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   By Robert Louis Stevenson

Adapted for Siren FM By Dylan Roys

 Old man
Young man
1. Narrator   Michael wanted a lot… perhaps he wanted too much                   Sound of
              for the time. He wanted a job, he wanted a house and                engine
              he wanted respect. He was strong and at school he                  and water
              had wanted to be bricklayer but this was 1981 and no
              one wanted apprentice bricklayers. But he was on a
              scheme. £23.50 every week in his hand and for 6
              months he plied his trade on the Trent moving sand                    
              and gravel up and down, up and down. The big barges
              meandered their way as he meandered his way on his
              moped to work and as his life meandered its way with
              the goal behind this bend or that but never the next.                City
              Each day blended with the next until Saturday when
              Michael visited the city. Each weekend he looked in
              the jobcentre window found nothing and then bought
              fish and chips
2. Narrator   In the city there is one hill with Big houses, Georgian               City
              fronted, many rooms. Michael was taking a walk eating                 with
              his fish, and pushing the last of his cooling chips with             Foot
              the wooden fork, and as he stopped to admire one                     steps
              particularly beautiful house. He saw at the window a
              man was looking at him. The man beckoned to                            
              Michael and met him at the door.                                    Distant
                                                                                 knock on
 3. Man       You like my house? This is a fine house of mine.                   Quiet city
              Would you like to look around? Don’t worry your                        
              perfectly safe and I am old what harm could I do.
4. Michael    I certainly would I have often wondered what it was like             Inside
              inside.                                                               large
5.Narrator    So the man led Michael around the house, from the                  Indistinct
              stocked wine cellar to the many bedrooms and all the                 talking
              way to the attacks in the roof. From the back rooms he                 with
              could see the cathedral and from the front the whole of             walking
              the city opened up before him.                                     footsteps

6.Michael     Truly this is a beautiful house. If I lived in the like of it, I    Walking
              should be laughing all day long but you seem sad.                  footsteps

  7.Man       Mmmm…There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a                   Clock sfx
              house similar to this and better. You have some                     Larger
              money, I suppose?                                                    room
8.Michael     (Laughing) I have fifteen pounds.

  9.Man       A pity you have no more, you may wish you had in the
              years to come; but I shall sell it at fifteen pounds.

10.Michael    The house?

 11.Man       Sit down……not the house, but this bottle. I must tell             Chair
              you, although I appear to you so rich and fortunate, all         pushed
              this came out of this bottle.                                    and sit
                                                                              down sfx


12.Michael    (Nervous laughing) Out of that bottle?
 13.Man       You don’t believe me? Then see if you can break it.

14.Narrator   Michael took the bottle and threw it to the floor………..            Chair
              6 times he threw it but it bounced and would not break.         pushed
                                                                              on wood
15.Michael    But it feels and looks like glass.                              Tapping
 16.Man       It is glass….. but glass that was blown in the flames of         Slight
              hell. An imp lives in it. Look close and now you will see        reverb
              his shadow.

 17.Man       If you buy this bottle, the imp is at your command. All         Close mic
              that you desires, - - love, fame, money, a house like
              this house or a city like this city. But once it is sold, the
              power goes and the protection. Unless you remain
              content with what you have no good will come your


18.Michael    And yet you want to sell it. You must think I’m a fool to       Close mic
              believe there’s not a catch.
 19.Man      I have all I wish, and I am old. There is one thing the      Close mic
             imp cannot do, - he cannot stave off death. And I must
             tell you there is a drawback to the bottle, for I die
             before I sell it, I will burn in hell for ever.

20.Michael   That’s one big drawback. I would not care to mess            Close mic
             about with evil.

 21.Man      Don’t be afraid. All you have to do is use the power of      Close mic
             the imp in moderation, and then sell it to someone
             else, as I do to you, and finish your life in comfort.

22.Michael   Two things. One you are sad. The other that you sell         Close mic
             this bottle very cheap
 23.Man      I’m because I fear my health is breaking up, and to die      Close mic
             and go to the devil is sadness enough. As for why I sell
             so cheap, long ago, when the devil brought it to earth it
             was sold for many millions of Darics to Darius king of
             Persia, but cannot be given away it must be sold and
             sold at a loss. If you sell it for as much as you paid for
             it, back it comes to you again. It follows that the price
             has kept falling in all these centuries. The price I paid
             was only ninety pounds. I could sell it for as high as 89
             pounds and 99 pence, but not a penny dearer, or back
             the thing must come to me.
24.Michael   As if! How am I to know all this is true? (moves away)

 25.Man      Give me your 15 pounds, take the bottle, and wish
             your 15 pounds back in your pocket. (Slightly raised

26.Michael   Well, I will risk that much, for that can do not harm.

27narrator   And Michael exchanged his 15 pounds for the bottle.            Notes
             (counts out money)                                           and coins
                                                                          placed on
             5 – 10 11,12,13,14,15 pounds were placed on the               wooden
             table                                                           table

28.Michael   Right lets see if I’ve been made the fool…….(slightly           Bottle
             raised voice, rather grand) Imp of the bottle, give me          taken
             my 15 pounds back.                                           from table
      29.Man   Now put your hand in your pocket.

30.Michael     (Counts out money - surprised) 5 – 10 11,12,13,14,15            Notes
                                                                             and coins
               It's true! My 15 pounds have returned.                        placed on
                                                                             table take
  31.Man       And now there is the door goodbye , and the devil go
               with you!

32.Michael     Hold on. I don't want any more of this business. Here,        Bottle on
               take your bottle back.                                         table

  33.Man       You have bought it for less than I paid for it. It is yours
34.Narrator    Now, when Michael was in the street, with the bottle           City sfx
               under his arm, he began to think.                                 

35.Michael     If all is true about this bottle, I may have made a losing

36. Narrator   So Michael set the bottle in the gutter and walked             Walking
               away. Twice he looked back, and there was the milky,           City on
               round-bellied bottle where he had left it. A third time he    pavement
               looked back something knocked upon his elbow......                

37.Narrator    .... and behold! It was the long neck of the bottle
               sticking up from the pocket of his coat.                        Coat

38.Michael     How can I get rid of this thing?

39.Narrator    Then Michael bought a corkscrew and tried to draw the           Shop
               cork, but however many times he tried the cork was as          door…
               whole as ever.                                                mumbled

40.Michael     This bottle is cursed. (Effort and anger)                        Cork
                                                                             thrown on
41.Narrator   And Michael began to be afraid. So he took the bottle         Indistinct
              to a Antique shop in the city where the owner saw it            shop
              was very old and very rare and there he sold it for 10         sounds
              pounds and returned home glad that he had only lost 5            and
              pounds in the sale. But when he got home there was             talking
              the bottle, which had returned more quickly than
              himself. Now Michael had a friend whose name was                 

  42.Tim      Cheers… so what’s a matter with you; I’ve never seen           Pub sfx
              you looking so down.                                             

43.Narrator   Michael bound him to secrecy and told him all.                 Michael
                                                                            blends up
                                                                             to next
44.Michael    And the money was in back in my pocket but it’s a
              frightening thing so I tried to leave it on the side of the
              road And now I have sold the bottle for less than I paid
              for it, yet it’s still come back to me.

  45.Tim      Mmmm did not warn the man that you sold it to, of the
              conditions of sale and the risk that he ran.

46.Michael    Can that be the reason?

  47.Tim      The devil’s got his own morals, and the bottle has its
              own rules.

48.Michael    What shall I do?

  49.Tim      Take your profit- Make up your mind what you want
              and give the order then I’ll buy the bottle from you for
              myself. I have a wild idea to get a Yacht and go sailing
              in the Med. Not much hope at the moment but with that

50.Michael    My idea is to have a beautiful house and garden on the          Both
              coast, where I was born, and to live there without a           laugh
              care and to have cars and a swimming pool and have
              lots and lots or girls!
51.Narrator   With that settled they were agreed but the day after        Outside
              they met a friend, who said how sorry he was for
              Michael’s loss.                                               

52.Michael    What’s happened?

53.Friend     Is it possible you’ve not heard? Your uncle is dead,
              and his son also. They were both drowned fishing from
              their boat…. a mystery…a calm sea, a solid boat and 2
              good sailors.

  54.Tim      I’m really sorry Michael. Didn’t they live on the coast
              and have a quiet a bit of land?

55.Michael    Yes, a lot of land overlooking the sea.

  56.Tim      This land will be yours now.

57.Michael    You don’t think.. no. It is a very ill way to serve me by
              killing my relatives. But it was just such a place that I
              saw the house with my mind's eye.

58.Narrator   Now the estate was in the hands of a lawyer, who told        Inside
              Michael that his uncle’s wealth had grown massively in      lawyers
              the last days. He had shares which had grown in value         office
              after his death.                                                
59.Narrator   And the lawyer was ready with advice
60.Lawyer     And finally If you are thinking of a new house, here is
              the card of an architect, of whom they tell me great

61.Narrator   So they went to the architect, who had a drawing of a       Papers
              house on his table, and when Michael saw this he            shuffled
              cried out aloud.

62.Michael    This is exactly what I imagined even detail exactly
              drawn. I’m not happy with the way it’s come to me but
              it’s quite clear that I am to have this house, even if It
              comes from the devil. But of one thing I am sure, I will
              make no more wishes as long as I have this bottle. I
              may as well take the good along with the evil. But one
              last request to have someone to guard and guide me if
              I’m lost and to save me if I am too close to the edge for
              this is a shock I’m sure I’ll never recover from.

63.Narrator   So with the money Michael and Tim took a cruise to            Gates.
              the Caribbean and when they returned the house was
              ready. It stood overlooking the sea. Behind in the           Walk on
              grounds was a golf course, landscaped gardens, an            gravel
              outdoor and indoor pool and a garage for many cars            path
              and there was an orchard. The 12 bedrooms all had
              views of the sea with balconies and in one wing rooms          Door
              for servants.                                                unlocked

              The building stood back from a private area of beach          Walk in
              with a boat for fishing and dunes planted with grasses        house
              protecting the house from the storm in winter.                  

  64.Tim      Well, is it all as you designed?

65.Michael    It is better than I dreamed…. every thought and idea
              all now built and those feature I only now realise I

  66.Tim      There is one thing to consider. All this may be quite
              natural, and the bottle imp have nothing whatsoever to
              do with it.

67.Michael    I have sworn I would ask no more favours of the imp. I
              have already gone deep enough.

68.Michael    Very well. I have a curiosity myself. So come, let us         Shakes
              have a look at you, Mr Imp.                                    bottle
                                                                           with liquid

69.Narrator   Now as soon as that was said, the imp looked out of
              the milky depths of the bottle, and disappeared again,
              swift as a lizard.

  70.Tim      Well, I shall get my yacht and a pound or two for my
              pocket, and then I will be rid of this devil as fast as I
              can. For to tell the plain truth, the look of him has cast
              me down.

71.Narrator   So Tim paid his money, took the bottle and went off to
              search for his yacht, and Michael relieved stared after
              him. Still ashen from his brush with the devil.

72.Michael    Now I pray for my friend, and thank God that I myself
              am escaped out of that trouble.

73.Narrator   The new house which he called the Bright House was
              so delightful that Michael soon forgot his terrors and
              lived with his money a life of joy. More than joy for     Fade into
              while some would have been satisfied with their           pubs and
              escape from hell Michael embraced excess. And all           then
              that 1982 and money could supply Michael wanted
              and more.                                                    Club
                                                                        from 80’s

74.Narrator   The young man with out a care in the world and cash
              to spend liked to club and party. Sex and drugs are
              such small words for the fringes of life where the hell
              which Michael had so soon forgotten watched from the

              Golden brown texture like sun
              Lays me down with my mind she runs                        Ant music
              Throughout the night                                         120
              No need to fight
              Never a frown with Golden Brown

              And there to save him from a different kind of white
              wedding the strobe light ultraviolet as she moved on
              the dance floor. Her red hair waved at 120 beats per
              minute and his heart tried to match.

75.Michael    I thought I knew everyone in this in the clubs.

 75.Lisa      I am Lisa, I’m from Nottingham on holiday? You?

76.Michael    I’m Michael… Are here with anyone?

 77. Lisa     (LAUGHS) Why do you ask? Are here with anyone
77. Michael    I ‘m not, But there is the plain truth. I have met you       Lisa
               here, and I saw it in your eyes. The music’s great do      laughs,
               you want a drink……shall we go to the bar                  embarras

                                                                         and Lisa

78. Narrator   Now we skip a while for the romance between Michael       Seascape
               and Lisa stretched out across the summer warm days           
               and warmer nights and Michael was happy for he
               knew at last of the imp had delivered his last wish and
               they fell in love to the sounds of the sea

79.Michael     Lisa, I was afraid when we first met to show you I had
               so fine a house, and I feared you would think too much
               of the house and too little of the man.

  80.Lisa      No you have money there is no mistake but I have
               something which is deeper than that for I see a fear in
               your eyes when I leave and it calms when we are
81.Narrator    Michael was happy when he came home to the Bright          In house
               House. His servant brought him the post                   Footsteps
                                                                         Tearing of
82.Servent     Sir, is all well with you?

83.Michael     Yes. Leave me please.

84.Narrator    But there was no more singing in the Bright House.
               Now, the truth of it was this: Michael received in the
               post the results of a test, a medical test. He had been
               feeling Ill and although he thought the imp gone there
               is no good to be had without a price. The test was
               positive. His life when he was open to the excesses of
               money left no room to repent. He was HIV positive.

85.Michael     What wrong have I done, what sin lies upon my soul,
               that I should have encountered Lisa only to lose her,
               and infect her as well. How can I tell her and then
               never wed, or touch with my loving hand. The one true
              good thing from the devils bottle.

86.Narrator   That night he could not sleep, and in the night he
              thought of the bottle.

87.Michael    A dreadful thing is the bottle, and dreadful is the imp,     Close mic
              and it is a dreadful thing to risk the flames of hell. But
              what other hope have I to cure my sickness or marry
              Lisa? How could I bargain with the devil once, only to
              get a house, and not face him again to win Lisa? I
              must go and see Tim. For the best hope I have now is
              to find that same bottle I was so pleased to be rid of.

88.Narrator   The very next day, Michael flew to Greece and on to            Greek
              the islands to find Tim.                                       island
89.Michael    Tim good to see you. You look well and look at all you

  90.Tim      I am very, well life is good, the wine flows and I smile
              at my good fortune each day.

91.Michael    So has the imp of the bottle given you all you wished?

  92.Tim      All and more. The finest yacht in the islands, and a
              house in Mykonos. Money too. I am content.

93.Michael    So you have no further use for the bottle or the imp?

  94.Tim      No more, thank God.

95.Michael    Then I shall ask you to sell it back to me.

96.Narrator   And Michael explained what had come to pass, and
              Tim grieved.

  97.Tim      But I have sold the bottle long since now.
 98.Narrator    And he named the man's name, and Michael went to             Busy
                search for him, but he too had sold the bottle. And for      street
                many days, Michael travelled through the islands               
                finding everywhere new villas and boats, fast cars and
                men every where in great contentment, although, to be
                sure, when he told them of his business, their faces
                would cloud over.

 99.Michael     No doubt I am on right track. All this wealth is the gift     Party
                of the imp, and these glad faces are those of men who
                have taken their profit and got rid of the cursed thing.
                When I see pale cheeks and hear sighing, then I shall
                know I am near my quarry

 100.Narrator   At last he came to a fine new house, and when he saw        Knock on
                the owner, a shock of hope and fear ran through               door
                Michael; for here was a young man, white as a corpse,
                and black about the eyes, and the look of a man
                waiting for death around every corner. And Michael
                knew that with this man he had no need for hints and

 101.Michael    I am come to buy the bottle

102.Youngman    (GASPS then speaks quietly almost a whisper) The
                bottle! To buy the bottle!

 103.Michael    What’s your price?

104.Youngman    (speaks quietly almost a whisper) You do not know the

 105.Michael    It is for that I am asking you.

106.Youngman    Come over to the table away from the open window            Footsteps
                my family is in the garden……... It has dropped a great      on stone
                deal in value.                                                floor.

 107.Michael    Well, well, I shall have to pay the less for it. How much
                did it cost you?

108.Youngman    Two pence English money
 109.Michael    What! Two pence! Why, then you can only sell it for
                one. And he who buys it ......

 110.Narrator   The words died upon Michael's tongue. He who bought
                it could never sell it again, the bottle and the bottle imp
                must abide with him until he died, and he must carry
                that bottle with him to hell.

111. Youngman   For God's sake, buy it! You can have all my fortune
                into the bargain. I was mad when I bought it at that
                price. I had embezzled money at my store. I would
                have gone to jail.

 112.Michael    Poor creature, you would risk your soul to avoid jail
                and disgrace; and you think I could hesitate with love
                to spur me on? Give me the bottle, Here is a 1 pence

 113.Narrator   The bottle changed hands, and Michael's fingers were           Wedding
                no sooner clasped round it than he breathed his wish           sfx and
                to be a free man and that Lisa was although she was             music
                not aware of it free as well. And sure enough, when he
                got the test results from the clinic the doctors could not
                believe the miracle and declared that there was a fault
                with the first test and apologised for their mistake. And
                so he returned to the Bright House and in a church
                close by he was married to Lisa the one he had wished
                long ago to guard and guide him and the save him
                when all was lost. But that simple wish was at the back
                of his mind now for there was no saving him from what
                he must face.

 114.Narrator   When they were together, Michael's heart was calm;             Fade out
                but as soon as he was alone he fell into a brooding            wedding
                horror and heard the flames crackle and saw the red
                fire burn in the bottomless pit. As for Lisa, at first she
                was full of joy to be married to Michael, but after a little   Fade in
                while Michael’s sadness weighed her down, and then               Lisa
                there came a day when Michael found her on the                  crying
                balcony overlooking the sea weeping.

 115.Michael    You do well to weep in this house, Lisa. And yet I
                would give the head off my body that you, at least,
               might have been happy.

 116.Lisa      (sobbing) Happy! Michael, when you lived alone you
               were a happy man. Then you married poor Lisa. I
               thought I was pretty, and I knew I loved you. What ails
               me, that I throw this cloud upon my husband?

117.Michael    Poor Lisa! And I had thought all this while to spare
               you! Well, you shall know all.

118.Narrator   With that, he told her all, even from the beginning.

 119.Lisa      No man can be lost because he loved Lisa. I tell you,
               Michael, I shall save you with these hands, or perish in
               your company. You loved me and gave your soul, and
               you think I will not die to save you in return?

120.Michael    Ah, my dear, you might die a hundred times, and what
               difference would that make? Except to leave me lonely
               till the time comes for my damnation.

 121.Lisa      And I tell you I shall save my husband. What is this
               you say about a penny? But all the world is not
               England. In France they have a small coin they call a
               centime, and these go two or more to the penny or
               thereabout. We could not do better, let us go to the
               France; There the bottle can be sold for four centimes
               or three or two or one; four possible sales to make,
               and the two of us to push the bargain. Lisa will defend

122.Michael    Lisa, you are a gift of god! I put my life and my           Ship and
               salvation in your hands.                                      train
                                                                           ment in
123.Narrator   So they went to Dover and from there Calais and from       Sound of
               there Toulouse, and they rented a house and by             exchange
               calling on the imp, they made a great parade of money      in French
               to make themselves conspicuous. They began to push
               the bottle. But was not easy. People either laughed at
               the notion, or they drew away when they learned of the
               damnation that awaited. Try as they might, they could
               not rid themselves of the bottle.

124.Narrator   One night, Lisa awoke and found that Michael was
               gone. She felt in the bed and his place was cold. She
               looked forth into the moonlit yard. There under a tree          Distant
               lay Michael crying.                                             Michael
 125.Lisa      Heaven! now have I clearly seen my duty. A love for a
               love, and let mine be equalled with Michael's! A soul
               for a soul.

126.Narrator   She dressed and went to the poorest part of Toulouse.            Walking
               The town slept, and she knew where to go to find what            on stone
               she wanted…..she heard one coughing.                            pavement
                                                                                 in dark

 127.Lisa      Old man, what do you do here in the cold night?                 Close mic

128.Old Man    I am a poor man and I have nowhere to rest my head.

 129.Lisa      Will you do me a favour? As one stranger to another.            Close mic

130.Old Man    Ah, But I have heard of you and what you offer and the
               wickedness and how you seek to entrap me.

 131.Lisa      Don’t worry old man. Let me sit down here with you in           Close mic
               this doorway and let me tell you a tale.

132.Narrator   And she told him the story of Michael from beginning              Lisa
               to end.                                                          talking
                                                                               about the
 133.Lisa      And now I am his wife, whom he bought with his soul.
               But I was meant to his saviour. If I went to him myself
               and offered to buy the bottle he would refuse. But if
               you go, he will sell it eagerly. I will wait here while you
               will buy it for four centimes, and I will buy it again for 3.
               And the Lord forgive and protect me!
134.Old Man    If you’re lying to me, I think God will strike you dead.

  135.Lisa     He will! Be sure he will! I could not be so treacherous.

136.Old Man    Give me 4 centimes and await me here.                        Small
                                                                           amount of
137.Narrator   Now, as Lisa waited in the street, her spirit died. The      Wind in
               wind blew the trees in the avenue and it seemed to her        trees
               the rushing of the flames of hell.

138.Narrator   Then she saw the old man returning, and he had the            Foot
               bottle in his hand                                            steps
139. Old Man   I have done what you asked. I left your husband
               weeping like a child but tonight he will sleep easy.

  140.Lisa     Before you give me the bottle, take the good with the
               evil, - ask to be delivered from your cough and for
               money and a house with a bed to rest.

141.Old Man    (Cough) I am an old man and too near the grave take
               favour from the devil. Let me keep the bottle. I am old,
               and can never more be happy in this world, and as for
               the next …..
  142.Lisa     Give it to me! There is your money. Do you think I am
               so base as that? Give me the bottle!

143.Narrator   Lisa returned to the house, where she found Michael
               asleep and content.
  144.Lisa     Now, my husband, it is your turn to sleep. When you         whispers
               wake, all will be well with your life. But for poor Lisa,
               alas! No more smiles, whether in earth or heaven.

145.Narrator   Late in the morning her husband woke her and gave           Michael
               her the good news. He seemed so overjoyed he paid             talk
               no notice of her distress.                                  excitedly

146.Michael    A worthy old man he seemed. But no one can judge by
               appearances- Who knows what the old alkie spent on
               the booze and it free must have turned his mind

  147.Lisa     (HUMBLY) My husband, his purpose may have been

148.Michael    (LAUGHS ANGRILY) An old soak, I tell you; The bottle
               was hard enough to sell at 4 centimes, and at 3 it will
               be quite impossible. The margin is not wide enough
               the thing begins to smell of scorching. Whoever had
               that bottle now will carry it to the pit.

 149.Lisa      Is it not a terrible thing to save oneself by the eternal
               ruin of another? I pray for the poor holder.

150.Michael    (bitter) You may be filled with sadness but you don’t
               have a thought for me at all.

 151.Lisa      I am ill and down. Excuse me. I am out of sorts.

152.Narrator   Michael had more anger than ever because he thought
               she was brooding over the fate of the old man when
               she should have been happy for him.

153.Michael    Your husband is just saved from eternal ruin, which he
               encountered for the love of you - and you are not

154.Narrator   Out he went furious, and wandered in the town and
               began drinking.

                                                                           Bar room

155.Narrator   Now there was an old German drinking with him. He
               had a low mind and a foul mouth. He loved to drink
               and to see others drunken, and he pressed drink upon
               Michael not that it took to much to press and soon their
               pockets were empty.

156.German     Here, you! You're always saying you are rich. You
               have a trick bottle or some foolishness.

157.Michael    Yes, I am rich. I will go back and get some money from
               my wife, who looks after it.
158.German     That's a bad idea. Never trust a woman with money.
               They're all false and after you cash… You keep an
               eye on your wealth and an eye on her she’ll do away
               and take your money for her lover.

159.Narrator   Now this stuck in Michael's mind, for he was muddled
               with drink.

160.Michael    I should not wonder indeed. Why else should she be
               so down at my deliverance? But I will show her I am
               not a man to be fooled. I will catch her in the act.

161.Narrator   And so, when Michael got back to his house he crept
               very quietly in and there he saw Lisa and before her
               was a milk- white bottle with a round belly and a long
               neck, and she wept. For a long time Michael stood and
               looked in the doorway. He was fearful that the bargain
               had been made was void and the bottle had come
               back to him again and then he had another thought,
               even more terrible.

162.Michael    I must make sure of this.

163.Narrator   So he quietly crept out of the house, and then came         Enter
               noisily in and by the time he opened the door, no bottle    house
               was to be seen, and Lisa sat in a chair, and started up,    noisily
               like one awakened out of sleep.

164.Michael    (drunkenly) I have been drinking with good
               companions, and now I have only come back for
               money, and will return to drink and with them again.

164.Narrator   And he went straight to the safe and took out money.
               But there was no bottle there and he knew that Lisa
               had bought it and hidden it from him

166.Michael    Lisa, I said to you today what ill became me. Now I
               return to drink with my jolly companions. (LAUGHS
               QUIETLY) I will be happier if you forgive me.

 167. Lisa     Of course, I ask but a kind word!

169.Michael    Let us never again think badly of each other.

170.Narrator   At the corner, by the bar, the old German was waiting.       Walking
                                                                             to bar

                                                                            Bar room

171.Michael    My wife has the bottle, and unless you help me
               recover it, there can be no more money and no more
               liquor tonight.

172.German     You don't mean to say you're serious about that damn

173.Michael    Do I look as if I was jesting?

174.German     No. You look as serious as a ghost.

175.Michael    Well, then, here are 2 centimes. You just go to my wife
               in the house and offer her these for the bottle, which, I
               am quite sure, she will give you instantly. Bring it to me
               here and I will buy it back from you for 1 centime. It’s
               the law with this bottle, that it still must be sold for a
               less sum. But whatever you do, never breathe a word
               to her that you have come from me. As soon as you
               are clear of the house, wish to have your pocket full of
               money, or a bottle of the best rum, or what you please,
               and you will see the virtue of the thing.

176.Narrator   So the man went off up the avenue. It seemed a long
               time that Michael waited before he heard him return.

               He had the devil's bottle in one hand and a bottle of
               rum in the other.                                             Drunker
                                                                            singing in
177.Michael   You have it, then.

178.German    and money in my pocket.

179.Michael   Then I will buy the bottle back from you.

180.German    (laughing)Buy it back?

181.Michael   Here is the one centime as we agreed.

182.German    Do you take me for a fool?

183.Michael   You would be a fool not to rid yourself of the bottle
              while you have the chance.

184.German    Why should I ever want to get rid it?

185.Michael   Because of what I told you about the devil.

186.German    The devil take the devil.

187.Michael   You do not fear hell?

188.German    Years ago I killed in cold blood. Just for the love of the
              seeing them die. They fell in that pit under my gun and
              those who survived groaning I put my pistol to their
              head and sent them on their way. I did it for the
              fatherland and I don’t repent even now, there's nothing
              I'm afraid of. Besides, I'm bound for hell when I die,
              with or without the help of your bottle. And then again,
              where else would I go to be with all my old friends
              again. They're all down there waiting for me, and I
              wouldn't want to disappoint them.

189.Michael   You are truly not afraid?

190.German    Not while there's much more rum where this came              Bottle on
              from.                                                          table..
                                                                           pour drink
191.Michael    Until your end you can drink all the rum in the world, if
               you wish.

192.German     That I will.

193.Michael    And good luck to you.

194.German     Will you drink my health?

195.Michael    I'll wish you goodnight I have business at home.

196.German     Then I'll drink my own. (SINGS "Lili Marlene")                Singing

197.Narrator   Michael ran to Lisa light as the wind; and great was
               their joy that night, and great, since then, has been the
               peace of their days in the Bright House on the coast
               with the orchard and the pools inside and out. Michael
               at last satisfied with his lot with Lisa to guard and guide
               and save him when he is lost.