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Prayers and hope

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                                                                                                                                                                                   FRE E

                                                                                                                                                         issue no. 18 • May 15, 2007 • weekly
                                                                                                                                                         director: Fiona Perris

Prayers and hope
Prayers continue for the safe return of Madeleine McCann who has been missing for almost two weeks.                                                      Fishy story | P12
                                                                                                                                                         A day on the high seas –
   New photos have been issued showing        ings as a symbol of hope that she will be                   port an ongoing search for their daugh-
the unusual feature in her right eye called   returned to her family safely. In Fátima                    ter. Donations from the public are being       an experience to be repeated.
a black flash where the pupil colouring       many pilgrims were seen carrying posters                    managed with the help of a legal team
runs into the iris. High profile stars and    of the child. At a church service in Luz on                 from the UK to ensure no stone is left
business people have put up large sums        Saturday, the day Madeleine turned four                     unturned in the investigation. McCann
of money in excess of two and a half mil-     years old, Gerry McCann said her disap-                     said: “Since the lawyers have come here        Shape your body | P21
lion pounds in an attempt to persuade         pearance had unleashed a “tidal wave” of                    we have visibly felt a burden being lifted     Find out more ways to get fit .
anyone with information leading to her        devastation on the family.                                  from our shoulders.” He also thanked
safe return to come forward.                    The police continue to interview po-                      the media for the excellent job in keep-
   Portuguese bikers rode the length of       tential suspects and witnesses and have                     ing the profile of the case so high, and
the country distributing leaflets showing     been supported by three experts from the                    also the staff at the Mark Warner resort.      Agenda | P22
recent pictures of Maddy. In England, her     UK to assist in their search. A number of                   Twelve people have been interviewed in-
                                                                                                                                                         The week ahead – enjoy!
favourite football team, Everton, played      newspapers in the UK and Portugal have                      cluding the McCanns and recordings will
their premiership match wearing shirts        also added to the reward money offered.                     be kept as video evidence for any future
with her photo on them. In the UK and           In a press conference on Monday morn-                     trial. This unusual step has been taken
Portugal many people including children       ing Gerry McCann told reporters that the                    as many of the witnesses reside overseas,
have tied yellow ribbons around rail-         couple have set up a fighting fund to sup-                  primarily in Britain.
                                                                                                                                                              bomb alert
  · JK Rowling - Author of the Harry
    Potter series                                                                                                                                               An anonymous bomb threat
  · Sir Philip Green - Retailing                                                                                                                              led to the evacuation of Freeport
    Entrepreneur                                                                                                                                              shopping centre in Alcochete on
  · Richard Branson - Virgin Group                                                                                                                            Sunday. A man had called the
  · Bill Kenwright - Chairman Everton                                                                                                                         Setúbal Public Security Police
    Football Club                                                                                                                                             from a public telephone saying
  · Eggert Magnusson - Chairman                                                                                                                               he was going to place two bombs
    West Ham United FC                                                                                                                                        in large shopping centres in the
  · John Madejski - Chairman Reading FC                                                                                                                       district. The evacuation went
  · Jacqueline Gold - Chief Executive                                                                                                                         smoothly, without panic and the
    Ann Summers                                                                                                                                               centre reopened to the public at
  · Simon Cowell - Entertainment Guru                                                                                                                         around 6.45 pm when the au-
  · Wayne Rooney - Footballer                                                                                                                                 thorities declared the threat a
  · Michael Vaughan - Cricketer
                                                                                                                                                              false alarm. Other shopping cen-
  · Sir Tom Hunter - Scottish
                                                                                                                                                              tres in the area were also checked
                                                                                                                                                              but no bomb was found, and it
  · Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou - Former
                                                                                                                                                              seems that Freeport was the only
    Easyjet Owner
  · John Hargreaves - Olympic medalist                                                                                                      PHOTO LUSA        centre evacuated.
                                              • Children tie yellow ribbons next to a poster of Madeleine McCann in Luz.

  INTERNATIONAL | P02                                               NATIONAL | P10                                                        LOCAL | P16
 02        Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

                                                                                                                                                                 Current East Timor prime
                                                                                                                                                                 minister José Ramos-Horta

Blair steps down
                                                                                                                                                                 has won the presidential elec-
                                                                                                                                                                 tion by a huge majority of an
                                                                                                                                                                 estimated 73 per cent. The
                                                                                                                                                                 Nobel peace prize winner said:
                                                                                                                                                                 “I’m happy with the results.
   Tony Blair travelled to his              emotional speech about the last     September 11 when he decided to           I have fallen short.” Reflecting       I will carry out my duties
Sedgefield constituency to make             ten years during which Britain      stand shoulder-to-shoulder with           overall he said: “Hand on heart,       according to the constitu-
his announcement to around                  has been under his leadership       his ally, as he later chose to do in      I did what I thought was right.”       tion and listen to advice from
250 of his local supporters in the          declaring Britain now a leader      Afghanistan, Iraq and other situ-         Ending on a patriotic note he          everybody so that I can take
town of Trimdon. The Labour                 and not a follower on the world     ations. On the subject of the Iraq        added that Britain was the best        East Timor to a better future.”
party leader told the audience at           stage. He also considered that      war he acknowledged, “for many            nation in the world. He believes       In a statement prior to voting,
the Labour Club of his decision             expectations were probably too      it simply isn’t worth it,” and went       Britain to have changed signifi-       opposition candidate Francisco
to officially hand in his resigna-          high back in 1997. “Sometimes       on to say, “the blowback from             cantly over the last ten years and     Guterres, said the party would
tion to the Queen on June 27.               in decisions you are alone with     removing Saddam was costly,”              is in much better shape for his        respect the results.
   He made a thoughtful and                 your own instincts,” referring to   adding, “I apologise for the times        successor.

• A radiant Blair waves to his supporters                                                                                                                        Abortion case
                                                                                                                                                                 A 17 year old girl, pregnant
                                                                                                                                                                 with a baby unable to survive
                                                                                                                                                                 beyond three days, is to be
                                                                                                                                                                 allowed to travel to the UK
                                                                                                                                                                 for an abortion. The teenager,
                                                                                                                                                                 currently in the legal care of
                                                                                                                                                                 the Irish health service, won
                                                                                                                                                                 a high court case in Dublin
                                                                                                                                                                 to be able to travel to Britain
                                                                                                                                                                 and is supported by her
                                                                                                                                                                 estranged mother.

                                                                                                                                                                 Iraq visit
                                                                                                                                                                 US Vice President Dick
                                                                                                                                                                 Cheney visited Iraq last week
                                                                                                                                                                 staying overnight at an army
                                                                                                                                                                 camp at Speicher, near Tikrit,
                                                                                                                                                                 a predominantly Sunni prov-
                                                                                                                                                                 ince not far from the home
                                                                                                                                                                 town of former leader Saddam
                                                                                                                                                                 Hussein. The area has many
                                                                                                                                                                 supporters of the dead leader.
                                                                                                                                                                 He used the visit to encourage
                                                                                                                                                                 Iraqi leaders to move quickly
                                                                                                                                                                 to reach power-sharing deals
                                                                                                                                                                 in a bid to quash sectarian
                                                                                                                                                                 violence saying: “We are here,
                                                                                                                                                                 above all, because the terror-
                                                                                                                                                    PHOTO LUSA   ists who have declared war
                                                                                                                                                                 on America and other free
                                                                                                                                                                 nations have made Iraq the
                                                                                                                                                                 central front in that war.”

Battles against nature                                                          Marine accused                                                                   Olmert survives vote
   Springtime across America has            In Missouri the aptly named vil-       Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich,         Miguel Terrazas when their convoy      Israeli Prime Minister Ehud
brought some of the most chal-              lage of Big Lake turned into its    the marine who led the unit ac-           passed through in November 2005.       Olmert has survived his
lenging weather patterns and                namesake, with all but one hardy    cused of killing 24 Iraqi civilians, is   Sergeant Dela Cruz, also present       third no-confidence vote in
natural disasters, with flooding            resident retreating from the        under investigation for the unlaw-        on the day, testified that Wuterich    parliament following heavy
in the Midwest, fires around Hol-           flooding that reached roof-level    ful killing of five men in Haditha        was distressed about the death of      criticism of his handling of the
lywood and tornadoes in Kansas.             in some homes. In Los Angeles       as they stood with their hands in         Terrazas known as TJ and after the     Lebanon war. He is accused of
A fire that has been burning for            fires caused damage throughout      the air. It is alleged that he tried to   explosion which ripped Terrazas’       failure to exercise “judgement,
three weeks in southern Geor-               Griffith Park over an area of 800   cover up the incident where the           body in half he shot dead the five     responsibility and prudence”
gia has so far damaged around               acres close to the famous Grif-     five men were shot dead by tell-          men as they stood next to a car,       during the 34-day war in
170 square miles of forest and              fith Observatory. There were        ing his comrades to lie about what        with their hands raised. He claims     2006 and has been subjected
swamp land causing smoke to                 also wildfires along the Cana-      happened, blaming the deaths on           to have seen Wuterich shoot the        to an official enquiry focusing
drift across much of Florida.               dian border in northeast Min-       the Iraqi army. Three other ma-           men in the upper body before he        on these areas of concern.
Last week we reported the tor-              nesota, destroying homes and        rines have also been charged with         himself sprayed the bodies with        Olmert acknowledges the
nados in Kansas, devastating                businesses in its path. All in      second degree murder. Iraqi wit-          bullets. The Marine Corps agreed       investigation and wants to
the town of Greenberg and now               all a challenging week for rescue   nesses claim Wuterich shot the            to give Sergeant Dela Cruz immu-       remain in office in order to
flooding has followed with thun-            and fire services throughout        men in retaliation for a roadside         nity from charges in exchange for      put the subsequent findings
derstorms across the flat plains.           the country.                        bomb that killed Lance Corporal           his testimony in court.                into practice.
                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·   03

BRAZIL                                                                                                                              FRANCE

                                                                                                                                    Sarkozy sails into storm
Abortion debate                                                                                                                       The newly-elected president has already been the source of con-
                                                                                                                                    troversy before even taking office. As is the custom in France the
On Thursday evening Pope Benedict XVI addressed around 40.000 young adults in                                                       newly-elected president is taking a short time to recuperate from the
the Paceaembu stadium in São Paulo at the beginning of his five day tour of Brazil.                                                 gruelling election process before taking over as leader. Sarkozy has
                                                                                                                                    taken time out with his wife Cecila and son Louis to celebrate victory
   He stressed to the enthusiastic                                                                                                  and relax on a luxury yacht around Malta sparking criticism by many
audience the need to respect life                                                                                                   socialists and fuelling ongoing protests from those who oppose his
“from the moment of concep-                                                                                                         leadership. The yacht belongs to French billionaire Vincent Bollore
tion until natural death”. Brazil                                                                                                   and is available for hire at €200.000 per week. Mr. Sarkozy told re-
is currently debating the issue                                                                                                     porters that he was taking two and a half days out to relax on a trip
of abortion led predominantly                                                                                                       that did not cost the French people one cent, saying: “I do not intend
by the health minister who be-                                                                                                      to hide, I do not intend to lie, I do not intend to apologise.”
lieves the operation should
be allowed in certain circum-                                                                                                       NORTHERN IRELAND
stances. The Catholic Church
represents around 64 per cent
of the Brazilian population fall-
                                                                                                                                    Return of devolution
ing by around 1 per cent each                                                                                                         A ceremony was held last week at Stormont to celebrate the new
year due to the rise in evangelical                                                                                                 power-sharing government headed by Martin McGuinness of Sinn
Christianity. The Pontiff talked                                                                                                    Fein and Ian Paisley of the DUP. At midnight on Tuesday 8 May five
of the challenge of convincing                                                                                                      years of direct rule by London ended and the devolved government
Catholics to remain with the                                                                                                        took control over decision making. Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern, Irish
faith in the country which houses                                                                                                   Prime Minister, attended the historic event. Ian Paisley said Northern
the largest number of Catholics                                                                                                     Ireland was now “on the road to prosperity”. Martin McGuinness said
in the world. In referring to the                                                                                                   that he is confident they can work together. The only demonstra-
decision made in Mexico City                                                                                                        tors at the event were protesting against the war in Iraq. Peter Hain,
on abortion, he said that those                                                                                                     Northern Ireland secretary, commented on the new beginning as re-
supporting the law and medical                                                                                                      solving the most “intractable source of political conflict in Europe.”
workers who performed abor-
tions would be excommunicated
from the church although there                                                                                                      UK
was some confusion about this
when a Vatican spokesman later
said that the Pope would not
                                                                                                                                    Civil servant prosecuted
excommunicate anyone but such                                                                                                         David Keogh, 50, a civil servant has been jailed for six months and
people would “exclude them-                                                                                            PHOTO LUSA   ordered to pay £5.000 to the prosecution for taking it upon himself
selves from Communion”.                   • The Pop embraces an Indian participant at the Paceaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo            to publish details of a private meeting between US President George
                                                                                                                                    Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was convicted of breaching
                                                                                                                                    the Official Secrets Act by leaking a memo containing details of a pri-
                                                                                                                                    vate meeting on Iraq between the two leaders in April 2004. Keogh
                                                                                                                                    was employed as a government communications specialist and was
Child soldiers to be discharged                                                                                                     responsible for the distribution of the memo to a select group. The re-
                                                                                                                                    cipient of the four page document, Leo O’Connor, 44, was sentenced
  The government of Chad has              vestigation that found over 300              lied. A large number of children             to three months in jail. O’Connor put the secret memo onto the desk
agreed a deal with the United             child soldiers at one single lo-             were found to be between eight               of an unnamed politician, known to be a Labour anti-war supporter,
Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef)          cation, they have agreed to take             and 11 years old with forged                 who called the police immediately. The document was marked secret
to remove children serving in the         action to resolve the situation.             birth certificates. It is also ac-           and confidential causing much of the trial to be held behind closed
national army. Chad formally              While it is suggested the army               knowledged that it may be diffi-             doors. The memo allegedly contained information regarding M16
denied the existence of underage          did not deliberately sign up chil-           cult to persuade these minors to             but the exact contents are unknown. Keogh, who opposed the war in
soldiers but due to a high profile        dren, the recruiters overlooked              leave the army and to return to              Iraq, maintained the right to leak the information as he was alarmed
campaign by Unicef and an in-             the question of age if the child             their communities.                           by the content, suggesting Bush was a “madman”, and had felt the
                                                                                                                                    need to disclose the information to Parliament.

Constitutional amendment                                                                                                            Women behind trash TV
                                                                                                                                      Sir Patrick Moore has stirred up a hornets’ nest by accusing the BBC
   The parliament in Turkey approved      further tensions in the country where        passed into law, will mean the new           of reducing the quality of programming over time because it is run by
an amendment to allow the president       the government has been heavily crit-        president will be elected for a five year    women. The longest-running presenter on TV, appearing in the Sky at
to be directly elected by the popula-     icised by secular-minded citizens pro-       term, renewable for five more years,         Night for 50 years, described female newsreaders as “jokey” and sug-
tion appealing to those protesting        testing about the possibility that the       but many say the amendments have             gested the best way forward would be to have different channels for
about the forthcoming elections. The      new government will lean towards             been rushed through and have not             men and women. “I would like to see two independent wavelengths -
change is said to be a likely cause for   the Islamic religion. The reforms, if        been subject to rigorous debate.             one controlled by women, and one for us, controlled by men,” he said.
04    Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

                                                                                                                                                             Advertising Feature

                                                      Property of the week

 Exquisite country home
 This villa has been carefully built in typical rustic style and offers tranquillity
 and comfort – the perfect home...

     N    estling in the renowned Serra e Mar devel-
          opment near Penina and Portimão, the villa
 overlooks stunning natural terrain to the peaks of
                                                          and lends itself perfectly for entertaining, offering
                                                          shade, access to the house and breathtaking views.
                                                             The garden surrounding the property has been
 Monchique and Picota. One of the delightful fea-         maintained to an excellent standard with a variety
 tures of the master bedroom, the only room on the        of resplendent plants and mature trees. A stunning
 first floor of the property, is this magnificent view.   carpet of flowers lines the slope leading down to the
 The room is accessed via a spiral staircase and has      pool area where the views of both the house and
 an en-suite shower room, fitted wardrobes and a          garden and the surrounding countryside can be
 generous terrace with direct access to the ground        enjoyed. The kidney-shaped pool is surrounded
 floor via exterior stairs.                               by typical Portuguese terracing, ideal for lazing
    On the ground floor there are two further bed-        around, and the whole pool area is fenced and
 rooms, one with an en-suite shower room and an-          gated, a bonus for those intending to use the prop-
 other bathroom with bath.                                erty for rental income. The land continues right
    The lounge boasts a fireplace and has a lovely        down into a rural valley, its gentle slopes covered in
 beamed ceiling and an archway leading to the             fig, almond and olive trees.
 dining room, adjacent to the kitchen. The kitch-            The property sits at the end of a cul-de-sac and
 en is a cosy, practical room with fitted cupboards,      has a wide driveway that leads to a single car garage
 a store cupboard and access to a small enclosed          and offers parking for visitors. To the side of the
 courtyard. The lounge French doors lead onto a           house is another secluded terrace.
 covered private terrace with bougainvillea trailing         For those seeking something special for a home or
 along the roof. This terrace has a built-in barbeque     a rental property, a visit to this property is a must.

                                                                                                                               Minita Real Estate Lda - AMI 777
                                                                                                                        Tel: +351 282 444 510 · Fax: +351 282 444 867
                                                                                                                   Address: Rua 5 de Outubro, Nº29- 8300-127 Silves Portugal
                                                                                                                                                        Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·           05


                                    Carvoeiro - Central location at     Praia da Rocha - One bedroom         Apartment T2                       Alvor - Vila Marachique - 2         Lagos - Apartment with
                                    Colina Verde. Beautiful views       apartment, furnished with                                               bedroom apartment fully air-        equipped kitchen, living room,
                                    from the large sun balcony.         garage space. Excellent views        Tavira - Cabanas - High quality    conditioned and fully furnished     2 bedrooms, bathroom and a
                                    This one bedroom apartment          of the beach as this apartment       2 bedroom apartment on 2nd         to a high standard. Situated in a   storage room. Area 85m2. Ref:
                                    is to be sold fully equipped        is located on the main street.       floor (top floor) with 71m2        very popular holiday complex.       APT-128. €100.000. Contact:
                                    and makes an excellent rental       Area 97m2. Ref: 1349. €149.000.      beautiful ample terrace areas.     Ref: a159gr. €198.000. Sulgar       Ricardo Augusto Med. Imob.
Apartment T0                        investment.It comprises a large     Globalplano Real Estate - AMI        In an urbanisation w/ access       Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062    Lda-AMI 7049. Tel: 282 768 183
Ferragudo - Comfortable T0          living room ,kitchen , bathroom     3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:      to 4 swimming pools, close         Email:              / 919 194 321 . Email: ra_
apt converted from an office,       and twin bedroom, both living              to shops and beach access.                                   
                                                                                                             €225.000. Contact: Este Algarve    Portimão - Praia de Vau - 1st
with large private garden.          room and bedroom lead on            Portimão - One bedroom                                                  floor 2 bedroom apartment with
                                                                                                             Propriedad, Lda- AMI 504. Tel:                                         Lagos - Beach apartment.
Renovated in 2006, furnished        to the sun balcony. Off road        apartment, pool, tennis and                                             sea view. In popular residential
                                                                                                             281 951 165/281 370 277 Email:                                         Luxury finishings + amenities.
and equipped. Wooden stairs         parking and use of pool. No         beach only 400m. €127.500.                                              area minutes from beaches.
                                                                                                                                              Area 130m2. Ref: 71/98.
and mezzanine. In the centre        condiminium charge. Purchased       Contact: Abel Santos Lda- AMI                                           Ref: a896gr . €175.000. Sulgar      €450.000. Contact: John D
of Ferragudo. P.O.A. Contact:       new in 2003. €185.000. Private      523. Tel: 282 341 988 . Email:                                          Lda AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .    Griffiths Med Imob Soc. Unip.
RE/MAX Global AMI:5453. Tel:        Sale. 939 070 010 . Email: irene-                                                  Email:              Lda- AMI 6491. Tel: 282 760
912 246 283 . Email: alberto.                                                        Ferragudo - 1 bedroom                                                                                       416/919 763 707. Email: info@
                                                                                                                                                Alvor - Dunas holiday complex -
                                    Quarteira - Semi-new                apartment on 3rd floor with                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                2 bedroom furnished apartment
                                    apartment comprising living         balcony and storeroom. Located                                          with underground parking            Alvor - This 2 bedroom
                                    room, kitchen, bedroom,             not far from the centre of this                                         space. Ref: a125gr . €173.000.      apartment is in the centre of
                                    bathroom and veranda. Ref:          beautiful fishing village. Close                                        Sulgar Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282     Alvor. Panaromic views and
                                    401.A. €130.000. Contact: Vilas     to all amenities such as shops,                                         458 062 .           in an excellent location for
                                    Ibéricas Soc Med Imob - AMI         bars and restaurants and within                                                                             bars and restaurants. Needs
                                                                        walking distance of the beach.        Portimão       -    Apartment     Portimão - Oasis Parque
                                    1513. Tel: 289 391 090 . Email:                                                                                                                 some repair work. Area 111m2.
                                                                        €97.000. Contact: Private Sale.       comprising 2 bedrooms (1          2 bedroom ground floor
                                                                                                                                                    Ref: 1333. €142.000. Contact:
                                                                        Tel: 919 718 622 .                    suite), 2 bathrooms, 1 lounge,    fully furnished apartment.
                                                                                                                                                Only 400m away from leisure         Globalplano Real Estate - AMI
                                    Praia da Luz - Apt 5 mins to                                              equipped      kitchen,   store
                                                                        Armação de Pera - Furnished                                             complex and overlooking             3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:
 Praia da Rocha - Studio            beach with sea view. 60m2.                                                room,2 balconies, garage
                                                                        apartment near the beach,                                               pretty garden areas. Ref: a996gr.
 including bathroom with            Bedroom with fitted wardrobes,                                            A/C and central heating. Area
 hydromassage bath, A/C,            semi-equipped kitchen and           market and post office. €70.000.      115m2. Ref: A02 . €126.000.       €135.000. Contact: Sulgar Lda       Vilamoura - Good quality and
 fully equipped kitchen and         small veranda €125.000. Private     Private Sale. Tel: 962 440 077.       Contact: Rogerio Bruxo Med        AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .        fully furnished two bedroom apt
 large veranda. Condominium         sale. Tel: 913 460 824 .                                                  Imob - AMI 2132. Tel: 282 342     Email:              with views over the Millenium
 with 2 pools and garage                                                                                      373 . Email: rogeriobruxo@                                            golf course. Ref: JP713 €270.000.
                                    Silves - 1 bed apartment in                                                                                 Alvor - Bemposta - Spacious
 space. €110.000,00. Contact:                                                                                                                             €270.000. Julies Properties
                                    central Silves with terraces to                                                                             ground floor 2/3 bedroom
 Duplo S Lda - AMI 4324. Tel:                                                                                                                   apartment. In corner position       Lda-AMI 6838. Tel: 289 798 196
 282 485 271/966 468 626.           the front & rear. Garage Space.                                          Armação de Pera - Apartment                                  
                                    Ref: 1606. €79.000. Contact:                                                                                with south-west enclosed                                                                                      situated 5 mins from the           balcony. Ref: a991gr . €129.000.
                                    Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.                                            beach. Swimming Pool and                                               Carvoeiro - Alporchinhos
Lagos - Apt close to pool and                                                                                                                   Sulgar Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282     Semi-detached apartment in a
                                    Tel: 282 444 510 . Email: sales@                                         private garage. Comprising 2
beach. Comprising bedroom,                                                                                                                      458 062 .           quiet low-rise condo, near Vila
                                                                               bedrooms, 1 bathroom, lounge,
living room, kitchenette and                                                                                 kitchen and laundry. Excellent     Alvor - Prainha - Top floor two     Vita, fully renovated, furnished
bathroom. Area: 43,50m2. Ref:       Lagos - Apartment with sea                                                                                                                      and equipped. Two terraces
                                                                                                             location. Area 85m2. Ref: A21 .    bed fully furnished apt on a very
APT-116. €98.000. Ricardo           view and close to beach.             Silves - 1 bedroom apartment                                                                               one with pool view and a large
                                                                                                             €133.000. Rogerio Bruxo Med        popular holiday complex with
Augusto Med. Imob. Lda-AMI          Comprising living room,              in the historic centre of Silves                                       swimming pool and private           roof terrace with sea view.
                                                                                                             Imob - AMI 2132. Tel: 282 342
7049. Tel: 282 768 183 / 919        equipped kitchen, 3 balconies        with beautiful views. Ref: 1612.    373 . Email: rogeriobruxo@         access to beach. refa988-gr.        Double bedroom plus twin
194 321 . ra_imobiliaria@           and 2 storage rooms. Area            €65.000. Minita lda - Silves- AMI                                      €275.000. Contact: Sulgar Lda       bedroom with fitted wardrobe &
                                    150m2. Ref: APT-117. €227.500.       777. Tel: 282 444 510. Email:                                          AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .        small storage room. Brand new
                                    Ricardo Augusto Med. Imob.           Armação de Pera - Apartment        Email:              shower room, fully equipped
                                    Lda-AMI 7049. Tel: 282 768 183                                           very well located, comprising                                          kitchen, living/dinning area with
Apartment T1                        / 919 194 321 . Email: ra_          Odemira - Almograve - T1 apt         lounge, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1     Lagos - Apt with large areas.       fireplace. Very large communal
                                  with the possibility to build        bathroom, veranda, communal        Located in a calm zone near the     pool, 400m to beach. Excellent
Alvor - Apartment in Alvor                                                                                   pool. Sea view. Furnished.         centre. Area 124m2. Ref: APT-       for summer rental. Price
comprising 2 bedroom,                                                   further bedrooms in the loft.
                                                                        New in 2005 with modern              Area 80m2. Ref: A16 . €130.000.    123. €149.000. Contact: Ricardo     negotiable. . €175.000. Contact:
bathroom, living room, kitchen.                                                                              Contact: Rogerio Bruxo Med         Augusto Med. Imob. Lda-AMI          Private Sale. Tel: 966 321 883 .
                                                                        comforts such as gas central
Ref: A46 . €115.000. Rogerio                                                                                 Imob - AMI 2132. Tel: 282 342      7049. Tel: 282 768 183 / 919        Email:
                                                                        heating. Double garage, attic,
Bruxo Med Imob - AMI 2132. Tel:                                                                              373 . Email: rogeriobruxo@         194 321 . Email: ra_imobiliaria@
                                                                        veranda and BBQ. Set in a                                                                                   Alcoutim - Gurreiros do Rio
282 342 373 . rogeriobruxo@                                                                                 
                                                                        tranquil area and only 1km from                                                                             Prime river front location. Semi-
                                                                        the stunning Almograve beach.        Salema - Salema Beach                                                  detached with large terrace/
Portimão - One bed (+1) apt,                                            €125.000. Private Sale. Tel: 914     Magnificent and spacious 2                                             balcony. Good investment.
furnished & equipped . €70.000.                                         469 485         bedrooms and 2 bathrooms                                               €149.000. Private Sale. Tel: 281
Duplo S Med Imob - AMI 7524.                                                                                 ground floor apartment with                                            547 031. townandcountrymc@
                                     Lagos - Furnished apartment        Tavira - Cabanas - Unique
Tel: 966468626 / 965063833 .                                                                                 garden. Sold fully furnished.                                
                                     comprising a living room,          luxury duplex apartment                                                                                       Located only 10 mins from the
                                     kitchen, bedroom, bathroom         164m2 at the absolute front line                                                                            Faro - Penha - 2 bedroom
                                                                                                             beaches and supermarket. Great
                                     and balcony. €89.000. Contact:     with fantastic sea view. Good                                                                               apartment with parking, good
Alvor - Quinta da Praia                                                                                      letting potential. Ref: PPI8639.
                                     Ricardo Augusto Med. Imob.         rent out possibility. Ref: A017.                                                                            finishing’s. The last apartment
- Nice one bed one bath apt          Lda-AMI 7049. Tel: 282 768                                              €145.000. PPI Estate Agents-
in complex with private pool.                                           €424.200. Contact: BRUHN             AMI 3238. Tel: 282 698 621/969     Silves - 2 bedroom apartment        available! . €155.000. Contact:
                                     183 / 919 194 321 . Email: ra_     Mediação Imobil. unip. Lda -AMI                                                                             Vilas Costa Lda - AMI 1609. Tel:
Walking distance to Alvor                                                                                    779 664. Email: pauloventura@      in central Silves. Ref: 1575.
                                  7025. Tel: 281 321 188 . Email:                                                                             919 034 487 . Email: vilacosta@
beach and village. Ref: a 993-gr.                                                                                  €83.000. Minita lda - AMI 777.
                                                                                                               Tel: 282 444 510. Email: sales@
€160.000. Contact: Sulgar Lda       Lagos - Meia Praia - Lovely sea                                          Portimão - Praia de Vau - 2
AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .                                            Armação de Pera - Furnished                                   
                                    view and close to the beach.                                             bedroom 3rd floor apartment                                            Faro - Campina - Apartment like
Email:              Equipped kitchen, parking lot       apt for all year round. In calm      with superb sea views from                                             new (5 years). Furnished and
                                    heated swimming pool and            area with balcony overlooking        large balconies. Very spacious     Lagos - Apt 5 mins from town        equipped, 2 covered verandas.
Alvor - Bemposta - Lovely                                                                                                                       centre. Equipped kitchen,
                                    central vacuuming. Area 90m2.       secluded swimming pools.             & ideally located. Ref: a160gr.                                        Ref: 284 . €130.000. Contact:
refurbished one bed apt on top      Ref: APT-126. €260.000. Ricardo     Fixed heaters in all rooms.                                             closed veranda, 2 bedrooms
                                                                                                             €325.000. Contact: Sulgar Lda                                          Vilas Costa Lda - AMI 1609. Tel:
floor. Located in a residential     Augusto Med. Imob. Lda-AMI          Garage. Nr supermarkets, buses                                          with wardrobe, bathroom,            919 034 487 . Email: vilacosta@
                                                                                                             AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .
area halfway on Alvor and           7049. Tel: 282 768 183 / 919        and Medcentre. €115.000.                                                storage room. Ref: Apt-135.
Portimão road. Ref: a164-gr.        194 321 . Email: ra_imobiliaria@    Private Sale. Tel: 282 322 039/                                         €110.000. Contact: Ricardo
€119.500. Sulgar Lda AMI 6478.                    0044 797 791 2830 .                  Alvor - 2 bedroom apartment        Augusto Med. Imob. Lda-AMI          Ferragudo - New fully equipped
Tel: 282 458 062 . Email: info@                                                                              fully furnished to a very good     7049. Tel: 282 768 183 / 919        and furnished apartment with                          Alvor - One bed furnished           Alvor - Fairly new apt near          standard. Ideally situated close                                       carport only 2 mins from the
                                                                                                                                                194 321 . Email: ra_imobiliaria@
                                    apt. 5 mins from the centre.        Alvor. Fully fitted and furnished.   to all shops, restaurants and                                          beach. Comprising 2 bedrooms,
Carvoeiro - One bed apt in          Living room with fireplace. Area    Communal pool. Area 60m2.            minutes walk to the beach.                                             2 bathrooms (1 en-suite).
central Carvoeiro with large        65m2. Ref: 1337. €110.000.          Ref: A420. €110.000. Algarve         Garage parking space. Ref:         Setúbal - T2 apt with               Excellent price (o.n.o.). €159.000.
sun balcony and sea view. Fully     Globalplano Real Estate - AMI       Real Estate Centre - AMI 6350.       a167gr. €239.000. Sulgar Lda       spectacular views! 45 mins to       Contact: Private Sale. Tel: 919
equipped. €280.000. Contact:        3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:     Tel: 282 420 970 . Email: info@      -AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .      Lisbon. Owner selling. P.O.A.       266 387. Email: email andrew@
Private Sale. Tel: 938 070 010 .          Email:             Private Sale. Tel: 283 691 363
 06       Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·


Apartment T3                        Lagos - Chinicato - 3 bed            Porches - Duplex apartment in       Boliqueime - Typical renovated      Ferragudo - Old townhouse             Tavira - Located in the Tavira
                                    apt comprising, living room,         closed condominium with sea         Algarvean house on 1.043 m2         renovated in the village centre.      area a lovely 3 bedroom villa
Salema - Apartment located a        equipped kitchen, 1 bathroom,        view. Direct access to the beach    of land. Located in a quite rural   Area 65m2. Ref: T493 €160.000.        set in 4.200m2 of land with
10 minute walk from the beach       1 w.c. and 2 balconies. Area         which is only 20m away. Ground      area close to the Boliqueime        Contact: Algarve Real Estate          beautiful gardens, swimming
with large lounge/dining room       100m2. Ref: APT-134. €120.000.       floor comprising 3 bedrooms         only 15 minutes from Quarteira      Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420       pool and spacious terracing.
with fire place. Comprises          Ricardo Augusto Med. Imob.           and 2 bathrooms and first           and Vilamoura and beaches           970 . Email: info@algarve-real-       Large garage + workshop. 2
a balcony with exceptional          Lda-AMI 7049. Tel: 282 768 183       floor with fully fitted kitchen,    Consists of 2 bedrooms ( one                     floors. €475.000. Contact: Este
sea views. Fully fitted kitchen     / 919 194 321 . Email: ra_           pantry, toilet and lounge with      w/ wardrobe), 2 bathrooms,                                                Algarve Propriedad, Lda- AMI
                                                                                                           Alcantarilha - Pêra - 2 bed villa
and 3 good sized bedrooms a                                              fireplace. Spacious balconies.      lounge/dinning room, equipped                                             504. Tel: 281 951 165/281 370
                                                                                                                                                 in private condominium with
bathroom and a shower room.                                              Air conditioning and electric       kitchen,pantry, spacious                                                  277 . Email: belosantospedras@
                                    Alvor - 3 bedroom duplex,                                                                                    communal pool and tennis
Laundry area and off road                                                heating. Elegantly furnished.       cobbled patio with parking for                                  
                                    semi-new in the centre of Alvor.                                                                             court. 2 suites. Furnished
parking. Built in late 2003 this                                         Swimming pool, garden and           2 cars or more, backyard. Annex
                                    South facing with sea views.                                                                                 and equipped. 2 min. from             Albufeira - Beautiful villa
property covers a total of 124m2                                         elevator. Garage place. 162m2.      w/1 bedroom, bathroom a small
                                    Ref: 1314. €365.000. Contact:                                                                                Amendoeiras Golf course. Area:        with established garden and
Ref:PPI8968. €249.000. Contact:                                          Ref: A75 €350.000. Rogerio          laundry and patio. Ref: 103.
                                    Globalplano Real Estate - AMI                                                                                140m2.Ref: 0050. €200.000.            pool. Located at São Rafael
PPI Estate Agents- AMI 3238.                                             Bruxo Med Imob - AMI 2132.          €245.000. Contact: Natália Flores
                                    3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:                                                                              Laforet Portimão-AMI 7170. Tel:       beach and a few minutes from
Tel: 282 698 621/969 779 664.                                            Tel: 282 342 373. rogeriobruxo@     Carreira - AMI 632. Tel: 289 369
                                                                                                                282 457 640 . Email: portimao@        centre of Albufeira. Two floors:                                                           155. Email: nataliacarreira@mail.                            The ground floor consists of
                                    Vila Real St Antonio - T3                                      
Ferragudo - Apt in quiet area       in closed condominium,                                                                                       West Coast - Budens - Parque          hall, equipped kitchen (w/
with private garage. Area           nearly new with good sized
                                                                         Apartment T4+                       Tavira - Altura - Attractive 2      da Floresta Golf Resort-              patio), laundry, living room , 2
135m2 . €189.500. Duplo S Med       areas. Comprising suite,                                                 bed villa approx. 2kms from the     townhouse with magnificent            bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, store,
                                                                         Lagoa - Parchal - New 4
Imob - AMI 7524. Tel: 966468626     hydromassage bath, equipped                                              beach and 5kms from various         ocean views has 2 spacious            terrace, garage. 1st floor 1
                                                                         bedroom apartment, equipped
/ 965063833. mabasantos@            kitchen, BBQ, garage, video                                              golf courses. On plot 918.23m2.     bedrooms (with nice en- suite         bathroom, 1 bedroom, terrace
                                                                         kitchen, 2 bathrooms and                         porter. Close to the river. Ref:                                         Swimming pool. Sold furnished       bathrooms), fully fitted kitchen,     ref: VSR 20. €639.000. Natália
                                                                         verandas. Ref. 180-06 B.
                                    2618. €165.000. ERA-Get a                                                and equipped. €350.000. Este        large living/dining room with         Flores Carreira - AMI 632. Tel:
Portimão - 1st floor apt in good                                         €150.000. Contact: Praia Oriente
                                    House Lda - AMI 6498. Tel: 963                                           Algarve Propriedad, Lda- AMI        fireplace, a store room, toilet,      289 369 155. nataliacarreira@
location. 135m2 with 40m2                                                Lda - AMI 6643. Tel: 282 419 243
                                    543 582 . Email: vrsa@getvrsa                                            504. Tel: 281 951 165/281 370       garden, a nice roof terrace and
terrace and wooden house                                                 Email:
                                                                                                             277 .Email: belosantospedras@       communal swimming pool.
(office). €140.000. Contact:        Vilamoura - In an exclusive                                                                                                   Tavira - Cabanas - Pretty 3 bed
                                                                         Albufeira - Magnificent                                                 Owners enjoy 40% reduction on
Duplo S Med Imob - AMI 7524.        area of Vilamoura, 3 bedrooms,                                                                                                                     villa situated in an urbanisation
                                                                         apartment with spacious rooms,                                          Golf rights. Built in 2001. Sold
Tel: 966468626 / 965063833          2 storage areas and garage,                                              Porches - Semi-detached                                                   w/ swimming pool, restaurant
                                                                         fully equipped. Located at the                                          fully furnished. Ref: PPI 8903. .              swimming pool. Area 140m2.                                               Villa only 5 minutes from the                                             and bar. 1km from Benamor
                                                                         entrance of Albufeira within                                            €250.000. Contact: PPI Estate
                                    Ref: a169 . €275.000. Inside                                             local beaches. Comprising of                                              golf course. Close to shops
Alvor - Oasis Parque - 3                                                 a gated condominium. Area                                               Agents- AMI 3238. Tel: 282 698
                                    Villas Med Imob Lda - AMI 5931.                                          2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,                                                  and restuarants. Roof terrace
bedroom first floor apartment.                                           194m2, Ref: 12319 . €392.773.                                           621/969 779 664. Email: dino@
                                    Tel: 289 399 011/ 969 023 983 .                                          lounge with fireplace, equipped                                           w/ lovely views of the sea. .
In good decorative order &                                               Contact: Longevity - AMI                                      
                                    Email:                                            kitchen, balcony, backyard.                                               €285.000. Contact: Este Algarve
                                                                         5946. Tel: 289 321 051 . Email:
fully furnished. Close to all the                                                                            Furnished. Excellent investment.    S.Bras de Alportel - Two nice         Propriedad, Lda- AMI 504. Tel:
holiday complex facilities inc      Portimão - Praia do Vau                                                  Area 130m2 on plot 330m2. Ref:      villas sent in large courtyard        281 951 165/281 370 277.Email:
indoor and outdoor pools. Ref:      Near the beach and with sea          Tavira - Stunning apartment         VG90. €175.000. Rogerio Bruxo       with tranquility of the     
a120gr . €225.000. Sulgar Lda       views. New bathrooms and             equipped with domotic system        Med Imob - AMI 2132. Tel: 282       countryside yet 10 mins away
AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .        kitchen. Area 118m2. Ref: A625.      located in a quiet unspoilt area    342 373 . Email: rogeriobruxo@                                            Tavira - Located in the Tavira
                                                                                                                                                 from São Bras. and amenities.         area a lovely 3 bedroom villa
Email:              €275.000. Contact: Algarve           of Tavira 2km away from the                    Each villa has 2 bedrooms,
                                    Real Estate Centre - AMI 6350.       beach. Area: 158 m2. €279.505.                                                                                set in 4.200m2 of land with
                                                                                                                                                 lounge, bathroom, kitchen and         beautiful gardens, swimming
                                    Tel: 282 420 970 . Email: info@      Contact: Longevity - AMI                                                large patio. One villa en-suite,
                                 5946. Tel: 289 321 051 . Email:                                                                               pool and spacious terracing.
                                                                                                                                                 conservatory, garden and tool         Large garage + workshop. 2
                                                                                                               shed . €350.000. Private Sale. Tel:
                                    Lagos - Renovated apartment in                                                                                                                     floors. €475.000. Este Algarve
                                    the town centre. Area 121.6m2.                                                                               289 845 478/969 340 842.              Propriedad, Lda- AMI 504.
                                    Ref: A621. €159.000. Algarve         Villa V1                                                                Tavira - Morenos - Rustic             Tel: 281 951 165/281 370 277 .
                                    Real Estate Centre - AMI 6350.                                                                               renovated country house     
                                    Tel: 282 420 970 . Email: info@      Vila do Bispo - Barão de S.
                                                                         Miguel - Lovely cottage set                                             with good access. A house             Tavira - Manta Rota - Attractive
                                                                                                         with charm, in a calm valley
 Tavira - This attractive first                                          in a typical village. Recently                                                                                3/4 bed villa with paved
                                    Alvor - Walking distance from        renovated and comprising                                                in the mountains. Plot 469m2          front and back garden. Air
 floor 3 bedroom apartment
                                    the beach and village. In a quiet    spacious living room, kitchen                                           and house 133m2. A small
 is situated 5 mins by car from                                                                                                                                                        conditioned. 2 floors. Within
                                    residential zone. Area 122m2.                                             Silves - 2 bedroom villa & 2       garden with small fruit trees,
 the centre of town. Prepared                                            fitted with hob, haven, fridge                                                                                walking distance of the beach
                                    A606 . €270.000. Algarve Real                                             apartments with swimming           easy to maintain. Big kitchen.
 for central heating and air                                             and boiler. Mezzanine with                                                                                    and shops. 5 mins from golf
                                    Estate Centre - AMI 6350. Tel:                                            pool. Special panoramic            Ref: M 012. €265.000. BRUHN
 conditioning. €144.000. Este                                            space enough for a double bed.                                                                                course. €280.000. : Este Algarve
                                    282 420 970 . Email: info@                                                views. Ref: 1535. €480.000.        Mediação Imobil. unip. Lda -AMI
 Algarve Propriedad, Lda- AMI                                            Additionally there’s a bathroom                                                                               Propriedad, Lda- AMI 504.
                                                                      Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.      7025. Tel: 281 321 188 . Email:
 504. Tel: 281 951 165/281 370                                           and private backyard. Ideal                                                                                   Tel: 281 951 165/281 370 277
                                                                                                              Tel: 282 444 510. Email: sales@
 277. Email: belosantospedras@                                           for vacations. Ref: PPI 8938.                                                                       
                                    Portimão - Bemposta -                                                                                                        €85.000. PPI Estate Agents-
                                    Spacious apt. Fully furnished,                                                                                                                     Alcantarilha - Semi-detached
                                    spa, fireplace and fully fitted
                                                                         AMI 3238. Tel: 282 698 621/969                                          Villa V3                              villa comprising 3 bedrooms,
Alvor - Jardin de Bemposta - 3                                           779 664. Email: pauloventura@       West Coast - Budens- Lovely
                                    kitchen. Area 128m2. Ref: A534.                                                                              Tavira - Cabanas - Pretty 3 bed       2 bathrooms, 1 bathroom,
bedroom apartment, raised                                                       Village house comprising on
                                    €165.000. Algarve Real Estate                                                                                villa situated in an urbanisation     living room and dining room,
ground floor. Situated in village                                                                            the ground floor large living
                                    Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420      Vila do Bispo - Figueira - Newly                                        w/ swimming pool, restaurant          fully fitted kitchen, pantry and
type development. ref a162gr.                                                                                room with fireplace, kitchen,
                                    970 . Email: info@algarve-real-      restored 100m2 house in village                                         and bar. 1km from Benamor             garage. Garden and swimming
€119.000. Contact: Sulgar Lda                                                                                cloakroom, and backyard with
                                              centre. Close to beaches, golf                                          golf course. Close to shops           pool. Ref: VG156. €265.500.
AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .                                                                                 BBQ area . On the first floor 2
Email:                                                   and nature park. Tastefully                                             and restuarants. Roof terrace         Contact: Rogerio Bruxo Med
                                    Portimão - Monte de Bemposta                                             bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Nice
                                                                         restored in mediterranean                                               w/ lovely views of the sea. .         Imob - AMI 2132. Tel: 282 342
                                    spacious 3rd floor apartment                                             views from the roof terrace. Ref:
Portimão - Spacious 3 bedroom                                            style which will not disappoint.                                        €285.000. Contact: Este Algarve       373 . Email: rogeriobruxo@
                                    (147 m2) with lovely clear views                                         PPI8790 . €198.000. Contact: PPI
3rd floor apartment with views                                           Currently 1 but would make 2                                            Propriedad, Lda- AMI 504.   
                                    to the sea and Monchique.
over Portimao and towards                                                bed. €168.000. Contact: Private     Estate Agents- AMI 3238. Tel:       Tel: 281 951 165/281 370 277
                                    3 large double bedrooms, 2                                                                                                                         Alcantarilha - Pêra - Townhouse
Monchique. Ideal starter home.                                           Sale. Tel: 917 127 428 . Email:     282 698 621/969 779 664. Email:
                                    bathrooms (1 en-suite). Large                                                                                                                      in a private condominium
Ref: a144-gr . €85.000. Sulgar                                 
                                    living room with fireplace. Fully                                                                            Tavira - In the centre of town.       with swimming pool and
Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062    fitted kitchen, including all        Tavira - Small old townhouse in     Alvor - Alto Golf - Single storey   3 bedrooms (3 floors), in a           tennis court. Comprising of
Email:              equipment. Basement garage           the historical centre. Located on   cottage next to driving range.      quiet location within a private       3 bedrooms (1en-suite), 3
Alvor - Just on Market!!! Club      space. Excellent condition.          a calm street. Good investment.     Two beds, wood burning stove,       residential area w/ restricted        bathrooms, lounge, equipped
Alvor Ria 3 bed ground floor        €179.000. Private Sale.              Ref: M 007 . €75.000. BRUHN         master bedroom with dressing        access to the public. Roof            kitchen, and terrace. Quiet
apartment over looking pool         Tel: 912 268 175 .                   Mediação Imobil. unip. Lda          area and bathroom en-suite.         terrace . €200.000. Este Algarve      and beautiful area. Excellent
area with sea and harbour                                                AMI 7025. Tel: 281 321 188 .        Ref: a128-gr . €298.000. Sulgar     Propriedad, Lda- AMI 504.             investment. Area 128m2 Ref:
views. Fully furnished to a high                                            Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062    Tel: 281 951 165/281 370 277          VG90. €200.000. Rogerio Bruxo
quality. Underground parking.                                                                                . Email:            Med Imob - AMI 2132. Tel:
Ref: a145-gr . €365.000.: Sulgar                                                                                                                                                       282 342 373 . rogeriobruxo@
                                                                         Villa V2                                                                                            
Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062
Email:                                                   Silves - 2 bed townhouse in
                                                                                                                                                                                       Lagos - Townhouse comprising
                                                                         central Silves. Immaculately
Alvor - Spacious 3 bed ground        Lagoa - Lagoa Sol - Ground                                                                                                                        on the ground floor a spacious
                                                                         maintained. Spacious
floor apt with private garden.       floor apartment close to                                                                                                                          open plan living/dining room
                                                                         accommodation & 2 large
Short walk to centre and             amenities. Comprising 3                                                                                                                           with a fully fitted kitchen, and
                                                                         terraces. Ref:-1598. €159.000.
beaches. Ref: a137-gr. €265.000.     bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en-                                                                                                                      cloakroom. Small balcony with
                                                                         Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.
Sulgar Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282      suite), living room, fully fitted                                        Vila    Nova de Cacela -                                                 a brick BBQ. Upstairs 3 spacious
                                                                         Tel: 282 444 510 . Email: sales@
458 062 Email:       and equipped kitchen. Easily                                             Charming 2 bed algarvean                                                 bedrooms, with 2 bathrooms.
                                     maintained courtyard garden,                                             renovated house, approx. 5kms       Silves - 3 bedroom villa with        Wonderful roof terrace with
Praia da Rocha - 3 bed               double glazing and central          Tavira - Villa within walking        from Altura beach, 1.000m2 of       pool set in beautiful gardens.       sea views. Basement ideal
furnished apt with terrace.          heating. Available furnished        distance to town. 2 beds,            land, garage. €280.000. Este        Area 234m2 on plot 3.540m2.          as an independent one bed
Garage space. Area 115m2. Ref:       for €185.000 or unfurnished,        large terrace w/ lovely view of      Algarve Propriedade,      Lda-      Ref: 1435. €650.000. Contact:        apt. Total Area 235m2. Ref:
1257. €185.000. Globalplano          €175.000. P.O.A. Private Sale .     Tavira. €180.000. Este Algarve       AMI 504. Tel: 281 951 165/281       Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.        PPI7954. €260.000. PPI Estate
Real Estate - AMI 3156. Tel: 282     Tel: 282 381 048 / 966 616 846.     Propriedad, Lda- AMI 504.            370 277. belosantospedras@          Tel: 282 444 510. Email: sales@      Agents- AMI 3238. Tel: 282 698
459 430 . Email: globalplano@        Email:         Tel: 281 951 165/281 370 277                                621/969 779 664. Email: dino@                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                                                              Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·           07


                                    Alvor - Penina - 3 bedroom           Alvor - 3 bedroom villa in Alvor     Olhão - Moncarapacho                    Tavira - Manta Rota - A very         Lagos - Areas from 250m2,
                                    detached villa on 2 floors           centre. Fully furnished and          - open plan villa w/ pool, set          comfortable 4/5 bedroomed            equipped kitchen, 4 bedrooms
                                    with pool. Located on the            equipped. Shop with all stock        in peaceful countryside with            villa surrounded by 910m2 of         (3 en-suite), jacuzzi, sauna
                                    championship golf course of          included, views of Alvor river.      striking seaviews. 2 bathrooms          fenced/walled garden. Pool.          and heated swimming pool.
                                    Penina. Ref: v939gr . €495.000.                                           (1 en-suite), 40m2 carport,             Within walking distance of           Ref: M174. €725.000. Contact:
                                                                         Ref: viv316. €395.000. Contact:
                                    Contact: Sulgar Lda - AMI 6478.                                           separate BBQ area, small                the beach and shops. 5 mins          Ricardo Augusto Med. Imob.
                                                                         Globalplano Real Estate - AMI
                                    Tel: 282 458 062 . Email: info@                                           patio roof, gas heating, closed         from golf course. In the most        Lda-AMI 7049. Tel: 282 768 183
                                                                         3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:                                                                                   / 919 194 321 . Email: ra_
                                                                                          fireplace, 180m2 covered area,          beautiful area of the village.
                                                                                                              2280m2 land. Unique rustic              €585.000. Este Algarve
                                    Alvor - Montes de Alvor - 3                                               location but not remote! For            Propriedade, Lda- AMI 504. Tel:
 Ferragudo - 3/4 bedroomed          bedroom villa with pool in the       Mexilhoeira Grande - 3                                                                                            Faro - Santa Bárbara de Nexe
                                                                         bedroom villa with area 250m2        sale by owner. €420.000. Private        281 951 165/281 370 277. Email:
 townhouse on 3 levels. Solar       development of Santo Antonio.                                                                                                                          - Semi-new 4 bed villa with
                                                                         plus T1 annex . Land around          Sale. Tel: 938 433 045 . Email:
 panel, air con, health spa.        Situated in a quiet position. Ref:                                                                                                                     a spectacular view. Ground
                                                                         villa is 7.250m2. Fully furnished.
 Large developed garden and         v943gr. €450.000. Sulgar Lda                                                                                      Lagos - Brand new linked             floor - living and dining room
 patio. Set in a quiet location.    -AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .        Gardens, pool and panoramic          Vila Nova de Cacela - Excellent         villa located in Meia Praia          with fireplace, equipped
 5 mins walk to Praia Grande        Email:               views. Ref: viv313. €550.000.        dwelling good opportunity only          comprising 4 bedrooms (1 en-         kitchen, laundry room, wc, 2
 beach and to the village                                                Globalplano Real Estate - AMI        100m to the beach. Ref: 2711.           suite), 1 bathroom and 2 shower      bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with
 square. €440.000. Private Sale.    Alcalar - Lovely single storey       3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:      €265.000. Contact: ERA-Get a            rooms, big living/dining room        radiators and terraces. First
 Tel: 967 107 260.                  3 bedroom villa with kidney              House Lda - AMI 6498. Tel: 963          with fireplace, large kitchen,       floor - 2 bedrooms, and 2
                                    shaped pool and separate                                                  543 969 . Email: vrsa@getvrsa           store room, big garage, spacious     bathrooms, also with radiators
                                    jacuzzi. Ref: v954gr . €385.000.     Alvor - Bemposta - villa with                                                terraces with some sea views,        and terraces. Swimming pool,
Salema Beach- Nice and              Sulgar Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282      205m2 land. Three floors, large      Vila Real St Antonio - Altura           backyard, pre- installation for      BBQ, garage and car port. Ref:
traditional cottage on the beach    458 062 .            garage, fully equipped kitchen       - Semi-detached V3 with garage          air conditioning and central         398.M. €695.000. Vilas Ibéricas
front. Comprising living room,                                           and A/C. Ref: viv1290. €290.000.     situated in a calm zone with
                                    Alvor - Monte Canelas - 3 bed                                                                                     heating. Built in 2004. Built area   Soc Med Imob - AMI 1513.
dining room, fitted kitchen,                                             Globalplano Real Estate - AMI        good sized areas, equipped
                                    villa with wonderful views                                                                                        200m2 + garage with 70m2. Ref:       Tel: 289 391 090 . Email: info@
bathroom and 3 bedrooms (1                                                                                    kitchen and furnished. Ref 2735.
                                    to mountains and pool with           3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:                                              PPI9019C . € 375 000. PPI Estate
on the ground floor and 2 in                                                                                  €200.000. Contact: ERA-Get a
                                    wooden decking area. Ref:                                                        Agents- AMI 3238. Tel: 282 698
the attic). Area 28m2. Excellent                                                                              House Lda - AMI 6498. Tel: 965
                                    v166gr. €375.000. Contact:                                                                                        621/969 779 664. Email: dino@
investment opportunity. Ref:                                             Portimão - Outstanding 3             328 038 . Email: vrsa@getvrsa
                                    Sulgar Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282                                                                         
PPI9008. €169.000. Contact: PPI                                          bedroom villa with pool plus a
Estate Agents- AMI 3238. Tel:       458 062                                                   Loulé - Quaint villa with 3             Aljezur - Villa V4 - Modern lines,
                                                                         cottage. Set in 2 acres of land
282 698 621/969 779 664. Email:                                                                               bedrooms, 2 bathrooms in a              fully equipped. Fabulous view
                                    Vila do Bispo - Figueira - Rare      with an orchard. Ref:1485 .                                                                                      lovely rural region south of            and located in a rural zone
                                    opportunity. 3 bed villa in          €550.000. Minita lda - Silves-       Loulé. Lounge with beamed
                                    unrivalled location. Nature          AMI 777. Tel: 282 444 510 .Email:                                            near the beach. Area 220m2.
Silves - 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom                                                                                ceiling, fireplace, kitchen, utility,
                                    park setting with sea view                                                    Ref. 0015 . €420.000. Laforet
villa with pool close to                                                                                      bedroom radiators and pleasant
                                    and access to secluded beach.                                                                                     Portimão-AMI 7170. Tel: 282 457
Silves. Fully renovated & air                                                                                 covered terraces. Garden with
                                    Pool, borehole, solar and            Olhão - Moncarapacho -                                                       640 . Email:
conditioned. Quiet tranquil                                                                                   small pool, shared borehole                                                  Carvoeiro - Villa in excellent
location. Ref:-1592 . €295.000.     generator powered. Good              Stunning 3 bedroom all en-suite
                                                                                                              and storage room. Ref: V328.                                                 location with sea view.
Contact: Minita lda - Silves- AMI   quality rentals. One-off chance.     villa with pool. Sea views from                                                                                   Comprising 4+1 bedrooms,
                                                                                                              €320.000. Contact: Inside Villas
777. Tel: 282 444 510 . Email:      €750.000. Contact: Private           the master bedroom and 360                                                                                        3+1 bathrooms , kitchen,
                                                                                                              Med Imob Lda - AMI 5931. Tel:          Sale. Tel: 917 127 428 . Email:      degree views from the roof           289 399 011/ 969 023 983 .                                                   lounge, tool shed, garage,
                                     terrace. 2 years old. Well worth     Email:                                                garden, swimming pool. Ref:
Silves - Exceptionally well                                              a look. Ref: JP638 €450.000.                                                                                      V665. €450.000. Rogerio Bruxo
renovated terraced cottage                                               Julies Properties Lda-AMI 6838.      Faro - Gambelas - 3 bedroomed                                                Med Imob - AMI 2132. Tel: 282
w/ 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.                                              Tel: 289 798 196 . Email: sales@     dwelling plus office, 3                                                      342 373. Email: rogeriobruxo@
Beautiful countryside location.                                               bathrooms. Area 540m2.                                             
Ref:-1611. €175.000. Contact:                                                                                 Like new (6 years). Secluded
Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.                                            Monchique - Uniquely                 location. Ref: 298. €325.000.            S.B. de Messines - Impressive
Tel: 282 444 510 . Email: sales@                                         designed 3-4 bedroom villa in        Contact: Vilas Costa Lda - AMI           4 bed villa with swimming           Almancil - Varandas do Lago                                                     a superb location. Complete          1609. Tel: 919 034 487 . Email:          pool set in over 3 hectares of      - Luxury villa with excellent
                                                                         privacy and stunning coastal                 land with breathtaking views.       finishings. 4 beds, 5 baths, 2
                                                                         views. Courtyard entrance,                                                    Ref: 1624. €545.000. Contact:       dressing rooms sitting room
                                     Alvor - 3/4 bedroom villa           living room with central                                                      Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.       with fireplace, dining room, fully
                                     situated in quiet cul de sac with   fireplace, a new fitted kitchen,
                                                                                                              Villa V4                                 Tel: 282 444 510. Email: sales@     equipped kitchen with terrace
                                     beautiful countryside views.        utility and drying rooms. The        Tavira - Santo Estevão - 4                     and BBQ, laundry room. Garage
                                     Ref: 1610. €650.000. Contact:       master bedroom is en-suite           bed villa 1km from the village                                               and garden with pool. Ref: 403.
                                     Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.       and a 2nd double bedroom             and 5kms from Tavira. In the                                                 M. €1.400.000. Contact: Vilas
                                     Tel: 282 444 510. Email: sales@                                                                                  Portimão - Alto Alfarrobal           Ibéricas Soc Med Imob - AMI
                                                                         has an en-suite shower room.         countryside. Fenced land w/
                                                                                                                        - Villa with pool, garden, garage,   1513. Tel: 289 391 090 . Email:
                                                                         Includes a separate ground           2.500m2. Swimming pool.
                                                                                                              Garage. 2 floors. Annex w/ cane         laundry, kitchen with fireplace,
                                                                         floor guest suite with an open
                                    Lagos - São Sebastião - Lovely                                            ceiling. €475.000. Contact: Este        lounge, dining room, bedrooms
 Alcantarilha - Villa with sea      villa comprising living and          plan kitchen/living area, double                                                                                  Alvor - Alto Golf - A wonderful
                                                                         bedroom and large bathroom.          Algarve Propriedad, Lda- AMI            with verandas, BBQ. €390.000.
 view comprising 3 beds, 3          dining room with fireplace,                                                                                                                            furnished 4 bed villa with pool.
                                                                         The suite has space to make a        504. Tel: 281 951 165/281 370           Duplo S - AMI 7524. Tel:             Ref: v146gr. €895.000. Sulgar
 baths, lounge with fireplace,      3 bedrooms (2 en-suite),                                                  277 . Email: belosantospedras@
                                                                         2nd double bedroom. Triple                                                   966468626 / 965063833. Email:        Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062
 fully fitted kitchen. Garage.      garage, garden and swimming                                     
 Pool. Garden. Pre-installation     pool. Area 225m2. Ref: M131.         glazed windows, mosquito                                                          . Email:
 of central heating. Ref: V804      €475.000. Contact: Ricardo           netting, underfloor central
 €361,000. Rogerio Bruxo Med        Augusto Med. Imob. Lda-AMI           heating. Grounds of 18780m2
 Imob - AMI 2132. Tel: 282 342      7049. Tel: 282 768 183 / 919         with two water mines, mature
 373. Email: rogeriobruxo@          194 321 . Email: ra_imobiliaria@     garden with well and a pool.                              Ample car parking plus garage.

Portimão - Monte Canelas- 3
                                    Alcantarilha - Detached villa
                                                                         Excellent condition throughout.
                                                                         €650.000. Contact: First Reality
                                                                                                                             FREE CLASSIFIED ORDER FORM
                                    with pool. 3 bed, 2 bath, garage
bed villa in a luxury residential   and A/C. Built in 2006. Open         Lda - AMI 7198. Tel: 282 911
area. Air conditioning, central     country and distant sea views .      838. Email:
vacuum cleaner, surround
                                                                                                                           Please send your classifieds to get real, Apt 58, 8401-906 Ferragudo,
                                    €375.000. Contact: Private Sale.     Algoz - 3 bedroom villa on plot
sound. Large swimming pool          Tel: 937 221 404/282 322 571.                                                           or fax to 282 493 241 or e-mail to
                                                                         900m2 with pool and garden.
and garden. Garage. Ref: 0029.                                           Set in a quiet location. €375.000.
€400.000. Laforet Portimão-AMI      Burgau - Charming villa close
                                    to local beach with converted        Contact: Abel Santos Lda- AMI                name:
7170. Tel: 282 457 640 . Email:                                          523. Tel: 282 341 988 . Email:               address:
                                    garage. Ref: 410V. €595.000.
                                    Contact: John D Griffiths Med                                                                              postcode:
Ferragudo - 3 bed villa with        Imob Soc. Unip. Lda- AMI 6491.                                                    telephone:                                             email:
a high of standard finishings.      Tel: 282 760 416/919 763 707.
Furnished and equipped. Large       Email:
pool and garden. BBQ and            Vila do Bispo - Near Zavial 3
storage room. 2 min. from Golf      bedroom country villa close to
course. Ref: 0034. €395.000.        local beaches. Very secluded.
Laforet Portimão-AMI 7170.          Area 11.000m2. Ref: 399V.
Tel: 282 457 640 . portimao@        €449.500. John D Griffiths Med                          Imob Soc. Unip. Lda- AMI 6491.
Almancil - Very beautiful           Tel: 282 760 416/919 763 707.
                                    Email:        Beja - 3 bed L shaped mobile
townhouse situated in a calm                                              home, 2 shower rooms, open
area, comprising 3 beds, 2          Silves - 3 bedroom villa close        plan lounge / kitchen / diner
baths, living room + fireplace,     to Silves with swimming pool          w/ oven, hob, extractor fan,
kitchen, garage and garden.         and stunning views to coast and       integrated dishwasher and                         If you require more space or would like a classified with picture or box
250m2. Ref: 404.M €378.000.         mountains. Ref: 1586. €395.000.       fridge. Requires moving to a
Vilas Ibéricas Soc Med Imob         Contact: Minita lda - Silves- AMI                                                                           please contact our sales team
                                                                          new location. €59.000. Private
-AMI 1513. Tel: 289 391 090 .       777. Tel: 282 444 510 . Email:        Sale. 918 768 998/969 746 259                        or +351 918 660 448
 08       Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·


Alvor - Mar e Serra - 4 bed villa   Loulé - Sobradinho - Nicely         Alte - Pretty traditional             West Coast - Almádena- Brand        Fuzeta - New 3 bedroom villa.
240m2 in plot of 400m2. Ideally     styled villa with the tranquility   guesthouse with 6 spacious            new townhouse comprising on         2 family home with ocean
situated for village & Portimao.    of the countryside yet not far      bedrooms each with double             the ground floor a big living       view. Furnished, 2 kitchens,
Ref: V906gr. €360.000. Sulgar       from the city. Sea view. Many       bed and private bathroom.             room with fireplace, a small        basement, yard and terrace.
Lda - AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062.   essential modern conveniences       Situated in one of few places in      storage under the stairs, a         €235.000. Private Sale.
Email:              such as A/C, underfloor             south Portugal that maintains         shower room and a spacious          Tel: 919 282 405 .
                                    heating, double glazing.            the traditional architectural         kitchen. On the first floor 3
Silves - 4 bedroom townhouse        Attractively priced. Ref: 1001-     style, besides being a genuine                                            Lagos - Villa with 4 bedrooms
                                                                                                              bedrooms and a big bathroom.
with landscaped gardens & 2         0548. €595.000. Contact: Azul       Portuguese village maintaining                                            (3 en-suite), equipped kitchen,
                                                                                                              The front bedroom has a nice
bedroom apartment. Ref: 1446.       Properties - AMI 5604. Tel: 289     a wonderful community spirit.                                             jacuzzi, sauna and heated
                                                                                                              balcony with country views.                                              Silves - Odelouca exceptional
€335.000. Minita lda - Silves-      422 871 . Email: office@azul-       Ref: 141.E. €350.000. Contact:                                            swimming pool. Area 350m2.
                                                                                                              Nice BBQ area. Plot 126m2, built                                         3 bedroom, 3 bathroom
AMI 777. Tel: 282 444 510. Email:                      Vilas Ibéricas Soc Med Imob                                               Ref: M-174. €725.000. Contact:
                                                                                                              area 114.70m2.Ref:PPI8937. .                                             villa close to completion                                              - AMI 1513. Tel: 289 391 090 .                                            Ricardo Augusto Med. Imob.
                                    Portimão - Penina Golf - 4                                                €215.000. Contact: PPI Estate                                            with fantastic views to the
                                                                        Email:                                             Lda-AMI 7049. Tel: 282 768 183
S.B. de Messines - Impressive       bedroom colonial style villa in                                           Agents- AMI 3238. Tel: 282 698                                           countryside. Many unique
                                                                                                                                                  / 919 194 321 . Email: ra_
4 bed villa with swimming           an enviable location on front                                             621/969 779 664. Email: dino@                                            finishing touches. Ref: 1368.
pool set in over 3 hectares of      line golf. Built in 1982. Ref:                                                                                        €280.000. Minita lda - AMI 777.
land with breathtaking views.       241218. €875.000. Contact:                                                                                    Praia da Rocha - New 2               Tel: 282 444 510. Email: sales@
                                                                                                              Aljezur - Vale da Telha - Brand                                
Ref: 1624. €545.000. Contact:       Sadler’s Med. Imob. Lda - AMI                                                                                 bedroom apartment with
                                                                                                              new villa currently under
Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.       7374. Tel: 282 789 336/912 176                                                                                swimming pool and garage
                                                                                                              construction will be comprised
Tel: 282 444 510 . Email: sales@    588. Email: sophie.hollow@                                                                                    space. Area 127m2. Ref: 721A.       Tavira - Apartments in historic
                                                                                                              of 3 bedrooms (1 en suite), 1                                                                                                 €182.500. Contact: Globalplano      centre with garage from
                                                                                                              bathroom and 1 shower room,         Real Estate - AMI 3156. Tel: 282
Carvoeiro - Single storey villa                                                                               big living/dining room with                                             €110.000. Contact: Golfland-
                                    Praia da Luz - Fabulous 4                                                                                     459 430 . Email: globalplano@       Med.Imob.Lda - AMI 7407. Tel:
on Gramacho (Pestana) Golf          bedroom modern villa. With                                                fire place, garage, swimming
Resort overlooking 1st Green.                                                                                 pool, roof terrace and spacious                                         281 380 930/917 225 959.
                                    lovely sea views over Luz Bay.       Lagoa - Parchal- Semi-
4 bedroom 5 bathroom (3             Swimming pool, annex and                                                  garden. The villa is equipped       Alvor - Ma Partilha - 2 bedroom     Between Almancil and Loulé.
                                                                         detached villa comprising            with double glazed and              apartments, 5 minutes from
en-suite). Spacious kitchen.        247m2 of accommodation. Ref:                                                                                                                      New V3 homes with very good
                                                                         7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms,             central heating. Ref:PPI9014C.      Alvor. New with swimming
Private pool, garage, roof          237392. €1.175.000. Contact:                                                                                                                      finishings. 3 beds, 3 bathrooms
                                                                         lounge with fireplace, fully         €250.000. Contact: PPI Estate       pool. Each apartment has
terrace, A/C and solar heating.     Sadler’s Mediaçao Imobil. Lda                                                                                                                     (2 en-suite), spacious living/
                                                                         fitted kitchen, pantry, laundry      Agents- AMI 3238. Tel: 282 698      a garage space. Area 88m2.
Ideal as permanent home or          - AMI 7374. Tel: 282 789 336/912                                                                                                                  dining room with fireplace and
                                                                         and study. Spacious basement         621/969 779 664. Email: dino@       Prices from €150.000. Ref: 1299.
rental investment. Golf right       176 588. Email: sophie.hollow@                                                                                                                    private plot of land, Only 7km
                                                                         and garage for 2 cars. Garden                 Globalplano Real Estate - AMI
membership included in sale .                                                                                                                               from the beach and also has
                                                                         and BBQ. Ref: Vg131. €305.000.                                           3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:
€795.000. Private Sale. Tel: 282                                                                                                                                                      possibility to build own pool.
                                                                         Contact: Rogerio Bruxo Med           Aljezur - New linked villas
340 946/917 844 518.                                                                                                                                                                  Area: 202,77m2 on plot approx.
                                    Villa V5                             Imob - AMI 2132. Tel: 282 342        close to the sea and in the
Silves - Impressive 4 bedroom                                            373. Email: rogeriobruxo@            Natural Park. Villas with 2,3 or    S.B. de Messines - Near             640m2. Ref 424. €320.000.
villa in a beautiful and tranquil   Alvor - Penina - Individually                     4 bedrooms with communal            Barragem do Funcho an               Contact: Inside Villas Med Imob
location. Ref: 1607. €695.000.      designed 5 bedroom villa of                                               swimming pool, garage and           unfinished house 90m2               Lda - AMI 5931. Tel: 289 399
Contact: Minita lda - Silves- AMI   over 300m2 on the famous                                                  private parking space. Each villa   and warehouse20m2 on                011/ 969 023 983 . Email: mail@
                                                                        Alvor - Serra e Mar - Spacious                                                                      
777. Tel: 282 444 510 . Email:      championship golf course.                                                 has also a private plot. This can   plot 18.000m2. Near water,
                                                                        6 bed villa & featured pool with          Ref: v165gr. €985.000. Sulgar                                             be a unique opportunity for an      spectacular views. For private
                                                                        volley ball court set in beautiful                                                                            Almancil - Near the beaches
                                    Lda- AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062.                                          investment. Built areas from        sale only. Tel 936681205 or
Olhão - Pechao - 10.800m2 plot                                          mature gardens. Ref: 1432 .                                                                                   of the ‘golden triangle’ (Quinta
                                    Email:                                                    97.27m2 up to 156.18m2. Prices      282332870 (week days after
housing a stunning 4 bedroom                                            €695.000. Minita lda - Silves-                                                                                do Lago - Vale do lobo). Newly
                                                                                                              between: €180.000 up to €217.       8pm). €200.000. Private sale.
villa with pool. Luxury at its      Olhão - Moncarapacho                AMI 777. Tel: 282 444 510. Email:                                                                             constructed, 3 bedroomed villa,
                                                                                                              500. Ref:PPI9014A. Contact: PPI                                         2 bathrooms, large basement
best in a great area. Ref: JP601.   Traditional villa converted                                                Porches - 2 bedroom
                                                                                                              Estate Agents- AMI 3238. Tel:                                           and garage, private garden, air
€1.150.000. Contact: Julies         into 3 separate self contained                                                                                apartments, pool, 880m to the
                                                                        Lagos - 3 floor house located in      282 698 621/969 779 664. Email:                                         con, excellent exposure to the
Properties Lda-AMI 6838. Tel:       living areas. 2 acre plot with an                                                                             beach. Prices from €115.000.
                                                                        town centre with good rental                                                sun. Area 330m2. Ref: V476 .
289 798 196 . Email: sales@         orange grove and good access.                                                                                 P.O.A. Contact: Abel Santos              Ref: JP615 €575.000 . €575.000.     possibilities. 3 independent          Praia da Luz - Private              Lda- AMI 523. Tel: 282 341 988 .    €275.000. Contact: Inside Villas
                                    Julies Properties Lda-AMI 6838.     apartments. Area 200m2. Ref: M-       condominium - (one of 10            Email:       Med Imob Lda - AMI 5931. Tel:
                                    Tel: 289 798 196. Email: sales@     124. €350.000. Contact: Ricardo       Villas). Quality new 3 bed                                              289 399 011/ 969 023 983 .
                                        Augusto Med. Imob. Lda-AMI            villa. Private pool + garden. 5                                         Email:
                                                                        7049. Tel: 282 768 183 / 919          mins from Praia da Luz. Plot
                                    Lagos - A stunningly presented
                                    5 bedroom villa close to the        194 321 . Email: ra_imobiliaria@      650m2. Ref.010-0002. €395.000.                                          Estates / Quintas
                                    centre of town with swimming                      Contact: Laforet Portimão-AMI
                                    pool. Built area 276m2. Ref:                                              7170. Tel: 282 457 640 . Email:                                         Silves - Quinta with
                                                                        Vila Real St Antonio - Casa                                                      semidetached old house close
                                    236788. €495.000. Contact:
                                                                        Pombalina comprising 2 floors,                                                                                to Poço Barreto. Urban area 280
                                    Sadler’s Mediaçao Imobil. Lda                                             Alvor - Sesmarias- Brand
                                                                        8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and                                                                                   m2. - Land area: 3.160 m2. Ref.
                                    AMI 7374. Tel: 282 789 336/912                                            new V2, V3 and V4 villas with
 Carvoeiro - Caramujeira -                                              large divisions. Situated in the                                                                              F512. €80.000. Coelho Correia
                                    176 588. Email: sophie.hollow@                                            garden, pool and sea view from       Ferragudo - Bela Vista – New
 Beautiful villa with sea view.                                         historical centre with views of                                                                               AMI 3201. Tel: 282 343 326 .
                                                                                 € 202.000. RE/MAX Global             4 bed villa with pool, garden
 10 mins walk from Praia da                                             the river. Ref: 2713. €350.000.                                                                               Email:
                                                                                                              AMI:5453.. Tel: 912 246 283 .        and garage with same ground
 Marinha beach. Comprising          Monchique - Unique manor            Contact: ERA-Get a House Lda
                                                                                                              Email:      area as house. Views over river    Odemira - Sabóia- Farm with
 4 bed, 4 bath, lounge with         house in the historic spa           AMI 6498. Tel: 963 543 569 .                                               and future marina Built area       38.000m2. Located in calm rural
 fireplace, kitchen, plus annex     village of Caldas with separate     Email: vrsa@getvrsa                   Alvor - Monte Canelas - Newly        535m2 on plot with 975m2 .         area just 1 km from village. This
 with 1 bedroom, 1 wc, kitchen      guest apartment. Ref: V517.                                               built traditional style 3 bedroom    €750.000. Contact: Duplo S         habitable farmhouse consists of
 and lounge. Terrace, garden        €1.150.000. Contact: Algarve        Burgau - With breathtaking            villa with pool in the popular       Med Imob - AMI 4324. Tel: 282      ground floor with entrance hall,
 and pool. Excellent investment.    Real Estate Centre - AMI 6350.      uninterrupted views of the            development. Ref v969gr.             485 271/966 468 626. Email:        2 beds, large lounge, pantry,
 Ref: V187. €1.275.000. Rogerio     Tel: 282 420 970 . Email: info@     ocean this 6 bedroom property         €430.000. Contact: Sulgar Lda             laundry, garage, small BBQ.
 Bruxo - AMI 2132. Tel: 282 342      with pool, is totally unique.         AMI 6478. Tel: 282 458 062 .
 373. Email: rogeriobruxo@                                              Ref: 242145. €995.000. Contact:                                                                               1st floor,2 beds (1 en-suite),
                                    Alvor - Ladeira da Nora                                                   Email:                                                                                                                                 Almancil - Small condominium        bathroom, living/dining room,
                                    Beautiful villa, all bedrooms       Sadler’s Mediaçao Imobil. Lda
                                                                                                              Alvor - New apartment with          in centre of the Golden Triangle.   equipped kitchen, pantry,
                                    en-suite, pool, garden & garage.    AMI 7374. Tel: 282 789 336/912
Porches - 4 bedroom villa                                                                                     2+1 bedrooms with garage            Completed in 2007 to a high         balcony. 2 wells, garden w/
                                    Area 384m2. Ref: V432. €695.000.    176 588. Email: sophie.hollow@
with pool, garden and sea                                                                                     space. Near to the centre of        standard. Will comprise of 11       fountain, close to river and dam.
                                    Contact: Algarve Real Estate                                                                                           Good access. Ref:106. €225.000.
view. Plot 1.000m2. €780.000.                                                                                 Alvor and beach. Excellent          townhouses with 1-3 bedrooms
Contact: Abel Santos Lda- AMI       Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420                                           finishings. Area 143,60m2.          with air conditioning, large        Natalia Flores Carreira Lda - AMI
523. Tel: 282 341 988 . Email:      970 . Email: info@algarve-real-     New Build                             Ref: 728B. €200.000. Contact:       basement which may be used          632. Tel: 289 369 155/6. Email:                                                             Globalplano Real Estate - AMI       for a games room or bedroom
                                                                        Boliqueime - Superb villa V4          3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:     and garage parking for each
                                    Alcalar - Villa and T2 apartment,                                                                                                                 Portimão - 3 bedroom
Carvoeiro - Villa with sea view                                         under construction on 1.188m2             townhouse. Situated around
                                    both with fitted kitchens.                                                                                                                        farmhouse/villa with pool.
on plot 3.437m2. 4 bedrooms,                                            of land with panoramic views                                              a large communal swimming
                                    Garden, pool, lake. Plot 6250m2.                                                                                                                  Includes guest cottage and
pool and garden. €600.000.          Ref: V370. €980.000. Algarve        of the coast. Located in a calm                                           pool but each having own patio
Contact: Abel Santos Lda- AMI                                                                                                                                                         a ruin. Ref: 1597. €350.000.
                                    Real Estate Centre - AMI 6350.      area. Basement: Garage for                                                and garden area. A very special     Minita lda - AMI 777. Tel:
523. Tel: 282 341 988 . Email:      Tel: 282 420 970 . Email: info@     4 cars or more, store room.                                               opportunity!Covered Area from       282 444 510 . Email: sales@          Ground Floor: Entrance hall, 2                                            174m2 to 230m2 + uncovered
                                                                        beds, 2 baths, lounge/dinning                                             terraces. Prices from €299.000
Porches - 4 bedroom villa                                                                                                                         to €380.000. Ref: 468.Inside
                                                                        room w/ fireplace, equipped                                                                                   Silves - Imposing 4/5 bed
170m2 with sea view and only        Villa V6+                           kitchen, pantry, covered                                                  Villas Med Imob Lda - AMI 5931.     quinta plus additional plot
500m to the beach. €250.000.                                                                                                                      Tel: 289 399 011/ 969 023 983.      of land. Quinta 320m2 set in
                                    Lagos - Meia Praia - Magnificent    terraces. 1st floor: Hall, 2 bedrs,
Contact: Abel Santos Lda- AMI                                                                                                                     Email:       19.360m2 of land plus 2nd
                                    V6+2 villa in 1000m2 plot with      dressing room, 2 baths en-suite,       Ferragudo - Bela Vista – 2
523. Tel: 282 341 988 . Email:                                                                                                                                                        plot of 35.520m2. Ref: 1616.
                                    4 separated studios. All ceilings   covered terraces. Equipped with        semi-detached V3+1 homes           Vilamoura - A new                                                                                                                                                                €585.000. Minita lda - Silves-
                                    in solid wood. Air conditioning     surveillance monitor, alarm,           with garage and garden. Views      development of apts and town
Ferragudo - Semi-detached           and log-burning fire. Cottage.      ambience music, Electrical             to mountains, city and river.                                          AMI 777. Tel: 282 444 510. Email:
                                                                                                                                                  houses on the Millenium golf
                                    Patio and exquisite pool            under floor heating in all             Price for each house . €387.000.                             
villa - 2 two bedroomed                                                                                                                           course. 4 Olympic size pools.
apartments perfect for living       (16x7m). Spectacular sea views.     bathrooms, pre-installation of         Contact: Duplo S Med Imob -        From €265.000 to €787.000. Ref:     Portimão - Algarvean cottage
and rental. Located near to all     Architect Karl Hiller. One of a     A/C. 899000 Ref: 105 Contact:          AMI 4324. Tel: 282 485 271/966     241195. Sadler’s Med. Imob. Lda     oozing charm on 20.000m2 land.
amenities and walking distance      kind!. P.O.A. RE/MAX Global         Natalia Flores Carreira Lda - AMI      468 626. Email: mabasantos@        - AMI 7374. Tel: 282 789 336/912    Ref: 1486 . €315.000. Minita
to the beach. €300.000. Private     AMI:5453. Tel: 912 246 283.         632. Tel: 289 369 155/6. Email:                        176 588. Email: sophie.hollow@      lda - AMI 777. Tel: 282 444 510.
Sale. Tel: 282 461 651.             Email:                                        
                                                                                                                                                             Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·           09


                                      Carvoeiro - Farm with land          Alvor - Land near the centre          Portimão - Penina - Plot with        Loulé - Benafim - Townhouse         Praia da Rocha - Perfume shop
                                      14.000m2. 2 old houses +            of Alvor with an area of 360m2.       plan approved for villa with         for renovation,3 floors incl        for sale. Ref: C520. €170.000.
                                      storage. Beaches 1.5km.             Ref: ter155. €95.000. Contact:        pool. Area 1600 m2. Ref: V508.       basement which can be               Contact: Algarve Real Estate
                                      €300.000. Contact: Abel Santos      Globalplano Real Estate - AMI         €1.000.000. Contact: Algarve         converted into bedroom.             Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420
                                      Lda- AMI 523. Tel: 282 341 988 .    3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:       Real Estate Centre - AMI 6350.       Traditional 1930’s building         970 . Email: info@algarve-real-
                                      Email:               Tel: 282 420 970 . Email: info@      needs renovating but without
                                                                                                             plans as structure sound, Great
                                      Monchique - Near Monchique          Alcoutim - 1.000m2 fenced                                                  opportunity. Sea views from         Portimão - Residential area
                                      - 3 bedroomed house with            and gated plot on the river           Alvor - Montes de Alvor              the top floor, and great feature    with commercial spaces. Great
                                      private lake on 25 hectares of      close to Alcoutim. Electric, bore     - 550m2 located in a quiet area                                          business potential, storage
                                                                                                                                                     like vaulted ceilings.. €37.500.
 SM da Serra - Newly                  land. Open plan living & dining     hole, telephone with a static                                                                                  in underground level and
                                                                                                                surrounded by other villas.          Contact: Private Sale. Tel: 914
 constructed and renovated            room, fitted kitchen. Area          caravan. Lovely setting. Ref:                                                                                  very easy car parking. Other
                                                                                                                Permission to build 220m2.           300 664/289 432 865. Email:
 farmhouse in a lovely quiet          312m2. Ref: V544. €650.000.         JP629 . €96.700. Contact: Julies                                                                               commercial spaces are available
                                                                                                                Ref: P592. €275.000. Algarve
 village with built area of 171m2     Contact: Algarve Real Estate        Properties Lda-AMI 6838. Tel:                                                                                  with different sizes. For sale and
 situated in 98.680m2 of land         Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420     289 798 196 . Email: sales@           Real Estate Centre - AMI 6350.
                                                                                                                                                                                         for renting. Prices from €70.415
 full of cork and medronho            970 . Email: info@algarve-real-                Tel: 282 420 970 . Email: info@      Ruins / Rebuild                     Ref: 122121006-17-21. Contact:
 trees. Comprising 2 bedrooms,                                                                                          RE/MAX Sinergia Lic. AMI:
 2 bathrooms (1 outside),                                                 Faro - Estói - 9.000m2 plot                                                Loulé - São Sebastião - Old         7089 . Tel: 282 491 059 . Email:
 office, open plan living/dining                                          with approved project to build                                             house 230m2 on land 830m2.
 area with two salamanders.                                               a 200m2 villa with pool. Ref:         To Renovate                          2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,

 Tastefully decorated with high                                           JP410. €157.500. Contact: Julies                                           office, living room, kitchen        Portimão - If you are looking
                                                                                                                Boliqueime - Habitable old
 quality furnishings.        Triple                                       Properties Lda-AMI 6838. Tel:                                              and land to build up to 235m2       to expand your company, you
                                                                                                                house in land of 1.070m2. This
 glazed Swedish windows. Fully                                            289 798 196 . Email: sales@                                                plus one dependent outhouse         will find in this great business
                                                                                house w/ country view and
 equipped kitchen. Spectacular                                                                                                                       designated “oven house”. Good       centre the luxury, the comfort
                                                                                                                only ten minutes driving from
 panoramic mountain views.                                                                                                                           opportunity to rebuild. Ref:        and the professionalism you are
                                                                          Portimão - Plots from 430m2           the Vilamoura and Quarteira
 155 newly planted various fruit                                                                                                                     402.M. €180.000. Contact: Vilas     looking for. Ref: 122121001-113.
                                                                          with permission to build a            beaches, consists of: - 5 Beds
 & pine trees with automatic                                                                                                                         Ibéricas Soc Med Imob - AMI         €670.000. RE/MAX Sinergia Lic.
                                                                          villa. Prices from €75.000.           - 2 Lounge/Dining Room - 2
 irrigation. Stable for horses                                                                                                                       1513. Tel: 289 391 090 . Email:     AMI: 7089 . Tel: 282 491 059 .
                                       Silves - Large farmhouse fill of   Contact: Abel Santos Lda- AMI         Kitchens - 2 Baths - 2 Terraces
 and three outside building for                                                                                                                          Email:
                                       character on the outskirts of      523. Tel: 282 341 988 . Email:        - 1 Store room - 1 Water deposit
 small animals. A small river                                                                                                                            Portimão - Fantastic Ware-
                                       Silves. Good income potential.                                           - Public place - Cistern – Garden    Silves - Odelouca - Unfinished
 that crosses part of the land                                                                                                                                                           houses in Parchal, 2 minutes
                                       Ref: 1230. €650.000. Contact:                                            Ref: CCTB-35 €350000. Natalia        2 bedroomed house on plot
 and a large well. Borehole,                                              Castro Marim - More than 4
                                       Minita lda - Silves- AMI 777.                                            Flores Carreira Lda - AMI 632.       5500m2 in the countryside.          away from Portimão, with the
 electricity and phone line.                                              hectares of totally flat land with
                                       Tel: 282 444 510. Email: sales@                                          Tel: 289 369 155/6. Email:           Area 80m2. Ref: V577. €80.000.      possibility to be attached.
 9kms from Messines, 3km from                                             680m2 of ruins. Possibilty of
                                                                              Contact: Algarve Real Estate        Situated behind Angel Pilot.
 S. Marcos da Serra. €279.000.                                            rural tourism. Near to the Castro
                                                                                                                                                     Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420     From €297.500 Ref: 122121001-
 Private Sale. Tel: 966 321 883.                                          Marim golf course. Ref: 2740.
                                                                                                                Leiria - Pedrógão Grande.            970 . Email: info@algarve-real-     117. RE/MAX Sinergia Lic. AMI:
 Email:                                                 €350.000. Contact: ERA-Get a
                                      Land                                                                      Central Portugal two old                      7089 . Tel: 282 491 059. Email:
                                                                          House Lda - AMI 6498. Tel: 963
                                                                                                                houses, easy restoration project.                              
                                                                          543 569 . Email: vrsa@getvrsa                                              Marmelete - Besteiro - Ruin
                                      Loulé - Querenca - Land                                                   €95.000 o.n.o. Private Sale.
Olhão - Moncarapacho                                                                                                                                 near Monchique and Marmelete
                                      4.000m2 with project for            Faro - Estoi - Unique                 Tel: 966 402 520 .
- 10.000m2 plot with traditional                                                                                                                     on plot 6 hectares. Area:
                                      traditional Quinta 250m2.           opportunity! Plot of land with
3 bedroom Quinta. Between             €145.000. Private Sale.                                                   Ourique - House in the centre        83.4m2. Ref: V585. €65.000.
                                                                          sea views, situated in a quiet
Moncarapacho and Sao Bras.            Tel: 289 417 079 .                                                        of Ourique with terrace and          Contact: Algarve Real Estate
                                                                          area, in land, only 10 min from
Great price for this charming                                             Faro airport and just a few           garage. Area 200m2. Needs            Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420
property. Ref: JP640. €240.000.       Olhão - Laranjeiro - Land           minutes walking distance from         repairs. €80.000. Private Sale.      970 . Email: info@algarve-real-
Julies Properties Lda-AMI 6838.       3840m2 w/ruin , electricity and                                                                                         Algoz - Wanted - small house
                                                                          the centre of Estoi. Has ruin of      Tel: 919 373 334 / 919 688 158 .                                         for long term rent in Poço
Tel: 289 798 196. Email: sales@       water. Located in a quiet area      198m2, which can be extended          Email:                                               Barreto, Algoz or Silves area.                with sea & mountain views.          up to 250m2 plus basement.
                                      Permission to build 300m2           Very good access road and             Vila Nova de Cacela - Cacela         Bars                                P.O.A. Private Rental.
Loulé - Querenca - 15.000m2           house. €150.000. Private Sale.                                                                                                                     Tel: 914 016 943 .
                                                                          easy connections to water,            Velha - one storey buildings         Praia da Rocha - Snack bar fully
plot with farmhouse, private          Tel: 964240694 .                                                          with 700m2. Ref: 2749. €535.000.
                                                                          electricity and sewage. Ref:                                               equipped. Licence to work until     Alvor - Wanted - T1 apt. Honest
lake and partially converted                                              t235 . €110.000. Contact: Inside      Contact: ERA-Get a House Lda                                             and responsible lady seeks 1
                                      Portimão - Aldeia das Sobreiras                                                                                4.00am. Ref: C479. €115.000.
warehouse as self contained                                               Villas Med Imob Lda - AMI 5931.       AMI 6498. Tel: 918 702 976 .         Contact: Algarve Real Estate        bed apt for annual rent. Near
accommodation. Ref: JP521..           - Bemposta - 380m2. Good
                                      access. €77.500. Duplo S            Tel: 289 399 011/ 969 023 983 .       Email: vrsa@getvrsa                  Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420     beach and within walking
€345.000. Contact: Julies                                                 Email:                                              970 . Email: info@algarve-real-     distance of shops, bus etc. Up
Properties Lda-AMI 6838. Tel:         Med Imob - AMI 7524. Tel:                                                 Loulé - Fonte Santa - T1
                                      966468626 / 965063833. Email:                                                                                           to €400 per month. Tel: 919 917
289 798 196 . Email: sales@                                               Southern Alentejo - Santana           in a quiet residential area                                              018.                    de Serra about 30 mins inland         200m from the beach. Small           Praia da Rocha - Bar fully
                                                                          from Albufeira. A greenfield plot     improvements necessary.              equipped with seats outside.        Carvoeiro - Wanted - Country
                                      Monchique - 2 hectares with
Albufeira - Farm with land                                                at the top end of picturesque         Guaranteed increase in value.        Area 85m2. Ref: C450. €250.000.     house/cottage for long term
                                      medronho and eucalyptus
3.650m2, 4 bedroom traditional                                            hillside village with permission      A good investment. Ref: a143.        Contact: Algarve Real Estate        rent in Carvoeiro/ Sesmarias
                                      trees. €15.000. Contact: Duplo
house plus 2 one bedroom                                                  to build a two storey house of        €115.000. Contact: Inside Villas     Centre - AMI 6350. Tel: 282 420     area. P.O.A. Private Rental.
                                      S Med Imob - AMI 7524. Tel:
apartments and pool.. €340.000.                                           around 220m2 on plot 30m2.                                                 970 . Email: info@algarve-real-     Tel: 934 297 776.
                                      966468626 / 965063833. Email:                                             Med Imob Lda - AMI 5931. Tel:
Contact: Abel Santos Lda- AMI                                             Excellent road access. Water,                                    
                                                                                289 399 011/ 969 023 983 .                                               Almancil - Apt with 2 beds,
523. Tel: 282 341 988 . Email:                                            sewerage, electricity and
                                                                          telephone access. Walking             Email:        Albufeira - Fully equipped          2 baths, living room, kitchen,                Loulé - Pereiras de Quarteira -                                                                                                                    pantry and terrace. Including
                                                                          distance fom local amenities,                                              restaurant in Albufeira (Strip).
                                      Land with 2 ruins. Good location                                          Monchique - Fantastic potential                                          parking in the basement. Price
S.Bras de Alportel - High                                                 school, health centre, bars and                                            Large sunny terrace, approx. 80
                                      and access. 16.612 m2. Ref: 290.                                          in a stunning location in the                                            per month. Ref: 289.R. €650.
above São Brás this property                                              restaurants. Just needs project                                            covers. €325.000. Private Sale.
                                      T. €430.000. Contact: Vilas Costa                                         Monchique hills. Built in 1972                                           Vilas Ibéricas Soc Med Imob
gives a sense of village living,                                          to suit buyers needs.. €23.400.                                            Tel: 917 313 207.
                                      Lda - AMI 1609. Tel: 919 034 487.                                         an un-missable renovation                                                - AMI 1513. Tel: 289 391 090 .
yet is within a few minutes           Email:     Private Sale. Tel: 965 242 732 /
                                                                                                                opportunity with views to the                                            Email:
drive of amenities in São Brás.                                           917 147 584                                                                Shops / Commercial
                                                                                                                coast. Ref: 240988 . €475.000.
Consisting of two 2 bed villas.       Aljezur - Odeceixe - very                                                                                                                          Silves - Ample T1 in city centre,
                                      attractive 8 hectares of flat,      Tavira - Vale Du Ebros - approx.      Contact: Sadler’s Med.Imob. Lda
Villa 1 - new fitted kitchen,                                                                                                                        Alvor - Renovated townhouse         with 700m2 yard. €250 per
                                      fertile land. Permission for        20km north of Tavira, near new        AMI 7374. Tel: 282 789 336/912
new bathroom, large lounge                                                                                                                           with shop in the centre of Alvor.   month for 1 person plus €50
                                      300m2 new build. Electric and       Monte Rei golf complex. Plot          176 588. Email: sophie.hollow@
w/ woodburner, lovely patio                                                                                                                          Beautiful views to the sea and      per additional persons. Private
                                      water. Many pine trees. Close to    approx 1000m2. Set on gentle
overlooking countryside.                                                                                                                             river from terrace. Area 318m2.     Rental. Tel: 914 437 941 / 960
                                                                          slope in a tranquil area, close to
Villa 2 - lounge with gas fire,       West Coast. The next hotspot in                                           Monchique - Grandiose 5              Ref: T 575. €395.000. Algarve       140 097. Email: hlcarneiro@
                                                                          all amenities. Electricity on site.
new kitchen, bathroom,                the Algarve. €195.000. Private                                            beds, 5 baths property with          Real Estate Centre - AMI 6350.
                                                                          Water: bore hole or pipe from
conservatory with fantastic           Sale. Tel: 917 127 428 . Email:                                           outbuildings to be restored          Tel: 282 420 970 . Email: info@
                                                                          existing users. Tarmac road to                                                                                 Alvor - Furnished 3 bed apt,
views. Heating in all rooms, A/C,                                         plot. Sea & country view. Two         to former glory. Masses of                                               large balcony with stunning
borehole, garden, large walled        Mexilhoeira Grande - Land           ruins with numbers, should            original features from a bygone      Quarteira - Shop for sale.          views over Praia dos 3 Irmãos.
courtyard with space for 5 cars.      with 1.200m2 to build a villa.      allow approx 180m2 to be              era. Land 18160 m2 with pool.        Well located, inside shopping       3 bathrooms, fully equipped
Villas could be transformed           Ref: ter159. €100.000. Contact:     built, subject to usual planning      Walking distance to Monchique.       centre opposite fish market.        kitchen and living room.
into one large villa. €360.000.       Globalplano Real Estate - AMI       conditions. €70.000. Private          Ref: 1684. €840.000. First Reality   Area 24,5m2. Price negotiable .     Available right now for long-
Private Sale. Tel: 289 845 478 /      3156. Tel: 282 459 430 . Email:     Sale. Tel: 0044 120 284 9747.         Lda - AMI 7198. Tel: 282 911         €45.000. Private Sale.              term rental . P.O.A. Contact:
969 340 843 .                            Email:           838. Email:     Tel: 914 692 317.                   Private Rental. Tel: 963 679 897
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Mini-EU summit in Sintra
                                                                                                                                                                             The number of retirees
                                                                                                                                                                             receiving monthly pensions
                                                                                                                                                                             over €4.000 grew by 12,3
                                                                                                                                                                             per cent in 2006 with 378
Durão Barroso, or Manuel Barroso as he now prefers to be called, President of the European Commission, presided                                                              new public employees re-
over a mini-summit last Saturday in the Portuguese town of Sintra.                                                                                                           ceiving the so-called golden
                                                                                                                                                                             pension. The majority of
  Along with Barroso were                                                                                                                                                    people receiving these large
German Chancellor Angela                                                                                                                                                     retirement benefits are
Merkel as Council President,                                                                                                                                                 politicians, magistrates,
Hans-Gert Pöttering as European                                                                                                                                              hospital administrators,
Parliament President, and the                                                                                                                                                teachers, diplomats and
prime ministers of Portugal and                                                                                                                                              military personnel.
Slovenia, José Sócrates and Janez
Jansa as representatives for the
next two upcoming EU presi-                                                                                                                                                  Eco- adventure
dencies. The group reflected on
the European Constitution and                                                                                                                                                Last weekend saw the first
future challenges for Europe.                                                                                                                                                trans-Portugal rally with
After the summit a source for                                                                                                                                                vehicles powered only by
the European Commission                                                                                                                                                      ecological fuels such as
claimed that the EU Treaty may                                                                                                                                               vegetable oils or biodiesel.
be finalised by December of                                                                                                                                                  The vehicles departed from
this year, whilst the EU is under                                                                                                                                            Bragança on Saturday and
the presidency of Portugal. The                                                                                                                                              the rally ended in Quarteira
Treaty will substitute the pre-                                                                                                                                              on Sunday. The organisers
viously presented and rejected                                                                                                                                               hope to raise the awareness
Constitution.                                                                                                                                                                of the general public and
  Portugal will take over as                                                                                                                                                 the government to the use
President of the European Union                                                                                                                                              of alternative fuels.
in July.                                 • From left to right Janez Jansa, Angela Merkel, Jose Manuel Barroso, Jose Socrates and Hans-Gert Poettering, . Photo Lusa

                                                                                                                                                                             Fishermen dead
Immigration Law                                                                             Addict support                                                                   Two fishermen were found
                                                                                                                                                                             dead in their bunks on
                                                                                            The Piaget Agency for Development (Apdes) in                                     board the vessel Santa
Parliament passed a new immigration law last Thursday                                       Porto invited Theo van Dam, renowned for his work                                Cristina which was moored
which has been subject to much criticism from                                               in support of drug addicts throughout Europe, to be                              at the time in the Galician
immigrant associations across the nation.                                                                                                                                    town of Cangas, to the north
                                                                                            the patron in their endeavour to create a Portuguese                             of Vigo. It was suspected
   The Platform for Immigrant            such immigrants is not upheld.                     association for the support of drug users.                                       that both, age 28 and 36,
Community            Representative         The new law states that foreign-                                                                                                 died of an overdose. The
Structures (PERCIP) demonstrat-          ers seeking work in Portugal may                    One of the pioneers of                     Drug Addiction Institute,            bodies were subjected to
ed disapproval of the law claiming:      be issued temporary residence                     needle exchange programmes,                  the National Association of          an autopsy before being
“The expectations of thousands of        permits if their qualifications are               Dutchman van Dam told                        Pharmacies, Joaquim Urbano           returned to their families in
immigrants and their associations        sufficient to register on the em-                 Lusa: “Human beings must be                  Hospital, the Matosinhos GNR         the Aveiro district.
were deceived as the new law does        ployment exchange. Such immi-                     treated with dignity,” deplor-               and Public Security Police and
not foresee the regulation of all        grants will be required to present                ing the fact that he had found               Judicial Police from Porto.
immigrants who are working and           a valid employment contract or                    Portuguese drug addicts living                 Alina Sousa, spokesperson          Youths saved
living in Portugal, opening up           legitimate offers of employment.                  in “horrible conditions”. Van                for Apdes a non-profit organi-
only a few exceptions which com-         A revised visa system for guest                   Dam has helped found over                    sation, told Lusa that a meet-       Two teenagers were saved
prise the minority.”                     workers and the concession of                     50 associations all over Europe              ing to organise the foundation       from drowning with the
   Paulo Portas, leader of the CDS-      residence permits to researchers                  and presented various simple                 of the Association in Defence        help of two students and
PP told reporters, “The law has          and highly qualified foreign em-                  projects that could be devel-                of Drug Users is to be held on       two gypsy men last week.
positive aspects, but the govern-        ployees are also contained in the                 oped in Portugal in order to                 6 June. “Apdes has two teams         Apparently the four rescu-
ment made a mistake, in Article          law. Companies employing ille-                    help drug users, apart from                  working with drug users sup-         ers managed to pull Jaime
59, introducing weak criteria.           gal immigrants will be subject to                 the more common syringe                      plying syringe kits and alum-        Silva and Tiago Araújo, 15
People can become immigrants             large fines and marriages of con-                 exchange schemes and safe                    inium foil,” Sousa said, adding      and 16 years old respectively,
with a declaration of interest           venience are considered illegal.                  injection sites. The work-                   that the association intended        out of the water where they
from any employer, regardless.” It          The law was passed by the votes                shops delivered by van Dam                   to introduce mobile units to         carried out mouth-to-mouth
seems that such a loophole would         of the PS and PSD with the CDS-                   were attended by various rep-                operate in areas where drugs         resuscitation in order to
be advantageous for human traf-          PP and BE voting against and the                  resentatives of the Drug and                 are consumed.                        save the boys who were both
fickers, especially if the control of    Greens and the PCP abstaining.                                                                                                      unconscious. Meanwhile
                                                                                                                                                                             a bar owner had contacted
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                                                                                                                                                                             the local bombeiros who ar-
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                                                                      Director: Fiona Perris - · Advertising: Charles May -   minutes and continued the
                                                                      Design & Graphics: Ricardo Marreiros & Nuno Mendes · Photo contributors: Lusa                          resuscitation process. Both
                                                                      Contributors: Paul Rees · Lisa McNamara · Jayne May · David Rees · Trevor Holman
                                                                      Head Office: Casa do Fim do Caminho, Sítio das Seixosas, Ferragudo
                                                                                                                                                                             boys were taken to hospital
                                                                      Postal Address: Apt 58, PT 8401-906 Ferragudo · Editorial Office & Deliveries: Rua João Gaivão,        but were discharged quite
                                                                      nº20, 8400-030 Estombar · Tel.: +351 282 431 564 · Fax: +351 282 493 241                               quickly, continuing recovery
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Lisbon council falls                                                                                                        Afghanistan action
                                                                                                                               This week a contingent of the Portuguese army, said to be
At midnight last Wednesday the executive council in Lisbon was dissolved with                                               mostly commandos, are to serve as part of an international force
all opposition councillors abdicating their positions, as well as 20 of the 26 elected                                      in Kandahar. According to a source at the defence ministry the
PSD councillors.                                                                                                            soldiers will be mainly conducting patrols but the area is known
                                                                                                                            to be classified as high risk. Cavaco Silva confirmed that there
   Leader of the council,             apologising to the public last       (BE). On going to press, no firm                 were risks involved but was confident about the ability of the sol-
Carmona Rodrigues, refused to         Thursday for “not achieving and      decision had been reached by                     diers. “The mission in Afghanistan is a risky one but we cannot
resign and was allegedly sup-         improving more”, adding that         the Socialist Party, but rumours                 forget that it is contributing to a peace mission in the region, and
ported by Fontão de Carvalho,         he always acted in the name of       mentioned current minister for                   we hope to the reduction of world terrorism as well as the fight
Gabriela Seara (both with             “responsibility”. He would not       the state and interior, António                  against drug trafficking,” he told reporters, remembering that
suspended terms of office),           confirm whether he intended to       Costa, although party leader and                 Portuguese forces were also present in Lebanon and Kosovo, also
Pedro Feist, Remédio Pires and        stand again in the next elections.   prime minister Sócrates con-                     missions of risk. He concluded: “Portugal is part of the interna-
Fernando Santana. Last week it        His right-hand man, currently        firmed that this was “pure spec-                 tional community that wants peace. The defence of our country
was reported that all PSD coun-       suspended from his position          ulation.” Leader of the National                 today goes beyond our own borders.”
cillors had agreed to resign after    as deputy Mayor, Fontão de           Renovation Party (see get real
party leader Marques Mendes           Carvalho, blamed Left Bloc           editions 12, 13 and 14) José Pinto
had requested the same in order       councillor José Sá Fernandes for     Coelho will also be standing for
to provoke council elections.
Although these six councillors
                                      the collapse of the council saying
                                      Fernandes had “contributed in
                                                                           the position as council leader in
                                                                           order to fight “corruption”. Over
                                                                                                                            Public TV under the eye
did not step down, their solidar-     many ways to this conclusion.”       the weekend it was reported that                    Entidade Rgeuladora para a Comunicação Social (ERC), the
ity is not enough to prevent the        By Friday four names were          Marques Mendes, leader of the                    regulating body for the media, presented the rules it intends
election of a new executive.          confirmed in the election race.      PSD, favoured Fernando Seara,                    to adopt in relation to party political pluralism within the public
   The fall of the Lisbon coun-       The first to make the announce-      head of Sintra council as the                    television network to the minister for parliamentary affairs
cil was to be officially commu-       ment was Helena Roseta who           party candidate.                                 last week.
nicated to the Civil Governor’s       is to stand as an independent           The      National      Election                  The rules outline an evaluation of news programmes shown
office last Friday after Rodrigues    candidate after resigning as a       Commission has, as yet, not con-                 on Portuguese public TV stations RTP1, RTP2 and RTP-N which
and his team had collated all the     militant Socialist. Furthermore,     firmed dates for the elections but               will monitor political representation. The new regulations come
necessary documents relating to       Ruben de Carvalho has been           8 and 15 of July have been sug-                  on the heels of various complaints by political parties such as
the matter.                           confirmed as the Communist/          gested and possibly even the first               the PSD and PCP of discrimination by RTP1 in the programme
   “I was elected by the people       CDU candidate in coalition with      day of July. The Civil Governor                  “Pros e Contras” (For and Against). At present neither SIC nor
of my city and now I leave be-        the Greens (OV) by party leader      is duty bound to hold the elec-                  TVI will be subject to such scrutiny although some political par-
cause of the votes of the [politi-    Jerónimo de Sousa and also           tions within 40 to 60 days from                  ties feel they should not be excluded for being private.
cal] parties,” Rodrigues claimed,     Sá Fernandes for the Left Bloc       the date of dissolution.

Thousands flock to Fátima                                                                                                   Officer shoots ex
                                                                                                                              Last week on Tuesday a 33 year old GNR officer, Carlos Borges,
   The largest group ever of faithful pilgrims gathered at the                                                              killed his ex-girlfriend whilst she was in the company of another
Catholic shrine of Fátima in central Portugal this weekend on the                                                           young man. It seems that the 21 year old victim had given a lift to
90th anniversary of the sighting of the Virgin Mary by three young                                                          a school colleague and the officer had followed them to the spot
shephards, all now deceased. Many had travelled on foot from all                                                            where the shooting occurred, approximately 100 metres from
over Portugal.                                                                                                              the colleagues home. The first shot fired by Borges personal, le-
   Due to the unusually large number of visitors access to the shrine                                                       gally registered weapon lodged into an electricity post and in
was not easy and before the candle procession at 10 pm on Saturday                                                          the ensuing confusion Borges managed to fire three shots into
the director of the Civil Protection called for pilgrims not to force                                                       the victim’s neck causing her immediate demise. Afterwards the
their way in. By mid-afternoon on Saturday there were no more                                                               officer shot himself in the temple and was declared brain dead
parking spaces in the town and even residents were experiencing                                                             but continued to show vital signs. Borges had apparently been
difficulty in reaching their homes. After the procession and serv-                                                          pursuing the girl since their relationship of three years finished
ice pilgrims were delighted with the news that Pope Benedict XVI                                                            about a month ago.
had announced his intention to visit Fátima within the next few
years. Pope John Paul II visited Fátima in 1982 and 1991.
   One Spanish pilgrim died, age 80, and many others were treated
                                                                                                                            Negative news
                                                                                                             • Photo Lusa

at campaign hospitals set up in the area during the celebrations.
   As can be seen in the background of the picture on the right,
some pilgrims approached the shrine on their knees,                                                                           Mariano Gago, minister for science, technology and higher
                                                                                                                            education issued an official despatch to the Independent
                                                                                                                            University (UnI) and to SIDES, the company that manages

Lunar real estate                                                                                                           the institution, which withdraws public interest recogni-
                                                                                                                            tion of the establishment. This declaration, released to Lusa,
                                                                                                                            substantiated the decision on the final report of the Director
American businessman, Dennis Hope, was in Portugal last week to promote his                                                 General of Higher Education which states that it has been
enterprise, Lunar Embassy, selling property “with views to the earth”.                                                      “unequivocally proven that the UnI does not retain the mini-
                                                                                                                            mum legal conditions required to be recognised as an insti-
  Hope claims to be the owner         Nations, laying claim to the moon    over the world.                                  tute of public interest.” This decision runs alongside the
of the “only real estate agency le-   and other planets. His missives         As a warning to the Portuguese,               current process of compulsory closure of the establishment,
gally qualified to sell property in   received no reply and today the      legal advisor for DECO, Luis                     but recognition of public interest is essential for the UnI to fun-
space”. The project began in 1980     Lunar Embassy has sold lunar         Salvador Pisco, stressed the fact                tion legally.
when Hope filed a declaration of      plots to many, including the rich    that: “In legal terms this is a situ-              In a statement to Lusa the management and faculty declared
ownership, initially with the land    and famous. Property is available    ation in which the people cannot                 that they “contest the spirit of the communication,” claiming it
registry in San Francisco, and        from €25 per hectare and the deal    claim they have been subject to                  contained “arguments that, at least, imply a substantial amount
subsequently with the US and          is sealed with a Lunar deed.         fraud as it is all too evident what              of subjectivity.” It was further stressed that: “The Independent
Russian governments and the              Allegedly, the business has so    is going on. I doubt any court                   University is far from closing its doors and classes continue
General Assembly of the United        far made around €4,4 million all     would side with the claimant.”                   with even more students, as is public knowledge.”
 12       Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

  ought to
  believe in
  I believe
  I’ll go
A day on the high seas beckoned. I had two friends taking a break from the grey of North Yorkshire and a fishing expedition was suggested.
I found myself at the harbour in Portimão handing over a deposit for a Monday expedition of bottom fishing. I hadn’t fished much since my
teenage years but I was sure the old techniques would soon come back…

• By Paul Rees                         Captured, showing stills of first-      of the seabed were swiftly pro-         north along the Algarve. North          wife, Roz, manages all the book-
                                       timers looking shocked alongside        duced showing our destination,          or south is determined by the           ings and accounts but stays safely
    We found free parking by the       their hoisted, silvery prey. The real   a rocky seabed seven miles off          warmth of the current and Africa        on shore.
Clube Naval in Portimão and            horror is a picture of a great white    Carvoeiro. Reaching our fishing         does win out most years. The               The shark fishing season is
boarded our vessel, the Nitucha, a     shark landed 12 years ago which,        grounds involved navigating over        other missing fish is the sardine, so   during the summer months and
cheery red-painted boat settled on     at 1.100 kilos, caused a stir. The      mud and sandbanks. Each area is         linked with Portugal’s past image.      depends for success on the sea
the smooth morning water.              hapless creature had swum into          used for different types of fishing     These have been so over-fished          temperature rising. The Nitucha
    “We have had a cancellation so     a net three miles offshore from         by the many craft that are licensed     that those left breed far away          goes out daily in the season, and
it’s just you three,” came a voice     Portimão sending many seasoned          to fish commercially. There are         from danger. Looking back at the        weekends only in the winter
from the bridge, straight out of       fishermen into spasms on inspec-        the night-time squid boats that         Ferragudo shore from our boat           months. Night time shark fishing
East Enders. “Hey ho, and off we       tion of the landed body. We, how-       are a familiar and somehow ro-          we could see several chimneys of        is for the very bold in the summer
go,” we cheered, as I found a seat     ever, were bottom fishing which         mantic site for us landlubbers,         the derelict sardine factories soon     when the sea temperature reaches
near the back end which later I        I expected to be a rather more          the four daily trawlers sweeping        to be incorporated into another         24/25 degrees centigrade.
was reliably informed was the          relaxed affair.                         all into their huge nets, the small     marina. There is one chimney in            Two types of fishing tour are on
stern.                                    Perhaps not, as the album also       netting boats and the pot boats         Parchal in the Lidl carpark, if you     offer. Firstly the big game shark
    Before we passed the harbour       contained severe pictorial warn-        that catch the octopus, squid and       want a close look at one, and an-       fishing day where most combat-
walls we were given a full safety      ings as to which fish are poison-       cuttlefish that end up as daily res-    other at the Boca do Rio hotel at       ants are first timers and a good
drill including the precise location   ous and not to be handled, such         taurant fare.                           Mexilhoeira de Carregação where         day can be had by fishermen and
of two inflatable lifeboats that are   as the weaver fish (peixe aranha)          The doca pesca on the Arade          the old steam boilers have been         women and paying spectators.
inspected annually despite never       and the scorpion fish (rascasso).       river near Portimão’s old iron          preserved in the bar area with          The second, upon which your in-
having been used. There is a first     As a once only experience the           bridge is the central point for         the chimney rising up through           trepid correspondent found him-
aid kit and sensible information       skipper has been punctured by           the local fishing industry as all       the roof.                               self with two incredulous friends,
is imparted, with special details      weaver fish spines resulting in         catches must be landed there to            Are there many opportunities to      is the bottom fishing tour which is
given when there are children on       his hand swelling to the size of a      be sold and taxes levied on sales.      go big game fishing in the waters       guaranteed to produce something
board. The location of the beer        boxing glove, severe pains in the       If you are served a fish with a tell-   of the Algarve? Dave Goodison           for everyone, surely?
facility was also noted but studi-     glands under the arm and, when          tale harpoon wound you can cor-         used to run a game fishing boat
ously avoided by the Skipper who,      the swelling subsided with a dous-      rectly surmise the fish has evaded      out of Albufiera but packed up            Seaworthy, not seasick
after all, has a boat to run.          ing of household vinegar, the loss      all tax and should thus taste           last winter. Bob Pearson at Vila          Clayton bought the boat four
                                       of several layers of skin on the af-    all the better.                         Real de Santo António is still bat-     years ago from Fred Steel as part of
  Frightening facts                    fected area.                                                                    tling with licences after a boat        the new skipper’s life realignment
  To the strains of some gentle                                                   Fish & fishermen                     purchase deal went wrong to             programme. The Nitucha is a
blues music a welcome coffee was         Fishing grounds                          On the topic of fish, where are      the extent that he cannot leave         robust 14 metre sea-going cruiser
produced from the ever-ready             Our gasps of horror at these          all the tuna? They breed in the         the country until it is sorted out.     which feels safe and sturdy. It was
kettle and a get-together ensued       poisonous sea devils were clearly       Mediterranean and then funnel           This leaves our skipper of the          built in Lisbon to withstand heavy
over the photo album of Fearsome       taken as signs of maritime en-          past Gibraltar, swinging south          day, Clayton Davey, running his         seas and it does not bob around a
Sharks and Other Creatures             couragement and coloured maps           along the coast of north Africa or      service from Portimão. Clayton’s        lot, avoiding the involuntary mal
                                                                                                                                        Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·       13

                                                                                                                       Clayton is part of the inter-        and the Azores, coastal Spain
                                                                                                                    national cooperative shark tag-         and west coast Portugal often by
                                                                                                                    ging programme run by the US            the same intrepid long line fish-
                                                                                                                    Government’s National Marine            erman, one Jaime Mejuto from
                                                                                                                    Fisheries Service. This continuing      A Coruña who has re-caught
                                                                                                                    research into the biology of large      23 to date. I suspect he is no
                                                                                                                    Atlantic sharks started in 1960         longer married.
                                                                                                                    with just 100 volunteers. The pro-        The Nitucha has also caught a
                                                                                                                    gramme has since been extended          naval shell casing (spent), a foul-
                                                                                                                    and now includes 6.500 people           smelling dead shark and has wit-
                                                                                                                    distributed along the Altantic and      nessed a whale circling the boat
                                                                                                                    Gulf coast of North America and         and the surfacing of an alarm-
                                                                                                                    Europe. Numbered tags sent to           ingly large submarine on exercise,
                                                                                                                    participants are attached to the        luckily one of ours.
                                                                                                                    base of cach shark’s dorsal fin.
                                                                                                                    An accompanying data card is               A great day out
                                                                                                                    filled in after tagging, logging the       Despite my amateur fumblings
                                                                                                                    shark’s weight, date and location       we certainly caught our fish supper
                                                                             Tejo, a sailing boat that transport-   of capture, sex and the size of fish-   and sufficient for a fine cataplana
                                                                             ed people and goods across the         ing gear used to catch it. When a       for João, including horse macker-
                                                                             river to and from Lisbon before        tagged shark is re-caught the tag       el, Spanish mackerel, red gurnard,
                                                                             the bridge was built in 1975. João     is retrieved and sent on to the         sea bream, black bream, besugo
                                                                             still keeps a canoa de Tejo near       US. Between 1962 and 2004 over          and something called bongo that
                                                                             Lisbon and his uncle maintains         188.000 sharks have been tagged         was thrown back immediately.
                                                                             a fine example of this historic        and 11.000 have been recaptured.        We did not catch octopus, cut-
                                                                             craft at Alvor. Many were broken       Distances between taggings vary         tlefish, moray eel (thank heavens)
                                                                             up after they were no longer re-       from nil to 3.740 nautical miles.       cuckoo wrass or bicas although
                                                                             quired and the Government was          In total three species, the blue        these are often hooked.
                                                                             offering EU grants for their de-       shark, shortfin mako and tiger             We spent a total of seven hours
                                                                             struction. João is from a family       shark travelled over 3.000 nautical     on board for €50 a head. I loved
                                                                             with deep sailing roots and his        miles. The longest period between       it as you not only get to view
                                                                             own maritime knowledge is              taggings of the same specimen           the Algarve coast from the sea,
                                                    Contact details:         most reassuring.                       is just under 28 years. The data        which is beautiful, but you learn
                                                                                                                    provides valuable information on        lots about our maritime environ-
                                         969 567 447 or 916 514 806             Wildlife preservation               migration and the extent of fish        ment from Clayton and João who,
                                                                                Clayton explained his hatred        movements including rate, routes,       after all, spend a third of their life
                                                                             of fish: “Can’t stand them, I will     abundance, age and growth.              afloat and have a wealth of experi-
                                                                             eat fish fingers and fish cakes           Sharks tagged on the Nitucha         ence to impart cheerily.
de mer ground-baiting to which         experience, otherwise known as        as there is precious little fish in    have been re-caught off Tenerife
many are susceptible. The keel         angling, but had certainly never      them, covered in dressing natu-
was laid (good use of old sea-dog      owned a seagoing vessel equipped      rally.” This makes him an ideal
terminology! Ed.) in 1958 and the      for a potentially dangerous sport.    fish conservationist and the care
hull is now stripped and sanded                                              taken over the catch is endearing.
every year, the wooden decks are          Clayton displayed an easy          Some of the fish we caught, when
re-oiled and larger engine main-       charm to sooth us softies and         hauled to the surface, had dis-
tenance carried out. There is a        loves the job that he admits is now   ended swim bladders which were
toilet or head (which is useful in     a full time obsession. “The hard-     pricked to release the air. After
personal emergencies).                 est thing was going back to school    recuperation in a handy bucket
   Fun kit aboard includes the         at 40 years old,” which is exactly    of sea water, all but one survived
GPS system which shows the lo-         what he had to do to gain his skip-   and were returned to the sea.
cation of the craft and the harbour    per’s licence. With plenty of prac-
and lots of flags to help steer you    tice on a wealthy friend’s boat in
about safely. There is a fish-finder   the UK, followed by an intensive
gismo indicating when there are        three week course in Plymouth,
fish under the boat and at what        Clayton’s first step towards his
depth. All the rods necessary          dream was taken. Moving to the
are provided as is ample bait of       Algarve with Roz and young-
shrimp and shellfish for our trip.     est son, Clayton spent valuable
                                       time shadowing Nitucha’s vendor
  Life changes                         Fred prior to taking command.
  Skipper Clayton Davey hails          This helped Clayton familiarise
from south east London and             himself with the fishing areas,
was in the building trade until        the boat and the many particu-
his mid-life crisis hit at exactly     lar regulations from the Harbour
40. His parents are expert fish-       Master and Maritime Police who
ers who were champions in 1978         are tough and seemingly random
in the UK. When presented with         in their ever-increasing desire to
Clayton’s change of career, “I am      issue fines for long forgotten or
                                                                                         Photos by Karen Padgett

going to be a shark fisherman”,        freshly-issued regulations.
the astonishment was total. They
can now watch with some pride            In good hands
from their home in Ferragudo as          João the deckhand has worked
their son chugs out to sea every       on the Nitucha for two years. His
day. Clayton had onshore fishing       grandfather used to run a canoa de
14    Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

...on Burgau.
Jackie Teasdale made the move to Burgau last July, in the peak of the summer, leaving behind a life in the UK. She chose the little western
Algarvean village because it is unspoilt and you can still stroll around the streets enjoying the atmosphere without being consumed by tourism.
Only a ten minute drive into Lagos, it is in Jackie’s opinion, one of the best towns in the Algarve, with everything to hand. According to the sign
on the way in, Burgau has 7.000 inhabitants but it is hard to believe they live here all year round.

                                     Why Burgau?                       beach and even in peak season       want their children to be fluent     more extensive in the summer
                                     Jackie told us that it reminds    it is usually possible to find      in the Portuguese language.          months.
                                   her very much of a traditional      a space. Because of the steep                                              Boa Vista and Parque de
                                   Cornish fishing village with its    roads and pathways the one            Favourite local beaches            Floresta are the two nearest golf
                                   painted boats, amazing beach,       drawback is that it is difficult      Burgau beach is 700 metres         courses.
                                   rambling streets and small cafés.   to manoeuvre prams or wheel-        from Jackie’s home, one of the
                                   Along the coastline are beauti-     chairs around.                      deciding factors of purchasing         Comparison between high
                                   ful cliff-top walks, one taking                                         the property. While in the UK        and low season
                                   you all the way to Luz and in the     Availability of schools           Jackie dreamed of living within        Even in August it is still quiet
                                   opposite direction you will find      The Vale Verde School is          close proximity of the sea and       and accessible. Parking in the
                                   the Almadena fort with views        within a few minutes’ walk and      now it is a reality.                 town may be more difficult and
                                   over the ocean and you can see      has been open for around three                                           the beach busier but apart from
                                   Salema in the distance. You can     years now serving the ex-pat          Sport facilities                   that there is no real difference.
                                   watch the boats going in and        community. This is a second-          The Burgau Sports Centre is        In winter it can get pretty cold
                                   out and chill out in a café away    ary level school. The Barlavento    on the way in to Burgau coming       and you need to get your logs
                                   from everything and still be in     English School in Espiche is a      in by the second entrance, at the    delivered early for the fire before
                                   the busy resort of Lagos in a       well-established primary school     turn off for Alma Verde. It has      the winter rush. It is quiet but
                                   matter of a few minutes. Overall    for children of all nationalities   squash, tennis, stretch classes      there are still people around.
                                   the decision to move here was       following the UK curriculum.        and a swimming pool. There is
                                   based on value for money, loca-     It has an excellent reputation.     a well established children’s club     Future plans for the area
                                   tion and distance from the sea.     There are of course Portuguese      on Saturdays with a great pro-         More building of villas and
                                     Two car parks overlook the        schools as well for those who       gramme of activities for kids,       apartments.
                                                                                                                                    Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·   15

  Shopping facilities                 €475.000 upwards.
  The village has two small su-
permarkets, a mobile post office        Recommended hotels
(open 10.50 until 11.30 week-         or guest houses
days), a wine shop, artisan and         The Navigator apartment hotel
gift shops. There is also a cash      has a covered pool and overlooks
machine.                              the sea at the Luz end of the
  Ecomarché on the EN 125 to-         beach.
wards Salema is the nearest su-
permarket, then there is Lagos          Drive time to Faro airport
with more choice again.               and directions
                                        The airport is just over one
  Medical facilities                  hour’s drive, easily accessible via
  Lagos has its own hospital and      the A22 motorway, then take the
the village has a health centre for   second Lagos exit signposted
GP type services.                     Lagos, Vila do Bispo and Sagres.
                                      Follow the link road until meet-
  House prices                        ing the main intersection with
  An average new two bed-             the EN 125 at a large roundabout,
room apartment is around              turn right in the direction of
€120.000, and a four bedroom          Sagres and pass Luz, Espiche and
detached villa with pool from         then turn left for Burgau.


      Eating out in Burgau
      There are places to suit all tastes and budgets. Here are a few observations based on
      personal experience and opinions of local residents.

         Varandas do Burgau                                           A Barraca (The Hut)
         This café, with a wide terrace overlooking the sea, is       This popular beach side restaurant, known by locals as
      a firm favourite. The food is simple, well-presented and      The Hut for reasons that are obvious when you see it,
      perfect for a pleasant lunch. We selected healthy prawn       specialises in fresh fish and is one of the favourites of the
      salads at €5.50 which coupled excellence with imagina-        local residents.
      tion, whilst we were simultaneously eyeing-up the full
      English breakfasts (for the same price) being consumed          Beach Bar
      by the people on the adjacent table. It is the laid-back        Great views of the sea but quite pricey, it is popular
      atmosphere that makes this place the perfect location for     with tourists and residents alike. Open from 12 until
      a leisurely lunch or coffee stop where the music adds to      3pm for lunch and 7pm onwards for dinner. There is a
      the ambience.                                                 path along the beach directly to the restaurant.

        Casa Padaria Pizzaria                                          Os Amigos
        Located in the centre of Burgau just opposite the bus          Good reputation for its food but, as it is small, reserva-
      stop, it serves the obvious choice of pizzas and pasta as     tions are usually required.
      well other snacks. Closed Wednesday.
                                                                      Pielas bar
        Ancora                                                        On one of the two narrow roads leading down to the
        This has a good reputation but is known to be quite         beach (Luz end of village), it is nice, clean and cosy.
                                                                       Café Rui and Bar Brizze
        Beiramar                                                       Both are good snack bars with good service, clean and
        Again one of the more expensive places to eat.              friendly.
16       Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

                                                                                                                  Date set for RTA elections

Nine injured in
                                                                                                                  Hélder Martins returned to work last week and soon announced
                                                                                                                  that elections for his successor would be held on 5 June. Secretary
                                                                                                                  of State for Tourism, Bernardo Trinidade, was informed, as well
                                                                                                                  as the members of the Regional Tourism Commission which has
                                                                                                                  scheduled an extraordinary meeting on 18 May at 3 pm.

motorway accident                                                                                                 Adolescents apprehended in Albufeira
A minibus carrying scouts from Estômbar and Ferragudo was involved in a                                           Two 13 year old boys were arrested by the GNR in the early hours
violent accident when it seems that a tyre blew out resulting in all nine occupants                               of Friday morning. The youths held up two people in the car park
suffering injuries.                                                                                               of an amusement park using a weapon that was supposedly real
                                                                                                                  and making away with €25, an MP3 player and a mobile phone.
  The accident occurred at                                                                                        A third youth, thought to be about 15, managed to evade arrest.
around 9.10 am on Saturday on                                                                                     The suspects used a stolen car to make their foiled escape attempt
the Via do Infante motorway                                                                                       which was later recovered, along with another eight stolen vehicles.
near to Boliqueime travelling
eastwards. The group were on
their way to a scout camp in                                                                                      Vilamoura hosts travel conference
Alcoutim to conclude a guide
course, which involved various                                                                                    The second Annual Congress of the Triton Travel Group took
Algarve scout groups. The camp                                                                                    place last weekend at the Tivoli Marinotel, bringing together
was subsequently cancelled.                                                                                       around 1.000 British travel agents. Event coordinators, the
  Among the injured were six                                                                                      Algarve Tourism Association, apart from general logistics, also
children and three adults, four                                                                                   arranged a golf tournament for the participants.
initially considered to be in
critical condition. The emer-
gency services arrived rapidly at                                                                                 Bar fight in youth association
the scene and totalled 22 people                                                                   • Photo Lusa

and eight ambulances from the                                                                                     The Fontainhas Youth Sport club bar in Albufeira was the scene
Bombeiros in Loulé, Albufeira         nature of their injuries. These       home and the other three, two         of a fight “reminiscent of the Far West,” according to the chairman
and São Bartolomeu de                 were a 12 year old girl who had       children aged 11 and 13 and           of the association, Amável Domingos. The fight resulted in three
Messines, two Rapid Emergency         suffered damage to her lower          one adult remained at Faro            arrests and various injuries, including injuries to the hand of an
Medical Vehicles (VMER) and           jaw and the driver, a 35 year old     District Hospital.                    officer of the GNR. The original aggressor was a man who had al-
two INEM ambulances. All were         woman from Ferragudo who                The cause of the accident           ready created confusion in the club on a previous occasion and the
taken to Faro District Hospital       suffered a serious back injury.       was reported to have been a           club’s directors had pondered the possibility of refusing the person
and after evaluation two of the       Four of the other victims were        punctured tyre and the Toyota         entry. After the youth assaulted the chairman around 10 other
victims were transferred to São       transferred to the Barlavento         minibus overturned and was            people, including women and children, joined in the fray, presum-
José Hospital in Lisbon due to the    Hospital in Portimão, nearer to       completely destroyed.                 ably family and friends of the aggressor. The GNR were called to
                                                                                                                  the scene but were received with beer crates and more violence.

Allgarve presentation                                                                                             Armed robbery on taxi driver
The controversial branding exercise is set to become                          formed into a golf course al-       Last Wednesday the Judicial Police succeeded in arresting two
a reality when it will be presented officially here in the                    legedly using real grass, as well   men, 21 and 23 years of age, suspected of armed robbery. A taxi
Algarve next Saturday at the Lake Resort in Vilamoura.                        as counting on the presence of      driver had been assaulted by the two men, allegedly Brazilian,
                                                                              José Mourinho and Cristiano         the night before, having picked up one of his assailants at the
  The presentation of the             claimed it was a “sensible deci-      Ronaldo. It is estimated that the     taxi stand in front of Modelo in Albufeira. One man, a passen-
Allgarve events programme in          sion” at a time when all were con-    promotion represented an invest-      ger, threatened the taxi driver with a gun whilst his accomplice
London, due to take place tomor-      cerned about the missing British      ment of a few hundred thousand        pulled a knife. The incident occurred near Evaristo beach in
row was cancelled last Tuesday by     child.                                euros.                                Galé The driver gave up €50, apparently all the money he had.
minister for the economy, Manuel         The presentation was to have         The Allgarve concept will be        Another passing taxi had thought the behaviour of the taxi
Pinho, due to the disappearance       been held in a London hotel           presented in Cannes, France this      suspicious and had alerted the authorities.
of Madeleine McCann. Pinho            where a hall was to be trans-         week on May 17.

Bishop of Europe visits Algarve
                           The      Bishop      of    Algarve, says that he is looking forward to for-
                        Gibraltar in Europe,          mally beginning Haynes Hubbard’s ministry by
                        The Right Reverend            licensing him and values the dedicated work of
                        Dr. Geoffrey Rowell (pic-     church leaders and its members since the found-
                        tured left), will be visit-   ing of St. Vincent’s 30 years ago.
                        ing the Algarve over the         Revd. Hubbard, 38, has moved from Canada
                        weekend of May 19 for         with his wife Susan and their three children
                        the licensing and induc-      to take up the role as Chaplain to the Algarve
                        tion of Revd. Haynes          with responsibility for the congregations at Luz,
                        Hubbard,       the    new     Almancil and St. Luke’s, near Santa Barbara de
                        Anglican Chaplain at St       Nexe. One of Revd. Haynes first tasks will be
Vincent’s Chaplaincy in the Algarve, a Chaplaincy     to appoint a further Chaplain to work with the
within the Church of England’s Diocese within         growing congregations and demands of the
Europe. Bishop Geoffrey, on his first visit to the    Church across the Algarve.
                                                                                                                                                                 Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·            17

                                                           answers:             IVA ommissions
                                                                                                                                                                                       · Mums & Toddlers · Playoasis ·
                                                                                                                                                                                         Ferragudo · Mondays & Fridays ·
   I asked a company for a quotation            the customer specified that the          pay anything more than the value                                                                282 461 122
   to do works and I accepted the               IVA (at the current rate) would be       agreed, being as the customer                                                                 · Mums & Toddlers · ICC · Lagos ·
   quoted price on the document.                added to the price stated.               would presume that IVA is already                                                               Tuesdays · 282 086 804
   Now the company is asking for the            Before accepting any quotation           included.                                                                                     · Mums & Toddlers · Portimão ·
   agreed amount and is adding on               customers should always confirm          Do not forget, it is always best                                                                Wednesdays · 282 461 985
   the IVA (VAT). Is this legal?                whether the price given includes         to get all terms and conditions                                                               · Mums & Toddlers · Lagoa Christian
                                                the IVA, or not. If there is no          in writing before agreeing to a                             Delegação Regional do Algarve       Fellowship · Tuesdays · 916 447 407
   For the company to be able to                specific information included on         contract in order to avoid future                        Rua Rasquinho, nº19, 800-417 Faro    · Zoomarine · Guia · ·
   add the IVA value, it is necessary           the quotation with regards to the        misunderstandings and legal                                               tel.: 289 863 103     289 560 300
   that the quotation presented to              tax, the customer is not obliged to      action.                                 · e-mail:    · Lagos Zoo · Lagos · 282 680 100 ·

MARKETS                                                                                   English speaking Church Services in the Algarve                                              TIDE TABLE 15 - 21 May 2007
                                                                                          Lagoa Christian Fellowship                  Geoff 969 100 121                                   Day         Hour Height (m)
AND FLEA MARKETS                                                                          Worship with “Godsquad” for kids. Sun-      International Evangelical Church
                                                                                          day service 11am to 12.30pm. EN 125         Vale Judeu, Sunday service with                  2007-05-15     01:37   3.46   High Tide
                                                                                          Vale de Lousas near SACL. Mums &            Sunday School at 10.30am EN125                   2007-05-15     07:49   0.53   Low Tide
                                                                                          Toddlers Group Tuesdays at 10am and         4th left from Vilamoura traffic lights.          2007-05-15     14:04   3.48   High Tide
FLEA MARKETS                                  Loulé: End of the R. da Nossa Senhora       Youth Group on Friday evenings. Call        Call Peter Sluimer on 289 328 635.               2007-05-15     20:12   0.52   Low Tide
                                              da Piedade, facing the Convent of Sto       Pastor Alípio Amaral: 968 801 237 or        Church of England Services                       2007-05-16     02:26   3.54   High Tide
ALBUFEIRA                                     António, when heading                                  St Vincent´s Anglican Church, Almancil.          2007-05-16     08:33   0.47   Low Tide
Albufeira: Rua das Escolas,                   Boliqueime/Albufeira                        Lagos International                         Sunday Service at 09.30am Igreja Sra             2007-05-16     14:50   3.59   High Tide
near the municipal cantine                    Saturday, 19 May                            Community Church                            da Fatima EN125 between Quatro Es-               2007-05-16     20:58   0.42   Low Tide
Saturday, 19 May                                                                          Sunday Services with Sunday School          tradas and Almancil, service conducted           2007-05-17     03:14   3.54   High Tide
                                              Quarteira: next to the                      for children at 11am, Community             by Richard Eyres.                                2007-05-17     09:16   0.49   Low Tide
PORTIMÃO                                      Filipe Jonas public garden                  Groups Wednesdays, prayer evening           St. Lukes                                        2007-05-17     15:35   3.62   High Tide
Park of Fairs and Exhibitions                 Wednesday, 16 May                           on Fridays and Mums & Toddlers Group        Near St. Barbara, Monte de Palhagueira           2007-05-17     21:45   0.41   Low Tide
Sunday, 20 May                                7am to 3pm                                  on Tuesdays at 10am. Urb. Vila Praia de     Gorjões. Holy Communion at 11.30am               2007-05-18     04:02   3.46   High Tide
8am to 12.30pm                                                                            Dona Ana, Lote 118 near Hotel Golfin-       by Richard Eyres.                                2007-05-18     10:00   0.58   Low Tide
                                              S. B. ALPORTEL                              ho Tel 282 086 804.       Luz                                              2007-05-18     16:21   3.58   High Tide
MARKETS                                       Rua Boaventura Passos                       Portimão International                      Holy Communion at 12pm with Rain-                2007-05-18     22:32   0.49   Low Tide
                                              Saturday, 19 May                            Christian Fellowship                        bow Club for Children, at Sra da Luz             2007-05-19     04:51   3.31   High Tide
ALBUFEIRA                                     8am                                         Sunday services at 11am with Sunday         (the church on the beach) conducted              2007-05-19     10:44   0.73   Low Tide
Friday, 18 May                                                                            School for children. Bible study Tues-      by Fr. John Wilson.                              2007-05-19     17:08   3.46   High Tide
                                              TAVIRA                                      days, Mums & Toddlers Group Wednes-         Contact Alan Brown for details of all            2007-05-19     23:22   0.64   Low Tide
ALJEZUR                                       Rua Vale Caranguejo                         days at 10am at The Bridge (A ponte)        three churches on 289 322 578.                   2007-05-20     05:41   3.11   High Tide
Aljezur: New Church                           Saturday, 19 May                            Cedipraia shopping centre. Church           All Saints Anglican Church                       2007-05-20     11:31   0.92   Low Tide
Monday, 21 May                                                                            venue Av. 25 April, 17. Pastor David        Community Centre Almancil. Sung                  2007-05-20     17:58   3.3    High Tide
                                              V. R. STO ANTÓNIO                           Borgan 282 461 985 & 914 422 181.           Eucharist 10.30 am every Sunday with             2007-05-20     00:15   0.83   Low Tide
LOULÉ                                         Vila Nova de Cacela                         Tavira Christian Centre                     Crèche and Adventurers Children’s                2007-05-21     06:35   2.9    High Tide
Alte: José Cavaco Vieira Square               Near the Market                             Sunday Service at 10.30am at Rua Almi-      Club. For direction call 282 380 311 or          2007-05-21     12:22   1.12   Low Tide
Thursday, 17 May                              Sunday, 20 May                              rante Cândido Reis. Jackie 281 322 857 or   see                    2007-05-21     18:52   3.12     g
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     High Tide

                                                USEFUL LOCAL NUMBERS                                                                                         USEFUL TOURISM INFORMATION
                                Câmaras Municipais Bombeiros        Centro de Saúde   GNR               Feriados
                                Municipal Council Fire              Health Centre     National Guard    Holidays

 Albufeira                      289 599 500         289 586 333     289 588 770       289 591 115       20 August
 Alcoutim                       281 540 500         281 540 140     281 540 140       281 546 208       14 September                         Algarve Tourist Board              289 800 400
 Aljezur                        282 998 102         282 998 258     282 998 100       282 990 140       29 August                            Tourist Support Line                                          808 781 212
 Castro Marim                   281 510 740         281 543 112     281 530 100       281 531 340       24 June                              Portuguese Railways                        808 208 208
 Faro                           289 870 870         289 888 000     289 891 100       289 887 600       09 July                              Faro Airport                              289 800 800
 Lagoa                          282 380 400         282 352 888     282 352 102       282 352 310       08 September                         Lisbon Airport                            218 413 500
 Lagos                          282 762 055         282 770 790     282 770 100       282 762 809       27 October                           Porto Airport                             229 432 400
 Loulé                          289 400 600         289 416 704     289 401 000       289 410 490       17 May                               Eva                                  289 899 700
 Monchique                      282 910 200         282 912 115     282 910 100       282 912 629       17 Mayy                              Renex                                289 586 023
 Olhão                          289 700 100         289 704 994     289 793 359       289 703 089       16 June                              Frota Azul                         282 432 336
 Portimão                       282 470 700         282 422 122     808 250 112       282 420 750       11 December                          Canadian Consulate           Faro                             289 803 757
 São Brás de Alportel           289 840 000         289 842 606     289 889 900       289 840 800       01 June                              German Consulate             Faro                             289 803 148
 Silves                         282 440 800         282 322 666     282 440 020       282 442 414       03 September
                                                                                                             p                               British Consulate            Portimão                         282 490 750
 Tavira                         281 320 500         281 322 122     281 324 843       281 325 704       24 June                              Irish Embassy                Lisbon                           213 929 440
 Vila Do Bispo                  282 639 105         282 639 285     282 639 179       282 639 112       21 January                           Dutch Consulate              Faro                             289 820 903
 Vila Real de Santo António     281 510 000         281 512 777     281 511 371       281 544 355       13 May                               US Embassy                   Lisbon                           217 266 600
                                                                                                                                             Credit Card Loss - Amex                                       212 172 000
                                                    EMERGENCY NUMBERS                                                                        Credit Card Loss - Diners/Euro/ Visa                          213 159 856
                                     General - 112 • Forest Fires - 117 • INEM - 808250123
 18       Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

                                                                                                                                               Concepes · Loulé
        ACCOUNTANTS                          ARTS & CRAFTS                   BUILDING SUPPLIES                     CONSTRUCTION                289 416 089                              GARDEN PLANNING
Resolve · Almancil                   Rui Silva · Olhão                  Triarade · Lagoa                   Algarve Steelworks                  Mario Martins - Atelier · Lagos
                                                                                                                                                                                   Home & Garden · Albufeira
289 350 060                          919 290 565                        282 416 909                        Boliqueime · 289 366 071            282 768 095
                                                                                                                                                                                   289 585 943
Fiducial · Loulé                     Atelier Bongard · Ferragudo        Macive · Pêra                      GJM Construction · Albufeira                                            Paisotec · Tavira
289 435 177                          282 461 383                        282 310 580                        282 991 261                                  EXCURSIONS                 281 370 579
Sovereign · Lagoa                    Caleidoscópio · Alvor              Euroaço · Almancil                 Habipro · Vilamoura
                                                                                                                                               Megatur · Faro                      Ecosistemas · Lagos
282 340 480                          282 459 221                        289 390 530                        289 310 430
                                                                                                                                               289 807 485/6                       282 799 537
                                                                                                           Luxo Constroi · Lagoa
   ADVERTISING / DESIGN                         AWNINGS                                                    966 046 307                         Tourlagos · Lagos
                                                                                                                                               282 767 967                                       GOLF
BIG Fish Lda · Lagoa                 Comportoldos · Faro                Algarve Caravans Lda · Albufeira                                       TUI Portugal · Faro
282 493 241                          289 815 394                        289 586 446                           COURSES / WORKSHOPS                                                  Carvoeiro Golf · Carvoeiro
                                                                                                                                               289 001 680                         282 340 900
Milennium Publicidade · Loulé        Toldegarve · Lagoa                 Parque Campismo da Ingrina         CLCC - Centre of Languages,
289 328 375                          282 431 541                        Vila do Bispo · 282 639 242        Culture and Communication                                               Parque da Floresta · Budens
                                                                                                           Portimão · 282 430 250                                                  282 690 000
dla · Almancil                                                          Parque Campismo Fuseta
289 395 445                                  BABIES & KIDS                                                                Gardeur · Praia da Luz              Golf do Morgado · Monchique
                                                                        Tavira · 289 793 459
                                                                                                           Quinta Pintados Monchique           282 788 630                         282 402 150
                                     Playoasis · Ferragudo              Camping Olhão · Olhão
      AIR CONDITIONING               282 461 122                                                           282 955 320 ·    Collections · Carvoeiro             Alto Golf · Alvor
                                                                        289 700 300
                                                                                                           Phoenix Trust for International     282 358 014                         282 460 870
SACL · Alcantarilha                  A C Cores · Faro
                                     289 829 155                                                           Education (IGCSE) · Figueria VdB·   Shoeworld · Various Locations       Palmares Golf · Odiáxere
282 314 190                                                                CARPENTERS / JOINERS
                                                                                                           282 698 006 / 967 226 059           282 343 065                         282 790 500
Eurocooling · Loulé                  O Parque da Anita · Olhão          Peter Frank · Lagos
                                     916 691 050                                                                      CURTAINS                 Harmanna · Praia da Rocha           Penina · Portimão
289 360 152                                                             282 799 017                                                                                                282 420 200
                                                                                                                                               282 423 250
Tecno Therm · Alvor                                                     The Firm · Lagos                   Algarve Curtains · Ferragudo ·                                          Salgados · Albufeira
282 496 377                                  BARS & CLUBS               282 688 316                        Lagoa · 964 677 699
                                                                                                                                                           FENCING                 289 583 030
                                     Annabells · Albufeira              Do Pincel ao Móvel Lda · Faro      Curtain World · Quarteira                                               Vila Sol · Quarteira
            AIRLINES                                                    937 878 997                        289 356 418                         Ramos e F Ramos Lda
                                     912 638 624                                                                                                                                   289 300 505
                                                                                                                                               Estombar · 282 416 704
                                     On the Rocks (Disco Bar)                                              Cortinlar · Tavira                                                      Lusotur Golfes · Vilamoura                                                                          CARS
                                     Praia da Rocha · 282 416 144                                          281 325 837                         Steven Clive Kock · S. B. de        289 310 180                                                                                                                          Messines · 282 338 694
                                     Bentleys Bar & Bistro · Almancil   Baviera · Faro                     Oh’Arte · Lagos                                                         Vale do Milho · Carvoeiro                        289 393 625                        289 860 140                        282 770 380                         Valredes Lda · Almancil             282 358 502
                                                                                                                                               289 395 007                                                          Forportil · Alvor                                                                                          Quinta da Ria · Vila Nova de
                                                 BEAUTY                 282 410 660                                    DENTAL                                                                                                                                                                 Cacela · 281 950 580
                                                                                                                                                    FINANCE & BANKING
                                     BB’s Massage & Beauty Salons       Citroen · Faro                     Corpis Dentis · Silves                                                  Castro Marim Golfe · Castro
    AIRPORT TRANSFERS                Armação & Carvoeiro                289 894 800                        282 084 287                         Eurofinesco s.a. · Guia             Marim · 281 510 330
                                     919 356 030                        Evigarbe · Portimão                OralLagos · Lagos                   289 561 333
Minibusses do Sul · Portimão                                                                                                                                                       Boavista · Lagos
                                     Clinica Persona · Faro             282 420 124                        282 782 256                         Blevins Franks · Almancil           282 000 111
282 426 045
                                     289 892 020                        MS Car · Faro                                                          289 397 707
Bravo Tur · Albufeira                                                                                                     DIY                                                      Benamor Golf · Tavira
                                     Salão Elysium · Vilamoura          289 897 060                                                            Barclays · Various locations        281 320 880
289 542 410
                                     289 301 768                        Motorsá SA · Faro                                                      707 50 50 50
Manuel Dias Lda · Olhão                                                                                    Mestre Maco · Various Locations                                         Quinta da Cima
                                     Perfect 10 · Vale do Lobo          289 810 500                        282 353 433                                                             Vila Nova Cacela · 281 950 580
289 702 175/968 084 773
                                     289 391 700                                                                                                           FITNESS
                                                                              Adubopur · Portimão                                                     Barringtons Golf & Health Spa
                                                                                                           282 422 929                         CLCC - Fitness classes · Portimão   Vale do Lobo · 289 351 940
                                                 BLINDS                                                                                        282 430 250
                                                                                                           Leroy Merlin · Guia
                                                                                         CCTV              289 560 500                                                                     HAIR SALONS
Tara - Centro de Saúde Natural       M2M Blinds                                                                                                Ginasio Mike’s Gym · Vila Real
Lda · Vilamoura · 289 314 103        286 518 059 · 932 894 709                                                                                 Santo António · 281 543 982         Mariette · Carvoeiro Clube Tenis
                                                                        R R Segurança e Tecnologia
Terra da Harmonia · Praia da Luz                                                                                     EDUCATION                 Ginasio Universe Fitness            966 466 933
                                                                        Quarteira · 289 328 820
282 788 353                                       BOATS                                                                                        Albufeira · 289 589 173             Beach Combers · Albufeira
                                                                        Sistronica · Loulé                 CLCC - Centre of Languages,
                                                                                                           Culture and Communication           Indoor Gym · Lagos                  289 592 761
       ANIMALS & PETS                Ancasta-Water Sky Lda · Lagos      289 389 322
                                                                                                           Portimão · 282 430 250              282 089 411                         Sauvage Hair Studio
                                     282 792 510
                                                                                    CINEMAS                Quinta dos Amiguinhos                                                   Vilamoura · 289 301 403
Paws 4 Pets · Silves                 Fairline Portugal · Quarteira
916 273 376                                                                                                Portimão · 282 102 796                       FURNISHINGS
                                     289 327 030                                                                                                                                         HEALTH & SAFETY
                                                                        SBC · Faro                         Phoenix Trust for International
Kirstin Peters Veterinary Clinic ·                                                                                                             Style Furnishings · Alcantarilha
                                                                        289 887 214                        Education (IGCSE) · Figueria VdB·
Guia · 289 561 683                                                                                                                             282 322 291                         K-med Europa · Faro
                                                  BOOKS                                                    282 698 006 / 967 226 059                                               289 860 530
                                                                        Algarve Shopping · Guia
Cantinho do Animal · Albufeira                                                                                                                 Sofa VIP · Loulé
                                                                        289 560 350                        Escola Internacional do Algarve
289 542 030                          The Owl Story - English                                                                                   289 417 254                         Segurihigiene · Albufeira
                                                                        Cinemas de Portimão · Portimão     Porches · 282 342 547                                                   289 391 648
                                     Bookshop · Lagos · 282 792 289                                                                            Ishtig · Lagos
          ARCHITECTS                                                    282 411 888                        Futurekids · Faro
                                                                                                            282 762 459                         Sinergia · Guia
                                                                                                           289 825 676                                                             289 561 068
Equipa Quatro · Ferragudo            Griffin Bookshop · Almancil                                                                               H&P Decorações · Albufeira
282 431 083                                                                                                                                    289 843 513
                                     289 393 904                                                                     ELECTRICAL                                                                HEARING
Algarlinea · Lagos                                                      A1 Dirt Busters · Lagos                                                Maquedones Decor · Loulé
282 782 628                          A Lura dos Livros · Tavira                                            The Saint - Electrician             289 420 320
                                                                        282 789 288                                                                                                Audiological Care Center · Guia
                                     281 323 199                                                           Caroveiro · 917 532 574                                                 289 561 158
Artenge (Engenharia e Arte Lda)                                         Pristine Clean · Albufeira                                                GARDEN MAINTENANCE
Albufeira · 289 587 717                                                 963 852 964                                                                                                The British Hearing Centre
                                                                                                                ENERGY SUPPLIERS               Harveys of Loulé · Loulé            Various Locations · 289 417 094
        ART GALLERIES                                                   Ali-Po Lda · Almancil
                                                                        289 399 807                        Algarve Solar · São Brás de         289 412 462
                                     Carvoeiro Golf · Carvoeiro
Lua Azul Arte · São Brás de          282 340 900                                                           Alportel · 289 841 124                                                              HEATING
                                                                                                                                               Nelson da Costa Miguel · Lagos
Alportel · 289 845 452
                                     Parque da Floresta · Budens                  COMPUTERS                Alagoagas · Lagoa                   282 798 303                         Nyima Lda · Loulé 289 425 444
Galeria Giaconda · Portimão          282 695 924                                                           282 352 755
                                                                                                                                               Overview · Lagoa                    V.D.V. Protrata · Almancil
282 484 263                                                             HagaBé · Faro                      EDP · Various Locations             282 342 794                         289 390 770
Aura Galeria de Arte · Lagos              BUILDING SERVICES             289 802 819                        808 505 505
282 771 200                                                             Bitshop · Portimão                                                       Find all you need
                                                                                                                    ENGINEERING                                                            HIRE & RENTAL
                                          282 426 892
                                                                                                                                                         at                 Portimão · 282 491 610 /           Inter-Net · Lagos                  Engiurb Lda · Portimão                                                  Drag Máquinas Lda · Loulé
                                     912 268 195 (Tony)                 282 089 586                        282 414 674                                                             289 328 636
                                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·        19

Fabricio Lda · Almancil            Iluminofar Lda · Faro                                                                                                                    Viagens Conforto · Portimão
289 393 631                        289 823 028                               PEST CONTROL                 REMOVALS & TRANSPORT                          SPAS                282 492 106/112
EQP Lda · Mexilhoeira Grande                                         Gaser Pest Control, Lda            125 Removals · Portimão           Solambiente · Lagoa               Best Travel · Various Locations
282 969 374                        LOCKSMITHS & HARDWARE             Portimão · 282 425 273             282 968 900                       282 340 520                       707 200 230
                                                                     Matabicho · Aljezur                DIRECT · Albufeira                SACL · Alcantarilha               Solseta · Almancil
        HORSE RIDING               Finka-Service · Albufeira         968 556 321                        289 591 312                                                         289 396 677
                                                                                                                                          282 314 190
                                   914 035 301
                                                                     Action Complete                    UK Algarve Removals               Joro · Almancil                   Via PG · Almancil
Pinetrees Riding Centre            Gloria e Silvestre · Portimão     Moncarapacho · 289 793 644         Boliqueime · 289 322 456                                            289 396 860
                                                                                                                                          289 390 830
Almancil · 289 394 489             282 418 694
The Stables · Albufeira                                                      PHOTOGRAPHY                        RENOVATIONS                                                         TV & SATELITES
289 542 870                                  MARKETING                                                                                          SPECIALITY FOODS
                                                                     Russ Ireland                       Kitchen & Bathroom · Carvoeiro                                      Marc Electronica · Portimão
Tiffany’s Riding Centre · Lagos    Big Fish Lda · Lagoa              282 997 373                        282 358 273 / 965 275 774         Food Fayre · S. B. Messines       282 410 400
282 697 395                        282 493 241                                                                                            282 332 692
                                                                     Algarve Images · Lagoa                                                                                 Tonitrónica · Lagos
                                   Piri & Piri Lda · Lagoa           917 813 654                                  RENT A CAR              Let The Magic In · Algoz          282 762 205
HOTELS / ACCOMMODATION                                                                                                                    282 575 061
                                   282 341 059                                                                                                                              Digisat · Almancil
                                                                     Julifoto · Various Locations       AutoRent · Algarve
Hotel Garbe · Armação de Pêra                                        282 411 748                        282 417 171 · 800 21 20 11                                          919 131 606
282 320 260                                   MECHANICS
                                                                                                        Worldgarve (Rent a Car Lda)                   STORAGE
                                                                                PLUMBERS                                                                                            UNDERTAKERS
Monte do Casal · Estói             Speedy Services · Mexilhoeira                                        Lagos · 282 088 750
289 990 140                                                                                                                               D.W.Transport · Almancil
                                   de Carregação · 965 034 258                                                                                                              Servilusa - Various Locations
                                                                     Dino · Lagoa                       Auto Jardim · Albufeira           289 395 105
Four Seasons · Vilamoura           A.M.C. Sousa - Service Garage                                        289 580 505                                                         800 204 222
                                                                     282 357 296                                                          U-Store · Lagos
289 301 169                        Guia · 289 562 698                                                                                                                       Ildefonso Lda · Albufeira
                                                                     Adrian Stuart Dixon · Carvoeiro    Amoita · Faro & Lagoa             282 798 490
Quinta do Lago · Almancil          English Mobile Mechanic                                              289 843137                                                          917 811 649
                                                                     282 358 273
289 350 350                        912 400 228 (24h)
                                                                     PAAF · Almancil                                                        SURFING/WATERSPORTS
Vila Vita Parc · Porches           Parchaltec · Parchal              289 992 728                                RESTAURANTS                                                       USED FURNISHING
282 320 351                        282 432 041                                                                                            Angel Pilot · Estombar
                                                                                                        Sushi Yama · Almancil             282 343 086                       Remar · Lagoa
Pensão São José · Portimão                                                  POOL CLEANING               289 351 517 · 914 169 542 · 965                                     282 381 622
282 424 037                              MEDICAL CENTRES                                                247 871                           Divers Cove · Carvoeiro
                                                                     Fernando M. Lourenço · Lagoa                                         282 356 594                       A Tralha · Portimão
Hotel Apolo · Vila Real de Santo   HPP · Faro & Lagos                                                   A Nossa Tasca · Portimão                                            282 587 841
António · 281 512 448                                                282 353 534                                                          Paradise Watersports · Almancil
                                   289 892 040 & 282 790 700                                            282 491 675
                                                                     Frederico J. A. Filhó · Loulé                                        289 396 837
                                   Hospital Particular do Algarve                                       Farragood · Ferragudo                                                   VETERINARY CLINICS
          INSURANCE                                                  916 140 861                                                          The Ocean Club · Praia da Luz
                                   Alvor · 282 420 400                                                  282 461 236
                                                                                                                                          282 788 764                       James Cagney · Odiáxere
Lloyd & Whyte · Boliqueime         Luzdoc · Lagos                                                       O Duarte · Albufeira                                                282 799 268
289 360 578                                                             POOLS & MAINTENANCE             289 501 292
                                   282 780 700                                                                                                      SURVEYORS               Zoolagos · Lagos
Jim Player · Almancil              Clinica da Rocha · Praia da       Ocean Pools · Lagoa                Sushi Ya · Faro                                                     282 768 787
289 395 662/269 395 492            Rocha · 282 420 470               282 342 772 / 964 094 779          289 821 196                       Orange Sky · Lagoa
                                                                                                                                          282 342 011                       SOS Animal · Loulé
Medal, Lda · Portimão              Family Medical Centre · Quinta    Pebble Pools · Lagos               No Patio · Lagos                                                    289 872 700
282 430 800                        do Lago · 289 398 411             282 788 673                        282 763 777
Guerreiro’s Lda · Faro             Clinica Etienne · Olhão           Cristal · Lagos                    Amadeus · Almancil                                                               WATER
289 894 499                        289 707 040                       282 769 768                        289 399 137
                                                                     Tecnopiscinas · Almancil           Van Gogh · Maritenda              707 505 303                       Águas Algarve SA · Faro ·
          IRRIGATION                                                 289 395 515                        289 360 721                                                         289 992 034
                                               MUSEUMS                                                                                    PT · Various Locations
                                                                     Casa Mendes · Faro                 Crispim · Fuzeta                  16200                             Aquatest Lda · Tavira ·
Regalgarve Lda · S. B. de
                                   Museu Regional do Algarve         289 816 706                        289 793 354                                                         281 381 554
Messines · 282 332 581
                                   Faro · 289 827 610
                                                                                                        Jardim das Oliveiras                           TENNIS               Joro Lda · Almancil ·
Aquamatic · Almancil
                                   Museu do Trajo do Algarve · São      PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE             Monchique · 282 912 874                                             289 390 830
289 399 261
                                   Brás de Alportel · 289 840 100                                                                         Carvoeiro Clube de Tenis
Fertirega Lda · Silves                                                                                  Bossa Nova · Sagres               Carvoeiro · 282 357 847
                                                                     Rei das Fardas Lda · Loulé                                                                                        WELDING
282 442 826                                                                                             282 624 219 282 624 566
                                          OFFICE SUPPLIES            289 393 909
                                                                                                                                          Vale do Lobo Tennis Centre
                                                                                                        Dromedário · Sagres               Almancil · 289 396 991            Marques & Paixão Lda · Alvor
                                                                     Lauret Confecções · Portimão
            KENNELS                Staples Office Centre · Various                                      282 624 566                                                         282 457 791
                                                                     282 425 614
                                   locations · 707 200 656                                                                                Clube Ténis de Lagos · Lagos
Hotel for Cats · Monchique                                                                                                                282 764 297                       GatesGrillsRailings · Almancil
                                                                                                                    SAILING                                                 933 402 261
282 912 462                                                            PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
Dog Spa · Olhão                                                                                         Sailing Club · Lagos                         THEATRES
289 705 471                        Óptica Orbita · Loulé
                                                                     Lloyds Property Services           282 762 256                                                
                                                                     Lagos · 282 792 630                                                  Lagoa Municipal Auditorium
                                   289 411 777                                                          Sailing Club · Tavira
Canil de Boliqueime                                                                                                                       Lagoa · 282 380 452
                                                                     Nonplusultra · Lagos               281 323 654                                                              WINDOWS & DOORS
Boliqueime · 289 360 428           Centro Óptico de Lagos Lda
                                                                     282 764 771                                                          Teatro Lethes · Faro
                                   Lagos · 282 769 710                                        
                                                                                                                                          289 820 300                       Windoor Systems · Lagos
           KITCHENS                                                  Casa Serviço · Tavira              967 388 495
                                   Visão Plus • Quarteira                                                                                                                   282 769 446
                                                                     281 321 764                                                          Lagos Cultural Centre · Lagos
                                   289 301 786
Solambiente · Lagoa                                                                                                SECURITY               282 770 450                       Mestre Raposa · Almancil
282 340 520                                                               PROPERTY RENTALS                                                                                  289 355 420
                                     OUTDOOR FURNISHINGS
                                                                                                        Prosecom · Lagoa                           TRANSLATION              Loja das Janelas · Loulé
Elite Kitchens · Lagoa
                                   Casa & Jardim · Estombar          Villa Plus Ltd · UK                282 342 975                                                         289 411 099
282 353 664
                                   289 393 532                       +44 1727 836 686                                                     CLCC - Translations · Portimão
                                                                                                        IBC · Almancil
Joro · Almancil                                                                                                                           282 430 250 ·               WINE MERCHANTS
                                   Sun Point Outdoor Furniture       Casas do Barlavento · Lagos        289 392 703
289 390 830
                                   Almancil · 289 397 659            282 780 877                                                          Cial · Faro
                                                                                                        Onix Security · Lagos                                               Soares · Albufeira
                                                                                                                                          289 807 611
           LAWYERS                 Moveison · Lagos                  Winkworth · Lagos                  282 782 362                                                         289 510 460
                                   282 798 101                       282 761 154                                                          Penpoint · Loulé
António Marante, Guadalupe                                                                                                                289 432 300                       Wine Mine · Silves
                                                                                                                     SHADE                                                  282 441 036
Almeida, Matilde Ferreira          Sergisil · Odiáxere
                                                                               REAL ESTATE
Almancil · 289 392 606/7           282 799 150
                                                                                                        Oz Shade · Lagos                         TRAVEL AGENTS                    WOODEN HOUSES
J Plácido Santos e Associados                                                                           282 968 322
Lagoa · 282 340 250                  PAINTING & DECORATING                        Minita Lda · Silves                                     PDM Travel · Lagos                Lugarde · Lagoa
                                                                     282 444 510 Fax: 282 444 867                  SOCIETIES              282 782 078                       Tel/Fax: 282 342 370
Cristina Marcelino · Lagos
282 768 269                                                
                                   KP Decorators · Santa Bárbara           AFPOP · Portimão                  Ideal Travel · Albufeira          Best Discount Lda · Almancil
                                   de Nexe · 289 845 360                                                282 458 509                       289 580 770                       289 328 727
           LIGHTING                                                  Area 3D – Portimão
                                   Thermoshield Lda · Lagos          967 097 599 · Fax: 282 108 975     ACRAL · Faro
                                   282 695 579              ·     289 804 173
Celeste · Parchal                  Santiag’s · Parchal                                                  AE Almancil · Almancil
                                                                     Servesul · Portimao
282 419 632                        282 411 144                                                          289 391 107
                                                                     Tel/Fax: 282 444 471                                                             NOTICED!
Sullamp · Loulé                    Four Seasons · Almancil                   Golf for Greys · Lagoa
289 395 972                        289 301 169                                 282 341 935
                                                                                                                                             282 431 564 ·
 20        Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

                                                                        For Sale - Highchair €20, travel                                                                                   Toyota Corolla Linea Sol
                                    MISCELLANEOUS                       cot €30, single sheets €10,a
                                                                        pair bath towels €6,50 a pair.
                                                                                                                   VEHICLES                                                                1.4 VVTI- 2001. Very good
                                                                                                                                                                                           condition. White with A/C .
                                                                        All white cotton. email: hardy.                                                                                    €7.500. Contact: Private Sale. Tel:
                                                                        family@mail.                                                                                           282 687 800 / 919 473 206.
                                   For Sale - due to return to UK        Tel: 282 493 223 (eve only)
                                                                                                             Opel Combo Van, 2 seater. 2000,                                               Opel- Astra - 1.7 Cdti Cosmo
                                   1 double pine bed base @ €75         For Sale – Computer, windows         200,000km A/C , central locking                                               Caravan, 2005, grey. A/C, electric
                                   - 1 double pine effect wardrobe      98, antivirus, printer Epson.        Price €3.000 Private Sale                                                     windows, central locking, PAS,
                                   @ €30 - 2 mahogany desks with        Buyer collects. Lagos.               Tel: 964 104 833                                                              radio/CD, alloy wheels. €20.500.
                                   3 drawers and turned legs @          Tel: 282 088 726                                                                                                   Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417 171.
                                   €35 each - 1 dark oak JAYCEE                                              Mercedes 2300 petrol model              Honda - 2.0l - 1993 - very
                                                                                                                                                     good condition with MOT and           Email:
                                   drinks/dresser @ €100 - 1 dark       For Sale - Spa. Sundance.            124 1987 automatic, central
                                   oak JAYCEE corner display unit       1.8m inside diameter. White /        locking 200.000km. Price €2.500         guarantee. ONO. €5.500. Tel:          Opel - Astra - 1.4 Enjoy Caravan,
                                   with tv table @ €120 - FRICON        Redwood. Good cond. €3,000.          Private Sale. Tel 963 771 903           965 034 258.                          2004, grey. A/C, electric
                                   white electric 4 burner cooker/      or ono. Tel/Fax: 281 963 125.                                                                                      windows, central locking, PAS,
Maria Monterey 276 Cruiser                                                                                   Mercedes UE 220 Elegance Year
                                   oven, very clean. €75 o.n.o                                                                                                                             radio/CD, alloy wheels. €17.200.
- 1995 - 8.84m - 1 Volvo Penta                                          For Sale – New shed over 2m          Aug 2000 On board computer             Peugeot 307 - SW 1.6 Hdi, 2006,
205HP petrol engines.          2                                                                                                                                                           Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417 171.
                                   Tel 967 107 260                      wide with sliding doors. Boxed       plus all the usual extras such         black and silver. A/C, electric        Email:
berths, 1 bathroom, galley.                                             but same model is erected for        as central locking, electric           windows, central locking, PAS,
Excellent condition. €20.000.      FOR SALE - pool heater.                                                                                          Radio/CD, alloy wheels. €23.000.       Opel - Astra - 1.4 Enjoy, 5d,
                                                                        viewing. Price €500. Castro          windows etc. Price €23.000.
Private Sale. Tel: 917 536 419     Titanium P.S.A. “OPTPAC 4”                                                                                       Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417
                                                                        Marim Tel: 281 531 124               Private Sale. Tel 969 648 192                                                 2004, grey. A/C, electric
                                   (three phase) suit pool approx                                                                                   171. Email:        windows, central locking, PAS,
                                   8x4m hardly used only 2 yrs old      For Sale – Quantity of beautiful     Renault Clio Wind - 1993, white,                                              radio/CD, alloy wheels. €17.000.
                                   €2.000 (buyer collects)              bikinis, a job lot at a very keen    very good condition. Selling           Peugeot - 207 - 1.4 Hdi Trendy,
EMPLOYMENT                         Tel 963 613 641                      price. At least 100 in assorted      due to returning to the States.        2006, grey. A/C, electric
                                                                                                                                                                                           Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417
                                                                                                                                                                                           171. Email:
                                                                        sizes and colours manufactured       Price €1.200. Tel: 916 760 508         windows, central locking, PAS,
                                   Half price sale - Beauty spa
           offered                 items - Electric boiler 500 litres   in the US. Offers invited over €5.
                                                                                                              Mercedes-Benz - Seeking
                                                                                                                                                    Radio/CD. €19.000. Contact:            Hyundai - Sante Fe - 2.0
                                                                        each. Tel: 281 531 124                                                      Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417 171.           4x4, 2003, grey. A/C, electric
                                   @ €900 - Aniston refrigerator                                             exchange UK ‘53’ reg Mercedes          Email:
Seeking a new challenge?                                                                                                                                                                   windows, central locking, PAS,
                                   @ €140 - Tumble dryer @ €300         For Sale - King size bed and         220 CDi for similar Portuguese
We are looking for self-                                                                                                                                                                   radio/CD, leather seats. €22.000.
                                   - Anti-cellulite machine with                                             reg car. Contact: Private              Peugeot - 206 - 1.4 Hdi SW
motivated, confident                                                    headboard, new mattresses, 2                                                                                       Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417
                                   ultra-sound @ €3.210 - Vichy                                              Exchange. Tel.964 857 283              Look, 2005, grey. A/C, electric
salespeople with a desire to                                            bedside cabinets to match dark                                                                                     171. Email:
                                   shower @ €3.182 - Combination                                                                                    windows, central locking, PAS,
become part of a dynamic,                                               wood, €150 the bed and €75 for
                                   sauna and turkish bath (TYL                                               VW - Sharan - 1.9 Tdi, 2005, grey.     Radio/CD, alloy wheels. €13.900.       Hyundai - H1 - 2004, grey.
successful team. Candidates                                             cabinets, 4 white rugs €20 each,
                                   Classic Abeto) @ €2.000                                                   A/C, electric windows, central         Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417 171.           A/C, electric windows, central
must show initiative and                                                fridge as new €75.
                                   - Computer with touch screen,                                             locking, PAS, radio/CD, alloy          Email:             locking, PAS, radio/CD. €16.000.
enthusiam. Own vehicle,                                                 Tel: 282 697 660
                                   cash register and software @                                              wheels. €27.500. Contact: Auto                                                Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417
computer literate.
                                   €1.925 - Electronic massage bed      For Sale - Mobile air con unit       Rent. Tel: 282 417 171. Email:                                                171. Email:
Send your cv to
                                   in 3 parts @ €1.027 - Electronic     plus heater as new . Price €110
                                   massage bed in 2 parts @ €900        Tel: 938 831 213                                                                                                   Hyundai - H1 - 2003, grey.
                                   - Facial Machine - Belex 08 @                                             Suzuki - Vitara - 1.9 Td 4x4 2000, ,                                          A/C, electric windows, central
     PPI ESTATE AGENTS, Lda.       €950 - 2 leather sofas, Divani       For Sale - Twin Pushchair            electric windows, central locking.                                            locking, PAS, radio. €12.800.
                                   Divani @ €445 each - Thermal         (hardly used) €150 - Cot &           €7.000. Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417                                               Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417
On the Entrance to Parque da                                                                                 171.
Floresta Golf Course in Budens     blanket with clock (Termosalud)      mattress €30- Baby play pen                                                                                        171.
                                   @€296 - Steriliser (Temper           €30 - 1 baby sleeping bag            Seat - Ibiza - 1.2 Fresh, 2005,
  Is looking for Sales People      300) @ €207 - 2 magnifiers for        ( pink) €10 - quilt and bumper                                                                                    Hyundai - Getz - 1.1 Play,
                                                                                                             grey. A/C, electric windows,                                                  5d, 2005, grey. A/C, electric
                                   skin treatments @ €75 each           set (pink) €20 - Winnie the pooh     central locking, PAS, radio/CD,
 -    English Speaking (with       - Hydraulic chair with back @ €      music & lights (for cot) €10.                                                                                      windows, central locking, PAS,
      Portuguese knowledge)                                                                                  alloy wheels . €10.800. Contact:                                              radio/CD. €9.500. Contact: Auto
                                   156 - Hydraulic chair without         Tel: 936 902 567                    Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417 171.
 -    More than 25 years old                                                                                                                         BMW 320D-2001 with full               Rent. Tel: 282 417 171. Email:
                                   back @ €106 - 2 tables with 3
 -    Own Car - Unique sales                                                                                 Email:              extras. €27.100. Contact: J 
                                   shelves and revolving drawer
       commission plan.                                                                                                                              Paixão. Tel: 289 393 938. Email:
                                   @€50 each - Hot wax pot @                                                 Seat - Alhambra - 1.9 Tdi 7L                                                  Hyundai - Atos - 1.0, 5d, 2005,
     For interviews please call:   €106 - Cold wax pot @ €80                                                 auto , 2005, grey. A/C, electric                                              grey. A/C, electric windows,
         +351 282 698 621          - All items are nearly new and                                            windows, central locking, PAS,                                                central locking, PAS, radio.
                                   offered at half purchase price.                                           radio/CD, alloy wheels . €28.000.      Peugeot - 206 - 1.1 Look,              €9.000. Contact: Auto Rent. Tel:
                                   Buyer must collect - 936 256                                              Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417       5d, 2006, grey. A/C, electric          282 417 171. Email: ocasiao@
                                   949 (José Cascao)                                                         171. Email:        windows, central locking, PAS,
      Find more things                                                                                                                              Radio/CD. €12.700. Contact:
                                   For Sale - Cot and mattress                                               Seat - Alhambra - 1.9 Tdi                                                     Hyundai - Accent - 1.3, 4d, 2005,
                 at                                                                                                                                 Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417 171.
                                   - €30 - Play pen-top quality,                                             7L, 2005, grey. A/C, electric                                                 grey. A/C, electric windows,
                                   nearly new. €40 - double bed +                                                                                   Email:
                                                                                                             windows, central locking, PAS,                                                central locking, PAS, radio/CD.               mattress (ideal for guest) - €100                                         radio/CD, alloy wheels . €27.000.      Opel Corsa C - 1.3 Cdti, On            €11.000. Contact: Auto Rent. Tel:
                                   Tel. 936 902 567 (Lagoa)                                                  Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417       Air, 2005, grey. A/C, electric         282 417 171. Email: ocasiao@
                                                                                                             171. Email:        windows, central locking, PAS,
                                                                                                                                                    radio, alloy wheels. €14.000.
                                                                                                             Renault - Megane Cabrio -              Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417 171.           Ford - Transit 9L - 2004, blue.
                                                                                                             1.4, 2003, blue. A/C, electric         Email:             A/C, electric windows, central
                                                                                                             windows, central locking, PAS,                                                locking, PAS, radio. €17.000.
                                                                         Antique dresser - offers please.    radio, alloy wheels. €12.500.          Opel - Corsa C - 1.2 On Air, 2005,     Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417
                                                                         Tel: 967 107 260                    Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417       grey. A/C, electric windows,           171. Email:
                                                                                                             171. Email:        central locking, PAS, radio, alloy
                                                                        For Sale- Carport - 3x5m, anti-                                             wheels. €10.600. Contact: Auto
                                                                                                             Renault - Megane Cabrio - 1.4,         Rent. Tel: 282 417 171. Email:
                                                                        condensation with gutter. Price      2002, black/grey. A/C, electric
                                                                        €1.000. Tel. 965538856                                            
                                                                                                             windows, central locking, PAS,
                                                                        For Sale - Wooden home 1             radio, alloy wheels. €11.500.          Opel - Corsa C - 1.2 Elegance,
                                                                        bedroom show model with              Contact: Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417       2003, grey. A/C, electric
                                                                        double glazing & wooden floor.       171. Email:        windows, central locking, PAS,
                                                                        3,5x5m. 44mm. €7.000.                                                       radio, alloy wheels. €7.800. Auto
                                                                                                             Renault Megane Break II -              Rent. Tel: 282 417 171. Email:
                                                                        Tel: 965 538 856                     1.5,DCI, 2006, black/grey.   
                                                                                                             A/C, electric windows, central                                                 Renault - Clio 1.2 - 1996 - very
                                                                        Oval garden house with
                                                                                                             locking, PAS, radio, alloy wheels.     Hyundai - Lantra 1.6 GLS, 2000,         good condition with MOT
                                                                        thatched roof & wooden floor.
                                                                                                             €21.000. Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417       bordeaux A/C, electric windows,         and guarantee. €2.600.
                                                                        Show model - 3x2,5m. €2.500.
                                                                                                             171. Email:        central locking, PAS, radio/CD.         Tel: 965 034 258
                                                                        Tel: 965 538 856
                                                                                                                                                    €4.500. Contact: Auto Rent. Tel:
                                                                                                             Renault - Clio III - 1.2, 16V          282 417 171. Email: ocasiao@            get real and Big Fish Lda,
                                                                                                             Confort, 2006, black/grey.
                                                                                   PETS                      A/C, electric windows, central
                                                                                                                                                                       are unable to accept any
                                                                                                                                                                                            responsibility for the truthfulness
                                                                                                             locking, PAS, radio, alloy wheels.     Opel Astra - 1.4 Auto, Caravan,
                                                                                   offered                   €15.000. Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417       2004, grey. A/C, electric               of any advertiser’s claims, as this
                                                                                                             171. Email:        windows, central locking, PAS,          responsibility lies entirely with
                                                                                                                                                    radio/CD, alloy wheels. €11.600.        the advertisers and therefore the
                                                                        My current owners are returning      Renault- Clio II Conf                  Auto Rent. Tel: 282 417 171.            advertiser is responsible for any
                                                                        to the UK and I need a good          Authentique, 5d, 2005, black/          Email:              disputes or litigation arising from
                                                                        home with a new family. I am         grey. A/C, electric windows,                                                   any response to advertisements
                                                                        a young, very pretty, black and      central locking, PAS, radio/CD.        Trailer - Ifor Williams trailer with    within this publication. Pictures
                                                                        white, neutered she cat called       €10.000. Contact: Auto Rent. Tel:      2700kg capacity, tailgate, and          shown may be for representative
                                                                        Stubbs. Please call my current       282 417 171. Email: ocasiao@           mesh sides. As new . €2.250.            purposes only.
                                                                        owners on Tel: 967 107 260.                            Private Sale. Tel: 282 361 837.
                                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·   21

Big heart, big muscles
Normally, when somebody decides to join a gym they are not in the best of physical fitness. In the gym the most common forms of workout are
those that exert the cardio-vascular systems (heart/circulation) and those that concentrate on building muscle. What should one do? Why? For
how long? These are some of the questions that arise which we hope to clarify.

• By Lisa McNamara                    have a device to measure your           We all know how daunting the                more weight instead of getting
                                      heart rate while you are exercis-    gym can be, what with all that                 the technique, and the speed of                Did you know:
   When taking the step to ex- ing. To ensure you are not putting          strange looking apparatus, but in              each movement right, ensur-
ercise regularly, for whatever yourself at risk, you should be             reality, with a little help from an            ing it isn’t too fast! Don’t worry             · In order for your body to
reason, to lose weight, to lose working between 60 per cent and            instructor, it is as easy as A-B-C             about the weight as it is more                   start burning fat, you
a belly or excess fat off certain 80 per cent of your 220 minus            or 1-2-3! As always, it is always              important to do things slowly                    need to exercise for over
parts of your body or just to age heart rate, i.e. a 40 year old           advisable to have someone to                   and accurately so you can feel                   45 minutes.
breathe more easily, it is neces- should not exceed a pulse of 144.        monitor your performance, en-                  your muscles working and better                · The slower you do your
sary to build up stamina in order If you are working a machine             suring posture and technique are               isolate the muscles involved.                    repetitions the more
to sustain a speedier heart rate with a resistance that doesn’t            correct.                                         Once you have mastered the                     your muscles work.
for a reasonable time.                even make you sweat, you will be        Adaptations are quickly recog-              technique, you can play with                   · The negative part of
   For beginners cardio training wasting your time, as your body           nizable, especially in the begin-              the number of exercises, sets,                   the exercise should be
is most important. It is necessary will not respond or adapt. The          ning as you get stronger and more              number or repetitions, speed of                  always slow.
for the body to adapt in order time you spend exercising is also           in control of the movements. You               repetition, time to rest, etc.                 · Don’t hold your breath
to respond better                                    very important;       can train your muscles everyday                                                                 while you exercise
to the chosen ex-                                    for example, cy-      as long as you give the muscles                                                                 your muscles.
ercise       routine.     Women nearly all           cling for five min-   you workout 48 hours rest until                                                               · Breath out when you
Cardio training           have that wobbly           utes on a bicycle     you work those muscles again.                                                                   pull or push the weights.
will improve the          bum and triceps            everyday will not     On the inbetween days you work                                                                · Breath in during the
body’s resistance                                    improve        your   other muscles. For this type of                                                                 negative part of exercise.
to exercise as the        issue and cardio-          resistance. You       workout it is normal to focus on                                                              · Use mirrors to ensure
heart and lung ca-        vascular workouts          should do at least    two muscles a day, a large and a                                                                you maintain the
pacity is improved        will certainly help.       30 to 40 minutes      small muscle group, for example,                                                                correct posture.
over time, in turn                                   of cardio-vascu-      chest and biceps. Remember                                                                    · Always use proper
facilitating      the                                lar training a day,   the weight you use is not as                                                                    clothing while
workout as your body adapts. three or more times a week.                   important as technique.                                                                         exercising, allowing
Usually it doesn’t take too long        This type of workout is the best   We find lots of                                                                                 freedom of movement
for progress to be noticed and exercise if your goal is to lose            young people                                                                                    and transpiration.
after two or three weeks the weight. There is nothing better               wanting to                                                                                    · You will quickly recover
significant results will be ob- to metabolise your fat than doing          c ar r y                                                                                        the water you lose whilst
served and most people notice cardio-vascular training to use                                                                                                              exercising. Losing
a tremendous difference in their those extra pounds as energy.                                                                                                             water doesn’t mean you
stamina.                                                                                                                                                                   lose weight! Make
                                        Building brawn                                                                                                                     sure you drink while
   What kind of exercises?              The muscle workout is an-                                                                                                          exercising.
   In a gym the cardio-vascular other type of exercise you can do                                                                                                        · It is extremely important
equipment is quite often in an in a gym. This type of workout                                                                                                              in order to recover salts
area separate from the muscle is directed more often at spe-                                                                                                               and minerals that you
machines. Cardio-vascular appa- cific muscles, usually concen-                                                                                                             lose when sweating.
ratus includes treadmills, rowing trating on them separately, for                                                                                                        · Always get someone
machines, bicycles, ellipticals example, calves, legs, abdomen,                                                                                                            to help you when using
(cross-training machines), step- chest, back, shoulders, arms                                                                                                              maximum weight.
pers, or even swimming, if you and forearms.                                                                                                                             · If you are not sleeping
are lucky enough to have a pool         Muscle fitness really helps to                                                                                                     well probably you are
at your gym.                          define the body in specific areas.                                                                                                   over-training.
   It is easy to control a workout For example, ladies, we nearly                                                                                                        · Never smoke or
when doing cardio-vascular ex- all have that wobbly bum and                                                                                                                drink alcohol after
ercise. It is essential that you are triceps issue and, yes, cardio-                                                                                                       working out.
aware that the maximum heart vascular workouts will certainly                                                                                                            · What you eat is as
rate is approximately 220 minus help you, but to get far quicker                                                                                                           important as
your age. However, you should and greater results, focusing on                                                                                                             working out.
never reach 100 per cent of that the problem area using weights                                                                                                          · There are lots of natural
value as you can put yourself at will definitely give you visual re-                                                                                                       supplements to help in
risk. Most machines nowadays sults quite quickly.                              • Cardio-vascular apparatus includes treadmills, rowing machines, bicycles, ellipticals     achieving your goals.
                                                                               (cross-training machines), steppers, or even swimming.
22         Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

            15 MAY
                A                 • MUSIC                          Concert with Camarata           • DANCE                          Museum Night - Fado Night.       Garden Open Day. In aid of
                                  The Who. Pavilhão Atlântico,     Antiqua de Curitiba Choir &     Lovers and Strangers & Real      Casa de Fados Arcádia, Faro.     the I.C.F. Church funds. 26
• CINEMA                          Lisbon. 8.30pm. €30 to €40.      Póvoa de Varzim Orchestra.      Fake/Fake Real by Teresa         9pm.                             May. 11am to 4pm. Casa Deva
FICA 2007 - Algarve                                                FIMA 2007 - 29th Algarve        Ranieri. CCB, Lisbon.                                             Colegio, Nr. Bensafrim, Lagos.
International Cinema              Sérgio Godinho (em) Ligação      International Music Festival.   7pm. €4.                         Music on churches. Josué         €5 w/ tea or coffee. Info:
Festival. Portimão Cinemas:       Directa. Teatro Maria Matos,     Igreja Matriz de Portimão.                                       Nunes: classic guitar, Pedro
until 20 May. Centro Cultural     Lisboa. €15 to €20. Until 20     9.30pm. Free.                   Land of my Dreams by             Loureiro: voice. Igreja da       or 282 687 850.
de Lagos: 16 to 20 May.           May. Tickets: 707 234 234.       + 19 May: Teatro Municipal      Algarve Dance Company.           Misericórdia, Tavira. 6pm.
Cinemas Cinatrium, Faro:                                           de Faro. 9.30pm. €5 to €16.     Vale do Lobo Auditorium,                                          London Symphony Orchestra.
until 17 May. Auditório                      17 MAY
                                                 A                 + 20 May: Centro Cultural       Loulé. €15 to €25. 9pm.          • PHOTO                          Coliseu de Lisboa. 27 May.
FNAC, Guia, Albufeira: until                                       António Aleixo, Vila Real de    Info: 289 353 322.               Silves’ perspectives             Reservations: 213 240 585.
18 May. Cine-Teatro António       • CINEMA                         Santo António. 9.30pm.                                           - 2nd round: Contrasts.
Pinheiro, Tavira: 18 May.         Il Caimano (The Crocodile)       Info: 281 510 045.              • EXHIBITION                     Photographic competition.        Klaxons. Avenida dos Aliados,
                                  by Nanni Moretti. A                                              A Pre-historic Day.              Silves. Info: 282 440 800.       Porto. 01 June.
Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo      skewering of Italian Prime       Bloc Party. English indie       Recreation of history: what
del Toro. In the fascist Spain    Minister Silvio Berlusconi.      rock. Coliseu de Lisboa.        did the people of Alcalar        7th Portimão Photo Run.          Alive Festival. Pearl Jam +
of 1944, a girl escapes into an   Cine-Teatro António              9pm. €25 to €150.               do 5.000 years ago. Centro       Subscriptions until 14 May.      Smashing Pumpkins + Beasty
eerie but captivating fantasy     Pinheiro, Tavira. 9.30pm.        Tickets: 707 234 234.           Interpretativo de Alcalar,       Info: Museu Municipal de         Boys + White Stripes + Linkin
world. Cinalgarve, Olhão.                                                                          Portimão. 10am to 12am /         Portimão 282 412 238.            Park + Da Weasel. Riverside
9.30pm.                           • MUSIC                          Júlio Iglesias Romantic Tour.   2pm to 4pm.                                                       area, Oeiras. 08 to 10 June.
+ 19 May: Cine-Teatro             Matthew Dear. Minimal            Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon.     Info: 282 412 238.               • SPORTS                         Info:
António Pinheiro, Tavira.         Techno. Lux, Lisbon.             10pm. €30 to €100.                                               Raid BT Trilhos Inter-vivos.
9.30pm.                                                            Info: 218 918 409.              • MUSIC                          Cross Country Cycling 2007.      Gal Costa Song and Guitar.
                                  Jazz on Fridays. Eva Parker:                                     4th Figueira Accordion &         Alcoutim. 9am.                   15 June: Hotel Algarve Casino,
• EXHIBITION                      sax, soprano and tenor; Herb     Portuguese Symphony             Concertinas Meeting. Head                                         Portimão. 16 June: Casino
32th Algarve International        Robertson: trumpet; Agustí       Orchestra presents Brahm’s      Office - Sociedade Recreativa    • STAND-UP
                                                                                                                                       T                             de Vilamoura.
Photographic Art Show.            Fernandez: piano. CCB,           symphonies. Symphony nº 3.      Figueirense, Portimão.           Lisbon Comedy Festival.          Reservations: 289 310 000.
Participants from more            Lisbon. 10.45pm. Free.           CCB, Lisbon. 9pm. €5 to €20.    9pm. Free.                       Pedro Tochas presents
than 60 countries show                                                                                                              Alcómicos anónimos e um          Ney Matogrosso. Coliseu de
1.891 photos. Igreja da           Islamic Festival 2007.           • MUSIC + CINEMA                Lagoa Choral Week. Vozes da      Gajo. Teatro Tivoli, Lisbon.     Lisboa. 16 June.
Misericórdia de Silves.           Mértola. Until 20 May. Music     Premiere Suite para D.          Rádio. Auditório Municipal       10pm. €10 to €12.                Reservations: 707 234 234.
Until 08 June.                    + exhibitions + gastronomy.      Roberto. 50 years Faro Cine-    de Lagoa. 9.30pm.
                                                                   Club. Teatro Municipal de       + 20 May: Coral Ideias do                           A
                                                                                                                                                   20 MAY            The Rolling Stones. José
• MUSIC                                          A
                                             18 MAY                Faro. 6pm: screening D.         Levante. Igreja do Carvoeiro.                                     Alvalade Stadium, Lisbon.
Algarve Orchestra. Chamber                                         Roberto by Ernesto de Sousa.    11.15am.                         • CINEMA                         25 June. Tickets:
Music. Biblioteca Central         • CINEMA                         9.30pm: Concert Suite for D.    + 20 May: Coral da Câmara        Open Season by Roger Allers
UALG, Faro. 4.30pm.               Monster’s Ball by Marc           Roberto by Bernardo Sassetti.   Municipal de Albufeira. ACD      and Jill Culton. Animation.
                                  Foster. A racist prison          Piano: Bernardo Sassetti.       Ferragudo. 9.30pm. Info:         A grizzly bear finds himself     Nelly Furtado. Albufeira
• TRADE FAIR                      guard falls in love with the     Double Bass: Carlos Barreto.       stranded in the woods 3 days     Municipal Stadium. 27 July.
ENDIEL 2007 - 15th Meeting        African American wife of         Bateria: Alexandre Frazão. €6                                    before Open Season. Cine-        Info:
for the Development of the        the last prisoner he executed.   to €12. Tickets: 289 888 110.   Amsterdam Chamber Music.         teatro António Pinheiro,
Electrical & Electronic Sector.   Biblioteca Municipal de                                          Love for music - music for       Tavira. 3.30pm.
FIL, Parque das Nações,           Loulé. 4pm. Free.                • THEATRE
                                                                        A                          love. Museu do Trajo de São                                         • CINEMA sponsored by:
Lisbon. Until 19 May. 10am                                             f
                                                                   Loof by Joe Orton. CCB,         Brás de Alportel. 8.30pm. €21.   • FESTIVAL
to 8pm. Professionals: daily.     • FAIR                           Lisbon. 9pm. Until 21 May. 20                                    Vaqueiros in Flower.
Public: 18 & 19 May.              Odemira Tourism Fair.            May: 5pm. €12 to €15.           Creamfields Lisbon. Parque       Villages in Flower. Vaqueiros,
                                  Riverside area, Odemira.                                         da Bela Vista, Lisbon. 3pm.      Alcoutim.
            16 MAY
                A                 Until 20 May.                    Prantos by Algarve Theatre      €45, €50 on the day. Info:
                                                                                                                                                                                 Fórum Algarve · Faro
                                                                   Company. Museu Municipal       • SPORTS                            Tel.: 289 887 210/2 · Fax: 289 887 219
• CINEMA                          • MUSIC                          de Faro. 10am & 15pm.                                            Foursomes week. Royal Golf          
Turtles can fly by Bahman         Blind Zero. Portuguese           Reservations: 289 897 400.      A Hawk and a Hacksaw             Course and Ocean Course,
Ghobadi. Near the Iraqi-          alternative rock. Cine-Teatro,                                   & Hun Hangar Ensemble.           Vale do Lobo, Loulé.               Reign Over Me
Turkish border on the eve          São Brás de Alportel. 10pm.     • TRADE FAIR                    Teatro-Circo, Braga.             Until 26 May.                      After losing his wife and
of an American invasion,                 €3,75 to €5.              ExpoFranchising:                10pm. €12.                                                          kids in the 9/11 terrorist
                                                                                                                                    Charity Golf Tournament            attacks, Charlie (Adam
                                                                                                                            le      in aid of the Algarve              Sandler) goes into a
                                                                                                                            r       Oncological Association.           severe depression and
                                                                                                                             o      Benamor, Tavira. Registration/     retreats from the world.
                                                                                                                                    support contact: (+351)            Luckily, he runs into his
                                                                                                                                    932 524 253 or e-mail              old college roommate,
                                                                                                                                       Alan (Don Cheadle), who
                                                                                                                                                                       feels sorry for his old
                                                                                                                                                   21 MAY
                                                                                                                                                       A               friend and does his best to
                                                                                                                                                                       draw him back out.
                                                                                                                                    • EXHIBITION
                                                                                                                                    Equal Opportunities -              Trust the Man
                                                                                                                                    Recognition & Respect              In New York City, actress
                                                                                                                                    for gyspy women. Photos.           Rebecca (Julianne Moore)
                                                                                                                                    Biblioteca Municipal de Faro.      and her stay-at-home
                                                                                                                                    Until 25 May.                      husband, Tom (David
                                                                                                                                    9.30am to 7.30pm.                  Duchovny), have a fall-
                                                                                                                                                                       ing out over their sex
                                                                                                                                    • MUSIC                            life. Meanwhile, Tom’s
                                                                                                                                    Acordeon Juvenile Festival.        younger brother, Tobey
                                                                                                                                    Cine-teatro António Pinheiro,      (Billy Crudup), can’t seem
                                                                                                                                    Tavira. 9.30pm.                    to commit to his aspiring
                                                                                                                                                                       novelist girlfriend, Elaine
                                                                                                                                         FOR YOUR DIARY                (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

                                                                                                                                    Beyoncé. Pavilhão Atlântico,       The Messengers
                                                                                                                                    Lisboa. 24 May.                    A family (Dylan
                                                                                                                                    Info: 218 918 409.                 McDermott, Penelope
                                                                                                                                                                       Ann Miller, Kristin
                                                                                                                                    Art Sullivan. Coliseu de           Stewart) hoping for
                                                                                                                                    Lisboa. 25 May.                    a quiet, peaceful life
                                                                                                                                    Tickets: 707 234 234.              on a sunflower farm
                                                                                                                                                                       have their idyllic
                                                                                                                                    Dave Matthews Band.                existence ruined when a
                                                                                                                                    Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisboa. 25     mysterious drifter (John
                                                                                                                                    May. Info: 218 918 409.            Corbett) shows up on
                                                                                                                                                                       their doorstep.
                                                                                                                                                Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·                                     23

CROSSWORD Using the starting letters to help you, complete the grid by working
out which letter of the alphabet is represented by each number from 1 - 26.                                             WORDLADDER           Move from                                  THE get real HISTORICAL WEEK:
                                                                                                                                            the word at
                                                                                                                                               the top of                             15 May
                                                                                                                                              the ladder                                In 1970 the twin brothers and football
                                                                                                                                                    to the                              players Frank and Ronald de Boer
                                                                                                                                            word at the                                 were born in the Netherlands. Both
                                                                                                                                              bottom by                                 played for the Dutch national team
                                                                                                                                             filling each                               as well as many professional clubs
                                                                                                                                             blank rung                                 in Europe including Al-Rayyan,
                                                                                                                                           of the ladder                                Ajax, Barcelona and Rangers. Frank
                                                                                 WORDWHEEL Make as many                                            with a                               represented the Clockwork Orange team
                                                                                 words from the nine letters                               proper word                                  112 times and held its captaincy until
                                                                                 given, using at least three letters;                            and only                               his retirement after Euro 2004.
                                                                                 all words must use the central                                changing
                                                                                 letter and must not use any                                   one letter                             16 May
                                                                                 letter from the wheel more than                            in the word                                 In 1975 Japanese Junko Tabei became
                                                                                 once. There is at least one nine                                above at                               the first woman to reach the summit
                                                                                 letter word to be found.                                   each stage.                                 of Mount Everest. In 1976, Tabei was
                                                                                                                                                                                        the first woman to complete the Seven
                                                                                                                                                                                        Summits - the highest mountains of
                                                                                 SUDOKU The numbers 1 - 9 place once only in each row, column, 3 x 3                                    each of the seven continents.
                                                                                 box and the two main diagonals too.
                                                                                                                                                                                      17 May
                                                                                                                                                                                        In 1990 homosexuality was removed
                                                                                                                                                                                        from the World Health Organisation’s
                                                                                                                                                                                        International Classification of Diseases.
                                                                                                                                                                                        This day became the international day
                                                                                                                                                                                        against homophobia.

                                                                                                                                                                                      18 May
                                                                                                                                                                                        In 1974 the Warsaw radio mast, at
                                                                                                                                                                                        the time the tallest construction ever
                                                                                                                                                                                        built, was completed. Building started
                                                                                                                                                                                        in July 1970 and it was 646,38 metres
                                                                                                                                                                                        tall. It was located in Konstantynów,
                                                                                                                                                                                        Poland, and was used by Warsaw
                                                                                                                                                                                        Radio-Television for longwave radio
                                                                                                                                                                                        broadcasting. It later collapsed on 08
                                                                                                                                                                                        August 1991.

                                                                                                                                                                                      19 May
FIND THE 7 DIFFERENCES:                                                                                                                                                                 In 1965 female tortoise Tui Malila died.
                                                                                                                                                                                        She was the longest-living animal
                                                                                                                                                                                        according to authenticated records
                                                                                                                                                                                        - 188 years old. She was born around
                                                                                                                                                                                        1777 and then given by Captain Cook
                                                                                                                                                                                        to the Tongan royal family upon
                                                                                                                                                                                        his visit to Tonga, an independent
                                                                                                                                                                                        archipelago in the southern Pacific
                                                                                                                                                                                        Ocean. She remained in their care until
                                                                                 FUTOSHIKI     Each row and column contains the numbers 1 -5 once                                       her death.
                                                                                 only, and you must obey the greater and less than relationships between
                                                                                 stated cells.                                                                                        20 May
                                                                                                                                                                                        In 1916 the small town of Codell, USA,
                                                                                                                                                                                        was struck by a tornado. Incredibly,
                                                                                                                                                                                        the same town was also hit in 1917 and
                                                                                                                                                                                        1918 on the exact same date. Tornadoes
                                                                                                                                                                                        have been observed on every continent
                                                                                                                                                                                        except Antarctica. However, most of
                                                                                                                                                                                        the world’s tornadoes occur in the
                                                                                                                                                                                        United States.

                                                                                                                                                                                      21 May
                                                                                                                                                                                        In 2004 Russian lieutenant colonel
                                                                                                                                                                                        Stanislav Petrov won the World
                                                                                                                                                                                        Citizen Award for averting a potential
                                                                                                                                                                                        World War III in 1983. Assuming
                                                                                                                                                                                       his instruments were in error, Petrov
                                                                                                                                                                                       deliberately did not report what
                                                                                                                                                                                       appeared to be a US attack. The
                                                                                                                                                                                       computer reports were later shown to
                                                                                                                                                             · solutions on page 20

                                                                                                                                                                                       have been in error.
 24     Tuesday, May 15, 2007 ·

                                                                                                                   LATE NEWS:
Powerboats in Portimão                                                                                             PORTUGAL
                                                                                                                   Baby for Sale
   Last weekend Portimão hosted
the Powerboat Formula One                                                                                            Nine people were arrested last week in Vila Franca de Xira
Grand Prix for the ninth time.                                                                                     on suspicion of attempting to sell a four month old baby.
Thousands lined the Arade                                                                                          Apparently the group, which included the child’s mother, con-
River to see American Scott Gill-                                                                                  tacted an allegedly wealthy woman offering the child for sale.
man take the title. The event                                                                                      The woman refused but was subsequently followed. The police
was the first in the 2007 world                                                                                    were alerted and the suspects detained only to be released later.
title series. Portuguese driver                                                                                    The baby was handed over to the local hospital to be delivered
Duarte Benavente (pictured) had                                                                                    to the responsible authorities. The case is under investigation.
to withdraw from the race after
only completing 35 of the 60 laps                                                                                  GAZA
due to motor problems.                                                                                PHOTO LUSA   Violence begins again
                                                                                                                     Last Sunday four Palestinians died in fighting that has broken
Portuguese League                                                                                                  out in Gaza following a period of relative quiet. Hamas also
                                                                                                                   claim that 15 of their supporters were abducted in the region.
  Football fans will have to wait    Sporting and Benfica are now one      goals to nil in the stadium that had    This is the worst fighting since a ceasefire was established in
until next weekend to see which      point behind each other. Porto,       hosted the George Michael con-          February resulting in a united government.
club manages to take the title       with 66 points, drew in their game    cert the evening before. Benfica
and which clubs get relegated.       against Paços de Ferreira. Sporting   (64 points) also won their game,        AFGHANISTAN
The three front runners, Porto,      (65 points) beat Académica by two     0-1, away to Setúbal.                   Taliban leader killed
                                                                                                                     Mullah Dadullah the Afghan Taliban commander has been
Spanish Grand Prix                                                                                                 killed in the Helmland province of southern Afghanistan.
                                                                                                                   His death, initially denied by the Taliban insurgents, has been
  Ferrari’s Felipe Massa domi-       Formula One, putting him ahead        outside of the first corner and         confirmed following official pictures taken by reporters of his
nated the Catalunya Grand            overall in the championship.          narrowly missed leaving the             body. Dadullah was a fierce fighter, associated with beheadings
Prix last weekend winning for        Spaniard Fernando Alonso came         track altogether when the two           of foreign hostages and known within the Taliban to be brutal.
the second time in succession        third but nearly crashed on his       cars touched pitching Alonso            He lost a leg in 1996 while fighting in Kabul.
with Lewis Hamilton coming           home circuit when he attempted        sideways into the gravel before
second in his fourth race ever in    to overtake Massa around the          he regained control.                    IRAQ
                                                                                                                   More Bloodshed in Baghdad
                                                                                                                     A suicide bomber in a truck detonated a bomb killing around
                                                                                                                   45 and wounding more in continuing violence. This time the
                                                                                                                   target was a meeting in the offices of Kurdesh, the Kurdistan
                                                                                                                   Democratic Party. Ten people also died in a Shia marketplace
                                                                                                                   over the weekend.

                                                                                                                   Ex-pats have a voice
                                                                                                                     San Fulgencio, southern Alicante, is holding local elections
                                                                                                                   with more ex-pats running than Spaniards. The huge concen-
                                                                                                                   tration of British and Germans in the Costa Blanca and Costa
                                                                                                                   del Sol areas has resulted in a large number running as inde-
                                                                                                                   pendent candidates eager to have a say in local politics. Until
                                                                                                                   now many have simply enjoyed the quality of life offered but
                                                                                                                   recent scandals in property ownership, including the so-called
                                                                                                                   Land Grab law in Valencia resulting in many ex-pats losing
                                                                                                                   huge sums of money to developers, has persuaded some to have
                                                                                                                   a voice in the local council. One British man, Tony Cabban,
                                                                                                                   has already been elected as a councilor in Javea, running as an
                                                                                                                   independent to challenge issues around urban planning and
                                                                                                                   other property issues presenting major headaches to foreign
                                                                                                                   and local residents alike.

                                                                                                                   Cricket boycott
                                                                                                                      John Howard, prime minister of Australia has decided to
                                                                                                                   withdraw his national cricket team from a scheduled tour of
                                                                                                                   Zimbabwe in September of three one-day internationals. Mr
                                                                                                                   Howard said he does not usually mix sport with politics but
                                                                                                                   this time he had to intervene saying that if the tour took place
                                                                                                                   it would be an “enormous propaganda boost” to Zimbabwe,
                                                                                                                   referring to President Robert Mugabe as a “grubby dictator”. In
                                                                                                                   his comments to the press he said: “Whilst it pains me both as
                                                                                                                   a cricket lover and as somebody who genuinely believes these
                                                                                                                   things should be left to sporting organisations, it leaves me
                                                                                                                   with no alternative.”

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