Minutes by wanghonghx



                       Students’ Union Representative Council
                                           January 10 , 2010
                                    Students’ Union Council Chambers

Council called to order at 7:02

1. Role Call
Present: Ms. Lindsay Pearl (BI), Mr. David Faour (CH), Mr. Michael Cadegan (LC), Mr. Adam Hunter
(AR), Mr. Sandy MacIntosh (P), Ms. Sheryl MacAuley (VP), Ms. Alex Gosselin (VPSR), Mr. Aaron Flynn
VPAE), Ms. Sarah Furey (VPCO), Mr. Alex MacIssac (AR), Ms. Alexa Minechello (VPUS), Ms. Tricia
Brosha (OC), Ms. SungHye Yun (IN), Mr. David MacDonald (OC), Ms. Danielle Levesque (BI), Mr. Sam
Mason (SC), Mr. Andrew Litke (SC), Ms. Ashley Fletcher (ED), Ms. Jenna Kyte (OC), Mr. Patrick
MacAloon (VPF), Ms. Kelly Alyward (GN), Mr. Jordan MacKenzie (UC), Mr. Matthew LeMoine (FY),
Rory Campbell (VPCP), Mr. Behrang Foroughi (FA), Mr. John Beaton (AD).

2. Opening Remarks of the Chair of Council
Mr. FAOUR (CH): Welcome back for the first meeting of 2001 and to those in the gallery. We have a big
month happening with the election and we have a big topic tonight. Moving along …

3. Review of Minutes
Mr. HUNTER (AR): I move to accept the minutes from last meeting.
Seconded by Mr. McKENZIE (UC)

Motion to accept the minutes from last meeting carries unanimously; 17 ayes.

4. Business Arising

Mr. MACINTOSH (P): I move to move Dr Riley’s presentation to after the executive reports.
Seconded by Mr. LeMOINE (FY)

Motion to move Dr. Riley’s presentation to after the executive reports carries unanimously; 17 ayes.

Mr. MACINTOSH: One more thing, I move to, under New Business and Donations Requests, strike
Seconded by Ms. LEVESQUE (BI)

Motion to strike Ringette carries unanimously; 17 ayes.

5. Constituency Reports
Ms. PEARL (BI): Good evening everyone, for the past week the business society has been busy planning,
planning curling and business clothing. ACE is planning a banquet in March with a speaker from WestJet.
New project called Pocket Change to have money for high school student.

Mr. MASON (SC): Bake sale for nutrition society. Discovery channel quoted StFX prof, check out
discovery news .com. UPAC, opportunity for undergrads to look at what other people are doing around the
province, focus on physics.

Mr. LITKE (SU): Pre med, from what I have mentioned before still working on endowment of ten thousand
dollars to prepare for exams and interviews. Interviews start end of January, pre vet as well, two to three
faculty members on panel. Planning a pot luck and a revamp of website, looking for help, tour of Sir
Charles Tucker building to allow students to see it, Doctor Demont for contact. Student has complained
about class room, and so I it is being looked into. Coordinate tutors especially in Physics

Ms. FLETCHER (ED): Pretty quiet, been talking to Amy [Brousseau, RO] about the Education Councillor

Ms. YUN (IN): There was a social in Governor’s for new students.

Ms. ALYWARD (GN): Not much, Proctors are planning a combined event.

Mr. MACKENZIE (UC): Not much, excited to be back, in touch with res, and hope new event

Mr. CADEGAN (LC): Burke is focusing on Burmac and a positive countdown Fraser, events for Laser and
house clothing. Plessis, world juniors. Cameron Hall, Two Years Eve. MacDonald, organising charity
events, hockey and poker. Chillis, movie night, breakfast

Mr. MACISSAC (AR): English society, upcoming conference, to show works, applications due 25 th of

Ms. BROSHA (OC): Not much for off campus, OLC are planning a dinner, January 14

Mr. LEMOINE (FY): Since last meeting frosh came home and then they came back. Lots of excitement, 4th
floor boys planned world juniors, First wing night for frosh who were 19, Plaskett too, out of province love
him. AUT interest frosh, overall people are happy to be back

6. Executive Reports

Mr. MACINTOSH (P): Two quick things to add, more training for council, with Dave [Faour] for the new
year. Thursday with ANNSA to meet with premier, and education

Vice President Executive
Ms. MACAULAY (VP): Wanted to make an addition, meeting with the administration, we are looking for a
meeting with the president of AUT and then the council.

VP Finance
Mr. MCALOON (VPF): No additions

VP Activities and Events
Mr. FLYNN (VPAE): Plaskett, the Inn was a huge success, and thanks for coming out

VP Communications
Ms. FUREY (VPCO): Inn is doing awesome, TZE is coming next Friday, in the world of communications,
server on campus, big move for the Union. Working with TSG, hosting new election system, still testing,
anyone who wants to get involved please do. Looking for election bloggers as well. New website is gonna
launch at the end of January

Mr. MASON (SC): Who is coming Friday?

Ms. FUREY (VPC): Trans Atlantic, they’re a band from Stephenville, NL. They live in yellow house on
Hawthorne street, it’s gonna be awesome.

VP Student Relations
Ms. GOSSELIN (VPSR): Correction – three month plan, and riverly are not the same thing. More
programming, in regards to raunch culture and slander in the hockey. Burmac meeting, with HP VP HD and
coaches. Stance of U on that. Focus on the positive nature of MAC and Burke. Stop violence Facebook
group. Sandy and I will be visiting the house councils. Available to every house cup. Other then that
business as usual, on campus affairs Monday, and no house points yet.

VP Union Services
Ms. MINICIELLO (VPUS): Food bank is open tomorrow, councillors spread the work, off campus living
promotion, so that students know what to do to deal with going off campus

VP Campus Police
Mr. CAMPBELL (VPCP): Two quick things, meet with Chris McSween, mandatory coat check at the Inn
security issue. Wednesday and Friday busy but all good. Flynn, thank you for all your help.

11. Special Report from Dr Sean Riley, St FX University President
Mr. FAOUR (CH): Moving along, I would live to invite Dr Riley to give his presentation.

DR. RILEY: With your permission may I squeeze up there?

Thank you very much Mr Chair and very pleased to meet with you after snappy and up beat reports
Had a meeting earlier I had a meeting with the executive so I thought it would be good to meet in front of
council to give a sense of the landscape and to give a sense of where the administrations head is to make it
informal, and to answer questions

Landscape, in your agenda it refers to faculty-administration negotiations, but this is all full time faculty.
This includes lab instructors, nursing, librarians, part time, groups who were part of last collective
agreement three years ago. This makes for more complexity, and so the different groups vary and so it is
not a simple negotiation. The landscape is conciliation, which was jointly applied for, appeal to the minister
of the province. A conciliator is someone who moves both parties to an agreement as soon as possible, it is
not mediation, the conciliator is trying to move the parties together. The AUT and the admin, were of the
view that negotiations were not going fast enough, there were many meetings prior to the conciliators, and
were very far and there were lots of issues still on the table. There are meeting schedule with the
conciliators, 14th 15th and 16th of January. It is not closed in process, and after these meetings there is a
variety of discussions, breaks, and then more work, or the conciliation is broken, and it is not time
determined. The fundamental determination, the basic concept, it is much better for student, the university,
to conclude the agreement through the conciliators. It’s in the best interest of all those at the table and most
definitely students. It is my view to push for a result, as quickly as possible. The good landscape is to take
the time it takes, and then we get an agreement and we move on. I have been asked what happens if it
breaks down, the practical answer, the big if, there is roughly a 14 day time period, in which the conciliator
is to make a, to my knowledge a published report, but unsure, and then the parties give notice to either
strike or do other things. The intent is to do whatever can so that both parties reach an agreement

We are in negotiation, and we are taking so much time, and this is related to a whole series of things, not
just one issue. We are in a position over the last couple of weeks, and have sifted through all the items and
see where the give and take is and it is very hard in public form to go through everything. I will answer any
question the best I can. So perhaps with that I will stop there.

MR. FAOUR (CH): How this will work, is that there will be a speakers list. Gallery, catch the eye of a
councillor. Are there any questions for Dr. Riley?

MR. MACDONALD (OC): On behalf of Off Campus, I have a question. Do students have any power to
make this happen faster?

DR. RILEY: I think the reality is that we are trying to get it done with negations and without hysteria. The
tradition of X is solidarity and determination, In the past we have negotiated a settlement. Students have the
right to take whatever views the see appropriate. Through student council, more structured was to go.
Students are the core of the university. We have two revenues, government and tuition. The way to take
action is through the representatives.
MR. HUNTER (AR) yields the floor to Dan Hindmarsh.

Mr. Daniel Hindmarsh (Gallery): I have three questions. First, if there is a strike, will tuition be refunded?
Second, what about people graduating this year? Finally, what are the issues of contention?

DR. RILEY: First of all your question assume the very worst scenario, and we have seen at other
institutions students as victims in the process. I don’t see that as the probable scenario. There is ever
probability that we will get this solved and grad will not be compromised. I would be very disappointed it
we didn’t go there. The other party feels the same way.

Issues, what are they, there are a series of issues that are confidential, and the financial and sometimes they
cross over. Here I have to talk from the administration. We are in a 3 year agreement. One of the statements
of fact this year and next year we have a pretty good idea of revenue. We know what year one and two look
like. Year three we have two issues. We don’t know what is going to happen when the MOU [Memorandum
of Understanding between the Nova Scotia Government and Nova Scotia Universities] runs out and student
enrolment. We have some idea or year one and two, but we are cautious for year three, and so we think
government will not be giving the way that it has. We have a pretty good picture on two-thirds of that. The
argument is yes, but we can reallocate spending into other university spend, but we have a whole series of
other groups, who have a stake in how things are shaped and other things.

If there are more questions, I will answer them the best I can. There are money issues and non-money
issues, we have only two sources of revenue.

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS) yields the floor to a member of the gallery.

Gallery Member: How transparent will be conciliation be?

DR. RILEY: Take my answer in a non negative way, there will be no transparency. The conciliator will be
very negative to those who rush out of the room and tell what is happening around campus. If you tend to
hear nothing, it’s positive. If you get to the next phase then transparency doesn’t exist because you have to
tell people what has happened.

MR. LITKE (SC) yields the floor to a member of the gallery.

Gallery Member: Do both parties want binding arbitration?


MR. MACDONALD (OC): Are there any main non-financial issues, that are a big part of the

DR. RILEY: I am going to have to be careful, I can’t pick some and not others. Some of the cross over is
what type of arrangements apply across which groups. There are a couple of issues, non faculty groups that
have specific issues, and so we are trying to deal with each category of issues, I’ll stop there.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Are there any other questions?

MR. MACISAAC (AR): What happens to students during a strike?

DR. RILEY: It’s responsible to ask what if. Important to think what kind of questions students should have.
I would like council to feel that we are not cavalier; we are trying to be clear and aware of the timeframe
that students are concerned about. I cannot throw just anything on the table. The big job is the negotiated
issue. We are thinking about it, and that each relevant groups, what do we have to think about, from library
support etc. we are trying to look at what went wrong and right in other places. My focus is an “we are in
this together” approach. This is of no help to the university, we are out recruiting students. If everyone in
this room turns out really annoyed by lack of understanding and thoughtfulness, it’s not going to help the

MR. MACINTOSH (P): From the U point of view, we are looking at the academic success of all students,
we don’t want to pass this off lightly but we want to transparent. Plan for the worst, but hope for best. We
don’t want the worst to happen, but it’s our job, to step up our game, to give opportunity for students to stay
on top of studies, stet up study groups, tutors, heighten campus activities, so they don’t fall behind, in
studies and social life. When we find something we can tell you we will tell you about, check theU.ca or
letters from me in the future

MS. FUREY (VPCO): How are we going to feel the effect of the change?

DR. RILEY: I would like to keep what Sandy just mentioned in mind. Both parties have the interest of
students in mind. Faculty care about student success, we can about students getting off track, stay on the
academic track; don’t plan for disruption, that’s not going to happen. Sarah’s question was what happens
after you reach an agreement. Financial year ends March 31st so not much change, we know the revenue for
next year. Their real question is where we are two or three years out. Government over the last two years, if
funding was a 50/50 split, they put in a 5% up and another 5% so there is additional money. Budget went
up 10% from last year. When we look out to year three, is government going to do the same thing, I would
be happy, if they did, but it’s uncertain. You have commitments and agreements with other groups on
campus, but you have to look at the whole system. There’s nothing significant in this year.

MS. BROSHA (OC) yields the floor to Dan Hindmarsh.

Mr. Dan Hindmarsh (Gallery): Obviously students are quiet concerned. We do have to talk about other
universities, how have students handed that?

DR. RILEY: There is information on that from other sources. In other universities, work stoppages have
been a disruption. I understand the concern, and there is information, of the worst case, middle case. My
goal and my whole orientation, sees it as a negative if we came even near those negative situation. The
probability of students getting their term in is very high. Plan for things to work, rather then not to work.
We have a lot of motion in the situation. I would not plan, as a student, for the worst case scenario. It’s ugly
and not good for anybody

MS. AYLWARD (GN): What happens at the end of 14 days?

DR. RILEY: Worst case nothing works. You might get through the 3 days, and the conciliator, says are we
close enough to keep these negotiations going. 3 weeks minimum. If we reach an agreement we get back to
normal. These types of sessions are helpful. The rumour mill is full of everything. Could we have a strike
on Monday, can the university do this or that, no it’s illegal.

MR. FAOUR (CH): That’s all the time we have, but on behalf of Council and the Gallery, I want to take
time to thank Dr Riley.

7. Review of Strategic Plan

Ms. MACAULAY (VP): What this is, basic points, in the plan in what you might find in council up to
come. So for our first goal: Environmental house challenges. Chillis won the house challenge to reduce
energy. Students’ Union won as award for Antigoclean. Props to Alex. Two, new U.ca, content, increase
the knowledge, stuff for new members. Three, executive to review their departments, budgets,
honorariums, etc complete by meeting this week for new Pres/VP. Four, we have changed length of time,
it’s now three weeks, this means the Pres/VP have more time to hire Executive, and the current executive
have more time to transitions. Allows for more hiring of sub executive. Five, facultyand admin
negotiations, once we have discussion AUT we will take stance and then present to Council. Not presented
tonight, because want both sides before taking stance. Six, student advocates get more training. Seven,
Credibility of the U. VP CP mid year evaluations, all reports were generally positive.
Mr. CADEGAN (LC): Advocates only?


Ms. MINICIELLO (VPUS): If any of you, are on Appeal and Discipline, any input is good. Sean Ryan is
going to give suggestions.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): Will the role change with the new Dean of Students?

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): Director of Student Life. Who is the main liaison for the advocates? That is
the question. The VP of Recruitment. Keith?

Mr. PUBLICOVER (Gallery): It’s a name change and there is some shifting, but the discipline is governed
by senate and so they would have to change to process. They would have to approve. The day to day
administration and support of advocates, judicial affairs officer, will take bigger role. He was new last year,
this year much more experienced.

MS. MACAULAY (VP): Where was I? Any more questions? Goal 2.5 credibility- mid year training
By law and policies are updates and can be found in the council office. Goal 8, key stakeholders, Sean
[Riley] and Keith [Publicover] are even here tonight, Senior Executive meeting. Goal 9 excel in services,
promotion of things like nutrition, sexual health etc, X helpline. New skating rink on football field.

Ms. KYTE (OC): What’s the timeline on that [the skating rink]?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): It’s being built, right now, we are thinking end of January or start of February,
weather permitting, we will look at programming, with Flynn.

MS. MACAULAY (VP): Free yoga as well last term. Nutrition, and promotion of student food bank. So
goal 4, to improve connection to students, volunteer bank, campus and community, on the new U.ca,
publicity of positions, Union 101, for people who want to know more about the Students’ Union.

MR. LEMOINE (FY): Is that going to talk about every positions, like councillors?

MS. MACAULAY (VP): Kinda like training week, power point, but time for Q&A, encourage people to

MR. MASON (SC): How would the volunteer list be different from X-Army?

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): It’s not just with the U, but for all of the community, and what to do for the

Mr. MACISAAC (AR):Doesn’t Service Learning do that?

MS. MACAULAY (VP): That’s more distinct, but it will be availability, and it would be clear what was

Mr. LEMOINE (FY): Yield to Dan. Dan: Is there time for the future to promote all issues, maybe earlier?

MS. MACAULAY (VP): Came up at Christmas, so we;re already out of time, but we will suggest to
incoming Pres/VP.

Mr. CADEGAN (LC): Will it be hosted at a time that all students to go to it?

MS. MACAULAY (VP): 6:30 – 7pm start, not at noon. Marketing team is working on it. The U file server,
file naming system, councillors are using it. Access for students with new website. Increased involvement
in ANNSA/CASA. Alexa and Sandy have been doing a good job. Any other questions?

Ms. GOSSELIN (VPSR): Maybe councillors can work to get the word out on Senate.

MR. MASON (SC): Senate sets would be in Spring?


Mr. MACISAAC (AR): Are nomination closed?

Ms. TAYLOR (Gallery, CRO): Nominations are closed, and they will be elected on yes/no, we’ll run it with
the councillor. Extending the nomination doesn’t help. Senate seats will be filled in Spring.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): Why not move it?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): I think the way that it is right now in the general, if people are interested they will
go for it. I would like to have them now, but don’t want to have it only in spring, because if all the seats
aren’t full senate meetings don’t happen.

Ms. TAYLOR (Gallery): Marketing, and also the info sessions will help.

MS. MACAULAY (VP): Refer to by law and policy committee and then present to council.

8. Faculty Advisor's Report

No remarks.

9. Student Union Administrator's Report

No remarks.

10. Committees

No committees met or have anything to present.

11. Unfinished Business

CP Manual

MR. MACDONALD (OC): Made avaibable to all councillors, 40 pages, backbone to CP force. I move to
adopt the CP manual as presented.
Seconded by MR. MACISAAC (AR).

MR. CAMPBELL (VPCP): Taken from manuals in the past and suggestions, approved by Campus Police
commission in the summer.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): This might not be the end of us looking into the manual. Dean of Students is
getting a name change, wait and see. Director of Student life, it’s not just a title change, and so as it
evolves, we might have to change the manual

MR. MACISAAC (AR): I’ll represent it too you when we get it.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): We voted on the current one as you read it.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Any further debate?
Motion to adopt the CP manual as presented carries unanimously; 17 ayes.

12. New Business

Election Bylaws

MS. MACAULAY (VP): I move that we suspend the Bylaw in the Elections Act, Sub-Section 4,
Article 6 only for the President during the General Election and only to include the Board of
Governors Candidacy.
Seconded by Mr. MACDONALD (OC):

MS. MACAULAY (VP): Sandy is looking to run as BOG for rhis election. Difficult to be in election when
he technically can’t run.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Any further questions or debate?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Yields floor to Jamie Roberts.

MR. ROBERTS (Gallery): Is this parliamentary?

MR. FAOUR (CH): With a 2/3rds majority, it is allowed.

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): Looking right now.

MR. FAOUR (CH): This rule was put into place, because perceived alliances can cause problems. I was
fairly sure that we had made an exception for people who are actually running, however this was obviously
not the case.

MS. FUREY (VPCO): If the President ran again, it would be silly for the President to step down to run for
what he already stands for.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): Yields floor to Sandy Macintosh.

MR. MACINTOSH (Gallery): Right now if anyone has come to ask me questions I do try to fill them in, all
candidates, so that whoever gets into this position. I won’t be stepping down as president because the loss
would be greater.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): Can you reread the original bylaw?

MS. MACAULAY (VP): “The Students’ Union President, Vice President Executive, Chair of Council,
Deputy Chair and Returning Officers shall abstain from any partisanship at all times.” [Elections Act, Sub-
Section 4, Article 6]

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): You can suspend bylaw that has to do with regular business, however,
standing rules can be suspended . . .

MR. FAOUR (CH): Should council take a 5 minute recess?

MS. BROSHA (OC): Yield floor to Dan Hindmarsh.

MR. HINDMARSH (Gallery): I want Sandy to run, but I question if this is the right bylaw to be

MS. MACAULAY (VP): First you said amendment, it’s actually a suspension. This was passed in this
Motion to take a 5 minute recess is taken.

MS. AYLWARD (GN) moves to take a 5-minute recess.
Seconded by MR. LEMOINE (FY).

Motion to take a 5-minute recess carries unanimously.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Call to order. Alright, so according to Roberts’ Rules of Orders, this motion is not
allowed. Clause needs to provide its own suspension, which it doesn’t.

Motion to suspend the Bylaw in the Elections Act, Sub-Section 4, Article 6 only for the President
during the General Election and only to include the Board of Governors Candidacy is dismissed:
violates Roberts’ Rules of Order.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): Just checking, do we need to follow Roberts’ Rules?

MR. MACISAAC (AR): Committee should have made a clause.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Because it is now not a motion, subject is dropped.

MS. MACAULAY (VP): This needs to go to Bylaw and Policy.

MR. FAOUR (CH): I have something that my work. We can suspend rules of order, which would include
the bylaw which says we need to wait three weeks [to pass an amendment to the bylaws], so we could pass
an amendment tonight.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): I move to suspend the rule of order for the three week wait period.
Seconded by MS. PEARL (BI).

MR. HUNTER (AR): Yields time to James Roberts.

MR. ROBERTS (Gallery): It’s a bylaw, that notice must be given in the form of one meeting, or 24 days, so
you can hold a council meeting, you need more time.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): We are not allowed to suspend by laws but allowed to amend?

MR. FAOUR (CH): We are allowed to suspend bylaws that are of a nature of the rules of order.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): We need to amend it soon, very soon.

MR. FAOUR (CH): If it can be amended we need to find the next step.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): Is it still a suspension if we amend?

MR. FAOUR (CH): We could suspend it tonight. Are there any other questions as to what we’re doing?

MR. MCKENZIE (UC): How can anyone run ever?

MR. MACISAAC (AR): It’s a brand new bylaw this year.

MR. CADEGAN (LC): Ok for my own clarity, Pres/VP councillor, and so we need something.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Yes we need a clause to change this. Tonight we can pass an amendment tonight that
will change this and allow councillors etc to run.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): We are making a special case of this now, it’s a bit unfair.
MR. MACINTOSH (P): It’s specifically in the bylaws that if a Chair wants to run he/she has to step down.
We need to go to bylaw and policy.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): Why can’t we do what we wanted?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): I agree with Jamie [that we can’t suspend this bylaw]

MR. MACISAAC (AR): Yields floor to Jamie Roberts.

MR. ROBERTS (Gallery): Propose the amendment tonight, give 72 hours notice to councillors, and then
have a special meeting.

MS. BROSHA (OC): Yields time to Dan Hindmarsh.

MR. HINDMARSH (Gallery): It does seem to me, that the notice that the notion to suspend the bylaw, is a
rule of order and thus if it is suspended, an amendment could be put on the table for Sandy to run.

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): It’s a rule of business, so you can suspend the bylaw tonight, just trying to
find the definition [of rule of business].

MR. CADEGAN (LC): We have to amend the bylaws in 3 weeks?

MR. FAOUR (CH):3 weeks down the road would be after the election finished, and so we’d need to amend
the by law that does that soon.

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): 72 hours is realistic, and so we can have a special council meeting

MR. MACDONALD (OC): Just to make sure, what is still on the table, amending the 3 week rule

MS. PEARL (BI): Yields floor to Genevieve Taylor.

MS. TAYLOR (Gallery): Sam and Sandy are affected as per the elections act. Sandy is non-partisan, and so
cannot campaign for himself. Sam is to be officially neutral.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): Yields floor to Dan Hindmarsh.

MR. HINDMARSH (Gallery): How did this happen in the past?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): It didn’t. [This bylaw was new, passed this year]

MR. BEATON (AD): Councillors in the past resigned.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): That didn’t happen last year.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): Apologize on behalf of Bylaw and Policy

MR. FAOUR (CH): We are voting on Kelly’s motion.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): We need to vote if it’s a rule of order first to decide if we can amend the other

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): I think it’s up to the Chair, Jamie [Roberts], would you agree?

MR. ROBERTS (Gallery): Yes.
MR. FAOUR (CH): This has to do how we run council; it’s how we go about amending the bylaws. My
ruling is that this is a rule of order, and therefore can be suspended. Keep in mind that council can
challenge this ruling.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): So the original motion was what?

MR. FAOUR (CH): To suspend the bylaw which states we must wait 3 weeks to amend the bylaws. I think
we can do this, and if you don’t agree; council if you do not agree, you must make a motion to not go for

MS. BROSHA (OC): Define rule of order.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Rule of order is how the body is governed or run. The three weeks bylaw governs how
we amend the by laws. I think this is definitely a Rule of Order, but again, if council disagrees, you can
overrule me.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): The bylaws in general, could you define bylaws, because they cover a wide
variety of things, and I agree with Dave because it is in regards in hoe council operates and how council
does business. It’s doing a change or something day to day. Terms of References are day to day you know

MR. FAOUR (CH): “In general, the constitution or the bylaws – or both – of a society are the documents
that contain its own basic rules relating principally to itself as an organization, rather than to the
parliamentary procedure that it follows….” [Roberts’ Rules of Order]

MR. MACDONALD (OC): And just to clarify again, if we do determine if this is a rule of order, can we
suspend a rule of order?

MR. FAOUR (CH): Yes.

MS. LEVESQUE (BI): Call to question.

MR. FAOUR (CH): This vote needs two thirds to pass.

Motion carries unanimously; 15 ayes, 2 abstentions (MR. MACINTOSH (P) and MR. MASON (SC))

MR. MACDONALD (OC): Clarity is important, so sorry for dragging on.

MR. CADEGAN (LC): I thought that was a rule of order not a bylaw.

MR. FAOUR (CH): That bylaw is also a rule of order, there are different kinds of bylaws; some are rules of
order, some are not.


MS. MACAULAY (VP): I need some time to think about this [an amendment to propose].

MR. FAOUR (CH): Move to new business?

MS. AYLWARD (GN) yields the floor to Genevieve Taylor.

MS. TAYLOR (Gallery): Note to amendment, must look at Chair.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Look at point 6

MR. FAOUR (CH): The amendment will be moved to the end of new business.
Inn Upgrades

MR. MACINTOSH (P): [gives presentation on status of the Golden X Inn.] I move to allot $20 000
from the Students' Union GIC for upgrades to the Inn, and to place any revenue from the Students'
Union this year (The Inn, Activities Office, Clothing Store, Acadian Lines) into investments for the
Seconded by ???

MS. LEVESQUE (BI): How did this [the Inn’s $30 000 turnaround] happen?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Nothing really jumps out, mainly programming

MR. MACISAAC (AR): You’ll want to thank the Inn marketing team for sure.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): The business proposal from last year is being followed, programming, like jerseys
on the wall, all trying to make business boom. We also made a profit off Christmas Ball and X Ring.

MR. MCKENZIE (UC): What about Acadian Lines?

MR. BEATON (AD): They always make a fairly good profit.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): We’ll see. I just wanted to highlight the main changes. The clothing store has made

MR. MACALOON (VPF): Significant increase.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Good for you Danielle.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): Comparative numbers?

MR. MACALOON (VPF): We paid more salaries, but next year we won’t, sales were up $30 000.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): GIC-money outside of the budget, it’s an investment. It’s from previous councils,
so that future councils can use the money to improve Union services $23 000.

MR. MASON (SC): Would the investments go to the Students’ Union’s debt?


MS. LEVESQUE (BI): How much debt is the Union in?


MS. AYLWARD (GN): What’s the most expensive thing, why do you need so much?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): More aesthetic décor, the lighting needs to be changed.

MR. FLYNN (VPAE): The lighting is outdated, we would need new lines, contractors and all that.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): This is a good way to remind people that this is our bar, and that boost can help
with revenue even more.

MR. BEATON (AD): The current debt is $42 000.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): We’ll have to shut down the Inn, for construction, so can you expand on the

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Contractors would work so that the Inn would be open on for business night by
Wing Night. The TV at the bar is used for advertising, the lights would be interchangeable, for different
colours, shelves behind the bar. The poem will go where the current Keith’s sign is.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): So suspended from the ceiling?


MR. LEMOINE (FY): Any chance it could be come wet/dry?

MR. FLYNN (VPAE): It depends on the policy of the university. It’s in place to keep control, and the liquor

MR. MACISAAC (AR): I think it might make sense to amend the motion to say that $20000 be used for
the Inn and revenue is put in GIC.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Money can go 50/50 into debt.

MR. FLYNN (VPAE): The GIC can’t mature anymore.

MR. MCKENZIE (UC): Why do it now?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): If we can do it over three days I don’t think we should wait till the summer.

MR. FLYNN (VPAE): We need to change people’s perception of the Inn, and thus turn the great profit and
so the sooner the better.

MR. MASON (SC): I move to amend the motion so that profits from the Students’ Union is spilt
50/50 to GIC and debt reduction.
Seconded by MS. LEVESQUE (BI):

MS. LEVESQUE (BI): [Friendly amendment] Revenue should change to profit.

MR. FLYNN (VPAE): What is the interest on the debt?

MR. BEATON (AD): Take the money and spend it on the Inn then put the money back in the GIC .

MR. MASON (SC): So you agree?


MR. MACDONALD (OC): Future profit?


MR. CADEGAN (LC): Would you be able to send the slide to us, so we can tell our constituencies?
You wanted to market it?

MS. FUREY (VPCO): We would tell people things are changing and market this, we want a bang, and we
want to pump people up, people will notice changes

MR. FAOUR (CH): Just a reminder to stay on topic and what we are debating.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): The profit that we make is going to the debt anyway? So do we need to pay the debt
50/50? Id the profit we make is going to pay it anyway.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): If we don’t have enough money, it’s safer to put earnings into the GIC. Just in case
something happens, so we don’t create more debt. Next years council can pay off the debt.

MR. FLYNN (VPAE): I’ll wrap up the question, we have to think as a board room and business, so please
think clearly. We’ve took on a new business, and it can go two ways. We have to be very careful, the Inn
next year could be in the hole. We have more money came in, we paid off $71 000 last year, without profit
from Inn, rentals, etc. We need that GIC for safety, so tread lightly. Take it very seriously.

MS. LEVESQUE (BI): I would like to amend Sam’s amendment to read that profit up to $20000 go to the
GIC . . .

MR. FAOUR (CH): You actually can’t, this amendment will need to be decided first…

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Call to Question.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Sam can withdraw his motion if he chooses.

MR. MASON (SC): Done.

Motion to amend the motion so that profits from the Students’ Union is spilt 50/50 to GIC and debt
reduction withdrawn.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Now that we’re back to the original motion, there is a speakers list we have to finish

MS. FLETCHER (ED): Are we on the main topic?

MR. FAOUR (CH): Yes.

MS. FLETCHER (ED): When was the GIC put in place?

MR. BEATON (AD): 15 to 20 years ago.

MS. FLETCHER (ED): It’s vague in where that money goes when it says for Student Union purposes,
looks weird. It looks like it is to go to the health center but then it looks like it’s going to the Inn, so we do
have other issues, like a struggling newspaper.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Yeah the health center and counselling was ready and also they go there money
from the university. We want to make a student space like the Inn.

MR. HUNTER (AR): Yields floor to Dan Hindmarsh.

MR. HINDMARSH (Gallery): Financial statistics, what is the interest on the debt? Maybe it is wise to pay
off the debt, before we look for new GIC.

MR. BEATON (AD): No interest in debt.

MR. MACALOON (VPF): Bloomfield would help us, it’s not so much from a financial institution more
then Bloomfield.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): I move to table this topic till next council so that we can talk to the

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Point of Order. We can do this in three weeks time, and yes, your constituents have
a say, but you have been elected to be their voices and so I would like for council to make a choice.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Not really a point of order [did not dispute Mr. MacIsaac’s actual ability to bring such
a motion before Council]. Do we have a seconder for the motion? No one? Well, then the motion is gone.

MS. LEVESQUE (BI): I move to amend the motion to read that we allot $20 000 from the Students'
Union GIC for upgrades to the Inn, and to place any profit from the Students' Union this year, up to
$20 000, back into the Students' Union GIC, and to allot the remainder profit to debt reduction.
Seconded by MR. MACINTOSH (P).

MR. MACINTOSH (P): The money goes in, so we can use it later.

MR. MASON (SC): Call to question.

Motion to amend the motion to read that we allot $20 000 from the Students' Union GIC for
upgrades to the Inn, and to place any profit from the Students' Union this year, up to $20 000, back
into the Students' Union GIC, and to allot the remainder profit to debt reduction carries
unanimously; 17 ayes.

MS. BROSHA (OC): Questions for Sandy, you want it to be a Student bar, where do you get the priorities?
Like the foot rail?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Students approached me, and I have also just asked opinions around the bar. I was
out gauging student opinion.

MS. FUREY (VPCO): There has been a lot of research. UPEI makes a lot of money so Kurt came in to give
a look see. Old VP Finance, wanted to have a place that owned the market. Time and effort

MS. BROSHA (OC): Thank you.

MS. GOSSELIN (VPSR): Last year, there was focus groups.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Any further debate, money spent Inn up to $20000, and the profit up to $20000 o the

Motion to allot $20 000 from the Students' Union GIC for upgrades to the Inn, and to place any
profit from the Students' Union this year, up to $20 000, back into the Students' Union GIC, and to
allot the remainder profit to debt reduction carries; 15 ayes, 2 nays (MR. MACISAAC (AR), MS.

Lead Web Developer Terms of Reference

MR. MACINTOSH (P): I move that the Terms of Reference for the Lead Web Developer and the
Web Developer be amended to include: “During all elections, the Lead Web Developer will remain
officially neutral as defined in the Students’ Union Election Act”, and “During all elections, the Web
Developer will remain officially neutral as defined in the Students’ Union Elections Act.”
Seconded by MR. LITKE (SC).

MR. MACINTOSH (P): During the election, since we do have an online voting system, and they have
access, to be fair, with all the other policy with neutrality, they are neutral.

MS. FUREY (VPCO): They don’t have access to the system, and logins, but just because they are in the
know and if there is a issue, they know how to fix it.

MR. LEMOINE (FY): What is the name of the lead wed developer?
MS FUREY (VPCO): Dan Emms.

MR. MASON (SC): Will this make them like the Chair?


MS. TAYLOR (Gallery): The Chairs office are non-partisan and the web developer is neutral.

MS. FUREY (VPCO): They are ok with this.

Motion to amend the Terms of Reference for the Lead Web Developer and the Web Developer to
include: “During all elections, the Lead Web Developer will remain officially neutral as defined in the
Students’ Union Election Act”, and “During all elections, the Web Developer will remain officially
neutral as defined in the Students’ Union Elections Act” carries unanimously; 17 ayes.

Donation Requests

MS. LEVESQUE (BI): I move to allocate $300 to the Surfing Society.
Seconded by MR. MACDONALD (OC).

MR. LITKE (SC): We had a trip, and raised money through recruitment and student experience, lessons and
equipment were provided.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): So this money would be used to cover the debt.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Litke needs time yielded to him, as this is a potential conflict of interest [as he is the
Surfing Society President].

MR. MASON (SC): Yields floor to Andrew Litke.

MR. LITKE (Gallery): Yes.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): You didn’t get a donation before?

MR. LITKE (Gallery): No.

MS. LEVESQUE (BI): Any fundraising?

MR. LITKE (Gallery): Not yet, but if not a donation, we are thinking of working with the Inn and a movie

MR. MASON (SC): Who has the debt?

MR. LITKE (Gallery): Surfing society

MS. YUN (IN): Was it necessary to rent the bus?

MR. LITKE (Gallery): Yes.

MS. YUN (IN): Is this donation to go to the bus?

MR. LITKE (SC): No for lessons.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Yields floor to Daniel Hindmarsh.

MR. HINDMARSH (Gallery): What was the biggest Society allocation?

MR. HINDMARSH (Gallery): How do we get these donations?

MR. MACALOON (VPF): 30% to competitive sports/society, and lower number and so larger funding, and
the nature of cost and events. Academics are of a larger list.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): I would like to make a motion to amend the value allocated to $150.
Seconded by MS. YUN (IN).

MR. FAOUR (CH): Remember you can second a motion to debate it. Just because you second a motion
doesn’t mean you’re necessarily in favour of it, oftentimes people will second motions because they are
against it.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): I think $300 is too much comparing to other societies I think we should give
some money but, not that much.

MS. YUN (IN): The money isn’t going to be used for a new trip, donations should be used for future
programming not debt. It should have been planned out better and advance and to know this would be this
much debt.

MS. KYTE (OC): The idea of surfing, is supported by the administration because it is exciting, despite
planning it was a hit.

MR. CADEGAN (LC): What happens if you can’t pay off the debt?

MR. LITKE (SC): We want to clear the debt to have another trip this semester. If I can’t pay it back I guess
it would come out of my pocket.

MR. BEATON (AD): No, the U has to pay.

MR. MCKENZIE (UC): We do have a lot of money left over.

MR. MASON (SC): When I think of what has happened last term, surfing was a big thing, and so I really
want it to go on. I think the full 300 is better.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): I agree with Jordan, we have lots of money, what are we saving for. And I agree
with Jenna too, we should support different things. I vote no on the amendment and yes to the full $300.

MR. FAOUR (CH): We have a call to question and a speakers list. Terminate speakers list on the

Motion to terminate the speakers list carries unanimously; 14 ayes, 3 abstentions (MR. LITKE (SC),

MS. FUREY (VPCO): We need a committee or rules, Budget and Finance, needs to get on this. A lot of
people don’t know they can get money.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): Calls to question

MR. FAOUR (CH): Terminate speakers list?

Motion to terminate the speakers list carries; 14 ayes, 3 nays (MR. MCKENZIE (UC), MR.
Motion to allocate $300 to the Surfing Society carries; 14 ayes, 2 nays (MR. MACDONALD (OC),
MS. YUN (IN)), 1 abstention (MR. LITKE (SC)).

MR. MACINTOSH (P): I move that we allocate $50 for the clothing store to Best Buddies.
Seconded by MR. HUNTER (AR).

MR. MACINTOSH (P): [reads a letter from Best Buddies requesting a donation for a prize for a fund

MR. MASON (SC): Does this come out of the donation fund? Or clothing store?

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Out of the donation fund, but we’re putting it right back into the U by having it as
a gift certificate to the clothing store, which is awesome.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): Call to question

Motion to allocate $50 for the clothing store to Best Buddies carries unanimously; 15 ayes, 2
abstentions (MS. KYTE (OC), MR. CADEGAN (LC)).

Society Ratifications

MR. MACINTOSH (P): I was under the impression would be something but there’s nothing!

MR. FAOUR (CH): Alright so we’re at the end of new business, which means we’re back to the elections
act issue.

MS. MACAULAY (VP): I move to adopt the following amendment to the bylaws:
Seconded by MS. AYLWARD (GN).

Section 6.

In the event that the president or vice president is a candidate in said election the aforementioned bylaw
can be suspended pending council decision.

-     in the event of this suspension, the candidate is still required to maintain neutrality for all other
positions in that election.
-     For the duration of the said election, the candidate involved must abstain from council conversation
and voting on any election issues related to the position in which they hold candidacy.

Section 7.

In the event that any hired executives are candidates in said election the aforementioned bylaw can be
suspended pending councils decision.

-     in the event of this suspension, the candidate is still required to maintain neutrality for all other
positions in that election.
-     For the duration of the said election, the candidate involved must abstain from council conversation
on any election issues related to the position in which they hold candidacy.

MS. MACAULAY (VP): This does mean that Councillors must step down, from the minute you want to

MS. AYLWARD (GN): I have one thing, about the councillors, would it be possible, to say you can be a
councillor while running?
MR. FAOUR (CH): You should propose this as an amendment.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): Sorry that’s not what I was asking,

MS. MACAULAY (VP): Your vote after the elections are not contested.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): But the Presidents have voted on the table.

MS. FUREY (VPCO): The have a very different role, we can’t get them to step out. There is just a huge
conflict of interest.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): Question, if all the councillors wanted to run for re election, would all of council
have to step down?

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): That’s a good question but we crafted this in ten minutes.

MS. LEVESQUE (BI): If a councillor resigns then we have to have an election for that vacant seat.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): We are getting into real tricky territory, and so if I lost, could I still represent Arts

MS. MACAULAY (VP): You have to push this though

MS. AYLWARD (GN): I move to amend that councillors be added to the bylaws amendment.
Seconded by MR. MACISAAC (AR).

MS. AYLWARD (GN): Going back to Sheryl, we are to stay neutral it’s our job, and just cause it didn’t
happen in the past, doesn’t mean it won’t happen now.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): I agree.

MS. FUREY (VPCO): How do we keep people accountable? Last year, discussion got fired up for all the
wrong reasons.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): They have to abstain from conversation and votes , that way people don’t have to
back down.

MR. FAOUR (CH): If you are a councillor you have to stay neutral, but Sarah does have a point and so
how do we enforce this.

MR. MACDONALD (OC): I am confused. If a councillor ran, would it be temporarily vacant or would be
a new councillor be elected?

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): We don’t have all the answers.

MR. HUNTER (AR): Yields floor to Dan Hindmarsh.

MR. HINDMARSH (Gallery): The one thing I would like to point out is that there are lots of issues with
this issue. My suggest would be to table the motion and then call the special council meeting in 72 hours.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): I was going for that, bylaws that are created the same night they are amended
usually don’t go so well. If effects myself and Sam, so there are a lot of questions, like resigning, I am not
going to table it because it affects me.

MR. BEATON (AD): That is why people resigned in the past if they wanted to run for re-election or
election to another position.

MS. GOSSELIN (VPSR): If council does table it, by law and policy should meet quickly.

MR. MACISAAC (AR): I think we are stretching the ROs thin.

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): What happened in the past John?

MR. BEATON (AD): The general went through in the spring, no by-election in the meantime.

MS. AYLWARD (GN): Why not wait?

MR. MACISAAC (AR): It will affect the campaign. We should wait and that would be the special topic of
the council and so we do it right.

MR. MASON (SC): Question, what does this mean for councillors?

MR. FAOUR (CH): Kelly’s amendment proposes that executive and councillors can hold their position and
run. The original motion presented by Sheryl means that councillors would have to step down to run.

MS. FLETCHER (ED): I move that we table this and so then we can meet and discuss more instead
of going in circles.
Seconded by MS. BROSHA (OC).

MR. MACDONALD (OC): We do need to fix it.

MS. MINICIELLO (VPUS): We should vote on the amendment or stronghold.

Motion to table the amendment until the next council meeting carries unanimously; 14 ayes, 3
abstentions (Ms. PEARL (BI), MR. MASON (SC), MR. MACINTOSH (P)).

14. Closing Remarks of the Chair of Council

MR. FAOUR (CH): Thank everyone for coming out and giving it your all.

MR. MASON (SC): I would like to table my resignation so that I can begin campaigning for the election.

MR. FAOUR (CH): Thanks Sam for your work as Councillor the past few months. I want to thank
everyone for sticking it out tonight, and especially Amy [Brousseau] for all the typing. Also, I’d like to
wish Happy Birthday to Danielle.

MR. MACINTOSH (P): You guys really stuck it out and it was an oversight but this needed to be

MR. HUNTER (AR): I move to adjourn.
Seconded by MR. MACISAAC (AR).

Motion to adjourn carries; 16 ayes, 1 nay (MR. HUNTER (AR)).

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