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FAQ: These are questions that are often asked of me. You will go through these questions with
the “trip alumni” members.

Q. What will a normal day be like?
A. Depends on the day – many days will be early, we’ll have breakfast and then off we go! We will often
go to the villages…t hen stop for lunch. Some days we’ll ask everyone to pitch in 5.00 for lunch or a few
dollars for water. We will then come back for a tour and then dinner and the eve ning events. Some days
will be less busy. We will have group discussion and journaling time eac h day. It is important to keep up
with your journals. We also will have a group journal, group video, group photos and group blog
schedule. If you want your photos to be your own, we respect this, so just let us know. We generally
share photos and we can’t always say who took what photo. Also, all the trip alumni will tell you – sleep
is a good thing! Make sure to get some. Remember to wear sun screen and mos quito spray each day.
Cover up to avoid bug bites – ask us about this. Always be aware of water – always have it with you.

Q. How much Engli sh will Cambodians know?
A. It really depends. The kids or vendors selling you things will know enough to make a sale (plus a few
choice words to butter you up or to put yourself in your place!), the college students’ knowledge wil l vary,
but most will know enough for convers ations. Many will have great skills. We will have 2 translators with
us most of the time (Kim, and Thanak). Also – Marissa and Nat e from last year made us our own
Khmer/English resources – see D2L! Ask the YSC students to help you learn Khmer, they are happy to
do so and it makes them proud to do so.

Q. How much money should I bring?
A. This is a personal preference. You will ha ve more than enough money for 12.00 a day. This is for 2
meals (break fasts will always be provided). If you will eat more, eat ―Western Food‖ or order sodas, this
will cost more. Pizza and burgers will cost about the same as in the US. We think $150.00 if more than
enough for souvenirs. You can buy scarves for 1 -3.00, purses from 4-10.00, carvings from 5-15.00,
paintings for 10.00 – 100.00 (that really is a wide range). 500.00 is a very comfortable amount of $$.

Q. Can we drink – there is no drinking age there.
A. Welllllll --- this isn’t a trip for a drinkin’ and a partin’ – if you can legally drink here, you can legally drink
there. BUT if you are underage here, you are underage there. The Official RCTC policies are followed on
the trip. Also, there is never a time to get rip-roanin’ drunk. We are in a new country with strict laws that
are very unpredictable. A wise person is always in charge of their senses. If we are with YSC students
and they are not drinking, it is just rude to do so. Please refrain then. Generally, those who do drink might
have a beer or two, or wine in the evenings or in their room. Folks looking for a kegger should go to

Q. There will be drinks in the room – can I have them?
A. Generally there is a charge – and it adds up! Purchase your beverages when we stop at the market. If
you are not 21 or above, please do not drink the beer. 1 water per person per room is generally free –
not always. It is up to you to figure this out.

Q. Do we have a curfew
A. Yup! 10:00 pm – but it can be ―broken‖ if you ask, have a good reason to do so and are in a group/4.

Q. Can we go out on our own?
A. In groups of 4 you can go out – and we will have a sign in and sign out so we all know where you are.

Q. What about the Course Work?
A. Any questions: please ask Lori, see D2L and/or ask the alumni questions . There is a ―to do‖ list
posted. Go to D2L and log in as guest, guest until our ―real‖ site is up.

Q. In case of an emergency, who do we call?
A. We will have cell phones for Lori, Kim, Thanak, Justin and of course your family and friends can reach
our hotel. Thanak Riche is our Team Leader in Cambodia – his cell phone is: 011 -855-12530221.

We will distribute the cell phone numbers for Lori and Kim prior to our departure. Carry a business card
from the hot el we are at wit h you at all times w/our cell phone numbers on the back – you can show a tuk
tuk driver if you ever get lost.

       Teachers/Coordinators: Lori Halverson-Wente and Kim Sin
        Lori.Halverson@ roch.edu
       Local Emergency Contacts:
            o Dr. Barb Mollberg, Dean of Teaching and Learning
                     Work: 507.287.6009
                     Home: 507.287.5593
                     Barb.Mollberg@Roch.Edu
            o Mark Halverson-Wente will also always know where we are as well, 507.951.8615
       Extreme Emergency:
        American International Assistance Service in Houston, TX (800 -626-2427)
       US Emba ssy
            o http://phnompenh.usembassy.gov/
            U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh
            #1, Street 96 (Near Wat Phnom)
            Sangkat Wat Phnom
            Khan Daun Penh
            Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
            Tel: (855)-023-728-000
            Fax: (855)-023-728-700

Q. What should I pack?
A. Check out the packing list in the orientation packet. Ask the trip alumni for tips. DO NOT B RING

Q. What are our accommodations like?
A. Check it out -- http://www.asiatravel.com/cambodia/starroyal/ view.html (we will admit the photos are
probably nicer than the hotel, but we have been very comfort able here the past 2 years). The hotels ar e
basic, clean and comfortable.

Q. Is Travel Insurance included?
A. YES, see the policy in your pre-trip packet – AND Medical emergency insurance is also included in
another MnS CU State Polich.. NOTE -- If you must cancel for any reason, the trip can not be refunded
beyond what we can still retrieve and you must be w/in the policy’s ―emergency‖ areas (this is very
limited, unfortunately ).

Q. I Smoke – what should I expect?
A. You will need a patch for the flight – 13.5 hours in the air and then rushi ng for the next flight means
you need a patch. When we are in PP, please remember there are nonsmok ers and while Cambodians
smoke anywhere (and cheaply !), others in our group are under the ―Freedom to Breathe‖ norms. We will
try to help you with some smoking breaks – but this is not a priority for the group. One group I know of
actually had a plane waiting for a smoker – we just can not do this. We will not always have time to stop
for smoking, so the patch is your best friend.

Q. Luggage?
A. See https://www.aa.com for the full details – but 2 ―regular‖ suitcases at 50 lbs each and 1 carry on at
40 lbs each + personal items (see below). We will ask you to bring 1 suitcase filled with donations. We
have medical supplies and uniforms to bring.

Q.2 How Much Can I Carry On?
A. See this 
                        You can carry on one bag plus one personal item per passenger as long
                         They weigh no more than 40 lbs/18 kgs
                         The bag is no more than 45 inches and the personal item is no more
                            than 36 inches when you add the length + width + height so that it fits
                            in an overhead bin or under the seat
                            Personal ite m - includes: backpack purse, briefcase, laptop OR a
                            similar item such as book bag or tote that does not exceed 36 inches(
                            length+width+height) and fits under the seat.

     Additional items that will be allowed above and beyond the restrictions listed above include:
  Outerwear such as coats/wraps/hats                    Umbrella stroller for lap or ticketed child
  Book or newspaper
                                                         Diaper bag for lap or ticketed child
  Small bag of food to eat on the flight - see
                                                         Assistive devices for passengers such as wheelchairs,
   guidelines for liquids
                                                          walkers and CPAP machines
   Approved safety seat for lap or ticketed
                                                        Therapeutic oxygen provided by the airline

Q. How long is our flight –
A. Welll—13.5 hours is the longest one and we have many changes ….so make sure to be prepared for a
great flight. Bring snacks, something to listen to, neck pillow, it seems less than academic magazines like
People are great for sharing! It is essential that you walk around every 2 hours. Some doctors
recommend children’s aspirin too for prevention of blood clots (lovely!). I bring ear plugs and a blind fold
too. Also, keep hydrated!

Q. How do we get to the airport?
A. Folks are coming from all directions, literally, so it is up to you to get to the airport by 2:30 pm on
December 27 . We will meet at the American Airlines check in area. However, we can carpool to MSP. –
so that means leaving Rochester at 1:00 pm. We will be home on Jan. 12 at 9:55 pm. we will discuss
who can help with driving.

Q. Can you tell me about our flights?
A. You have the rec eipt of your flight –and an itinerary please do not lose it! I will also email things.


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