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					                               EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN
                               OF THE DIOCESE OF FLORIDA

This guidebook has been prepared for you, the officer, with the hope it may be of permanent value for
reference and information about the things we have to know in all the fields of work of Episcopal
Church Women.

It contains organizational materials about the overall work of the Episcopal Church beginning with
national, through provincial, to diocesan level, into the churches and to you. It has been given to you
as a tool during your term of office, for ready reference and has been assembled in a very compact
form for quick accessibility.

The constitution and by-laws; National, Provincial and Diocesan Officers; the church directory;
resources information will be supplemented from year to year. All other information is permanent for
this triennium.

Each church in the Diocese of Florida should have a copy of this guidebook. Each officer should use
it during her term of office.

                         THEN PASS IT ON TO HER SUCCESSOR.



         2009 – 2011

           Linda Baker
     Diocesan ECW President

  The Right Reverend John Howard
          Bishop of Florida
      The Prayer of the Chalice

Father, to Thee I raise my whole being
 --- a vessel emptied of self, Accept
 Lord, this my emptiness, and so fill
  me with Thyself --- Thy light. Thy
   love. Thy life --- that these Thy
       precious gifts may radiate
     through me and overflow the
      chalice of my heart into the
        hearts of all with whom I
        come in contact this day
          revealing unto them
             the beauty of
                Thy joy
             of Thy peace
      which nothing can destroy.
                                                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

Purpose and Prayers ................................................................................................................. 1

2009 ECW Calendar…………………………..……………………………………………………….. 2

Organization and Structure ........................................................................................................ 3

Diocese of Florida ...................................................................................................................... 4

Past Presidents .......................................................................................................................... 5

Executive Officers ...................................................................................................................... 6

Regional Representatives………………………………………………………………………………7

Committee Chairs……………………………………………………………………………………. …8

Liaison Representatives……………………………………………………………………………. … 9

Outreach Opportunities………………………………………………………………………… …10-11

Installation Service……………………………………………………………………………………. 12

2009 Budget…………………………………………………………………………………………… 13

ECW 2008 – 2009 Pledges ...................................................................................................... 14

UTO Participation ……………………………………………………………………………….…15-16

National ECW Board…………………………………………………………………………………..17

Province IV Officers …………………………………………………………………………………..18

ECW By-Laws, Diocese of Florida……………………………………………………………….19-23

Regional Roster ............................................................................................................... 1R-20R

    Apalachee Region ............................................................................................................... 1R

    First Coast East Region ...................................................................................................... 5R

    First Coast West Region ................................................................................................... 10R

    River Region ..................................................................................................................... 14R

    Santa Fe Region………………………………………………………………………………….17R
   The purpose of this organization shall be to unite the women of the diocese in a program of
worship, study, service and fellowship which will deepen and strengthen their own spiritual lives as
Christians and lead them into service for the church in the parish or mission, community, diocese,
nation and the world.

CROSS – Our life in Christ and serving Christ in the world.
CIRCLE – The hope for wholeness in our lives and for others.
of ECW going out into the world. The lines intertwined with and
coming out of the center of the cross as our lives are centered in Christ.
                  Sylvia Slayton – Diocese of Massachusetts

                              EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN’S PRAYER
   Almighty God, we pray that You will bless our work in mission and ministry in the world. We give
thanks for the gifts of joy and wonder to be found in Your works. Make us so thankful for the power of
Your love, given through Your Son, Jesus, that we may pray, labor and give liberally to make known
that love throughout the world.
   We are women and girls of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, who offer You our ministries at
home, in the workplace, community, and school. Bless us that our lives may shine forth the joy and
wonder we share in Your Name.                   Amen

                                    UNITED THANK OFFERING PRAYER

                      Source of all creation, all love, all true joy, accept we pray, these out ward signs
of our profound and continuing thankfulness for all of life. Bless those who will benefit from these
gifts through the outreach of the United Thank Offering; and keep each of us ever thankful for all
the blessings of joy and challenges that come our way; through Him who is the greatest gift and
blessing of all, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.              Amen

                                  2009 ECW CALENDAR

February 1, 2009         CPC Ingathering

February 20 – 21, 2009   DOK Winter Retreat – Camp Weed – (Fri/Sat)

February 27, 2009        ECW Board Meeting – Camp Weed – Arrive 4 pm – (Friday)

February 28, 2009        ECW Winter Meeting – Camp Weed – Registration 9 am (Saturday)

March 14, 2009           Altar Guild Retreat – Camp Weed (Saturday)

April 24, 2009           ECW Spring Retreat – Camp Weed - Registration begins at 4 pm (Friday)

April 25, 2009           ECW Spring Retreat – (Saturday)

April 26, 2009           ECW Spring Retreat – Concludes following lunch (Sunday)

May 3, 2009              UTO Spring Ingathering

Aug. 28, 2009            ECW Board Meeting – Camp Weed – Arrive at 4 pm (Friday)

Aug 29, 2009             ECW Late Summer Meeting – Camp Weed – Registration at 9 am (Sat.)

Oct. 22, 2009            119th Annual Meeting – Camp Weed – Registration at 9 am (Thurs.)

Nov. 1, 2009             UTO Fall Ingathering

                                 ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURE
                                          THE NATIONAL CHURCH

The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United
States of America, a branch of the Anglican Communion, comprises 110 dioceses. The Extra
Provincial or Territorial Diocese includes the convocations of the American Churches in Europe,
Armed Forces, Haiti, Micronesia, Taiwan and the Virgin Islands.

Presiding Officer: The Presiding Bishop is elected at a meeting of the General Convention by the
House of Bishops with concurrence of the House of Deputies. The Presiding Bishop is the president
of the Executive Council and presides over the House of Bishops and joint sessions of the General

General Convention: The legislative body of the Church is composed of the House of Bishops and the
House of Deputies, composed of clerical and laypersons. It meets every three years. All legislation
must be concurred on by both houses.

Executive Council: The executive body of the Church is composed of representatives (bishops,
clergy, and lay) elected by the Convention and the Provinces. The Council, together with a staff of
salaried workers, carries out the program ordered by General Convention.

Triennial Meeting: The Triennial meeting of the Episcopal Church Women is held every three years in
conjunction with the General Convention, utilizing many of the resources of the whole church and
familiarizing women from all over the world with these resources. The Triennial meeting does not deal
with canon law or church administration. The Triennial meeting is a body itself, composed of up to
four delegates from each diocese, province presidents, and two representatives from national
Episcopal Women’s organizations. It is a representative body, exerting influence through its
knowledge of the church, its ability to provide financial support and its spiritual strength. The meeting
gives its attention to major issues facing the church and society, to the training of women for effective
leadership in the church, to the allocation of funds from the United Thank Offering and worship.
Triennial is important because it covers areas that are not covered by General Convention. Diocesan
ECW sends delegates so that the diocesan programs are up to date and vital. Much resource
material and information is gained which is used by the Diocesan Board to plan a more effective ECW

Province: A number of contiguous dioceses. There are nine (9) provinces in the United States. The
Diocese of Florida belongs to Province Four (IV), known as the Sewanee province. The work of the
province is educational and promotional. There are twenty (20) dioceses in our province. We meet at
Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Diocese: A diocese is a self-supporting group of parishes and missions under the jurisdiction of a
Bishop, whereas a missionary district is still dependent upon the National Church for a portion of its
support. The Bishop of a Diocese may be assisted by a Bishop Coadjutor, who shares jurisdiction
and automatically succeeds to the office on the resignation or death of the Bishop. A Suffragan
Bishop does not share jurisdiction nor succeed the Bishop automatically, but may be elected to fill
that office, or may be elected to serve in another diocese or missionary district.

                                    DIOCESE OF FLORIDA
                                        General Information

     The Right Reverend John Howard                          Office:       904-356-1328
                                                             FAX:          904-355-1934

Canon to the Ordinary………………………………………………………..The Rev. Bob Griffiths
                                904-356-1328, Ext. 11;

Assisting Bishop………………………………………………………..The Rt. Rev. Charles Keyser
                              904-356-1328, Ext. 14;

Executive Assistant to the Bishop…………………………………………………Vickie A. Haskew
                                       904-356-1328, Ext. 14;

Comptroller…………………………………………………………………………Melinda Showalter
                         904-356-1328, Ext. 22;

Assistant to the Comptroller …………..………………………………………………Karen Belson
                                      904-356-1328, Ext. 21;

Assistant for to the Canon to the Ordinary………………………………………….Darby Edwards
                                            904-356-1328, Ext. 17;

                                       Mailing Information

                                  Episcopal Diocese of Florida
Mr. Paul Van Brunt, Director of Communications and Youth Ministry Officer
325 Market Street  Jacksonville 32202  904-356-1328

Mrs. Vickie Haskew  325 Market Street  Jacksonville 32202  904-356-1328

Mrs. Marie Howard  325 Market Street  Jacksonville 32202  904-356-1328

                                          The Diocesan
Ms. Virginia Barker, Editor  325 Market Street  Jacksonville 32202  904-268-5138

Cerveny Camp and Conference Center                                 Office:       386-364-5250
Mr. Joe Chamberlain                                                Kitchen:      386-364-5253
11057 Camp Weed Place                                              Home:         386-364-5213
Live Oak 32060                                                     FAX:          386-362-7557

The Diocese of Florida has sixty-eight (68) congregations at present and is geographically
divided into five (5) regions:


                                   PAST PRESIDENTS

1875-1893    Mrs. Henriette Swart*       1971-1973   Mrs. O. O. McCollum, Jr.*
1893-1915    Mrs. John Freeman Young*    1973-1975   Mrs. Richard T. Manning
1915-1932    Mrs. Margaret Weed*         1975-1977   Mrs. Frances Weaver
1932-1936    Mrs. J. D. Russell*         1977-1979   Mrs. Walter Ebling*
1936-1941    Mrs. Ruben Ragland*         1979-1981   Mrs. James Cameron*
1941-1944    Mrs. T. Frederick Davis*    1981-1983   Mrs. Catherine Brantley
1944-1947    Mrs. B. C. Riley*           1983-1985   Mrs. Edwin Crosby*
1947-1950    Mrs. Henry W. Havens*       1985-1987   Mrs. Christine Johnson*
1950-1953    Mrs. Walter J. Matherly*    1988-1990   Mrs. Bettye Zowarka
1953-1956    Mrs. Stuart H. Dent*        1991-1993   Mrs. Catherine Buckingham
1956-1959    Mrs. Virginia Atkinson*     1994-1996   Mrs. Martha Saffran
1959-1962    Mrs. Rita Zimmermann        1997-1999   Mrs. Marcia Fellows
1962-1965    Mrs. A. N. Perkins*         2000-2002   Mrs. Lynette Matthews
1965-1968    Mrs. W. M. Robinson*        2003        Mrs. Marcia Fraed
1968-1971    Mrs. Charles B. Norton*     2004-2005   Mrs. Jan Walker
                                         2006-2008   Mrs. Marianne O’Neill
* deceased

                               PAST PRESIDENTS’ ADDRESSES

       Mrs. Catherine Brantley                 Mrs. Martha Saffran
       505 Lancaster Street, 1-B               9 Lakeshore Drive
       Palatka 32131                           St. Augustine 32080

       Mrs. Catherine Buckingham               Mrs. Jan Walker
       4308 Galileo Avenue                     4024 SW 100th Street
       Jacksonville 32210                      Gainesville 32607

       Mrs. Marcia Fellows                     Mrs. Frances Weaver
       1630 Ocean Forest Drive                 106 Plum Creek Lane
       Fernandina Beach 32034                  Greenville, SC 29607

       Mrs. Marcia Fraed                       Mrs. Rita Zimmerman
       157 Natures Isle Drive                  7805 NW 37th Terrace, M 305
       Ponte Vedra Beach 32082                 Gainesville 32606

       Mrs. Lynette Matthews                   Mrs. Bettye Zowarka
       1403 Tree Split Lane                    P. O. Box 452
       Neptune Beach 32266                     Keystone Heights 32656

       Mrs. Marianne O’Neill
       645 S. Lawrence Blvd.
       Keystone Heights 32656

                                2009 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS

President:         Linda Baker                       Home:        904-354-7190
                   2129 N. Myrtle Ave.               e-mail:
                   Jacksonville 32209

President Elect:   Roni Kelly                        Home:           386-752-1752
                   139 N. W. Heron Glen              e-mail:
                   Lake City 32055

Secretary:         Julie McAvity                            Home: 904-247-1794
                   1443 Hopkins Creek Lane           e-mail:
                    Neptune Beach 32266

Treasurer:         Lori Harley                       Home:        386-752-6023
                   175 SW Mossy Court                e-mail:
                   Lake City 32024

UTO Coordinator:   Hope McCharen                     Home:        904-757-8464
                   6059 Heckscher Drive              e-mail:
                   Jacksonville 32226

Past President:    Marianne O’Neill                  Home:        352-473-6491
                   645 S. Lawrence Blvd.             e-mail:
                   Keystone Heights 32656

                                   EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, President-Elect and two
elected Board Members.

Elected Board Members. Martha Saffran                      Home:          904-471-0459
                       9 Lakeshore Drive                   e-mail:
                       St. Augustine 32080

                          Marianne Moody                   Home:        904-471-8461
                          31 Beachside Drive     
                          Palm Coast 32137

                         REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES
APALACHEE REGION – The Rev. Canon Laughton Thomas - St. Michael & All Angels



  FIRST COAST REGION EAST – The Rev. Canon Patricia Turk – St. John’s Chapel

 Nanci Franklin, All Saints, Jacksonville       Irene Crocker, St. George’s
 4103 Hidden Branch Dr. N.                      17280 River Isle Circle
 Jacksonville 32257                             Jacksonville 32226
 904-268-3677                                   904-751-4030

FIRST COAST REGION WEST – The Rev. Canon Ken Herzog – St. Margaret’s, Hibernia

               Vacant                           Cynthia Perry, St. Peter’s
                                                10434 Spindrift Lane
                                                Jacksonville 323257

  RIVER REGION – The Rev. Canon James M. Dorn, III, Rector – St. Mark’s, Palatka

 Betty Tyson, St. Mark’s, Palatka               Mary Ann Braddock
 122 Smith’s Way                                223 No. Summit Street
 East Palatka 32131                             Crescent City 32112
 386-329-3934                                   386-698-1983 or 386-937-2074                            holy

        SANTA FE REGION – The Rev. Canon Donald Woodrum – St. Luke’s

               Vacant                           Sharon Richards, St. James, Lake City
                                                4007 S. W. Ichnetucknee Avenue
                                                Ft. White 32083

                                   COMMITTEE CHAIRS

     Jan Walker  4025 SW 100th Street  Gainesville 32607  351-332-6659 

CPC Sharon Richards  4007 S. W. Ichnetucknee Ave.  Ft. White 32083  386-752-0082 

    Jeanette Brode  7454 Colony Cove Lane  Jacksonville 32205  904-743-4830 

     The Rev. Kammy Young  400 San Juan Drive  Ponte Vedra Beach 32082 
     904-285-6127 ext 229 

    Althea Hall  1 South Coral Reef Court  Palm Coast 32137  386-446-5191


    Linda Wilcox  205 Lake Ray Road,  Hawthorne 32640  352-481-3747 

    Jan Barnes  266 Old Woods Road  Interlachen 32148  386-684-2446 

     Marianne O’Neill  645 S. Lawrence Blvd.  Keystone Hts. 32656  352-473-6491 

    CUBA  Bettye Zowarka  P.O. Box 452  Keystone Heights 32656  352-473-3069 
    ST. MARY’S  Sue Carmichael  P.O. Box 3243  Jacksonville 32206  904-354-5075


     June Sanders  8620 N. W. 13th Street, #217  Gainesville 32653 

    Roni Kelly  139 N. W. Heron Glen  Lake City 32055  386-752-1752  

                              LIAISON REPRESENTATIVES

     The Rev. Pat Nahikian  P. O. Box 1057  Melrose 32666  352-475-3349 

    Janet Robinson  2150 Spencer Road, #10F  Orange Park 32073  904-607-7010 

    Virginia Wood  1219 Nipigon Avenue North  Atlantic Beach 32233  904-246-4007 

    UF - Diana Wolf  4419 N. W. 22nd St.  Gainesville  352-231-0658 
    FSU - Skylar Carlson  655 W. Jefferson St.  Tallahassee 850-567-0129 

    Metro Griffith  P. O. Box 40664  Jacksonville 32203  904-272-0215 

     Janice May  1513 Edgewood Avenue South  Jacksonville 32205  904-389-8092 

                                OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES

      The following are approved by the Board as suggested outreach opportunities for the
Episcopal Church Women in their churches throughout the Diocese.

       To have each woman in the church contribute at least one dollar to the Endowment Fund of
the Episcopal Church Women. By participating this way, we, as women, are claiming our ownership
in a program designed to address our financial needs. Interest from this fund will be used to support
the Triennial Meeting and the work of the National Board of the Episcopal Church Women. Your tax
deductible contribution should be made payable to:
ECW Diocese of Florida, please specify Endowment Fund and send to:
        Lori Harley  ECW Treasurer  175 SW Mossy Court  Lake City 32024

       The money we give to CPC provides bibles, prayer books, and books for seminarians,
educational materials, medical textbooks, agricultural manuals and books for those in local and global
missions. The “Mile of Pennies” collected is allocated for books for children.
Your tax deductible contribution should be made payable to: ECW Diocese of Florida, please specify
Church Periodical Fund and send to:
        Lori Harley  ECW Treasurer  175 SW Mossy Court  Lake City 32024

      The ECW supports our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Cuba. For more information,
please contact:
       Julie Sullivan  870 Kingsway Road  Tallahassee 32301  850-878-3754

       Ingatherings are twice a year. The coins dropped in the UTO Box in thanksgiving for blessings
provide grants to projects all over the world. Please send all contributions to:
   Hope McCharen  UTO Coordinator  6059 Heckscher Drive  Jacksonville 32226

                         OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES - continued

       With growing enrollment in summer camp these scholarships are greatly needed. Your
memorials or donations to this fund should be made payable to: ECW Diocese of Florida, please
specify CWSF and send to:
        Lori Harley  ECW Treasurer  175 SW Mossy Court  Lake City 32024

        St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and Outreach Ministries continues to be the welcoming face and
arms and hands of Jesus Christ to all who come to their door. St. Mary’s particularly targets the
disenfranchised: the mentally ill, the struggling addict, high-risk youth, and the urban poor, especially
in the Springfield area. The ministry and programs at St. Mary’s provide the much needed guidance
and support to improve life skills and bring confidence to those in need. In addition to collecting and
distributing food and clothing, St. Mary’s provides financial assistance such as rent, utility bills, gas
and medicine. Volunteers are needed for everything from packing food bags to sorting clothes and
ministering God’s love to His special people. For more information, please contact:
       Sue Carmichael  Lay Missionary  P.O. Box 3243  Jacksonville 32206 

      Grace Mission Church is dedicated to empowering the urban oppressed for significant life
change through celebration, education, and recovery in Christian community. Ministries include
Sunday education and worship, weekday women’s program, social ministries, case management,
and recovery groups. For more information, please contact:
            The Rev. Michael Henderson and The Rev. Sterling Henderson  Vicars
                      P.O. Box 10472  Tallahassee 32302  850-224-3817

         Bishop’s Discretionary Fund
         Church Women United
         Camp Weed Capital Campaign
         Diocesan Community Outreach
         Seminarians
         St. Francis House – Gainesville
         St. Francis House – St. Augustine

PRESIDENT: Reverend Father in God, I present to you these women who have been duly elected and
appointed to serve as leaders of the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Florida.

BISHOP: Dearly beloved, we are assembled here in the sight of God to induct these His servants into the
offices of the Women of the Church. We commend them to your earnest prayers that they may perform and
keep all of their obligations, so that their labors may bring forth all manner of good to the glory of God and the
spread of His kingdom. Will you accept the responsibilities placed upon you and endeavor to discharge the
duties of leadership?

OFFICERS: I will, by God’s help.

BISHOP: Will you through private prayer and public worship, seek to grow in knowledge of God and of His
purpose for you and for the world?


BISHOP: Will you strive by word and deed to work for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in your diocese,
and throughout the world?


BISHOP: Do you each and severally pledge yourselves to accept and faithfully discharge the duties and
responsibilities of the office to which you have been elected?

OFFICERS: We do, God being our Helper.

BISHOP: The Lord be with you.

OFFICERS: And also with you.

BISHOP: Let us pray.
Quicken, O Lord, we beseech Thee, the minds and hearts of these Thy servants that they may be alive to their
opportunities and responsibilities. Save them from complacency and from fear of new ways; inspire their
minds with the vision of a world won for Thee, and stir their wills to pray and work until Thy will is done on earth
as it is in Heaven, through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.

BISHOP: Join with me in the ECW Prayer.

ALL: Almighty God, we pray that You will bless our work in mission and ministry in the world. We give thanks
for the gifts of joy and wonder to be found in Your works. Make us so thankful for the power of You love, given
through Your Son, Jesus, that we may pray, labor and give liberally to make known that love throughout the
world. We are women and girls of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, who offer You our ministries at home, in
the workplace, community, and school. Bless us that our lives may shine forth the joy and wonder we share in
Your Name.           Amen.

BISHOP: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, bless you and give light to guide you, courage to
support you, and love to unite you, now and forevermore.    Amen.

Diocese of Florida Episcopal Church Women – 2009 Budget
 Pledges                                                  $ 3,410.00
 Use of Unallocated funds                                   2,590.00

Total projected income                                    $ 6,000.00

 Secretary/Treasurer Expense                                  100.00
 United Thank Offering Expense                                125.00
 Other Officers' Expenses                                      50.00
 Handbook                                                     150.00
 Miscellaneous                                                150.00

 Conferences & Retreats                                       400.00
 Cuba ECW Ministry                                            200.00
 Diocesan Convention Expense                                  100.00
 Honoraria - Guest Speakers                                   300.00
 Triennial Delegates Expense                                  500.00

 Bishop's Discretionary Fund                                   500.00
 Church Periodical Club                                         50.00
 Church Women United                                            50.00
 Cuban Outreach                                                500.00
 Grace Mission                                                 100.00
 Seminarians                                                 1,000.00
 St. Francis House - Gainesville                                25.00
 St. Francis House - St. Augustine                              25.00
 St. Mary's Urban Outreach                                     125.00
 Camp Weed Capital Campaign                                    100.00

 Camp St. Michael                                             500.00
 Other outreach as needs arise                                515.00

 ECW Endowment Fund                                            50.00
 National ECW Board                                           150.00
 Province IV Pledge                                           150.00
 Diocesan Altar Guild                                          50.00
 National Cathedral                                            35.00

TOTAL PROJECTED EXPENDITURES                              $ 6,000.00

                                                      ECW ~ 2008-2009 Pledges














               CITY - CHURCH                                                                  CITY - CHURCH
Carrabelle, Ascension
Cedar Key, Christ Church                                                        Jacksonville, St. Mark's                                   200
Chattahoochee, St. Mark's                                                       Jacksonville, St. Mary's                   150      150
Chiefland, St. Alban's                      150        150     100      200     Jacksonville, St. Paul's                   100      100
Crawfordville, St. Teresa                                                       Jacksonville, St. Peter's
Crescent City, Holy Comforter               100        100     100      100     Jacksonville, St. Philip's                 300      300    200
Federal Point, St. Paul's                                      100      100     Keystone Heights, St. Anne's               100      100
Fernandina Beach, St. Peter's               100        100                      Lake City, St. James                       200      200    200
Flagler County, St. Thomas                  100        100     125      125     Live Oak, St. Luke's
Gainesville, Chapel of The Incarnation                                          Macclenny, St. James
Gainesville, Holy Trinity                                                       Madison, St. Mary's                                        100       100
             St Margaret's Circle           100        100     100      100     Mayo, St. Matthew's
             St Elizabeth's Circle                                              Melrose, Trinity                            75      75
Gainesville, St. Michael's                                                      Micanopy, Church of The Mediator
Green Cove Springs, St. Mary's                                                  Monticello, Christ Church
Hawthorne, Holy Communion                                                       Newberry, St. Joseph's                     125      125
Hibernia, St. Margaret's                    100        100     100      100     Orange Park, Good Samaritan
High Springs, St. Bartholomew's             100        100                      Orange Park, Grace Church
Hilliard, Bethany                                               35      35      Palatka, St. Mark's                        150      150    150       150
Interlachen, St. Andrew's                    40        40       40      40      Palatka, St. Mary's Mission Station
Jacksonville Beach, St. Paul's by the Sea   250        250     250              Perry, St. James
Jacksonville, All Saints                    100        100                      Ponte Vedra, Christ Church
Jacksonville, All Souls                                                         Ponte Vedra, St. Francis in the Field
Jacksonville, Calvary                                                           Quincy, St. Paul's                          50      50
Jacksonville, Church of Our Saviour         250        250     250      250     St. Augustine, Church of Reconciliation
Jacksonville, Church of The Epiphany        100        100                      St. Augustine, St. Cyprian's
Jacksonville, Church of The Nativity                                            St. Augustine, Trinity Parish
Jacksonville, Church of The Redeemer                                                  St. Catherine's Guild                350      350    350       350
Jacksonville, Good Shepherd                                                     Starke, St. Mark's *                       300      300    300       300
Jacksonville, Resurrection                   25        25       30      30      Tallahassee, Chapel of The Resurrection
Jacksonville, San Jose                                                          Tallahassee, Church of The Advent
Jacksonville, St. Andrew's                  100        100                      Talla, Church of The Holy Comforter
Jacksonville, St. Catherine's                                                   Tallahassee, Church of The Holy Spirit
Jacksonville, St. Elizabeth's               100        100                      Tallahassee, Grace Mission
Jacksonville, St. Gabriel's                 100        100                      Tallahassee, St. Francis of Assisi
Jacksonville, St. George's                  100        100                      Tallahassee, St. John's                    150      150
Jacksonville, St. John's Cathedral          100        100                      Tallahassee, St. Michael & All Angels
Jacksonville, St. Patrick’s                                                     Welaka, Emmanuel
Jacksonville, St. Luke's                                                        Williston, St. Barnabas                     50      50

2009 pledges received - $ 1,980.00                                              2009 pledges made - $ 2,730.00
2008 pledges received - $ 4115.00                                               2008 pledges made - $ 4,115.00

                         UTO PARTICIPATION
           APALACHEE REGION             Spring          Fall      Add'l Dona.     TOTAL
Carrabell, ASCENSION                                                                 $     -
Chattahoochee, ST. MARK'S                                                            $     -
Crawfordville, ST. TERESA                                                            $     -
Madison, ST. MARY'S                 $      249.34                  $     99.00    $ 348.34
Mayo, ST. MATTHEWS                                                                   $     -
Monticello, CHRIST CHURCH                                                            $     -
Perry, ST. JAMES                                                                     $     -
Quincy, ST. PAUL'S                  $      363.00   $    406.00    $     30.00    $ 799.00
Talla., CHAPEL RESURRECTION                                                          $     -
Talla., CHURCH OF ADVENT                                                             $     -
Talla., HOLY COMFORTER                                                               $     -
Talla., CHURCH OF THE HOLY SPIRIT                                                    $     -
Talla., GRACE MISSION                                                                $     -
Talla., ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI                                                        $     -
Talla., ST. JOHN'S                  $      144.17                                 $ 144.17
Talla., ST. MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS                                                     $     -
       FIRST COAST EAST REGION          Spring          Fall      Add'l Dona.     TOTAL
Fernandina Beach, ST. PETER'S                                     $ 1,619.55      $ 1,619.55
Jax Beach, ST. PAUL'S BY THE SEA    $      455.78                  $    437.31    $ 893.09
Jax, ALL SAINTS                                                                      $     -
Jax, ALL SOULS                                                                       $     -
Jax, CHRIST CHURCH - SAN PABLO                                                       $     -
Jax, CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR          $ 1,244.74                    $    1,435.11   $ 2,679.85
Jax, CHURCH OF THE REDEEMER                                                          $     -
Jax, RESURRECTION                                                                    $     -
Jax, SAN JOSE                                                                        $     -
Jax, ST. ANDREWS                    $      283.96   $    396.44                   $ 680.40
Jax, ST. GEORGE - FT. GEORGE        $       66.00   $    146.50                   $ 212.50
Jax, ST. LUKE'S                                                                      $     -
Jax, ST. PAUL'S                     $      636.27   $    940.76                   $ 1,577.03
PVB, CHRIST CHURCH                                  $      5.00                    $    5.00
PVB, ST. FRANCIS IN THE FIELD       $   874.00                                    $ 874.00
      FIRST COAST WEST REGION         Spring            Fall      Add'l Dona.     TOTAL
GCS, ST. MARY'S                     $   278.00      $    310.00    $    335.00    $ 923.00
Hibernia, ST. MARGARET'S            $   935.67                     $    777.84    $ 1,713.51
Hilliard, BETHANY                   $     81.59                                    $   81.59
Jax, EPIPHANY                                       $    123.00                   $ 123.00
Jax, NATIVITY                       $       25.00                                  $   25.00
Jax, GOOD SHEPHERD                                                 $    471.64    $ 471.64
Jax, ST. CATHERINE'S                $      325.00                  $    227.00    $ 552.00
Jax, ST. ELIZABETH'S                $      166.00                                 $ 166.00
Jax, ST. GABRIEL'S                  $      100.00   $    150.00                   $ 250.00
Jax, ST. MARK'S                                                                      $     -
Jax, ST. MARY'S                     $       53.62                                  $   53.62
Jax, ST. PETER'S                                                                     $     -
Jax, ST. PHILIP'S                   $      577.66   $    541.22                   $ 1,118.88
Macclenny, ST. JAMES                                                                 $     -
OP, GOOD SAMARITAN                  $      168.70                  $    113.86    $ 282.56
OP, GRACE                                                                            $     -
DIOCESE OF FLA. - ST. JOHN'S        $ 2,026.46      $    350.95    $    612.00    $ 2,989.41

                   UTO PARTICIPATION – continued
             RIVER REGION           Spring        Fall     Add'l Dona.        TOTAL
Crescent City, HOLY COMFORTER                 $   335.70                  $     335.70
Fed. Point, ST. PAUL'S                                                    $        -
Flagler Co., ST. THOMAS         $    749.62   $ 1,055.35                  $   1,804.97
Hawthorne, HOLY COMMUNION                                                 $        -
Interlachen, ST. ANDREW'S       $     40.00                               $     40.00
Palatka, ST. MARK'S                           $   239.40                  $     239.40
Palatka, ST. MARY'S MISSION                                               $        -
St. Aug., RECONCILIATION                                                  $        -
St. Aug., ST. CYPRIAN'S                                                   $        -
St. Aug., TRINITY               $    619.50   $   789.96   $    407.82    $   1,817.28
Welaka, EMMANUAL                                                          $        -
           SANTA FE REGION          Spring        Fall     Add'l Dona.        TOTAL
Cedar Key, CHRIST CHURCH        $    431.95   $   301.00                  $     732.95
Chiefland, ST. ALBAN'S          $     59.03                               $     59.03
Gnsville, CHAPEL INCARNATION                                              $        -
Gnsville, CHURCH OF APOSTLES                                              $        -
Gnsville, HOLY TRINITY          $    495.67                               $     495.67
High Springs, ST. BARTHOLOMEW                              $     99.19    $     99.19
Keystone Hgts., ST. ANNE'S      $     95.00   $    60.75                  $     155.75
Lake City, ST. JAMES            $    186.94   $   450.00                  $     636.94
Live Oak, ST. LUKE'S            $    462.57   $   578.00                  $   1,040.57
Melrose, TRINITY                $    380.00                $    365.00    $     745.00
Micanopy, CHURCH OF MEDIATOR                                              $        -
Newberry, ST. JOSEPH'S          $    416.24                $    386.45    $     802.69
Starke, ST. MARK'S              $    379.00                $    554.12    $     933.12
Williston, ST. BARNABAS         $    144.26   $   131.55                  $     275.81

TOTAL PARTICIPATION:            $13,514.74    $ 7,311.58   $   7,970.89   $28,797.21

                         THE NATIONAL ECW BOARD

The Executive Board of the Episcopal Church Women USA is composed of an
Executive Committee (five members); one member elected in each of the nine
Provinces; two members to provide continuity elected from the previous board; one
member from the United Thank Offering Committee, and on member from the
Executive Council appointed by the Presiding Bishop.

The board has the responsibility of carrying out the work of the Episcopal Church
Women through contact and guidance with the Diocesan ECW Boards and presenting
the Triennial Meeting. (See next page for current officers.)

Episcopal Church Women have two sources through which they can relate to the
Episcopal Church Center staff. First, the Coordinator of Women in Mission and
Ministry’s emphasis is on helping develop the ministry of women in the church. She is
the staff liaison for all the women’s organizations in the Episcopal Church. She reports
to the Executive Council through the National Mission Committee.

Second, the United Thank Offering Committee has the responsibility of allocating and
promoting this offering. It is composed of a representative from each of the nine
Provinces, elected by the Province, three members from the prior committee and one
member from the Executive Council.

                            PROVINCE IV ECW OFFICERS
President     Margie Williams  206 Honeysuckle Lane  Walterboro, SC 29488 
              843-549-5488 (H)  843-549-544 (W)  843-549-6073 (Fax) 

Secty-Treas. Alsie B. Churchman  6360 Station Mill Drive  Norcross, GA 39992-1873 
             770-263-6937 (H)  770-530-8486  (Cell)  770-263-6937 (Fax) 

Representative – National ECW Board Marcie Cherau  P. O. Box 2907  Tybee Island, GA
             31328  912- 786-5235 

UTO Rep.      Zona Tounsley  407 E. Charlotte Ave.  Scottsboro, AL 35768-1913 
              256-259-4748 

CPC Rep.      Barbara Owens  5 Mary Ridge Court  River Ridge, LA 70123 

Missions      Jackie Robe  9044 Robin Nest Drive  Hudson, FL 34669  727-863-4928 
              Or 727-992-2336 

Altar Guild   Jan Smith  423 Cheyenne Lane  Madison, MS 39110  610-856-1847 

                           BY-LAWS OF EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN
                               DIOCESE OF FLORIDA


The name of the organization shall be the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Florida.


The purpose of this organization shall be to assist the women of the Diocese in a program of
worship, study, service, fellowship and reconciliation in order to deepen and strengthen their
own spiritual lives as Christians and lead them into service for the Lord in the Church,
community, diocese, nation and world.


All women, by virtue of their attendance in the Episcopal Church are considered Episcopal
Church Women.


Section 1. The Churches of the Diocese are divided into five regions. The territorial limits are
fixed by the Bishop.
Section 2. Each Church may be organized to conform with the general plan of the Diocese or to
the plan which best suits its need.


Section 1. OFFICERS: The officers of this organization shall be President, President-Elect,
Secretary, Treasurer, United Thank Offering Coordinator, Regional Representatives and such
other officers, secretaries or chairmen as needed.

Section 2. DUTIES:
      (a) PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at the Annual Meeting and at all other
      (b) PRESIDENT-ELECT: The President-Elect shall assist the President as requested. In
the absence of the President, the President-Elect shall perform all duties of the President.
      (c) SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep a complete roll of all Diocesan Officers and
Committees, Past Diocesan Presidents, Regional Representatives and Church representatives.

                                     BY-LAWS – Cont’d.

      She shall issue notices of all meetings and carry on all correspondence assigned to her by
the President and Executive Board.
      She shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of the Annual Meeting and all other
      She shall submit a written report of their proceedings to each body respectively. She shall
be responsible for keeping records and minutes of all meetings.

       (d) TREASURER: The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all money of the
Organization except the United Thank Offering. She shall deposit all money in a bank or banks
in the name of the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Florida.
       She shall disburse all monies as directed by the Annual Meeting, the Executive Board or
Executive Committee; or in emergency on written order of the President.
       She shall keep accurate account of all receipts and disbursements, and submit an itemized
report to the Annual Meeting of the ECW with a copy to the President and the Secretary.
       She shall keep current a list of donors and a record of the monies given to the President's
Camp Weed Scholarship Fund. She shall disburse, from the interest of this Fund, money to
Camp Weed to cover the scholarships.
       She shall close the books at the end of the fiscal year.
       The Treasurer shall be Chairman of the Finance Committee.

       (e) UNITED THANK OFFERING COORDINATOR: The UTO Coordinator shall try to
increase the knowledge of, and deepen the interests in this offering by correspondence and
visitations. She shall promote the distribution of boxes and literature.
       She shall make a report at the Annual Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women sending
one copy to the President and one copy to the Secretary. At the end of the fiscal year her
accounts shall be audited and a copy sent to the President and the Secretary.

       (f) REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES: The Representative of each Region shall be
appointed by the President and approved by the board. The Representatives shall act as
liaison between the Churches in her Region and Diocesan ECW. Representatives will carry out
policies developed by mutual agreement that have been approved by the board.
The Standing Committees shall be Nominating, Finance and Audit. Special Committees
and Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed as needed.

Section 1. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of the Past-President as Chairman
and a Representative of each Region. The Nominating Committee shall present to the Annual
Meeting a slate of Nominees as required in Article VIII. The Committee shall confer with the
Bishop concerning all nominations prior to the Annual Meeting.

                                     BY-LAWS – Cont’d.

Section 2. The Finance Committee shall be composed of the Treasurer, who shall be the
Chairman, the President, the President-Elect and a Representative of each Region. The Finance
Committee shall prepare and present to the Executive Board a proposed budget for the
following year. After approval by the aforesaid board, the budget shall be presented to the
Annual Meeting.
Section 3. The President shall appoint an Auditor. The Auditor shall audit the books of the
Treasurer and the UTO Coordinator. The Auditor shall send a copy of the report to the
President and the Secretary.


Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers, the Chairmen of Standing
Committees, Special Committees, Liaison Representatives, the immediate Past President for a
minimum of one year, and any women serving on the National or Provincial level residing in
the Diocese of Florida.
       The Executive Board, with approval of the Bishop, shall outline policies and prepare
plans for the year's work.
       All business approved at the Annual Meeting shall be executed by the Board.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the President-Elect, the Past-
President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and two members elected by the Executive Board. The
two members elected to the Executive Committee shall serve no more than two consecutive
three-year terms.
      The Executive Committee shall transact any business of the organization requiring
prompt attention and fill any vacancy which occurs in an office or delegation in the interim
between election periods.
Section 3. The President shall be the chairman of the Executive Board and the Executive

Section 1. The President-Elect and the United Thank Offering Coordinator shall be elected at
the Annual Meeting held one year prior to the Triennial Meeting.
       The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual Meeting held in the same year
in which a Triennial is held.
       All officers shall be elected to serve a term of three years and shall not be eligible to
serve a second consecutive term in the same office.
       All officers shall be installed at the Annual Meeting at which they were elected. They
shall assume office on January first of the following year.

                                      BY-LAWS – Cont’d.

Section 2. Four delegates shall attend Triennial Meeting. It is desirable that the ECW President
and/or the President-Elect, the United Thank Offering Coordinator and the immediate Past-
President be delegates. The delegates shall be elected one year prior to Triennial at the Annual
Meeting. If feasible, alternates may be appointed.

Section 3. Nominees will be presented to the Annual Meeting by the Nominating Committee.
Nominations from the floor will be received provided they have been cleared with the
Nominating Committee and the Bishop.

In the event the Nominating Committee presents a slate and no further nominations are offered,
the slate stands as presented. If further nominations are offered the election shall be by ballot. A
majority vote shall constitute an election.


Section 1. The Annual Meeting shall be held at the time and place designated by the Executive
Committee with the approval of the Bishop.
      Voting representation at the Annual Meeting shall consist of the members of the
Executive Board and two delegates or their alternates from each Church. Prior to the Annual
Meeting, these names shall be sent as requested in the call to the meeting.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall meet at least once a year, but the President shall be
empowered to call additional meetings whenever necessary.


Section 1. Delegates or their alternates representing one-fourth of Churches shall constitute a
quorum at the Annual Meeting.
Section 2. One-third of the members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum of that
Section 3. Three members shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Committee or any
committee composed of five or more members. Two shall constitute a quorum of any smaller

The women of each Church shall support the budget of the Episcopal Church Women of the
Diocese through voluntary pledges

The fiscal year shall be January first to December thirty-first.

                                     BY-LAWS – Cont’d.


All meetings of the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Florida shall be conducted
under rules of parliamentary procedure. The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly
Revised shall be accepted as final authority.


These By-Laws may be amended at any Annual Meeting by a two-thirds vote of the delegates
present provided that the proposed amendments have been recommended by the Executive
Board in writing to all Churches in the Diocese at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting.


These By-Laws were duly adopted at the Annual Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women of
the Diocese of Florida, this 23rd day of October, 2003, at which time a quorum of the
membership was present.

                                                    Lynette Matthews, (Signed)
                                                    By-Laws Chairman
Martha Saffran, (Signed)
Acting Secretary


2003 By-Laws Committee:

Lynette Matthews, Chairman
Martha Saffran, Acting Secretary
Bettye Zowarka, Committee Member

                                    APALACHEE REGION

P. O. Box 546    (Corner 1st Ave. E. and Ave. A) The Rev. Can. Harry Douglas, Vicar
Carrabelle 32322                                                     850-697-4555

      ECW                                        UTO
      % Ascension Episcopal Mission              % Ascension Episcopal Mission

CRAWFORDVILLE, St. Teresa of Avila, Wakula County
   1255 Rehwinkle Road & US 98 The Rev. Deacon Roy Lima, Deacon-in-Charge
   Crawfordville 32327        850-926-4288
                         FAX: 850-926-5774

      ECW                                        UTO
      % St. Teresa of Avila                      % St. Teresa of Avila

MADISON, St. Mary’s                     The Rev. Dr. Benjamin O. Pfeil, Priest-in-Charge
P. O. Box 611       (108 N. Horry St., 32340)                             850-973-8338
Madison 32340                                                     FAX: 850-973-1323
       ECW                                       UTO
       % St. Mary’s Episcopal Mission            % St. Mary’s Episcopal Mission

MAYO, St. Matthew’s
P. O. Box 1570   (Monroe & Crawford Streets)        The Rev. Acquilla Hanson, Vicar
Mayo 32066                                                           850-249-1025
                                                               FAX: 850-223-2712
      ECW                                     UTO
      % St. Matthew’s Episcopal Mission       % St. Matthew’s Episcopal Mission

                            APALACHEE REGION – Cont’d.

MONTICELLO, Christ Church                          The Rev. Malcolm Jopling, Rector
425 North Cherry Street                                              850-997-4116
Monticello 32344                                              FAX: 850-997-9670

      ECW                                      UTO
      % Christ Episcopal Church                % Christ Episcopal Church

PERRY, St. James                                              Rev. Acquilla Hanson
1100 West Green Street                                               850-584-7636
Perry 32347                                                    Fax: 850-223-3592

      ECW                                      UTO
      % St. James Episcopal Church             % St. James Episcopal Church

QUINCY, St. Paul’s                                        The Rev. Michael Sowards
10 West King Street                                                   850-627-6257
Quincy 32351                                                   FAX: 850-668-1431
      ECW                                    UTO
      Jean Munroe                            Mary Stuart Auman
      206 E. King Street                     219 N. Duval Street
      Quincy, FL 32351                       Quincy 32351
      850-627-6593                           850-627-6820

TALLAHASSEE, The Episcopal University Center              The Rev. Michael Sowards
655 West Jefferson Street                                            850-222-4053
Tallahassee 32304                                              FAX: 850-222-3599
      ECW                                    UTO
      % The Episcopal Universartin@advent-church.orgrsity Center       % The Episcopal
University Center

                               APALACHEE REGION – Cont’d.

TALLAHASSEE, Church of the Advent                  The Rev. G. Randall Sartin, Rector
815 Piedmont Drive                                                     850-386-5109
Tallahassee 32312                                               FAX: 850-385-7225


     ECW                                       UTO
     % Church of the Advent                    % Church of the Advent

TALLAHASSEE, Holy Comforter Episcopal Ch.                 The Rev. Ted Monica, Rector
2419 Fleischmann Road, Unit 4                           The Rev. Deacon Lucerne Birch
Tallahassee 32308                                                       850-877-2712
                                                                  FAX: 850-877-2821
     ECW                                     UTO
     % Holy Comforter Episcopal Church       % Holy Comforter Episcopal Church

TALLAHASSEE, Grace Mission                  The Rev. Michael Henderson, Vicar
P. O. Box 10472                             The Rev. Sterling Henderson, Vicar
Tallahassee 32302                                                850-224-3817
                         Fax: 850-201-3818

     ECW                                       UTO
     % Grace Mission                           % Grace Mission

TALLAHASSEE, St. Francis of Assisi           The Rev. Teresa Eberhardt, Rector
3413 Old Bainbridge Road                                         850-562-1595
Tallahassee 32303                                          FAX: 850-562-8638

     ECW                                       UTO
     % St. Francis of Assisi                   % St. Francis of Assisi

                              APALACHEE REGION – Cont’d.

TALLAHASSEE, St. John’s Episcopal Church        The Rev. Lupton Abshire, Rector
211 North Monroe Street                                          850-222-2636
Tallahassee, FL 32301                                      FAX: 850-224-3122

      ECW                                    UTO
      Susan Adams                            Susan Adams
      460 Meadow Ridge Drive                 460 Meadow Ridge Drive
      Tallahassee, FL 32312-1578             Tallahassee, FL 32312-1578
      850-877-1075                           850-877-1075     

TALLAHASSEE, St. Michael & All Angels      The Rev. Can. Laughton Thomas, Rector
P. O. Box 12774   (1405 Melvin Street)                               850-681-0844
Tallahassee 32301                                               FAX: 850-561-8025

      ECW                                    UTO
      Mrs. Eunice Warren                     Mrs. Cassandra Grayson
      c/o St. Michael & All Angels           c/o St. Michael & All Angels

                               FIRST COAST EAST REGION

FERNANDINA BEACH, St. Peter’s               The Rev. George Young, III, Rector
801 Atlantic Avenue
Fernandina Beach 32034                                         904-261-4293
                      FAX: 904-277-1617

      ECW                                     UTO
      Bonnie Johnson                          Jean Buatti
      96346 Montego Bay                       2129 Captain Kidd Road
      Fernandina Beach, FL 32034              Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

JACKSONVILLE, St. Paul’s By The Sea                The Rev. Penny L. Pfab, Rector
465 11th Avenue, North               The Rev. Lynne Dukes, Chap. At Fleet Landing
Jacksonville Beach 32250                                            904-249-4091
                           FAX: 904-249-0409

      ECW                                     UTO
      Virginia Wood                           Virginia Woods
      1219 Nipigon Avenue, N.                 1219 Nipigon Avenue, N.
      Atlantic Beach, FL 32233                Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
      904-246-4007                            904-246-4007

JACKSONVILLE, All Saint’s Church                  The Rev. Tom Deppe, Rector
4171 Hendricks Avenue                  The Rev. George Young, Jr., Asst. Rector
Jacksonville 32207                                              904-737-8488
                         FAX: 904-733-2098

      ECW                                     UTO
      % All Saint’s Episcopal Church          % All Saint’s Episcopal Church

JACKSONVILLE, Christ Church at San Pablo The Rev. Bill Baxter, Priest in Charge
2002 San Pablo Road, S.                                          904-221-4777
Jacksonville 32224                                        FAX: 904-221-5683

      ECW                                     UTO
      % Christ Church at San Pablo            % Christ Church at San Pablo

                         FIRST COAST EAST REGION – Cont’d.

JACKSONVILLE, Church of Our Saviour             The Rev. John Palarine, Rector
12236 Mandarin Road          The Rev. Canon Patricia Daniel-Turk, Assoc. Rector
Jacksonville 32223                        The Rev. Mark Atkinson, Asst. Rector
                                    FAX: 904-260-8350

      ECW                                     UTO
      Marjorie Folds                          Marjorie Folds
      % Church of Our Saviour                 % Church of Our Saviour

JACKSONVILLE, Church of the Redeemer The Rev. Vincent ("Chip") Seadale, Rector
7500 Southside Boulevard                                        904-642-4575
Jacksonville 32256-7095                                   FAX: 904-642-4576

      ECW                                     UTO
      % Church of the Redeemer                % Church of the Redeemer

JACKSONVILLE, Resurrection Episcopal Church        The Rev. Gerald Walston, Vicar
12355 Ft. Carolina Road                            The Rev. Deacon Carrie English
Jacksonville 32225                                                 904-641-8177
                                                             FAX: 904-564-3795

      ECW                                    UTO
      Kim Jones                              Claudette Peck
      11460 Monument Ridge Dr.               11370 Reed Island Drive
      Jacksonville 32225                     Jacksonville 32225
      904-994-1854; FAX: 904-388-7646        904-642-1068; FAX: 904-646-1288           

J ACKSONVILLE, St. Patrick’s
1221 State Road 13                             The Rev. Can. Patricia D.Turk, Rector
Jacksonville 32259                                                     904-287-2807
                                                               FAX: 904-287-3494
      ECW                                     UTO
      % St. Patrick’s.                        Allison Bean
                                              225 Vintage Oak Circle
                                              St. Augustine, FL 32092

                         FIRST COAST EAST REGION – Cont’d.

JACKSONVILLE, San Jose Episcopal                      The Rev. Stephen Britt, Rector
7423 San Jose Boulevard                            The Rev. Deacon Christine Sorey
Jacksonville 32217                                                   904-733-1811
                                                                FAX: 904-733-5782

      ECW                                      UTO
      Stacy Kowlsen                            Bunny Scott
      3366 Mary Drapier Ct., E.                4063 Mizner Court
      Jacksonville, FL 32223                   Jacksonville, FL 32217
      904-880-6255                             904-733-2375

JACKSONVILLE, St. Andrew’s Episcopal         The Rev. Mark Atkinson, Rector
7801 Lone Star Road                                          904-725-6566
Jacksonville 32211                                     FAX: 904-725-0969

      ECW                                      UTO
      Jane Palmer & Cynthia Wright             Jane Palmer
      275 Aralia Lane                          275 Aralia Lane
      Jacksonville, FL 32216                   Jacksonville, FL 32216
      904-724-1512                             904-724-1512

JACKSONVILLE, St. George’s Episcopal        The Rev. Marty Pfab, Interim Rector
10560 East Ft. George Road              The Rev. Dr. John Moulton, Priest Assoc.
Jacksonville 32226                                                904-251-9272
                        FAX: 904-251-9273

      ECW                                      UTO
      Janis Betz Lampe                         Dianne Stallings
      10548 Fort George Road                   11682 Donato Drive
      Jacksonville, FL 32226-2442              Jacksonville, FL 32226
      904-251-3219                             904-757-3144             

                        FIRST COAST EAST REGION – Cont’d.

JACKSONVILLE, St. Luke’s/Iglesia
  San Lucas Episcopal Church                   The Rev. Dr. Miguel Rosada, Rector
2961 University Boulevard, North                                     904-744-2133
Jacksonville 32277                                              FAX: 904-762-1995

      ECW                                     UTO
      Gene Cooper                             Leland Joyce
      1816 Holly Oaks Lake Road, W.           5552 Riverwood Road
      Jacksonville, FL 32225                  Jacksonville, FL 32277
      904-641-7965                            904-744-1089

JACKSONVILLE, St. Paul’s Episcopal     The Rev. Robert A. Stuart, Priest-in-Chg.
5616 Atlantic Boulevard                                           904-725-1150
Jacksonville 32207                                         FAX: 904-725-1165

      ECW                                     UTO
      Arlene Spilker                                %St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
      1408 Mayfair Road
      Jacksonville, FL 32207

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Christ Church                   The Rev. Rick Westberry, Rector
P. O. Box 1558   (400 San Juan Drive)                        The Rev. Robert Morris
Ponte Vedra Beach 32004                         The Rev. Luke Jernagan, Associate
                                                            The Rev. Kammy Young
                                                               The Rev. Jo Hoskins
                     FAX: 904-285-0412

      ECW                                     UTO
      E. A. Austin                            Catherine Kashow
      222 Vista Grande Drive                  P. O. Box 2105
      Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082             Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004
      904-207-4338                            804-285-3039

                         FIRST COAST EAST REGION – Cont’d.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, St. Francis in the Field          The Rev. Michael Ellis, Rector
895 Palm Valley Road                                                904-615-2130
Ponte Vedra Beach 32082                                       FAX: 904-810-5529
      ECW                                     UTO
      Jane E. Novak                           Beth Myers
      701 Ponte Vedra Boulevard               541 Sparrow Branch Circle
      Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082             Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32259

                               FIRST COAST WEST REGION

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, St. Mary’s                                          Vacant, Rector
400 St. Johns Avenue                                                    904-284-5434
Green Cove Springs 32043

      ECW                                       UTO
      Andrea Geiger                             % St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
      4394 Raggedy Point
      Orange Park, FL 32003

HIBERNIA, St. Margaret’s                     The Rev. Kimberly L. Still, Priest in Charge
6865 Pine Avenue                                                         904-284-3030
Green Cove Springs 32043                                        FAX: 904-284-8977
      ECW                                      UTO
      Lee DiGiovanni                           Janet Robinson
      2351 Eagle Harbor Parkway                2150 Spenser Road, F10
      Orange Park 32003                        Orange Park 32073
      904-264-3108                             904-607-7010

HILLIARD, Bethany                              The Rev. Paul Smith, Priest-in-Charge
P. O. Box 1005   (2nd and Pine Streets)                                904-845-2304
Hilliard 32046                                 FAX: 904-358-2319 Attn: Peter Corbin

      ECW                                       UTO
      Kathy Martin                              Janice Corbin
      27271 W. Third Avenue                     607 Holly Ridge Lane
      Hilliard, FL 32046                        Hilliard, FL 32046
      904-845-2618                              904-845-2217                 

                        FIRST COAST WEST REGION – Cont’d.

JACKSONVILLE, Church of the Epiphany
5230 Harlow Boulevard  The Revs. Tom Beasley, Carrie English, John Owens and the
Jacksonville 32210                            Rev. Sandy Tull       904-771-4493

      ECW                                      UTO
      Kristen Clay                             Kristen Clay
      6304 Thumper Street                      6304 Thumper Street
      Jacksonville, FL 32210                   Jacksonville, FL 32210
      904-771-8117                             904-771-8117       

JACKSONVILLE, Church of the Good Shepherd
1110 Stockton Street                     The Rev. Douglas G. Hodsdon, Rector
Jacksonville 32204                       The Rev. Deacon Linda W. Rosengren
                                                          FAX: 904-387-9575
      ECW                                 UTO
      % Church of the Good Shepherd       % Church of the Good Shepherd

JACKSONVILLE, St. Catherine’s                     The Rev. Nancy Suellau, Rector
4758 Shelby Avenue                                                 904-387-2061
Jacksonville 32210                                          FAX: 904-387-6845
      ECW                                   UTO
      Lorrie Cauchon                        Peg Perkins
      7516 Pheasant Run Drive               222 Blairmore Boulevard, #9
      Jacksonville, FL 32244                Orange Park, FL 32073

JACKSONVILLE, St. Elizabeth’s                       The Rev. Michael Moore, Rector
1735 Leonid Road                                                     904-751-2626
Jacksonville 32218

      ECW                                      UTO
      % St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church       % St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church

                        FIRST COAST WEST REGION – Cont’d.

JACKSONVILLE, St. Gabriel’s                                             Vacant,Vicar
P. O. Box 12252    (5235 Moncrief Road, W.)                            904-765-0964
Jacksonville 32209

      ECW                                     UTO
      Patrice Bryant                          Jacquelyn Williams
      9012 Castle Rock Drive                  4132 Lockhart Drive
      Jacksonville 32221                      Jacksonville 32209
      904-781-8112                            904-768-7860

JACKSONVILLE, St. John’s Cathedral         The Rev. P. J. Woodall, Interim Dean
256 East Church Street                                  The Rev. Debra Jackson
Jacksonville 32202              The Rev. J. Perry Smith, Interim Canon Associate

                       FAX: 904-798-9473

      ECW                                     UTO
      Jannelle Parrish                        % St. John’s Cathedral
      36 Tallwood Road
      Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

JACKSONVILLE, St. Mark’s                     The Rev. Jonathan Coffey, Jr., Rector
4129 Oxford Avenue                        The Rev. Sandra K. Moyle, Assoc. Rector
Jacksonville 32210                      The Rev. David C. Killeen, Associate Rector

                                                                 FAX: 904-388-0488

      ECW                                     UTO
      Karen Culler                            Barbara Stevenson
      8730 Barco Lane                         4631 Water Oak Lane
      Jacksonville 32244                      Jacksonville 32210
      904-778-4724; FAX: 904-721-2651         904-388-4483

                         FIRST COAST WEST REGION – Cont’d.

JACKSONVILLE, St. Mary’s Mission             Ms. Sue Carmichael, Lay Missionary
P. O. Box 3243     (1924 Laura Street)                            904-354-5075
Jacksonville 32206                                         FAX: 904-359-5477

      ECW                                       UTO
      Mary Rose Abel                            Mary Ringgo
      % St. Mary’s Episcopal Church             % St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

JACKSONVILLE, St. Peter’s                      The Rev. Dr. Anthony Ferguson, Rector
5042 Timuquana Road                                                    904-778-1434
Jacksonville 32210                                               FAX: 094-778-1437

      ECW                                       UTO
      % St. Peter’s Episcopal Church            % St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

JACKSONVILLE, St. Philip’s                         The Rev. Hugh Chapman, Rector
P. O. Box 40282    (321 West Union Street 32203)                   904-354-1053
Jacksonville 32202                                            FAX: 904-353-2773

      ECW                                       UTO
      Arelia Donaldson                          Thelma Hall
      % St. Philip’s Episcopal Church           % St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

MACCLENNY, St. James                                      The Rev. Lou Towson Rector
50 West Minnesota Avenue                                               904-259-2137
Macclenny, FL 32063                                              FAX: 904-215-0799

      ECW                                       UTO                                .
      % St. James                               %St. James

ORANGE PARK, Grace Church                                     The Rev. Kurt Dunkle
245 Kingsley Avenue                             The Rev. Celeste Tisdale, Associate
Orange Park, FL 32073                                                904-264-9981
                         FAX: 904-272-5682

      ECW                                       UTO
      % Grace church                            % Grace Church

                                       RIVER REGION

CRESCENT CITY, Holy Comforter      The Rev. Donald Dinwiddie, Priest-in-Charge
223 North Summit Street                                         386-698-1983
Crescent City 32112    FAX: 386-698-1983

      ECW                                     UTO
      Mary Ann Braddock                       Mary DuBois
      850 Grand Rondo West                    2809 S. Highway 17, #A-4
      Crescent City 32112                     Crescent City 32112
      386-937-2074; FAX: 386-698-1983         386-698-2321; FAX: 386-698-1983    

HASTINGS, St. Paul’s – Federal Point           The Rev. Aaron Uitti, Priest-in-Charge
P. O. Box 6, Hastings 32145                                            904-692-1967
(130 Commercial Avenue, East Palatka 32131)                   FAX: 904-692-2223


      ECW                                     UTO
      % St. Paul’s Episcopal Church           % St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

FLAGLER COUNTY, St. Thomas                     The Rev. Dr. Bradley S. Hauff, Rector
5400 Belle Terre Parkway                                              386-446-2300
Palm Coast 32137                                               FAX: 386-446-2303

      ECW                                     UTO
      Judy Fields                             Joan Johnson
      16 Edison Lane                          21 Bristol Lane
      Palm Coast, FL 32164                    Palm Coast, FL 32137
      386-586-1273                            386-445-7002

HAWTHORNE, Church of the Holy Communion       The Rev. Lester Singleton, Vicar
21810 S. E. 69th Avenue                                        352-481-3600
Hawthorne 32640

      ECW                                     UTO
      % Church of the Holy Communion          % Church of the Holy Communion

                                    RIVER REGION – Cont’d.

INTERLACHEN, St. Andrew’s                             The Rev. Diane D. Reeves, Vicar
P. O. Box 41 (111 Francis Street)                                       386-684-4506
Interlachen 32148

      ECW                                       UTO
      Marce Hay
      P. O. Box 2246
      Hawthorne, FL 32640

PALATKA, St. Mark’s Episcopal           The Rev. Canon James M. Dorn, III, Rector
P. O. Box 370, Palatka 32178-0370                                 386-328-1474
(200 North Main Street 32177)                                FAX: 386-325-2218

      ECW                                       UTO
      Jeanette Barber                           Juanita Brisbin
      116 Pont West Drive                       401 Viking Street
      Palatka, FL 32177                         Palatka, FL 32177
      386-328-8463                              386-329-9318         

PALATKA, St. Mary’s Church
P. O. Box 715, Palatka 32178
(809 St. John’s Avenue 32177)                                             386-328-6394

      ECW                                       UTO
      % St. Mary’s Episcopal Church             % St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

                                RIVER REGION – Cont’d.

ST. AUGUSTINE, St. Cyprian’s                         The Rev. Ted Voohees, Rector
37 Lovett Street                                                    904-829-1962
St. Augustine 32084   

     ECW                                     UTO
     % St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church        % St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

ST. AUGUSTINE, Trinity Episcopal Parish         The Rev. Dr. David Weidner, Rector
215 St. George Street
St. Augustine 32084                                                  904-824-2876
                                                                FAX: 904-824-9469

     ECW                                     UTO
     Julie Mariner                           Paula Blankenship
     1315 Turtle Dunes Court                 184 Maya Court
     Ponte Vedra, FL 32086                   St. Augustine, FL 32086
     904-810-5464                             904-797-6245          

WELAKA, Emmanuel
672 Third Avenue                                         - Vacant -
Welaka 32193

     ECW                                     UTO
     % Emmanuel Episcopal Church             % Emmanuel Episcopal Church

                                     SANTA FE REGION

CEDAR KEY, Christ Church                                   The Rev. Jim Wright, Vicar
P. O. Box 210   (4054 D Street)                                        352-543-6407
Cedar Key 32625                                          FAX: Same number, call first

      ECW                                       UTO
      Lia Hatin                                 Tari Watson
      % Christ Episcopal Church                 % Christ Episcopal Church

CHIEFLAND, St. Alban’s                         The Very Rev. Hope O. Koski, Rector
                                                        The Rev. Deacon Jim Parks
P. O. Box 997   (7550 NW 149th Place)                               352-493-2770
Chiefland 32644                                               FAX: 352-493-2723

      ECW                                       UTO
      Muriel Ellison                            Elizabeth Chervinsky
      11260 NW 112 Terrace                      15149 NW 76 Terrace
      Chiefland 32626                           Trenton 32693
      352-493-7328                              352-490-5404

GAINESVILLE, Chapel of the IncarnationThe Rev. Dr. Nancee Martin-Coffee, Chaplain
P. O. Box 15116, Univ. Sta. (1522 W. University Ave.)                    352-372-8506
Gainesville 32604
       ECW                                       UTO
       % Chapel of the Incarnation               % Chapel of the Incarnation

GAINESVILLE, Holy Trinity                              The Rev. Louanne Loch, Rector
100 N. E. First Street
Gainesville 32601                                                       352-372-4721
                                                                 FAX:   352-375-1797


      ECW                                       UTO
      Mary Prine                                Mary Hitchner
      923 NW 36th Drive                         100 NE First Street
      Gainesville 32605                         Gainesville 32601
      352-372-0037                              352-372-4721                 

                                SANTA FE REGION – Cont’d.

GAINESVILLE, St. Michael’s                  The Rev. Dale Warner, Priest-in-Charge
4315 N. W . 23rd Avenue                                              352-376-8184
Gainesville 32606                                            FAX: 352-376-0933

      ECW                                     UTO
      % St. Michael’s Episcopal Church        % St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

HIGH SPRINGS, St. Bartholomew’s                          The Rev. David Kidd, Vicar
P. O. Box 906          (105 NW 2nd Street)                          386-454-9812
High Springs 32655


      ECW                                     UTO
      Dot Hill                                Jackie Christenson
      21316 N. W. 20th Avenue                 27494 41st Road
      High Springs, FL 32643                  Branford, FL 32008
      386-454-7727                            386-935-1570

KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, St. Anne’s                                       Vacant, Rector
P. O. Box 192     (205 Magnolia Avenue)                            352-473-4016
Keystone Heights 32656                                        FAX: 352-473-0800

      ECW                                     UTO
      % St. Anne’s                            Marika Brokas
                                             P. O. Box 444
                                             Keystone Heights, FL 32656

LAKE CITY, St. James                           The Rev. Michael Armstrong, Rector
581 SW Malone Street                       he Rev. Deacon Jimmie Ruth Hunsinger
Lake City 32025                                                      386-752-2218
                                                              FAX: 386-752-0562
      ECW                                     UTO
      % St. James Episcopal Church            % St. James Episcopal Church

                                 SANTA FE REGION – Cont’d.

LIVE OAK, St. Luke’s                       The Rev. Can. Donald L. Woodrum, Rector
P. O. Box 1238    (1391 SW 11th Street)
Live Oak 32064                                                       386-362-1837
                                                                FAX: 386-362-7545

      ECW                                       UTO
      % St. Luke’s Episcopal Church             Ellen Cory
                                                % St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
                                                P. O. Box 1238
                                                Live Oak 32064

MELROSE, Trinity                                  The Rev. Jeffrey Mackey, Rector
P. O. Box 361    (204 SR 26)                       The Rev. Deacon Pat Nahikian
Melrose 32666                                                       352-475-2177
                      FAX: 352-475-6181

      ECW                                       UTO
      Margaret Kidd                             Edna Spratt
      161 Long Lake Road                        P. O. Box 87
      Hawthorne 32640                           Melrose, FL 32666
      352-475-1708                              352-475-2567

MICANOPY, Church of the Mediator                   The Rev. Les Singleton , Vicar
P. O. Box 184  (401 NE Cholokka Boulevard)                        352-466-3364
Micanopy 32667

      ECW                                       UTO
      % Church of the Mediator                  % Church of the Mediator

                                 SANTA FE REGION – Cont’d.
NEWBERRY, St. Joseph’s                                    The Rev. John DiLeo, Rector
16921 West Newberry Road                                   The Rev. Deacon Jay Lauer
Newberry 32669                                                          352-472-2951
                                    FAX: 352-472-3931

     ECW                                       UTO
     Jan Walker                                Nancy Douglas
     4024 S. W. 100th Street                   4905 S. W. 10th Lane
     Gainesville, FL 32607                     Gainesville, FL 32607
     352-332-6659                              352-377-4866          

STARKE, St. Mark’s                          The Rev. Dennis T. O’Neill, Rector
P. O. Box 487    (212 No. Church Street)                       904-964-6126
Starke 32091                                            FAX: 904-964-6288

     ECW                                       UTO
     Mary Agnes Goldwire                       Barbara Noegel
     2112 NE 154th Street.                     % St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
     Starke, FL 32091                          P. O. Box 487
     904-964-5697                              Starke, FL 32091        

WILLISTON, St. Barnabas                              The Rev. Dr. Alan Miller, Rector
P. O. Box 615    (521 NW First Avenue)
Williston 32696                                                        352-528-2593

     ECW                                       UTO
     Lynda O’Toole                             Mary Read
     729 NW 7 Boulevard                        P. O. Box 911
     Chiefland, FL 32626                       Williston, FL 32696-0911
     352-528-4398                              352-528-5578


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