French _ Indian War_ Proclamation of 1763 _ Siege of Savannah by chenmeixiu

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									French & Indian War, Proclamation of
     1763 & Siege of Savannah
    French & Indian War
               The French and Indian
                War the result of
                disputes between
                France and the Great
                Britain that had been
                going on for almost 65
               The causes of the 9yr
                war began 1754 were
                of greed and fear.
        French and Indian war

   The greed was a hope to capture the most land in
    the new world and control the treasures of the
   The fear was that one country would gain more
    power than the other
       French and Indian War
   The French had more experience military
    leadership and, unlike the British colonists,
    the French settlers did not argue among
    The Results of French &
 The British gained control of Canada
 Great Britain obtained Florida from Spain,
  which had been an ally of the French during
  the war.
 The French and Indian war led to the
  American revolution as great Britain found
  itself with a huge war debt.
Proclamation of 1763
 This proclamation moved the states
  southern boundary to the St. Mary's river.
 It forbade the colonist to settle west of the
 Appalachian Mountains
Battle of Kettle Creek
               Battle of Kettle
   A rebel militia group
    led by Colonel Elijah
    Clarke defeated a
    force of more than
    800 British troops at
    the Battle of Kettle
   The Battle of Kettle
    Creek was minor when
    compared to those
    fought in other parts
    of the country
Siege of Savannah
        Siege of Savannah
 September 1779 22 French ships and 4,000
  solders under the command of Charles
  Henri Comte d’Estaing arrived off Tybee
 October 9 the American and French troops
  attacked British positions
         Siege of Savannah
 Over 600 men were
 The attack lasted only
  45 min which it failed
 40 British lay dead

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