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					                Research for Sketch up Historical Houses Assignment

Research (to be recorded in Word)
Investigate eight examples of historical houses from at least 5 different countries e.g. France, Germany, India, Russia,
England, Iceland, Egyptian, Italy, Greece, Turkey etc.

Gather images of each of these houses and insert them in a table as below.

       Italian villas

                                                                                               Greek villas
                                Italian style mansion
                                                                   Medieval castle

       Modern houses                    Barn houses                Tudor house                 Japanese houses

Italian villas= Italian villas have orange tile roofing and large open rectangles with
porticos enclosing gardens, mosaic floors, and timber framed construction
carefully fitted with mortises and tennons and dwelled together.
Italian style mansion= Italian style mansions are basically modern mansions with
the same kind of design as the Italian villas for example it has the same roofing
and tiles and it has most of the same designs.
Medieval castles= back in medieval times castles were mostly used as an
offensive tool. This was used as a base when in enemy territory. So most of the
castles walls are very tall and strong because mostly made out of brick and wood.
But some castles were built for the wealthy and rich back in the day some kings
and queens lived in the castles. Castles have many rooms.
Greek villas=Greek villas are made out of limestone or the local rock.

Modern houses= modern houses are houses from today they have a style of glass,
timber, wood, and sometimes brick modern houses can vary from very stylish to
an everyday house.
Barn houses=barn houses are houses that have been made into a house from a
barn. They use wood and timber and have a very farm kind of style to them they
have a few windows but mostly have the same style as a barn.
Tudor houses=a Tudor house is made out of timber (wood). The frame of the
house is made out of timber and can be seen from the outside of the house. A real
Tudor house has uneven timber because they used to cut the timber by hand and
without machines because they di9dnt have machines back then.
Japanese houses=wood was the material of choice for structure while roofing was
made out of thatch, compressed bark tile or bare wood. Raised floors were made
of wood and sometimes covered with straw mates and the kitchen normally had
dirt floors.
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Italian villas
Greek villas
Italian style mansion
Medieval castles
Modern house
Barn house
Tudor house
Japanese house

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