DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                               CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER'S
                                  REPORT AUGUST 2006

1.0   EPLGA AGM & GENERAL MEETING – 28/7/2006

      Mayor Gunn, Cr Wharff and myself attended the EPLGA Meetings at Wudinna.

      After quite some deliberation over protocols, Mayor Jim Pollock of Whyalla was elected
      President (Cr Clem Fitzgerald declined to take up the usual 2nd year of office) with Cr
      Julie Low (Lower Eyre Peninsula), Senior Vice-President and Cr. Eddie Ellaway (Franklin
      Harbour) the new Junior Vice-President.

      Attached is a copy of Executive Officer, Vance Thomas’s “Story Lines for EP Media”
      which outlines the proceedings of both meetings.


      Council will recall this issue has been raised at a previous meeting due to the revised SA
      Country Fire Service permit policy which will have liability and resource implications for
      Councils through appointment of authorised officers to issue fire permits (lighting fires
      and burning off).

      The matter has been raised with the LGA and the SA Regional Organisation of Councils
      (SAROC) whilst we have also written to the CFS.

      The CFS policy requires amongst other things that the authorised officer should check
      every permit application, make sure the weather is right on the day and that all
      precautions had been taken which will include inspection of the property (where the
      property is unknown). Councils understand that responsibility for the escape of a fire
      from a permit property may rest with the authorised officer, and therefore the Council,
      should appropriate property inspections not be undertaken. This seems unreasonable as
      it has been previously thought that the permit holder was responsible for his actions.

      The LGA and LG Risk Services recently met with CFS to discuss the implications of the
      revised Fire Danger Season Permit Policy. A legal opinion is now being sought to
      determine any liability issues. Further discussions with CFS will be undertaken following
      receipt of a legal opinion and Councils will be further advised by the LGA as the situation


      The Minister for Environment and Conservation, Gail Gago recently released the Marine
      Planning Framework for South Australia, which is available for public comment until 29
      September 2006.
      The Framework provides mechanisms to strengthen and integrate planning for
      sustainable use of our marine resources and is the policy structure for the development
      of six marine plans across all State waters. The draft Spencer Gulf Marine Plan is the
      first of these with the development of a Marine Plan for the Far West planning area to
      commence in the coming months.

      Meg Goecker (Marine Planning Project Officer, West Coast and Far West, Department
      for Environment and Heritage) will present to Council on the 16 August.

      A copy of the Overview of the Marine Planning Framework for South Australia has been
      provided to Councillors (a copy of the full report is available). It is very important that
      Council and the community become involved in the Marine Plan process and I would
      urge you to read the overview and be ready to ask questions of Meg when she visits.


      Public consultation was undertaken (see attached Sentinel Page and Criterion article)
      regarding the proposed plan for public access to Yanerby Beach.

      One written submission was received jointly from John & Margaret Mudge and Gilbert &
      Wendy Burke. The main issue raised was the proposed middle access and the
      dangerous situation created if it was not blocked off to vehicular traffic.

      I took the liberty of speaking with Leon Wright who indicated that the preference to use
      the middle access was due to the southern one being blocked by seaweed at times and
      the northern access being difficult for loaded trailers. However, he did indicate that with a
      little widening and 2-4 loads of scalps/road base that it could be made more easily
      accessible. Failing that he would be happy to have a key to unlock a gate across the
      middle access.

      It would seem to me that the best option would be to only have the southern and northern
      accesses available to vehicles (including bikes) with the middle section for pedestrians,
      provided a little work was undertaken.

      Appropriate signage is vital as is the rehabilitation of tracks not required and revegetation
      of some areas. I believe the Yanerby landowners are keen to be involved in the
      revegetation process and Murray Greenaway has indicated his willingness to assist with
      an enviro-grant application.


      Included in Councillors Information booklet is a copy of information contained on Councils
      website www.streakybay.sa.gov.au. The information doesn’t include all the latest
      financial information but they are interesting. However, the 2006 District Council of
      Streaky Bay Community Survey Summary results (conducted by Roy Morgan Research
      Pty Ltd) are included in the information booklet.

      The results show scores in the 7 performance areas measured by the survey (Strategic
      Objectives, Community Consultation, Council Services, Quality of Life, Public Access to
      Information, Asset/Infrastructure Management, Safety & Security) and are compared with
      the rest of South Australia and 2 previous surveys. We’ve improved in almost all the
      areas and above the State average in all.

      However, I believe there is always room for improvement and in particular the areas of
      Strategic Objectives and Community Consultation need addressing, even though we
      have improved on 2003 scores. A conscious effort is being made to improve community
      consultation (eg: community land classification, Yanerbie Beach Access, Road
      Renaming, Street Upgrade Committee) and I am “hell-bent” on making it even better.

      The website also makes it easy to bring up other Councils Statistics to see how they
      perform in the same areas. I would caution you though when “comparing” other Councils
      as we all have differing circumstances, priorities and ways of doing things. A better way
      to measure is against our own performances over the years and it is why I believe an
      annual survey will give us better and more useful results.


      Public consultation was undertaken for a proposal to rename School Bus Road to
      McDonald Road. One written submission, objecting to McDonald Road was received
      (copy provided separately in Information Only) to the proposal (copy attached).

      Given other issues, including the fact that the road is not on a road reserve I believe
      Council should defer any decision until all the issues have been finalised.


      Councillors will recall that a substantial report was provided at a previous meeting with a
      resolution for the matter to be placed on the Agenda for the August Council Meeting.


      Advice has been received from the Acting Minister for State/Local Government Relations,
      Hon. Jane Lomax-Smith MP that she has approved, pursuant to Section 194 (1) (d) of
      the Local Government Act 1999, Council’s proposal to revoke the classification as
      community land of part Allotment 13 in Deposited Plan 40974 comprised in Certificate of
      Title Volume 5520 Folio 939.

      Council now needs to pass a motion to revoke the community land classification pursuant
      to Section 194 (3) (b) of the Act.

                                                                         JOHN RUMBELOW
                                                                 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
                             DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                                  AUGUST 2006

REPORT TO:             Development Assessment Panel

FROM:          Development Assessment Manager

DATE:                  16th August 2006


SUBJECT:               Proposed Holiday Houses


               APPLICATION 781/C003/06

                Applicant                                     D & I Stewart
                Name & Address:                               20 Alfred Terrace
                                                              Streaky Bay SA 5680

                Subject Land;                                 9 Alfred Terrace
                                                              Streaky Bay SA 5680

                Certificate of Title Reference:

                Description of Development:                   Holiday Houses

                Development Plan:                             Streaky Bay (DC) Development

                Zone/Policy Area:                             Town Centre Zone

                Form of Development:                          Consent on Merit

        The applicant has submitted a proposal consisting of the construction of four holiday
        houses and an enclosed swimming pool centrally located within the four houses. The
        proposed development is not listed as complying nor non-complying for the Town Centre
        Zone and as such is a Category 2 Development. The development will necessitate the
        demolition of the existing holiday house at this location which is in a poor state of repair.

      Development Plan


      Development Generally

      1      This zone should primarily accommodate retail, business, entertainment,
             educational, civic and community facility development and small-scale tourist
      2       Retail development should be accommodated in the core of the town centre, and
             (a)      encourage safe and convenient pedestrian areas;
             (b)      include verandahs, rear servicing and car parking;
             (c)      be designed and constructed to integrate with neighbouring development;
             (d)      contribute to the character of the locality.
      3      Development should enhance the character and amenity of the town's coastal
      4      Existing vistas across Streaky Bay should not be obstructed.

      Building Form, Siting and Appearance

      5      Development, other than retail, should preferably be single-storey, with car
             parking and facilities for trade vehicles, as appropriate to the intensity of the use,
             located to the rear or side of the building.
      6      The setback distance of buildings from roads should be consistent with the
             setbacks of adjoining buildings.
      7      Development should be of a high standard of design with respect to its scale,
             materials of construction, external appearance, character and landscaping.


      The proposal by the applicant to erect four holiday houses with an enclosed swimming
      pool centrally located within the four houses will only serve to enhance the ambiance of
      the area and provide convenient accommodation within walking distance of the town’s
      main attractions.

      The four houses are to be “Steel Framed” transportables manufactured by All Steel
      Transportable Homes, Adelaide. They are of a modern design, well presented and
      finished externally with rendered Harditex sheeting. Two designs are proposed to be
      used for the development. Two of the houses will have three bedrooms and the other two
      houses will have four bedrooms. The general appearance of these buildings is nothing
      like the more traditionally accepted transportable home and in fact is a huge
      improvement on the weatherboard clad, hip roofed transportable home familiar to most
      people. The finished product in fact does not resemble a transportable house at all but
      looks more like a traditional home which has been built on site. All the houses are to be
      disabled and aged friendly as is the enclosed swimming pool. The pool is to have a chair
      lift installed.
Form 4 of the Development Act, 1993 which is “Notice of Application for Category 2
Development” was sent to 13 surrounding property owners to give them the opportunity
to present a case for any objection they may have regarding the proposed development.
The forms where posted on the 14th July 2006. One response was received by the
closing date of 28th July 2006 and that was for “no objection”.

This development application comprises stage one of a two stage development at this
location. Stage two will comprise Motel units to provide additional accommodation
facilities to the existing Motel at some time in the future.


I have discussed the proposal with the applicant and made an onsite inspection of one of
the intended houses at All Steel’s display centre in Adelaide. As a result I feel certain that
the construction of four new holiday homes in the Streaky Bay township will be a
welcome addition to the town’s tourist accommodation infrastructure.

                                                                  ROBERT FOX
                                              DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT MANAGER
                           DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                           DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT PANEL
                                REPORT AUGUST 2006

REPORT TO:            Development Assessment Panel

FROM:          Development Assessment Manager

DATE:                 16th August 2006


SUBJECT:              Trolley Bays


              APPLICATION 781/C013/06

               Applicant                                  Redding’s Four Square Store Pty
               Name & Address:                            Ltd
                                                          6 Bay Road
                                                          Streaky Bay SA 5680

               Subject Land;                              6 Bay Road
                                                          Streaky Bay SA 5680

               Certificate of Title Reference:

               Description of Development:                Trolley Bays

               Development Plan:                          Streaky Bay (DC) Development

               Zone/Policy Area:                          Town Centre Zone

               Form of Development:                       Consent on Merit

        The applicant has submitted a proposal consisting of the construction of Supermarket
        Trolley Bays to be placed on the footpath against the wall of the existing Supermarket
        with one bay on each side of the main entrance.

      Development Plan


      Development Generally

      1      This zone should primarily accommodate retail, business, entertainment,
             educational, civic and community facility development and small-scale tourist
      2      Retail development should be accommodated in the core of the town centre, and
             (a)      encourage safe and convenient pedestrian areas;
             (b)      include verandahs, rear servicing and car parking;
             (c)      be designed and constructed to integrate with neighbouring development;
             (d)      contribute to the character of the locality.
      3      Development should enhance the character and amenity of the town's coastal
      4      Existing vistas across Streaky Bay should not be obstructed.


      The proposal by the applicant to construct two trolley bays is primarily aimed at making
      space inside the supermarket. The checkout area of the complex is proposed to be
      updated and space inside is at a premium. The trolleys would be locked up inside the
      building after trading hours.


      I have discussed the proposal with the applicant and although the idea is not new (many
      supermarkets have this system) the benefits associated with this application are all in the
      applicant’s favour. Even if the framework was painted a bright colour to avoid people
      walking into it, some of the footpath would be lost forever and; taking into account the
      streetscape project I question how well this type of structure would fit into the aesthetics
      proposed for the street as a whole.

                                                                       ROBERT FOX
                                                   DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT MANAGER
                         DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                              AUGUST 2006


      Moved Cr xxx, Seconded Cr xxx that the following development applications approved by
      the Environmental Development Assessment Manager, pursuant to Section 20 of the
      Development Act 1993 be ratified by Council.

      •   Don Stewart, Lot 396 Hd Karcultaby, Poochera - Roadside advertising sign
      •   John Abell, Lot 40 South Tce, Sceale Bay - Extension to existing dwelling
      •   Graham Kitson, Lot 18, Perlubie Landing - Residential Dwelling
      •   NRM Board, Pt Sec 186, Baird Bay - Roadside sign
      •   Benbutter Pty Ltd, Secs 20 21 22 23 45 Hd Forrest - Rural Shed
      •   Robert Kennedy, Secs 1 5 14 23 Hd Tarlton - Residential Renovations

                                                                    ROBERT FOX
                                                DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT MANAGER
                           DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                                    WORKS MANAGER
                                   REPORT AUGUST 2006


       1.1 Courela Road
           Resheeting to 5.8km of the Courela Road between Hereen Road and Johnson’s has
           been completed.

       1.2 Wirrulla Station Road
           Resheeting to 10.2km of the Wirrulla Station Road between the Wallalla Hill and
           Priests Road junctions is well under way with rubble carting nearing completion.

       1.3 Karcultaby School Bus Route
           The 3.8km section of school bus route through private property on Section 24,
           Hundred of Kaldoonera, has been graded and formed.

       1.4 Cape Bauer Tourist Drive
           Rubble to resheet 8km to the drive is being raised.


       Patrol Grading in the Poochera, Emerald Rise, Kaldoonera, Sceale Bay, Streaky Bay and
       Calca areas has been carried out during the past month.


       The laying of STEDS pipes and installation of associated manholes, flushing points and
       property connections has been completed.

       The laying of SA Water mains is nearing completion with property connections, pressure
       testing and chlorination remaining.


      Improvements to the cemetery carried out to date include:

           Kerbing to garden beds and backfilling with topsoil.
           Planting of trees in above beds and to the front of the new fence.
           Installation of 2 new shelters near entrance gate.
           Installation of larger shelter near niche wall and old cemetery.

      Works to upgrade the old guide hall to create the new craft centre completed to date

           Insulation batts installed in ceiling
           New parking bay to the front of the building
           New rainwater tank installed

      Works still to be completed include:

           Tree planting
           New walkway and access ramp linking existing footpath to front doorway


      Assistance being provision of small water cart and driver has been given to Streaky Bay
      School students planting tress in various township parks and roadside locations.


      Timber reduction to tuarts fronting the school on the footpath adjacent the caravan park
      boundary is nearing completion. Timber reduction to the 2 large tuarts in Wells Street
      adjacent Mr Ian Beck’s property has been carried out following full consultation with Ian
      and Helen.


      Backfill to kerbing in the Haslam Township has been completed.


      Quotations have been sought and received for the replacement of the above vehicles in
      accordance with the 2006/2007 budget. These will be available for Council consideration.

                                                                             PETER IRVINE
                                                                          WORKS MANAGER
                          DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                           CORPORATE SERVICES MANAGER
                               REPORT AUGUST 2006


      Financial Statements @ 8th August 2006 –refer Attachment A

      In order to comply with Local Government Regulation (Financial Management
      Regulations) 1999 please find attached Balance Sheet, Operating Statement and Budget
      Review/Forecast Report as at 8th August 2006.

      Work has commenced on the 2005/2006 financials in readiness for the Auditors visit due
      mid September. Given the LGA has recommended that the Annual Report be completed
      by the 31st October, as opposed to the 30th November due to Council elections, we will
      endeavour to have the financial statements available for adoption in the October meeting
      of Council.

2.0   QUARTERLY REVIEW OF DEBTORS @ 30th June 2006

       LEVYS        RSD        LESS
       REBATES/ADJUSTMENTS                              1525134.60
       PLUS LEVYS RSD - WATER/STEDS                     130086.00

       LESS RECEIPTS                                    -1647511.08
       PLUS FINES/LEGAL COSTS                           10791.35

       30.06.06                                         18500.87

       Arrears Only                                     50617.21
       Outstanding (inc Brought Forward)                50617.21

       BALANCE OF RATES TO BE PAID                      50617.21

       4th quarter arrears outstanding as at
       30.06.06                                102      $          13,172.40
       Outstanding ratepayers currently at
       VonDoussas                              8         $         10,449.63
       Awaiting sale for non-payment           7         $         18,941.23
       Erwin Chandler- Heritage Agreement      1         $          3,732.15
       Special Circumstances                   7         $         8,064.65
       Credits - paid in advance               11       -$          3,742.85

       ARREARS ONLY                                     50617.21

      Continue to administer and follow up arrears in line with Debtors Policy.
       General Debtors
       @ 30.6.2006

       TOTAL            Payment from Loan Debtors is on Schedule and include:
       Community        Streaky Bay Golf Club $93773.93
       Group       Loan Streaky Bay Sports Club $37894.43
       Debtors          Poochera Historical Society $526.00
                        Bairds Bay Water $11644.00
                        Wirrulla Sports & Recreation $58815.70
       Total   General
                       Current             30 Days          60 Days           90 Days & Over

       $22,908.42          $5331.61        $5011.85         $1958.85          $10606.11
       Percentage     of
       General Debtors 23%           22%            9%                 46%
         • Approximately 50% of 90 days and over relate to dog arrears. Further report to
             be provided in September along with review of the Dog Management
             Administration Policy.


      5.1    Client Contacts @ 31st July 2006

                          Service   Centrelin   Tourist      Internet   Medica    Other   Total
                          s         k           Informati               re                Contact
                                                on                                        s
              July        86        152         143          101        2         181     665
              June        84        144         143          87         3         247     708

                          Conference Spare         *Total
                          Room         Office      Bookings
              July        2            6           8
              June        5            4           9
             *Note Total Bookings does not denote paying customers

      5.2    Tourism Touchscreen
             The Tourism Touchscreen is a standalone unit displaying visitor information on
             locations/services throughout Australia.      Last year Council committed to
             advertising on the Touchscreen and this year a unit will be installed at the Rural
             Transaction & Visitor Information Centre, at no cost to Council.

             The unit can be accessed after hours by simply turning it around to face the glass
             front doors with activation via the censored key pad on the door. It is not the
             ultimate solution to visitor information after hours however will provide an
             additional service currently not available. These units can be seen at Wudinna
             Telecentre and Ceduna Visitor Information Centre.

                                                                        FIONA CAREY
                                                        CORPORATE SERVICES MANAGER

                          DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                           CORPORATE SERVICES MANAGER
                                ADDITIONAL REPORT
                                   AUGUST 2006


      Letter received on the 14th August from the Minister for State/Local Government
      Relations, the Hon Jennifer Rankine MP, confirming the 2006-2007 allocations. Copy of
      letter attached.

      Summary of allocations are tabled:

                                       2006/2007    Budget     Variance         2005/2006
         General Purpose Grant         $860,067     $849,926   $10,141          $824,395
         Roads Grant                   $333,533     $330,291   $3,242           $320,447
         Special Roads Grant           $152,411     $200,000   -$47,589
         Underpayment 2005/2006        $1,221                  $1,221           $105,471
         Total                         $1,347,232   $1,380,217 -$32,985         $1,250,313

      As highlighted above, the Special Roads Grant allocation is below budget by $47,589.00.
      It was our understanding that we would receive double the 2005/2006 allocation of which
      did not eventuate.

      Given the remaining areas are above budget allocations, the net effect to the budget is a
      shortfall of $32,985.

      To accommodate this shortfall two suggestions are put forward of which the later is the
      recommendation of the Works Manager:

          1. reduce the roadworks programme by $32,985 OR
          2. utilise the bicycle track allocation of $22,500 given the grant application was

      The remaining shortfall of $10,485 can be funded from the recorded surplus of $7773
      whilst $2712 can be absorbed by the works operating budget.

      In line with the Local Government (Financial Management) Regulations 1999,
      reconsideration of the Budget is required at least three times, between the 30th
      September and 31 May, with the first review to include commentary on the 2005/2006
      audited statements. Given the financial statements for 2005/2006 will not be presented
to Council until the 18th October, it is recommended that the budgetary reviews be
conducted as at the 31October, 31 January and 31 May.

Furthermore, it is recommended that Council direct senior staff as to how they wish the
shortfall accommodated for inclusion in the budget review to be completed as at 31st
October 2006.

Moved Cr xxx, Seconded Cr xxx that the shortfall of $32,985 resulting from the lesser
than budgeted Special Roads Grant, be accommodated by utilising the $22,500 bicycle
track allocation, following unsuccessful grant application; $7773 budget surplus and
$2712 from the works operating budget.

                                                                 FIONA CAREY
                                                 CORPORATE SERVICES MANAGER
                           DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                          CARAVAN PARK MANAGER’S REPORT
                                   AUGUST 2006


In July 2006 Park Income was $43,099.16 versus a 2005 result of $37,280.21. This resulting in a
15.6% increase. This calculates to an increase of $5,818.95.

Refer to Financial Statement below.

2. OCCUPANCY - Monthly

3. FINANCIAL STATEMENT @ 31/7/06 (Including CAPEX)
We have spoken to Robert Fox regarding the replacement/repair of roof over BBQ area near
Standard Cabins.

Renovations to Brick Cabins are progressing.
Painting of disabled toilets now completed.
Children’s bathroom to Eastern Ablution Block has been painted internally.
Final touches to new Dining Room/Kitchen/Games building have now been completed.

July figures were very pleasing.
Peter and Ruth are to represent the Streaky Bay Foreshore Tourist Park at the FPA
Australia/New Zealand Annual Conference in Rotorua in September. Our conference program
includes seminars on marketing, customer service, advertising, new direction, business plans
and this will also give us the opportunity to speak with other managers/owners. Whilst in New
Zealand we will be travelling via Motor home to many locations. This will enable us to promote
our park and appreciate our customers’ point of view and their needs. Council contribution to be
discussed at Caravan Park Committee meeting to be held on 24th August 2006.

                                     PETER & RUTH DEANE AND DEBBIE & CHRIS JARRED
                          DISTRICT COUNCIL OF STREAKY BAY

                                OFFICERS REPORT
                                  AUGUST 2006


      YAC will meet again in August 2006 at a date to be confirmed. Annual Reports for
      2005/2006 and Funding Reports for 2006/2007 to the Office for Youth are currently being

      The Magical Mosaics workshop in July was extremely successful with 53 people attending,
      including 22 adults. Di Turner, the talented community cultural development artist from
      Whyalla may be coming back at some stage to assist as a mentor artist in the Streaks
      Ahead Streetscape project in the Streaky Bay CBD. The Lets Get Connected initiative is
      now well over half way through (refer below) with further workshops scheduled for 2006 and

            Just Dropping In 1 & 2 (completed)
            Breakdancing 1& 2 (completed)
            Surfing – Have a Go 2 (completed)
            Cirkidz 1 (completed)
            Sassy Salsa 1 (completed)
            Musical Ocarinas (completed)
            Coming Together (completed)
            Magical Mosaics 1 (completed)
            Sassy Salsa 2 (September 2006) – in place of Hip Hop 1 & 2
            Breakdancing 3 ( September 2006)
            Save A Mate ( November 11th 2006 )
            Stretching the Canvas Streaks Ahead Mural Project (Date to be confirmed)
            Surfing - Have a Go 3 (Date to be confirmed)
            Just Dropping In 3 & 4 (Date to be confirmed)
            Weaving & Wellbeing 1 (Date to be confirmed)
            Weaving & Wellbeing 2 (Date to be confirmed)
            Magical Mosaics 2 (Date to be confirmed)

      Since the Office for Youth launched the YAC pilot programme in 2003 our YAC has
      progressed well. In recent discussion with Michelle Parker the Senior Policy and
      Programme Officer with the Office for Youth, she commented on how our YAC clearly
      demonstrates the strong connection between Council and YAC.

      Attached are the June Minutes containing the motion to recommend to Council that our
      YAC become a S41Committee of Council?


      The team is meeting weekly now with some crucial infrastructure planning to be finalised
      in the coming weeks. As one of the two “community experts” the team have been working
      with, I will be accompanying members of the tam when they have a delegation to council
      at the August meeting to discuss the overall project, including public liability issues.


      Graham Pearce, Chairperson of the Streaks Ahead Committee has written a letter to
      Committee Members (attached) and persons on the mailing list explaining his decision to
      dissolve the Committee. Having been involved with assisting the Committee from the
      outset, this is a great shame. However, in tourism related matters I can now strengthen
      my assistance to Streaky Bay Tourist Promotions Inc. and some of the key projects they
      are embarking on.

      Co-Operas Don Giovanni is scheduled for Saturday October 28th. As previously
      outlined Cr Pearce and I will work as a Sub Committee to ensure the smooth transition of
      pre-arrangements up until the final week when a wider group of community members will
      be called upon to assist with the infrastructure requirements of implementing the

      A meeting will be tabled to propose formally dissolving of the DCSB Streaks Ahead in
      November 2006.

      The CASA funding round which closes on August 14th 2006 is keeping me busy at the
      moment. It looks hopeful that two applications will be lodged from our district as follows:

             Instep Dance Inc. – to programme a dance instructor to come over for the 2007
             dance season and annual concert. It is hoped that the club will lift the bar on
             skills development for Members and that a mentee dance instructor will work with
             the mentor instructor to take the club into the future.

             District Council of Streaky Bay Streaks Ahead CBD Streetscape Stage Two – I
             am assisting Martin Corbin to research and apply for partnership funding to cover
             mentor and local artists to work with community to implement the artistic elements
             within the streetscape.

      I attended the Western Board Meeting and other functions in Port Lincoln on Thursday
      20th and Friday 21st July 2006.

      I will be attending another Western Team Meeting on 22nd August in Wudinna to discuss
      project ideas for the Eyre Peninsula (Western Region)

      I was unfortunately unable to attend the launch of the Our Mob exhibition in Adelaide on
      7, 8 and 9th August. Six Far West indigenous artists had their work included in this
      inaugural statewide exhibition in the Adelaide Festival Centre Foyer Space. A Sharing
      Our Stories forum was held in conjunction with the exhibition, and it is hoped that the
      majority of the works will sell at the gallery during the exhibition.

      I will be attending my first meeting as Western Representative on Monday 14th August in
      Wudinna. I am looking forward to the challenge of being a Committee Member of this
      proactive Committee.


      In my role as Community Development Officer in July I have been assisting the following
      community groups in their endeavors to implement strategies or seek funding for various

             Eyre Crafts
             Streaky Bay Powerhouse House Museum
             Streaky Bay Instep Dance Inc.
             Off the Tracks Event management Team
             Joint initiative with Mid West Health and Streaky Bay Area School to provide
             some safe strategies for young people tentatively titled “Safe Through the Years”.
             This will focus on: Skate Safe; Bike Safe; Drive Safe; Party Safe. Farm Safe,
             Home Safe and; Water Safe.
             Youth Network – focus group for youth workers
             Streaky Bay Fireworks – seeking assistance with various aspects of the New
             Years Eve fireworks extravaganza
             DCSB Supper Room and Institute Hall Committee – impending application for
             Stage Curtains to ARTS SA Cultural Facilities and Equipment Programme
             Ongoing assistance to the Streaky Bay Football and Netball Centenary Reunion


      A proposed Cape Radstock site visit should take place on Friday August 11 2006.

      Last month I reported that Streaky Bay Tourist Promotions Inc. had been proactive in
      implementing a staged audit of other existing tourist infrastructure in the district. In
      addition they are seeking printing quotes for the proposed lottery scheme which it is
      hoped will raise significant money to enable them to pursue funding options for projects
      in our district. They are hoping to liaise with other community groups in the coming
      months in relation to this tourism infrastructure audit of our tourist attractions. Once
      these are positive undertakings so that communication lines are open, and a
      comprehensive review of what we have in infrastructure and what needs to be done is:

             Forwarded to Council at a future date for collaboration on recommendations
             A point of reference for the DCSB Strategic Plan in relation to tourism matters
             A point of reference for the inaugural Sub Regional Marketing Infrastructure
             A point of reference for the Streaky Bay Region Tourism Strategy & Business

      In conjunction with the Streaky Bay Visitor Information and Rural Transaction Centre and
      I, recent progress has also been made on the Streaky Bay Historical Walk (which will
      probably be renamed the Streaky Bay Heritage Walk).
I have also assisted Streaky Bay Tourist Promotions Inc. to recommend to the Works
Depot the white on brown attractions signage for both entrances to Streaky Bay. This
consultation has been a longwinded process, with progress is finally being made.

Research is currently underway in conjunction with Tourist Promotions into the possibility
of having an information bay at the Poochera turnoff. Once again this turnoff has been
the point of much discussion in recent years. The Department of Transport has
guidelines for the type of signage which can be placed near the highway at this turnoff
and it would seem that an Information Bay may be the appropriate solution. Robert Fox,
(DAM) and I will assist Tourist Promotions to follow this through.

Please refer to the excerpt from Tourist Promotions Minutes below:

 3.5   Information Signs at entrance to Streaky Bay

       The Committee resolved to recommend to the Streaky Bay Council Works Depot
       a large white on brown tourism sign be installed at both the entrances to the town
       on Flinders Highway and possibly the Poochera turnoff, subject to the
       Department of Transport approval and costing, outlining the following information:

       •   Streaky Bay Rural Transaction and Visitor Information
       •   Streaky Bay National Trust Museum
       •   Streaky Bay & Districts Powerhouse Restored Engine Museum
       •   Streaky Bay SK8 Park
       •   Australia’s Seafood and Aquaculture Trail Tours
       •   Streaky Bay Historical Walk [Nb: possibly Heritage Walk]

                                                         JAYNE HOLLAND

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