47   潇    U+6F47         潇    U+701F         瀟
U+6F49   潉    U+6F49         潉    U+6F49         潉
U+6F4B   潋    U+6F4B         潋    U+7032         瀲
U+6F4C   潌    U+6F4C         潌    U+6F4C         潌
U+6F4D   潍    U+6F4D         潍    U+6FF0         濰
U+6F4E   潎    U+6F4E         潎    U+6F4E         潎
                                                                              Annex A: Page 166 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6F4F   潏    U+6F4F         潏    U+6F4F         潏
U+6F50   潐    U+6F50         潐    U+6F50         潐
U+6F51   潑    U+6CFC         泼    U+6F51         潑
U+6F52   潒    U+8361         荡    U+6F52         潒    U+8361;U+76EA; 荡;盪;
                                                      U+8569;U+862F 蕩;蘯

U+6F53   潓    U+6F53         潓    U+6F53         潓
U+6F54   潔    U+6D01         洁    U+6F54         潔    U+6D2F             洯
U+6F55   潕    U+6F55         潕    U+6F55         潕
U+6F56   潖    U+6F56         潖    U+6F56         潖
U+6F57   潗    U+6F57         潗    U+6F57         潗
U+6F58   潘    U+6F58         潘    U+6F58         潘
U+6F59   潙    U+6CA9         沩    U+6E88         溈
U+6F5A   潚    U+6F5A         潚    U+6F5A         潚
U+6F5B   潛    U+6F5C         潜    U+6F5B         潛    U+6F5C;U+6FF3      潜;濳

U+6F5C   潜    U+6F5C         潜    U+6F5B         潛    U+6FF3             濳
U+6F5D   潝    U+6F5D         潝    U+6F5D         潝
U+6F5E   潞    U+6F5E         潞    U+6F5E         潞
U+6F5F   潟    U+6F5F         潟    U+6F5F         潟    U+6F99             澙
U+6F60   潠    U+6F60         潠    U+6F60         潠
U+6F61   潡    U+6F61         潡    U+6F61         潡
U+6F62   潢    U+6F62         潢    U+6F62         潢
U+6F63   潣    U+6F63         潣    U+6F63         潣
U+6F64   潤    U+6DA6         润    U+6F64         潤
U+6F65   潥    U+6F65         潥    U+6F65         潥
U+6F66   潦    U+6F66         潦    U+6F66         潦
U+6F67   潧    U+6EB1         溱    U+6F67         潧
U+6F68   潨    U+6F68         潨    U+6F40         潀    U+6F0E             漎
U+6F69   潩    U+6F69         潩    U+6F69         潩
U+6F6A   潪    U+6F6A         潪    U+6F6A         潪
U+6F6B   潫    U+6F6B         潫    U+6F6B         潫
U+6F6C   潬    U+6F6C         潬    U+6F6C         潬
U+6F6D   潭    U+6F6D         潭    U+6F6D         潭
U+6F6E   潮    U+6F6E         潮    U+6F6E         潮
U+6F6F   潯    U+6D54         浔    U+6F6F         潯
U+6F70   潰    U+6E83         溃    U+6F70         潰
U+6F71   潱    U+6F71         潱    U+6F71         潱
U+6F72   潲    U+6F72         潲    U+6F72         潲
U+6F73   潳    U+6F73         潳    U+6F73         潳
U+6F74   潴    U+6F74         潴    U+7026         瀦
U+6F75   潵    U+6F75         潵    U+6F75         潵
U+6F76   潶    U+6F76         潶    U+6F76         潶
U+6F77   潷    U+6ED7         滗    U+6F77         潷
U+6F78   潸    U+6F78         潸    U+6F78         潸
U+6F7A   潺    U+6F7A         潺    U+6F7A         潺
U+6F7B   潻    U+6F7B         潻    U+6F7B         潻
U+6F7C   潼    U+6F7C         潼    U+6F7C         潼
U+6F7D   潽    U+6F7D         潽    U+6F7D         潽
U+6F7E   潾    U+6F7E         潾    U+6F7E         潾
U+6F7F   潿    U+6DA0         涠    U+6F7F         潿
                                                                              Annex A: Page 167 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6F80   澀    U+6DA9         涩    U+6F80         澀    U+6E0B;U+6F81; 渋;澁;
                                                      U+6FC7;U+7012 濇;瀒

U+6F81   澁    U+6DA9         涩    U+6F80         澀    U+6E0B;U+6FC7; 渋;濇;
                                                      U+7012         瀒
U+6F82   澂    U+6F84         澄    U+6F82         澂
U+6F83   澃    U+6F83         澃    U+6F83         澃
U+6F84   澄    U+6F84         澄    U+6F84         澄    U+6F82             澂
U+6F85   澅    U+6F85         澅    U+6F85         澅
U+6F86   澆    U+6D47         浇    U+6F86         澆
U+6F87   澇    U+6D9D         涝    U+6F87         澇
U+6F88   澈    U+6F88         澈    U+6F88         澈
U+6F89   澉    U+6F89         澉    U+6F89         澉
U+6F8A   澊    U+6F8A         澊    U+6F8A         澊
U+6F8B   澋    U+6F8B         澋    U+6F8B         澋
U+6F8C   澌    U+6F8C         澌    U+6F8C         澌
U+6F8D   澍    U+6F8D         澍    U+6F8D         澍
U+6F8E   澎    U+6F8E         澎    U+6F8E         澎
U+6F8F   澏    U+6F8F         澏    U+6F8F         澏
U+6F90   澐    U+6F90         澐    U+6F90         澐
U+6F91   澑    U+6E9C         溜    U+6E9C         溜
U+6F92   澒    U+6F92         澒    U+6F92         澒
U+6F93   澓    U+6F93         澓    U+6F93         澓
U+6F94   澔    U+6D69         浩    U+6F94         澔
U+6F95   澕    U+6F95         澕    U+6F95         澕
U+6F96   澖    U+6F96         澖    U+6F96         澖
U+6F97   澗    U+6DA7         涧    U+6F97         澗
U+6F99   澙    U+6F5F         潟    U+6F5F         潟
U+6F9B   澛    U+6F9B         澛    U+7002         瀂
U+6F9C   澜    U+6F9C         澜    U+703E         瀾
U+6F9D   澝    U+6F9D         澝    U+6F9D         澝
U+6F9E   澞    U+6F9E         澞    U+6F9E         澞
U+6FA0   澠    U+6E11         渑    U+6FA0         澠
U+6FA1   澡    U+6FA1         澡    U+6FA1         澡
U+6FA2   澢    U+6FA2         澢    U+6FA2         澢
U+6FA3   澣    U+6D63         浣    U+6FA3         澣
U+6FA4   澤    U+6CFD         泽    U+6FA4         澤    U+6CA2             沢
U+6FA5   澥    U+6FA5         澥    U+6FA5         澥
U+6FA6   澦    U+6EEA         滪    U+6FA6         澦
U+6FA7   澧    U+6FA7         澧    U+6FA7         澧
U+6FA8   澨    U+6FA8         澨    U+6FA8         澨
U+6FA9   澩    U+6CF6         泶    U+6FA9         澩
U+6FAA   澪    U+6CE0         泠    U+6FAA         澪
U+6FAB   澫    U+6F2B         漫    U+6FAB         澫
U+6FAC   澬    U+6FAC         澬    U+6FAC         澬
U+6FAD   澭    U+6FAD         澭    U+6FAD         澭
U+6FAE   澮    U+6D4D         浍    U+6FAE         澮
U+6FAF   澯    U+6FAF         澯    U+6FAF         澯
U+6FB0   澰    U+6FB0         澰    U+6FB0         澰
U+6FB1   澱    U+6DC0         淀    U+6FB1         澱
U+6FB2   澲    U+6FB2         澲    U+6FB2         澲
                                                                              Annex A: Page 168 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6FB3   澳    U+6FB3         澳    U+6FB3         澳
U+6FB4   澴    U+6FB4         澴    U+6FB4         澴
U+6FB5   澵    U+6FB5         澵    U+6FB5         澵
U+6FB6   澶    U+6FB6         澶    U+6FB6         澶
U+6FB8   澸    U+6FB8         澸    U+6FB8         澸
U+6FB9   澹    U+6FB9         澹    U+6FB9         澹    U+6DE1             淡
U+6FBA   澺    U+6FBA         澺    U+6FBA         澺
U+6FBB   澻    U+6FBB         澻    U+6FBB         澻
U+6FBC   澼    U+6FBC         澼    U+6FBC         澼
U+6FBD   澽    U+6FBD         澽    U+6FBD         澽
U+6FBE   澾    U+3CE0         㳠    U+6FBE         澾
U+6FBF   澿    U+6FBF         澿    U+6FBF         澿
U+6FC0   激    U+6FC0         激    U+6FC0         激
U+6FC1   濁    U+6D4A         浊    U+6FC1         濁
U+6FC2   濂    U+6FC2         濂    U+6FC2         濂
U+6FC3   濃    U+6D53         浓    U+6FC3         濃
U+6FC4   濄    U+6DA1         涡    U+6FC4         濄    U+6E26             渦
U+6FC6   濆    U+6FC6         濆    U+6FC6         濆
U+6FC7   濇    U+6DA9         涩    U+6FC7         濇    U+6F80;U+7012;U 澀;瀒;
                                                      +6E0B;U+6F81    渋;澁

U+6FC8   濈    U+6FC8         濈    U+6FC8         濈
U+6FC9   濉    U+6FC9         濉    U+6FC9         濉
U+6FCA   濊    U+6FCA         濊    U+6FCA         濊
U+6FCB   濋    U+6FCB         濋    U+6FCB         濋
U+6FCC   濌    U+6FCC         濌    U+6FCC         濌
U+6FCD   濍    U+6FCD         濍    U+6FCD         濍
U+6FCE   濎    U+6FCE         濎    U+6FCE         濎
U+6FCF   濏    U+6FCF         濏    U+6FCF         濏
U+6FD1   濑    U+6FD1         濑    U+7028         瀨    U+702C             瀬
U+6FD2   濒    U+6FD2         濒    U+7015         瀕
U+6FD4   濔    U+6CB5         沵    U+6FD4         濔
U+6FD5   濕    U+6E7F         湿    U+6FD5         濕    U+6EBC             溼
U+6FD6   濖    U+6FD6         濖    U+6FD6         濖
U+6FD7   濗    U+6FD7         濗    U+6FD7         濗
U+6FD8   濘    U+6CDE         泞    U+6FD8         濘
U+6FD9   濙    U+6FD9         濙    U+6FD9         濙
U+6FDA   濚    U+6E81         溁    U+6FDA         濚
U+6FDB   濛    U+8499         蒙    U+6FDB         濛    U+8499;U+61DE; 蒙;懞;
                                                      U+77C7         矇
U+6FDC   濜    U+6D55         浕    U+6FDC         濜
U+6FDD   濝    U+6FDD         濝    U+6FDD         濝
U+6FDE   濞    U+6FDE         濞    U+6FDE         濞
U+6FDF   濟    U+6D4E         济    U+6FDF         濟    U+6E08             済
U+6FE0   濠    U+6FE0         濠    U+6FE0         濠
U+6FE1   濡    U+6FE1         濡    U+6FE1         濡
U+6FE2   濢    U+6FE2         濢    U+6FE2         濢
U+6FE3   濣    U+6FE3         濣    U+6FE3         濣
U+6FE4   濤    U+6D9B         涛    U+6FE4         濤
U+6FE5   濥    U+6FE5         濥    U+6FE5         濥
U+6FE6   濦    U+6FE6         濦    U+6FE6         濦
                                                                              Annex A: Page 169 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+6FE7   濧    U+6FE7         濧    U+6FE7         濧
U+6FE8   濨    U+6FE8         濨    U+6FE8         濨
U+6FE9   濩    U+6FE9         濩    U+6FE9         濩
U+6FEA   濪    U+6FEA         濪    U+6FEA         濪
U+6FEB   濫    U+6EE5         滥    U+6FEB         濫
U+6FEC   濬    U+6D5A         浚    U+6FEC         濬
U+6FED   濭    U+6FED         濭    U+6FED         濭
U+6FEE   濮    U+6FEE         濮    U+6FEE         濮
U+6FEF   濯    U+6FEF         濯    U+6FEF         濯
U+6FF0   濰    U+6F4D         潍    U+6FF0         濰
U+6FF1   濱    U+6EE8         滨    U+6FF1         濱    U+6D5C             浜
U+6FF2   濲    U+6FF2         濲    U+6FF2         濲
U+6FF3   濳    U+6F5C         潜    U+6F5B         潛
U+6FF4   濴    U+6FF4         濴    U+6FF4         濴
U+6FF6   濶    U+9614         阔    U+95CA         闊
U+6FF7   濷    U+6FF7         濷    U+6FF7         濷
U+6FF8   濸    U+6FF8         濸    U+6FF8         濸
U+6FF9   濹    U+6FF9         濹    U+6FF9         濹
U+6FFA   濺    U+6E85         溅    U+6FFA         濺
U+6FFB   濻    U+7022         瀢    U+6FFB         濻
U+6FFC   濼    U+6CFA         泺    U+6FFC         濼    U+6CCA             泊
U+6FFE   濾    U+6EE4         滤    U+6FFE         濾
U+6FFF   濿    U+6FFF         濿    U+6FFF         濿
U+7000   瀀    U+7000         瀀    U+7000         瀀
U+7001   瀁    U+6F3E         漾    U+7001         瀁
U+7002   瀂    U+6F9B         澛    U+7002         瀂
U+7003   瀃    U+7003         瀃    U+7003         瀃
U+7004   瀄    U+7004         瀄    U+7004         瀄
U+7005   瀅    U+6EE2         滢    U+7005         瀅
U+7006   瀆    U+6E0E         渎    U+7006         瀆
U+7007   瀇    U+6C6A         汪    U+7007         瀇
U+7008   瀈    U+7008         瀈    U+7008         瀈
U+7009   瀉    U+6CFB         泻    U+7009         瀉
U+700A   瀊    U+700A         瀊    U+700A         瀊
U+700B   瀋    U+6C88         沈    U+700B         瀋    U+6E16;U+6C89      渖;沉
U+700C   瀌    U+700C         瀌    U+700C         瀌
U+700D   瀍    U+700D         瀍    U+700D         瀍
U+700E   瀎    U+700E         瀎    U+700E         瀎
U+700F   瀏    U+6D4F         浏    U+700F         瀏    U+56A0             嚠
U+7011   瀑    U+7011         瀑    U+7011         瀑
U+7012   瀒    U+6DA9         涩    U+6FC7         濇    U+6F80;U+6E0B; 澀;渋;
                                                      U+6F81         澁
U+7014   瀔    U+7014         瀔    U+7014         瀔
U+7015   瀕    U+6FD2         濒    U+7015         瀕
U+7016   瀖    U+7016         瀖    U+7016         瀖
U+7017   瀗    U+7017         瀗    U+7017         瀗
U+7018   瀘    U+6CF8         泸    U+7018         瀘
U+7019   瀙    U+7019         瀙    U+7019         瀙
U+701A   瀚    U+701A         瀚    U+701A         瀚
U+701B   瀛    U+701B         瀛    U+701B         瀛
U+701C   瀜    U+701C         瀜    U+701C         瀜
                                                                              Annex A: Page 170 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+701D   瀝    U+6CA5         沥    U+701D         瀝
U+701E   瀞    U+51C0         净    U+6DE8         淨    U+6D44;U+51C8; 浄;凈; (HK:CV)
                                                      U+701E         瀞
U+701F   瀟    U+6F47         潇    U+701F         瀟
U+7020   瀠    U+6F46         潆    U+7020         瀠
U+7021   瀡    U+7021         瀡    U+7021         瀡
U+7022   瀢    U+7022         瀢    U+7022         瀢    U+6FFB             濻
U+7023   瀣    U+7023         瀣    U+7023         瀣
U+7024   瀤    U+7024         瀤    U+7024         瀤
U+7025   瀥    U+7025         瀥    U+7025         瀥
U+7026   瀦    U+6F74         潴    U+7026         瀦
U+7027   瀧    U+6CF7         泷    U+7027         瀧    U+6EDD             滝      (HK:U+6EDD)
U+7028   瀨    U+6FD1         濑    U+7028         瀨    U+702C             瀬
U+7029   瀩    U+7029         瀩    U+7029         瀩
U+702A   瀪    U+702A         瀪    U+702A         瀪
U+702B   瀫    U+702B         瀫    U+702B         瀫
U+702C   瀬    U+6FD1         濑    U+7028         瀨
U+702D   瀭    U+702D         瀭    U+702D         瀭
U+702E   瀮    U+702E         瀮    U+702E         瀮
U+702F   瀯    U+702F         瀯    U+702F         瀯
U+7030   瀰    U+5F25         弥    U+7030         瀰    U+5F4C;U+519E      彌;冞

U+7031   瀱    U+7031         瀱    U+7031         瀱
U+7032   瀲    U+6F4B         潋    U+7032         瀲
U+7033   瀳    U+7033         瀳    U+7033         瀳
U+7034   瀴    U+7034         瀴    U+7034         瀴
U+7035   瀵    U+7035         瀵    U+7035         瀵
U+7036   瀶    U+7036         瀶    U+7036         瀶
U+7037   瀷    U+7037         瀷    U+7037         瀷
U+7038   瀸    U+7038         瀸    U+7038         瀸
U+7039   瀹    U+7039         瀹    U+7039         瀹
U+703A   瀺    U+703A         瀺    U+703A         瀺
U+703B   瀻    U+703B         瀻    U+703B         瀻
U+703C   瀼    U+703C         瀼    U+703C         瀼
U+703D   瀽    U+703D         瀽    U+703D         瀽
U+703E   瀾    U+6F9C         澜    U+703E         瀾
U+703F   瀿    U+703F         瀿    U+703F         瀿
U+7040   灀    U+7040         灀    U+7040         灀
U+7041   灁    U+6E0A         渊    U+7041         灁    U+6DF5;U+6E15      淵;渕

U+7042   灂    U+7042         灂    U+7042         灂
U+7043   灃    U+6CA3         沣    U+7043         灃
U+7044   灄    U+6EE0         滠    U+7044         灄
U+7045   灅    U+7045         灅    U+7045         灅
U+7046   灆    U+7046         灆    U+7046         灆
U+7048   灈    U+7048         灈    U+7048         灈
U+7049   灉    U+7049         灉    U+7049         灉
U+704A   灊    U+704A         灊    U+704A         灊
U+704C   灌    U+704C         灌    U+704C         灌    U+6F45             潅
U+704D   灍    U+704D         灍    U+704D         灍
U+704F   灏    U+704F         灏    U+705D         灝
                                                                              Annex A: Page 171 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7050   灐    U+7050         灐    U+7050         灐
U+7051   灑    U+6D12         洒    U+7051         灑
U+7052   灒    U+7052         灒    U+7052         灒
U+7053   灓    U+7053         灓    U+7053         灓
U+7054   灔    U+6EDF         滟    U+7069         灩    U+7067             灧
U+7055   灕    U+6F13         漓    U+7055         灕
U+7056   灖    U+7056         灖    U+7056         灖
U+7057   灗    U+7057         灗    U+7057         灗
U+7058   灘    U+6EE9         滩    U+7058         灘
U+7059   灙    U+7059         灙    U+7059         灙
U+705A   灚    U+705A         灚    U+705A         灚
U+705B   灛    U+9610         阐    U+705B         灛    U+9610;U+95E1      阐;闡
U+705C   灜    U+705C         灜    U+705C         灜
U+705D   灝    U+704F         灏    U+705D         灝
U+705E   灞    U+705E         灞    U+705E         灞
U+705F   灟    U+705F         灟    U+705F         灟
U+7060   灠    U+7060         灠    U+7060         灠
U+7061   灡    U+7061         灡    U+7061         灡
U+7062   灢    U+7062         灢    U+7062         灢
U+7063   灣    U+6E7E         湾    U+7063         灣
U+7064   灤    U+6EE6         滦    U+7064         灤
U+7065   灥    U+7065         灥    U+7065         灥
U+7066   灦    U+7066         灦    U+7066         灦
U+7067   灧    U+6EDF         滟    U+7069         灩    U+7054             灔
U+7068   灨    U+8D63         赣    U+7068         灨    U+8D63;U+8D1B      赣;贛

U+7069   灩    U+6EDF         滟    U+7069         灩    U+7054;U+7067      灔;灧
U+706A   灪    U+706A         灪    U+706A         灪
U+706B   火    U+706B         火    U+706B         火
U+706C   灬    U+706C         灬    U+706C         灬
U+706D   灭    U+706D         灭    U+6EC5         滅
U+706E   灮    U+5149         光    U+5149         光    U+709A;U+70E1      炚;烡
U+706F   灯    U+706F         灯    U+71C8         燈
U+7070   灰    U+7070         灰    U+7070         灰
U+7071   灱    U+7071         灱    U+7071         灱
U+7074   灴    U+70D8         烘    U+7074         灴
U+7075   灵    U+7075         灵    U+9748         靈    U+970A        霊
U+7076   灶    U+7076         灶    U+7076         灶    U+7AC8;U+7AC3 竈;竃 (HK:U+7AC3)

U+7077   灷    U+7077         灷    U+7077         灷
U+7078   灸    U+7078         灸    U+7078         灸
U+7079   灹    U+7079         灹    U+7079         灹
U+707A   灺    U+707A         灺    U+707A         灺
U+707C   灼    U+707C         灼    U+707C         灼
U+707D   災    U+707E         灾    U+707D         災    U+707E;U+70D6      灾;烖
U+707E   灾    U+707E         灾    U+707D         災    U+70D6             烖
U+707F   灿    U+707F         灿    U+71E6         燦
U+7080   炀    U+7080         炀    U+716C         煬
U+7082   炂    U+7082         炂    U+7082         炂
U+7083   炃    U+711A         焚    U+7083         炃
U+7084   炄    U+7084         炄    U+7084         炄
                                                                              Annex A: Page 172 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7085   炅    U+7085         炅    U+7085         炅    U+7094             炔
U+7086   炆    U+7086         炆    U+7086         炆
U+7087   炇    U+7087         炇    U+7087         炇
U+7088   炈    U+7088         炈    U+7088         炈
U+7089   炉    U+7089         炉    U+7210         爐    U+946A             鑪
U+708A   炊    U+708A         炊    U+708A         炊
U+708B   炋    U+708B         炋    U+708B         炋
U+708C   炌    U+708C         炌    U+708C         炌
U+708E   炎    U+708E         炎    U+708E         炎
U+708F   炏    U+708F         炏    U+708F         炏
U+7090   炐    U+7090         炐    U+7090         炐
U+7091   炑    U+7091         炑    U+7091         炑
U+7092   炒    U+7092         炒    U+7092         炒
U+7093   炓    U+7093         炓    U+7093         炓
U+7094   炔    U+7094         炔    U+7094         炔    U+7085             炅
U+7095   炕    U+7095         炕    U+7095         炕    U+531F             匟
U+7096   炖    U+7096         炖    U+71C9         燉
U+7098   炘    U+7098         炘    U+7098         炘
U+7099   炙    U+7099         炙    U+7099         炙
U+709A   炚    U+5149         光    U+709A         炚    U+706E;U+70E1      灮;烡
U+709C   炜    U+709C         炜    U+7152         煒
U+709D   炝    U+709D         炝    U+7197         熗
U+709E   炞    U+709E         炞    U+709E         炞
U+709F   炟    U+709F         炟    U+709F         炟
U+70A0   炠    U+70A0         炠    U+70A0         炠
U+70A1   炡    U+70A1         炡    U+70A1         炡
U+70A2   炢    U+70A2         炢    U+70A2         炢
U+70A3   炣    U+70A3         炣    U+70A3         炣
U+70A4   炤    U+7167         照    U+70A4         炤    U+7167;U+66CC      照;曌

U+70A5   炥    U+70A5         炥    U+70A5         炥
U+70A6   炦    U+70A6         炦    U+70A6         炦
U+70A7   炧    U+70A7         炧    U+70A7         炧
U+70A8   炨    U+70A8         炨    U+70A8         炨
U+70A9   炩    U+70A9         炩    U+70A9         炩
U+70AB   炫    U+70AB         炫    U+70AB         炫
U+70AC   炬    U+70AC         炬    U+70AC         炬
U+70AD   炭    U+70AD         炭    U+70AD         炭
U+70AE   炮    U+70AE         炮    U+70AE         炮    U+70B0;U+7832;U    炰;砲;
                                                      +792E              礮
U+70AF   炯    U+70AF         炯    U+70AF         炯    U+70F1             烱
U+70B0   炰    U+70B0         炰    U+70B0         炰    U+70AE;U+7832;     炮;砲;
                                                      U+792E             礮
U+70B1   炱    U+70B1         炱    U+70B1         炱
U+70B3   炳    U+70B3         炳    U+70B3         炳    U+663A;U+661E      昺;昞 (HK:U+661E)
U+70B4   炴    U+70B4         炴    U+70B4         炴
U+70B5   炵    U+70B5         炵    U+70B5         炵
U+70B7   炷    U+70B7         炷    U+70B7         炷
U+70B8   炸    U+70B8         炸    U+70B8         炸
U+70B9   点    U+70B9         点    U+9EDE         點    U+594C             奌
U+70BA   為    U+4E3A         为    U+70BA         為    U+7232             爲
                                                                              Annex A: Page 173 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+70BB   炻    U+70BB         炻    U+70BB         炻
U+70BC   炼    U+70BC         炼    U+7149         煉    U+934A             鍊
U+70BD   炽    U+70BD         炽    U+71BE         熾
U+70BE   炾    U+70BE         炾    U+70BE         炾
U+70BF   炿    U+70BF         炿    U+70BF         炿
U+70C0   烀    U+70C0         烀    U+70C0         烀
U+70C1   烁    U+70C1         烁    U+720D         爍
U+70C2   烂    U+70C2         烂    U+721B         爛    U+71D7             燗
U+70C3   烃    U+70C3         烃    U+70F4         烴
U+70C4   烄    U+70C4         烄    U+70C4         烄
U+70C5   烅    U+70C5         烅    U+70C5         烅
U+70C6   烆    U+70C6         烆    U+70C6         烆
U+70C7   烇    U+70C7         烇    U+70C7         烇
U+70C8   烈    U+70C8         烈    U+70C8         烈
U+70C9   烉    U+7115         焕    U+7165         煥
U+70CA   烊    U+70CA         烊    U+70CA         烊
U+70CB   烋    U+70CB         烋    U+70CB         烋
U+70CC   烌    U+70CC         烌    U+70CC         烌
U+70CD   烍    U+70CD         烍    U+70CD         烍
U+70CE   烎    U+70CE         烎    U+70CE         烎
U+70CF   烏    U+4E4C         乌    U+70CF         烏
U+70D0   烐    U+70D0         烐    U+70D0         烐
U+70D1   烑    U+70D1         烑    U+70D1         烑
U+70D2   烒    U+70D2         烒    U+70D2         烒
U+70D3   烓    U+70D3         烓    U+70D3         烓
U+70D4   烔    U+70D4         烔    U+70D4         烔
U+70D6   烖    U+707E         灾    U+707D         災
U+70D7   烗    U+70D7         烗    U+70D7         烗
U+70D8   烘    U+70D8         烘    U+70D8         烘    U+7074             灴
U+70D9   烙    U+70D9         烙    U+70D9         烙
U+70DA   烚    U+70DA         烚    U+70DA         烚
U+70DB   烛    U+70DB         烛    U+71ED         燭
U+70DC   烜    U+70DC         烜    U+70DC         烜
U+70DD   烝    U+70DD         烝    U+70DD         烝
U+70DE   烞    U+70DE         烞    U+70DE         烞
U+70DF   烟    U+70DF         烟    U+7159         煙    U+83F8             菸
U+70E0   烠    U+70E0         烠    U+70E0         烠
U+70E1   烡    U+5149         光    U+70E1         烡    U+706E;U+709A      灮;炚
U+70E2   烢    U+70E2         烢    U+70E2         烢
U+70E3   烣    U+70E3         烣    U+70E3         烣
U+70E4   烤    U+70E4         烤    U+70E4         烤
U+70E5   烥    U+70E5         烥    U+70E5         烥
U+70E6   烦    U+70E6         烦    U+7169         煩
U+70E7   烧    U+70E7         烧    U+71D2         燒
U+70E8   烨    U+70E8         烨    U+71C1         燁
U+70E9   烩    U+70E9         烩    U+71F4         燴
U+70EA   烪    U+70EA         烪    U+70EA         烪
U+70EB   烫    U+70EB         烫    U+71D9         燙
U+70EC   烬    U+70EC         烬    U+71FC         燼    U+7161             煡
U+70ED   热    U+70ED         热    U+71B1         熱
U+70EE   烮    U+70EE         烮    U+70EE         烮
                                                                              Annex A: Page 174 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+70EF   烯    U+70EF         烯    U+70EF         烯
U+70F0   烰    U+70F0         烰    U+70F0         烰
U+70F1   烱    U+70AF         炯    U+70AF         炯
U+70F2   烲    U+70F2         烲    U+70F2         烲
U+70F3   烳    U+70F3         烳    U+70F3         烳
U+70F4   烴    U+70C3         烃    U+70F4         烴
U+70F5   烵    U+70F5         烵    U+70F5         烵
U+70F6   烶    U+70F6         烶    U+70F6         烶
U+70F7   烷    U+70F7         烷    U+70F7         烷
U+70F8   烸    U+70F8         烸    U+70F8         烸
U+70F9   烹    U+70F9         烹    U+70F9         烹
U+70FA   烺    U+6717         朗    U+70FA         烺    U+6716             朖
U+70FB   烻    U+70FB         烻    U+70FB         烻
U+70FC   烼    U+70FC         烼    U+70FC         烼
U+70FD   烽    U+70FD         烽    U+70FD         烽
U+70FF   烿    U+70FF         烿    U+70FF         烿
U+7100   焀    U+7100         焀    U+7100         焀
U+7101   焁    U+7101         焁    U+7101         焁
U+7102   焂    U+7102         焂    U+7102         焂
U+7103   焃    U+7103         焃    U+7103         焃
U+7104   焄    U+7104         焄    U+7104         焄
U+7105   焅    U+7105         焅    U+7105         焅
U+7106   焆    U+7106         焆    U+7106         焆
U+7107   焇    U+7107         焇    U+7107         焇
U+7109   焉    U+7109         焉    U+7109         焉
U+710A   焊    U+710A         焊    U+710A         焊    U+91EC;U+92B2      釬;銲

U+710B   焋    U+710B         焋    U+710B         焋
U+710C   焌    U+710C         焌    U+710C         焌    U+71C7             燇
U+710D   焍    U+710D         焍    U+710D         焍
U+710E   焎    U+710E         焎    U+710E         焎
U+710F   焏    U+710F         焏    U+710F         焏
U+7110   焐    U+7110         焐    U+7110         焐
U+7111   焑    U+7111         焑    U+7111         焑
U+7112   焒    U+7112         焒    U+7112         焒
U+7113   焓    U+7113         焓    U+7113         焓
U+7115   焕    U+7115         焕    U+7165         煥    U+70C9             烉
U+7116   焖    U+7116         焖    U+71DC         燜
U+7117   焗    U+7117         焗    U+7117         焗
U+7118   焘    U+7118         焘    U+71FE         燾
U+7119   焙    U+7119         焙    U+7119         焙
U+711A   焚    U+711A         焚    U+711A         焚    U+7083             炃
U+711B   焛    U+711B         焛    U+711B         焛
U+711C   焜    U+711C         焜    U+711C         焜
U+711D   焝    U+711D         焝    U+711D         焝
U+711E   焞    U+711E         焞    U+711E         焞
U+711F   焟    U+711F         焟    U+711F         焟
U+7120   焠    U+7120         焠    U+7120         焠
U+7121   無    U+65E0         无    U+7121         無
U+7122   焢    U+7122         焢    U+7122         焢
U+7123   焣    U+7123         焣    U+7123         焣
                                                                              Annex A: Page 175 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7125   焥    U+7125         焥    U+7125         焥
U+7126   焦    U+7126         焦    U+7126         焦
U+7127   焧    U+7127         焧    U+7127         焧
U+7128   焨    U+7128         焨    U+7128         焨
U+7129   焩    U+7129         焩    U+7129         焩
U+712A   焪    U+712A         焪    U+712A         焪
U+712B   焫    U+712B         焫    U+712B         焫
U+712C   焬    U+712C         焬    U+712C         焬
U+712D   焭    U+712D         焭    U+7162         煢    U+8315;U+60F8      茕;惸
U+712E   焮    U+712E         焮    U+712E         焮
U+712F   焯    U+712F         焯    U+712F         焯
U+7130   焰    U+7130         焰    U+7130         焰    U+71C4             燄
U+7131   焱    U+7131         焱    U+7131         焱
U+7132   焲    U+7132         焲    U+7132         焲
U+7135   焵    U+7135         焵    U+7135         焵
U+7136   然    U+7136         然    U+7136         然
U+7137   焷    U+7137         焷    U+7137         焷
U+7138   焸    U+7138         焸    U+7138         焸
U+7139   焹    U+7139         焹    U+7139         焹
U+713A   焺    U+713A         焺    U+713A         焺
U+713B   焻    U+713B         焻    U+713B         焻
U+713D   焽    U+713D         焽    U+713D         焽
U+713E   焾    U+713E         焾    U+713E         焾
U+713F   焿    U+713F         焿    U+713F         焿
U+7140   煀    U+7140         煀    U+7140         煀
U+7141   煁    U+7141         煁    U+7141         煁
U+7142   煂    U+7142         煂    U+7142         煂
U+7143   煃    U+7143         煃    U+7143         煃
U+7144   煄    U+7144         煄    U+7144         煄
U+7145   煅    U+7145         煅    U+935B         鍛    U+953B             锻
U+7146   煆    U+7146         煆    U+7146         煆
U+7147   煇    U+7147         煇    U+7147         煇
U+7148   煈    U+7148         煈    U+7148         煈
U+7149   煉    U+70BC         炼    U+7149         煉    U+934A             鍊
U+714A   煊    U+714A         煊    U+714A         煊
U+714B   煋    U+714B         煋    U+714B         煋
U+714C   煌    U+714C         煌    U+714C         煌
U+714D   煍    U+714D         煍    U+714D         煍
U+714E   煎    U+714E         煎    U+714E         煎
U+714F   煏    U+714F         煏    U+714F         煏
U+7150   煐    U+7150         煐    U+7150         煐
U+7151   煑    U+716E         煮    U+716E         煮
U+7152   煒    U+709C         炜    U+7152         煒
U+7153   煓    U+7153         煓    U+7153         煓
U+7154   煔    U+7154         煔    U+7154         煔
U+7156   煖    U+6696         暖    U+7156         煖
U+7158   煘    U+7158         煘    U+7158         煘
U+7159   煙    U+70DF         烟    U+7159         煙    U+83F8             菸
U+715A   煚    U+715A         煚    U+715A         煚    U+71DB             燛
U+715B   煛    U+715B         煛    U+715B         煛
U+715C   煜    U+715C         煜    U+715C         煜
                                                                              Annex A: Page 176 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+715D   煝    U+715D         煝    U+715D         煝
U+715E   煞    U+715E         煞    U+715E         煞
U+715F   煟    U+715F         煟    U+715F         煟
U+7160   煠    U+7160         煠    U+7160         煠
U+7161   煡    U+70EC         烬    U+7161         煡    U+71FC          燼
U+7162   煢    U+8315         茕    U+7162         煢    U+712D;U+8315;U 焭;茕;
                                                      +60F8           惸
U+7163   煣    U+7163         煣    U+7163         煣
U+7164   煤    U+7164         煤    U+7164         煤
U+7165   煥    U+7115         焕    U+7165         煥    U+70C9             烉
U+7166   煦    U+7166         煦    U+7166         煦
U+7167   照    U+7167         照    U+7167         照    U+66CC;U+70A4      曌;炤

U+7168   煨    U+7168         煨    U+7168         煨    U+71F0             燰
U+7169   煩    U+70E6         烦    U+7169         煩
U+716A   煪    U+716A         煪    U+716A         煪
U+716C   煬    U+7080         炀    U+716C         煬
U+716E   煮    U+716E         煮    U+716E         煮    U+7151             煑
U+716F   煯    U+716F         煯    U+716F         煯
U+7170   煰    U+71E5         燥    U+7170         煰
U+7171   煱    U+7171         煱    U+7171         煱
U+7172   煲    U+7172         煲    U+7172         煲
U+7173   煳    U+7173         煳    U+7173         煳
U+7174   煴    U+7174         煴    U+7185         熅
U+7175   煵    U+7175         煵    U+7175         煵
U+7176   煶    U+7176         煶    U+7176         煶
U+7177   煷    U+7177         煷    U+7177         煷
U+7178   煸    U+7178         煸    U+7178         煸
U+7179   煹    U+7179         煹    U+7179         煹
U+717A   煺    U+717A         煺    U+717A         煺
U+717B   煻    U+717B         煻    U+717B         煻
U+717C   煼    U+717C         煼    U+717C         煼
U+717D   煽    U+717D         煽    U+717D         煽
U+717E   煾    U+717E         煾    U+717E         煾
U+717F   煿    U+717F         煿    U+717F         煿
U+7180   熀    U+7180         熀    U+7180         熀
U+7181   熁    U+7181         熁    U+7181         熁
U+7182   熂    U+7182         熂    U+7182         熂
U+7183   熃    U+7183         熃    U+7183         熃
U+7184   熄    U+7184         熄    U+7184         熄
U+7185   熅    U+7174         煴    U+7185         熅
U+7186   熆    U+7186         熆    U+7186         熆
U+7187   熇    U+7187         熇    U+7187         熇
U+7188   熈    U+7199         熙    U+7199         熙
U+7189   熉    U+7189         熉    U+7189         熉
U+718A   熊    U+718A         熊    U+718A         熊
U+718B   熋    U+718B         熋    U+718B         熋
U+718C   熌    U+718C         熌    U+718C         熌
U+718E   熎    U+718E         熎    U+718E         熎
U+718F   熏    U+718F         熏    U+71FB         燻
U+7190   熐    U+7190         熐    U+7190         熐
                                                                              Annex A: Page 177 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7191   熑    U+7191         熑    U+7191         熑
U+7192   熒    U+8367         荧    U+7192         熒
U+7193   熓    U+7193         熓    U+7193         熓
U+7194   熔    U+7194         熔    U+7194         熔    U+9394;U+9555      鎔;镕
U+7195   熕    U+7195         熕    U+7195         熕
U+7197   熗    U+709D         炝    U+7197         熗
U+7198   熘    U+7198         熘    U+7198         熘
U+7199   熙    U+7199         熙    U+7199         熙    U+7188             熈
U+719A   熚    U+719A         熚    U+719A         熚
U+719B   熛    U+719B         熛    U+719B         熛
U+719C   熜    U+719C         熜    U+719C         熜
U+719D   熝    U+719D         熝    U+719D         熝
U+719E   熞    U+719E         熞    U+719E         熞
U+719F   熟    U+719F         熟    U+719F         熟
U+71A0   熠    U+71A0         熠    U+71A0         熠
U+71A1   熡    U+71A1         熡    U+71A1         熡
U+71A2   熢    U+71A2         熢    U+71A2         熢
U+71A3   熣    U+71A3         熣    U+71A3         熣
U+71A4   熤    U+71A4         熤    U+71A4         熤
U+71A5   熥    U+71A5         熥    U+71A5         熥
U+71A7   熧    U+71A7         熧    U+71A7         熧
U+71A8   熨    U+71A8         熨    U+71A8         熨
U+71A9   熩    U+71A9         熩    U+71A9         熩
U+71AA   熪    U+71AA         熪    U+71AA         熪
U+71AC   熬    U+71AC         熬    U+71AC         熬
U+71AD   熭    U+71AD         熭    U+71AD         熭
U+71AE   熮    U+71AE         熮    U+71AE         熮
U+71AF   熯    U+71AF         熯    U+71AF         熯
U+71B0   熰    U+71B0         熰    U+71B0         熰
U+71B1   熱    U+70ED         热    U+71B1         熱
U+71B2   熲    U+988E         颎    U+71B2         熲
U+71B3   熳    U+71B3         熳    U+71B3         熳
U+71B4   熴    U+71B4         熴    U+71B4         熴
U+71B5   熵    U+71B5         熵    U+71B5         熵
U+71B7   熷    U+71B7         熷    U+71B7         熷
U+71B8   熸    U+71B8         熸    U+71B8         熸
U+71B9   熹    U+71B9         熹    U+71B9         熹    U+71BA             熺
U+71BA   熺    U+71B9         熹    U+71B9         熹
U+71BB   熻    U+71BB         熻    U+71BB         熻
U+71BC   熼    U+71BC         熼    U+71BC         熼
U+71BD   熽    U+71BD         熽    U+71BD         熽
U+71BE   熾    U+70BD         炽    U+71BE         熾
U+71BF   熿    U+71BF         熿    U+71BF         熿
U+71C0   燀    U+71C0         燀    U+71C0         燀
U+71C1   燁    U+70E8         烨    U+71C1         燁
U+71C2   燂    U+71C2         燂    U+71C2         燂
U+71C3   燃    U+71C3         燃    U+71C3         燃
U+71C4   燄    U+7130         焰    U+71C4         燄
U+71C5   燅    U+71C5         燅    U+71C5         燅
U+71C6   燆    U+71C6         燆    U+71C6         燆
U+71C7   燇    U+710C         焌    U+71C7         燇
                                                                              Annex A: Page 178 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+71C8   燈    U+706F         灯    U+71C8         燈
U+71C9   燉    U+7096         炖    U+71C9         燉
U+71CA   燊    U+71CA         燊    U+71CA         燊
U+71CB   燋    U+71CB         燋    U+71CB         燋
U+71CD   燍    U+71CD         燍    U+71CD         燍
U+71CE   燎    U+71CE         燎    U+71CE         燎
U+71CF   燏    U+71CF         燏    U+71CF         燏
U+71D0   燐    U+71D0         燐    U+71D0         燐    U+78F7             磷
U+71D1   燑    U+71D1         燑    U+71D1         燑
U+71D2   燒    U+70E7         烧    U+71D2         燒
U+71D4   燔    U+71D4         燔    U+71D4         燔
U+71D5   燕    U+71D5         燕    U+71D5         燕    U+89FE;U+9DF0      觾;鷰

U+71D6   燖    U+71D6         燖    U+71D6         燖
U+71D7   燗    U+70C2         烂    U+721B         爛
U+71D8   燘    U+71D8         燘    U+71D8         燘
U+71D9   燙    U+70EB         烫    U+71D9         燙
U+71DA   燚    U+71DA         燚    U+71DA         燚
U+71DB   燛    U+715A         煚    U+71DB         燛
U+71DC   燜    U+7116         焖    U+71DC         燜
U+71DD   燝    U+71DD         燝    U+71DD         燝
U+71DE   燞    U+71DE         燞    U+71DE         燞
U+71DF   營    U+8425         营    U+71DF         營    U+55B6;U+8425      営;营
U+71E0   燠    U+71E0         燠    U+71E0         燠
U+71E1   燡    U+71E1         燡    U+71E1         燡
U+71E2   燢    U+71E2         燢    U+71E2         燢
U+71E3   燣    U+71F7         燷    U+71E3         燣
U+71E4   燤    U+71E4         燤    U+71E4         燤
U+71E5   燥    U+71E5         燥    U+71E5         燥    U+7170             煰
U+71E6   燦    U+707F         灿    U+71E6         燦
U+71E7   燧    U+71E7         燧    U+71E7         燧
U+71E8   燨    U+7214         爔    U+71E8         燨
U+71E9   燩    U+71E9         燩    U+71E9         燩
U+71EA   燪    U+71EA         燪    U+71EA         燪
U+71EB   燫    U+71EB         燫    U+71EB         燫
U+71EC   燬    U+71EC         燬    U+71EC         燬
U+71ED   燭    U+70DB         烛    U+71ED         燭
U+71EE   燮    U+71EE         燮    U+71EE         燮
U+71EF   燯    U+71EF         燯    U+71EF         燯    U+7227             爧
U+71F0   燰    U+7168         煨    U+71F0         燰
U+71F1   燱    U+71F1         燱    U+71F1         燱
U+71F2   燲    U+71F2         燲    U+71F2         燲
U+71F4   燴    U+70E9         烩    U+71F4         燴
U+71F5   燵    U+71F5         燵    U+71F5         燵
U+71F6   燶    U+71F6         燶    U+71F6         燶
U+71F7   燷    U+71F7         燷    U+71E3         燣
U+71F8   燸    U+71F8         燸    U+71F8         燸
U+71F9   燹    U+71F9         燹    U+71F9         燹
U+71FB   燻    U+718F         熏    U+71FB         燻
U+71FC   燼    U+70EC         烬    U+71FC         燼    U+7161             煡
U+71FD   燽    U+71FD         燽    U+71FD         燽
                                                                              Annex A: Page 179 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+71FE   燾    U+7118         焘    U+71FE         燾
U+71FF   燿    U+8000         耀    U+71FF         燿    U+66DC;U+8000      曜;耀

U+7200   爀    U+7200         爀    U+7200         爀                              (HK)
U+7201   爁    U+7201         爁    U+7201         爁    U+7226             爦
U+7202   爂    U+7202         爂    U+7202         爂
U+7203   爃    U+7203         爃    U+7203         爃
U+7204   爄    U+7204         爄    U+7204         爄
U+7205   爅    U+7205         爅    U+7205         爅
U+7206   爆    U+7206         爆    U+7206         爆
U+7207   爇    U+7207         爇    U+7207         爇
U+7208   爈    U+7208         爈    U+7208         爈
U+7209   爉    U+7209         爉    U+7209         爉
U+720A   爊    U+720A         爊    U+720A         爊
U+720C   爌    U+720C         爌    U+720C         爌
U+720D   爍    U+70C1         烁    U+720D         爍
U+720E   爎    U+720E         爎    U+720E         爎
U+720F   爏    U+720F         爏    U+720F         爏
U+7210   爐    U+7089         炉    U+7210         爐    U+946A             鑪
U+7212   爒    U+7212         爒    U+7212         爒
U+7213   爓    U+7213         爓    U+7213         爓
U+7214   爔    U+7214         爔    U+7214         爔    U+71E8             燨
U+7216   爖    U+7216         爖    U+7216         爖
U+7218   爘    U+7218         爘    U+7218         爘
U+7219   爙    U+7219         爙    U+7219         爙
U+721A   爚    U+721A         爚    U+721A         爚
U+721B   爛    U+70C2         烂    U+721B         爛    U+71D7             燗
U+721C   爜    U+721C         爜    U+721C         爜
U+721D   爝    U+721D         爝    U+721D         爝
U+721E   爞    U+721E         爞    U+721E         爞
U+721F   爟    U+721F         爟    U+721F         爟
U+7221   爡    U+7221         爡    U+7221         爡
U+7222   爢    U+7CDC         糜    U+7222         爢
U+7223   爣    U+7223         爣    U+7223         爣
U+7226   爦    U+7201         爁    U+7226         爦
U+7227   爧    U+71EF         燯    U+7227         爧
U+7228   爨    U+7228         爨    U+7228         爨
U+7229   爩    U+7229         爩    U+7229         爩
U+722A   爪    U+722A         爪    U+722A         爪
U+722B   爫    U+722B         爫    U+722B         爫
U+722C   爬    U+722C         爬    U+722C         爬
U+722D   爭    U+4E89         争    U+722D         爭
U+722E   爮    U+722E         爮    U+722E         爮
U+7230   爰    U+7230         爰    U+7230         爰
U+7231   爱    U+7231         爱    U+611B         愛
U+7232   爲    U+4E3A         为    U+70BA         為
U+7233   爳    U+7233         爳    U+7233         爳
U+7235   爵    U+7235         爵    U+7235         爵
U+7236   父    U+7236         父    U+7236         父
U+7237   爷    U+7237         爷    U+723A         爺
U+7238   爸    U+7238         爸    U+7238         爸
                                                                              Annex A: Page 180 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7239   爹    U+7239         爹    U+7239         爹
U+723A   爺    U+7237         爷    U+723A         爺
U+723B   爻    U+723B         爻    U+723B         爻
U+723C   爼    U+4FCE         俎    U+4FCE         俎
U+723D   爽    U+723D         爽    U+723D         爽    U+6161             慡
U+723E   爾    U+5C14         尔    U+723E         爾    U+5C12;U+5C13      尒;尓

U+723F   爿    U+723F         爿    U+723F         爿    U+4E2C             丬
U+7240   牀    U+5E8A         床    U+5E8A         床
U+7241   牁    U+7241         牁    U+7241         牁
U+7242   牂    U+7242         牂    U+7242         牂
U+7243   牃    U+7243         牃    U+7243         牃
U+7244   牄    U+7244         牄    U+7244         牄
U+7246   牆    U+5899         墙    U+7246         牆    U+58BB             墻
U+7247   片    U+7247         片    U+7247         片
U+7248   版    U+7248         版    U+7248         版
U+7249   牉    U+7249         牉    U+7249         牉
U+724A   牊    U+724A         牊    U+724A         牊
U+724B   牋    U+7B3A         笺    U+724B         牋    U+7B3A;U+7B8B      笺;箋

U+724C   牌    U+724C         牌    U+724C         牌
U+724D   牍    U+724D         牍    U+7258         牘
U+724F   牏    U+724F         牏    U+724F         牏
U+7251   牑    U+7251         牑    U+7251         牑
U+7252   牒    U+7252         牒    U+7252         牒
U+7253   牓    U+699C         榜    U+7253         牓
U+7254   牔    U+7254         牔    U+7254         牔
U+7256   牖    U+7256         牖    U+7256         牖
U+7257   牗    U+7257         牗    U+7257         牗
U+7258   牘    U+724D         牍    U+7258         牘
U+7259   牙    U+7259         牙    U+7259         牙
U+725A   牚    U+6491         撑    U+725A         牚    U+6490             撐
U+725B   牛    U+725B         牛    U+725B         牛
U+725C   牜    U+725C         牜    U+725C         牜
U+725D   牝    U+725D         牝    U+725D         牝
U+725E   牞    U+725E         牞    U+725E         牞
U+725F   牟    U+725F         牟    U+725F         牟
U+7260   牠    U+5B83         它    U+7260         牠
U+7261   牡    U+7261         牡    U+7261         牡
U+7262   牢    U+7262         牢    U+7262         牢
U+7263   牣    U+7263         牣    U+7263         牣
U+7264   牤    U+7264         牤    U+7264         牤
U+7265   牥    U+7265         牥    U+7265         牥
U+7266   牦    U+7266         牦    U+729B         犛    U+6C02;U+9AE6      氂;髦

U+7267   牧    U+7267         牧    U+7267         牧
U+7268   牨    U+7268         牨    U+7268         牨
U+7269   物    U+7269         物    U+7269         物
U+726A   牪    U+726A         牪    U+726A         牪
U+726B   牫    U+726B         牫    U+726B         牫
U+726C   牬    U+726C         牬    U+726C         牬
                                                                              Annex A: Page 181 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+726D   牭    U+726D         牭    U+726D         牭
U+726E   牮    U+726E         牮    U+726E         牮
U+726F   牯    U+726F         牯    U+726F         牯
U+7270   牰    U+7270         牰    U+7270         牰
U+7271   牱    U+7271         牱    U+7271         牱
U+7272   牲    U+7272         牲    U+7272         牲
U+7273   牳    U+7273         牳    U+7273         牳
U+7274   牴    U+7274         牴    U+7274         牴    U+62B5;U+7F9D; 抵;羝;
                                                      U+89DD;U+627A 觝;扺

U+7275   牵    U+7275         牵    U+727D         牽
U+7276   牶    U+7276         牶    U+7276         牶
U+7277   牷    U+7277         牷    U+7277         牷
U+7278   牸    U+7278         牸    U+7278         牸
U+7279   特    U+7279         特    U+7279         特
U+727A   牺    U+727A         牺    U+72A7         犧
U+727B   牻    U+727B         牻    U+727B         牻
U+727C   牼    U+727C         牼    U+727C         牼
U+727D   牽    U+7275         牵    U+727D         牽
U+727E   牾    U+727E         牾    U+727E         牾
U+727F   牿    U+727F         牿    U+727F         牿
U+7280   犀    U+7280         犀    U+7280         犀
U+7281   犁    U+7281         犁    U+7281         犁    U+7282             犂
U+7282   犂    U+7281         犁    U+7281         犁
U+7283   犃    U+7283         犃    U+7283         犃
U+7284   犄    U+7284         犄    U+7284         犄
U+7285   犅    U+7285         犅    U+7285         犅
U+7286   犆    U+7286         犆    U+7286         犆
U+7287   犇    U+5954         奔    U+5954         奔    U+9029             逩
U+7288   犈    U+7288         犈    U+7288         犈
U+7289   犉    U+7289         犉    U+7289         犉
U+728A   犊    U+728A         犊    U+72A2         犢
U+728B   犋    U+728B         犋    U+728B         犋
U+728C   犌    U+728C         犌    U+728C         犌
U+728D   犍    U+728D         犍    U+728D         犍
U+728E   犎    U+728E         犎    U+728E         犎
U+728F   犏    U+728F         犏    U+728F         犏
U+7290   犐    U+7290         犐    U+7290         犐
U+7291   犑    U+7291         犑    U+7291         犑
U+7292   犒    U+7292         犒    U+7292         犒
U+7293   犓    U+7293         犓    U+7293         犓
U+7294   犔    U+7294         犔    U+7294         犔
U+7295   犕    U+7295         犕    U+7295         犕
U+7296   犖    U+8366         荦    U+7296         犖
U+7297   犗    U+7297         犗    U+7297         犗
U+7298   犘    U+7298         犘    U+7298         犘
U+7299   犙    U+7299         犙    U+7299         犙
U+729A   犚    U+729A         犚    U+729A         犚
U+729B   犛    U+7266         牦    U+729B         犛    U+6C02;U+9AE6      氂;髦

U+729C   犜    U+729C         犜    U+729C         犜
                                                                              Annex A: Page 182 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+729D   犝    U+729D         犝    U+729D         犝
U+729E   犞    U+729E         犞    U+729E         犞
U+729F   犟    U+729F         犟    U+729F         犟
U+72A1   犡    U+72A1         犡    U+72A1         犡
U+72A2   犢    U+728A         犊    U+72A2         犢
U+72A3   犣    U+72A3         犣    U+72A3         犣
U+72A4   犤    U+72A4         犤    U+72A4         犤
U+72A5   犥    U+72A5         犥    U+72A5         犥
U+72A6   犦    U+72A6         犦    U+72A6         犦
U+72A7   犧    U+727A         牺    U+72A7         犧
U+72A8   犨    U+72A8         犨    U+72A8         犨
U+72A9   犩    U+72A9         犩    U+72A9         犩
U+72AA   犪    U+72AA         犪    U+72AA         犪
U+72AC   犬    U+72AC         犬    U+72AC         犬
U+72AD   犭    U+72AD         犭    U+72AD         犭
U+72AE   犮    U+72AE         犮    U+72AE         犮
U+72AF   犯    U+72AF         犯    U+72AF         犯
U+72B0   犰    U+72B0         犰    U+72B0         犰
U+72B1   犱    U+72B1         犱    U+72B1         犱
U+72B2   犲    U+8C7A         豺    U+8C7A         豺
U+72B3   犳    U+72B3         犳    U+72B3         犳
U+72B4   犴    U+72B4         犴    U+72B4         犴
U+72B5   犵    U+72B5         犵    U+72B5         犵
U+72B6   状    U+72B6         状    U+72C0         狀
U+72B7   犷    U+72B7         犷    U+7377         獷
U+72B8   犸    U+72B8         犸    U+7341         獁
U+72B9   犹    U+72B9         犹    U+7336         猶
U+72BA   犺    U+72BA         犺    U+72BA         犺
U+72BB   犻    U+72BB         犻    U+72BB         犻
U+72BC   犼    U+72BC         犼    U+72BC         犼
U+72BD   犽    U+72BD         犽    U+72BD         犽
U+72BF   犿    U+72BF         犿    U+72BF         犿
U+72C0   狀    U+72B6         状    U+72C0         狀
U+72C1   狁    U+72C1         狁    U+72C1         狁
U+72C2   狂    U+72C2         狂    U+72C2         狂    U+72C5             狅
U+72C3   狃    U+72C3         狃    U+72C3         狃
U+72C4   狄    U+72C4         狄    U+72C4         狄
U+72C5   狅    U+72C2         狂    U+72C5         狅
U+72C6   狆    U+4EF2         仲    U+72C6         狆
U+72C7   狇    U+72C7         狇    U+72C7         狇
U+72C8   狈    U+72C8         狈    U+72FD         狽
U+72C9   狉    U+72C9         狉    U+72C9         狉
U+72CA   狊    U+72CA         狊    U+72CA         狊
U+72CB   狋    U+72CB         狋    U+72CB         狋
U+72CC   狌    U+72CC         狌    U+72CC         狌
U+72CD   狍    U+72CD         狍    U+72CD         狍
U+72CE   狎    U+72CE         狎    U+72CE         狎
U+72CF   狏    U+72CF         狏    U+72CF         狏
U+72D0   狐    U+72D0         狐    U+72D0         狐
U+72D1   狑    U+72D1         狑    U+72D1         狑
U+72D2   狒    U+72D2         狒    U+72D2         狒
                                                                              Annex A: Page 183 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+72D3   狓    U+72D3         狓    U+72D3          狓
U+72D4   狔    U+72D4         狔    U+72D4          狔
U+72D5   狕    U+72D5         狕    U+72D5          狕
U+72D6   狖    U+72D6         狖    U+72D6          狖
U+72D7   狗    U+72D7         狗    U+72D7          狗
U+72D8   狘    U+72D8         狘    U+72D8          狘
U+72D9   狙    U+72D9         狙    U+72D9          狙
U+72DA   狚    U+72DA         狚    U+72DA          狚
U+72DB   狛    U+72DB         狛    U+72DB          狛
U+72DC   狜    U+72DC         狜    U+72DC          狜
U+72DD   狝    U+72DD         狝    U+736E          獮
U+72DE   狞    U+72DE         狞    U+7370          獰
U+72DF   狟    U+72DF         狟    U+72DF          狟
U+72E0   狠    U+72E0         狠    U+72E0          狠
U+72E1   狡    U+72E1         狡    U+72E1          狡
U+72E2   狢    U+8C89         貉    U+8C89          貉
U+72E3   狣    U+72E3         狣    U+72E3          狣
U+72E4   狤    U+72E4         狤    U+72E4          狤
U+72E5   狥    U+72E5         狥    U+72E5          狥
U+72E6   狦    U+72E6         狦    U+72E6          狦
U+72E7   狧    U+72E7         狧    U+72E7          狧
U+72E8   狨    U+72E8         狨    U+72E8          狨
U+72E9   狩    U+72E9         狩    U+72E9          狩
U+72EA   狪    U+72EA         狪    U+72EA          狪
U+72EB   狫    U+4F6C         佬    U+72EB          狫
U+72EC   独    U+72EC         独    U+7368          獨
U+72ED   狭    U+72ED         狭    U+72F9          狹
U+72EE   狮    U+72EE         狮    U+7345          獅
U+72EF   狯    U+72EF         狯    U+736A          獪   U+733E              猾
U+72F0   狰    U+72F0         狰    U+7319          猙
U+72F1   狱    U+72F1         狱    U+7344          獄
U+72F2   狲    U+72F2         狲    U+733B          猻
U+72F3   狳    U+72F3         狳    U+72F3          狳
U+72F4   狴    U+72F4         狴    U+72F4          狴
U+72F5   狵    U+72F5         狵    U+72F5          狵
U+72F6   狶    U+72F6         狶    U+72F6          狶
U+72F7   狷    U+72F7         狷    U+72F7          狷   U+7367              獧
U+72F8   狸    U+72F8         狸    U+72F8;U+8C8D   狸;貍

U+72F9   狹    U+72ED         狭    U+72F9          狹
U+72FA   狺    U+72FA         狺    U+72FA          狺
U+72FB   狻    U+72FB         狻    U+72FB          狻
U+72FC   狼    U+72FC         狼    U+72FC          狼
U+72FD   狽    U+72C8         狈    U+72FD          狽
U+72FE   狾    U+72FE         狾    U+72FE          狾
U+72FF   狿    U+72FF         狿    U+72FF          狿
U+7300   猀    U+7300         猀    U+7300          猀
U+7301   猁    U+7301         猁    U+7301          猁
U+7303   猃    U+7303         猃    U+736B          獫    U+7381             玁
U+7304   猄    U+7304         猄    U+7304          猄
U+7305   猅    U+7305         猅    U+7305          猅
                                                                               Annex A: Page 184 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7306   猆    U+7306         猆    U+7306         猆
U+7307   猇    U+7307         猇    U+7307         猇
U+7308   猈    U+7308         猈    U+7308         猈
U+7309   猉    U+7309         猉    U+7309         猉
U+730A   猊    U+730A         猊    U+730A         猊
U+730B   猋    U+730B         猋    U+730B         猋
U+730C   猌    U+730C         猌    U+730C         猌
U+730D   猍    U+730D         猍    U+730D         猍
U+730E   猎    U+730E         猎    U+7375         獵
U+730F   猏    U+730F         猏    U+730F         猏
U+7311   猑    U+7311         猑    U+7311         猑
U+7312   猒    U+538C         厌    U+7312         猒    U+53AD             厭
U+7313   猓    U+7313         猓    U+7313         猓
U+7314   猔    U+7314         猔    U+7314         猔
U+7315   猕    U+7315         猕    U+737C         獼
U+7316   猖    U+7316         猖    U+7316         猖
U+7317   猗    U+7317         猗    U+7317         猗
U+7318   猘    U+7318         猘    U+7318         猘
U+7319   猙    U+72F0         狰    U+7319         猙
U+731A   猚    U+731A         猚    U+731A         猚
U+731B   猛    U+731B         猛    U+731B         猛
U+731C   猜    U+731C         猜    U+731C         猜
U+731D   猝    U+731D         猝    U+731D         猝
U+731E   猞    U+731E         猞    U+731E         猞
U+7320   猠    U+7320         猠    U+7320         猠
U+7321   猡    U+7321         猡    U+7380         玀
U+7322   猢    U+7322         猢    U+7322         猢
U+7323   猣    U+7323         猣    U+7323         猣
U+7324   猤    U+7324         猤    U+7324         猤
U+7325   猥    U+7325         猥    U+7325         猥
U+7326   猦    U+7326         猦    U+7326         猦
U+7327   猧    U+7327         猧    U+7327         猧
U+7329   猩    U+7329         猩    U+7329         猩
U+732A   猪    U+732A         猪    U+8C6C         豬
U+732B   猫    U+732B         猫    U+8C93         貓
U+732C   猬    U+732C         猬    U+732C         猬    U+875F             蝟
U+732D   猭    U+732D         猭    U+732D         猭
U+732E   献    U+732E         献    U+737B         獻
U+7330   猰    U+7330         猰    U+7330         猰
U+7331   猱    U+7331         猱    U+7331         猱
U+7332   猲    U+7332         猲    U+7332         猲
U+7333   猳    U+7333         猳    U+7333         猳
U+7334   猴    U+7334         猴    U+7334         猴
U+7335   猵    U+7335         猵    U+7335         猵
U+7336   猶    U+72B9         犹    U+7336         猶
U+7337   猷    U+7337         猷    U+7337         猷
U+7338   猸    U+7338         猸    U+7338         猸
U+7339   猹    U+7339         猹    U+7339         猹
U+733A   猺    U+733A         猺    U+733A         猺
U+733B   猻    U+72F2         狲    U+733B         猻
U+733C   猼    U+733C         猼    U+733C         猼
                                                                              Annex A: Page 185 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+733D   猽    U+733D         猽    U+733D         猽
U+733E   猾    U+733E         猾    U+733E         猾    U+736A;U+72EF      獪;狯
U+733F   猿    U+733F         猿    U+733F         猿    U+876F             蝯
U+7340   獀    U+7340         獀    U+7340         獀
U+7341   獁    U+72B8         犸    U+7341         獁
U+7342   獂    U+7342         獂    U+7342         獂
U+7343   獃    U+5446         呆    U+7343         獃    U+9A03             騃
U+7344   獄    U+72F1         狱    U+7344         獄
U+7345   獅    U+72EE         狮    U+7345         獅
U+7346   獆    U+7346         獆    U+7346         獆
U+7347   獇    U+7347         獇    U+7347         獇
U+7348   獈    U+7348         獈    U+7348         獈
U+7349   獉    U+699B         榛    U+7349         獉    U+6A3C             樼
U+734A   獊    U+734A         獊    U+734A         獊
U+734B   獋    U+734B         獋    U+734B         獋
U+734C   獌    U+734C         獌    U+734C         獌
U+734D   獍    U+734D         獍    U+734D         獍
U+734E   獎    U+5956         奖    U+734E         獎    U+5968;U+596C      奨;奬
U+734F   獏    U+8C98         貘    U+734F         獏                              (HK:CV)
U+7350   獐    U+7350         獐    U+7350         獐
U+7351   獑    U+7351         獑    U+7351         獑
U+7352   獒    U+7352         獒    U+7352         獒
U+7354   獔    U+7354         獔    U+7354         獔
U+7355   獕    U+7355         獕    U+7355         獕
U+7356   獖    U+7356         獖    U+7356         獖
U+7357   獗    U+7357         獗    U+7357         獗
U+7358   獘    U+7358         獘    U+7358         獘
U+7359   獙    U+7359         獙    U+7359         獙
U+735A   獚    U+735A         獚    U+735A         獚
U+735B   獛    U+735B         獛    U+735B         獛
U+735C   獜    U+735C         獜    U+735C         獜
U+735D   獝    U+735D         獝    U+735D         獝
U+735E   獞    U+50EE         僮    U+735E         獞
U+735F   獟    U+735F         獟    U+735F         獟
U+7360   獠    U+7360         獠    U+7360         獠
U+7361   獡    U+7361         獡    U+7361         獡
U+7362   獢    U+7362         獢    U+7362         獢
U+7364   獤    U+7364         獤    U+7364         獤
U+7365   獥    U+7365         獥    U+7365         獥
U+7366   獦    U+7366         獦    U+7366         獦
U+7367   獧    U+72F7         狷    U+7367         獧
U+7368   獨    U+72EC         独    U+7368         獨
U+7369   獩    U+7369         獩    U+7369         獩
U+736A   獪    U+72EF         狯    U+736A         獪    U+733E             猾
U+736B   獫    U+7303         猃    U+736B         獫    U+7381             玁
U+736C   獬    U+736C         獬    U+736C         獬
U+736D   獭    U+736D         獭    U+737A         獺
U+736E   獮    U+72DD         狝    U+736E         獮
U+736F   獯    U+736F         獯    U+736F         獯
U+7370   獰    U+72DE         狞    U+7370         獰
U+7371   獱    U+7371         獱    U+7371         獱
                                                                              Annex A: Page 186 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7372   獲    U+83B7         获    U+7372         獲    U+83B7;U+7A6B      获;穫

U+7373   獳    U+7373         獳    U+7373         獳
U+7374   獴    U+7374         獴    U+7374         獴
U+7375   獵    U+730E         猎    U+7375         獵
U+7376   獶    U+7376         獶    U+7376         獶
U+7377   獷    U+72B7         犷    U+7377         獷
U+7378   獸    U+517D         兽    U+7378         獸
U+7379   獹    U+7379         獹    U+7379         獹
U+737A   獺    U+736D         獭    U+737A         獺
U+737B   獻    U+732E         献    U+737B         獻
U+737C   獼    U+7315         猕    U+737C         獼
U+737D   獽    U+737D         獽    U+737D         獽
U+737E   獾    U+737E         獾    U+737E         獾
U+737F   獿    U+737F         獿    U+737F         獿
U+7380   玀    U+7321         猡    U+7380         玀
U+7381   玁    U+7303         猃    U+7381         玁    U+736B             獫
U+7382   玂    U+7382         玂    U+7382         玂
U+7383   玃    U+7383         玃    U+7383         玃    U+8C9C             貜
U+7384   玄    U+7384         玄    U+7384         玄
U+7385   玅    U+5999         妙    U+7385         玅
U+7386   玆    U+5179         兹    U+7386         玆    U+8332             茲
U+7387   率    U+7387         率    U+7387         率
U+7388   玈    U+7388         玈    U+7388         玈
U+7389   玉    U+7389         玉    U+7389         玉
U+738A   玊    U+738A         玊    U+738A         玊
U+738B   王    U+738B         王    U+738B         王
U+738C   玌    U+738C         玌    U+738C         玌
U+738D   玍    U+738D         玍    U+738D         玍
U+738E   玎    U+738E         玎    U+738E         玎
U+738F   玏    U+738F         玏    U+738F         玏
U+7390   玐    U+7390         玐    U+7390         玐
U+7391   玑    U+7391         玑    U+74A3         璣
U+7392   玒    U+7392         玒    U+7392         玒
U+7393   玓    U+7393         玓    U+7393         玓
U+7394   玔    U+7394         玔    U+7394         玔
U+7395   玕    U+7395         玕    U+7395         玕
U+7396   玖    U+7396         玖    U+7396         玖
U+7397   玗    U+7397         玗    U+7397         玗
U+7398   玘    U+7398         玘    U+7398         玘
U+7399   玙    U+7399         玙    U+74B5         璵
U+739A   玚    U+739A         玚    U+7452         瑒    U+7497             璗
U+739B   玛    U+739B         玛    U+746A         瑪
U+739D   玝    U+739D         玝    U+739D         玝
U+739E   玞    U+739E         玞    U+739E         玞
U+739F   玟    U+739F         玟    U+739F         玟    U+73C9;U+741D      珉;琝

U+73A0   玠    U+73A0         玠    U+73A0         玠
U+73A1   玡    U+73A1         玡    U+73A1         玡
U+73A2   玢    U+73A2         玢    U+73A2         玢
U+73A3   玣    U+73A3         玣    U+73A3         玣
                                                                              Annex A: Page 187 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+73A4   玤    U+73A4         玤    U+73A4         玤
U+73A5   玥    U+73A5         玥    U+73A5         玥
U+73A6   玦    U+73A6         玦    U+73A6         玦
U+73A7   玧    U+73A7         玧    U+73A7         玧
U+73A8   玨    U+73A8         玨    U+73A8         玨
U+73A9   玩    U+73A9         玩    U+73A9         玩
U+73AA   玪    U+73AA         玪    U+73AA         玪
U+73AB   玫    U+73AB         玫    U+73AB         玫
U+73AC   玬    U+73AC         玬    U+73AC         玬
U+73AD   玭    U+73AD         玭    U+73AD         玭
U+73AE   玮    U+73AE         玮    U+744B         瑋
U+73AF   环    U+73AF         环    U+74B0         環
U+73B0   现    U+73B0         现    U+73FE         現
U+73B1   玱    U+73B1         玱    U+7472         瑲
U+73B2   玲    U+73B2         玲    U+73B2         玲
U+73B3   玳    U+73B3         玳    U+73B3         玳    U+8773             蝳
U+73B4   玴    U+73B4         玴    U+73B4         玴
U+73B5   玵    U+73B5         玵    U+73B5         玵
U+73B6   玶    U+73B6         玶    U+73B6         玶
U+73B7   玷    U+73B7         玷    U+73B7         玷
U+73B8   玸    U+73B8         玸    U+73B8         玸
U+73B9   玹    U+73B9         玹    U+73B9         玹
U+73BA   玺    U+73BA         玺    U+74BD         璽
U+73BB   玻    U+73BB         玻    U+73BB         玻
U+73BC   玼    U+73BC         玼    U+73BC         玼
U+73BD   玽    U+73BD         玽    U+73BD         玽
U+73BE   玾    U+73BE         玾    U+73BE         玾
U+73BF   玿    U+73BF         玿    U+73BF         玿
U+73C0   珀    U+73C0         珀    U+73C0         珀
U+73C2   珂    U+73C2         珂    U+73C2         珂
U+73C3   珃    U+73C3         珃    U+73C3         珃
U+73C4   珄    U+73C4         珄    U+73C4         珄
U+73C5   珅    U+73C5         珅    U+73C5         珅
U+73C6   珆    U+73C6         珆    U+73C6         珆
U+73C7   珇    U+73C7         珇    U+73C7         珇
U+73C8   珈    U+73C8         珈    U+73C8         珈
U+73C9   珉    U+73C9         珉    U+73C9         珉    U+739F;U+741D      玟;琝
U+73CA   珊    U+73CA         珊    U+73CA         珊
U+73CB   珋    U+73CB         珋    U+73CB         珋
U+73CC   珌    U+73CC         珌    U+73CC         珌
U+73CD   珍    U+73CD         珍    U+73CD         珍    U+73CE             珎
U+73CE   珎    U+73CD         珍    U+73CD         珍
U+73CF   珏    U+73CF         珏    U+73CF         珏
U+73D0   珐    U+73D0         珐    U+73D0         珐
U+73D1   珑    U+73D1         珑    U+74CF         瓏
U+73D2   珒    U+73D2         珒    U+73D2         珒
U+73D3   珓    U+73D3         珓    U+73D3         珓
U+73D4   珔    U+73D4         珔    U+73D4         珔
U+73D5   珕    U+73D5         珕    U+73D5         珕
U+73D6   珖    U+73D6         珖    U+73D6         珖
U+73D7   珗    U+73D7         珗    U+73D7         珗
                                                                              Annex A: Page 188 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+73D8   珘    U+73D8         珘    U+73D8          珘
U+73D9   珙    U+73D9         珙    U+73D9          珙
U+73DA   珚    U+73DA         珚    U+73DA          珚
U+73DB   珛    U+73DB         珛    U+73DB          珛
U+73DC   珜    U+73DC         珜    U+73DC          珜
U+73DD   珝    U+73DD         珝    U+73DD          珝
U+73DE   珞    U+73DE         珞    U+73DE          珞
U+73DF   珟    U+73DF         珟    U+73DF          珟
U+73E0   珠    U+73E0         珠    U+73E0          珠
U+73E1   珡    U+73E1         珡    U+73E1          珡                               (HK)
U+73E2   珢    U+73E2         珢    U+73E2          珢
U+73E3   珣    U+73E3         珣    U+73E3          珣
U+73E4   珤    U+73E4         珤    U+73E4          珤                               (HK)
U+73E5   珥    U+73E5         珥    U+73E5          珥
U+73E6   珦    U+73E6         珦    U+73E6          珦
U+73E7   珧    U+73E7         珧    U+73E7          珧
U+73E8   珨    U+73E8         珨    U+73E8          珨
U+73E9   珩    U+73E9         珩    U+73E9          珩
U+73EA   珪    U+572D         圭    U+73EA          珪
U+73EB   珫    U+73EB         珫    U+73EB          珫
U+73EC   珬    U+73EC         珬    U+73EC          珬
U+73ED   班    U+73ED         班    U+73ED          班
U+73EE   珮    U+4F69         佩    U+73EE          珮
U+73EF   珯    U+73EF         珯    U+73EF          珯
U+73F0   珰    U+73F0         珰    U+74AB          璫
U+73F1   珱    U+73F1         珱    U+73F1          珱
U+73F2   珲    U+73F2         珲    U+743F          琿
U+73F4   珴    U+73F4         珴    U+73F4          珴
U+73F5   珵    U+73F5         珵    U+73F5          珵
U+73F6   珶    U+73F6         珶    U+73F6          珶     U+7445             瑅
U+73F7   珷    U+73F7         珷    U+73F7          珷
U+73F8   珸    U+73F8         珸    U+73F8          珸
U+73F9   珹    U+73F9         珹    U+73F9          珹
U+73FA   珺    U+73FA         珺    U+73FA          珺
U+73FC   珼    U+73FC         珼    U+73FC          珼
U+73FD   珽    U+73FD         珽    U+73FD          珽
U+73FE   現    U+73B0         现    U+73FE          現
U+73FF   珿    U+73FF         珿    U+73FF          珿
U+7400   琀    U+7400         琀    U+7400          琀
U+7401   琁    U+7487         璇    U+7401          琁     U+7487;U+74BF      璇;璿
U+7402   琂    U+7402         琂    U+7402          琂
U+7403   球    U+7403         球    U+7403          球     U+6BEC             毬
U+7404   琄    U+7404         琄    U+7404          琄
U+7405   琅    U+7405         琅    U+7405;U+746F   琅;瑯
U+7406   理    U+7406         理    U+7406          理
U+7407   琇    U+7407         琇    U+7407          琇
U+7408   琈    U+7408         琈    U+7408          琈
U+7409   琉    U+7409         琉    U+7409          琉     U+7460             瑠      (HK:U+7460)
U+740A   琊    U+740A         琊    U+740A          琊
U+740B   琋    U+740B         琋    U+740B          琋
U+740C   琌    U+9675         陵    U+740C          琌
                                                                                Annex A: Page 189 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+740D   琍    U+7483         璃    U+740D         琍    U+7483;U+74C8      璃;瓈 (HK:U+74C8)
U+740E   琎    U+740E         琎    U+74A1         璡
U+740F   琏    U+740F         琏    U+7489         璉
U+7410   琐    U+7410         琐    U+7463         瑣
U+7411   琑    U+7411         琑    U+7411         琑
U+7412   琒    U+7412         琒    U+7412         琒
U+7413   琓    U+7413         琓    U+7413         琓
U+7414   琔    U+7414         琔    U+7414         琔
U+7415   琕    U+7415         琕    U+7415         琕
U+7416   琖    U+76CF         盏    U+7416         琖    U+76CF;U+76DE; 盏;盞;
                                                      U+9186         醆
U+7417   琗    U+7417         琗    U+7417         琗
U+7419   琙    U+7419         琙    U+7419         琙
U+741A   琚    U+741A         琚    U+741A         琚
U+741B   琛    U+741B         琛    U+741B         琛    U+8CDD             賝
U+741C   琜    U+741C         琜    U+741C         琜
U+741D   琝    U+73C9         珉    U+741D         琝    U+739F             玟
U+741E   琞    U+741E         琞    U+741E         琞
U+741F   琟    U+741F         琟    U+741F         琟
U+7420   琠    U+7420         琠    U+7420         琠
U+7421   琡    U+7421         琡    U+7421         琡
U+7422   琢    U+7422         琢    U+7422         琢
U+7423   琣    U+7423         琣    U+7423         琣
U+7424   琤    U+7424         琤    U+7424         琤
U+7425   琥    U+7425         琥    U+7425         琥
U+7426   琦    U+7426         琦    U+7426         琦
U+7427   琧    U+7427         琧    U+7427         琧
U+7428   琨    U+7428         琨    U+7428         琨
U+7429   琩    U+7429         琩    U+7429         琩
U+742A   琪    U+742A         琪    U+742A         琪
U+742B   琫    U+742B         琫    U+742B         琫
U+742C   琬    U+742C         琬    U+742C         琬
U+742D   琭    U+742D         琭    U+742D         琭
U+742E   琮    U+742E         琮    U+742E         琮
U+742F   琯    U+742F         琯    U+742F         琯
U+7430   琰    U+7430         琰    U+7430         琰
U+7431   琱    U+96D5         雕    U+7431         琱    U+96D5;U+5F6B; 雕;彫;
                                                      U+9D70         鵰
U+7432   琲    U+7432         琲    U+7432         琲
U+7433   琳    U+7433         琳    U+7433         琳
U+7434   琴    U+7434         琴    U+7434         琴
U+7435   琵    U+7435         琵    U+7435         琵
U+7436   琶    U+7436         琶    U+7436         琶
U+7437   琷    U+7437         琷    U+7437         琷
U+7438   琸    U+7438         琸    U+7438         琸
U+743A   琺    U+743A         琺    U+743A         琺
U+743B   琻    U+743B         琻    U+743B         琻
U+743C   琼    U+743C         琼    U+74CA         瓊    U+749A             璚
U+743D   琽    U+743D         琽    U+743D         琽
U+743F   琿    U+73F2         珲    U+743F         琿
U+7440   瑀    U+7440         瑀    U+7440         瑀
                                                                              Annex A: Page 190 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7441   瑁    U+7441         瑁    U+7441         瑁
U+7442   瑂    U+7442         瑂    U+7442         瑂
U+7443   瑃    U+7443         瑃    U+7443         瑃
U+7444   瑄    U+7444         瑄    U+7444         瑄
U+7445   瑅    U+7445         瑅    U+73F6         珶
U+7446   瑆    U+7446         瑆    U+7446         瑆
U+7448   瑈    U+7448         瑈    U+7448         瑈
U+744A   瑊    U+744A         瑊    U+744A         瑊
U+744B   瑋    U+73AE         玮    U+744B         瑋
U+744C   瑌    U+744C         瑌    U+744C         瑌
U+744D   瑍    U+744D         瑍    U+744D         瑍
U+744E   瑎    U+744E         瑎    U+744E         瑎
U+744F   瑏    U+744F         瑏    U+744F         瑏
U+7450   瑐    U+7450         瑐    U+7450         瑐
U+7451   瑑    U+7451         瑑    U+7451         瑑
U+7452   瑒    U+739A         玚    U+7452         瑒    U+7497             璗
U+7453   瑓    U+7453         瑓    U+7453         瑓
U+7454   瑔    U+7454         瑔    U+7454         瑔
U+7455   瑕    U+7455         瑕    U+7455         瑕
U+7456   瑖    U+7456         瑖    U+7456         瑖
U+7457   瑗    U+7457         瑗    U+7457         瑗
U+7459   瑙    U+7459         瑙    U+7459         瑙    U+78AF             碯
U+745A   瑚    U+745A         瑚    U+745A         瑚
U+745B   瑛    U+745B         瑛    U+745B         瑛
U+745C   瑜    U+745C         瑜    U+745C         瑜
U+745D   瑝    U+745D         瑝    U+745D         瑝
U+745E   瑞    U+745E         瑞    U+745E         瑞
U+745F   瑟    U+745F         瑟    U+745F         瑟
U+7460   瑠    U+7460         瑠    U+7460         瑠    U+7409             琉      (HK:CV)
U+7461   瑡    U+7461         瑡    U+7461         瑡
U+7462   瑢    U+7462         瑢    U+7462         瑢
U+7463   瑣    U+7410         琐    U+7463         瑣
U+7464   瑤    U+7476         瑶    U+7464         瑤
U+7465   瑥    U+7465         瑥    U+7465         瑥
U+7466   瑦    U+7466         瑦    U+7466         瑦
U+7467   瑧    U+7467         瑧    U+7467         瑧
U+7468   瑨    U+7468         瑨    U+7468         瑨
U+7469   瑩    U+83B9         莹    U+7469         瑩
U+746A   瑪    U+739B         玛    U+746A         瑪
U+746B   瑫    U+746B         瑫    U+746B         瑫
U+746C   瑬    U+746C         瑬    U+746C         瑬
U+746D   瑭    U+746D         瑭    U+746D         瑭
U+746E   瑮    U+746E         瑮    U+746E         瑮
U+746F   瑯    U+7405         琅    U+746F         瑯
U+7470   瑰    U+7470         瑰    U+7470         瑰
U+7471   瑱    U+7471         瑱    U+7471         瑱
U+7472   瑲    U+73B1         玱    U+7472         瑲
U+7473   瑳    U+7473         瑳    U+7473         瑳
U+7474   瑴    U+7474         瑴    U+7474         瑴
U+7475   瑵    U+7475         瑵    U+7475         瑵
U+7476   瑶    U+7476         瑶    U+7464         瑤
                                                                              Annex A: Page 191 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7477   瑷    U+7477         瑷    U+74A6          璦
U+7478   瑸    U+7478         瑸    U+74B8          璸
U+7479   瑹    U+7479         瑹    U+7479          瑹
U+747A   瑺    U+747A         瑺    U+747A          瑺
U+747C   瑼    U+747C         瑼    U+747C          瑼
U+747D   瑽    U+747D         瑽    U+747D          瑽
U+747E   瑾    U+747E         瑾    U+747E          瑾
U+747F   瑿    U+747F         瑿    U+747F          瑿
U+7480   璀    U+7480         璀    U+7480          璀
U+7481   璁    U+7481         璁    U+7481          璁
U+7482   璂    U+7482         璂    U+7482          璂
U+7483   璃    U+7483         璃    U+7483          璃    U+740D;U+74C8      琍;瓈 (HK:U+74C8)

U+7485   璅    U+7485         璅    U+7485          璅
U+7486   璆    U+7486         璆    U+7486          璆
U+7487   璇    U+7487         璇    U+7487;U+74BF   璇;璿 U+7401              琁
U+7488   璈    U+7488         璈    U+7488          璈
U+7489   璉    U+740F         琏    U+7489          璉
U+748A   璊    U+748A         璊    U+748A          璊
U+748B   璋    U+748B         璋    U+748B          璋
U+748C   璌    U+748C         璌    U+748C          璌
U+748D   璍    U+748D         璍    U+748D          璍
U+748E   璎    U+748E         璎    U+74D4          瓔
U+748F   璏    U+748F         璏    U+748F          璏
U+7490   璐    U+7490         璐    U+7490          璐
U+7491   璑    U+7491         璑    U+7491          璑
U+7492   璒    U+7492         璒    U+7492          璒
U+7493   璓    U+7493         璓    U+7493          璓
U+7494   璔    U+7494         璔    U+7494          璔
U+7495   璕    U+7495         璕    U+7495          璕
U+7497   璗    U+739A         玚    U+7497          璗   U+7452              瑒
U+7498   璘    U+7498         璘    U+7498          璘
U+7499   璙    U+7499         璙    U+7499          璙
U+749A   璚    U+743C         琼    U+749A          璚   U+74CA              瓊
U+749B   璛    U+749B         璛    U+749B          璛
U+749C   璜    U+749C         璜    U+749C          璜
U+749E   璞    U+749E         璞    U+749E          璞
U+749F   璟    U+749F         璟    U+749F          璟
U+74A0   璠    U+74A0         璠    U+74A0          璠
U+74A1   璡    U+740E         琎    U+74A1          璡
U+74A3   璣    U+7391         玑    U+74A3          璣
U+74A4   璤    U+74A4         璤    U+74A4          璤
U+74A5   璥    U+74A5         璥    U+74A5          璥
U+74A6   璦    U+7477         瑷    U+74A6          璦
U+74A7   璧    U+74A7         璧    U+74A7          璧
U+74A8   璨    U+74A8         璨    U+74A8          璨
U+74A9   璩    U+74A9         璩    U+74A9          璩
U+74AA   璪    U+74AA         璪    U+74AA          璪
U+74AB   璫    U+73F0         珰    U+74AB          璫
U+74AC   璬    U+74AC         璬    U+74AC          璬
U+74AD   璭    U+74AD         璭    U+74AD          璭
                                                                               Annex A: Page 192 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+74AE   璮    U+74AE         璮    U+74AE         璮
U+74AF   璯    U+74AF         璯    U+74AF         璯
U+74B0   環    U+73AF         环    U+74B0         環
U+74B1   璱    U+74B1         璱    U+74B1         璱
U+74B2   璲    U+74B2         璲    U+74B2         璲
U+74B3   璳    U+74B3         璳    U+74B3         璳
U+74B4   璴    U+74B4         璴    U+74B4         璴
U+74B5   璵    U+7399         玙    U+74B5         璵
U+74B6   璶    U+74B6         璶    U+74B6         璶
U+74B7   璷    U+74B7         璷    U+74B7         璷
U+74B8   璸    U+7478         瑸    U+74B8         璸
U+74B9   璹    U+74B9         璹    U+74B9         璹
U+74BA   璺    U+74BA         璺    U+74BA         璺
U+74BB   璻    U+74BB         璻    U+74BB         璻
U+74BC   璼    U+74BC         璼    U+74BC         璼
U+74BD   璽    U+73BA         玺    U+74BD         璽
U+74BE   璾    U+74BE         璾    U+74BE         璾
U+74BF   璿    U+7487         璇    U+74BF         璿    U+7401             琁
U+74C0   瓀    U+74C0         瓀    U+74C0         瓀
U+74C1   瓁    U+74C1         瓁    U+74C1         瓁
U+74C2   瓂    U+74C2         瓂    U+74C2         瓂
U+74C3   瓃    U+74C3         瓃    U+74C3         瓃
U+74C4   瓄    U+74C4         瓄    U+74C4         瓄
U+74C5   瓅    U+74C5         瓅    U+74C5         瓅
U+74C6   瓆    U+74C6         瓆    U+74C6         瓆
U+74C8   瓈    U+74C8         瓈    U+74C8         瓈    U+740D;U+7483      琍;璃 (HK:CV)
U+74CA   瓊    U+743C         琼    U+74CA         瓊    U+749A             璚
U+74CB   瓋    U+74CB         瓋    U+74CB         瓋
U+74CD   瓍    U+74CD         瓍    U+74CD         瓍
U+74CE   瓎    U+74CE         瓎    U+74CE         瓎
U+74CF   瓏    U+73D1         珑    U+74CF         瓏
U+74D0   瓐    U+74D0         瓐    U+74D0         瓐
U+74D1   瓑    U+74D1         瓑    U+74D1         瓑
U+74D2   瓒    U+74D2         瓒    U+74DA         瓚
U+74D3   瓓    U+74D3         瓓    U+74D3         瓓
U+74D4   瓔    U+748E         璎    U+74D4         瓔
U+74D5   瓕    U+74D5         瓕    U+74D5         瓕
U+74D6   瓖    U+74D6         瓖    U+74D6         瓖
U+74D7   瓗    U+74D7         瓗    U+74D7         瓗
U+74D8   瓘    U+74D8         瓘    U+74D8         瓘
U+74D9   瓙    U+74D9         瓙    U+74D9         瓙
U+74DA   瓚    U+74D2         瓒    U+74DA         瓚
U+74DB   瓛    U+74DB         瓛    U+74DB         瓛
U+74DC   瓜    U+74DC         瓜    U+74DC         瓜
U+74DD   瓝    U+74DD         瓝    U+74DD         瓝
U+74DE   瓞    U+74DE         瓞    U+74DE         瓞
U+74DF   瓟    U+74DF         瓟    U+74DF         瓟
U+74E0   瓠    U+74E0         瓠    U+74E0         瓠
U+74E1   瓡    U+6267         执    U+74E1         瓡    U+57F7             執
U+74E2   瓢    U+74E2         瓢    U+74E2         瓢
U+74E3   瓣    U+74E3         瓣    U+74E3         瓣
                                                                              Annex A: Page 193 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+74E4   瓤    U+74E4         瓤    U+74E4         瓤
U+74E5   瓥    U+74E5         瓥    U+74E5         瓥
U+74E6   瓦    U+74E6         瓦    U+74E6         瓦
U+74E7   瓧    U+74E7         瓧    U+74E7         瓧
U+74E8   瓨    U+74E8         瓨    U+74E8         瓨
U+74E9   瓩    U+74E9         瓩    U+74E9         瓩
U+74EA   瓪    U+74EA         瓪    U+74EA         瓪
U+74EC   瓬    U+74EC         瓬    U+74EC         瓬
U+74ED   瓭    U+74ED         瓭    U+74ED         瓭
U+74EE   瓮    U+74EE         瓮    U+7515         甕    U+7F4B             罋
U+74EF   瓯    U+74EF         瓯    U+750C         甌
U+74F0   瓰    U+74F0         瓰    U+74F0         瓰
U+74F1   瓱    U+74F1         瓱    U+74F1         瓱
U+74F2   瓲    U+74F2         瓲    U+74F2         瓲
U+74F3   瓳    U+74F3         瓳    U+74F3         瓳
U+74F4   瓴    U+74F4         瓴    U+74F4         瓴
U+74F5   瓵    U+74F5         瓵    U+74F5         瓵
U+74F6   瓶    U+74F6         瓶    U+74F6         瓶    U+7501;U+7F3E      甁;缾
U+74F7   瓷    U+74F7         瓷    U+74F7         瓷    U+7506             甆
U+74F8   瓸    U+74F8         瓸    U+74F8         瓸
U+74F9   瓹    U+74F9         瓹    U+74F9         瓹
U+74FA   瓺    U+74FA         瓺    U+74FA         瓺
U+74FB   瓻    U+74FB         瓻    U+74FB         瓻
U+74FC   瓼    U+74FC         瓼    U+74FC         瓼
U+74FD   瓽    U+74FD         瓽    U+74FD         瓽
U+74FE   瓾    U+74FE         瓾    U+74FE         瓾
U+74FF   瓿    U+74FF         瓿    U+74FF         瓿
U+7500   甀    U+7500         甀    U+7500         甀
U+7501   甁    U+74F6         瓶    U+74F6         瓶    U+7F3E             缾
U+7502   甂    U+7502         甂    U+7502         甂
U+7503   甃    U+7503         甃    U+7503         甃
U+7504   甄    U+7504         甄    U+7504         甄
U+7505   甅    U+7505         甅    U+7505         甅
U+7506   甆    U+74F7         瓷    U+74F7         瓷
U+7507   甇    U+7F42         罂    U+7507         甇    U+7F42;U+7516;U 罂;甖;
                                                      +7F43;U+7F4C    罃;罌

U+7508   甈    U+7508         甈    U+7508         甈
U+7509   甉    U+7509         甉    U+7509         甉
U+750A   甊    U+750A         甊    U+750A         甊
U+750B   甋    U+750B         甋    U+750B         甋
U+750C   甌    U+74EF         瓯    U+750C         甌
U+750D   甍    U+750D         甍    U+750D         甍
U+750F   甏    U+750F         甏    U+750F         甏
U+7510   甐    U+7510         甐    U+7510         甐
U+7511   甑    U+7511         甑    U+7511         甑
U+7512   甒    U+7512         甒    U+7512         甒
U+7513   甓    U+7513         甓    U+7513         甓
U+7514   甔    U+7514         甔    U+7514         甔
U+7515   甕    U+74EE         瓮    U+7515         甕    U+7F4B             罋

                                                                              Annex A: Page 194 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7516   甖    U+7F42         罂    U+7516         甖    U+7F42;U+7507;U 罂;甇;
                                                      +7F43;U+7F4C    罃;罌

U+7517   甗    U+7517         甗    U+7517         甗
U+7518   甘    U+7518         甘    U+7518         甘
U+7519   甙    U+7519         甙    U+7519         甙
U+751A   甚    U+751A         甚    U+751A         甚
U+751B   甛    U+751C         甜    U+751C         甜
U+751C   甜    U+751C         甜    U+751C         甜    U+751B             甛
U+751D   甝    U+751D         甝    U+751D         甝
U+751E   甞    U+5C1D         尝    U+5617         嘗    U+5C1D;U+5690      尝;嚐

U+751F   生    U+751F         生    U+751F         生
U+7521   甡    U+7521         甡    U+7521         甡
U+7522   產    U+4EA7         产    U+7522         產    U+7523             産
U+7523   産    U+4EA7         产    U+7522         產
U+7524   甤    U+7524         甤    U+7524         甤
U+7525   甥    U+7525         甥    U+7525         甥
U+7526   甦    U+82CF         苏    U+7526         甦    U+82CF;U+56CC; 苏;囌;
                                                      U+8607;U+8613 蘇;蘓

U+7527   甧    U+7527         甧    U+7527         甧
U+7528   用    U+7528         用    U+7528         用
U+7529   甩    U+7529         甩    U+7529         甩
U+752A   甪    U+752A         甪    U+752A         甪
U+752B   甫    U+752B         甫    U+752B         甫
U+752C   甬    U+752C         甬    U+752C         甬
U+752D   甭    U+752D         甭    U+752D         甭
U+752E   甮    U+752E         甮    U+752E         甮
U+752F   甯    U+752F         甯    U+752F         甯
U+7530   田    U+7530         田    U+7530         田
U+7531   由    U+7531         由    U+7531         由
U+7532   甲    U+7532         甲    U+7532         甲
U+7533   申    U+7533         申    U+7533         申
U+7534   甴    U+7534         甴    U+7534         甴                              (HK)
U+7535   电    U+7535         电    U+96FB         電
U+7536   甶    U+7536         甶    U+7536         甶
U+7537   男    U+7537         男    U+7537         男
U+7538   甸    U+7538         甸    U+7538         甸
U+7539   甹    U+7539         甹    U+7539         甹
U+753A   町    U+753A         町    U+753A         町    U+5722             圢
U+753B   画    U+753B         画    U+756B         畫    U+7575             畵
U+753C   甼    U+753C         甼    U+753C         甼
U+753D   甽    U+754E         畎    U+753D         甽
U+753E   甾    U+753E         甾    U+753E         甾
U+753F   甿    U+6C13         氓    U+753F         甿
U+7540   畀    U+7540         畀    U+7540         畀
U+7542   畂    U+7542         畂    U+7542         畂
U+7543   畃    U+7543         畃    U+7543         畃
U+7544   畄    U+7559         留    U+7559         留
U+7545   畅    U+7545         畅    U+66A2         暢
                                                                              Annex A: Page 195 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7546   畆    U+4EA9         亩    U+755D         畝    U+756E             畮
U+7547   畇    U+7547         畇    U+7547         畇
U+7548   畈    U+7548         畈    U+7548         畈
U+7549   畉    U+7549         畉    U+7549         畉
U+754B   畋    U+754B         畋    U+754B         畋
U+754C   界    U+754C         界    U+754C         界    U+583A;U+754D      堺;畍
U+754D   畍    U+754C         界    U+754C         界    U+583A             堺
U+754E   畎    U+754E         畎    U+754E         畎    U+753D             甽
U+754F   畏    U+754F         畏    U+754F         畏    U+6104             愄
U+7550   畐    U+7550         畐    U+7550         畐
U+7551   畑    U+7551         畑    U+7551         畑
U+7553   畓    U+7553         畓    U+7553         畓
U+7554   畔    U+7554         畔    U+7554         畔
U+7556   畖    U+7556         畖    U+7556         畖
U+7557   畗    U+7557         畗    U+7557         畗
U+7558   畘    U+7558         畘    U+7558         畘
U+7559   留    U+7559         留    U+7559         留    U+7544             畄
U+755A   畚    U+755A         畚    U+755A         畚
U+755B   畛    U+755B         畛    U+755B         畛
U+755C   畜    U+755C         畜    U+755C         畜
U+755D   畝    U+4EA9         亩    U+755D         畝    U+7546;U+756E      畆;畮
U+755F   畟    U+755F         畟    U+755F         畟
U+7560   畠    U+7560         畠    U+7560         畠
U+7562   畢    U+6BD5         毕    U+7562         畢    U+7F7C;U+93CE 罼;鏎

U+7563   畣    U+7B54         答    U+7563         畣    U+7B54;U+8345      答;荅
U+7564   畤    U+7564         畤    U+7564         畤
U+7565   略    U+7565         略    U+7565         略    U+7567             畧
U+7566   畦    U+7566         畦    U+7566         畦
U+7567   畧    U+7565         略    U+7565         略
U+7568   畨    U+7568         畨    U+7568         畨
U+7569   畩    U+7569         畩    U+7569         畩
U+756A   番    U+756A         番    U+756A         番    U+8E6F;U+7C75      蹯;籵

U+756B   畫    U+753B         画    U+756B         畫    U+7575             畵
U+756C   畬    U+7572         畲    U+756C         畬    U+756D;U+7572      畭;畲
U+756D   畭    U+7572         畲    U+756C         畬
U+756E   畮    U+4EA9         亩    U+755D         畝    U+7546             畆
U+756F   畯    U+756F         畯    U+756F         畯
U+7570   異    U+5F02         异    U+7570         異
U+7572   畲    U+7572         畲    U+756C         畬    U+756D             畭
U+7574   畴    U+7574         畴    U+7587         疇
U+7575   畵    U+753B         画    U+756B         畫
U+7576   當    U+5F53         当    U+7576         當    U+5679             噹
U+7577   畷    U+7577         畷    U+7577         畷
U+7578   畸    U+7578         畸    U+7578         畸
U+7579   畹    U+7579         畹    U+7579         畹
U+757A   畺    U+757A         畺    U+757A         畺    U+7586             疆      (HK:CV)
U+757C   畼    U+757C         畼    U+757C         畼
U+757D   畽    U+7583         疃    U+757D         畽    U+7583;U+58A5      疃;墥
U+757E   畾    U+757E         畾    U+757E         畾
                                                                              Annex A: Page 196 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+757F   畿    U+757F         畿    U+757F          畿
U+7580   疀    U+7580         疀    U+7580          疀
U+7581   疁    U+7581         疁    U+7581          疁
U+7582   疂    U+7582         疂    U+7582          疂
U+7583   疃    U+7583         疃    U+7583          疃    U+58A5;U+757D      墥;畽
U+7584   疄    U+7584         疄    U+7584          疄
U+7586   疆    U+7586         疆    U+7586          疆    U+757A             畺      (HK:U+757A)
U+7587   疇    U+7574         畴    U+7587          疇
U+7588   疈    U+7588         疈    U+7588          疈
U+7589   疉    U+53E0         叠    U+758A          疊    U+66E1;U+8FED      曡;迭

U+758A   疊    U+53E0         叠    U+758A          疊    U+66E1;U+7589;U 曡;疉;
                                                       +8FED           迭
U+758B   疋    U+758B         疋    U+758B          疋    U+5339          匹
U+758C   疌    U+758C         疌    U+758C          疌
U+758D   疍    U+758D         疍    U+758D          疍
U+758E   疎    U+758F         疏    U+758F          疏   U+8E08              踈      (HK:CV)
U+758F   疏    U+758F         疏    U+758F          疏   U+8E08;U+758E       踈      (HK:U+758E)
U+7590   疐    U+7590         疐    U+7590          疐
U+7591   疑    U+7591         疑    U+7591          疑
U+7592   疒    U+7592         疒    U+7592          疒
U+7593   疓    U+7593         疓    U+7593          疓
U+7594   疔    U+7594         疔    U+7594          疔
U+7595   疕    U+7595         疕    U+7595          疕
U+7596   疖    U+7596         疖    U+7664          癤
U+7597   疗    U+7597         疗    U+7642          療
U+7598   疘    U+809B         肛    U+7598          疘
U+7599   疙    U+7599         疙    U+7599          疙
U+759A   疚    U+759A         疚    U+759A          疚
U+759B   疛    U+759B         疛    U+759B          疛
U+759C   疜    U+759C         疜    U+759C          疜
U+759D   疝    U+759D         疝    U+759D          疝
U+759E   疞    U+759E         疞    U+759E          疞
U+759F   疟    U+759F         疟    U+7627          瘧
U+75A0   疠    U+75A0         疠    U+7658          癘
U+75A1   疡    U+75A1         疡    U+760D          瘍
U+75A2   疢    U+75A2         疢    U+75A2          疢
U+75A3   疣    U+75A3         疣    U+75A3          疣
U+75A4   疤    U+75A4         疤    U+75A4          疤
U+75A5   疥    U+75A5         疥    U+75A5          疥
U+75A6   疦    U+75A6         疦    U+75A6          疦
U+75A7   疧    U+75A7         疧    U+75A7          疧
U+75A8   疨    U+75A8         疨    U+75A8          疨
U+75AA   疪    U+75F9         痹    U+75AA          疪   U+75F9;U+75FA       痹;痺
U+75AB   疫    U+75AB         疫    U+75AB          疫
U+75AC   疬    U+75AC         疬    U+7667          癧
U+75AD   疭    U+75AD         疭    U+7632          瘲
U+75AE   疮    U+75AE         疮    U+7621          瘡
U+75AF   疯    U+75AF         疯    U+760B          瘋
U+75B0   疰    U+75B0         疰    U+75B0          疰
U+75B1   疱    U+75B1         疱    U+75B1;U+76B0   疱;皰
                                                                               Annex A: Page 197 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+75B2   疲    U+75B2         疲    U+75B2          疲
U+75B3   疳    U+75B3         疳    U+75B3          疳
U+75B4   疴    U+75B4         疴    U+75B4          疴
U+75B5   疵    U+75B5         疵    U+75B5          疵
U+75B6   疶    U+75B6         疶    U+75B6          疶
U+75B8   疸    U+75B8         疸    U+75B8          疸
U+75B9   疹    U+75B9         疹    U+75B9          疹
U+75BA   疺    U+75BA         疺    U+75BA          疺
U+75BB   疻    U+75BB         疻    U+75BB          疻
U+75BC   疼    U+75BC         疼    U+75BC          疼
U+75BD   疽    U+75BD         疽    U+75BD          疽
U+75BE   疾    U+75BE         疾    U+75BE          疾
U+75BF   疿    U+75F1         痱    U+75BF          疿
U+75C0   痀    U+75C0         痀    U+75C0          痀
U+75C1   痁    U+75C1         痁    U+75C1          痁
U+75C2   痂    U+75C2         痂    U+75C2          痂
U+75C3   痃    U+75C3         痃    U+75C3          痃
U+75C4   痄    U+75C4         痄    U+75C4          痄
U+75C5   病    U+75C5         病    U+75C5          病
U+75C6   痆    U+75C6         痆    U+75C6          痆
U+75C7   症    U+75C7         症    U+75C7;U+7665   症;癥
U+75C8   痈    U+75C8         痈    U+7670          癰
U+75C9   痉    U+75C9         痉    U+75D9          痙
U+75CA   痊    U+75CA         痊    U+75CA          痊
U+75CB   痋    U+75CB         痋    U+75CB          痋
U+75CC   痌    U+606B         恫    U+75CC          痌
U+75CD   痍    U+75CD         痍    U+75CD          痍
U+75CE   痎    U+75CE         痎    U+75CE          痎
U+75CF   痏    U+75CF         痏    U+75CF          痏
U+75D0   痐    U+86D4         蛔    U+75D0          痐   U+86D4;U+8698;U     蛔;蚘;
                                                      +8716               蜖
U+75D1   痑    U+75D1         痑    U+75D1          痑
U+75D2   痒    U+75D2         痒    U+7662          癢
U+75D3   痓    U+75D3         痓    U+75D3          痓
U+75D4   痔    U+75D4         痔    U+75D4          痔
U+75D5   痕    U+75D5         痕    U+75D5          痕
U+75D6   痖    U+75D6         痖    U+555E          啞   U+54D1;U+5516;U     哑;唖;
                                                      +7602               瘂
U+75D7   痗    U+75D7         痗    U+75D7          痗
U+75D8   痘    U+75D8         痘    U+75D8          痘
U+75D9   痙    U+75C9         痉    U+75D9          痙
U+75DA   痚    U+75DA         痚    U+75DA          痚
U+75DB   痛    U+75DB         痛    U+75DB          痛
U+75DD   痝    U+75DD         痝    U+75DD          痝
U+75DE   痞    U+75DE         痞    U+75DE          痞
U+75DF   痟    U+75DF         痟    U+75DF          痟
U+75E0   痠    U+75E0         痠    U+75E0          痠
U+75E1   痡    U+75E1         痡    U+75E1          痡
U+75E2   痢    U+75E2         痢    U+75E2          痢   U+9B01              鬁
U+75E3   痣    U+75E3         痣    U+75E3          痣
U+75E4   痤    U+75E4         痤    U+75E4          痤
                                                                               Annex A: Page 198 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+75E5   痥    U+75E5         痥    U+75E5          痥
U+75E6   痦    U+75E6         痦    U+75E6          痦
U+75E7   痧    U+75E7         痧    U+75E7          痧
U+75E8   痨    U+75E8         痨    U+7646          癆
U+75EA   痪    U+75EA         痪    U+7613          瘓
U+75EB   痫    U+75EB         痫    U+7647          癇    U+764E             癎      (HK:U+764E)
U+75EC   痬    U+75EC         痬    U+75EC          痬
U+75ED   痭    U+75ED         痭    U+75ED          痭
U+75EF   痯    U+75EF         痯    U+75EF          痯
U+75F0   痰    U+75F0         痰    U+75F0          痰
U+75F1   痱    U+75F1         痱    U+75F1          痱    U+75BF         疿
U+75F2   痲    U+9EBB         麻    U+75F2          痲    U+9EBB;U+75F3; 麻;痳;
                                                       U+8534;U+6DCB 蔴;淋

U+75F3   痳    U+6DCB         淋    U+75F3          痳    U+9EBB;U+75F2; 麻;痲;
                                                       U+8534         蔴
U+75F4   痴    U+75F4         痴    U+75F4;U+7661   痴;癡
U+75F5   痵    U+60B8         悸    U+75F5          痵
U+75F6   痶    U+75F6         痶    U+75F6          痶
U+75F7   痷    U+75F7         痷    U+75F7          痷
U+75F8   痸    U+75F8         痸    U+75F8          痸
U+75F9   痹    U+75F9         痹    U+75F9          痹   U+75AA;U+75FA       疪;痺

U+75FA   痺    U+75F9         痹    U+75FA          痺    U+75AA             疪
U+75FB   痻    U+75FB         痻    U+75FB          痻
U+75FC   痼    U+75FC         痼    U+75FC          痼
U+75FD   痽    U+75FD         痽    U+75FD          痽
U+75FE   痾    U+75FE         痾    U+75FE          痾
U+75FF   痿    U+75FF         痿    U+75FF          痿
U+7600   瘀    U+7600         瘀    U+7600          瘀
U+7601   瘁    U+7601         瘁    U+7601          瘁
U+7602   瘂    U+75D6         痖    U+555E          啞    U+54D1;U+5516;U 哑;唖;
                                                       +75D6           痖
U+7603   瘃    U+7603         瘃    U+7603          瘃
U+7604   瘄    U+7604         瘄    U+7604          瘄
U+7605   瘅    U+7605         瘅    U+7649          癉
U+7606   瘆    U+7606         瘆    U+762E          瘮
U+7607   瘇    U+7607         瘇    U+7607          瘇
U+7608   瘈    U+7608         瘈    U+7608          瘈
U+7609   瘉    U+6108         愈    U+7609          瘉    U+7652             癒
U+760A   瘊    U+760A         瘊    U+760A          瘊
U+760B   瘋    U+75AF         疯    U+760B          瘋
U+760C   瘌    U+760C         瘌    U+760C          瘌    U+9B0E             鬎
U+760D   瘍    U+75A1         疡    U+760D          瘍
U+760E   瘎    U+760E         瘎    U+760E          瘎
U+760F   瘏    U+760F         瘏    U+760F          瘏
U+7610   瘐    U+7610         瘐    U+7610          瘐
U+7611   瘑    U+8717         蜗    U+7611          瘑    U+8717;U+8778      蜗;蝸
U+7612   瘒    U+7612         瘒    U+7612          瘒
U+7613   瘓    U+75EA         痪    U+7613          瘓
U+7614   瘔    U+82E6         苦    U+7614          瘔
                                                                               Annex A: Page 199 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7615   瘕    U+7615         瘕    U+7615         瘕
U+7616   瘖    U+5591         喑    U+7616         瘖    U+567E             噾
U+7617   瘗    U+7617         瘗    U+761E         瘞
U+7618   瘘    U+7618         瘘    U+763A         瘺    U+763B             瘻
U+7619   瘙    U+7619         瘙    U+7619         瘙
U+761A   瘚    U+761A         瘚    U+761A         瘚
U+761B   瘛    U+761B         瘛    U+761B         瘛
U+761C   瘜    U+761C         瘜    U+761C         瘜
U+761D   瘝    U+761D         瘝    U+761D         瘝
U+761E   瘞    U+7617         瘗    U+761E         瘞
U+761F   瘟    U+761F         瘟    U+761F         瘟
U+7620   瘠    U+7620         瘠    U+7620         瘠    U+818C             膌
U+7621   瘡    U+75AE         疮    U+7621         瘡
U+7622   瘢    U+7622         瘢    U+7622         瘢
U+7623   瘣    U+574F         坏    U+7623         瘣    U+576F;U+58CA; 坯;壊;
                                                      U+58DE         壞
U+7624   瘤    U+7624         瘤    U+7624         瘤
U+7625   瘥    U+7625         瘥    U+7625         瘥
U+7626   瘦    U+7626         瘦    U+7626         瘦
U+7627   瘧    U+759F         疟    U+7627         瘧
U+7628   瘨    U+766B         癫    U+7628         瘨    U+766B;U+7672      癫;癲
U+7629   瘩    U+7629         瘩    U+7629         瘩
U+762A   瘪    U+762A         瘪    U+765F         癟
U+762B   瘫    U+762B         瘫    U+7671         癱
U+762D   瘭    U+762D         瘭    U+762D         瘭
U+762E   瘮    U+7606         瘆    U+762E         瘮
U+762F   瘯    U+762F         瘯    U+762F         瘯
U+7630   瘰    U+7630         瘰    U+7630         瘰
U+7631   瘱    U+7631         瘱    U+7631         瘱
U+7632   瘲    U+75AD         疭    U+7632         瘲
U+7633   瘳    U+7633         瘳    U+7633         瘳
U+7634   瘴    U+7634         瘴    U+7634         瘴
U+7635   瘵    U+7635         瘵    U+7635         瘵
U+7636   瘶    U+7636         瘶    U+7636         瘶
U+7637   瘷    U+7637         瘷    U+7637         瘷
U+7638   瘸    U+7638         瘸    U+7638         瘸
U+7639   瘹    U+7639         瘹    U+7639         瘹
U+763A   瘺    U+7618         瘘    U+763A         瘺    U+763B             瘻
U+763B   瘻    U+7618         瘘    U+763A         瘺
U+763C   瘼    U+763C         瘼    U+763C         瘼
U+763D   瘽    U+52E4         勤    U+763D         瘽    U+61C3             懃
U+763E   瘾    U+763E         瘾    U+766E         癮
U+763F   瘿    U+763F         瘿    U+766D         癭
U+7640   癀    U+7640         癀    U+7640         癀
U+7641   癁    U+7641         癁    U+7641         癁
U+7642   療    U+7597         疗    U+7642         療
U+7643   癃    U+7643         癃    U+7643         癃
U+7646   癆    U+75E8         痨    U+7646         癆
U+7647   癇    U+75EB         痫    U+7647         癇    U+764E        癎   (HK:U+764E)
U+7648   癈    U+5E9F         废    U+7648         癈    U+5EC3;U+5EE2 廃;廢

                                                                              Annex A: Page 200 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7649   癉    U+7605         瘅    U+7649          癉
U+764A   癊    U+764A         癊    U+764A          癊
U+764B   癋    U+764B         癋    U+764B          癋
U+764C   癌    U+764C         癌    U+764C          癌
U+764D   癍    U+764D         癍    U+764D          癍
U+764E   癎    U+764E         癎    U+764E          癎     U+75EB;U+7647      痫;癇 (HK:CV)
U+764F   癏    U+764F         癏    U+764F          癏
U+7650   癐    U+7650         癐    U+7650          癐
U+7652   癒    U+6108         愈    U+7652          癒     U+7609             瘉
U+7653   癓    U+7653         癓    U+7653          癓
U+7654   癔    U+7654         癔    U+7654          癔
U+7656   癖    U+7656         癖    U+7656          癖
U+7657   癗    U+7657         癗    U+7657          癗
U+7658   癘    U+75A0         疠    U+7658          癘
U+7659   癙    U+7659         癙    U+7659          癙
U+765A   癚    U+765A         癚    U+765A          癚
U+765B   癛    U+765D         癝    U+765B          癛
U+765C   癜    U+765C         癜    U+765C          癜
U+765D   癝    U+765D         癝    U+765B          癛
U+765E   癞    U+765E         癞    U+7669          癩
U+765F   癟    U+762A         瘪    U+765F          癟
U+7660   癠    U+7660         癠    U+7660          癠
U+7661   癡    U+75F4         痴    U+7661          癡
U+7662   癢    U+75D2         痒    U+7662          癢
U+7663   癣    U+7663         癣    U+766C          癬
U+7664   癤    U+7596         疖    U+7664          癤
U+7665   癥    U+75C7         症    U+7665          癥
U+7666   癦    U+7666         癦    U+7666          癦
U+7667   癧    U+75AC         疬    U+7667          癧
U+7668   癨    U+970D         霍    U+970D          霍
U+7669   癩    U+765E         癞    U+7669          癩
U+766A   癪    U+766A         癪    U+766A          癪
U+766B   癫    U+766B         癫    U+7672          癲     U+7628             瘨
U+766C   癬    U+7663         癣    U+766C          癬
U+766D   癭    U+763F         瘿    U+766D          癭
U+766E   癮    U+763E         瘾    U+766E          癮
U+766F   癯    U+766F         癯    U+766F          癯
U+7670   癰    U+75C8         痈    U+7670          癰
U+7671   癱    U+762B         瘫    U+7671          癱
U+7672   癲    U+766B         癫    U+7672          癲     U+7628             瘨
U+7674   癴    U+7674         癴    U+7674          癴
U+7675   癵    U+7675         癵    U+7675          癵
U+7676   癶    U+7676         癶    U+7676          癶
U+7677   癷    U+7677         癷    U+7677          癷
U+7678   癸    U+7678         癸    U+7678          癸
U+7679   癹    U+7679         癹    U+7679          癹
U+767A   発    U+53D1         发    U+767A;U+767C   発;發   U+5F42;U+9AEA; 彂;髪; (HK:CV)
                                                        U+9AEE         髮
U+767B   登    U+767B         登    U+767B          登     U+8C4B         豋

                                                                                Annex A: Page 201 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+767C   發    U+53D1         发    U+767C         發    U+5F42;U+9AEA; 彂;髪; (HK:U+767A)
                                                      U+9AEE;U+767A 髮;発

U+767D   白    U+767D         白    U+767D         白
U+767E   百    U+767E         百    U+767E         百
U+767F   癿    U+767F         癿    U+767F         癿
U+7680   皀    U+7680         皀    U+7680         皀
U+7681   皁    U+7682         皂    U+7681         皁
U+7682   皂    U+7682         皂    U+7682         皂    U+7681             皁
U+7683   皃    U+8C8C         貌    U+8C8C         貌
U+7684   的    U+7684         的    U+7684         的
U+7685   皅    U+7685         皅    U+7685         皅
U+7686   皆    U+7686         皆    U+7686         皆
U+7687   皇    U+7687         皇    U+7687         皇
U+7688   皈    U+7688         皈    U+7688         皈    U+6B78;U+5E30; 歸;帰;
                                                      U+5F52         归
U+7689   皉    U+7689         皉    U+7689         皉
U+768A   皊    U+768A         皊    U+768A         皊
U+768B   皋    U+768B         皋    U+768B         皋    U+7690             皐
U+768C   皌    U+768C         皌    U+768C         皌
U+768E   皎    U+768E         皎    U+768E         皎    U+76A6             皦
U+768F   皏    U+768F         皏    U+768F         皏
U+7690   皐    U+768B         皋    U+768B         皋
U+7691   皑    U+7691         皑    U+769A         皚
U+7692   皒    U+7692         皒    U+7692         皒
U+7693   皓    U+7693         皓    U+7693         皓    U+66A0;U+769C; 暠;皜; (HK:U+6667)
                                                      U+6667         晧
U+7694   皔    U+7694         皔    U+7694         皔
U+7695   皕    U+7695         皕    U+7695         皕
U+7696   皖    U+7696         皖    U+7696         皖    U+6665             晥
U+7697   皗    U+7697         皗    U+7697         皗
U+7698   皘    U+7698         皘    U+7698         皘
U+7699   皙    U+7699         皙    U+7699         皙
U+769A   皚    U+7691         皑    U+769A         皚
U+769B   皛    U+769B         皛    U+769B         皛
U+769C   皜    U+7693         皓    U+769C         皜    U+66A0;U+6667      暠;晧 (HK:U+6667)
U+769D   皝    U+769D         皝    U+769D         皝
U+769E   皞    U+769E         皞    U+769E         皞
U+769F   皟    U+769F         皟    U+769F         皟
U+76A0   皠    U+76A0         皠    U+76A0         皠
U+76A3   皣    U+76A3         皣    U+76A3         皣
U+76A4   皤    U+76A4         皤    U+76A4         皤
U+76A6   皦    U+768E         皎    U+76A6         皦
U+76A7   皧    U+76A7         皧    U+76A7         皧
U+76A9   皩    U+76A9         皩    U+76A9         皩
U+76AA   皪    U+76AA         皪    U+76AA         皪
U+76AB   皫    U+76AB         皫    U+76AB         皫
U+76AC   皬    U+76AC         皬    U+76AC         皬
U+76AD   皭    U+76AD         皭    U+76AD         皭
U+76AE   皮    U+76AE         皮    U+76AE         皮
U+76AF   皯    U+76AF         皯    U+76AF         皯
                                                                              Annex A: Page 202 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+76B0   皰    U+75B1         疱    U+76B0         皰
U+76B1   皱    U+76B1         皱    U+76BA         皺
U+76B2   皲    U+76B2         皲    U+76B8         皸
U+76B4   皴    U+76B4         皴    U+76B4         皴
U+76B5   皵    U+76B5         皵    U+76B5         皵
U+76B7   皷    U+9F13         鼓    U+9F13         鼓    U+76BC             皼
U+76B8   皸    U+76B2         皲    U+76B8         皸
U+76BA   皺    U+76B1         皱    U+76BA         皺
U+76BB   皻    U+76BB         皻    U+76BB         皻
U+76BC   皼    U+9F13         鼓    U+9F13         鼓    U+76B7             皷
U+76BD   皽    U+76BD         皽    U+76BD         皽
U+76BE   皾    U+76BE         皾    U+76BE         皾
U+76BF   皿    U+76BF         皿    U+76BF         皿
U+76C0   盀    U+76C0         盀    U+76C0         盀
U+76C2   盂    U+76C2         盂    U+76C2         盂
U+76C3   盃    U+676F         杯    U+76C3         盃    U+686E             桮
U+76C4   盄    U+76C4         盄    U+76C4         盄
U+76C5   盅    U+76C5         盅    U+76C5         盅    U+6C96;U+51B2; 沖;冲;
                                                      U+794C;U+885D; 祌;衝;
                                                      U+8876         衶
U+76C6   盆    U+76C6         盆    U+76C6         盆
U+76C7   盇    U+76CD         盍    U+76CD         盍
U+76C8   盈    U+76C8         盈    U+76C8         盈
U+76C9   盉    U+76C9         盉    U+76C9         盉
U+76CA   益    U+76CA         益    U+76CA         益
U+76CC   盌    U+76CC         盌    U+76CC         盌    U+6900;U+7897;U 椀;碗; (HK:CV)
                                                      +92FA           鋺
U+76CD   盍    U+76CD         盍    U+76CD         盍    U+76C7          盇
U+76CE   盎    U+76CE         盎    U+76CE         盎
U+76CF   盏    U+76CF         盏    U+76DE         盞    U+7416;U+9186      琖;醆
U+76D0   盐    U+76D0         盐    U+9E7D         鹽    U+5869             塩
U+76D1   监    U+76D1         监    U+76E3         監
U+76D2   盒    U+76D2         盒    U+76D2         盒
U+76D3   盓    U+76D3         盓    U+76D3         盓
U+76D4   盔    U+76D4         盔    U+76D4         盔
U+76D5   盕    U+76D5         盕    U+76D5         盕
U+76D6   盖    U+76D6         盖    U+84CB         蓋    U+8462             葢
U+76D7   盗    U+76D7         盗    U+76DC         盜
U+76D8   盘    U+76D8         盘    U+76E4         盤    U+6D00             洀
U+76DA   盚    U+76DA         盚    U+76DA         盚
U+76DB   盛    U+76DB         盛    U+76DB         盛
U+76DC   盜    U+76D7         盗    U+76DC         盜
U+76DD   盝    U+76DD         盝    U+76DD         盝
U+76DE   盞    U+76CF         盏    U+76DE         盞    U+7416;U+9186      琖;醆
U+76DF   盟    U+76DF         盟    U+76DF         盟
U+76E0   盠    U+76E0         盠    U+76E0         盠
U+76E1   盡    U+5C3D         尽    U+76E1         盡    U+5118             儘
U+76E2   盢    U+76E2         盢    U+76E2         盢
U+76E3   監    U+76D1         监    U+76E3         監
U+76E4   盤    U+76D8         盘    U+76E4         盤    U+6D00             洀
U+76E5   盥    U+76E5         盥    U+76E5         盥
                                                                              Annex A: Page 203 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+76E6   盦    U+76E6         盦    U+76E6         盦
U+76E7   盧    U+5362         卢    U+76E7         盧
U+76E8   盨    U+76E8         盨    U+76E8         盨
U+76E9   盩    U+76E9         盩    U+76E9         盩
U+76EA   盪    U+76EA         盪    U+76EA         盪    U+8361;U+8569;U 荡;蕩;
                                                      +6F52;U+862F    潒;蘯

U+76EC   盬    U+76EC         盬    U+76EC         盬
U+76ED   盭    U+623E         戾    U+76ED         盭    U+623B             戻
U+76EE   目    U+76EE         目    U+76EE         目
U+76EF   盯    U+76EF         盯    U+76EF         盯
U+76F0   盰    U+76F0         盰    U+76F0         盰
U+76F1   盱    U+76F1         盱    U+76F1         盱
U+76F2   盲    U+76F2         盲    U+76F2         盲    U+76F3             盳
U+76F3   盳    U+76F2         盲    U+76F3         盳
U+76F4   直    U+76F4         直    U+76F4         直
U+76F5   盵    U+76F5         盵    U+76F5         盵
U+76F6   盶    U+76F6         盶    U+76F6         盶
U+76F7   盷    U+76F7         盷    U+76F7         盷
U+76F8   相    U+76F8         相    U+76F8         相
U+76F9   盹    U+76F9         盹    U+76F9         盹
U+76FA   盺    U+76FA         盺    U+76FA         盺
U+76FB   盻    U+76FB         盻    U+76FB         盻
U+76FC   盼    U+76FC         盼    U+76FC         盼
U+76FD   盽    U+76FD         盽    U+76FD         盽
U+76FE   盾    U+76FE         盾    U+76FE         盾
U+76FF   盿    U+76FF         盿    U+76FF         盿
U+7701   省    U+7701         省    U+7701         省
U+7703   眃    U+7703         眃    U+7703         眃
U+7704   眄    U+7704         眄    U+7704         眄
U+7705   眅    U+7705         眅    U+7705         眅
U+7706   眆    U+7706         眆    U+7706         眆
U+7707   眇    U+7707         眇    U+7707         眇
U+7708   眈    U+7708         眈    U+7708         眈
U+7709   眉    U+7709         眉    U+7709         眉
U+770A   眊    U+770A         眊    U+770A         眊
U+770B   看    U+770B         看    U+770B         看
U+770C   県    U+770C         県    U+770C         県
U+770D   眍    U+770D         眍    U+7798         瞘
U+770F   眏    U+770F         眏    U+770F         眏
U+7710   眐    U+7710         眐    U+7710         眐
U+7711   眑    U+7711         眑    U+7711         眑
U+7712   眒    U+7712         眒    U+7712         眒
U+7713   眓    U+7713         眓    U+7713         眓
U+7714   眔    U+7714         眔    U+7714         眔
U+7715   眕    U+7715         眕    U+7715         眕
U+7716   眖    U+7716         眖    U+7716         眖
U+7717   眗    U+7717         眗    U+7717         眗
U+7718   眘    U+614E         慎    U+614E         慎    U+613C;U+661A      愼;昚
U+7719   眙    U+7719         眙    U+7719         眙
U+771A   眚    U+771A         眚    U+771A         眚
                                                                              Annex A: Page 204 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+771B   眛    U+771B         眛    U+771B         眛
U+771C   眜    U+771C         眜    U+771C         眜
U+771D   眝    U+771D         眝    U+771D         眝
U+771E   眞    U+771F         真    U+771F         真
U+771F   真    U+771F         真    U+771F         真    U+771E             眞
U+7720   眠    U+7720         眠    U+7720         眠
U+7722   眢    U+7722         眢    U+7722         眢
U+7723   眣    U+7723         眣    U+7723         眣
U+7725   眥    U+7725         眥    U+7725         眥
U+7726   眦    U+7726         眦    U+7726         眦
U+7727   眧    U+7727         眧    U+7727         眧
U+7728   眨    U+7728         眨    U+7728         眨
U+7729   眩    U+7729         眩    U+7729         眩
U+772A   眪    U+772A         眪    U+772A         眪
U+772C   眬    U+772C         眬    U+77D3         矓
U+772D   眭    U+772D         眭    U+772D         眭
U+772E   眮    U+772E         眮    U+772E         眮
U+772F   眯    U+772F         眯    U+772F         眯    U+7787             瞇
U+7730   眰    U+7730         眰    U+7730         眰
U+7731   眱    U+7731         眱    U+7731         眱
U+7732   眲    U+7732         眲    U+7732         眲
U+7733   眳    U+7733         眳    U+7733         眳
U+7734   眴    U+7734         眴    U+7734         眴
U+7735   眵    U+7735         眵    U+7735         眵
U+7736   眶    U+7736         眶    U+7736         眶
U+7737   眷    U+7737         眷    U+7737         眷    U+7760             睠
U+7738   眸    U+7738         眸    U+7738         眸
U+7739   眹    U+7739         眹    U+7739         眹
U+773A   眺    U+773A         眺    U+773A         眺    U+899C             覜
U+773B   眻    U+773B         眻    U+773B         眻
U+773C   眼    U+773C         眼    U+773C         眼
U+773D   眽    U+773D         眽    U+773D         眽
U+773E   眾    U+4F17         众    U+773E         眾    U+8846             衆
U+7740   着    U+7740         着    U+8457         著
U+7741   睁    U+7741         睁    U+775C         睜
U+7743   睃    U+7743         睃    U+7743         睃
U+7744   睄    U+7744         睄    U+7744         睄
U+7745   睅    U+7745         睅    U+7745         睅
U+7746   睆    U+7746         睆    U+7746         睆
U+7747   睇    U+7747         睇    U+7747         睇
U+7748   睈    U+7748         睈    U+7748         睈
U+7749   睉    U+7749         睉    U+7749         睉
U+774A   睊    U+774A         睊    U+774A         睊
U+774B   睋    U+774B         睋    U+774B         睋
U+774C   睌    U+774C         睌    U+774C         睌
U+774D   睍    U+774D         睍    U+774D         睍
U+774E   睎    U+774E         睎    U+774E         睎
U+774F   睏    U+56F0         困    U+774F         睏
U+7750   睐    U+7750         睐    U+775E         睞
U+7751   睑    U+7751         睑    U+77BC         瞼
U+7752   睒    U+7752         睒    U+7752         睒
                                                                              Annex A: Page 205 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7753   睓    U+7753         睓    U+7753         睓
U+7754   睔    U+7754         睔    U+7754         睔
U+7755   睕    U+7755         睕    U+7755         睕
U+7756   睖    U+7756         睖    U+7756         睖
U+7757   睗    U+7757         睗    U+7757         睗
U+7758   睘    U+7758         睘    U+7758         睘
U+7759   睙    U+7759         睙    U+7759         睙
U+775A   睚    U+775A         睚    U+775A         睚
U+775B   睛    U+775B         睛    U+775B         睛
U+775C   睜    U+7741         睁    U+775C         睜
U+775D   睝    U+775D         睝    U+775D         睝
U+775E   睞    U+7750         睐    U+775E         睞
U+775F   睟    U+775F         睟    U+775F         睟
U+7760   睠    U+7737         眷    U+7760         睠
U+7761   睡    U+7761         睡    U+7761         睡
U+7762   睢    U+7762         睢    U+7762         睢
U+7763   督    U+7763         督    U+7763         督
U+7765   睥    U+7765         睥    U+7765         睥
U+7766   睦    U+7766         睦    U+7766         睦
U+7767   睧    U+7767         睧    U+7767         睧
U+7768   睨    U+7768         睨    U+7768         睨
U+7769   睩    U+7769         睩    U+7769         睩
U+776A   睪    U+776A         睪    U+776A         睪    U+777E             睾
U+776B   睫    U+776B         睫    U+776B         睫
U+776C   睬    U+776C         睬    U+776C         睬
U+776D   睭    U+776D         睭    U+776D         睭
U+776E   睮    U+776E         睮    U+776E         睮
U+776F   睯    U+776F         睯    U+776F         睯
U+7770   睰    U+7770         睰    U+7770         睰
U+7771   睱    U+7771         睱    U+7771         睱
U+7772   睲    U+7772         睲    U+7772         睲
U+7773   睳    U+7773         睳    U+7773         睳
U+7774   睴    U+7774         睴    U+7774         睴
U+7775   睵    U+7775         睵    U+7775         睵
U+7776   睶    U+7776         睶    U+7776         睶
U+7777   睷    U+7777         睷    U+7777         睷
U+7778   睸    U+7778         睸    U+7778         睸
U+7779   睹    U+7779         睹    U+7779         睹    U+89A9             覩      (HK:U+89A9)
U+777A   睺    U+777A         睺    U+777A         睺
U+777B   睻    U+777B         睻    U+777B         睻
U+777C   睼    U+777C         睼    U+777C         睼
U+777D   睽    U+777D         睽    U+777D         睽
U+777E   睾    U+777E         睾    U+777E         睾    U+776A             睪
U+777F   睿    U+777F         睿    U+777F         睿    U+53E1             叡
U+7780   瞀    U+7780         瞀    U+7780         瞀
U+7781   瞁    U+7781         瞁    U+7781         瞁
U+7782   瞂    U+7782         瞂    U+7782         瞂
U+7783   瞃    U+7783         瞃    U+7783         瞃
U+7784   瞄    U+7784         瞄    U+7784         瞄
U+7785   瞅    U+7785         瞅    U+7785         瞅    U+5062             偢
U+7786   瞆    U+7786         瞆    U+77B6         瞶
                                                                              Annex A: Page 206 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                   SC                 TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7787   瞇    U+772F          眯   U+7787         瞇
U+7788   瞈    U+7788          瞈   U+7788         瞈
U+7789   瞉    U+7789          瞉   U+7789         瞉
U+778A   瞊    U+778A          瞊   U+778A         瞊
U+778B   瞋    U+778B          瞋   U+778B         瞋
U+778C   瞌    U+778C          瞌   U+778C         瞌
U+778D   瞍    U+778D          瞍   U+778D         瞍
U+778E   瞎    U+778E          瞎   U+778E         瞎
U+778F   瞏    U+778F          瞏   U+778F         瞏
U+7790   瞐    U+7790          瞐   U+7790         瞐
U+7791   瞑    U+7791          瞑   U+7791         瞑
U+7792   瞒    U+7792          瞒   U+779E         瞞
U+7793   瞓    U+7793          瞓   U+7793         瞓
U+7794   瞔    U+7794          瞔   U+7794         瞔
U+7795   瞕    U+7795          瞕   U+7795         瞕
U+7797   瞗    U+7797          瞗   U+7797         瞗
U+7798   瞘    U+770D          眍   U+7798         瞘
U+7799   瞙    U+7799          瞙   U+7799         瞙
U+779A   瞚    U+77AC          瞬   U+779A         瞚
U+779B   瞛    U+779B          瞛   U+779B         瞛
U+779C   瞜    U+4056          䁖   U+779C         瞜
U+779D   瞝    U+779D          瞝   U+779D         瞝
U+779E   瞞    U+7792          瞒   U+779E         瞞
U+779F   瞟    U+779F          瞟   U+779F         瞟
U+77A0   瞠    U+77A0          瞠   U+77A0         瞠
U+77A1   瞡    U+77A1          瞡   U+77A1         瞡
U+77A2   瞢    U+77A2          瞢   U+77A2         瞢
U+77A3   瞣    U+77A3          瞣   U+77A3         瞣
U+77A5   瞥    U+77A5          瞥   U+77A5         瞥    U+8995             覕
U+77A6   瞦    U+77A6          瞦   U+77A6         瞦
U+77A7   瞧    U+77A7          瞧   U+77A7         瞧
U+77A8   瞨    U+77A8          瞨   U+77A8         瞨
U+77A9   瞩    U+77A9          瞩   U+77DA         矚
U+77AA   瞪    U+77AA          瞪   U+77AA         瞪
U+77AB   瞫    U+77AB          瞫   U+77AB         瞫
U+77AC   瞬    U+77AC          瞬   U+77AC         瞬    U+779A             瞚
U+77AD   瞭    U+77AD;U+4E86   瞭;了 U+77AD         瞭    U+4E86;U+66B8      了;暸

U+77AE   瞮    U+77AE          瞮    U+77AE        瞮
U+77AF   瞯    U+77AF          瞯    U+77AF        瞯
U+77B0   瞰    U+77B0          瞰    U+77B0        瞰    U+77D9             矙
U+77B1   瞱    U+77B1          瞱    U+77B1        瞱
U+77B2   瞲    U+77B2          瞲    U+77B2        瞲
U+77B3   瞳    U+77B3          瞳    U+77B3        瞳
U+77B4   瞴    U+77B4          瞴    U+77B4        瞴
U+77B5   瞵    U+77B5          瞵    U+77B5        瞵
U+77B6   瞶    U+7786          瞆    U+77B6        瞶
U+77B7   瞷    U+77B7          瞷    U+77B7        瞷
U+77B8   瞸    U+77B8          瞸    U+77B8        瞸
U+77B9   瞹    U+77B9          瞹    U+77B9        瞹
U+77BA   瞺    U+77BA          瞺    U+77BA        瞺
                                                                              Annex A: Page 207 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+77BB   瞻    U+77BB         瞻    U+77BB         瞻
U+77BC   瞼    U+7751         睑    U+77BC         瞼
U+77BD   瞽    U+77BD         瞽    U+77BD         瞽
U+77BF   瞿    U+77BF         瞿    U+77BF         瞿
U+77C0   矀    U+77C0         矀    U+77C0         矀
U+77C2   矂    U+77C2         矂    U+77C2         矂
U+77C3   矃    U+77C3         矃    U+77C3         矃
U+77C4   矄    U+77C4         矄    U+77C4         矄
U+77C5   矅    U+77C5         矅    U+77C5         矅
U+77C6   矆    U+77C6         矆    U+77C6         矆
U+77C7   矇    U+8499         蒙    U+77C7         矇    U+8499;U+61DE; 蒙;懞;
                                                      U+6FDB         濛
U+77C8   矈    U+77C8         矈    U+77CF         矏
U+77C9   矉    U+77C9         矉    U+77C9         矉
U+77CA   矊    U+77CA         矊    U+77CA         矊
U+77CB   矋    U+77CB         矋    U+77CB         矋
U+77CC   矌    U+77CC         矌    U+77CC         矌
U+77CD   矍    U+77CD         矍    U+77CD         矍
U+77CE   矎    U+77CE         矎    U+77CE         矎
U+77CF   矏    U+77CF         矏    U+77CF         矏    U+77C8             矈
U+77D0   矐    U+77D0         矐    U+77D0         矐
U+77D1   矑    U+77D1         矑    U+77D1         矑
U+77D3   矓    U+772C         眬    U+77D3         矓
U+77D4   矔    U+77D4         矔    U+77D4         矔
U+77D5   矕    U+77D5         矕    U+77D5         矕
U+77D6   矖    U+77D6         矖    U+77D6         矖
U+77D7   矗    U+77D7         矗    U+77D7         矗
U+77D8   矘    U+77D8         矘    U+77D8         矘
U+77D9   矙    U+77B0         瞰    U+77D9         矙
U+77DA   矚    U+77A9         瞩    U+77DA         矚
U+77DB   矛    U+77DB         矛    U+77DB         矛
U+77DC   矜    U+77DC         矜    U+77DC         矜
U+77DE   矞    U+77DE         矞    U+77DE         矞
U+77DF   矟    U+77DF         矟    U+77DF         矟    U+9399             鎙
U+77E0   矠    U+77E0         矠    U+77E0         矠
U+77E1   矡    U+77E1         矡    U+77E1         矡
U+77E2   矢    U+77E2         矢    U+77E2         矢    U+7B36             笶
U+77E3   矣    U+77E3         矣    U+77E3         矣
U+77E5   知    U+77E5         知    U+77E5         知
U+77E7   矧    U+77E7         矧    U+77E7         矧
U+77E8   矨    U+77E8         矨    U+77E8         矨
U+77E9   矩    U+77E9         矩    U+77E9         矩    U+6998             榘
U+77EA   矪    U+77EA         矪    U+77EA         矪
U+77EB   矫    U+77EB         矫    U+77EF         矯
U+77EC   矬    U+77EC         矬    U+77EC         矬    U+9073             遳
U+77ED   短    U+77ED         短    U+77ED         短
U+77EE   矮    U+77EE         矮    U+77EE         矮
U+77EF   矯    U+77EB         矫    U+77EF         矯
U+77F0   矰    U+77F0         矰    U+77F0         矰
U+77F1   矱    U+77F1         矱    U+77F1         矱
U+77F2   矲    U+77F2         矲    U+77F2         矲
                                                                              Annex A: Page 208 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+77F3   石    U+77F3         石    U+77F3         石
U+77F6   矶    U+77F6         矶    U+78EF         磯
U+77F7   矷    U+77F7         矷    U+77F7         矷
U+77F8   矸    U+77F8         矸    U+77F8         矸
U+77F9   矹    U+77F9         矹    U+77F9         矹
U+77FA   矺    U+77FA         矺    U+77FA         矺
U+77FB   矻    U+77FB         矻    U+77FB         矻
U+77FC   矼    U+77FC         矼    U+77FC         矼
U+77FD   矽    U+77FD         矽    U+77FD         矽
U+77FE   矾    U+77FE         矾    U+792C         礬
U+77FF   矿    U+77FF         矿    U+7926         礦    U+945B             鑛
U+7800   砀    U+7800         砀    U+78AD         碭
U+7801   码    U+7801         码    U+78BC         碼
U+7802   砂    U+7802         砂    U+7802         砂
U+7803   砃    U+7803         砃    U+7803         砃
U+7804   砄    U+7804         砄    U+7804         砄
U+7805   砅    U+7805         砅    U+7805         砅
U+7806   砆    U+7806         砆    U+7806         砆
U+7808   砈    U+7808         砈    U+7808         砈
U+7809   砉    U+7809         砉    U+7809         砉
U+780A   砊    U+780A         砊    U+780A         砊
U+780B   砋    U+780B         砋    U+780B         砋
U+780C   砌    U+780C         砌    U+780C         砌
U+780D   砍    U+780D         砍    U+780D         砍
U+780E   砎    U+780E         砎    U+780E         砎
U+780F   砏    U+780F         砏    U+780F         砏
U+7810   砐    U+7810         砐    U+7810         砐
U+7811   砑    U+7811         砑    U+7811         砑
U+7812   砒    U+7812         砒    U+7812         砒
U+7813   砓    U+7813         砓    U+7813         砓
U+7814   研    U+7814         研    U+7814         研    U+63C5             揅
U+7815   砕    U+788E         碎    U+788E         碎
U+7816   砖    U+7816         砖    U+78DA         磚
U+7817   砗    U+7817         砗    U+7868         硨
U+7818   砘    U+7818         砘    U+7818         砘
U+7819   砙    U+7819         砙    U+7819         砙
U+781A   砚    U+781A         砚    U+786F         硯
U+781B   砛    U+781B         砛    U+781B         砛
U+781C   砜    U+781C         砜    U+78B8         碸
U+781D   砝    U+781D         砝    U+781D         砝
U+781E   砞    U+781E         砞    U+781E         砞
U+781F   砟    U+781F         砟    U+781F         砟
U+7820   砠    U+7820         砠    U+7820         砠
U+7821   砡    U+7821         砡    U+7821         砡
U+7822   砢    U+7822         砢    U+7822         砢
U+7823   砣    U+7823         砣    U+7823         砣    U+78A2             碢
U+7825   砥    U+7825         砥    U+7825         砥
U+7826   砦    U+7826         砦    U+7826         砦
U+7827   砧    U+7827         砧    U+7827         砧    U+78AA             碪
U+7828   砨    U+7828         砨    U+7828         砨
U+7829   砩    U+7829         砩    U+7829         砩
                                                                              Annex A: Page 209 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+782A   砪    U+782A         砪    U+782A         砪
U+782B   砫    U+67F1         柱    U+782B         砫
U+782C   砬    U+782C         砬    U+782C         砬
U+782D   砭    U+782D         砭    U+782D         砭
U+782E   砮    U+782E         砮    U+782E         砮
U+782F   砯    U+782F         砯    U+782F         砯
U+7830   砰    U+7830         砰    U+7830         砰
U+7831   砱    U+7831         砱    U+7831         砱
U+7832   砲    U+70AE         炮    U+7832         砲    U+792E;U+70B0      礮;炰
U+7833   砳    U+7833         砳    U+7833         砳
U+7834   破    U+7834         破    U+7834         破
U+7835   砵    U+7835         砵    U+7835         砵
U+7837   砷    U+7837         砷    U+7837         砷
U+7838   砸    U+7838         砸    U+7838         砸
U+7839   砹    U+7839         砹    U+7839         砹
U+783A   砺    U+783A         砺    U+792A         礪
U+783B   砻    U+783B         砻    U+7931         礱    U+9468             鑨
U+783C   砼    U+783C         砼    U+783C         砼
U+783D   砽    U+783D         砽    U+783D         砽
U+783E   砾    U+783E         砾    U+792B         礫
U+7840   础    U+7840         础    U+790E         礎
U+7841   硁    U+7841         硁    U+785C         硜
U+7843   硃    U+6731         朱    U+7843         硃
U+7844   硄    U+7844         硄    U+7844         硄
U+7845   硅    U+7845         硅    U+7845         硅
U+7847   硇    U+7847         硇    U+7847         硇
U+7848   硈    U+7848         硈    U+7848         硈
U+7849   硉    U+7849         硉    U+7849         硉
U+784A   硊    U+784A         硊    U+784A         硊
U+784C   硌    U+784C         硌    U+784C         硌
U+784D   硍    U+784D         硍    U+784D         硍
U+784E   硎    U+784E         硎    U+784E         硎
U+7850   硐    U+7850         硐    U+7850         硐
U+7851   硑    U+7851         硑    U+7851         硑
U+7852   硒    U+7852         硒    U+7852         硒
U+7853   硓    U+7853         硓    U+7853         硓
U+7854   硔    U+7854         硔    U+7854         硔
U+7855   硕    U+7855         硕    U+78A9         碩
U+7856   硖    U+7856         硖    U+7864         硤
U+7857   硗    U+7857         硗    U+78FD         磽
U+7858   硘    U+7858         硘    U+7858         硘
U+7859   硙    U+7859         硙    U+78D1         磑    U+78A8             碨
U+785A   硚    U+785A         硚    U+7904         礄
U+785B   硛    U+785B         硛    U+785B         硛
U+785C   硜    U+7841         硁    U+785C         硜
U+785D   硝    U+785D         硝    U+785D         硝
U+785E   硞    U+785E         硞    U+785E         硞
U+785F   硟    U+785F         硟    U+785F         硟
U+7860   硠    U+7860         硠    U+7860         硠
U+7861   硡    U+7861         硡    U+7861         硡
U+7862   硢    U+7862         硢    U+7862         硢
                                                                              Annex A: Page 210 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7863   硣    U+7863         硣    U+7863         硣
U+7864   硤    U+7856         硖    U+7864         硤
U+7865   硥    U+868C         蚌    U+7865         硥
U+7866   硦    U+7866         硦    U+7866         硦
U+7867   硧    U+7867         硧    U+7867         硧
U+7868   硨    U+7817         砗    U+7868         硨
U+7869   硩    U+7869         硩    U+7869         硩
U+786A   硪    U+786A         硪    U+786A         硪
U+786B   硫    U+786B         硫    U+786B         硫
U+786C   硬    U+786C         硬    U+786C         硬    U+5CFA             峺
U+786D   硭    U+786D         硭    U+786D         硭
U+786E   确    U+786E         确    U+78BA         確    U+5859;U+78BB; 塙;碻;
                                                      U+792D         礭
U+786F   硯    U+781A         砚    U+786F         硯
U+7870   硰    U+7870         硰    U+7870         硰
U+7871   硱    U+7871         硱    U+7871         硱
U+7872   硲    U+7872         硲    U+7872         硲
U+7873   硳    U+7873         硳    U+7873         硳
U+7874   硴    U+7874         硴    U+7874         硴
U+7875   硵    U+7875         硵    U+78E0         磠
U+7877   硷    U+7877         硷    U+9E7C         鹼    U+7906;U+96AA; 礆;險;
                                                      U+9669;U+78B1 险;碱

U+7878   硸    U+7878         硸    U+7878         硸
U+7879   硹    U+7879         硹    U+7879         硹
U+787A   硺    U+787A         硺    U+787A         硺
U+787B   硻    U+787B         硻    U+787B         硻
U+787C   硼    U+787C         硼    U+787C         硼
U+787D   硽    U+787D         硽    U+787D         硽
U+787E   硾    U+787E         硾    U+787E         硾
U+787F   硿    U+787F         硿    U+787F         硿
U+7880   碀    U+7880         碀    U+7880         碀
U+7881   碁    U+68CB         棋    U+7881         碁    U+68CA             棊
U+7882   碂    U+7882         碂    U+7882         碂
U+7883   碃    U+7883         碃    U+7883         碃
U+7884   碄    U+7884         碄    U+7884         碄
U+7885   碅    U+7885         碅    U+7885         碅
U+7886   碆    U+7886         碆    U+7886         碆
U+7887   碇    U+7887         碇    U+7887         碇    U+6917             椗
U+7889   碉    U+7889         碉    U+7889         碉
U+788A   碊    U+788A         碊    U+788A         碊
U+788B   碋    U+788B         碋    U+788B         碋
U+788C   碌    U+788C         碌    U+788C         碌    U+78DF             磟
U+788D   碍    U+788D         碍    U+7919         礙
U+788E   碎    U+788E         碎    U+788E         碎    U+7815             砕
U+788F   碏    U+788F         碏    U+788F         碏
U+7890   碐    U+7890         碐    U+7890         碐
U+7891   碑    U+7891         碑    U+7891         碑
U+7892   碒    U+7892         碒    U+7892         碒
U+7893   碓    U+7893         碓    U+7893         碓
U+7894   碔    U+7894         碔    U+7894         碔
                                                                              Annex A: Page 211 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7895   碕    U+5D0E         崎    U+7895         碕    U+57FC             埼
U+7896   碖    U+7896         碖    U+7896         碖
U+7897   碗    U+7897         碗    U+7897         碗    U+92FA;U+6900;     鋺;椀; (HK:U+6900;U+76C
                                                      U+76CC             盌    C)
U+7898   碘    U+7898         碘    U+7898         碘
U+7899   碙    U+7899         碙    U+7899         碙
U+789A   碚    U+789A         碚    U+789A         碚
U+789B   碛    U+789B         碛    U+78E7         磧
U+789C   碜    U+789C         碜    U+78E3         磣
U+789D   碝    U+789D         碝    U+789D         碝    U+791D             礝
U+789E   碞    U+5CA9         岩    U+789E         碞    U+55A6;U+5D52;     喦;嵒;
                                                      U+58E7;U+5DCC;     壧;巌;
                                                      U+5DD6;U+7939      巖;礹

U+789F   碟    U+789F         碟    U+789F         碟
U+78A0   碠    U+78A0         碠    U+78A0         碠
U+78A1   碡    U+78A1         碡    U+78A1         碡
U+78A2   碢    U+7823         砣    U+78A2         碢
U+78A3   碣    U+78A3         碣    U+78A3         碣
U+78A4   碤    U+78A4         碤    U+78A4         碤
U+78A5   碥    U+78A5         碥    U+78A5         碥
U+78A6   碦    U+78A6         碦    U+78A6         碦
U+78A7   碧    U+78A7         碧    U+78A7         碧
U+78A8   碨    U+7859         硙    U+78A8         碨    U+78D1             磑
U+78A9   碩    U+7855         硕    U+78A9         碩
U+78AA   碪    U+7827         砧    U+78AA         碪
U+78AB   碫    U+78AB         碫    U+78AB         碫
U+78AC   碬    U+78AC         碬    U+78AC         碬
U+78AD   碭    U+7800         砀    U+78AD         碭
U+78AE   碮    U+78AE         碮    U+78AE         碮
U+78AF   碯    U+7459         瑙    U+7459         瑙
U+78B0   碰    U+78B0         碰    U+78B0         碰    U+63BD;U+8E2B 掽;踫

U+78B1   碱    U+78B1         碱    U+9E7C         鹼    U+7877;U+7906;U 硷;礆;
                                                      +96AA;U+9669    險;险

U+78B2   碲    U+78B2         碲    U+78B2         碲
U+78B3   碳    U+78B3         碳    U+78B3         碳
U+78B4   碴    U+78B4         碴    U+78B4         碴
U+78B5   碵    U+78B5         碵    U+78B5         碵
U+78B6   碶    U+78B6         碶    U+78B6         碶
U+78B7   碷    U+78B7         碷    U+78B7         碷
U+78B8   碸    U+781C         砜    U+78B8         碸
U+78B9   碹    U+78B9         碹    U+78B9         碹
U+78BA   確    U+786E         确    U+78BA         確    U+5859;U+78BB;     塙;碻;
                                                      U+792D             礭
U+78BB   碻    U+786E         确    U+78BB         碻    U+5859;U+78BA;     塙;確;
                                                      U+792D             礭
U+78BC   碼    U+7801         码    U+78BC         碼
U+78BD   碽    U+78BD         碽    U+78BD         碽
U+78BE   碾    U+78BE         碾    U+78BE         碾
                                                                              Annex A: Page 212 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+78BF   碿    U+78BF         碿    U+78BF         碿
U+78C0   磀    U+78C0         磀    U+78C0         磀
U+78C1   磁    U+78C1         磁    U+78C1         磁
U+78C3   磃    U+78C3         磃    U+78C3         磃
U+78C4   磄    U+78C4         磄    U+78C4         磄
U+78C5   磅    U+78C5         磅    U+78C5         磅
U+78C6   磆    U+78C6         磆    U+6ED1         滑
U+78C8   磈    U+78C8         磈    U+78C8         磈
U+78C9   磉    U+78C9         磉    U+78C9         磉
U+78CA   磊    U+78CA         磊    U+78CA         磊    U+78E5             磥
U+78CB   磋    U+78CB         磋    U+78CB         磋
U+78CC   磌    U+78CC         磌    U+78CC         磌
U+78CD   磍    U+78CD         磍    U+78CD         磍
U+78CE   磎    U+78CE         磎    U+78CE         磎
U+78CF   磏    U+78CF         磏    U+78CF         磏
U+78D0   磐    U+78D0         磐    U+78D0         磐
U+78D1   磑    U+7859         硙    U+78D1         磑    U+78A8             碨
U+78D3   磓    U+78D3         磓    U+78D3         磓
U+78D4   磔    U+78D4         磔    U+78D4         磔
U+78D5   磕    U+78D5         磕    U+78D5         磕
U+78D6   磖    U+78D6         磖    U+78D6         磖
U+78D7   磗    U+78D7         磗    U+78D7         磗
U+78D8   磘    U+78D8         磘    U+78D8         磘
U+78D9   磙    U+78D9         磙    U+78D9         磙
U+78DA   磚    U+7816         砖    U+78DA         磚
U+78DB   磛    U+78DB         磛    U+78DB         磛
U+78DC   磜    U+78DC         磜    U+78DC         磜
U+78DD   磝    U+78DD         磝    U+78DD         磝
U+78DE   磞    U+78DE         磞    U+78DE         磞
U+78DF   磟    U+788C         碌    U+78DF         磟
U+78E0   磠    U+7875         硵    U+78E0         磠
U+78E1   磡    U+78E1         磡    U+78E1         磡
U+78E2   磢    U+78E2         磢    U+78E2         磢
U+78E3   磣    U+789C         碜    U+78E3         磣
U+78E4   磤    U+78E4         磤    U+78E4         磤
U+78E5   磥    U+78CA         磊    U+78E5         磥
U+78E6   磦    U+78E6         磦    U+78E6         磦
U+78E7   磧    U+789B         碛    U+78E7         磧
U+78E8   磨    U+78E8         磨    U+78E8         磨
U+78E9   磩    U+78E9         磩    U+78E9         磩
U+78EA   磪    U+78EA         磪    U+78EA         磪
U+78EB   磫    U+78EB         磫    U+78EB         磫
U+78EC   磬    U+78EC         磬    U+78EC         磬
U+78ED   磭    U+78ED         磭    U+78ED         磭
U+78EE   磮    U+78EE         磮    U+78EE         磮
U+78EF   磯    U+77F6         矶    U+78EF         磯
U+78F1   磱    U+78F1         磱    U+78F1         磱
U+78F2   磲    U+78F2         磲    U+78F2         磲
U+78F3   磳    U+78F3         磳    U+78F3         磳
U+78F4   磴    U+78F4         磴    U+78F4         磴
U+78F5   磵    U+78F5         磵    U+78F5         磵
                                                                              Annex A: Page 213 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+78F6   磶    U+78F6         磶    U+78F6         磶
U+78F7   磷    U+78F7         磷    U+78F7         磷    U+71D0             燐
U+78F9   磹    U+78F9         磹    U+78F9         磹
U+78FA   磺    U+78FA         磺    U+78FA         磺
U+78FB   磻    U+78FB         磻    U+78FB         磻
U+78FC   磼    U+78FC         磼    U+78FC         磼
U+78FD   磽    U+7857         硗    U+78FD         磽
U+78FE   磾    U+78FE         磾    U+78FE         磾
U+78FF   磿    U+78FF         磿    U+78FF         磿
U+7901   礁    U+7901         礁    U+7901         礁
U+7902   礂    U+7902         礂    U+7902         礂
U+7903   礃    U+7903         礃    U+7903         礃
U+7904   礄    U+785A         硚    U+7904         礄
U+7905   礅    U+7905         礅    U+7905         礅
U+7906   礆    U+7877         硷    U+96AA         險    U+9669;U+9E7C; 险;鹼;
                                                      U+78B1         碱
U+7907   礇    U+7907         礇    U+7907         礇
U+7909   礉    U+7909         礉    U+7909         礉
U+790A   礊    U+790A         礊    U+790A         礊
U+790B   礋    U+790B         礋    U+790B         礋
U+790C   礌    U+790C         礌    U+790C         礌
U+790E   礎    U+7840         础    U+790E         礎
U+790F   礏    U+790F         礏    U+790F         礏
U+7910   礐    U+7910         礐    U+7910         礐
U+7911   礑    U+7911         礑    U+7911         礑
U+7912   礒    U+7912         礒    U+7912         礒
U+7913   礓    U+7913         礓    U+7913         礓
U+7914   礔    U+7914         礔    U+7914         礔
U+7916   礖    U+7916         礖    U+7916         礖
U+7917   礗    U+7917         礗    U+7917         礗
U+7918   礘    U+7918         礘    U+7918         礘
U+7919   礙    U+788D         碍    U+7919         礙
U+791A   礚    U+791A         礚    U+791A         礚
U+791B   礛    U+791B         礛    U+791B         礛
U+791C   礜    U+791C         礜    U+791C         礜
U+791D   礝    U+789D         碝    U+791D         礝
U+791E   礞    U+791E         礞    U+791E         礞
U+7921   礡    U+7921         礡    U+7921         礡
U+7922   礢    U+7922         礢    U+7922         礢
U+7923   礣    U+7923         礣    U+7923         礣
U+7924   礤    U+7924         礤    U+7924         礤    U+7938             礸
U+7925   礥    U+7925         礥    U+7925         礥
U+7926   礦    U+77FF         矿    U+7926         礦    U+945B             鑛
U+7927   礧    U+7927         礧    U+7927         礧
U+7928   礨    U+7928         礨    U+7928         礨
U+7929   礩    U+7929         礩    U+7929         礩
U+792A   礪    U+783A         砺    U+792A         礪
U+792B   礫    U+783E         砾    U+792B         礫
U+792C   礬    U+77FE         矾    U+792C         礬
U+792D   礭    U+786E         确    U+792D         礭    U+5859;U+78BA; 塙;確;
                                                      U+78BB         碻
                                                                              Annex A: Page 214 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+792E   礮    U+70AE         炮    U+7832         砲    U+70B0             炰
U+792F   礯    U+792F         礯    U+792F         礯
U+7930   礰    U+7930         礰    U+7930         礰
U+7931   礱    U+783B         砻    U+7931         礱    U+9468             鑨
U+7933   礳    U+7933         礳    U+7933         礳
U+7934   礴    U+7934         礴    U+7934         礴
U+7935   礵    U+7935         礵    U+7935         礵
U+7937   礷    U+7937         礷    U+7937         礷
U+7938   礸    U+7924         礤    U+7938         礸
U+7939   礹    U+5CA9         岩    U+7939         礹    U+55A6;U+5D52; 喦;嵒;
                                                      U+58E7;U+5DCC; 壧;巌;
                                                      U+5DD6;U+789E 巖;碞

U+793A   示    U+793A         示    U+793A         示
U+793B   礻    U+793B         礻    U+793B         礻
U+793C   礼    U+793C         礼    U+79AE         禮
U+793D   礽    U+793D         礽    U+793D         礽
U+793E   社    U+793E         社    U+793E         社
U+793F   礿    U+793F         礿    U+793F         礿    U+79B4             禴
U+7940   祀    U+7940         祀    U+7940         祀
U+7941   祁    U+7941         祁    U+7941         祁
U+7942   祂    U+7942         祂    U+7942         祂
U+7943   祃    U+7943         祃    U+79A1         禡
U+7944   祄    U+7944         祄    U+7944         祄
U+7945   祅    U+5996         妖    U+7945         祅    U+8A1E             訞
U+7946   祆    U+7946         祆    U+7946         祆
U+7947   祇    U+7947         祇    U+7947         祇    U+79D6             秖
U+7948   祈    U+7948         祈    U+7948         祈
U+7949   祉    U+7949         祉    U+7949         祉
U+794A   祊    U+794A         祊    U+794A         祊
U+794B   祋    U+794B         祋    U+794B         祋
U+794C   祌    U+51B2         冲    U+794C         祌    U+6C96;U+885D; 沖;衝;
                                                      U+8876;U+76C5 衶;盅

U+794D   祍    U+794D         祍    U+794D         祍
U+794E   祎    U+794E         祎    U+7995         禕
U+794F   祏    U+794F         祏    U+794F         祏
U+7950   祐    U+7950         祐    U+7950         祐
U+7951   祑    U+7951         祑    U+7951         祑
U+7952   祒    U+7952         祒    U+7952         祒
U+7953   祓    U+7953         祓    U+7953         祓
U+7954   祔    U+7954         祔    U+7954         祔
U+7955   祕    U+79D8         秘    U+7955         祕
U+7956   祖    U+7956         祖    U+7956         祖
U+7957   祗    U+7957         祗    U+7957         祗
U+7958   祘    U+7B97         算    U+7B97         算    U+7B6D             筭
U+795A   祚    U+795A         祚    U+795A         祚
U+795B   祛    U+795B         祛    U+795B         祛
U+795C   祜    U+795C         祜    U+795C         祜
U+795D   祝    U+795D         祝    U+795D         祝    U+7969             祩
U+795E   神    U+795E         神    U+795E         神
                                                                              Annex A: Page 215 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+795F   祟    U+795F         祟    U+795F         祟
U+7960   祠    U+7960         祠    U+7960         祠
U+7961   祡    U+67F4         柴    U+7961         祡
U+7962   祢    U+7962         祢    U+79B0         禰
U+7963   祣    U+65C5         旅    U+7963         祣
U+7964   祤    U+7964         祤    U+7964         祤
U+7965   祥    U+7965         祥    U+7965         祥
U+7966   祦    U+7966         祦    U+7966         祦
U+7967   祧    U+7967         祧    U+7967         祧
U+7968   票    U+7968         票    U+7968         票
U+7969   祩    U+795D         祝    U+7969         祩
U+796A   祪    U+796A         祪    U+796A         祪
U+796B   祫    U+796B         祫    U+796B         祫
U+796D   祭    U+796D         祭    U+796D         祭
U+796F   祯    U+796F         祯    U+798E         禎
U+7970   祰    U+7970         祰    U+7970         祰
U+7971   祱    U+7971         祱    U+7971         祱
U+7972   祲    U+7972         祲    U+7972         祲
U+7973   祳    U+7973         祳    U+7973         祳
U+7974   祴    U+7974         祴    U+7974         祴
U+7977   祷    U+7977         祷    U+79B1         禱
U+7978   祸    U+7978         祸    U+798D         禍
U+7979   祹    U+7979         祹    U+7979         祹
U+797A   祺    U+797A         祺    U+797A         祺    U+79A5             禥
U+797B   祻    U+797B         祻    U+797B         祻
U+797C   祼    U+797C         祼    U+797C         祼
U+797D   祽    U+797D         祽    U+797D         祽
U+797E   祾    U+797E         祾    U+797E         祾
U+797F   祿    U+7984         禄    U+797F         祿
U+7980   禀    U+7980         禀    U+7A1F         稟    U+5EE9;U+5EEA 廩;廪

U+7981   禁    U+7981         禁    U+7981         禁
U+7982   禂    U+7982         禂    U+7982         禂
U+7983   禃    U+7983         禃    U+7983         禃
U+7984   禄    U+7984         禄    U+797F         祿
U+7985   禅    U+7985         禅    U+79AA         禪
U+7988   禈    U+7988         禈    U+7988         禈
U+7989   禉    U+7989         禉    U+7989         禉
U+798A   禊    U+798A         禊    U+798A         禊
U+798B   禋    U+798B         禋    U+798B         禋
U+798C   禌    U+798C         禌    U+798C         禌
U+798D   禍    U+7978         祸    U+798D         禍
U+798E   禎    U+796F         祯    U+798E         禎
U+798F   福    U+798F         福    U+798F         福
U+7990   禐    U+7990         禐    U+7990         禐
U+7991   禑    U+7991         禑    U+7991         禑
U+7992   禒    U+7992         禒    U+7992         禒
U+7993   禓    U+7993         禓    U+7993         禓
U+7994   禔    U+7994         禔    U+7994         禔
U+7995   禕    U+794E         祎    U+7995         禕
U+7996   禖    U+7996         禖    U+7996         禖
                                                                              Annex A: Page 216 of 406
                                                           .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7997   禗    U+7997         禗    U+7997          禗
U+7998   禘    U+7998         禘    U+7998          禘
U+7999   禙    U+7999         禙    U+7999          禙
U+799A   禚    U+799A         禚    U+799A          禚
U+799B   禛    U+799B         禛    U+799B          禛
U+799C   禜    U+799C         禜    U+799C          禜
U+799F   禟    U+799F         禟    U+799F          禟
U+79A0   禠    U+79A0         禠    U+79A0          禠
U+79A1   禡    U+7943         祃    U+79A1          禡
U+79A2   禢    U+79A2         禢    U+79A2          禢
U+79A3   禣    U+79A3         禣    U+79A3          禣
U+79A4   禤    U+79A4         禤    U+79A4          禤
U+79A5   禥    U+797A         祺    U+797A          祺
U+79A6   禦    U+5FA1         御    U+79A6          禦
U+79A7   禧    U+79A7         禧    U+79A7          禧
U+79A8   禨    U+79A8         禨    U+79A8          禨
U+79AA   禪    U+7985         禅    U+79AA          禪
U+79AB   禫    U+79AB         禫    U+79AB          禫
U+79AC   禬    U+79AC         禬    U+79AC          禬
U+79AD   禭    U+79AD         禭    U+79AD          禭
U+79AE   禮    U+793C         礼    U+79AE          禮
U+79AF   禯    U+79AF         禯    U+79AF          禯
U+79B0   禰    U+7962         祢    U+79B0          禰
U+79B1   禱    U+7977         祷    U+79B1          禱
U+79B2   禲    U+79B2         禲    U+79B2          禲
U+79B3   禳    U+79B3         禳    U+79B3          禳
U+79B4   禴    U+793F         礿    U+79B4          禴
U+79B5   禵    U+79B5         禵    U+79B5          禵
U+79B6   禶    U+79B6         禶    U+79B6          禶
U+79B7   禷    U+79B7         禷    U+79B7          禷
U+79B8   禸    U+8E42         蹂    U+79B8          禸
U+79B9   禹    U+79B9         禹    U+79B9          禹
U+79BA   禺    U+79BA         禺    U+79BA          禺
U+79BB   离    U+79BB         离    U+96E2          離
U+79BD   禽    U+79BD         禽    U+79BD          禽
U+79BE   禾    U+79BE         禾    U+79BE          禾
U+79BF   禿    U+79C3         秃    U+79BF          禿
U+79C0   秀    U+79C0         秀    U+79C0          秀
U+79C1   私    U+79C1         私    U+79C1          私   U+53B6              厶
U+79C2   秂    U+79C2         秂    U+79C2          秂
U+79C3   秃    U+79C3         秃    U+79BF          禿
U+79C5   秅    U+79C5         秅    U+79C5          秅
U+79C6   秆    U+79C6         秆    U+7A08          稈
U+79C8   秈    U+7C7C         籼    U+79C8          秈
U+79C9   秉    U+79C9         秉    U+79C9          秉
U+79CA   秊    U+5E74         年    U+5E74          年
U+79CB   秋    U+79CB         秋    U+79CB;U+97A6   秋;鞦 U+7A50;U+9F9D       穐;龝

U+79CD   种    U+79CD         种    U+7A2E          種
U+79CE   秎    U+79CE         秎    U+79CE          秎
U+79CF   秏    U+79CF         秏    U+79CF          秏    U+8017             耗
                                                                               Annex A: Page 217 of 406
                                                            .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                   TC    Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+79D0   秐    U+8018         耘    U+8018          耘
U+79D1   科    U+79D1         科    U+79D1          科
U+79D2   秒    U+79D2         秒    U+79D2          秒
U+79D3   秓    U+79D3         秓    U+79D3          秓
U+79D5   秕    U+79D5         秕    U+79D5          秕     U+7C83             粃      (HK:U+7C83)
U+79D6   秖    U+7947         祇    U+79D6          秖
U+79D8   秘    U+79D8         秘    U+79D8;U+7955   秘;祕   U+7955             祕
U+79D9   秙    U+79D9         秙    U+79D9          秙
U+79DA   秚    U+79DA         秚    U+79DA          秚
U+79DB   秛    U+79DB         秛    U+79DB          秛
U+79DC   秜    U+79DC         秜    U+79DC          秜
U+79DD   秝    U+79DD         秝    U+79DD          秝
U+79DE   秞    U+79DE         秞    U+79DE          秞
U+79DF   租    U+79DF         租    U+79DF          租
U+79E0   秠    U+79E0         秠    U+79E0          秠
U+79E1   秡    U+79E1         秡    U+79E1          秡
U+79E2   秢    U+79E2         秢    U+79E2          秢
U+79E3   秣    U+79E3         秣    U+79E3          秣
U+79E4   秤    U+79E4         秤    U+79E4          秤
U+79E5   秥    U+79E5         秥    U+79E5          秥
U+79E6   秦    U+79E6         秦    U+79E6          秦
U+79E7   秧    U+79E7         秧    U+79E7          秧
U+79E8   秨    U+79E8         秨    U+79E8          秨
U+79E9   秩    U+79E9         秩    U+79E9          秩
U+79EA   秪    U+79EA         秪    U+79EA          秪
U+79EB   秫    U+79EB         秫    U+79EB          秫
U+79EC   秬    U+79EC         秬    U+79EC          秬
U+79ED   秭    U+79ED         秭    U+79ED          秭
U+79EE   秮    U+79EE         秮    U+79EE          秮
U+79EF   积    U+79EF         积    U+7A4D          積
U+79F0   称    U+79F0         称    U+7A31          稱     U+5041             偁
U+79F1   秱    U+79F1         秱    U+79F1          秱
U+79F2   秲    U+79F2         秲    U+79F2          秲
U+79F3   秳    U+79F3         秳    U+79F3          秳
U+79F4   秴    U+79F4         秴    U+79F4          秴
U+79F5   秵    U+79F5         秵    U+79F5          秵
U+79F6   秶    U+7CA2         粢    U+79F6          秶
U+79F7   秷    U+79F7         秷    U+79F7          秷
U+79F8   秸    U+79F8         秸    U+79F8          秸     U+7A2D;U+9782      稭;鞂
U+79F9   秹    U+79F9         秹    U+79F9          秹
U+79FA   秺    U+79FA         秺    U+79FA          秺
U+79FB   移    U+79FB         移    U+79FB          移     U+8FFB             迻
U+79FC   秼    U+79FC         秼    U+79FC          秼
U+79FD   秽    U+79FD         秽    U+7A62          穢     U+8589             薉
U+79FE   秾    U+79FE         秾    U+7A60          穠
U+79FF   秿    U+79FF         秿    U+79FF          秿
U+7A00   稀    U+7A00         稀    U+7A00          稀     U+5E0C             希
U+7A02   稂    U+7A02         稂    U+7A02          稂
U+7A03   稃    U+7A03         稃    U+7A03          稃
U+7A04   稄    U+7A04         稄    U+7A04          稄
U+7A05   稅    U+7A0E         税    U+7A05          稅
                                                                                Annex A: Page 218 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7A06   稆    U+7A06         稆    U+7A06         稆
U+7A08   稈    U+79C6         秆    U+7A08         稈
U+7A0A   稊    U+7A0A         稊    U+7A0A         稊
U+7A0B   程    U+7A0B         程    U+7A0B         程
U+7A0C   稌    U+7A0C         稌    U+7A0C         稌
U+7A0D   稍    U+7A0D         稍    U+7A0D         稍    U+8571             蕱
U+7A0E   税    U+7A0E         税    U+7A05         稅
U+7A0F   稏    U+7A0F         稏    U+7A0F         稏
U+7A10   稐    U+7A10         稐    U+7A10         稐
U+7A11   稑    U+7A11         稑    U+7A11         稑    U+7A4B             穋
U+7A12   稒    U+7A12         稒    U+7A12         稒
U+7A13   稓    U+7A13         稓    U+7A13         稓
U+7A14   稔    U+7A14         稔    U+7A14         稔
U+7A15   稕    U+7A15         稕    U+7A15         稕
U+7A16   稖    U+7A16         稖    U+7A16         稖
U+7A17   稗    U+7A17         稗    U+7A17         稗    U+7CBA             粺
U+7A18   稘    U+7A18         稘    U+7A18         稘
U+7A19   稙    U+7A19         稙    U+7A19         稙
U+7A1A   稚    U+7A1A         稚    U+7A1A         稚    U+7A49             穉
U+7A1B   稛    U+7A1B         稛    U+7A1B         稛
U+7A1C   稜    U+68F1         棱    U+7A1C         稜
U+7A1D   稝    U+7A1D         稝    U+7A1D         稝
U+7A1E   稞    U+7A1E         稞    U+7A1E         稞
U+7A1F   稟    U+7980         禀    U+7A1F         稟    U+5EE9;U+5EEA 廩;廪

U+7A20   稠    U+7A20         稠    U+7A20         稠
U+7A21   稡    U+7A21         稡    U+7A21         稡
U+7A22   稢    U+7A22         稢    U+7A22         稢
U+7A23   稣    U+7A23         稣    U+7A4C         穌
U+7A24   稤    U+7A24         稤    U+7A24         稤
U+7A25   稥    U+7A25         稥    U+7A25         稥
U+7A26   稦    U+7A26         稦    U+7A26         稦
U+7A27   稧    U+7A27         稧    U+7A27         稧
U+7A28   稨    U+7A28         稨    U+7A28         稨
U+7A29   稩    U+7A29         稩    U+7A29         稩
U+7A2A   稪    U+7A2A         稪    U+7A2A         稪
U+7A2B   稫    U+7A2B         稫    U+7A2B         稫
U+7A2D   稭    U+79F8         秸    U+79F8         秸    U+9782             鞂
U+7A2E   種    U+79CD         种    U+7A2E         種
U+7A2F   稯    U+7A2F         稯    U+7A2F         稯
U+7A30   稰    U+7CC8         糈    U+7A30         稰
U+7A31   稱    U+79F0         称    U+7A31         稱    U+5041             偁
U+7A32   稲    U+7A3B         稻    U+7A3B         稻
U+7A33   稳    U+7A33         稳    U+7A69         穩
U+7A34   稴    U+7A34         稴    U+7A34         稴
U+7A35   稵    U+7A35         稵    U+7A35         稵
U+7A37   稷    U+7A37         稷    U+7A37         稷
U+7A39   稹    U+7A39         稹    U+7A39         稹
U+7A3B   稻    U+7A3B         稻    U+7A3B         稻    U+7A32             稲
U+7A3C   稼    U+7A3C         稼    U+7A3C         稼
U+7A3D   稽    U+7A3D         稽    U+7A3D         稽    U+4E69             乩
                                                                              Annex A: Page 219 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7A3E   稾    U+7A3F         稿    U+7A3F         稿
U+7A3F   稿    U+7A3F         稿    U+7A3F         稿    U+7A3E             稾
U+7A40   穀    U+8C37         谷    U+7A40         穀
U+7A41   穁    U+7A41         穁    U+7A41         穁
U+7A42   穂    U+7A57         穗    U+7A57         穗    U+7A5F             穟
U+7A43   穃    U+7A43         穃    U+7A43         穃
U+7A44   穄    U+7A44         穄    U+7A44         穄
U+7A45   穅    U+7CE0         糠    U+7CE0         糠
U+7A46   穆    U+7A46         穆    U+7A46         穆
U+7A47   穇    U+415F         䅟    U+7A47         穇
U+7A48   穈    U+7A48         穈    U+7A48         穈
U+7A49   穉    U+7A1A         稚    U+7A1A         稚
U+7A4A   穊    U+7A4A         穊    U+7A4A         穊
U+7A4B   穋    U+7A11         稑    U+7A4B         穋
U+7A4C   穌    U+7A23         稣    U+7A4C         穌
U+7A4D   積    U+79EF         积    U+7A4D         積
U+7A4E   穎    U+9896         颖    U+7A4E         穎    U+9834;U+9895;U 頴;颕;
                                                      +9896           颖
U+7A50   穐    U+79CB         秋    U+79CB         秋    U+9F9D;U+97A6 龝;鞦

U+7A51   穑    U+7A51         穑    U+7A61         穡
U+7A52   穒    U+7A52         穒    U+7A52         穒
U+7A53   穓    U+7A53         穓    U+7A53         穓
U+7A54   穔    U+7A54         穔    U+7A54         穔
U+7A55   穕    U+7A55         穕    U+7A55         穕
U+7A56   穖    U+7A56         穖    U+7A56         穖
U+7A57   穗    U+7A57         穗    U+7A57         穗    U+7A42;U+7A5F      穂;穟
U+7A58   穘    U+7A58         穘    U+7A58         穘
U+7A59   穙    U+7A59         穙    U+7A59         穙
U+7A5A   穚    U+7A5A         穚    U+7A5A         穚
U+7A5B   穛    U+7A5B         穛    U+7A5B         穛
U+7A5C   穜    U+7A5C         穜    U+7A5C         穜
U+7A5D   穝    U+7A5D         穝    U+7A5D         穝
U+7A5E   穞    U+7A5E         穞    U+7A6D         穭
U+7A5F   穟    U+7A57         穗    U+7A5F         穟    U+7A42             穂
U+7A60   穠    U+79FE         秾    U+7A60         穠
U+7A61   穡    U+7A51         穑    U+7A61         穡
U+7A62   穢    U+79FD         秽    U+7A62         穢    U+8589             薉
U+7A65   穥    U+7A65         穥    U+7A65         穥
U+7A66   穦    U+7A66         穦    U+7A66         穦
U+7A67   穧    U+7A67         穧    U+7A67         穧
U+7A68   穨    U+9893         颓    U+7A68         穨    U+9893;U+9839;U 颓;頹;
                                                      +983D           頽
U+7A69   穩    U+7A33         稳    U+7A69         穩
U+7A6B   穫    U+83B7         获    U+7A6B         穫    U+83B7;U+7372      获;獲
U+7A6C   穬    U+7A6C         穬    U+7A6C         穬
U+7A6D   穭    U+7A5E         穞    U+7A6D         穭
U+7A6E   穮    U+7A6E         穮    U+7A6E         穮
U+7A70   穰    U+7A70         穰    U+7A70         穰
U+7A71   穱    U+7A71         穱    U+7A71         穱
U+7A72   穲    U+7A72         穲    U+7A72         穲
                                                                              Annex A: Page 220 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7A73   穳    U+7A73         穳    U+7A73         穳
U+7A74   穴    U+7A74         穴    U+7A74         穴    U+5CA4             岤
U+7A75   穵    U+6316         挖    U+7A75         穵
U+7A76   究    U+7A76         究    U+7A76         究
U+7A77   穷    U+7A77         穷    U+7AAE         窮
U+7A78   穸    U+7A78         穸    U+7A78         穸
U+7A79   穹    U+7A79         穹    U+7A79         穹
U+7A7A   空    U+7A7A         空    U+7A7A         空
U+7A7B   穻    U+5B87         宇    U+7A7B         穻
U+7A7C   穼    U+7A7C         穼    U+7A7C         穼
U+7A7D   穽    U+9631         阱    U+9631         阱
U+7A7E   穾    U+7A7E         穾    U+7A7E         穾
U+7A7F   穿    U+7A7F         穿    U+7A7F         穿
U+7A80   窀    U+7A80         窀    U+7A80         窀
U+7A81   突    U+7A81         突    U+7A81         突
U+7A83   窃    U+7A83         窃    U+7ACA         竊
U+7A84   窄    U+7A84         窄    U+7A84         窄
U+7A85   窅    U+7A85         窅    U+7A85         窅
U+7A86   窆    U+7A86         窆    U+7A86         窆
U+7A87   窇    U+7A87         窇    U+7A87         窇
U+7A88   窈    U+7A88         窈    U+7A88         窈
U+7A89   窉    U+7A89         窉    U+7A89         窉
U+7A8A   窊    U+7A8A         窊    U+7A8A         窊
U+7A8B   窋    U+7A8B         窋    U+7A8B         窋
U+7A8C   窌    U+7A8C         窌    U+7A8C         窌
U+7A8D   窍    U+7A8D         窍    U+7AC5         竅
U+7A8E   窎    U+7A8E         窎    U+7AB5         窵
U+7A8F   窏    U+7A8F         窏    U+7A8F         窏
U+7A90   窐    U+7A90         窐    U+7A90         窐
U+7A91   窑    U+7A91         窑    U+7AAF         窯    U+7AB0             窰
U+7A92   窒    U+7A92         窒    U+7A92         窒
U+7A93   窓    U+7A97         窗    U+7A97         窗
U+7A94   窔    U+7A94         窔    U+7A94         窔
U+7A95   窕    U+7A95         窕    U+7A95         窕
U+7A96   窖    U+7A96         窖    U+7A96         窖
U+7A97   窗    U+7A97         窗    U+7A97         窗    U+7A93             窓
U+7A98   窘    U+7A98         窘    U+7A98         窘
U+7A99   窙    U+7A99         窙    U+7A99         窙
U+7A9C   窜    U+7A9C         窜    U+7AC4         竄
U+7A9D   窝    U+7A9D         窝    U+7AA9         窩
U+7A9E   窞    U+7A9E         窞    U+7A9E         窞
U+7A9F   窟    U+7A9F         窟    U+7A9F         窟
U+7AA0   窠    U+7AA0         窠    U+7AA0         窠
U+7AA1   窡    U+7AA1         窡    U+7AA1         窡
U+7AA2   窢    U+7AA2         窢    U+7AA2         窢
U+7AA3   窣    U+7AA3         窣    U+7AA3         窣
U+7AA4   窤    U+7AA4         窤    U+7AA4         窤
U+7AA5   窥    U+7AA5         窥    U+7ABA         窺    U+95DA             闚
U+7AA6   窦    U+7AA6         窦    U+7AC7         竇
U+7AA7   窧    U+7AA7         窧    U+7AA7         窧
U+7AA8   窨    U+7AA8         窨    U+7AA8         窨    U+5837             堷
                                                                              Annex A: Page 221 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7AA9   窩    U+7A9D         窝    U+7AA9         窩
U+7AAA   窪    U+6D3C         洼    U+7AAA         窪    U+6F25             漥
U+7AAB   窫    U+7AAB         窫    U+7AAB         窫
U+7AAC   窬    U+7AAC         窬    U+7AAC         窬
U+7AAD   窭    U+7AAD         窭    U+7AB6         窶    U+5BE0             寠
U+7AAE   窮    U+7A77         穷    U+7AAE         窮
U+7AAF   窯    U+7A91         窑    U+7AAF         窯    U+7AB0             窰
U+7AB0   窰    U+7A91         窑    U+7AAF         窯
U+7AB1   窱    U+7AB1         窱    U+7AB1         窱
U+7AB2   窲    U+7AB2         窲    U+7AB2         窲
U+7AB3   窳    U+7AB3         窳    U+7AB3         窳
U+7AB4   窴    U+7AB4         窴    U+7AB4         窴
U+7AB5   窵    U+7A8E         窎    U+7AB5         窵
U+7AB6   窶    U+7AAD         窭    U+7AB6         窶    U+5BE0             寠
U+7AB7   窷    U+7AB7         窷    U+7AB7         窷
U+7AB8   窸    U+7AB8         窸    U+7AB8         窸
U+7ABA   窺    U+7AA5         窥    U+7ABA         窺    U+95DA             闚
U+7ABE   窾    U+7ABE         窾    U+7ABE         窾
U+7ABF   窿    U+7ABF         窿    U+7ABF         窿
U+7AC0   竀    U+8D6A         赪    U+7AC0         竀    U+8D6A;U+8D6C 赪;赬

U+7AC1   竁    U+7AC1         竁    U+7AC1         竁
U+7AC3   竃    U+7076         灶    U+7AC3         竃    U+7AC8             竈      (HK:CV)
U+7AC4   竄    U+7A9C         窜    U+7AC4         竄
U+7AC5   竅    U+7A8D         窍    U+7AC5         竅
U+7AC7   竇    U+7AA6         窦    U+7AC7         竇
U+7AC8   竈    U+7076         灶    U+7076         灶    U+7AC3             竃      (HK:U+7AC3)
U+7AC9   竉    U+7AC9         竉    U+7AC9         竉
U+7ACA   竊    U+7A83         窃    U+7ACA         竊
U+7ACB   立    U+7ACB         立    U+7ACB         立
U+7ACC   竌    U+7ACC         竌    U+7ACC         竌
U+7ACD   竍    U+7ACD         竍    U+7ACD         竍
U+7ACE   竎    U+7ACE         竎    U+7ACE         竎
U+7ACF   竏    U+7ACF         竏    U+7ACF         竏
U+7AD0   竐    U+7AD0         竐    U+7AD0         竐
U+7AD1   竑    U+7AD1         竑    U+7AD1         竑    U+7AE4             竤
U+7AD2   竒    U+5947         奇    U+5947         奇
U+7AD3   竓    U+7AD3         竓    U+7AD3         竓
U+7AD4   竔    U+7AD4         竔    U+7AD4         竔
U+7AD5   竕    U+7AD5         竕    U+7AD5         竕
U+7AD6   竖    U+7AD6         竖    U+8C4E         豎    U+7AEA             竪
U+7AD8   竘    U+7AD8         竘    U+7AD8         竘
U+7AD9   站    U+7AD9         站    U+7AD9         站
U+7ADB   竛    U+7ADB         竛    U+7ADB         竛
U+7ADC   竜    U+9F99         龙    U+9F8D         龍    U+9F99;U+9F92      龙;龒
U+7ADD   竝    U+5E76         并    U+4E26         並    U+5E76;U+4F75;     并;併;
                                                      U+5002;U+5E77      倂;幷

U+7ADE   竞    U+7ADE         竞    U+7AF6         競    U+7AF8             竸
U+7ADF   竟    U+7ADF         竟    U+7ADF         竟
U+7AE0   章    U+7AE0         章    U+7AE0         章    U+9067             遧
                                                                              Annex A: Page 222 of 406
                                                          .ASIA Chinese (ZH) IDN Language Table (v1.1)

Base          Preferred SC        Preferred TC
         ZH                  SC                  TC   Other Variant(s)   OV     Notes
Char          Variant             Variant
U+7AE1   竡    U+7AE1         竡    U+7AE1         竡
U+7AE2   竢    U+4FDF         俟    U+4FDF         俟
U+7AE3   竣    U+7AE3         竣    U+7AE3