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					Angus Giorgi

Director / Producer

                                    Curriculum Vitae - May 2009

Addre ss

38 Napier Street
NSW 2021
Cont act No: 0424 253 362

Career Statement & Employment Key Skills

       Executive producer with 26 years film industry experience.
       Proven track record producing award winning International campaigns.
       Strong closing and client handling skills.
       Proven record pitching, budgeting, funding and confirming creative projects.
       Producer on over 400 commercials, music videos, short films, animation and corporate
       Conversant in Scrum / Agile methodology and similar production systems.
       AFVPA, AICP, Movie Magic Budgeting.
       Extensive 35mm production location ex perience Russia, Hungary, the UK, Italy, Germany,
        Franc e, Spain, Switzerland, Namibia, South Africa, Holland, Belgium, Australia and the USA.
       Strong organisational and marketing skills.
       Advanced technical crew liason skills.
       Proven experience co-ordinating large multi-disciplined production teams.
       Extensive VFX and online production experience including:

        - Digital Set Extensions
        - Digital Matte Painting
        - Wire / Rig removal
        - Camera Mapping
        - 3D Sets
        - 3D Camera Match Moving and Setup (Boujou, Pf Track)

       Physical Effects production experience:

        - Car rigs
        - Gimble rigs
        - Photosonics
        - Wires & Harnesses
        - Crash tracks
        - Helicopter rig (working helicopter)
        - Helicopter rig - crash helicopter
        - Explosives
        - Spats
        - Pyro
        - Smoke
        - Snow
        - Fog
        - Guns, ballistics, armoury
        - Ice
        - Pools
        - Tanks
        - Motion Cont rol
        - Motion Capture
        - Green / Blue Screen keying
        - Art Direction
        - Set Building
        - Physical set extensions

       3D Production experience all major software packages - Maya, Max, Zbrus h, Modo, Rhino, XS I,
        Houdini, Lightwave, Real Flow, Aft erburn, Blender.
       Digital special effects/post-production scheduling and budgeting.
       Extensive offline production experience (A vid, Lightworks, Speed Razor, Video Toaster, Discreet
        Edit, Final Cut, Premier Pro)
       Extensive online post-production experience (Telecine, Datacine, Harry, Henry, Paint Box, Flame,
        Flint, Inferno, Combustion, Fusion, After Effects & and standard multichannel online Digibeta and
        D1 edit suites.

Skills - General Office

       Italian Language spoken & written
       Full Driver's Licence
       Touch typing 65 wpm, accuracy 95%
       Word, Excel, Filmemaker.
       Macintosh & PC literate

Software skills advanced

       Photoshop (10 + years)
       3D Studio Max (9+ years)
        - Modelling,
        - Rigging,
        - Texturing & UV layout,
        - Wiring and expressions,
        - Reactor (dy namics),
        - Pflow plus all standard Max particle systems and deflectors,
        - Lighting,
        - Mental Ray,
        - V-Ray
       Zbrus h (4+ years)
        - Modelling & Sculpting (Zshere and imported meshes )
        - Transpose, Transpose Master
        - Texturing & Polypaint
        - Bump, Displac ement & Normal Mapping
       Combustion (7+ years)
       A vid (9+ years)
       Discreet Edit (6+ years)
       Premier Pro (6+ years)
       After Effects (6+ years)
                                            WORK EXP ERI ENCE

       Feb / March 2009
        NuImaginsm P TY Ltd,
        Job Description:
        3D arti st.
        Producing elements on freelance basis for variety of arts based websites incl uding
        Coder Adam Long.
        Software 3D studio Max, PHP, XML

       Nov 2008 / Jan 2009
        Emigrating from UK to Sydney

       October 2008
        Freelance - Post-producer, Editor, Online editor, VFX
        Project title "October 19"
        Client: Canon UK
        Director: Alan Doyle
        Description: 10 minute film shot in the UK on new Canon EOS 5D Mark II HD camera.

       August / September 2008
        Job: Producer, Post-Producer, Editor, 3D & VFX
        Project title: Emiliana Torrini "Lay Me Down"
        Client: Channel 4 (UK ) Rough Trade Records
        Broadcaster: Channel 4 - UK
        Project: Ten minute documentary based on life of Icelandic artist Emiliana Torrini
        Dir: Alan Doyle

       June / July 2008
        Paternity leave, birt h of 1st child.

       Jan - April 2008
        Job: Director & 3D animator
        Kent TV, UK
        Bob Geldoff's IP TV channel.
        Job: Director on eight ten minute documentary films charting the history and culture of   Kent's
organic and village food trade.

       Jan - April 2008
        Job: Online producer & 3D de sign arti st
        Various websites including:
        Flash artist Clarissa Mosse

       Jan - April 2008
        Job: Consul tant
        Client: Rother TV
        Description. Commissioned to design blueprint for setup of Rother's community access      internet
TV service.
    November 2007 - Jan 2008
    Job: Director, VFX & 3D animation
    Client: Lifescan UK
    Prod Co: TV Hastings
    Job: Director, 10 minut e corporate documentary.
    Producer Nina Ludgate

   June 2007 to Jan 2008
    Job: Animation Producer
    Client: Hastings Animation Studios
    Title: Jack the Ball "Pinball Wizard"
    Director / Animator Craig Bannister
    Job: Producer, Claymation TV pilot.

   June 2007 to Jan 2008
    Job: 3D Arti st
    Client: Hastings Animation Studios / Toaster Productions
    Description: Various 3D elements for NHS "Silent at Heart" project,

   May 2007 to Sep 2007
    Job: Consul tant
    Client: LEGI, Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (UK Government)
    Job: Cont racted as a producer to form animation Industry links between Brighton and
    Hastings. I was contracted to form the Hastings Animation Net work Group which acted
    as sister organis ation to Brighton Animators Network Group to animation trainees f rom
    Hastings into employment in the games industry in Brighton.
    Additionally contracted by LEGI to provide a feasibility study alongside the business
    research team at Brighon University on the viability of building a commercial film studio at
    University Center Hastings. .

   Jan to May 2007
    Job: 3D arti st and animator
    Client: So Good Essential
    Job: 3D artist on ten 10 second TVC idents.
    Titles:"Rebbecca", "Titanic", "Cold Mountain" etc.
    Description: Built photorealistic fridge and contents in 3D for UK commercial broadcast.
    Ad Agency: JAM
    Production Company: Toaster Productions

   Jan 2007
    Job: Director, Music Video
    Dikta "Hunting For Happiness"
    Record company: Smekklysa Records, Iceland
    Producer: Anita Pain

   November 2006
    Job: Director of Photography
    Television & Cinema commercial
    Client: Caravan
    Producer: Janey Moffatt, Toaster Productions

   September / October 2006
    Job: 3D arti st
    Client: Simon Lacey / National Trust UK
    Product: Visualisation Point Of Sale Buggy
   July / August 2006
    Job: Director, Music Video
    Band: Clacket Lane "When The Night Comes"
    Record Company: EA Records
    Producer: Janey Moffatt, TV Hastings Ltd

   June 2006
    Job: Director, Music Video, 3D Animator
    Band: Dikta "Chloe"
    Record company: Smekklysa Records, Iceland
    Producer: Anna Hildur

   April 2006
    Job: Director, Music Video
    Band: Dikta "Someone Somewhere"
    Record company: Smekklysa Records, Iceland
    Producer: Anna Hildur / Anita Pain

   March 2006
    Job: Director, Music Video
    Band: Dikta "Breaking The Waves"
    Record company: Smekklysa Records, Iceland
    Producer: Anna Hildur

   June 2005 - March 2006
    Job: Station Director, 3D arti st, Gui developer,
    Flash and 3D Studio Max
    Hastings Free TV
    Client: LEGI and Hastings Borough Council
    Local Access IPTV internet TV station
    Job involved building a 3D GUI interface of an online “television” which screened local content.
    Website and website interface development over a year.
    The site lost its funding last year so was discontinued, however I can provide ex amples of the

   September 2004 - September 2006
    HND degree Fine Art
    Brighton University & Hastings College of Arts and Technology, East Sussex, UK

   March 2004 - May 2004
    Delonghi TVC
    Director: Patricia Murphy
    Production company: Patricia Murphy Films
    Client: The Family

   June 2003
    Silver Engine Ltd
    29 Carnaby Street. London
    Job: Editor Composi tor, 3Ds Max artist and VFX (combustion)
    Music Video
    Artist: Sia "Taken For Granted"
    Director: Fatima
      April 2001 to June 2003
       Silver Engine Ltd
       29 Carnaby Street. London
       Job: 3D Arti st & Director
       Lead artist on a series of animated projects including animat ed music video projects      for UK
bands Dark Globe (feat. Boy George) and Sons & Daughters "Taste the Last Girl"
       through Bug Music, London.

       April 2001 to June 2003
        Silver Engine Ltd
        29 Carnaby Street. London
        Job: 3D Arti st & Director
        Produced, directed animated a variety of CGI titling projects for record company projects and
        trade events. Clients included BMG records, Polydor and Bug Music.

        Also did VFX and Post-production on "Je Suis Ton Mec" Music Video project for EMI France,
        Producer Kate Munt.

       April 2001 to June 2003
        Silver Engine Ltd
        29 Carnaby Street. London
        Title: Arthur Anderson "A Case For Change"
        Client Enterprise IG
        Job: Director, VFX & 3Ds Max elements
        Ten minute corporate for Arthur Anderson.

       August 1998 - March 2001
        BFCS, London
        Job: Music Video & Commercials Director, 3D Arti st, VFX
        Producers: Nick Saward, Nick Seymour, Bella Bunce, Hermas LaSalle

        Client/Arti st           Title                           Agency / Record Co

        - Bellatrix              "Sweet Surrender"               Fierce Panda
        - Christian Fry          "Never Stop Loving Y ou"        Mushroom Infectious
        - Allders                "Piano Lesson"                          RPM3
        - Comfort Refresh        "Get Away With It"              Saatchi
        - 911                    "Wonderland"                    Virgin Records
        - Bellatrix              "Jeddiwannabe"                          Fierce Panda
        - Dionne Bernard         "Hurricane"                     Bug Music
        - Littlewoods Scotland   "Prizeball 4"                   DMB&B
        - Layla Kayliff          "Shakespeare in Love"           Edel Rec ords
        - Gene                   "Fill Her Up"                   Polydor Records
        - Rialto                          "Summer's Over"                China Records
        - Gene                   "As Good as it Gets"            Polydor

       April 1997 - July 1998
        Indelible Films, London
        Job: Music Video & Commercials Director
        Producers: Sarah Wills, Karen O'B rien, Hermas LaSalle, Carlos, Jason Uzell

        - Symposium              "Bury You"                      Infectious Records
        - The Levellers          "Celebrat e"                    China Records
        - Vitro                  "Set It Down"                   Independient e
        - Deni Hines             "Joy"                           Infectious Records
        - The Levellers           "Dog Train"                     China Records
        - Charlene Smith          "Everything is You"             China Records
        - Santa Cruz              "Rocket Man"                    MCA Universal
        - Charlene Smith          "Feel The Rythm"                China Records
        - Greg Garing             "Live at the 12 Bar"            BMG International

        April 1997 - July 1998
         Indelible Films, London
         Job: Exec Producer & Producer
         Description: Producer to directors Paul Donellon, Alison Maclean, Dave Stewart, Alex       Paton,
Nicolai Amter, Charmaine Choo, Floria Sigismondi, Simon Drewitt, Nick Wickham
         & Crispin Glover.

        Produced 45 commercials and music videos including:

        Produced Natalie Imbruglia's " Torn", "Big Mistake" and "Wishing You Were Here"

        Produced Dave Stewart's "Happy To Be Here" video plus videos for JT P Layaz, Paradise
        Motel "Watch Illuminum" (Infectious Records) & Lodger's "I'm Leaving" (Island Records) .

        Produced 7 commercials for Scoot (Agency Wolf Ollins) for director Paul Donellon, a
        campaign of five TV commercials for Challenge TV (A gency GGT) for director Alex            Paton.

         Produced two D&AD and creative circle award winning commercials for Guide Dogs for the
Blind (director Simon Drewitt, plus The Observer Magazine "Door Trouble       commercial, bot h for
Ogilvy and Mather.

      Jan 1994 - April 1997
       Job: Managing Director, Exec Producer
       Patricia Murphy Films, London
       Job: Producer on 73 commercials filmed in the UK and on location around the world.
       Production budgets up to £2.6 million pounds.
       Jobs produced included multi award winning ads for Volvo "Climber", Yellow Pages            "Life",
John Grooms "Ignorance".
       During this period of time Patricia won over 100 international advertising awards for work I
       produced including 3 prestigious D&AD Gold Pencil.

        Awards won include: Epica Festival, D&A D, Chicago International, London International,
        Creative Circle.

        Jobs included:

        Client                            Title                   Agency

        - Yellow Pages                    "Life"                  AMV BBDO
        - Carlton Select                  "Tea & Sympathy"        Doner Cardwell Hawkins
        - Volvo                           "Climber"               AMV BBDO
        - Swatch                          "Oxygen"                BGS
        - Swatch                          "Terracotta"            BGS
        - Beechams                        "A Plumb Job"           Grey Advertising
        - United Airlines                 "Executive Showers"     Leo Burnett
        - British Tourist Board           7 Commercials           McCann Erickson
        - Dresden Bank                    3 Commercials           Neue Sentimental Films
        - Remington                       "Head The Ball"         Grey Advertising
        - Vifit                           3 Commercials           Impact FCA
       - OXY                           Sensitive                 Grey Advertising
       - Penaten                       "Perfect Protection"      Neue Sentimental Films
       - Smooth Contours               "Body Shape"              Saatchi & Saatchi
       - Channel 4 Documentary         "For Richer or Poorer"    Channel 4
       - Skoda                         "Bohemia Special"         Grey Advertising
       - Haagen Dazs                   "Mini Cups"               JWT Tokyo
       - Sure                          "Dune On Sea"             AP Lintas
       - Skoda                         "Club"                    Grey Advertising
       - Skoda                         "Babies"                  Grey Advertising
       - Skoda                         "Monkey"                  Grey Advertising
       - Skoda                         "Ball"                    Grey Advertising
       - Canderel                      "Hearts"                  Mellors Reay
       - DIM                           "Taxi"                    133 Productions
       - Swatch                        "Chrono"                  Filmgo SRL
       - NAF NAF                       "Graffitti"               133 Productions
       - Pharmaton                     "Canonball"               McCann Erickson
       - Swatch                        "Red Square"              BGS
       - Lux                           "Airport"                 JWT
       - John Grooms                   "Ignorance"               Barker & Ralston
       - Air France                    "Generique"               133 Productions
       - LIS D'OR                      "Cheese Mix"              VVL / BBDO
       - Fybogel                       "Man on Washing Line"     Medicus / DMB&B
       - Netts                         "Hair today"              133 Productions
       - Peugot                        "C'est La Vie"            133 Productions
       - Peugot                        "Maxine & Paul"           133 Productions
       - Legal & General               "A new leaf"              JWT London
       - Legal & General               "Between The Sheets"      JWT London
       - Nina Ricci                    "Deci Dela"               133 Productions
       - Project Bubbles               Youth Culture Test Film   JWT London
       - Wella                         "Changes"                 Rodar Y Rodar
       - Wella                         "24 Hours"                Rodar Y Rodar
       - Maalox                        "You Like This"           Tony Kaye Films LA
       - Quelle                        "Zoo"                     Cebra Films
       - Brossard                      "Savanne De Brossard"     133 Productions

      September 1989 to August 1994

       Tony Kaye Films,
       Job: Producer to Patricia Murphy

        Producer on 64 commercials inlcuding the award winning first series of Kiss FM commercials
(12 spots) written by Tom Carty and Walter Campbell of AMV / BBDO.

        Jobs included Mica Paris, Sweetex, Reach Mouthwash, Sanatogen, Kiss FM, Findus,        Fresh,
Sanatogen, Dairy Box, Woolworths, Betty Barclay, Kodak, Mousson, Alberto VO5,         Tetleys,
Property Connect, London Zoo, National & Provincial, Mods Hair, Speedy Films, Barclays Bank

      August 1998
       Job: Writer
       Documentary on the Great Ormond Street Hospital commissioned by 20th Century Fox &
       Michael Samuelson to accompany the Royal Charity premier of "Hook".

      September 1989 to August 1994
        Job: Editor (offline)

        Editor on a number of videos including

        Mica Paris "Contribution" Island Rec ords
        Ultra Nate "Is This Love" WEA Records
        Frazier Chorus "Nothing" Virgin Records
        Fresh "C'mon baby feel my Rythm" Island Records
        Lucy Seiger aka 40 miles high "Windy Night"

       April 1989
        Job: Production Assi stant
        Bruce Doward Associates
        2 x AT& T commercials for A T& T "Sirens"
        Canadian company filming in London.

       1990 - 1991
        Various freelance production a ssi stant jobs at 625, Complete Video, Mentorn Films

       April 1989 - August 1989
        Glasshouse Pictures, London
        Production Assi stant to Simon Ludgate, director.
        Production company specialising in corporate films.
        Clients included Colorol and Porsche

      March 1987 - April 1989
       Limelight Films, London
       Job: Runner and PR assi stant to Jean Richardson and Adam Whittaker,
       Runner for Caroline Warner.
       Worked on over 60 music video's and commercials. 35 & 16mm. Work included
       promotional work and on-shoot duties for directors including: Peter Care, Nick Brandt,   Julian
Temple, Simon West, Osbert Parker, David Hogan, Jay Brown, Steve Barron,         Eden Dieble, Howard
Myers, Stephan Johnson, Alex McDowell, Matt Lipsey.

        Jobs company undertook during my time there included videos for many famous artists
        including: AHA, That Petrol Emotion, T-Pau, Prince, Boy George, David Bowie, Peter      Gabriel,
The Pret enders, Jill Jones, Sade, Sinitta, A-House, Spear of Destiny, Holly     Johnson, Nick Heyward,
Alison Moyet, Scritti Polliti, The Moody Blues, Park West, Cock Robin, Sister of Mercy.

     October 1985 - Jan 1987
      Desmond & Robinson, Sydney
      Job: In-house Runner and Location Scout
      For 35mm commercials production company working on 24 commercials for director            Greg
Desmond and Producer Ivan Robinson involving location filming throughout

        Jobs included:
        Mutual Car Insuranc e (Clemengers Adelaide),
        Tonka Toys "Hollywoods" (Saatchi/Compton),
        Toyota Corolla "Higher Form" (DFS Dorlands),
        Max Factor "Jardin D'Amour" (Foster Nun Loveder),
        Mutual Community "Home Insuranc e" (Clemengers),
        Goodyear Ty res,
        Sussans 2 x 60 seconds,
        Pulsar Batteries "Big Brother" (P acific Dunlop - Automotive),
        Oceanic Life (Silver Partnership),
        Army Reserve (Oasis),
        Southern Farmer's Union "Classic" Chocolat e Milk (Clemengers),
        Toyota Seca "Seeker" (DFS Dorland),
        Southern Farmer's Union "Ol' Bitey Vintage Cheese" (Clemengers),
        Toyota Hatch "Girls, Girls, Girls" (DFS Dorland),
        2WS Radio "Aston Martin Challenge" (Foster Nunn Loveder),
        NSW Health Department "Baby Nurse" + "Sydney Hospitals" (Silver Partnership),
        Seiko "The Watch the World Watches" + Pulsar "Sign of the Times" (Foster Nunn),
        Allens Life-Saver's "Swiss Yodel" (McCann Erikson),
        Bushells Lan Choo "Lonliness" + "Shouldn't You" (JWT),
        Dept. of Motor Transport (DMT) "Cancelled" (John Bevins ),
        Lever & Kitchen Softly "Tap 1" & "Tap 2" (SSC&B Lintas ),
        Union Carbidge Gladwrap " Divers" (SSC&B Lintas ),
        Norsca Deodorant.

        Wilpena Pound - Flinders Ranges (SA), Blue Mountains, Ellis Beach Queensland, Lord Howe
Island NSW, Cairns, Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands (Queensland), The Gold           Coast, Various
locations around Sydney, Southern NSW incl. Sussex Inlet, Kiama Creek,        Stanwell Tops,
Cudmirrah Beach, Akuna Bay, Chowder Bay, Ku-Ring-Gai National Park,           Kouridjah Station -
Jamberoo National Park, Nepean River, Woolongong, Newc astle, as      well as Australian Army bases
Holds worthy, Georges Heights & Cobblers Beach.

       October 1985 - March 1987
        Freelance Production Runner and Location Assi stant
        Worked on:

        2 x 60' Dentyne Commercials (Ted Bates Advertising) for Canadian production company
        Champagne Pictures.
        2 x 30' Coca-Cola "Orange Minute Maid Soda" ads directed by Tim Pope for Virgin Image
        (Mars halk Co)

       July 1985 - September 1985
        Tram Broadc ast, Sydney
        Job: Trainee camera assi stant and runner
        Description: Company specialising in Corporate productions. 16mm and Betacam.
        Worked in three man unit with Director/Cameraman and Sound recordist and also worked
        in technical deptartment maintaining in-house lighting/camera equipment.

       Work involved shooting scripted training and promotional films for clients such as the   Bread
Board and the Australian Guarantee Corporation.


University of Siena,
Tuscany Italy
5th October 1984 ot 5th October 1985
Advanced course It alian linquistics
July 1983 - Jan 1984
Media Production Services
Brixton, London
Attended six month advanced Television and Video pre/post production training course.

Sight and Sound
Fulham, London
Jan 1984
Ten Week diploma course Touch Typing and basic office skills.

Rockhampton Grammar School
Rockhampton Queensland
Graduat ed December 1982

English          Grade 7
Economics        Grade 7
Modern History   Grade 7
Geography        Grade 7
Art              Grade 6
Maths 1          Grade 5

Tertiary entrance score (HSC) = 910

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