Scary Earrings by shuifanglj


									                                         Scary Earrings
With the popularity of skulls and the upcoming Halloween holiday we have decided to show you
how to create some Halloween earrings that will be the hit of the party. These earrings are simple and
can be made in less than an hour. Not into skulls? We will show you some examples of the same
earrings, but with different charms.

                                    •   2 Skull Charms
                                    •   2 Large Teardrops
                                    •   2 - 8mm Round Beads
                                    •   4 – 4mm Rondells
                                    •   4 – 4mm Heishe
                                    •   1 pair Earwire
                                    •   8” 22g Craft Wire

   •                           Tools
                                •   Round Nose Pliers
                                •   Chain Nose Pliers
                                •   Wire Cutters

                               Step One
                                       Cut the 8" wire in half and thread on the large teardrop and the
                               skull charm. fold the wire up so about 1/3 is in front and 2/3 in back.

                               Step Two
                                      Wrap the short wire around the long wire being careful to leave
                               enough room for the drop to swing freely; trim excess wire and tuck end
                     Step Three
                          Stack on beads in the following order, black rondell, silver heishe,
                     Orange round, silver heishe, black rondell.

                     Step Four
                           Make a wire wrapped loop above the beads.

                     Step Five
                           Open the loop of the earwire and dangle the earring, close loop.

                     Finished Product
                           Here are a few examples using other Halloween Charms         266 E. Main St, Ashland OR 97520                  541-488-3037

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