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Press Kit - AdvancedFair


									            PRESS KIT

          March 15th – 17th
        Boston, Massachusetts

New   product from AZZ│RAL Rig A Lite ........................................ 2
New   product from BAERO Lighting. ............................................. 3
New   product from East Coast Seafood......................................... 4
New   products from Fishery Products International ........................ 5
New   product from Foster Packaging ............................................ 8
New   product from National Dairy Brands ................................... 10
New   products from Sea Watch International .............................. 11
New   product from Seafood Enterprises ...................................... 13
New   product from Sogelco International .................................... 14
New   product from Sustainable Fisheries Partnership ................... 15
New   product from VASEP ........................................................ 16
New   product from the Virginia Marine Products Board ................. 17

                          Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                March 15-17, 2009
                               Boston, Massachusetts
New product from AZZ│RAL Rig A Lite

WFH Series
Wash-Down Fluorescent High-Bay

AZZ│RAL Rig A Lite is pleased to announce the introduction of the WFH series
fixture to the seafood industry. This hearty fixture is designed to handle the harsh
environments where packing and processing take place. The Nema 4x rating at
1200psi listing means that this fixture family is built to exceed the demands
placed on it by the daily maintenance process. It is also designed to replace HID
high bay fixtures one-to-one and offer your facility instant start, energy savings
and the proper color rendering required by inspectors.

AZZ│RAL Rig A Lite has been manufacturing quality lighting fixtures for
hazardous, severe and food processing environments since 1938. More
information is available on all our products at

Construction Features

      Heavy      duty    continuously     welded    aluminum
       construction- 0.63” thick
      FDA accepted baked-on powder finish
      Stainless steel captive external hardware
      Extruded silicone lens frame gasket
      Bolt-on cast aluminum hubs with silicone gasket
      High impact heavy duty clear acrylic or prismatic lens
      Hinged reflector assembly for easy access to ballast
       and wiring compartment
      Standard ballasts rated for -20ºF min. starting
      55º C (131º F) max. ambient temperature
      Special cold temperature ballasts available for freezer applications
      Superior optics
      Available in 4 or 6 lamp versions
      Available in T8 or T5HO fluorescent lamp versions
      Water shed design
      Water tight sealed construction ideal for Food Processing Plants
      Hose-down tested to 1200 psi
      Nema Type 4X
      UL/CUL listed for CI D2 Groups A, B, C & D / CII D2 Groups F &G
      UL/CUL listed for wet locations
      NSF approved

Ross Blanford, Marketing Manager
8500 Hansen Road
Houston, TX 77075

                               Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                     March 15-17, 2009
                                    Boston, Massachusetts
New product from BAERO Lighting.

With the innovative BAERO Food Lamp (BFL) customers will smell the salt air and
hear the waves when visiting your store‟s Seafood Department. Matched with
BAERO‟s German engineered fixture, reflector, and special seafood UV filter, the
BAERO BFL provides unmatched color and texture rendering of salmon, lobsters,
crabs and the rest of today‟s catch.

The BAERO BFL has been the industry leader in Europe for years and is now being
introduced to the North American market.

Operated with a state of the art electronic ballast, BFL lamps are a perfect fit for
all fresh food applications and especially for your high profile seafood displays.
Combined with BAERO‟s line of energy efficient fixtures the BFL is the lighting
solution for seafood sales!

Please stop by and visit us at booth #1375 during the
Boston Seafood Show March 15th-17th.


BAERO North America, Inc.
Lee Rhoades, Strategic Account Manager
10432 Baur Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri 63132

                           Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                 March 15-17, 2009
                                Boston, Massachusetts
New product from East Coast Seafood

Production Location

On a coastal island situated within the Bay of Fundy (located between Maine and
New Brunswick, Canada), a fresh new product – pasteurized lobster meat is being
produced and packaged by East Coast Seafood/Paturel International Company.


Pasteurization methods used within the industry has always left the processed
lobster a bit chewy due to long cooking times. The new revolutionary process
utilized by East Coast Seafood/Paturel International for lobster meat, boasts a
decreased heat time. Eliminating any active bacteria and extending the shelf life,
today‟s result is refrigerated lobster meat with a fresh taste similar to meat
cracked fresh from a boiled lobster dinner.


The new pasteurized lobster meat from East Coast Seafood/Paturel International
provides a delicious solution without sacrificing fresh taste or simple preparation.
Either direct from the refrigerator or a minute in the microwave, the new
pasteurized lobster meat can be opened for a ready to eat experience. Anyone
with a desire for lobster can now enjoy a delicious meal anytime, anywhere.

Only the most succulent lobster meat, from Canadian coastal waters, is processed
using a special pasteurization method. With a fresh from the sea
taste, the lobster meat is fully cooked, ready-to-eat, with absolutely no

Served up in a convenient 6 oz package, the shipping tray is microwaveable with
protective skin pack to keep meat at optimum freshness.


East Coast Seafood Inc.
Christina Ferranti
175 Alley Street
Lynn, MA 01903
+1 781.593.1737

                           Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                 March 15-17, 2009
                                Boston, Massachusetts
New products from Fishery Products International


Pangasius? Haven‟t heard of it? Soon it will be on the tip of everyone‟s tongue.

Fishery Products International (FPI) has announced the first widespread national
distribution of Striped Pangasius in the American Foodservice market. Striped
Pangasius has previously been sold in the US in limited quantities for over a
decade under a number of different names. The launch of the species by FPI is a
direct response to foodservice operator demand for a high-quality, premium, but
more affordable alternative to many other center-of-the-plate species.

The fish is farm raised for FPI in Southern Vietnam in a sustainable manner and
has a mild flavor and a light flaky texture similar to cod, haddock, and other
premium ocean caught species. The fillets carry sauces and spices well and are
sure to become popular with chefs looking for a more affordable and sustainable
alternative to traditional and more expensive choices.

Striped Pangasius is sold widely in European Union countries and Canada. Both
markets are known for their demanding product quality requirements and
stringent food safety standards. In fact, thanks to its light, fresh taste, Striped
Pangasius has become a popular choice for traditional English Fish & Chips at
shops all over the UK.

The fish is raised under the strict supervision of the Vietnamese Ministry of
Fisheries and is processed under a HACCP program designed for the in-country
packing plants by FPI‟s industry recognized quality assurance group. Additional
inspections of imports and a program to test every lot imported by FPI is an
additional assurance of quality and food safety for operators, chefs and their

Owen Tilley, Corporate Chef & Director of Culinary for FPI said, “Chefs and cooks
are going to really like working with this fish. It has many of the same
characteristics of the harder to find and more expensive species like cod, haddock
and even sole, at a much lower cost per pound. It has a large flake and a light
texture so it plates well, whether pan seared, steamed, baked or prepared under
the broiler. But most importantly, it has that natural light, fresh flavor that lets
you get as creative as you want to be with sauces and seasoning flavors.”

FPI‟s Striped Pangasius line includes both commodity fillets in popular sizes and
cuts as well as three unique value-added offerings: Southern Style, Blazin‟ and
Ale House Battered. The battered variation is one of six brand new FPI premium
battered fillets available in both Pangasius and Cod, all carrying the Ale House
Gold™ brand.
Ale House Gold Seafood delivers the highest quality Cod for a difference you can
see and taste. Truly a gold standard item, every fish is caught using the

                           Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                 March 15-17, 2009
                                Boston, Massachusetts
preferred long line method and processed without the use of chemical additives to
ensure white, flaky white flesh. Finished with an English style batter, this true
pub classic raise the bar for patrons to enjoy again and again.


Fully cooked, ready to serve!

Fishery Products International (FPI), one of America‟s most trusted and popular
names in high-quality seafood, has introduced a new line of FPI fully cooked,
ready to use branded crab products, in the most popular varieties, exclusively for
foodservice applications.

The new FPI Crab product line includes Snow, Rock and Atlantic crab products
specifically designed for foodservice operations. Now operators can source all
their crab needs from a single reliable and respected source. With a reputation for
quality seafood that goes back over 50 years, FPI and its new line of branded
crab products, allows foodservice operations to buy their crab directly from FPI
and save even more through bundling their purchases with other products from
the popular seafood source they already use.

The FPI brand Snow crab, with its sweet, delicate flavor and texture is sure to be
popular with chefs everywhere. It‟s ready to serve and perfect for profitable
appetizers and entrées. Its premium flavor and texture works well in soups,
chowders and as an easy and high margin addition to pasta sauces. Snow crab
clusters and legs make great entrées and come pre-cooked and ready to heat and
serve. A variety of Snow crab products are available from hand picked meat to
clusters, legs and cocktail claws.

FPI brand Rock crab offers foodservice cooks and chefs flexibility with its sweet
flavor and juicy texture. It‟s easy to use and a great way to meet customer
demand for a lower cost crab entrée or appetizer. This product is a perfect
topping for a higher profit dinner or lunch salad or as stuffing for an entrée. It
works well for crab cakes and soups or in a traditional Cajun style gumbo. FPI
Rock crab is available as a combination of leg and body meat or as a ready to use
salad meat.

The FPI brand Atlantic crab product is sure to be one of the most popular choices
for chefs looking for versatility and affordability. FPI brand Atlantic crab delivers
on that potential in a big way. It has that mild flavor and smaller flake that give
it a truly unique and preferred texture for a wide range of culinary applications.
When a cook is looking for a “go to” crab product, they can‟t do any better than
the new FPI Atlantic crab products. It‟s ideal for stuffing, crab cakes or as the
perfect salad topping to offer and add to that check average.

                           Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                 March 15-17, 2009
                                Boston, Massachusetts
Fishery Products International, (FPI), is a leading provider of quality seafood in
the foodservice market, offering an exceptionally broad portfolio of on-trend and
in-demand seafood solutions to America’s largest restaurant chains, national
distributors and regional specialists. Fishery Products International is a division of
High Liner Foods (USA), Inc. For more information about FPI, please visit our
Internet site at


Fishery Products International
Carolyn Piscatelli, Director of Mktg. Communication
18 Electronics Avenue
Danvers MA 01923

                           Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                 March 15-17, 2009
                                Boston, Massachusetts
New product from Foster Packaging

Foster Packaging launch the first dedicated short run flexible packaging service
from their purpose built manufacturing facility.
Have you ever needed “Just 10 maybe 20 or perhaps 5,000 pouches/bags or
30kg. of printed film”?
Well. Foster Packaging‟s latest innovative service has the answer. The service is
based in County Louth, Ireland, and will service the Foster Group under the brand
name Flexible Express.

It is the first business in the UK and Ireland to establish a dedicated short run
digitally printed flexible packaging facility. With a focus on the production of
pouches, printed film and bags, Foster Packaging‟s aim is to meet the short-run
requirements of customers while at the same time stimulating the market for
short-run flexible packaging.

The additional benefits are that it will save your marketing and purchasing
activities both time and money because there are 1) no origination costs, 2) no
cylinder costs and 3) no minimum order quantity. This unique service will reduce
your time to market. It will also assist with your promotional, market research
and product launch activities.

An international company with a presence in South Africa, Kenya, US and The
Dominican Republic as well as in the UK and Ireland, Foster Packaging‟s business
is based on long-run rotogravure printing. They specialise in the Seafood sector
offering high quality products built on over 30 years technical experience in the
industry. They supply packaging tailored to your exact needs – be it for shellfish,
crabs, mussels or fish.

Flexible Express is an extension to the company‟s existing
operation. Joe Foster, MD of Foster Packaging has teamed
up with Paul Young, who has a strong background in the
label market in Ireland. They had developed a sense that
their customers either wanted or would benefit from the
availability of short-run flexible packaging, and now they
see strong potential for digitally-printed pouches and bags.

An HP Indigo ws4500 press is the centrepiece of the new
production facility. Both Joe and Paul have been watching
the development of HP Indigo digital presses for the past
few years and feel that the time and technology are now
ripe to launch Flexible Express.

It is a brand new set up, fully complemented with a bag/pouch maker, slitter and
laminator plus all the necessary shaped dies for self standing pouches.
In addition to the automatic pouch-maker for short runs, there is also a mini R+D
section with specialised sealing equipment. This will enable Foster Packaging to
support new ideas and development projects.

                          Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                March 15-17, 2009
                               Boston, Massachusetts
They are now able to hand-make pouches for sample runs, trial sizing and
testing. They truly can supply one pouch or ten thousand, what you want, when
you want and how you want it.

Foster Packaging invites you to meet them in Boston at Stand 671 – to get a feel
of that competitive edge which has become a Foster hallmark.


Foster Packaging
Antoaneta Karadzhova
Dunleer Enterprise Park
Shamrock Hill
Dunleer, Co. Louth
+353 41 685 1031

                         Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                               March 15-17, 2009
                              Boston, Massachusetts
New product from National Dairy Brands

Attention Supermarket Seafood Buyers and Seafood Market owners/managers:
We are proud to introduce an „Amazing‟ new product. LobsterButter™ is a
gourmet melted butter dip for King Crab Legs, Clams, Mussels, as well as for
Lobsters and other shellfish. LobsterButter™ is 100% pure Clarified Butter
(drawn butter), which is the same type of melted butter served with Lobsters at
fine restaurants. LobsterButter™ is packaged in 2 oz cups (the perfect individual
serving size), which provide you with a very low price point. Our merchandizing
program includes a “Don’t Forget The LobsterButter™” decal that is designed to
be displayed on live lobster tanks and on the front glass of seafood display cases,
near the shellfish.

LobsterButter™ is all-natural – its only ingredient is pure AA Grade Butter (the
highest quality). It has a one-year shelf life and requires no refrigeration. It
contains no Trans Fat, preservatives or additives. It is Lactose free and unsalted.
LobsterButter™ is Kosher OUD Certified, and it is manufactured in a HACCP
approved facility.

National Dairy Brands, the country’s largest specialty butter manufacturer, is a
certified Woman Owned and Operated company.

Please visit us at Booth 1817.


National Dairy Brands

Tel: 1-866-813-6596

                          Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                March 15-17, 2009
                               Boston, Massachusetts
New products from Sea Watch International

December 2008, Boxford, MA– Most men his age are headed towards retirement,
but Brian Shea is headed towards the finish line of his latest triathlon. At age 60,
Shea isn‟t your typical iron man, and his diet isn‟t limited to the classic

While competing for Sea Watch Tri-Clam Racing, Shea dove headlong into a
nutrition program that includes plenty of clams and experts say he may just be
on to something.

“Clams are a perfect protein choice for elite athletes and weekend warriors alike,”
said Jennifer Wilmes, a registered dietitian with the National Fisheries Institute.
“Clams are virtually fat-free and have a good dose of iron, which helps deliver
oxygen to muscles from head to toe.”
An average three-ounce serving has nearly 14 grams protein, zero grams fat, and
11 percent of an average person‟s daily iron needs.

“Some tri-athletes might prefer to be associated with a mascot that‟s closer to a
cheetah, or maybe a gazelle, but clearly they don‟t know just how powerful a
clam can be,” said Shea.

The secret to his speed may no longer be safe, but the veteran athlete insists he‟s
got a few parts of his preparation that he‟s keeping to himself.

“Maybe when I hang up my wetsuit for good, I‟ll publish my race-day recipes, but
I wouldn‟t hold your breath,” said Shea. “You see, just like clams I‟m versatile
and sustainable. I plan to be around a long time.”

Brian Shea of Tri-Clam Racing finished his 2008 season with a 1st place finish in
at the Osprey Sprint Triathlon in Public Landing Maryland in October. Shea, an
employee of Sea Watch International competes in regional Triathlons throughout
the Northeast as an “Age Group” competitor. Brian is 60 years old and competes
in the 60 to 64 year age bracket.

Statement of Sustainability
Sea Watch International is reliant on the health of our global environment because
our business begins with the wild harvest of two species of clams (Atlantic Surf Clam
and Ocean Quahog). If for no other reason we take our stewardship of the
environment very seriously. The first order of business as a leader of the offshore
clam industry is to work closely with the National Marine Fisheries to manage our
fishery in a sustainable manner. We have done this for 30 years under the
Magnuson-Stevens Act which mandates sustainability by virtue of our quota system.
The Domestic Offshore Clam industry in the USA is considered by many around the
world to be among the best managed fisheries on the planet.
Aside from the resource management practices we employ measures to reduce
carbon emissions by operating our fleet vessels with low sulfur fuel. Our four

                           Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                 March 15-17, 2009
                                Boston, Massachusetts
processing plants are capable of using natural gas instead of diesel fuel which
results in cleaner emissions. The processing plants also engage in numerous
operational strategies which reduce water usage and recycle water wherever
possible. We recycle paper, cardboard, metals and even the clam shells are
recycled and used for substrate to rebuild the ailing oyster reefs in the
Chesapeake Bay.
In 2008, Sea Watch International joined a number of globally respected
companies in the S.C.L.C. (Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration). This project is
involved in monitoring and reducing emissions that have an adverse affect on
climate change.
As the largest processor of clams in the world we realize how small we are in the
grand scheme of things but also how powerful our leadership can be in the fight
for Global Health.

Sea Watch International is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Creative Clam
Challenge, the final cook off will be held at the 2009 International Boston Seafood
Show. Sea Watch and Johnson and Wales University of Providence, RI will co-
sponsor the event. Culinary students will express their passion for clams with
creative recipes in three categories. The students will design recipes for
appetizers, salads and entrées. Recipes will be evaluated by the Marketing and
R&D staff of Sea Watch. The two finalists will compete in a head to head cook off
on Sunday, March 15, 2009 at Sea Watch's Booth #423 from 11:00am to
1:00pm. The attendees of the International Boston Seafood Show will determine
the grand prize winner of $2,500.00 by a people‟s choice vote. The first runner up
will receive a cash prize of $1,000.00; the winners will be announced immediately
after votes are tallied.

Sea Watch International is proud to be recognized as the largest harvester and
processor of clam products in the world. All of our clams are harvested in US
fishing waters under US Federal regulations. Over the past 30 years Sea Watch
has taken its place as the leader in the offshore clam industry.
Please visit for more information about Sea Watch.


Sea Watch International, Ltd.
Tracey Hallbauer, Marketing Coordinator
8978 Glebe Park Drive
Easton, MD 21601

                          Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                March 15-17, 2009
                               Boston, Massachusetts
New product from Seafood Enterprises

Seafood Enterprises LLC, manufacturer of the Seafood America and Dockside
Classics brands of value added seafood products, has recently completed a
remodel and expansion of its manufacturing facility located in Warminster, Buck
County, PA, resulting in increased capacity for its product lines.

We will continue to pursue the development of NEW ITEMS to our Dockside
Classics product line with the introduction of our Dockside Classics Crab Sliders:
(Plain, Spinach & Feta, Horseradish & Cheddar) and Baked Stuffed Shrimp.

Seafood Enterprises LLC, is also looking forward to expanding it‟s focus into the
foodservice market with several new and innovative Seafood Stuffing‟s and Dips
that will create menu enthusiasm for the foodservice operator. Our superior
quality stuffing‟s and dips offer chefs ease of preparation and add a unique,
flavourful flare to several staple menu items.

Our dedication to freshness and quality is our #1 priority. Come sail with us, visit and to see how your
refrigerated and frozen seafood categories can grow today.


Seafood America
Mary Donnelly, Consumer Affairs Manager
645 Mearns Road
Warminster, PA 18974

                           Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                 March 15-17, 2009
                                Boston, Massachusetts
New product from Sogelco International

Sogelco International Inc has been in the business of producing, importing and
exporting frozen seafood products in domestic, US and international markets
since 1976. The company is headquartered in Montreal with
HACCP certified processing plants in Eastern Canada.

While it is well known for its diversified lines of "Sogel" brand frozen lobster
meats, frozen lobster tails, it will be highlighting their all natural and exclusive
"Lobsterine" and "Crabterine" frozen lobster and crab concentrates that are being
used by an increasing number of food manufacturers as culinary bases in the
production of bisques, sauces, dips, snacks, pasta products and other value
added seafood specialties.


Andre Arseneault, Director of Sales
715 Square Victoria,suite 400
Montreal,Quebec,Canada, H2Y 2H7
+514 849 2414

                           Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                 March 15-17, 2009
                                Boston, Massachusetts
New product from Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Sustainable Seafood Metrics System
A Solution to Monitor and Improve Your Sustainability

Companies sourcing sustainably have to identify every fishery they buy from, and
then monitor and evaluate the sustainability of each one. The task can be
challenging, time consuming and costly.

The Sustainable Seafood Metrics System developed by the Sustainable Fisheries
Partnership (SFP) helps buyers:

          identify fisheries;
          record the volumes supplied;
          automatically download sustainability information from FishSource;
          integrate information into existing stock control systems;
          track progress towards sustainability goals;
          communicate needs to staff and suppliers.

The seafood industry has a critical role to play improving fisheries and protecting
the world's oceans. SFP - a non-profit - developed the metrics system so more
seafood companies could engage.

Please visit our booth at Boston Seafood Show, Booth No. 286, for further
information and demonstration of the system.


Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
Amalia Firman
SFP in c/o TCI,
423 Washington Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111 United States

                              Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                    March 15-17, 2009
                                   Boston, Massachusetts
New product from VASEP

Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) is a non-
governmental organization, established on June 12th 1998, based on the
principles of volunteer, autonomy and equality. There are 270 members of VASEP
form the North to South of Vietnam which are leading Vietnamese seafood
producers and exporters and companies providing service to the seafood sector. .
Seafood exports of VASEP members represent 80% of the total seafood exports
of Vietnam.

Products of VASEP members:
      Freshwater fishes: Pangasius, Basa…
      Shrimp: Black Tiger, Vanamei, White/ Pink Shrimp…
      Cephalopods: Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus,…
      Bivalve molluscs: Clam, Yellow Clam, Ark Shell…
      Marine fish: Tuna, Barramundi, Grouper, Cobia…

In the year 2008 statistics, Vietnam Seafood Exporting reaches the value over
4,4 billion USD. Our main markets are: EU (25,3%), Japan (18,1%), USA
(16,4%) Korea (6,6%)….

VASEP is proud to be a member of:
      Intergovernmental Organization for Marketing Information and Technology Advisory Services
       for Fishery Products in Asia and Pacific Region (INFOFISH)
      United States National Fisheries Institute (NFI).
      ASEAN Aquaculture Federation (AAF).
      Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).
      Seafood Industries Association Singapore (SIAS).

Participating IBSS 2009, our message to the customers is: “Vietnam Seafood for
a sustainable future” - we would like to bring Vietnam Seafood to the world
market which the high quality and competitive price.
Come and visit us and our co-exhibitors at the Vietnam Pavilion: 1033 and 939.


Lam Xuan Dao (MS)
218 Lot A, Road 6, An phu an khanh project,
An phu ward, district 2,
Ho chi minh city, Vietnam
+84.8.6281.0432 (Ext: 24)

                              Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                    March 15-17, 2009
                                   Boston, Massachusetts
New product from the Virginia Marine Products Board

The Virginia Marine Products Board is very proud to be representing Virginia‟s
seafood and its many processors.

A new offering that we have promoting for the last two years is the Chesapeake
Ray. The ray is high in protein, low in fat, with a good source of omega-3 oil.
Ray has been developed into many recipes, including the famous “Hangover
Soup” that was sampled last year.

The most recent recipe created is to serve ray as a ray strip. We are calling it
“Ray Stingers”.

Virginia Marine Products Board will have our certified chef serving samples of the
Ray Stingers at the International Boston Seafood Show at Booth 1609. Please
come by the Virginia Pavilion and visit the Virginia seafood processors.

Ray Stingers – Booth 1609

Ray has been in the Chesapeake Bay since the beginning of time. Ray was eaten
by Captain John Smith after he encountered the fish in 1608.

Ray strips are actually slices of the lean muscle of the wing. These strips are
then rolled in flour, then into an egg and milk bath and then into a favorite
breading and bread crumbs. The coated ray strips are deep fried in canola oil.

The strips can be an appetizer or used as the main meal. Serve with catsup or
tarter sauce.

Joe Cardwell
Seafood Marketing Specialist
Virginia Marine Products Board
Joseph Cardwell, Seafood Marketing Specialist
554 Denbigh Blvd., Suite B
Newport News, VA. 23608
Tel. 757-874-3474
Cell 757-879- 3788

                          Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
                                March 15-17, 2009
                               Boston, Massachusetts

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