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									                        Ten New Things at DailyFX.com:
                         News, Reports, Trading Ideas,
                           Trading Guides and More
For Imme diate Release:
Media Contact: Jaclyn Sales jsales@fxcm.com

New York, September 9                  DailyFX.com (www.dailyfx.com) recently unveiled ten new research products
for traders. Being one of the world’s leading news and information sources for the currency trading community
DailyFX.com strives to continually increase the breadth of high quality analysis it offers to currency traders.

Over the past month, DailyFX.com has implemented these ten new features to the Website, in addition to the
already ten to fifteen articles published daily.

New on DailyFX.com
1) Anal yst Tradi ng Ideas | Daily, published at 9:30 am (EST)
DailyFX.co m will share their favorite trades. On Mondays, its "Pick of the Week" – Tuesday, they cover the EUR and GBP,
Wednesday is the JPY, Thursday is CAD, and Friday is AUD or NZD pairs.
http://www.dailyfx.co m/analyst_picks/

2) New Report for the European Open | Daily, published at 2 am (EST)
Geared towards the European open, this updates the technical levels and fundamental develop ments.
http://www.daily fx.co m/story/special_report/special_reports/Euro_Open__Will_an_Empty_1215409280548.ht ml

3) Top FX Headlines for the US open | Daily, published at 7am (EST)
A birds-eye glance at the top headlines fro m the European and Asian trading sessions
http://www.dailyfx.co m/story/dailyfx_reports/top_fx_ market_ movers/Talk_of__200_a_Barrel_1215427966301.html

4) Third Quarter FX Forecasts | Quarterly
http://www.dailyfx.co m/story/forecast_reports/forecasts/2008_Third_Quarter_ Currency_Market_1215107093519.html

5) Fi ve Most Market Movi ng Events of the Week | Weekly
http://www.dailyfx.co m/story/special_report/special_reports/5_Key_Events_for_the_1215452563781.ht ml

6) Which Shoul d You Trade: Range or Trend | Weekly
Out on Mondays (in special report), using volatility, it determines whether the market is more conducive to range or trend trading and
it suggests to clients which DailyFX+ article or strategy will work best in the coming week:
http://www.dailyfx.co m/story/special_report/special_reports/Currency_Markets_Offer_Range_Trading_1214857539466.ht ml

7) Emerging Market | Weekly
On Thursdays Emerg ing Market FX Weekly covers the ZAR, MXN, TRY, SGD, and HKD fro m a technical and fundamental

8) Technical Analysis Report using Candlesticks and Fi bonacci - Weekly
In addition to the Daily Techs, Currency Crosses, COT, Weekly Chart Analysis and Top Bottom, DailyFX.co m has launched 2 new
weekly tech reports that analyze charts using Candlesticks (Monday) and Fibonacci (Tuesday)
http://www.dailyfx.co m/story/special_report/special_reports/Candlesticks_Support_Further_Euro_Downside_1215412517737.html

9) Countdown on Economic Data
Two or three t imes a week, DailyFX.co m puts an economic countdown to key data. The number is published within a few seconds of
release on the homepage along with a few quick co mments.

10) Forex in 60 Seconds | Daily
Everyday, Terri Belkas and John Kicklighter do a 60 second video on the top events of the day.
Sample: http://www.daily fx.co m/story/special_report/special_reports/Forex_in_60_Seconds___1215123793853.ht ml

Extra bonus |
Emerging Market Trading Gui de and Advanced Elliott Wave Gui de |
Sign-up here to receive free t rading guides: http:// www.dailyfx.com/ page/free_gui de-range.html

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                                                    About DailyFX.com

        DailyFX.com is one of the world’s leading news and information sources for the currency trading

      Wide international audience: Over 4 million page views a month.

        Up-to-the minute news : From 10 to 20 articles and reports every day on the latest changes in the
         currency market.

      Timely technical analyses: Close examination of promising chart formations.

      Up-to-date analysis of fundame ntal influences: In-depth analysis of recent price moves, predictions of
       likely market moves and explanations of economic and political factors driving the market.

        Economic Calendar: Complete release schedule of news events coming out of the G-10 countries, with
         sort and filter capabilities to rank each by importance and impact on specific currencies.

        Forum: The DailyFX.com Forum is a serious online forum that avoids the “market noise” and irrelevant
         personal commentary that plague many forex blogs and forums. DailyFX strives to keep the
         DailyFX.com Forum the place where real traders go to talk about serious trading.

      Free charts: Free forex charts for beginning, intermediate and expert traders, complete with live
       currency quotes

        Live rates: Live currency rates around the clock.

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