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Mobile TV Solutions

Description:    This report details the different technical options available to deliver mobile video and the
                challenges in the delivery chain. Focusing on the Content
                Delivery Solutions / platform, it presents key players' positioning, main mobile TV deployments and
                contracts. Finally it covers the challenges of
                facilitating market development while highlighting new alternative mobile video delivery solutions.

                Key questions

                - What are the mobile TV solution trends?
                - What are the bottlenecks of the mobile content delivery technical chain?
                - Will quality of service be the main differentiator?
                - Who are the leading solution vendors and how are they positioning themselves?
                - What are the technical challenges for operators and service providers?
                - Will open mobile video solutions develop and what impact will they have on the mobile TV
                solutions market?

Contents:       1 - Introducing Mobile TV
                1.1 Multiplication of wireless technologies
                - Cellular and BWA technologies
                1.2 Mobile TV technologies
                - Dedicated (unlimited) terrestrial only broadcast solutions
                - DVB-H, ISDB-T, DMB-T, Media-FLO
                - Combined terrestrial and satellite technologies
                - DMB-S, DVB-H+/DVB-SH
                - Mobile cellular telecoms solutions
                - Architecture for mobile TV over 3G networks
                - MBMS/BCMS
                - TDtv
                - Next generation mobile TV distribution
                - 4G: focus on LTE and WiMAX
                - Growth of hybrid solutions

                2 - The mobile content delivery technical chain
                2.1 Content creation
                2.2 Content platform
                2.3 Delivery system
                2.4 Network delivery
                2.5 Terminal
                2.6 Overview of the DRM technologies
                3 - Mobile TV technologies:
                Market trends by region
                3.1 Europe
                - Cellular based video still drive the market
                - DVB-H won the terrestrial mobile TV race
                3.2 North America
                - Cellular based solutions in the USA
                - MediaFLO leads Terrestrial dedicated broadcast in the USA
                - Mobile satellite based solutions to develop
                3.3 Asia
                - Cellular service
                - Japan, Korea, China, Australia
                - Broadcast standards co-existence
                - Japan, Korea, China, Rest of Asia
                3.4 Rest of the World
- Africa - Middle East
- Latin America

4 - Key players analysed
4.1 Multiplatform players
- Alcatel Lucent
- Ericsson
- Huawei
- Motorola
- Nokia Siemens Networks
- Thomson Grass Valley
4.2 Mobile CDS Specialists
- MobiTV
- NextWave / PacketVideo
- Nunet
- Qualcomm
4.3 Head-end / encoding platforms
- Envivio, GlobeCast, Harris Broadcasting, TDF, UDCast, Vidiator
4.4 Advanced mobile TV services
- Bluestreak, Expway, Mobixell Networks, Streamezzo, Vantrix

5 - Issues at stake
5.1 Affect of consumption environment on winning mobile TV solutions
5.2 Frequencies' availability & investments
5.3 Multiplatform solutions, ready for take off?

6 - Alternative mobile TV solutions
6.1 Web-based Mobile TV solutions
- WiFi/WiMAX for outdoor reception
- Place/device shifting
6.2 Indoor and sideloading mobile TV
- WLAN, femtocells solutions for indoor?
- Sideloading
6.3 "Off network" mobile TV solution
- Stand alone terminals
6.4 Any opportunities for open platforms?

7 - Guidelines

List of Tables and Figures
Table 1: Main characteristics of 3G cellular technologies
Table 2: Characteristics of BWA technologies
Table 3: Overview of mobile TV technologies
Table 4: TDtv characteristics
Table 5: Characteristics of selected mobile TV technologies
Table 6: List of OMA DRM providers
Table 7: Cellular mobile TV deployments in Europe
Table 8: Broadcast mobile TV deployments in Europe
Table 9: Mobile TV solutions in Canada
Table 10: Cellular video offerings over 3G networks in the US
Table 11: US broadcast TV mobile services deployments
Table 12: DVB-(S)H trials in the US
Table 13: Cellular-based TV mobile services in Asia
Table 14: Broadcast Mobile TV deployments in Asia
Table 15: DVB-H deployments in Asia
Table 16: Mobile TV deployments in Africa
Table 17: Mobile TV deployments in Latin America
Table 18: MobiTV per OS Platform
Table 19: Synthesis: Solutions providers positioning
Table 20: Femtocell basics
Table 21: Mobile Content Consumption: iPhone, Smartphone and Total Market: January 2008
Figure 1: Overview of wireless technologies
Figure 2: Overview of a DVB-H network
            Figure   3: Overview of the MediaFLO network
            Figure   4: DVB-SH - Mobile TV
            Figure   5: Architecture for mobile TV over 3G networks
            Figure   6: MBMS
            Figure   7: MBMS/CMB technology overview
            Figure   8: TDD spectrum
            Figure   9: TDtv Network
            Figure   10: Transition to next-generation mobile networks
            Figure   11: Evolution of mobile TV distribution
            Figure   12: Mobile Content Delivery Technical Chain
            Figure   13: Traffic evolution in the backhaul network and supporting technologies
            Figure   14: Software stack layer segmentation for handsets
            Figure   15: Illustration: Expway solution for Terminal manufacturers
            Figure   16: Service management and applications for mobile TV. Illustration, Vantrix solution
            Figure   17: DRM Ecosystem Architecture
            Figure   18: Schematic of the NDS DRM system
            Figure   19: Mobile TV standards Trends by region
            Figure   20: ‘VCast mobile TV’ deployment
            Figure   21: 3G deployments in Africa
            Figure   22: Alcatel Lucent, Mobile TV architecture
            Figure   23: Alcatel's ecosystem
            Figure   24: Huawei Mobile strategy
            Figure   25: Huawei solution architecture
            Figure   26: Motorola GAMA solution
            Figure   27: Thomson mobile TV content delivery solution
            Figure   28: Thomson mobile TV content delivery solution
            Figure   29: MediaFLO CDS
            Figure   30: MediaFLO mobile TV architecture
            Figure   31: SmartVision multi-platform solution
            Figure   32: Mobile TV Web based
            Figure   33: Orblive on iPhone
            Figure   34: New scope of Mobile TV solutions

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