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									                            St. Joseph’s Villa
                     Bulletin #15 – December 2003
May the Spirit of the Season be With You and Your Families
  Remembrance, like a candle, shines brightest at Christmas. Best
      Wishes for a Bright and Beautiful Christmas Season.
Christmas is a time to remember, reflect and give thanks for the people
around us. Thank you for all the kindness and joy you bring into the lives
of those you care for. May the Blessings brought by the Christ Child on the first
Christmas be with you and your families through the holiday season and the year
2004. Paul O’Krafka, CEO

     ATTENTION ALL FAMILY MEMBERS – New Christmas Clothing
              During the Christmas Season there is a large volume of clothing
           gifts given to residents. If families bring these articles of clothing in to
             be labeled before wrapping, it would be greatly appreciated. If it is
            not possible, please ensure that all new clothing is left for name
        marking at Reception or the Nursing Station after Christmas. Due to the
large volume of clothing received during the Holidays, you may experience a
short delay in receiving the item back from the Laundry. Thank you for your
patience. Have a very Happy Holiday Season. Janet Casey x2233
Resident Property Clerk

Cable TV
Residents of St. Joseph’s Villa have access to a full range of channels
through their cable TV hookups. The Villa has a contract with the cable
TV supplier that provides residents an inexpensive bulk rate. In other
long term care facilities in Hamilton, seniors purchase their services
directly from the cable company at over $50.00 per month.

The last increase in cable rates for Villa residents was in 1994 when the
charge increased to $12.00 per month. Since then, we have not passed any
increases on to residents. Residents using cable have been notified that the price
will increase to $24.00 per month effective December 1, 2003. The rate is still
significantly lower than the $50.00 that is paid in the community for the same
program package. We will also be adjusting charges annually to avoid large
future increases.

                The Guild of St. Joseph’s Villa Holly Tree Bazaar
                On Sunday, December 7, 2003, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. in St.
                Joseph’s Villa Auditorium, the Guild will be holding their annual
               bazaar. Everyone is welcome to attend. A great way to do
           Christmas shopping and a great outing and visiting time for residents
       with their family members.
There are two outbreaks in long term care facilities in Hamilton. Our
elderly residents are at a higher risk from the complications that an
infection with Influenza can cause. See your doctor or go to a
Public Health clinic to get your FREE flu shot. Please do not
visit the Villa if you are experiencing new or worsening cough, fever,
shortness of breath, chills, muscles aches, runny nose, sneezing, watery
eyes, vomiting, diarrhea. Respiratory infections are spread readily through
coughs, sneezes or by simply talking to someone! If you have any
questions, please contact Tamara Johnson, Infection Control Services
at extension 2291.

Therapeutic Recreation News
Come and join in the fun at our Christmas Craft Sale and Cafe Corner,
Friday, December 12th 10 a.m.-1p.m. We are looking for treat items for our
Bake Table. Also gift type donations for our Straw Draw are needed.
Please contact Jennifer Croy, Therapeutic Recreation Department at
ext. 2243.

           We bid a fond farewell to Gail Jaggard. Gail has worked in the
        Therapeutic Recreation Department for 11 years. We wish Gail
            happiness in her new career at Regina Gardens.

From December 1st - 19th we will be hosting a Salvation Army Food and
Toy Drive. Donation boxes will be placed on all floors. Please give

Christmas Tree of Caring
The St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation will be displaying the 2003 “Christmas
Tree of Caring” in the Villa lobby. Recognize a special person or group in
your life this Christmas!

For $5, we will inscribe the name of your ‘special person’ on a red or gold
ornament and add it to our “Christmas Tree of Caring”. As a ‘keepsake’,
choose from one of four brass St. Joseph’s Villa ornaments to
take home.

All proceeds raised will support the St. Joseph’s Villa “Our
Family Caring For Your Family” Capital Campaign.

Purchases can be made through the Foundation Office,
located on the ground floor, or through the main reception area
at the switchboard. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors and
Staff, we hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season.
Pleasant Surroundings
                There were several flower boxes installed along the railing
                of the front entrance. Residents enjoyed assisting with
               planting flowers. The Residents’ Council members were
                extremely happy to see the surroundings beautified. This
               project was made possible with the assistance of
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gilkes and Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ng. Thank you.

Ground and First Floor
Residents enjoyed Hallowe’en festivities with members of the staff in a
Pumpkin Carving Party on October 30 in the auditorium. The pumpkins
were entered in the contest for Hallowe’en Day. Thank-you to everyone
who turned out and those who donated their time, snacks, and “spooky”

Second Floor
Residents were treated to some Hallowe’en sweets, courtesy of the second
floor staff. Everyone enjoyed the fun and a big thanks
to those who shared their time and/or donated.

The impact of Free to Live is not just the events
themselves, it gives residents, staff and families an
opportunity to share a sense of community and interact
with each other in a different way. Some comments
from residents and families have included:
“It’s nice to have fun with the staff and enjoy things we may not normally
get or have to eat.”
“They (the staff) are always so busy that it’s nice to see them have fun and
we like the change of pace.”

Staff have said:
“It makes us feel good to see them (the residents) enjoying themselves.
We are usually working so hard that having the chance to just “hang-out”
with them and talk to them we learn more about them and they learn more
about us.”

Enchanting Evening
Last evening, November 19, 2003, the Second Floor Free to Live Team
held a “Free to Live Formal Dinner” for the residents and staff of second
floor, in the Auditorium. This was an opportunity for residents, staff and
volunteers to dress up and socialize in an atmosphere of fine dining. There
was wine, candlelight and music. The residents enjoyed it tremendously,
and staff even more! What a wonderful way to spend an evening.
                               Family Night
                   Occupancy/Construction Information
                           Questions & Answers
There is a rumour that people who have lived here 9 –10 years are not
allowed to go into new wings (in the new towers) with people who
have been here for 4 months. Is this true?
As part of the Resident Move Plan one of the criteria for moving to the new
wings for residents who are presently in four-bed ward (aka “standard or
basic”) accommodation will be based on seniority. This means that those
residents who have been at the Villa the longest will be moving to the new
wings in the new standard accommodation. All residents who are presently
in private accommodations will be guaranteed a private room in the new
wings in either the North or South Wing. The North Wing will hopefully be
opening in February and the South wing approximately 8 weeks later.

Can Residents in Semi-private Rooms go to a Standard (Ward) Room?
Residents currently in semi-privates who would like to move to standard
(ward) accommodation would have their name added to a waiting list for
when one becomes available. New semi-private rooms will be available in
the next phase of construction.

How will the move happen so that resident belongings don’t get lost?
The Villa has developed a comprehensive moving plan that is presently
being reviewed by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. The plan will
see 100 residents moving to the new North wing, all in one day. We will be
employing a moving company to assist with the transfer of the residents’
belongings on the day of the move. Villa staff will pack the belongings the
day prior to the move and will be unpacking the day of the move. All of the
boxes will be labeled with the residents name and new room number.

The one to one volunteer who will spend the day with the resident will have
a list of all the boxes so that they can check to see that it all arrived. Letters
to families asking you to volunteer will be sent out 4 weeks prior to the
move. It is difficult for us to predict the precise move date at this time. The
date is contingent on the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care inspection
and approval process just prior to the move. For families who cannot
volunteer for their family members, we will also be recruiting through our
regular volunteers to help. The St. Joseph’s Hamilton School of Nursing
Alumni has also volunteered to help. The goal is for each resident is to
have a one to one volunteer on move day.

Are there married couples quarters in the new building?
Yes there are rooms for married couples in the new building. They will have a
number of options including moving into a standard room together.
How is laundry going to be handled for those residents who are
moving so there are not problems with missing clothing?
At least 4 weeks in advance of the move, residents who will be moving will
have all of their clothing relabeled with a new colour coding system that we
can switch to once they are in the new area. It is strongly encouraged that if
you are giving your family member clothing for Christmas that you bring it in
before you wrap the gift for identification marking. It will take us a long time
after Christmas to get the new clothing marked along with all the clothing
for the moves.

Is there to be a secured unit in the new building or will our current
secured unit on 3 East be staying where it is for now?
There will be two secured Resident Home Areas in the building once
construction is finished. These units are to be located on the 1st floor in the
north wing and on ground floor in the south wing: each will have secured
outdoor areas for the residents. An important new function on all of the
Resident Home Areas is the ability to secure the doors at any time as a
temporary measure if a resident is having a difficult time adjusting and is
trying to elope without having to move them to a secured area immediately.

How will visitors access the East wing during construction?
The easiest way to get to the east wing during phase II of construction is to
come in the existing entrance at the front circle. You will be in a drywall
tunnel that will guide you to the existing elevators that will take you to any
floor in the east wing. It will also be possible to enter any of the new
entrances and take the elevator to the 4th floor and be able to access the
east wing as well. This will be a long walk to visit residents in the north or
south wings the entrance for each of those wings will be the best one to
use. The new North entrance is at the front circle. The new South
entrance is from the lower parking lot.

Due to the construction work occurring on the 1st and Ground floors of the
existing building, a number of our services will be relocated temporarily to
other areas of the building. Some of those are the Beauty Salon,
Administrative offices, staff cafeteria, bank and Chapel, which will be
located on the 5th floor. The Tuckshop and Smoking Room will relocate to
the 4th floor. Once the work on the 1st and Ground Floor is completed all of
these services will be returned to their new and improved areas on the
ground and 1st floor.
                         The New Provincial Government
The PC Government made it possible to have 20,000 new and renovated long
term care beds in the Province. The major issue relating to the needs of
residents in Long Term Care Facilities like St. Joseph’s Villa is to have increased
numbers of direct care staff. This will help with feeding, dressing, walking and
other activities of daily living that residents need and deserve. In the election
campaign, Premier McGuinty promised an additional $6,000 per resident per
year. This would go a long way to meeting the needs of Villa residents. Please
take a minute to let him and your MPP know how important this issue is to you
and your family.
        MPP                Location                    Constituency Office
Dalton McGuinty          Ottawa South   1795 Kilborn Ave. Ottawa K1H 6N1
Premier                                 Telephone: (613) 736-9573 Fax: (613) 736-7374

Cam Jackson              Burlington     460 Brant St., Unit 19, Burlington L7R 4B6
Minister of Tourism                     Telephone (905) 639-7924 Fax: (905) 639-3284

Dominic Agostino         Hamilton East 196B Parkdale Ave. N., Hamilton L8H 5X2
Liberal                                Telephone (905) 544-9644 Fax: (905) 544-5152

Marie Bountrogianni      Hamilton       952 Concession St., Unit 2, Hamilton L8V 1G2
Liberal                  Mountain       Telephone: (905) 388-9734 Fax: (905) 388-7862
Minister of Children’s        
Services & Minister of
Citizenship &
Judy Marsales            Hamilton       544 King St. W., Hamilton L8P 1C2
Liberal                  West           Telephone: (905) 529-1277 Fax: (905) 529-1280

Jennifer Mossop          Stoney Creek   44 King St. E., Unit 10, Stoney Creek L8G 1K1
                                        Telephone: (905) 664-4200 Fax: (905) 662-2313

Ted McMeekin             Ancaster-      299 Dundas St. E., P.O. Box 1240 Waterdown
Liberal                  Dundas-        L0R 2H0
                         Flamborough    Telephone: (905) 690-6552 Fax: (905) 690-6562

Ted Chudleigh            Halton         100-192 Main St. E. Milton L9T 1N8
PC                                      Telephone: 416-325-5747 Fax: (416) 325-5750

George Smitherman        Toronto        410 Sherbourne St. Main Floor Toronto
Liberal                  Centre—        M7A 1A8
Minister of Health &     Rosedale       Telephone: (416)-314-7900 Fax: (416) 314-7966
Long Term Care                

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