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					                    Dog Park Etiquette (Draft)
As dog parks increase in popularity, it's important to realize that dog
owners share responsibility in assuring that the experience will be
enjoyable for everyone. The following suggestions will make your dog park
experience more enjoyable for not only you and your dog, but for everyone.

     No picnicking. Food (human or dog) is not permitted within the fenced

     Throwing balls or other dog toys may lead to possession aggression.
     For this reason, we discourage that type of play.

     Make sure your dog is healthy. It is possible for your dog to pass on an
     infection or parasite to other dogs. Sharing water also leads to disease

     Please consider that a small child may be knocked down, tripped,
     dragged, etc. by a dog. If children are brought into the dog park, they
     must be closely supervised.

     Do not allow your dog to rush newcomers to the park.

     Do not discipline any dog other than your own.

     Do not bring your dog to the dog park to work on socialization skills. A
     dog park is not the place to fix behavioral problems.

     Do not bring more dogs than you can effectively restrain. It is
     recommended that you bring no more than 3 dogs at one time.

     You are responsible for all actions of your dog. You must remain in
     the dog area with your dog at all times.

     Do not allow your dog to be in contact with wild animals.

     It is illegal to dump pet waste from off-site at the dog park.

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