Risen From Sadness

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					Risen From Sadness

Everyone must have experienced hard times. Cause all sorts, could be due
to a broken heart, physically ill, skint aka no money, and the like.

At such times, it could be people experience frustration, depression, and
extreme, suicide attempts.

Hopefully you do not like it. Try the tips below to rediscover the spirit
of self.

1. Swing the body and sing

Attach your favorite music, especially the rhythmic disco or dance. As
she rocked, you can also sing.

2. Smile

Smiling can 'outsmart' the brain. That is, because the muscles you force
a smile, the brain will think that you're happy.

3. Spend time with loved ones

There are people who like kongkow with his friends, some are happy to
play with small children. Which choice is up to you who are obviously
very nice second choice.

Imagine you are pinching the cheek of a young boy, watching keriangannya
licking ice cream, playing in the pool, or do anything. Believe me, the
joy of children will rub off on you.

4. Reward yourself alone

If there is work that you do not like, do not delay. Immediately do so
after it ended, you can give a gift to yourself.

The prize does not need very expensive, can be a pampering at the spa or
salon, soaking in the bath, read a magazine or book, or did not do
anything, munching on two pieces of chocolate.

5. Clean around you

A state of turmoil is making chest tightness. Therefore, bebenahlah. Let
everything be in its proper place.

The ancient art of Feng Shui states that get rid of chaos in a place
means to expel negative energy from there. Try it.

6. Take action

If something makes you anxious, whether it be health, employment, or
domestic life, do something.
Do not let a problem become protracted, undermine your happiness, and
'stabbing' what you should get.

7. Positive Thinking

The consultants will never get bored psychological reward these two
words. Because, ultimately, all problems could be bearable if you always
try to think positive.

8. So people are creative

If it just sat daydreaming while complaining that the world is not fair,
it was clear the world is 'feel' is not fair. You do not have anything,

Find something to keep myself busy, like doing handwork, cooking,
gardening, home meredekorasi, and so on.

9. Write

Many experts agree that writing can relieve stress. Try to pour what you
went through into a sheet of paper. You will be surprised to see the

10. Sport

Benefits of exercise would have you know. But, do it when you're sad, it
could be bringing other uses. Among these are, make you forget the
problems, and bring a new spirit.