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					Respondent           Comments                                                         Officer Response                       Change to Draft Brief
Bob (RV) Rogers,     a) Home straddles a worksite                                     Noted                                  Not required
resident, 89
Westbourne Court,    b) Noise and vibration – 24 hour working is of paramount         During the construction of             The specific part of the site
Orsett Terrace          concern as a resident living and sleeping in the area.        Crossrail there will be a manned       referenced in this letter is
                        Noise levels vary throughout the day and through the week     24 hour helpline that the              covered by the Paddington
2 September 2008 &      but between 1800 and 0600 hours noise levels drop             Nominated Undertakers' have a          Station planning brief
4 September 2008        dramatically and at 0300 or on Sundays it can be almost       duty to provide throughout the         therefore correspondence
                        tranquil. Any additional, unnecessary sources of noise        duration of the project to deal with   has been passed for
                        during the quieter times can be particularly noticeable and   reports / complaints. (This is a       consideration as part of
                        objectionable. Noise levels also different at higher levels   Parliamentary Undertaking). The        that brief and no
                        and therefore question over where the noise monitoring        Crossrail Act has also established     amendments required
                        surveys will be taken. Sleep deprivation is a form of         an independent Complaints              here.
                        torture.                                                      Commissioner who will adjudicate
                                                                                      where the public are not satisfied
                                                                                      with actions taken by the
                                                                                      Nominated Undertaker.

                     c) Had noise issues in the past which the council have           Noted                                  Not required
                        addressed and dealt with do not want issues to happen

                     d) Area underneath Westbourne Court currently used as a          Noted. The Environmental               Not required
                        car park – concerned about noise impact from the use of       Minimum Requirements will
                        this area as a worksite. Past experiences of Network Rail     provide the basis for this to be
                        using this area caused considerable stress.                   considered when planning

                     e) Girders in the undercroft should be fully protected during    This has been raised with              Not required
                        operations on site.                                           Crossrail, and is being actively
                                                                                      considered by the construction

                     f) Make workers aware that they are working underneath           As above                               Not required
                        residential units. Also concerned for residents of Brewers
                        Court, Orsett Terrace and Gloucester Terrace.

                     g) Require emergency telephone number manned by a                Crossrail's 24 hour helpdesk's         Contact added in section
Respondent              Comments                                                         Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief
                          human being.                                                   telephone number is 0345 602          10
                                                                                         3813 or by web address at
                        h) One way system under the building should help protect         This will be raised with Crossrail    Not required
                           against reversing noises.

                        i) Emphasise absolute necessity of eliminating noise and         Noted. The Environmental              Not required
                           vibration as far as possible during the crossrail             Minimum Requirements (EMR)
                           construction period especially at night.                      will minimise noise and vibration.

Carl Banton, The        Confirmation that the Coal Authority has no specific             Noted                                 Not required
Coal Authority          comments to make in relation to this site.

3 September 2008

David Ruse, Director    a) If Great Western Studios are still occupied at the start of   Section 8 of the report sets out in   Not required
of Libraries, City of      construction consideration should be made to minimising       detail the council‟s concern on
Westminster                noise during construction work so as not to disturb the       noise.
                           artist‟s work.
September 2008
                        b) Replacement facility must be found with no fewer studio       This is covered in Section 5 of the   The brief has been
                           spaces than currently available as close as possible to the   brief. The brief has also been        updated to make reference
                           existing location.                                            updated to make reference to the      to the grant of planning
                                                                                         grant of planning permission at 65    permission at 65 Alfred
                                                                                         Alfred Road for the use by Great      Road for the use by Great
                                                                                         Western Studios.                      Western Studios

                        c) Creative industries should be nurtured. The council‟s         Covered in Section 5 which sets       Not required
                           strategy for Arts and Culture pledges to support, protect     out the council‟s aspirations for
                           and develop the Creative Industries sector.                   these types of uses in the North
                                                                                         West Westminster Special Policy
                                                                                         Area (NWWSPA)

                        d) Consideration should be given to provision of a library to    Confusion over locations – this is    Not required
                           serve the Paddington Basin Development and Paddington         more relevant to the Paddington
                           / Edgware Road area – as a section 106. The area is           Station Planning Brief.
                           currently not well served by libraries.                       Furthermore the brief recognises
Respondent          Comments                                                           Officer Response                       Change to Draft Brief
                                                                                       the limited opportunities for
                                                                                       development that this site offers.
                                                                                       It is not considered a suitable site
                                                                                       for public access.

                    e) Looking to provide community multi purpose developments As (d) above                                   Not required
                       and one-centres with One Stop, Westminster Adult
                       Education Service, Leisure Department, Children‟s
                       Centres and other council provision. Excellent opportunity
                       to provide an accessible multi-use library as the focus for
                       residents, workers and students in this busy area.

Jennifer Kyner,     a) Big concern is noise during and after construction. What is     As set out in section 2 and 8 of    Not required
resident, 70           being done to mitigate disturbance for residents at night       the brief CRL will be required to
Westbourne Park        time from noise and site lights.                                carry out further noise studies and
Road                                                                                   baseline monitoring to consider
                                                                                       impact and mitigation measures.
12 September 2008                                                                      In addition as set out in section 8
                                                                                       all works will be subject to the
                                                                                       Environmental Minimum

                    b) How will the railway lines be realigned without disturbing      As (a) above                           Not required
                       the sleep of local residents.

                    c) Noise of crossrail trains and tracks.                           As (a) above                           Not required

                    d) Air quality – already a highly polluted zone what is going to   Works will be subject to the           Not required
                       be done to mitigate pollution from construction work?           Environmental Minimum
                                                                                       Requirements which also deal
                                                                                       with air quality. Section 8 also
                                                                                       deals with air quality in detail.

                    e) How much longer would it take if built 8am to 5pm Monday        The council, during the Bill           Crossrail 24 hour help
                       to Friday.                                                      process, was proactive in many         desk added to contacts
                                                                                       areas to establish protective
                                                                                       provisions for residents to
Respondent   Comments                                                      Officer Response                       Change to Draft Brief
                                                                           mitigate the impact of
                                                                           construction works. Proposed
                                                                           working hours were a major
                                                                           issue, not only for the council but
                                                                           also for the 17 other Local
                                                                           Authorities affected. A Code of
                                                                           Construction Practice has been
                                                                           agreed with Crossrail that sets
                                                                           out, among many other issues,
                                                                           working hours. During the
                                                                           construction of the new running
                                                                           tunnels in Westminster it will be
                                                                           necessary for Crossrail's
                                                                           contractors to work continuously,
                                                                           i.e. 24 hours per day. The reason
                                                                           is for engineering logistics.
                                                                           Tunnelling under properties
                                                                           needs to be completed as quickly
                                                                           as possible to avoid settlement
                                                                           damage, hence 24 hour working.
                                                                           Crossrail have a Helpdesk that is
                                                                           supported 24 hours per day.

             f) Westbourne Passage Footbridge – very interested in         As set out in Section 5 of the brief   Section 5 has been
                proposals to improve the bridge. Could it be included in   the delivery of these works is         updated to reflect the
                Section 106 agreements. How long will the bridge be        complex and involves interests         current states of the
                closed?                                                    from a number of parties.              Westbourne Passage
                                                                           Detailed proposals have yet to be      Footbridge proposals.
                                                                           developed but section 106 cannot
                                                                           be used as a mechanism to
                                                                           deliver given the undertakings
                                                                           made by CRL, the grant secured
                                                                           through Sustrans and the other
                                                                           interests involved. The council
                                                                           will work with all parties to ensure
                                                                           that the works are delivered at the
                                                                           earliest opportunity and that
Respondent           Comments                                                      Officer Response                    Change to Draft Brief
                                                                                   disruption is kept to a minimum.

                     g) How long will the works take place and is there a          Crossrail will become operational   As provided by CRL some
                        breakdown. How long will each part take.                   in 2017 and the worksite will be    indicative timings for
                                                                                   required for the duration. Some     certain works have been
                                                                                   indicative timings have been        incorporated in to section
                                                                                   given by CRL in their latest        3 of the brief however
                                                                                   construction note.                  these are not detailed and
                                                                                                                       do not cover all works.

                     h) Ideally could there be an acoustic barrier placed along    This was discussed in detail        Not required
                        Westbourne Park Villas.                                    during the Parliamentary process
                                                                                   and not considered to be an
                                                                                   appropriate mechanism for noise
                                                                                   mitigation. Works will be subject
                                                                                   to the Environmental Minimum
                                                                                   Requirements which cover noise.

George Cochrane,     a) Require a meeting to ensure that the views of the          Unable to arrange a meeting but     Not required
Chair of Governors      Academy are taken on board.                                concerns outlined in subsequent
of the Westminster                                                                 email.
                     b) Only passing comment on the Academy in the draft           Throughout the Parliamentary        Additional paragraphs
8 September 2008 &      planning brief. Expect to see greater recognition of the   process the council petitioned to   added on the impact on
16 December 2008        important role the Academy plays in terms of education     ensure that the impact on the       the Academy in section 5
                        and providing community sports facilities.                 Academy in minimised.               of the brief. This deals
                                                                                   Assurances in respect of the        with the concern over the
                                                                                   Academy were made as a result       land take, works to the
                                                                                   of the council‟s petition.          footbridge and the general
                                                                                   Furthermore the council has         impact of construction on
                                                                                   continually sought to ensure that   the Academy.
                                                                                   CRL and the Academy are
                                                                                   discussing their respective
                                                                                   proposals. The Academy have
                                                                                   also been invited to the relevant
                                                                                   liaison groups for this area.
Respondent   Comments                                                           Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief

             c) Concerned negative impact on the running of the school          Noted                                 Amended as above
                and the community activities and would like the brief to be
                stronger on safeguarding this.

             d) Potential impacts affect the services provided and would        Noted                                 Amended as above
                have health and safety as well as security implications.

             e) Recognise that the area of land to be taken on Academy          Noted                                 Amended as above
                site is relatively small but potential negative impact can be
                much greater – important brief recognises this.

             f) Expect clear risk assessments to be undertaken as well as       Noted – it may now be difficult to    Included in the
                conditions on the timing of any works.                          require this given that the works     amendments as a
                                                                                are now governed by the               requirement put forward by
                                                                                provisions of the Crossrail Act. It   the Academy through
                                                                                is unfortunate that the Academy       consultation
                                                                                did not submit a petition to
                                                                                Parliament to ensure that their
                                                                                detailed concerns were
                                                                                expressed directly. The council
                                                                                covered the Academy in detail
                                                                                however it would have been
                                                                                beneficial if they had also
                                                                                expressed their concerns.

             g) Brief needs to recognise the Academy is a major                 Noted                                 Brief amended to reflect
                stakeholder in the area.                                                                              this.

             h) The Academy is vulnerable in the context of Crossrail.          Noted and the council appreciates     Amended to set out the
                The Academy is not geared up (as no school is) to dealing       this and included the Academy in      concerns relating to the
                with land, development, planning and legal issues. It has       its detailed petition to Parliament   operation of the Academy
                its hand full with teaching and learning and has limited        during the passage of the             in more detail.
                resources with which to do this. The problem comes when         Crossrail Bill.
                the due process of delivering Crossrail require
                commitment and resources to be diverted from the core
                purpose to deal with complex land issues and that is
Respondent          Comments                                                        Officer Response                     Change to Draft Brief
                      before we start any of the direct impacts on the ground.

                    i) Is a role for a co-ordinated response for all interests      The council has provided a co-       Amended as above
                       affected that the City Council could play.                   ordinated response through the
                                                                                    Parliamentary process and this
                                                                                    planning brief is another forum in
                                                                                    which it attempts to do this. The
                                                                                    council also chairs the Crossrail
                                                                                    Paddington Community Liaison
                                                                                    group which covers this area and
                                                                                    the Academy have been
                                                                                    consistently invited to this
                                                                                    meeting as a key stakeholder in
                                                                                    the area.

                    j) Mitigating the potential impact on our ability to deliver    Noted                                Amended as above
                       services in a safe manner is of paramount importance.

Claire McAlister,   a) Welcome opportunity to comment as both major                 Noted                                Not required
British Waterways      landholder in area and as a statutory consultee.
London (BW)
                    b) Reference should be made in the brief to a number of         Noted                                Amended to include
15 September 2008      guidance notes including „Waterways and Development                                               reference to these
                       Plans‟ (BW 2003), „Waterways for Tomorrow‟ (DETR                                                  documents.
                       2000), „Planning a Future for the Inland Waterways‟
                       (Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Council 2001).

                    c) Welcome opportunity to explore potential for development     Noted                                Not required
                       on this site that maximises the potential of its waterside

                    d) Ensure redevelopment would not have adverse impact on,       Given the changes in level access Not required
                       or prejudice the future aspirations for unlocking the full   to the canal from this site is
                       potential of the multi-functional waterway.                  limited.

                    e) Wish to ensure development on the site would not             The Advertisement Consents           Not required.
                       prejudice project BW are undertaking with Si Media to        submitted for these proposals
Respondent          Comments                                                          Officer Response                   Change to Draft Brief
                         install a advertisement unit scheme on BW land between       were withdrawn. Such proposals
                         the bus garage and the Grand Union Canal.                    are contrary to adopted policy.

                    f) BW is promoting the use of the canals for the movement of      Reference to use of the canal is   Added to section 6
                       freight, including waste and recycables, in accordance with    already included in section 6 of   reference to the Mayors
                       the Blue Ribbon Network principle and the Mayor‟s draft        the brief.                         draft Freight Plan
                       Freight Plan. Fully support CLRL‟s proposed use of the
                       canal for transportation of materials and waste but would
                       like this to be given more weight in the planning brief.
                       Canal should also be highlighted in Figure 12 ; „Plan to
                       show probable construction traffic routes‟ and the potential
                       for its use emphasised.

                    i)    Support opportunities to integrate the canal towpath        Noted                              Reference to canal
                          within high quality public realm of adjoining                                                  towpath included.
                          developments. Paragraph 7.7 – canal towpath should
                          also be referred to as forming part of the public realm.

                    g) Current problems with conflict between pedestrians and         Noted                              Brief amended to include
                       cyclists using the towpath and improvements from the                                              these improvements under
                       Harrow Road Bridge are needed. Redevelopment would                                                section 9.
                       put more pressure on local open spaces. Seek
                       contribution towards these improvements as well as other
                       suggested enhancements to the public realm.

                    h) Welcome opportunity to comment further on more detailed        Noted                              Not required
                       plans for this site as they evolve.

David Hammond,      a) Majority of this proposal does not affect any priority         Noted. Reference to the canal‟s    Further paragraph added
Natural England        interest areas for Natural England, in respect of              status as a SINC is included in    under „Biodiversity‟ in
                       conservation of biodiversity, geology or landscape.            section 2.                         section 8 to emphasise
15 September 2008      Exception is Paddington New Yard which is adjacent to,                                            that the council will seek to
                       and could impact upon the London Canal‟s Site of Interest                                         protect such areas.
                       for Nature Conservation (SINC).

                    b) Council will need to have regard to possible impact on         The Environmental Minimum          As above further
Respondent   Comments                                                            Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief
               SINC such as noise, dust and light pollution, and will need       Requirements provide the              paragraph added.
               to ensure Contractors have a sufficiently robust                  necessary safeguards.
               Environmental Management Plan.

             c) Broadly support the seventeen objectives that the                Noted                                 Not required. Given
                Sustainability Appraisal proposes especially objectives 8                                              changes in legislation the
                and 15.                                                                                                SPD no longer requires an
                                                                                                                       individual Sustainability

             d) No mention or reference to PPS 9 – Biodiversity and              Noted                                 Documents now
                Geological Conservation nor the Council‟s Biodiversity                                                 referenced in section 8 of
                Action Plans.                                                                                          the brief under

             e) Duty on all public authorities to have regard to biodiversity.   Noted and brief stipulates that       The council‟s Biodiversity
                Council should ensure that any and all the relevant nature       Biodiversity is a planning material   Action Plans are now
                conservation issues are addressed and considered.                consideration.                        referred to under Section 8
                                                                                                                       and developers are guided
                                                                                                                       towards these documents
                                                                                                                       when developing

             f) Recommend advice is sought from other sources including          Noted and Natural England will be Not required
                Greater London Assembly Biodiversity, Council‟s own              consulted on detailed planning
                Ecologist or local group of the Wildlife Trust or Similar        applications and Crossrail
                nature Conservation group.                                       Schedule 7 submissions.

             g) Council should consider entering into agreement with             The council already has a Service     Not required
                Greenspace Information for Greater London (GIGL) for the         Level Agreement with GIGL.
                provision of biodiversity data.                                  They act as the Local Records
                                                                                 Centre, and input, hold and
                                                                                 collate ecological data for
                                                                                 Westminster. The council has the
                                                                                 ability to request data searches,
                                                                                 to provide ecological information
                                                                                 for specific locations.
Respondent           Comments                                                           Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief

                     h) Additional resources available for guidance including           Noted                                 Reference to these
                        „Design for Biodiversity‟, „Protected Species Guidance                                                resources made under
                        Notes‟                                                                                                section 8 „Biodiversity‟

Paul Jenkins,        a) Welcome potential opportunities for employment and              Noted                                 Not required
Westminster NHS,        economic regeneration that Crossrail brings to
Primary Care Trust      Westminster and note potential benefits that this will bring
                        to the health of our population.
15 September 2008
                     b) Welcome points made on noise and air quality throughout         Noted                                 Not required
                        the document and agree that these are health risks both
                        for our resident and commuter populations.

                     c) Principal pollutant is traffic. Several health care premises,   Agreed, and issue exacerbated         Not required
                        where there will be patients with existing respiratory          by running of diesel train engines.
                        disease and particularly susceptible to poor air quality, are   The Environmental Minimum
                        likely to experience high levels of traffic congestion          Requirements should ensure
                        particularly from HGVs which usually run on diesel a key        levels to not exceed impacts
                        pollutant.                                                      considered in CRL‟s
                                                                                        Environmental Statement. There
                                                                                        may also be a decrease in air
                                                                                        pollution levels when Crossrail
                                                                                        opens, though a temporary
                                                                                        increase during construction is

                     d) Note increased dust risk in the west of the borough.            Noted                                 Not required

                     e) Anticipate raise in number of injuries that would require       Noted                                 Not required
                        local health care and would expect that these may be
                        treated at the central London A&E departments at
                        University College Hospital Trust and Imperial College
                        Healthcare Trust as well as the walk in centres at Soho
                        and Victoria.
Respondent           Comments                                                          Officer Response                     Change to Draft Brief
                     f) Assume strong health and safety practices would mitigate       Crossrail will be asked to engage    Not required
                        these as far as possible. Would welcome involvement in         in this process.
                        the development of any major incident plans around the

                     g) W2 Health centre will be affected with risks of poor access,   The community liaison meetings       Not required
                        transport issues, noise, vibration and dust. Assume local      provide a platform for concerns to
                        GP practices will have had the opportunity to comment on       be raised. The Environmental
                        the aspects of the Crossrail development that will             Minimum Requirements will
                        specifically affect their service.                             minimise impacts and set
                                                                                       standards for enforcement and
Robert Paris,        a) Documents provide useful information and guidance on           Noted                                Not required
Crossrail London        WCC‟s aspirations for the redevelopment of Crossrail and
Rail Links Limited      will assist CLRL as it takes forward detailed design of
(CLRL) – (Now           Crossrail works.
subsidiary of
Transport for        b) Parliamentary process gave assurance for the Nominated         Noted and included in brief.         Assurance quoted in full.
London and              Undertaker to have regards to the provisions of the
renamed Crossrail       Planning Briefs, where they are relevant, when preparing
Limited CRL)            technical submissions to the Council under the Bill save
                        that –
15 September 2008
                          In relation to schedule 7 submissions only applies so
                           far as those grounds are relevant to the permitted
                           grounds of refusal.
                          Upon consulting with CLRL the Council has properly
                           had regard to any observations or concerns expressed
                           to it.
                          Provisions do not apply to applications imposed by a
                           direction under paragraph 2 of Schedule 16 to the
                           Crossrail Bill with respect to the replacement concrete
                           batching plant at Paddington New Yard.

                     c) Assurance demonstrates that CLRL wishes to work with           Noted                                Not required
                        WCC to develop an effective series of planning briefs that
                        will facilitate the development of high quality stations
Respondent   Comments                                                          Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief
               through out Westminster.

             d) Taking in to account provisions of assurance CLRL look         Comments included where               Not required.
                forward to next revision taking full account of comments.      considered relevant.

             e) Text of brief should reflect the fact that the Bill has been   Brief has been amended – at the       Brief amended throughout
                enacted.                                                       time of writing the draft brief the   to make reference to
                                                                               Bill had not been enacted.            Crossrail Act (2008).

             f) 16 March 2007 CLRL response to Paddington Station              Noted                                 Not required
                Planning Brief remains valid and should be considered as
                part of the response.

             g) Clarity throughout brief now Bill enacted. Include the         Summarised Schedule 7 process Brief amended throughout
                permitted grounds that may be considered under the             and recognise Local Authority       to make reference to
                Crossrail Planning Regime and what relates to over site        powers are more limited.            Crossrail Act (2008).
                development and is to be considered under the Town and         However, not considered
                Country Planning Act.                                          appropriate to set out full details
                                                                               of what may be considered under
                                                                               the Act given that this is
                                                                               complicated and needs to be
                                                                               referred back to the detailed
                                                                               provisions set out in the Act. The
                                                                               planning brief sets out the
                                                                               council‟s considerations on all
                                                                               issues and should not be limited
                                                                               to only covering issues that can
                                                                               be dealt with under the Act. The
                                                                               brief covers the future
                                                                               development of this site whether it
                                                                               be by Crossrail or any other

             h) Paragraph 1.6 – does not fully reflect the undertaking that    Noted                                 Undertaking set out in full
                was given, in particular the exclusion of approvals under                                            in Section 1.
                Schedule 16 relating to the concrete batching plant.
                Reference should be included in full.
Respondent    Comments                                                        Officer Response                       Change to Draft Brief

              i) Paragraph 1.8 & 3.2 – relevant limits for Crossrail works    Noted                                  Section 1 amended to
                 authorised by the Act are the Act limits, not the                                                   refer to Act Limits. No
                 Safeguarding Limits. The Safeguarding Limits relate to a                                            requirements to amend
                 Crossrail Safeguarding Direction issued by the Secretary                                            section 3.
                 of State in January 2008 under the General Development
                 Procedure. No intention to update Crossrail Safeguarding

              j) Paragraph 2.11 – Nominated undertake will require            Noted                                  Brief amended to confirm
                 contractor to consult with the local authority when                                                 this.
                 determining suitable monitoring locations for determining
                 baseline noise levels for any relevant noise assessments
                 that they carry out.

              k) Paragraph 2.12 – works to construct portal will require      Noted                                  Brief amended to provide
                 construction of a new retaining wall at the Westminster                                             clarity that these works will
                 Academy site which will result in some loss of land from                                            take place. Details of land
                 the site. Design will require approval under Schedule 7.                                            taken and impact on
                                                                                                                     operations of Academy
                                                                                                                     added to section 5.

              l) Paragraph 3.5 to 3.9 – Reference to Parliamentary            Agree to delete detailed reference     Not required
                 process and undertaking should be deleted. No benefit in     to Parliamentary process given
                 referring to assurance again here – if do need to quote in   that the bill has been enacted.
                 full and provisions made explicit.                           Consider reaffirming the
                                                                              undertaking appropriate and it is
                                                                              not necessary to repeat the full
                                                                              undertaking given that it has been
                                                                              included in full in section 1 of the

             m) Paragraph 3.10 – Amend text to:                               Agree                                  Amended
                Enabling works will include:
                 Relocation of existing Network Rail maintenance
                   facilities, track works and signalling
Respondent   Comments                                                           Officer Response                   Change to Draft Brief
             n) Paragraph 3.13 – Reference to securing planning benefits        Do not agree. Whilst the            Not required
                should be deleted as the Crossrail Act does not allow for       Crossrail Act does not grant the
                the provision of planning benefits / planning gain.             provisions for securing planning
                                                                                obligations it does allow the
                                                                                imposition of conditions in
                                                                                accordance with the provisions
                                                                                set out in the Act. These include
                                                                                impact on visual amenity. This is
                                                                                the council‟s starting point for
                                                                                negotiations and is a material
                                                                                consideration in discussions given
                                                                                that it is a previous resolution of
                                                                                the committee.

             o) Paragraph 3.14 & 5.1 – CLRL currently considering where         Noted                              Brief amended to confirm
                the buses should be located during tunnelling works. On                                            that the extension will be
                completion of Crossrail works the extension to the existing                                        built following construction
                bus garage will be constructed and buses permanently                                               of crossrail. Brief still
                located there.                                                                                     states requirement for
                                                                                                                   details on any temporary

             p) Paragraph 3.15 – Amend to “ as currently designed a 310         Details superseded by note from    Brief amended in
                metre …”                                                        CRL dated 5th June 2009 setting    accordance with note from
                                                                                out details of construction.       CRL of 5th June 2009.

             q) Paragraph 3.15 – Text based on design described in the          Details superseded by note from    Details superseded by
                Crossrail Environmental Statement. Since then design            CRL dated 5th June 2009 setting    note from CRL dated 5th
                development has taken place and tunnel boring machines          out details of construction.       June 2009 setting out
                will be launched at the Royal Oak Portal not at the                                                details of construction.
                Westbourne Ventilation Shaft. Hence the cut and cover           CRL have confirmed that the
                structure will not be built. Thus we suggest deleting the       amendments to the scheme
                last sentence of the 1st bullet; and amending the first         remain within the limits of the
                sentence of the 2nd bullet to read “…..for the Royal Oak        impacts assessed in the original
                Portal and the Westbourne Bridge ventilation / escape           Environmental Statetment.
                shaft located approximately 300m to the east”; deleting the
                3rd bullet in its entirety and deleting the first sentence of
Respondent   Comments                                                       Officer Response                    Change to Draft Brief
               the 4 bullet point and amending the second sentence to
               read “The Royal Oak Portal would service the main

             r) Paragraph 3.23 – The lorry movements required for works     Noted. However CRL are yet to        Not required
                at Paddington New Yard were assessed in the Crossrail       confirm that the actual number of
                Environmental Statement (ES). Lorry routes are for          lorries will be as assessed in the
                approval under Schedule 7. Lorry numbers will be            ES following amendments to the
                provided for information only in a Lorry Management Plan    scheme. Notwithstanding the
                (LMP).                                                      limitations over what elements are
                                                                            for approval there is an
                                                                            agreement that these details will
                                                                            be discussed at the traffic liaison
                                                                            and included in the LMP which
                                                                            should be agreed by the council.
                                                                            The brief therefore remains a
                                                                            useful forum in which to set out
                                                                            the level of detail that the council
                                                                            requires in considering the impact
                                                                            of proposals. The brief is not
                                                                            written exclusively to deal with
                                                                            schedule 7 applications it sets out
                                                                            the council‟s considerations on
                                                                            the overall project.

             s) Paragraph 3.26 & 3.33 – Any landscaping will be             Noted                               Not required
                appropriate to the railway environment.

             t) Paragraph 3.27 – CLRL intend to construct extension to      Noted                               Brief amended to confirm
                the bus garage as soon as construction programme                                                this.

             u) Paragraph 3.29 – Works to construct portal will require     Noted                               Section 5 amended to
                construction of a new retaining wall at the Westminster                                         provide clarity on this
                Academy site which will result in some loss of land from                                        issue and set out
                the site. Design will require Schedule 7 approval. Design                                       considerations on impact
                on going.                                                                                       on operation of Academy.
Respondent   Comments                                                         Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief

             v) Paragraph 5.5 to 5.7 – CLRL confirmed release of 65           The brief sets out the council‟s      Not required
                Alfred Road to enable Transport for London to enter in to     position as reflected throughout
                negotiations for Great Western Studios to occupy the          the Parliamentary process. The
                property. Should these negotiations not be successful         council has taken effective steps
                CLRL is not bound to relocate the artists elsewhere. The      to ensuring Great Western
                brief should reflect this.                                    Studios secure alternative
                                                                              suitable premises.

             w) Paragraph 5.9 – Brief should recognise operation of a         Brief already acknowledges that       Amended to reflect it is
                temporary road served batching plant was assessed in          this proposals formed part of the     part of the Crossrail Act.
                Crossrail ES and that it has deemed planning permission       Crossrail Bill.
                through the Act.

             x) Paragraph 5.11 – The council will be consulted on the         Noted                                 Not required
                design prior to the submission of design details under the
                conditions that will be issued under Schedule 16 to the
                Act. Timing of consultation will be set by the Crossrail
                construction programme.

             y) Paragraph 5.23 and 5.26 – Turnback facility at                The council has continually           Not required
                Westbourne Park will not be a station. Any references to it   expressed a desire for a station
                being a station should be deleted.                            on this site and this was reflected
                                                                              throughout the Parliamentary
                                                                              process. In response to this
                                                                              petitioning point CRL advised the
                                                                              following and therefore reference
                                                                              will not be deleted from the brief:

                                                                              ‘The Bill does not preclude the
                                                                              provision of a future station at
                                                                              Westbourne Park which could be
                                                                              the subject of a future Transport
                                                                              and Works Act 1992 Order if
                                                                              necessary. The Promoter is
                                                                              willing to continue discussions on
                                                                              the issue with the City of
Respondent   Comments                                                           Officer Response                        Change to Draft Brief

             z) Paragraph 6.6 and 6.7 – Previously outlined via the             As stated above notwithstanding     Not required
                Planning Forum the information that will be provided with       the limitations over what elements
                submissions. Sections of traffic information taken from         are for approval there is an
                CLRL response to Paddington Station draft brief in 2007         agreement that detailed issues
                should be applied to the Paddington New Yard Brief.             will be discussed at the traffic
                                                                                liaison group. The brief therefore
                                                                                remains a useful forum in which
                                                                                to set out the level of detail that
                                                                                the council requires in considering
                                                                                the impact of proposals. The brief
                                                                                is not written exclusively to deal
                                                                                with schedule 7 applications it
                                                                                sets out the council‟s
                                                                                considerations on the overall

             aa) Paragraph 7.3 – Council will be consulted on design            Noted                                   Not required
               under the conditions issued under Schedule 16 to the Act.
               It should be noted that the Act does grant deemed
               planning permission for the silos of the height assessed in

             bb)     Paragraph 7.4 – Any reference to planning obligations      As above (n) above.                     Not required
               in relation to the bus garage extension should be removed.

             cc)    Paragraph 8.5 and 8.11 – CLRL already agreed with           Reference to the Crossrail              Not required
               local authorities its approach to noise and air quality. It is   Environmental Minimum
               not therefore considered appropriate to reopen these             Requirements and Crossrail
               issues. As this is a town planning document it is felt that      Construction Code are already
               the level of detail on these matters is inappropriate.           included. Given the work that the
               Paragraphs should be replaced with cross-reference to the        council is undertaking on
               Crossrail Environmental Minimum Requirements and the             developing both Noise and Air
               Crossrail Construction Code.                                     strategies it is imperative that this
                                                                                work is acknowledged in the brief.
                                                                                It is unreasonable to suggest that
Respondent           Comments                                                         Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief
                                                                                      reference to them should be
                                                                                      deleted. These strategies will set
                                                                                      out the council‟s position and
                                                                                      policies on both issues and given
                                                                                      that these are the main concerns
                                                                                      for residents during the course of
                                                                                      construction it is important that
                                                                                      CRL take them into consideration
                                                                                      and are aware that they are being

                     dd)    Section 9 – Schedule 7 does not allow for the             As (n) above. In addition the brief   Not required
                       provision of planning benefits. This section should be         has been written to address all
                       clear that the council will not secure items listed through    future development scenarios and
                       the Crossrail Planning Regime or be deleted.                   is therefore not exclusive to

Attachment from      a) Remain seriously concerned that the detailed                  Noted                                 Revised brief refers to
CRL – Response to       requirements of the brief do not take account of the fact                                           enactment of Bill and
Paddington Station      that, if the Crossrail hybrid bill is enacted, it will have                                         powers to construct
and Environs draft      conferred planning permission.                                                                      Crossrail.
planning brief
                     b) Crossrail hybrid Bill makes provision for the authorisation   Noted                                 As (a) above
16 March 2007           of the Crossrail works, including the grant of planning
                        permission for those works, subject to the approval of the
                        relevant local planning authority to the matters of detail
                        reserved by Schedule 7 to the Bill.

                     c) Enclosed with the letter is an annex on submissions that      Noted                                 Not Required
                        will be required for Crossrail‟s works under the Bill in
                        relation to traffic and transport and the information which
                        Crossrail currently expects to provide at each stage.

                     d) Construction code includes requirements for the               Noted                                 Not required
                        submission of Traffic Management Plans and regular
                        liaison with Highways Authorities.
Respondent          Comments                                                         Officer Response                       Change to Draft Brief
                    e) Because the principle of the scheme does not need to be      Noted – comments made in                Not required
                       revisited and there are a series of submissions to be made respect of Paddington Station
                       to the council as the Highway Authority, the information     Planning Brief.
                       requirements listed in the draft Brief for Schedule 7
                       submissions are not appropriate. A table attached sets out
                       in general the traffic and transport submissions that are
                       required by the Bill, the capacity in which the council will
                       be considering the submission, the supporting information
                       that will be provided with the submission, and the grounds
                       on which the council may refuse to approve.

Carolyn Pepper,     No comments to make but would be grateful to be kept             Noted                                  Not required
CABE                informed of progress on the Planning Briefs.

17 September 2008

Paddington          a) Paragraph 1.9 – useful addition but would be useful to        Given changes in legislation the       Paragraph deleted.
Residents Active       have attention drawn to the sustainability criteria.          SPD no longer requires an
Concern on                                                                           individual Sustainability Appraisal.
Transport (PRACT)   b) Paragraph 2.11 – Endorse statement that it is essential for   CRL have confirmed that the            Brief amended to reflect
                       CLRL to carry out further base-line noise surveys. The        Nominated undertake will be            commitment.
22 September 2008      statement at the end needs strengthening. Perhaps “It is      required to consult with the local
                       essential that …”                                             authority when determining
                                                                                     suitable monitoring locations for
                                                                                     determining baseline noise levels
                                                                                     for any relevant noise
                                                                                     assessments that they carry out.

                    c) Paragraph 2.12 - Agree imperative for CLRL to provide         Noted                                  Section 5 amended to
                       clarification over the use of the land adjacent to the                                               include more details on
                       Academy.                                                                                             impact on Academy.

                    d) Clarity needed on location of siding from which trains will   Agreed. Clarity on detailed            Not required
                       be unloaded at night for the new batching plant and on        construction arrangements
                       means by which the trains will reach the siding and by        constantly being sought from
                       which locomotives will run around the train and propel it     CRL. Latest note does not
                       during the unloading process.                                 provide details on locations of
Respondent   Comments                                                          Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief
                                                                               sidings and this information
               In view of the future change in location of the siding and      should come forward as detailed
               given the potential to reduce noise nuisance to residents       design is developed. Reference
               at night, request that something is added about this matter.    to impact of noise on residents
               Not just clarification of the impact on the Academy, and on     covered in previous paragraphs
               the extent of reconstruction of the footbridge, that is         and the council will continue to
               required, but also that the opportunity should be seized to     work with CRL to ensure noise
               reduce noise nuisance to residents at night.                    nuisance is limited. CRL will be
                                                                               controlled by the Environmental
                                                                               Minimum Requirements which will
                                                                               seek to minimise impact.

             e) Paragraph 3.17 to 3.18 - Strongly agree that there must be     CRL have confirmed that they are      Brief amended to confirm
                sufficient train paths for the conveyor to operate             working with Network Rail to          that CRL are working with
                continuously without the need to continue using lorries as     secure sufficient train paths. The    Network Rail.
                well, to take out spoil or bring in aggregates, after the      council does not have control
                conveyor has come into operation (which should be as           over this process but will continue
                early as possible). Would like to see a stronger statement     to exert influence at the various
                this regard than just “urging” CLRL to work with Network       forums including the Paddington
                Rail to secure sufficient train paths. Don‟t either the City   Station Review Group and
                Council, the GLA or the Government have power to ensure        various Crossrail and Network
                that there are sufficient paths?                               Rail forums.

             f) Paragraph 3.20 - Scandalous that the construction              Agree                                 Not required
                methodology and site plans have not yet been shown to
                the City Council.

             g) Paragraph 3.23 - Support the querying and seeking more         Noted                                 Not required
                information about the present lorry estimates.

             h) Paragraph 3.28 - Agree that the information should be          Noted                                 Not required
                provided at an early date and trust that there will be
                consultation when it is received.

             i) Paragraph 5.9 - Support concern about the impact of the        Noted                                 Not required
                temporary batching plant, which will be entirely road
                served, and seeking information from CLRL on how this
Respondent   Comments                                                           Officer Response                  Change to Draft Brief
               impact will be managed.

             j) Paragraph 5.16 to 5.17 - Footbridge, on the Sustrans bid,       Noted – details of construction   Brief amended to reflect
                the manifold advantages of which are well described in          techniques and options unknown    the current status of
                5.16; we support the sentiments of the last sentence of         at this stage.                    proposals and to reflect in
                5.17 but shouldn‟t it be strengthened? More clarity is                                            more detail the complex
                needed about who is in the lead – who „bangs heads                                                nature of this project given
                together‟, if progress is not forthcoming. Your phrase in                                         the number of parties
                the last sentence of 5.17 “embraces the opportunity”                                              involved. Brief
                seems to imply only a subsidiary role for the City Council.                                       acknowledges CRL are
                Seek information about the technicalities; if there is to be                                      required to upgrade bridge
                a completely new bridge, can it be constructed (like                                              by 2017 but the council will
                Bishops Bridge) whilst the railway remains in operation –                                         work with all parties to
                perhaps alongside the existing bridge – or is it dependent                                        bring forward appropriate
                on a period when Paddington station has to be blockaded,                                          design and delivery at
                for other Crossrail reasons?                                                                      earliest opportunity.

             k) Paragraph 5.17 - Add: “It is imperative that the redesign       Agreed first half of suggested    Brief amended to reflect
                of the footbridge explicitly maximises protection against       paragraph included in revised     requirements.
                railway noise in Westbourne Park Villas and the rest of the     brief.
                conservation area. (See London Ambient Noise Strategy,
                and in due course Westminster‟s own Noise Strategy,
                which we hope we will contain a chapter on „railway
                structures‟.) The existing outline design creates a breach
                in the existing wall/noise barrier that would ruin the wall‟s
                effectiveness as a noise barrier: this is a design fault that
                needs tackling.”

             l) Paragraph 6.5 - Whilst agreeing Alfred Road should not be       Agree, brief reflects this in     Not required
                used by heavy goods vehicles, concerned about the               requirements for detailed
                implications of all access to the New Yard site being from      transport considerations.
                Great Western Road, in particular about diversions of
                heavy lorries through the residential Chippenham Road
                and Elgin Avenue (also see 6.6.2 of the brief).

             m)     Paragraph 6.6.2 - Agree that early implementation of        Noted                             Not required
               the conveyor system is essential.
Respondent   Comments                                                         Officer Response                     Change to Draft Brief

             n) Paragraph 7.3 - Request an addition about safeguarding        Agree                                Paragraph added to brief.
                amenity in the design of the new plant, on the following
                „Concerns raised at 5.17 about the need to assess and
                take steps to prevent the interaction of railway structures
                to create re-radiated noise (see LANS) apply to the
                concrete-batching plant. Tarmac, which has when required
                to do so applied quite advanced and imaginative
                landscaping measures at some of its new plants
                elsewhere, e.g. Heathrow Terminal 5, should be asked to
                incorporate appropriate noise-absorbent cladding/ up-to-
                date „green‟ roof and wall technology. Examples from
                France and Germany may assist. In this respect we
                believe that the City Council should aim high, dealing
                directly with Tarmac, and not be fobbed off by CLRL which
                has no incentive to see a high specification. Cross
                reference to 8.18-20, Green Buildings, Recycling &

             o) Request additional paragraph about public realm aspects       Noted any detailed scheme will       Reference to Westbourne
                of a new footbridge, which seems to lie best between          be considered against its impact     Passage Footbridge
                paragraph 7.4 and 7.5, on the following lines:-               on all areas surrounding the         included in list of public
                                                                              bridge.                              realm areas in section 7
               „Because the replaced footbridge creates a new cycle
               route and improved walking route, the expected change
               and intensification of use has implications for public realm
               improvements to the noise and air quality environment of
               the streets leading onto and off the footbridge. In the case
               of Westbourne Park Villas, the City Council and its
               partners in the footbridge improvements should commit to
               a serious investigation of parallel ways improve the public
               realm, by measures designed to materially improve the
               effectiveness of the existing barrier, the railway wall‟.

             p) Paragraph 8.1 - Is this the appropriate place to include      Noted but consider this could        Not required
                gardens, making the point that balconies and front            form part of the last bullet which
Respondent   Comments                                                        Officer Response                     Change to Draft Brief
               gardens provide both private and public amenity, being        refers to „amenities‟ which could
               part of the streetscape, and should be protected from         include gardens.
               noise and poor air quality?

             q) Paragraph 8.4 - Strongly support the need for consultation   Noted                                Not required
                on any “new adverse impacts” in excess of those in the

             r) Paragraph 8.5 - Omission on Figure 5. At the west end of     CRL confirmed detailed baseline      Reference to the need to
                Westbourne Park Villas, the West London Buddhist Centre      noise monitoring will be             consider rail and elevated
                should be inserted as a green dot (non-residential           undertaken in consultation with      noise levels added to brief.
                sensitive receptor). Also St Stephen‟s CE Primary School.    the council and this is reflected in
                                                                             the brief. The methodology for
               Residents in Westbourne Park Villas and Westbourne            carrying out the detailed studies
               Park Road advised that they suggest conducting a              goes beyond the scope of the
               detailed noise questionnaire, on a property-by-property       planning brief and it is not
               basis to include the most affected part of the Brunel         considered appropriate to include
               Estate, to establish how the different noise elements (road   this requirement here. Comments
               and rail noise sources, various) are perceived at different   will however, be passed to the
               locations in this complex noise environment. This could be    council‟s noise experts for
               very helpful in identifying appropriate monitoring points.    consideration.

               PRACT would support this. Would Westminster City
               Council support this initiative by residents on the south
               side of the site, ideally supplying expert help with the
               questionnaire or, preferably, take it into the programme of
               City Council actions as part of implementation of the
               forthcoming Westminster Noise Strategy?

               Need for more information about rail and elevated road
               noise should be mentioned in the planning brief either at
               8.5 or at 8.6.

             s) Paragraph 8.6 - Notwithstanding lengthy evidence on this  Noted.                                  Brief amended to
                in the House of Lords from their own noise expert, CLRL                                           strengthen section 8 as set
                and Department of Transport appear to think the only                                              out.
                noise assessment required is for Railway Noise Regulation
Respondent   Comments                                                          Officer Response   Change to Draft Brief
              purposes, which would determine noise insulation eligibility
              for construction noise. This is indicated in their (negative)
              responses to requests from Westbourne Park Villas RA for
              an assurance that they will comply with the END
              (Environmental Noise Directive), which is being
              implemented by DEFRA. There is a blanket commitment
              for Crossrail to comply with all legislation that is not
              explicitly exempted by the Bill, but there is danger that
              different timelines for the various authorities involved could
              provide a loophole for CLRL and others, e.g. Network Rail,
              DoT, train operators to evade their responsibility.

              It would therefore be helpful to strengthen paragraph 8.6.
              Suggested redraft for paragraph 8.6:

              „When carrying out further noise assessments – which, as
              outlined by CLRL‟s noise expert in evidence to the House
              of Lords Crossrail Select Committee, will assess
              cumulative noise from all sources – CLRL should have
              regard to the City Council‟s emerging Noise Strategy. The
              Council has been working to tackle noise pollution and has
              made a commitment to develop a noise strategy for the
              City. It is recognised that some noise problems are
              difficult to solve and are often beyond the Council‟s
              control, however the Westminster Noise Strategy will
              develop an integrated approach to reducing noise
              problems and improving the sound environment across the
              city. ”

              Then add something on these lines:-

              „The London Ambient Noise Strategy, with which CLRL is
              committed to comply, calls for boroughs to develop their
              own noise strategies. In doing so, the City Council will
              take account of new noise regulation and policy
              requirements that are anticipated through DEFRA under
              the EU Environmental Noise Directive, as well as
              developments in best practice elsewhere. The City Council
Respondent   Comments                                                          Officer Response                       Change to Draft Brief
               will take a long term view: this is necessary in view of the
               scale and duration of disruption that the construction of
               Crossrail will bring.‟

             t) Paragraph 8.7 - Sue Beaghan confirms that Noise Issues         Noted                                  Brief amended to reflect
                & Options Report will be published & consulted on                                                     current timetable.
                between end-September and November. Presume that
                the rest of the timetable will change accordingly.

             u) Need to point out that measures to mitigate both noise and     Noted                                  Brief amended to include
                air quality can often be combined – or rather, that                                                   reference to this under air
                mitigating one can often be achieved in such a way as to                                              quality.
                mitigate the other, especially by the use of physical
                barriers. The same point applies to 8.1 “Impact on

             v) Paragraph 8.17 – Refer to TfL‟s handbook „Inclusive            Agreed                                 Reference added in brief.
                Mobility‟ as the appropriate source of advice & guidance.

             w) Paragraph 9.1 to 9.5 - Support the need to obtain planning     Noted – however difficult to           Not required
                benefits, as listed in 9.5, from redevelopment of the sites,   require mitigation of existing train
                but in our view mitigation of existing train noise should be   noise given that this is not an
                added to the list, as also flowing from the complex of         impact of the development.
                developments, which include the railway land itself.

             x) Note on behalf of WPVRA:                                       Noted – ongoing discussions            Not required
                                                                               between parties. Could be
               WPVRA, with Westbourne Park Road (East) RA, would               considered at design stage.
               like to stage a design competition for the new footbridge.
               Jennifer Kyner, architect, at 70 Westbourne Park Road
               (has offered to arrange this. There are numerous
               architects/designers living and working in these two streets
               (now including Hamiltons, a large architectural firm that
               has taken over the old BR archive building on Porchester
               Road by Royal Oak station) who have expressed interest
               in taking part. If the Council would support this idea, which
               has longstanding local support, Ms Kyner thinks it may be
Respondent            Comments                                                         Officer Response                Change to Draft Brief
                        possible to unlock some top-up private sector and/or as
                        yet untapped public sector (possibly EU) funding.

                        Please note that this footbridge is used by, and has been
                        campaigned for by, a very wide socio-economic cross
                        section of the communities on both sides of the bridge: a
                        design competition would therefore provide a positive
                        community-building focus in line with the Sustainability

Elizabeth             a) Main concerns for Crossrail within Westminster largely fall   Noted                           Not required
Lightbourne,             outside of the scope of these documents. Main risk to
Environment Agency       groundwater is from piling, boring, excavation and
                         tunnelling work. These issues have / will be addressed in
23 September 2008        detail elsewhere.

                      b) For general construction of stations and other above          Noted                           Paragraph added on land
                         ground works would expect developers to follow Model                                          contamination
                         Procedures for the Management of Land Contamination
                         (CLR11), Planning Policy Statement 23, Groundwater
                         Protection 3 and Environment Agency Guidance on
                         Requirements for Land Contamination Reports. Planning
                         Briefs should include requirements for developers to follow
                         risk management provided in these documents and refer
                         to them for the type of information they require to assess
                         risks to controlled waters from the site.

                      c) The Local Authority can advise on risks to other receptors,   Noted                           Not required
                         e.g. human health.

Breda Daly, English   a) Sustainability Appraisal (SA) – Concur with council in the    Noted. Given changes in         SA deleted
Heritage                 identification of increasing pressure on built heritage       legislation the SPD no longer
                         resources as a significant sustainability issue.              requires an individual
7 October 2008                                                                         Sustainability Appraisal.
                      b) Support SA objective 13 in favour of cultural heritage and    As (a) above                    As (a) above
                         the historic environment. This objective is something of a
                         „belt and braces‟ approach but given significance of the
Respondent   Comments                                                            Officer Response                        Change to Draft Brief
               cultural heritage assets involved this is understandable
               and acceptable.

             c) Support SA objective 14 in favour of public realm and            As (a) above                            As (a) above
                street environment. Consider in context of the European
                Landscape Convention where it might strive to capture the
                concept of streetscape more overtly.

             d) No coverage of baseline information. English Heritage            As (a) above. Heritage assets           As (a) above
                would like to see specific identification of the heritage        are identified in all planning briefs
                assets that are to be impacted upon by the proposed
                planning briefs.

             e) Recommend relevant policies, programmes and baseline             As (a) above                            As (a) above
                information for the London Borough of Camden are
                included in the SA‟s where the sites border closely.

             f) Recommend reconsideration of the commentary sections             As (a) above                            As (a) above
                and conclusions of the SA‟s. Some of the information that
                would be more effective in the commentary, as an
                interpretation of the ratings included in the table, is in the
                conclusion. The conclusion would benefit from taking the
                opportunity to comment on the overall position set out by
                the commentary instead.

             g) Would welcome recognition in SA‟s of PPG 15: Planning            As (a) above. Requirement               As (a) above.
                and the Historic Environment and PPG 16: Archaeology             added to revised brief.                 Requirement added to
                and Planning. Paddington New Yard site must still be                                                     revised brief.
                evaluated for cultural heritage impacts in accordance with
                the European Directive on the Assessment of the Effect of
                Certain Plans and Programmes (the SEA Directive). This
                requirement necessitates the inclusion of PPG 15 and 16
                as part of that evaluation process. While the draft brief
                does contain reference to the proposed Great Western
                Railway World Heritage Site, it does not clearly set out
                what the impact of the planning brief will be on that site
                suggesting that SA has not as yet assessed this.
Respondent        Comments                                                          Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief

                  h) Helpful if the briefs clearly distinguish between what has     Detailed design proposals still not   Not required
                     been approved in the Act, what remains subject to              developed for each site therefore
                     Schedule 7 approval, and what is still subject to full         the council is not in a position to
                     planning permission.                                           clearly identify the various
                                                                                    aspects of proposals.

                  i) Support broad commitment to seek „high quality‟,               Difficult in the absence of clear     Not required
                     „appropriate‟ design, there is an opportunity within the       proposals for the site. The brief
                     briefs to give a more detailed steer as to how this could be   refers to relevant design policies
                     achieved.                                                      and the council would give more
                                                                                    detailed guidance as schemes
                                                                                    are developed.

                  j) Suggest amendments to paragraph 7.10 in relation to            Noted                                 Brief amended accordingly
                     archaeology and the need to take in to account the advice
                     of GLAAS, PPG 15 and 16 and the need for recording.

                  k) Paragraph 2.14 – refer to the „outstanding universal value     Noted reference already made in       Not required
                     and historical importance of the railway designed by           this section to outstanding
                     Isambard Kingdom Brunel.                                       historical importance.

                  l) Refer in section 4 to PPG 15 and 16 and forthcoming PPS        Noted.                                Included in section 4 and
                     15 as a material consideration.                                                                      section 7 of brief.

Giles Dolphin,    a) Overall approach of the draft SPD is supported from a          Noted                                 Not required
Greater London       strategic planning perspective. Number of detailed
Authority            matters that need to be addressed before the draft
                     document is formally adopted.
13 October 2008
                  b) Document should refer to Crossrail Act 2008 throughout.        Noted                                 Brief amended to refer to
                                                                                                                          Crossrail Act 2008

                  c) Amendments to the London Plan regarding Crossrail will         Noted                                 Reference to proposed
                     be published for consultation by the GLA. Full regard                                                alterations now issued for
                     should be had to these amendments once published.                                                    consultation in section 4
                                                                                                                          and 9 of the brief.
Respondent   Comments                                                          Officer Response                   Change to Draft Brief

             d) TfL welcomes amendments to planning brief.                     Noted                              Not required
                Acknowledge importance of ensuring planning process
                promotes delivery of Crossrail as a national imperative,
                similarly it should ensue that Crossrail is complementary to
                other transport and land use objectives.

             e) Clarity needed in brief as to permitted grounds that may be    List of undertakings and           List of undertakings and
                considered under the relevant Crossrail undertakings and       assurances included as an          assurances updated to
                assurances. In particular TfL will expect developers to        appendix to the brief.             reflect final list issued by
                make reasonable contributions towards delivering                                                  CRL in August 2008.
                Crossrail objectives.

             f) Should be noted all works associated with Crossrail have       Brief acknowledges permission      Not required
                been pre-agreed. Any reference to section 106 and              for Crossrail works. Response to
                financial contributions relates to either over-site            section 106 and Transport issues
                development or to bringing forward development sites in        as Crossrail (n) and (z) above.
                the vicinity of Crossrail stations, where a development will
                see a direct benefit from Crossrail. Also relevant to
                requirement to provide Transport Assessments.

             g) Scope of works for which London Underground is                 Not relevant to Paddington New     Not required
                nominated undertaker should be made clear.                     Yard site.

             h) Require Transport Assessments and Travel Plan where            Brief already sets out detailed    Not required
                planning permissions required. Documents should have           requirements under section 6.
                regard to highway and transport impacts. Reference to
                TfL best practice guidance should be made and
                developers will be expected to enter in to pre application

             i) Should be noted works under the Crossrail Act are              Included in brief.                 Not required
                governed by the Environmental Minimum requirements
                and Construction Code.

             j) TfL welcomes focus on pedestrian facilities and provision      Noted.                             Not required
                of new pedestrian routes. Supports using land use
Respondent   Comments                                                           Officer Response                    Change to Draft Brief
               process through conditions and section 106 process to
               seek improvements. Also expect contributions from
               oversite and surrounding development towards the
               maintenance and upgrade of the Strategic Walk Network.

             k) TfL support proposals to improve footway capacity               Noted                               Not required
                provided these do not prejudice the safe and effective
                operation of the road network and London Bus services.

             l) Support improvements to all street furniture in the vicinity    Noted – although no stations        Not required
                of station entrances, as part of associated public realm        proposed on the site subject to
                enhancements.                                                   this brief.

             m)     Future development will need to consider and                Noted                               Requirement included in
               contribute towards improvements to bus stop infrastructure                                           brief under section 6.
               and pedestrian routes to them within 400 metres of
               proposed development sites, including any instance where
               existing bus infrastructure may need to be moved.

             n) Design and location of cycle parking should be integral to      No station proposed on this site    Not required
                the redesign of the public realm and other street furniture.    comments not relevant.
                Brief should place more emphasis on cycling and cycle
                facilities generally including reference to TfL cycle parking
                standards. Urge the council to amend the brief to include
                both commuter and journey end, and work based facilities.
                All public realm and traffic safety improvements should
                take into account cyclists using the station.

             o) Noted the council has raised concerns over part and full    Noted                                   Not required
                closure of some pedestrian routes during construction. TfL
                will work closely with the council to ensure that impact of
                construction on pedestrians is mitigated and managed in
                an appropriate manner.

             p) TfL shares concerns regarding the condition of                  Noted and agreed. Will continue     Not required
                Westbourne Park Passage Footbridge. TfL would like to           to be discussed at the Paddington
                be consulted as plans for rebuilding the footbridge             Station Review Group which TfL
Respondent   Comments                                                            Officer Response                     Change to Draft Brief
               develop.                                                          attend.

             q) Brief demonstrates good understanding of the effects of          Noted                                Not required
                proposals on pedestrians. TfL agree provision of a
                pedestrian crossing to the north of the site should be
                considered in order to provide a safer crossing point.

             r) PERS assessment has been carried out in the Paddington           No station proposed on this site     Not required
                Station area. TfL would like to see this used for pedestrian     comments not relevant.
                improvements associated with the Crossrail station to
                address the issues raised in the PERS report.

             s) For over-site and surrounding development materials              Reference to use of rail and canal   Not required
                should be conveyed by sustainable means, for example             included in brief and impact on
                rail and water. Where required to travel by road, trips          traffic in the area considered in
                should be as short and few in number as possible, in             detail.
                accordance with London Plan policies 3C.25, 4A.3 and

             t) Urge council to promote use of the largest possible              Subject to details of number and     Not required
                vehicles to reduce number off individual trips.                  frequency of vehicles – details of
                                                                                 which are yet to be provided.

             u) Concrete batching plant facilities supported as these will       Noted                                Not required
                enable vehicle load consolidation to take place.

             v) Relationship with wider freight proposals and construction       Reference to use of rail and canal   Not required
                consolidation across London should be considered. In             included in brief.
                addition modern freight technologies should be
                investigated and used wherever possible.

             w) A construction management plan and a construction                Noted and the council would          Not required
                logistics plan as referred in the London Freight Plan should     require this level of detail under
                be submitted to TfL for over-site and surrounding                their own code of construction
                developments. Should be noted such documents are not             practice.
                required under the Crossrail Act. Plans should provide
                details of routing of construction vehicles, types of vehicles
Respondent   Comments                                                        Officer Response                      Change to Draft Brief
               expected, frequency and their expected time of arrivals
               and departures, and any temporally traffic management
               measures, which may be required during the course of
               construction. Movements of construction vehicles should
               be restricted outside the daytime working hours to
               minimise the highway and traffic impact.

             x) TfL may require financial contributions from the developer   Noted and list in section 9 already   Not required
                through section 106 and section 278 agreements in order      refers to transport mitigation
                to mitigate traffic and pedestrian impacts to the nearby     measures.
                Transport for London Road network when the full extent of
                impact is identified.

             y) All changes to the highway must be accompanied by            Noted and brief contains detailed     Detail requirement added
                robust and comprehensive transport assessments, which        section on requirements.              in to planning brief under
                should assess the highway and transport impacts on to the                                          section 6.
                nearby TfL Road Network, including A5 Edgware Road,
                A501 Marylebone Road and A40 Westway. This should
                be in line with the TfL Transport Assessment Best Practice

             z) TfL recommends inclusion of reference to the Traffic         Noted                                 Requirement added to
                Management Act and the Network Management Duty and                                                 brief.
                the need for notification of schemes and works on the TfL
                Network and the Strategic Road Network. Such
                notifications are not statutory requirements under the
                Crossrail Act.

             aa)     Relocating the existing Westbourne Park garage and      Agreed                                Not required
               taxi depot before Crossrail works begin should be handled
               carefully and disruptions kept to a minimum during

             bb)   Lord Hills Bridge / Harrow Road is a major transport      Noted and as CRL is part of the       Requirements added to
               node used by buses and London Underground which               TfL group this information should     brief under section 6.
               should be left operating during the works if possible.        be provided directly.
               Buses should be notified of any closures and diversion
Respondent   Comments                                                            Officer Response   Change to Draft Brief
               routes in advance of the works. TfL request a construction
               programme and consultation on traffic management
               arrangements along Lord Hills Bridge and discussion of
               any traffic diversion on bus routes.

             cc)    The GLA family and the council will discuss the              Noted              Not required
               approach to planning obligations for the over-site and
               surrounding developments, including contributions for
               transport infrastructure (including delivery of Crossrail
               objectives) and other urban realm improvements.

             dd)    The London Plan amendment on Crossrail will                  Noted              Amended as (c) above.
               provide guidance on funding for Crossrail and on
               contributions for transport mitigation and improvements in
               the vicinity of Crossrail stations. This point should be
               clearly stated within the planning brief.

             ee)    Reference should be made to London Plan policy               Noted.             Section 8 amended to give
               4A.1 in particular to requirement to make fullest                                    more detailed guidance on
               contribution to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate                          sustainability.
               change and to minimise emissions of carbon dioxide; and
               energy hierarchy of using less energy, in particular
               adopting sustainable design and construction measures;
               using energy efficiently, in particular by prioritising
               decentralised energy generation; and using renewable
               energy. Document should also make reference to policy
               4A.7 which requires a 20% contribution to carbon
               reduction where feasible.

             ff) Crossrail represents an opportunity for developing district-    Noted and agree.   Paragraph added in
                 heating infrastructure in London as the tunnels could carry                        section 8 to reflect this.
                 insulated hot water pipes. Project provides an opportunity
                 to develop a significant district-heating network in London,
                 by installing pipes into the tunnel or is walls, as has been
                 done in other cities. Buildings on top of and around
                 stations would be in a privileged position to take their heat
                 from such a system. As such the proposed or expected
Respondent   Comments                                                             Officer Response                    Change to Draft Brief
               development associated with Crossrail stations should be
               designed to connect to a larger district heating network in
               the future, specifically through the use of communal
               heating networks (Policy 4A.6).

             gg)    Crossrail project represents an opportunity for ground        Noted and agree.                    Paragraph added in
               source heating and cooling. Development associated with                                                section 8 to reflect this.
               Crossrail stations should look to optimise the opportunity
               afforded by the Crossrail project. This does not preclude
               the development using any other type of renewable energy
               technology that is suitable for the site. The use of ground
               source heating and cooling would also have to be
               integrated into the communal heating networks.

             hh)     Current proposals indicate limited or no scope for           Noted – However specific London     Not required
               additional space for other uses other than the extension of        Plan policies are not required to
               the bus garage, the concrete batching plant and provision          be repeated throughout the SPD.
               of turning area for trains terminating at Paddington.              Reference to the London Plan is
               Aspirations to achieve high quality design of these new            made in section 4 quoting all
               facilities is supported and reference should be made to            relevant policies is unnecessary
               London Plan design principles for a compact city (Policy           duplication.

             ii) Draft brief is consistent with London Plan policy 4A.20 on       Noted                               Not required
                 noise. As Crossrail proposals proceed, the council should
                 explore opportunities to ensure that the operational noise
                 from Crossrail itself, and noise from other developments
                 on the site, is mitigated to a high standard. If this is done,
                 coupled with the planned replacement of locomotives on
                 the existing railway lines with quieter models, the
                 possibility exists to achieve an overall improvement in the
                 nois environment for local residents. The planned
                 Westminster Noise Strategy should further assist in this

             jj) Approach and references made to air quality are                  Noted                               Not required
Respondent   Comments                                                           Officer Response              Change to Draft Brief
             kk)   Re-provision of accommodation for the current                Noted                         Not required
               occupants of Great Western Studios is supported.

             ll) Reference is made to an additional station for public use      Noted however see Crossrail   Not required
                 linked to the turn back facility at Paddington New Yard.       response (y) above.
                 The Act does not contain powers to construct a station at
                 this location and there are currently no proposals to do so.

             mm)    Broad approach of brief is supported.                       Noted                         Not required