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Calculators Texas Instruments Calculators


									CA                  Calculators

Texas Instruments Calculators
Quality calculators cover a wide variety
of laboratory applications

Miniature Calculator
A Mini-Desktop Calculator features angled SuperView™                                              A
display for easy viewing. Use it anywhere—unit is battery                                                                                        B
and solar powered.
Scientific Calculators
 B Two-Line Scientific Calculator allows you to easily view and
edit previous and current entries. One- and two-variable statistics
include linear regression and trendline analysis. Fraction and
fraction/decimal conversions.
C Solar Scientific Calculator features one- and two-variable
statistics, metric/English conversions, and calculations and
conversions in hexadecimal, octal, and binary number bases.

Graphing Calculators
 D Graphing Calculator with Advanced Statistics. Graphing styles                                         C
include line, thick-line, dotted-line, shading, and more! Equation                                    17311-06
solver editor solves for different variables interactively. Advanced
statistics include hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and
E Graphing Calculator with Advanced Mathematics features
symbolic differential equation solving. Lets you graph in 2-D                                                                                     17311-12
or in 3-D with real-time rotations. Split the screen to see two
applications at once.

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  Key      Catalog                                                    No. of                                                                                         Dimensions
                                Description            Model                         Memory                     Display                  Power              Case                          Price
 letter    number                                                   functions                                                                                        (W x H x D)
 Miniature calculator
                               Mini-desktop                                                                                            Solar, 1.5 V
  A        R-17311-02                                TI-1795 SV        —               3 key               8-digit LCD, 3⁄4"H                                —      43⁄8" x 51⁄8" x 1"
                                calculator                                                                                          button cell (incl.)
 Scientific calculators
                            Two-line scientific                                                                                         Solar, 3 V          Slide
  B        R-17311-04                                 TI-30X IIS      102           5 variables            2-line LCD, 13⁄16"H                                      31⁄4" x 6" x 13⁄16"
                               calculator                                                                                         lithium battery (incl.)   case
                             Solar scientific                                                             10-digit plus 2-digit                             Slide
  C        R-17311-06                                TI-36X Solar     164            3 values                                             Solar                     31⁄16" x 6" x 3⁄4"
                               calculator                                                                 exponent LCD, 1⁄2"H                               case
 Graphing calculators
                            Graphing calculator                                     24 KB RAM,            21⁄2"W x 11⁄2"H LCD,      4 AAA batteries         Slide
  D        R-17311-12                                 TI-83 Plus    Upgrade†
                          with advanced statistics                              160 KB data storage           64 x 96 pixels           (included)           case
                                                                                                                                                                    31⁄2" x 73⁄16" x 1"
                            Graphing calculator                                    188 KB RAM,            21⁄2"W x 11⁄2"H LCD,      4 AAA batteries         Slide
  E        R-17311-14                                   TI-89       Upgrade†
                           with advanced math                                   384 KB data storage         100 x 160 pixels           (included)           case
†Use   TI-GRAPH LINK software (sold separately below) to upgrade the functions on graphing calculators.

TI-GRAPH LINK Software                                                                            Replacement Batteries
TI-GRAPH LINK software lets you transfer screen shots and data                                    R-05944-05 Batteries, lithium. Pack of 6 ....................................... /pk
or create programs on your computer with access to calculator                                     R-09376-00 Batteries, AAA. Pack of 12 ......................................... /pk
functions. Includes CD-ROM and cable. For Windows® 3.1 or later.
                                                                                                  R-09377-16 Batteries, 1.5 V button cell. Pack of 6 ........................ /pk
R-17311-50 TI-GRAPH LINK software and cable .................................

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