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THE VILLA NEWS by chenmeixiu


									              THE VILLA NEWS
                               A MONTHLY PUBLICATION OF

                           Gracious Retirement Living
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     •     A   FIVESTAR
                                                               QUALITY CARE, INC., COMMUNITY

AUGUST 2008                                                       VOLUME 10 ISSUE 8

                                       ~ Anon

                       If nobody smiled and nobody cared
                           and nobody helped us along,
                     If every moment looked after itself and
                     good things always went to the strong,
                      If nobody cared just a little about you
                           and nobody cared about me,
                     And we stood alone in the battle of life,
                     what a dreary old world this would be.
                Life is sweet just because of friends we have made
                    and the things which in common we share.
                   We want to live on not because of ourselves,
                      but because of the people who care.
                     It is doing and giving for somebody else
                     on which all of life’s splendor depends.
The joy of this world, when you’ve summed it all up,
         is found in the making of friends.

                  Submitted by Joan Franz
              THE VILLA NEWS
                           A                                                  UGUST 2008
                                                   8/10 Musical Oklahoma at the F.C.C.
Birthday Wishes! Like a                                 Olympic Games
fine wine we get better with age.                  8/11 Manicures with Pam
We add spice to life, like a                            Olympic Games
sprinkle of sage. So Happy                         8/12 Bookmobile comes
Birthday to all, let’s celebrate                        Wellness Check
each one! With a toast of good cheer,                   Olympic Games
let’s have some fun!                               8/13 Dietary Meeting
   Residents:                                           Entertainment by Brent Binkley
    8/12       Janet Krewet                             Men’s Night
    8/13       Joan Thierheimer                         Olympic Games
    8/15       Grant Wilsey                        8/14 Conversation with Father Joe
    8/21       Verla DeBeer                             Trip to the Barbershop
    8/23       Cathy Welch                              Missouri Botanical
    8/27          Barb Caito                            Gardens Program
                                                        Olympic Games
    Employees:                                     8/18 St. Louis Zoo Program
    8/02       Lewis Frazier                            Olympic Games
                                                   8/19 Resident Council meeting
    8/09       Kathy Mansfield
                                                        Olympic Games
    8/19       Marty McGuire
                                                   8/21 Philosophical Café
                                                        Olympic Games
         AUGUST AT A GLANCE                        8/22 Active Minds
Add these fun activities to your daily calendar!        Olympic Games
                                                   8/23 Ice Cream Social
8/1    Shopping at Walmart                              Olympic Games
8/2    Entertainment by Ginny Herr                 8/24 Olympic Games
       and Jan Ammerman                                 Olympic Closing Ceremony
8/4    Massage Therapy with Grace Porter           8/25 Choirs perform at St. Sophia
       Breakfast Out                               8/26 Trip to Mo. Botanical Gardens
       Amanda Findall from Walgreen’s                   Wellness Check
       Monthly Activity Meeting                         Bookmobile
8/5    Election Day                                8/27 Cooking with Patty O.
       Mobile Post Office comes                         Men’s Night
8/6    Beltone will be here                        8/28 Conversation with Father Joe
       Seminar by Officer Monticelli                    Wii League
8/7    Wii League starts                                Monthly Birthday Party
8/8    Active Minds                                8/29 Lunch Out & shopping at
       Happy Hour with Joe Garnier                      MidRivers Mall
       2008 Summer Olympics Opening
8/9    Ice Cream Social
       Olympic Games

                #1 PRATT PLACE • FLORISSANT, MO 63031 • (314) 839-5000
             THE VILLA NEWS
                                                     HAZELWOOD POLICE
         Activity Department                         On Wed. Aug 6th Hazelwood Police
                                                     Officer Monticelli will bring his
 By: Pam Bockhorst
                                                     police dog to the Villa to give a talk
 ACTIVITY NOTES                                      about how the dogs are trained and
                                                     give us a demonstration. This will be very
 2008 SUMMER OLYMPICS                                interesting so don’t miss it!
 Beginning Aug. 8th with
 the Opening Ceremony                                         PATTY O ~ COOKS
 through Aug. 24 with the                                     Don’t miss out on the good food
 Closing Ceremony we will                                     and fun time as our own executive
 be watching the games                                       director, Patty O’Leary, cooks just
 here at the Villa! I have a                               for you! Come to the MPR room on
 schedule of events, which                           Wed. Aug. 27 at 2 pm for a taste test!
 would not fit on our monthly calendar! So I         MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDENS
 will post each day’s events on the Daily            On Tues. Aug. 26 we will be going
 Activity Schedule. Naturally we can’t watch         to the Botanical Gardens for a
 EVERYTHING but we can watch some of                 tram ride through the gardens and
 the more entertaining events. To make it            lunch afterward. If you don’t want
 more fun we will have a contest. Each person        to miss the bus, don’t forget to
 will write down how many medals the United          sign up in the activity book at the
 States will win. Whoever comes the closet will      front desk.
 win a prize! We will have a poster board with
 all the events posted and we will keep track of                OKLAHOMA!
 the medal count. Come to the TV room and                       On Sunday, Aug. 10th we will be
 cheer on our athletes!                                         going to the Florissant Civic
                                                                Center to see the musical,
              WII LEAGUE                                        Oklahoma. Ticket price is $14.00.
              The North County Wii League                       If you wish to see this wonderful
              will begin play on Thursday, Aug.                 musical, sign up in the Activity
              7th at 1:30. The Villa will host the              Book at the front desk as soon as
 kick off season. Each Thursday we will travel       possible. We will leave the Villa at 1:30.
 to a different location to play the Wii games.
 We are always looking for players so don’t be       NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY
 shy! Come join the fun! You’ll be glad you          Saturday, Aug. 8th is National
 did!                                                Friendship Day. It’s a great time
                                                     to think about the friends you’ve
 PRESCRIPTION INFORMATION                            made here at the Villa and a
 On Monday, Aug. 4th, Amanda                         chance to reach out and make
 Findall from Walgreens, will be here                more friends.       Seek out our
 to answer your questions about your                 newest members and offer your friendship. I
 perscriptions and your current prescription         bet you’ll be so glad you did! In honor of this
 program with Medicare Part D. Come see              occasion, we will be showing the movie First
 Amanda if you have questions or want more           Wives Club on Saturday, Aug. 8th at 6 pm and
 information.                                        the movie Fried Green Tomatoes on Sunday,
         ELECTION DAY                                Aug. 9th at 6 pm. Bring one old friend and
         Tues. Aug. 5 th is the Primary              one new one! By the way, the poem on the
         elections. Don’t forget to go to the        front page of our newsletter was given to me
         MPR room to vote!                           by Joan Franz. I hope you enjoy it.

               #1 PRATT PLACE • FLORISSANT, MO 63031 • (314) 839-5000
            THE VILLA NEWS
                         A                                                            UGUST 2008

     Health Tips From Patty

By: Patty Shoults
    Resident Services Coordinator

The 1904 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the III Olympiad, were an
international multi-sport event which was celebrated in St. Louis from August 1, 1904 to Nov.
23rd. The games were held at what is now known as Francis Field on the campus of Washington
University. The Olympics were hosted at the same time as the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition,
celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. Unfortunately, hosting the Worlds
Fair and the Olympics hurt the attendance to the games. Athletes from only twelve nation
competed: Australia (2 athletes), Ausyria (2 athletes), Canada (52 athletes), Cuba (3 athletes),
France (1 athlete), Germany (17 athletes), Great Britian (3 athletes), Greece (14 athletes), Hungary
(4 athletes), South Africa (8 athletes), Switzerland (1 athlete), and the United States with 523
athletes. The United States won a total of 242 gold, silver and bronze medals.

Exercise is good for you at any age. You can join the fitness class at the Villa every Tuesday and
Thursday morning at 9 am. The exercises are easy and the class spirit is fun. Don’t forget our
own Villa Olympics which will be held in October this year!

         Executive Director
By: Patty O’Leary
Is it August already? It seems as though summer had just started and now we are on the other
side of the season. Well it just proves the old adage, time flies when you’re having fun! This
month we welcome two new residents to our community. Actually one, Dr. Lee Ford, has lived
here before and is returning. She will reside in apartment 312. We are happy to have her back
with us. The second new resident is Bessie McCowan. Bessie will reside in apartment 313.
Please make them welcome when you see them.

                This month Five Star is initiating a new program called, Way To Go! It is a
                program to reward employees who have gone above and beyond their regular
                duties in helping residents. You may nominate an employee for special
             recognition by asking the receptionist for a Way To Go card on which you write
   what that employee did that you feel went above and beyond their job. Each month an
employee will be recognized for their excellence in customer service. At the end of the year one
employee who has been recognized will be nominated to enter into a regional competition. So if
you see an employee performing above and beyond their job make sure you stop by the desk and
ask for a Way To Go! card!

                             #1 PRATT PLACE • FLORISSANT, M
            THE VILLA NEWS
         Marketing Director
 By: Renee Shea

               IT TAKES A VILLA . . .
 If you ask what the best part about The Villa at Riverwood is, you will always get the same
 answer: It’s the people.
 “The people” are the residents, staff, management team, volunteers, support care staff, and
 family members who wander in and out of our front door everyday.
 When I take people on tours of our community, I always bring up the safety factors involved,
 such as the tabs above the doors that help to let us know when a resident has gotten safely out of
 bed each morning. I always mention that as an added precaution, our receptionists check off the
 names of the people who come down to each meal, or they take the time to confirm that those
 who haven’t arrived are okay.
  I am proud to mention that even with those measures in place, sometimes we will hear from the
 housekeepers, maintenance team, the dietary servers, or even other residents if someone isn’t
 quite acting like himself, seems a bit depressed, or doesn’t seem to be eating enough at meals.
 One young server brought to my attention after dinner one night that he had found a couple of
 pills on one of the tables. A resident had forgotten to take them. We were able to track down
 who the pills belonged to, verify that we had the right pills and the right resident, and everything
 turned out fine.
 Even those residents who use some level of nursing care, cannot be watched 24/7. In the family
 atmosphere of The Villa, I see concerned staff going outside the realm of their normal job
 activities in order to tend to an out-of-the-ordinary request or need of a resident. I see residents
 helping one another, and making sure those who have progressed into some level of confusion
 are not involved in an unsafe act. Nobody here performs these acts out of duty so much as out
 of the sense of concern for another human being. We are with each other more hours out of the
 day than we are with our families. We get to know one another and tend to grow very fond of
 each other. It’s seems like it is second nature for Villa employees and residents to look out for
 one another.
 Many Villa residents seem to strive on assisting each other. I have observed them helping each
 other to decorate their doors for holidays, or giving token gifts “just because” in order to
 brighten someone’s day. Some residents like to cook up little treats in their apartments and then
 bring the tray of goodies out to share with other residents. One resident uses her amazing
 musical talent to entertain us via the grand piano on the third floor during dinner hour. Some
 volunteer to walk a fellow resident’s dog when the resident is not feeling well; or help someone
 figure out something on the computer. Some like to say a cheery word or two just to see a smile
 Sure, we all have our crabby moments. However, generally what is heard in our building is
 laughter, friendly chatter, or charming music. Yet even in the silent moments, during those
 unspoken gestures of concern and kindness, we know our community has a rare gift.
 Hillary Rodham Clinton dedicated an entire book to the thought that it takes a village of
 dedicated people to make a child healthy, happy and wise. Perhaps it takes a “Villa” to make sure
 we all get through another day. And that is what I believe makes The Villa at Riverwood stand
 out from most retirement communities.
                                         “It’s the people”

               #1 PRATT PLACE • FLORISSANT, MO 63031 • (314) 839-5000
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                                           THE VILLA NEWS welcomes your contributions.
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