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Get Free Products and Other Useful Information!
                        Table of Contents
      **All articles written are intended as informational only. We are not medical
    professionals. Always consult with a licensed medical doctor if you require further
                         insights on any information you read here.

Introduction                                                                         3
Simple Ideas to Get Free Baby Items                                                  4
Get Free Products from these Companies (Plus a Sample Letter!)                       5
Get Free Samples 1-800 Numbers

Get Free Baby Formula                                                                9
Get Free Diapers                                                                     10
Necessities for the Baby                                                             12
Diaper Bag Necessities                                                               14
Breastfeeding Information                                                            15
Daily Basic Baby Items Needed at the Hospital                                        17
Daily Basic Items Needed When Bringing Your Baby Home                                18
Ten Reasons Why Babies Cry                                                           19
How to Change a Disposable Diaper                                                    21
How to Bathe a Baby                                                                  22
What to Look for When Buying a Changing Table                                        24
What to Look for When Buying a Crib                                                  25
Make Your Own Baby Food (and the Equipment You Need!)                                26
Join Groups                                                                          30
Baby Shower Game Ideas                                                               31
Immunization Chart           33
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Hello and thank you for downloading this ebook.

When I found out I was having triplets, I knew it was going to be really expensive,
so I did a lot of research. I have found that many companies want your business
and are willing to give you free items to get it. In this ebook there are many phone
numbers, checklists, immunization charts, and much more. All of the information
in this ebook worked for me and hopefully it will help you too!

I did all the research and now all you have to do is call, email, or send a self self-
addressed stamped envelope with a sample letter (that is included) and a copy of a
birth certificate out and wait for the free baby products and samples to come in.

If you find that any of the numbers in this book are no longer working, please let
me know, I will change or take them out. I will also do my best to keep this
updated and add new numbers as I find them.

Thank you again!
      Simple Ideas to Get Free Baby Items

Having children is a very expensive decision, but I have a few ideas to help you
save money and get free baby items, most of which I did when I had my triplets.
These are just a few suggestions.

First of all, ask your obstetrician if they have free items from manufacturers that
she can give you. I received so many free items, most of which were samples from
different name brand name manufacturers, even though they were small samples
or one or two things, I was willing to take anything that was for free.

I received tons of creams, diapers, wipes, and even baby formula. A good idea is if
you get a lot of freebies of one certain thing is to put it together, it may be time
consuming, but a lot easier in the long run, meaning if you get samples of cream,
put them together in a tub of something for later use. Sounds funny, I know, but it
works out great later when you really need it. Samples come in very handy, and if
they are free you get a double bonus! Also some manufacturers give the doctors
samples to get you to buy stuff from that specific company, so they are happy to
give you free items. Just do not be afraid to ask for something.

My best advise would be to fill out any offers you can find out there. I spent little
time filling out forums and questioners and received tons of free items from
manufacturers, all you need to do is take a minute and answer some questions.
You will be amazed what you will get in the mail. I received diapers, wipes,
formula, Tylenol coupons, nursing pads, Gerber onesies, and Kohl's department
store even sent me three outfits. Just take a few minutes to fill out some
information and be surprised what will come in the mail.

Diaper drives are great ways to get diapers for your little one. You usually do not
set them up; they are done by friends, family, your workmates, or even people in
the community. When we found out I was having triplets, my family held one and
my husband’s officemates took donations from everyone and bought us loads of
diapers and wipes. Drives are a great way to get help and start your diaper stashes.

Another way is also to have a baby shower/diaper shower. The way it works is
that everyone who attends will bring a pack or two of diapers/wipes plus a baby
shower gift. It is a great way to save money and get a head start on the hundreds of
diapers you will need to buy. Remember diapers are always going to be an ongoing
 Get Free Products from these Companies
          (Plus a Sample Letter!)

When we found out that we were pregnant with triplets, my family and I did a lot
of research for free baby samples/items. We have found lots of companies that are
happy to help new parents out and send free baby items. You would be surprised
to know how many items we received in the mail, day after day after day we were
receiving free items.

All we had to do was make copies of our girls’ birth certificates and copies of a
letter to send to huge manufacturers. Included in this ebook are lots of 1-800
numbers for you to call for free baby items. Below are some addresses to which
you can send the attached sample letter to get your free baby samples/items. I
could not say for sure if the addresses still work since it has been a while since I
had sent my letter and certificates in.

All you need to do is make copies of your baby’s birth certificate, update the
sample letter with your correct information, print them off, and then write out the
below addresses below. Just add a stamp on the envelope, mail it off, and wait for
your free samples to come in!

Drypers Corp                First Years                 Nestle Infant Nutrition
P. O. Box 8830              1 Kiddie Dr.                PO Box AW
Vancouver, WA               Avon MA 02322               Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703
Similac                     Choice Formula              Proctor and Gamble
625 Cleveland Ave.          204 North Main St.          P. O. Box 599
Columbus OH 43216           Gordonsville, VA 22942      Cincinnati, OH 45201
The William Carter Co       Best Family Program         Ringling Bros and Barnum
Attn: Birth Program, 224    P. O. Box 15958,            and Bailey Circus
N. Hill, Griffin, GA30223   Lenexa, KS 66285-5959       P. O. Box 39845
                                                        Edina, MN 55439-9458
Tiny Love Toys              Kimberly-Clark Corp         PBM Products Inc.
12622 Monarch St.           P. O. Box 2020              Attn: Deborah Burdyck
Garden Grove, CA 92841      Dept. QMB                   204 North Mail Street
                            Neenah, WI 54957-2020       Gordonsville, VA 22942
EvenFlo                     Johnson & Johnson           Beechnut Incorporated
1801 Commerce Drive         199 Grandview Rd.           N1 00 South 4th Street
Piqua, Ohio 45356           Skillman, NJ 08558          Suite 1010
                            Attn: Information Center    St. Louis MO 63102
      Sample Letter
      To whom it may concern:

      Hi, my name is ______________. My husband and I are
      expecting a baby on ________, and we are looking for any help we
      may be able to get. If you have a new parent/baby program, we
      would like to enroll in it. I have been browsing online and came
      across your information and it says your company has special
      coupons and/or programs that we can join. If this offer is still
      ongoing we would like to sign up.

      We have enclosed a copy of our baby's birth certificate. If you need
      more information please do not hesitate to call me. Anything you
      can offer us would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to
      read this and any help you may be able to provide us.

      Thank you so much!

      (your name)
      (your number)
      (your mailing address to send coupons/free baby samples to)

Do not forget to update the sample letter with your own information, and make
sure to attach the birth certificate, as almost every company wants proof that you
have a newborn baby.
   Get Free Samples from 1-800 Numbers

Here are some 1-800 numbers where you can get coupons and free samples. Just
call them and wait for their free items to come your way.

    1-800-233-Baby       EvenFlo— coupons, bottles, nipples and toys
    1 800 356 BABY       EvenFlo—coupons
    1-800-526-3967       Johnson & Johnson—samples and coupons
    1-800-717-2824       Pedia Care
    1-800-543-3112       Carnation—free baby formula coupons
    1-800-242-5200       Carnation Good Start—checks free and dollars off
    1-800-547-9400       Carnation Good Start—free baby formula coupons
    1-800-222-0453       Playtex—Playtex product coupon
    1-800-633-0303       Motherwear catalog for moms who breastfeed
    1-800-274-8440       One Step Ahead—catalog
    1-800-754-8853       Little Remedies—coupons
    1-800-523-6633       Beechnut—mailing list, free coupons
    1-800-952-5080       Free Baby OraJel—coupons
    1-888-935-5543       Triaminic—free coupon
    1-800-222-9123       Mead & Johnson—free coupons toward
    1-800-872-2229       Heinz Consumer Services—coupons
    1-800-547-9400       Carnation—booklets on pregnancy, nutrition, formula
                         coupons, samples, order forms for upcoming
    1 800 4 GERBER       Gerber—coupons
    1-800-USA-BABY       Del Monte—coupons/samples
    1-800-434-4246       Earth’s Best—coupons
    1 800 442 4221       Earth's Best—coupons
    1-800-544-1847       Huggies—samples
    1-800-222-0453       Nestle Infant Nutrition—can of formula
    1-866-844-2798       Balmex
    1-800-777-2500       Balmex—diaper rash pamphlet and coupons
    1-877-986-9472       Free pregnancy planner
    1-888-663-4637       March of Dimes—free booklet
    1-800-729-6686       Guide for strong and healthy baby
    1-800-344-BABY       Munchkin—coupons (for bottles, nipples, etc. )
    1-800-776-8424       Panitene—free products for mom
    1-800-754-8853       Little Remedies—coupons
    1-800-843-6430       Free Diaper Genie for multiple births
    1-888-344-BABY       Child Development booklet
    1-800-292-4794       Breastfeeding lotion
1-800-746-8888 (ext. 715) Free teething gel
1-800-587-DAVS      Information on ear infections (www. KidEars. com)
         Free Samples from 1-800 Numbers
    1-800-4-MOM2BE Motherhood Maternity—catalog, nursing cloths and
    more. 1-877-UL-4-SAFE Home Safety tips
    1 800 587 3721    Diaper rash ointment sample
    1 800 BABYLINE    Similac—Welcome Club
    1 800 BABY 123    Family Beginnings Club—for expecting parents
    1 800 533 6708    The 1st years—coupons

You can also send two loose stamps and your address to:

Flanders Marketing
P. O. Box 5323
Aiken, SC 29804
                    Get Free Baby Formula

Here is a list of places to get free samples of formula. Even if you do not use a
particular kind of formula, it is to your best interest to sign up and receive free
samples and coupons. Your baby's tummy may change and you will need to try out
new formulas.

I can’t remember how many formulas I had to try for my oldest triplet before I
found the right one. With all the samples I received, it made it cheaper to find one
that worked best for her. You might think this is a waste of time or very time
consuming, but it is not.

To make it easier, use your auto fill tool and its it would be a breeze signing up, just
make take a note of what your passwords and use names are so when you sign in
later you will know them.

Some places to look for great deals are:

Fill out basic information and they will send you money saving coupons for
Goodstart formula, booklets with tips and ideas, and free samples.

Call or send a letter to them and they will send you money-saving coupons for
bottles and nipples and get you on a mailing list for future great deals.

Fill out your information and register to receive up to $250 dollars in free gifts, a
week’s supply of Enfamil formula, money-saving coupons for formula and great
nutrition and expert advice.

Parents Choice
They will send you free formula of your choice. Choices are Premium Formula
(complete nutrition for your baby's first year), Advance Formula (best source of
nutrition for your baby), and Gentle Formula (for babies experiencing fussiness or

Sign up for this and get special offers and money-saving coupons for Similac
                         Get Free Diapers
Did someone say free diapers? Manufacturers will send you some samples and
money saving coupons. They will do anything to get new customers, and they want
you to try their brand and keep coming back to buy more.

So to get free diapers and wipes, all you have to do is contact the manufacturers
and ask them for some free diapers and coupons. Most of them want to see proof
of a new baby with a birth certificate.

I would try some of the below listed companies, even if you do not use these kind
of diapers, use them as spares or just try them, they might be just as good as the
ones you are used to. For my first baby, for example, I was picky and only used
Huggies, and for my triplets I used Pampers. But as the diaper prices and quantity
of diapers went up, I decided to try a cheaper brand. I now am using Sam’s Club
brand diapers, they are the same as Pampers, but at a fraction of the cost and best
of all, they come in bulk.

So before deciding on a brand check around, check prices too. You may be
surprised. Sign up or call for coupons, they would be happy to get you as a

Pampers        1-800-PAMPERS (726-7377)
A great way to earn rewards and gifts is by just buying their products and entering
the codes. You accumulate codes and look at their list of items and receive stuff for
free (also right now they are offering free samples of Pampers cruiser, I'm not sure
how long this offer will last).

Huggies       1-888-525-8388
Huggies also has Enjoy the Ride offers. It’s the same as Pampers where you earn
rewards by buying their products and entering their codes. Get enough codes and
you can get different items for free. Huggies also has offers that they will send you
in the mail by just signing up.

Cosco—Kirkland Signature brand diapers
Right now they are offering $5 off any Kirkland diapers.
                         Get Free Diapers
They even have the guarantee that if you buy Luvs and you don't love their brand,
they will give you your money back, guaranteed. Join the Luvs Network and
receive money saving coupons and special offers. You can email them here.

Sam’s Club—Members Mark brand
In my opinion these are just like Pampers, these are the kinds I use and they are
much cheaper.

Check out Diapers. com at http://www. diapers. com/. It took me a while to hear
about this site, but once I did, I was hooked. They do a lot of specials. The current
one now is save $10 on any brand/size of diapers. Sign up for their email list and
get all the current savings. They sell almost every brand and almost every other
baby item you may need. If you need diapers or baby/toddler items I would
suggest signing up for this site.

Another great feature is they accept all coupons you may have and credit it to your
account. They also have a referral program as well, when you have someone sign
up under your referral name, you get a referral bonus. If you are new and wanting
to buy something from them, could you enter my referral code? I would appreciate
it and it would really help me out. My referral code is Tripletmom. Thank you!
              Necessities for the Baby
○Antibacterial soap
○Baby detergent
○Baby monitor
○Baby shampoo
○Baby socks
○Baby wash
○Baby wrap or sling
○Bassinet or pack and play plus sheets
○Bathtub and sling
○Bibs/burp rags
○Bottle cleaner
○Bottle dryer
○Bottled water
○Bottle warmer
○Breast milk storage containers
○Breast pump
○Burp cloths (10 pieces)
○Car seat
○Car seat cover
○Car seat head holder
○Car shade
○Changing pad
○Changing table
○Cotton swabs
○Crib and mattress
○Diaper bag
○Diaper cream
○Diaper pail
○Digital thermometer
○Dish soap
○Eye dropper for medicines
○First aid kit
○Fitted sheets
○Formula (if you are formula feeding)
○Hand sanitizer
○Hooded towels
○Insulated bottle holder
○Lightweight blankets (around 5 to 7 pieces)
    Necessities for the Baby Continued
○Medicines like Tylenol and Mylacon gas drops
○Motorized swing
○Nail clippers
○Nasal aspirator
○Night light
○Nipples (extra)
○Nipple cream
○Nursing bras
○Nursing cover
○Nursing pads
○Nursing pillow
○Pillow and extra covers
○Sleep sacks
○Snowsuit (if needed)
○Swaddling blankets
○Waterproof pads for the crib or bassinet
               Diaper Bag Necessities
○Bottled water
○Burp rag
○Changing pad
○Clothes (extra)
○Chlorox wipes (bleach free)
○Diaper Bag
○Diaper cream
○Empty bottles
○Formula Pacifiers
○Nook holder
○Small hand sanitizer
   Breastfeeding Information You Need to
Here are some answers to questions you may have about breastfeeding:

How often should I breastfeed?
     Your new baby should be nursing from eight to 12 times every day for the
     first month or so. As your baby gets older, he/she will not need to feed as
     much, and may develop a more reliable schedule. Your newborn should
     never go more than four hours without feeding, especially overnight.

What length of time should you feed in between feedings?
     You may feel you are feeding constantly and you may be at first, but it works
     its way to about every two hours. You can count the time between feedings
     by counting the length of time between feedings from the time you start
     feeding to when your baby starts again. If he/she starts at 2 and the next
     feeding is at 4 that is every two hours. Once you get the feeding on
     schedule, it will get easier. The first few times will be hard to get used to,
     but it gets easier.

How can I tell when my baby’s ready to eat?
     I have heard that you should always be feeding about every two hours or
     whenever your baby seems hungry. If you wait too long your baby will
     become angry and cry so hard it may be hard get him/her to settle down to
     feed. Be sure not to overfeed, though, or think that every time he/she cries
     that they are hungry. First do some checking, are they warm enough or too
     cold? Are they wet or dirty? Do they just want to be cuddled?

      Try to keep the feedings to at least two-hour increments. There are signs to
      read from your baby they show you to tell you that they are hungry. Some
      may include: sucking their tongues, rubbing on your breast, sucking on
      their hands, or trying to suck on their fingers. There are many more signs
      to watch out for; these are only a few of them. You will learn more as you
      get more familiar with your baby.
   Breastfeeding Information You Need to
What is the average time it takes to nurse?
     It all depends on different factors, including how long it takes your baby to
     latch on, how long your baby takes to feed, how fast your milk flow is, if
     your milk has completely come in, or if your baby is fully awake or falling
     asleep. Times are always different. But as time goes on and your baby gets
     older, the feedings become more efficient. At first, it is normal for it to take
     up to 20 minutes on each breast. As they get older and more familiar of
     how it all works, it may take only 8-10 minutes. That depends on both you
     and your baby and many other factors.

       Take any help or suggestions you can get from the nurses or lactation
       doctors on how and when to feed. The most important thing to remember
       is making sure your baby is latched on correctly. That will help on giving
       the baby the most milk and make the process quicker.

       Remember as well to alternate breasts. It keeps up your milk supply and
       helps reduce pain in one breast at a time. It is recommended to switch
       breasts in the middle of the feeding. Also try to remember which breast you
       fed on last for each feeding to be sure to keep up the supply. Be sure to do
       whatever makes your baby most comfortable though.

Do I burp my baby during feedings?
      Once your baby is done feeding on one breast take a break and try to burp
      him/her. If the baby is feeding well, do not interrupt, just wait until he/she
      stops or slows down. If your baby spits up a lot, try burping him/her more.
      It is normal for them to spit a little after eating or during burping, but if it is
      more than that, it can be due to a few things, including overeating, not
      enough burping, an allergy to something you have eaten, or even a problem
      that you need to talk to your doctor about.

What are some signs showing my baby already has enough to eat?
     There are some signs to tell if your baby has enough to eat. Some include
     wet/poopy diapers (should be anywhere from to 5-7 wet diapers/day),
     sleeping well between feedings, is alert when awake, and most importantly,
     gaining weight. As always, if you think your baby is not eating enough,
     contact your doctor right away. You may need to put your baby on formula
     as well as breast milk. A good idea is to make a chart (chart included) of
     when you feed, how much you feed and how many wet/poopy diapers the
     baby has. Then when you go to the doctor, you will know exactly when you
     feed your baby and how many diapers the baby used.
       Daily Basic Baby Items at the Hospital
There are many daily basic baby items you will need. It is a good idea to do some
shopping before you bring the baby home. Some items you will want to have
before you bring your little one home are a dresser for the clothes, car seat,
diapers, wipes, bottles, nookies/pacifiers, burp clothes, and baby bathtub. There
are many more items, but be sure to remember that you will probably have a baby
shower for the arrival of the new baby. It is always a good idea to talk to other
mothers and see what they are getting for the new baby, get some ideas, or see
what you may be missing.

I have made a little checklist of some items you will want to have for the baby while
you are at the hospital. These are the basics and you may want to add more.

   ●    First and most important is a good (not expired!) five-point harness car
        seat. The hospital will not let you leave with the baby unless you have one
        that they have inspected. When I took my triplets home, I had only two
        good car seats and I purchased another one from the hospital which was
        very inexpensive. Add an extra head support as well to help the baby. If it
        is cold, buy a car seat cover.

   ●    Diapers and wipes. Hospitals usually provide you with a supply, but those
        may not be enough.

   ●    Diaper bag for the necessities

   ●    Warm blankets and hats for the baby. Hats are a great idea to keep the little
        one warm. Some hospitals provide these to you, but it is a good idea to have
        some with you just in case they do not have any at the time or do not
        provide you with any.

   ●    Pacifiers/nookies. Again, most hospitals provide you with these but you
        may choose to use your own or not like the ones they provide.

   ●    Baby clothing, be sure it suits the right season (winter/summer clothes)

   ●    Baby formula if you are not planning on breastfeeding
 Daily Basic Items Needed When Bringing
              Your Baby Home

Here is a list of some items you may want to have ready for when you bring the
baby home. Again, you may want to add some more to the list:

   ●   Crib or more suitably, a bassinet. A second bassinet or playpen works great
       if you have different levels of a house or if you want to keep the baby in the
       same room with you.
   ●   Baby monitor if you do not plan on keeping the baby in your room with you
   ●   Night lights
   ●   Crib sheets, mattress pads, and waterproof sheets
   ●   Changing table stocked with the necessities (e. g. , diaper cream, diapers,
       wipes, hand sanitizer, baby powder, extra clothes)
   ●   Nail clippers
   ●   Baby bath and baby shampoo and small soft clothes, hooded towels
   ●   Dresser stacked with clothes and warm swaddler blankets
   ●   Glider or rocking chair
   ●   Bottles of your choice. Make sure they are the correct size for your baby. I
       liked Playtex airvent. I also changed the nipples to Dr Brown, they worked
       well with my triplets and gave them less gas.
   ●   Bottle brush
   ●   Bottle holder dryer
   ●   Breast pump if you plan on breastfeeding
   ●   Garbage pail or diaper disposal system
   ●   Lots of nookies/pacifiers, my girls lost them or they fell out of their mouths
       a lot
   ●   Motorized rocking chair with lots of batteries
   ●   Burp clothes
   ●   Clothes suitable for the weather
   ●   Socks
   ●   Lots of diapers and wipes and if it is cold out, I suggest getting a wipe
   ●   Warm knit hats to keep the warmth
   ●   Stroller
   ●   Mild laundry detergent
   ●   Bouncy seats
   ●   Baby formula if you are not planning on breastfeeding
                    Ten Reasons Babies Cry
There are many reasons why babies cry. Here are ten of them.

   1.   Your baby is hungry. You will eventually learn the signs of your baby's
        cry. Some signs to watch out for are smacking lips, fussing, hands in their
        mouth and even rooting which is a reflex that causes babies to turn their
        head toward your fingers when you rub their cheeks.

   2.   Your baby is tired. Babies cannot communicate with you so when they
        are tired they cannot tell you. Most of us think it is easy for a baby to just
        fall asleep when they are tired, but it is not as easy as you think. They might
        be over-stimulated or it may be too loud or too bright in the room. If any of
        these pertain to you, just take your baby out of the room into a more
        suitable room for him/her to sleep.

   3.   Your baby may have a dirty diaper. If your baby has a dirty diaper
        that is a good reason why he/she is crying. Some babies know when they
        are wet or dirty. Some do not really mind and can tolerate being dirty, it
        just feels warm to them. However, make sure to change them often and if
        they cry, check if they are dirty.

   4.   Your baby needs a good burp. It does not matter if your baby is
        breastfed or bottle-fed, they are still going to suck in and swallow air. You
        should always try to get your baby to burp after feedings. Burping helps get
        rid of the air they swallow during feeding time. If they are not burped
        enough they can spit up, be really cranky, and pass lots of gas.

   5.   The baby might be too hot or too cold. Check your baby's
        temperature. If they are too warm they will cry a lot. The rule of thumb is
        to put them in one more layer of clothes than you have on to be
        comfortable. Also you can check if your baby is too hot or cold not by
        feeling their hands or feet, but touching their stomach. If it is cold, add a
        blanket, and if it is too hot take one blanket off.

   Your baby may be teething. Feel your baby's gums with a clean finger,
   there may be a tooth breaking through. The first average tooth starts to come
   out between four to six months. Teething is really painful and makes the baby's
   gums really tender. They may be really fussy and even cry a lot. Ask your
   pediatrician, but Orajel and Tylenol work really well to help your little one
   become more comfortable.
                  Ten Reasons Babies Cry
6.   The baby may be uncomfortable. It does not take a lot to make a baby
     uncomfortable; it may be the blankets wrapped too tightly or a tag rubbing
     them the wrong way. It may be some hair wrapped around the finger or
     even a toe. This happened to my triplets a lot more than you would think.
     If you have long hair it can easily wrap around their little feet. I did not
     notice until they were crying and moving their feet a lot. It is painful and
     some doctors call it a hair tourniquet.

7.   The baby feels overwhelmed. If there are a lot of people visiting the
     baby, he/she could very easily be overwhelmed. Or if there are too many
     lights on or if the TV is too loud, the baby may cry to say he/she has had
     enough. Try taking them out of the room for a little bit and see if that
     works. If not try something else.

8.   The baby needs cuddling. Sometimes babies just want to be cuddled or
     see their parents’ faces. Newborns may not be able to see faces, but they can
     detect their unique smell. Some may disagree with this, but I believe you
     cannot spoil a baby for the first few months of life. They need you and want
     you. If you need to get some things done or are at the store or even go out
     for a walk and want the baby to be close, try a sling or a front facing carrier.

9.    The baby is sick. If you have tried everything and the baby still cries,
      he/she may be sick or starting to come down with something. Check
      temperature for a fever. Is the cry high pitched or weak? If your baby just
      seems unhappy or if it is difficult to wake your baby up, call your
      pediatrician immediately.
       How to Change a Disposable Diaper

Always wash your hands before and after changing a diaper, preferably with
antibacterial soap, but if it is not available to you, you can use a baby wipe. Get all
your supplies together that you will need to change the baby, including a clean
diaper, wipes, cream if needed, and a bag or diaper pail to put the soiled diaper in.
Then you are ready to change the diaper.

First unfasten the diaper, but do not take it off. Use your hands and cross over
your baby’s ankles gently and lift the butt off the dirty diaper. Put a clean diaper
under the baby and then start cleaning. If it is a girl, wipe from front to back to
help prevent bacteria infections. If the baby has poop on the genital area, wipe
generously to get the poop off. Be sure as well to get clean the leg cracks and the
butt really well. If the baby needs diaper cream, apply it now.

Then put the new diaper on, trying not to bunch it up between the baby’s legs. If
you have a newborn and the umbilical cord has not fallen off yet, avoid covering
this with the diaper. You can fold down the front so it does not touch the belly
button. Special newborn diapers are also sold for this purpose.

Fasten the diaper tightly, making sure it is not too tight but snug enough to keep it
from falling off or letting pee or poop come out the sides.

Then throw the diaper out into a plastic bag or in a diaper container. Then
remember to wash your hands and the pad the baby was on. That's it! You are
done until the next change.

I have read that pediatricians no longer recommend baby powders because they
are dangerous if inhaled. Diapers are super-absorbent, so most babies won't need
daily powder if you change them frequently.

If your baby gets a diaper rash, which is caused by a number of things including
new baby food, wetness, infection, chafing, or even a yeast infection, you can apply
diaper rash cream to the infected area. Make sure the area where you are going to
apply the cream is clean and dry. If the rash does not go away in 3-4 days I would
suggest you call your pediatrician.

If your baby has a diaper rash, put the diaper on loosely or use a diaper that is a
little large to let the air circulate. If it is warm enough outside, let the baby play
outside with no diaper to let it air dry. Do not put cream on the rash; air-drying is
the best way to help a diaper rash.
                     How to Bathe a Baby
your baby unattended, not even for a second. Babies can drown in less than an
inch of water. Make sure you have all of your supplies with you that you need, e.
g. , soap, towel, bathtub, washcloth, diapers, and clothes… If for some reason
something needs your attention, take out the baby and wrap him/her up in a towel
and go do what you need to take care of. Again, never leave the baby!

If you buy a baby bathtub that does not have a rubber cushion or bath mat, make
sure you buy one for your baby’s safety and comfort. Even for newborns, it works
best if you buy one of those netted baby holders that attach to the baby tub.

Some things you want to keep in mind when giving a baby a bath, is to make sure
the water is warm, not hot. There are special baby duckies for sale that have a hot
sensor on the bottom to sense if the water is too hot for your baby. Again, make
sure the water is warm, as babies get cold easily and quickly.

Fill the baby tub with about 3-4 inches of water or more depending on how big
your baby is. Remember to not fill more than waist high though. They do not need
that much water and it makes it more difficult if you have too much water in there
to wash them.

Do not keep the water running when you put the baby in the tub. The water may
suddenly change temperature and you could scald the baby or chill the baby very
quickly. Be sure set your water heater to 120 degrees F.

And always remember to keep electrical appliances (curling irons, hair dryers)
away from any source of water especially when you are giving the baby a bath.
           How to Bathe a Baby Continued
Steps in giving your baby a bath

Bring your baby to the bath area and undress them there completely to keep them
from getting cold.

Use one hand to support the neck and head and the other hand to pour some warm
water on the baby. Be sure to keep doing so regularly to keep him/her warm.

When using soap, be sure to use sparingly. When you wash the baby, use your
hand or a washcloth from top to bottom then from front to back. Wash the head
with a warm, clean washcloth. Use a moistened cotton ball to clean the baby’s eyes
and face. If dried mucus has collected in the corner of your baby's nostrils or eyes,
dab it several times with a small section of a moistened washcloth to soften it
before you wipe it out.

Rinse your baby thoroughly with a clean washcloth. Wrap your baby in a hooded
towel and pat them dry completely. If the skin is dry, or if the baby has a diaper
rash you can put some mild baby lotion on.

It is recommended that you wait until your baby is about 1 year old before
switching from baby soap to an adult soap. Also keep in mind that you should
wash a baby just two or three times a week for the first year or so, because frequent
baths can dry out the baby's skin.
What to Look for When Buying a Changing
Think of all the diapers you will be changing before you choose a changing table.
You will need a study one that will hold all of your supplies. Below are a few
suggestions for you to think about when buying a changing table.

Think about how many you will need in your house. I personally had just one for
my triplets. I kept it in the playroom. The other times when I needed to change
them, I just put down a waterproof changing pad on the floor and changed them
that way. When I went to my dad’s house he did not let me do that (white
carpets!). He put a waterproof pad and a towel down on his dresser and had me
change them there, and he put diapers and wipes in the top drawer for easy access.
So those are two other suggestions as well.

If you are tight on money another suggestion is buying a pack and play that has the
removable changing table on it. Gives you a place to put the baby to sleep and play
and also has a portable changing table.

There are two basic kinds of changing tables. One is attached to the side of the crib
and the other is separate by itself. With the first one it is good if you have a lot of
blankets or need a stash for diapers and wipes. I have seen them in different
varieties and colors.

The crib I had for one of my triplets was the attached changing table. It was great.
Then after you no longer need to use the table for changing you can transfer it into
a dresser. Mine had three drawers in the front and three shelves on the other side.

Whatever kind you do choose on buying, make sure that it is sturdy, has side rails,
safety straps, and has storage space to keep the changing necessities. Always
remember though to never leave your baby unattended on a changing table, not
even for a moment. Straps are added safety, but these are not always reliable.
Remember to keep one hand on your baby at all times when the baby is on the
     What to Look for When Buying a Crib

I believe buying a crib is one of the most important things you buy for a newborn
baby. I say this because the baby will spend most of his/her time in the crib for the
first few months, and they will be sleeping in it until they are old enough to move
to a big bed, around two or three years old.

I would say to start shopping for a crib a few months in advance, before you are
going to bring baby home. There are a lot of things to take into account when
buying a crib. First and foremost are the safety standards. There have been a lot
of recalls on cribs in the past few years due to the bars being too wide apart, or the
railings loose enough to fall down and hurt or kill the baby.

You do not always have to buy the most expensive or decorative crib. Fancy
decorations can come off and hurt your baby and expensive cribs are just as good
as the cheaper ones; just be sure to check on the recalls before buying one. When
you do pick a crib you like make sure it is a heavy duty one, stable, and when you
shake it, it does not rattle or wobble.

It is also recommended that you do not use bumper pads on the crib, as it is
possible for the baby to get Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Do not put
pillows, comforters, or toys in the crib, as this will also increase the risk of SIDS. If
your baby were born in the colder months, I would recommend using a sleep sack
or swaddle blankets.

Look for cribs that have metal wheels rather than plastic ones. Both work by
making the crib easier to move around, but plastic ones can break or fall off.

Some cribs come as a convertible crib, or 3-in-1 cribs. They go from cribs, to
toddler beds, and to daybeds as your baby gets older. Just be sure when buying
these kinds of cribs that it looks like the rest of the furniture in the baby's room
since you will have it for a few years. And if you buy a used crib, make sure all the
pieces are with it.

When setting up the crib don’t to set it up near a window as once the baby gets
older there is a risk of strangulation from the curtain strings or the child could
even fall out through the screen. Even with the strings up high there is always a
risk, when the baby gets older he/she can stand on furniture and get to the strings.
                Make Your Own Baby Food

It is a great idea to make our own baby food… Here are some reasons why:

   ●    You know exactly what is going into your baby's food
   ●    You know it is fresh and what the expiration date is
   ●    The tools you will need to make and prepare are probably already in your
        kitchen and you are sure that they are clean and sanitary
   ●    You can put love and thought into your baby's food unlike the food
        processing companies
   ●    You save a lot of money when you make your own food
   ●    You can make food to fit your baby's taste preferences
   ●    You can help your baby learn what fresh food tastes like
   ●    You can custom-make your baby's food to make it more pureed or thicker
        depending how advanced your baby is
   ●    You can save time and use the same food you and your family is eating and
        give the baby a variety of food choices

These steps are for making veggies or fruits that get softened when steamed,
boiled, or microwaved. Apples, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, peaches, bananas,
and carrots are a good choice to make baby food with. Best of all, you know that
there is no sugar or added preservatives when making your own baby food. Follow
these steps to get started making your own baby food.

You can steam, boil or microwave the food you have chosen to make. Here is the

   1.  Make sure to start with a clean surface, clean hands, and clean utensils.
   2.  To steam or boil the food to be soft and mushy, first boil some water on the
       stove. You can use a pot with a steamer attachment or just the old
       fashioned way of putting it in boiling water. I recommend the first option as
       it retains in the vitamins and minerals better.
   3. Peel and dice the fruit to small enough pieces to make it easier to mash
       them up later. Different food will take different times to be soft enough, just
       use a fork to see if the food is done. If the fork goes in easily, it is ready to
       take out of the water
   4. Remove from stove and drain all the water.
Puree the food. The best way is to use a handheld mixer or if you don't have one,
use a fork.
    Make Your Own Baby Food Continued
   5.   There is no need to add anything to the food; babies do not know the
        difference between sweet or bitter. It is a great way to get them to like
        different foods now. They might not like the food right away, but try and try
        again since it just may take time. Introduce one new food at a time and
        leave at least three days in between new foods so you can observe the baby’s
        reaction. This will allow you to pinpoint exactly which food the baby is
        allergic to, if any.

Here are a few suggested baby foods you can easily make.

Apple Sauce. Core, peel, and cut up the apple into smaller pieces. Cover with
pineapple juice and heat on stove or in the microwave until soft. Drain most of the
juice, leaving just a little to mash or blend with the cooked apples. Nothing else
needed to add. This is great healthy food for your little one.

Vegetable or Fruit Medley. Cook your choice(s) of fruits or vegetables by
following the method above. Add the cooked vegetables or fruit of your choice
(green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, peaches) and just enough
water to allow to mash or blend. Alternatively, you can also put all the ingredients
into a blender and puree until smooth and easy to eat.

Blueberry Baby Food. Add 1 small apple and 1/2 ripe pear, both to be cored,
peeled, and diced small. Add a half-cup of fresh blueberries and make sure to take
off all the stems from the blueberries. Put all of the fruit into a pan and cover with
water or a sugar-free fruit juice. Cover and simmer until the fruits are tender. Use
the fork method (if it comes out smooth, it is done). Drain some of the liquid,
leaving a little left over to puree with.

Banana Baby Food. Peel and cut ripe bananas into small pieces. Mash with a
fork, add water, formula or breast milk. It is your choice, but add as needed to get
the right texture. Make sure to mix well.

Pear-Apple Baby Food. Peel one ripe pear and one apple. Take the core out
and cut into small pieces. Put in a pan and add some sugar-free juice. Cook until
tender. Do the fork test again to make sure they are done all the way. Strain the
liquid out, leaving a little to be able to have a creamy consistency. Mash with a
fork or a blender to the texture you like.

Butternut Squash. Cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds and strings.
Put the squash facedown on a baking sheet with some water, bake in a 400-degree
oven for about 50 minutes to an hour, and make sure the skin feels soft. Take the
inside out and put it in a blender. Add some water and begin to puree to the
consistency you want it to be. Add more water as necessary.
    Make Your Own Baby Food Continued

Carrot Puree. Peel and chop two carrots into smaller pieces. Put the carrots
into a pan and cover with water. Boil until they are cooked and mushy. Drain the
water out and add the carrots into a blender and add a little bit of butter. Blend
until it is the consistency you want it to be.

Please keep in mind that some babies might get food allergies. Signs of a food
allergy may include:

   ●   congestion
   ●   swollen lips
   ●   wheezing
   ●   coughing
   ●   hives
   ●   fatigue
   ●   itchy/swollen eye
   ●   watery eyes
   ●   swollen lips
   ●   itchy rash
   ●   nausea/vomiting

You may need the following equipment to make homemade baby food:

Food Mill. It works with different textures and comes with a variety of blades. It
is portable and easy to use.

Baby Food Grinder. It is a hand held, and an easy way to break down food.
There is only one choice of texture. This is not the best item to use for making
baby food.

Hand Blender. This is an electric blender that purees like a blender, but you put
it into the food to blend your food.

A Regular Kitchen Blender. Almost everyone has one of these, and if you
don't, they are not that expensive and might work best for you.
Fork. This is the best piece of equipment to have available to you, a great way to
mash and mush soft foods.
                              Join Groups

There are a lot of great sites you can go to for help, where you can get answers to
your questions, free items, play groups, and so much more. I especially love my
yahoo groups. There are so many groups on there it is hard to choose which ones
to join.
I myself have joined a few called freecycle where I can receive and give free baby
items from/to my local community. If you have not heard of it before or are
unsure of where to sign up, it is really easy. If you have a yahoo mail account it is
really just one more step from that. If you do not have a yahoo account, you will
need to create one.

From there go to yahoo. com and type in groups. Click on yahoo groups and
under where it says “Find a Yahoo Group,” type in what you are looking for. For
example, typing “freecycle MN” will bring up every freecycle that is available in
Minnesota. So, just type in what you are looking for, and if it is a local group you
want to join, just type in your state. For most sites you have to be approved, but it
is as easy as that.

Craigslist is the same way with the sign up, just create an account or if you already
have an email, sign up with it and you are ready to start selling or buying cheap
items. I am also signed up with Café Mom and I am with various toddler/kid
groups as well. I would suggest signing up with some if you are not already. It is a
great way to get free baby/house items.

Below are a few more groups that I know of. There are many more out there, but
here's a start for you.

       http://www. cafemom. com/groups/
       http://groups. yahoo. com/
       http://www. craigslist. org/about/sites
       http://tripletconnection. com/ (This one is more for multiples. )
       http://www. meetup. com/
       http://www. mops. org/.
       http://www. themommiesnetwork. org/index. shtml.
       http://momsclub. org/
       http://www. mothersandmore. org
       http://www. mochamoms. org
       http://www. nomotc. org/ (This one is for twins or more. )
                 Baby Shower Game Ideas

Guessing Mommy-to-be's Tummy Size. This was embarrassing at my
triplets’ baby shower, for everyone was way off (they all went too big). It is easy to
have fun with everyone. All you need is a string or a yarn or something that will
stretch around Mommy's tummy and a pair of scissors. Go around the room
asking everyone to cut off a piece of string that they believe is the size of Mommy's
tummy. Then measure Mommy's tummy to see who was closest to the actual size.

Nursery Rhyme. Remember the old nursery rhymes? Try this game out. Look
up a few nursery rhymes or children's songs and write them down. Leave some
parts out and let your guests stumble on the right word. First person to complete
however many you are doing wins. Here are a few that I know of… There are a lot
more out there. Be sure to have an answer sheet ready.

       This little piggy went to market,
       this little piggy _____ (stayed home)
       this little piggy had roast beef

       Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,
       Had a wife and couldn't _____ her. (keep)
       He put her in a _____ _____, (pumpkin shell)
       And there he kept her very well.

       London Bridge is falling down,
       Falling down,
       Falling down.
       London bridge is falling down, My _____ _____ (fair lady)

       Hey diddle, diddle,
       the cat and the _____, (fiddle)
       the dish ran away with the _____ (spoon)

       This old man, he played one,
       He played knick, knack with his _____, (knee)
       With a Knick, knack, _____, (paddy whack)
       Give the dog a bone;
       This old man came rolling home.
                     Baby Shower Game Ideas

      Jack and Jill went up the _____to fetch a pail of water; (hill)
      Jack fell down and broke his _____ (crown)
      and Jill came tumbling after

      Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,
      All the _____ horses and all the kings men, (King's)
      Couldn't put Humpty _____ again. (together)

      Little _____ Muffet sat on her tuffet (Miss)
      eating her curds and whey.
      Along came a spider
      and sat down beside her
      and _____ Miss Muffet away (frightened)

Poopy Diaper Game. I loved this game for my shower. It was fun, and
everyone loved it. It is also easy to do. This game involves diapers filled with
messy chocolate candy, with the chocolate made to look like a messy poopy diaper.
You use your senses to figure out what kind of candy fills the diaper. To do this
game, buy some candy like M & Ms, Milky Way bars, Snickers, or anything
chocolate and messy, maybe even with peanuts in them. Melt the chocolate in the
microwave and spoon on the messy chocolate to baby diapers. Make sure to
microwave each candy separately and you can even number the diapers to what
candy you added. The first person to correctly name each dirty diaper with the
candy wins! Make sure to take lots of pictures when doing this game you will get a
lot of funny faces!

Guess This Baby Word. Make a list of 10-20 words that are baby related, e.
g. , bottle, formula, diaper. Scramble up the letters of each word and see how
many words people can guess. The person who makes the most correct guesses
wins a prize. Make sure to make enough copies for each guest.

Fun Bag. With this game you round up several baby items, such as a bottle,
nookie, baby toy, teething ring, diaper, diaper cream, outlet cover, and breast
shield. Then put them all into a bag and pass the bag around to everyone for a
limited amount of time for them to write down and guess what is in the bag. The
person who guesses the most correctly wins a prize. Then give all the items in the
bag to the mommy to be.

Guess the Baby Food. With this game, you want to get a few jars of different
baby food. With a magic marker write on the bottom of the jars numbers that will
correspond with the name of the food. Write down the numbers and the name of
the food on a piece of paper. Place the jars on a cookie sheet or some kind of a
tray. Pass the tray around and let people guess what kind of food is in the jar and
write it down. Then read the names of the food and the person with the most
correct guesses wins a prize. Bonus is to let the mother-to-be keep the food.
                     Immunization Chart

These are the necessary immunizations your baby must have:

At Birth
   ● Hep B: Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV); recommended to give the first dose at
      birth, but may be given at any age for those not previously immunized.

1–2 months
  ● Hep B: Second dose should be administered 1 to 2 months after the first

2 months
   ● DTaP: Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis vaccine
   ● Hib: Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine
   ● IPV: Inactivated poliovirus vaccine
   ● PCV: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
   ● Rota: Rotavirus vaccine

4 months
   ● DTaP
   ● Hib
   ● IPV
   ● PCV
   ● Rota

6 months
   ● DTaP
   ● Hib
   ● PCV
   ● Rota

6 months and annually
   ● Seasonal Influenza. Influenza vaccine is now recommended every year
     for children older than 6 months (instead of just the youngest, as before).
     Kids below 9 who get a flu vaccine for the first time will receive it in two
     separate doses a month apart.

      Although young tots (from 6 months to 5 years old) are still considered the
      group of kids who need the flu vaccine the most, updated guidelines from
      the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommend that
      all older kids and teens get it, too (as long as there is enough available).
       It is also especially important for high-risk kids to be vaccinated. High-risk
       groups include, but are not limited to, children with asthma, heart
       problems, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, and human immunodeficiency virus

       It can take up to 1 or 2 weeks after the shot for the body to build up
       protection to the flu.

   ●   H1N1 (Swine) Influenza. All children 6 months and older should
       receive this vaccine in addition to the seasonal flu vaccine. Kids under 9 will
       receive the vaccine in two separate doses (a month apart), while older kids
       will receive just one dose. Following the 2009-2010 flu season,
       recommendations for this vaccine may change, so talk to your doctor about
       what is recommended for your child.

6–18 months
  ● Hep B
  ● IPV

12–15 months
   ● Hib
   ● MMR: Measles, mumps, and rubella (German measles) vaccine
   ● PCV
   ● Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine

12–23 months
   ● Hep A: Hepatitis A vaccine; given as two shots at least 6 months apart

15–18 months
   ● DTaP

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