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									              Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)
                    Continuing Education College (CEC)
                            Positions Available

Position description: Teacher or Expert

Job description:   Teaching English as a second language: listening,
                   speaking, reading, and writing. Also, Introduction to
                   English-speaking Countries, Culture in English-speaking
                   Countries, Film Appreciation, and History of Western

Positions available: 2

Application deadline:

Qualifications:    Teacher: BA in teaching English as a second language.
                   Expert: MA in teaching English as a second language.
                   Teacher and Expert: Native speaker of English from
                   North America, Australia, or the UK with at least two
                   years of experience. A preference is given to candidates
                   with a master’s degree.

Term of contract: Six months (September 2006 to January 2007)
                  One year (September 2006 to July 2007)

Work hours:        14 classroom hours and 2 office hours per week is the
                   maximum required. A preference is given to candidates
                   who are willing to teach more than 14 hours per week.

Salary:            Teacher: 3,100 RMB/month base salary paid by BLCU.
                   Expert: 3,600 RMB/month base salary paid by BLCU.
                   Teacher and Expert: CEC provides extra pay of 100
                   RMB/hr for teaching hours beyond 14 hours/week.
Benefits:   A.    Chinese holidays: New Year’s Day, Spring Festival,
                  International Labor Day (May 1), National Day (October
                  1), other statutory holidays. Individual teacher’s
                  country’s and religious holidays as follows: Christmas
                  for two days, Corban for 3 days, the Festival of Fast-
                  breaking for 1 day, Water-sprinkling for 1 day. Also,
                  either the winter or summer vacation with pay.
            B.    Free medical care with certain limitations as specified in
                  the contract.
            C.    Reimbursement of round-trip airfare for those with a
                  Master’s Degree and a one-year contract; otherwise,
                  reimbursement of one-way airfare.
            D.    Furnished, one or two-bedroom apartment on campus
                  with a small kitchen equipped with a gas stove and
                  microwave oven. The apartment also has heating, air-
                  conditioning, free local telephone service, TV, Internet
                  access (service provided for a fee by a private provider –
                  140 RMB per month for unlimited access), and a spare
                  bed for a guest. The bathroom has a sink, mirror, toilet,
                  tub/shower, and a washing machine. Additionally, there
                  is a free daily cleaning service with bed linen replaced
                  weekly. Free utilities.
            E.    BLCU will provide the successful candidate with all the
                  documentation necessary for obtaining a work visa.
            F.    BLCU will secure a foreign residence permit for the
                  successful candidates upon their arrival in Beijing.

Contact:          Send CV with two letters of recommendation and the
                  number of classroom hours per week you are willing to
                  work to: Victoria, foreign teacher coordinator, at
                  <> or <>

Foreign experts currently working at CEC available for contact regarding
their personal experience teaching at CEC:
       Paul Ginnivan (email:
       Dan Jenkins (email:

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