presentation - Eric Paulos by chenmeixiu


									               Betty Parker is 73 years old, and lives by herself
               in a apartment just outside downtown Vancouver,
Betty Parker   Washington. She has two adult daughters, two
               grandsons and a granddaughter, all of whom live in the
               next state over. They visit her occasionally,
               for holidays or visits, but most of the time Betty is
               alone. Betty receives a pension from her deceased
               husband, so she's not worried about money.

               She has recently joined the local mall-walking club,
               and has met several friends there. She drives to the
               mall several mornings per week to walk with her
               friends, and they often take advantage of a $4.99
               breakfast special at the food court. Sometimes its
               difficult for her to coordinate with her friends which
               mornings they will meet at the mall and where exactly
               within the mall to meet.
               Its happened a couple of times recently that Betty has
               shown up to the mall at the wrong time or place and
               had to walk all by herself. Since this is her main
               opportunity for social interaction, missing her friends
               makes her very sad.
Betty wakes up in the morning, and wants to know if
her any of her mallwalking friends are planning to go
the mall this morning. She checks her FriendFinder
handheld device, and sees that two of her friends are
planning to mallwalk. She tells the device that she will
mallwalk today as well, so that her friends can know
to expect her.
After she's gotten dressed, she wants to know
whether she should eat breakfast before she leaves
the house, or if her friends are planning to eat
breakfast at the mall. She checks her FriendFinder
and sees that her friends are planning to buy
breakfast at the mall.
She puts on her tennis shoes and drives to the mall.
When she's arrived at the mall, Betty still doesn't
know where to meet her friends. She checks her
FriendFinder, and it points her to the Mervin's store,
so she walks there and finds her friends waiting for
her. They enjoy a wonderful walk in the mall and
enjoy breakfast together.
Design Considerations

• large text and large buttons
• reduce complexity of technology
• make sure Betty can access the telephone
• emphasis on helping Betty make it to social events, and
  avoiding embarrassment from showing up to the wrong
• remind Betty about her schedule 'cause sometimes she

• Special distribution of iphone
• Customized OS designed for the needs of elderly people

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