Citizenship Denmark

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					Citizenship Denmark
 •Skærbæk skole Comenius
      •Skærbæk Plant
           • Sports
        • Royal family
       • Madsbypaken
     • Legoland Billund
        • Copenhagen
• Denmark's Prime Minister
        • Attractions
          • ANHOLT
Skærbæk school comemius
              Head teacher
• Our head teacher’s name is Poul Jakobsen
 He runs the school
                 Multi track
• In 2009 our Multi track was finished
• We use it to play football, basketball and
  hockey on.
• The teachers give us a lot of homework
• The teachers are very nice and funny
 At Skærbæk school there are about 260
Our subjects are: Danish, English, PE, Religion,
 Maths, History, Art, wood work and science.
Steffen E.J
 Jonas K.J
               Information on
• Skærbæk-Plant has since 1951 been in
  Skærbæk on the north side of the Kolding
• The plant has a capacity of 392 MW plant
  consists of a gas-fired brick. Block 3 was
  commissioned in 1997. It is especially natural
  gas used for electricity production and district
  heating, but the plant also uses oil. And
  Skærbæk-Plant deliver power throughout
  Skærbæk and in parts of taulov.
 More information on Skærbæk-Plant
• Skærbæk-Plant is a power and heat generators with a
  total input of 845 MW. This means that the company
  • approval obligation, under Schedule G 101 in
  executive order No. 943 of 16 September 2004 on
  approval of listed company
  • environmental reporting obligation pursuant to
  Executive Order No. 594 of 5 July 2002 on certain listed
  companies required to prepare
  green accounts
Skærbæk Plant
            Elbohallen is a place
      where people can do sports.
      For example you can can do:
  Football, Handball, Badminton, Tennis,
  Gymnastic, Zumba, Step and Shooting.

           But people mostly play
handball, football, gymnastic and badminton
          We’ve got a club

Sometimes we drive to other clubs and play
 against them. But it’s only in football and
           handball we do this.
   We have a tournament every year in
   handball and football. But mostly in
Family Team
Parent / child - Skærbæk
Parent / child - Taulov
Fresh Girls 3 - 4 years
Charles Keep
Keep Moving - from 20 years
Rhythm Girls 12 - 18 years
Cool chick 5 - 6 years
Senior Gymnastics
Spring - Intermediate
Skip 0th - 2 pm. Boys
Skip 0th - 2 pm. Girls
Spring Boys & Girls 3rd - 4 pm.
Spring Boys & Girls 5th - 7 pm.
Step - Tuesday
Step - Thursday
                                      In gymnastic, we have
Chair Exercise - Skærbæk
Chair Exercise 1 - Taulov
                                      teams from 3 year old
Chair Exercise 2 - Taulov                 kids, to adults.
Tricking and freerunning
Weekend trip
In football, we sometimes play football
      matches against other clubs.
And some times we are at competitions.
  Those who are younger than us win
  medals if they win a football match.
In handball we have got teams from 5 years old
   to adults. They train two times a week. And
     sometimes we play a tournament in the
Royal family
Royal family Picture
           The royal family

• The queen Margrethe
• And the prince Henrik
                     The royal family
• Crown Prince Frederick and crown Princess

• And the kids Isabella and Christian
        What is Madsbyparken
o Madsbyparken is a park where you can play
o There is a Mini town, which is Fredericia built
  in miniature
o You can sail in small boats
o You can play on the playground
o You can visit the animals in the park
               Mini town

•The Mini town is a reconstruction of Fredericia from 1849.
• The houses are build in a scale of 1:10
• They make about 40 – 50 houses every year
                The lake

•The lake is small and filled with swans and ducks
•You can rent a rowing boat and go sailing
Map of the park Madsby
The is the Danish legostadium
           Amalienborg in lego
           Copenhagen in lego
• This is Amalienborg   • This is Copenhagen
      Mount Rushmore in lego
• This is mount Rushmore
            •LEGOLAND Billund has a mini-town

•In LEGOLAND Billund you can try power rumble, pirate cave,
   timberland rides, monorail, frog jumps and much more

    LEGOLAND Billund is over
Here is LEGOLAND Billund
• Page 1_Amalienborg.
• page 2_ the little mermaid.
• Page 3_The Royal Teatre.
•Page 4_ Parken.
• Page 5_strøget.

•Made of: Thea and Sidse.
   Copenhagen is
   Denmark’s capital.
   It is very beautiful.
   Our queen is
   Margrethe 2.
   She lives in
   When the flag is
   up, the Queen is

pictue of Queen Margrethe 2.
            The Little Mermaid.
H.C Andersen is famous all
  over the world with his
  fairytales. H.C Andersen
  was born in Odense in
  Denmark. The Little
  Mermaid is a fairy tale by
  H.C Andersen. The Little
  Mermaid statue was
  made in 1913 in
  Copenhagen. But in 2010
  she is in China for Expo
            The Royal Theatre
The Royal theatre
is Denmark’s
biggest theatre.
The theatre has
been there for 250
years and it was
built in 1760. By
now the theatre
has 6 scenes and
there are over
1000 employees.
Parken is Denmark’s
biggest foodball
pitch. It is big.
Parken was first a
sports park but then
in 1992 it was
demolished and
then the new Park
was made. Now the
Park is made to
football matches and
Strøget is a famous
pedestrian street in
Copenhagen. Strøget
is in the middle of
Copenhagen . Støget
is 1.1 kilometres
long and there are a
lot of shops.
        Denmark's Prime Minister

Lars Løkke Rasmussen,
Is the Prime Minister of Denmark.
He lives in Græsted in North Sjælland.
He has ben Prime Minister in
Denmark since 2009
              H.C. Andersen
H.C. Andersen has written
many stories f. x:
Small Claus and large Claus
Princes at the pea
The little mermaid
The fly suitcase
And many more.
           Caroline Wozniakci
Caroline Wozniakci is Denmark’s best tennis
Player, she reaches many finals and has won a lot
She has a big hearts, a big talent and a big smile.
               Dirch Passer
• Dirch Passer was a very known actor many
  years back. Back in the black-white movies. He
  does not live today.
              Anja Andersen
Anja Andersen is very known in Denmark.
She is a famous handball player, in Denmark,
Norway and Germany.
Today she does not play handball, she is a coach.

•Funfair in Copenhagen
              Funfair in Copenhagen
• The Demon (a long roller coaster)
• The Freefall ( flying up and falling down)

  The Demon
• The Funfair is a big family park area.
• There are many fun things you can try at
• Around Christmas it is beautifully rich and
• The Pirat (worlds 6. best roller coaster)
• The Eagle (driving round and round and

The Pirat

                                      The Eagle
• Djurs-amusement park is very well known in
  Denmark because there are so many rides
• Waterpark (It is Denmarks biggest)
• Bowling

• Lalandia is a kind of family-stay place where
  there are shops and family- restaurant
• Lalandia is most famous for its water park,
  which has both large and small roller coaster
  set is both large and small and there is a place
  where you just have to spray water at people
  you do not know.
                 amusement south
• The Tornado ( a lot of loops )

• The tornado
               amusement south
• amusement-South is most famous sheep
  Tornado, there are a lot of tough scrutiny and
  there are many things you can try as there are
  both large and small.
• The lightning (its driving very fast)
• 4-D movie (it seems alive)
• It is an amusement park which place
  completely out in the woods and it is very well
  known sheep lightning (Denmark's fastest

• They also ended up getting their new 4-D
Where is it?
         Anholt is known for:
• Denmarks ownly desert
• A good beach
• A good holiday place
                 Anholt has:
• Ice ceam
• A port
• A good beach
Anholt from the top
    The best thing about Anholt:
• The desert
• There are very fine sand
• It is very hot
A crab from Anholt
     a big guy
Stone from Anholt