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									                                                                                         September 19, 2010

       Creating a community where
        God’s love changes people
                                         Treasury Bonds by Paul Escamilla
    and God’s people change the world.
                                         Some of us have heard the statistic many
                                         times by now: Jesus spoke more on
                                         the subject of money than any other.
                                         At times, I’m mystified by what seems
                                         a disproportional concentration of
                                         attention. Then I pause to consider what,
                                         by habit, we tend to think about most
                                         of the time—that commodity, whether
                                         green or gold or bond paper-colored,
                                         that we believe makes our world go
                                         ‘round. I realize then that by majoring in
                                         money Jesus was only touching the nerve
                                         center of human spirituality, the place at
                                         which trust in God and trust in material
                                         security meet.
                                            “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven . . . For where your treasure
                                         is, there will your heart be also,” he counsels in the Sermon on the Mount
                                         (Matthew 6:21). As if to say, take heed that in choosing the object of
                                         your security, devotion, trust, and joy, you do so carefully, wisely, with
                                         significant forethought. For what you value most will bind you most.
                                         Bind yourself to things so heavy with matter they drag like an anchor
Sunday Morning Worship                   along the ground, and to such will you be tethered for your life’s journey.
September 19: 9:00 a.m.; 11:00 a.m.      Bind yourself to things that possess more of the characteristic of wings,
                                         and your step will be lighter than gravity would suggest.
Sunday School                                Take a moment to reflect on the treasury bonds in your life. To what
9:55-10:50 a.m. (some start earlier -
                                         have you bound yourself most prominently? What are you practicing in
see brochure on information table)
                                         your life presently in the way of seeking to “store up treasures in heaven”?
September 19, 2010 Newsletter            Is giving financially to the church one of those practices?
Celebration of Baptism, pg. 2               There are many legitimate ways to define the Sunday offering: an act of
This Week, pg. 2 - 3                     worship, a mechanism for supporting the church’s ministries and mission,
Upcoming Events, pg. 4
Children & Youth Ministry, pg. 5
                                         a means of keeping the lights on and the preacher fed. And one more,
News & Notes, pg. 6                      equal to the rest: the best way we know to practice the work of binding
Congregational Care, pg. 7               ourselves to heavenly treasure by parting with the earthly variety. To
Sunday School Notes, back pg.            share our wealth in a deliberate, disciplined, substantial way is to begin to
                                         be loosed of bonds that weigh down and to discover instead something
Church Office Hours
Mon-Thurs: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.        of that winged existence, the experience of traveling more lightly, more
Closed Fridays                           freely and joyfully, along the sacred journey.
                                             I walk it with you.
Contact Us
452.5737 / 452.6145 Fax
2140 Allandale Road, Austin, TX, 78756
Web site:
                                                      SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 IN WORSHIP
Email:            This Sunday, Rev. Paul Escamilla will share the message “Gathering God’s
News by Email - Contact the office by    Harvest in Gratitude” with scripture reading from Psalm 145. The Gospel
phone or email and give us your email.   Birds share music at both the 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. services.
Sunday, September 19                                         CELEBRATION OF BAPTISM
945a Flu Shots, GH
1000a Meet the Pastor, Chapel              Owen Edward Peterson
1000a New SS Class, Plaxis, FH
1230p Missions, 5900 F
1230p Melodia, Sanc.                       Owen Edward Peterson was baptized on
200p Flute Choir, MR                       Sunday, August 8, 2010. Owen is the son of
430p Prayer Group, A                       John and Lorielle Peterson.
530p UMYF, YH
Monday, September 20
1200p “Gift of Years”, 211
230p Cottage Meeting, FH
530p Al-Anon, 5906
530p Aerobics, 5908
630p Passionate Worship, 101                                    WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 19
630p The Way of Grace, 5900
630p The Methodist Christian, 5900F
645p Eta-Tau/Dkg, 5906
                                           Meet the Pastor - This Sunday, September 19
Tuesday, September 21                      If you are visiting Saint John’s and would like to have an informal, small
1030a GG Music, 101                        group Q&A time with Rev. Paul Escamilla, please come to the Meet the
1200p Staff Birthday Lunch, GH             Pastor on Sunday, September 19, at 10:00 in the Chapel which is to the right
130p GG Art, 104                           of the sanctuary.
230p Tai Chi, 5900B
600p Finance, 5900F
630p UMW Exec., Annex                      Pumpkin Decorating - This Sunday, September 19
630p Disciple I, 5900 B                    This year we’ll have even more signs and fun decorations. If you have leftover
Wednesday, September 22                    scrap wood, outdoor paint, or fall decorations, please email Valerie valerie@
900a Staff Meeting, 211           or call 904-0834 to set up a time to drop-off donations.
1030a GG Chapel, Sanc.
                                           The youth will have time during MYF at 5:30 p.m. on September 19 to paint,
1045a Cokesbury, MR
100p Group Spiritual Direction, Chapel     build, and envision our spruced up Pumpkin Patch. If you’d like to help us
530p Aerobics, YH                          make signs or create the decorations, we’d love your help.
545p Jones Memorial Handbells, S
600p Trinity Singers, MR
630p Chancel Choir, S                      Cottage Meeting with Pastor Paul - September 20
730p Debtors Anon, A                       If you have not been able to attend a get acquainted with the pastor meeting,
Thursday, September 23                     it is not too late. We will have a daytime meeting on Monday, September 20
900a Postal Pros, 119
                                           at 2:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
1000a Movie Morning, 208
1030a GG Music, 101
600p MFSA Exec., YH
630p “Eat, Pray, Love”, 5900               Dinners of 8 Returns - Sign up Today!
700p AA, A                                 Have you been looking for a way to get to know other Saint John’s members
Friday, September 24                       better? Do you love dinner parties? If so, this program is for you. Dinners
1200p Girls in Grace, A                    of 8 involves eating dinner in groups of eight people, four pairs, once a month
530p Aerobics, YH                          for four months. Each month one of the pairs is assigned to be the “host” for
Saturday, September 25
                                           that month and decides whether to hold the dinner at their house or to eat
900a Rethink Worship Workshop
                                           out. If dining at home, the host is responsible for the main dish. The others
                                           are assigned to bring vegetables, salad and bread, and desserts, depending on
A, B, C = Annex Classrooms (5906 Wynona)   their rotation cycle. If dining out, the host chooses the location and each
FH = Fellowship Hall                       party pays their own way. The dinner dates are Oct. 16, Nov.13, Jan. 8 and
GH = Great Hall                            Feb. 5. Childcare is available at the church. You can sign up as a pair or as a
MR = Music Room                            single to be matched with someone else. You can also sign up as an alternate
Sanc. = Sanctuary                          in the event a participant can’t attend one of the dinners. Once sign-up is
YH = Youth House (5908 Wynona)             complete you will receive a packet of information that details your rotation
5900= 5900 Wynona: F=Front B=Back          format. Sign up by September 19 in the Gallery or contact Kerri Rowland by
                                           phone 467-2589, or e-mail Bon Appetit!

                   Feast of New Beginnings:
    Fall Offerings for Intentional Faith Development-                                  Birthday!
                 Classes Begin This Week                                           Sept.21: Madeline Dixon, David Kirtland
                                                                                   Sept.22: Reed Winkelmann
                                                                                   Sept.23: Rose Maneely, C. R. Walters,
  The Way of Grace:             A nine week Companions study through               Audrey Zieger
  central stories in the Gospel of John, which we may identify with the            Sept.24: Sarah Alverson, Loraine Appling,
  grace received by each character encountering Jesus. Companions is               Elaine Baker, Malcolm Ferguson, Paul
  less a Bible study in the traditional sense and more an experiential and         Guyton, Mary Love, Zach Sudduth,
  formational approach to scripture. Class begins Monday, September 20,            Will Wofford
  6:30-8:00 p.m. Led by Georjean Blanton. Cost: $20                                Sept.25: Anita Hamilton, Marcos Nieto,
                                                                                   Mark Stafford
                                                                                   Sept.26: Lisa Alverson, Jon McFarlen, Sydney
  The Methodist Christian:                  A Contemporary Primer on               Nabhan, Melba Robbins, Trevor Villwock
                                                                                   Sept.27: Priscilla Casall, Penny Griffy
  Christianity from a United Methodist Perspective. A discussion of basic
  Christian concepts from the perspective of United Methodist thinking,
                                                                                   OUR PRESENCE:
  with highlights from John Wesley’s life. Class begins Monday, September          Attendance Sunday, September 12
  20, 6:30-8:00 p.m. This is an 8 week study Led by Mike Renquist and
  Sheri Jones. Cost: $20                                                            Sunday School               232
                                                                                    Worship 9:00a               170
                                                                                    Worship 11:00a              280
  Yoga and Christianity: This class begins Wednesday, September                     Worship Total               450
  29, for 4 weeks. 2:30-3:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Led by Beth St. Romain.
                                                                                   Worship Service CD’s Available
                                                                                   If you know someone who would like
                                                                                   a CD on a weekly basis, give the name
                                                                                   to Jeanette Ball. We also need people to
Movie of the Month: “Places in the Heart” - Sept. 23                               deliver them to our homebound. Sunday’s
“Places in the Heart” is a landmark film worth seeing again and again. It boasts   Worship CDs are available for pick-up in
an Academy Award performance by Sally Field. This emotionally gripping             the church office on Thursday mornings,
                                                                                   and a limited number of CDs are available
story centers around Edna Spalding (Field) and her unending struggle against
                                                                                   for anyone on Sundays in the Gallery.
extraordinary hardships. It is the 1930’s in Waxahachie, Texas. Against this
Depression-torn background, unforgettable characters meet and collide.             Sermons Online
Like Mr. Will (John Malkovich) the blind boarder who sees all too clearly the      For audio or text of recent sermons, visit
bigotry of his time. . .Moze (Danny Glover) a black man who knows a lot, 
including his own place in a white Southern town. Together they leave an
                                                                                   Large Print Hymnals Available
indelible impression of faith, courage, love, and, most of all, endurance.
                                                                                   Large print hymnals are available on the
   This movie will be shown at Saint John’s in Room 208 on Thursday, Sept.
                                                                                   usher carts that are near the sanctuary
23, at 10:00 am. Bring a bag lunch and join us for lunch and discussion            entrance. If you know someone who has
afterward in Rm. 211.                                                              special needs, please let the church know.
                                                                                   We will do our best to accommodate them.

                                                                                   Upper Room Devotional
“Eat, Pray, Love” Movie & Book Discussion - Sept. 23                               The September/October issue of the
September 23 – 6:30 p.m. - at 5900 Wynona. All are invited to this exciting        Upper Room daily devotional is available
movie and book discussion about “Eat, Pray, Love.” In the movie and the            for $1.50 each on the Information table at
book, Liz Gilbert goes to three amazing countries to “be in awe” of things         the front entrance to the church.
again – Italy, for the eating; India, for the praying; and Bali, in Indonesia,     Men’s Clothes Closet
for love. She is in search of God, and her relationship. We will discuss her       The United Methodist Men deliver
journey of discovery and transformation. Come and share your thoughts,             clothes to ARCH every week. The
ideas, and your favorite moments of the movie and book – and enjoy the             “Clothes for Homeless Men” donation
refreshments and music! Facilitators: Renee Speed and Pat Thomas.                  basket is in the gallery.

Senior Adult ActivitieS                                              UPCOMING EVENTS
Wed., Sept. 22: 10:00-12 - Flu shots
Sept. 23: Thursday Movie Morning -           Mom’s Coffee - September 27
“Places in the Heart”                        Join us for our next Mom’s Coffee on Sept. 27. Valerie
Mondays, 12 noon, beginning Sept. 20:        Vogt and Kari McDonald will talk to us about their
Book group - “The Gift of Years” by          trip to Liberia and Guinea.
Joan Chittister.                             Who are we? Saint John’s newest United Methodist
Wed., Nov. 3: Shopping in Salado, lunch      Women’s Circle is a casual group of Moms with young
at Stagecoach Inn                            children (babies through preschool) who meet twice
Sun., Dec. 5: Georgetown Palace              a month for coffee, conversation, and a well-deserved
Theater - “Scrooge”                          break while our kids are in free (FREE!) childcare.
Tuesdays, 2:30: Tai Chai Class               What do we do? Projects (such as arts/crafts, scrapbooks, baby books, etc),
Wednesdays, 10:45am: Sing with the           book studies on issues of social justice and parenting, and informal playgroups
Amazing Grays                                at the church and in the community.
Mon., Wed. & Fri. 5:30 - 6:30: Low           When do we meet? Twice-a-month on select Mondays from 10-11:30 a.m.
Impact Aerobics Class                        Where do we meet? Moms meet across the street from the church at 5900
Games Day on First Thursdays                 Wynona, while our kids play in the nursery in room 102. For childcare
                                             reservations, please contact Stacy Sparks at one week
Just a Lucky Person                          in advance. For more information, and to get on the Mom’s Coffee email list,
Thanks to all who took the time to send      contact Ruth Airhart,
get well cards and for all the phone calls
wishing me well during my recent health
issues. Jim McCutcheon                       The Pumpkins are Coming!
Save Your Tabs!
                                                                          Pumpkin Patch Set-Up: Oct. 3
                                                                          We need your help to set up for the Pumpkin
Save the pull tabs on your fruit, veggie
and meat cans, as well as soda cans                                       Patch. Join us on Sunday, October 3 at 6:00 p.m.
and put them in the specially marked                                      as we set out the hay bales, put up the signs, and
“Ronald McDonald House” boxes                                             get everything ready for the pumpkin delivery
attached to the can recycle containers                                    on the 4th.
around the church. Ronald McDonald
House receives money for these tabs to
support their “home-away-from-home”
for families of children with serious
                                             Unloading the Pumpkins: Oct. 4 and 17
illnesses.                               The Pumpkins will arrive on Monday, October 4 and Sunday, October 17
                                         (note the change in date). Please join us on the 4th at 5:00 p.m. for free pizza
Newsletter Deadlines!                    dinner and lots of fun unloading our truck full of pumpkins. On Sunday the
Newsletter submissions are due the 17th we’ll enjoy a free pizza lunch and unload our second shipment when it
previous Thursday (yes, 10 days before!) arrives at 1:00 p.m.
for inclusion in the following Sunday’s
newsletter. Articles may be edited for                                            Story Time in the Patch
style and length. Submit to holly@                                                Join us Saturday, October 9, 16, 23 at or leave your article in                                        10:30 a.m. for Story Time in the Patch!
the staff mailbox outside of the church
                                                                                  Our special readers share their favorite
                                                                                  fall tales for the young and old alike.
                                                                                  Refreshments will be available. Bring
               OUR SERVICE                                                        your camera for pumpkin photo
   Open Hearts Volunteer Opportunities
        in this week’s newsletter                                                 opportunities.

- Men’s Clothes Closet, pg. 3
- Pumpkin Patch, pg. 4                       Galveston Adult Mission Trip - Week of October 24
- Save Your Tabs, pg. 4                      Still almost 1000 homes need repairing by the faith-based communities and
- Galveston Mission Trip, pg. 4              that’s us. Join us this fourth time for great food, great fellowship, and, most
- Mamma Jamma Ride, pg. 6                    importantly, great work. Call (663-9868) or email (mgrenquist@sbcglobal.
                                             net) Mike Renquist for details.


                       Children’s Events
   Saturday October 9, 16, 23 at 10:30am: Story Time in the Patch
   Sunday, October 17, 9 and 11am: Children’s Sabbath
   Sunday, October 17, 11am: Children’s Special Music Offering
   Sunday, October 31, 11am: 3rd and 4th Grade Bible Presentation
                                                                                 “Introducing Our Teachers”

Children’s Sunday School
Sunday, September 19
Jesus and Me and the Kinder/1st grade classes will focus on 1 Timothy 1:1-7,
learning how prayer is a way of being with God.
The 2nd/3rd grade and 4th/5th grade classes are in their third week of very
special eight-week study on “Learning to Use My Bible”. The goal of the
study is to teach the children basic Bible literacy. We will be examining the
books of the Old Testament and New Testament through puzzles, games,
songs, crafts and even a few special snacks. The study will culminate with       Ms. Sasha, Rockin’ Robins Class
Saint John’s presentation of Bibles to 3rd graders, and 4th graders who have
                                                                                 Shortly after graduating from the
not yet received a Bible from Saint John’s, in worship on October 31. Please
                                                                                 University of Houston with a
make a special effort to bring your children to Sunday School for this special
                                                                                 bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts,
study. This material will provide a wonderful foundation for the children’s
                                                                                 my future husband and I moved
future “Intentional Faith Development”.
                                                                                 to Austin. In 2002, I left my job
Children in Kindergarten – 5th grade meet at 9:50 a.m. in room 101 for music.    as Director of Communications at
All children may be picked up in their designated classroom between 10:50        a non-profit organization for the
and 10:55.                                                                       most important job I would have
                                                                                 to date - Full Time Mom. My new
• 3 and 4 years (Rm. 105 - drop off in 106)     • K & 1st grade (Rm. 103)        desk was the floor. Spreadsheets
• 2nd and 3rd grade (Rm. 104)               • 4th and 5th grade (Rm. 101)        transformed into abstract art
                                                                                 drawn with crayons. Newsletters
                                                                                 were now more colorful, filled with
                                                                                 stories from my son’s imagination.
                       Youth Events                                                 Dropping him off at preschool
                                                                                 that first time was gut-wrenching.
                                                                                 Somehow we all survived. When
  Sunday, September 19.: 7th-12th grade students, please join us in the          my son started elementary school,
  Youth House 5:30-7:30pm for dinner, games, and preparations for the            I realized my career interests had
  Pumpkin Patch.                                                                 shifted. I knew I wanted to work
                                                                                 in an environment focused on
Youth Sunday School: 10:00-10:50 a.m.                                            children.
                                                                                    I know how hard it is to leave
Sunday, September 19:                                                            your child at school - preschool
Join us this Sunday in the youth house as we continue our fall classes.          or elementary. I would like to
                                                                                 help children and parents with this
Confirmation: Our Confirmation Class continues. Please join Heather, Rev.        transition, making it easier for all
Georjean Blanton, and the other 6th grade students in the Church Sanctuary       involved. And there is nothing
10-10:50am.                                                                      like seeing that light turn on when
                                                                                 children are happy and learning.
                                               NEWS & NOTES
Church-Wide Guinea & Liberia Presentation - Oct. 3
On Sunday, October 3, World Communion Sunday, Kari McDonald and Valerie Vogt will share pictures and stories
from their mission trip to Guinea and Liberia. Please join them in the Fellowship Hall from 10-10:50am.

  Rev. Bobbi Kaye Jones, Austin District Superintendent of the The United
  Methodist Church, shares a letter she received from Bishop John G. Innis of The
  United Methodist Church in Liberia.
  Dear Rev. Jones,
  We greet you in His precious name. It is our prayer that this letter finds you well.
  We write to thank you and your churches for sharing with us the love of Jesus
  Christ evidenced by the numerous support we have received and continue to
  receive from the churches of your District, particularly, the Saint John’s UMC,
  for our ministry in the Republic of Guinea. The recent visit of Valerie Vogt and
  Kari McDonald is a testimony of love in action. It was our joy to have them as our guests. May God bless you
  as we work together in doing good in the Lord’s name.
  Yours in Christ, Bishop John G. Innis

Saint John’s Pedalers Ride Against Breast Cancer - September 25
                                      Support the Saint John’s Pedalers in the The Mamma Jamma Ride Against
                                      Breast Cancer with your prayers and contributions. To donate to this cause-
                                      and support our team, go to and search
                                      for “Saint John’s Pedalers”. If you have any questions, please contact our team
                                      captain, Chris Sparks, at or 452-3730. Thank you!

Audrey Zieger Retiring from Saint John’s Staff
Audrey Zieger has announced her plans to retire from her staff position at Saint John’s at the end of this month. The
Staff-Parish Relations Committee plans to recognize Audrey for her 17 years of faithful and devoted service on Sunday,
September 26th at noon. Please make plans to attend this special occasion of appreciation and celebration. More details
will be forthcoming.

The Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Fall Program
The Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP) announces its fall program to be held Tuesday, September
28, 2010 beginning at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall at Saint John’s. The program will feature three guest panelists
who will present their unique perspectives on the death penalty in Texas. The panel will be moderated by Bob Van
Steenburg, President of the Board of Directors of TCADP. Following the presentation, there will be time for Q&A
and visiting with the panel members. Refreshments will be provided. The program will end by 9:00 p.m. and is open
to the public and free of charge. For more information, contact Bob at We hope you will
join us for this important discussion.

SJUMC to Host Health Screenings: Pre-registration Required
Do you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure or a family history of cardiovascular disease? If you answer
“yes” to any of these questions, you may want to consider being screened for your risk of stroke through the services
of Life Line Screening. Call 1-888-653-6441 or visit to pre-register. The screenings are at
Saint John’s UMC great hall on November 15.
                                       CONGREGATIONAL CARE
Saint John’s staff and prayer group members pray for these people each week. We encourage you to include
them in your prayers as well. To have your prayers of joys and concerns added to the list, please submit them
in writing to the office, or to Include your name and phone number.

Death: Betsey Harper’s step-father, John, passed away on September 11. Services were September 13 in Rhode

Hospital: Mary Gardner

Prayers and Concerns:        Gail Fuller & Carrie James   Chip Kinzel                  Miriam Stanton
Saint John’s Family          Mary Gielstra                Dale Kirtland                Addie Stewart
Carol Ball Adams             Nona Gold                    Lynn Loeffler                Pam Stone
T. J. Ayers                  L. D. Golike                 Roberta Meek                 Sally Tanberg
Norma Barber                 Frank Green                  Virginia Montgomery          Tonya Turner
Carolyn Beaird               Billy Heaslip                Richard Moree                Dillon & Gary Wardian
Rick Beaird                  Suzanne Hicks                Alan Morris                  Sam Warrington
Aidan Bradford               Elmer Hixson                 Jerry Morris                 Flo Wojcik
Bill Brewer                  Kevin Johnson                Bonnie Morse                 Amy Wright
David Cappolino              Terry Johnson                Wade and Rayda Porter        Brandi Young
Liam Collier                 Ollie Jones                  Lillian Richards             Cy Zaleski
Phil & Renna Darby           Blain Keith                  Sallie Sassano               Ben Zieger
Sarah Escamilla              Mildred Keithly              Vicki Shapiro                Jack Zieger

Military Service: Captain Luke E. Barber (Dora Barber’s grandson), Shea Browning (Faye Byers’ great grandson),
Marine Riley Callahan (Jane Wilson’s grandson), Eric Clakley (husband of Rachel Richey Clakley), 1st Lt. Dan Co-
hen (Geneva Curry’s grandson), Wesley Iley (Cecil Allert’s grandson), Stephen Jarman (Gene Jarman’s son), Bran-
don Kloppe (Elissa Kloppe’s husband), Cpl. Justin Kloppe (Elissa Kloppe’s brother-in-law), Tech Sgt. Chad Knox
(Lynn Lindsay’s nephew), SSG (P) John M. Lewis (Nona Gold’s great nephew), Michael Scott Meischen, US Navy
(Sue Meischen’s grandson), Alexandria Ogg (Elissa Kloppe’s cousin), Sean Pavelka (Kim Graley’s cousin), SSGT
Hans Pugh (Tim Pugh’s son), Cpl. Peyton Sackett (Randi Wardian’s friend), Col. Kenneth Tovo (Kathie’s brother),
Thomas Walker (Johanna’s husband), Chester Wall (Karen Young’s nephew), Holden Wilkie (Sally Tanberg’s son),
Tyler Wilkins (Georjean Blanton’s great nephew), Scott Zaleski (Judy & Cy Zaleski’s son). Jason Zirkle (Leif Dove’s
cousin), Megan Montgomery’s husband, Mark.

Prayer requests are listed for one month and then automatically roll off, unless you advise us otherwise. If
you know of a listed concern that no longer needs our prayers, please let us know.

Please take a moment to write a note, on a Prayer Post Card, to individuals for whom you are praying.
Prayer Post Cards are available in the pews. If you do not know the address, cards may be placed in the offering
plate or left in the church office for mailing.

Companions Class, Annex A                 Fellowship Class, Rm. 210                 seeking to become better disciples of
Sept. 19 & 26, class member Tom           We continued our studies from the         Christ through primarily scripture-
Spencer presents: “Jesus, James,          book of Exodus. This week, we             based studies. Class time is informal
Paul and Early Christain History”.        opened with a brainstorming session       yet enriching through education,
All are welcome to attend! We are         of what we considered 10 most             prayer and support for each other.
a group of progressive, like-minded       vital components needed to make           The class also enjoys family-oriented
folks who are joining together on a       a society “flourish”. Ralph then          service and social events.
spiritual path. Companions Class          delivered a spirited lesson relating
is a member of the Reconciling            our values to the first four of the Ten   Serenity Class, Rm. 206
Ministries Network, and inclusion         Commandments.                             Our class serves as a bridge between
of all is a value we cherish and                                                    the church and those of us who
protect. We are in our 30’s to 50’s,      Happy Heretics, 5900 Wynona, Front        struggle with our own compulsive
some with children, some without,         Have you ever wondered what Jesus         nature, whether it involves work,
and we are GLBT-friendly. We enjoy        actually looked like? Was he really a     food, alcohol, drugs, focusing on
social events outside of class. We        healer? How did his first followers       other people, etc. Whatever is shared
have lively discussions on a variety      hear his message? What was the            within the class remains confidential.
of topics, ranging from social justice,   Star of Bethlehem? Who was at the         We use scripture and the 12-steps of
environmental      issues,   spiritual    Last Supper, and what was the Holy        AA as guides for our discussion but
matters, life balance, mission, and       Grail? How was he crucified, and          the class is not a 12-step meeting.
biblical studies. We continue to          why? Join the Happy Heretics as we
explore directions to serve God           hear from leading biblical scholars       Wesley Class, Rm. 208
through social action. Contact: Joy       and archeologists in the National         Roy Harris led the class in a
Butler,              Geographic program, Science of the        lesson from Exodus 20 re The
                                          Bible.                                    Ten Commandments. The author
Crossroads, Rm. 201                                                                 describes these commandments as
The Crossroads Class is for young,        Journey Young Adults Class, Rm. 207       “declarations of the core concerns
single, partnered or married adults,      The Journey Class meets Sundays           of a community and a guide, in
20 - 30 years of age. Crossroads          at 10:00 a.m. in room 207 - the first     general, to humankind.” Through
represents where many young               room to the right at the top of the       the commandments, God graciously
adults are: in college/grad school, or    stairs. The Journey Class is a class      guides us for our own good and
recently in the work world, a first or    for adults mostly in their 30s, many      affirms that a wholesome life with
second job… at a crossroads, near a       starting families (but certainly not      God and other humans is endangered
transition. The discussion-oriented       required). We discuss spirituality,       if these basic principles are violated.
class provides support in faith           social responsibility, current events,    Please continue to keep Amy Kruse,
development, relationship building,       and our shared story as Christians        Betty Blomquist, Vicki Shapiro, Ollie
work-life coaching, with curriculum       and as Methodists. Contact Hilary         Jones, Bill Brewer and Phil Darby in
and focus provided by Dr. Mike            Marchbanks with questions.                your prayers. We welcomed visitor
Renquist and socials engineered by                                                  Janet Bernard. The class voted to
the Journey Young Adult Class.            Open Circle, Annex C                      donate $100 each to the Salvation
                                          Singles and couples class that utilizes   Army and Meals-On-Wheels.
Discussion Class, Rm. 119                 guest speakers, videotapes and Bible
People in this class consider relevant    studies in a discussion format. All
books and papers within the context       are welcome. Contact Beth Siever if
of the Bible and our Faith. The class     you have any questions at: bsiever@
discusses the intersection of current                            For a full description of Sunday
social issues and Christian Faith.                                                  School Classes at Saint John’s, please
Contact: Bill Harris, 454.1052 or         Seekers Class, 5900 Wynona, Back          see the brochure on the table by the            Singles and couples in their 30s to 50s   front doors.

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