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					HEADING ----------------------------------------------------------------------           298 Norwich – Westerly Rd.

                                                                                          North Stonington, CT 06385

                                                                                          29 August 2007

Dear Ms. McQuarrie, <------------------------SALUTATION

        You would not believe the summer that I had! I went to Tybee Island, which is near Savannah, Georgia. My

friend and I went to the beach, and the sun was bright yellow, shining its golden, hot rays on us. The sound of the waves

crashing on the shore was soothing as we went for a walk along the damp, cool sand. As we later sat upon the beach

watching as the sun glittered off the water like diamonds, we dipped our salty chips into our spicy salsa and just relaxed.

Just as we were about to go swimming, dark threatening clouds started to roll across the sky and low rumblings of

thunder echoed through the sky. The pounding rain came seconds later soaking everything with needles of water. We

decided to go for a walk in the rain, and as we strolled along, we watched the dolphins break through the surface of the

waves. It was a lovely day.


CLOSING ------------------------------------------------------------------               Sincerely,

SIGNATURE --------------------------------------------------------------
Name ___________________________________________________________________Date _____________
ASSIGNMENT: Choose your favorite vacation, trip or experience that you had during the summer and write a
friendly letter to me about this time. If you do not have a time that stands out to you, simply make up a fun
experience. Be sure to correctly include the important elements of a friendly letter: heading, salutation, body,
closing, and signature. In your letter explain your favorite memory using vivid details and imagery: colors,
sights, smells, tastes, noises, things that you felt. Use many adjectives to help me experience your favorite
memory from this past summer. The letter must be in MLA format: two pages typed, double-spaced, twelve
font. Due date will be announced.


HEADING (15 points)         0-5 points                   5-10 points                  10-15 points
                            The student has no           The student has some         The student has few to no
                            heading or has frequent      mistakes in the heading.     mistakes in the heading of
                            grammatical or spelling                                   the letter.
                            mistakes in the heading.

SALUTATION                  0 points                     5 points                     10 points
(10 points)                 The student has no           The student has an error     The student has no errors
                            greeting.                    in the heading.              in the heading.

BODY (20 points)            <10 points                   15 points                    20 points
                            The body of the student’s    The body of the student’s    The body of the student’s
                            letter is less than a page   letter has almost reached    letter has met the two
                            long.                        the required length.         page requirement.

CLOSING (10 points)         0 points                     5 points                     10 points
                            There is no closing in the   There are grammatical or     There are no mistakes in
                            letter.                      spelling errors in the       the closing.

SIGNATURE (10 points) 0 points                           5 points                     10 points
                            The student has no           The student has typed his    The student as signed his
                            signature.                   / her signature instead of   / her name to the letter.
                                                         signing it.

IMAGERY AND                 <15 points                   25 points                    35 points
QUALITIES (35 points)       The student has included  The student has included        The student has used
                            some but not many details details using some              vivid details about what
                            in his / her letter.      imagery in the letter.          he / she heard, saw, smelt,
                                                                                      tasted, and touched.
                                                                                      There are colors and
                                                                                      adjectives used in