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					Banker Middle East Industry Awards 2011
Submission document questions:

Name of Company:                DOHA BANK
Name of Category:               Best Regional Retail Bank

Please list the products and services you offer in the MENA region appropriate to
this category:

       As per attached presentation

Please list any major financial highlights of 2010 for your company.

    1. The bank’s net profit reached QR 1,054 Million in comparison to 974
        million in 2009, with a growth percentage of 8.3%.
    2. The total assets rose from QR 46 billion in 2009 to QR 47.2 billion in 2010
        i.e. growth percentage of 2.7%.
    3. The total loans and advances rose from QR 25.9 billion in 2009 to QR 26.5
        billion in 2010, i.e. 2.5 %.
    4. Customers deposits grew by 10.5 % , where the total deposits rose from QR
        27.9 billion in 2009 to QR 30.8 billion in 2010
    5. The total equity of shareholders reached by the end of the year QR 6
        billion i.e. increase of 3.1% from the previous year.
Total number of employees:      1450 employees

                                The Bank operates through 30 state-of-
                                art branches in Qatar along with 3
                                international branch operations, 9
Total number of
                                representative office operations, 6
                                Islamic branches, and 10 Electronic
                                branches, 3 mobile units, 12 Pay offices
                                and 115 ATMs.

Please list countries served:

    1. Full branch operations in Qatar, New York, Kuwait and Dubai (UAE)
    2. Representative offices in China, Japan, Romania, Singapore, South Korea,
       Turkey and United Kingdom.
    3. Brokerage and financial services JV in India

                                          Third largest commercial bank
Estimated market share % as of March
                                          in Qatar with 16.2% retail and
                                          11.9% wholesale lending
                                          market share (Mar 10)

Estimated % increase in market share      5%
2011 yield to date
Estimated total number of clients YTD
April 2011
Estimated new clients as of Yield to
date 2011

Please list what is unique about your offering in the Middle East.

        As per attached presentation
Please list any new initiatives/products launched within the last 12 months.

    1.   Al Riyada Premium Banking
    2.   Al Dana Gold Awards
    3.   Doha Sooq e-commerce portal
    4.   D-Cardless, a new and easy way to withdraw cash without a card.
    5.   New Website
    6.   Mobile Phone Banking supporting Blackberry, iPhone and Androids
    7.   25% cash back on all travel expenses worldwide card promotion
    8.   Innovative Insurance products including “Sayidaty a cancer cover
         insurance for women in Qatar”

In 250 words please describe the major achievements of your company in 2010
appropriate to this category.

In line with our corporate philosophy, we have focused on building Retail Banking
business with the launch of our Premium Banking Unit which caters to high end
clientele. Within a few short months of launch we have succeeded in converting
millions worth of deposits and loans to our premium banking unit, Al Riyada, thus
demonstrating our ability to serve and offer the best in customer service to the
crème de la crème of Qatar’s elite. The Retail Banking Group has continually
leveraged the technology investments made by the Bank and has enabled us to
differentiate itself over the competition in all areas of self-service banking
primarily delivered through state-of-the-art alternative channels. Our first multi
currency withdrawal ATM was installed at the Doha International Airport during
summer of 2010 and we followed this up with the launch of our Smart mobile
phone banking service in March this year. The Retail Banking Group has embarked
in the execution of a total transformation strategy to enhance the branches’ look
& feel factors, coupled with continuing training and development of its human
capital to increase the overall efficiency & productivity. This effort was
recognized when we won the prestigious "Best Customer Service" award in May
2010 for our revolutionary "Tawasol - Customer Care Center" and its innovative
"Customer Inquiry Tracking System" by the Banker Middle East.
In 250 words please describe why your company should win this category.

The Bank’s range of retail financial products and services is fairly exhaustive
including: deposit product suite, loan product suite, credit card suite, debit cards,
remittance product suite, alternative channel suite (online, mobile & SMS
banking), brokerage services, bill payments and premium banking services. The
Bank offers also multiple delivery channels – conventional branches, ATMs, phone
banking, Internet Banking, SMS banking, Call Center and e-Branches / Pay-offices
to provide uninterrupted 24/7 service to our customers. Our business strategy has
continued to be customer-centric with a very aggressive role in sustaining market
leadership in terms of product innovation and customer convenience despite the
challenging market conditions owing to the Global Financial Crisis and related
impact. Our novel promotions such as Al Dana Gold 2022 and the 25% cash back on
travel expenses worldwide have taken the market by storm.

Despite the fact that we have over 150,000 customers, this has further motivated
us to provide only the best in Quality and efficient services via our wide network
of branches and alternate channels to cater to all these customers.

Our focus and emphasis is on quality and innovation. We have embarked on a
project to transform the face of retail banking into Bank retailing with the first
financial supermarket in the history of the GCC. Thus, it is our commitment to
excellence in every sphere of retail banking that deserves us the award.

Please include any supporting information and your corporate advertisement in
this document.

As per attached presentation
A bank is a place where they lend you an
    umbrella when it begins to rain…

 Welcome to Retailing with that Bank.
Launch of Smart Mobile Solutions in March 2011

Launch of the Al Riyada Premium Banking Unit catering a full fledge of exclusively
tailored banking services premeditated to the unique financial objectives and
expectations of high net worth clients in December 2010

Launch of Sayadaty, critical illness insurance product for women and Manzilouka a
unique home contents insurance product, both the first of its kind in the market in
November 2010

Launch of Doha Sooq in October 2010 , a retailing site built to offer merchants the
ability to operate a world class e-commerce. This unique portal is powered by a
sophisticated catalogue management system and secure mechanism for online
payments for both merchants and people build to offer them the to operate a world-
class e-commerce business.

Launch D-Cardless , an innovative ATM withdrawal service. D-Cardless gives the
privilege of sending money instantly to any beneficiary in Qatar swiftly and easily with
no cards required for withdrawals even if the beneficiary is not a Doha Bank customer.

Launch of the most rewarding credit card promotion in the region in the Summer of
2010 with 25% Cash back on travel expenses.

Presented with the "Best Customer Service" award in May 2010 for the revolutionary
"Tawasol - Customer Care Center" and its innovative "Customer Inquiry Tracking
System" by Banker Middle East.

The first Bank in Qatar to reward its customers with kilos of Gold with the Al Dana
2010-2011 schemes
Evolving Into a ‘Sales Driven’ Culture

Enhancing selling skills of all customer facing staff
Introducing Tele-marketing and e-sales

Enhanced Customer Services/Retention

Transforming culture to customer centric
Customer Care Center expansion/enhancement
Upgrade Call Center channel and introduce outbound capability

Market Segmentation

Defining primary market segments to establish clear focus in meeting
customer needs with appropriate products and services, Conducting Gap
Analysis and Implementing a CRM System.
Al Riyada Premium Banking

Rolling out Al Riyada to 6 branches in 2011

Cross-Selling, Product Packaging & Bundling

Simplification of the sales & account opening process

Reconstructing Cards Business

Developing new card products by segment
Branding & Merchandising

We are turning the branches into the most competitive advantage by utilizing
interior design, strategic display placement which leads to a focused and cost
effective retail sales environment.

We are transforming the retail environment which will help shape customer
behavior providing stimulating leads thus making it desirable for customers to
transact with the bank and learn about and acquire financial products and services.

Prototype branch construction has already started in the Gate.

Concept Store

Constructing the Financial Supermarket , a unique flagship store unlike any in the
region mounted for product testing and usage and a two way customer
communication and experience.

This is where innovation meets customer centric
products and services with a technological edge”.
Increase Fee Income

Pre-paid card strategy
Increased pooled insurance products

Enhance E-commerce business

Introduction of Mobile Banking

Cost Rationalization

Migration of 90% of Retail deposit transactions to the new multi-function ATMs.
Accounts                        Al Dana                      Deposits
Current Account                 Al Dana Savings Account      Upfront Fixed Deposit
Savings Account                 Al Dana Young Saver          Fixed Deposit
Call Account                    Doha Millionaire             Smart saver Deposits
Green Account                   Al Dana Gold

Services                        Alternative Channels
D-Cardless ATM Withdrawals      Dbank Online
Automatic Vault Machine (AVM)   Dbank SMS
Vodaphone Direct Debit          Dbank Dial
OnlineBill Payments             Dbank Remit
Safe Locker                     Dbank e-Branch/Pay Offices
Credit Cards               Loans                           Special Packages
Dream Card                 Personal Loans                  Q's Pack
Doha Bank AMEX card        Card Loans                      Ladies Pack
Dream Platinum             Housing Loans                   Welcome Pack
Green Card                 Education Loans                 Non Resident Indian (NRI)
Click Card                 Marriage Loans                  Non Resident Lebanese (NRL)
Pay Roll Card              Personal Loans Monthly Rental   Al Riyadha (Premium Banking)
                           Top-Up Loans
Credit Cards Schemes       Festival Loans
Buy now Pay Later Scheme
Dream Loyalty Scheme       Insurance
                           Child Insurance
Debit Cards                Car Insurance
Al Riyada Visa Platinum    Travel Insurance
Visa Electron Card         Critical Illness for Women
That fits every stage of our customers life cycle

                Smart Saver      Instill the habit of
                Retirement Plans saving with our Al
                Al Riyada Wealth    Dana Young
                Management           Saver A/c’s
  Smart Saver Vacation
         Planning                                  Smart Saver
   Dream Cards with                              A/c’s for higher
travel insurance/airport    Cradle to          Education planning
     lounge access                             Or Education Loans

    AL DANA Savings                         Salary account
                                             packages for
        accounts                                LADIES,
        Upfront                               OIL & GAS
    Deposits/Personal                        EMPLOYEES,
      Loans/Home             Marriage      WELCOME PACK,
         Loans                Loans             EXPATS
   Doha Bank Assurance Company

   SME Financing

   Bancassurance

   Mortgage Financing

   International Relation Center catering to the various countries’ expatriates.

   Private Banking

   Dbank (responsible for all electronic delivery channels)
Issued Across 3 major Schemes

In 3 different currencies

Across Card Types
Credit , Debit ,Premium Debit ,Prepaid Internet Card ,SME ,Payroll, Eco
The Most Generous Loyalty Program In Qatar:
Customers earn Dream Loyalty Points on all transactions done through the Credit
Card, across categories.

The Only Instant Redemption Loyalty Program In Qatar:
Unlike any other loyalty program, Doha Bank's Dream Loyalty Program allows
cardholders to redeem your points instantly at any participating merchant without
the delays and limitations of waiting for a voucher or choosing from a catalogue.
Cardholder will have the choice to select from any item by just exchanging your
Dream points. There are plenty of discounts and special offers in this program.
The Doha Bank loyalty program claims superiority on four fronts-

1.   Cardholders earn Dream Points on all card transactions (Cash and
     Purchase), unlike other programs that do not reward cash usage.

2.   Dream Points can be redeemed against a variety of gifts from all
     categories of merchants, unlike the Air Miles program offered by big
     competitors. This flexibility allows cardholders to choose their benefits
     at the time of redemption.

3.   Dream Points can be redeemed instantly at a number of merchants
     across the country, thus rewarding cardholders at the time of sale. In
     effect, this provides an instant discount to the cardholder at the time
     of redemption, at no cost to the merchant.
4.   Unlike other loyalty programs, cardholders can choose to mix this
     benefit with any other regular merchant offer.
                                                 Merchant Acquiring Seminar
                                                 Held in 2010

GPRS Terminals
These terminals provide the ultimate customer service solution for the service
industry. The terminals had been introduced in 2007 with over 200 installed in the

The Bank had invested in the latest model available in the market to provide the best
Doha Bank has recently launched its Mobile Banking Application. Doha Bank is the first
bank in Qatar to launch the application exclusive on the top three Smart Phone
Technologies today i.e. BlackBerry, Android and IPhone.

In the first phase of launch, we have covered the below transaction types:-

1.   Account Balances and Last 20 Transactions
2.   Credit Card Balances and Last 20 Transactions
3.   Utility Bill Payments
4.   Card Bill Payments
5.   Own Account Fund transfers
6.   Third Party Account Fund transfers
7.   Overseas Remittances
8.   Exchange Rates

Compared to its competitors in the market, Doha Bank’s Mobile Banking Application is
more user-friendly since the application was carefully developed keeping in the mind the
native features of the smart phone devices, making it more easy for the users to use.
The Bank offers multiple delivery channels – conventional branches, ATMs, phone
banking, Internet Banking, SMS banking, Call Center and e-Branches / Pay-offices to
provide uninterrupted 24/7 service to our customers.
In partnership with Doha Bank, Vodafone Qatar has launched their revolutionary
new service - Vodafone Money Transfer (VMT). The service enables Vodafone
customers in Qatar to instantly make international money remittances directly
from their mobile phone. This service is a major milestone not only in mobile
telecommunications, but also in improving accessibility of financial services to
low-income groups.

The service will make it easier to send money overseas for the more than 1
million expatriates living in Qatar who send the bulk of their salary home to their
 Standardizing elements that establish the brand and which are an extension
  of the bank
 Creating a welcoming ambience& sales compatible atmosphere
 Supporting sales staff at branches
 Supporting the brand with a new ‘Graphic Signature” representing the
  Dhow drawn in Arabic Letters to be used as an additional design device
 Revitalizing all communications materials following a customer centric
  doctrine and a new look and feel
FS is a perfect flagship store that will serve new comers to Qatar as it is a One Stop
Shop where customers receive instant access to financial products and services
making it the first of its kind in GCC. This is where you can see the spectacle of banking
products that will be sold of the shelf.

This is where you can understand ,test-drive and explore banking products because it’s
the one place you can find everything including some of the most knowledgeable
This is the most exciting destination for people looking for surprise and delight, for
people searching for the up-to-the-minute trends in the market, for people looking for
deal or bargain, for ease of service and for personalization and instant access to all
they want.

This is a destination where promotions never end, where people have access to
everything happening in Qatar, where people can engage and learn.
And that’s why we at Doha Bank Retailing excel.

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