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					      Main Office
     1221 East Grand
                              Educator                                                                 Summer 2010

  Springfield, MO 65804
    Fax: 417-831-2719                                                 Use Your
     Lobby Hours
     Monday - Friday
  8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
                                                                      Home Equity!
  10:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

    Drive Up Hours
   Monday - Thursday                   Educational Community Credit Union
  7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
                                             can help you save more!
  7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.     Expanding your home, taking a vacation, or planning a wedding? Perhaps you’re
                             looking for a little extra money to have on-hand for a big trip or a purchase you’ve
    Branson Branch           been dreaming about. A home equity line of credit is a great way to finance recurring
1440 State Hwy 248 • Ste A   expenses like college tuition. Of course, it’s also helpful for life’s unexpected expenses
   Branson, MO 65616         too! You can use the money for whatever you want!
    Fax: 417-339-3956               Choosing ECCU for your Home Equity Loan is a smart choice.
     Monday - Friday         HELOC benefits include:
  10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
                               •   Variable rates as low as 4.90% APR* that can adjust quarterly, based on Prime
   Internet Banking            •   No closing costs or prepayment penalties
   Transactions will be        •   Borrow up to 90% of your home’s equity
   posted immediately.
                               •   Can be used to consolidate higher interest rate accounts
       PATT Line               •   Interest may be tax deductible (consult with a tax preparer)
    (24-hour teller)           •   Terms up to 120 months
      866-439-3220           *Annual Pecentage Rate
 PATT transactions will be
   posted immediately.
                             Special Offer:
                             Exclusively for ECCU Members
                             ECCU is excited to offer an additional reason to
                             get a HELOC loan! As an added bonus, ECCU gives
                             you a chance to spin our prize wheel! Any new
                             HELOC opened before December 31, 2010 gets a
                             free spin to win all sorts of cool stuff! Limited time
                             offer, so call a personal financial service rep today!
         Take a Look at Our Bulletin Board
       ECCU Takes Part in Relay for Life
Educational Community Credit Union employees and members stayed out all
night to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. ECCU teamed up
to raise money for Relay for Life, June 4-5 at the Branson Cedar Ridge Track.
Staff fundraised with dress-down days, paper icons, and bake sales. ECCU was
awarded “Top Online Team Fundraiser,” “Top Online Individual Fundraiser” and
“Individual Most Money Raised” for their $7,000 contribution. Thank you to
everyone who contributed!

    Our Back to School Bash
         was a Big Hit!
Kirby Kangaroo and ECCU
members had a jumpin’ good
time at our 2nd Annual Back
to School Bash! A big THANK
YOU to members who came                                                  Stork Club Member: Sophia Holmes
out on Saturday, August 21st
to help celebrate the new                                             Stork Club Learns
school year. Activities included
inflatable’s, food, prizes,
                                                                       Baby Aquatics!
a chance in the cash cube,                                   The Stork Club (ages 0-2) had its first play date at
and even a water balloon                                     the Springfield Gymnastics and Aquatics Center
fight! Great job to everyone          Timothy & Nathan       on August 1, 2010. Stork Club members had fun
who helped make our bash               with water guns       learning swim techniques and instruction. Want
spectacular!                                                 to know more about our Stork Club? Visit us at
                                                    Keep a look out for
                                                             more social outings!
         CU Succeed
    Youth Advisory Board
          Hosts an
   Auto Buying 101 seminar
ECCU Youth Advisory Board helped provide insight             ECCU teamed up with Community Blood Center of
for the credit union youth! The Youth Advisory Board         the Ozarks for a blood drive July 23, 2010. Those who
(Ages 13-18) held an “Auto Buying 101” Seminar July          gave blood received a coupon for a free personal
22, 2010 for youth trying to save and buy their first car.   pan pizza as a bonus! Thank you to all that gave
Representatives from Credit Union Lending Systems,           blood! If you would like to help save lives, please
Farmers Insurance, Department of Motor Vehicle, and          donate. For more information, please contact Stacy
ECCU gave advice and helpful tips to attendees. Special      at 417-831-0534 ext 238.
thanks to all that attended.
Congrats to Weston Wright
who won the $100 Visa Gift
Card for the night.
Pictured: Credit Union Member
William Wright, Weston Wright,
Sheila Wright, and Debra Wolfe.
You Have Questions, We Have Answers                                                      Current Loan Rates
                                                                                                New Cars
                Personal Loans to Help                                                        Rates as low as
                Back to school time is already here! This is an expensive time                 4.90% APR*
                of year as kids and parents go shopping for clothes, backpacks,
                                                                                                Used Cars
                shoes, and school supplies. We will work with you to get you
                                                                                              Rates as low as
                through the difficult times. ECCU has low rates and flexible terms             4.90% APR*
                that make it affordable to get a personal loan.
                                                                                             Secured Loan
                                                                                         Variable rate of 3.00%
Changed                                        Regrets about an                           above earning rate

Jobs…                                             Auto Loan                                Home Equity Loan
but are                                        from the Dealer?                        Rates as low as 4.90% APR

You Forgetting                              Did you finance your last car at the
                                                                                            Real Estate Loan
                                                                                           Call the credit union
Something?                                  dealership because it seemed easier at
                                            the time and now regret it?                     VISA Credit Card
Don’t ignore your retirement plan                                                      Rates as low as 9.40% APR*
dollars. It is probably one of your         	  You don’t have payroll deduction
biggest assets. People change jobs                                                        OOPS/Line-Of-Credit
                                            	  You can’t skip a payment during              Signature Loan
all the time, but many forget their             the holidays                           Rates as low as 9.25% APR*
retirement plan money and leave it
in their old employer’s 401(k) plan.        	 	You have to call an 800 number                Ask about our
Could this be you? If so, you really            and jump through hoops just to         Preferred Member Discount
owe it to your future to consider               talk with an actual person            where you could be eligible to
                                                                                        receive up to ½% off your
moving over any retirement plans            	 	You found ECCU has a lower              auto loan. Also ask about
from a former employer into                     interest rate                            our Match or Beat Policy.
an IRA. Need help deciding what
                                            It’s not too late! Contact us now to       *Rates may vary depending
option is best for you? Contact an
                                            see how we can help you get better           on loan term, or credit
ECCU representative for a FREE                                                                performance.
                                            service, a lower rate, and best of all…
financial consultation.
                                            piece of mind.
                                                                                          Current CD Rates
                                                                                      6 Month .............. 1.20% APY
     Is Someone You Know College Bound?                                               12 Month ............ 1.40% APY
                                                                                      24 Month ............ 1.70% APY
We would like to see your college bound student well prepared to handle their
                                                                                      36 Month ............ 2.00% APY
finances and any emergencies that might arise. So stop in at the credit union to
sign up for the following services which will allow them to manage their accounts      Six and twelve Month CDs
and have piece of mind away from home.                                                 minimum to open is $1000.
                                                                                          24 and 36 Month CDs
• CU check card (ATM/Debit Card) - Allows you to access funds from your checking       minimum to open is $500.
  account for purchases, or obtain cash when you make a purchase as a “point of
                                                                                         All rates are subject to
  sale.” And Mom or Dad can replenish your funds as needed.
                                                                                         change without notice.
• Low Limit Visa credit card—to cover any emergency.                                    Check your statement for
• Online Banking- Allows you to check your balances and transfer                      the information on dividends
  funds within your account.                                                              paid or call our office.

• E-statement—Have your statement emailed to you instantly…and it’s FREE.
• FREE ATMs—Enjoy Surcharge-Free Access at 25,000 CO-OP Network ATMs
• Share Branching- With shared branching, credit unions from all over the country
  share facilities to give members thousands of convenient locations to perform
  transactions just as if they were at their hometown credit union.
                                                                                                PRSRT STD
                                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                               PERMIT #801
                                                                                             SPRINGFIELD, MO

   1221 East Grand
Springfield, MO 65804

   Upcoming Events                                   ECCU Ozark Branch
          OFFICES CLOSED                              Groundbreaking
   September 6 - Labor Day Holiday
                                                  Educational Community Credit Union officially broke
   November 25 & 26 - Thanksgiving                ground on a multi-level, 10,000-square-foot new branch
                                                  on Tuesday, August 17, at 8:30 a.m. The new branch
   For more information on any of the             located on the 1600 block of West Diane Street (East
   dates related to ECCU, give us a call          of Mexican Villa: El Taco restaurant) in Ozark, will be
   at 417-831-0534.                               the third branch facility for Educational Community
                                                  Credit Union.

Mark Your Calendars
September 10: CMN Golf Tourney

September 23: Street Clean (all welcome)

October 21: International Credit Union Day!

October 29: Kirby Kangaroo Halloween Event