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Useful or Useless?

The word that always comes up when people are under stress in a
particular situation or condition, and more funny
Again we often hear these words come from a small child who clearly do
not understand what it means
actual stress, or sometimes from the mouths of adults who sometimes rada
sok tau.

Why can appear up to this stress?
Well, we start by defining the word stress itself.

Stress is a condition caused by anxiety / fear of something happening.
The definition of stress is a problem that is experienced and considered
important by these people, these problems
can be either an opportunity or a threat and these people have the notion
that he would not be able to complete
these problems effectively and efficiently.

Sources of stress are categorized into three namely:

Stress comes from within ourselves (the ambition that has not been

Stress comes from the work (tasks and unresolved targets)

Stress comes from group (a person's expectation of the community to do
its part)

Stress is necessary but the stress must be to have a certain measure. It
is precisely people who never get
stress would be difficult to develop because of problems she endured far
below his ability and this will
cause people are bored, there is no challenge. Instead of people exposed
to excessive stress
will be directly down because she felt unable to resolve the problems
that will increasingly accumulate.

Stress would be necessary to motivate someone, but every person is a
unique individual so that the levels
stress the need also varies (depending on ability, character and
environment of the person concerned)

Stress can be created, but when you are creating such stress you should
consider your own abilities
when the stress is for your own (Example: when you are facing a test of
rate increases), or the ability
others when you are creating such stress for others (eg managers at
But there is also the stress that comes from the outside environment that
can not be controlled.

How to cope with such stress?

Directly facing the subject matter, if there are some problems
prioritize, complete the first problem that can
You finish, not the most difficult, so you will reduce a problem to you
and not get caught up protracted
the problems that can not be resolved.

Ask for help without hesitation when you need them, do not feel too proud
/ too shy to
do so. Sometimes the relief sought is not the solution of the problem but
quite simply by
looking for a good listener to simply release the pressure there.

Take the 'off' when needed
The purpose here is to leave an activity that can make you happy, this is
necessary when you're already too saturated
(Overloaded), it does not mean you run away from problems because it will
make things worse.

With the corresponding stress can develop into better, because humans are
basically able to spend
best of his ability even when he was pushed.

So do not regard stress as a major enemy, but Embrace your stress and
make you fun to be a friend
achieved remarkable progress.

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