PERL Work Group descriptions and calendar by chenmeixiu


									           PERL Work Group descriptions and calendar


The Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living

   PERL               The Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living                                                                         (revised version 04.04.2010)

The numbers describing some of the Work Groups have been modified since the original letters of participation and PERL application in order to include additional activities. The updated list
is as follows.

         1. Reflection and implementation                                  2. Social innovation                                           3. Enabling sustainable lifestyles
1a. Think-tank consultations                                     2a. Sustainable Everyday Explorations (SEE)                     3a. Sustainable Lifestyles Courses
1b. Research on Sustainable Lifestyles                           2b. Sustainable Everyday Enabling Kits (SEEK)                   3b. Virtual Schools for Sustainable Consumption
1c. Education for sustainable consumption policy analysis        2c. Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability             3c. Global Survey on Sustainable Lifestyles
and implementation                                               (DESIS)
         4. Education for responsible living                               5. Communication and multimedia                                 6. International dialogue
4a. Active Learning Methodologies                                5a. Seminars, courses and exhibitions                           6a. Consultants’ Network
4b. LOLA                                                         5b. Video film pilot project                                    6b. Regional Networks and related projects
4c. Teacher training modules and courses                         5c. Distributing and using learning materials                   6c. International conferences
4d. YouthXchange                                                 5d. Translations of publications

All participants in PERL Work Groups and Consultants’ Network will receive notification in advance of each telephone, online and face-to-face meeting containing more specific details.
Below is a preliminary list of PERL face-to-face meetings and may be revised. Please note that the meetings planned for October and November 2009 have been moved to after the Collective
Work Group meeting in January 2010 and the dates can be decided upon by the individual Work Groups.

            2009   │                               2010                                │                          2011                                 │             2012
 Sept     O    N D J           F M A M             J      J A S O               N     D J F M           A M       J    J A S O               N        D J     F      M    A M         J J A           S
          SG            SG                         SG               SG                           SG               SG                SG                               SG                          SG

                        CM                                                                       CM                                                                  CM
                        All                                                                      All                                                                 ALL
                        WGs                                                                      WGs                                                                 WGs
                        WG                WG       WG               WG                           WG                                 WG       WG                      WG
                        1-6               1c       4a               4a,4c,                       1-6                                4a,5d,   4c,5a,                  1-6
                                          2a,2d,   4b,              5a,5b,5c,                                                       6c,      5b
                                          3c       4c,              6c
                                          5c,5d    5a,
                                          6b,6c    5b
                                      M            MM        M      M           TT1       M      CON              M             M            TT2        M            CON              M
                                                                                                 #1                                                                  #2
                                          CSD                                                              CSD
 MTFSL                                                              EV

MTFSL=Marrakech Task Force on Sustainable Lifestyles          TT=Think tank                   SG=Steering Group                              WG=Work Group
      CM= Collective meetings         CON=international conference    M=teacher training seminars (LOLA, SEEK, ALM)
CSD=Commission on Sustainable Development                     EV=external evaluation

PERL 2009-2012
Places and dates in cursive are tentative and can be changed by the group but they must inform the Core Unit in advance of any changes

ESC= education for Sustainable Consumption; H&N= UNEP document: Here and Now: ESC; I&O=Images and Objects publications; LOLA=Looking for Likely Alternatives toolkit
*= Steering Group representative for Work Group

Steering Group            Tasks                                                        Deliverables                       Members                          Meeting dates    Meeting      EU
                                                                                                                                                           (md/yr)          places       int
                                                                                                                          Victoria W. Thoresen                                           EU/
                                                                                                                          David Chittenden                 1-2 Oct 09       Hamar,NO     int
                          The SG will provide workgroups with detailed briefs          Steering Group meetings            Alexandra Klein                  21 Jan 10        Rome,IT
                          oversee their progress and consult on issues both                                               Bjørg Quarcoo                    (1-4)June10      Paris,FR
                          administrative and content related. The SG will                                                 Adriana Zacarias/Fabienne        8 Oct 10         Dublin, IE
                          ensure that activities are on time and within the                                               Pierre                           14 March 11      Amsterda
                          budget. The SG will liaise with other projects, ngo's                                           Bernard Combes                   24 June          Hamar,NO
                          and educational and governmental authorities.                                                   Declan Doyle                     (5 )Oct 11       Paris,FR
                          They will coordinate the ongoing evaluation.                                                    Francois Jegou                   21 March12       Berlin, DE
                                                                                                                          Miriam O‟Donoghue                (29) August 12   Brussels
                                                                                                                          Peter Gnielczyk
                                                                                                                          Larissa Deblauwe
                                                                                                                          Ruth Golding
                                                                                                                          Gunilla Blomquist
                                                                                                                          Andrea Innamorati
                          The PERL website will be established as quickly as           PERL website                       David Chittenden
                          possible after the start of the project period. It will                                         Alexandra Klein
                          provide introductory information about PERL,                                                    Gregor Torkar
                          access to applications and other relevant                                                       (Rui Gabino )
                          documents, news about planned events and                                                        Graphic designer
                          sections for workgroups to display their goals,                                                 Web programmer
                          progress and results. The website will have links to
                          other relevant sites (including the CCN website)
                          and the opportunity to have password-locked
                          working documents which the partners can view.

                          The PERL Newsletter will provide partners with               PERL Newsletters                   Victoria W. Thoresen
                          information about the progress of the                        Four A-4 pages, 100                Alexandra Klein
                          workpackages, about relevant developments in                 copies, 9 times during the
                          Europe and abroad within the field of Education              three year project period.
                          and Research for responsible living. It will give            Both a hard copy and an
                          important practical information of relevance to the          online copy to PERL
                          network.                                                     partners.

International                                                                                                             - Consumers International:       Via email
Reference Group                                                                                                           Bjarne Pedersen
                                                                                                                          - International Association of
                                                                                                                          Universities: Hildje vant
                                                                                                                          -OECD: Yuko Ueno
                                                                                                                          - COOP Europa, Rodrigo

                                                                                                         - International Centre for
                                                                                                         Education for Sustainable
                                                                                                         Development, (Gotland,
                                                                                                         Sweden) (?)
                                                                                                         -(India): Shri Kartikeya
                                                                                                         Sarabhai, Director of Centre
                                                                                                         for Environment Education
                                                                                                         -(Japan): Hideki Nakahara,
                                                                                                         Chairman of the Green
                                                                                                         Purchasing Network
                                                                                                         -(Africa):, UNEP (Nairobi)
                                                                                                         -(Latin America) Juan
                                                                                                         Trimboli, CI, Chile
                                                                                                         -(North America): (Canada),
                                                                                                         Sue McGregor, Mount St.
                                                                                                         Vincent University
                                                                                                         -(Asia): (?)
Work Groups:       Tasks                                                 Deliverables                    Members                        Meeting dates   Meeting      EU/int
                                                                                                                                        (md/yr)         places
1.Reflection and
1a. Think-tank     Investigation into and reflection upon the direct     -Think tank prep meetings       Bistra Vassileva (leader)                                   EU
consultations      and indirect consequences of the choices              (mainly through                 (Arthur L. Dahl leader at      22 Jan 2010     Rome,IT
                   individuals make this a constantly developing field   communication online and        Rome meeting for Bistra)
                   of research and action. The aim of this               by phone)                       Jeppe Læssøe                                   Amsterda
                   workpackage is to collect and consult on                                              Ezio Manzini                   14 March 2011
                   scientifically substantiated, updated insights into   -Think tank #1                  Sylvia Karlsson
                   the social, economic and environmental impacts of     Attendants at consultations     (Jan Gustav Strandenæs         2-3 Nov 2010    CI office,
                   present ways of living in order to better design      will be PERL SG,WG leaders      replacing SK)                  (tt1)           London
                   education about responsible living. To a great        or representatives, and 5-8     Victoria W. Thoresen
                   extent, research continues to be carried out within   invited experts (total ca. 20
                   the parameters of specific academic disciplines       individuals)                                                                   Milan,IT
                   and until recently has focused mainly on
                   sustainable production. This workpackage will         -Think tank #2 prep                                                            Lisbon,PT
                   provide two opportunities for a few, specially        meeting                                                        ?
                   chosen experts from diverse disciplines to
                   examine together with PERL the processes of           -Think tank#2
                   change related to sustainable living. These
                   consultations will contribute to charting the         -Reports from consultations
                   transitions necessary to foster sustainable           will be shared with all PERL
                   consumption, thus strengthening the foundation        partners and the public.
                   for what is taught while increasing understanding     300 copies of each of the
                   of the interrelatedness of issues connected to        two reports Summaries in
                   responsible, sustainable living. The results of the   French and Spanish.
                   consultations will contribute to the content focus
                   and methodological approaches of other PERL
                   workpackages. The specific focus of the
                   consultations will be sustainable consumption and
                      climate change resource usage and personal
                      finance management.
1b. Research on       All members of PERL are a part of the consultants‟                                                                                               EU/int
Sustainable           network and will: contribute to the discussion,           -Testing outputs, advice,                              Possibilities to
                      research & development work with information &            evaluation                      All PERL partners      present research
Lifestyles                                                                                                                             at PERL
                      insights on local & global activities about
                      responsible living within the areas of consumer           - Participation International                          conferences
                      citizenship, social responsibility, social innovation &   Conference 2012                                        2011 and 2012
                      education for sustainable development; provide,
                      when appropriate, recommendations & constructive          - Promoting New
                      criticism in connection with PERL research-,              Responses” series. 2
                      implementation-, and dissemination workpackages;          editions
                      assist, when possible, in assessing one or more of
                      the activities carried out by PERL. This will be done
                      through:      online    blog,     email,     telephone,
                      questionnaires sent out by the working groups and
                      the Core Unit, etc. The members of the PERL
                      Consultant‟s network will participate, if possible, at
                      the PERL conferences 2011 and 2012 and present
                      their relevant research, participate in the
                      discussion, attend the workshops and exchange
                      ideas and resources with other participants. The
                      best of the research will be published in the
                      “Promoting New Responses” series.

1c. Education for     -   Policy analysis of status of ESC worldwide and        -Review and documentation
sustainable               preparation and implementation of strategies          of ESC policies in 3            Victoria W. Thoresen   1 Dec 2009         Geneva       Int
                          to increase awareness of “Here and Now”               countries, on location and      David Chittenden       22 Jan 2010        Rome, IT
consumption policy                                                                                                                     (3-14? May         NYC
                          document. Translation, printing and distribution      remotely                        Fabienne Pierre
analysis and              of publications and teaching materials for ESC        -Collection of 3 case           Adriana Zacarias       2010)
implementation            in developing countries                               studies on ESC                  Gunilla Blomquist
                      -   Development of regional networks in Asia,             implementation (Japan,          Andrea Innamorati
                          Africa and Latin America                              Mauritius and Costa Rica or
                      -   Contributions to CSD 2010/2011(CSD                    Mexico).
                          exhibition, side events)                              -Development of the
                                                                                brochure (editing, design,
                                                                                printing) and preparation of
                                                                                -Dissemination of the case
                                                                                studies and brochure
                                                                                during CSD

2.Social innovation
2a. Sustainable       SEE2 considers a variety of SITE projects and aims        - Core group definition,        Ezio Manzini           22 Jan 2010        Rome         EU
Everyday              to: make them more visible and to give, different         pilot projects collection,      Francesca Rizzo        ?                  Belgium
                      involved actors the possibility to confront and           supporting platform design      Francois Jegou         14 March2011       Amsterda
                      discuss their experiences. SITE are Social                                                Daniela Sangiorgi      21 March 2012      Berlin, DE
                      Innovation for Territorial Ecology initiatives aiming     - Projects collection and       Liz Davis
                      at promoting and facilitating activities where            platform fine-tuning
                    design thinking and tools are used to enhance
                    social innovation and sustainability at the local         - Scenario building and
                    scale.                                                    platform use extension
                    To facilitate exchanges, SEE creates an online
                    peer-to-peer platform open to design schools,             - Projects and scenarios
                    stakeholders and larger interested audiences. The         communication
                    specific platform is conceived to become a
                    worldwide social network of SITE promoters and            - Work Group meetings /
                    partners, where emerging issues and topics will be        Collaboration
                    posted, compared and debated where new
                    researches on SITE-related topics will be promoted        Deliverables:
                    and where new SITE programs and projects will be          1. SEE2 platform definition
                    enhanced.                                                 (Oct 2010)
                    To obtain this goal SEE clusters SITE programs and
                    projects with similar characteristics and                 2.Piloting SEE2 online
                    comparable approaches.                                    activities (Oct 2011)
                    In the SEE program, the collection and the
                    communication and visualisation of the selected           3. Opening platform to
                    SITE projects are done in collaboration with several      wider audience (Sept 2012)
                    design schools. These schools play two roles:
                    -   They present projects that they can analyse           4. SEE2: Building
                        and/or in which they are already involved             collaborative scenarios
                    -   They design the selected and analysed cases           publication (Sept 2012)
                        visualisation and communication.
                    Clusters will facilitate focalised discussions, more      5. Work Group meetings
                    useful exchanges, and will create stronger links          (Feb 2010, March 2011, May
                    between promoters, designers and design schools           2012)
                    working on similar topics.

2b. Sustainable     SEEK focuses on a selected number of SITE                 - Framing the notion of       Francois Jegou                                         EU
Everyday Enabling   projects and considers with particular attention the      SITE enabling kit             Oliver Hirt              22 Jan 2010     Rome, IT
                    design tools that have been used or that are                                            Daniela Sangiorgi        ?               Belgium
                    currently in use. On this basis, and considering          - Field investigation and     (Victoria W. Thoresen)   14 March2011    Amsterda
                    different clusters of similar programs and projects,      Kits prototyping              Francesca Rizzo          21 March 2012   Berlin, DE
                    it generates some dedicated sets of design tools                                        Ezio Manzini
                    that we will call: enabling kits.                         - Enabling kits assessment                                             Addition-
                    Within SEEK those SITE projects that are chosen as        and fine-tuning                                                        ally 3
                    reference for the enabling kits development, must                                                                                other trips
                    have the following characteristics:                       - Working groups meetings                                              to places
                    -    To have been successful and to present a clear       and events                                                             piloting
                         (tacit or explicit) design approach as one of this                                                                          the
                         success main motivation.                                                                                                    Enabling
                    -    To be sufficiently developed projects, to make       Deliverables:                                                          kit (for
                         the analysis of the co-design process and of         1. Framing the Enabling Kit                                            example
                         the implied tools possible.                          approach (Sept 2010)                                                   Bulgaria,
                    Enabling kits, therefore, are sets of design tools                                                                               Spania,
                    conceived to stimulate and facilitate co-design           2. Field investigation and                                             Poland)
                    processes and larger social conversations. That is,       Kits prototyping (Sept
                    to trigger new ideas, support dialogues, promote          2011)
                    community building and foster the convergence of

                         different partners. To do that, they combine                3. Fine tuning and assessing
                         methodologies of user/community-centred design,             the first Enabling Kit (Sept
                         the service design, participate scenario building,          2012)
                         solution visualisation, solution simulation and
                         prototyping, real scale experimentation.                    4. Work Group meetings
                         Enabling kits can be useful in all the contexts             (Feb 2010, March 2011, May
                         where co-design processes and social                        2012)
                         conversations take place: from large research
                         teams, to participatory co-design groups, from
                         small communities to the whole society.
                         In SEEK the enabling kits are developed in
                         collaboration with several design schools with
                         different roles:
                         -    schools involved in selected SITE projects,
                              offering their experience in the co-design
                         -    Schools involved in the enabling kits
                              realisation, discussion and practical test

2c. Design for Social     DESIS is a network of schools of design and other          -Proposing and developing      Ezio Manzini                                         Int
Innovation and           schools, institutions, companies and non-profit             national and international     Carla Cipolla, (Federal
                         organizations interested in promoting and                   research programs.                 University of Rio de
                         supporting design for social innovation and                                                    Janeiro,Brazil)
                         sustainability. It is a light, no-profit organization,      -Organizing didactic           Yongqi Lou, (Tongji
                         conceived as a network of partners collaborating in         initiatives (workshops,            University,China)
                         a peer-to-peer spirit.                                      seminars, courses and
                         DESIS supports social innovation worldwide and
                         reinforces the design community‟s role in it. More          -Preparing didactic
                         precisely, it articulates its activities on three levels:   resources (teaching tools,
                                                                                     course formats,
                         -Fostering social innovation and sustainability by          bibliographic references).
                         taking part in support projects and programs.
                         -Promoting design for social innovation both within         -Collecting research
                         and outside the design community, developing                information
                         appropriate design tools and organizing cultural
                         and didactic activities.                                    -Promoting cultural and
                         -Fostering the circulation of ideas and experiences,        communication initiatives
                         with a peer-to-peer approach between the different          (such as exhibitions,
                         DESIS-Local to carrying out comparative research            publications,
                         and co-producing courses at an international level.         broadcastings).

                         DESIS has a Coordination Committee composed by              - International website
                         a representatives of the different DESIS-Local.

sustainable lifestyles
3a. Sustainable          Sustainable Lifestyles Course is a 6 month training         Course at Lukaris Girls        Gertrud Mungoma            Sept 2009-      Mumias,   Int
                         course for girls about aspects of sustainable               Child and Rehabilitation       Michael M Okumu            Dec.2009 with   Matungu
Lifestyles Courses    lifestyles in East Africa. On completion the            Centre                                                        possible         District,
                      successful students will be posted to a local                                         Youth Education Network,        continuation     Western
                      community to promote sustainable consumer               Electricity, computer use,    Kenya                                            Kenya
                      habits for sustainable development. They will teach     transport, training
                      the community about climate change, food,
                      security, resource mobilization and management.
                      Local universities have created the curriculum
                      including a professor whose speciality is
                      meteorology hence the emphasis on climate
                      change and environment. The classes go from
                      October to Dec when we shall have a two weeks
                      break then resume up to March. They will carry out
                      a project within the community to determine the
                      consumer patterns and needs. The students will
                      help conduct a research whose findings will help to
                      lobby the government on the need for Education
                      for Sustainable Consumption in Schools.
                      A school programme parallel to the training
                      program has been planned.

3b. Virtual Schools   Ciudades Semilla which includes the Escuelas                                          Luis Flores Mimica,             3-4 November     Santiago,    Int
for Sustainable       Virtuales de Consumo which aims to consolidate          Third project meeting two     Consumers International         2009             Chile
                      the institutional experience and expertise on           days of work
                      education for sustainable consumption gained                                          (Colectivo Ecologista Jalisco                    Guadalaja
                      through the 3 years of implementation of the            design and production of      C3 Consumidores                                  ra, Mexico
                      Global Environmental Citizenship project in Latin       educational material linked   Responsables
                      America. The Virtual Schools is an educational tool     to the Virtual Schools
                      would also be used as the base for the creation of                                    Bernilabs
                      a regional platform for cooperation. The project        design and development of
                      was initiated at a meeting in March 2009. A             a web page for the Latin      Biodiverso
                      second meeting was organized in the month of            American Network
                      July in order to review the working strategy for                                      Bios Iguana
                      2009 and to discuss methodological aspects of the       A strategy for further work
                      utilization of the Virtual Schools for Sustainable      on sustainable consumption    Desarrollo y Aprendizaje
                      Consumption. The main objective of the third                                          Solidario
                      meeting of the network is to analyse the                A blog for communication
                      implementation of the Virtual Schools for               among network members         MultiBioCulturalOrganica
                      Sustainable Consumption within the network of    Sooc. Coop de R.L.
                      organizations and as a valid educational      
                      instrument for the creation of a Latin American                                       La Communidad, Sociedad
                      Network.                                                                              Cooperativa

                                                                                                            Organicos Tierra Santa)
3c. Global Survey     How do young adults around the world perceive,          -An online Global Survey in   UNEP                            12-13 Oct 2009   Paris, FR    Int
on Sustainable        imagine and shape sustainable lifestyles? How can       English, French, Spanish,     Fabienne Pierre
                      we build on their experiences, creative ideas,          Japanese, Portuguese          Morgan Strecker
                      values and aspirations to design and implement
                      policies to support and enable sustainable lifestyles
                      that are respectful to young people's reality and to                                  universities,
                      socio-cultural identities? These are the main                                         civil society,

                      objectives of the Global Survey on Sustainable                                        youth NGOs and networks,
                      Lifestyles! The GSSL is a joint initiative of the                                     private sector,
                      Swedish Task Force on Sustainable Lifestyles and
                      UNEP, and is part of the Marrakech Process. Its
                      main objectives are: 1) to inspire young adults
                      from all over the world and explore their views and
                      aspirations with regards to lifestyles and
                      sustainability; 2) to inspire policy-makers and
                      other stakeholders in the design for solutions and
                      policies that promote sustainable lifestyles.

4.Education for
responsible living
4a. Active Learning   The success of the CCN publication: The ESD            - Images and objects toolkit   Sjøfn                         22 Jan 2010      Rome, IT     EU
Methodologies         Images and Object Active Methodology Toolkit and       (personal consumption &         Gudmundsdottir               6-7 May          Malta
                      the UNEP/UNESCO YouthXChange Toolkit have              climate change)                Steinunn Anna                 Oct 2010         Slovenia
                      shown that there is a strong demand for resources                                      Gunnlaugsdottir              14 March2011     Amsterda
                      that are easy to use; include visually stimulating     - Images and Objects           Mari Sager                    Nov 2011         Portugal
                      material; can cross language and cultural              toolkit (resource usage)       Gregor Torkar                  21 March 2012   Berlin, DE
                      differences; suit formal, non-formal or informal                                      Margaret Jepson
                      learning situations; suit different ages groups; can   - Images and Objects           Suzanne Piscopo
                      be used in different ways to suit local                toolkit (personal finances)    Nuno Melo
                      needs/contexts; can be economically designed and                                      Mella Cusack (Finola Butler
                      produced; and can be easily disseminated e.g. as       500 copies x 15 pages)Eng.       replacing MC for Rome)
                      PDF documents. The “Images and Objects” toolkit        For each publication           Miriam O‟Donoghue
                      takes a generic approach to ESD. New materials                                        Marino Melissano
                      based on active teaching and learning approaches       - Training manual
                      need to be further developed to focus on particular
                      themes. This PERL workpackage will develop             - Online discussion forum
                      resources that build on the criteria of the Images
                      and Objects toolkit and the YouthXchange toolkits      - Work Group meetings
                      using problem solving, co-operative learning, vox
                      pop, learning centres, & games. They will focus on
                      individual consumption and climate change,
                      resource usage and personal finance management.
                      A training manual for facilitators will be produced
                      and a series of training seminars will be held. The
                      seminars will concentrate on a „train the trainers‟
                      approach. Small teams of individuals would be
                      identified and trained to run seminars in their own
                      countries where they would be familiar with their
                      own national contexts, adapt the resources/
                      training materials to be used and show where
                      ESD/Sustainable Consumption fits into the local
                      curricula. Teams would be identified through
                      National Ministries for Education and work with a
                      mentor from PERL who would guide and advise
                      them following their initial training. The team
           would have access to the active teaching and
           learning seminar resources developed by PERL and
           would have an online discussion forum set up for
           them to communicate with each other. The impact
           of this can be to help ESD become more action-
           and solution-oriented.

4b. LOLA   Looking for Likely Alternatives (LOLA) is a              - Report with a strategy for   Giampiero Pitisci    22 Jan 2010          Rome, IT     EU
           pedagogical tool for teachers & students, which          spreading and use of LOLA      Irena Zalienskiene   ?                    Dublin, IE
           assists them in the process of identifying,                                             Antonio M Carloto    14 March2011         Amsterda
           evaluating and documenting cases of social               - LOLA implementation 5        Miriam O‟Donoghue    21 March 2012        Berlin, DE
           innovation for sustainable lifestyles. The LOLA          countries                      Leena Graffee
           methodology       goes     beyond     the    common                                     Vija Disilere        3 more trips for
           pedagogical use of case studies & project work           - Maintenance of LOLA          Rui Gaibino          2 WG members
           which tend to be limited to the immediate                website                                             to places piloting
           classroom context. The process brings the students                                                           LOLA
           into direct face-to-face contact with groups of          - LOLA reports, pamphlets,
           people ("creative communities") who organise             exhibitions (pamphlets
           themselves to solve everyday life problems & in so       (Eng/Fr 500 copies, 4
           doing invent &or practice sustainable ways of            pages), reports (Eng. 200
           living. The LOLA Project has so far resulted in a        copies 20 pages) and 3
           teaching kit consisting of a set of Step-by-Step         mobile photo exhibitions.
           process cards & a Reporter Book for the pupils           Languages dependent on
           which were tested in a variety of schools &              which countries implement
           translated by the users into 7 languages. The LOLA       LOLA. (Sept 2011, Sept
           “teaching pack” has been revised, a team of              2012))
           national coordinators have initiated adaptation of
           LOLA in nine European countries; LOLA exhibitions        - Work Group meetings
           have been made, seminars held & a website
           maintained until Oct 2009 (www.sustainable-
  With the increase of
           interest in LOLA by teachers & educational
           authorities, there is a need for further evaluation &
           documentation of LOLA in terms of its validity as a
           didactic process & as a set of facilitating materials.
           The LOLA website requires someone who can
           continue to maintain it; be available to respond to
           questions from LOLA users, & keep track of the use
           and adaptation of the materials to local curricula.
           Further development of LOLA 4is planned by
           stimulating its use in five more European countries,
           by monitoring & evaluating its effectiveness and
           impact, by disseminating the results through
           reports, pamphlets, exhibitions, etc. & by
           maintaining the LOLA website. This requires
           creation & implementation of a strategy for
           enlisting participation from teachers in the
           additional countries; hiring part-time staff to
           coordinate the website & spreading information
           about LOLA.

4c. Teacher training   International surveys of consumer education,            - Prototype course             Alcina Dourado      22 Jan 2010     Rome, IT     EU
modules and            education for sustainable development & consumer        modules: Selection of one      Sevgi Kalkan        ?               Portugal
                       citizenship education made in recent years indicate     or more focus areas;           Kaija Turkki        ?Oct 10         Finland
                       that there still exists a need for coordinated,         identification of relevant     Victor Dordio       14 March 2011   Amsterda
                       systematic implementation & evaluation of               learning methodologies,        Lukasz Juczyk       ?Nov 11         Turkey
                       pedagogical     approaches     to    education    for   competences & outcomes;        Declan Doyle        21 March 2012   Berlin, DE
                       responsible living. The creation of an international    collection of relevant
                       guidance standard on social responsibility has          resource materials;
                       made education for social responsibility also highly    establishment of a set of
                       relevant. During its existence, the Consumer            criteria for quality
                       Citizenship Network (CCN) has contributed to the        assurance & student
                       inclusion of these themes in modules & courses in       evaluation. (ca. 25pp,200
                       HEI's throughout Europe. This PERL workpackage          copies) & online
                       seeks to build upon these efforts by developing 2
                       new prototype modules for teacher training & 1          - Intensive teacher training
                       prototype set of materials for an intensive course      course on responsible living
                       for teachers on responsible living for students from
                       throughout Europe.        The creation of the 2         - study guide for of 6
                       prototype modules will involve selecting one or         credits course; indicating
                       more focus areas from the UNEP "Here and Now--          content, procedures, and
                       Education for sustainable consumption" core             evaluation.
                       curriculum; identifying the relevant learning            (ca. 25 pp, 200 copies) &
                       methodologies, competences & outcomes; &                online & distributed to all
                       collecting relevant resource materials. A set of        PERL partners, associates
                       criteria for quality assurance & student evaluation     and via websites and
                       must be made. This will be done the first year by       conferences.
                       the WG with the assistance of input online from the
                       members of the PERL Consultants‟ Network. The           -Compendium with relevant
                       final compilation and validation of the two modules     reference materials. (ca.
                       will take place during year 2. Creation of a set of     100 pages,50 hard copies)
                       resource materials for an intensive course for          & online
                       teachers on responsible living requires a similar
                       strategy but within the broader framework of the        - Work Group meetings
                       entire core curriculum for ESC. This will be the
                       focus of the workpackage activities the final year of
                       the three year period. A study guide and reference
                       compendium will be produced for the proposed
                       course containing concrete advice & support for the
                       adaptation of such courses taking into account
                       contemporary developments.

4d. YouthXchange       YouthXchange is an educational toolkit designed                                        (Morgan Strecker)                                Int
                       by UNEP and UNESCO to help trainers and                                                Bernard Combes
                       individuals to understand and communicate on
                       sustainable lifestyles. It consists of guidebooks
                       (translated into 18 languages), a website
                       (, a network, a
                       newsletter, and a series of activities to promote
                       the use of YouthXchange resources.

and multimedia
5a. Seminars,          Schools & teachers have expressed the need for         - three LOLA teacher           Fani Uzunova       22 Jan 2010     Rome, IT     EU
courses and            assistance     in   incorporating   lessons   about    training seminars (3           Laszlo Borbas      ?               Danmark
                       responsible living & education for sustainable         coordinators + 20 local        Joanna Kostecka    ?Oct 2010       Poland
                       consumption in their present lessons, be it as a       participants. The local        Carmen Martinez-   14 March 2011   Amsterda
                       topic in existing subjects or as a cross-cutting       teachers will be paid for by      Roca            Nov 2011        Portugal
                       interdisciplinary theme, or as a specific subject in   the country hosting the        Vitor Nogueira     21 March 2012   Berlin, DE
                       itself. Fragmented perspectives on issues affecting    seminar.)                      Larissa Deblauwe
                       the lives of pupils need to be exchanged for
                       comprehensive, holistic approaches. New learning       - three SEEK seminars (2
                       methodologies & materials need to be adapted &         coordinators + 20 local
                       integrated into existing curricula. The Consumer       participants) The local
                       Citizenship Network began a process of developing      teachers will be paid for by
                       courses in partner institutions of higher education    the country hosting the
                       on consumer citizenship. In addition CCN has           seminar.)
                       been responsible for several pan-European
                       courses (one sponsored by the European Council,        - three Active
                       another to be held in June by the LLP-ISP) Such        Methodologies seminars ((2
                       seminars provide schools, teacher training             coordinators + 20 local
                       institutions & universities with guidance on           participants) The local
                       education for responsible living. This work group      teachers will be paid for by
                       will continue to develop the CCN process of            the country hosting the
                       including elements of education for responsible,       seminar.)
                       sustainable living in schools at all levels. In
                       collaboration with the proposed think tank             - Work Group meetings
                       roundtable consultations,& the other PERL project
                       areas, this group will plan & carry out a series of
                       seminars & courses whose intention will be to
                       increase the competence of teachers, provide
                       them with materials & experience using those
                       materials, as well as information about where they
                       can get other resources & ideas. Seminars will
                       also be held in connection with the other project
                       areas of the PERL: such as LOLA, SEEK, & Active
                       Methodologies. This workgroup will function as a
                       support group for other PERL workgroups as the
                       main intention of PERL is not to organize many
                       seminars, as they are costly & demand much
                       coordination, but to research & create useful
                       materials & provide teacher training to introduce
                       them & test them in order to improve & evaluate
                       them. Most of the work the PERL hopes to do will
                       be ict based and function online via internet
                       communication, but some face- to face meetings
                       are necessary to implement & disseminate the
                       PERL products.
5b. Video film pilot   Children and youth today receive the majority of       - Overview of relevant         Cristophe Bernes   21 Jan 2010     Rome. IT     EU
project                information via media other that merely the written    existing videos and films      Peter Daub         1-2 June 2010   France
                       word on paper. Pictures, movement and sound are                                       Hanna Turetski-    ?Oct 2010       Hungary
                       common elements for the enhancement of                 - Storybook of suggested          Toomik          14 March2011    Amsterda

                       messages sent. Although many educational                 productions                  Miriam O‟Donoghue*   ?Nov 11         Estonia
                       institutions have included use of audiovisual                                         Bernard Combes       21 March 2012   Berlin, DE
                       materials in their teaching repertoire, there are        - Production proposal        Lewis Akenji
                       many who do not and the amount and quality of            including budget
                       films, videos, etc, about sustainable, responsible
                       living are limited. Spain, Ireland, Finland and a few    - Overview of potential
                       other countries have used films and videos as a          sponsors
                       means of learning about consumer rights and
                       responsibilities. Spain coordinated a film festival in   - Application for funding
                       which students themselves contributed. UNESCO
                       has itself invested in the production of short videos    - Work Group meetings
                       about the Decade for education for sustainable
                       development. The Consumer Citizenship Network
                       has, during its existence, collected relevant videos
                       and films which are useable in learning situations
                       about     responsible,   sustainable     consumption.
                       Several of the Consumer Citizenship Network
                       partners have experience in video and film
                       production. They have initiated consultation with
                       other CCN partners about the production of audio
                       visual material. This PERL workpackage aims to
                       make the detailed preparations for a set of short
                       videos which could act as “teasers” in a learning
                       situation or be shown online or on television about
                       central issues related to responsible, sustainable
                       consumption. In addition to deciding upon the
                       scope, content, storyline and the anticipated costs
                       of production, the WG will suggest who could make
                       the videos and the timetable for production. Finally
                       they will investigate where to get funding for the
                       final production of the videos.
5c. Distributing and   The CCN has accumulated a large amount of                - Sorting and categorizing   Alexandra Klein      22 Jan 2010     Rome, IT     EU
using learning         teaching & learning materials from around the            of available resources       Petr Jakubieck       ? Oct 2010      Hamar,NO
                       globe dealing with themes of responsible living,                                      Täina Mäntylä        14 March2011    Amsterda
                       consumer citizenship & education for sustainable         - Index of available         Peter Gnielczyk      21 March2012    Berlin,DE
                       consumption. Additionally, PERL will have its own        resource material
                       supply of outputs of research & development
                       materials as described in the above tables. This         - Informing about and
                       PERL work package will contribute to the use of          distributing material
                       these materials. They will be placed in the public
                       domain, & be freely available to anyone                  - Work Group meetings
                       interested. PERL results will not be exploited
                       financially & while there will be copyright over the
                       materials, there will be no charge for their use & it
                       will be expected that source, authorship &
                       ownership be properly acknowledged. PERL‟s
                       outputs will be shared & used in numerous arenas.
                       The first: the entire PERL network (work group
                       members & members of the consultants‟ network;
                       2: the PERL partners & their colleagues at their

                      own institution. Copies of all materials will be sent
                      to all partner institution libraries &to PERL
                      associated partners; 3: by PERL partners to
                      student teachers whom they teach work; 4: by
                      integrating content, methodologies & materials in
                      the courses and in-service teacher training offered
                      by PERL partner institutions. The translations &
                      the teacher training seminars planned of PERL
                      workpackages 10 &11 will also impact practicing
                      teachers cascading to other teachers as they are
                      set up on a teacher-train-teacher follow-up basis.
                      5: PERL will make an index of available resource
                      materials. 6: PERL will, to the extent possible,
                      share with national educational authorities the
                      PERL products, thus providing them with materials
                      & contributing to policy development. 7: as most
                      of PERLs activities are web-based they will be
                      accessible online by the public. 8: PERL will work
                      closely with UNESCO & UNEP to ensure that the
                      PERL outputs are included in the documents &
                      activities of the UN Decade of Education for
                      Sustainable Development.
5d. Translations of   As awareness of the importance of education for          -“Here and Now, ESC” into       Helen Theodoropoulou         22 Jan 2010       Rome,IT      EU
publications          responsible living grows, there is a parallel need       FR,(by March 2010), into        (Giota Karametou replacing   ? Oct 2011        Greece
                      to make available to a wider audience some of the        Spanish by April 2010), into    HT for Rome)                 14 March2011      Amsterda
                      existing documents and materials on sustainable          German by Dec 2010              Ana Christina Figueria (WG   21 March 2012     Berlin, DE
                      consumption,       social      innovation,      social                                   leader for Rome)
                      responsibility,   etc.   Translations    of    central   -“Images and Objects” into      Bianca Friundi
                      documents and teaching materials relevant to             FR and PT                       Bozena Stasenkova
                      education for responsible, sustainable living are                                        Peter Gnielczyk
                      needed. This workpackage will ensure the                 - LOLA into at least one of
                      translation and publication in at least three major      the languages of the five
                      European languages (FR, SP; DE) of the                   new countries in which it
                      Marrakech Task Force document: Here and Now:             will be disseminated
                      Education for sustainable consumption; the CCN
                      ”Images and Objects toolkit” into FR and PT, and         -SEEK toolkits in FR
                      the SEEK toolkit into FR. Additionally it will ensure
                      that the LOLA toolkit is translated into one other       - Work Group meetings
                      language ( to be decided upon later in connection
                      with strategy for spreading LOLA.
6a. Consultants’      All the members of PERL have stated that they are        -Testing, advice, evaluation    All members of PERL          14 March 2011                  EU
Network               interested in being a part of the consultants‟                                                                        and/or 21 March
                      network which will provide a valuable source of          - Participation International                                2012
                      input and reflection for all the work PERL will do       Conference 2012
                      during the project period. Participants of the PERL
                      consultants' network will: contribute to the             -Research, reports
                      discussion, research & development work with
                      information & insights on local & global activities

                   about responsible living within the areas of
                   consumer citizenship, social responsibility, social
                   innovation      &    education     for     sustainable
                   development;       provide,    when       appropriate,
                   recommendations & constructive criticism in
                   connection with PERL research-, implementation-,
                   and dissemination workpackages; assist, when
                   possible, in assessing one or more of the activities
                   carried out by PERL. This will be done through a
                   series of communicative methods: online blog,
                   email, telephone, questionnaires sent out by the
                   working groups and the Core Unit, etc. The
                   members of the PERL Consultant‟s network will
                   participate, if possible, at the PERL conferences
                   2011 and 2012 and present their relevant
                   research, participate in the discussion, attend the
                   workshops and exchange ideas and resources with
                   other participants. The best of the research they
                   present will be published in the “Promoting New
                   Responses” series.
6b. Regional       The Consumer Citizenship Network is a European           -Three consultative             Jørgen Klein                Consult.meetings                EU+int
Networks and       initiative which has captured international attention    meetings with associated        Luisa de Silva              22 Jan 2010        Rome, It
                   as a concept (the active, critical, conscientious        partners and                    Walter Prügger              ?                  Belgium
related projects                                                                                                                                           Amsterda
                   consumer); as a model; (research, exchange of            representatives of relevant     Kristoff Dewaele            14 March2011
                   information, testing, assessing, creating teaching       HEI and organizations of        Luis Flores Mimica          21 March 2012      Berlin, DE
                   materials and methods, translating and adapting          Asia/Pacific, East Africa and   Mario Ramón Silva
                   learning    materials,    courses,    seminars    and    S. Am                             Rodriguez
                   conferences); as a resource (providing content for                                       Meeyoung Choi
                   core curricula, modules, and teaching materials);        2 regional workshops,           Robert Didham
                   and as a point of reference(for other regions taking     development of a                Qing Tian
                   initiatives   within   consumer     citizenship   and    development strategy and        Victoria W. Thoresen*
                   education for sustainable consumption). The CCN          implementation plan for
                   has been approached by ngos and universities in          each network                    David Chittenden
                   South America, India, Japan and East Africa about                                        Ruth Golding
                   the possibility of adapting the model and some of        -Regional meetings to           Adriana Zacarias/Fabienne
                   the CCN initiatives. This PERL Work Group will work      institutionalize the Regional   Pierre
                   closely with CCN‟s and PERL‟s associated partners,       Networks and develop            Gunilla Blomquist
                   the Marrakech Task Forces on Sustainable                 implementation plans            Andrea Innamorati
                   Lifestyles    and     Education    for     sustainable   based on identified priority
                   consumption as well as with UNESCO and UNEP to           activities
                   contribute to the development of active networks
                   in Asia/Pacific, East Africa and South America.          - Strategies for
                   Establishment of networks along the model of CCN         development of activities
                   would have to fit into the cultural and historical       similar to CCN and PERL in
                   framework of the regions involved. This means the        Asia/Pacific, East Africa and
                   PERL working group would assist in mapping what          S. America
                   has been done previously and what aspirations the
                   regional participants have themselves. They will         - Three consultative
                   stimulate cooperative research and applied               meetings with related EU
                   development work amongst partners in these               projects

                    regions. The WG will provide guidance to the
                    Regional    Networks      about    the    process    of   - Work Group meetings
                    coordinating the diverse activities of such
                    networks. The Consumer Citizenship Network has
                    also collaborated with other related EU projects. At
                    present the Hedmark University College, as
                    coordinator of CCN, has been asked to participate
                    as consultant in several research projects such as
                    the Framework 7 project COMVIR dealing with
                    communication of water conservation to young
                    people. PERL Work Group 6b will continue to
                    collaborate with other related EU projects,
                    exchanging      information     and    research    and
                    disseminating existing and new materials.
6c. International   The Consumer Citizenship Network has arranged             -International Conference    Ulf Schrader             22 Jan 2010     Rome,IT      EU+int
conferences         and carried out a series of annual international          March 2011 Amsterdam,        Vera Fricke              6-7 May         Malta
                    conferences since 2004. These conferences have            The Netherlands              Gul Selin Erben          ? Oct 10        Slovakia
                    been interdisciplinary and created a forum for                                         Karen Mugliett                           Turkey
                    discussion and debate on themes directly related to       - Best papers in the         Alexandra Klein (Bjørg                   (maybe
                    consumer citizenship education and sustainable            “Promoting New               Quarcoo)                                 better as
                    consumption.       The    first   CCN     international   Responses” series #7                                                  a pre conf
                    conference, entitled: “Using, choosing or creating                                                                              meeting
                    the future?” was held in Paris 2004 and was hosted        - International Conference                                            in
                    by UNESCO. There were 165 participants from 33            May 2012 Berlin, Germany                              14 March11      Amsterd?)
                    countries.     The     second     entitled,    “Taking                                                          ? Oct 2012      Amsterda
                    Responsibility” was at U. of Economics in                 - Best papers in the                                   21 March2012   Malta
                    Bratislava, Slovakia 2005. 147 participants from 35       “Promoting New                                                        Berlin, DE
                    countries attended. The third, entitled: “Catalyzing      Responses” series #8
                    Change” was at Hedmark U. College, Hamar,
                    Norway 157 participants from 27 countries                 - Work Group meetings
                    attended. The fourth was in Sofia, Bulgaria 2007,
                    entitled: “Building Bridges”. The conference
                    examined       what     characterizes      stakeholder
                    involvement and how it can contribute to
                    stimulating sustainable development. 221 persons
                    from 33 countries attended. The fifth CCN
                    conference, “Assessing information as consumer
                    citizens took place in Tallinn, Estonia 2008. 130
                    participants from 32 countries attended. The sixth
                    and last CCN conference “Making a Difference:
                    Putting Consumer Citizenship into Action” was held
                    in Berlin with 180 participants from 39 countries.
                    This PERL work package will continue the tradition
                    of CCN of arranging quality conferences which
                    provide an interdisciplinary forum for exchange of
                    research and development work and stimulates
                    discussion on issues of responsible living by
                    arranging an international conference in 2011 and
                    one in 2012. The task group will plan and carry out
                    the conferences. They will review abstracts for

             presentations, prepare the plenum program and
             prepare and edit and disseminate a conference
             report after the conferences.

Evaluation   As CCN did, PERL will maintain a continuous &         - Attendance at 2 PERL        Constadin Spiridonidis   Steering        Ireland    EU
             thorough monitoring of its activities and accounts.   meetings by external                                   Group/ Work
             Each event arranged by PERL will include verbal       evaluator                                              Group meeting
             and written evaluations by all of the participants.                                                          Oct 2010
             Products will be tested and quality controlled. The   - Evaluation reports. The
             international advisory board will provide review      draft report will be                                   -Conf           Amsterda
             from outside the network while the steering group     prepared by March 2011                                 14 March 2011
             will have ongoing reflection about the progress       and the final report by May
             and quality of the workgroups. The Core Unit is       2012
             committed to ensuring that all PERL‟s activities
             and outcomes are of the highest possible quality.
             They will regularly correspond with Network
             members & review the progress of the working
             groups, drafts and products. The steering group
             as a whole will give detailed attention to the
             cooperative processes in the workgroups. Since
             academic Networks are unique in many ways, the
             most useful external evaluation PERL could
             receive would be from someone who is well
             acquainted with the challenges and potentials of
             such networks. Therefore Constantin Spiridonidis
             from the ENHSA thematic network has agreed to
             evaluate the PERL Network activities by providing
             a peer review of PERLs work acting as a “critical
             friend”. He will be invited to attend a steering
             group and working group meeting (to observe
             planning and Working Group processes), and the
             conference in 2011. He will also receive all
             Network outcomes, and be invited to briefly
             comment on each (other than Newsletters). His
             report will be included with the final Network
             report in 2012.


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