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					                                  8 Flamingo, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
                                   VACATION RENTAL AGREEMENT

This agreement is between _____________________ (RENTER) and BeachBum Property
Management (OWNER/AGENT). RENTER agrees to rent 8 Flamingo Street, Hilton Head Island,
SC 29928, a privately owned home, for a period beginning at 4:00pm DATE through 10:00am
DATE. The cleaner must be able to properly clean and set the home up on both the check-in and
check-out day, for the incoming guests, between 10a-4p. The rental home is located at: 8
Flamingo Street, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928.

RESERVATIONS: This reservation will be held for 24 hours from verbal reservation confirmation
pending receipt of email confirmation of the reservation. Upon receipt of email confirmation this
reservation will be held for seven days pending receipt of the following:
   a) Signed original contract
   b) Full Rental Payment, which is $_____ made out to BeachBum Property Management.
   c) Separate check for $500 damage deposit, only to be used in cases of extreme negligence.
      Only repair or damage costs will be kept; balance to be sent back to RENTER.
These items must be received within 7 days from date of email confirmation and should be mailed to the
following address:
Jim and Margot Brown
BeachBum Property Management
4 Roma Court
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
RENTER agrees to pay $______ rent (plus 11% tax), in full at least 60 days prior to the arrival date;
failure to pay on time will constitute cancellation and be treated as cancellation with less than 60 days

CANCELLATION: If this reservation is canceled the entire deposit will be returned in full up to 60 days
before Renter’s scheduled arrival date. All notice of cancellations must be made to BeachBum Property
Management by email to jb@beachbum-rentals.com. If less than 60 days notice prior to the scheduled
arrival date is provided, then rental deposit will be refunded less $75 administrative fee, if the unit re-rents
with no time or revenue lost (Owner having no obligation to mitigate any damages it may suffer as a
result of such cancellation). Otherwise, RENTER will forfeit the deposit. If the RENTER does not arrive
or leaves early, the RENTER is responsible for the balance of rent for the full term of the contract unless
the house is re-rented. Owner reserves the right to cancel this agreement in the event of an emergency or
unforeseen event.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS: The house is to be occupied by no more than ten
(10) persons at a maximum.

NOT ALLOWED: Excessively loud parties or other disturbances are not allowed. No illegal substances
are allowed on the property. Violation of the above will be grounds for owner to require RENTER to
leave the premises immediately and forfeit any rent.

A set of house rules are posted in the house, and by signing this contract the RENTER agree to observe
these rules and is responsible that other tenants and guests also follows the rules. RENTER further agrees
and acknowledges that (i) there is a swimming pool and spa on the premises, (ii) such facilities can
present extreme dangers if the rules of such facilities are not properly followed (particularly as concerns
children and adults under the influence of alcohol and/or medication, (iii) the rules for such facilities are
clearly posted in the house, and (iv) the RENTER hereby releases Owner from any and all liability
whatsoever from any harm that may come to the RENTER or its guests or other members of its rental
party from the use of these facilities as well as the house at large.

The owner and/or owner’s agent shall have the right of access to the property at any reasonable time for
inspections, maintenance, or repairs with at least 24 hours notice. In an emergency, OWNER or her agent
may enter the premises at any time without securing prior permission from RENTER. The house is
offered as a Resort Dwelling for short-term rental not subject to the South Carolina Landlord Tenant

RENTER may not let, sublet or assign this Contract for all or any part of the premises.

RENTER assumes full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the Contract for the period stated
and assures the OWNER full recourse for the payment of any amount outstanding from the total
amount due in accord with the terms as stated above including any outstanding or unpaid charges
that are the responsibility of the RENTER.

A code to open the door will be e-mailed to you 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Please lock the doors upon
your departure and return the key to the lock box.

RENTER assumes responsibility for payment of the cost of heating the pool and hot tub during their stay
if requested ahead of time.

We do ask for a $500 Damage Deposit, in the form of a separate check, which will not be cashed unless
necessary. This is to guard against excessive damage to our vacation home. It is not our intent to charge
you for damages except in the event RENTER:
     a. Damages the premises so that repairs or replacement(s) are required;
     b. Checks out late without prior authorization ($100 service charge per hour will be applied);
     c. Requires us to hire carpet or upholstery cleaning, upon day of check out due to negligence, rather
         than normal wear and tear.
     d. Takes any of the personalty of the home.

Both parties agree to the use of electronic communications in the place of written communications,
and to accept electronic communications as binding. I have read and understand this contract and
the attached house rules and agree to all terms. OWNER asks for electronic communication to be
sent to: jb@beachbum-rentals.com

RENTER Signature:                                   Date:

Street Address:

Phone:                        Email address where communication should be sent:

                                 8 Flamingo Street SIGNATURE PAGES

                                        DURING YOUR STAY

CHECK IN/OUT - Check in after 4:00 PM, Check out by 10:00 AM.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS - Please call Jim Brown. I live in the immediate area and will be able to
assist should a problem arise. I can be reached at (843) 247-4814.

PARKING - Please park on the side of the house and not in the front yard.

                                        BEFORE YOU LEAVE

GARBAGE: Please take the garbage out when you leave and place it in the trash receptacles. Please
don’t leave bags of garbage out overnight as raccoons open the bags and spread the trash. Do not leave
trash on the beach or around the home.

WINDOWS AND DOORS: Close and lock all windows and doors when you leave and return the key to
the lock box.

Have a wonderful stay.

Signature ___________________ Name ____________________ Date_____________
Owner Signature: Owner may sign the agreement electronically or send in hard copy.

Jim Brown


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