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									                                       NEWS & CLASSES
                                                                                                                                     fa l l 2 0 0 9

    (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) brOthers By DeSEvE, figUre Of the night By SHROyER, bill By MARTIN and stairs 1 By ROBERTS

IN THIS ISSUE:                              Four artist exhibition examines
3    Women Mixed Media
     Exhibit to Debut
                                            lightness and darkness
4     Donor List

      Special Thanks to:                    Pastels, photographs and oil paintings will go on view at the Art Association of Harrisburg with a public
      Michael Harris Elected to             reception on Friday, October 23, from 5 to 8pm. Artists Teresa DeSeve of Collegeville, Michelle Roberts of
      to AAH Board
                                            Harrisburg, Jeffrey Martin of Port Treverton and Charlotte Shroyer of Taos, NM, will exhibit their varied
                                            works and be on hand to discuss them with reception attendees. Music for the reception will be provided
5     Greetings from Chairman
      Rick LeBlanc                          by the young duo of guitar and ukulele musicians, Old Time Burials. Leisa Craver and Mia DeVane are the
      “Funky Town” is the new               reception hosts. This four artist invitational exhibition will remain on view through November 25 at the
       Bal Masque
                                            gallery at 21 North Front Street, Harrisburg.

6     Members in the News
                                            Teresa DeSeve, born in Beloit, Wisconsin, in 1948, discovered early on that she loved drawing and creating
      Do you “Tweet”?
                                            things. Moving to Pennsylvania at age 15, DeSeve was often called upon to do art projects for her classes. She
7     Calendar of Events                    attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, eventually earning her BFA in painting
      Violet Oakley Unveiled to be          from Rosemont College. A busy family life precluded her pursuing her artistic career for more than 25 years,
      presented at AAH
                                            but when she rediscovered her art she found pastels were her medium of choice. Currently, DeSeve teaches
                                            pastel at the Wayne Art Center and the Norristown Art League, and has been twice selected in the National
8     Fine Art Meets Fine
      Furniture – Again                     Pastel 100 Competition. She states that her paintings explore the spiritual side of human existence, with the
      Call for Entries:                     element of light the language which allows her to convey the struggle to “emerge from darkness.”
      Figuratively Speaking

                                            Jeffrey Martin’s approach to painting is simple and straightforward, treating all his subjects as “portraits,”
9     Winter 2010 Class Schedule
                                            whether they be human, animal or vegetable. He enjoys the challenge of creating form and texture on a
      Four artist show                                 – continued from page 1 –                                        NEWSlETTER STaff
                                                                                                                        Carrie Wissler-Thomas

                                    two-dimensional surface using the effect of light as it plays across the form.      Shauna Powers
                                                                                                                        layout & Design editor
                                    Martin holds his BA in English Education from Susquehanna University, his
                                    MFA in Painting and Drawing from Penn State University, and also studied            BOaRD Of DIRECTORS
                                    at the New York Art Students League. Jeffrey Martin has painted a myriad            Richard leBlanc
                                                                                                                        Chair of the board
                                    of portraits of prominent public figures, and is the recipient of numerous          Jeff Wiles
                                                                                                                        Vice Chairman
                                                                                                                        Robert a. Potter

                                    Michelle Robert’s photography mirrors herself as an individual, with styles         Martha Brown
                                    ranging from dark and moody to light-hearted nature and pet documentary
                                                                                                                        J. Stephen feinour, Esq.
                                    images. Her media of choice are black-and-white silver traditional and digital      legal Counsel

                                    color, sepia, or black-and-white. A long-time aficionado of the natural world,      Julie Bancroft

          MaRTIN                    Roberts often captures unique subjects and the interplay of light, shadows          Nancy Bartholomaei-Olson

                                    and reflections. Her depictions of the human form range from simple                 Earl Blust
                                                                                                                        leisa Craver
                                    abstract patterns of light, to emotive work, to ventures into complex erotic
                                                                                                                        anne Davis
                                    imagery. The element of the subconscious is always present, with shadowy
                                                                                                                        Walter C.C. Diehl
                                    storytelling often in evidence. She studied photography at Harrisburg Area
                                                                                                                        Richard a. Gribble
                                    Community College and with private instructors.
                                                                                                                        Michael Harris
                                                                                                                        Kathy Marley-Dunbar
                                    Charlotte Shroyer’s passionate painting process begins with a few swipes of         Tracey Meloni
                                    oil on her canvas, and then the “symphony begins.” Triggered by subconscious        Bridgit Wiest
                                    memories, figures begin to emerge from the fringes of the picture plane, creating   Jeff Wiles
                                    images of places, people and times she’s never known in reality. She insists that   William Wollyung III
                                    many of the figures in her paintings “appear on my canvas as if demanding
          SHROYER                                                                                                       aaH STaff
                                    to be seen and to have their stories told in our contemporary society,” with        Carrie Wissler-Thomas
                                    her complying as she pushes colors and forms around their emerging images.          President
                                                                                                                        sales gallery Manager
      Shroyer holds her BA from Ohio State University, her M.Ed. and Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh, and           Terrie Tedeschi Hosey
      has continued her studies at a variety of other universities.                                                     Curator

                                                                                                                        Bryan Molloy
                                                                                                                        gallery assistant
      The musical talent for the opening reception, Old Time Burials, are a folk duo from Harrisburg, with              Randal Miller III
      Justin Arawjo on guitar and vocals, and Andrew Hermeling on ukulele, glockenspiel and vocals. They
                                                                                                                        Brook lauer
      whisper and wail from green valleys and dark hollows, conjuring images of a world gone by, or one that            administrative assistant

      never was. The duo formed in 2006 as an outlet for both members’ song writing and has been going
      strong ever since. The band’s sound is influenced by traditional American and world folk music, as well           Beard Printing,
      as the psych-folk movement of the last decade, creating something familiar and comforting, but at the             York, Pa

      same time new and challenging. Old Time Burials shows are an intimate, participatory experience,
      often including story-telling
      and conversation with their
      audience. In fact, the band is
      much more at home playing
      in a living room, around a
      campfire, or in an art gallery
      than in any bar or concert hall.

                                                                                                                        The Art Association of
                                                                                                                        Harrisburg welcomes reader
                                                                                                                        response. Please send us your
                                                                                                                        thoughts or submissions to
             FOLk DuO, OLD TIME BuRIALS                                                                                 carrie@artassocofhbg.com.

Women mixed media exhibition to debut

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) sWell By SPITZER, Death, Where is thY sting By TERRILL, gentle geisha By SMITH and UntitleD By RICHARDSON

                                Four women artists who excel in mixed media and collage will exhibit their work at the Art Association of Harrisburg
                                December 4 through January 7. The opening reception on Friday, December 4, from 5 to 8pm will be hosted by
                                AAH Board member Anne Davis, and will be enlivened by Tutti Complesso, a violin, piano and cello quartet of
                                young musicians. The four artists are Amy Richardson, Elaine Brady Smith, Beverly Spitzer, and Ruth Terrill.

                                Amy Richardson of LeRoy, Illinois, holds her BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and her MFA from
                                Illinois State University. She avers that there are different movements and forces occurring in the natural world
                                that, over time, form interconnected environments. Knowing this, Richardson decomposes and then recomposes
                                the experiences she encounters in nature to create her own reactions. She portrays her artistic experiments
                                through a mixed-media process involving printmaking, painting, drawing and collage. She has exhibited her work
                                throughout Illinois.
                                Elaine Brady Smith, a Middletown resident, calls herself an artist with a “vintage vision.” She has always treasured
                                antique papers, photos and ephemera, continuously incorporating them into her collage, mixed media and encaustic
                                art. With a special fascination with turn-of-the-century newspapers, Brady Smith uses excerpts as signature items
                                in her work. She graduated with a degree in graphic arts from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has held solo
                                exhibitions in several area galleries. She teaches collage for the AAH school.
                                Beverly Spitzer of Camp Hill enjoys “the pursuit of artistic creativity.” She states that her work is “heartfelt,
                                generated by a positive attitude about my life, family and community.” Spitzer, who studied interior architecture at
                                Rhode Island School of Design, worked for the Interior Space Design Division of Perkins and Will Architects in
                                Chicago before moving to Harrisburg with her family in 1966. After raising her four children, Spitzer began taking
                                watercolor classes, painting still-lifes and portraits. Her curiosity about new techniques led her to creating collages
    TERRIll                     and experimental paintings, with her most recent interest leading her to printmaking. The artist has exhibited her
                                work nationwide.

Ruth Terrill of La Honda, California, has always been intrigued by the way both dreams and waking life can present one with strange and
paradoxical combinations of images. Her artistic inspiration derives from her fascination with this “natural surrealism” that occurs spontaneously
in daily life. By modifying and combining pieces of pictures found in everyday sources, she creates collages that allow her to explore possibilities
for seeing life from a more transcendent perspective. Terrill studied at Stanford University in California in 1971, having received her BFA from
the University of Illinois in 1952. She has exhibited her work throughout the country.

The young musicians in the quartet performing at the opening reception on December 4 are Alex Peffer (voice/piano), Julia Hayden (violin),
Kathryn Hayden (cello/piano), and Christina Deitz (violin). Julia, Kathryn and Christina all perform in the Wednesday Club Chamber/Youth
Orchestra, and all have been studying music since they were four years old.

                                                                                                                                       AAH NEWS & CLASSES   3
      The Art Association of Harrisburg is supported by: *
      PlaTINUM lIfE MEMBER                                     Joe and Jan Bahret                               Tim and Heather Futato                Robert and Donna Weldon
      ($5,000 and above)                                       Mrs. Ernest Burch                                Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gover            Lennie R. Whitcomb
      Herre Bros., Inc.                                        Reneé Lieux and kirk Brechbiel                   Lois Lehrman Grass                    Jane and Jeff Wiles
      The kline Foundation                                     Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ettlinger                    Richard Gribble                       Bryon “Jimmy” Wood
      McCormick Family Foundation                              Chuck and Mary Fager Jensik                      Frances M. Harris                     Curt Brian Zeigler
      Elsie Swenson                                            Edward and kathleen kramer                       Jeanne A. Hartman                     Stacey and Robert Zuckerman
      kathy and Glen Dunbar                                    Richard C. and Jan N. LeBlanc                    Derek & Margaret Hathaway
      Dr. and Mrs. Robert Meloni                               Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Miller                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Herrman
      WHTM                                                     David J. Morrison                                Patsy Hickman                         PRIzE DONORS
                                                               Martin Plaut MD                                  Ann Hoffer                            Arts @ 510
                                                               Robert Potter                                    Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hottenstein    ArtWorks
      fRIENDS & EXHIBIT                                        Jeanne Schmedlen                                 Nick & Ellen Hughes                   Howard Alber
      SPONSORS                                                 Donald Sam Sneeder                               Scott and Mitzi Jones                 Alan Hostetler Insurance
      ($1,000 and above)                                                                                                                              Brinjac Engineering
                                                               Bruce k. Thomas                                  Terry and LaDonna king
      Capital Blue Cross                                                                                                                              CD Warehouse
                                                               Dean Touloumes                                   Joe and Sally klein
      Citizens Bank                                                                                                                                   Conrad M. Seigel, Inc.
                                                               John David Wissler                               William kocher
      Fowler Foundation                                                                                                                               Cumberland Financial Group
                                                               William Wollyung III                             John krill & Hannah Leavitt
      Fried & Davis LLC                                                                                                                               Mrs. Meade Detweiler
                                                                                                                Bill and Beverlee Lehr
      Derek and Margaret Hathaway                                                                                                                     Dick Blick Art Materials
                                                                                                                Harold & Elayne Leibenson
      Highmark Blue Shield                                     PaTRON ($125)                                    Nancy Lenker                          Stephen Feinour and Bernadette Barratini
      Ted and kelly Lick                                       Barbara M. Arnold                                                                      Robert S. Fuller
                                                                                                                Alice Levy
      Lamar Advertising                                        Roberta S. Baldwin                                                                     Norma Gotwalt
                                                                                                                Paul and Mary Lundeen
      McCoy Brothers, Inc.                                     Ron and Ruth Barrick                                                                   Hilton Harrisburg
                                                                                                                Cathie MacArthur
      Milton Hershey School                                    Nancy Batholomaei-Olson and Eric Olson                                                 Hempt Bros., Inc.
                                                                                                                Margaret B. Masters
      The Patriot News                                         Baturin & Baturin                                                                      Hershey Resorts and Entertainment
                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Harold McInnes
      William Singer                                           Edward and kathleen Brandt                                                             Carolyn Longacre
                                                                                                                Gerald Mckee
      Elise Swenson                                            Margaret Becht                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Robert Meloni
                                                                                                                John and karen McLaughlin
      WXPN                                                     Ellen Caldwell                                                                         Members 1st
                                                                                                                Joseph McLaughlin and Claire Powers
                                                               Jacqueline L. Carey                                                                    Edward C. Michener Family
                                                                                                                Paul Nagle
                                                               Donna Carskadon                                                                        Miller & Norford
      SPONSORS ($500)                                                                                           Sondra S. Osler
                                                               Gary and Peg Christie                                                                  NRG Energy
      Earl R. Blust                                                                                             Mary Jane Sausser
                                                               James Cowden                                                                           Patriot News Company
      Leesa Troy Crnogorac                                                                                      Thomas Schmidt III and Donna Fisher
                                                               Steve and Leisa Craver                                                                 Rosewein Realty
      Highmark Blue Shield                                                                                      Mrs. Margorie Sherman
                                                               Anne Davis                                                                             Showcase PA
      Lancaster Gallery                                                                                         Carolyn Shertzer
                                                               John C. Davis                                                                          L. B. Smith Ford
      Lynden Gallery                                                                                            Sandra C. Snyder
                                                               Lance Dietrich Triple Strength Graphics                                                Sutliff Chevrolet
                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector
      BENEfaCTORS ($250)                                       Naomi Early                                                                            Bruce k. Thomas,
                                                                                                                Sprama Designs
      William and Jane Allis                                   Mary kay Fager                                                                         Xpedx
                                                                                                                Jeffrey Stoner
      John Antoniades                                          Susan Fahey
                                                                                                                Michael Travisano
      Nancy and Irwin Aronson                                  J. Stephen Feinour and Bernadette Barattini
                                                                                                                kenju urakubo
      Auchincloss Family Fund                                  Barbara Fishman
                                                                                                                Rita and Gregg Warner

      Special Thanks to: *                                                                              Michael Harris elected
      fRED HaaG contributed $100 to the AAH Capital Campaign in June.                                                                  to AAH Board
      SUMMER SOIREE HOSTS aND aRTISTS generated several
      thousands of dollars in support of the Art Association, and                                                                   Michael D. Harris, Jr., President and
      our gratitude goes to hosts, TRaCEY aND BOB MElONI, BIll                                                                      founder of Ardynn Media, has over
      WOllYUNG, SaNDEE aND JaY DElOzIER, and artists, KaTHY
                                                                                                                                    15 years of marketing and advertising
      JONaTHaN fRazIER, JEff WIlES, DIaNE DElOzIER, JOHN                                                                            experience. As a successful small business
      McNUlTY and JaNETTE TOTH.                                                                                                     owner in New York City, Michael learned
      JOHN TROGNER donated four pieces of artwork to AAH to                                            how to adapt his creativity to meet his company’s needs, using “guts,
      sell during Artsfest.                                                                            ambition, creativity and the willingness to succeed.” Deciding that he
                                                                                                       needed to learn all the facets of business before launching his second
                                                                                                       venture, Michael delved into investment consulting and the insurance
                                                                                                       industry, as well as real estate and publishing. Michael now lives in
                                                                                                       Shipoke in Harrisburg, and operates Ardynn Media from his base
     * all information is correct at the time of publication. if you were omitted,                     there. Besides being active with the Art Association’s promotional
      please let us know of our error and so we can acknowledge your contribution
      in the next quarterly issue.                                                                     efforts, Michael is a co-chair of the Bal Masque silent auction and is
                                                                                                       involved with the Shipoke Neighborhood Association.

                                Greetings                                   “Funky Town”
                                from Chairman                               is the new Bal Masque
                                Rick LeBanc
                                                                            “Funky town” is the theme of the 2010 Bal Masque, diverging
                                 As I begin my tenure as Chairman           from the Mardi Gras theme of the past two years and enabling
                                 of the Board of Directors of the           attendees to give free rein to their inner disco-dancing urges!
Art Association of Harrisburg I want to acknowledge our Board               AAH has partnered with Goodwill Industries, Keystone Area, by
and our staff for their enthusiasm and continued dedication to              holding a clothing drive at the Bal – and what better source of
making the Art Association of Harrisburg the premier arts                   great 1980’s-era costumes than your local Goodwill stores.
organization in Central Pennsylvania. We have had great success
over the last year with our educational programs, exhibitions,              “Funky Town” will come to Appalachian Brewing Company, in
summer soirees, and sales gallery. Work continues on our historic           Harrisburg, on Saturday, February 6, 7 pm to midnight. The funky
building with structural reinforcement of the south wall complete.          dancing beat will be supplied by the popular band from the 2009 Bal
Additional projects will continue thru this summer and fall.                – Midnight Spaghetti and the Chocolate G-Strings, with the dance
                                                                            floor lighted in authentic disco style by Mr. B Entertainment’s
Art is a key component in our lives. Art, Sculpture, and Design             magic. Lava Lamps will add to the disco ambiance!
bring life and enrichment to our daily lives. It challenges us to
explore new ideas and concepts, and to generate discussion. The             The Gadjo Playboys will also return to play their lively Gypsy
various styles and media available allow artists to interpret our           Swing in the Gallery area, where the silent auction will be located
                                                                            for the 2010 Bal so that everyone can enjoy both the music and the
world in such a wide variety of ways. We all have different likes
                                                                            exciting auction packages. The reserved seating area will be in a
and dislikes in food, fashion, music, etc. and our love of art is no
                                                                            roped-off section of the Gallery.
different. This difference and diversity in our lives is what makes
our world such an interesting place to live, work, and play.
                                                                            Dr. Edwin North, our resident psychic, will be on hand to do tarot
                                                                            readings again. New this year, however, is a raffle for the prize of a
I ask everyone to support this diversity and this organization for
                                                                            summer weekend at “A Funky Cottage” on Silver Lake, provided
continuing to bring the best that the arts community has to offer
                                                                            by Kathy and Glen Dunbar. Raffle tickets will be on sale up to
to the residents of Central Pennsylvania.
                                                                            10pm the night of the Bal, at $5 each or five for $20.

As you all know the governor and legislature are in heated debate,
                                                                            The menu created by Jodi Marciano of ABC, will mirror the
as of this writing, over the state budget and funding for the arts
                                                                            “Funky Town” theme with such delicacies as “Caffeine-Jolt Grilled
is in jeopardy. Arts organizations not only fill a vital role of
                                                                            Chicken Bites,” “Meatballs with Pumpkin Sauce,” the mysterious
cultural enrichment in our communities but they also create jobs,
                                                                            dish “Funistrata” and much, much more. The cash bar will feature
help promote tourism, and educate our children. I urge everyone
                                                                            “Funky Town Drink Specials” as well.
who has been inspired by the arts to contact their state legislators
to support arts funding.                                                    Costume judging will again revolve around the collection of the
                                                                            most Mardi Gras beads by attendees, but with the added drama of
Please join me in supporting our local arts community through               finalists being called on stage for audience applause to determine
the Art Association of Harrisburg. Your life will be better for it!         the King and Queen of the Bal!

                                                                            Cochairs for the 2010 Bal are Julie Bancroft and Bridgit Wiest,
  new members                                                               with the silent auction cochaired by Kathy Dunbar, Michael
                                                                            Harris and Mariella Trosko. WHTM is the Bal’s Media Sponsor.
   BENEfaCTOR ($250)            aRTIST/SUPPORTERS:
   Joe and Jan Bahret           Staley Bowers           Nick kutchi         Tickets may be purchased at www.artassocofhbg.com for $65
                                kevin Gates             Michelle LaCrosse   (reserved seating area) or $40 (open seating). All proceeds from
                                Susan Getty             Tom Parke
                                                                            the Bal Masque will benefit the Art Association of Harrisburg’s
                                Michael D. Harris Jr.   Lorraine Rogers
                                                                            art classes for adults and children, and the extensive exhibition
                                Tori krautmann          Mariella Trosko

                                                                                                                                 AAH NEWS & CLASSES   5
      Members in the News
                                                                                                   CATHERINE PRESCOTT’s portraits and still lifes were displayed at yorkarts June 18
                                                                                                   through August 15 in a show titled the Quick and the Dead.

                                                                                                   BEvERLy SPITZER and GINNy WISE exhibited at Studio Gallery 234 in york May 30
                                                                                                   through July 25.
      JOHN BENIGNO’s photographs were displayed for two months in the summer at the
      Salon @ 5th, 316 S. 5th Street, Philadelphia, including his White flowers, southwest         kIM STONE, AAH Portraiture instructor, recently had a piece accepted into the keystone
      landscapes, amish landscapes and by the sea series.                                          National 2009 Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper.

      EARL BLuST exhibited his paintings on Monday, August 10, in the Fireside Grille at           ERNA TuNNO and CATHy MABIuS are exhibiting their watercolor and oil still lifes and
      Messiah village, Mechanicsburg.                                                              landscapes at the Governor’s Residence from April through October. (Call 717.772.9130
                                                                                                   to schedule a tour of the Residence and exhibition.)
      JOHN BOWERMASTER’s large abstract paintings were featured at Harrisburg Midtown
      Art Center’s Stage on Herr for July 3, First Friday.

      JD DRAGAN served as a juror at the annual Haddonfield Art Fair in July.                       JEAN WERTZ ZAuN was thrilled recently in discovering
                                                                                                          that several of her chocolate creations, including
      CAROL GALLIGAN’s Wing/lotus series was showcased in June and July at the Arts Hotel              chocolate boots (RIGHT) and a white chocolate deer
      Gallery in Lancaster.                                                                               skull, are included in the latest edition of “Ripley’s
                                                                                                                Believe It or Not,” which came out August 4.
      CLAIRE GIBLIN’s photos solo road, were exhibited at Balance Gallery in Philadelphia
      in July. Her nine paintings of the snow and Winter series were shown at Doshi Gallery,
      Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, in June.

      CHuCk HAMILTON and daughter LIZ both had work juried into the Berks Art Alliance                                                                             BRIDGIT WIEST and RyAN
      show at the Reading Public Museum in the summer, as well as into The Art of the State                                                                        BuFFINGTON were married in
      at the State Museum.                                                                                                                                         a lovely ceremony at the idyllic
                                                                                                                                                                   Wind in the Willows, Grantville,
      PAT kOSCIENSkI and JAMES kRABIEL had a joint exhibition at Carlisle Arts Learning Center                                                                     on July 18, with fellow Board
      June 19 through July 25, consisting of Pat’s abstract paintings and James’ sculptures.                                                                       member and Bal Co-Chair
                                                                                                                                                                   JuLIE BANCROFT as one of
      BROOk LAuER, AAH Administrative Assistant, painted a fire hydrant as one of the                                                                              her bridesmaids.
      selected artists in the Hydrant Hysteria project conducted this summer by the
      Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District, as did TERRy CROTEAu, JO ANN NEAL,
      and JuLIE NEAL.

      RuSTy LEFFEL held a solo exhibition of his photos at The Late Show Gallery in kansas City,
      MO, in August, and was part of the 74th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Cooperstown,
      Ny, Art Association in August. He also had photos juried into shows in Rhinelander, WI,
      Ft. Collins, CO, Manhattan, kS and kansas City, MO, in the summer and fall.

      LINDA BENTON McCLOSkEy participated in a myriad of exhibitions in 2009, including
                                                                                                   JEFF WILES, AAH vice Chairman, has three photos on view in “The Hershey Story – Hershey
      the keystone National Works on Paper, PA Watercolor Society National Juried Show,
                                                                                                   Museum’s “Art+Inspiration” juried show, which runs through mid-November. His brothers
      Annual International Juried Show of the International Society of Experimental Artists,
                                                                                                   in arms was awarded First Prize/Best of Show honors! He had a solo exhibition in August
      Watercolor uSA and Annual National Juried Show in Harrisonburg, vA.
                                                                                                   at Lancaster’s Isadore Gallery, and several of his black-and-white photos were selected to
      DICk MICHAELIAN, AAH Watercolor Instructor, had two paintings accepted into the Her-         appear in the Portfolio Section of “Photographer’s Forum” magazine’s September issue.
      shey Story exhibition, on view at the Hershey Museum from May through November.
                                                                                                   JEFF WILES had a solo exhibition of his photos called local Colour”at Isadore Gallery,
      He also did the watercolor painting used on the Harrisburg Symphony Showhouse
                                                                                                   Lancaster, in August.
      printed invitations, and then sold at the HSS auction.

                                                                                                   REINA WOODEN exhibited her edgy contemporary paintings in a two-artist show
      AMBER NIGHTINGALE, kELLy McGEE and BOB WILLIS all had artwork in the HACC
                                                                                                   at the Michali Fine Art Gallery, 45 Orchard Street, New york City, August 8 through
      Alumni Exhibit at The Rose Lehrman Art Gallery July 16 through August 27.
                                                                                                   September 15.

      Do you                                            Julie Bancroft and Eric Salczynski have created a Twitter
                                                        and a Facebook page for the Art Association. They are
                                                        using the accounts to promote the Bal Masque, as well as
                                                                                                                                      FOLLOW uS ON TWITTER AT

                                                        other AAH events. These social media outlets are a great
                                                        complement to our website, artassocofhbg.com, managed
                                                        so beautifully by our webmaster Randy Miller. With
                                                                                                                                      BE OuR FAN ON FACEBOOk AT
                                                        all these communication methods, there’s no reason for                        facebook.com/pages/Harrisburg-Pa/
                                                        anyone to miss out on all the exciting AAH events!                            art-association-of-Harrisburg/99350633491?ref=m

Calendar of Events Violet Oakley Unveiled
                                                                              to be presented at AAH
 aT THE aRT aSSOCIaTION:                                                      BY CINDY DlUGOlECKI

                    4 aRTIST INvITaTIONal EXHIBITION
                    Opening Reception – friday, October 23, 5–8pm,
                    Pastels by Teresa DeSeve and Jeffrey Martin of Port
OCT. 23 – NOv. 25   Trevorton, photographs by Michelle Roberts of
                    Harrisburg, and oils by Charlotte Shroyer of Taos, NM.
                    Opening reception hosted by Leisa Craver and Mia
                    Devane. Music by Old Time Burials.

                    4 aRTIST INvITaTIONal EXHIBITION
                    Opening Reception – friday, December 4, 5–8pm,
                    Mixed medIa and collages by Amy Richardson of LeRoy,
 DEC. 4 – JaN. 7    IL, Elaine Brady Smith of Middletown, Beverly Spitzer
                    of Camp Hill, and Ruth Terrill of LaHonda, CA. Opening
                    reception hosted by Anne Davis. Music by a youth
                    string quartet.

                    PERfORMaNCE Of Violet oakley – UnVeiled
     DEC. 6         2–4pm, by Cindy Dlugolecki. $10 donation requested
                    at the door.
                                                                              The play, “Violet Oakley Unveiled” will be performed in the
                                                                              McCormick Gallery of The Art Association on Sunday, December
                                                                              6, from 2 to 4pm. A $10 donation is requested at the door.
                                                                              All artists fight for recognition, but a woman faces additional
                    fINE aRT MEETS fINE fURNITURE II
                    Opening Reception – Sunday, October 25, 1–4pm,            scrutiny, especially when she publicly defies society’s expectations
OCT. 25 – OCT. 30
                    Exhibition of 70 works by 12 AAH artists at David’s       of traditional marriage and children to pursue her dreams.
                    Furniture, 914 South13th Street, Harrisburg

                    PHOTOGRaPHY BY DaNNY HOUSTON                              In 1902, in an era when women were not allowed to vote, the State
                    Dauphin County Courthouse, 101 Market St, Harrisburg
                                                                              Capitol Building Commission of Pennsylvania approached the shy
                    PaINTINGS BY JaMES KRaBIEl                                28-year-old Violet Oakley (a resident of Villanova) to paint 18 murals
                    Penn National Insurance, 2 North Second St, Harrisburg
                                                                              for the Governor’s Reception Room. Mary Cassatt of Pittsburgh had
                    PaSTEl PORTRaITS BY RUTH lUNDBERG                         already declined the invitation, but the building commission wanted
 OCT. 1 – DEC. 31
                    Homeland Center, 1901 North 5th Street, Harrisburg        a woman to round out the cadre of craftsmen they had chosen to
                    MIXED MEDIa, afRO-CENTRIC WORKS BY                        decorate architect Joseph Huston’s newly-constructed “Palace of Art”
NOv. 1 – JaN. 31    JO aNN NEal                                               along the Susquehanna River. Violet Oakley (1874-1961) accepted
                    Dauphin County Courthouse, 101 Market St, Harrisburg
                                                                              the invitation and, in so doing, became the first woman in art history
NOv. 1 – JaN. 31
                    aBSTRaCT PaINTINGS BY aNGEla SIGlER                       to be commissioned to paint murals in a public building.
                    Penn National Insurance, 2 North 2nd Street, Harrisburg

                    “MIXED MEDIa MElaNGE”                                     However, the building commission had no way of knowing that
NOv. 13 – JaN. 8    Curated by Linda Benton McCloskey, Whitaker Center
                                                                              their concession to have the smallest public room in the Capitol be
                    for Science and the Arts, 222 Market Street, Harrisburg
                                                                              decorated by a woman would eventually lead to her painting murals
                    “DREaMSCaPES” BY KaREN COMMINGS                           for the Senate and Supreme Court Chambers as well. Thus, Violet
                    Reservoir Mansion, 100 Concert Drive, Harrisburg
                                                                              Oakley, an artist, author and advocate for peace, became the first
NOv. 16 – JaN. 31
                    WIlDlIfE PaINTINGS BY DON PHIllIPS                        woman, but not the last to have a voice in the executive, legislative
                    Reservoir Mansion, 100 Concert Drive, Harrisburg
                                                                              and judicial branches of Pennsylvania government.
                    PaINTINGS BY PaUl NaGlE
THROUGH NOv. 20     Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District visitors
                                                                              “Violet Oakley Unveiled,” written by playwright Cindy Dlugolecki
                    Center, 22 North Second Street, Harrisburg
                                                                              and performed by actress Heather Jannetta, invites the audience to
                    OIlS BY BRIaN EPPlEY                                      peer behind the canvas and discover how this pioneer hid the secrets of
THROUGH NOv. 30     Martin M. Sacks & Associates, 4775 Linglestown Road,
                    Harrisburg                                                her private life in the brushstrokes of her public art in the Harrisburg
                                                                              State Capitol Building. Original music for the production is provided
                                                                              by composer Chris Purcell. Stuart Landon is the director.

                                                                                                                                      AAH NEWS & CLASSES   7
                                                                                 Call for Entries:
                                                                                 Figuratively Speaking
                                                                                 Member Exhibition
                                                             gOVernOr’s          Theme         “Figuratively Speaking,” which invites artists to
                                                             garDen By
                                                             WILLIAM kOCHER                    enter their interpretations of the human form, from
                                                                                               nudes to portraits, to figures in various settings.
                                                             FIRST SNOW By
                                                             BRIAN EPPLEy                      All styles and media are welcome.

                                                                                 Exhibition    January 15 – February 11, 2010
                                                                                 Dates         Opening Reception & awards Ceremony:
                                                                                               January 15, 5–8pm

                                                                                 Eligibility   The exhibition is open to all AAH members
                                                                                               whose dues are current. (Artists may pay the $40
                                                                                               membership fee when they enter the show, if not
                                                                                               members already.)

                                                                                 Rules         •	 all two-dimensional artwork must have screw

       Fine art meets
                                                                                 of Entry        eyes and wire on the back in order to be hung
                                                                                                 from the picture rails via chains and hooks.

       fine furniture – again
                                                                                               •	 all works on paper must be matted and framed
                                                                                                 under glass. No uniframes or exposed glass
                                                                                                 edges will be accepted.
                                                                                               •	 Works on stretched canvas may be entered
       Twelve Art Association artists will exhibit approximately 70                              unframed if the edges are painted, and screw-
       paintings in a special showing titled “Fine Art Meets Fine Furniture                      eyes and wire must be in place for hanging.
       II,” scheduled for Sunday, October 25, at David’s Fine Furniture in                     •	 all stained glass pieces and fragile works of
       Harrisburg. Several years ago, David’s had invited AAH to present                         any kind may only be entered with a special
       an exhibition in their showrooms at the furniture store at 914 South                      appointment with Curator, Terrie Hosey during
                                                                                                 regular gallery hours. Call 717.236.1432 to
       13th Street, and this fall, there will be a reprisal of that event, but
                                                                                                 schedule an appointment.
       on a far grander scale!

       The elegant room-style arrangements of high-end furniture                 Intake        Monday, December 14, through Monday, January
                                                                                 Dates         11, during regular gallery hours (AAH will be
       and accessories will be the settings for artwork of all styles,
                                                                                               closed Dec. 25–26, and Jan. 1)
       from traditional and Impressionist landscapes and still-lifes, to
       large-scale abstracts and mixed-media works. From 1 to 4pm                Entry Fee     $15 per entry for works under 48” in any direction
       on Sunday, October 25, the twelve AAH artists will mingle with                          $20 per entry for works 48” to 72” in any direction
       attendees to discuss their work, with all art sales going through
                                                                                               lIMIT TWO ENTRIES PER ARTIST
       the Association.

       Artists whose works have been selected by David’s for inclusion           Award         Oil & Acrylic, Watercolor, Sculpture & Ceramics,
                                                                                 Categories    Photography, Pastels & Drawings, Other Media,
       in the Fine Art Meets Fine Furniture event are: William Kocher,
       Linda Benton-McCloskey, Brian Eppley, Kirby Heltebridle, Sharon
       Jenne, Elizabeth Staz, Barbara Passeri Warfel, Beverly Spitzer,           Prize         XPEDX, LB Smith Ford, Alan Hostetler Insurance,
       Bryan Molloy, Brook Lauer, Terry Tedeschi Hosey, and Carrie               Sponsors      Blick Art Materials, Brinjac Engineering, Stephen
       Wissler-Thomas.                                                                         Feinour & Bernadette Barattini, Hilton Harrisburg

       The David’s Furniture exhibition will continue on view at the store       Prize Juror   SUSaN SCHRECKENGaUST, Gallery Owner, Arts
       through Friday, October 30.                                                             at 510, Harrisburg

                                                                                                                        Pottery Using the Wheel**
Class Schedule Winter                                                                                        *          (Ages 15 through Adult, Reservoir Park Painting Studio, 10 weeks)

                                                                                                                        This course is an introduction to the use of the potter’s wheel as well as glazing and
                                                                                                                        alternative finishing techniques. Clay, glazing and firing costs are included. Additional
                                                                                                                        clay is $10 per bag. No new students will be accepted after the second week of class.
D R AW I NG                                                                                                             Instructor: Jerald Phoenix | $145.00
                                                                                                                        Jan. 11 – Mar. 15 | Mondays, 6:30–9pm
                                                                                                                        Jan. 12 – Mar. 16 | Tuesdays, 6:30–9pm
Basic Drawing**                                                                                                         Jan. 14 – Mar. 18 | Thursdays, 6:30–9pm
(Ages 15 through Adult, AAH Lower Level, 9 weeks)                                                                       Jan. 16 – Mar. 20 | Saturdays, 9:30am–Noon
This course develops creativity through basic drawing skills. Emphasizing observation,                                  ** Maximum 5 students
exercises in pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, ink and pastels will be offered. Students will
be encouraged to keep a sketchbook and all levels of experience are welcome.
                                                                                                                        Introduction to Sculpture Using Wood & Metal**
Instructor: Maaike Heitkonig Hickok
                                                                                                                        (Ages 15 through Adult, Reservoir Park Sculpture Studio, 10 weeks)
$100.00 | Jan.11 – Mar. 8 | Mondays, 7–9pm
** Minimum 5 students                                                                                                   This class will begin with a review of significant works of the 20th century, including works
                                                                                                                        by Louise Nevelson and Richard Serra. The first half of the class will focus on wood and
                                                                                                                        the second, metal. Artwork will be made from found objects, as well as materials provided
Portraiture**                                                                                                           by the instructor, with additional materials being purchased by the students from a
(Ages 19 through Adult, AAH 3rd Floor, 9 weeks)                                                                         provided list. Wood selection, paints and stains, cutting, carving and sanding, ferrous and
                                                                                                                        non-ferrous materials, cold weld adhesion, shaping and forming metal will be explored.
A tangible course in portrait drawing that focuses on capturing a likeness as well as a                                 Each student will sketch ideas, study models for review and produce two final sculptures
mood. Composition, light, shadow and form will be discussed. We start out in black and                                  (one wood and one metal) during the course. All levels of interest are welcome.
white and later proceed to color. Working with graphite pencils or vine charcoal on a
tinted paper is recommended for the first stage. For color portraiture, the instructor uses                             Instructor: Richard Gribble
pastels. Students may also enjoy working in ink, watercolor, oil or any other medium in                                 $140.00 (Includes tool fee) | Jan. 14 – Mar. 18 | Thursdays, 6–8:30pm
which they are experienced.                                                                                             ** Maximum 5 students

Instructor: kimberly Stone
$100.00 | Jan.13 – Mar. 10 | Wednesdays, 7–9pm                                                                          Clay Sculpture
** Minimum 5 students
                                                                                                                        (Ages 18 through Adult, Reservoir Park Sculpture Studio, 10 weeks)

                                                                                                                        If you have never thought about relaxing with a clump of clay after a strenuous day,
life Study Workshop                                                                                                     perhaps you should! Transforming a clump of earth into something of beauty and
(Adult Members only, AAH Third Floor, 12 weeks)                                                                         permanence is a most rewarding process. In this course, students of every experience
                                                                                                                        level are invited to learn a variety of hand-building techniques in clay sculpture, building
A workshop for practicing artists working from nude models in warm-up poses of one to                                   with slabs and coils, and the pinch-clay method. Projects will include portraits, figure-
20 minutes, and a single one-hour pose. Artists may work in any medium. No instruction                                  sculpting, bas-relief and tiles. Students are encouraged to convert their own concepts
will be given. All registrants must be members of the Art Association, with Artist                                      into a tangible object. A syllabus will be developed after the first explorative meeting of
Membership at $40 annually. The membership fee must be paid with a separate check.                                      the class.
Monitor: Julie Dlugolecki                                                                                               Instructor: Hildegard Becker
$80.00 | Jan.14 – Apr. 1 | Thursdays, 7–9:30pm (No class on Thanksgiving Day)                                           $145.00 | Jan. 12 – Mar.16 | Tuesdays, 6:30–9pm

CERAMICS & SCULPTURE                                                                                                    PAINTING & MIXED MEDIA
Hand-Built Pottery                                                                                                      Basic Oil Painting
(Ages 15 through Adult, Reservoir Park Pottery Studio, 10 weeks)                                                        (Ages 15 through Adult, AAH 3rd Floor, 9 weeks)

Recommended for those who have never participated in a clay class as well as more                                       For students who want to learn basic oil painting techniques, this class starts with the
experienced potters who enjoy working without a wheel, the class will teach building                                    initial drawing and works up to the finished product. Color mixing and varied use of
projects with clay using coil, slab and free-form techniques. Clay, glazing and firing coasts                           media are included in the lesson plan. This class is designed for both the beginner and
                                                                                                                        those who paint casually. Please call for a supply list.
are included. Additional clay may be purchased at $10 per bag.
                                                                                                                        Instructor: Jonathan Frazier
Instructor: Carlton Hoke
                                                                                                                        $100.00 | Jan. 11 – Mar. 8 | Mondays, 7–9pm
$145.00 | Jan. 11 - Mar.15 | Mondays, 6–8:30pm

advanced Glazing Techniques                                                                                             Basic acrylic Painting
(Ages 15 through Adult, Reservoir Park Pottery Studio, 10 weeks)                                                        (Ages 15 through Adult, AAH Third Floor, 9 weeks)

Students who are confident in pottery via hand-building or wheel-throwing will                                          Students will learn the handling of acrylic paints while experimenting with different
learn exciting methods of mixing and applying glazes. The focus of the class will be                                    painting surfaces such as canvas, gesso board, or gesso-coated watercolor paper.
on the technical aspects to formulate, document and achieve consistent results in                                       Students will have the opportunity to learn glazing, palette knife use, or developing
personally-unique glazes. Students are encouraged to pursue individual areas of interest                                their own technique. Subject matter will consist of still life, photographs, and clothed
in specific glaze types and techniques, and prior basic glaze experience is preferred.                                  models. There will be emphasis on color and composition as well. The class is open to
Email the instructor with questions at rpa126@gmail.com.                                                                both beginners and those wishing to improve their skills.

Instructors: Rachel Atar                                                                                                Instructor: kathy Busillo
$145.00 | Jan. 13 – Mar.17 | Wednesdays, 6–8:30pm                                                                       $100.00 | Jan. 12 – Mar. 9 | Tuesdays, 7–9pm

* all registered students will be sent a confirmation and supply lists for any class where needed. Please visit artassocofhbg.com for possible changes in above schedule prior to start of semester.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       AAH NEWS & CLASSES   9
     advanced Oil Painting
     (Ages 15 through Adult, AAH Third Floor, 9 weeks)
                                                                                                      CHILDREN’S CLASSES
     This class is for oil painters who already know the basics of color mixing and technique,
     and want to challenge themselves with capturing more complex compositions. Subjects              art for Kids
     for paintings may be drawn from students’ sketches, photos, and studio set-ups. Individual       (Ages 5– 7, AAH Lower Level, 9 weeks)
     at-easel instruction as well as group critiques will be provided.                                This class explores art using a variety of media. Lessons are cumulative and students will
     Instructor: Jeff Bye                                                                             be encouraged to use ideas they have learned from previous lessons. Each class includes
     $100.00 | Jan.16 – Mar. 13 | Saturdays, 1–3:30pm                                                 a warm-up, lesson, and a project. The cost of all supplies is included in the tuition.
                                                                                                      Instructor: Nelly Smith
                                                                                                      $110.00 | Jan. 16 – Mar. 13 | Saturdays, 10–11am
     (Ages 15 through Adult, AAH Lower Level, 9 weeks)

     Students who are new to the medium will receive basic watercolor technique instruction,          Drawing and Painting for Kids
     including paper and color selection, sketching, the importance of design and drawing,            (Ages 5–7, AAH Lower Level, 9 weeks)
     washes, handling of color, and how to be in control of the medium. Students will work from       Children will learn how to draw using pencils, pens, scratch-board and charcoal. We will
     photos, still-lifes, and sketches. Demonstrations will be included. Experienced students may     then move on to painting, exploring color and composition. The cost of all supplies is
     use this class to expand their skills and may work independently. The class is appropriate for   included in the tuition.
     both the beginner and the more advanced student.
                                                                                                      Instructor: Nelly Smith
     Instructor: Dick Michaelian                                                                      $110.00 | Jan. 16 – Mar. 13 | Saturdays, 11:30am–12:30pm
     $100.00 | Jan. 12 – Mar. 9 | Tuesdays, 7–9pm

                                                                                                      Junior Drawing & Painting
     Intermediate Drawing and Painting                                                                (Ages 8–10, AAH Lower Level, 9 weeks)
     (Ages 15 through Adult, AAH Lower Level, 12 weeks)
                                                                                                      Explore various types of media including pencil, pastel, watercolor and tempera. Subject
     Plants, animals, landscapes, still-lifes... using these as subject matter, students will learn   matter will include wildlife, landscape, portraits and still life, as well as ideas from the
     about improving composition, drawing, painting and color. Students will be able to work          imagination. Traditional principles of art and personal expression will be emphasized in class
     in the medium of their choice.                                                                   lessons. Each project lasts 1–2 class periods. The cost of all supplies is included in the tuition.
     Instructor: Don Phillips                                                                         Instructor: kathy Busillo
     $120.00 | Jan. 11 – Mar. 29 | Mondays, 7–9:30pm                                                  $110.00 | Jan.16 – Mar.13 | Saturdays, 1–2pm

     The Epic american landscape: Materials & Methods Workshop                                        Clay for Kids
     (Ages 15 through Adult, Third Floor Studio, 6 weeks)                                             (Ages 8–12, Reservoir Park Pottery Studio, 8 weeks)
     This series of workshops explores a variety of painting/drawing methods using master             An introduction to creating with clay. The basic techniques and process will be covered
     works as models. The focus of each workshop is to bridge the gap between the readily-            with the main goal being a fun, positive experience for students. Glazing, firing and clay
     available artist materials of today with a variety of master artists’ materials and methods.     costs are included in the tuition.
     The Epic American Landscape Workshop centers on the methods of the 19th-century
                                                                                                      Instructor: Lilly Holtzman
     American landscape painters known as “The Hudson River School.” Beginning with plein
     air studies, the class will follow the likely methods used to create epic studio paintings.      $115.00 | Jan. 16 – Mar. 6 | Saturdays, 9–10:30am
     Demonstrations will focus on three paintings: “Cotopaxi,” 1862, by Frederic Church;
     Sanford R.Gifford’s “A Gorge in the Mountain (kauterskill Clove),” 1862; and George Inness’s
     “Sunrise,” 1887. Students will begin a studio work of their own design or work on a master       fantasy art
     copy with the instructor’s step-by-step guidance. Students will receive a complete supply        (Ages 10–18, AAH Lower Level, 9 weeks)
     list after registering. For a $15 lab fee, payable to the instructor, the students may use       This class is for anyone who has an interest in drawing and/or painting fantasy-themed
     materials demonstrated during the workshop, including painting mediums/ingredients,              artwork like dragons, elves, castles, heroes, villains, or anything that you can think of. The
     specific oil colors, chalk/conté crayon.                                                         main focus of the class is not to teach drawing, but to help expand imaginations and
     Instructor: Michael Allen                                                                        reinforce the development of individual style for beginner to intermediate artists. Please
     $100.00 | Jan.16 – Feb. 20 | Saturdays, 10am–12:30pm                                             feel free to bring a sketchbook and an open mind.
                                                                                                      Instructor: Gabriel Middleton
                                                                                                      $110.00 | Jan. 16 – Mar. 13 | Saturdays, 1–3pm
     (Ages 15 through Adult, AAH Lower Level, 8 weeks)

     Geared for all levels of experience, the course will cover collage basics and how to combine     Painting for Youth
     elements and principles of design that will help make collages work. Students will learn         Ages 11–15, AAH Lower Level, 6 weeks)
     hand-tinted paper techniques, as well as alternative off-the-beaten-path techniques that         This course will be centered on basic color mixing, perspective, basic composition as well
     can make collages artistically unique. Each class will begin with a demonstration and            as getting a general view of art history. We will be exploring various paint mediums to
     end with critique, including guidance from the instructor. Request a supply list when            find out what best suits each person and to get a better understanding of how different
     registering. The instructor will cover sub-straights and additional collage papers and           paints are applied. These are essential tools to guide young minds to making a well
     materials at a supply fee of $12 payable to her at the first class.                              rounded painting whether you are just having fun or seriously wanting to learn more
     Instructor: Elaine Brady-Smith                                                                   about art.
     $90.00 | Jan.12 – Mar. 2 | Tuesdays, 6:30–9pm                                                    Instructor: Brook Lauer
                                                                                                      $90.00 | Jan. 16 – Feb. 20 | Saturdays, 10am–Noon

Jewelry Workshop**                                                                              Digital Photography for artists
(Ages 15 through Adult, Reservoir Park Multi-Purpose Studio, 4 weeks)                           (Ages 19 through Adult, Second-floor Michener Gallery, AAH, 6 weeks)
Students will explore the art and style of jewelry-making and silversmithing through            This course is geared to new and intermediate photographers and is designed to
education on the basics of soldering, metal concepts, and the fine art of polishing. The        help artists who make photographs as visual aids for their art and/or who photograph art
instructor will give demonstrations to help better explain the concepts. Supplies will be       for application to galleries and shows. Through demonstrations and hands-on exercises, we
purchased directly from the instructor.                                                         will learn about composing, editing, storing and printing digital photographs. Automatic
                                                                                                and manual camera settings, composition basics, file formats, editing procedures and
Instructor: Michael Reed
                                                                                                white balance are among the important creative and technical matters to be covered.
$90.00 | Jan. 16 – Feb. 6 | Saturdays, 10am–1pm
                                                                                                Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras, manuals and a notebook.
** Maximum 8 students
                                                                                                Instructor: Christine Goldbeck
                                                                                                $70.00 | Jan. 14 – Feb. 18 | Thursdays, 7–9pm
Basics of Digital Photography
(Ages 19 through Adult, Second-floor Michener Gallery, AAH, 6 weeks)

New and intermediate photographers will develop and improve their skills in pixel-based
photography. Through demonstration and hands-on exercises, the course will cover                   Important InformatIon for StudentS & parentS
important creative and technical principles. Students will learn about composing, editing,
storing and outputting (printing/website) digital photographs. Automatic and manual-               REfUNDS – No refunds are given for any class after the semester begins.
camera settings, white balance, composition basics, file formats and editing will be               To request a transfer, please contact the AAH office at 717.236.1432 no later than
                                                                                                   the second week of class.
included. Students should bring their cameras, manuals and a notebook. The instructor
will initiate a blog for students to engage with one another outside of the class, with            SUPPlIES – All registered students will be sent a confirmation and supply lists for any
encouragement to post images and to offer one another feedback online.                             class where needed. Please come to class prepared.

Instructor: Christine Goldbeck                                                                     ClaSS CHaNGES – Always refer to artassocofhbg.com for any changes to class
$70.00 | Jan. 16 – Feb. 20 | Saturdays, 10am–12:30pm                                               information and scheduling.

Parent’s Name (If student is under 18 years old)
City                                                                                               State                                              Zip
Phone: (Home)                                                                         (Cell)
amount Enclosed:
 vISA/MC/DISCOvER/AM. EXP. #                                                                                               Exp. Date
Name (as it appears on your card)

 Check                                                                                  CLASS                                      FEE    CLASS                                        FEE
 Cash                                                                                    Advanced Glazing Techniques              $145    Jewelry Workshop                           $90

                                                                                          Advanced Oil Painting                    $100    Jr. Drawing & Painting (ages 8-10)         $110
Mail check, money order or credit card information to:                                    Art for kids                             $110    kids Drawing & Painting (ages 5-7)         $110

Art Association of Harrisburg                                                             Basic Acrylic Painting                   $100    Life Study Workshop                        $80

21 North Front Street                                                                     Basic Digital Photography                $70     Metal and Wood Sculpture                   $140
Harrisburg, PA 17101                                                                      Basic Drawing                            $100    Painting for youth (ages 11-15)            $90

                                                                                          Basic Oil Painting                       $100    Photography for Artists                    $70
•	 There will be a $25 fee for returned checks. Receipt of
   this form indicates agreement with terms and conditions.                               Clay for kids                            $115    Portraiture                                $100

                                                                                          Clay Sculpture                           $145    Pottery Wheel (Mondays)                    $145
•	 Scholarships available based on financial need.
                                                                                          Collage                                  $90     Pottery Wheel (Tuesdays)                   $145
•	 Class fill quickly – Register now!                                                     The Epic American Landscape              $100    Pottery Wheel (Thursdays)                  $145
   To reserve a space, payment is due in full.                                            Fantasy Art                              $110    Pottery Wheel (Saturdays)                  $145

                                                                                          Hand Built Pottery                       $145    Watercolor                                 $100
                                                                                          Intermediate Drawing and Painting        $120

                                                                                                                                                                      AAH NEWS & CLASSES       11
                               Harrisburg’s First Fine Arts Organization
                               21 North Front Street
                               Harrisburg, PA 17101
                               artassocof hbg.com
                               GallERY HOURS : Monday through Thursday – 9:30am to 9pm
                               Friday	–	9:30am	to	4pm	•	Saturday	–	10am	to	4pm		•		Sunday	–	2	to	5pm

                                                                                                                 OR CuRRENT RESIDENT

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