In-Home Childcare

					       In- Home Childcare                   PARENT HANDBOOK CONTENTS
                                      1.   Childcare Philosophy, Background, Experience
                                           a) Philosophy                   b) Background Experience
                                      2.   Admission
                                           a) Enrollment                   b) Transition Period
                                      3.   Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation
                                      4.   Arrival and Departure
                                           a) Arrival/Departure
                                           b) Information on picking up your child
                                      5.   Behavior Management and Discipline
                                           a) Behavior Management          b) Discipline
                                      6.   Clothing
                                      7.   Communications
                                      8.   Daily Program
                                           a) Holiday                      c) Summer
                                           b) Schedule                     d) Television/Computer
                                      9.   Non-Discrimination Policy
                                     10.   Emergency
                                           a) Evacuation Plans
                                           b) Emergency Preparedness Plans
                                           c) First Aid/CPR/HIV and Bloodborne Pathogens
                                     11.   Financial Arrangements
                                           a) Deposit                      f) Holiday Pay
                                           b) Family Discount              g) Refund
Providing Peace of Mind for Mommy…         c) Fees
                                           d) Registration Fee
                                                                           h) Termination
                                                                           i) Time off
             Daddy too!              12.
                                           e) Extra Charges
                                           Food Program
                                           a) Meals                        b) Allergies
                                     13.   Health and Safety
                                           a) Medical Emergency            e) Medications
                                           b) Hand-washing/Hygiene         f ) Pets
                                           c) Illness/Bloodborne Pathogens g) Sanitization
                                           d) Lice
                                     14.   Hours/Dates of Operation
                                     15.   Infant/Toddler Care
                                           a) Clothing                              d) Feeding
                                           b) Diapering/Potty training              e) Napping
      PARENT HANDBOOK                16
                                           c) Diaper Bags
            2010                     17.
                                     19.   Rest Time
                                     20.   Right to Access
                                     21.   School District
                                     22.   Smoking
                                     23.   Special Notes
                                     24.   Staff
                                     25.   Transportation
1. CHILDCARE PHILOSOPHY,                                         2. ADMISSION/ENROLLMENT (Forms available
    BACKGROUND EXPERIENCE                                        @

a) Philosophy Mission                                            a) Enrollment
The Edmonds Daycare Childcare would like to welcome you          Your child’s adjustment is important to everyone involved.
and your child/ren. We understand that choosing the right        To help your child ease in we ask that you bring the child in
care for your child/ren is very important to you. The            for an introductory visit. Children must shows signs of good
purpose of this childcare/preschool shall be to provide a        health daily. The following must be filled out prior to
positive environment for ages 6mo – 12 years. We offer           admission:
values and materials that encourage stimulation and
exploration through creativity, production, challenges, and      1)   Child Care Home Registration
outdoor physical movement. Our creative environment is to        2)   Consent to Medical Treatment
build social and emotional values, self esteem, self control     3)   Agreement and Acceptance of Fee
and a sense of self worth. We offer information and              4)   Health Status
opportunities that are beneficial to the children, their total   5)   Parent Checklist
family, and the community that surrounds them. We work           6)   Permission Authorization
with foreign exchange programs, artwork and gardening.           7)   Certification of Immunization Status (WA CIS Form)
(During the school year, we offer a before and after school      8)   USDA Food Program if applicable
club for the school aged child.)
                                                                 This information will be checked yearly and must be kept
b) Background Experience/Yearly Training                         current. Please notify us in writing immediately if any
This childcare is owned and operated by Cheryl Shelton.          changes occur. This childcare reserves the right to make
Background Child Experience is in Human Resources and            changes in the body of the contract/policies as the need
Child Development                                                arises both for purpose and financial situations. While the
College Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource          normal renewal time is in September of each year, contacts
Management                                                       may be amended during the year of which you will receive a
Early Childhood Experience: Edmonds Lutheran Preschool           30 days notice.
I participate in 10 hours+ yearly training in early childhood
education, maintain current CPR, First Aid Training,             b) Transition Period
HIV/AIDS & Bloodborne Pathogen.                                  There is a two week trial period for all children to give us
I am participating in 10 hours per year of Managerial skills     the opportunity to evaluate whether or not the new
and Early Childhood/School age education                         situation will be one in which we all feel comfortable.
                                                                 Please feel free to discuss any concerns during these two
This childcare has been licensed by the Washington State         weeks. We will only terminate in cases when the child is
Department of Early Learning and operates with the               totally disruptive to the group structure, is not ready for a
requirements set. Ten hours of training/education is             childcare setting, if there are financial issues, or when
required each year.                                              problems cannot be resolved.
                                                                 5. BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT &
Our staff is required by the State of Washington (RCW               DISCIPLINE
26.44.030(1), and civil immunity under the law for good
faith reporting to the Department of Social Health Services      We have set rules, limits and logical consequences for a
(licensor), Child Protective Services, or law enforcement,       positive behavior management and discipline approach that
and instance where there is reasonable cause to believe          will teach respect for all people and our property. We ask
that child abuse, neglect, or exploitation may have              parents to follow the same rules on our premises and are
occurred.                                                        not permitted to hit, spank, slap, or jerk their own children.
                                                                 At no time will “Corporal Punishment” be accepted on the
For any cases of sexual contact between two or more              premises.
children, even if it is questionable, the parents will be
notified and determination will be made to contact D.E.L.        a) Behavior Management
and C.P.S.                                                           1. Children will be encouraged to exhibit courtesy,
                                                                 manners, consideration for others, positive choices, and to
4. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE                                         work out problems on their own.
                                                                     2. Children will be redirected to other areas and friends
a) Arrival and Departure                                         if they have trouble getting along with a particular
Our hours are 7 am to 7 pm. Parents need to arrive and           child or group.
depart at the proper hours they have agreed upon. Parents            3. Teachers or assistants may point out solutions to
must bring their child/ren directly into the childcare           problems by listening, guiding, or redirecting.
personally and sign their child in and out using their full
signature. This ensures that children go promptly into the       b) Discipline
building and do not wander back outside, and parents will            1. If problems are reoccurring and consistent, the child
not miss out on any information or calendar events that are      will take time to think in any areas away from the
posted. Parents are responsible to call for if you are running   other children. This may include reading or coloring,
late.                                                            or a nap period for younger children that may be tired.
                                                                     2. Extreme or very consistent problems will require
b) Information on picking up your child                          parent participation. The childcare reserves the right to
No one other than those noted on the registration form will      terminate any family if a solution cannot be worked out.
be allowed to pick-up your child/ren without prior                   3. Corporal punishment or humiliation will not be
permission. If the person is not known to us, ID will be         used. Physically holding a child may be necessary if
required. If changes need to be made, it is up to you to do      the child poses harm to themselves, another child, a
so in writing. There will be an additional charge for picking    teacher, an assistant, or is out of control.
your child/ren up after your scheduled time. Non-custodial
parents have the same rights, unless I have a court
document on hand in your child’s file stating otherwise. If
we have suspicion in regards to abuse, anger, the influence
of alcohol or drugs upon picking up your child, we will not      6. CLOTHING
hesitate to call 9-1-1.
All Children are expected to bring clothing appropriate for     11:30-- 12:00         Lunch (learning about health needs)
the weather. Always bring shoes and at least a sweater or       12:00-- 2:00          Rest period (quiet activities)
sweatshirt as the weather here is forever changing. It is up      2:00-- 4:30         Art, outdoors, games, snacks
to the parent to provide an extra change of clothes in the        4:30-- 5:00         Free time, finish projects, clean up
daycare for those accidents that may occur. Please write          5:00-- 7:00         Prep for dinner, math, nutrition
your child’s name clearly on all items. For summer, it is       We try to maintain our schedule as noted above, unless the
necessary to bring the following items each day; bathing        children are totally involved in their projects, at which time
suit, towel, shoes, (optional sun screen; with permission       I would not stop them. Children do not move at the same
form, and name, clearly printed, on the sun screen)             speed and we try to make allowance for them to complete
                                                                their projects.
                                                                c) Summer Program
In order for this childcare to provide the best possible care   The summer program will be posted on bulletin board to
for your child, it is essential that we maintain an open line   include: water fun, biking, tours, picnics, games, outdoor
of communication on the well being and development of           fun, and gardening. The last week of August is always our
your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please       vacation.
feel free to talk for a few minutes, set up an appointment,
or call preferably after 12:00 noon. Only in this manner        d) Television and Computer Use
can we work together for the good of the child/ren,             Television will be kept to a minimum in the a.m.,
                                                                educational videos may be used, and movies for special
                                                                occasions will be shown. There will be timers used to keep
8. DAILY PROGRAM                                                computer use to a minimum.
a) Holidays
We will be closed for the major holidays: President’s Day,
Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s
Day, Thanksgiving and the day following Thanksgiving,
Christmas Eve Day, Christmas, New Years Eve Day, New            9. Non-DISCRIMINATION (WAC 388-155-
Year’s Day                                                        400)
b) Projected Schedule
 7:00-- 8:30         Free time - school age breakfast           We provide employment for adults and services for all
 8:00-- 8:20         Breakfast                                  children regardless of race, creed, color, national origin,
 7:45-- 7:55         School age leave for the bus               gender, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation,
 8:40-- 9:00         Split Shift Breakfast                      age, socio-economic status, religion, differing physical or
 9:00-- 9:30         Free time (learning to be social and       mental abilities, use of dog or service animal (unless due to
                     independent)                               allergies) disabled person, communication and learning
 9:30-- 10:00        Circle time (story/puppets)                styles.
10:00-- 10:30        Arts and Crafts
10:30-- 11:00        Circle time                                10. EMERGENCY
11:00-- 11:30        Physical Needs (outdoors)
a) Evacuation Plans                                                   Licensing)
This childcare holds monthly drills for staff and children to
ensure a safe evacuation in case of fire, earthquake, etc.      Staff is required to maintain current CPR, First Aid, and
Children are instructed to walk safely to the back gate and     HIV/Aids & Bloodborne Pathogen’s Training.
wait for myself, an educator, an assistant, or a parent to
instruct them further. For the safety of everyone, all
children are also trained in dialing 9-1-1 in case of
emergency, and how to go to a neighboring contact if
                                                                11. FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS
                                                                This childcare is a home, as well as a business. In order to
                                                                meet our bills, many of which are to maintain care,
b) Emergency Preparedness Plans
                                                                insurance, and food for your child/ren, we need to have
In the case of natural disaster, this childcare is highly
                                                                payment in advance of each week.
prepared to assist your child/ren. We have the following on
hand: radios, first aid supplies, fire extinguisher, battery
                                                                a) Deposit
operated lights, propane fireplace, food pantry, sleeping
                                                                Your child’s position is reserved upon receipt of 4 week’s
bags, drinking water, non-perishable foods, diapers and
                                                                tuition deposit.
formula, emergency documents and phone numbers, and a
wood stove to cook in if needed. We are less than one mile
                                                                b) Family Discounts
from the fire station. Out of area phone number
                                                                When you have two or more 0-5 year olds enrolled in
(701) 265-4108 Joy Geiger (Cheryl’s Aunt)
                                                                fulltime care, there will be a 5% reduction in the rate.
Each child will have a kit on the premises provided by the
                                                                c) Fees      (2008)        Hr     Day    Week
parent with the following: family photo, water bottle, snack
bar, space blanket, flashlight, and a book.
                                                                Infant until potty trained         $60 $250
                                                                4 Hours PT Hourly rate      $11
c) First Aid/CPR/HIV/Aids
                                                                2-5 year olds-potty trained        $54 $220
For large bumps, bruises, cuts, or if there is a questionable
                                                                4 Hours PT Hourly rate      $10
injury which a parent or childcare provider may feel needs
                                                                       (Kindergartner rate is $1 less per day)
further medical attention, the parent will be called. If a
                                                                School aged                        $42 $160
child should have a serious injury requiring immediate
                                                                 *Hourly rate is $10 with a minimum of 3 hours daily
and/or emergency attention, the childcare policy will be as
                                                                The summer months are charged at school age rates above.
                                                                   (No deductions or changes for illness, holidays, or
   1. First aid will be administered, at the same time
contacting 9-1-1 if required.
    2. The parent and/or emergency contact will be
notified immediately.
    3. The child will be transported to the nearest hospital
                                                                d) Registration Fee
(Stevens Hospital, Edmonds)
                                                                I require a non-refundable registration fee of $150 to cover
    4. Report to D.S.H.S. (Department of Childcare
                                                                set up costs.
                                                                  give two weeks notice will pay the childcare two weeks
Your payment is based on the agreement that you have              severance pay in lieu of proper notification. Our agreement
supplied us with: a schedule and when payment will be             and policies are legal and binding documents. Conditions
made prior to starting childcare. Additional charges for          that can lead to termination are: continual late arrival or
extra days or overtime will be added to your next bill. You       departure, late payments, child behaviors that require
will receive 30 days notice if any rate changes go into effect.   continuous discipline or issues that are not being resolved.
You will receive a W-10 at the end of the year if we have
proper address information.                                       i) Time Off /Illness, Vacation or other
                                                                  Please notify me if your child will be out ill, there is still the
e) Extra Charges                                                  normal daily charge. You will be allowed two weeks of
1. Bad check charge (NSF) fee is $50 plus any banking fees        vacation for the year unless you take vacation during my
   incurred due to NSF check. After 2nd bad check, cash or        own, without being charged. All vacations through the year
   money order will be the only form of payment accepted.         must be in writing two weeks prior to payment or you will
2. Late payment fee of $5 per day will be charged                 be charged. Additional vacations will be charged as usual. I
3. Late pick-up fee will be $1 per minute past your               will notify you if I become ill, and in advance for my
   scheduled pick-up time.                                        personal vacations so you can find alternative care. You
4. Activity fees will be noted prior to need.                     will not be charged for my days off due to illness. For
5. Holding fee will be charged to maintain the space for          backup care contact:
   someone that is expecting a baby. This is the only
   way I can ensure the space is available.                                          Volunteers of America
6. If a child breaks something that is costly, and I                             Child Care Resource & Referral
   believe it to be deliberate, it will be added to the                                  (425) 258-4218
   parent’s bill.
                                                                  12. FOOD PROGRAM
f) Holiday Pay
Regardless of part time care, part week care, or having           a) Meals
vacation scheduled during posted holidays, everyone will be       All meals and snacks will be posted weekly and will follow
charged for the major holidays.                                   the USDA requirements. I follow the USDA Food Program
                                                                  requirements. Food Program information is attached.
g) Refund                                                         Listed below is a basic meal plan for the day. We serve
There is no reduction in payment for changes that you             Breakfast, snack, lunch, afterschool snack (dinner to take
make in your schedule that is already set. In extreme cases       home from Dinner’s Ready at 5%-20% off when ordered
of extended illness/hospitalization, considerations may be        thru Edmonds Daycare).
made if this is discussed prior to the incidents.

                                                                  Sample Menu:
                                                                  Breakfast: Milk, breakfast cereal, peaches
h) Termination                                  Lunch:            Snack: Milk, cheese wrapped with turkey, carrots, broccoli,
Parents must notify this childcare in writing, two weeks          avocado
prior to terminating your care here. Parents that do not
Lunch: beef hot dog, baked beans, sun chips, fruit
smoothies                                                        c) Illness/Bloodborne Pathogens
Late afternoon snack: fruit kabobs with pineapple, melon         Children should remain at home if they are contagious, or
and strawberries, crackers                                       they will be separated from the other children until the
Dinner: Chicken Mirabella, wild rice, cucumber salad.            parent picks them up if any of the following conditions
                                                                 exist, or if they are found to be detrimental to the health
My policies are never to force a child to eat, however I         and safety of the other children.
highly encourage them to take a bite of everything I serve.
I discourage children from saying they hate certain foods at     ●Diarrhea – 2 or more watery stools in a 24 hour period.
the table, because it discourages others from eating. I do       ●Vomiting – 2 or more occasions within the past 24 hours.
not allow outside food, because it can causes complications      ●Rashes – with high fever, severe itching, or unknown
with other children. There is, however, a time where we ask             reasons.
you to bring a favorite cultural food or dessert to share. For   ●Eyes– thick mucus, matted or pink.
Birthday’s; candles are not acceptable per D.S.H.S. WAC.         ●Cold – with fever, running nose with continuous green
Please let us know ahead. ABSOLUTELY no gum or hard                     discharge, chronic cough, sore throat with fever or
candy is to be brought from home. If children are chewing               swollen glands.
gum, they must remove it prior to arrival at childcare.          ●Lice – must be treated, all nits removed, full instructions
b) Allergies                                                     ●Temperature – 100.4° + unless doctor’s proof of an ear
Any food allergies or special food notification must be                 infection or non- contagious infection.
discussed and in writing, reasons noted, also may require a      ●Contagious: chicken pox, ring worm, etc.
form from the doctor.                                            ●Bloodborne Pathagens/Communicable disease such as:
                                                                        TB, Hepatitis A-B-C, etc. These will be reported to
                                                                        the Center for Health Department and D.E.L. within
13. HEALTH AND SAFETY                                                   24 hours. This will require a doctor’s statement in
                                                                        order to return. If children come in contact with
a) Medical Emergency                                                    another persons blood, the parent will be notified.
Parents will be notified of cuts, bruises, and falls that are    • Other: - If a child can not participate fully in our program
treated. In the event of serious injury or emergency, 911
will be called, and parent notified immediately. If injury       If antibiotics are given a child, they cannot return until 24
results in medical treatment or hospitalization, I will submit   hour after beginning the prescription. If the staff becomes
an Injury /Incident Report to my D.E.L. Licensor and             ill, it will be up to you to provide your own back-up care.
contact CPS.                                                     You can contact VOA Child Care Resource and Referral for
                                                                 phone numbers of childcare for additional help.
b) Hand-Washing/Hygiene
Children and staff will wash after toileting, diapering,         d) Lice
attending to an ill child or medication, before and after the    Combs or brushes brought into childcare cannot be shared,
preparation or eating of food, handling pets, or after           and must be kept in diaper bags or backpacks. People of
handling contaminated materials. Faucet water will be kept       all races and financial status can get lice, so it’s important
at 120’ or lower (requirements by D.E.L.).                       that we control the spread. You will be notified immediately
to pick up your child if lice and/or eggs are present. I will      (Pets will be maintained, cleaned, immunized, and taken to
not allow your child to go to school with lice, as their policy    an area of the yard for waste that is separate from the child
is the same…NO NITS (eggs). Your child will then be                play space. After the handling of any pets, especially birds
inspected along with everyone else until we are assured the        or reptiles, children will be required to wash their hands.)
lice is no longer present. Use extreme caution when using          (For exotic pets, turtles, the children will not have access to
chemicals to kill the eggs, your child may end up sick. I          handling them without the parent being readily available.)
will also speak to the child so they have an understanding         g) Sanitization
of the lice and that it is not any fault of theirs, and the        Counters, tables, indoor and outdoor toys, food preparation
important thing is to get rid of it so it doesn’t get passed on.   areas, and equipment will be cleaned with ¼ tsp bleach to 1
Handouts are available on what actions to take.                    quart water. Bathrooms, diapering areas, blood or bodily
                                                                   fluids will be taken care of while using approved gloves and
e) Medication                                                      cleaned with (1 Tbl.) bleach to 1 quart water. The toilets
We carry Syrup of Ipecac, as it is required to have on hand        will be sprayed following use. All areas will be kept in a
and the Health Department/Hospital will be contacted if            clean, sanitary, and safe condition. Hands and forearms
the need should arise for use.                                     will again be washed after the removal of gloves. Children
                                                                   will drink from separate cups, use separate dishes, and use
All medications in the childcare home will be kept in locked       separate paper towels to dry hands.
storage. External medication such as diapering ointment
will be kept in a separate area. Written permission is             Disposal of blood or materials that have possible
required to give any medication to a child. They must be           contamination of unknown bodily fluids or illness will be
labeled with the child’s name and a signed consent form            placed in a plastic barrier and taken to the outdoor garbage
attached for each prescription. All medications should be          can. If parents are heavy smokers, we may find it
in the original container, labeled with clear instructions for     necessary to place the child’s belongings, such as coats,
use, the child’s name, and date. (A Pharmacist will provide        outdoors for airing. This will be handled very quietly as to
you with separate containers for school or childcare).             not embarrass the child. This odor can make others ill.
Doctor’s permission is not required for certain groups of          Any cause to believe that a communicable disease exists,
non-prescription drugs (example: anti-histamines/                  extreme precautions will be taken and reported to the
Benadryl, non-aspirin pain relievers, decongestants/               appropriate authorities.
Dimetapp, anti-itching creams, diapering ointments,
sunscreens, and powders) We do request that parents give
these products at home. Only if they are needed more than          14. HOURS/DATES OF OPERATION
one or two times a day should they be brought to childcare.
No medication of any sort, creams & sunscreen included,            Childcare doors open at 7 AM. and close at 7 PM. Your
will be used on any other child. Any child capable of using        pick-up and drop-off times will be exactly as you have
their own medication must have the provider keep it out of         scheduled prior to starting childcare. This is important due
reach. If medication is administered incorrectly, the parent       to part-time children filling in the spaces you are not
will be contacted. The parent will contact the physician.          scheduled for.

f) Pets                                                            Although it is rare, it is your responsibility as a parent to
                                                                   always have back-up care in case of illness, vacation, or
emergency within my own family. You can contact
Volunteers of America for Childcare Resources. See the                         Bottles
Holiday Schedule posted on the bulletin board for closed
days and paid holidays. The last week of August is always                      Bottle Liners
our vacation.
We are open when it snows.                                                     Formula

15. INFANTS-TODDLER CARE                                                       Nipples

a) Clothing                                                                    Diapers
Proper clothes: underpants with plastic cover, or pull-ups,
change of pants, and diapers. We only accept disposable                        Pacifiers
diapers, of which the parent must provide. Please label all
personal items. Parents must provide all infants                               Teething devices
necessities to age one i.e. diapers, formula, bedding, and
labeled/signed permission for creams or powders.                               Toilet training diapers

                                                                               Change of clothes
b) Diapering/Potty Training
All children will have their own containers for diapers,                       Cold weather clothes
labeled wipes, and any labeled creams that you provide.
Children should be checked for wetness upon arrival and                        Toothbrush
will be checked hourly. Children that are being potty
trained will be sent each hour at first, then every two hours.                 Sunscreen (must have written
They will be trained directly on the toilet, as our bathroom                   permission)
is set-up for this. Children in diapers will be changed on a
sanitized mat. Dirty and soiled clothing will be placed in a
plastic bag, and if necessary set outside the backdoor. Due
to health regulations we will not rinse soiled clothing out.
Dirty diapers will be disposed of in a proper garbage can
                                                                 Edmonds Daycare will provide these items if needed for
with lid.
                                                                 an additional charge.
c) Diaper Bags
On Monday please bring your weekly items per list, place
them in your child’s bucket, and take your diaper bag home
                                                                 d) Feeding
with you.
                                                                 Parents will provide formula and baby food. Infants will be
                                                                 held when they are fed bottles until 9 months, at which
Checklist of childcare supplies
                                                                 time they can hold their own in a propped position. Breast
Parents supplied items
                                                                 milk bottles will be disposed of once the infant sets them
aside. Their bottles will be maintained in a fresh a sanitary   18. RELIGION
condition, labeled with child’s name and date. No bottles or
pacifiers should be attached to your child, as other children   I do not teach a particular religion, but I guide the children
have a tendency to handle them, and they can get caught         openly according to my values. Our materials and ideas
up on things                                                    may reflect the teachings of the Lutheran Church which I
                                                                attend. This includes stories, songs, and handouts. We
e) Rest Times/Napping                                           observe all holidays. Due to our small environment and
Proper cribs will be sanitized daily, and kept within hearing   open atmosphere, it would almost be impossible to separate
distance with easy and fast access until the age of two.        any child from these activities, so please keep this in mind.
Infants will be laid according to the SIDS Foundation of
Washington and the D.E.L. on their back to prevent SIDS –
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. We will not use fluffy
                                                                19. REST TIMES
bedding, bumper pads, or pillows in the crib. Children will
                                                                Every child through the age of Kindergarten will take a rest
not be left to sleep in swings, bouncy chairs or car seats.
                                                                time or quiet time. This may consist of reading, watching
                                                                an educational movie or television show, sleeping on a
16. INSURANCE (RCW 74.15.340(2))                                sanitized mat, or drawing/coloring for one hour. This time
                                                                is for all, including the teachers to rejuvenate so that all
Auto Supplemental Insurance is provided through:                may continue the day with a harmonious and joyful
Statefarm (Kelly Meldrum) 425-778-0050                          attitude.

Liability Insurance is provided through:
Statefarm (Kelly Meldrum) 425-778-0050
                                                                20. RIGHT TO ACCESS
17. PHOTOGRAPHS                                                 All parents that have their child/ren in our care have the
                                                                right to inspect the childcare premises anytime during their
If you have any objections to your child’s photograph being     child’s care. We do ask that you show consideration for
taken, please sign the proper form. I take photographs for      group sessions, timing, and try not to interrupt any
our photo album, holiday projects, and making copies for        programming. Feel free to peek in the window as you are
your child’s personal notebooks. I also make movies with        leaving, it tells a lot.
the children to see themselves on television.
21. SCHOOL DISTRICT                                             We do not transport children unless it is an emergency and
                                                                911 staff advises we do so.
Seaview Elementary and Meadowdale Middle School bus
picks up children on 180th and 73rd 7:45 a.m. and return at
2:45 p.m. This childcare cannot be held accountable for
any accidents or problems when your child/ren has left the
direct supervision of our care. Parents must sign a release     ADDITIONAL TOPICS
form for this purpose. Edmonds School District phone
number is (425) 431-7000.                                       OVERNIGHT CARE
                                                                We do overnight care with special arrangements only.
                                                                NATIVE AMERICAN PRACTICES
This property is a non-smoking environment. Please do not       We will check with the Tribe if more than two Native
smoke or extinguish cigarettes on the premises.                 American children attend our program and will follow tribal

23. SPECIAL NOTES                                               SPECIAL NEED
                                                                We do not have adequate wheelchair facilities to care
We ask that children not bring small toys, guns, war toys,      properly for wheelchair bound children at this time. We do
Game Boy, toys of destruction, mouth sized objects such as      not have the training needed to care for children with some
pennies, hard candy, marbles, from home. Please ask             disabilities at this time.
ahead about bringing movies so we can determine if they         Sign-language is being introduced at an infant level.
are acceptable, and because television is not part of our       We do not have Nursing qualifications or certifications
normal day. We will not assume responsibility for any of
your personal damaged, broken, or misplaced toys, as our
own are costly enough to maintain.
                                                                FOREIGN LANGUANGE
                                                                In our home we speak English. We have software to teach
                                                                entry level Spanish. We are able to work with many
24. STAFF                                                       language situations
All staff are required to maintain good health, have TB Test,
HIV/AIDS Training, CPR & First Aid, as well as a State          SUBSIDIZED CARE
Background check.                                               We accept only a percentage of subsidized care by DSHS.
                                                                You must have all paperwork signed and in our care prior
                                                                to starting care.
                                                                Special Requirements or documentation needed.
                                                          _____12. Food Program
PARENT CHECKLIST FOR THE REVIEW OF                                a) Meals                    b) Allergies
                                                          _____13. Health and Safety
  THE PARENT HANDBOOK CONTENTS                                    a) Medical Emergency        e) Medications
                                                                  b) Hand-washing/Hygiene f ) Pets
 Please initial the following as they are reviewed with           c) Illness/Bloodborne Path. g) Sanitization
                     you, the parent.                             d) Lice
                                                          _____14. Hours/Dates of Operation
_____ 1. Philosophy, Background, Experience               _____15. Infant/Toddler Care
         a) Philosophy                                             a) Clothing                d) Feeding
         b) Background Experience                                  b) Diapering/Potty training e) Napping
_____ 2. Admission (Application requirements)                      c) Diaper Bags
         a) Enrollment                                    _____16. Insurance
         b) Transition Period                             _____17. Photographs
_____ 3. Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation                     _____18. Religion
_____ 4. Arrival and Departure                            _____19. Rest Time
         a) Arrival/Departure                             _____20. Right to Access
         b) Information on picking up your child          _____21. School District
_____ 5. Behavior Management and Discipline               _____22. Smoking
         a) Behavior Management                           _____23. Special Notes
         b) Discipline                                    _____24. Staff
_____ 6. Clothing                                         _____25. Transportation
_____ 7. Communications
_____ 8. Daily Program
         a) Holiday            c) Summer                  I have read, reviewed with the Provider, and agreed to
         b) Schedule           d) Television/Computer     the terms set within this PARENT HANDBOOK for:
_____ 9. Non-Discrimination Policy
_____10.Emergency                                         ___________________________________________________
        a) Evacuation Plans                               Name of childcare             Provider Signature
        b) Emergency Preparedness Plans
        c) First Aid/CPR/HIV and Bloodborne Path.         ____________________________________________________
_____11.Financial Arrangements                            Child’s Name
        a) Deposit             f) Holiday Pay
        b) Family Discount     g) Refund                  ____________________________________________________
        c) Fees                h) Termination             Parent Signature                          Date
        d) Registration Fee    i) Time Off
        e) Extra Charges