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Short Breaks List by chenmeixiu


									 Providers         Provision         Provision Details                         Contact Details
Play Rangers   Play sessions at    St George’s School,        Play Rangers
               special schools –   Newport. 10am –            Cultural & Leisure Services – Play Rangers
               specialist group    1.30pm. £5 per session     IWC Guildhall
               breaks              on the following dates:    High St, Newport
                                   28th July, 11th, 18th, &   IOW PO30 1TY
                                   25th August. Siblings      Main contacts: Carly Bain, Play Development
                                   welcome if space           Officer
                                   allows.     Can leave      Sophie Biggs, Play Ranger
                                   children unattended.       01983 823818 or 07976 009088

  YMCA         Holiday play        26th    July –       3rd   YMCA
               sessions –          September. The price       Winchester House
               specialist based    is £17.00 per full day,    Sandown Road, Shanklin
               on day camps        £9.00 per half day         IOW PO37 6HT
                                   (8.00 - 1.00 and 1.00 -    Main contacts: Diana Jeffries, Asst. Director IOW
                                   6.00pm) There is a         01983 862441
                                   sibling discount of
                                   10% for more than one
                                   child in a family
                                   Also          launching
                                   Daycamps at YMCA
                                   Day Nursery at St
                                   Mary's hospital for
                                   this summer. The
                                   dates, times and prices
                                       are the same as at
                                       Winchester House.

Isle of Wight    Group non-            Already running in        IOW Inclusives Football club
  Inclusives     specialist activity   Sandown – term-time       c/o Julie Loosemore
Football Club    - Football            only – Thursday 5-        Main contact: Julie Loosemore
                                       6pm £12 for 6 week        01983 864921
                                       block booking or £3
                                       per session. Looking
                                       to open similar clubs
                                       in Newport or East
                                       Cowes and Freshwater
                                       by          September.
                                       Bembridge/Ryde area
                                       to follow.
 Carisbrooke     Domiciliary care      Service by Referral       Carisbrooke Contact Centre
Contact Centre   and outreach in       through      Children’s   63 Clatterford Road, Carisbrooke,
                 the community         Disability Team           Isle of Wight PO30 1NZ
                                                                 Main contact: Berni Farmer, Team Manager
                                                                 Lorna Treadwell, Asst. Manager
                                                                 01983 827810

Beaulieu House   Specialist         Service by Referral
                 overnight breaks – through      Children’s
                 residential unit;  Disability Team
                 tea visits and
   Friends of       Extended schools      In development…
    Beaulieu        – playground –        playground planning
 Beaulieu House     specialist group      well underway
  Family Link       Overnight breaks      Service by Referral Family Link Scheme
                    and day care in       through      Children’s Lind St, Ryde, IOW
                    carer’s home.         Disability Team         PO33 2NQ
                    Plus caravan to be                            Main contacts: Mat Penney, Senior Practitioner
                    used for transition                           Carol Stewart, SW Assistant
                    practice and short                            Katie Warren, Social Worker
                    breaks.                                       01983 566011

     UKSA           Specialist group      TBC                    UKSA
                    watersports                                  Arctic Road,
                    activities                                   Cowes, IOW
                                                                 PO31 7PQ
                                                                 Main contact: Simon Davies, Director of Youth
                                                                 01983 294941
   Gamezone        Group activity for     Already running      – National Autistic Society
(National Autistic teenagers with         term time only         c/o Helen Hughes (NAS)
     Society)      ASD – specialist                              Main contacts: Helen Hughes, NAS
                                                                 Louise Foley, NAS IOW Branch Officer
                                                                 07819 191071

   Lego Club       Group activity –   Saturday       morning    Lego Club (NAS)
(National Autistic specialist Lego    Lego Club.       Term-
     Society)      club               time only starting this
                                      September – £2 per
                                      session – email for
  Nettlecombe      Group activity –   Open       now    with    Nettlecombe Farm Holidays
 Farm Holidays     non-specialist.    increased access for      Nettlecombe Lane
                   Fishing days out   children          with
                   for families and   disabilities      from    Whitwell
                   children           September – phone for     Isle of Wight
                                      details                   PO38 2AF
                                                                Main contact: Jose Morris, Proprietor
                                                                01983 730783
 West Wight     Group activity –   Venue: West Wight          West Wight Sports Centre
Sports Centre   specialist –       Sports Centre              Moa Place
                swimming           Time      of   activity:   Freshwater IOW
                activities         Swim sessions for          PO40 9XH
                                   families with disabled     Main contact: Clare Griffin, Centre Manager
                                   children                   01983 752168
                                   Price: £2.35 per head
                                   Regularity: Weekly
                                   1000- 1100 Fridays
                                   throughout       school
                                   holidays starting on
                                   Friday July 23rd
                                   Siblings      welcome?
                                   Can parents leave
                                   children unattended or
                                   not? No, but in the
                                   future we hope to be
                                   able to offer this if
                                   prior     arrangements
                                   have been made with
                                   our staff
Goodleaf Tree    Group activity –     1st Week of August to Goodleaf Tree Climbing
  Climbing       specialist – tree    start                 PO Box 160
                 climbing                                   Seaview, IOW PO33 9BU
                                                            Main contacts: Paul and Abigail Fox
                                                            0797 0033 209

  Action for     Weekday club         TBC – should be        Action for Children
  Children       Weekend club         services provided in   Action for Children Services Ltd
                 Holiday club         the summer holidays    85 Highbury Park
                 All on a weekly      and beyond             London
                 basis – specialist                          N5 1UD
                                                             Main contact: Keith Drew, Service Manager

The Children’s   Specialist play      TBC – should be        The Children’s Society
   Society       groups for 0 – 5’s   services provided in   Unit 17, Castle Road
                 at Children’s        the summer holidays    King’s Norton Business Centre,
                 Centres on IOW       and beyond             King’s Norton
                                                             B30 3HZ
                                                             Main contact: Laura Villa, Centre Manager
Core Children’s   Termly Youth        TBC – should be        Core Children’s Services
   Services       Club – 12 weeks     services provided in   Georgian House
                  in duration -       the summer holidays    22 George Street
                  inclusive           and beyond             Ryde, Isle of Wight
                  Short break staff                          PO33 2EW
                  to provide                                 Main contact: Kevin Harrison, Supervising
                  outreach into the                          Social Worker, FCA South
                  community –                                Office: 01983 566300
                  specialist                                 Mobile: 07967 381008

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