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									Mindset Secrets For Internet Marketing
           By Ryan Parenti

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                                 These successful internet marketing tips are essential to your
                                 success. They aren’t about marketing but they are probably
                                 what is stopping you from success.

                                 1. Suffocate Yourself With Success
                                 Let me explain with a story…

Imagine your a kid who was raised to believe that you would never make more than middle
wadge. The mindset you adopted was one expecting to work a full time job and slave away your
entire life with a lack of abundance.

One day you see an ad to in the paper to become a stock broker and on a whim you apply. You
are only more surprised at he fact that you applied for the job by the fact that you actually were

Your nervous, but you still put on your best suit the first day of work even though it is obviously
of below average quality.

The first day on the job your new boss walks up to you and says “You look horrible. What are
you wearing?” He pulls out a huge wad of cash and throws you what would have been a
months wadge at your old job and says “Go buy a suit.”

Suddenly your surrounded in a world of high priced sports cars and people who are making
more money than most would ever dream of. You are now in a league of people who expect
you to make more money in a month than the average person makes in a year.

And obviously since the expectations are so high, you rise to the challenge.

One of the keys for successful Internet marketing is to change our mental attitudes. If you can
create an environment that overwhelmingly exudes success you will have an easy time
creating success.

On the other hand if you are surrounded by low expectations and ideas that you will never
make more than middle income that will certainly be your destiny.

2. Surround Yourself With Successful People
If you add up the income of your five closes friends and divide it by 5 to get their average
income you will probably see that your income is about the same as your friends.

This is another hidden secret of the original story.
When your around people who make a lot of money you discover how to think like a rich
person. And of course, outer changes are always preceded by an inner change of attitude.

3. Results Get Results – Not Buying Stuff Or Being Busy
If you really want to practice successful internet marketing then go out and work at it every
waking moment. That is what I did to get to the point I’m at and if I am completely honest I
could have had much quicker results if I would have applied myself.

Creating websites, making new products and generating web traffic are all things that turn into
money. So if you want to practice successful internet marketing you should start doing things
that actually produce results.

Buying things doesn’t make money, learning things doesn’t make money and doing seemingly
busy tasks like checking emails doesn’t make money.

You need to identify which actions you take that make money then do a lot of it. Scale it up
times 10!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking there is a secret. The secret is to go out and do it and profit.

Business Vision And Mission Statement – Creating A Business
Vision For Company Success
A business vision and mission statement is the essential to creating a business vision. Business
vision statements are essential for online internet business.

Some people are scattered and just blindly follow every single path. A company vision and
mission statement will help simplify the things you do into a basic principle and guides every
step you take.

Develop A Clear Vision Of Exactly The Type Of Business You
What is the image of the future that you want to create? What are the specific objectives that
you want to accomplish in the future? What achievements do you want to achieve? Combine all
of these things into a complete picture that can serve as your goal to accomplish. Your vision
statement could be something like this.

“Our business will have a high traffic blog that provides excellent value and will genuinely help
people. We will build a newsletter that continues to provide value as well as recommend a full
line of products that will move our visitors closer to making enough money to quit their job. “

It is pretty simple really. What exactly do you want to do? That is your vision. It is a way of
setting an end result so you know what your doing in your business.

What can you be the best at? This is a good question to ask because you want to make your
vision something that your good at.

Your vision is your end result. It is deeper than wanting to make money. Money is just a means
to get what you want when your real end result could be something like to help people learn
more about enjoying life and living up to their
full potential.

Your vision must be shared by every person in
the business. You even want to have your
employees have the same vision. This is
important because if not everyone subscribes
to the vision there will be conflict. If there is a
conflict it can be very destructive.

It should also be clear, vivid and describe an
achievable end result. Making your vision time bound would be ideal. But also it should be
practiced, not just some thing that you “said.” It needs to be true to you and you want to be
the embodiment of it.

The goal here is to develop a clear vision so you can use it to help give you for future choices.
Walk your walk and talk your talk. Here is more about developing a business vision and mission

Your Mission Statement Is Your Deeper Purpose And The
Reason You Have A Business
What is your purpose and reason for the businesses existence and the broad goal for it even
being? It is simply your reason for doing business. What is the deeper mission of your business?
Your vision gives you a clear picture of where your headed and your mission statement tells you
how you will get there or how you will act when creating your vision.

“We will provide results in advance and help them to achieve respect and credibility. We will
help them live a lifestyle in which they can have significance and contribution and will treat
every customer like a member of our immediate family.”

Taking It To The Next Level
You could (and should) make it a goal in your business to simply focus on being the best at one
thing. For example you can focus on doing a million different things poorly or you can do one
thing better than anyone else. Doing one thing better and including this into your business
vision and mission statement will keep you from getting distracted by all the latest fads and can
help you steadily improve your business.

Just choose something simple, choose to be the best at that and ignore the rest. Find out what
works and base it on one or two single stats like increasing the ROI for each visitor to your
business or finding a way to increase profit per customer.

If you focus on small things like decreasing the cost per customer acquisition or increasing the
amount of money you make per customer you will go very far. You can probably see that just
focusing on these factors is powerful and if you can put them in your business vision and
mission statement will steadily improve your business when acted on.

You want to have a realistic goal of what you can be the best at. I am saying that you should
try to find out an area where you can realistically become the best in the world at. But
remember, many times there is too much competition so you need to find something that there
is real potential to be the best at. Something attainable.

Basically you want to do something that you like, that makes you money, and that plays into
your strengths. If you can find something that your passionate about, that pays well, and it
plays into your strengths that is when you have the best business vision.

You want to make sure that these three concepts lead you through your life choices, not just
business choices, and then you will have a clear business vision and mission statement for
profits and success. So you know what you will do before you do it because if an opportunity
comes that is not inline with your values it will take you away from your vision and go against
the business you want to build. So make sure that your choices are inline with your vision.
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